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    I give this show one season before it gets moved to Nicktoons.
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    Just got her today and she is absolutely gorgeous. <3
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    So, I've recently watched the most recent episode with Poof's little return.... I haven't changed my mind on what I think about season 10, but the more I decide to look into it, it becomes clearer to me of what a complete scrapyard of a mess it has become. First of all, ignore all that I've said about putting the blame on Butch for this season's sheer lack of quality. He is a talented and creative man regardless of all the problems I have with the newer seasons of FOP. The writing is the real issue here and there's no one else to blame but Butch's current writing team. I've tried so much to defend the most despised seasons of SpongeBob, but no matter how much I could try and look into season 10 of FOP, I find no reasons to defend this. I mean seriously, have you guys ever seen a post-movie SpongeBob episode that went along, in my own words and perspective, the style of this?: Let's have a boxing kangaroo that's always going to say "shrimp on the barbie!" "Are you Poof????" lol so funny. Let's have Poof talk, but we want him to impersonate any notable celebrity, so our adult audience can get a crack out if it! Gilbert Gottfried! Donald Trump! Elvis! Arnold Schwarzenegger! Al Pacino! Shrimp on the barbie! Foop is back too, and Poof also brought his other friend from Spellementary that I don't know the name of! Chloe babysits the fairies, but uh oh, Foop creates a plan to suck Cosmo and Wanda into a blackhole in disguise of a fancy restaurant! Shrimp on the barbie! Let's make Timmy's dad so stupid that he talks like a child no more than three and gets babysat by Chloe! He's also too stupid to notice there are fairies, but fairies can co-exist with humans anyway, because no one knows exactly what a fairy looks like, RIGHT? Also, Mr. Crocker is in this episode for some reason! Shrimp on the barbie! Also, Vicky is in this too and she's the real villain of the episode! Chloe and Timmy are now held captive by Vicky and are trapped by litter and brussel-sprouts! Never mess with Vicky and her own job! Now it's Chloe vs. Vicky! SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE! THE DAY HAS NOW BEEN SAVED! COSMO AND WANDA ARE BACK, AND SO IS MR. CROCKER, BUT THEIR CHROMOSOMES ARE NOW REARRANGED! S H R I M P O N T H E B A R B I E ! Yeah, this episode pretty much broke me. As of now, this is the Fairly OddParents: no Da Rules, no regulations, no limitations, no coherence, and little effort at all, just a whole bunch of randomness. SpongeBob did have some of its crazy moments, but I have never seen an episode of SB that felt so chaotic and forced into lowest common denominator style of entertainment like this episode of FOP that I just saw. If this show ever gets yet another miraculous series renewal, then I SERIOUSLY hope that the next season could give this show a moment to inhale, breathe, and exhale, unlike S10 where the show is breathing in and out so much, and it's like it's saying, "Look guys, I'm still breathing!" Maybe then, the show would feel more focused, consistent, and bring back some of its old roots, but I can only dream that it could happen. For as long as S10 may last, the only reason for me to keep watching is to see just how chaotic and aimless it would continue to be. Oh, and the show is now animated with Adobe Flash. The fact that it starts by the latter half of S10 makes it messier in general, but I can at least say that I don't mind it as much. Excuse me if this sounds like repeated commentary, but S10 is so bad enough, it's giving me more things to say.
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    my 10 year old self would be FREAKING OUT right now
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    I dyed my hair a little darker a couple days ago, also a birthday selfie.
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    Since this has the same writing staff as FOP S10, I'm not really expecting much quality from it. Like others have said before, Steve Marmel was pretty much a key reason in why early FOP and Danny Phantom's first two seasons were pretty good. Butch's stuff since then without him has been...well, yeah. I suppose it might end up being slightly better than modern FOP, but that's not really saying much in the grand, twisted scheme of things.
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    The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, its just a spam! Weeeeellllll, It's The OBAB Show! Part Two We open up to the aftermath of even more spam courtesy of The OBAB Show on SBM. There is simply far too much spam for all 7,706 members to take in from the constant sounds of it. The SBM population actually takes it upon themselves for once to send in reports alongside their usual tactic of making their grievances be heard just loud enough for staff to stumble upon on an hourly basis. The wave of negativity was threatening to drown out new episodes of The OBAB Show. But OBAB wasn't about to let the constant chanting of "Please Retire!" and "GTFO!" get to him and magnum opus. Fellow content creators on the site such as Bricksponge and Spicy Burrito were also taking the time to voice their displeasure instead of reporting at The OBAB Show's constant shoving down their throats despite their shows being either nothing to write home about neither or has barely even got off the ground enough to warrant the ego. The obviously most qualified content creator of the bunch, Vladimir King, Declared The OBAB Show To Be Obsolete In Comparison To The Broken Brilliance Of The VK Show And Called For Its Deletion, to which Ssj actually began to consider along with flat out banning OBAB from SBM, which got every member wet in solidarity behind their leader for once. The scene fades out in obsoletion and comes back to OBAB strolling around SpongeBuddy Mania on his last legs, sulking over the fact that everybody around him doesn't even know what a spam is. He soon comes across Amphitrite and CakeCup, who are cracking jokes at his expense. (Shouts outs to the homie, WHDYTv1) OBAB stomps on over to their convo in anger and interrupts, CakeCup leaving Amphitrite high and dry right when he arrives. Amphitrite: Oh, OBAB, hey OBAB: Are you laughing at me? Amphitrite: Oh my god no, just no. She just made a joke in response to my serious question. OBAB: Oh, so she just made a joke about me in response to your totally serious question, didn't she Amphitrite: No- OBAB: You know, I could really shove my show down your neck OBAB quickly stops himself before he does something he'll come to regret later when he back pockets to SBC. OBAB: ...I'm sorry... He staggers off and leaves Amphitrite be. Amphitrite: *Dashie gulp* Oh my god! CakeCup (from a safe distance): Are you okay? Amphitrite: Cup, you know what, I was thinking about taking a break from SBM anyway. I think I should just leave right now, right? CakeCup: Suuuuure. Later that evening, Amphitrite posts a new obligatory status update announcing her upcoming leave of absence right before making another obligatory status update that officially marks the start of her leave of absence. She races to her nearby getaway vehicle. Amphitrite: Aaahh OBAB! OBAB: How could you be so cold? You were so rude. Amphitrite: What do you mean? I wasn't- OBAB: You were laughing at ME, not at my show! Tell me you weren't laughing at ME! Amphitrite: OBAB, I was not laughing at you! OBAB: Look me in the eye you liar! Amphitrite: OBAB, I was not laughing at you, please! OBAB: You think this is funny, don't you? I'm a good noodle, a man of my word! I gave ssj my word that I would be a good noodle! You know what that means, Princess?! Amphitrite: Please, I don't- OBAB: That's right, you all don't know what it means! It means that I have to leave now! Amphitrite: OBAB, please, it's going to okay! Look, I'm leaving too- OBAB: But you get to come back, I get no backsies! You think it's that simple for you to just "wanna" leave, huh. Laugh at Ol Bold and Brash and then LEAVE. Well lemme help ya! Amphitrite: OBAB! Come on! Please OBAB! STOOOOP! OBAB: RED ISN'T HERE! How about that?! Is that what you want?! Amphitrite: OBAB COME ON THAT'S MY OUTI A6! Come on, OBAB, please calm down. That's my getaway, please, OBAB. OBAB begins to break down, like Amphitrite's car. And in a semi-rare moment of concern for OBAB, Amphitrite tries to comfort him to calm him down. Amphitrite: OBAB...OBAB are you- OBAB: Don't act like this touches you! What do you think I need, your pity?! Amphitrite: OBAB, no! Please! I was just trying to- trying to hel- OBAB: I don't want you pitying me! Amphitrite: Please, I'm not trying to pity you- OBAB: Excuuuuse me, princess, but I don't need you pitying me! Amphitrite: OBAB, JUST CALM DOWN! Calm down! Oh my god, my car! OBAB, please, it's not that bad, but please, just CALM DOWN! OBAB: You want calm? Princess, do you know what I've done?! Do you understand?! Amphitrite: I do! I do! OBAB: I gave ssj my word that I'll be a good noodle and that I'll leave if I weren't! Now either I'm a good noodle and leave amicably, or I'm a man of my word and cry about it with my tail between my legs with the door hitting me on the ass on the way out! I am a good noodle! OBAB takes a moment to think his situation through. OBAB: I'm in this position now...because of ssj. I'm in this position now, because of people like you, princess. Amphitrite: Come on, OBAB, I'm your friend. It even says so on our profiles- OBAB: People like you who report me. Amphitrite: No, no, OBAB! OBAB: You didn't report me? Amphitrite: No, OBAB, I never even use the report button, ever! OBAB: You think this is a spam? OBAB: DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A SPAM TO YOU?! Amphitrite: PLEASE OBAB COME ON! OBAB: IS THIS A SPAM NOW?! HUH?! Amphitrite: Please OBAB, you're spamming me! Please! OBAB: I'm spamming you? You wanna see a spam? I'm gonna show you a spam Amphitrite: Oh my god. Amphitrite: OH MY GOD! OBAB! OBAB: UUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Amphitrite: OBAB THAT'S MY GETAWAY! STOOOOOO-AAAHH!! OBAB fully tilts her getaway car over as Amphitrite stands back in shock and fear. Amphitrite: OBAB, oh my god! Amphitrite: *Dashie gulp* Amphitrite: AAAAAHHHHH!! She cheeses it for her life and trips a few steps in before getting back up and cheeses it again only to trip another few steps away. OBAB follows not too far behind and gives chase at a casual pace.
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    The Killer Krab 11. Taxes
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    The Killer Krab 8. Look At That Bacon Sizzle
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    The Killer Krab 7. A Date with the Health Inspector
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    2016 was a weird year for movies. After the burning dumpster fire that was 2015 to me, 2016 was without a doubt a step up, but something just felt off about the film industry this year. I’m not just talking about the high number of high profile celebrity deaths. Despite the record year at the United States box office, thanks to Disney’s MASSIVE box office grosses, something just felt incredibly stale about the massive tentpoles this year. Minus a few exceptions, 2016 was the year that could best be summed up with: “this was a better movie last time”. I know I’ve talked about this for so many years now that the massive amounts of sequels, reboots, and remakes are going to effect the long term health of cinema, but this was the year where I truly felt like that Hollywood has destroyed creativity by not giving original stories a chance. So many of these scripts felt like they were not even ready for prime time television. With the original ideas and content going straight to television, only the blandest and stalest of ideas are being sent to theaters and today I’m going to cover the worst of the worst. Don't know if it's just me but that dishonorable mentions list went on longer than usual. Anywho, time for the main list. The one that I know you've all been waiting for...yes every last one of you on this site about an underwater sponge are waiting for a movie list that has nothing to do with him. We're counting down! CLAPPY'S TOP TEN WORST MOVIES OF 2016
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    The Killer Krab 6. A Patty, is a Patty! That's What I Saaaay! (Part 2)
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    Got my commencement photo taken. Graduation here I come.
