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    lil saucy is all grown up and graduated with an AA degree (even though i still have 2 more years of college to do to get a bachelors degree lmao)
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    made this topic on sbm, have been forgetting to drag this topic over to here...oops so a few may know that i love to draw, but a lot of you prob havent even seen any of my drawings. well, today's the day that you will! to start off this thread with: hoping the image doesnt turn out big, heh either way, i drew this a while ago. a while as in, 2016. but im still kinda proud of it since usually my fullbodies arent that good lmao. (also, the person who can name the game this mouse is from, i'll give you a cookie)
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    Been a while. probably gonna pull a Cha and delete this in about a week so get it while it lasts folks don't mind the penis made of stone
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    Thought I’d try my hand at writing a lit for once. What happens when you mix the drama of Degrassi with the members of SBC? Well, you’re about to find out. SBgrassi: it goes there. Episode 1: Mother and Kat Reunion, Part 1 To be continued… Notes: Episode title is a pun on “Mother and Child Reunion”, the series premiere of Degrassi: the Next Generation as well as a 1972 song by Paul Simon. The story takes place in an unidentified city that is somewhere on the East Coast in the U.S. Here are the characters who make their first appearance, and their counterparts in Degrassi: the Next Generation: Katniss “Kat” Jelson = Emma Nelson Tyeamanny “Tyeam” Work = Manny Santos CD CB = JT Yorke Jjs Thekid = Toby Isaacs Mr. Terminitch = Mr. Raditch “Clappy” Clapson = Archie “Snake” Simpson Jelly Jelson = Christina “Spike” Nelson Spongetron Roboyan= Caitlin Ryan Whoey Jeremiah = Joey Jeremiah (I couldn’t come up with a punny last name I’m sorry ?) BMC = Keith, Caitlin’s fiancé Teenjangelo= Angela Jeremiah, Joey's child JCM Thekid= Jeff Isaacs, Toby's dad
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    imma pull a NUGGETS and remove in a few hrs do to privacy reasons. on a weight loss program
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 7. Part VII
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 3. Part III
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    Here we go, the long-awaited riffs for The Dark Side of the Herd are here for Spin-Off Festival 7! I think these might be some of our best riffs in Riffing Theater history, so enjoy. The Dark Side of the Herd 1. Part I
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    Here we go, we have the results. Thanks to all who voted this year for this very special GCA's. All the winners below were chosen by the members, hence the "Golden Community Awards". It's hard to believe its made it to 10 awards, but it has. All winners will receive 1,000 doubloons and a brand new GCA Winner badge: Pretty cool, right? Now then, I present to you the winners for The Golden Community Awards X! I.) Member Categories Best Debater: The nominees are... Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, Wumbology, Clappy, Aquatic Nuggets & terminoob. And the winrar is... Funniest Member: The nominees are... Homie, WhoBob, Fred Rechid, Old Man Jenkins & Katniss. And the winrar is... Most Serious Member: The nominees are... Metal Snake, jjs, crushingmayhem & Clappy. And the winrar is... Most Unique Username: The nominees are... CyanideFishbone, Spongetron Robotpants, WhoBob, Renegade the Unicorn, & Aquatic Nuggets. And the winrar is... Spongiest Member: The nominees are... Ol Bold and Brash, Mermaid Magic, Cha, & NegiSpongie. And the winrar is... Kindest Member: The nominees are... Katniss, Cha, Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, SpongeOddFan, & WhoBob. And the winrar is... Most Competitive Member: The nominees are... Cream, Trophy, Hayden & Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick. And the winrar is... Maturest Member: The nominees are... terminoob, jjs, SG & crushingmayhem. And the winrar is... Most Contributive Member: The nominees are... Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, JCM, Cha & jjs. And the winrar is... Most Creative Member: The nominees are... Old Man Jenkins, Metal Snake, Mermaid Magic, terminoob, Cha & Renegade the Unicorn. And the winrar is... Most Missed Member: The nominees are... Jelly, CF, Face, Sabre & Dr. Sex. And the winrar is... Smartest Member: The nominees are... Clappy, Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, SG, jjs & Aquatic Nuggets. And the winrar is... II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories Best Creation: The nominees are... Team SpongeBob, Community Deathmatch, SBCinema, Squid & Mystic Guardians. And the winrar is... Best Ended Creation: The nominees are... SBC Honest Trailers, JCMovies, SBC Falls, & One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now? And the winrar is... Best Pilot: The nominees are... The Adventure Begins (The Yellow Avenger), The Fast and the Curious (The Quickster), Get Ready to Sail (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure), & Day of the Diabolic (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force). And the winrar is... Best Episode: The nominees are... It's Called "Gruzz" (Squid), Nick: The Wizard (Mystic Guardians), Opportunity Knocks (Community Deathmatch), & The Universal Guardian (Team SpongeBob). And the winrar is... Best Storyline: The nominees are... Mystic Guardians, Xat Time Travelers & Miss Appear. And the winrar is... Best Comedy: The nominees are... Community Deathmatch, Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Xat Time Travelers & Squid. And the winrar is... Best Location: The nominees are... Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Squid, Mystic Guardians & Team SpongeBob. And the winrar is... Best Protagonist: The nominees are... Katherine Cross (Miss Appear), Hayden (Xat Time Travelers), Cerebus (Cerebus the Aardvark), Mr. Krabs (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure) & Squidward (Squid). And the winrar is... Best Antagonist: The nominees are... Shadow (Miss Appear), ACS (Community Deathmatch) & Vinerox (Mystic Guardians). And the winrar is... Best Minor Character: The nominees are... Hans Rotwell (Mystic Guardians), Vivian Coyne (Team SpongeBob) & Captain Retro (Total Cartoon Global Cruise). And the winrar is... Most Creative: The nominees are... Community Deathmatch, Team SpongeBob, Mystic Guardians, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force & Xat Time Travelers. And the winrar is... Most Well Written: The nominees are... Miss Appear, Doody Era, Mystic Guardians & Cerebus the Aardvark. And the winrar is... III.) Hall of Fame Honorary Creator Award: And the winrar is... Honorary Show Award: And the winrar is... Honorary Staff Member Award: And the winrar is... Honorary Member Award: And the winrar is... Thanks to everyone who voted, and a special congratulations to everyone who won awards at this GCA's! I will give everyone their badges and doubloons momentarily. As for the images, you can either put them in your profile, signatures, or do nothing with them at all, whichever you prefer! See you all next time this fall!
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 5. Part V
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 2. Part II
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    In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen me without this stupid shirt on? That’s weird.
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 6. Part VI
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    The Dark Side of the Herd 4. Part IV
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    decent lighting = new selfie opportunity, always
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    Clappy gave me permission to guest write this. After three years, here's the continuation of the SBC Wars saga, and conclusion to the prequel trilogy. 73. SBC Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Dragiiin Movie: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith The Universe Galaxy is gripped in war. During a space battle over the planet V11: Starfish, Jedi Knights Old Man Jenkins and Elastic Dog lead a mission to rescue the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Cakeybagelsoup from the clutches of Nostalgic commander General Stancakes. After infiltrating Stan's ship, they battle their way through Nostalgic droids and Stan's trolling buddies. OMJ and Elastic eventually confront and battle Darth Acidic, who has Cakeybagel as his hostage. Elastic subdues Acidic, and on Cakeybagel's urging, executes him. Stan flees like the coward he is from the battle-torn ship, which OMJ and Elastic crash-land on Games. There, Elastic reunites with his wife Sauce, who reveals she is pregnant (oh shit). While initially excited, Elastic begins to have prophetic visions of Sauce's passing via childbirth (and other trippy psychedelic things, but those aren't important), making him grow steadily worried. Cakeybagel later appoints Elastic to the Jedi Council as his representative, but the Council declines to grant Elastic the rank of Jedi Master. Instead, they order him to spy on Cakeybagel, causing Elastic's faith in the Jedi to fall. Cakeybagel decides to tantalize Elastic with secret knowledge of the dark side of the moon Force, including the power to save his loved ones from dying. Meanwhile, OMJ travels to the 4chan planet to deal with General Stancakes, while Ssj travels to SpongeBuddy Mania to defend the planet from invasion. Tempting Elastic, Cakeybagel eventually reveals that he is the Sith Lord Darth Dragiiin, saying that only he has the knowledge to save his beloved Sauce from dying. Elastic reports Dragiiin's treachery to Aquatic Nuggets, who confronts and subdues the Sith Lord with two other knights (one being JCM in a cameo, who is still disappointed he is not Samuel L. Jackson). Dragiiin slays JCM's obligatory cameo and the other knight, but Nuggets keeps fighting, and severely disfigures Dragiiin in the process. Fearing that he will lose Sauce however, Elastic intervenes on Dragiiin's behalf and severs Nuggets' hand, allowing Dragiiin to throw him out of a window to his death. Elastic pledges himself to Dragiiin, who dubs him Darth Dawg. Dragiiin then issues an order for the drone troopers, dubbed Order 666, to kill their Jedi commanders. Dragiiin dispatches Elastic, along with a legion of drones, to kill everyone in the Jedi Temple. On 4chan, OMJ confronts Stancakes and kills him after a long chase, but now must survive the drones who are out to get him. Ssj flees from SBM as multiple Jedi are slain by the drones. Elastic massacres the remaining Nostalgic leaders hiding on the volcanic planet Tv.com, while Dragiiin addresses the Universe Senate, transforming the Community into the SBC Empire, and in turn, declaring himself Emperor. Having survived the chaos on their respective planets, OMJ and Ssj return to Games and learn of Elastic's treachery. Unable to convince Sauce about Elastic's turn to the dark side, OMJ stows aboard her ship. Sauce travels to Tv.com and begs Elastic to leave the dark side. He refuses, and upon witnessing OMJ, chokes Sauce into unconsciousness in a fit of rage. OMJ duels Elastic, who tells him he is no longer Elastic, but now, Darth Dawg. After an intense battle, OMJ defeats Elastic, severing most of his limbs and leaving him at the bank of a lava river where he is horrifically burned. On Games, Ssj battles Dragiiin until their duel reaches a stalemate, and Ssj flees with Senator Wumbo. Dragiiin, sensing that his apprentice is in danger, travels to Tv.com. On an isolated forumotion asteroid, OMJ regroups with Ssj. Sauce gives birth to twins named Fred and Katniss before dying shortly thereafter. A funeral is later held for Sauce on Naboo. On Tv.com, Dragiiin finds the severely burnt Elastic still alive, but barely. After returning to Games, Elastic's mutilated body is treated and covered in a black armored suit. Dragiiin explains to Elastic that he killed Sauce in his anger, but on the bright side, says he bought some cool Butthole Surfers albums to cheer him up during his healing. Meanwhile, OMJ and Ssj decide to conceal the twins from the Sith, as they are the universe's only hope for freedom. Ssj exiles himself to the Super Saiyan planet, while Darth Dawg and Emperor Dragiiin oversee the construction of a giant super battle station: the Death Xat. Wumbo adopts Katniss as his own daughter and takes her to the Channel Awesome planet where they worship their idol Todd in the Shadows. Meanwhile, OMJ delivers Fred to his step-family Dr. Sex and Spongetron on Entertainment, where OMJ intends to watch over Fred until the time is right to challenge the Empire.
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    I have good taste in cartoons
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    A few years ago, I asked Ex on the XAT about doing my own version of a Robot Chicken/MAD styled parody show of SBC spin-offs and lits like he once had back in the day called "Robot Trout". He gave me the approval to do so and I've been thinking about when would be the right time to follow through with this plan. No better time than the present to give this a shot. Plot: Spin-offs and literatures from yesteryear to the present get parodied for the amusement of others hopefully not just myself. Coming soon!
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    How its one thing to personally not want to engage in that lifestyle but it's another to call them "illogical"
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    tfw i'm jjs's dad and i'm only like three years older than him irl
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    In honor of the first day of the Spin-off Festival, I present to you...the immediate follow up to the last episode. 72. The Do or Die Squad Film: Suicide Squad In the aftermath of Supergameman's death, intelligence officer Katniss Lovestacos tries to assemble The Todd Squad…only to realize they are watching a brand new episode of One Hit Wonderland. So instead she assembles Task Force Ex, a team of dangerous banned members imprisoned at Industrial Park Prison consisting of in flashback form: -Elite spam man Deadstorm, who never misses the chance to spam…except for when Cameo Man conveniently cameos in front of his backup ban-dodging account and doesn’t harass him. -Former sexiatrist Jenna, who is solely here for nostalgia fan service and nothing else. -Pyrokinetic ex-gangster Bl4ze, who has a tragic backstory about burning his bitches alive. Hence why he doesn’t troll anymore. -Opportunistic thief Captain Stancakes, who tries to hack a bank but gets stopped by another cameo from The Who. As Stancakes whimpers and whines about being caught, The Who also recommends binging Arrow and that it’s well worth your time as legit programming. -Genetic mutation Killer Cock (ACS), who became mutated after all his personalities meshed together to make a hideous green blob. -And specialized harassin Person, who doesn’t get a backstory nor any real attention in this movie. -And silent swordswoman Cherry, who also doesn’t get much focus and just randomly appears at will. They are placed under command of Colonel Trophy to be used as disposable assets in high-risk missions for the SBC government. Each member has a nano bomb implanted in their neck, designed to detonate should any member rebel or try to escape. One of Katniss's intended recruits is Trophy's girlfriend Dr. Marley Splinder, a former missing person possessed by a witch-troll known as the "The Wolverine". The Wolverine quickly turns on Katniss, deciding to eradicate humankind with a mystical weapon for not having Logan top the box office for multiple weeks. She besieges SBC City by transforming its populace into a horde of X-Men, and summons her brother Sabretooth to assist her. Katniss then deploys the squad to extract high-profile mark Jjs from SBC, whom is reported to be under a terrorist attack. Jenna's homicidal poop obsessed lover, The Blubber, finds out about her predicament and tortures Industrial Park Security Officer OWM by threatening to shove poop down his mouth. Not wanting such a fate, OWM leads him to the facility where the nano bombs are made. There, he tempts Dr. Professor Patrick with Sooyoung nudes into disabling Jenna's bomb. On approach, the squad's helicopter is shot down, forcing them to proceed on foot to their target. Stancakes inaccurately convinces Person that the bombs are a ruse to keep them in check; Person attempts to escape and Trophy kills him via his nano bomb and blasts the remains out of his cannon, while the squad is attacked by The X-Men. Stancakes then sulks about how everything is his fault as everyone tells him to shut up with his self-loathing. They eventually fight their way through to a safe room, where they learn that their mark is not Jjs, but Katniss herself, who is attempting to cover up her involvement in The Wolverine's siege. The squad escorts Katniss to a rooftop for extraction, but the arriving helicopter has been hijacked by The Blubber and his imitators, who open fire on the squad while Jenna climbs aboard upon Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick disarming the bomb. However, Katniss calls for The Todd Squad to pause the new One Hit Wonderland and shoot down the helicopter. Jenna falls out while The Blubber is presumed dead, after which Jenna rejoins the squad. Alerted to Katniss's whereabouts, the fellow X-Men arrive and kidnap her. Deadstorm, using his stalking skills, finds Katniss's confidential files and learns the truth about The Wolverine. Trophy is then forced to confess the truth about how the movie Logan is only okay at best, causing the squad members to abandon him. With Katniss compromised, Trophy relieves the squad of the mission, but chooses to continue since it’s his last chance to go home. Realizing they have an opportunity to prove themselves, they soon rejoin him and locate The Wolverine at a partially-flooded first run movie theater. Killer Cock and what’s left of his Team Rage cronies, Lieutenant Ed Oxenbould and Hudgeratskid, go underwater to plant a bomb underneath Sabretooth. Bl4ze embraces his flaming abilities once more and distracts Sabretooth long enough for the bomb to detonate underneath, killing them both as well as Ed Oxenbould and Hudgeratskid. The remaining squad members battle The Wolverine together, but are ultimately defeated. The Wolverine offers to fulfill their deepest desires in terms of who will replace Hugh Jackman in exchange for their allegiance, and Jenna feigns interest in sending sexual messages to Hugh in order to get close enough to cut out The Wolverine's heart. Killer Cock, upset by the loss of the only two people who truly bought his shtick, then throws explosives into The Wolverine' weapon and Deadstorm spams them, destroying the device. Trophy takes The Wolverine' heart and crushes it, finally freeing Marley from the curse. Katniss, still alive, emerges, and the squad members are returned to Industrial Park with ten years off their sentences. All but Captain Stancakes are allowed special privileges much to Stan’s bitching. The Blubber, alive and unscathed, breaks into the penitentiary and rescues Jenna with a bigger and badder cock. In a mid-credits scene, Katniss meets with JCM, in a cameo, who agrees to protect her from the backlash against her role in The Wolverine's rampage in exchange for access to the government's files on the expanding metamember reports. JCM also inquires with Katniss about what she knows of the metamember who is half metal, half snake. Trivia: The Wolverine posted a reality image of herself on SBM that was really a missing person in South Carolina. I kid you not. That’s who Marley Splinder is in case you were wondering if that was a made up name.
