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    V12 Squid is here! Here's what's new with SBC: 1. Three new skins! V12 Squid, Tiki Island, and (LC only) Squid Ink! 2. Clubs!!! 3. Reactions 4. News Slider 5. Improved SBC coding 6. Better integration with social media sites 7. Device manager. See what devices are logged into your account. 8. Recommended replies. Staff can now select a "best reply" in any topic. 9. Featured topics! Make good topics and @jjsthekid and I will feature them. 10. More doubloons! You now receive doubloons for anything you do on SBC! 11. Blog sidebars! You can add extra info to your blog posts by editing your blog details. 12. Mermaid magic. Go nuts!
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    Breaking News: Young black woman is being told how to respond to hate symbols by someone who was never affected by it for the 285275804150148th time
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    Yes, today marks SBC's 8th anniversary! It may sound hard to believe, but here we are. I'm honestly proud the site is still going, and happy to see so many people still visiting, regardless of how many years you've been here. We have a strong community, and I hope to see that bond continue. A truly special thanks goes out to all the members and staff who have helped keep it afloat, and are still helping, the past eight years. Here's to more amazing years to come! Everyone is welcome to share their heartwarming thoughts or celebratory remarks here. Also, feel free to check out the Clarinet Recital if you can tonight.
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    Here we go. I know most of it is pasted from the topic itself, but I wanted to keep this miniseries as historically accurate as possible. It's also a way to preserve this historic event as it happened in case it ever gets deleted, but I'll add lots of funny/original stuff to it, I promise. Also, notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 1: In the Loud House I It was an ordinary day. Sunday, August 6th, 2017, to be exact. The DS Guy is your average 18 year old on the SpongeBuddy Mania forums, who is quote, "a Fundamentalist Christian & Conservative Republican". Don't forget those two things. Not to mention Pieguyrulz is his favorite YouTube user, don't forget that either. One topic he would make in The Dump, and later moved to The Salty Spitoon (the SBM forum for srs discussion), would give him the adventure of a lifetime... Welcome to Homophobia: The Miniseries. A dramatic retelling of a real SBM event, with some witty commentary added in. ... Scene: SpongeBuddy Mania - The Dump. A new thread appears, catching the eyes of many SBM users... Homophobia Started by The DS Guy, Today, 02:09 PM The DS Guy: So, because of some comments I made, people of course think that I'm homophobic (!). The one thing I did wrong was saying it in a thread that had nothing to do with it. So that's why I'm making a new thread. Because I do not believe that what I said was wrong. I said that I don't like how The Loud House, a children's cartoon, features a same-sex couple and treats it like it's completely normal. So does that make me homophobic? Not so fast. Homophobia is a fear or hatred of homosexual people. Such a description cannot be applied to me. I do not hate homosexuals. However, as a born again Christian, I believe that the definition of marriage is a union of a man and woman. If two men, or two women, have sex in the privacy of their own home, the government does not have the right to get involved. However, what really gets me is when people try to teach this perverse lifestyle to children. In the next month or so, I'm going to post a review of The Loud House season 1 to YouTube. You'll have to wait for my full opinions, but there are many episodes I like. I have nothing against Howard and Harold McBride as characters. My problem is not with the show itself, but because of how obvious it is that the writers are trying to push an agenda. Yes, I know that there are many real gay parents who love their children very much, just as Howard and Harold love Clyde. But it's very obvious that the writers of the show are trying to say, "See how nice Clyde's dads are?", which feels very politically correct. Yes, I know that many gay parents are very nice, just as there are many very bad straight parents. But when comparing apples to apples, I believe a child should have a mother and a father. So let me be clear. I am not homophobic. I do not hate gay people. I do not. (It's not true, it's bullshit, I do not...ohai Mark) I simply do not approve of their lifestyle, just as I don't approve doing drugs or getting drunk. (Because obviously being gay is comparable to doing drugs or getting drunk. What a story, Mark!) If you want to be gay, it's your right; America is a free country. But keep it away from children. (Won't anyone think of the children? ) Marriage has always been between a man and a woman. I am more than willing to have a mature discussion about this, but if you try to silence me, that will only make me LOUDER! Many people share my view, and don't be thinking that "only those dumb rednecks are so intolerant". You'd be surprised just how many people support traditional marriage as I do. You have the right to disagree with me and you have the right to debate me. But I also have the right to say what I say. Just because my opinion does not fit the politically correct leftist agenda does not make my opinion any less valid. (Damn lefties, am I right?) There. The first post is made. The DS Guy thought to himself, "perhaps this won't cause a shitstorm". He hoped maybe deep down at least one or two SBMers would take him seriously, and respect his authority opinion. However, he could not have been any more wrong. E.V.I.L. is first to reply like a hawk, with others soon to follow. E.V.I.L.: *You're free to do whatever you want just don't shove it in the face of the children* *Profile's first words are literally 'Fundamentalist Christian and Conservative Republican'* I mean this not insultingly at all when I say that I'm not sure if it's fair for you to tell other people to keep their lifestyles in their own roof if you practice exactly the opposite of what you preach by making this very apparent on a forum that is also chock full of children. (Seriously, why won't anyone think of the children?) Vuvuzela Smasher: See folks, sometimes reaction gifs get your point across better than any words at all! spongebob pokemonpants: your post shows you know nothing marriage should be to anyone including 2 girls 2 guys and a guy and a girl if they love eachother they have the right to marry also what's so wrong showing kids not every couple is the same also why is this in the dump this belongs in the salty spitoon unless your saying it's not a serious disscussion also here is a rule that you are breaking look at the rules i put under fixed typo Not even famed spammer "spongebob pokemonpants" will side with The DS Guy. What a twist! But perhaps someone else will join him on his conquest to prove gays don't deserve rights... (cryptic foreshadowing) In the meantime, here are more replies. Jibbix: "I'm not homophobic I just dislike what they do" "I'm not racist I just hate everything that asians do" "I don't hate you, I just hate everything about your lifestyle you feel?" Man, go somewhere else. like really, dude? Seriously man lmao if you're gonna spew trash like this then at the very LEAST you could go Todd Phillips and have the decency be blatant about how awful you are instead of trying to hide behind "well a lot of people support only traditional marriage!". yeah, and a lot people supported slavery and the holocaust too. you catch my drift? You've definitely got the right to say anything you want, but that doesn't change the fact that it's antiquated and stupid. Your opinion might not reflect "the leftist agenda" (and what kind of BS is this anyway???) but it certainly doesn't affect the agenda of basic human decency lmao. why does what someone else is doing bother you so bad? the door that way fam (*mic drop*) Deceased Spongetron: My question is, if you don't like the homosexual lifestyle, why keep talking about it? It makes you seem obsessive over it. ssj4gogita4: This will end fantastically. (And boy, it sure did...) Dr. WhoBob: I'm so sick if people who claim gays can't be married or have kids even if they think being gay is okay. homophobia isn't just being 100% against at LGBT. Yes, you are being "homophobic" by limiting our rights to be married or have kids, no marter how you deny that. Marriage is a thing between two lovers, it shouldn't be just man and woman. Don't get me start on what you believe because that stuff limits our rights. You can still be a christian, I have no issue with that but dear god, don't believe in everything it says. If you really don't mind gays, don't mind us wanting to experience same thing straight couples are getting.And about pandering to PC. Just no. I hate when whenever a positive representation of a some one with different race/sexuality/religion etc, someone claims MUH IT'S PANDERING TO SJW PEOPLE. IT'S BEING TOO POLITICAL CORRECT. Even if that's the case, so what? Even though I don't agree with their methods sometimes, they are at least trying to be more equal. You claim you are okay with gays, yet you are limiting us from media and that's so not fair. How many times do we need to see a male lead and a female lead being forced to a relationship that will only make our presence non-exist Don't get me wrong, there are times they do it right (Wonder Woman, Guardians of The Galaxy movies, Fringe, Agents of SHIELD, Star vs The Forces of Evil) but I wanna see more equality for gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and asexuals. You can still have your straight couple/parents but don't ignore us. We have every right to exist in anywhere. And this is not inappropriate. We don't wanna show gay sex in kids show, dear god no. We just wanna be treated on same level with straight people. We wanna see gay couple who can raise kids well. Yes, not evey gay couples are gonna be good but same with straight couples. The problem is them having a problem with each other, not about their sexuality.This is not meant to silence you at all, this is meant to give you some sense, make you more open-minded about certain things. If you don't listen to us trying to make you understand, then please don't waste your time arguing with us about your close-minded believes. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Jesus fucking Christ, dude. (That's right, you're getting uncensored SBM swearing! Hehe, alright!) Are you saying that if I (being bi), were to date a man, you'd completely disapprove of what I'm doing but yet not be homophobic? No, you can't have it both ways. HOMOPHOBIA, BY DEFINITION, IS DISLIKE OF HOMOSEXUALITY. You're literally saying such quotes as "However, what really gets me is when people try to teach this perverse lifestyle to children," "I simply do not approve of their lifestyle, just as I don't approve doing drugs or getting drunk," and "Marriage has always been between a man and a woman." You're acting like homosexuality is a "perverse lifestyle" because it's between two men/women. On top of that quote being insanely offensive by calling it pervese, it's not a lifestyle; it's a sexual preference you're BORN with. People don't just wake up one day and say "hey you know what, I'm gay!" Marriage doesn't need to be exclusive between a man and a woman just because your prejudicial views prevent you from having any tolerance of anything that's even slightly out of the ordinary. PinkPearl: You don't see Muslims going around yelling at people to stop drinking alcohol. You don't see Jews going around attacking people for eating non-Kosher foods. So don't tell people who they can get married to when the original source material for the faith doesn't even forbid it. It won't work. Religion should be about how you live YOUR life and spend YOUR life. I have a problem with it when it becomes more about following rules blindly and people yelling at each other for their lifestyles. Hateful bigotry is much worse than loving gay couples getting married and trying to make a difference in the lives of kids who have been put up for adoption, I can assure you. You want to be a Christian and fix society? Focus on real issues. Get involved in charity. Donate your time and material items. It's a great way to get closer to the faith and bring attention to issues as well. This comes from a fellow Christian, btw. Our faith is about so much more than being concerned with who gets married. BrickSponge2015: (responding to Dr. WhoBob) This is a little bit off topic but I just wanna say: the "LOL SJW" culture is so awful. These days it seems like if you get offended by anything, you're automatically a "SJW"Also the very concept of Political Correctness no longer means anything to me; I get that people can go way too far with trying to not be offensive but it seems to have become an umbrella term for "pretty much anything with any level of representation". "I'm for Political INcorrectness" sounds, uh, pretty dumb.also yay asexual representation (yay!) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: The whole shit about "LOL SJW's" has ruined every YouTube comment section for any movie trailer (or really any political video) with even just a slightly liberal perspective. Female lead role? It's "SJW propaganda." Features a gay/lesbian couple? "SJW propaganda." Supports gun control? "SJW propaganda." (9/11? SJW propaganda. JFK? SJW propaganda. This miniseries? SJW propaganda.) I swear to God, they're acting like any movie that doesn't conform to the viewpoints of the alt-right is going to somehow convince everyone to become an SJW or whatever. CakeCup: I'm not trying to be harsh or anything, but what you are saying is truly hypocritical. Just look at this: you say that you aren't homophobic, and yet you dislike what gay people do? Come on, man. You don't have to believe everything that the Bible says. I believe that marriage can be between anyone, regardless of sex. Don't you dare tell me who I can marry, since I can marry whoever I want and nobody can change that. There is no rule telling us how to live our lives. This is a free country, but there is no reason to stick with outdated beliefs. I'm going to say that Jibbix and WhoBob pretty much hit the nail on the head, so kudos to those two members. Don't be a bigot and be so full of prejudice and dislike people that date others of the same sex because it's THEIR lifestyle, or else you are going to get permabanned. I cannot stand people that judge others based on race, sexual preference, religion, etc. It is not allowed on here. Us other members do not deserve this. This is also coming from a member who is religious. (Catholic Christian, btw) (Damn, who thought there'd be so many Christians on a SpongeBob forum?) As you can tell, The DS Guy is in some deep shit so far. But another infamous SBMer decides to enter the ring so he doesn't have to get backlash alone... YellowShadow: I don't hate gay people either. However I don't want gay marriage rights. (uh oh) Hear me out. The reason I don't really want gays to get married in churches is because I think it goes against my Christian beliefs. (you "think" it does? You're not even sure on your own stance?) That being said, I'm not going to go out of my way to protest and make sure these rights are revoked. If it's what the American people want, then so be it. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Why the hell is it so bad for gays to get married? They're human just like everyone else. Why should they not be allowed to have the basic human right to get married? YellowShadow: I never said it was bad. Just a personal preference. I fully understand that gays are human. Jibbix: "I don't hate gay people either" You guys keep saying this. (but I don't think they know what it means) But if you are actively against a group of human beings (who haven't done anything wrong or to you) achieving happiness with their partner, then that is hate. It absolutely is. YellowShadow: I don't hate gay people either. However I don't want gay marriage rights. Hear me out. The reason I don't really want gays to get married in churches is because I think it goes against my Christian beliefs. That being said, I'm not going to go out of my way to protest and make sure these rights are revoked. If it's what the American people want, then so be it. So nice, he had to post the exact same thing twice. Originality, you never let us down! Now, YellowShadow joins The DS Guy in this shitstorm. This will end well. Watch as YellowShadow begins to duke it out, joining team DS Guy... LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Quoting a post again for the second time doesn't make you right. Stop trying to justify your clearly bigoted viewpoint. YellowShadow: How am I bigoted? It's a personal preference!! I'm not trying to bomb a group of gays or something. Jibbix: Just because it goes against your religious beliefs (lmFao) doesn't mean that it's wrong to prevent people from having happiness. It's still hate. You're still a hypocrite. and it doesn't even go against Christian values but I won't go there because I know you're most likely going off trash you've heard from around you and couldn't even quote the Bible verse where it's supposedly frowned upon CakeCup: I'm going to leave this message to make sure that everyone understands: If you actively discriminate a group of individuals that haven't treated you poorly, then you have no right to be on this forum. (you tell em girl) YellowShadow: I'm not going to participate in another argument, so instead I'm gonna have someone else explain my opinion on homosexuals. Introducing: Hunter Avallone LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: If you can't respond to a comment properly without linking a YouTube video then that's pathetic That's right, folks! If you're losing an argument, just paste someone else's argument video! Oddly enough, our main star The DS Guy himself has gone quiet if you didn't notice. Where is he? Is he unable to respond to any of these posts? Is he a scared wittle baby? No, he has not given up. The DS Guy does not simply give up after one post, ha! He is a man. Little does everyone know he is still watching their every move from the shadows, preparing his next argument. They will all see they are wrong to disagree with his opinion... Meanwhile, an SBM staff member moves said topic out of The Dump (where it should've belonged if you ask me) to "The Salty Spitoon", the forum for "serious discussions". Yes, you read that right. Serious discussions for a SpongeBob forum. This will end well. Stay tuned for Part 2, true believers.
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    lecturing a minority on how they should feel about hate symbols is not common sense Also it's not common sense to hit on underage girls and call them "cute" over the internet
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    Holy shit you sound so ignorant right now. I'm done trying to reason with you.
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 3: You Don't Have To Finger Him Now that Wumbo himself has entered the ring, watch as several users begin to shitpost in an attempt to save the topic's reputation. Meanwhile, The DS Guy becomes more active starting in this chapter, after taking an entire two parts to write responses to his criticism. I admire his dedication to that. Now watch as we enter Page 3, the near middle point... E.V.I.L: (replying to The DS Guy's Islam post) No one here actually said anything about Islam so I'm not sure what your point is. (Hun, I think you're being too generous in thinking there's a point to anything transpiring in this topic) Now everyone, a certain unexpected guest star appears for a cameo in our story. After getting word about SpongeBuddy Mania users having a drama filled Homophobia topic, another person had to appear at the scene and help restore order like Wumbo. Who could it be? Why, it's none other than the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump!...who is on a SpongeBob forum for some reason, but why the hell not? What words of wisdom does he have to share? Let's find out. (note: also read this in Trump's voice, makes it even more beautiful) Donald Trump: Wow. Absolutely beautiful. For what shipping is being implied in the above picture, this is a truly fitting response for the topic's theme. I'm not even sure if DS Guy and YellowShadow themselves can counter its magnificence (spoiler: they can't). I like how Trump managed to insert some nice comic relief during the sexual tension. Alas, that is the only time Trump appears in this story, but don't worry. Others will soon follow in his path of shitposting... Greek Chorus: Alright here we go. Me watchin' all these homophobes get roasted: Greek Chorus was finally able to follow-up and draw their really well done reaction image, which made their character arc come full circle. Speaking of, any viewers should also probably get popcorn or some other food for the remaining parts of this, because the wild part of this story is starting to kick in. The DS Guy: (replying to YellowShadow's Hunter Avallone video, even though that happened like 50 years ago) Good video. I hadn't seen it before, but I'm subscribed to that YouTuber. It took you until now to see their video despite being subscribed to them? I know some of you would find this lazy, but I personally don't. Remember, DS Guy has a lot of things going on, and has no time to view silly YouTubers. Making topics on SpongeBuddy Mania about his political opinions are his top priority, and I admire his dedication to it, once again. Jibbix: (replying to The DS Guy's "you can gets HIV") looks like you hate yourself too then because I'm getting AIDS from reading your posts (*mic drop*) I'm probably going to get carpel tunnel from writing this myself when it's all said and done. Not that anyone cares about the author though, haha! kite man: (replying to Donald Trump's beautiful post) I know this is the Salty Spitoon but daaaaaaang Some, like the user above, may have found Donald Trump's post to be a bit too risky for a proclaimed kid friendly forum like SpongeBuddy Mania. I for one admire his bravery to bring a comedic light to the events unfolding. Next up, WhoBob makes his return to the story, but it's also unfortunately his last appearance. Let's just say he's not amused, and he's going to be dropping the rule book on The DS Guy's ass! Dr. WhoBob: (replying to The DS Guy's post from last part warning he'll fight bitches if he gets banned) oh yeah? Read it. Just read it. (I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT IT!) Kid friendly posts
 (This topic is far from "kid friendly", so I suppose we shouldn't even proceed with the rest of the rules if we can't stick to that one) Most of the members here range from the ages of 9-16. Therefore, we ask you to keep your posts kid friendly. That simply means don't say or post anything that you think a kid wouldn't want to read or would get in trouble if their parents saw it. This includes the SBM Chat and status updates. Remember, this is a kid friendly forum and we would like it to stay that way. a) Remarks from any of the following will NOT be tolerated: (immediate week suspension, or permaban, for any of these) - Sexually - Racist - Harassment of one's religion - Homophobic/Orientation (making this as large as possible just so you don't miss it) - Targeting, Attacking, or Harassment - Phrases such as "kill yourself" or "you're retarded" https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/4828-forum-rules/ I see myself out of this forum because of you. Enjoy your life. (See you soon, space cowboy... ) Will WhoBob ever return to SBM? I do not know which way the wind will blow, but consider this his farewell for now. At the very least, I can say he does not appear in the rest of the story from this point on. Regardless, I feel this was a good send-off to WhoBob's purpose in the story by reminding the common-folk of the site's rules. Hey, someone had to do it. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Damn, that's hot. Enjoy uncensored homosexuality for your viewing pleasure. The DS Guy: I was not homophobic. Homophobia is fear/hatred of gay people. That's not what I did. (hear that, it's NAWT what he did, he did nawt!) I like how The DS Guy decides to be more assertive here. He is truly determined to show he is nawt homophobic, and I can appreciate that part of his character development, even after everything going on in this topic. But will it be enough to save his own reputation? I am also aware this is the third time I've admired his dedication, which symbolically fits with the repetition of some of his comments. Greek Chorus: "I don't hate gay people! I just hate their lifestyle, representation, and existence! That's not a crime!" The true crime is the fact this topic is somehow still open, but hey, whatever gives me more material for this story, I can't complain. The DS Guy: (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE's first post from Part 1) Some people may be born with an attraction to the same sex, but that doesn't mean they have to act on it. Like if a driver cuts you off in traffic, you don't have to finger him. .... Hold up there, champ. "You don't have to finger him"??? Wow. Uh... ...I can't even think of a witty narration or response for that, other than using that as our chapter title, because nothing else can top that. I'll just leave that there and move on. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Wow, so they should just be repressed sexually because of your bigoted homophobic viewpoint?"I'm not homophobic, but if you're homosexual, you shouldn't have sex with another guy because that's wrong." (sonic says) Ohio Blackie: If we're gonna be using other people's videos to express our opinions, then maybe, I should too. Anyways, here's a clip from the Seinfeld episode, The Outing: Good old Seinfeld never hurts either. I'm glad to see Fred decided to contribute some comic relief to the situation as well, and he won't be the only one the further we go along. Greek Chorus: "I don't think gay people deserve love and happiness! Have I mentioned I'm not a homophobe yet?" Now, another certain somebody is also getting in on this action... AlphaWarhawk: (replying to The DS Guy's Islam post) https://pastebin.com/Hbu9nMwmHoly boomerang bigotry, Batman. Damn, ACS (or Hawk for you SBMers) himself has arrived, poking quite a few holes into DS Guy's logic with that pastebin link. ACS has a surprisingly good character arc in this miniseries that will continue at a later point in time. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Damn anti-straight propaganda! This whole story is actually anti-straight propaganda in case you have not noticed by now. While we're at it, a certain sports fanatic member is going to enter the ring as well. Seriously, everyone is just dropping in on this parade, who will appear next? The possibilities are endless. Trophy: (replying to The DS Guy's "I am NAWT homophobic post") Alright. Trump is a Republican and he's on the track to become one of the most controversial presidents for not doing anything to help with affairs and only making them worse such as getting out of the Paris Accords which help the environment. (Trump did help with his beautiful post earlier at least) Because you're a Republican like Trump, you hate the environment and you are going to turn this country into literal hell, filthy Republican. (ya filthy animal) Now tell me I'm not afraid of Republicans and we'll call this a day. Trophy makes his big debut. How will DS Guy respond to this clearly serious post? Find out...sooner than I expected, actually. The DS Guy: You're not afraid of Republicans, nor do you hate them. You simply don't like their policies. Fair enough. I don't like the policies of the Democrats, but they can be nice people. Some of my family members are Democrats. I admire how DS Guy seriously and calmly replied to Trophy's clearly serious post. However, more importantly from this comment, you'll notice The DS Guy gave us a small, but unique insight into his backstory at this point. Perhaps The DS Guy does not have the best of relationships with his Democratic family members, and this could explain some of his dislike for their policies. Consider that the author's unofficial explanation. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: the ds guy? more like the bs guy amirite (*drum snare*) Wumbo: I have DSGuyphobia (And I have...somethingphobia) Wumbo should probably get that looked into, because I don't think he can continue viewing this topic with a condition like that. Thankfully though, Wumbo is able to fight his DSGuyphobia off, and continue replying to the topic. Another brave member conquering one of their issues relatively quickly. What a true Canadian hero. The DS Guy: Why is it that homophobia, or anything interpreted as homophobia, unless it's from a radical Muslim, suddenly one of the worst things you can do? (I know, for shame) Once upon a time, homosexuality was a capital crime. (thanks for the info, chief, glad to see he's reminding us on history) I'm not saying it should be now, but it shows that it once was wrong, and yet now, not only is it okay, but it's so okay that anyone who dares to say anything about the behavior, even if they say nothing bad about the person, is considered a terrible person. Trophy: "you hate the environment and you are going to turn this country into literal hell, filthy Republican." The DS Guy was wise and did not take the bait. Next up, in a surprise appearance, PatBack (Web Surfer) returns to SBM on a new account! Killer Queen: Yes, because a SpongeBob forum is an appropriate location to discuss the intricacies of politics (especially in this turbulent climate of ours). (I know right?) Please leave these opinions to yourself. I can respect your opinions, insofar that you respect the opinions of others, but there's a right time and place for such discussion. This is positively not. Wumbo: (replying to The DS Guy's recent post) AND WHY ARE WOMEN ALLOWED TO VOTE (And what's the deal with airline food?) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to The DS Guy's recent post) Because people realized that maybe just maybe they shouldn't restrict people's sexuality just because some outdated book from like 3000 years ago said it was bad? LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE ends us another real cliffhanger. How will events proceed when we reach the midway point in Part 4? The shitposting you began to witness will unfortunately be on the back-burner for a while, but it will come back, and it will be glorious. Stay tuned for Part 4, with a special guest writer...
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    Wow. That is one of the worst posts I've ever seen on this site. I...I don't know what to say.
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 4: SBMslamic Terrorism Last time on Homophobia: The Miniseries, The DS Guy tried to justify his homophobia by pointing out how homosexuality used to be a capital crime, and now, instead of killing gays, we have the gall to criticize people who discriminate against them. To say the least, that didn't go over too well. Greek Chorus: It was once okay to own slaves too. And your point is? (can't have a discussion about a hot button issue without bringing up slavery amirite) Wumbology: what really gets me about this guy is he somehow managed to rent out space in his hamster-wheel brain of a thread for islamophobia too you're not only a bigot you're a rambling incoherent bigot (rambling incoherent bigots are my favorite types of bigots) The DS Guy: (responding to Wumbo's post: AND WHY ARE WOMEN ALLOWED TO VOTE) Oh, and of course you go there. And why not bring up interracial marriage while you're at it. (I can think of a couple reasons) There is no difference between a white person and a black person, but there is significant difference between a man and woman. That's why interracial marriage is okay and same-sex marriage is not. The reason women should have the right to vote is because they are American citizens. Gay people also have the right to vote, as they should. But the right to vote is different than changing the definition of marriage. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: you're beyond saving Killer Queen: I know I'll get flak for this, but while DS Guy seems to be rambling incoherently at the moment, ("seems to be") I can concur with him (please don't) in that Islam does get a free pass for a lot of the homophobia that Christians would normally be harangued for, and I think this is a topic that a lot of liberals are especially hypocritical towards. But what does that have to do with the subject? (why did you bring it up in the first place oh my god there's so many things wrong with that last sentence) You're running on hot air, DS Guy. (that I agree with) Trophy: You know what, fuck it, we should keep this topic open as the example on what not to do when creating a topic, and also have it serve as a reason to classify blatant ignorance as a mental disorder. Deceased Spongetron: (to DS Guy's latest post) this is not even the point of the topic why even YellowShadow: I hate Islam, not gays. (oh well that's okay then) Too all of you who say I'm a bigot (too you too) I DONT HAYE GAYS!!! AND I DON'T HATE GAY MARRIAGE!!!! I JUST WOULD PREFER GAYS NOT BE MARRIED IN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES!!THIS DOESN'T MEAN IM AGAINST GAYS!!! FUCK (I'm glad you responded to those allegations calmly instead of yelling at everybody like a lunatic) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: saying you hate islam is also bigoted but that's not even the topic of discussion, so why are you even bringing it up (Because the thread was getting stale and he figured a dose of Islamophobia would be enough to spice it up) Wumbology: (to YellowShadow's latest post) frame this and put it on my wall AlphaWarhawk: That, and he seems to have glared over my last post entirely. Screw it. The other "religion of peace" deserves this twice. (a bunch of bible verses I don't feel like reposting) The DS Guy: (to YellowShadow's latest post) And it's not wrong to hate Islam because many atheist activists have said how much they hate Christianity. Hating a religion is not the same as hating people who practice it. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but you'd be surprised at how many support terrorism. Maybe not most of them, but more than you'd think. (maybe more than I'd think, but probably not more than you'd think) Ihavedahswag: Homophobic people such as you actually sicken me. People don't choose their sexuality. They don't go, "HA! I'll show those Christians who's boss!" They can't help their sexuality just like you can't help being heterosexual. Imagine if it was only legal to have same-sex marriages, and heterosexual couples couldn't join together as a couple in matrimony. How would you feel about that? That's how you want gay people to feel? Ugh. tl;dr: ew homophobia Greek Chorus: (to YellowShadow's latest post) ok so you're an islamophobe. that is also against the rules i'm afraid. anyway i feel like this discussion is too far gone to really save. enjoy being on the wrong side of history, and let the door hit you on the way out. YellowShadow: (to AlphaWarhawk's latest post) Christians are not forced to follow these laws anymore (christians didn't exist when any of those laws were written (assuming you read them (which I don't think you did (this is just gonna be parentheseption now)))) The DS Guy: (to AlphaWarhawk's latest post) That's the Old Testament, before Jesus came. That was God's covenant back then. Jesus made a new covenant. Many of the laws still apply, but laws such as not eating shellfish only applied for the nation of Israel back then. E.V.I.L: No one has ever on this forum said that radical islamic terrorism was okay. NO ONE. Jesus christ. YellowShadow: (to Greek Chorus' latest post) I don't hate Muslims, I hate the Religion of Islam, and Islamic extremis (yeah islamic extremis is a dick) The DS Guy: (to Greek Chorus' latest post) Harassment of one's religion is different from speaking negatively about a religion. Not all religions are equal. Some say turn the other cheek, while others say convert or kill. (good thing nobody was ever killed in the name of christianity *cough crusades cough spanish inquisition cough cough*) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: "I don't hate people who follow Islam I just hate Islam itself" AlphaWarhawk: (to DS Guy's post about the Old Testament) I saw this excuse coming. The OT is "nailed to the cross", yadda yadda yadda. Unfortunately for your case, that also means your verses that allegedly speak out against homosexuality are no longer valid as well.I don't know if you figured it out, but you just walked straight into my trap. You've got nothing but yourself to explain here, not your supposed religious beliefs. Greek Chorus: (to YellowShadow's latest post) honestly i can't even make fun of you anymore. like, are you even reading/thinking about what you are writing at any given moment (if you have to ask that the answer is likely "no") Killer Queen: I don't see how it's impossible to hate the ideology but not the people who follow that ideology. Hate the sin, not the sinner (without the implication that Islam is a sin, of course). Wumbology: this is a fun thread that all the kids can enjoy i'm sure, especially muslim and lgbt users (I'm not a kid, a muslim, or an lgbt, but I'm enjoying this thread very much) The DS Guy: (to E.V.I.L's latest post) No, but you don't see the LGBT people fighting for the rights of gays in the middle east and north Africa. If any of them do, far more of them fight for gay rights in Europe and America, where homosexuality is not only accepted, but glorified. Somehow, this has gone from being a thread about just homophobia to being a thread about homophobia and Islamophobia with a little bit of racism on the side. What marginalized groups will DS Guy and Co. target next? Stay tuned!