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    70 (part three). Multiple Film: Split (2016) Omni escorts RK back to his chat room and tells him that Hunter "will be here shortly to inform you on the importance of tonight." Omni heads to the corner and switches around accounts, coming back logged in as Hunter. Hunter informs RK that he and the others are to be "sacred food". That they are about to witness the debut of "something greater." Hunter reveals that he originally planned to prepare five sacrifices, but that the "other three were absent, of all times" so he had to improvise and hopes that Lochinvar will still be satisfied. Hunter leaves RK alone in his chatroom as he heads off to continue preparations for Lochinvar's arrival. Ssj visits TF51's base of operations, just as Hunter is about to log off. Hunter invites ssj inside so they can continue to discuss Lochinvar, as well as "The Club", which is the collective name given to Hunter, Omni, Grandmaster, Carolus, Santi etc by some of the other personalities. Ssj says that he sees everybody on SBM as his family, he's seen members come and go and get lost in the shuffle of life. In spite of their differences, he feels the very same towards ACS and his personalities as well, and he sees the potential in what they all can bring to the fold. But the idea of Lochnivar being real is still beyond him. Ssj soon becomes genuinely startled as Hunter goes on about the philosophies of Lochinvar, who believes that The Club shouldn't be considered less than by common members, but that they are capable of far more than both communities combined. Hunter also reveals that he had lied to ssj before. Hunter says that he has, in fact, seen Lochinvar, describing Lochinvar as being old, even older than The Grandmaster, but with a far stronger will, resolve and bod. Hunter claims that Lochinvar is beautiful, more beautiful than their fairest maiden, Omnilectric. He concludes by saying that Lochinvar is "the culmination of all the violence you see on your SpongeBob fan sites, the spawn of all your wildest wet dreams, the product of your weaknesses, Lochinvar spits in the face of SpongeBob, your lord. With Lochinvar, we are truly greater than. Lochinvar will be the one to cast judgement around here, Lochinvar will be the one to bully the cyber bullies. You should already know Lochinvar's greatness for you have already been in his presence." Hunter lets out that Omni thinks that ssj's way isn't working, and Hunter finds himself hard pressed to agree with her based on the daily happenings of SBM alone as well as the continued public scrutinization of The Club. Ssj despairingly believes that there must be a limit to what a human being can become and what they can do. Reaching his own breaking point, ssj feigns enthusiasm in the philosophies of Lochnivar and tells Hunter that he would like to pick this up again during their next meeting. Ssj asks to go to the bathroom and while "afk", he sees a locked off private chat. Ssj codes his way inside to find Nards there; scared, alone and begging for help. Hunter catches wind of this development and informs Ssj that these SBMers will never reach their full potential. Ssj reminds Hunter that instead of a righteous act, he's, in fact, committing an egregious wrong and that this is the lowest that ssj's ever seen him sunk. Ssj tries talking sense to him, that Lochinvar has only emerged because of all his bad experiences on SBC and SBM. Hunter uses these unfortunate circumstances as ammunition to use against ssj and knock him out before he can help. Hunter makes his way to New York, where the Twin Towers once stood. Nards and Grubby (being in the locked chatroom next to his) communicate through the walls and encourage each other to try and find a way out. Grubby puts his moderating skills to the test, trying to hack his way out of the chatroom. RK miraculously manages to hack his way out of his chatroom and comes upon the The TF51 Files section. Blocked by another wall of code, RK tries his best to hack through it while sifting through TF51's many individual files, which includes Santi, JD, Felix, KD, Ed Oxenbould, and Carolus. Santi, JD, Felix and KD's are, more or less, the same with same ole anti-SBC rhetoric while Oxenbould's shows a meeting he was having with M. Night Shyamalan (in a super special guest cameo). Carolus' chronicled his growing worries about some of the other personalities colluding against him and his gradual realization that there may just be a possibility of Lochinvar actually being real. Hunter buys a bouquet of flowers before finally arriving at Ground Zero. He lays the bouquet down in remembrance of all those who lost their lives there and giving him the freedom to make a YSFlight recreation of it. Hunter officially logs out, giving way for Lochnivar to drop in and take control in an excruciating process for the New Yorkers to see. Now fully in control, and exuding an incredible amount of power and activity levels, Lochinvar quickly sprints his way back to his captives at breakneck speeds. Ssj comes to, still in the TF51 site. He creates a new page on the site right as Lochinvar logs in and presses "submit". Lochinvar proceeds to thank ssj for always hearing them out and giving them the benefit of the doubt. Lochinvar glomps ssj before blurting out "if only that were the case". Lochinvar grips ssj in a tight bear hug, stripping ssj of his disguise and revealing him to be none other than MDPP, who has been standing in for ssj at most of his meetings with TF51 in order to give him a break from their shit. MDPP tries to fight back by bashing Lochnivar, but finds that nothing he does can even faze Lochinvar. Lochinvar continues to constrict his arms around him like an anaconda. MDPP gets one more laugh in on TF51 by revealing that he's actually Face, who stood in for MDPP because twins, but it doesn't even faze Lochinvar, who finally breaks Face's spine in half. Back in his chatroom, RK finally let's his anger flow through him and with a fireball, busting his way out of the file room and onto the main site. He finds an open chatroom, peering in to find Grubby Grouper's dead body, having had his tears fed upon right through the eye sockets. RK hears a noise coming from the chatroom next door and he reluctantly looks in to find Nards still alive on the floor, but he immediately gets dragged deeper into the room before he can say anything and gets torn to shreds by Lochinvar while also having his tears harvested. RK retreats and locks the chatroom. He then comes upon Face's lifeless account as well as the post that Face made, which instructed "Say his name- Landon Allen". RK then finds himself face to face with Lochinvar. RK screams his name repeatedly, which forces Lochinvar to log out and allowing Landon to log back in. We briefly see a flashback of a Kid Landon's earliest memories on the Internet being heckled by YouTube trolls, using his real name as his username. Landon has no memories of what he's done, he then sees the havoc that his personalities have wreaked for himself and asks Rugratskid if its' still February 2011. When RK replies that it is not, Landon staggers back in fear. He tells RK that he has a shotgun and some ammo to use against him in his TV Tropes tab. He tells RK to do what must be done. RK proceeds to go ahead and do just that, but his personalities all start logging back in at once. MR17 breaks through first and says that the actions of The Club doesn't reflect all the other personalities such as himself so he should be exempt from any hateful fanfics about them. Ed Oxenbould interrupts and says that he's got to get on set for Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Movie 2. JD and Felix fly into an impotent rage before being sedated and thrown back into the subconscious by the real Carolus, who says that he's working to improve not only relations with the SpongeBob forums, but relations within himself. Carolus gets expelled from "the light" as Grandmaster logs back in and retakes control for The Club. He teases RK, saying that he shouldn't have tried to get in his flight simulator. Grandmaster rants about how everybody teased and made fun of him for being so old and so anal about a couple of children's forum, even going so far as to say that somebody like him in the world can't even be real. He praises Lochnivar for finally legitimizing him so that nobody can hatefully parody him ever again before handing the reigns off to Omnilectric, who taunts RK for being a mere child taking on the very best of what a human being can accomplish. RK says Landon's name again, which forces Omni to log out and puts Landon seemingly back in control. RK tells Landon that he's stronger than them, and to remain in control. Landon tries holding The Club back before casually relaxing with a smirk on his face. RK asks who he's speaking to, to which Landon replies that he is ACSBehemothHellcat. ACS says that he hasn't worked this hard for six years to have it all be undone, so he put Landon to sleep far, far away "in the deepest dark" so spamming his name won't do anymore good. ACS elaborates that more sacrifices will be made, and that he knows just where to find them. ACS belts out that "this is only the start!" He proceeds to give RK a head start, wanting him at his best for Lochinvar. ACS logs out, allowing Lochinvar to log back in and forcing RK to run for his life. RK switches to the TV Tropes tab and finds the shotgun and ammo he needs, but Lochinvar is quickly catching up to him. RK makes another run for it in order to load the gun, but Lochinvar trips him and proceeds to tear RK all sorts of new ones, fucking up his leg and ripping off parts of his avatar and revealing part of RK's real reality image of himself. RK aims his gun back to see that Lochinvar has already retreated back. RK eventually finds himself cornered in a discord server, so he tears off what's left of his avatar to improve his vision, locks himself in and readies his gun for the worst. Lochinvar lurks close by and declares that SpongeBob forum goers are impure, that they have not endured true suffering, bullying and misfortune. He rants about how they can dish out pain but cannot bear to take it, that they are untouched, unburned, unslain so they have no value in themselves and are unfit for this world. He lunges at RK, who gets a shot off and it makes contact, but it doesn't seem to slow down Lochinvar. Lochinvar tells RK that nothing can hurt him, he renders any and all ammo against him useless. He says that he is not human, that "Landon is ACS, I am much better!" RK unloads even more on Lochinvar, who tanks everything that Rugratskid can dish out and shakes it off little effort until RK runs out of ammo. Noticing that, Lochinvar proceeds to lay siege on RK, who resorts to getting angry in order to flame Lochinvar and set him ablaze. But even then, the flames don't even seem to burn Lochinvar, who proceeds to lunge at RK just as he was, but stops himself suddenly. Lochinvar lays eyes on Rugratskid's exposed true self for the first time and sees the various mental scars that adorns him. We get one final flashback to Kid Rugratskid at a funeral. His uncle approaches him and he tells the young boy that he's sorry for his lost, that spontaneous combustion runs in the family and even took the life of his own father. He informs Kid RK that he's gonna take care of him from now on and asks Kid Rugratskid whether or not he's gonna be a problem. Het gets no answer from the boy before angrily noticing the Simon Chipmunk doll that he's holding in his arms right as the flashback ends. Lochinvar says that RK is "different from the rest" and proclaims that Rugratskid's heart is pure and tells him to rejoice, for "the broken are better". Lochinvar spares a flabbergasted RK and leaves the scene. Not long after, a staff member for the YSFlight HQ discovers a shell shocked Rugratskid within the confines of their ysflight community and gets him help. Rugratskid takes in the surroundings of where he's been this entire time. Rugratskid's uncle arrives to pick him up, but RK isn't having his abuse anymore. Meanwhile, Landon is in his chatzy by himself, with The Club united and in complete control now, minus Carolus. Hunter logs in and says that the ammo didn't even pierce them while the flames extinguished without leaving any burns, they all came out of this parody completely unscathed and victorious. JD logs in and is amazed before rolling on the floor laughing over how "everything we do is just 2 SPOOKY!" Grandmaster also logs in, also amazed and rolling on the floor laughing, asking "They're gonna believe that we exist now, right?" Omni logs in and replies that they're gonna have to. ACS logs in and tells the other that they'll all be safe now under Lochinvar's protection, all they have to do is just show him awe and THREATEN SBC. They make plans to show the SpongeBob Community what they're truly capable of, plotting to attack them through their own lits. The last scene is an SBC News Report detailing The Club's crimes. SpongeSebastian reports that the Lochinvar personality is an amalgamation of all the notes and ammo that ACS compiled from both SBC and SBM throughout the years, countless tv tropes entries, as well as ACS's understanding of how satires work. He also reports on a freak fiery explosion that took place at the YSFlight Headquarters not long after RK was recovered. One of the members viewing the report, Spongetron, bad mouths The Club and brings up that one guy who usually makes cameos in each of these episodes. Spongetron: This reminds me, whatever happened to that sarcastic guy who usually makes a cameo in these episodes? He had a name with three letters in it too. What was it? The Good Guy: JCM, mang. Spongetron: Oh yeah.
