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    WHAT THE HELL IS HAWK DOING HERE?! Well, after five long years in exile, I've been allowed by the MAGNANIMOUS STAFF OF THIS YELLOW HOUSE to return from my leave of shame. Yes, you heard that right! "WHAT?! I think the world is coming to an end!" Yeah, seriously, like fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from their graves! HUMAN SACRIFICE!! CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA ...seriously though, all extreme over-dramatization aside, it feels good to be back. This ought to be fun.
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    Examiner of the universe and explainer of black holes dies. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/stephen-hawking-who-examined-the-universe-and-explained-black-holes-dies-at-76/ar-BBKbCIm?ocid=spartanntp You will always be remembered as one of the smartest men in the world
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    By now, it's no secret that MDPP and I had been dating since June of last year, and that we broke up last Sunday. This much was obvious, despite neither of us outright saying it. As the relationship has come to an end, I (along with MDPP) would like to clear up any confusion there might be, and eventually put this issue to rest. This topic should be the only place for discussions pertaining to this. Before anything else, we'd like to clarify that we're still friends despite various differences, and that we'd both like any rumors that say otherwise to stop being spread. It's been a hard week, but we've tried to remain friendly with one another, though also keeping reasonable distance. We would not expect for anything else to have come of this, which is why we'd hope to put the issue to rest.
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    Yup, this is my new SBC literature. This will be a "what if" story, but this will be very different from past SBC works of mine. This will be half comedy and half serious. If you miss SBC Falls, this will be tonally like that, but without the parody angle. Synopsis: In the not so distant future, the world has been torn apart. A mysterious computer virus has infected and taken over 97.5% of the world (OUR WORLD!). Now, evil robots and rogue biker gangs rule the wastelands! However, parts of the world are able to protect themselves from these threats. One place in particular is a protected city called "The SpongeBob Community", containing the website's remnants. A group of ragtag SBC users are assembled by Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick to stop this threat once and for all, still with the classic SBC humor and antics you're used to. And don't worry, the chapters won't be as long as some of my other works lmao.
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    The following vignette you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, it's just a fundamentalist Christian! The Pale Rider "The heavens have been ripped open and a pale rider thundered out." "For I am that pale rider, and I will disapprove but not hate the homosexuals, the wicked, and the muslims." "All those who do not heed my message, will have their dicks ripped off by my hand." "For I, DS Guy, am the right hand of The Father. And his vengeance flows through me!" "HEAR ME! MISCONSTRUE ME!" Easter 2018
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    So earlier this morning, while I was in my art class (somewhere around 9-10 AM), a gunman (James Eric Davis Jr., a 19 year old black male) had reportedly shot and killed both of his parents on the fourth floor of a residence hall in Central Michigan University, has retreated and is now rummaging through the woods. He has not been found as of this post. Most schools near CMU (Vowles, Fancher, West Intermediate, MPHS) had to go into an "outdoor lockdown". Here is a picture of the man (credit to Fox News): So what do you think of this shooting? I remember during art class, an announcement came on talking about a shooting and saying the school has went into an outdoor lockdown. The rest of class went fine except for the last period, when I had to stay for half an hour because my parents had to call me down to the office to pick me up. Source: me, because I go to a school close to CMU, and also this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/03/02/2-shot-central-michigan-university-gunman-still-large/388570002/ EDIT 3/2/18 7:40 PM: The gunman has still not been found as of this edit. We have recently got a call from the local police department stating to keep the doors and windows locked and to call 911 if we witness any suspicious behavior or if we find the criminal. And I'm scared. EDIT 3/2/18 10:00 PM: There is a helicopter circling our house. Want to know something scary? This criminal could be right in our BACKYARD. I am very creeped out right now. EDIT 3/3/18 12:56 AM: The criminal has been caught and has been sent to jail awaiting his court case, according to a recent phone call sent out to residents of the neighborhood.
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    I don’t get hyped for video games as much as I used to. But this. The Smash Bros series is a huge exception. I was 1000% sure the Inkling kids were going to be the next installment but the way this trailer played out was amazing. The Smash logo shining out of Inkling girl’s eye goes to show how far Nintendo has come with their graphics. Speculate away as to who’s going to be on the next roster.
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    if i vote the toenail scene can we please lay this dead horse to rest once and for all
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    Call me crazy, but if he could ever pick up a better accent, he'd make a better Joker than Jared Leto. Not even kidding.
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    I'm DoodleToonsDood and like most of you, I'm a big fan of the Sponge! I found this place through SBM and I hope to make lots of friends here!
