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    In case you haven't heard, we have some bad news in the SpongeBob community... Anyways, as a SpongeBob community, we are going to hold an ALS fundraiser. All of the proceeds will be going to the ALS Association. And when you donate, you get some goodies from us! Here are some goodies that you get when you donate! Goodie #1: Goodie #2: Goodie #3: Goodie #4: Goodie #5: There are two different ways you can donate to the cause: I have created a donation website for you all to use! It looks very fancy. This link will donate to my PayPal account directly, and then I'll transfer the funds from the donations straight to the ALS Association. https://www.thesbcommunity.com/donation/ If you do not trust me (Why wouldn't you? ), you or your parents would rather donate directly to the ALS Association, or you would rather mail a check to the ALS Association, you may do so! Just email [email protected] with a copy of the donation receipt or a copy of your check along with your username, and we will give you your goodies. You may donate any amount to receive the goodies! Yes, even $1 works, Mr. Krabs. Though if you can afford it, you should donate more than $1. To show my own support, all SBC ad revenue will indefinitely be donated to the ALS Association. You can help out by enabling ads and disabling your adblocker! Let's show Stephen Hillenburg that his most loyal fans are supportive and have his back! This may be our one chance to give back to a man who help make our childhood as great as it is. Without him, SBC would not be here today. We wouldn't be friends. Let's show our support. If you cannot donate, PM me and I'll give you an alternative way to help out.
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    In an unfortunate turn of events, Stephen Hillenburg, the SpongeBob SquarePants creator, was diagnosed with ALS. He reported it with Variety. Read all about it here: https://variety.com/2017/tv/news/spongebob-squarepants-creator-stephen-hillenburg-reveals-als-diagnosis-1202007865/ Image credits to Allocca/Starpix/Rex/Shutterstock. View full article
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    I know I don't really post on the SpongeBob forum much and my interest for this show is starting to dwindle, but dang, this just made me feel heartbroken. I grew up with this show. I was born the year it was created. It was the complete basis of my childhood. It has changed my whole life and the way I live. I'm sure that's how most of you guys feel too. And well, hearing about this news just hits me in the heart so much. The man who was responsible for the show that shaped my childhood, Stephen Hillenburg, getting a terminal disease that he might not recover from. It just makes me really, really, really sad hearing news about this. If he dies, I feel like a part of my childhood will die along with it. But at least he'll still have this show and the people who work on it to carry on his legacy. Even if he does die, his legacy will still carry on in SpongeBob.
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    Heard about this last night from one of my friends on Twitter. What heartbreaking news to hear about someone who has helped shape many lives in the entertainment industry. Him and the characters he has created throughout the years have become a part of so many lives. Reading about this felt like I got hit by an oncoming train. That's how much of an impact SpongeBob had on my life and it hurts to know that Hillenburg has been diagnosed with an uncureable disease. The fact that he plans to continue working on SpongeBob with what little time he may have left on this Earth just goes to show how much the show not only has impacted our lives but his life as well. You all remember the ALS ice bucket challenge a few years back? It was for a good cause all the same to donate money in hopes that one day there will be a cure. Hearing about this is having me want to go back and donate again. God bless you Stephen Hillenburg. You and your family will be in my prayers during this difficult time.
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    I am not very good at speaking with sadness, in depth, but this really hit me in an emotional level to see that a creator of an animated show that seriously defined my childhood and liveliness as a fan of cartoon shows/animated movies, as well as an enthusiast/aspirant in animation and general, has became ill. I really hope for the best for Mr. Hillenburg, and the best for the future of the SpongeBob staff and the future of the show itself. This is just really sad to hear. I also hope for the best of the future for Nickelodeon/Nickelodeon Animation as well, even if I have stated many times that they have been on a rocky road. It must mean a lot for them to see that Hillenburg is diagnosed with a serious illness.
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    Here is the last Killer Krab riff at long last! The Killer Krab 18. Pizza Man & Barnacle Boy See the News topic if you are curious on what is being riffed next, and let me know if interested.
