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    because it's gone on long enough (and enough has happened because of it,) i wanted to tell you guys that im not the person ive said i was over the past few months that ive been active here (or the years ive been active on sbm for that matter.) i'm a fifteen-year-old girl and i live in caliornia (and always have) and thats all ill say for now. thanks for being understanding.
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    I am pleased to announce the beta release of Club SBC! Club SBC is our very own Club Penguin private server. Because this is a beta, this means that there will be bugs. Please do not report bugs at this time. All bug reports will be immediately closed and locked. Everyone will start out with 500 coins. If you have ads enabled, you will also receive 25 coins for every day that you have ads enabled in addition to your 25 doubloons. You'll receive them automatically just like your doubloons! This took me almost a month to complete, so you all better be appreciative! More features to come. I do have some ideas for what I want to do with Loyal Customers, but we'll have to wait to see what comes up. You are also allowed to have as many penguin accounts as you want. If you have ads enabled, you'll receive 25 coins for all of your penguins daily. Access it here: https://www.thesbcommunity.com/clubsbc/
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    Starting our next project with two riffs back to back! Here is the closest thing JCM considers to be a personal shame he has. Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 1. Sneaking Suspicion 2. Mask of Terror
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    As I stated a while ago, there is a smaller scale teams forum event coming in May. And this is it! May Mayhem is basically a diet March Madness. It will last from May 1st to May 14th. There will be a collection of random games (SpongeBob Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Music Parties, SpongeCraft, Cards Against Humanity, etc.) every day for 14 days. Whichever side wins the most in those 14 days (Band Geeks, Drasticals, or Independents) will receive interesting prizes, one of which is a sneak peek at a summer forum event. This won't be super huge like March Madness, but it's a nice mini team-event to pass the time, giving them another chance to do something. This is still an official teams event. Hopefully at least some team members from each side help out, even if this won't be that huge. If you feel you may have sucked at March Madness 2017, here's another chance to win some stuff for your team. If you forget who is on each side... Band Geeks: Drasticals: Independents: Anyone not listed above. If you want to be on either the Band Geeks or Drasticals, see this topic. I know, you may still be confused, wondering why this is even happening at all, or so soon. Well...there is another reason, but I'll keep that secret for now...
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    ok but there are guys who have those interests too. I'm not arguing Homie's gender but I'm just sayin'.
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    Oh no they told the truth, It just means they spoiled the best parts and that the rest of the series will be infinitely worse than this.
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    It is time. March Madness 2017 has finally ended. As the scoreboard shows, the Band Geeks win 32-25-3! It was an intense month, and could've gone any way, but the Band Geeks take the gold! Congrats to the team, the team members will each receive 1,000 doubloons. This is the sixth event the Band Geeks have won (March Madness 2015, July 2015, Octerror Fest 2015, Snowcember Ball 2015, Super Spongy Square Games, and March Madness 2017). However, I am issuing a warning due to the actions of some members throughout the event this month. Do not act ignorant, arrogant, or pompous to members of other sides in future team events. Because that happened quite a few times this month (not saying any names), and let it be known: I will revoke wins from your side if it happens ever again. I'm not joking. You've been warned. Now, to get off that dark note, here's who received the most wins from each side (this counts the hunt too)... Band Geeks: 1.) @Daria Fredgendorffer with 10 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @Chadwick Gaylord & @JCM with 7 wins 3.) @Dr. WhoBob with 3 wins Drasticals: 1.) @Hayden with 6 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick & @Sandy with 5 wins 3.) @TheOpenWindowManiac with 3 wins Independents: 1.) @CDCB with 2 wins (MVP! ) 2.) @Cha♡ with 1 win Thanks to all who played this month, I had a lot of fun with this event myself. Whether you succeeded or failed, you may have helped your team in some way. Don't be sad if you didn't win anything, there will be more team events coming this year. There is a smaller scale team event coming in May, and I'll provide more details on that soon. But for now, y'all deserve a break.
