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    I am s0000 tired of things I want to sleep and sleep???
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  4. *shoots bad guys with rubber bands*
  5. Would you like to learn how?
  6. what happened to my boy jackie chan we are supposed to be getting married on saturday. i will be extremely upset if he does not show up

  7. hey i am the one who animated this i deserve the award
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    I have no idea! SBC is acting cray cray again
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    Why does it say JCM quoted me I this thread?
  10. Hey there, SBCers! This topic is for my first SpongeBob-themed literature, placing our favorite invertebrate, along with the rest of his Bikini Bottom friends, in wacky, amusing and at times surreal misadventures not unlike in the show. However, episodes will not just be focusing on good ol' Bobby (or having him move the plot along), there will be episodes where he won't even appear at all. Instead, in those, other characters like Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Patrick, Mermaid Man or even the Flying Dutchman or Squilliam will get the star turn. First episode to be posted when finished, and when it is, this post will be updated to include it.
  11. I watched it, and I found myself pretty much already being spoiled entirely with the promos on YouTube and the videos people films during the first air (sigh) If I had to say about this episode I would have say, it was pretty amazing I guess, I have to watch again after I forget all the promos and some other stuff I watched before the actual episode, ask for the patchy stuff (which wasn't being spoiled for some reason)I thought it was funny and a lots better than I thought, I mean it was brief but it has certain charm to it, it reminds me of his rule for older episodes except for this time, he actually moves to different locations instead of just watching spongebob with potty or calling stupid hotlines(I don't know what hotlines means, so I just assumed it means calling people on phones) Anyways I will give patchy stuff:7/10 Others:10/10(needs rewatch)
  12. Plankton Paranoia isn't worthy of an Emmy in my opinion but I'm glad they picked an episode where the general consensus thinks it's at least pretty decent, and not a widely hated episode.
  13. Avatar: The Last Airbender-The Fortuneteller
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  15. After making a post on 4EG's poll thread where I suggested an ideal playlist, I've had this idea swirling around that I should create a personal, legitimate playlist for celebrating SB's 20th anniversary and for it to be used for any other kind of SB-related occasion. This is a work in-progress, but so far into creating this playlist, I have 28 songs representing it. It is a hodgepodge of typical SB songs, songs similar to the series in theme (i.e. "Yellow Submarine," "Under the Sea," Beach Boys), songs from Stephen Hillenburg's favorite acts (i.e. Ween, The Flaming Lips, Tame Impala, and Wilco), and songs that I feel correlate well to SB's blend of music ("Shadowplay," "Rockaway Beach," and again, The Beach Boys) or tone (i.e. The B-52's, "One Love," "Friday, I'm in Love," "Freedom of Choice," "Burning Down the House.") I should have no problem adding more songs to the playlist. I think around 40-50 songs would be enough for it, but I'd at least like to see if anyone is willing to make any requests for what else I should add to it. I am also open to feedback, so feel free to express your opinion on this playlist.
  16. Despite all the National Dex stuff, I'm still starting to get super excited for Pokemon Sword and Shield.
  17. The Season 11 episode "Plankton Paranoia" has been nominated for an Emmy in the category "Outstanding Short Form Animated Program": https://www.emmys.com/awards/nominees-winners/2019/outstanding-short-format-animated-program
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