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    god dammit. Today was so horrendous like one of the worst of my life.
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    Enjoying the discussion so far, everyone. Now then, here's our next two episodes on the list: 48. Plankton's Regular 53 points. 4 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #5 - @Clappy Summary: Jjs: It feels like the more we do these countdowns, Plankton's Regular keeps getting lower and lower. Seriously, it went from #29 to #26 to #37...all the way to #48 this year. But I'm not surprised. I remember back in the old days, this was considered a problematic episode amongst the fandom, especially with how Krabs acted, the ending and some questionable gross out gags (like Nat's face getting ripped off, yeaaah). However, certain episodes that came along later did its issues much worse to the fandom (sup One Coarse Meal), and as a result, Plankton's Regular has kinda slowly became irrelevant. I'm aware some still don't look at this one favorably, after all it did make the list. Despite this one's many problems (and believe me, it is problematic), I...actually don't dislike this one? I don't know. This episode is by no means good or anything, but other than the ending, which I will admit is shitty of Krabs, the rest is inoffensive to me. If there is one thing I'll give the episode credit for, it's for at least trying something different. In the era of S6 where not many risks were taken at all, the fact the episode chose to focus on a minor character like Nat was pretty different for its time. It didn't go too far, as later seasons would try this experiment to better effect, but at its time I'll take any attempt at creativity I could get. I also did like the irony of Krabs having to steal Plankton's formula for a change, even if it leads to the shitty ending. If there is one thing I would charge the episode with however, the way Nat is abruptly written off and taken away by the medics is pretty lame. Overall, not one I dislike as I find worse in S6, but I think #48 is an alright position for it. Who knows though? Next time we do this, maybe Plankton's Regular won't be on the countdown at all, and I could see it happening tbh. Here is something interesting to consider though: if One Coarse Meal never existed at all, I wonder if this episode would get the same amount of hate OCM does in 2018? Somewhere out there, there may be an alternate timeline with this answer. Honest Slug: A part of me is surprised this episode is so low, another part of me kind-of expected it. I remember this one being one of the most hated episodes for awhile due to its treatment of Plankton and the ending, I guess more hated episodes of similar veins have taken its spotlight. To be fair this isn't one of the absolute worst of season 6 for me but I still don't like it. It's a pretty dull execution of an interesting idea, the ending is played seriously enough that it feels much more sad than the comedy ending I think they were going for and the gags are pretty groan-worthy for the most part. I can see people hating this (I don't like it myself) but I wouldn't call it atrocious, especially considering other episodes to come in the season. ....oops. 47. Professor Squidward 53 points. 5 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #6 - @BeachBob95 Summary: Jjs: I know some don't think this episode is worth hating anymore, and while I agree there are worse, I'm still not a fan of this one. For an episode about SpongeBob and Patrick annoying Squidward, this episode sure is boring as heck. That's my biggest issue with it. It's just so goddamn boring. I can never click with this one. I still don't find any of the jokes funny. And yeah, SpongeBob and Patrick can be pretty annoying at parts here. Maybe this is personal taste, but the style of this episode also feels really dry and slow at points, and it doesn't work for me. Squilliam was pretty wasted here, too. Another problem for me is that episodes like Artist Unknown and to a lesser extent New Student Starfish do everything this episode does much better and funnier. The episode just doesn't add anything new for me unfortunately. That being said, it is pretty low on my list (it was only #22), so it's not one I dislike that much. I am perfectly fine with it making this spot on the list, but much like Plankton's Regular, I wouldn't be surprised if this disappears entirely in future countdowns. Trophy: May as well preface this by saying More, I'm absolutely not sorry that this is still high on my list at number eleventh and that I'm shocked that it keeps getting lower and lower every year, because this one still haunts me to this day to the point where I'd at least keep it top 25. I can get not being as hated, but nothing has changed about just how utterly annoying nearly everything in this episode is. The episode starts out fine enough but when SpongeBob and Patrick get in literally everything is indefensible for me, they do nothing but act annoying, repeat the same gags with the clock and tickling feet, and it's such a drag the entire way through until of course the ending, where it is justified but still....come on. There's nothing positive for me to find in this episode besides maybe liking the mini Patrick as a train conductor in terms of design, but even that joke falls flat due to the rest of the episode having nothing positive to hold itself up with at all. It's a waste of my time, and I'll say that it and Shuffleboarding combine for the worst production pair of the entire series.