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    The Killer Krab 12. Big, Scary and Pink
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    70 (part two). Multiple Film: Split (2016) In another meeting with Ssj, ACS returns as Carolus. Ssj doesn't believe that he is really speaking to Carolus, though. He is beginning to notice Carolus exhibiting characteristics and hostility that is normally seen in other personalities like that of Hunter Ace One. Carolus continues to insist that relations between the two sides have gotten better, great again, even. Ssj once again brings up the fact that ACS has a buhmillion different personalities and that each one of them serve their own purpose in the grand scheme of ACS. Ssj brings to the light the fact that the other, more benevolent, personalities have been passing along a sort of urban legend amongst their ranks during past meetings about there being a supposed "buhmillionth and first personality", one that can "post at lightning fast speeds, can tear people to shreds with through the force of his words alone and feed on their tears, can compel others to ride his dick and kiss his ass, as well as withstand any and all forms of bashing and flaming without so much as a scratch, all while having the ability to systematically and effectively shut down a forum." Carolus confirms to Ssj that there is absolutely so truth to such a tall tale and that Santi just made it up to to make them feel more empowered. Seeing that Ssj is still unconvinced that he is Carolus, Carolus tries proving his point by doing the one thing he knows Ssj would expect from him; posting up a picture of a metal band front man and claiming it to be himself. Ssj plays along and tells Carolus that it is his job to test him, much like how it is TF51's to test his patience, and ends their meeting there. Some time after the meeting, Omnilectric visits RK and Grubby and feeds them more kindling to the fire. Grubby is forced to reveal himself in a reality image, while RK only posts up a doodle of himself and Vanessa Hudgens. Omni tries to do at least something with RK's hair while they eat, telling the two fun facts about how the fatwood that she's feeding them is called rich lighter in Louisiana before causing RK to jolt up in pain from her rough hair brushing. She allows RK and Grubby to step out of their chat room in order to have a more formal meal in the site's dining section. She prepares more kindling for them, but gets alarmingly upset when she burns them more than needed. Omni tries to calm the mood down by preparing a new batch of kindling and telling them more fun facts about how fatwood lights quickly even when wet, is very wind resistant, and burns hot enough to light larger pieces of wood. RK starts a conversation by saying that he heard the smoke produced by fatwood is considered to be excellent bug repellent. Omni commends his fatwood knowledge and suggests that maybe SBC could use that method sometime. Grubby takes advantage of the situation in order to slap Omni with a warning point and lands a kick from behind. Omni reels in pain as Grubby cheeses it out of the dining section. She grabs ammo to give chase. RK tries intercepting her, but she points the gun at him and orders him to get back to the chat room and lock it up, which RK obliges to. Grubby finds himself in an awkward close up shot in what seems to be the main page of this site that they're trapped in. He tries clicking link after link desperately for a way out but they either don't load or lead to nowhere. Omni catches up to him, using the ammo that Grubby generously provided during his escape attempt to bully him and lock him away in another private chat. Meanwhile, Ssj and his bottom bitch, Aya, debating over WWE matters while reviewing archives of the chat's daily happenings, specifically looking over activity that took place during just that day. They see that another spat went down between a couple of the members that ACS was logged in for. Carolus would log in not long after and remained silent throughout the whole thing before leaving. Ssj found this odd since the members of TF51, be they malevolent or benevolent, are usually never this shy about making their overinflated opinions about how a spongebob fansite should be run be known. Ssj ponders to himself just what is Hunter up to. The next morning, Grandmaster, having spent the night sleeping with RK to keep him company now that Grubby is gone, talks to RK playfully. Grandmaster even asks RK for tips on how to flirt with girls since he had a crush on Aya and Cha, but "Hunter didn't abduct them with the other two" so he wants to make sure he brings his A-game for when the time does come. RK lectures him to the best of his abilities, using all the times he flirted with a Vanessa Hudgens poster as reference. Grandmaster mentions his music collection, saying that he likes to dance to some Ed Sheeran. RK asks him to show him his homepage so that they could listen and dance to some Ed Sheeran together, but really to find a way out. Grandmaster is hesitant about RK's intentions until RK earns his trust by telling him his deepest, darkest secret; that he killed his father in a freak accident. Grandmaster tells RK that he'll show him his homepage and "something cool" once Hunter gets back from his next meeting with Ssj, revealing how annoyed they both are by Carolus always finding a way back into the light while they sleep in order to contact Ssj. We get another flashback to Kid Rugratskid, who has just come home from school, after another daily dosage of bullying, to find that his father has just discovered his secret stash of plush dolls. His father demeans him for this hobby and approaches his son with ill intent before the flashback ends. During said meeting, Ssj is growing more wary as Carolus continues to reassure him that relations are still as great as they've ever been and that he just called for this meeting in order to make sure that ask is still listening to their backseat moderating. Ssj resumes imposing his stance that the "Carolus" he is meeting with right now is Hunter, to which Carolus continues to vehemently deny. This prompts Ssj to bring up an incident from the past where ACS was mourning the inevitable shutdown of the Delta Queen, when members of the SpongeBob Community came and bad mouthed him for it. The incident drove ACS to his breaking point and that Hunter Ace One eventually came into being in order to help him cope with it. Ssj assures Carolus that he doesn't see any of them as really bad guys and he knows that a lot of them have sincere, good intentions. Ssj theorizes that yet another traumatic event has happened to ACS online once again, which has given the likes of Hunter and Omni, who were both banned from "the light", the strength to take back control and help ACS through things again whereas the other personalities simply aren't as strong to do so. Ssj lets out that he has come to see the likes of Hunter as being "necessary" in ACS's online life, unlike this "Lochinvar" that he's been hyping up to scare everybody with. This moment rubs Hunter's ego enough to finally drop the charade and reveal himself to Ssj, who is glad to finally meet him one on one. Hunter responds to ssj's skepticism of Lochinvar by informing him that "Lochinvar is very real" although Hunter says that he, himself, has personally never seen Lochinvar yet since all of ACS's personalities reside in a single room in ACS's mind, all sitting in chairs with iPads, whereas Lochinvar is said to reside where "the twin towers fell". Later that evening, Grandmaster sneaks RK to his homepage, where he spazzes out to "I'm a Mess" by Ed Sheeran. RK interrupts his rave to ask whether or not there are any windows for him to click on and totally not escape. Grandmaster uses this as ammo to grow wise to RK's ruse, but RK begs him in tears to not fib on him to the others, seeing this as his only chance to find any escape route. RK reminds Grandmaster that he wanted to show him something cool, to which Grandmaster reveals it was a new version of YSFlight that he got, because of course. RK sees this as his chance to escape and asks if he can play with it. Grandmaster tells him that he "can get a feel of the controls but that's it". RK ignites the plane and prepares for takeoff, trying to communicate with the control tower on his position and situation, but Grandmaster attacks and RK gets angry sends the Grandmaster reeling back in pain with a hard elbow to the chest. The contact made leaves a burn mark on Grandmaster's shirt. RK finds himself struggling with the controls for this comflab simulator as Omni logs back in to detain him before kindly removing him from the plane. Back on SBM, ssj sees that his inbox is full of cries for help from ACS's many other personalities. Hey, if you made it this far, it turns out I'm gonna be splitting this into three parts! Really wanna do the source material justice and make the most of it, ya know. Final part will be up tomorrow!
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    70 (part one). Film: Split (2016) We open up to a chat party actually being held at SBM chat. The SBM Five are running the show and everyone else in attendance are just glorified background characters. Also in attendance was Rugratskid, who was only invited to come onto chat out of pity. When the party eventually dies down due to petty drama, arguments and the like, it all comes down to just Tropical Nards, Grubby Grouper and Rugratskid. With the rest of the SBM Five off spamming their over the fucking hill inside jokes in the SBC ask threads, Grubby and Nards decide to include RK into their conversation. Suddenly, ACS pops up into the chat going by the name of Hunter Ace One. He nonchalantly interrupts their two sided convo and proceeds to knock both Grubby and Nards out with some non-lethal ammunition which he gathered from viewing said two sided convo. RK attempts to exit out of the chat but fails epically before giving Hunter ammunition to knock him out too. Hunter brings the three to a windowless chat room on an unknown site. He picks Grubby out of the three and starts to bully "Big Sexy" out of the room. RK grabs hold of a frightened Grubby and tells him to "cry your eyes out" before Hunter can fully take him out. A few seconds later, Hunter kicks Grubby (who had indeed cried his eyes out all over Hunter) back into the room and leaves them be. Grubby tells the others that Hunter wanted him to "save the Delta Queen", which is unnerving enough. Nards wants for all of them to team up so they can outnumber and just wail on the guy 3-to-1 like usual, but RK is trying to remain calm about the situation and says that they need to at least hear Hunter out more before doing anything rash. We then see a flashback in which Kid Rugratskid is being bullied by a bunch of kids from school over having Alvin and the Chipmunks dolls. His father and uncle then try to teach him to defend himself by getting angry. Ssj receives a report, that a member actually sent in for once, about the disappearances of the three members. He then receives a PM from a member named CarolusJohanneus, saying that they need to speak and it is urgent to SBM-TF51 affairs. Carolus is a leading member of Task Force 51, as well as one of a buhmillion distinct personalities that are inside ACSBehemothHellcat's body. ACS holds meetings with Ssj in this personality regularly over keeping the peace between the Task Force in ACS's mind and SpongeBuddy Mania. Ssj inquires whether or not anything is the matter to justify the urgency of Carolus' previous message, but Carolus assures him that everything's fine and that he was just feeling under the weather and needed to know that Ssj was still willing to listen to them, even inquiring if Ssj has any backup plans in place should anything happen to him and SBM is left without a leader for them to backseat moderate. Ssj assures him that he has a qualified replacement in mind should that day ever arrive, which it won't, and that it shouldn't be keeping Carolus up at night touching himself. Meanwhile, the three captives continue to find a way out of their situation. They manage to eavesdrop on a convo that Hunter is having with what seems to be a female member. Nards and Grubby both pop boners and call out to the female member for help, but their boners are instantly killed, as this movie parody's first fatalities, when they find out that it is just ACS clad in a dress, high heels and a blonde wig. This personality is named "Omnilectric", whose sole defining trait is that she is a very blonde girl apparently. Omni assures the three that their captor knows what they're here for and that "he is not allowed to threaten you. They listen to me. I am the one thin membrane, the one piece of ass, keeping a pack of raving man children from raiding your SpongeBob fan sites." Ssj is in conference with the rest of his staff for a podcast, in which they discuss all the hoopla going on around SBM as of late. Ssj reveals that he has made a breakthrough discovery that ACS's team are, in fact, not all one and the same. Through his years of studying, he has come to the conclusion that ACS suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Ssj talks about how some personalities have capabilities that the others may not possess, such as being very blonde or landing a starring role in an M. Night Shyamalan film, as well as his own sixth sense of telling just which personality has come to "the light" and is in control. He concludes the conference with the startling revelation that people with DID can change their body chemistry with their thongs. Shit, I mean't "thoughts". Stupid autocorrect. The captives meet another personality named "The Grandmaster", who is a 69-year old man with the mentality of a 9-year old. He claims that "Lochinvar is on the move" and that he just had a Red Bull. Grandmaster elaborates to them that "Lochinvar has done horrible things to cyber bullies and Lochnivar will do horrible things to you." before informing them that he also had some Blue Bull too. RK talks to Grandmaster in an attempt to get a way out by telling him that Omnilectric and Hunter are mad at him and that he's now in the same boat that he, Grubby and Nards are in. Grandmaster breaks down and leaves in distress. Using a hint that Grandmaster gave before leaving, RK and the others start looking for a way out in the walls that enclosed them. Nards finds a hollow spot in the chat room and starts breaking it out board by board. Grandmaster tries coming back, but RK and Grubby hold him back as Nards makes his escape. ACS reverts to Hunter and effortlessly knocks back RK and Grubby with the ammo they just gave him. Nards navigates his way through the unknown site, running for help. He finds a place to hide in, a section titled "The SBM Files, but he is Nards so Hunter uses that as ammo against him in order to immediately find him easily. He orders Nards out of the file cabinet before stuffing him back in and then forces him to take his glasses off, throw them on the ground and to put the now broken glasses back on. He then locks Nards in a private section of the site by himself. Apologies, but I'm splitting this up into two parts in case it's getting pretty lengthy (also if some of the material is dated, but its dated for a reason. I'll just leave it at that). Second part will be up tomorrow or the next day.
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    UGH, I was actually enjoying the latter half of the story up until the part with Sandy confronting Mr. Krabs. That has to be the most cringeworthy cliche in horror/mystery stories, confronting someone you know is a murderer just to tell him you're going to rat him out. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN, THAT HE'S JUST GOING TO GO, "OH GOLLY ME, THE JIG IS UP, I DON'T SEE ANY WAY I CAN KEEP COVERING THIS UP!". I'd rather have Sandy have just been caught in the act of finding the incriminating evidence. It's still predictable, but nowhere near as hackneyed.
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    The Killer Krab 10. Hot For Teacher
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    The Killer Krab 9. Puff Daddy
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    Glad the death scenes broke out of the tired "SPLAT" formula, but still, blah. He doesn't even have his body mutated or turn into a Powerpuff Girl. It's bizarre how this "murder thriller" show seems to be least engaged with making the murders thrilling.
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    I wouldn't take this too seriously. Nobody's been able to accurately predict the end of the world and I don't see this being any different. I think this is just trying to scare people.
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    In spite of how lazy Mr. Krabs abruptly killing the Flying Dutchman was, I'll play along with it and say that Mr. Krabs is the Grim Reaper now. That would be a good way to change up the formula.
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    Episode 33: Squid The following trailer is rated H for honest. From the member who has been writing spin-offs since the days of TV.com, and many shows on SBC without any planning for their stories and characters, comes a TV.com-style spin-off without any SBC characters that will remind you of the good ol’ days, even if they weren’t so good! Say hello to the new squid on block, Squid! And tell Skodwarde to watch out! Dive into the adventures of Squidward, another slacker who went to art school just to feel like he accomplished something, as he moves to a university with the help of his “friends”, Spongebob and Patrick. After they finally leave him alone forever (or at least for a whole season, that’s something, right?), Squidward meets two new “friends”, Ray, the exemplification of coarse humor, and Eellen, the exemplification of sexual innuendos. He also meets a turtle, a dolphin, and a shark of a school master, the...Wobber. Talk about an animal house. And that’s only the pilot. Watch as the story starts to really pick up with episodes that are two to three sentences long, and then picks up even more with episodes that are three to seven sentences long, and finally peaks in quality with one-paragraph long episodes that should really be spaced out to two paragraphs and the original showrunner stepping down. Though it’s sad to see tvguy go, at least we had some good times, like when soccer moms complained about Snoop Dogg teaching Squidward how to roll joints in a PG show, the homage we paid to Tiny Toons with a PSA for underage drinking, and the rip-offery of material with the upmost artistic integrity, such as MTV, TMZ, and Shakespeare. ...No, I am not going to end this with a joke about it being Skodwarde, only much tamer and with episodes that are two to three sentences long. Here I am, writing the SBC version of Honest Trailers with episodes that are hardly two to three paragraphs long, what right do I have to judge Squidwarde? STARRING An octopus as Squidward Everybody Loves Raymond as Ray “Who’s the Plagiarist in Distress Now?” as Daphne from the Scooby-Doo live-action movie Ellen Kennedy as Eellen Wobbuffet as Helga Wobbegong IN Squid
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    I'm sick of people just whining about main protagonists not being able to kill a bad person when they have to do it. I've seen this complaint so many times before. What's so bad about it? Yes, it leads up to some implications, the bad people continue their horrific stuff but does every protagonist have to kill someone in cold blood? No, they can't cuz killing is just hard for them and it's morally wrong. If you were in the main character's postion, would you really kill someone without feeling guilty about it? Or killing the main antagonist might not give them some information to save their beloved ones or something? I honestly couldn't pull the trigger, no matter what that person did. I get why people would complain but dammit, not every protagonists have to be fucking Punisher, Vigilante, Dexter, Walter White or Rorshach.