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    Honestly whatever you think of the shows he's been in during any time even what most people consider to be the dark ages of SpongeBob, you're flat out lying if you say this man has had no influence over the animation industry, clearly shown by the quick humor, connections with others who've worked on multiple projects with him, and an overall understanding of what kids like to watch, all of that and more has been shown through the passion of him and everyone else with SpongeBob and beyond, I'd say that's pretty good for a guy who originally studied and made a comic about marine biology. From the show, books, comics, DVD's, merchandise, everything was thanks to you, and very few people can say they've had that much of a positive impact on over millions of people, shown through a fanbase that's strong, always with memorable quotes to say. Whether it helped them get a laugh to alleviate boredom, or to get their minds off of any troubles and simply relax, whether it be those young enough to be easily impressionable and take a great influence from you, to those actually in the industry, or those burning off a nostalgia rush, your creations are all good for that. SpongeBob has always been a favorite for at least a few generations, and that is absolutely incredible. Get well Stephen, wish I could say something more deep and meaningful but in the end the outcome will be the same. Best of luck to you and the rest of the crew, friends, family, and anyone else close to him going forward, and to anyone else who has had someone they know and care for be struck with any illness that could be as severe as this. Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, and information you've shared with us all.
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    Not to mention he's proven himself to easily be the biggest, most petulant crybaby of any president we've ever had. Take three random Tweets out of his Twitter account since holding office to prove my point. He conducts himself in a manner that not only does not befit president, but makes him and risks your entire country to be seen as a big, fat joke. He's alienated allies, started Twitter wars with fucking Snoop Dogg who hasn't been political in years, thinks good debate is putting so-called defining adjectives like "failing" in front of business models he doesn't like and don't like him, he actively tries to discredit the media he doesn't like which is scary and the actions of a dictator, and he thinks that a good use of his platform as president is to trash Saturday Night Live, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or whatever the flavour-of-the-week distraction is. So kindly get outta my face with this "he's a good businessman" nonsense (which is also malarkey, you don't call someone who gets delivered diamonds and pearls a "good miner"). He's a Cheeto-faced, small-fingered, international embarrassment, and being a "good businessman" doesn't mean you know jack about how to run a country. I can see why he would have gotten support initially in his run, but it's time to really look at what he's doing. This isn't even a "Rep vs Dem" thing, this is putting someone who's clearly unqualified and frankly, kinda demented, into office and just sitting back and watching the dumpster fire unfold. Like whoever you want, just don't shit in my hand and tell me it's a brownie. (okay so maybe now i'm hating)
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    But at least we have Gumball! And an overplayed movie that isn't relevant anymore. And an overplayed movie that was hardly ever good. Yup, the prophesied dark age has come. I know what's on the mind of every CN defender. "BUT YOU NOSTALGIA HACKS" "BUT YOU HIPSTERS" "BUT YOU GUYS, YOU'RE JUST MAD ABOUT THIS BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE TEEN TITANS GO" ha ha ha ha ha, i don't know what happened to billy and mandy or robot jones No. I like Gumball. A lot. And I don't like how it's devouring all these time slots either. For fuck's sake, I have even defended Teen Titans Go!'s right to exist as well as its right to be played often in the past. But this is just insane.
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    Ignore the clickbaity video title, but this seriously proves Cartoon Network's heavy reliance with Teen Titans Go! as of recent. I'm not a huge detractor for the show, but let's take a moment to evaluate this, and contrast it with Nickelodeon's weekly showings for SpongeBob. How many times is Teen Titans Go being aired in a weekly basis, as of now? With the episodes of the shows being split into 11 minute individual segments, Teen Titans Go is being shown 178 times, filling 89 30-minute slots on CN's full weekly schedule, not counting Adult Swim. From what I've seen from Nick's current schedule, SpongeBob fills 50 of those slots in Nick's weekly schedule, being shown roughly 100 times or, 95-100 times if any of the slots include a 30-minute special. While Nickelodeon has more a wide variety with Nick Jr., Nick At Nite, and TeenNick shows, but still, according to the current CN schedule, what they're doing is basically overkill. You know how many episodes of Adventure Time, Regular Show, Clarence, We Bare Bears, Uncle Grandpa, and Mighty Magiswords are being aired in this week's schedule? ZERO. Do you know how many reruns of PPG 2016 and Steven Universe are being show in this week's schedule? One after an airing of a new episode, but thereafter, ZERO. This scheduling tactic will probably change sooner or later, but this is just ridiculous.