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    out of ALL things THIS had to be my best drawing??? (sorry if the pic quality is bad, at least u can see the drawing clearly) im serious. im genuinely proud of this. everything is good. the face. the hands. the body. the feet. EVERYTHING i am proud of, not just a specific area (usually i only like the face) OK explanation of what this is: Sticks in the Wendy's girl clothing. why the heck did i do this? good question. simple: i like drawing sonic characters in different clothes, and sticks' hair reminded me of the wendy girl's. so why not? yes ik the idea is stupid, but its kinda rare i actually come up with ideas for drawing so - also amy was originally gonna be in the pic with her because shes the one that made her do it but i thought sticks would be better off on her own.
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    Nice title. This is interesting though. She did get some live action in Once Upon a Time, and with a lesbian twist. I wonder if this live action thing will have the same?
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    An Interview with Teenj12 Part 3 Teenj: Welcome to the show! Are you ready to begin? Terminoob: Yup yup. Let's get into it. Teenj: Alright, let's start! Now, I know you haven't had a spin-off running in quite a few years, so for those who are newer, why don't you tell us what some of your older works were? Terminoob: Right, yeah, it's kind of been a hot... seven years. I skimmed through Davy Jones' Locker a couple days ago, and I'm pretty sure almost all of my stuff was pre-SBC, which is crazy to think about. Jumpstart may have been the only thing I did on here, but that lasted for, like, three episodes. So, first off, I had The Ops. That was two seasons long. I think after I finished it I had said that it shouldn't have been a spin-off because there wasn't much meat on it. That was about Sandy developing this machine that opened up an inter-dimensional portal to a reality where everyone was the opposite. Spongebob was kind of a degenerate, Patrick was a genius, Plankton was a cop. There were more, but remember this was in... jeez, 2009? My memory's kinda hazy. After that, I did Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Unite!. This was where I found my footing, I think. Halfway through season one - end of season two I think was my sweet spot. I wasn't getting bored, I wasn't going to crazy with my ideas. After that my interest kind of waned. This was, like - remember Justice League Unlimited? In essence, this was like that. It was about the entire IJLSA, plus a bunch of counterpart heroes, and it was just them beating up villains and fighting crime and each other. When that ended, I was on a real Runescape kick. I had gotten back into it after a few years away, and I just had an itch for that type of fantasy story - so that's where SpongeCraft came from. It was Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs, and they got sucked into this MMO-style world by Plankton, and they had to figure out how to get out before Plankton destroyed Bikini Bottom. I was getting deep into One Piece, too, and so I was really high on continuity and plot and everything, so I wanted to fit all that in here too. It had this overarching plot of "we gotta get out of here!" but there were more focused arcs, too - like they had to learn how to use their new abilities and powers, they had to stop the elves and the orcs from going to war, Sandy died and they had to bring her back. It was a lot. I just kind of stopped writing this one day. I think the point I left of was they were all trapped by the Grim Reaper in this dungeon, and they had been split up and put in different rooms full of these party-game-type traps they had to get out of - like G-rated Saw. That's basically the end of my stuff. I did smaller things, like I had this one called Krabby Land, where Mr. Krabs built a theme park, but I soon realized that didn't have any legs so I canned it after about a dozen episodes. I had Jumpstart, which I mentioned earlier, and that was just kind of a hot mess. It kept jumping between timelines, and some characters had been captured and interrogated by humans, and I'm sure I had an idea of what to do with it but I can't for the life of me remember what it could've possibly been. I had Number One Mysteries (I think that's what it was called), which was going to chronicle the life of Smitty Werberjeagermanjensen and how he became "#1". I did it chronologically, and I started with him in, like, kindergarten, and I just gave up pretty quickly after that. Maybe even after the first episode. I had a plan for that, though, and I knew he was gonna save King Neptune's life at the end of it all. Since then... yeah, not much. Jumpstart probably stopped in, what, 2011? I did two episodes of Squid, which was pretty cool. Teenj: All of those sound like interesting and creative concepts. I'm curious - which one was your favorite to work on? Which was your least favorite? Terminoob: Oh man. To 16 year old me? Most interesting would be a toss-up between Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Unite! and SpongeCraft (and I think people who read my stuff would agree with me there). Like I said, I started getting the hang of writing spin-offs with MMBB:U, so I wasn't afraid to take risks and get kind of crazy. I think the amount of characters kind of got away from me, and I didn't really evenly distribute the spotlight, but on the whole I think that's the one where I really "got" what writing was, and it was basically the start of my writing style today. SpongeCraft was great too. In terms of where I was going with my ideas and my concepts, the structure of that spin-off was the next logical step for me to take. I started world-building and really fleshing out my own characters and their lore, I started doing longer arcs and I dove into character development and plot progression. There were stakes to the story that were always present and they were always driving the action. All of that influences me now, too, in terms of how I structure a story and build a world. Least favorite? I don't know. Probably everything else, honestly. None of them really grabbed my attention. I wasn't invested in any of those ideas. I was really new to writing and I didn't know what the hell I was doing and I thought I could just figure things out as I went along - but then I tried to do that with something like Jumpstart, and I'd get lost or lose interest because I wasn't writing towards any kind of moment. It all just meandered. I guess if I had to pick I'd say The Ops, just because I stretched that idea way too thin. Even though Krabby Land was about a third of the length, I at least knew to end it soon before I ran out of steam. The Ops just kept going and going and towards the end it was just... woof. It was a chore for me to write and probably a chore for people to read. Teenj: Well, considering today's trend of action or superhero-themed spin-offs, do you think you would ever consider rebooting Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: Unite? Terminoob: Yeah, I mean, I'd consider it, but I don't know if I'd follow through with it. I considered redoing SpongeCraft and look how that turned out. Haven't even written a sentence and it's been close to three years. Gotta take my time with these things, you know? I would need a pretty good idea that I could run with and be able to develop some sort of theme through it. I wouldn't want to do it just for the sake of it - if I didn't have an idea to work towards in my mind then I'd just get bored and tap out. I could maybe do it Squid-style and have different people write for it? But I also wouldn't want to copy Squid. I dunno. I wouldn't rule it out entirely. Teenj: As a former creator who has been around since the start of spin-offs on TV.com, what do you have to say about how much they've developed and changed throughout the years? Also, what have been some of your favorite works both past and present? Terminoob: Well, I wouldn't say I've been around since the start; they had been there for a while before I wandered over to the Spongebob boards. But yeah, I get what you're saying, and they're kind of barely recognizable - in a good way. We were really restricted by what we could do over there because we were being moderated to keep discussion Spongebob-centric (I'm kind of surprised we got away with spin-offs to begin with), and a lot of people were doing kind of... I don't want to say basic, because that sounds bad, but they were like that, you know what I mean? Like, they weren't grandiose. It was just something like... "this is about Larry the Lobster". I think the move to SBC really brought out a lot of creative freedom that was being squandered, because we weren't monitoring or policing what people were making, and I think people who are starting to write spin-offs and lits now are able to capitalize on that and create better work because of it. Lits are also allowed to be a thing, too, which is great. That wasn't an option on Tv.com. We had to make it specifically Spongebob-related, but now people can write about anything they want if they have the urge to. It seems like so many people here want to be in animation or in some kind of entertainment job, and being able to let yourself run around and play in this sandbox is going to make you learn that much faster. Even people who don't want to do that kind of thing, I still think it's important to be inclusive about allowing any and all kinds of creative content to be made and put on display and that people aren't being forced to make something Spongebob-related if they don't want to. But, I mean, these things are also just getting better and more grandiose because people just naturally grow and change and develop new styles and get better. They figure out things that work and don't work, they listen to criticism, they test the waters. I mean, let's put the spotlight on you for a second - [Team SpongeBob] Rise of EVIL has been going for, what, seven years? Longer? That's nuts in and of itself. My longest was, like, a year. And look at the first episodes of Rise of EVIL and compare them to the latest ones. It's crazy how much of a change there is, just within the same story. Then you have someone like Clappy, or jjs, or whoever, and they were constantly coming up with new ideas and they kept trying things out, and their first shows are almost completely unrecognizable from what they do now, because it's been eight years! In terms of favorites? I gotta give it to jjs for making a more successful Mermaid Man spin-off with Mermaid Man: Brave and the Bold. It started out rough, and I gave a few harsh words for him, but he really turned it around and did something with lasting appeal. Squid is really really solid, too. It just captures everyone's style really well, and the whole thing reads like a highlight reel of all these great creators (and me - but forget about that). I have a soft spot for basically everything that was on Tv.com, just because those were what inspired me to start doing my own spin-offs and it's kind of how a lot of us bonded back then. And in the present you've got Riffing Theater, SBCinema, Skodwarde, Rise of EVIL. I don't have too much time to read nowadays, so I can't keep up with everything. There's probably some great stuff happening that I'm not aware of just for lack of time. Teenj: I'd certainly have to agree with your viewpoints. Spin-offs and Lits have very much developed with time, while also being a testament to how much artistic liberty the medium recieved with the move from TV.com to SBC. You talked a lot about Squid, which is practically a love letter to those early days - a reminder of where we've been and how far we've come. Finally, I'd like to ask: What does the Spin-Off Festival mean to you? Terminoob: Right? And even within Squid we get so many different styles. It's great. It makes me wanna write something here again. The Spin-Off Festival is... well, it's a celebration. It's for us to know how far we've come, personally, in terms of writing, creating - and in terms of the community we've built. I don't think this site would have been as successful had it not been for Spin-Offs. The friendships made during those early Tv.com years were what propelled SBC through all of the rough patches (including all the ones I was the cause of, which were... probably most of them), and those friendships were first made because we were all writing and reviewing spin-offs and having our own little award shows. Sure, we have the Community Awards, but that's just one day. This is a party. Look at the trivia game that jjs is putting on - a lot of those questions are deep. I straight-up forgot about DC-Dude's stuff, and those were a big part of the Tv.com-era. This is a proper send-up of not just Spin-Offs and Lits, but also the community - the old one and the new one. Teenj: Thanks for talking with me, Terminoob! It was nice to hear from not only a veteran in the SBC/Spin-Off community, but also the site's founder. Without you, the Spin-Off Festival would not be possible. I definitely look forward to seeing more writing from you, whether that be more Squid guest writes or a new production. Terminoob: Oh, man, anytime. This was great. --- Thanks for reading! Join me tomorrow as I talk with SOF about his past as a writer.
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    because he's an awful reviewer lol
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    also a more sharper ver hope this is fine, did him more in an anime style
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    Are you tired of all these new SBCinemas? Well too bad, I've been on a roll lately. Here's one more for your SOF 7 viewing pleasure. 74. Get a Clue! Film: Clue Six strangers are invited to a party at a secluded spinoff known as Full SBC. After being met at the topic by the butler, Oddsworth, the guests are reminded it’s Stop What You Are Doing so they must change their name to protect their true identity and asks that they only use that name with the other guests. The theme for this go around is Clue. During dinner, Oddsworth admits a seventh attendee, Mr. Bobby (me), and announces that each of the guests is being blackmailed: -Professor Patrick is a former professor and current administrator of SBC whose Mr. Dr. was revoked because he had an affair with one of his female patients. -Mrs. Pharmacist is a former Science Girl who has been accused of accepting bribes to change her name as many times as possible and claims she must pay their blackmailer so she can keep changing her identity. -Miss Chalet is the owner of an illegal escort service for My Father, The Producer. -Colonel Jenkins is thought, at first, to have been blackmailed for scandalous photographs with one of Miss Chalet's employees at the Christmas Party, but it is later revealed that he was a posting profiteer who made his money from raping the games section and ask thread section daily. He now works at making fun of how absurd SpongeBob forum goers and gets paid top dollar doing so. -Mrs. Aya is an alleged "black widow" who was drawn in to avoid a scandal regarding the mysterious death of her former wrestler husbands. She was previously married to a lunatic fringe, who also disappeared under mysterious circumstances. -Mr. Who is a homosexual, a secret that would score him so many Chris’s (Evans, Pratt, Pine, Hemsworth) if it were widely known. Finally, Oddsworth reveals Mr. Bobby's secret to the guests: he is the one who has been blackmailing them. As the guests begin to shout at Mr. Bobby, Oddsworth explains that he has gathered all the guests together to cruse Mr. Bobby and turn him over to the police. Confronted by Oddsworth's revelation, Mr. Bobby reminds the guests that, if turned over to the police, he can reveal their secrets while in police custody. Mr. Bobby then distributes to each guest a wrapped gift box which, when opened, reveal one of six Clue weapons: a wrench, a candlestick, a lead pipe, a knife, a revolver, and a rope with a hangman's knot. Mr. Bobby suggests that they use the weapons provided to kill Oddsworth and destroy the evidence, keeping their secrets safe. Mr. Bobby turns out the lights in the room, creating a moment of chaos in which someone shoots the revolver. When the lights come back on, Mr. Bobby is lying on the ground and is pronounced dead by Professor Patrick. Everyone denies killing Mr. Bobby, and Oddsworth reveals that he arranged the event in revenge for Steel Phineas who had committed suicide after being blackmailed by Mr. Bobby for being friends with Goosey. While trying to decide how to proceed, Oddsworth and the guests check on Sauce Mama, the Cook, who is found dead in the Industrial Park with the knife. Upon returning to Downtown Bikini Bottom, Mr. Bobby is gone and is later found dead by Mrs. Pharmacist in Goo Lagoon from the candlestick. Oddsworth and the guests assume there must be another person in the house that killed Sauce Mama and Mr. Bobby, so they split up in pairs and search the forum with the weapons locked in the topic. Over the course of search, three weapons (the wrench, the lead pipe, and the revolver) are used to a kill stranded motorist (The Drifter) found dead in Games, police officer Space Cowboy (after he investigate The Drifter’s abandoned car) in Squidward’s Art Show, and a singing telegram girl in the Krabby Kronicle. Katette, the maid, is found dead in Davy Jones Locker with the rope. Oddsworth announces to the other guests that he deduced the identity of the murderer and runs through a frantic re-enactment of the entire evening, scene by scene, typo by typo, with the guests in tow. Oddsworth points out that each of the victims had a connection to one of the guests and were actually accomplices that enabled Mr. Bobby to find out the secrets he later used to blackmail the guests. -Sauce Mama had earlier been employed by Mrs. Pharmacist as her sushi cook. -The Drifter was Colonel Jenkins's lad during the great posting war of 2013 and knew of his involvement with fixing Deathmatches. -Katette had worked for Miss Chalet and had an affair with Mrs. Aya's lunatic fringe, which made Mrs. Aya hate her, and led her to kill her husband. Colonel Jenkins's scandalous photographs were of him and Katette "in flagrante delicto" (caught in the act). -Officer Space Cowboy had been on Miss Chalet's payroll for his silence. -The singing telegram girl was Homie who was one of Professor Patrick's patients. He once had an affair with her. The accounting is interrupted by an evangelist, JCM in a cameo, at the front door warning "there is a new episode of “XAT Time Travelers” at hand", who is encouraged to leave. Oddsworth then flips the electricity to the house. At this point, the story proceeds to one of three endings: A, B, or C. Whichever one you choose, I'll let you be the judge. Ending A Having used her former call girl Katette to murder Mr. Bobby and Sauce Mama, Miss Chalet killed her and the others to keep her true business of "secrets" safe, planning on using the information learned tonight for her own benefit. While Miss Chalet holds Oddsworth at gunpoint with the revolver, Oddsworth tells her that there are no more bullets in the gun, but Miss Chalet insists she still has one left and threatens to kill him. Oddsworth reveals himself to be an undercover FBI agent and arrests Miss Chalet as police arrive and secure the house. JCM is revealed to be the chief. Although still insisting to Miss Chalet the revolver is empty, Oddsworth realizes she was right when he accidentally fires the last bullet into the air, hitting a post and causing it to crash closely behind Colonel Jenkins. Ending B Mrs. Pharmacist is revealed as the murderer of all the victims and escapes after holding the others at gunpoint. However, Oddsworth reveals himself as an FBI agent with the night's activities set up to spy on Mrs. Pharmacist's activities, believing her to be taking bribes by Texas powers. As Mrs. Pharmacist makes her way to her car, she is captured by the police, and JCM is revealed to be the chief. Ending C This ending is dubbed as "But here's what really happened." Each murder was committed by a different person: Professor Patrick killed Mr. Bobby in Goo Lagoon with the candlestick, Mrs. Pharmacist killed Sauce Mama in the Industrial Park with the knife, Colonel Jenkins killed the motorist in Games with the wrench after unlocking the topic where the weapons were kept and getting into the Games via a secret passage from the Ask Me Threads, Mrs. Aya killed Katette in Davy Jones Locker with the rope, and Miss Chalet killed the cop in Squidward’s Art Show with the lead pipe. Mr. Who is accused of shooting Homie in Krabby Kronicle with the revolver. Oddsworth then reveals not only did he kill her himself, but that he is, in fact, the real Mr. Bobby and the man Professor Patrick killed was simply his idiot. He had brought the other victims, who were his accomplices in the blackmail scheme, to the forums to be killed by the guests and thus plans to continue blackmailing them now that there's no evidence against him. Mr. Who then draws another revolver and kills the blackmailer. Mr. Who reveals to the others that he is actually an undercover FBI agent and the whole evening was a set-up to catch the criminals. The police and FBI arrive and arrest all the guests for murder as JCM is revealed to be the chief. Mr. Who then declares that he killed Mr. Bobby, "In Downtown Bikini Bottom, with the revolver, on my best list." He tells JCM to round everyone up, then smiles and says, "I'm going home to sleep with Steve Trevor."