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    The Killer Krab 5. A Patty, is a Patty! That's What I Saaaay! (Part 1)
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    "How did Plankton take it, sir?" I know Spongebob has never been very bright...but did he really just help trick Plankton into thinking he and Krabs were going to have sex...under the impression that he just wanted to talk with him? O_O
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    Here's a picture I was taken in summer 2016. As you can see, I was drunk with milkshake.
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    The Killer Krab 4. PLANKTON! KRABS! Spongebob.
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    The Killer Krab 13. All My Friends Are Dead or Hinga Dinga Fanservice
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    Stop What You Are Doing: Musician Edition! For those who do not know what a SWYAD is, it's a special time where SBC members change their names and avatars to match a category. This time, the category is musicians! e.g. MDPP => Adele To sign up, go here: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/swyad/ What will happen is Karen, our server, will now automatically change your name at the beginning and the end of the SWYAD so you do not have to worry about changing it back! This is a free event - it does not require any doubloons to participate! Name changes will be allowed up to the SWYAD event. During the event, name changes will not be allowed. Please take note of this! The SWYAD will begin on February 13th and will end on February 28th!
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    If you thought one Lego movie was enough this year, a second is coming this fall based off the Ninjago series. I'll admit to have never watched Ninjago, but this movie trailer was as charming as all the other Lego film trailers. I'm probably going to end up giving this a shot.
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    50. Magnum Opus An explosion is seen coming from Elana's castle. Darkness formed in the sky, as Karmanians looked in fear. Inside the castle, Ramos, Gride, the jellyfish, spider crab and his army are seen, taking people hostage. Vince, Mariette, and several royal guards are tied up by the spider crab's webs. Ramos points his staffs at them. "Haha, yes, this castle is MINE, and mine only!" Ramos said, laughing. "You can't rule us unless you're the queen." Vince said. "Ah, but that is where you are WRONG! For you see, in the staff with the blue gem, I have all of the queen's power inside of it! I am your ruler, at long last! Bow to me!" Ramos rambled, holding both staffs in the air, as they gasped. "Not gonna happen, psycho!" Madison yelled, as the door exploded open. "Would people stop damaging this place?!" a royal guard asked angrily, being held by a Federation soldier. The guardians, knights, and some rebels such as Steele appear from the smoke, confronting Ramos and his soldiers. "Can't you ever go away!?" Ramos asked, shooting green blasts from his mini-staff at the heroes. "Let them go!" Steele yelled, charging to the soldiers with rebels, but were blasted aside by green blasts. The heroes attacked, knocking soldiers down, and Ramos launched attacks from both staffs, overpowering them. The soldiers fired their laser guns, and Madison threw a lightning bolt at two, knocking them aside. The spider crab and blue jellyfish attacked, sending webs and electric blasts. Cynthia sent one soldier flying through the roof by shooting them up from the ground. Tori and Audrey sent some soldiers flying with wind and water blasts. The knights fought off some soldiers, the spider crab, jellyfish, and Gride. Gride clashed swords with Zero, and sent magical slashes at the knights and rebels. The knights tried to rescue Vince, Mariette, and the royal guards, but Ramos fired elemental blasts at them. Steele got back up and tried attacking soldiers, but Ramos sent him, and several other rebels, blasting aside with a lightning blast from Valina's staff. "Come on, let me get in one hit!" Steele sighed. Ramos powered up a light charge using Elana's power from Valina's staff, and sent it at all of the heroes, blasting them outside of the castle entrance. "That's right, this is mah castle now! Stay out if you know what's good for you!" Ramos yelled, as several more soldiers and beasts were approaching the castle, firing at them. "I really hate saying this, but Ramos is too strong. We have to retreat." Madison said. "We'll hold them off, go on!" Steele said. The heroes understood, as they headed to a portal in the forests. They went in, and appeared in the Golden Seahorse basement. Madison closed it, as they transformed back to normal. Ranen was waiting there for them. "I take it didn't go well." Ranen said. "Nope, Ramos needs to be nerfed. He has elemental powers, combined with the crazy stuff that witch got." Cynthia said. "I've received constant reports from soldiers needing help, it's bad. We cannot let him conquer all of the kingdoms. With Elana's power in his possession, he is essentially the ruler of Central Karmania." Ranen said. "He has my grandma too." Audrey sighed. "I miss Mai as well, but it is not impossible. We just have to destroy those staffs." Ranen said. "But how?" Jake asked. "Perhaps the best answer is not always the most obvious one. For now, we have to fight off his forces, and prevent them from conquering more kingdoms." Ranen said. "We also can't let him find out where the Underground City is, or our operation would suffer a lot of major blows." Cameron said. "Yeah, let's hope they aren't smart enough to find either of those...hopefully." Nick said, somewhat concerned. "It's going to be hard to craft a well-thought out plan when we have little time. The Federation are making their way across Central Karmania as we speak." Ranen said. "This will be like winging a school project at the last minute, no problem. Although, considering the grades I get for those, don't expect my idea to be fantastic." Tori said, and Audrey realized something. "While you guys ponder that, I just forgot about something. I'll be right back..." Audrey said oddly, heading upstairs. Back outside the castle, Steele and the rebels were seen tied up by the soldiers and beasts. "This is bad." Steele said. "Shut up, prisoner!" a soldier said, whacking him in the face. They were brought into the castle, as Ramos looked around. "Bah, what disgusting decorations! I'm going to redecorate this whole castle!" Ramos rambled. "Sir, we have some rebels." a soldier said. "Good. Maybe I can force one of you to tell me where the rebel base is..." Ramos said, pointing both his staffs at Steele. "Never!" Steele said. "Then you will die!" Ramos said, powering up both staffs, when he heard the voice from the green gem. "What? But they are scum, I must destroy them! I can use them? Fine, fine..." The rebels and Steele just looked at him confused, along with some soldiers. "Uh...sir, were you talking to that staff?" the soldier asked, concerned. "Yes, but it's not important! Throw the rebels in the dungeon, sooner or later, they will tell us where their base is!" Ramos said, laughing. "But this place doesn't have a dungeon, we checked." another soldier said. "WHAT?! What castle doesn't have a dungeon!? That's another thing I'll add when I redecorate this awful place! Sad! Crab, jelly, and soldiers I don't know the names of, watch these fools. Gride, you're with me. I must go back to Posidonia for the next part of my master plan..." Ramos ordered. The spider crab and jellyfish looked at the rebels angrily, as Ramos and Gride walked out. "Sir, do you need any more escorts?" a soldier asked from behind. "I'm fine, with both these staffs, no fool would dare mess with me!" Ramos said. "Wait, can't you just open another portal here?" a soldier asked. "Yes, but I like doing things the hard way. I'm a man of danger, after all, I survived in the wilderness for two months. Besides, it's time I showed Karmania my new power! That reminds me of a song I heard ages ago, yes, it should be my theme song! Throw up your hands, it's time I showed you my power, throw up your hands, true believers..." Ramos sang, flailing his arms, annoying Gride. "CAN WE JUST GET TO WORK?!" Gride asked angrily, stopping him. They are seen headed to the portal Ramos opened to get there. Along their way, several rebels appeared, pointing weapons at both. "Freeze right there Ramos, you're under arrest!" a rebel yelled. "Out of the way fools, you cannot defeat us!" Gride yelled, shooting magical slashes from the sword at them. Ramos laughed, and used Valina's staff to make vines rise up from the ground. The rebels were flung everywhere, out of his path. "See, this is what the foolish sorceress lacked: vision. She had all this power, but never knew how to use it!" Ramos said, looking into the blue gem. He heard rebels approaching from the forests on the other side. He then used both staffs to shoot blasts at a mountain nearby, causing an avalanche in the rebel path. "Ouch." one yelled under the rubble. Diggy looked outside of his trailer after hearing the avalanche. "Dang, it's dark and creepy out, I don't know if I like it...oh well, not my problem. Too bad I don't have any customers though..." Diggy sighed, seeing nobody in sight as everyone was hiding in fear. Inside of the blue gem, Valina is seen floating in a blue void annoyed, in her guardian form. "I have no vision? He's the idiot with no vision, just destroying anything in his path with no goal or plan! His family failed for years to take over! I had a vision, I could have united kingdoms together!" Valina rambled. "Yeah, a vision, but no conscience! This is all your fault, witch!" Elana said from behind, as she was shown with Mai. "Silence, brat, or I'll..." Valina was saying, trying to attack her, but couldn't form anything. "No!" Elana let out a light wave from her hands at Valina, knocking her back into the void further. "But...how? I absorbed all of your power into the jewel!" Valina said, surprised. "And you imprisoned me inside of it, moron!" Elana said. "I have been teaching her to re-absorb its powers." Mai said. "I might not be strong enough to stop Ramos, but I can crush you!" Elana said. "And we'll help her." Cassidy said, appearing by her side, with Peyton, Briar, and the Mai doppel, as they cornered Valina. Audrey is seen in her room, grabbing art supplies. She had art paper set up on a stand, and looked at it curiously. The heroes are seen entering the room. "Oh, there you are." Tori said. "Sorry, I had to get my mind off of this Karmania stuff. It's been getting tiresome with the non-stop fighting, and it made me forget about this art project. I have to complete my submission for the school's art show." Audrey said. "Oh right...that, I remember you telling us about that weeks ago." Cynthia said. "I know it's been tiresome for all of us, but it's our job." Zero said. "I know, I know, but I have to get this done. I didn't mean to abandon you during planning, but Tori mentioned winging projects, and I remembered that it's due tonight! Unfortunately, I don't know what to make my painting." Audrey said, staring at the blank paper. "Just like us with this plan. It's okay, I kind of need a break too from all of this..." Madison said, sighing. "A break? We can't just take a break when Ramos is taking over. Like Zero said, it's our jobs." Cameron said. "Yeah, he's right. But I say let Audrey finish her project, school is important too. I'm sure the remaining rebels can hold him back for the time being. Maybe we can help give you an idea." Jake offered, cheering Audrey up. "Yeah, I promise I can help you guys after I finish this. I need to make this a magnum opus...I think I'm saying that right? The theme is "something beautiful"." Audrey said. "Me." Cynthia offered, waving her hair. "Oh hey, you still have these things. Maybe you could use it to paint something to life...although I think that'd be cheating." Nick said, picking up Paint Skater's eraser and paintbrush from the art supplies. "Yeah, I don't cheat." Audrey pondered, as Nick put them down. "Never mind, good luck with painting something. Ranen needs some of us to go to Karmania to help out rebels there. We can go to give you a long-deserved break." Jake said. "I'm fine with that, we need somebody there." Cameron said. "Thanks, good luck with that." Madison said, as the boys left. "Paint snails, everyone loves snails." Tori suggested to Audrey. Audrey thought of snails, which were "meowing", and then thought of them being in Karmania. They were seen being eaten by beasts like Argros, Gride and Vinerox, terrifying her. "...Let's not do that, too simple." Audrey said. "I'm still an option." Cynthia coughed. "I'm not good at painting other people." Audrey said. "How about muffins? Can't go wrong with those." Tori suggested. Audrey thought about a bunch of muffins, but they started to burn in green fire, as Ramos smashed both staffs into them, laughing, and Audrey was terrified again. "Uh...no, I'm getting nothing." Audrey replied. "Okay, how about the beach? That's beautiful." Cynthia suggested. Audrey thought of a beach setting, as the waves were in front of her, and she stood on the sand. However, the waves turned purple, as Thorn, Morgana, and Valina appeared, laughing, and the skies turned black. Audrey snapped out of the vision, looking terrified. "I think we're not helping." Madison said. "Yeah, I'm sorry, but none of these ideas are working. They just keep making me think of Karmania things...wait, that's it! I know what I want to paint now!" Audrey said, getting to work. Ramos and Gride are seen walking through the Posidonia castle's hallways. A senator approaches Ramos. "Sir, can you sign this bill? It will raise taxes by 2%." the senator said, handing it to him. "Sure, whatever, I don't feel like reading the whole thing." Ramos said, signing it, and another senator approached him. "Sir, while you were gone, there was debate if Posidonia should exit the Coralean Union. Signing this will allow the people to vote if we should leave or not." the senator said. "I don't understand a word you just said, nor do I feel like reading any of this nonsense, but sure, if it gets you to leave me alone!" Ramos said, signing it angrily, and another senator approached him. "Sir, here is a bill that-" the senator was rambling, and Ramos blasted them aside with an electric attack from Valina's staff. "Enough of your stupid bills, I have important things to do instead of stupid political decisions!" Ramos said, as the