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    For those of you who weren't here in 2013, the staff used to do a thing called "Good Fridays" every week where they'd preview new features, reveal scrapped concepts, and other fun stuff. Since it actually is Good Friday, I decided to give the people who've been here for a while the chance to reminisce about those days and about one of the features that were popular during those days: the Arcade. The Arcade was a collection of Flash games that SBC members could play and that was regularly used for events where members tried to beat each other's highest scores. It didn't survive the move to IPB4 due to it not having any compatible plugins and due to Flash being dead and all. However, I saved all of the games before the move, and you can now play most of them on my website! Click here! The games are here! In addition to the games, you can also find the descriptions that were used for them on SBC and the high scores and the members who have them so they can be forever immortalized. I don't have all of the games up yet, but I should have the rest uploaded to my website by tomorrow, and if you aren't interested in games or the one you want to play isn't on there, there's other cool stuff on my website! (I just posted an interview with Quentin Tarantino ^-^) That's all for now! If I made any mistakes, please let me know in this thread, and I'll try to address them. Happy gaming!
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    This....is definitely earth shattering. It's going to take a lot of time for me to process this deception. I thought you were a fish with a brown tie
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    See, what gets me is that this isn't even something, like, "Tom and Jerry sneak into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory after hours and get all mixed up! Hilarious!", or even a fully committed Willy Wonka parody where there's, like, some sort of amazing animal food factory and whoever finds the golden tickets inside specific bags of animal food get to take a tour and there's a cat version of Willy Wonka and the kids are different types of animals and then go from there. What gets me irrationally angry is that, judging from the trailer, this is straight-up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's either an A-plot or a B-plot, but that plot is clearly just moving right along just fine without Tom and Jerry being there, and they're just kind of wandering around and doing things for no good reason. Are you kidding?
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    Here we go, the last two episodes of this. I apologies if our riffs for this haven't been that great, but I promise the last three things we riff will be worth riffing, and have a lot of material. Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 12. Double Team Disaster (Part 1) 13. Double Team Disaster (Part 2)
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    I guess that Luna's Future is my serenade to Spongetron.
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    Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 10. Miniature Mermaid Man 11. Sweet Dreams
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    Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 6. Atomic Plunder 7. 15 Minutes (Part 1)
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    http://ew.com/tv/2017/04/04/nickelodeon-invader-zim-tv-movie/ GREENBLATT WASN'T LYING.
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    The following you are about to witness is a work of total fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the creator's imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual events or locales is not entirely coincidental. This program doesn't reflect the views or opinions of any person portrayed herein... Anyway, can you even handle this? I'll Be Your Father Figure Chad Francis: Welcome, Death Faithful, to even more filler that even Naruto wouldn't believe! American Idiot: I am your Savior of Misbehavior, American Idiot, and joining me tonight is none other than Chad News Network's very own spunky sponge bob reporter, Chad Francis, who will be seemingly standing in for my old buddy, Eddy, for the foreseeable future! Where the fuck have you been, Chad? Your pizza's cold! Chad Francis: The pizza's cold?! Oh no! NOT THE PIZZAAAAA! But in all seriousness, I was going through quite the creative bipolar spell. I mean, one episode I was spunky SpongeBob reporter and the next I was tearing this SpongeBob site, that I help contribute news toward, all sorts of new ones and mang, it was just a dark time in the writer's room. I just had to take