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    how are there homophobes on a spongebob site when spongebob is gay
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 2: Beep Beep I Have HIV As The DS Guy prepares his next scholarly response (it takes time, give him a break guys, he's under a lot of pressure), more sexual tension continues to go on, as we enter...page 2. YellowShadow: If you can't respect an opinion then that's pathetic Especially an opinion that isn't actually even yours, for shame! LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Homophobia isn't an opinion, it's just bigotry. E.V.I.L: Nowhere in this video does he claim gay marriage is wrong so I don't really see your point tbh. (implying there was a point to begin with) If anything he seems glad that gay marriage rights exist and claims "it took way too long for them to happen" And the yt video he's talking about is very different from the casual inclusion of a gay couple in the Loud House. At least find a video that claims your main claim. . . I agree with Hunter's views but yours are not the same. YellowShadow: That's not about gay marriage. It's just my opinion on gays as a whole. (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE) ho·mo·pho·bi·aˌhōməˈfōbēə/Submitnoundislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.Never did I display dislike or prejudice against gays It's a wonderful thing people still know how to use dictionaries! It warms me heart to see our reading abilities haven't completely died. BooBooKeys: I don't know why I would have a "mature discussion" with you if you're automatically wrong. If you're gay you shouldn't have to "keep it away from the children". (seriously though someone should think of the children) It seems like you think that gay people are brainwashing children (I FUCKING KNEW IT DAMN COMMUNISTS), which if you are then you need help. And that friends, is where half of this chapter's title comes from. But where does the other half come from? Hmm...keep reading to find out... Jibbix: "I can't back up my opinions by myself so here's a video from a straight white male mansplaining homosexuality and why I want it out of my face." (fucking white males, amirite?) AND this is the same dude who said "Dear White People" was a racist show? Get outta here. (*mic drop*) YellowShadow: Confirmed sjw Nuggets is an illuminati member confirmed!!1111 Oh and an SJW, those damn SJW whippersnappers ruining everything as usual! Team Azula (with an avatar I can't resize sorry gang): Why can't they get married? They are humans too. I'm a Christian and I support LGBT rights. "Wake me up when I care" is a surprisingly accurate quote to how I feel about this topic right now. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's expert smarty dictionary post) like I said if you don't want someone to get married based on their life choice, that's dislike. Sorry. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) There's nothing wrong with supporting social justice. Only bigots think otherwise. Now, a certain SBC mod is about to enter the ring. Ohio Blackie (aka Freddy boi): I can see this topic going anywhere but up. I don't see the fuckin' problem with gay marriage. I don't see why it would go against your "Christian beliefs", whatever those are. Did you also know that disapproving of gay marriage also counts as homophobia? If gays want to be happy, let them be happy. Saying you're not homophobic yet disagreeing with gay marriage at the same time is just very hypocritical. Yes, you can say "It's my opinion. Deal with it." all you want, but it's still a very bigoted and homophobic opinion. Nothing else. Jibbix: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Confirmed moron. God this place is trash. (SBM IS TRASH) Puppycat: (replying to The DS Guy's og post, who still exists) Doing drugs or getting drunk can actually cause harm in a person's life. Being gay cannot. What is there not to approve of? E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow) You're free to have your opinion, but make sure it's yours please. You spent the entire time saying you are against gay marriage, so you can't say Hunter's views on it as a whole are yours if he's for gay marriage. BrickSponge2015: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Ewwwwwwww.I love how people just resort to buzzwords when they can't continue their argument (Buzz words? Funny story, I keep hearing an obnoxious buzz sound when the term "SJW" is said, maybe I should get that checked out)...though I'm absolutely awful at debates so I should probably stay out of this Wise choice. If only some other knuckleheads had followed that same mantra. Greek Chorus: hold on this conversation is so juicy i gotta draw up my own reaction image I wish I could also draw up a reaction image to this topic, but alas, the narrator is ass at art. Moving on, and hey where is The DS Guy? ...Other than liking YellowShadow's posts. Nobody nose, but his scholarly reply is still coming... E.V.I.L: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) Terms like sjw, nazi, liberal, racist, whatever are thrown around like candy tbh. What does being an SJW even mean at this point? *applauds* You tell em Omair my boy. Now, get ready folks. A certain Canadian user is about to enter this debate. Yup, it's none other than... SOF: (replying to YellowShadow's "damn sjws" post) dude, not funny... (nods) Big boy SOF ain't having this shit, folks. Don't fuck with my boy. SOF isn't the only Canadian getting in on this action though, but we'll save that for later. Now, at long last, our star The DS Guy makes his triumphant return, after doing who the hell knows what other than liking most of YellowShadow's posts! The DS Guy: (replying to Puppycat) Yes, it can. You can gets HIV. (Hear that folks? You CAN GETS HIV. I can gets much amusements out of broken engrish) (replying to YellowShadow's "not tryin' to bomb a bunch of gays or somethin'" post from Part 1) And yet that's what Islamic terrorists do. (oh boy) Just last year, a Muslim shot about 100 gay people at a nightclub. And yet Islam is the religion of peace. Wow, now we're bringing HIV (which I probably have) AND Islam into this, folks! It's amazing how many sharks this topic can jump. Let's see what other things get shamelessly thrown into this next. Maybe we could insert some product placement next, because this miniseries could use it! *grins awkwardly and winks* LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: HETEROSEXUAL SEX CAN ALSO GIVE YOU HIV. BY THAT LOGIC, SHOULDN'T YOU BE AGAINST ANY FUCKING SEXUAL ACTIVITY? hehe "fucking" Deceased Spongetron: ...So does having sex between a man and woman. What's your point? The DS Guy: (replying to CakeCup from Part 1) I did not attack any people and I was respectful with what I said. I did not break the rules, (he did NAWT) so you cannot ban me. If you do, I will fight it. The DS Guy is finally fighting back against the liberal propaganda machine. If anyone tries to ban him, he is going to raise his fists and fight back. Talk about true bravery in the face of stacked odds. What a true American hero. I enjoy the character development at this particular moment, I feel it made his biding time really pay off. Puppycat: (replying to you know which post) Yes, but you can get HIV from straight sex as well without the proper protection. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Yeah you didn't attack anyone aside from the millions of people in the LGBT community. that's all. but other than that you were 100% respectful. Meanwhile, somewhere on the SpongeBob Community Xat, a certain music reviewing Canadian hailing from the SBC village gets wind of the shitstorm going on. They laugh, they cry, and they login. They ponder if they should even reply to this at all. But they must. A hero is needed in the topic. They have to join and do what is right. For justice. Wumbo: why are we giving people a platform to spew hatred why is this in the "serious discussion" forum (are you serious enough to enter the Salty Spitoon?) why is explicitly stating bigoted, outrageous views like "gay people give you AIDS" acceptable discussion in this place this is why I don't come here Damn son, Wumbo just dropped some real talk. I don't think there's any other better way to end this part than Wumbo's debut in the story. Things aren't looking too good right now in this topic, and the staff is nowhere in sight! The DS Guy and YellowShadow are not giving up so easily, and once again, DS Guy will fight back if he gets banned. But don't worry, there is still a light in the distance that turns this thread from being complete shit to hilarious comedy gold. Starting in part 3 onward, let's say Mr. Wumbo, along with several others, begin to master the art of...shitposting. Stay tuned...
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a Terry Crews voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 6: ACS Does A Barrel Roll: The Rise of Beter Griffin Welcome back to Homophobia, kids. Last time, Wumbo questioned if this hilariously horrible debacle had ended fantastically, but unfortunately for us, there's still three more pages of DEBAUCHERY and bigotry (and the beginnings of some REAL shitposting from the originator of the art) left to go! Let's dig in, shall we? Yellow Shadow: While I disagree with a number of things ds guy has said, (same, if that number was infinity) I think he makes a few fair points. He's not all bad. This, readers, is the phenomena some scientists refer to as "Trashception", wherein one piece of garbage agrees with another. More instances to follow. Killer Queen: I think Christian churches shouldn't be forced to marry gays if it is not in their desires, (man, you are.. just really not helping) but what's your stance about formal gay marriage (outside of a religious context)? A pressing question. Stay tuned for the answer. And now, here's Ollie Williams with the SBM weather. Thanks, Ollie. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: *replying to yellowshadow's "you're all bigots" post* Homophobia isn't an opinion, it's just intolerance. (You're damn skippy!) I suppose I could go on a crusade and say that we should discriminate all women's rights and I could hide behind it being "my opinion" by your own logic. (I get the feeling that DS Guy wouldn't have a problem with this yo) Saying that your intolerant perspective is an opinion is just blatant dodging of any criticism whatsoever. Now. While this thread has been prone to a little shitposting beforehand, it's only been light. But now, prepare yourself for the story to change entirely as SBC unleashes it's secret weapon upon SBM: BETER GRIFFIN. familyguybetergriffin: SPONGE BUDDY MANIA IS A VITRIOLIC HATE PLATFORM AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY AND HUMAN DECENCY AND WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW IT The DS Guy: *replying to Jibbix's texbook definition of bigotry post* I'm not intolerant toward people with different opinions of mine. Instead I debate those who disagree with me. Isn't the obliviousness here just DELICIOUS? kite man: *replying to Shrivel's post about how political discussion should be allowed on SBM (LmAo)* I guess I agree with this somewhat. But doesn't anyone else think this topic's a little too much? (nah it's honestly not enough) YellowShadow: I think that's completely fine. I... Damn. Is YellowShadow turning around, renouncing his bigoted ways? Will the whole forum follow suit? Is this the change in SBM that will finally result in quality posts for this topic???? WHY AM I ASKING YOU ALL THESE QUESTIONS? Let's see if SBM can pull itself out of it's rut. familyguybetergriffin: Wumbo: pee tear gryphon YellowShadow: I'm not saying Gays shouldn't get married. I'm saying I'm not that supportive of it in a religious context. AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE ANSWER IS NO! But that just makes it more fun for us. Let's continue our journey into the SBM Savannah, a wild place with wild animals, located directly in - familyguybetergriffin: BAN SPONGEBUDDY MANIA FROM THE ANALS OF THE INTERNET ...Yeah. That's where it's located. Anyway, agreed. AlphaWarhawk: *replying to DS Guy's "I'm not intolerant" post* Don't give us that crap. You and Todd have a great habit of ignoring plenty of things against you. The DS Guy: *replying to Killer Queen's "what's your stance on gay marriage?" post* I oppose gay marriage because gay marriage is an oxymoron; (wait guys, it is now coming to my attention... Yep, yep. They just added this in the dictionary... Gay is now synonymous with the word divorce! Yep. Gay marriage means "Divorce Marriage". DS Guy is right for once. fr tho fuck this guy.) it's counterfeit marriage. Aaaaand we're back to the backwards homophobic bullshit, but at least we've seen through ACS that people can change! Case in point: Jibbix: this is now a beter griffin appreciation thread *mic drop* And the shitposting games have begun. Wumbo: ssj it finally ended fantastically (oh, silly Wumbo. There's so much more awful shit left) Ihavedahswag: *replying to drag's pics of Peter Griffin with chicken* I'm not entirely sure this is related to the topic at hand. (to the contrary, I think it has EVERYTHING to do with the topic at hand) This is supposed to be a serious discussion, (LMAO) take your Family Guy spam elsewhere. (would you prefer Simpsons spam? Cuz we can do that) Wumbo: *@ ssj* enjoy your vacation u deserve it Wumbo leave him alone, going into an obviously shitty thread and clicking the lock button is hard work. Who wouldn't need a vacation from that? Trust me, I'm a doctor. familyguybetergriffin: Hey Acs Wanna Fly a Plane With ME? YellowShadow: *replying to DS Guy's "counterfeit marriage post* I disagree, while I don't really like gay marriage in a religious context,We shouldn't take away those rights. It's like YellowShadow is... speaking like a normal human being with... Morals and shit! I never thought I'd see the day. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: haha same Killer Queen: *quoting Dragiiin's post* ANAL also same The DS Guy: *quoting ACS's exposal post where DS Guy implied we should fucking torture the families of suicide bombers* I'm not saying it's the best idea, but since suicide bombers die, if they knew their loved ones would suffer, they would think before acting. Again, it's not the perfect strategy, but a step in the right direction. I really don't know what the fuck to say to shit like this. What kind of bullshit is this yo. Like what do you even say to some insane Hannibal Lecter shit like- LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: it's not a step in the right direction what the holy hell. the family of the suicide bomber should not suffer for their mistake. Damn that's as good a way as any to reply. And that's certainly a "fantastic ending" to this part! Stay tuned for the next part, where things'll only get shittier, and a love you never expected to bloom, blooms.