electricity burnt the senator's bill. "Noo!" the senator cried. "Hey boss, you're back!" one of the two stupid soldiers said. "Yay Ramos is back!" the other said, blocking the throne room. "Out of my way!" Ramos yelled, knocking both aside, and they fell to the ground. Ramos headed into his bedroom with Gride, and looked at himself in the mirror. "Before I initiate my plan...I could use new wardrobe. Give me privacy, dragon." Ramos ordered, as Gride walked out. Minutes later, he is seen with his beard shaved, and is now wearing emerald clothing. "Excellent...now where is Skipper..." Ramos wondered, and walked out. "Right here, majesty..." Skipper said, holding his mysterious bag. "Good, you kept it, and you also kept my seat warm. I knew I could trust you, Skipper mah boi!" Ramos said, taking it gleefully, and looked inside of it. "What is that?" Gride asked. "This bag contains my trump card. You see, two months ago, before those brats sent me flying..." Ramos was saying, as a flashback occurred, showing unseen events from "Checkmate". Ramos is seen angrily trying to get out of the campaign manager room. He hit a secret switch on the wall, which opened up to show his Drakkus armor. He put it on, and sliced the sword through the doors, breaking them open. "After I got out of that horrid room, I ran into Skipper, who told me he found something of interest in one of the abandoned dungeon cells..." Ramos narrated, as Skipper is seen approaching him. Skipper is shown looking through the dungeon cells, and looks into Octazilla's. He finds five red eggs in the cell, which he later put in a bag, and brought to Ramos. Ramos laughed, as Skipper held onto them, and Ramos walked off to the throne room for his battle. "A back-up plan began to hatch in my brain. I told Skipper I may not come back from this fight, so I told him to keep an eye on those Octazilla eggs until they hatched. It looks like the time is near..." Ramos said, noticing the eggs in the bag were shaking a bit. "I don't follow your plan." Gride said. "Once all five of these babies hatch, we'll be unstoppable. No way can they handle five Octazillas attacking the kingdom all at once, this should crush any opposition!" Ramos explained, laughing. "This might work, I am impressed. I will plant the eggs for you personally, I know the best spots..." Gride said, taking the egg. "Good. Maybe you can find the guardians and knights, and freeze them in their tracks with those special eye powers of yours...you still have those, right?" Ramos asked. Gride flashed his yellow eyes at a soldier, who looked into them, and they turned to stone. "That should answer your question. Maybe I can find Deckel as well..." Gride said, walking off. "Wait, I have something to aid you." a scientist said, as Paint Skater rolled into the room happily, doing a peace sign with one hand. "I thought that thing was destroyed." Ramos said, confused and annoyed. "It was, but using its DNA, I was able to recreate it with our new reanimation machine. In fact, it can make your egg process easier..." the scientist explained. The new Paint Skater painted four Grides, as each took an egg from the bag. "Excellent, this will spare me some time." Gride said, as he, the four clones, and Paint Skater went out of the throne room. "Now then, I have some business to attend to..." Ramos said, as he stormed into the campaign manager's room, looking angrily at the purple portal. "YOU!" "Welcome back. It's been a while." the portal spoke. "You have some nerve ditching me last time like that! Tell me your plan here, stop being so cryptic! Who really are you anyways!?" Ramos demanded. "In due time, you will see how the wheel turns to benefit both of us. Now is not that time, but you are close." the voice spoke, as the portal vanished again. "GAH! You always do this!" Ramos yelled angrily, as he slammed Valina's staff against the wall, and shot a green blast from his mini-staff at another wall. "Sir, is everything okay?" a soldier asked, opening the door. "I told you to never enter here, I'm fine, better than fine since Central Karmania is mine!" Ramos said, pushing the soldier out of his way, making them fall. Skipper approached him. "What happened with the campaign manager?" Skipper asked curiously, as Ramos stopped in his tracks. "I don't know man, I can't understand anything they say to me anymore. I'm pretty sure it's just either my dad or Brak or both playing a prank on me. They probably think I'm still a baby and need help, so they pretended to be some magical being knowing all about Karmania! They would do such a thing, but ha, the joke is on them, I don't need them anymore! I conquered Central Karmania on my own, without the help of their stupid mysterious "campaign manager" impersonation!" Ramos rambled. "Whoever it is, they helped you find the princess's identity and Stone of Light. It can't be Brak, but it could be Edward." Skipper pondered. "Yes...it would be father! We all know Brak is my father's favorite!" Ramos said, clenching his fist angrily, and has a flashback to six years ago. Skipper is seen in front of the throne. King Edward is sitting on it, and his face is hidden in the shadows. Ramos was overhearing them from the other side, behind the doors. "Skipper, I want you to keep a close eye on my son, Ramos. He's a complete air-headed blunderer, nothing like his brother. Still, he is the oldest, next in line to the throne, and he won the election fairly. Give him any advice, and most importantly...make sure no harm befalls him." Edward ordered. "Of course, highness." Skipper replied, as Ramos was angry upon hearing this, and walked off, ending the flashback. The knights are seen walking to the Underground City entrance. "At least this place has not been discovered by the Federation...yet." Zero said, concerned. "Hey, what's that?" Nick asked, pointing to the glowing red Octazilla egg in the ground nearby. "That...does not look good." Jake said. It kept glowing, and began to hatch. "What's inside of that egg, doc?" Nick asked, as Zero analyzed it with his eyes. "Something not good. Destroy it now!" Zero ordered. Cameron quickly fired a blast from his handgun at the egg, as it exploded red juice everywhere. "Ew." Jake said, wiping it off his helmet. "That egg was from Octazilla, an old enemy of ours." Zero said, looking at the remains. "Let me guess...there's more eggs." Cameron said. "Most likely, we have to hurry before they hatch." Zero said, as they ran off. The other four eggs were seen hatching. The first one hatched in Crystal Town, the second hatched in the Bazaar, the third hatched near Mt. Spire, and the fourth hatched in Rainbow Forest. The four Octazillas stood up tall, roaring across the kingdom. "I think we're too late..." Cameron said, seeing an Octazilla in the distance. Ranen is seen in the dojo, hearing multiple distress signals from rebels. "Commander, things just went from worse to even worse, if that's possible. Apparently four Octazillas have been spotted across the kingdom." a rebel reported. "What!? But Octazilla is in the rebel jail...oh no..." Ranen said, realizing. The one near Mt. Spire struck one of its tentacles at it, breaking open the hidden rebel prison. The rebels fired at the tentacle, but it whacked them aside. Zero's defense system went off, firing lasers and stun beams, but the Octazilla resisted, shooting tentacles everywhere. It ripped open the roof, as rocks fell down, and broke open the original Octazilla from its cell. It walked out, as the rebels tried to fire at it, but it knocked them aside. Some of its tentacles broke open several other cells, which were Morgana, Thorn, Argros, and Vinerox, who rushed out at once. "Finally, free from this dump again! Later, losers!" Vinerox said, using his vines to hop down from the destroyed entrance. "What about me!?" Slypox asked angrily, slashing his blades at the cells. "Come on!" Klobster yelled. "The sky looks pretty..." Boboo said, looking at the darkness from his cell. "Sorry, would love to release more of you, but that's too much work." Morgana said, as Thorn and her transformed into their beast forms, both hopping out of the broken entrance. Argros bashed aside a guard, and he ran off. The Octazilla in Crystal Town is seen smashing its tentacles into buildings, as crystal soldiers fired their weapons at it. A crystal person reports to the Mayor's office. "Mayor, help! A giant octopus creature is attacking!" the crystal person said. "Oh no! Tell all citizens to evacuate!" The Mayor ordered, when a tentacle broke open the roof of the building. "AAAHHH!!!" the crystal person yelled, as a tentacle grabbed them, and sent them flying. The Mayor ran off at once. The knights are seen wandering through the slum, as Karmanians villagers and beasts were running around in panic. Gride watched them from a rooftop, as they went off into the forest. Eventually, four Gride painting clones flew down in front of them. "Four of this guy? Something's not right here..." Jake said. "Just what we need, more duplicates of a villain." Cameron said, attacking one of the clones. The clones attacked at once with their swords, and flew around them. All four attacked by shooting magical blasts from their mouths, as the knights tried to defend themselves. Gride himself flew down from behind, and shined his eyes on the four, turning them into stone. Back in her room, Audrey finished the painting, which showed Elana's castle, surrounded in light. The guardians and knights could be seen in front, which were glowing as well. "It's done!" Audrey said, as the girls looked at it, impressed. "Wow, I would be surprised if this did not win." Tori said. "Yeah, nice work Audrey." Cynthia said. Trent and Flinn rush into the room in a hurry. "What are you guys doing here?" Audrey asked. "We have a major problem. Ranen told me that Central Karmania is in chaos. Two beasts you previously fought named Octazilla and Paint Skater have returned. He tried to contact the regular lads, but none of them responded..." Flinn said concerned. "So he called us, or rather, he found me since I don't have a communicator thing like Flinn." Trent said. "Paint Skater? But I blew that thing up in a bubble, how could it be back?" Audrey asked confused. "I don't know, but it is somehow. Ranen also stated there's more than one Octazilla, which hatched from eggs. We must go now, the boys are in danger." Flinn explained. They agreed, rushing downstairs. Audrey quickly grabbed the old Paint Skater's brush before going. Audrey's parents stopped her from advancing however. "Audrey, where is your grandmother? We have looked everywhere for her for days..." her dad said, annoyed. "Uh...I forgot to mention this, but she told me she was going back to her homeland for an emergency. She had no time to tell you." Audrey improvised. "That's unlike her, but...alright then." Audrey's mom said, as Audrey waved goodbye to them, and they went off in a hurry. Flinn, Trent, and the girls are seen looking around the slums, as Karmanians were running around in panic. Federation soldiers and Slayers were rampant, looking around the area. "Get back indoors, come on, slow down!" a soldier yelled, chasing a villager, who went too fast for them. "Alright, let's split up, and see if we can find the boys or any enemies." Madison said. Madison, Cynthia and Tori went north, as Audrey, Flinn and Trent headed into the forests. Gride watched them from the distance, growling. He sent the three paint clones after the north group, as he, the other clone, and Paint Skater headed for the forest group. Audrey, Flinn and Trent wandered around the forests, until they came across Deckel at a campsite, whistling. He was baking something, and sitting on a log. "Deckel?" Audrey said, confused. He got up, approaching them. "Hello there, isn't this funny, I'm glad we could meet. I actually planned to visit you at the restaurant, but I figured you may not have listened to me, and I didn't want to make a ruckus..." Deckel said, approaching them cautiously. "Of course we wouldn't listen to you, you're evil!" Audrey said. "No. Gride is the one after your skins, not me..." Deckel said. "You and Gride are the same person." Flinn replied. "News flash, Gride and I had a little...split." Deckel said. "You separated from Gride...that explains why your eyes aren't glowing anymore..." Audrey said. "Yes, I am good. I promise. Gride was the one who corrupted me into doing horrid deeds. If you still don't trust me, fine, but I can help you. There are Octazillas running rampant, but I have a special power. I can still turn things into stone. That'd certainly help defeat those pests. Your prison was damaged, I don't think you'd be able to fit these things in there." Deckel said. "I don't know if we can trust you, but I guess we don't have much of a choice, since Ramos has taken over..." Trent replied. Gride, his clone, and Paint Skater arrived in the area, shooting attacks, as the four avoided them. "Finally, I found you, Deckel. I'm going to make you pay for keeping me mute so long!" Gride yelled. He shot yellow lights from his eyes at Deckel, but covered his eyes with the steampunk goggles, preventing himself from being turned to stone. He then shot magical blasts from his hands at Gride. "Another Gride?" Flinn asked, as he slashed his sword at the paint clone. Trent also attacked it with laser arrows, as it exploded into paint. "Gross." Audrey said, and sent wind gusts at Paint Skater, which skated across trees. It painted bombs, which it sent flying everywhere. "That is one interesting monster..." Flinn said, trying to strike it, but it skated past him. Audrey used the old Paint Skater's paint brush to paint a barrel, sending it flying with an air blast at Paint Skater, knocking it down. "You have a magic paintbrush too? Cool." Trent said, fighting off Gride with Deckel and Flinn. Paint Skater got up angrily, and painted a rocket launcher. "Whoa!" Flinn said, seeing it, and being knocked down by one of Gride's magic slashes. It fired the rocket, but Audrey painted a shield in her way, as the rocket exploded into the shield. "I just finished an amazing painting, so I can keep painting all day." Audrey said, as she painted a TNT box, sending it flying by its side. It was about to skate away, but Audrey lifted it in the air with a gust, painting a familiar bubble around it and the TNT box. She smiled, and waved goodbye. The bubble exploded with Paint Skater inside again, as paint splattered everywhere. "That sucks." Trent said, jumping up to attack Gride. "That's one threat out of the way." Audrey said, as she turned invisible, avoiding