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    We now have new updates on SBC! Emojis are updated to use the emojis that your device uses. Hooray! Emoticons are now considered emojis. Emoji autocomplete! You can now report a post as "Spam" or "Offensive / Abusive" and if 3 or more people report the same post, it will automatically be removed. Disclaimer: mods have the final say and can bring back the post. The search is actually good now. For real. It sucked before. Registration is easier than ever! While this doesn't affect anyone on SBC currently, it makes registering easier for new people. Clubs can now be invite only AND be seen by everyone. Yippee! You can now ignore a club invite. New blog views! Yay now it actually looks like a blog. Twitch links are now supported! The Karen bot on Discord now plays music. Yay for updates.
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    Hoo boy. If it wasn't Patrick's character being reduced to a plot device existing solely to torment Squidward for his bodily fluids, Squidward shaking and hiding from Patrick like a literal abuse victim after roughly the third scare, or even the citizens of Bikini Bottom unknowingly consuming Squidward's ink, it was the absence of any semblance of plot, coherency, or engagement. Nothing pushed me to continue watching this episode outside of the cringe-hype from pretty much everyone else around me telling me how awful the episode was-- and yet, with all this preparation, I somehow was still not prepared for what I saw. I'm not really sure how to arrange my thoughts on this particular episode in a way any more coherent than the episode itself, so instead enjoy this stream of consciousness of random stuff that bothered me: If a character is to be defined by their characteristics, and Patrick's only characteristic is "literal sociopath," then is Patrick even a character at all at this point? SpongeBob in itself has morphed into this awful "let's stretch four minutes of plot ideas into an eleven minute slot by forcing in as many shitty visual gags as we can to keep the viewers entertained," which functions only to distract from the plot and add personality where there is not. If you just read this episodes script sans any of the visual-based humor, you'd somehow be even more confused. What was up with that desperate reversal at the end where they tried to paint Squidward as the bad guy because he had the nerve to want to profit off of his own bodily fluids that Patrick was selling? It was clear as day they were trying to add in some sort of "both sides were in the wrong, so it's okay that Squidward has literally been a victim of abuse for the past nine minutes" garbage but the forced conflict was simply not it. Drawing inspiration from One Coarse Meal nine years and twenty thousand negative Internet reviews later is not a good look for Kaz nor for the network nor for anyone else involved in this cesspool of shit. 1/10
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    Here we go. I am pleased to announce that we received a grand total of 25 lists, beating our previous record of most lists! Special thanks to the following users who submitted a list: Myself, Trophy, More, Clappy, Wumbo, 4EverGreen, teenj12, WhoBob, Halibut, Wintermelon43, President Squidward, Honest Slug, JCM, Steel Sponge, Patty Sponge, Cha, SOF, Fred Rechid, crushingmayhem, CyanideFishbone, BobCarotte, Wendy the Witch, BeachBob95, Homie & RDSP. Given this is the five year anniversary of the worst lists, I am happy we got this many participants. I will also give everyone that sent a list 300 doubloons. Something I should say right now is that there are no ties this year. The amount we had in 2016 were ridiculous in hindsight, and so here's how I broke ties this year: if an episode appeared on more lists than the other but had the same amount of points, I put what had more lists ahead. If both had the same amount of lists, I would've gone with what was higher on someone's list between the two, though I didn't have to resort to that. Just figured I'd explain this if anyone is confused down the road. I have to say, I am very pleasantly surprised with this list this year. There was a lot of variety, unexpected choices, and also things you probably expect by now. But even with what you expect to be on here, you may be surprised with where certain episodess land. There are several newcomers to the list this year as well, so that makes the experience even more intriguing. Will A Pal for Gary truly be #1 again? Will jjs finally post his face on SBC if it somehow isn't? You'll have to tune in to find out. Like past years, I also encourage discussion between rankings to help keep the topic going hot. Feel free to post about whether if you agree/disagree with the choices, and if you have anything else to add about 'em. Also, as usual, I'll be allowing guest commentary for every episode, even if you didn't send a list. No real limit, you can sign-up for whatever you want, even if it didn't make your list. I know some have PM'd me already about commentary. Tonight joining me for commentary includes Homie and WhoBob. Now without further stalling, I present... SBC'S TOP 50 WORST EPISODES EVER: 2018 EDITION! 