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    https://thqnordic.com/article/thq-nordic-and-nickelodeon-bring-back-selected-game-titles-past Now lets go get these spongebob game re releases boys. Also there's some other odd game licenses that have been acquired from nick... but that's for another time
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    Long overdue but it's here. I honestly still don't know how I feel about this year overall. Definitely not the strongest retrospective chart I've covered in rewind. I know for the longest time I thought 2010 was the worst retrospective year end quality wise, but I at least got what 2010 was in terms of hit music. It had an identity even if that identity was tons and tons of party music. What the hell is 2003? Is it crunk music is on the rise? Is it angry? Is it pro-patriotic? I honestly don't know. For now, it's safe to say this is officially the least interesting year I've covered doing these retrospective recaps. Who knows what year I'll do next or when, but I'm actually kind of glad I did a not so interesting year though. It brought upon an actual challenge. All that being said, even the not as interesting of years have their fair share of good music and this year's personal top ten I would definitely go up to bat for. So why not waste any more time? Because I know I did making this list. We're counting down! CLAPPY'S TOP TEN BEST HIT SONGS OF 2003 Full Rankings: As always, I'll gladly give any other additional thoughts upon request. And as always, thanks for reading guys.
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    So yeah, still waiting for Nuggets to work with me. In the meantime, let’s do another Billboard year end rewind. This time, I tackle a year that has been in my request log for almost two years now from our dearest Prez himself. 2003! Now you guys will have to be patient with me because I recognize probably half of this list at least. Because 2003 to me was two genres: country and rock. This was definitely a time period where country music dominated my life since that’s all I would ever hear in the car with my parents or at home. But whenever I was getting the chance to listen to anything else, I was definitely switching the station to good ole rock and roll when I got the chance…which of course was nu-metal back then. Yeah I tried so hard to be one of those angry white boys in middle school and failed miserably since I had no idea what the hell most of these bands were so angry about. But now that my taste in music has changed so many years back and I listen to more of this list (or at least the stuff I haven’t heard of) and yeah 2003 was boring as tar. You could see trends bubbling under like rap music becoming more prominent and a lot of adult contemporary shlock starting to get popular as well. However, that doesn’t excuse the shit that we are going to have to sit through today. So let’s strap on our seatbelts as we revisit 2003 for the second time in the course of one year. We are rehashing down! CLAPPY’S TOP TEN WORST HIT SONGS OF 2003 Best list coming in the next week or so.
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    Rage Fury Irritation Humiliation
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    the ending with the moana baby actually made me laugh out loud wow. bro i need to pull out my WiR shirt from 2012’s premiere now.
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    glad juliet has that dreamworks eyebrow going on in the thumbnail, very intriguing
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    So I thought this'd be a nice feature for the club. Here's the first installment in a series where I discuss scrapped storylines and/or cut content from Community Deathmatch. Hopefully it's interesting enough and that I have enough scrapped ideas on hand to make more of these in the future For the first entry into this series, I'd like to share with you all the original plan that I had in my mind for the whole "ACSaga/Lochinvar" involving the heel turn of a certainly familiar member (it'sa me). But for those of you who don't know wrasslin lingo or don't go on tv tropes often enough, a heel in pro wrestling is pretty much a bad guy. And what luck, if you've read the last Deathmatch episode (which you totally should, if you haven't), you would know that My timing is just impeccable But that wasn't always the plan in place. In fact, it was a fairly recent change in the story made within the last couple days I've gotta be hip and somewhat up to date with my storylines, which is why I really liked how the whole Jjs attacking Homie on the cbox thing turned out. It was recent, it struck closer to home. But yeah, that spoiler tag wasn't always in the cards. Let's turn the clock back to three years ago (hard to fucking believe, jeez). ACS and Team Raging Boners were all up in my face about my portrayal of them at the time. Of course, what happened after that is history. But on screen, on Community Deathmatch, that all only served to fan the flames of the big storyline going on at the time so much fucking more. It was a ratings goldmine. The story was pretty much SBC vs Team Rage for a quite few months up to that point, it was hip, it was coral, and it honestly blew up to a point where I questioned whether or not I could actually bring it to an end befitting of its buildup. Spoiler alert, I didn't, and it's remained unresolved ever since then as I, much like how WWE does time and time again, chose to insult the intelligence of my fans by acting like it didn't happen and moved on with the show. But make no mistake, that's not the heel turn I originally planned for myself. So yeah, at the time, I believe it was Elastic, Dr. Sex, Nuggets, termi and Clappy taking on the many faces and names of Team Rage 2015. Elastic, Nugs and Claps I can understand, but in hindsight, termi and maybe