one of Gride's magic blasts. Deckel sent a magical blast at Gride, but he blocked it with the sword. "This is futile, the kingdom will be ours soon enough!" Gride said. Madison, Cynthia and Tori look around for the knights, when the remaining Gride painting clones approached them. "Great, we need duplicates of this guy too." Tori said, as she sent a water blast at one. Cynthia threw a rock at one, and Madison shot an electricity blast at the last. All three exploded paint everywhere. "Ew." Cynthia said, wiping it off. Gride kept fighting off Audrey, Flinn and Trent. Audrey painted a rocket, and sent it flying with a gust of wind at Gride. "GWAH!!!" Gride yelled, as it sent him flying faraway. "That was probably a childish way to end the fight, but it worked!" Audrey said. "Couldn't we have just have arrested that paintball thing?" Flinn asked. "I could've, but we're pressed for time, and I like deja vu. Anyways, where are the others?" Audrey asked. Madison, Cynthia and Tori floated into the area. "Yo." Tori said. "What's Deckel doing here?" Cynthia asked, ready to attack. "Wait, don't attack. He's good now...we think." Audrey said, getting in the way. "He may be the only one who can help us against the Octazillas." Trent said, as they heard one roaring in the distance. "Yes, but first, where are the other knights?" Deckel asked. "That's what we were originally looking for." Madison said. They looked down further into the forest, to see them turned into stone. "This was Gride's doing, but I can undo it." Deckel said. He cast out a magic spell onto the statues, and they were freed from the stone. "Stop there you...oh, hey guys." Nick said, surprised. "What is Deckel doing here?" Cameron asked. "Long story short, Deckel is good, and he separated from Gride. He can help us defeat the Octazillas...we hope." Audrey said, as they heard one roaring, approaching closer. "I suppose we don't have another choice." Jake said. "Listen to me, if you can distract them long enough, I can turn them into stone. It won't be easy, but it can be done with time." Deckel said. "Mt. Spire was badly damaged, so we wouldn't be able to put anything in prison right now. This is the best alternative option it seems." Zero said. "But there's five of them, and we can't have more than one Deckel to petrify them, heh, petrify, that's an odd word. Shame though, that'd make things easier." Nick said. "...Maybe we can." Audrey said, looking at her magic paintbrush. Four Deckel clones are painted by Audrey, as they come to life. "Not bad, but the original is certainly the best." Deckel boasted. "Let's split up, and take them down." Madison said. A montage passes. Madison, Tori, and a Deckel clone are seen attacking the Octazilla at the Bazaar. Audrey, Deckel, and Cameron are seen attacking the original Octazilla, which was near Elana's castle attacking buildings. Nick, Zero, and a Deckel clone attacked the Octazilla at Crystal Town. Flinn, Trent and a Deckel clone are seen attacking the Octazilla near Rainbow Forest. Finally, Jake, Cynthia and a Deckel clone handled the Octazilla nearby Mt. Spire. After several hard fought battles, the heroes overcame them, as all five were turned to stone by the Deckels. Final attacks were delivered by everyone, as the Octazilla statues crumbled into pebbles. All of them regrouped at the Bazaar, as Audrey erased the Deckel clones. "Thanks for your help, I guess maybe I was right when we first met, you weren't truly evil." Audrey said. "It was no problem. Good luck in your battle. But word to the wise, I wouldn't stay in this dimension for much longer..." Deckel said ominously, as he left in a rush. "What was that supposed to mean?" Cynthia asked, confused. "Eh, whatever. At least those were taken care of." Jake said. The heroes regrouped back at Ranen's dojo. "You may have defeated some of his forces, but this is far from over. Ramos has control, but at least the rebellion still exists. Unfortunately, when an Octazilla attacked Mt. Spire, it released Argros, Thorn, Morgana, and Vinerox again. However, re-capturing them is not our top priority for now." Ranen said. "I'll still help in anyway I can." Flinn promised. "As will I." Trent promised. "At least we had a victory, and let's celebrate with Audrey's art show win...hopefully!" Madison said. They are seen at the high school gym. Audrey's Karmania painting was on display, as her parents looked at it. "Wow...this is amazing, I'm truly honored to be the father of someone skilled like you." her father said. "Here comes the judge!" Madison said. The judge looked at Audrey's painting curiously. "This is a painting of...a magical kingdom, protected by these brave warriors." Audrey said. "Hmm...mhm...hmm..." the judge noted, and kept walking. After every painting was reviewed, they had the results ready. Audrey looked nervous. "The winner is...Snail Paradise by Bobby Ferguson!" the judge said, as Bobby cried, and everyone looked at his snail painting in awe. "Told you, everyone loves snails." Tori said, as Audrey smiled. "You seem happy, considering how much effort you put into that, only to lose." Cynthia said. "I don't really care I lost, since I had fun making it. I think that's what counts." Audrey said. The scientist reported to Ramos on his throne, who was staring at the green gem in his mini-staff. Valina's staff was leaning on the throne's right side. "Bad news boss, the Octazillas and Paint Skater clone have all been destroyed. Unfortunately, we can't remake Paint Skater again since we already used our only DNA file." the scientist reported. "Oh well, Central Karmania is still mine, so I still win!" Ramos said. "But there is something else of interest. It appears one of the eggs did not fully hatch..." the scientist said. "How can this be? There were five Octazillas, were there not? Are you just messing with me!? I don't find it funny!" Ramos said eerily to the scientist. "No sir, the fifth Octazilla was actually the original one. One of the eggs did not hatch, I swear..." the scientist said. "...Then clearly it was going to hatch somewhere they did not want it to. Looks like we have a lead..." Ramos said, smiling. ... Ramos is later seen entering the campaign manager's room angrily, staring into the purple portal. "Alright...dad, you can drop the act. I know it's you, you've been giving me advice this whole time because you think I'm not fit enough to rule Karmania! Fess up!" Ramos said, looking at it. There was silence from the portal. "Come on, out with it, I got you red handed, there's no way out now!" Ramos said. "I am not your father." the portal spoke, surprising Ramos. "What...but then who the heck are you!? Why did you let me get sent flying to nowhere!?" Ramos asked. "I have been guiding you Ramos. It is what you needed. Every great warrior needs to lose at a point in their life. Your loss allowed you to change, and you found that staff. I am the voice you hear inside of that stone." the portal said, as Ramos stared into the green gem, which was glowing. "I still don't understand..." Ramos said. "Your loss allowed you to find me. Now you have both halves of the sorceress's stone. You are a key in releasing me. The world will be ours if you listen. No more tricks, no more cryptic words, the time has come." the voice spoke. "...Awesome." Ramos said, laughing. Notes/Trivia -Paint Skater is briefly revived, making it the second beast to be revived in some way (first being Daunter). -Audrey still has the old Paint Skater's brush and eraser from "Framed". -There is a Brexit reference. -The presence of multiple Octazillas confirms there can be more than one of the same Karmanian beast. (There would be differences though; ie they wouldn't all be named Argros, and other things like shape/height/color) - -
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    I love Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl so much. One of my favorite movies of all time. Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow is still one of my favorite franchise characters of all time. That being said, did we seriously need another one of these? They have been getting worse and worse with each passing sequel and while the idea of ghost pirates is at least semi-interesting, the whole living dead pirate idea was already executed better with the first one and I highly doubt that will be the case here. I would love for this to be good, please prove my constantly skeptical self wrong. I won't hold my breath though.
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    At least there was a Dave the Barbarian reference.
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    "American Girl" - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Feels like just yesterday, I use to be greeted to this song on the first SBC XAT playlist...and I just think I found a gray hair.
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    I was with two legends today.
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    49. Darkest Knight Gride is seen imprisoned inside of the cave still, trying to break free from the electric cuffs. "Let me go, sorceress!" Gride demanded angrily. Valina and White Knight approached him. "Perhaps...I could join you." Deckel's face was seen inside of the sword center. "You are trying to reason with her? What are you doing?" Deckel asked annoyed. "No thanks. Besides, what would you offer that I don't already have?" Valina asked. "I am a superior enough warrior for her, we don't need anybody else." White Knight replied. After saying that, White Knight felt his head hurt, and he began to spark. He kneeled to the ground, and kept sparking. He groaned in pain, and it eventually stopped. Valina looked at this annoyed. "Not again..." White Knight said, getting up. "Seems like your strength is fading, knight. Sorceress, if you separate Deckel from me, I will be a valuable asset to you. My strength will be on your side." Gride bargained. "On second thought, perhaps I can reconsider. I may still have those separation crystals around..." Valina said, looking around for them. "Sorceress, I don't think this is a good idea..." White Knight said, and he briefly sparked again. "I could use a new henchmen, considering your current state." Valina said annoyed. "Why is this happening to me?" White Knight asked, feeling sparks again from his knight stone. "There cannot be two of the same knight at once. Since my son can still transform, it is causing a malfunction in the knight stone grid." Valina explained to him. She then found the separation crystals, and put them around Gride in the cell. "I can't believe this, you're working with the person who destroyed my life!?" Deckel asked angrily from the sword. "I never really cared about your issues. I'm just doing what's best for me." Gride said smugly. Valina casted the spell around the crystals. They made Gride glow purple, as Deckel was splitting out of his body. The two were separated, as the watch went blank. Deckel grabbed the sword angrily, and pointed to it Gride. "You villainous scumbag, you will pay for this!" Deckel said, swinging his sword to Gride, but the electric bars appeared in his way, as Deckel was stuck in the cell. "Sucks for you. Now "Gride", help me get rid of the guardians and knights." Valina said. "Of course, it will be my pleasure." Gride said, as he reached his dragon claw through the cells, grabbing Deckel's sword from his hand. "Now this is solely mine..." "What about my problem?" White Knight asked to Valina. "There can only be one white knight. Either you or my son has to go. But I don't want either of you harming him, I'm making that clear..." Valina said. "Understood. Maybe I can get him to surrender the stone without need for violence..." White Knight said. Trent is seen playing basketball with his friends and Madison. As Trent is in the open to catch a ball, he feels a spark from his bracelet. As the ball is passed to him, his head hurts, and he holds it in pain. The ball then hits him in the face, confusing Madison. "Are you okay, dude?" one of his friends asked. "Yeah man, you're never like this." another said. "I'm fine, just...got something in my eye." Trent covered. "If you say so. Maybe his girlfriend can do better!" one said, as they threw the ball to Madison, and she caught it. She smiled. "I'm not really...uh, athletic, but trust me, don't underestimate me." Madison bragged, dribbling the ball. She moved forward while dribbling, and passed it to Trent. He then passed it back to Madison, and she threw it at the net, getting it in. "Wow, didn't expect that to work." Madison said, surprised. "Looks like you picked a cool choice for your first girlfriend." one of Trent's friends said, impressed, and slapping him on the back. Madison overheard this and blushed. Later, after a few more games, the friends had enough, and left. Madison and Trent waved goodbye to them. "You have some cool friends." Madison said. "Yeah, it's good to have them when your parents aren't." Trent said. "It feels weird. Valina is still your mom, I don't want you to be parentless, as crazy as she is..." Madison said. "Maybe there's still a way to reason with her." Trent wondered. "I don't know, she seems so far gone. But I guess it's not impossible, if we could find ways to free you and Elana, maybe there's hope for her." Madison reassured. "She wasn't always this way, at least I think. Then again, this was before I learned who she truly was, but still... At least I have you by my side." Trent said. "Haha, yeah. I'm surprised I'm your first girlfriend, I thought you would've dated someone else before..." Madison said. "I've had girls crush on me before, but I just wasn't interested in them-" Trent replied, when he felt sparks from his bracelet, and felt his head hurt again. "Ouch..." "What's wrong?" Madison asked. "Lately I've been feeling constant headaches, and pain from my stone. I think something might be wrong..." Trent said, feeling it, as more sparks came out. "Yeah, we should get that looked into..." Madison said. The heroes, along with Trent, are seen at the Sky Kingdom, outside the Council temple. Cesare and Luna greeted them outside. "We've got a problem." Jake said. "We are aware. Tom has been waiting for you." Cesare said. "I hope he wasn't waiting too long." Tori said, as they walked inside. They went into the knight stone room, as Tom was looking at the stone grid. "Hey dude, we're here." Cynthia said, as Tom turned around. "Yes, I've been expecting you, well not you, mainly the Trent kid." Tom said. "Yeah, my stone has a problem. It keeps sparking, and when it does, I get weird