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    My mom keeps saying you guys don't care for me. Well, if that's true, you guys are the most caring not caring people I've seen in my life.
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    About time I did this. Here i'll post things I draw in my spare time. Pretty much things I draw and save.
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    well...ive been thinking about doing this since around october. now i have finally decided that today, March 20th 2017, is the day that i finally show my face. LARGE PIC WARNING. this was taken on my ipad and i cant resize, sorry. not the best pic of me, but any better ones ive taken in the past are gone at this point.
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    for a possible collab with another artist on tumblr and for cream, her Toontown character
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    Well I do. -He signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood. Even if you're against abortion, that place was still a good place for girls to get stuff like birth control. -Got rid of Obama's protective allowing transgender youth to have the right to use the school bathroom of their preferred gender. -The immigration ban. -Now he's going to get rid of Meals on Wheels, a program that provided free meals to the elderly and poor. -He's also proposing getting rid of the National Endowment for the Arts. Maybe he and his administration thinks it's "wasteful" but the arts are important. Just read this article: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/519774/ Not trying to attack the fact that you like him. I'm just curious what you think he's done well as president so far besides "be a good businessman."
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    Nothing but good vibes and best wishes to him </3.
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    Heartbreaking news. SpongeBob gave me some of the best laughs in the more difficult times I've had, and this hits me really hard. If he doesn't manage to pull through, I hope he can at least enjoy the last few years of his life.
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    credit for Purple on sbm for spotting this
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    It's funny how this finale shares the same abrupt "The bad guy actually wins!" twist as the ATTWL 3 finale, especially since both came out around the same time. And it's also funny how they share plothooooolllllleeesssss. First of all, why didn't Mr. Krabs just kill Spongebob when he had him right in his clutches at the end of Episode 14? Secondly, the "mass grave under the floorboards" is questionable on so many levels. Never mind the smell or even the lack of an explanation to what they were actually throwing away...how would you even fit all those corpses under the floorboards without anybody noticing something off about the floor? Third, if they weren't throwing the bodies away, how is it that Spongebob and Patrick threw away what were clearly Sandy's remains in Episode 12, as could be seen by all the fur? Overall, this finale at least had some good sequences of action and suspense, but it was still lackluster and left me feeling like there was so much more to be had out of this.
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    You know, I was expecting this year to be a lot worse than it was. For all the vitriol Todd gave this year in his worst-of list. I honestly don't think it was that bad! Maybe it's not on par with some of the earlier years of the decade, but I think it has enough good stuff to earn its place in pop music stardom. That said... we do have a lot of bad to get through as well. So why waste time? Let's dive right into... Wumbo's Bottom 10 Hits of 1987
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    Well it's been a fun ride ladies and gents, but this is it. The final list. The coup de grace for everyone that is still following this thread all the way into February . My best films list of 2016. Honestly, this might be my favorite list of them all. Primarily because these are the best lists that stick with me the most. I may not be as good about talking about television as I am about everything else in this thread. I do love talking about music a lot and it's the one that I feel I can talk to you guys about easiest because there are a ton more music convos on this site than there are the rest. BUT...I got my start into reviewing on this site as a movie critic first and foremost and it's the format of media that I love the most. Yes it's easier to talk about bad films than it is great ones, but the great ones are the ones I rewatch the most and they are the ones that leave the longest lasting impression on me the most. That's why this part is my favorite. To share with you all what I loved the most this year. I doubt this will translate nearly as well into what I'm about to post, but take the time to seek out everything here today. Because it was time well worth it for me and hopefully it will be for you too. First, let's start with what almost made this list. The honorable mentions. I wanted to include more on those honorable mentions, but I had to trim this list down a bit because the good stuff this year was really good fam. Well let's move forward with the moment you've all been waiting for. The most prestigious film awards show in town.... CLAPPY'S TOP TEN BEST FILMS OF 2016