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    Well, it's so nice to come home from my first day of college to this.
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    Time for the end. It's been a fun ride, everyone. Special thanks to everyone who viewed this, supported the idea from the start, Hayden for some chapter titles, and Nuggets & JCM for guest writing. Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 8: In the Loud House II Last time, the shitposting masters took the wheel, taking the thread into their own hands. Enjoy this part of the story while it lasts, because we've finally reached the end, friends. How would you describe the current state of this thread? I think our first post says it best... AlphaWarhawk: This thread has become a bizarre mix of "this is terrible!" and "this is gold!". (ACS ends his role on a legit post. For real, it's amazing what an impressive arc he had throughout this story. You know you done fucked up when ACS rationally calls you out. How is The DS Guy ever going to recover? This is one unresolved cliffhanger.) Trophy: Man I thought I was straight as a ruler but this topic made me like Trophy admits this topic probably made him question his sexuality, as this topic most likely did to many other members, the author included. Wumbology: (replying to ElectricPikachu's angst rant in the previous part) lowkey this is why we cant have serious discussion on this site because human rights are equated with opinions on ranked lists of cartoon episodes (THANK YOU) Killer Queen: everyone knows that everything after season 3 is trash (Agreed, the absolute worst episode was the one where SpongeBob discusses homophobia. What an inappropriate topic for a children's show. Absolutely appalling. I could not believe he would stoop that low, he let me down.) YellowShadow: BTW, I'm asexual (Ooh, we have a character revelation in the final part of the story!) Jibbix: (replying to ElectricPikachu's angst rant in the previous part) so it's sounding like you don't want people to talk about or uh, do anything ever (For the final Nuggets roast in the story, it's only fitting he gets another one of these: *mic drop*) Killer Queen: (replying to AlphaWarhawk) tHiS tHrEaD hAs BeCoMe A bIzArRe MiX oF "tHiS iS tErRiBlE!" aNd "ThIs Is GoLd!" (aNd KiLlEr QuEeN cOnClUdEs tHeIr ArC wItH aN aVaNt GaRdE pOsT) Ohio Blackie: It's fitting how Fred got in another comedic (and probably true) post before the lock. Here's yet another character arc that came full circle. Wumbology: NICE MEME This is our final Wumbo post. A very fitting end to his character. He walked in guns blazing, and then walked out not taking anything what just happened seriously, like most probably will. That's Wumbo for you. What became of Wumbo after this? Well, some say he returned to the SBC Village to continue his music reviews, but this journey may have changed him for the better... YellowShadow: This topic went from serious, to memes. (It did? I thought it went from memes to serious! I don't know about you, but Beter Griffin is pretty serious)The fifth season of Oggy and the Cockroaches debuted on June 30, 2017 on Gulli[1] and July 1, 2017 on Cartoon Network. (Thanks for the info, chief)Unlike previous seasons, Season 5 is about Oggy and the cockroaches in the past, which is basically an expansion of Oggy and the Cockroaches: The Movie. Because of this, the soundtrack in this season also reuses some of the soundtracks from the movie, and the intro and outro is different. Each three episodes is about one period. (WARNING: INCOMING WALL OF TEXT) YellowShadow decides to end his arc in the story by showing us how much he loves Oggy and the Cockroaches with his own shitpost. Unfortunately, it pales in comparison to the beauty of Beter Griffin and others, but at least he threw in the towel, so I'll consider that a form of character development for him. At least you all also know he's asexual, never forget that key detail when walking away from this story. I'm sure he'll be a champion of asexuals everywhere. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to YellowShadow's "BTW, I'm asexual" post) you're like 11, bit too early to tell if you're asexual or not (SHRIVEL concludes his character arc with a very thought-provoking and serious observation) SOF: comedy gold! (SOF gets in one last glorious one-liner) BooBooKeys: YellowShadow: (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE) 13. (Did Shrivel just assume Yellow's age? For shame!!!) familyguybetergriffin: sponge sex mania is a garbage Greek Chorus: (replying to Trophy above) I was already that bendy, if not bendier. (Here, even Greek Chorus admits their sexuality! This entire thread will probably make a lot of people do that in the future, so it could be historic in the SpongeBuddy Mania future for that reason alone.) familyguybetergriffin: HOMER SEX WEIRD This is a beautiful final post for familyguybetergriffin in our story. He went in a shitposter, and out a shitposter. He will be remembered as a hero in future generations for saving this topic. Bless him. Renegade the Unicorn: ...By God, DS Guy...you are THE MOST PATHETIC PERSON I'VE EVER SEEN. YOU ARE A HYPOCRITICAL, SELF-SERVING BIGOT WHO DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE ON HERE. You claim to hate homosexuals (hell, the entire point of this topic was to rant about how a gay couple in THE LOUD HOUSE, of all things) and yet you have an unhealthy, almost lustful, obsession with PieGuyRulz and Mr. Enter. (!) ...You know, this reminds me of one of my favorite Disney songs. And it fits you perfectly. Damn son...Renegade, in his first and only appearance, just called DS Guy OUT. He also brings up an interesting theory. Is The DS Guy himself actually gay, considering his proclaimed obsession with favorite YouTuber Pieguyrulz? There's a hell of a theory to end the story on! E.V.I.L: I go to Target for less than an hour (There's our explanation of where E.V.I.L has been the past few parts, it's a shame he had to miss out on the best part though. What a tragic ending to this character arc.) Trophy: hey guys I think we should take a vacation from this topic and just push everything off to later because we're sure to agree on things like sensible adults with the power of friendship!!! (Trophy ends his character arc with a very true thought. The power of friendship can always save a topic, based on how we all banded together ourselves to shine a light in the darkness of this topic.) Well then. Get ready folks. Here is the final post in the topic before the staff finally decided to lock it for good... YellowShadow: (replying to Renegade above) So many capital letters That is the final known post in "Homophobia", as after this, the staff finally gave it a rusty lock. It finally ended fantastically, at least. YellowShadow's post is a truly poetic way to end the thread. Many scholars will be speculating on the philosophical and metaphorical meanings behind YellowShadow's final post in the thread. However, you may be confused by one loose end: Where did our thread maker The DS Guy go, you may be wondering? Nobody knows where he went after Part 7. Some say he gave up, because the shitposting was too godly (it was). Others say he had a realization and slowly began to question his own sexuality after the events of this topic. He very well could be. Perhaps this experience made The DS Guy realize his true sexuality. Or maybe he knew the whole time, and decided to troll everyone on SpongeBuddy Mania. Or he meant every word and learned absolutely nothing after this experience. We'll never know the true answer. That's just life sometimes, unfortunately. Maybe it's for the best we don't learn every answer. But the true answer is best left up to your interpretation. Now what became of The DS Guy's partner in crime, YellowShadow? He remains on SBM doing...stuff. Some day in the distant future it is rumored he may write novels about asexuality. Who fucking knows, not even I can think of a good future for that boy. Jibbix, Trophy, familyguybetergriffin, Ohio Blackie, LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE, Wumbology, AlphaWarhawk, and others received praise for their handling of the thread in the second half. Some would've just continued screaming and shouting, but these brave men decided to change the topic for the better in their own unique ways. Trophy himself even got promoted to a moderator after this, some say due to his actions in this topic, or because of other reasons the staff had. Who knows. Some say Jibbix's roasting was so good, he had quite a lot of burnt food to eat that night. Others rumor that in the future, he becomes a writer on SpongeBob, writing a praised episode satirizing these events. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE may have died on the inside from some posts in this topic, but he came out a reborn man. Wumbo probably won't return to SBM anytime soon, but some say in the distant future he forms a famous band along with Fred Rechid, writing a song titled "Homophobia" recalling the events of this thread. ACS eventually became a famed air pilot, but also managed to find time to continue calling out The DS Guy in some surprisingly epic ways. WhoBob eventually did return to SBM, and not even I know if that will be permanent. E.V.I.L eventually became a famed scientist, and has a good laugh about this thread in his ponders. As for the rest? Eh, nobody really knows, but like I said, you can leave their fates up to interpretation. However, let's never forget the true hero of the story: familyguybetergriffin. Had it not been for his brave actions to step in and not take anything seriously, the thread could've gotten even worse, or locked earlier than expected. He's a hero SpongeBuddy Mania in general deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Someday, he may return... THE END (Maybe someday I'll do another story for the next SBM drama)
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    I currently live a half hour away from downtown Charlottesville where this took place and use to work three minutes from there. The phrase "this hits super close to home" can't even begin to describe how shocked this makes me feel to see this plastered all over my local news channels. This is not the Charlottesville I know and this is not the America I know. This whole incident is just disgusting. Such a gross display of violence and using tactics employed by radical Islamists. Our failure of a president doesn't even denounce it right. My mailman could have delivered a more thoughtful sincere speech than that scripted bullshit Trump recited declaring both sides responsible. Trump has already shown the free world who he is no matter how many times he backtracks on Twitter or posts revised statements so I'll just say this. One of the sides used a motor vehicle with the intent to kill and succeeded.