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    Member Best Debater - Wumbo, terminoob, Katniss, Nuggets, 70s Funniest Member - OMJ, Elastic, sbnator, Homie, Burgerpants Most Serious Member - crushing, Steel, teenj, Negi, Darkness Most Unique Username - CyanideFishbone, TheOpenWindowManiac, whatever WhoBob's username is now, whatever ScienceGirl's username is now, whatever Spongetron's name is now Spongiest Member - Mermaid Magic, Grubby Grouper, Rev, President Squidward, Sandy Kindest Member - Sauce, Cha, Renegade, SOF, Ooooooofy Most Competitive Member - Hayden, Trophy, More, sbl, Halibut Maturest Member - tvguy, ssj, Sailor Man, Aya, Fa Most Contributive Member - Jjs, MDPP, JCM, Fred, Metal Snake Most Creative Member - Spongy272, William Leonard, Ol Bold and Brash, Jekuma, BenPaz Most Missed Member - Jelly, CF, Someone, Doctor Sex, CNF Smartest Member - E.V.I.L, illiniguy34, Face, SpongeBob's #1 Fan, Elmyra Duff Hall of Fame: Creator: Tvguy and Metal Snake Show: Community Deathmatch and Rusty's Raping Rampage Staff: 70s and terminoob Members: Sauce and Steel I will gladly vote for spin-offs and lits when the nominations are finalized, but I've done a terrible job keeping up with a majority of them the past six months so it wouldn't be fair to do so. =/
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    The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, just blame it on Lilcorey! In Case You Forgot We pick back up where we left off. Aya is just making her leave from the Deathmatch Arena, briefcase still high above her head. Jjs and Hayden have both left the arena through the crowd at this point and Fred is being tended to by Mr Dr Professor Patrick and some of the top servers he code come up with. They help a still not dead Fred up to his feet to a standing ovation from the crowd. He acknowledges their applause and praise with a grateful "k" before finally heading to the back to get proper medical attention. Suddenly the crowd are treated to a surprise appearance from newest SBC member, @PaperSMG4! Paper makes his way down to the ring with a disappointed look on his face so he grabs a microphone to let his voice be heard. PaperSMG: Ummmm, aren't we forgetting somebody here? Oh. Idk. Perhaps the newest hottest free agent to grace this goddamn site! I mean, really, is it really that hard to remember a guy who just joined this fucking forum! My god, it says so on the front freaking page! Get with the fucking program and get with fucking times, old man! You just forgot me! Me, PaperSMG! PaperSMG is suddenly interrupted by a somewhat familiar face here on Community Deathmatch, finally making his return. @Supergameman: What's Up? I don't need you to answer me so shut the fuck up! What's up? What's up? What's up? Ask thread over there, what's up? I DON'T NEED YOU TO ANSWER ME SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! What's up? (What's up?) What's up? (What's up?) What's up? (What's up?) What's up? (What's up?) You can play with this! Or you can play with that! You better play with this 'Cause this is where it's at! What's up?! (What's up?!) What's up?! (What's up?!) I be sittin' and wonderin', "where's the competition?" Y'all makin' em disappear like your favorite magician! I play them motherfuckers til the topic goes off I bump em back to back til they rules get soft Most of the time you see me, I'm tryin' to keep em alive! While most of y'all ask and wait for them to die! I'm statin' my claim to fame! To be the baddest ass playa to step foot in these Games! And I haven't even played some of em yet But you can best believe Imma win em off a sure shot bet What's up?! Crowd: What's up?! Supergameman: What's up?! Crowd: What's up?! Supergameman: BOO! Comment on the signature above you like there's NO TIME LEFT I said stuff that SBCers would never say, and then I lost my breath! Baby that's what happens when you caption the avatar above you Now even Wumbo don't care about changing the rules! They tellin me OMJ was nimble, they said he played quick! But I bet that old fut can't play the way that I did! When I rate the thing above, you can't believe your eyes When I guess the next person, it's a big surprise! It ain't even time to give up I gotta be on the top of my game like What The Fuck?! I be bringin' the games back so you better watch out And tell them bitch ass ask threads to keep my name out their mouths! Cuz Imma keep on playin' and sprayin' as I please I know you see me comin', gamin' like a stampede! Been known to bring the drama just to fuck yo' shit up It's all because of the ask threads that enough's enough! I'm the got damn Supergameman and I'm killin' I be trippin' and takin' the risks, against the rules of the game! Them ask threads are the reason, the cause of why I'm insane! Definitely makin' first impressions and leavin' you second guessin' My mouth be goin off like a Smith and Wesson! I can really get riled, make noise and that's a fact You better get ready for me, CUZ I BE LIKE DAT! Supergameman gets in the ring and steps toe to toe with PaperSMG Supergameman: SpongeBob Community, WHAT'S UP?!?!!? The crowd gives their many different answers in unison. Supergameman: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now I know it's been a hot minute since your boi last posted a gameplay, but like a broken Xbox, tonight, I ain't playin no games. What happened to this community, man, what happened to the true spirit of competition?! The closest thing to come petition these days is comparing ask threads like they were dicks or whether or who asks the better questions or not! I've had enough of that noise, man! They might just be just "games" to you, but to me, it's life. The true life line that reruns through the veins of this community and YOU ARE ALL CLOTTING THEM UP WITH YOUR PIECE OF SHIT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS! Bitches be goin crazy bout how they ain't been the Employee of the Month, then what about ME?! Deathmatch wants to bring back Good Ol' Jjs, but why not me, why not Supergameman?! After everything I did and continue to do to keep this dying art alive! I call your bull-bull and I raise you a conspiracy! That's right! C-O-N-.....SPIRACY! The crowd voice their amusement at Supergameman's expense with :laughing: and :funnies: as well as a few squid spanks. Supergameman: SHUT THE FUCK UP! This ain't the Spelling Game here! PaperSMG: Umm, hello. Hi, yes, forgetting somebody? You just came trotting out here, interrupting MY promo. And I appreciate that about as much as I appreciate being forgotten around here mere days after I first joined. Now THAT'S bullshit! So kindly and quickly be forgotten on the minds of all the short attention spans here tonight, and please get the fuck off my screen time. Thank you. Supergameman: Well lookie who we got here, everybody! It's @lilcorey18 ! You takin a selfie in front of everybody this time, Lilcorey? Where the fuck's yo hat, Lilcorey?! The crowd pops at the sound of that familiar username. Supergameman: SHUT THE FUCK UP! Because you are ALL Lilcorey! The crowd can't even be mad at that. Supergameman: Yeah, we got the big Lilcoreys posin in front of mirrors down in the back. The little Lilcoreys wearing their snapbacks sideways in the front, eatin their lil snacky snacks! All you Lilcoreys comin in all shapes and sizes but they all still fake as Aya's gender! Now Paper, I hear you, I SEEyou. But when I hear you, when I see you, all I see and hear is a fake ass black bitch who everybody seems to think is one of SBC's best members! And that's that bull-bull! So you come out here askin if you gon' get forgot- NO! No. You gon' get got, COREY! Supergameman lands a hard kick below PaperSMG's belt and then runs the ropes, quickly taking off PaperSMG's head with a beautifully executed Scissors Kick! Supergameman puts on them crazy eyes as looks down as PaperSMG's disembodied head, then he continues telling the crowd to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Supergameman: He asked for it! You all asked for it, COREY! Supergameman's theme hits again and he makes his exit, continuing to lose his mind and bash all the Lilcoreys on his way out.
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    I was extremely impressed by how well-made this episode is. The fact that, even without the English dialogue, I could understand exactly where the story was going, and still find the visual humor hilarious is a testament to how much effort and artistic skill the animators have. It was just so fun to see how many new, creative designs that the team could think of for ridiculous houses, and the fun slapstick gags they made from it, just showing how silly SpongeBob living in a hollowed-out fruit really is. My favorite's this theme-song gag. Definitely excited to watch the episode when it comes out in the United States!
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    Gonna give spin-off/lits some love for SOF7. May or may not do members later (I'd wager more on "may not", but who knows): II.) Spin-Off & Literature Categories 1.) Best Creation: Xat Time Travelers, Miss Appear, Team SpongeBob, Community Deathmatch, and SBCinema 2.) Best Ended Creation: JCMovies, SBC Honest Trailers, Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure, One-Time SpongeBob Characters: Where Are They Now?, and Pisces Moon 3.) Best Pilot: "The Fast and the Curious" (The Quickster), "The Adventure Begins" (The Yellow Avenger), "Get Ready To Sail" (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure), "A Dark Place" (Miss Appear), and "Day of the Diabolic" (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force) 4.) Best Episode: "The Do or Die Squad" (SBCinema), "The Universal Guardian" (Team SpongeBob), "Opportunity Knocks" (Community Deathmatch), "Communists vs. Fascists" (Skodwarde), and "It's Called Gruzz" (Squid) 5.) Best Storyline: Xat Time Travelers, The Quickster, Miss Appear, Team SpongeBob, and Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure 6.) Best Comedy: Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Community Deathmatch, Xat Time Travelers, SBCinema, and My Life Story 7.) Best Location: Pacific Maritime University (Squid), New Kelp City (The Quickster), Xat (Xat Time Travelers), Karate Island (Team SpongeBob), and Core Earth (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force) 8.) Best Protagonist: Mr. Krabs (Mr. Krab's Treasure Adventure), Miss Appear (Miss Appear), The Quickster (The Quickster), Lettuce (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force), and Hayden (Xat Time Travelers) 9.) Best Antagonist: ACS (Community Deathmatch), Shadow (Miss Appear), Tammie (The Quickster), Triton (Team SpongeBob), and The Aliens (Xat Time Travelers) 10.) Best Minor Character: Captain Retro (Total Cartoon Global Cruise), Vivian Coyne (Miss Appear), and Kraky (Power Rangers: Multiverse Force) 11.) Most Creative: Community Deathmatch, Team SpongeBob, Cerebus the Aardvark, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, and Xat Time Travelers 12.) Most Well-Written: Team SpongeBob, Spiriting Fluttershy's Dark Sky, Cerebus the Aardvark, Power Rangers: Multiverse Force, and Doody Era III.) Hall of Fame Honorary Creator Award: Teenj and JCM 2.) Honorary Show Award: Community Deathmatch and Spin-Off Action 3.) Honorary Staff Member Award: JCM and Face 4.) Honorary Member Award: SOF and Steel
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    It's hard to believe that we're already six months into 2017. Music-wise, this has been an interesting time, with so many good albums and singles to rave about. And at this halfway point in the year, I want to talk about my favorite songs of the year so far. I decided not to limit myself to songs that are currently on the Billboard Hot 100 so I could have a bit more variety in my picks. This isn't a ranked list, just a collection of 10 songs I'm into. "Perfect Places" - Lorde Lorde's second album, Melodrama, is a delightful slice of pop music. It has a different instrumental sound due to her working with a different producer (Joel Little worked on debut album Pure Heroine, while Jack Antonoff, of fun. and Bleachers, who co-wrote and co-produced songs on Taylor Swift's 1989, co-produced and co-wrote all the songs on Melodrama) but the lyrics still undeniably sound like Lorde. I adore a lot of songs on the album but Perfect Places, the final track, is possibly my favorite (at least until I listen to Melodrama a million more times ). It's a catchy, anthemic ode to being young and trying to find a "perfect place" of happiness by drinking and partying, only to feel more lost. Lorde has said that the concept of Melodrama takes place during a house party and this song evokes feelings of the rager winding down, as you come off the high of the party and wonder what to do next. It's a beautiful song. "It Ain't Me" - Kygo feat. Selena Gomez Tropical house may feel like a tired genre at this point thanks to all the pop songs that jumped on the trend, but I still think it's a pretty cool genre of music. And Norwegian DJ Kygo is pretty good at it if some of his earlier projects are to go by. His production on this track is excellent. I love the acoustic guitar in the beginning, I love the bass and synthesizers, I love the finger snaps, and I especially love the way the syllables of Selena Gomez's lyrics are layered over the chorus. I've said it before but Selena Gomez has never sounded better on this track. It sounds beautifully nostalgic. "Slide" - Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos Who would've thought that Calvin Harris knew how to bring the funk? The songs he's released lately have a totally different feel to them than his typical EDM fare. Slide is a groovy, modern take on disco that's buoyed by the beautiful vocal stylings of Frank Ocean and decent bars from Quavo and Offset of Migos. When I first heard of this collab, I was wondering how this was going to work, but the different elements somehow slide (heh, puns) together well. "Sign of the Times" - Harry Styles If there was a contest judging the One Direction guys' solo attempts, I think Harry Styles is winning this race so far. His self-titled album is pretty solid. It's soft rock, psychedelic, folksy--a wild mishmash of different influences that he pulls together to make his own. I still think this track is fantastic. It's a bombastic, arena rock-style track that pulls me in so much that I don't mind the length. "DNA." - Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar goes IN on this song. His delivery packs a punch and the bars themselves are incredible. Not to mention it's backed by an awesome beat from producer Mike WiLL Made-It. One of the best rap songs of the year and one of my favorites from DAMN. "The Man" - The Killers Nearly 5 years after their last album, Battle Born, the Killers are back with new music! And what a way to come back. The Man is a funky track with bragging lyrics, though you get a sense that Brandon Flowers is being a bit tongue-in-cheek. The addition of a backup choir makes this track even cooler than it has a right to be. Consider me hyped for the new album, boys. "I Feel It Coming" - The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk I'm a fan of The Weeknd's dark, atmospheric brand of R&B, but this sunny, fun track is a nice change of pace. It's a beautiful love song that's the marriage between the Weeknd's soulful crooning and Daft Punk's sweet disco production. "Drew Barrymore" - SZA I hadn't heard of SZA before listening to "Consideration", her collaboration with Rihanna on Riri's album Anti last year. Now I'm kicking myself for not listening sooner. This is such a raw, real, wonderful song about feeling insecure and having low self-esteem. I definitely want to check out more from her and I recommend her to y'all as well. "Hard Times" - Paramore After Laughter is Paramore's poppiest-sounding album yet, not that that's necessarily a bad thing, and Hard Times embraces an 80s pop style wholeheartedly. It's catchy and fun with some profound lyrics hiding underneath the beautiful synthpop goodness. "Love" - Lana Del Rey Lana's upcoming album is called Lust for Life, and I can definitely hear a newer, more vibrant Lana on this track. The lyrics are unabashedly happy in their celebration of love without becoming too sappy and the track has such a cosmic, enchantic feel to it. I'm in love. A few honorable mentions: "That's What I Like" - Bruno Mars I love Bruno Mars. His reworking of 70s/80s funk and soul hasn't gotten tiring to me yet. The man is gifted at making a sexy, fun R&B jam and this is no exception. "Castle on the Hill" - Ed Sheeran While I don't dislike Shape of You as much as some, I will say that it's not even close to being the best single on Divide. That honor would go to Castle on the Hill, a charming folk-pop song that's an ode to his hometown. It paints a beautifully nostalgic picture of Ed Sheeran's life through the lyrics and that chorus has an epic sound to it. "HUMBLE." - Kendrick Lamar Of course, I couldn't forget about this #1 smash. Kendrick is good at "conscious rap" but he can definitely create a straight up banger too. Humble is full of swagger and confidence, and thanks to Kendrick you believe that he's as great as he says. "Bad Liar" - Selena Gomez When I first heard this song, I wasn't feeling it. Then I listened to it again...and again...and it actually grew on me. I especially dig the sampling of the bassline from Talking Heads' song "Psycho Killer". This is definitely a weird song that doesn't sound like a lot of songs on mainstream radio right now and while I am a sucker for typical pop, that's what makes Bad Liar so appealing to me. What are your favorite songs of the year so far? Let me know.