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    didnt want to waste money on a shirt so I designed one myself
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    This belongs in another debate entirely, but you are not the one to decide what a "good, understandable and justifiable reason" for having an abortion performed is. Beyond that, though, what kind of talking point is this? "A lot more things"... what things? Show me. This isn't "next time on Big Brother". (Incidentally, this point reminds me of the "many people are saying" talking points that Trump is so fond of.) And so Trump, the herald for LGBT rights, wants to actively take away protections that transgender people have received in recent years because it's up to the states to decide? Yeah, we'll see how well that goes for the LGBT community. The War on Terror is and has always been a load of garbage to further political and financial gain, and Trump's arguably the most explicit about it. Zero of the banned countries had anything to do with terrorist attacks in the States. Not to mention that any sort of ban of this nature is illegal in the first place. You can't just bar people from coming to your country because of their country of origin. Not that Mr. Businessman with zero political experience would know jack about that. SEEYA IN COURT How about stop defunding important policies and programs to build a stupid border wall In addition to Meals on Wheels and the NEA, Trump's administration has also proposed defunding the Environmental Protection Agency and the god damned DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. Why bother defunding all these things? Because as it turns out, when you're a classless ass-monkey with a face like a puked-up Brillo pad, you fail to charm the Mexican president with paying for a wall to keep his people out of your country. And so, shit needs to be cut out of the budget so that you can fund your three-quarter-life crisis and uphold your absurd promises.
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    not good at drawing my robin yet so I reused the doodle from earlier for his face
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    My new drawing topic! I'll basically just put whatever I feel like into this, but here's something that's a bit overdue... The pony that @crushingmayhem wanted since September! Here you go lol
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    even at 7 am I love u sbc
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    Was so sad to hear about this yesterday. I don't come here as much as I'd like to anymore but SpongeBob and this place were a huge part of my growing up, and I wish him the best.
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    It's been a few months since part 1 of this list was released, but now I'm back! We're movin' and groovin' along into the mid-2000s now. And while Ruben Studdard's "Sorry 2004" made a place for itself on the year-end chart for '04, I'm not sorry for loving any of the songs on this list. I've also decided to start doing honorable mentions of songs I liked but didn't make the cut for the main list, because if they did then this post would be longer than it already is 2004: “This Love” - Maroon 5 Man, listening to this song reminds me of how good Maroon 5 used to be. Especially Songs About Jane, which is a pretty solid album. (Why they released one single in 2002 and the rest in 2004 is beyond me, though.) The vibe of this song is so funky and chill, Adam Levine actually sounds like he’s singing about, and it actually feels like a band’s song instead of just the Adam Levine show. It’s lovely. “Yeah!” - Usher feat. Lil’ Jon and Ludacris PEACE UP, A-TOWN DOWN. YEAH! OKAY! This song always gets me hyped af. Usher has always been one of the best R&B singers in the game, but this proves that he’s just as good at party jams. Once you add the charisma of Ludacris and the hype factor of Lil Jon, this track turns into a truly infectious jam. I dare you to listen to this and not want to dance around. It’s pure fun. “Jesus Walks” - Kanye West If you asked me to name one of my favorite rappers, Kanye would steadily have a place on the list despite how hit-and-miss some of his material can be. He can certainly come off as having a God complex, but one of his