50. Restraining SpongeBob 50 points. 5 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #5 - @Lovie⭐ Summary: Jjs: Now here's an interesting choice. This is the first time this episode has ever appeared on a worst list. Can't say it's undeserved though. While not one I personally dislike, it is pretty meh. Shame, since the concept of Squidward getting a restraining order has potential for comedy gold, but unfortunately the execution falls flat. SpongeBob and Patrick are both pretty irritating at parts, and I can see why they'd be enough to ruin the episode for some. And that "some" would likely include our highest ranker, so here's Homie to give her thoughts! Homie: I feel like premise is something that distinguishes all of the episodes that have the main plot thread of "SpongeBob is a nuisance, Squidward is annoyed at him," so when an episode with a shitty premise like this airs I can have a very... visceral reaction, which compelled me to put it in the top five. The episode starts with unneeded Squidward abuse and doesn't let up throughout the entire thing with way too much poorly-executed slapstick to make up for plot, and even when Squidward finally snaps you feel too bad to find it remotely funny. 49. Best Day Ever 51 points. 3 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: 2 #4's - @4EverGreen & @crushingmayhem Summary: Jjs: Ah yes, Best Day Ever. Nearly 12 years later after the 24 hour marathon it got, and it's rotting right at the edge of our bottom 50 this year. All I really have to say is... really, this is still disliked? I really don't agree with this one being on the list, and I'm surprised it still has any contempt since it was completely absent from the 2015 & 2016 lists. But there's no denying it was one of the most unnecessarily overhyped episodes in SpongeBob's history, forever leading to the unfortunate reputation it has to this very day. However, I honestly think that if it was just aired as a normal episode with none of Nick's unnecessary hype leading up to it, it probably wouldn't be as disliked as it is now. But unfortunately, this isn't a perfect timeline. I do understand some don't care for this one even without the hype attached, and I get that. Even when you disconnect the hype Nick gave it, yeah, admittedly the episode is just kind of...mediocre at worst. I don't really mind it though, I think there's much worse than it. I totally understand some will never look away from the unnecessary af hype Nick gave it. I just don't think it's Bottom 50 material, but oh well. I guess we have to accept this one is forever doomed to have the reputation it does. WhoBob: this episode is on the list No disrespect to anyone who put it on their list, I'm just surprised by this one being there. I feel like the reason why this is on the list is mostly because it was one of the most hyped episodes ever and it didn't turn out to be a big special. Also around that time, people thought SpongeBob was losing their touch. I never found this to be bad, even as a kid, perhaps because it was never hyped in my country. In fact, I actually kind of like it. You could say SpongeBob is a bit selfish and a jerk because of him desperately wanting the day to be the best day ever. I could also accept the criticism of these all being SpongeBob's daily activities (except weirdly enough, Squidward's concert). But I enjoyed the story because somewhat it still stays true to SpongeBob's character, while making him flawed. He just wanted everything to go out exactly what he planned but it didn't and I think that's something people can relate to. We can't have good days just because we plan them to. SpongeBob sacrificed his time to help his friends and in the end, he was rewarded with a grand finale. It's true SpongeBob did lash out for something unimportant but it's just your guy who wanted his day to be perfect. Life doesn't work out like that but you can always hope for a good one. SpongeBob helped people and got his reward for doing that. Maybe that was Nickelodeon's intention or the writers' intention. Making us get excited for some special episode but we didn't get it. Instead it was an interesting episode about life itself. Maybe I'm giving too much credit here, maybe this episode was never good despite being hyped to death. Maybe SpongeBob was just one whiny ass. But after many years of many bad episodes from this show, I'm shocked something like this can still be disliked. Again, you can dislike it but honestly I actually found to this to be a good episode with some really funny moments and a good message. Oh well. -------- Again, there's plenty of room for commentary spots, hit me up if you're interested. I'll try to post two a day, but it's okay if you can't get commentary done in time, I'll wait.