time off for a while, spend some time on the shelf and find my smile again. But for the sake of not making the writer look like a complete hack, let's just say that I lost the spunk, but the spunk is baaack! American Idiot: Chad Francis: Speaking of not having any fucks to give, boy do we have a fuck all of a deathmatch lined up here tonight, Idiot! American Idiot: You can say that again, Francis! We have a special, tailor-made deathmatch being imported in right from the good ol' SB of M! What can we say? They just breed em good down there! Chad Francis: So much like Paige on Xavier Woods or Squidward on a Krabby Patty in a trash can, it's time for SBC to get its own dose of sloppy seconds! Because here comes one half of tonight's featured bout! American Idiot: I wonder who it's gonna be, Francis! A 31 year-old teacher makes his way out to the ring, where a makeshift classroom has already been set up, complete with chalkboard, desks, and a lethargic feeling of academic anxiety. Chad Francis: Well ladies and gents, he's not The Good Guy, he's the not The Bad Guy, and he most certainly is not That Guy, but he sure is- American Idiot: SSSHHH! Quiet in the fucking classroom, Francis! Your first day back, and you're already proving to be a bad apple! There shall be no pizza at lunch for you! ???: For those of you who are educatoinally impaired or as you poepel would say, "a squirrle!" And if you don't know who I am, or perhaps y'all are just too darn stupid to read. ThatYellowGamerGuy: My name is ThatYellowGamerGuy and I am your taecher! I'd like to lecteur all of you on something that is quiet near and dear to all of our harts. ThatYellowGamerGuy: Here it is! S-B-M! What does that spell? Altogether now; "JUST A KIDZ SITE¡!111!" or to call it out for what it raelly is, so listen close and take notes, a poor excuse! What happened not only to this forum but the entire world? Where all the valeus that it onec held daer?! I'll give an exampel. I'll use a term, ok? "Working mothers"! young man, do you now what what maens? Vladimir King: ThatYellowGamerGuy: Of course you don't cuz the only work your mother does is when she's FLAT ON HER BACK spitting out unteachable lil bastards like you who go on kids sites and meme it to hell then have that very same harlot log on and protect you like the precouis little problem weed that you are! You see, she's somehow smart enough to know that the more kids she PUTS OUT, the more money Uncle Sam will DISH OUT! You bastards are not born from love. You are born out greed, necessity, ignorance, naïveté! And frankly, I am tired of having to pay and spend nine months of my time trying to teach the unteachable! Trying to mold today's little accidents into tomorrow's future serial killers and asylum inmates! And all because your mothers just couldn't keep their legs closed! So where are all the fathers, you might be wondering? Well some of the fathers are out, much like the majority of the kids in my class, absent! They may be out courting other women, or in this, and do pardon my French, baisée day and age, they could very well be drugging them into doing so against their will! And it is you people with your deplorable memes who go out endorsing these atrocious acts and the monsters who commits them, and that's what's ruining our future! But I really shouldn't blame you, should I? I mean, it's not your fault that you're on here 4/20 blazing it! Or claiming that you are number one when really, you're not even close to the top 50! You don't know any better. You people are UNeducated. And that right there, that's where I come in! Are proper family values missing not only in your home but also on ThatYellowGamerGuy: this homepage? Judging from what I can see, they most certianly are! Don't be afraid, look for new role models! Turn away from unqualified, unintelligible educators such as ssj! A "man" like that is not fit to be teaching children, let alone supervise them in an online environment! Look to a guy like me! Glomp me! I WILL BE YOUR FATHER FIGURE! After all, I am ThatYellowGamerGuy and I am going to be your teacher! ThatYellowGamerGuy: And the next item on today's agenda is washing away the filth that is from this forum! Chad Francis: Sweet Hot Cosby on the Fourth of July! American Idiot: That's Bill Fucking Cosby, Francis! Chad Francis: My sources from Wikipedia are telling me that it is, indeed, BILL FUCKING COSBY, Idiot! Are you handling this right now?! American Idiot: I already lost my shit the moment that emote was first posted, Francis! No need to unnecessarily flaunt it anymore than it already has! Chad Francis: I don't think America's Dad takes kindly to the fact that this yellow guy is mercilessly running his kids