finest songs just so happens to be about his relationship with God.The lyrics are some of Kanye’s best and most thought-provoking, and the choral vocals over the beat is a nice touch. “Toxic” - Britney Spears And Ms. Spears returns for part 2 of my list! The production is fun and the song is given a sexy vibe thanks to Britney’s vocals, making me feel that the lover is as addictive as she’s singing about. Not to mention the fact that the hook and chorus are extremely infectious. This song is one of Britney’s best. “Breakaway” - Kelly Clarkson So apparently this song was on the soundtrack to The Princess Diaries 2, which explains why the product placement is sprinkled all over the music video. Welp, there’s one good thing about that movie besides Chris Pine...wait what were we talking about? Say what you want about American Idol, but there’s no denying the American public made a great choice picking Kelly Clarkson as its first winner. She’s a powerhouse vocalist, and it shows here. The lyrics are typical “small-town girl dreams of becoming something more and she does,” but it’s Kelly’s voice along with the soaring production that really sells this track. Whenever I hear it it makes me feel happy and inspired. “It’s My Life” - No Doubt While the original song by Talk Talk is good, I actually like No Doubt’s cover version better. Gwen Stefani’s vocals are better than Mark Hollis’s, and I prefer the instrumentation on the No Doubt version, especially the synths and drums that kick in during the chorus. It’s said that No Doubt only recorded this so they wouldn’t have to write a new song, and it looks like laziness was the way to go because this cover is great. My favorite song of 2004: "Hey Ya!" - Outkast This song is absolutely great. It’s got a funky and fun beat, but what’s truly genius about it is the lyrics. While the song appears to be a fun dance track (and it can be!) the lyrics offer an interesting look at love and the unsureness one can feel about relationships. It’s like hiding medicine in yogurt, but way more appealing to the taste. Honorable mentions: “White Flag” - Dido “If I Ain’t Got You” - Alicia Keys “Leave (Get Out)” - JoJo “The Way You Move” - OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown 2005: “We Belong Together” - Mariah Carey If Usher is one of the kings of R&B, then Mariah is one of the queens. This is a really great R&B ballad. Mariah’s got some amazing pipes here and her voice is packed with emotion. From the “ooh oohs” opening the song to the end where Mimi belts out the final chorus, there’s never a dull moment in this song. It’s just as good as I remember it being 12 years ago. “Since U Been Gone” - Kelly Clarkson Kelly is at her A-game here. This song is a perfect kiss-off to an ex-lover. Kelly sells the song with her confidence that manages not to cross over to cockiness, and her anger during the bridge is righteous. While I’d hear her replicate this type of song a few times later, there’s no beating the original. It rocks. “Gold Digger” - Kanye West feat. Jamie Foxx Here’s another classic track from Yeezy. Kanye proves once again that he has a good ear beats, and Jamie Foxx is pretty solid on his guest feature. Kanye himself is pretty great, delivering a solid flow with plenty of charisma. The lyrics are funny and the song is a total jam. “Feel Good Inc.” - Gorillaz feat. De La Soul Welcome to 2005, where an alternative rock/hip-hop song by a virtual band can make it big on the charts. But this track’s popularity is well-deserved. It’s so well-produced and full of energy, and De La Soul’s verse consists of line after line of him spitting fire. This song really does make me feel good. “Holiday” - Green Day A decade before Trump, Americans were dissatisfied with George W. Bush, especially because the government led America to participate in the Iraq War. And damn, this song is a great middle finger to Bush as well as the idea of war in general. It’s high-energy and Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t afraid to get angry or overly political with his words. To put it bluntly, this song kicks ass. "Cool" - Gwen Stefani I've already sang my praises about this song in my blog post ranking Gwen Stefani's singles, but I’m happy to do so again. There’s something so cool about Gwen’s vocals here, and they mix so well with the synthpop and new wave-inspired production. It’s a beautiful song about ex-lovers who actually end things on a good note. “Behind these Hazel Eyes” - Kelly Clarkson This song still blows me away. Kelly sounds so raw and real on this track that it almost makes me cry behind these dark brown instead of hazel eyes. Damn, the bridge on this is a perfect emotional ride and ends with her doing some sweet belting that doesn’t sound overdone. All of the Kelly Clarkson songs I’ve talked on this list are pretty good in their own right, but this is my absolute favorite. My