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    'Yuck' isn't the only word to describe my feelings towards this episode. 11 minutes in, I was pretty much feeling something like this: You know, something we'd probably do when we found the next worst thing coming from SpongeBob. ...Oh, I'm kidding, but seriously though, "Ink Lemonade" was sooooo bad. Watching the episode feels like a lot of these post-movie demons repossessed the show's soul. The main issue I have with the episode is that it fails to grasp the nature of turning away from the mean-spirited tone of episodes centered on Squidward. What's so problematic is that it tries to play psychological torture for a comedic effect. None of what Squidward went through was funny, and the scene with a straight-up torture chamber was where the episode completely jumped the shark. The story is problematic too, like the Bikini Bottomites were still sucked into enjoying the taste of Squidward's ink, even after he tells them that he is the source of it all...and when Squidward splatters it all on the citizens, they suddenly realize they shouldn't have anymore of it??? Oh, and Patrick's character was nowhere near being likeable, but you know, I've seen worse portrayals of his character. "One Coarse Meal" didn't make the implication that Mr. Krabs was in the right for psychologically torturing Plankton (SpongeBob even says that he believes that Mr. Krabs might be going too far with his tormenting). In this episode, we're supposed to root for Patrick and find his antics funny, in addition to Squidward's torture. Patrick doesn't get any poetic justice and NO ONE has ever questioned his actions. Of course, he had to abruptly end his ink lemonade business, but then makes cookies out of spider eggs. At that point, you'd just want to see how Patrick feels if someone tried to scare him to death just so he could produce whatever comes from a sea star's metabolic system. I can't be too mad at this episode. I wouldn't say it was everything against all that post-SOOW worked for to improve SpongeBob, but this episode still left a very bad taste and it's already on its way of becoming the new One Coarse Meal/Pet Sitter Pat/etc. It's such a shame to notice that Kaz was the one who penned this. However, I think we should've already learned from Aaron Springer's post-movie mistakes is that how an episode is written matters more than who wrote it, when it comes to the quality. It should be worth noting that everyone's favorite scapegoats Casey and Zeus also wrote gems like "Bucket Sweet Bucket," "Patty Caper," "Sand Castles in the Sand," and "Tunnel of Glove." At the end of the day, I can't blame the episode for being written the way it was. While working in the television industry, you sometimes either end up with tight deadlines or not enough time to edit the script. Cha said it best that this episode can usually be enjoyed by hyperactive children who don't focus on the story and just focus on the comedy. In fact, it's really safe to say that the episode suffers from its larger emphasis on comedy to the point where it doesn't focus on its respective flaws. May that be a piece of advice: if you're really trying to write a episode that's comedic, pay attention to how you're writing the characters. Overall, the episode was a major disappoint and it's really deserving of the Yuck/5 rating. Adieu.
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    Honestly, that was absolute garbage. Worst S11 ep in a while. But it's lowkey sad, man. Originally, I was kind of interested in the premise of this one. Patrick and Squidward isn't really a pair we see interact much (last time I can recall it happening to any extent was "Squidward's School for Grown Ups"). We get SpongeBob and Squidward paired a lot, but we never really get to see primarily Patrick bouncing off Squidward. So I was curious to see if maybe they could've done something creative with this, despite the oddball plot. ...Too bad this episode completely botched it in every way possible. Once again, this episode proves Patrick being a protagonist is a very hit or miss idea, and in this one, it misses hard. I thought we had moved on from the Patrick of Seasons 6-8, but unfortunately it seems we haven't. He was straight up unlikeable from start to finish, his worst portrayal in a long time to me. Squidward did nothing to deserve any of what he went through, and the psychological shit Patrick was doing to him was just...depressing. The fact Patrick (and SpongeBob to a lesser extent) didn't even get any comeuppance for what he did is what makes it that bad for me. If Patrick at least had his business ruined and they didn't throw in the stupid spider cookie ending, I would've been more okay with this one. But nope, Squidward's always gotta get the worst possible outcome, even though his treatment was completely unjustified. Nothing in this episode was funny to me at all. I'm not one to complain about gross-out gags, but man was a lot of the gross-out in this one cringy and ridiculous (like the ending, basically all of Squidward's inking which got repetitive, and Patrick's innards), reaching major S6/S7 levels. There were many other unfunny and cringy gags like the megaphones as Trophy pointed out, and the spider character, which was just why. I think this episode is also the final nail in the coffin for me at least that the Ren & Stimpy antics have worn out their welcome, and they do not make up for the episode's many other flaws. At the end of the day, there really isn't a major plot to the episode, since the whole lemonade business is quickly brushed aside for Patrick's unfunny antics to cruelly force ink out of Squidward. Sorry guys, but the whacky facial expressions and other antics aren't going to cover for the poor story for me anymore when I don't even find them amusing. But worst of all, there's the unfortunate fact that this episode did seem like it was silently trying to copy "One Coarse Meal" (with Patrick being Mr. Krabs and Squidward being Plankton), and that's not a particularly good sign if the crew is taking a note from that episode. I doubt it was intentional, buuut I can't deny the resemblance was there. And while I don't dislike OCM as much anymore, that's not an episode you should really try to copy when we're in 2018... One step forward, three steps back for Kaz it seems. It's depressing. I think I may have to reconsider calling "Man Ray Returns" Kaz's weakest episode, because yikes. Honestly, I'd even go as far as to say this is the worst post SOOW episode to date, at least for now. Yes, it was that bad to me. I know the show can do much better than this, which makes the episode even more depressing. Grade: F
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    Gentlemen, this isn't a meme forum.