down into the ground! American Idiot: And I'm sure all those young ladies don't take kindly to Cosby doing the very same to them neither. Cosby jives his way down to the ring as the guests in attendance eats em up for everything that he's worth, much to ThatYellowGamerGuy's annoyance. ThatYellowGamerGuy unbuttons his shirt, rolls up his sleeves and knocks desks over before attempting to toss the chalkboard out of the ring and right at Cosby, who wiggles out of its way. ThatYellowGamerGuy: I guess you're just gonna have to learn things the hard way! Pay close attention as I proceed to school this serial rapist and finally drill into those thick cro mag-non skulls of yours that this is no role model! Cosby hits the ring, but YellowGamerGuy immediately jumps on him right as he hops in, giving the 79 year-old no room to breathe. Chad Francis: Oh dear Neptune below! ThatYellowGamerGuy goes immediately on the attack as Bill was just formally making his way into the ring! What kind of an example is that to set for today's kids?! American Idiot: Serves the old dirty bastard right. He finally gets to know how 40 years of suffering he wreaked on countless defenseless young women really feels, and I find it to be poetic justice that our teacher will be the one to teach it to him! Chad Francis: Well I, for one, signed up for cooking class! Not his class. ThatYellowGamerGuy quickly picks Cosby up and drills him into the mat with a snap suplex. Chad Francis: OH MY GOODNESS! SNAP SUPLEX WITH ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY IN THE CLASSROOM! ThatYellowGuy is already finding himself having to dig deep into the arsenal of lethal maneuvers! Cosby bounces right back up immediately after impact and locks up with YellowGamerGuy again, only to get taken down with an arm drag. Cosby rolls back to his feet, holding his lower spine. Chad Francis: And ThatYellaGuy hits Cosby with AN ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING ARM DRAG FROM HELL! How can a 79 year-old even get up from such a calculated, all-out attack?! American Idiot: Maybe he should try drugging him first. Chad Francis: Bill Fucking Cosby being put immediately on the defensive in the opening moments of tonight's featured bout! ThatYellowGamerGuy motions to the referee, Clem. ThatYellowGamerGuy: Check him! Check to see if he's still got life in em. Not after that! But even Clem isn't that dumb to not realize that Cosby is already back up on his feet. Chad Francis: I don't know just what the fuck ThatYellaGuy was trying to prove there. Perhaps nothing, as per usual of him! Vintage ThatYellowGamerGuy, as some might say. ThatYellowGamerGuy grabs Cosby by the arm to pick him back up and whips him violently into the ropes, Cosby ricochets back as ThatYellow awaits his return with another basic wrestling maneuver, but Cosby manages to overtake him with a head scissors takedown. Chad Francis: COSBY LITERALLY BOUNCES BACK WITH A BEAUTIFUL YET BRUTAL HEAD SCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Taking our teacher by absolute surprise! American Idiots: I'm sure he's had plenty of practice using that move, Francis! That is certainly no small feat for a creep his age, even I must admit! Cosby sizes YellowGamer up for a super kick, but YellowGamer manages to catch it. ThatYellowGamerGuy: Class is dismissed! YellowGamer goes for a leg sweep, but Cosby tries beating him to the punch with an enzuiguri, but YellowGamer manages to calculate and duck it. Now with Cosby's back facing toward him and his foot still very much in hand hands, YellowGamer can only laugh and boast now that he seemingly has Bill Fucking Cosby at his mercy, but Cosby somehow manages to kick away YellowGamer's grip in style with a front flip. This catches YellowGamer by surprise, which leaves him open for that super kick that Cosby was trying to go for earlier. Chad Francis: BOBBA MIA! HERE I GO AGAIN! MY MY! HOW COULD ANYBODY POSSIBLY BE ABLE TO HANDLE THAT?! American Idiot: I think now that women are suddenly empowered and privy to Mr. Cosby's methods, he's somehow learned a new move to use on the ladies when knocking them out the first time fails! YellowGamerGuy gets knocked back into the ropes from the super kick, which bounces him back towards Cosby, who's waiting for him with a calculated Quaalude To A Kiss. Chad Francis: QUAALUDE TO A KISS APPLIED RIGHT TO THE FUCKING KISSER! AS NEPTUNE IS MY WITNESS, THAT YELLOWGAMERGUY HAS BEEN KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT! American Idiot: Never have I seen anyone more fucked on this show since Jaredthedecimator debuted, Francis! ThatYellowGamerGuy is in a really bad way in a REALLY BAD WAY! Cosby dances a couple jigs in celebration