sex shouldn't have been there. Like, talk about wasted potential not throwing Drag, jjs (altho he was on commentary) or CDCB into this, but I digress. Clappy eventually splintered off onto his own sub-match, taking me on for post count supremacy (as well as the right to kill ACS, since we each felt we deserved the honor more) in a throwaway dream match since our "legendary post-offs" (aka spam the fuck out of the games section sessions) were still relatively fresh on people's minds, I hoped. So yeah, Clappy and I were off doing our own selfish thing all around the forum (that's how legendary it was), wrecking all sorts of shit in the process, while the others were fighting to keep the community alive back in the Deathmatch arena Eventually, those two threads would've converged back together as Clappy and I's(?) fight would somehow circle back around to the arena, where Team Rage would be in dire straits. I had the idea at the time to have my fight with Clappy end by a countout (sorta as a reference to the Stallone vs Schwarzenegger Deathmatch where one of them, I forget which one, won by beating the random ass 10 count first and neither of them died). That way, neither of us looked entirely weak. Clappy would've been the victor and crowned himself "The King of Games". So as such, he would be the one to deal the fatal blow to ACS. But before he the final blow was struck, even more of ACS' personalities that he thought up on the fly would've popped in to make the save. Elastic, Nugs and Sex would've joined in on Clappy's behalf while I stood on the sidelines, hesitant over what to do next. I would had eventually joined in the effort to fight ACS' personalities off. We would all be standing back to back in the middle of the ring, fighting waves of ACS while jjs went crazy on commentary, but then, Clappy would be brought down followed by Sex, then Elastic and then finally, Nuggets. The ACSes were getting their asses whooped, none of them couldve done it.The camera would had then panned out and a badly shopped photo would had shown that I was the one who did the dirty deeds and I would had left them at ACS' mercy and he would kill one of them, which would had been Elastic because I remember Cha telling me that she'd be sad if I were to kill him off and I'm fucking cruel li'dat my quest to keep my #1 top poster spot would had taken precedence over defending the community from my hated rival, ACS, and that would've been it right there. ACS would had still been the same asshole that he was at the time, Clappy would be the Hulk Hogan to my Randy Savage (lets be honest, Clappy will always be the good guy in a feud with me lol I can't script it otherwise) I would be seen as an asshole alongside ACS as he would then activate Lochinvar, which would crash the servers (since server problems were kind of a thing back then) in a personality kamikaze attack on the spot and season 3 would had signed off on that somber cliffhanger. That plan just didn't really jive with me and the storyline sorta got dropped all together, as I mentioned earlier. I actually had it all written out at one point, but I think I accidentally deleted it while sorting out my notepad one day. Would've been nice to have that to post along with this. But that was just one of two planned heel turns I had in mind for myself ! Haha! And this next one, I personally think, is a whole lot better. The second one damn near almost came to be just last year. I even guest wrote an SBCinema episode that was made to lead into it, which you can read, if you're curious, at this link: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/forums/topic/3861-sbcinema/?do=findComment&comment=831839 So the ACS character was gaining steam once again on Deathmatch as he and a revitalized Team Rage, now reorganized as The Bullshit Club, were just going on a tear throughout SBM at the time (the whole late-2016 drama that neo-nazi friend of his had with ssj). I think it was also around this time that he posted a blog bitching about my portrayal of him on Deathmatch again, which is just more material in itself. I was pushing the fact that he hated his portrayal on Deathmatch hard in a "he's only making fun of me and not anybody else" way (which was just art imitating at that point). This would continue to build as I would start to get more and more scathing when it came to writing about other members (if you've seen some of it, you'd probably know). ACS would see this and begin pushing his agenda that Community Deathmatch is a, in his own words, "a hateful fanfic" in an attempt to turn the community against me. My character really could've cared less at the time, I was booking myself like a thug then, but much like in 2015, the community members would slowly start to come out of the woodwork and go to bat for your old man. This would've led up to the much anticipated Deathmatch between myself and ACS. Just one-on-one, no bullshit like in the last idea. The amount of guests in the crowd would've been an insane amount, well over a thousand (since we used to have all those damn guests coming in around that time and not joining). Remember that because it'll come into play later. I would've been the victor, beating ACS quite resoundingly and cleanly. All the SBCers would come out and celebrate this victory with me, as this was a victory for the community, really. I'd get on the mic and do some sappy shit, but then I would just take a complete 180 and be all like "this is a victory us, not us." OOOOOOHHH, what the fuck could I possibly mean?! ACS would get back up, seemingly from the dead, no-selling the murder I just committed on him and he would be hamming it the fuck up the way only DM!ACS knows how. And then suddenly, all the guests in attendance for this record-breaking show would start making accounts and logging in, each and every single fucking one of them being a different