favorite song of 2005: “Mr. Brightside” - The Killers This song is iconic. Even if you haven’t listened to other songs in The Killers’ discography, you probably know this song. This track is bursting with energy and power, and I adore the new wave synths that were also a staple throughout the Hot Fuss album. This is up there as one of my favorite Killers songs and I’m glad it got some recognition by the mainstream. I love it so much. Honorable mentions: “Shake it Off” - Mariah Carey “Hate It Or Love It” - The Game feat. 50 Cent “Speed of Sound” - Coldplay “These Words” - Natasha Bedingfield "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" - Fall Out Boy "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Green Day 2006: “Hips Don’t Lie” - Shakira feat. Wyclef Jean My hips would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the heck out of this song. Shakira’s voice is beautiful and sultry and Wyclef Jean is decent in his parts, doing a good job of blending with Shak. It has a groovy Latin feel to it in both vocals and production that increases the appeal of the song and sets it apart from other 2000s-era dance tracks. I can totally see why this is one of her most popular songs and probably her best-known song in English. “Dance Dance” - Fall Out Boy For a good time, I sometimes call on Fall Out Boy. This song is pure, unadulterated pop punk and I adore it. I love the frantic tone of Patrick’s voice on the build up to the chorus, the bass line is great, and while the lyrics may not make total sense, it doesn’t matter because I love everything this song chooses to be. “Too Little Too Late” - JoJo It impresses me that JoJo was only 16 when she first sang this. She was so young but already so damn talented. Unlike other teen singers talking about love (hi, Shawn Mendes) she sounds so emotionally mature instead of whiny. (Side note, but check out her latest album Mad Love, it’s pretty underrated) It’s a shame she didn’t get more popular in her heyday of the 2000s, but I appreciate her anyway for giving us this and Leave (Get Out)--which came out when she was 13, holy crap. “Hung Up” - Madonna Even though I think the 80s were Madonna’s best era, I can appreciate some later hits from her. Case in point: this song. It’s a cool dance pop track with some disco elements thrown in. It’s catchy and fun and a perfect song for the dance floor. Madonna may be older, but in some senses, she’s still got it. “Crazy” - Gnarls Barkley This is probably one of the coolest and chillest one-hit wonders around. People remember CeeLo best for Fuck You/Forget You (and for being a gross creep) but I think he’s at his best here. His soulful vocals combined with Danger Mouse’s great production makes a recipe for a song that’s pretty great. Favorite song of 2006: “Dani California” - Red Hot Chili Peppers I enjoy songs like this one that tell a story in its lyrics. It’s awesome that the Chili Peppers take Dani, a recurring character in other songs (Californication and By the Way) and gives her her own, tragic story. The song is perfectly groovy funk rock with sweet guitar work from John Frusciante once again, and Anthony Kiedis’s singing of the chorus actually gives me some goosebumps. Thanks RHCP for taking me on a wild ride with Dani’s story whenever I listen to this. Honorable mentions: “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” - KT Tunstall “SOS” - Rihanna “My Love” - Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. "Unwritten" - Natasha Bedingfield Stay tuned for the final part of this list, where we'll delve into 2007-2009!
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    some quick tumblr doodles because i want to keep getting notes on my stuff after years of barely getting any or none at all i mean because i really liked joker/harley/robin as well also that *spoilers* harley is just his girl buddy, quite refreshing that they're just really close do everything with each other friends compared to the abusive relationship the actual franchise can give them usually but im sure this joker wouldn't do any of that anyways, they're all just so pure fixed:
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    The Killer Krab 17. Spongeploitation
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    Time is up. The winner is, after a tough decision... Hayden, for the Drasticals! He receives another 500 doubloons. Drasticals: 2 (Winners) Band Geeks: 1 Independents: 0 Thanks to all who played and made me lol, another weekly surprise will be next Tuesday.
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    I agree, this honestly would've been MUCH better than what we actually got with this episode. @CDCB had an interesting plan on how to rewrite the episode with your idea: I would've preferred them going somewhere with this idea, or something similar to it, but instead we got this jumbled mess of an episode.