American Idiot: Cosby's got him right where he wants him, Francis! Somebody stop him! Call the police FFS! Cosby positions himself in the corner and goes for a Rolling Thunder Splash that transitions right into a Cartwheel Moonsault. Chad Francis: He's rolling right onto ThatYellowGamerGuy like he rolls into the puh, Idiot! American Idiot: And he's cartwheeling onto ThatYellowGamerGuy like he cartwheels into the puh! Oh the inhumanity, Francis! I've heard plenty of cases where the teacher molests the student, but never have I seen a teacher be so violated against their will in all my months here on Community Deathmatch! It absolutely disgusts me that this is what our sponge on fan sites has come to! This is OUR teacher for crying out fucking loud! Cosby kips back up and looks to finish his opponent off with his patented Zip Zop Zoopity Bop! Chad Francis: ZIP ZOP ZOOPITY BOP CONNECTS! And ThatYellowGamerGuy is coughing up his internal entrails! American Idiot: He fucked our teacher up so much that his intestines just came out! All that punishment to the midsection has taken its toll! Chad Francis: This one may very well be over, folks! Clem checks in on ThatYellowGamerGuy, who is just laying motionlessly in a pool of his own blood, guts and stomach acid. He then walks over and raises Cosby's hand. Clem: WINNER, COSBY! American Idiot: Just look at that old dirty bastard go, like it's something for all of us to be proud of! This world has only gotten that much dumber now that our teacher is taking a three month vacation to JCM's ask thread. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Chad Francis: Very much, Idiot, very much indeed! What could Cosby's victory here tonight possibly mean for the future of emotes and even memes on Community Deathmatch?! Could they take on whole new lives of their own here in the SpongeBob Universe? Could we see Eyegirl, Fred, the fucking Butthole Surfers?! There's a Nugs emote on here, you know. Could we possibly be seeing TWO Nugs here in the future?! American Idiot: I really don't want to put much thought into that very grim possibility, Francis. I guess with all good things, like Teen Titans Go taking over the Cartoon Network, there will always be the bad to try and counteract all that good being done. But for now, I am afraid we are all out of time here at Community Deathmatch, from all of us here at Community Deathmatch, we wish you a good night, goo- Chad Francis: What the fuck in Neptune's name? I-Is that- no! It can't possibly be?! Seriously, who is that? American Idiot: I don't even know, Francis! Your guess is as good as mine! This random member makes his way into the ring and proceeds to sweep ThatYellowGamerGuy's remains out with his foot. He then approaches Cosby and stares him down a bit before offering out his hand. ???: Chad Francis: A sign of, perhaps, respect and good will being offered by this blur to Cosby! American Idiot: Oh great, another idiot running around here. Just what we fucking need! Chad Francis: And I was so sure that you were idiot enough- wait, hold that thought! I am receiving word from my sources on Wikipedia that this is none other than...SBRoxMan?! American Idiot: SBRoxMan? I thought he was dead, like forreal. Good grief, another deadbeat moderator to lower SBM's standards more and more! The living personification of the term "non-factor", is SBRoxMan. Suck my left nut you twat bastard! Cosby accepts it and shakes SBRoxMan's hand. He the proceeds to send a wave through his arm and it flows right through to SBRoxMan's arm, who sends it back to Cosby. Chad Francis: BOBBA MIA! LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW! American Idiot: RIGHT IN THE LITTLE BILL! I think I have just died and gone to heaven! Chad Francis: Elastic would not have stood for that hit below the belt! You only have one job, Clem! Clem tries to get between them but he gets thrown out of the ring for his troubles. SBRoxMan stalks as Cosby curls up in pain in the middle of the ring. SBRoxMan grabs hold of him from behind and lifts him up into a deadlift suplex, drilling him hard on his head and neck to the mat. Chad Francis: This is absolutely no way to be treating a great man his age! He is on the edge of 80, Idiot! Never have I seen anything more deplorable take place this in this arena! American Idiot: This is poetic justice, Francis, poetic justice! Finally, we have somebody on staff with the slightest idea of what he's supposed to be doing! He is doing Neptune's work, God's work, Cha's work, Grubby's work, Ssj's work! He is carrying all their weight! And he is doing an exemplary job of it if I do say so myself! SBRoxMan, I applaud you, kind sir! For having the brain power to finally