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    the more important question is why the fuck you joined every single group like it's pretty damn obvious you're not into Todd in the Shadows
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    Yup. A new literature by yours truly. Based on the dramatic SBM event itself... https://www.sbmania.net/forums/topic/58989-homophobia/ A miniseries retelling the events portrayed in said topic. Follow the intense plight of one man...The DS Guy. Watch as he shares an opinion that soon results into utter chaos amongst his fellow peers, along with the comedy, action, drama, and tragedy that follows. STARRING... The DS Guy YellowShadow E.V.I.L. Trophy WhoBob Wumbology AlphaWarhark (aka big man ACS himself) Aquatic Nuggets as "Jibbix" PatBack as "Killer Queen" Dragiiin123 as "familyguybetergriffin" LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE and moar Coming soon to theaters... Chapter Guide: 1. In the Loud House I 2. Beep Beep I Have HIV 3. You Don't Have To Finger Him 4. SBMslamic Terrorism 5. Bigots & PatBob 6. ACS Does A Barrel Roll: The Rise of Beter Griffin 7. The Art of Shitposting 8. In the Loud House II
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    oh my fucking god no way could you not tell the comic was meant to be sarcastic
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    Because it's white supremacists and Nazis who showcased a display of hatred and got people injured and killed. We don't need this "both sides" talk. We need our president to acknowledge white supremacists and Nazis (and actually call them that) and call them out specifically.
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 5: Bigots & PatBob As we enter Page 5 on our journey, look away at your computer for a few seconds. Now back to me, look away again, and now back to me. We are officially halfway through our story, but there's still plenty of excitement to come in the second half. It's going to get crazy, trust me, much like a few members in this topic probably are. Alex SquarePants: Keep in mind that this is a Spongebob site made for children. (at least someone thought of the children, thank you Alex) E.V.I.L: (replying to Killer Queen's post in the previous part) While I don't disagree with you on the Islam part, I also don't see why it was even brought up here in the first place. (because, silly Omair, we gotta make this the most controversial and diverse topic in SBM history!) Ihavedahswag: (replying to The DS Guy's previous post) Please, how on earth is homosexuality glorified? ("because you touch yourself at night" - ssj) The DS Guy: (replying to AlphaWarhawk's previous post) Not so fast. (!) The New Testament also speaks against homosexuality, so it's still valid. Now I know what you're thinking. (You do!? Get out of my head, sicko!) Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. No, but the apostles did, and they were inspired by God. (and as Barney taught us, the apostles are always right!) kite man: I think it's time to lock this topic (Not yet, we're about to get to the funny stuff next part!) Puppycat: I don't know how anyone could not support gay rights after seeing what a good job SpongeBob and Patrick did with that clam There's some hot PatBob for any shippers. Look at how brave and progressive this story is. E.V.I.L: (replying to The DS Guy's LGBT rights post in the previous part) I genuinely agree with you that the rights of those in the East are often compromised for more trivial things in the West, but I still don't see why this means it's so bad to occasionally represent LGBT people in the media. (because it goes against his religion, and that's not cool ) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: why are we relying on a fictional novel (oops) (!) to determine whether homosexuality is bad or not, wtf is wrong with people Trophy: (replying to E.V.I.L's "nobody said radical terrorism was okay" post in the previous part) I'll advocate for it if it kills me because I'll be glad to be away from this topic. Wow, this got dark so quickly I forgot to blink. Will Trophy be our character death in the story? Oh, who am I fooling, it's a story based on a SpongeBob forum topic. If you're expecting death in this, you're reading the wrong story. CakeCup: (replying to kite man) Not only that. I think it's time to ban the DS Guy before things get even worse. (Or keep him unbanned so I can make more stories like this in the future) The DS Guy: (replying to kite man) Why, because you can't argue with me? (So...you want him to argue with you? I'd assume you would've said, say, "Why, because you can't agree with me"? But you think he wants you banned because he can't argue properly with you? Are you trying to imply something here...?) This post seems to hint The DS Guy is secretly loving the backlash he is getting if he wants arguments that badly. Maybe he is just secretly trolling everyone at this point to piss people off. Or maybe he's just bored and wants attention. OR...what if The DS Guy himself is actually in love with arguing on the internet?! I'm onto you, DS Guy! This would add a lot of depth and interesting theories to his character if true. Consider this either a headcanon from the author, or random bullshit from my ass. Greek Chorus: We've been arguing with you this whole time. (Silly me, I just assumed you were having a simple "disagreement of opinions") Have you even been reading our responses? The DS Guy: (replying to CakeCup) If I said something wrong (I think there's been more than one wrong thing so far), that would make sense. (but this topic is making none) But what I said is not wrong. (you hear that, he is NAWT wrong! I still love his brave determination <3) I can't think of any reason why people would want to ban me (You poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and brought a plague down upon our houses!) other than because they don't like what I say and to keep my views hidden. (Or maybe because you're playing them all, I'm still onto you) YellowShadow: Homosexuality isn't wrong. (Homer: That's good!) It's just my opinion that I would prefer then not be married in Christian churches. (Homer: Oh, that's bad...) It's not bigotry. (Homer: That's good!) It's an opinion. (Homer: That's bad...) Bigotry would be protesting against gay rights, outright hating gay people. (Homer: Can I go now?) kite man: (replying to The DS Guy's "you can't argue with me scrub") No, because this kind of discussion just doesn't belong here. I mean, this is a G-rated website (It is!?) and we've gotten into homophobia, islamic terrorists and religious beliefs all in one. It's time for it to calm down. (I disagree, I think it needs to go several steps higher: Let's throw in politics, sex, drugs, death, conspiracy theories, etc. Make this the edgiest topic in SpongeBuddy Mania's history, would give me even more story material.) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to YellowShadow) Considering you're against gay marriage, then you ARE protesting against a right that gays should be able to have. MY CHOCOLATE LEG!: I know I'm late (fashionably late though, no worries), but wow this disgusts me. How can you say that you're not homophobic when you literally say that having gay parents on a TV show is wrong, and that a child should have a mother and father only? How delusional do you have to be? I mean, I'm not even trying to be rude here, but where is this logic coming from? (the same place "you can gets HIV", apparently) The DS Guy: People call us bigoted because they can't fight us anymore. (There's a fight going on? I thought it was just a simple "argument", based on your earlier post. Are you sure you're not fucking with us?) As soon as you resort to name-calling, you're admitting that you lost the argument. (Oh, so NOW it's an argument, eh wise guy? Now I'm pretty positive you're trolling us, but continue with your beautifully written angst rant) You can't win if you attack the person rather than what they say. They like to demonize us to say, "Why should I argue with you? You're just a homophobe." (And I'm a knucklehead mcspazatron!) What they are thinking is, "I can't think of anything. You beat me, so I'm gonna demonize you to make myself look better." (I guess all of the posts that calmly called out your argument without any name calling are just chopped liver then) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to kite man) This mindset shouldn't be here. Just because it's a Spongebob site (lol I forget that it even is sometimes) (Wait...this is a SpongeBob site? I thought it was The Atheist Community) doesn't mean there should be zero room for any political discussion whatsoever (though after how this topic's been going, maybe political discussion is best saved for the monkeys, since lord (hehe) knows humans can't do it) Jibbix: big·ot·ry (oh fuck, Nuggets is breaking out the dictionary, shit is going down now!!!) ˈbiɡətrē/ noun intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. the door is that way brother (*mic drop*) YellowShadow: I'm not protesting. I'm starting a preference. (You're starting one? Let me know when it ends) It would be different if I said GRR!! I HATE GAY MARRIAGE!! KILL THEM ALLor something like that. (I think I'll choose "something like that", since the other one is a bit too violent) CakeCup: >WHAT YOU SAID IS NOT WRONG. Oh boy oh boy, you are so wrong. You have been discriminating LGBT folks for a while and it really annoys the rest of the community. You are in the wrong here. There is NO denying that, since you say that you aren't homophobic yet you believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. (I personally believe marriage should only be between a sponge and a starfish) You have NO right to discriminate other groups of people because they are homosexual. The rest of the SBMania community is fed up with your attitude, including me. /thread (damn girl, again) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: No, we don't respond to you because your head is so far up your ass that convincing you of your bigotry is like trying to convince a vegan to become a cannibal (Considering how this story is going, maybe The DS Guy will resort to cannibalism and eat you guys...never mind) YellowShadow: (replying to Jibbix) Then, you guys are bigots (The DS Guy's a bigot, YellowShadow's a bigot, they're all bigots, I'M a bigot! Are there any other bigots I should know about!? Bigoted Gary: Meow) Wumbo: hey ssj is it ending fantastically yet (Not yet, since we still got three whole pages left! Woohoo!) Will the topic end fantastically (spoiler: it will)? Will The DS Guy finally find common-ground with others (spoiler: nope)? Will PatBob become canon? Stay tuned, true believers, as the shitposting comes back in full force next time, thanks to one unexpected member who helps save the entire topic...