headaches. I think they are connected." Trent said. "They are connected. You see, look at the stone grid. There are two white stones, colliding together. The grid cannot handle two of the same colored stone at once. One of the two white knights has to go away." Tom said, showing the two white stones on the mystical grid, colliding together to form sparks. "What do you mean by go away? Like on a vacation?" Nick asked. "No, one of them will have to leave this world." Tom said. "So...go to outer space?" Nick asked, as Tom face-palmed. "No, I mean pushing up daisies, bite the dust, et cetera. Either Trent or the evil knight will have to literally be destroyed, which will restore balance to the grid." Tom said, making the heroes, especially Trent and Madison, nervous. "We've taken that chump plenty of times before, destroying him shouldn't be hard." Cynthia said. "I dunno, it feels weird. He was a part of me, I'm not sure if I can bring myself to end him. Also, what if he ends me? I'm not properly trained." Trent wondered. "Don't worry, we can give you the necessary training." Cameron said. "Yeah, we'll help you out, that's what friends are for." Jake offered, making Trent feel slightly better. Deckel is seen still inside of the cell, and looks at White Knight on the other side. "Hey you." Deckel spoke to him. "What?" White Knight asked annoyed. "Let me out of here, please." Deckel asked. "I cannot do that. Valina would not like it." White Knight replied, walking around hesitantly. "She may not, but it is clear she is not caring for you anymore. After all, she doesn't seem too concerned if you are destroyed due to those issues you seem to be having..." Deckel argued, as White Knight sparked again from the stone. "She created me. She must still care. It's just out of her control..." White Knight pondered. "If you say so. She must still care a lot to leave you behind like this, and leave you stuck watching a loser like me..." Deckel said. "She doesn't need my assistance in defeating the guardians and knights." White Knight replied. "She had no problem taking Gride though, seems like perhaps you've been...replaced." Deckel replied, making White Knight ponder, and he sparked again, getting frustrated. "...I suppose you may have a point. But that doesn't mean I'll let you out." White Knight said, and he felt his head hurt again. "Maybe this will change your mind: To end your suffering, I can make a portal for you to Posidonia. You'd be able to meet the Trent kid and settle things." Deckel offered, as White Knight thought it over. "You are bluffing, the sorceress took away the powers she gave you." White Knight replied. "Indeed she did, but I am a Magic elemental, and I can learn old tricks." Deckel replied. "...Fine. But why can't you just make a portal from your cell?" White Knight asked. "I'm not going to make things that easy." Deckel taunted, annoying White Knight. "I will set you free then, but I can already sense I will get in trouble when the sorceress finds out..." White Knight said, making the electric bars disappear. "Don't worry, she won't find out." Deckel said, walking out, and opened a portal with his hand. Both walked through it, and it closed behind. Trent is seen training with Zero, Nick, Jake and Cameron inside the dojo. "Is it just me, or did you guys see a bunch of weird nematodes lurking around outside? They creep me out..." Nick asked. "Just ignore them, and they will ignore you. Be glad they haven't damaged anything...yet." Zero said. "Alright, just go easy on me, I'm still new to this. I have somewhat of an idea on how to use the laser arrow thing, but not so much in terms of karate." Trent said. "We'll try to go easy on you." Jake said. "The key word is "try"." Zero said. A montage passes, as Trent trains with the knights. He is seen clashing his dagger sword against Cameron's blue sword, as Cameron knocked it out of his hand and tripped him. Trent quickly grabbed the dagger and got back up, as he dueled Nick. Zero attacked as well, and Trent was able to defend himself. They took a break, and continued training. After a while, they finished. "I think you might be good to go." Jake said. "We'll also be there for help." Cameron said. "So are you an official part of the team yet?" Nick asked. "Eh...maybe for now, I guess." Trent said. They regrouped with the girls, walking through the park at night. "Feels good to have a nice stroll without any weird things coming to attack us." Audrey said. As soon as that was said, White Knight jumped out of the shadows, standing in front of them. "Spoke too soon..." Audrey sighed. "I did not come to fight." White Knight said, as Madison held out the heart. "That's hard to believe." Tori said. "I came to speak to Trent..." White Knight said, as both of their knight stones were sparking. "Let me guess, about this?" Trent inferred. "You are smarter than you look. In order to stop this irritation, there are two choices: Either one of us has to be destroyed...or you could surrender your stone to me." White Knight offered, as the heroes had unsure looks. "I don't think that's a good idea..." Madison said. "I agree, I've had some not so good ideas in the past myself, but that is one very not good idea." Nick said. "Yeah, I don't really trust you with this stone. You'd just use it for evil." Trent said. "Then fight it is. You and I, alone. We will fight at Mud Valley in thirty minutes." White Knight said, walking off. "Fine." Trent said, as White Knight kept walking. White Knight met up with Deckel around a corner. "Open a portal." White Knight demanded coldly. "Going back so soon? If you insist." Deckel said, opening it. White Knight went in, and Deckel closed it. "I'm just going to walk around and enjoy the scenery here..." He looked around the corner, and saw the heroes. "I can't let them see me, though. They still think I'm evil..." Deckel said, and he ran off. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" Madison asked to Trent. "Yeah, might as well prove if I'm strong enough to be with you guys or not. I'll be okay. But uh...where is this Mud Valley? Doesn't sound very pleasant." Trent asked. "Trust me, it's not." Cynthia said. "We'll show you where it is." Jake said. Madison opened a portal, as the knights walked into it. They made their way to the Mud Valley entrance. "Jeez, this place seems disgusting..." Trent said. "Yeah, but it makes for good training. I remember when I picked this course for our first group training...even though I acted like a jerk about it." Jake replied. "Yup, good times. Time sure is flying..." Nick said. "Good luck Trent. We hope you will come back victorious." Zero said. "We'll still be nearby in case he pulls something funny." Cameron said. "Depends what your definition of funny is, since that guy isn't really funny from what we've seen, but yeah, we'll be here." Nick said, giving a thumbs up. The knights waved to him, as they walked off. Trent waited there, and in the distance, saw a figure approaching, walking across the muddy ground. It was White Knight, as Trent pressed his knight stone, transforming. Back at the park, the girls waited around, as Madison whistled. "At least we have no Valina here to ruin this night-" Tori was saying, when Valina and the other ex-guardians gang appeared, floating in the air. "Little girls shouldn't be out this late..." Valina taunted. "You know, I think I'm just not going to mention you anymore." Tori sighed. "I'm getting really tired of you." Cynthia said. "As am I." Valina replied, shooting a lightning bolt at the ground. The girls quickly transformed, and magical sword slashes were sent at them from the shadows. "Where did those come from?" Audrey asked. Gride stepped out of the shadows, growling, and holding the sword. "Oh, it's Deckel's beast form. I guess they joined forces, hooray." Madison said sarcastically, shooting a lightning blast at him, but Gride blocked it with the sword. Cassidy then fired a water blast right at Cynthia, who threw a rock back. The Mai doppel sent gusts of wind at Tori, who sent water blasts through them. Madison and Valina sent lightning blasts at each other. Peyton sent sound waves at Audrey, who collided with two air blasts. Briar surrounded Cynthia with rocks, but she broke through them, and sent one back at her. Gride made his eyes glow, and shined them at Tori. She sent a whirlpool at him, but he jumped out of the way. "We have to somehow take that staff from her..." Madison said, regrouping with the girls, as they floated, countering attacks from the six. "But how?" Audrey asked, seeing Valina holding onto it. "I have telekinesis, maybe if I get a good enough focus, I can take it away from her...maybe?" Cynthia suggested. "It's worth a shot, we can hold them off for you." Madison replied, and they attacked. Back at Mud Valley, Trent and White Knight stood across from each other. "Ready?" White Knight asked. "Guess so..." Trent shrugged, as their stones sparks, along with their outfits. "We start the duel on three. One. Two...Three." White Knight said, as both sent laser arrows at each other from their daggers, and Trent quickly dodged, sliding in the mud. Trent jumped up and fired laser arrows at White Knight, who shielded himself from them, as they went shooting into the mud around. "You are a fool if you think you can defeat me. I know all of your fighting techniques, I was part of you." White Knight said, running up to attack him, as they clashed their dagger swords together. "Well I know all of yours too, buddy." Trent said, punching him, and White Knight kicked at his legs, trying to trip him, but he held on. Trent then clashed dagger swords again with him, and shot laser arrows at his feet, tripping White Knight to the muddy ground. He got up angrily. "I'll admit you got me there..." White Knight said, wiping mud off his red visor. He fired more laser arrows, as Trent shielded himself. Trent fired some back, as White Knight blocked some with his dagger. "We'll see who wants the sole power more. You or I." White Knight said, as he jumped up and sent a giant slash from his dagger at Trent, knocking him down. Trent concentrated, as both of their stones were sparking heavier than before. "How will it end?" White Knight wondered, as they looked at each other. Back at the park, the girls kept fighting off Valina's gang and Gride. Cynthia sent a rock at Gride, but he sliced through it with the sword. She then looked at Valina's staff, and tried to focus on it, but Cassidy sent a whirlpool blast at her. Tori stopped it, and knocked Cassidy into a fountain with it. "Thanks." Cynthia said. Cassidy's eyes stopped looking possessed, and she looked around from the fountain. "Hey...I remember this place. This is the Posidonia Fields Park..." Cassidy said, and her eyes went back to the possessed look. "She just snapped out of it for a few seconds, can you get through to her?" Madison asked to Tori. "Worth a shot." Tori said, as she focused on Cassidy's mind. "Wake up!" Tori yelled multiple times to Cassidy, as she floated up, and her eyes went back to normal. "Huh..." Cassidy was saying. "You're Cassidy Quigley, you were one of the former guardians." Madison spoke to her. "I remember now...thanks! I'm done being Valina's mind slave!" Cassidy said, regrouping with the other girls. "No, you are mine!" Valina yelled, shooting a lightning bolt with Gride's magic sword slash, and Madison launched a lightning bolt back at both. "Can you free the others?" Audrey asked to Cassidy. "I can try. Tori, maybe we can use our mind powers together to free them..." Cassidy suggested. "Working with a former guardian who has the same powers as me? Awesome." Tori said, as both of them focused their minds on Peyton, Mai's doppel, and Briar. They shouted to snap out of it to the three multiple times, and they woke up. "What..." Briar wondered, looking around. "I remember now. Yeah, sorry Val, but we're done being your henchmen." Peyton said, as the eight guardians floated near each other. "Wow, it feels so awesome to have you guys on our side for a change." Cynthia said. "Grandma, you're okay!" Audrey spoke to Mai's doppel. "Yes I am!" Mai replied. "Fools, I own you, your power belongs to me!" Valina said, as she pointed the staff at the four. They tried to attack and resist, but Valina absorbed the four into the staff's gem. It kept glowing, giving Valina more power. The gem now had Elana, Mai, Mai's doppel, Briar, Cassidy, and Peyton inside of it. "I control all of their elements now!" Valina yelled, launching two powerful aquatic blasts from her hands. "It was fun while it lasted..." Madison sighed, as the four girls launched attacks back at her. "I need to get that staff out of her hands..." Cynthia said, focusing on it. She made it move a little, but Valina held onto it, and sent a rock flying at Cynthia. "Naughty girl, there's nothing you can do to remove this staff from my grip." Valina taunted, waving her red hair. Back at Mud Valley, Trent and White Knight kept attacking each other. Trent felt the stone lending its power to him, as it glowed. He waved his dagger sword, which also glowed. White Knight was surprised, but charged at him. Trent charged as well, and they clashed their swords at each other, running to the opposite sides. They waited, as White Knight sparked a lot. "Ugh...guess you wanted the power more..." White Knight said, as he fell to the ground. His body then vanished in a purple mist. Trent looked at his stone, and it was back to normal. "Well...bye, I guess." Trent shrugged, as he walked out of Mud Valley. Tom looked at the stone grid, as one of the white stones disappeared, and now only the six stones were there. "Ah, balance is restored. I deserve a snack..." Tom said, opening a bag of chips. "Tom, did I hear you opening another bag of outside food?" Luna asked, walking into the room after overhearing him. "What food?" Tom asked, hiding the chips behind his back. Several chips fell to the ground, as she looked at him annoyed. The knights saw Trent approaching. "There he is...or is that the evil knight?" Jake wondered, unsure. "We're about to find out." Zero said. Trent then powered down, reliving the four. "He's gone." Trent said, as the four congratulated him. "Nice job dude, guess you had the power in you the whole time, you just had to believe, or something cheesy like that." Nick said. "We should get back to girls, hopefully they didn't get into any trouble." Cameron said, as they headed back to the portal. Back at the park, Valina was shooting multiple elemental attacks at the girls, overpowering them. "I wish she had an easier off switch." Tori