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    Hey, if TNA can have a hall of fame, then Community Deathmatch can sure as hell have one of its own! So I figured with Community Deathmatch's 4th anniversary coming up in April (holy fucking shit that's old), I thought what better way to commemorate it than to sorta honor the people who helped spawn the madness and whose matches put Community Deathmatch on the map! So here's the gist of things. - I'm gonna keep things simple similar to SBC's own hall of fame and have just two categories; the Member and Match categories. - The Member category will honor a single, exceptional member (cuz hell if CD's picked up enough steam to induct an entire class) who has appeared on Community Deathmatch in any capacity. Whether they are one of the best, most fleshed characters on the show or are just a shit-tier undercarder. Whether they took part in a match for the ages, just talked straight trash, conducted interviews, took shit, gave shit, appeared only on the Exhibition episodes that I post on this blog, etc if this particular character left so much as an impression on you. If they impressed you enough to convince you that they deserve such an honor, then nominate them right on in! And, of course, don't nominate yourself. That shits tacky, mang. I mean, CD can get pretty tacky, but that's too tacky. fuck it, nominate whoever. It makes things more interesting ad easier. Deathmatch can pull this tacky shit off. - The Match category will honor the one match that viewers/voters felt stood out from the rest. Same deal goes for matches; whether it was the best damn match on the show (be it the main thread or the Exhibition entries on this blog), or the worst. If it holds a special place in your heart above all the others, then nominate that lil fucker in! Of course, don't nominate matches that you, yourselves, might have been in. fuck it, nominate whatever. It makes things more interesting ad easier. Deathmatch can pull this tacky shit off. - This post announcing it officially marks the cutoff for nominees. So anything Deathmatch-related posted before this announcement is fair game for nominating. Anything that may be posted hereafter, unfortunately, will not count. But hey, there might be next year! If you happen to have anymore ideas for categories, feel free to lay em on me. I may just add them to the ballot or at least save them for the future. I'm thinking about leaving the nominating process open til the end of March to give potential voters/new readers some time to digest the Deathmatch lore in full. Then have the official voting process go down in April, which just so happens to be Community Deathmatch's birth month. Not that I'm expecting a huge voter turnout, cuz this shit ain't everybody's cup of tea here lel hopefully we can muster up just enough to justify this ceremony exercise your right as an SBC member, a Community Deathmatch fan, and nominate today!
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    The Killer Krab 16. Graveyard Shift
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    The Killer Krab 15. Under The Floorboards This was originally the finale until OMJ revived it for three bonus episodes, which we are covering as well. Just three moar.
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    Mimic Madness is the best of Season 10 thus far. Probably a better 200th episode. Sandy/Plankton chess match, the kind of out of nowhere "bring it around town" reference, Spongebob mimicking the narrator's time card voiceover, the father with a huge temper, "The Mockin Mimicry Madness", Plankton/Squidward/Krabs/Patrick/Sandy all working together, and the "Who Am I?" song. Patrick's weird facial expression while imitating Spongebob, and the creepy ending with Squidward knocking at the glass eyes. I guess it felt like what a cartoon should feel like when it can't do adult humor. Zany and unpredictable with dynamic interactions.
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    This episode was just...okay? Really, that's the best way I can describe it. It was just...alright. But not a great kind of alright. More like an uncaring, neutral kind from me. I feel the episode had decent pacing (despite a somewhat fast opening), but it just seemed to throw a lot at us and sweep them under the rug as soon as they were introduced (SpongeBob getting "fired", Squidward getting fired). I didn't really find many memorable jokes in this special either honestly, or the ones that I did remember I didn't find to be that great (like the enlarged butts...ehhh). I guess it felt like a 200th episode in the sense it incorporated a lot of the show's elements (jellyfishing, Krusty Krab, Plankton, SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship), which I liked, but I don't know. Something about it seemed lacking. I liked how SpongeBob and Patrick's conflict wasn't over something childish at least, but I don't think they really want all out with that. Overall, it was just a middle of the road special. Better than some, but nowhere near as good as some others either. I don't think this episode will hurt or help anybody's overall opinion on S9 really. Grade: C
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