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    I already made this topic on SBM so why not on SBC? http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/nickelodeon-spongebob-squarepants-stop-motion-1202471285/ It's called "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom" and yes, it is stop-motion. I can't wait to see it.
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    An Interview with Teenj12 Part 4 () Teenj: Welcome to the show! Are you ready to begin? SOF: Yes, yup. Teenj: Okay, great! For those who may not be familiar with your Spin-Off/Literature career, why don't you tell us some of the stuff you worked on in the past? SOF: In the past, i made SOF's Exciting Critic Corner & And Then There Were Less 3, and they both weren't too good. Tbh, I felt like I didn't properly make them, and they were very poorly written Teenj: Speaking on your sentiments, it would appear that a lot of your works were the source of much controversy. What is your reflection on that? SOF: Like I said on JRT, I don't think it's very neccssary to make a big deal out of these works, and of course i tried to do my best works, but it ended up very awful-looking the way I wrote it. I guess you can say that my ideas would work better if I had some co-writer for future SO/Lits? Maybe I wasn't such good writer (and yeah i was pretty much rubbing my ego for it). I honestly think i could do an outline better before rushing to put the final product out. Teenj: So, could we be expecting a return to writing from you, with or without a co-writer? SOF: if you want me to be honest...i don't know actually. Being an SO/Lit writer could take a lot of work to do. After 2 previous works being riffed. Despite my lack of writing, grammer etc it would be best if I had a co-writer rather than being a solo writer. Guest writer is optional too, since I've been guest writing recently like Skod.. we'll see how it goes... Teenj: If you did ever return to writing, who are some creators you'd be interested in co-writing with? SOF: Probably Metal Snake, since I did guest write for SBC Honest Trailers. Teenj: What was it like guest writing for SBC Honest Trailers? What was the process like in writing for that show's particular style? SOF: It's actually cool, and I tried to make some good jokes to the trailer. It's basically like writing a teaser trailer for upcoming movies, but it's for SO/Lits. . Teenj: Yeah, I definitely think that's what made SBC Honest Trailers such a fun show. Metal Snake did a great job with it. So, what would be some of your all time favorite spin-offs or lits? SOF: Personally, my favoite has to be Mystic Guardians and SBCinema. wouldn't give full list away since there's top 20 best/worst SO/Lits Ever. you'll just wait and see Teenj: Alright, I think we all definitely look forward to the reveal of the Top 20 best and worst lists . Finally,what does the Spin-Off Festival mean to you? SOF: It's kind of funny in hidsight because the initials of the Spin-Off Festival spell out the initials of my username ( ) which I'm proud of. I can say it is this it's great to see new creators try something new, be creative, playing SOF games diring the fest, etc. Overall, it's a great addition to keep SBC tradition like other SBC events as part of the Big 3 (OcterrorFest, March Madness and SOF). Teenj: Well, thank you for the taking the time out to talk with me, SOF. I wish you all the best if you ever do decide to write again. SOF: You're welcome! ---- Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow for the final interview with the one and only, OH EM JAY OMJ!
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    An Interview with Teenj12 Part 2 Teenj: Welcome to the show! Are you ready to begin? Jjsthekid: Indeed I am, since my cat finally let me get up. Teenj: I have to say, it's an honor to be interviewing you. You have such a massive legacy within the spin-off community, stretching all the way back to the TV.com days. Not only have you created many notable works, but several of them have been inducted into both versions of the Hall of Fame, along with yourself being awarded Honorary Creator. How does it feel to have such a big legacy on your back? Jjsthekid: It feels a bit weird at times, but I am pretty proud to have such a legacy. My tv.com works weren't really that good, so I never expected myself to get this far writing wise honestly. I guess years of writing consistently and hearing feedback on how to improve kept me dedicated, and eventually got me to where I am. It hasn't been easy, as there were several points where I felt like I was about to fall out of writing, but after everything, I still pulled through, whether due to the feedback from others or because I reignited a spark, so to speak. I guess I'm just really passionate about continuing spin-offs (and literatures to an extent) here, since they were a primary reason why I posted in the Tv.com SpongeBob board back in 2009. Teenj: Speaking on those early TV.com works, are there any that you'd ever consider rebooting today? I know back in 2012, you briefly revived Mermaid Man: The Brave and The Bold, which didn't work out. However, you had a handful of other shows with creative premises (Scooter's Paradise, Patrick's Mansion, etc). Could any of those ever make a comeback with your improved writing styles today? Jjsthekid: I've never really thought in-depth about rebooting any of my other tv.com works, I guess mostly out of the early awkwardness they had. Scooter's Paradise is probably a big no, considering that was just me mostly trying to rip-off of Patrick's Paradise, one of Clappy's best works. But the premise of a Scooter spin-off in general I wouldn't mind reconsidering someday. Patrick's Mansion I liked the concept of, but I wasn't in the best place writing wise at the time (fall 2009), so I wasn't very happy with how it turned out in execution. I know Steel did finish its run here after he purchased the rights from me, which I appreciated. I also did enjoy Fred Road's Trip's basic idea, and I had a lot of fun writing that for the first few seasons back in 2009. Thinking about it further, The Adventures of Gary the Snail would also be an interesting consideration for a reboot, since it was my first spin-off and all, and I have considered "remastering" it so to speak one day. Perhaps I could try that in a Squid-esque format. Therefore, if I were to ever reboot any of my tv.com works, The Adventures of Gary the Snail, Patrick's Mansion and Fred's Road Trip would be strong contenders, but nothing is concrete. Teenj: Jumping into your SBC works, I think one of your first forum-wide hits had to be Rusty's Raping Rampage. In my own opinion,I believe that show is such an artifact of early SBC. What is your own reflection on it after all these years? Including the popularity it amassed? Jjsthekid: Looking back, I'm still honestly amazed at how popular it got. It started off as something Elastic and I just came up with one day in fall 2010 out of boredom. We originally just wrote it for the lulz as a parody of the fake guests who posted in the now-defunct Guests' Paradise forum (which totally weren't Drag and him), some of which were "Rusty", "LAT", "Sassy56" and "LobsterM", who were used as crew members. We were expecting people to find it unfunny, or get offended by it, but for the most part that didn't happen. Elastic and I felt bad to originally end it in 2012, but we didn't want it to get stale and tired. We knew a lot of people missed it, and there were more new members to work with, which is the reason it got revived over a year later. In regards to if it will be revived or not again, since some have wondered...nah, sorry. Elastic and I have moved on. It was fun to write, but I really don't think there's a point in bringing it back again. Rusty turning into Stephen Hillenburg is honestly the best possible way to end such a crazy literature, to me at least. We've killed off all of the SBC members people cared about anyways, and I feel bringing it back for another season or two just to parody newer members (when there aren't that much to work with anyways) would get old, which I suppose it already kind of was getting by the end of the ride. Trust me, we do miss Rusty's misadventures at times, but I think it's for the best the rusty train stays parked in the shed where it is. I think 140 chapters and 7 seasons was more than enough content for it to be popular without overstaying its welcome. Teenj: Well, I'd definitely agree with you about keeping it's memory intact as it is. Unnecessary sequels are sometimes just that - unnecessary. Speaking on RRR's brand of humor, I feel that nobody ever really got offended, because we all knew through and through that it was just a mockery of ourselves, of our community. The show was very much a product of SBC's early culture, including how tight knit we were at that time. Hypothetically, if you did ever revive it, do you think it would fit in with today's climate on the site? Or feel misplaced? Jjsthekid: In all honesty, I don't think it'd fit in well anymore with today's climate, at least when compared to most other spin-offs/lits nowadays. Not to offend anybody or say any names, but I have a feeling there's a few members who wouldn't find it very funny. I feel like in today's world, the concept might rub some people the wrong way. I dunno. I also feel like most of the old audience for it has moved on, and the ones that are still here aren't into spin-offs/lits much anymore. I'm not sure if it'd connect well to the newer generation. So yeah, I think an RRR reboot/revival just wouldn't work even if ever did theoretically happen. Teenj: Moving on, I think one show that has captivated members both old and new, is Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000. You announced earlier this year that it would be ending. How do you feel about closing a chapter on arguably the most famous production in the history of the community? Jjsthekid: It saddens me a bit, but I feel it's for the best. I don't want to drag it on and have us riff things that aren't really riffable or worth the time to riff, making our riffs go downhill as a result. We've pretty much riffed all the things people wanted us to riff (Down Under, SOF's Exciting Critic Corner, And Then There Were Less 3, Squidward's Childhood, etc), and there's not much left, whether from tv.com or SBC. So yeah, I feel it's for the best. It got five years to shine, which I'd say is pretty impressive. Even more impressive when what it was based on (SBC Theater 4000) didn't last very long at all, so it felt fitting to spiritually continue and finish SBC Theater 4000. I promise the final project will be a fitting way to end it. However, even after it ends, Riffing Theater might not be done for good. Maybe someday there could be a reboot or a sequel to it. But for the time being, I think it is for the best the theater closes. Plus, there will be 32 riffing projects for people to read, which is enough for its legacy to continue in the future. Much like how RRR hasn't been forgotten, I'm sure some people will still look back on the old riffs even after Riffing Theater ends, which is nice. Teenj: Very well said. I'm sure Riffing Theater will go out with the bang that it deserves. Now, over the years you have written these notable comedy themed shows (RRR, Riffing Theater, Squid, etc), but devoted fans of yours will know that comedy is not your only strong suit. You've also produced a number of action and mystery themed literature and spin-offs. Two of the most highly regarded being Storm Racers and Mystic Guardians. How do you feel those two shows differ from each other? Jjsthekid: They differ from each other for a lot of reasons, but one key reason is that one I planned from the start, and the other I winged as I went along. As some may know, I didn't exactly plan Storm Racers Season 1 out all the way. That's why it feels weaker compared to other seasons, and why it felt like not much happened for most of the season, along with lacking character development. I rushed its release date without much thought, and it shows in the first few episodes. This was also when I began to fall out of spin-offs, and leaned more towards literatures after RRR and Parallel Universe's popularity. Mystic Guardians on the other hand, I planned out all the way before writing it, that way I knew what I was doing, and wouldn't release it until I was content with my planning. That helped a lot with character development and overall plots. As a result, some feel Mystic Guardians Season 1 is leaps and bounds better than Storm Racers Season 1 (not my opinion, just what I hear from others). That's not to dismiss one as better than the other though, as despite their focus on action, it is hard to compare the two in other departments. Mystic Guardians, while heavily action and plot focused, also has a lot of comedy in it. Storm Racers had its comedy here and there, but nowhere near as much as Mystic Guardians does. I guess you could say it's more lighthearted than Storm Racers, but I don't think that's a bad thing per-say. I don't think something needs to be "dark" to be good. Teenj: For Mystic Guardians, who are favorite characters to write for (side or main)? Jjsthekid: I'll answer both side and main. My favorite main characters to write are Nick, Zero, Tori, and Audrey. Nick's oddball and goofy personality at times makes him very entertaining to write, and he bounces off of other characters well. Zero's mysterious past and his scientific side makes him pretty interesting to write for. Tori's snide comments can be pretty funny to write, but she also has this laid-back personality to her that is pretty chill. Lastly, Audrey's sweet and innocent personality just makes her cute to write about. My favorite side characters to write are Skipper, Diggy and Rotwell. While they can be mostly comic relief in their scenes, their more serious ones are fun to write as well. Teenj: Do you have any semi-spoilers or scoops to give to curious fans out there? Jjsthekid: Without revealing much, I'll say a few things to expect in Season 3: A new orange knight is indeed coming. The identity of "Agent" will be revealed soon. Ramos's brother Brak will also return, and you'll find out what he has been up to. There's a pretty big two-parter coming this summer as well. Finally, there will be some more hints toward Zero's origins. Teenj: Well, it certainly looks like big things are coming to head for this season. Speaking on the world of Mystic Guardians, do you have any plans in the future of possibly expanding it's universe with another show? With the popularity of shared universes, would that be something you'd try with your own works? Jjsthekid: I've sort of already done that with the Storm Racers crossover, confirming they take place in the same world. I don't know how likely it is I'll connect it to more past spin-offs of mine, as I'm not sure it'd blend well due to some of those having radically different stories (USMI, Mermaid Man, etc.), but we'll see. If I figure out a sensible way to make a reference to some of them, I'll certainly do it. Teenj: Finally, what does the Spin-Off Festival mean to you? Jjsthekid: To me personally, it's a creative time for people to share their writing skills, even if you aren't a regular spin-off writer. It's also a chill time where people can update their works, and get to promote them a lot more than usual due to the event's theme. Even if some of the new works made don't always continue, it does warm my heart to see people still care about spin-offs and literatures. The fact people still contribute to their spin-offs and literatures during the event shows people still care about them, and that's what it means to me. Teenj: Beautiful sentiment! Thanks for talking with me! Jjsthekid: No problem. Thanks for having me as an interviewee. Now to do absolutely nothing of importance. ---- Thanks for reading! Tune in tomorrow for my interview with Terminoob, as I get a founder's perspective on the Spin-Off/Lit culture .
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    201b. Troll Board One day, at the Krusty Krab, Skodwarde is getting really tired of these repetitive and stale Krusty Krab openings. So he decides to suggest something batshit crazy and different to Mr. Krabs. He tells him he has a brilliant idea that will get the Krusty Krab rolling in dough. Krabs asks how in the world he can do that. Skodwarde replies that it's very simple: he'll make a forum for the Krusty Krab called B-chan, a place for trolls to come together, and say whatever the fuck the want about anybody or anything with no fear. He says he'll sponsor the Krusty Krab on it, and while Mr. Krabs would normally question having his business involved with a shady group, his wallet has been dry lately with money, and figures he has nothing to loose, so he agrees. B-chan is opened, and it's a hit with many creepy and handsome trolls across the world. The trolls band together and plot attacks against famous people such as Ariana Grande, President Trump (by spamming his twitter), JCM in a cameo, and some guy named SpongeOddFan. Krusty Krab gets some revenue from the activity. Patrick even tries to get in on the action, but doesn't understand how a message board works, and is insulted by an army of trolls out of there, with some calling him "tubby". Patrick gets triggered by this, and breaks his laptop (which wasn't even his) in anger, saying "nobody calls him tubby". The next day, Skodwarde goes on the board, and reads the responses he got to a thread he made bashing social justice warriors. He is pleased with the replies that are praising his rant, when suddenly, he comes across a strange message calling Skodwarde a "Racist nazi sexist piece of shit asshole who should die" and other derogatory terms that are too cruel for the author to write. Skodwarde has been trolled (oh the irony). Although Skodwarde would normally consider this flattery and laugh it off, something about this just pissed him the fuck off to no end. He notices the same user, named "BubbleBlaze67", has trolled all of B-chan that same day. He plots to find out who this sick son of a bitch is. Using his god mod powers, he traces the IP of the troll, and it takes him to none other than Bubblebath's house! He confronts Bubblebath face to face, who is busy flexing his big bubble butt, and stops upon Skodwarde's entrance. Skodwarde tells him the jig is up, and he knows he trolled B-chan. Bubblebath is impressed, but asks what he's gonna do about it. Skodwarde then replies he has an offer: a challenge to see who is the best troll of the seven seas, by insulting each other the longest without slipping up. Bubblebath accepts the duel. And their battle happens. They start off by name calling each other, then it goes into major trash talking territory, with Skodwarde pointing out what an irrelevant fatass Bubblebath is (true), and Bubblebath saying Skodwarde is an overrated douchebag (true). Their troll war goes on for several hours, until Skodwarde finally breaks him with an ultimate rap insult. Bubblebath cannot make a witty remark to it, and accepts defeat, feeling shame. SKODWARDE WINS THE EPIC TROLL OFF! What an epic conclusion to this epic episode. Skodwarde bans Bubblebath from B-chan, and all is well, as the fellow trolls keep posting random shit in harmony. Unfortunately, some other trolls from 4chan raid B-chan and promptly hack it, resulting in its closure. Skodwarde decides to get payback by hacking 4chan with his god powers, turning it into "Skodchan". Skodwarde now has full control over 4chan, much to his pleasure.