personality of ACS. All the SBCers would just be trapped in one place, surrounded by a sea of ACSes. ACS would go on to explain his convoluted "six year revenge scheme", all dating back to the spring of 2011, when he first joined and was almost immediately scorned. This was also the time when I legit took a leave of absence to focus on school and graduation (holy fucking shit, it was that fucking long ago now that ACS himself is in college now). I deleted my original account and everything to make sure that I didn't have a reason to come back (which, spoiler alert, didn't last too long). The DM!ACS at that time took note of this. He saw the original posts this user had made and he noticed just how warmly received and idolized this Old Man Jenkins was (let's be honest here, I was, at that time at least). So DM!ACS came up with a plot. He put his mind through extreme pressure in order to completely shed his personality and become somebody completely different, somebody that would be better than any other personality both before and after it. He would create a new account on SBC, completely undetected, known as "leeroy jenkins!!" (Just imagine it upside down) before finally embedding himself into the heart of the community by making the name change to "Old Man Jenkins", his "Lochinvar" to use against SBC. Under this new account, he would make friends with the whole lot of the community's populace, even working his way up the ranks to Consultant, Board Member and then finally, Cashier all for the sake of his ill intent. ACS!OMJ figured that with his new mod power, he could finally strike back at the community that has been a thorn in his side for two whole years, but something stopped ACS!OMJ that day, and that thing was love. Aya joined around that time, bringing out a weakness in ACS!OMJ that he never counted on before. ACS!OMJ would choose not to carry out his plan and relinquished his mod powers to fully rid himself of the temptation. ACS finally felt at peace in the community. He managed to fit in, had close friendships with Clappy, Sauce and Cha in particular, and he got some puhhh along with that too, life was good for the former leader of the RACB! Until, of course, that all came crashing down when the drama against the Fantastic Five started, leading all the way up to Aya breaking up with him" Dear ACS!OMJ was now in a very bad place. He felt he had betted on the wrong horse and try as he might, things with the Fan Five, and everybody else for that matter, never felt the same for him., but he held onto hope that things could still salvaged as time can heal all wounds. So he waited, all of 2014 went by in a flash, but things for him just got worse. He toyed with the idea of carrying out plan in 2015 but got cold feet and tried to be more optimistic, finding fault in himself and making light of it on Deathmatch to mask the fact that he was looking for anything that could be worth sparing SBC for. 2016 came and went, and nothing of the sort showed, just more maliciousness against his original personality. ACS!OMJ decided that 2017 would be his time, which bring us back to the heel turn. DM!ACS reveals that he didn't die because a part of him still lived in ACS!OMJ, which kept him active. Their big match was a ruse to lure all the SBCers into a false sense of security. The buildup up to this point was all planned and scripted by them. DM!ACS wanted to finally prove to SBC that he can make fun himself with Community Deathmatch, which he had written all along, and that shitting on all of SBC as he wrote it was the cherry on top because he was allowed to do all of that within his rights, and you all defended him for it. I'm almost bummed I didn't go through with this one. The fucking irony of it all, I would've loved to see ACS' reaction to that. Oh the fun ACS and I would've had at SBC's expense The countless potential rivalries with all the personal implications; Clappy actually being rockmates with ACS and then losing to him in forum posts, Elastic being friends with ACS since me and him were real tight back in the day, jjs being close friends and broadcast partners with ACS, Aya being in a relationship and cybering with ACS etc. It would've been so fucking grand, mang I envisioned it as being sorta like a Goku Black/Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super sorta thing and even culminating to the point where we would merge accounts and become a super fused ACS. Imagine his bloated ass sense of self-importance and overlydramatic way of going about things combined with my huge ass ego and level of "badassery " I didn't go through with it for a variety of reasons. For one, it put a lil too much of the spotlight on me. Like, even if it wasn't me in the context of the story, that's a lot of OMJ screentime that would had just been me getting back at and burying y'all on ACS' behalf. If you read that SBCinema guest write, you'd see just how op I would've been and two, I had Crushing booked to be the main babyface and I wanted to play up all the history that he and I have together (and my "treacherous" history on the web, in general. Read my wiki page if you wanna know some of the shit I've done haha), but a good chunk of that history took place way before either of us even joined SBC and it just looks ridiculous to be having ACS be 6-8 years old and doing all that shit, even by Deathmatch's standards the plan that I did decide to go with kind of combines some elements of both of these. That's about as far as I'll go without divulging too many spoilers. So there you have it folks, two scrapped storyline ideas mostly involving my feud with ACS. Do you think either of them would've turned out good? Sound off in a comment down below! Here's to hoping I can remember or find anymore cut content. But until then, I'm Old Man Jenkins and I hope you have a great fucking day, thanks for reading!