do what truly must be done around here! Having Cosby right where he wants him, SBRoxMan ascends to the top rope and looks down at America's Dad laid out below him. He jumps off to and comes crashing down on Cosby with The Yellow Avenger! Chad Francis: BOBBA MIA! ALL THAT UPPER BODY WEIGHT CRASHING RIGHT DOWN ON COSBY! AND THEY'RE PERKILY POINTY TO BOOT! As Neptune is my witness, our father may have just been murdered right before our very eyes! Why SBRoxMan, WHY?! Cosby continuing spitting up blood as SBRoxMan stands and over him. American Idiot: GOODBYE FRIEND SBRoxMan: Before, I was merely The Man That God Forgot. SBRoxMan points over at his very substantial boobies. SBRoxMan: Then I became The Mod That Everybody Forgot. And now, I shall become The Mod That Nobody Forgets Ever Again! SBRoxMan pounces back on Cosby and locks the defenseless old dirty bastard in his patented Underwire submission hold! Cosby slowly loses consciousness before finally dying out. SBRoxMan finally let's go after about two minutes of Underwiring him and taunts him some more. SBRoxMan: NEVER FORGET! SBRoxMan, feeling satisfied over what he's done, finally makes his exit, scowling at the guests in attendance as he makes his way out. American Idiot gets up from his seat in the broadcast booth and bows to him. American Idiot: We are not worthy! We are not worthy to have a mod as productive as you! Chad Francis: Well, while my partner is busy sucking dick, I'm afraid it's my duty to tell you that we're all out of time! I'm Chad Francis, and he's an idiot! Wishing you all a very good fight, good night!
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    Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 4. Bubble Trouble (Part 2) 5. Kelp Thing
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    Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 3. Bubble Trouble (Part 1)
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    Alright, so I thought it would be fun to do another one of these things. I mean, like half-fun. It's cool to look at the previous years and check out what was popular back then rather than what's popular now. So I consulted the random number generator gods to give me a year from 1964 to 2014. Let's see which year I got. 1991 .....oh boy. Yep. The early '90s. The decade full of dance jams, new jack swing, and Michael Bolton. It was certainly a weird decade to live in, indeed. But ignoring all of the hot jams, this year is such a mess. I mean, there are still some good stuff in this year, there always are, but I think my Bottom 10 will explain how messy this year in general was. So here we go, let's get to it right here, right now. It's: FRED'S BOTTOM 10 HIT SONGS OF 1991
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    whenever i see a nugs and clappy beef over music tbh this is how i picture nugs
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    Mermaid Man: The Aquatic Avenger 8. 15 Minutes (Part 2) 9. Public Enemy #1
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    Spider-Man, the 2002 movie starring Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco. This film is important for my childhood, and truly got me into Marvel (I saw X-Men a few years later and Blade was a film I didn't see until last year). The cast itself is phenomenal, and I still think Tobey and Willem are the best Spider-Man and Green Goblin, even without gushing over the film. (Plus, my eyes giggle whenever I see the colors of their suits). The plot is well done, showing Peter's transition from a helpless dork to a man with a responsability. You don't really get relatable plots like these anymore. Some of the effects, oddly, looked fine when I saw it on VHS, but they looked slightly dated (and ONLY slightly) on DVD with a Blu-Ray system (maybe it's not as high-def as the rereleases are). Funny enough, I just noticed that the Spider symbols on the chest and back are different, and I thought that the one of the 2002 version was used only in promotional materials like the action figures or art renders and not for the movie, but apparently, the 2002 logo WAS part of the movie all along (it wasn't as apparent as the first logo of the 1989 Batsuit). Either way, this movie is amazing, spectacular, ultimate, and a great start to a solid trilogy, having a great mix between realism, action, humor, and soul, something that the 2012 reboot and the MCU version lack so much (TASM 1 was good but TASM 2 sucked, and I feel Homecoming would be ghastly compared to its predecessors). This film brings me back to when I used to have my old Spider-Man figures and have him save my other toys or do crossovers with Power Rangers, and I give it a perfect 10 out of 10!