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    The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, just COME TO SBC! THE PATRICK STAR OF THE SPONGEBOB FANDOM! What a Ripoff Community Deathmatch opens up to a packed Deathmatch Arena full of all sorts of roaring guests, and ACS. We are greeted by Crushing Mayhem all by himself in the broadcast booth. It sseems as though he has an announcement to make. Crushing: Say hello to "The Good Guy"! But you don't have to if you don't really want to, although I would very much advise that you do, mang. Y gracias, chicos, for once again letting us into your home, mang. Without jou, Community Deathmatch wouldn't be quite as possible to produce on a bi-weekly basis, mang. So in thanks, I'd like for you to say hello to a member who needs no introduction, mang, but I'll just do it anyway. Say hello to a face that hasn't been quite active on Deathmatch in quite some time, chicos. Helping me to fill in for tonight's episode, allow me to reintroduce to you "The Voice of Community Deathmatch", bien ol' Jjsthekid, mang! Jjs makes his triumphant return to the broadcast booth to thunderous applause from the Deathmatch Faithful in attendance, with the exception of any ACSes out there. Crowd: WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK! But jjs' return is quickly interrupted by the theme music of his best friend. Hayden makes his way out to heat that you can only find in Harlem. He claps it up for his best friend, jjsthekid, in the midst of all the boos. Hayden: Have some damn respect, will you?! This is Deathmatch legend you're booing here! Hayden chastises the crowd before shaking jjs' hand. Jjs then insists on doing the honors by raising Hayden's arm up for the crowd instead of the other way around. Hayden: DRINK IT IIIIIINNNNNNN, MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!! This doesn't do much to change the crowd's opinion of Y2Hay, in fact, it incites them even more so they continue to patboo him. Both jjs and Hayden then make their way up to broadcast booth. Crushing: Welcome. Jes, welcome jjs. Long time, no activity, I see. Jjs: It has been a good bit, about two years tops? But don't let my absence be the cause for any alarm. Although Deathmatch may not have had much material for me to go off of during this sort of transitional period that it's been going through as of late, I am still very much active as your Direct in Chief, Crushing. Crushing: Hmmm, so it seems, mang. Now please, could you contribute to me an answer as to why you brought this burro to the broadcast booth? Jjs: Wel- Hayden: Whoa, whoa, hold on, wait a minute! It's already bad enough that these hypocrites in attendance tonight already decided to take it upon themselves to shit on the return of my best friend to the Community Deathmatch commentary team. But my best friend, jjsthekid, certainly doesn't need a lousy, tapeworm, rent-a-mod such as you to call him a donkey! Of all things in the Spanish dictionary and that's all you can come up with? Thank you for contributing absolutely nothing to this team. This is exactly why I am out here, to carry your non-contributing carcass to a passable performance! Jjs: Actually, Hayden, I think the "burro" jab was at you tho, first off, and- Hayden: Oh, that was directed at me? Jjs: I think so- Crushing: Jes, muy much so. Jjs: Yes, very much so, actually. Hayden: Alright Hayden raises his finger up at Crushing and pauses for a hot minute. Hayden: ...FAIR ENOUGH! Jjs: And secondly, Crushing, just who are you to call my best friend, Hayden, a burro? A donkey? You're pretty much just calling him an ass without much provocation whatsoever. Just what did my best friend do to warrant such a harsh reaction? Hayden: Nothing, that's what. Jjs: Exactly, all he did was come out here to help ring in my return, and you all shit on him for it. Hayden: But I could've sworn all those patboos earlier were for you tho. Jjs: No, of course not. Everybody here fucking loves me. Everybody just can't fucking stand you. Hayden: "Jou" see? This is what having a best friend on this site is really all fucking about, "mang". Not all that fake ass, outdated Fan Five shit. You don't long winded, comma-laden goodnight messages like a bunch of hypocritical pussies. A true best friend will tell it to you how it really is. Crushing: But all these chicos in attendance were doing just that, mang. Jjs: Well, unfortunately for these chicos, they all don't have the same relationship with Hayden as I do, so that automatically makes their opinions of him invalid. Hayden: I was totally gonna retort that asinine popular opinion with a completely unpopular argument, but I really couldn't have said better than that. Thank you, jjs, you are always looking out for your boy. Jjs: Only the best for my best friend. Hayden: Put that on a fucking t-shirt for the spinoff festival and watch em get sold out in a matter of minutes, OMJ! Jjs: There is no putting a price on this friendship, mang! Hayden: Yeah, so fuck what I just said about the t-shirts, and fuck you, Crushing, for trying to ruin OUR fun. Jjs: This is very unbecoming behavior from a staff member such as yourself, Crushing. I must say that you've disappointed me here tonight, mang. You're totally acting as if my best friend, like, sexually harassed you, or something. Hayden: Crushing, I couldn't "fuck you" enough, honestly. Jjs: It's ridiculous, honestly. Hayden Jjs, could you be a pal and pull rank in order to do something about this interloper before I REALLY have to update my list? Jjs: Gladly. Crushing, as your commanding member, I hereby relieve you of your duties for the rest of the night. So please, kindly "contribute" elsewhere while my best friend and I both take Community Deathmatch back to its former glory. Hayden: No wonder why you're up there in the polls to face Zaid, "mang". Just goes to prove that popularity only gets you shit in this community and in life! These so-called "friends" of yours would throw you to the goddamn wolves, jjs would never do that to me! Jjs: Never in my lifetime or any other lifetimes to come after. Hayden: Or before! Jjs: And even before. Yes, even before this lifetime! Crushing is conflicted on just how to respond, but he simply sucks it up and leaves before bumping the How Are You Feeling? (emotionally) thread with yet another new post saying that he feels "average". Hayden grabs hold of his list and takes out his pen. Hayden: You know on second thought, do you know what you get for being such a parasitic killjoy, Crushing? Huh? Do you know what happens when you dare confuse the Terrible Twos for the Fantastic Five? Jjs: Well, the "Terrible Twos" actually makes us sound, you know, terrible. Hayden: HUH?! Do you know what that gets you, Bad Guy?! Jjs: ooh, nice one! Hayden clicks his pen, licks his fingertip and turns two pages on his clipboard. Hayden: YOU JUST MADE THE LIST! Hayden jots Crushing's name down on his ever growing list of unpopular opinions before throwing both the clipboard and his pen furiously onto the table. Hayden: The nerve of some people, jjs! Jjs: I really couldn't agree with you more, man. It's getting beyond ridiculous at this point. Most people just need to learn some goddamn tolerance. Hayden: We are best friends united! Jjs: We will let nobody break the bond that we have. You may have been able to do that with the Fantastic Five, but this right here, this is real! Hayden: And it might be unpopular to all of you, but it's popular to us, and that's all that really matters around here! Jjs: Way to put it best, best friend! Hayden: The bestest! Jjs: But contrary to unpopular belief, that verbal slaying you just witnessed was, indeed, NOT our scheduled Deathmatch for this evening! Hayden: So without anymore further ado from any of you jealous marmosets, lets head on down to the ring, where Community Server, Clem, is waiting for the official start of tonight's inaugural spinoff festival festivitiess! Tvguy comes riding out in a Roblox Valor Supprera that he bought with all dat SBC money that he's made off the business throughout his tenure here. He parks the car on the ramp and exits the vehicle, choosing to play up to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring decked out in some sort of Armani suit, I don't know, like in some of his reality images. Jjs: There he is, folks, SBC's Greatest Export, as he so self-proclaims! Hayden: Hogwash! Everybody should know that the power of our friendship is the best thing that this community has ever produced in its 8 year history on the World Wide Web. Jjs: That, it is, Hay! That it most certainly is, Hayden: How much do you think his parents paid for that suit, pal? Jjs: Too goddamn much, that's for sure, buddy. Tvguy calls for a microphone and gets one handed to him. The crowd seems mostly mixed about how to feel about him so far. Tvguy: How is everybody doing tonight?! Are we enjoying that Spin-Off Festival or what, huh?! The crowd gives him a cheap pop for that one. Tvguy: Yes, only here in the SpongeBob Community will you find such joyous occasions for yourselves to take active part in! It is one of the best things about our site, after all, our spin-off/lits community. Hayden: *COUGHBULLSHIT* Jjs: *AGREEDCOUGH* Tvguy: I was...made aware of some pretty tragic turn of events recently that took place on the other SpongeBob fansite, SpongeBuddy Mania. A very heinous act was committed against the leader of their site. I can not put it into words just how sorry I am for its members. Now, it's large, thriving member base is left without a real leader. As the former Director in Chief of the SpongeBob Community, I can honestly say that I certainly do notcondone the actions of that individual. But I can honestly say that Ssj sure had that shit coming a mile away! I mean, come on, Ssj totally had it coming! And like the inept leader that he really is, as this incident finally proves, he did absolutely nothing to prevent it from happening! Scratch what I said earlier, I'm sorry that you somehow went on this long with such a pathetic excuse for a forum leader! Now, I could go on and on about how and why all you displaced castaways should find refuge here in the relative comfort of the SpongeBob Community, but you already know that! The crowd continues to show their mixed feeling towards Tvguy's words through various :patboos:, :bruhs:, :laughs: and :okays:. Tvguy: But, in the very likely case that some of you may have been living under a rock throughout all these years, I have officially implemented a brand spankin' new, innovative advertising campaign that I think you all will find quite charming, and most of all, persuasive! Tvguy gives a signal of two claps to somebody in the back, calling them out. ???: COME TO THE SPONGEBOB COMMUNITY, the Patrick Star of the SpongeBob fandom! Jjs: Alright, there's two glaring things wrong here. One, neither of these two are even official SBC members. Why, one of them is Alejandro, tvguy's friend named after a Lady Gaga song who he would call from the xat way back when, and who also appeared in the pilot episode of Community Deathmatch, helping Tvguy in his deathmatch against Wumbo. The other schmuck is probably just another lame excuse to reference the fact that Tvguy likes Lady Gaga. And two, "The Patrick Star of the SpongeBob fandom"? What the hell does that even mean, Hayden? Hayden: Well, Patrick Star is the second most prominent character on the show, best friends with the star player of said show. I know that this will more than likely be an unpopular opinion, but it seems pretty fitting to me, jjs. Jjs: Well, Hayden, you know that I just can't help but agree with you! Alejandro: Look, Fernando! Here we are, paradise! Fernando: Alejandro, you see this community? This community is our island! And when we step into the Deathmatch Arena, the camaraderie here is matched by no other! Jjs: True! Hayden: Very true! Alejandro: And we welcome people from all across the Spongebob fandom, even pieces of trash like any of you SBMers out there! Fernando: So tonight, we will like to persuade you, and everyone else in this arena, by sharing a little piece of our paradise! Jjs: Bah gawd almighty! Th-That's gotta be Fred Rechid! Hayden: That's right, folks, here comes Fred Wretched down to the Deathmatch ring now, probably looking to try and make himself look like even more of a fool once again. Jjs: After a tumultuous 2014 and early 2015, followed by a halfway decent late 2015 and 2016, "The Ripoff" Fred Rechid is looking to finally make his presence truly felt in the Deathmatch Arena! And he could be looking to do just that at the high expense of Tvguy's new ad campaign! Hayden: He's friends with distasteful, uncouth dullard such as Katpiss and Wumbutt, jjs. What's the worse he can possibly do, having learnt from some of the most unoriginal, brainwashed hive minds to ever grace your SpongeBob Community? Jjs: Well, not much, as I am ever so inclined to agree with you, Hayden, but you can't simply count out Fred's never ending resolve to constantly better himself in hopes of getting as far away from his 2014 self as possible! That takes some real hard work and dedication, and look where that's got him today? A cashier position here at the SpongeBob Community! Hayden: Yeah, but I would totally make a better, unbiased mod. Jjs: Oh, totally. No question. Although, I guess it's a good thing that American Idiot is still out of commission given the history that those two have together. Hayden: Yes, but it absolutely pales in comparison to the history that WE have together, jjs. Jjs. Hayden, if you had a doubloon for every point you make that I can wholeheartedly agree with, you'd be the wealthiest member on this damn site. Hayden: Then you should totally make that perk happen using your admin powers right now. Jjs: Once this Deathmatch is over, friend, I give you my word. As Fred struts his stuff and makes his way towards the ring, he flicks some sweat from his hair right onto Hayden. Hayden: AHHAHGDHHUGH! That is a blatant abuse of power, jjs! Jjs: Perhaps getting some sort of measure of sick, twisted revenge on my best friend, Hayden, for his, imho, extraordinarily noble treatment of Katpiss, Fred has just flicked sweat at my best friend in act of power abuse the likes of which we haven't seen since the shutdown of the Moderator for a Day program! To those of you watching at home, I want you all to know that I, personally, do not fucking condone the actions made by a couple of the members on my staff team here tonight. It is deplorable, morally wrong in every which way you look at it, it makes me sick to my stomach having to stand by and watch such selfish acts unfold before my very eyes, but I assure you, my best friend, that they will receive maximum punishment for their public displays of aggression. I give you my word! Hayden: Thank you, jjs! At least I can count on at least ONE PERSON here to have my back around here. This is all just totally unacceptable behavior, and this might just be an unpopular opinion, but you should look into totally revising the SBC Rulebook and rectifying such egregious wrongs. Jjs: I should and will totally look into doing just that once this Deathmatch is finally over! *clicks pen* It's going right at the top of my list of things to do for Hayden along with everything else that's already on it! Hayden peers over at jjs' list and points something out. Hayden: Also, don't forget about the executive private forum section just for us. Jjs: Ah shit, I knew I was forgetting something important equally as important. Fort Jjaysden will be all but penetrable! Hayden: Yeah!