sighed, shooting a water blast at her, but Valina sent a powerful gust of wind back at it. Gride flew down in front, and shined his eyes at the girls, but they launched elemental attacks at him, knocking him across the ground. "It's a good thing nobody is coming to the park this late, or they'd be very confused." Cynthia said. Randy the Pizza Delivery Guy was seen passing by on his bike, and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the girls. "What the..." Randy said, leaning in closer. Tori then noticed him, and gasped. She quickly concentrated. "This isn't real, you're dreaming, keep moving-" Tori was trying to say, but Gride sent a slash at her back, knocking her down a bit. "Rude." Madison and Cynthia attacked Gride, as Tori focused again. "Okay, let's try this again. This isn't real, it's a dream, keep moving, also feel free to deliver some pizza to the Mansen residence at address 409." Tori said, winking. Randy drove off at once, as the battle continued. The knights are seen coming out of the portal, seeing the commotion. "Looks like you finished your battle at a good time..." Jake said to Trent, as the other four powered up. "Good timing, handle that dragon guy, we'll take Valina. She absorbed the old guardians, and has all of their powers." Madison said, shooting a lightning blast at her, but Valina sent one back. Jake, Cameron, Zero and Nick attacked Gride at once, clashing their swords with his. Trent stopped, and looked at Valina. "Mom, please stop this weirdness. I know deep down you don't want to do this." Trent tried to reason with her, as she looked at him. "Silence, you betrayed me! I am trying to do good for the world, and I will remove anyone that gets in my way!" Valina said angrily, still attacking the girls. "Yeah, looks like she's a lost cause, dude." Jake said, slicing at Gride. "Then you leave me no choice." Trent said, as he launched several laser arrows flying at her. One hit her staff, knocking it out of her hand, and it landed on the ground near the fountain. Several nematodes were seen near it, and they ran away. "No, my power!" Valina said, as the girls flew towards it. Madison quickly grabbed it, and held it out. "Alright, now do we destroy this-" Madison was wondering, when a green blast hit her in the back, and she dropped it. From behind, everyone looked into the shadows. Several lights lit up, to show Ramos with the spider crab and blue jellyfish. He was wearing a clown outfit, and took off the blue nose, smiling maniacally. "...Ramos!?" Madison said, surprised. "What's with the stupid get-up?" Cynthia asked, as he laughed. "Ugh, just what I needed, this fool!" Valina said. "Miss me, sorceress?" Ramos asked, shooting a green blast from his mini-staff. Inside the old campaign manager room at the Posidonia castle, the purple portal is seen lighting up again... Randy the Pizza Delivery Guy is then seen ringing the Mansen house's doorbell. Hank opened it, confused. "Pizza delivery for the Mansen residence." Randy said. "What's the meaning of this? I didn't order any pizza." Hank said. "Oh...my bad. Sorry, my head is weird. Don't tell my boss..." Randy said, as he walked off. "That boy ain't right." Hank said, closing the door. Back at the park, the spider crab crawled to Valina's staff. Audrey sent a gust of wind at it, blowing it back. She tried to grab the staff, but Valina sent a lightning blast in her way. The boys were still fighting off Gride, when several nematodes jumped all over them. "What the!?" Jake asked annoyed, swatting one off. The blue jellyfish made its tentacles glow electricity, trying to poke them at the girls. Cynthia grabbed Valina's staff, but she made rocks rise around Cynthia, trapping her. Cynthia then broke out, and used her telekinesis power to send a trash can flying at Valina, but she exploded it with electricity. "Hey, what did that trash can ever do to you?" Nick asked, swatting off more nematodes. Ramos sent another green blast from his mini-staff at Madison, who sent a lightning bolt back. "It seems fitting you're wearing that clown costume." Madison said, sending another lightning bolt at him, and he went flying into a lamppost. The spider crab then shot a web at Madison from behind though, trapping her. "Haha, who has the last laugh now!?" Ramos asked, as he shot another green blast at Tori. "This is getting annoying..." Tori said, shooting a water blast at the blue jellyfish. Cynthia quickly tossed the staff to Zero, who caught it. "Gride, get the staff! Wait...where is Gride?" Valina asked, noticing Gride mysteriously vanished from the battle. "I dunno, he just bailed on our fight." Jake said, swatting off more nematodes with Trent. "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself..." Valina sighed, as she flew to Zero, who tossed the staff to Cameron. Cameron punched the spider crab off to the side, and he tossed the staff to Audrey. She tossed it to Madison, but the blue jellyfish grabbed it, delivering it to Ramos. "No!" everyone yelled. "It is mine!" Ramos said happily, holding it in one hand. "Don't let him get away with it!" Madison said, as several nematodes jumped in her way "meeping", but she whacked them away. "You fool, you cannot comprehend that staff's power!" Valina said, shooting a lightning ball at him, but a magical slash was sent flying at her lightning ball. Gride stepped out of the shadows, siding by Ramos. "You betrayed me, Gride!?" Valina asked annoyed. "I've always been two-faced!" Gride laughed, shooting more magical slashes at her, and Ramos sent several green magical blasts, knocking her to the ground. Trent felt bad for her, as he sliced his dagger sword at the blue jellyfish. Ramos then approached her, laughing. "What...do you want from me?" Valina asked. "Ah, you think I'm here for only you, eh? So selfish, I just want your staff! But here's a parting gift!" Ramos spoke, talking like the Joker. He used the mini-staff to open a black hole behind Valina, which began sucking her in. "Why do you need my staff!?" Valina asked, trying to charge an electric blast in one hand, and holding onto the ground with the other. "Oh, I figured it'd be okay if I borrowed it, as you're probably not gonna need it WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" Ramos yelled maniacally, shooting a green blast at her other hand. "Mom!" Trent yelled, shooting a laser arrow at Ramos. "I'm going to regret this, but..." Madison sighed, as she flew to Valina, and kicked her out of the black hole's path. "You...saved me..." Valina said confused, floating up. "You saved her!? Why so serious, we could've gotten rid of her once and for all!?" Ramos rambled, when he heard the mini-staff glow to him. "...Alright, alright, fine." Ramos and Gride shot multiple attacks at the heroes, as several hit Valina, making her fall to the ground. Ramos shined her staff, and absorbed her inside of the gem. "Nooo!" Valina yelled, as she was shown in the gem with the others. "Trapped inside of her own staff...what an ironic end." Nick pondered. Trent sent several laser arrows at Ramos and Gride, but they sent attacks back, colliding. "Uh guys, there's still the problem of that black hole thing." Tori said, pointing to it. "Indeed there is, it'd be a shame if it went to WASTE!" Ramos yelled, shooting a blast at Madison, as she went flying towards the black hole. "Oh boy." Madison said, trying to fly away, but it was pulling her in. "Jelly, get crab. We're done here." Ramos ordered, staring at both staffs. The nematodes stopped attacking the heroes, and retreated. Gride jumped on top of the jellyfish's head, and the jellyfish picked up the spider crab, flying up. The spider crab shot a web at Ramos, as he dangled from it through the air. Trent chased after Ramos, trying to take Valina's staff from him. "You want to waste time with me, eh boy? I mean, look at your precious girlfriend..." Ramos pointed out, as the black hole was still pulling Madison in. The girls flew to her, trying to drag her away from it, holding onto her hand. Trent ran off to help her, as Ramos laughed. "AH HA HA! So long, morons!" Ramos yelled, as he went flying off with his henchmen into the sky. Deckel is seen hiding in a bush, and looked at Ramos flying away. He was surprised after what just happened, and ran off. The heroes all grabbed onto each other's hands, and pulled Madison out of the portal's path. She was freed, and they attacked the portal all at once, making it disappear. "Thanks guys." Madison said, as they powered down. "I can't believe Ramos one-upped us of all people." Cynthia said. "Don't worry, we'll get that staff back." Jake said."Do you think he's going back to his castle?" Audrey asked. "Most definitely, but he is probably expecting us to follow him. It would obviously be a trap." Zero said. "At least the evil white knight is gone, that's one threat out of the way." Cameron said. "He has my mom. I know she's insane, but she doesn't deserve to be trapped in there." Trent said. "We'll get her back too...as long as she doesn't try to kill us if we do rescue her." Madison reassured. "Well this is a bittersweet ending." Nick said. "Yeah, but we've handled that clown before, I don't think having a weird magical item makes him impossible to defeat." Tori said. "True. Let's go back to our homes though, we can focus on this tomorrow. It's getting late, and I don't want our parents asking us a million questions." Jake said. They nodded in agreement, and walked out of the park, as a cop approaches them. "Isn't it a school night?" the cop asked. "It's only 9:00, we were heading back." Tori pointed out, as the gang split, going to their homes. Ramos is seen landing in front of the Posidonia castle, with Gride, the spider crab and blue jellyfish. They walked to castle entrance, surprising the guards, and they saluted. Ramos bursted into the entrance, surprising guards and senators inside. "I'M BACK, BABY!" Ramos yelled, laughing. "My king, after two months, you've returned to us!" a soldier said. "But where were you?" a senator asked. "Why are you wearing a clown suit?" another senator asked. "Patience. Both of those things will be explained in due time..." Ramos said. He is seen on his throne smiling, holding the staffs in both hands. A guard then walks into the room. "At your service, Mr. Skipper." the guard said, not seeing Ramos's face. "I'm not a Mr. Skipper..." Ramos said to him, smiling, and the guard gasped. Notes/Trivia -It is revealed there cannot be two of the same knight stone active at once, or it causes a problem in the stone grid. - - -
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    The February 25th episodes will be "Mimic Madness" and "House Worming". Source: http://tvschedule.zap2it.com/tv/spongebob-squarepants-mimic-madness-house-worming/EP003077660771?aid=tvschedule There will also be new episodes on March 4th (my birthday), but there is no titles for them yet.
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    Episode 34: The Killer Krab The following trailer is rated H for honest. From the creator who brought you dirty versions of plot summaries of Spongebob episodes and dirty cockfights between SBC members, comes a Spongebob spin-off that’s going to make everyone want to fight dirty against a foe they never would’ve expected to fight… ...Spongebob references. What a twist! Unless you’re one of the people who’s already grown tired of the meme of people using Spongebob references as jokes. As well as the “What a twist!” meme. Get down (and dirty) with Mr. Krabs, a miserly businessman who was also once a jerk with a heart of gold underneath everything before he became a complete psychopath, become a complete psychopath who flat-out murders his customers. You know, that thing he doesn’t already do with Krabby Patties that explode in your stomach after you leave the restaurant? Immerse yourself in the world of Grand Theft Auto III with a premise ripped straight off of Rusty’s Raping Rampage, Soylent Green, Sweeney Todd, every monster-of-the-week series, and whatever Rusty’s Raping Rampage ripped off besides monster-of-the-week shows. Actually, I take back that comment. It’s a bit mean. I’m sure Rusty’s Raping Rampage ripped off a lot more than just tha- Feel the intensity of the emotions Mr. Krabs faces every time he deprives a victim of their life for the same half-assed and cookie-cutter reason every time. “ARR, SPONGEBOB! IT’S FOR THE KRUSTY KRAB! I DON’T WANT ME RESTAURANT TO GET A BAD REVIEW ON ZOMATO! THE RISK OF LIFE IN THE BRIG IS WORTH IT! I’VE BEEN THERE BEFORE, THE BRIG IS NICE!” And feel the thrill of the gripping death scenes as Mr. Krabs deprives a victim of their life the same way every time, even in cases where it makes no sense at all. Seriously, how do you kill The Flying Dutchman, a ghost, with the sound effect of Nickelodeon’s old logo? Nickelodeon, on the other hand, could even kill a ghost. Just look what happened to The Fairly OddParents. STARRING “The boss’ office is the entrance to hell.” as Mr. Krabs “I’m having deja vu here.” as Spongebob Mrs. Doubtfire as Mama Krabs played by Mr. Krabs IN The Killer Krab
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    So instead of a SPLAT (implying being hit by a blunt object), it's a POP (implying being blown up). What's next, SNAP (implying breaking someone's neck), followed by CRACKLE (implying internal rupturing)? Adding new sound effects for the murders adds as much to the story as adding new things for the victims to be made into, like Rice Krispy treats, because it doesn't give the plots any extra meat. Why couldn't we learn anything about Mr. Puff's character or see any interactions with him and Mr. Krabs, or heaven forbid, Mrs. Puff? Hayden nailed it at the end, this is just wasted opportunity.
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    Just like how this episode is tainted with 69 jokes! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH Seriously though, you have no idea how the 69 jokes all broke us. I never wanna hear that number after this.
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    I disagree. The previous works we've riffed aren't tainted meat. They're painted meat. Just look at all the colors we use for the dialogue. Oh, and yeah, "tainted". That's an adjective that could've been used instead of "dirty" at least once or twice. As well as "rotten", "rancid", or if you really want simplicity, "bad". Though this spin-off hasn't even come close to committing an Eddsworld Meets Spongebob offense, I do understand why some people now find it to be bad.
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