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    It's been forever since I've actually properly reviewed an episode, but I was curious. So, here we go.
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    -The title pun is determined to ruin my enjoyment of pink lemonade. -The lady's convulsions were not the knee slapper they thought it was. Just more creep factor. -"May I borrow a cup of squid squeezies?". Ok, so Kaz is just intent on traumatizing children and encouraging theft using other people's work. -"Wait your turn like everybody else". SpongePrick enabling this somehow grinds my gears more than anything Patrick's done. SB used to have a moral compass. -The barfing in Squidward's house "gag" was mind numbing. They're outside, what does invading personal property accomplish to that end? -Spiders hatching outside of someone's mouth has always set off my cringe meter. A phobia I developed from an early age due to a scary film my sister's dad played. --To quote Squidward "thanks for reminding me why I hate you". @ new Spongebob.
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    this is diguesting, garbage gross out from me watching this. Like jesus fucking christ, why the hell would you make an episode about Patrick abusing Squidward just to get his ink for his lemonade? are you kidding me? Kaz, as much i loved your writing, but this is gone evem worss than Man Ray Returns. Not only this episode has so many annoying stuff coming out like Face Freeze-esque, but also did poor good job copying OCM. Holy shit! I never seen how this is gonna me feel sitting through watching poor Squidward gets bad treatment. Patrick's OOC did reminds from s6-level. None of the jokes works it just gross, disgusting and disturbing episode to watch..actually on second though THIS is new The Splinter of this episode in my honest opinion. it may be awful as OCM but this is just horrible to watch through Final Grade: Fuck this episode!
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    Gee, great topic title, so much originality! Almost as good as the title for the third SpongeBob movie! So, yeah; I'm Kevin, or MrColeslaw; or perhaps idiot, if you dont like me. I'll also accept MrWeesnaw. I made this account ages ago - back when I was using SBM regularly - and figured it was time to actually use it. A falling out with SBM was what sparked the change (which was partially my fault, so no hard feelings to anyone here who was involved!), but I've also heard a lot of great stuff about SBC from HawkbitAlpha (or whatever his name is here), and figured it was about time I popped in. I already know a handful of people here from SBM and such, but I'm excited to see what other people I bump into along the way. Below are a few of the things I never shut up about: Classic SpongeBob Most Nicktoons Alvin and the Chipmunks Bandslam The Simpsons Blue's Clues Vanessa Hudgens Not gonna list every single thing about me (spoils the fun of getting to know me, right?), but know thag I'm here, and ready to be a complete moron make intelligent, amusing posts for people to enjoy! Until then, allow me to offer one final statement; go satch Bandslam. It's an amazing movie no one talks about.
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    I've just asked that Abney shut down the transferred SBM Discord. Yay.