- wait, so there isn't gonna be any penetration? Fred finally makes it to the ring throughout all their pandering and comes face to face with Tvguy and his ad campaign in the ring. Tvguy: And just what do you think you're doing coming out here and interrupting my latest innovation, perro? Fred: You know, people likes to say "Good Ol' Jjs" but what about Good Ol' Tvguy right here? Years off the staff and in retirement and SBM is still the only thing on his mind. That's funny, but do you know what's even funnier? Me. Tvguy: sweetie, everybody already knew that! Everybody knows that you are the biggest joke to grace this community since SOF! Fred: Yeah, yeah, I may just be some big joke to somebody like you, but at least I'm a good one! You wanna know what a bad joke really is? You pride yourself on being the "Innovator of Innovation" when really, all your innovations are just one big bad joke! Tvguy: Are any of you taking this perro srsly? Half of the crowd: MOST SERIOUS MEMBER! Other half of the crowd: 2017! Half of the crowd: MOST SERIOUS MEMBER! Other half of the crowd: 2017! Half of the crowd: MOST SERIOUS MEMBER! Other half of the crowd: 2017! Fred: That's another good one, guys. Seriously but if I can actually be serious for just one moment, I CAN NOT and WILL NOT stand idly by while I watch you take another heaping round of shit on one of the places that I can call home away from home! Alejandro puts his hands around Tvguy's to shield away such blasphemous words. Tvguy: And here I thought you inherited your stupidness from Wumbo, well perhaps some of it. But in actuality, it mostly all comes from down there. If I can be srs for just one momento, as well, seeing some trash urchin like you on the staff of a site that I helped launch into the stratosphere, it makes me sick, muchacho. Believe me when I say that I tried my best to stay tolerant when it came to you stinking up the staff lounge, but tonight, my tolerancy has reached its breaking point. I think that it is finally to time to take out the trash, wouldn't you agree? Alejandro and Fernando both nod in agreement as Tvguy unbuttons his suit and tosses his scarf to the side, but then he stops and picks it back up. Tvguy: You know, for all the things that you and your mentor Wumbo have in common, there is one thing that truly differentiates you both in my eyes; Wumbo has at least earned himself a shred of my respect. You, on the other hand, have earned nada! NOTHING! At least Wumbo had the decency to serve on this staff as an SBC original! You came from nothing, you were brought up on nothing, you bring nothing to the table, you are nothing but trash! You shall get NOTHING from me! Fred: Yeah, well, as much as you'd like to not acknowledge that very same trash that you like to pick new members out of, I can say that in spite of all its shortcomings, that trash is my home away from home! Much like how SBC is also my home away from home! If it wasn't for my all experiences slumming around in that hot garbage all these years, I wouldn't have even become half the cashier, half the moderator, that I am today! And I know too damn well that I sure as fuck contributed to at least 40% of that dump, but at the end of the day, it all served to make me better than what I was when I first posted them! I can proudly say that three years of blood, sweat and trash got me to where I am today, and I know just as well that it pisses you right the fuck off! And you wanna know why it pisses you off as much as it does? It's because this mere trash urchin achieved a hell of lot more than he could possibly dream of in three years time than you ever could in your wildest of dreams for even longer and with much more opportunity than I was ever given! Tvguy is taken aback by Fred's words and backs off a bit. Tvguy: Oh so fortunately for you, an SBC original such as myself doesn't play in the garbage, perro! But luckily for me, I employ people that do. Alejandro and Fernando quickly jump Fred at a high rate of speed and they both proceed to pummel him into a corner. Tvguy leaves the ring and the dirty work to his friends and employees and chooses to watch on from ringside. Jjs: Tvguy sics his ad campaign on Fred and it looks like tonight's featured Deathmatch is finally underway! Hayden: Looks like we're having ourselves a little 2-on-1, jjs! Fred manages to fight Alejandro off of him with some well calculated right hands, but Fernando cuts Fred down with a series of vicious stomps to the left knee. Fred is brought down, giving Fernando a good angle to press his foot against Fred's neck, pushing, squeezing it back into the corner turnbuckle and cutting off Fred's air circulation. Alejandro comes back in and joins in with some more stomps to Fred's head as Fernando keeps pressing on. Jjs: Alejandro and Fernando putting Fred immediately under the pressure. And quite literally, at that. We haven't quite seen an official handicap Deathmatch take place here before, Hayden. This could prove to be a real test for Fred's modship! Hayden: Well, he seems to be failing said test so far, jjs, as per the norm when it comes to a member such as Soon-to-be-Dead Fred! If Fred hopes to somehow survive this 2-on-1 situation, he's going to have to find a way to isolate both of his opponents away from each other and try his damnedest to keep it 1-on-1 for as long as he possibly can in order to create an opening to go for a single kill. Alejandro gets Fernando to release his foot and signals to pick Fred up for a double team maneuver of some sort. They pick Fred up to his feet and whips him into the ropes. Fred ricochets back to where Alejandro and Fernando both lie in wake for his return and they nail him with a double hip toss. They immediately go to lay dual elbow drops onto him, but Fred manages to kip up out of the way, leaving Tvguy's ad campaign to drop their elbows right onto the mat, causing them great pain on impact. Jjs: Tvguy's employees were employing a double team maneuver to keep Fred down, but like most setbacks in Fred's online life, he immediately bounces back to try and move past it, and move right past it he most literally did! Alejandro and Fernando scramble to get back up as Tvguy nags them to buy artpop win this goddamn Deathmatch. Fred charges them, but they look to greet him with a double clothelesline, which Fred manages to see coming as he ducks under it, shoots right past them, runs the rope and comes back with a Sling Blade to Alejandro. Jjs: Fred connects with a Sling Blade! Perhaps in homage and veneration to one of his interests, The Great Aya! Hayden: And I'm sure just that one mention of her will more than likely be up there as her favorite part of this episode, jjs! Jjs: Perhaps with a smidge more speed and velocity, that Sling Blade could've done just the trick to get Fred the W. Hayden: But, of course, Fred gets a big, fat L instead! Fred tries to get right back up to his feet, but Fernando swoops in grabs Fred for a Three Amigops. Tvguy proceeds to plug SBC with each Amigop that Fernando hits. Tvguy: COME TO SBC! COME TO SBC! COME TO SBC! Tvguy & Fernando: The Patrick Star of the SpongeBob Fandom!!! Jjs: I'm the director in chief of the SpongeBob Community, and I approve of this cheap plug. Hayden: And anything that my best friend approves, gets my approval as well! Fernando ascends to the top rope and sizes Fred up for a Patrick Star Press. He leaps off the turnbuckle to execute the move, but Fred manages to roll out of the way in the knick of time causing Fernando to come crashing down to the bare canvas ribs first. Fred immediately scoops Fernando up for a pumphandle gutbuster right to the midsection. Fernando screams in pain as Fred sizes him up for a superkick, but Alejandro intervenes by timely taking out Fred's knee with great force. Fred: This gives Fernando some time to roll out of the ring in order to recuperate. Armando kicks Fred around as Fred holds his knee in pain before pulling him into a Back Cracker. Jjs: Alejandro planting a seriously sick looking Back Cracker right into the spinal column of Fred! Hayden: I don't know how it can even affect him, he has no backbone whatsoever! Alejandro continues to hold Fred in place, driving his knees further into Fred's back in a sort of modified surfboard position. Fernando looks to capitalize on this by once again ascending to the top rope and jumps off, landing right on top of Fred's midsection with a double knee drop with his full body weight behind it. Fred coughs up blood and Alejandro and Fernando leap up in pride and joy as they believe Fred to be dead. Tvguy applauds their efforts. Clem surveys the situation and rules that Fred is still alive but not so well. Jjs: Unbelievable, Fred is miraculously still in this thing! Hayden: Fred proving himself to be hard to kill, much like the filthy cockroach that he is! Alejandro and Fernando both grab Fred furiously by both arms for yet another double team maneuver. This time, their finisher, ¡The SB Si! But before either of their kicks could connect, Fred manages to fling himself back and kips himself right back up, effectively dodging both attacks simultaneously. Once back up on his feet, he wraps Fernando up in order to set up a neckbreaker. Alejandro finally notices these developments and goes to stop him, but Fred stops him in his tracks by showing off a lil. Jjs: Oooh, perhaps Fred is trying to show of for his interest, Aya, a little! Trying to grab her attention wherever she may be! Hayden: Her ask thread, let's be real. Disgusted, Alejandro resumes his attack, but ends up being lured right into a drop kick courtesy of Fred, allowing him to also fully execute the neckbreaker on Fernando in stereo with the drop kick. Jjs: Fred once again bouncing right back from another setback! 2017!Fred looks to be here to stay, Hayden! Hayden: And here I thought this year was looking up so far too, as much of an unpopular opinion as that may be to most! As Fernando reels in pain from the neckbreaker, Fred charges towards Alejandro and lands a Fameasser in the back of his head. Fred fires up as Fernando comes back for a clothesline, but Fred catches him with a superkick right before Fernando could connect. Jjs: Bah gawd almighty! I think that killed him! Fred collapses to the mat in exhaustion and struggles back up to his feet. Alejandro and Fernando both still stir, as well, also trying to find both their footing. Hayden: Well, judging from that stirring, he still looks fine to me, jjs, as unpopular as that opinion is! Fred is suddenly tripped up and pulled out of the ring by Tvguy, who proceeds to wail on him at ringside. Jjs: What the fuck is this?! What happened to not playing in the trash, Dylan? Hayden: Desperation can make a person do the craziest of things you never thought would be possible coming from them, jjs, and we all know just how desperate enough he was trying to get more people to join SBC before this match up even began. If his new ad campaign were to lose to this trash sheep tonight, he can kiss his hopes and dreams for all of that goodbye! Fred gets Tvguy to back off with a headbutt but Tvguy comes right back and nails an enzuigiri off the ring apron and throws Fred back into the ring at the mercy of his boys, Alejandro and Fernando. He then takes out some hand wash to wash his hands with after having his hand forced to touch that piece of trash. Jjs: Tvguy not liking having to get physical there not one bit. His bipolar hatred for all things SBM runs deep. Hayden: Can I be spotted some of that hand lotion? I feel unclean and trashy as it is just from having to call a Fred match-up. All three combatants get up to their feet at the same time. Alejandro and Fernando persuade Fred to come at them, which he does, but they catch him for what looks like a double flapjack But before Fred could get brought back down into the mat, he shifts weight and counters their efforts into a vicious double DDT, driving them both head first into the mat, splattering them on impact. Jjs: BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY! FRED NAILS THEM BOTH WITH A HIGH IMPACT DOUBLE DDT! ALEJANDRO AND FERNANDO BOTH LOOK TO BE OUT OF IT, FOLKS! Clem surveys the damage and the decision seems pretty unanimous as he goes over and helps Fred up to his feet by his arm before raising it. Clem: WINNER, FRED RECHID, Y'ALL! Fred celebrates his victory in the middle of the ring by calling out to one of his one true loves. Fred: SHEGOOO! I DID IT! Jjs: Fred has managed to defy the odds and he lives to post another day! Fred sure cemented his claim to running the register around here, eh Hayden? Hayden: ehh, he's lucky he only went at it with a couple of faceless no-names. Unpopular opinion here, but that was no monumental victory by any stretch of the imagination. A halfway decent effort at one, yes, but let this trash sheep run any register of mine? I certainly think not! Jjs: God, Hayden, you just never quit giving me more reasons to agree with you more! Fred's celebration is cut by the untimely intervention of tvguy, who's boobs are flaring as he furiously forces himself to go back on the attack and finish what his ad campaign couldn't get done. Tvguy calls for his patented Cross Branded Armbreaker, tapping his arm to get the crowd hyped up. Crowd: ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! ¡SB Si! Jjs: What an utter display of salty balls here, Hayden! The likes of which we haven't seen from the tvman since the Roger's Lightbulb Fight of 2012! Tvguy: You may have 3005 reputation points exact, trash urchin Tvguy: But even that will not save you tonight. Jjs: Tvguy making reference to his admiration of Childish Gambino at one point in 2014, the year that Fred dreads to tread! Tvguy goes to lock it in, but Fred manages to pull away his arm at just the right moment, leaving Tvguy open for a lightning quick Fredgendorffer courtesy of the #1 Fan of Daria Fredgendorffer right onto the former director in chief! Tvguy immediately rolls out of the ring on instinct to avoid any further damage to his reputation. Jjs: Fred connects with the Fredgendorffer, his patented finishing move! Fred and Tvguy exchange harsh words as Tvguy makes his unceremonious exit from the Deathmatch Arena, not even bothering to take his Roblox car with him. Hayden: Tvguy retreats! Not Dead Fred lives to mod another day! Fred resumes his celebration in the ring, but it gets cut off once again, this time by a blindsiding jjsthekid! Hayden: Oh, until NOW, of course! Jjs stomps and pounds away on the fatigued Fred. Jjs: You want to FLICK SWEAT AT MY BEST FRIEND, HUH?! I'll flick you all around this fucking ring just for him if I have to! Hayden finally makes his way down with his list in hand and applauds Jjs' harsh punishment to Fred, much to the ire of everyone else with an opinion on this. Hayden: Fuck him up, jjs! Make him feel the pain and humiliation that I felt! Jjs picks Fred up by the chin and gets in his face. Jjs: An insult directed at MY best friend is an insult directed at ME! Hayden: Yeah, and that goes DOUBLE for me! So way to quadruple the shit you're in right now! Jjs holds Fred in place for Hayden to take some jabs at him, himself. Jjs: After you! Hayden: Such a gentleman! Hayden proceeds to take his jabs at a helpless Fred. Hayden: Do you know what you get when insult both me and my best friend? Huh? Do you know what happens when you flick sweat in my face, and therefore, also in the face of jjs?! Huh?! Do you know what that earns you?! HUH?! Fred tries fighting back in vain. Fred: No! NO! Hayden: Fred Wretched, *clicks pen* YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!! Fred: NOOOOOOO!!! Jjs: Yeah, and make sure you spell his name like that too! Hayden: Oh, I fucking plan on it, jjs! Hayden licks his finger and flips through some of the pages before finally finding a free spot to add Fred's name to his list of unpopular opinions. Hayden then takes a couple of stabs at Fred with his pen before directing jjs to carry his war-torn body to Tvguy's Roblox car, where he assist jjs in power bombing Fred right on top of the hood and windshield of the car. Hayden: The Gift of Jjaysden tho! Drink it iiiiiiinnnn, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- They're suddenly interrupted by The Great Freakin' Aya, who makes her way out with a briefcase in hand. Her presence alone is enough to send Jjaysden retreating through the crowd in order to widen the gap between themselves and the Deathmatch veteran. Hayden: Too late, bitch! Jjs: Yeah, you should've been out here like two minutes ago! Hayden: Yeah, some friend you are! Jjs: The two best friends that nobody could have only fight on their own time! Hayden: Good one, jjs! They then high five each other and share a friendly embrace. After seeing to it that they won't be coming back anytime soon, Aya helps tend to a battered and beaten Fred. Her presence is more than enough to spring Fred back to life as she gets him to miraculously stand back up on his feet. She then raises his hand up in victory to a huge pop from the crowd. Fred: MY FACE! Fred shouts in pain immediately after eating Aya's Golly Knee. He collapses to the ground and lays motionless as Aya poses over him and places a foot on his chest. Aya: I'm making MY OWN favorite part, thank you very much! Jjs: What a psycho bitch, man. A real fucking cunt! Hayden: This is exactly why nobody has the level of friendship that we share! Aya continues standing over Fred and taunts the crowd before Community Deathmatch officially signs off, holding her briefcase high above her head.