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    Fighter - Definitely enjoy the hell out of this one. It’s everything Can’t Hold Us Down was trying to be but wasn’t nearly empowering enough. Miss Independent - Like it a lot. Was the first real sign that Kelly Clarkson was about to shed the American Idol typecast and break out in such a huge way one year later. Underneath It All - Had a feeling all along this song was a perfect representation as to how mentally fucked up Gwen’s relationship was with Gavin Rossdale. As is, not one of the best No Doubt songs, but I appreciate it for trying to be different. ‘03 Bonnie and Clyde - The chemistry is definitely there just as it is with all Jay and Beyoncé collabs (even with Drunk in Love and I still hate that song), but I’ll be honest, it’s not nearly as interesting and can’t really hold my attention. Even the aforementioned recent collab has Beyoncé doing that “surfboart” bit and Jay’s cringey chorus. All this has that is memorable is that 2pac sample. I’m With You - Honestly if overplayed affected any of my rankings for this list, it’s this one. It’s always a retail playlist favorite. As I said with #7, I can appreciate the attention to detail Avril wrote with this, but this is one of those aforementioned performances I wasn’t able to connect with by her. Clocks - This is honestly one of the more perfect smack dab in the middle of 100 rankings I’ve ever had if I do say so myself. Older Coldplay was such a frustrating period for them. I’m willing to defend songs like Yellow and The Speed of Sound as honest to god good adult alternative music, but Clocks is just there. It exists like a lot of older Coldplay music just...exists. Not particularly good but not really all that bad either. It’s just a functioning song. She Hates Me - Oh man, I knew someone would question this positioning (ahem Steel). Honestly one of the biggest guilty pleasure songs I’ve done in these retrospectives so far. It’s so hilariously bad that it gets a lot of enjoyment out of me. All the nu-metal/grunge songs and bands back then were so mad and self-serious to the point that it was becoming so same sounding to the point of it being unmemorable. At least this one had identity and personality behind it no matter how dickish it was. Yeah it’s a juvenile song but it at least basks in how lame it is right down to the chorus. SN: This was a go to classic on Turntable back in the day whenever we hosted 2000s-core nights with Elastic, who also shared the same guilty pleasure-ness of this with me. Ignition (Remix) - This was the most painful cut for the best list. As it becomes harder and harder to separate the man from the music, I’ve always liked this. Insanely earwormy and was such a go to bop when it came to pregaming for college parties (or any sort of party for the matter). Fun song is fun. Picture - Honestly one of, if not the lamest, songs Kid Rock has ever done up til this point, but it was refreshing to see this sort of vulnerability from the “American Badass”. Sheryl Crow definitely helps a lot lol. The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) - I’m starting to wonder if I ever liked Jason Mraz to be honest after relistening to this. I mean it’s okay, I’d rather have this than whatever the hell Train was doing back in this time period, but it’s also annoyingly happy to an extent. Why Don’t You & I - I was thinking to myself right before writing this if I had this ranked too low and relistened to it. Then I remembered. There is way too much Alex Band and not enough Santana. I was also never that big a fan of The Calling for Alex Band to be honest. *ducks* The Game of Love - Now this on the other hand is how you do a perfect counterbalance of both collaborators. One of the few occasions where I absolutely love pure pop Michelle Branch. Very close to making the best list. When I’m Gone - Yeah this was the point where 3 Doors Down started to sound more and more like another post grunge act with less identity. Not as bad as their other hit from this year, but dull as dirt. Like a Stone - Love Chris Cornell but this is not one of my favorite songs from any of his bands. It goes in one ear and out the other. That guitar solo saves this from being on the opposite side of the list. Miss You - I miss Aaliyah and her death is a tragedy. This isn’t the best example to show off how talented she was though. Still a solid song though because...well Aaliyah. Gossip Folks - You are definitely right about Timbaland and Ludacris on this, but I’m not completely sold on what Missy was trying to do here vocally. It’s kind of annoying. At least her flow is still good to prevent this from being any lower. Never Leave You (Uh Ohh! Uh Ohh!) - That dancehall production saves this song from being much lower. It bangs. Everything else is crap though, especially that Lumidee chick. The remix is saved by Busta though. Cry Me a River - Love JT but this is such a whiny grating song. His presence helps, but not too much. Landslide - The Dixie Chicks, an act I’ve never bought the hype behind, covering one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite acts? Yeah I’m surprised it wasn’t shittier. Unwell - Fitting song title from an act who was reaching the last couple laps of their “we’ve stopped trying” years. Baby Boy - Like I said before, Scott Storch’s party music wasn’t too bad. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t good though. Too much Sean Paul, not enough Beyoncé. Bring Me to Life - It’s a silly overdramatic song that is absolutely enjoyable. Without a doubt, their best song.