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    44. Good Neighbors 56 points. 4 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #1 - @crushingmayhem Summary: Jjs: It should come as a shock to nobody that this made the list...but what may be surprising is how low it made it. This is the lowest Good Neighbors has ever made it on a worst list, which could mean, much like the past batch of episodes, the hate for this one might be fizzling out in favor of other certain Squidward sabotage episodes. That's not to undermine this one is problematic, and a definite unfortunate omen of some things to come for future seasons. I totally get why people still dislike it. SpongeBob and Patrick, while not too bad imo, can maybe still be annoying at parts in this one, and yeah, there are some pretty awkward jokes scattered throughout. However, I could never really bring myself to hate this one. It's not necessarily good, but there's some weird charm this one had to me. I don't know how to describe it, but it's never really bothered me much, and I know some others think this isn't that bad either. I guess you can count in me that group, although I do concede this one does present some unfortunate foreshadowing for the future. If there is one thing that does bug me about it at all, I will admit the ending is kind of lame. JCM: Since I've been a part of SpongeBob's fan community, the conversation around episodes like this one have centered on Squidward abuse, which is a common element in many of the most hated episodes of SpongeBob and many of the episodes on my list, including this one. I don't think Squidward abuse in and of itself is bad, and there are episodes like Shanghaied and Club SpongeBob that use it in a way that's funny and effective. Squidward is meant to be the punching bag of the show, and I can't criticize the show for using him for his intended purpose, but Good Neighbors doesn't just lean on Squidward abuse for its comedy but for almost all of its story beats, which is the type of lazy writing I hate coming out of the show. SpongeBob and Patrick aren't used as actual characters with individual personalities but vehicles through which the show can torture Squidward, and if any of the torture was actually funny, it would be easy to forgive, but none of it is funny, making it grating and tiring instead. I get it: bad stuff happening to Squidward is an easy formula to exploit, which is why it would be exploited much more over the coming years. It shouldn't be too much to ask for the show to put some effort into actually making it entertaining, however, and none of the bad stuff that happens to Squidward in this episode is anything close to entertaining, making it one of my least favorite of the series. 43. Sun Bleached 60 points. 5 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #7 - @crushingmayhem Summary: Jjs: When this episode appeared on the 2016 countdown, I was a bit surprised since I never really saw this one talked about much, like at all. Now, two years later, I understand why people dislike this one. I personally don't, but it's very flawed and lacking. Whatever "tanning is bad" moral they were going for here is kind of backwards and extremely vague, making the episode give off some confusing vibes. Craig is honestly one of the most pompous and unlikable one-off characters in the entire series to me. Worst of all though, outside of the soda gag, I can't even remember any actual jokes or wit in this episode. I think it's telling when the Family Guy-esque X-Treme Soda gag is the only memorable part of the episode to me. While I can name much worse S6 episodes over this one, I don't mind seeing it on here. Steel: So, the episode is on the list again, so I'll have to end up repeating some things. I've made it clear so many times as to why I dislike the episode: the moral is two-faced - it had to teach the audience that too much exposure to UV rays is a bad thing by dropping that message like an anvil, but it also glorifies the fondness of having a perfect tan. Craig Mammalton is close to being one of the worst one off characters. He was clinically designed to be such an uptight character, but I could've done without the particular scene with him throwing a child in a dumpster filled with light-skinned fish because he didn't have the proper tan all the way (Also the line "Tyler, how could you!?"). Then there's the mean-spirited tone of the episode, the way that most of the characters are so judgmental about SpongeBob and Patrick being light-skinned (and later SpongeBob being sun bleached) make the whole idea about getting the most proper tan seem like the coolest thing ever. It's also weird to see Squidward making fun of SpongeBob for being too sun bleached to go to the party since he's clearly not going to it and doesn't have a tan himself. Then there's the conflict in which SpongeBob gets sun bleached from the result of the 30 seconds of when Patrick forgets to turn off the tanning bed in his rock as he's suddenly wearing headphones on his head before hitching a ride with a group of lady fish. Besides one of the worst 30 seconds I've seen from any episode, the end is also a big shark jumper, in which 'sun bleached' turns out to be the ultimate tan. ...You know, because a skin tone that's very distant from the preferred skin tones is the ultimate tan. The soda commercial bit saves the episode from being any lower on my list, but it's not enough to be saved from being one of the most frustrating segments I've watched.