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    59. Fire and Ice Firebolt is seen sleeping in his prison cell at the Posidonia Fields Jail. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, waking him and other prisoners up. "What now..." Firebolt wondered annoyed, yawning. A feminine laugh is heard, and an ice beam is thrown right at a guard, freezing them solid. Ice then begins to freeze the walls. "Brr...did we get hit by a surprise snowstorm...in spring?" Firebolt asked, shivering. The ice walls crack and crumble open, with snowflakes flying everywhere. From the icy fog, a figure walks into Firebolt's cell. The figure is revealed to be a female, wearing ice blue robes and glasses. She has blue eyes and white hair. A cold aura emits from her body and eyes. "...W-who are you?" Firebolt asked, still shivering. "Call me the sorceress of frost...Icy. I have come to free you from this wretched domain, trapping your elemental powers here!" Icy replied. "Never heard of ya lady. Name's Keith, or Firebolt, whichever you prefer. My momma always said to never go with strangers, but you've released me, so I'll consider ya a friend...for now." Firebolt replied. "Yes, I am a friend. I'll explain more later, but we must go before he shows..." Icy said, heading out of the cell. "Before who shows?" Firebolt asked. "Stop right there, evildoers! This is a job for MIGHTY MAX!" a heroic voice yelled. "Ugh, he followed me! Show yourself!" Icy said annoyed. "Nice try sorceress, but I followed your trail! Nobody can escape the sleuthing skills of...MIGHTY MAX!" the hero known as Mighty Max yelled, as he jumps out of the shadows. He is a big, muscular fish wearing orange and white superhero clothes. His belt has an "MM" on the front of it. He also has a large chin, and laughs. Icy shoots two ice beams from her hands at Mighty Max, but he quickly jumps out of the way. Icy inhales, and releases an icy breathe from her mouth at Mighty Max. "Aha, I knew you'd try that classic move, so I came prepared!" Mighty Max replied, as he pulls out a strange disc from his utility belt. He activates the disc, which emits a heat wave from it, blocking Icy's breathe. "Alright, someone wanna give me a memo on what's going on here? Who is the super nerd?" Firebolt asked, walking out of his frozen cell. "She is a dangerous super villain, and is planning on using you for her own nefarious purposes!" Mighty Max said, countering an ice beam from Icy's hand. "Ignore this fool, let's go, my new friend!" Icy said, as she shoots multiple icicles at the ceiling, and makes flakes fall everywhere. She then lets out an icy gust, and vanishes with Firebolt. Mighty Max clears the air. "Curses...she will not rest, but at least I know she is in Posidonia. Mark my words, I will stop her, if my name isn't MIGHTY MAX!" Mighty Max yelled, as he jumps out a window, trying to fly. However, he falls down into a dumpster. "Ouch! I need to stop forgetting to activate my jet-pack when I make a dramatic jump!" Mighty Max said boldly, as he activates the jet-pack under his cape, and flies off. The next day, Jake, Trent and the girls are seen heading to the high school. Luke goes spinning around and bumps into Audrey, making her drop her backpack. "Whoa...so dizzy..." Luke said, as he stops spinning, while Bryan, Steve and Gnarly Dewd laugh at him. The gang helps Audrey pick the backpack, and Tori notices several Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy comic books inside. "I didn't know you read comic books." Tori noted. "Uh...yeah, sometimes I read superhero comic books..." Audrey replied awkwardly. "Don't be shy about it, we won't judge you. You're our friend." Madison reassured. "Yeah, we already knew you like anime and manga, so this isn't a big deal, like at all." Tori replied. "If you're worried about what others think, don't worry. Like what you want to like, or even like who you want to like. You're not hiding a secret crush from us too, are you?" Cynthia asked. Audrey looks at Jake awkwardly. "Haha...nope. I promise I don't have any other secret interests. I know I was supposed to outgrow these comic books, but I like reading about Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy's adventures. Thanks for being positive though, anyone else would've probably mocked me, like those bullies." Audrey said, referring to Steve, Bryan and Gnarly Dewd, who keep laughing at Luke, spinning him around. "Like I said, that's what friends are for, you can tell us anything." Madison replied, cheering Audrey up. "I know, I guess another reason I feel weird about it is because nobody really reads Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy anymore. In general, I feel like nobody else cares about them..." Audrey said, feeling bad. "That's what happens when a franchise gets too old. But hey, don't worry, maybe you can find another hero to take their place. I'm sure there's another comic book series you could give a try." Jake said, trying to cheer her up. "We'll see, there hasn't been any interesting manga for me to read, so I'll consider it." Audrey wondered, as they headed to their classes. Later, Firebolt is seen in his orange armor in an abandoned warehouse with Icy. "Alright lady, you saved me, so I'll help ya. Are you a thief like me, or...?" Firebolt asks. "I am no simple petty thief. I have big plans. Trust me, I want to change the world, but morons like that Mighty Max keep getting in my way! I really need allies on my side, and I could use your help." Icy offered. "Sure thing princess, but why me?" Firebolt asked curiously. "I see great power in you. I heard about your strength from fellow contacts in the seedy underworld, and wanted to release you." Icy explained. "As long as you can help me get revenge on the mermaid girls, we could be pretty cool friends." Firebolt said, and Icy gasped. "...Mermaid girls? You fought the guardians too?!" Icy asked excitedly. "Uh, sure, if that's what you call 'em. My boss hired me to steal junk from that jerk Ramos, but those mermaid girls stopped me for whatever reason. They used these crazy electric, water, wind and earth powers. You know 'em?" Firebolt asked. "Yes, but not this generation of guardians. I'll tell you everything about my beautifully amazing backstory. I hail from another dimension called Karmania. I wanted to be the best sorceress, but was laughed at by other magical wielders. However, I soon began to have interesting visions. I learned I am the purest ice elemental, and I need to find the other seventeen representing the remaining Karmanian elements. The vision told me I could change the world with their help. I began to train my hardest, and wanted to master my ice powers. I tried to seek out the strongest elementals, but nobody would join me. So, I began to terrorize Karmania with my ice powers, and get revenge on the jerks who mocked me! I felt like I was dominant, until those accursed guardians stopped me!" Icy explained, as flashbacks show her conjuring up ice spells around Permafrost Mountains. She is then confronted by Mai, Cassidy, Valina, Briar and Peyton, who attack her. "They defeated me, and I felt humiliated...yet, also impressed by the power of their elements. I needed their help. So, the easiest way to do that was to kidnap them against their will, duh! I froze all five of those foolish girls in cold ice. Combining my power with theirs, we would've taken over Karmania." Icy explained, as another flashback shows the former guardians frozen in ice blocks in an icy altar. "Unfortunately, my plot was thwarted once again by their foolish knight allies." Icy continued sadly, as five knights run into the altar, who had purple, red, orange, blue, and green outfits. They free the girls, and they all attack Icy. "After that humiliating defeat, I fled to Posidonia through a strange portal. I vowed I would never try to conquer Karmania until I united the other seventeen elementals, which has been a dead end goal. I've been in this realm for 35 years. I had to start a new life here, and so, I continued my conquest for world power. People like that stupid Mighty Max have been trying to stop my plans, and that's how I got a reputation as a "super villain". I've been trying to find more elementals to join me, but had no luck...until I found you! You are the purest fire elemental! Together, you can help me get my revenge!" Icy finished, laughing. Firebolt wasn't sure how to respond. "...Alright then, so that Karmania place is real, eh? I'm flattered, but I don't really use fi-" Firebolt was saying confused. "No, I know for certain you are the fire elemental I've been looking for! I heard how Firebolt used strong flame powers to rob places, and I knew you must be an elemental. It inspired me to continue my quest!" Icy said. "Sure, let's go with that. Now then, despite your strange backstory, we both have a common enemy: the mermaid girls, past and present. So far you look like a more competent partner than the two idiots I worked with last time. That reminds me, I know a guy who can help us out..." Firebolt said. "Oh goodie! Yes, after having no friends for so long, this is wonderful! Just sixteen more elementals to go..." Icy said happily. Meanwhile, after school, the heroes are seen at Ranen's dojo. Audrey reads one of her comic books, and Zero notices. "I see you are reading Issue #78 of the New Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Adventures. I remember when I read those comics two years ago." Zero noted. "You read these too?" Audrey asked surprised. "Yes, it's where got the inspiration from for the technology we've been using. I used to read those comic books at university." Zero said, as he has a flashback. Zero walks through Posidonia, and looks at a comic book store, and sees Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy comics displayed behind a window. He goes inside and buys them out of curiosity. He is then seen reading some at university while waiting for his next class, and Darlene approaches him. "What'cha reading?" Darlene asked. "The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. The technology they use to fight these evildoers is fascinating..." Zero said, when Tristan walks by, and intentionally knocks into Zero, making him drop the comics. "Don't stand in the middle of the hall." Tristan said smugly, and kept walking. Darlene looks at him annoyed, but helps Zero pick up the comics, ending the flashback. "Wow, that's cool doc. I guess you liking superheroes makes sense, since some have mysterious origins just like you. I'm glad I found someone else who likes these." Audrey said. "I haven't read one in a long time due to my research, but you could consider me a "fan"." Zero replied. "Oh...the franchise doesn't seem that popular anymore sadly. I was considering going down to the comic book store, and seeing if I could get interested in another new series. Maybe you could come with me? We've never had a bonding adventure before." Audrey offered. "I have nothing else better to do right now, and Ranen does not have any assignments...therefore, sure thing, kid." Zero replied. "See Audrey, you found someone else who likes them, and you didn't need to look far at all." Jake said. "We'll be back soon then." Audrey said, as Zero and Audrey head off to the comic book store. "At least Audrey has someone to bond with over one of her interests now. Warms my heart it does." Tori said. Meanwhile, Mai whistles while cleaning up tables at the Golden Seahorse. She then overhears a news report on the television. "This is Paul Dunkley, and we have breaking news: The thief "Firebolt", aka Keith Heckler, has escaped from prison once again. The prison was attacked last night by a super villain known as "Icy"." Paul reported, as Keith's mugshot is shown, and another image shows Icy attacking guards. Mai drops a plate in shock upon seeing Icy's image. "No...it cannot be, I thought she was gone..." Mai said, and heads to a phone. "The two's whereabouts are unknown, but civilians are advised to check their surroundings carefully, and report any suspicious activity to the police. The superhero known as "Mighty Max" was also stated to have been around the area at the time of the crime." Paul reported. Mighty Max is shown on a rooftop, looking down at the streets with goofy binoculars. "It feels great to revisit Posidonia again. Unfortunately though, I can't get distracted now, I need to lookout for Icy. I wonder if the old gang is still here..." Mighty Max wondered. Down below him, Zero and Audrey head to the comic book store, known as "Comics!". They enter inside, and look around at the selection. "I am disappointed. There used to be many Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy comics, but now there's barely any." Zero noted. "This guy looks interesting..." Audrey said, seeing a comic named "The Mightiest Tales of Mighty Max!". The cover has Mighty Max on it fighting a two-headed eel. "Who is this Mighty Max?" Zero asked, analyzing the comic. "They say he's this mysterious hero who got into the scene 5 years ago, and he recently got his own comic book series. I never really looked too much into it, but it seems to be what's popular now..." Audrey said, seeing several other kids reading the Mighty Max comics. Audrey decides to buy the comic, taking it to the cashier. Zero also buys some remaining Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy comics out of curiosity. Zero and Audrey exit the building, as Audrey reads the Mighty Max comic. "I guess this could be a cool replacement, it has similar humor to the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy series." Audrey said, smiling. "Just because something is not as popular anymore doesn't mean you necessarily need to replace it. You can enjoy more than one comic series." Zero said. "You're right, thanks doc. I've liked Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy since I was younger, so it saddens me people have lost interest in them. I do wonder what this Mighty Max guy is actually like though..." Audrey wondered. Suddenly, they hear a cry for help. "HELP, MY PURSE!" an old woman yelled. A thief in a gray ski mask steals the old woman's purse, and runs off. "Get back here you whippersnapper! Someone help!" the old woman yelled, as the thief keeps running. Zero and Audrey immediately give chase. "Stop!" Zero yelled, as they chase the thief into an alley, and they begin climbing an iron gate. With nobody else in sight, Zero is about to send a stun beam onto the gate, when suddenly... "This looks like a job for...MIGHTY MAX!" Mighty Max yells, as he flies down on the gate. He steps on the thief's hands. "YOUCH!" the thief yelled, as the thief falls to the ground, dropping the purse. Mighty Max hops down, and picks up the thief by the turtleneck collar. "Don't ever rob innocent civilians again, you lowlife!" Mighty Max warned, as the thief looks at him scared. Max then tosses him in the air, and twirls him around. He is then sent flying out of the alley, and crashes into a mailbox. He gets up and runs off, crying. Audrey and Zero stare at him surprised, as Mighty Max picks up the purse. "You're..." Audrey is saying, comparing him to the comic. "A superhero, Mighty Max is my name, civilians. I appreciate your effort in trying to stop that criminal. I'll gladly sign that comic!" Mighty Max offered. Without reply, Mighty Max quickly signs Audrey's comic, leaving a fancy signature on the cover. "We thank you for the assistance, "Mighty Max". I am Professor Zero, and this is Audrey." Zero introduced. "No problem, Audrey and Zero! I'm just doing my duty." Mighty Max replied, about to walk off and deliver the purse back to the old woman. "Wait, what brings you to Posidonia, sir?" Audrey asked. "I've come here in search of an old enemy, while helping others in need along the way. My enemy's name is Icy, and she recently attacked the prison last night. If you two hear about her whereabouts, let me know." Mighty Max said. "I have never heard of this "Icy" before, but if we learn anything, we shall let you know." Zero replied. "Thank you. Mighty Max...AWAY!" Mighty Max yelled, as he runs off. Mighty Max takes the purse back to the old woman, as several civilians cheer. "Thank you Mighty Max!" the old woman replied. "THREE CHEERS FOR MIGHTY MAX!" one yelled. "Lucky guy, he gets to proudly help people out without having to do it in secret like us." Audrey said, slightly jealous. "Well our secret helpings are justified, as civilians would be able to tell who you girls are, while this "Mighty Max" has a mask to conceal his identity. I wonder who he truly is..." Zero pondered, as the two head back to the dojo. Meanwhile, Firebolt and Icy walk into Donald Bucklend's office, who is eating a sandwich, and stops. "Oh...hey, you're...back again." Bucklend greeted Firebolt awkwardly. "Yes I am, and I got me a new partner. Her name's Icy, and she has a bit of history with magical shenanigans. She broke me out." Firebolt said. "Sorry for not bailing you out, I've been busy with my own problems, and I don't need the cops investigating my company even further. Anyways, welcome to my domain, lovely lady. Now what do you two want?" Bucklend asked. "For me, revenge. For her, I'm not sure, but revenge too, I guess." Firebolt said. "Yeah sure, take whatever weapons ya want." Bucklend replied. "I don't need weapons, trust me." Icy replied. "If you say so. Be careful, those mermies are tough. My men tried to take on all eight of 'em recently, didn't go so well..." Bucklend said, finishing his sandwich. "Wait...eight? I only fought four..." Firebolt said, confused, as Icy smiled. "This must mean some of the old ones have come out of hiding, and are working together with the new generation! Excellent!" Icy said, laughing. "I still don't really understand your backstory, but we can try robbing a bank to get their attention." Firebolt suggested. "If you succeed, lend me some of that dough, I could use it. Let's just say my company isn't in the best money wise right now..." Bucklend said. Donny and Blyde walk down the hall, and gasp upon seeing Firebolt in the room, as they enter in. "Hi friend, it's me!" Blyde greeted, shaking Firebolt's hand, as he jerks it away from him angrily. "Hey buddy, who is this hot lady you have with you? Is she your girlfriend?" Donny asked. "What, no, she's just a friend who will help us defeat those brats." Firebolt replied. "I'm flattered, but "hot" isn't the word I'd use to describe my chilling personality. With the powers of fire and ice combined, we'll show the foolish mortals of this world the true power of elementals!" Icy laughed diabolically, as Bucklend stares at her oddly. "Alrighty then, well I'll be going to the armory to get junk. See ya later, hopefully I don't go to jail again." Firebolt said. Firebolt and Icy walk off to the armory, as Icy's hair emits a cold frost into Blyde's face. "Brr...she's c-cool." Blyde shivered, shaking his mouth. "More like crazy. Smething about that chick rubs me the wrong way. I hope Keith isn't getting himself into some weird stuff, but considering he partnered with you two bozos before, I guess it's no surprise he finds crazies." Bucklend said. "Can we help them, boss?" Blyde asked. "No, I got lots of paperwork to file, so get to it!" Bucklend said, handing Donny and Blyde stacks of paper. Back at the dojo, Audrey and Zero explain