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    Perch is here live with the results! It was an intense match folks, but in the end... Homie vs. JCM: Homie won! (Drasticals) Negi vs. OBAB: null and void due to neither showing Hayden vs. Fred: Hayden won! (Drasticals) Cream vs. Trophy: Cream won! (Drasticals) Drasticals get a decisive victory, becoming safe again! Who will the Band Geeks vote off? ... Basketball Ceremony: The Band Geeks have voted. JCM is safe. Trophy is safe. And Fred is safe. *Jjs throws basketballs to them* Unfortunately, NegiSpongie has been eliminated! She put up a good fight for how long she lasted, but her time has come to an end. Good luck to you Negi. *she gets sent off into the bus* Round 3 will be Wednesday, March 14th at 7pm EST! Stay tuned! Perch out!
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    new tittle card revealed: credits goes to @Chrdrenkmann
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    Friday, March 9th -6:30 PM ET/PT -229A - Doodle Dimension: SpongeBob and Patrick become trapped in an alternate dimension where anything they draw comes to life. Friday, March 16th -6:30 PM ET/PT -229B - Moving Bubble Bass: Spongebob and Patrick help Bubble Bass move out of his mother's basement. Friday, March 30th -6:30 PM ET/PT -223B - Bunny Hunt: a sea bunny ravages Squidward's garden, but SpongeBob thinks it's cute. Source: Zap2it. Doodlebob will make a grand re-entrance after over 16 years. Hopefully an honorable sequel. This might be the only segment on this particular Friday, but I think we can reasonably predict March 16th/23rd/30th to also have episodes since Nick paired this with Loud House for a new Friday block. Sanitation Insanity, Bunny Hunt, and Move Your Bubble Bass could follow.
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    Both sides need to shut up and come together that there's more than one main issue with this country, as much as I'd prefer to be able to blame it all on just mental health or guns it feels like nobody is seeing that every case is different and that there's far more than one gigantic issue given that the United States is the only developed country where the surprising part is that it seems more like a targeted attack rather than a mass shooting.
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    Welcome, son. Whatever happened in the past, I was not here for, but I sense a good aura from you.
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    It's been awhile SBCinemaphiles. 76. The Spinjago Movie Film: The LEGO Ninjago Movie A young JCM, in a cameo, ventures into an old relic shop, where he meets the mysterious owner, Mr. Chan, who begins to tell the boy the legend of Spinjago. Spinjago is a forum within the SBC Universe that is frequently attacked by the evil Lord Haydon, who is the father of Jjs Haydon and ex-husband of Spongetron. Spinjago despises Jjs for being Lord Haydon's son, which puts Jjs under emotional stress. They do not know that Jjs is part of the secret ninja force, consisting of Cha, Zaid, SBL, Steel, Aya and their master named Jackie Chan, who always stop Haydon from taking over the city by fighting with roblox. On Jjs's birthday, Haydon attacks the city once again only to be defeated. He escapes and fires nine unpopular opinions of his Hot Take Army for failing to help him. He then begins to plan a big attack to conquer Spinjago, and his GIT`s show him plans to build a gigantic roblox that is immune to criticism. Meanwhile, Jjs and his friends see the return of Jackie Chan, back from a long trip he took. Jackie Chan tells them they aren't real ninjas if they use only roblox to fight, and discusses with Jjs that his element is green, confusing Jjs. Jackie Chan tells Jjs he must not be angry at Haydon; he must use his mind to fight. Jackie Chan mentions an Ultimate Opinion, giving Jjs the hope of defeating Haydon once and for all, despite being forbidden to use the opinion. The next day Haydon attacks the city with his giant roblox and defeats Jjs. As Haydon declares his rule over Spinjago, Jjs returns with the Ultimate Opinion. He fires it, revealing it to be trolling that attracts a real-life troll named Mothra. Mothra starts destroying the city with her unpopular opinions while trying to get the meh emotes. Haydon hits his meh emote to make Mothra destroy the other roblox, before Jjs breaks it. As Haydon celebrates his victory, Jjs reveals