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    In the past I made some really crappy paper drawings for SBM, and later on got a graphics tablet to improve my art, which never happened, because I lost the stylus like 3 weeks later. So after those messes, and eventually becoming more interested in video games, I decided to try out making 2D sprites. I love how games have evolved and how beautiful they can look, although I really appreciate older games' sprite art and animation, its surprising how much depth and smoothness some of them have. I haven't tried animating any yet, although I plan on it. And while they're not that great, and I'm eventually going to try diff styles, as well as backgrounds and more than just characters, here's some that I made earlier this summer: (jimmy and harvey are unfinished lol) Tell me what you think, and if I should improve on anything or any other styles I should try, and if you want me to sprite anything, as long as it isn't too complex. I'll be posting more stuff as I finish them
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    Notice: Everything in this literature is a fun parody, and anything written below does not reflect the author's views on said users portrayed in the story. Also, read every user voice in a dramatic voice, makes this very lulzy. Part 7: The Art of Shitposting Last where we left off, many users began to give up at any attempt of serious discussion, which was probably for the best. Familyguybetergriffin, an alt of the original shitposter from SBC himself, Dragiiin123, appeared to salvage the thread. Many others began to follow his actions and resort to...the art of shitposting. Not even the SBM staff, The DS Guy and YellowShadow are any match for what is transpiring, as they just let it happen. It's honestly the best thing they could've done. ACS also called The DS Guy the fuck out on some bullshit and the thread briefly turned into a Beter Griffin appreciation. I told you guys a light was coming, and here it is. Trophy: (replying to Ihavedahswag in the previous part) If you think anything like this is ever going to be taken seriously anywhere on the internet then you're going to be in for a rude awakening. (Aloha to that, brotha!) The DS Guy: (replying to YellowShadow's post in the previous part) Fair enough. At least you're tolerant and don't want gay marriage shoved down the throats of Christians. (and of course there's nothing wrong with Christians shoving their religious beliefs down people's throats either!) AlphaWarhawk: (replying to familyguybetergriffin's "fly a plane with me" post in the previous part) Normally, I would, but sadly, I am only an eel. Jibbix: (replying to AlphaWarhawk's post in the previous post exposing DS Guy) yo I never thought the day would come when I would say this but I love you Yes, as is shown above, Jibbix finally proclaims a (probably hesitant) love for AlphaWarhawk, aka ACS. This likely may be the last time Jibbix will ever have a positive interaction with him, but enjoy it while it lasts. But who knows, perhaps a new (bro)romance is blooming depending how the wind blows in the future... familyguybetergriffin: THIS IS WAT THE GAYS WANT (and this image is repeated about 20+ times, but I don't feel like reposting all of them) Wumbology: (replying to The DS Guy's "shoving down throats" post) shoved down the throats you say () LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: Trophy: (replying to The DS Guy's suicide bombers post in the previous part) They think before literally killing themselves in the name of God, I think they'd find their loved ones worth it if they can't value their own life enough. The DS Guy: (replying to LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE's "not a step in the right direction" post in the previous post) I kind of agree with you. (!) It's not completely fair, (I imagine torturing potentially innocent members of their family would be more than "not completely") but how else are we going to deter suicide bombers if they know they're going to die? (Simple: show them this topic. It's been working miracles for both sites, maybe it can help end terrorism too) Ihavedahswag: (replying to Trophy's post in the beginning) You're right. Homophobia is just something that really irritates me and it bugs me to see it's not being taken seriously. (I believe comic relief was needed during all of the sexual tension, so I for one am glad people stopped taking it seriously.) But this is the internet, and this is DS Guy we're talking about, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up. (I'm surprised you even had hopes for him to begin with, there's your problem son) AlphaWarhawk: (replying to The DS Guy's "step in the right direction" post from the previous part) Prove me once, shame on you. Prove me twice...??? *mic drop* Damn son, ACS is dishing out the juicy dirt yet again. I think he had a perfect character arc in this story. Nobody expected him to appear, but he appeared, and gave some nice roasts to The DS Guy. Made a very nice rivalry arc. familyguybetergriffin: DS GUY IF YOUR SO SMART SOLVE THIS ON E Will The DS Guy ever solve this conundrum of a math problem?! Sadly, this is one post he never replies to, leaving one loose end. YellowShadow: (replying to The DS Guy's "shoving down throats" post) I don't think it was ever shoved down our throats. (Whoa, YellowShadow isn't agreeing with The DS Guy for a change!? What witchcraft is this!? Did we just have an out of character moment, or is YellowShadow changing his ways!? Bah gawd!) (replying to AlphaWarhawk's eel post earlier) I be just a painting of a head. (and I'm just some creepy guy stalking an SBM topic so I can paste it over here) (replying to familyguybetergriffin's "this is wat the gays want" post) Yum Oggy (agreed) Trophy: (replying to Ihavedahswag earlier) It's not being taken seriously because the one arguing against it is a joke and is being treated as such. familyguybetergriffin: Who else wishes beter grifin and homer simpson where gay (my OTP tbh) The DS Guy: (replying to Trophy's "killing themselves in the name of God" post) You may be right. (May be? That's the closest thing Trophy may get to a compliment from The DS Guy, so he should savor this comment for years to come!) But for the terrorists who survive, they should be tortured. That will deter the next terrorist. (and here we are in 2017!) familyguybetergriffin: Damn, that's hot...again. First PatBob, then an unexpected Nuggets and ACS sort-of-tolerating bromance, and now Homer x BPeter! This is one progressive story that will hopefully go down in history. Wumbology: (replying to familyguybetergriffin's "who wishes beter and homer were gay" post) homer's sexual Killer Queen: STAR PLATINUM! (notice: below image spoilered in case of seizures because I don't want to get sued) ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA (I agree) YellowShadow: (replying to familyguybetergriffin's sexy image above) No (yes) Unfortunately, there goes any chance of a redemption arc for YellowShadow with this one word post. Shame. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: this is making me homersexual (same) Jibbix: (replying to Wumbo's "homer's sexual" post) ITS EVEN IN HIS NAME THE LEFT HAS BEEN PUSHING THEIR LIBERAL GAY AGENDA SINCE THE 80S (I KNEW IT THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CONSPIRACY THEORIES IN AMERICAN HISTORY) ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY #MAKEAMERICASTRAIGHTAGAIN Killer Queen: ElectricPikachu: OK, listen. Why are people talking about social issues around the world today, like homophobia, racism, sexism, religionism, LGBTQ+, heterosexuality, relationships, Donald Trump? (!) See, this is why I don't care about people today. (why thank you) I don't know why 20+ people at SBM are looking at this topic. (maybe because of how fucking hilarious it's getting) Look, I'm not against LGBTQ+, I'm not against heterosexuals, or Donald Trump. I despise how people are still talking about these issues. (oh) I confess I'm Catholic and aromantic asexual. (aha, a confession!) I'm the latter, because of the people overexaggerating about this and the fact that I show no attraction to anyone. This is why the world doesn't need change like this or go back to the old days. The world needs change by stop caring about liking or hating on stuff like this and be whatever they want to be or whatever they want to do (except drugs and alcohol, the only things that people should avoid and worry about). The world is basically victimized by people. Why are people talking about activities like you know what I mean. How did this topic get to 5 pages in less than an hour? Wow, just wow. I hear pre-teens/teenagers talk more about this than adults. This is terrifying. I wish discussions like this never exist in life. (so I take it you don't want people to talk about anything then) I wish people were less critical, sensitive, irritating and ashaming. I'm not just blaming on you guys, but everyone on the world. (Everyone betrayed me, I'm fed up with this world!) By the way, do I care what people think around the world? 100% No. Not at all. I never watch news, I never focus on things like this, I barely focus on the present day. I'm never really part of it. I just wish that people should stop being overexaggerating just like with worst SpongeBob episodes lists. (...You're comparing real life issues to lists for a cartoon show. Makes sense to me.) I guess you guys should lock this and stop causing any arguments. (don't lock it just yet fam, let's see how much more godly shitposting we can fit in) I wish people will stop talking about topics like this. (you must be fun in real life) That's all. I'm not being angry, just calm and honest. ...Did I read a rant or the lyrics for the next Simple Plan song? Because holy crap, that was so whiny and angsty it could be the latter. LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE: (replying to Jibbix) i hate being out of likes (And I hate almost being at the end of such a heartfelt story ) LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DIE ends us on another legit cliffhanger, which is also our last cliffhanger of the story. We're nearing the end, loyal audience. The next part is it. The end to eight pages of comedy, action, drama, suspense, suffering, shitposting, and tragedy. The topic's fun could only last for so long. But what will become of everyone at the end? Will The DS Guy have a change of heart (spoiler: nope)? Will anyone be banned or punished due to this (spoiler: nope)? Is YellowShadow truly a lost cause (spoiler: yup)? Will any other surprise guests drop in before we end? Find out who shot Mr. Burns in the final part of Homophobia: The Miniseries...
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    They're doing the Nazi salute and holding up the Nazi flag...that is not okay. This isn't about "being attacked by PC culture". This is actively spreading hatred. And hearing about that car driving into anti-racist protesters makes this even more messed up. Violence is not going to solve anything. I hope those who were injured will be okay and my condolences for the person who was killed.
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    After the catastrophe of the Charlottesville topic, I'd like to first take the time to apologize for the argument that broke out. When I first created that topic, I had intended solely to let people who might've been out of the loop know what was going on and have a better understanding of what everybody was talking about. While I'd known that political topics in the past had gone awry, I was hoping for a civilized discussion about the events. I would've hesitated in creating the topic first if I'd known what was going to happen. The topic seemed to get locked overnight, which was unfortunate because I wanted to get some of my thoughts out about the issue before its lock. However, I think it's ridiculous that we can't have a political discussion here without it turning into an unnecessary debate, especially with something as un-debatable as the fact that white supremacist groups have attempted mass-vehicular manslaughter. Even more interesting about this situation to me is the fact that recently, we had a relatively popular lit on here about the Homophobia topic on SBM and how ridiculous that drama was. Yet, somehow, I feel that the drama regarding the Charlottesville topic is even less justified. There really should only be one opinion, that being that the events were tragic, and even if you could somehow find a way to defend the rioters at the Unite the Right event, there's absolutely no justifying murder on either sides. Ask yourself, does this need to be debated? What is there to debate about this very concept? I'd like to see a day where a politically-charged topic, even if it's intended to spark a debate, can be civil and respectful, but most importantly, be relevant about the topic itself. Is this possible? Or is it true that it really is impossible to bring up a topic like this on a kid's forum? I'm interested to know what you all think about this.