what happened to everyone. "Wow, a real superhero eh? I've always wanted to meet one, but that only happened once, and it was in my dreams. With these superhero shenanigans, I may still be considering that superhero persona next, but I like my wizard powers for now." Nick said. "Icy? What an uncreative super villain name." Cynthia said unimpressed, and Ranen seems concerned. "It is just as Mai told me. This villain is no ordinary super villain, they are a magical enemy we faced a long time ago." Ranen revealed. "For real?" Audrey asked. "What are they doing in Posidonia?" Cameron asked. "Icy is a sorceress who is skilled in the element of ice. She wanted to unite other elementals for a strange goal of hers that we're not entirely sure on. Whatever her reasoning was, she still tried to terrorize Karmania with her wicked powers. We defeated her twice, and afterwards, she disappeared with no trace. It appears she has been in hiding across the ocean ever since, continuing to commit evil deeds. She released an enemy of yours, Firebolt, from prison again." Ranen explained. "Oh hey, I haven't got to fight him yet, so this could be cool...not because of this ice witch though." Trent said. "Him again?" Tori said annoyed. "Even with a new partner, he should be easy." Jake said. "Don't worry about him, but be on your guard for Icy. It has been a long time, and she most likely has new tricks up her sleeve." Ranen warned. "That Mighty Max guy is looking for her, maybe we could ask for his help if we ever see him again. I doubt he'd mind about our secrets, since he has a secret identity himself." Audrey said. "That depends on if we are lucky enough to see him again, but we'll see." Zero said. Suddenly, a news report comes on the dojo television. "The Posidonia Fields Bank has been robbed yet again! This time, it's being attacked by Firebolt and his new partner in crime Icy-" a reporter states, when Icy throws an ice ball at the reporter, freezing them solid. A screen saying "TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" pops up. "Welp, there's our cue." Madison said. Icy and Firebolt are outside the bank. Firebolt shoots solar beams from his arm cannons, slicing two police boats in half. "Whoa." an officer said, and Icy froze them solid. "I tell you what, this bank seems to have the worst possible luck. Calling for reinforcements-" Hank was saying through a walkie talkie, when Icy also freezes him, and she laughs. His walkie talkie falls to the ground, as Firebolt picks it up. "Report, the situation is handled. No need for reinforcements. We have both of the robbers in captivity." Firebolt lied through the walkie talkie, mimicking Hank's voice. "Roger that." a voice on the other end replied, as Firebolt smashes the walkie talkie. All of the cops and bank employees are frozen solid, as Icy and Firebolt laugh, and snowflakes fly around through the air. They set the bags of money they stole down on the ground. Icy opens a bag, and gleefully throws several dollars in the air. "Yes, so much money, so much power! Your fire magic is unlike anything I've ever seen before, and we haven't even used the technology from your friend yet!" Icy said, impressed. "Magic? This ain't magic, lady." Firebolt replied, confused. "Don't deny your elemental power! Now then, they should be coming any moment now..." Icy said, whistling. The nine heroes arrive, confronting the two. "Dad! You two are going to regret this!" Tori said concerned, seeing Hank frozen in ice. "There you brats are, I'm going to pulverize y'all for sending me back to that confounded jail!" Firebolt laughed, immediately shooting a solar beam from his right arm. Jake's stone quickly activates the shield, stopping the blast. "So you are the new guardians and knights. Show me your true power!" Icy said, blowing an icy wind from her mouth at the nine, as they transform. Firebolt shoots more solar beams, as the heroes dodge or counter them. He hovers around, as Icy floats up, and lets out ice blasts from both her hands at the ground. An ice blast hits Trent's legs, trapping him. Jake breaks the ice open, helping him out. "Thanks man!" Trent replied, firing laser arrows at Firebolt, but he kept hovering around. Firebolt then throws several anti-magic smoke bombs, but Madison and Zero send electricity blasts, making them explode. Icy sends powerful ice gusts through the air, knocking some of the heroes around. Cynthia shoots several rocks at Icy, who dodges. Firebolt shoots anti-magic laser blasts from a handgun at her, knocking her down to the ground. "I thought you only used those stupid arm cannons, jerk!" Cynthia said. "Let's see how this ice witch likes our own ice attacks!" Tori said. Tori and Audrey send combined ice attacks at Icy, but she waves her arm, which turns the ice attacks around, and sends them back at the heroes. "Pathetic, you're the new guardians and knights? I expected a challenge!" Icy taunted, laughing. The girls fly up and attack at once, but Icy clouds herself in an icy mist, confusing them. She then sends several ice blasts from the mist, knocking the girls all down. "She is strong!" Audrey said. Nick sends multiple magic blasts from his stone at Firebolt, but he is flying faster, and keeps avoiding. He sends more solar blasts, as one hits Cameron, knocking him down. "Not to fear, Mighty Max is here to save the day!" Mighty Max yelled, as he jumps down on the bank roof. Everyone looks up at him. "So these are the new guardians and knights..." Mighty Max said to himself. "Yes, finally, I get to meet a real life superhero and not in a dream!" Nick said, while avoiding another solar beam from Firebolt. "Ugh, you again!" Icy said annoyed, immediately forming icicles in the air, and firing them. Mighty Max quickly jumps up and goes flying right at Icy. She shoots multiple ice attacks at his jet-pack, as it malfunctions, and he falls. "My apologies fellow heroes, it appears this jet-pack's days are numbered." Mighty Max apologized. "It's okay...and I guess you know my identity now." Audrey said awkwardly, sending a gust attack at Firebolt, trying to slow him down. "Not to worry, your secrets are all safe with me. Heroes stick together! Now let's stop these vile fiends!" Mighty Max said. "Cool cape." Trent noted, and fired several laser arrows in front of Firebolt's path, hitting him. "This has gone on long enough!" Icy yelled. An ice cloud forms in the sky, as it hails down. She lets exhales, letting out an icy fog everywhere. As everyone avoids Firebolt's solar beams, Icy sends multiple ice attacks. Tori, Trent, Cameron and Nick are frozen solid. Jake, Madison and Cynthia try to attack, but are frozen solid as well. "Grr...come out and show yourself, cowardly witch!" Mighty Max said, as he jumps through the mist. Firebolt shoots a solar beam at him, but Mighty Max sends a metal disc, reflecting the blast back at his right arm tube, making it leak. "Great..." Firebolt said, annoyed. Audrey and Zero carefully walked around the icy mist, and saw their frozen friends. "Oh no..." Audrey said, as she stood close to Zero, and Mighty Max approaches them. "Watch out..." Mighty Max warned. Another ice attack was coming from an unknown direction, when Zero's stone glowed. A silver aura is cast around the three, and teleports them away. Firebolt flies down, noticing they are gone. Icy clears up the mist, as Mighty Max, Zero and Audrey are nowhere in sight. "Three of them are missing." Firebolt reported. "What?! How?! Whatever, they're weaklings anyways. At least I got them out of the way, now I can find the true elementals..." Icy said. "I think I know just the spot where they'll regroup." Firebolt said, as the two fly off. Audrey, Zero and Mighty Max are seen appearing behind the bank. "Whoa...how did you do that?" Audrey asked. "It appears my stone gained the power of quick teleportation. That was most handy for our circumstance." Zero said, as the three walk around to the front, seeing all their friends frozen. "Strange...she didn't take anyone hostage?" Audrey asked. "She is searching for who she believes are the true elementals, and it appears your friends are not who she was searching for. Perhaps there is an older group with these similar powers that she is searching for instead..." Mighty Max theorized. "Oh no...grandma!" Audrey said. "Mr. Max, you seem very unfazed by us." Zero inquired curiously. "Uh...well, I've seen plenty of odd things, so magical mermaids and knight dudes aren't the oddest things out there, heh." Mighty Max replied awkwardly. "Nonetheless, yes, the old guardians are most likely in danger. Thankfully, I placed a tracking device on Firebolt in the midst of the fight when he was not looking." Zero said, reading his scanner. "Hey, I also placed a tracking device on Icy! I see great minds think alike." Mighty Max said, reading his scanner. "First, let us free them, we'll need as much help as we can get." Zero said, as he smashes open Madison's ice with his sword. Mighty Max, Audrey and Zero release the heroes. "Thanks so much guys, but I can't believe that witch beat us." Cynthia replied annoyed. "We'll get her, but let's help them first." Madison said, referring to the officers and bank staff in their frozen prisons. They power down, and help break them free from the ice. "T-thank you...too bad the money is gone." Hank said, trying to warm himself up. "I promise sir, I will help get it back. These civilians were fortunate enough to stumble upon the area after our fight, and they helped release you from the icy prisons." Mighty Max improvised. "I tell you what, I owe my daughter and her friends." Hank said, proud of Tori. "Sure thing, dad." Tori replied. "Now then, let's call a clean-up crew to clean up the bank...hey, where's my walkie talkie?" Hank asked, as the heroes headed off to the Golden Seahorse. Peyton is seen jamming out to her headphones, and heads to the Golden Seahorse. Firebolt and Icy see her from a roof. "Yes...that is her! She was the Music elemental in the old days!" Icy said. As Peyton gets closer, Icy floats down behind, and freezes Peyton solid. Inside the Golden Seahorse, Mai is seen with Cassidy, Valina, and Briar, having a meeting with them. "Unfortunately, Icy has returned from obscurity." Mai explained to them. "Great, that psychopath again. I hope the kids can handle her." Cassidy said concerned. "They have proven their strengths, I believe they can stop Icy." Valina said. "I have a feeling I know who this superhero is..." Briar wondered. "Now then, where is Peyton?" Mai asked. Icy and Firebolt burst into the restaurant, and laugh. The four look at Icy sternly, as the Chef walks into the area. Icy freezes him solid, and then freezes the women. They all vanish in an ice gust. The heroes later burst into the restaurant, seeing the frozen Chef. "Oh no, we're too late!" Trent panicked. "No worries, remember, Zero and I both have them tracked! Now they'll lead us right to their hideout..." Mighty Max said. "Say, after this is all over, can we know your secret identity? You know ours, so it only seems fair." Nick bargained. "We shall see, but let's go!" Mighty Max said, running off out of the restaurant. "Hey, wait up!" Audrey yelled. Inside the warehouse, Peyton, Mai, Valina, Cassidy and Briar are seen frozen in the center of the room. "My, how the mighty have fallen. However, they are still the pure elementals, and I need their power!" Icy said. Icy unfreezes all of their faces, but their bodies remained frozen. "Mark my words, when I get out of this, you will pay." Valina said, as electricity sparks through her hair. "Now, let's be nice! I'm still trying to be friends with you girls, 35 years later, haha! We have seven pure elementals now, as Keith over there controls fire!" Icy said creepily. "This is nonsense, he is not a magic user." Mai said. "We've seen some pathetic villains, but this is pretty sad-" Peyton was saying, when Icy refroze her face. "You will all regret ignoring my offer! Together, we can rule the world! Now I just need to find eleven more elementals..." Icy said, as she begins pondering. "Too bad, the new generation will save us." Briar said. "I don't think so, they barely stood a chance against me, how can they possibly save you?!" Icy asked, laughing. Firebolt is off to the side near the stolen bags of money, trying to repair his broken tube. "Come on, stupid thing..." Firebolt said. "Hey, what are you doing?" Icy asked. "I'm trying to repair my armor, woman. I can't shoot from this arm without it." Firebolt said. "Huh? An elemental doesn't need this weird technology to channel their energy, silly! Here, try it!" Icy said, as she picks up Firebolt's arm, and waves it. It begins to irritate him, as he tries to get it away from her. "Huh...you're not emitting any fire..." Icy said, confused, and she lets go of his arm. "Look lady, I'm just going to be honest here. I don't know what the heck you're blabbing about, I have no real magical powers. I'm just a thief with advanced machinery. That's not really fire I'm shooting, it's solar energy." Firebolt said to her, shocking Icy. "WHAT?! But how?! Your name is "Firebolt"!" Icy said, confused. "Yeah, sorry sweetie, but that's just a cool nickname, it doesn't mean I'm an "elemental". The fire part is metaphorical, and the bolt part is because I fly super fast. No magic involved. I've been trying to tell you, but I didn't want to interrupt your boring story, and I played along because you released me. I get the feeling you didn't take your meds." Firebolt replied smugly. "You...FOOL! Now that you know my secret, I will bury you!" Icy said angrily, and begins firing icicles at him. "Uh oh, maybe my mom was right about changing the way I talk to women..." Firebolt said, as he flies around, avoiding her ice attacks. He fired solar beams from his other arm back at her. "I could see them working out." Cassidy joked, as they flew around the warehouse, and attacked each other. The heroes barge in through the metal door, seeing the commotion. "Never fear ladies, we're here to save the day!" Mighty Max said heroically, as Firebolt flew in front of them. "You gotta help me, this lady is insane!" Firebolt begged, but he is frozen solid. "He just now realized that?" Audrey asked. "How did you find this super secret base?!" Icy asked, confused. "Tracking device." Zero and Mighty Max said at once. She lets out an angry onslaught of ice attacks, as the heroes dodge. Some fight back, while the others try to free the ex-guardians. "Zero, Audrey, as fellow hero fans, I'd like your help in taking down this witch. Follow my lead." Mighty Max said. He flies up, and throws several smoke bombs, blinding her. "Zero, teleport!" Mighty Max ordered, as he distracts her. Zero teleports with his stone, and appears behind the two. "Audrey, wait for my signal..." Mighty Max said. The smoke clears up, and Icy releases a powerful ice breathe at Mighty Max. He uses his heat disc to block it, and then quickly tosses it to Audrey. "Now!" Mighty Max said. She blows on it with a gust, and sends it quickly hurling toward Icy. "Zero!" Mighty Max said. Zero sends an electricity strike from his sword at the heat device, as it explodes, masking Icy gasp. She goes flying onto the ground. Audrey then sends her hurling against the wall with a wind gust, knocking her out. The ex-guardians are all freed. Valina walks up to Icy and kicks her in the face. "Thank you all so much." Briar said. "The true thanks goes to Mighty Max, Zero and Audrey. If it wasn't for them, we'd all be frozen solid." Madison said. "I guess being a fan of comic books can pay off." Audrey said, smiling. Nick breaks Firebolt open from his ice prison. "Alright...so, can I not go back to prison this time...?" Firebolt asked nicely. "No, you're still going back to prison." Zero replied, as he stuns him, and Firebolt drops to the ground. "Here's the stolen money." Cameron said, as Trent helps him pick up the bags. "Uh guys...she's gone." Tori points out, as Icy is gone. "Whatever, let that weirdo go into hiding again." Peyton said. "I'm sure we'll see her again." Mai said. "She was harder to fight than I anticipated, but after analyzing her strategy the first time, it helped us see how she operates." Zero said. "Indeed, realizing how the enemy works the first time is essential in defeating them! Now, it's been an honor to help you all, but I must be going..." Mighty Max said, about to leave. "Not so fast...Maxwell." Mai said, as he pauses. "Who?" Audrey asked. "...Fine, you got me. I am Maxwell, one of the old knights!" Maxwell revealed, taking off his mask, and surprising the heroes. "Hey Max, it's been a long time." Cassidy greeted. "Yeah, he was the orange knight back in the day. He was obsessed with comic books, so no surprise he became a superhero. I'm proud of you though, dork. You've become a real man." Peyton teased. "Yes, for the past five years, I've been fighting crime around the world as Mighty Max, influenced by my time together with the former gang. I had been tracking Icy's whereabouts, and she led me to here. It was an honor to fight alongside the new generation." Maxwell said. "Hopefully we can meet again. I'm enjoying your comics so far, even though I'll miss Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy." Audrey said. "Those two old timers are still doing just fine, no worries. Some hero franchises never last forever, but you don't have to forget them! Now then...before I go, I'd like you kids to have this." Maxwell said, handing Zero his orange knight stone. "You really want us to have this?" Zero asked. "Yes, I have no use for it anymore, it un-bonded from me ages ago. But perhaps you knights could give it to someone in the distant future." Mighty Max said, winking. "I promise we'll give it to someone worthy. Take care, Maxwell." Zero said. "Tell Ranen I said hi! Now, Mighty Max...AWAY!" Mighty Max yelled, as he climbs out of a warehouse window, and flies off. "Did you two date or something in the past?" Tori asked Peyton. "W-what makes you think that!?" Peyton asked awkwardly. "I can tell..." Tori said. "Let's just leave..." Peyton said, blushing. Firebolt is seen in his prison cell again annoyed, writing a letter. "Dear Mom, how are you? It's me, your son, Keith. It's been a long time. I'm in jail...again, because some crazy ice lady busted me out. Don't worry though, it's actually not too bad, the food here is pretty nice. Please send cake. From, your loving son." Firebolt wrote. His cellmate smiles at him creepily. "Also, please send a lawyer as fast as possible!" Firebolt added to the letter, worried. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Icy and Maxwell -Area Debuts: Comics! -Knight Stone Upgrades: Zero's knight stone gains the power of teleportation. -It is revealed Audrey and Zero like reading superhero comics. Zero got inspiration from the comic books for the rebel technology used since the beginning. -The original main knight group was: red (Wes), purple (Ranen), orange (Maxwell), blue, and green. - -
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    Haven't written anything for fun in a while so I'm trying to cook something up for the festival. Working on an SBC version of Degrassi: the Next Generation called SBCgrassi.
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    Can't go wrong with Sealand.
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