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    I have 69 pages in both my Ask Me thread and in my PM conversation thread with STRP. 69 must be my lucky number.
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    This tweet is just Jhonen trolling. You can tell by the tone of it.
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    Oh whaddya know here we go --- Okay, so like I said, 2008 wasn't all bad. While I could live without the majority of these songs, I think there's some merit to the songs near the top of the list. I found myself enjoying revisiting a few of them. It just took some effort to find the diamonds in the rough, rough terrain. And here they are. Wumbo's Top 10 Hits of 2008 Full list:
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    The Loud House is so painfully average that I think a movie is one of the silliest decisions Nickelodeon could have made, plus, it reeks of desperation. This isn't 2001 where pretty much any animated TV show and it's grandmother was destined for a movie, it's 2017 where the new SpongeBob movie was the first in what feels like a decade. Nick Execs: well, it's the first cartoon with non-shit ratings in forever! We have to capitalize on that! Lets give this show that's not even a fucking year old a movie! We're not dependent on SpongeBob! See? SEE?! i appreciate them trying to branch out from SpongeBob, I'm glad Chris Savino has a successful show, but they're trying to force something here and it's not a good fit. Mighty B sure as hell didn't get this treatment. Fuck these guys. (i was gonna list a slew of good cartoons Nick has fucked over that deserved a movie but I'll be damned lmao Mighty B is seriously the only decent Nicktoon I can remember)
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    It's been a little while since I last done this
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    Let's do this. These lists were a long time coming. I started making my rankings in February and I've been meaning to finish them by, like the end of that month. Unfortunately, senioritis kicked my ass. I was enrolled in an Economics class that assigned me like something-teen assignments each week. There were other classes I had to do too but Economics is a graduation requirement. Finishing these assignments required restless nights. So many restless nights. Now here I am, in mid-April, about to finish this shit up. Okay, in the last list, we discussed how 1991 was a pretty bad year for music. But this time, we're gonna talk about all the classic hits 1991 brought us as well. The songs that people defend 1991 for. It's..... FRED'S TOP 10 HIT SONGS OF 1991 FULL LIST:
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    Considering other recent events as of late, I figured that I may as well be honest with y'all too. I've been holding this back for years, it's getting out of control for me. It's time that I tell you guys the truth.
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    Spider-Man 2. Everything about it is what makes the 2002 trilogy a memoriable one for me. The cast is still amazing, and Alfred Monila as Otto Octavius is perfect, as he is not an ordinary bad guy compared to the likes of Aldrich Killian or "Zemo", but is instead a man doing what he wanted to accomplish the wrong way. The inner struggles Peter has as a superhero and how he either meeses up his job or fails to see MJ in her play is well done. When Peter fights Otto at the end, it's not him saying one liners or trying to make a fool of himself; he reasons with Otto that his dream will consume him of what he's being unaware of regarding the danger it had. Spider-Man is the best movie of the trilogy, and none of the reboots can match the heart of this movie. 10 out of 10!
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    Karma Police - Radiohead
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