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    An ending, in my eyes, can ruin an episode just as easily as it can make an episode an all-time great. The ending to Plankton's Regular is problematic not just because of how it treats Plankton in contrast to Mr. Krabs, who honestly acts worse throughout the episode but is given his moment of triumph because of course he does but because it effectively renders pointless everything that came before it. All of the buildup to what might have been an interesting conclusion with SpongeBob trying to get Nat to eat a Krabby Patty and Mr. Krabs trying to steal Plankton's formula for once leads to some of the worst writing I've seen in a season packed with horrible writing and an ending that I feel cheats the viewer. They might as well have done the standard "it was all a dream" ending and it probably would have frustrated me less. The episode I can most easily compare Plankton's Regular to when discussing what I think about it is Plankton's Pet. A PR-like ending to Plankton's Pet would involve Spot not coming back, Plankton getting mauled by the animals in the shelter, and Mr. Krabs showing up to laugh at him for good measure. An ending can define an episode, and while PP's ending propels it from being just a good episode to being one of the all-time greats, PR's ending sinks it from being just a bad episode to being one of the worst I've ever seen. Yeah, OCM is a worse Plankton-Krabs ep all-around, but I'm not giving Plankton's Regular a free pass just because it's not the worst Plankton-Krabs ep, and I don't think the rest of the community should, either. Professor Squidward I don't remember much at all, and how forgettable it is is probably its best aspect.
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    What...in all of King Neptune's unholy abominations, did Kaz just WRITE?! Just when I thought that Spongebob was PAST what TV Tropes would call a "Dork-age", (several of season 6's episodes, most of season 7, and some of season 8, which was BETTER than the preceding two seasons in my honest opinion); anyways, Kaz takes the WORST qualities of Ben Gruber's and John Kricfalusi's cartoons, multiplies it by a thousand, throws in EVERY single poorly conceived mental and emotional abuse to Squidward, and gives Patrick no come-uppance for his behavior! I don't CARE if Patrick was just trying to run an honest lemonade stand, that gave him absolutely no right to TORMENT Squidward the way that Patrick DID! The only gag I found even REMOTELY funny was the part with the megaphones! Honestly? This feels like "Spongebob Squarepant's" version of the infamous "Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon" episode, "Moving On Up," with the WORST possible choice for sea creatures to be refreshing themselves! All in all, I have to sarcastically say: "Congratulations, Kaz! You just created the NEW The Splinter episode segment!" To quote a "Dave the Barbarian" episode (which is referring to grades), I'd have to say: "There must be SOMETHING worse than an F! Z, Z, Z!!!!" I'd ONLY give this episode a 1/10, and THAT'S for the megaphone joke alone! Believe THAT, true believers!
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    If it's any consolation to any people out there; now that I have seen the episode segment "Ink Lemonade", I'd replace "Best Day Ever", so "Ink Lemonade" would be on the list instead. Oh, well. Maybe next time.
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    I'm extremely curious as to how Squidward acted out of line at all, I can't recall a single instance where Patrick wasn't the instigator.
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    I decided to give this a watch, and uh... ...this was legit disturbing. The great lengths that Patrick goes with scaring Squidward, locking him up in a prison-like chamber away from the outside world is, not a pretty sight. This is probably going to be in my Top 25 worst. Jesus christ. 1/10 karl hadrika was involved in this. lets all shed a tear
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    If you don't recognize this name, you may know some of his songs. Dorough was one of the writers of those indelibly catchy "Schoolhouse Rock" songs, which, in my opinion, are the greatest example of Mundane Made Awesome, ever. Some of the SR songs he wrote include "Conjunction Junction", "Three is a Magic Number", and "Elementary My Dear", and they still hold up today as exceptional pieces of educational entertainment. My sincere condolences go out to any surviving relatives and friends of Mr. Dorough. He'll be missed indefinitely.
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    Restraining SpongeBob has a great premise but is just squandered potential, which is the most disappointing aspect of all to me. Hasn’t made my list any of the times since this tradition has started because it doesn’t outright bother me, but I can see why other people would place it on theirs. Best Day Ever on the other hand, should not be here. The most I’ve ever seen people complain about it is because of it not living up to the hype Nickelodeon gave towards it. Seriously throw that nostalgic disappointment out the window because this is a decently executed episode that has one of the most mind numbingly happy songs this series will ever have. Also it’s 2018 and it is ridiculous to hate something this innocent and ridiculous for over ten years.
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    trailer for the best superhero movie of all time also we have spoiler tags for a reason ya fuckin goon
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