that he is the Green Ninja, and tells Haydon that he wishes he wasn't his father, leaving Haydon confused. Jjs meets up with his friends and Jackie Chan, who are all upset with him for using the troll. Jackie Chan tells them they must use an Ultimate, Ultimate Opinion to stop Mothra from destroying the city, which they would reach by crossing the Forest of Dangerous Opinions, the Canyon of Deathly Dislikes, and the Temple of Fragile Comments. Haydon overhears Jackie Chan talking about the opinion and follows close behind. He meets up with Jackie Chan and fights him, only to end up in a cage, defeated. However, Jackie Chan loses his balance and falls off a bridge into a river, telling Jjs he must use inner peace before getting swept away. The ninjas decide to continue on, with Haydon leading them much to Jjs's disappointment. They are caught by the Unpopular Opinion Army, who want revenge for being fired by Haydon and shot out of his XAT lair. The ninjas try to fight, but are easily defeated. They retreat leaving Jjs and Haydon behind to be caught by the Unpopular Opinion Army. The Unpopular Opinion Army begin to fire Jjs and Haydon into the lost world of XAT time and space, but the rest of the ninjas save the day using stealth fighting. They all work together with Haydon to escape the angry Unpopular Opinion Army by building a makeshift helicopter, and Jjs and Haydon bond together in the process. They eventually crash down onto the Temple of Fragile Comments. Haydon reveals that it is his home, as well as Spongetron formerly being a ninja warrior herself. He tells Jjs that he wishes he had stayed with him and his mom after deciding to conquer Spinjago, but he couldn't change so he had to stay behind. The ninjas find the Ultimate Ultimate Opinion, consisting of a set of trinkets, only to have it stolen by Haydon who still wants to take over the city. He offers for Jjs to be his general, but Jjs rejects his offer. Out of fury, Haydon locks all of them in the temple as it begins to collapse with fragile comments about Dan Schneider shows. Jjs realizes that inner peace means for them to unleash their power within, and they successfully do this,using their elemental powers and escaping from the collapsing Schneider Empire. As they fall of a cliff, Jackie Chan saves them with his ship, the Pure Convenience and they head towards Spinjago. Haydon arrives and tries to control Mothra with trolling but Mothra eats Haydon instead. Jjs and the crew arrive and begin fighting Haydon's army. As Jjs approaches Mothra, he reveals to everyone that he is the green ninja, and realizes that green means life, which brings everything together. He comforts Mothra and tells Haydon he forgives him and that he's sorry. Haydon cries tears of fire, which causes Mothra to spit him out. After reconciling, Haydon moves in with Jjs and Spongetron, Mothra becomes the mascot of Spinjago, and Jjs is hailed as a hero. As the story concludes, Mr. Chan tells JCM that he will start to train him as a ninja.
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    I was at Wendy's 20 minutes ago. There was a kid in front of me ordering. Their card couldn't go through after many tries. I had $20 dollars on me so I was totally fine with paying for his order. When the kid was leaving, he told me to "stay awesome". It feels good to do good.
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    "SpongeBob will not be canceling" I thought you were an English major?
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    Delayed reply here, but you had me up until the bolded part. It doesn’t deserve a shot at redemption. The series reinvented itself, three times. By that logic, that’s three shots at redeeming itself that it faltered. It kept ending on a worse and worse note every time and they kept trying to fix that by adding another unnecessary character. By saying it deserves another shot at redemption, that’s implying there was something worth salvaging. There is nothing left from this series worth keeping it running. I don’t want to see any more new main characters brought in to shake up the status quo. I don’t want to see any more Timmy’s Dad, Cosmo, or Crocker subplots. I don’t want to see any more rehashed episodes. I don’t want to see any more attempts at beating this dead horse. No matter how much I loved the first five/six year run of The Fairly Oddparents, I’m glad they are finally letting it die.