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    It's not even the ooga-booga "ess jay dubyas" vs the alt-right, it's those who don't want hatred and bigotry vs. those who do want it. Since when was it a bad thing to be furious at blatant intolerance, because every 'extreme' example I have ever seen you use is an isolated strawman who most of the left don't even take seriously.
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    Because there is only one side to blame. The side of bigotry, hatred, and fear.
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    And what happened to familyguybetergriffin, you say? Find out in: White People: The Miniseries coming never 2020
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    Yup, to close out SBC's summer, here's our next new forum event! This is a jellyfishing themed event. The site will be transformed into a jellyfish paradise. Jellyfish will appear all over SBC, and your goal is to see who can catch the most through games! Each game will reward you at least one jellyfish as a prize for winning it, but there will be a few other secret ways to find jellyfish. Whichever user has the most captured jellyfish by the end of the event will receive several mysterious and epic prizes. The event starts August 18th, 2017 and concludes September 4th, 2017. Here are just a few games to expect during the event: SpongeBob Jeopardy! SpongeBob Wheel of Fortune Dunces & Dragons SpongeCraft SBC Music Jelly Parties 24 Hour Posting Contest Club SBC Competitions This will be a more chill event in the vein of Camp SBC and Summer Knights, but there will still be some competition to it! May the best jellyfish hunter win!
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    Oh hey it's Episode 75. I think that's calling for a special installment of SBCinema, but what widely known movie should I mock next you may ask? How about a real piece of Warning: This movie might have broken me a tad bit while writing this. 75. The Emote Movie Film: The Emoji Movie is an emote that lives in Emotopolis, a digital city inside the phone of his SBC user MDPP. He is the son of two laughing emotes named and , and is able to make multiple expressions despite his parents' SpongeBob expressive upbringing. His parents are hesitant of him going to work, but insists so that he can feel useful (…if you say so movie.) Upon receiving a PM from his crush Homie, MDPP decides to send her an emote. When is selected, he panics, makes a confusing expression , and wrecks the emote center. is called in by , a smiley emote and leader of the emote center, who concludes that is a "malfunction" and therefore must be deleted . is chased by , but is rescued by , a once popular emote who has since lost his fame due to lack of use (true shit). He tells that he can be fixed if they find , and accompanies him so that he can reclaim his fame #MakeSmirkGreatAgain2017 . sends to look for when he finds out that he has left Emotopolis, as his actions have caused MDPP to think that SBC needs to be fixed. and come to the Emoticon button where they meet :waddles:, who wants to reach fame and glory so that he can live in the Archives. The trio is attacked by :hands:, but manage to escape into the game Spongecraft. reveals that can be fixed in the Archives, and the group goes off into the Tapatalk app. While there, is revealed to be :plankton2:, who fled home too after tiring of being stereotyped (huh?) They are once again attacked by and their actions cause MDPP to delete the Tapatalk app. and escape, but is taken along with the app and ends up in the trash…(just like this movie concept.) and go searching for and have a very hilariously bad argument. They make up in the Shoutbox when reveals that he, too, is a malfunction explaining 's behavior. (What does this do in terms of the long term effects of this story? Absolutely nothing, but you’re laughing now…right ? ) While traveling through the forums, admits that he likes just the way he is, and that he should not be ashamed of his malfunction. They make it to the trash and rescue :, but are soon attacked by an upgraded . They evade it and enter the Spambox, where they encounter a firewall…of EMOTE SPAM. The gang get past it with a password being Homie's name (that’s not creepy!) and make it to the Archives, where prepares to reprogram . admits his feelings for , but he wishes to stick to his plan of venturing into the Archives, unintentionally causing to revert to his programming out of heartbreak (how sad!). The upgraded takes , and and race after them. As prepares to delete , and arrive and are also threatened. and arrive and disable , which falls on top of . MDPP has since taken SBC to Invision Power Services and asks to have the site erased to fix the problem (okay even though these parenthesis are out of mocking how stupid the actual movie is…talk about an over exaggeration even in parody form). Out of desperation, prepares to have himself PM’d to Homie, making more Patrick faces to express himself Realizing that Homie received a PM from him, MDPP stops SBC from getting erased, saving the emote and finally getting to speak with Homie. accepts himself for who he is and is celebrated by all of the emotes as JCM appears in a cameo and talk about how we as a society deserve better than this. (Better ending than a song and dance number…amirite? But wait!) In a mid-credits scene, is seen wearing numerous braces due to his tiny structure being cracked by :hands:, playing and losing a game of Go Fish in the "loser lounge" with the other forgotten and unused emotions like , , , and . (I think that last one sums up this parody nicely)
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    Wise choice. Yeah, I'm just going to lock this for the time being (but not permanently), so everyone can cool off and because I'm kind of tired of approving posts in this. I may clean this thread up at another point in time. Also: ...Yikes.
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    Also, I may as well share one of my favorite comics while we're at it.
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    All I know is that an SJW wasn't the one who plowed a car into a group of anti-racist protesters and killed someone.
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    show me the "SJW" or antifa member that ran over someone with a car and killed them if naziboy mcswastika were a muslim would this be easier for you to grasp?
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    ter·ror·ism ˈterəˌrizəm/ noun the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.
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    I believe that this hasn't been posted on here before but here you guys go
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    How are ''''''''''SJW's'''''''''' and freaking white supremacists in any way, shape, or, form at the same level? Even if there's violence in both sides, I would think it's fair to say the violence to defend the eradication of minorities for just being minorities is a bit worse than violence protesting racism!!
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    The guy used a car as a murder weapon to scare the anti-racist protesters away. That, by definition, is terrorism. It's like an Arab setting off a bomb in some city: using a deadly weapon to scare people into obeying what the perpetrators want. In this case, they wanted the protestors to go away.
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    Anyone who looks at this and says "violence on many sides" is not disgusted by anyone and was forced to do a press conference. Trump is a white supremacist.
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    So gay people can have sex...but they can't get married. Hey, at least that logic gives them more rights than a Catholic priest, who can't have sex or get married! And I'm sorry to say that you're not on the "fundamentalist Christian team" if you believe that, as I'll get to in a second... "If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." - Leviticus 20:13 BUT THAT'S JUST THE OLD TESTAMENT Nope. First of all, a fundamentalist Christian is someone who believes every part of the Bible is "from God". Second, did you know the apostle Paul was a well-known homophobe who criticized churches that condoned homosexuality? "In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error." - Romans 1:27 I am not a Christian, but I have studied enough of the Bible to back up my arguments on why I don't believe it's the word of God and why homophobia is wrong regardless of what it says. And I can express that opinion civilly, not hide behind fucking Youtube. Or use it as a scapegoat for the other side. "EVERYONE THINKS EVERYTHING IS SJW PROPAGANDA NOT CONFORMING TO THE ALT-RIGHT" Public Service Announcement. Youtube =/= The general public I just don't know what to say about SBM at this point. I know most of them are kids, but serious arguments about politics and religion can not work if you're not willing to level with people who think differently than you.
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    hey all this is my return to spinoffing after a good 6 or 7 years. the last spinoff i wrote was named futurdrama so read that. twas good. but read this. EPISODE 01: FOUR LOKO PONG.. It's a calm day in sponge buddy mania land. Everything sits silently in the palm of a hand in which emulates a beach. We are all circlejerking talking about Spongebob and how we love it. I look ssjgogita straight in the face. I love him. "ssj" I say, tears in my eyes, hand on my deck, "i love you cracker" ssj looks at me. looks down then looks at me again. "you too you dumb bitch." we kiss for five hours but it feels like a solid six. after a raucus spongebob roleplay sex session i recede to my room and read some texts about videogames and their influence on modern media. after about a half an hour of reading i made a chart of western videogames vs modern videogames. it was clear. anime was deprevity and what americans were making were plain movies. "fuck it" i said to myself. and i made a bath and dropped a lush bath bomb and quietly counted all the tiles that weird mybe spanish guy installed in my apartment. i was content. "hmm" i missed ssj. more than anything, i missed the feeling of being with ssj. thats when i called him and he answered. "hey". i said. shaking to the bone. "we should make this real." i could practically hear his muscles shaping into a smile. "let's go." i went over to his house and he fucked every oriface on my body for about 72 hours. after about three weeks settling i was pregnant. my name is spongebob squarepants and this is the birth of spongebuddy mania. REVIEW DIS SHIT
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    hey all its dragiiin 123 with a new spin off based around the people of sbc. like this post and review in the review thread if u want more. inside the spoiler is the first episode so read it yall
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    It was an intense, action-packed, and exciting fight between good and E.V.I.L. Both sides put up a good fight. But in the end, only one side could win, which were the nefarious Villains! Here are your prizes for winning: -2,000 doubloons -Exclusive Dirty Bubble collectable icon -Free root beer -A lifetime supply of lemons I'm only giving these prizes to people who were active for at least one event. Special thanks to everyone who participated in this event. I had a lot of fun setting it up, it was something different. But all good things must come to an end. The Heroes and Villains will disband tomorrow, and the Band Geeks and Drasticals will return as normal. Feel free to say your farewells to anybody you worked with. If you were on the same side as a former enemy during this event, you will go back to being mortal enemies starting tomorrow (or for the next teams event, whichever you prefer). Before we wrap this up though, as tradition, here's an MVP list of who won the most games during the event (Note: This counts shared wins, including Super Games and the one team Jeopardy game): Villains 1.) @Infinite with 5 wins (Villains MVP) 2.) @JCM, @Doug Dimmadome & @Reverse-Flash with 3 wins Heroes 1.) @The Dayman with 6 wins (Heroes MVP) 2.) @Kiyozu♡ with 3 wins 3.) @DarknessDG & @sbl with 2 wins
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    Episode 1: Episode 2 coming soon!
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