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    lmfao snapchat was always garbage
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    (6/24/17) Everything Now - Arcade Fire ...Is this supposed to be satire of going commercial? Arcade Fire, these critical darlings with a gigantic fanbase (and a might i add hilarious non-fanbase) and already-solid record sales, apparently felt that they needed to overwork that synth focus from their (already divisive from what I've heard?) last album and crank out this absolute monolith of mediocre onto the world. What exactly convinced them to unleash this slog? Maybe they knew that with their Best Album grammy from almost a decade ago, they had pretty much any reason to drop anything and expect their fans to eat it up. And it must've worked, because this went all the way to #11 and became their highest charting single of all time on the alternative chart. ...yes, THIS is Arcade Fire's biggest hit of all time. I'm not sure how either. Twice - Catfish and the Bottlemen Oh, welcome back NOT-Arctic Monkeys! Nice to see you again! Uh huh.... that's good... tell you what, how bout' you guys get me a Dr. Pepper while I tackle on some more songs, huh? Thanks. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness - The National And speaking of mid-2000's indie rock critical darlings.....! I swear to god I didn't group these bands on my own, it's just how the charts were handed to me. However, the difference between these songs is uh... ...this is a lock for my top 5. I'm just saying it right now. Holy fuck. This is just so good. Revolution Radio - Green Day The weakest of the album's singles, although it's more tired than weak. I don't know, I'm running out of things to say about Green Day. Green Day. Green Day? Green Day! (7/1/17) The Man - The Killers The Killers to me are this band who have this really great... half-album (saying that because... does anyone really listen to any of the songs after All These Things I've Done?) and a couple singles from the other albums worth hearing on their own, but overall, I just can't get that much into them. This is one of those good singles though! It's all funky and stuff, that's cool. ...but does Flowers really have to tell me that he is the fucking almighty person who created all life and matter? why you fucking piece of shi- ...oh. Perfect Places - Lorde Lorde. Lordie Lordie Lordie Lorde. Better than Green Light. Nothing short of perfect pop. Top 10 lock. It's a Trip! - Joywave It's a Song! - me And mind you, I think Joywave are a very underrated act that deserves more attention outside of being attached to that very mehhhh Dangerous song. But... eh, this isn't their best. (7/8/17) The Way You Used To Do - Queens of the Stone Age The only problem I have with this song is the QOTSA name being used on it. Granted, I know that sounds like a dumbass complaint, but... considering this is what's directly following up Like Clockwork, their most depressing work to date, this is way too radical of a contrast for me to really view it as a QOTSA song. Of course, viewed in context of a Eagles of Death Metal song I enjoy it quite fine, and it's gonna be really hard for me to rip on anything involving Josh Homme in general, so this is still getting a pass from me. Donald Trump Walk - White Weird yeah, i'm not even trying this time THUNDA?!?!?!? - Imagine Dragons Okay, so I know that when a band signs a contract with the record business, they don't have to make songs they're confident in feeling are good. But... there has to be some clause in all of that saying the music they make should at be technically satisfactory, right? Because I am straight-up disqualifying this from my worst of list. Mind you, I fucking hate this as much as Believer. But... holy fucking shit. Everything about this song is so wrong, it becomes an unintentional masterpiece in it's own right. First off, it just starts off like it was playing for a few seconds before recording started. No buildup, no instrumental intro, not even any spoken word. It just starts right into the verse. It seems kinda weird to point out, but I'm just seeing it like "Well, you want this song. Here you go. Are you gonna pay for your Mac and Cheese Burger?" This never even develops, it just sounds the exact same throughout, with a slightly-different-sounding bridge. I was joking while I was making that intro, but... holy fuck this doesn't sound that different from it, shit You can really tell that Dan Reynolds is a masterclass writer for music with totally foward-thinking lyrics such as; i still don't know what you're even trying to say with that, i sit where i want to By the way, uh, only two verses in this entire thing, and they both last maybe 20 seconds in a 3 minute song? genius And of course, [THUNDA]. I really love the idea they looked at the masters, listened to this autotuned chipmunk monstrosity and went "Yeah, that's the sound we want." Holy fuck, that sound just describes this tune in a nutshell. Even if we ignore everything above at the end of the day this is literally a song whose sole purpose is telling people "Hey, look at how famous we are! Aren't we famous? Isn't it great to be famous?" So, what's an unironic good thing about this song? They know lightning comes after thunder ...that's it. If there's one good thing about these dogshit Imagine Dragons songs, they're good at making me laugh. I think I saw somewhere before that the point of Evolve, the album this and Believer was taken from, was to be some statement about being open-minded simplicity. Y'know, getting back to the roots and all that! Yeah, you sure nailed it buddies!!!!!!!!!!!! Legendary - Welshley Arms I know I've heard this in a commercial somewhere, but I can't tell you what it was advertising. I don't have anything else to say about it. ...Hey, thanks for the Dr. Pepper, guys!
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    http://www.nickandmore.com/2018/03/06/new-blues-clues-series/ Blue's new design is terrible, 0/10. This wise Toonzone comment sums it up best. "Oh great, Nickelodeon's finally cashing in on the reboot business! First it was Cartoon Network with The Powerpuff Girls, then Disney with DuckTales and now this. I really can't wait to see Blue dab!" No but seriously, Blue's Clues was my favorite of my era of preschool shows. Might have something to do with it coming out one month after I was born. Hopefully they find a better actor than Joe. No kid should have to go through a Joe.
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    This isn't the best title; Move Your Bubble Bass is and always will be the better title. Anyways, the premise is a bit... weird but we'll have to see how it goes.
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    Personally from what I've seen I think it'd work better as a miniseries, but eh, I want to see what happens.
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    good to see will ferrell but daddy's home 2 got robbed for best picture
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