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    • LYB at 28 is fitting, it shows utter stupidity by the citizens in the purest form. TLAP dropped off way too hard, 27th despite 10 list appearences huh? Tough crowd but I'd rather have it be closer to bottom 5/10 again than be this low on here, it's horrendous in nearly every aspect and is so nonsensical even for this show.
    • To Love a Patty made it on my list because it was one of the first signs of the show truly going downhill. The premise was so stupid and disturbing that I had no idea what I was watching. SpongeBob was such an abomination for killing clams for sake of one gross patty. I'll say this about SpongeBob dating a patty. Being an asexual doesn't mean you can't be romantically involved with someone else, you just don't feel any sexual attraction but it really seemed like SpongeBob wanted to fuck the patty and I never thought it'd something SpongeBob would actually do. Yeah, erase this sickening episode. except this one works!
    • Little Yellow Book didn't make my list. It's a bad episode for sure, but if anything the first half was pretty good for 9a standards. SpongeBob's inverted views of Squidward yelling at him in his diary as well as other gags are pretty decent. The episode tanks in the second half but not enough for me to truly hate it. To Love a Patty didn't make my list either, although it was closer than Little Yellow Book. For as disgusting and creepy as it is it borders on "So bad it's good" territory, especially with the horribly cheesy song.
    • Wow... To Love a Patty fell this year. Fortunately it’s because it was unrealistically High last time (like #4? Seriously?) It’s quite bad and it’s really surprising the show would release an episode this gross and obnoxious in Season 5... it just doesn’t fit with the trends of the rest of the season, even bad ones like Waiting or Atlantis were just boring and weren’t confused and botched like this one. Romance just doesn’t work with SpongeBob when it’s played alongside a character going insane.
    • 28. Little Yellow Book 108 points. 7 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #1 - @CyanideFishbone Summary: Jjs: I remember when the plot of this episode first got revealed, everyone on both sites were pretty hyped about Little Yellow Book. Obviously, the episode did not live up to expectations. I'll admit I didn't get myself too hyped up about it back then, so I wasn't as disappointed as everyone else, but it was still a pretty bad episode. I had this one on my list in 2016, but I knocked it off this year. Don't get me wrong. This episode still sucks, but I'll say that I thought the first half wasn't too bad, even if SpongeBob's hyped diary "secrets" were stupid (and seriously why did Chicken SpongeBob become a meme). I did find a few things amusing like Afro Krabs and "I had a brother once". But yeah, once we reach the second half, the episode turns into shit. I hate the hypocrisy of the Bottomites and Patrick so much when they were at fault too, and no, Squidward calling out Patrick isn't really enough. Squidward's abuse was deserved, but holy shit did it get ridiculous when his house got repossessed and they put him in stockades. It wasn't funny or entertaining. I get the joke is that diary reading is some serious crime in Bikini Bottom, but this episode isn't clever enough to make that work. It was just depressing, especially since he doesn't even learn his lesson ala Fools in April. I think that's my biggest problem with the second half: it goes literally nowhere. The second half is random no name civilians treating Squidward like human scum for reading a diary, but it leads to literally nothing. The fact Squidward didn't learn his lesson makes it feel like we completely wasted our time, which is the worst thing this episode commits to me. The ending is so strange, too, and up there as one of the worst SpongeBob endings. They try to make SpongeBob seem happy with his diary getting published, but then that's thrown out the window with Squidward reading the real diary and SpongeBob crying, even though Squidward gets pelted with tomatoes, but it's okay because "THIS IS SO WORTH IT!" guys. What the hell? I thought Squidward was supposed to be the antagonist of this episode, but they basically have him win in the end after everything??? And yay, he didn't learn his lesson, haha, hilarious. I have no clue who the hell the writers wanted to "win" in this one. Such a botched mess of an episode and interesting premise. I don't hate it as much as others anymore, since the "alright" first half at least helped keep it off my list, but it's still a very flawed episode and one of 9A's weakest entries. SOF: This made my list as my 4th most hated episode. Honestly, I really dislike this episode. My god, is this one worse than I remembered. Rewatching this pissed me off even more than I can recall, because I forgot what a massive jerkass Squidward was in this episode to SpongeBob. I felt so bad for poor SpongeBob in this episode, he gets needlessly shit on. I can't even think of any positive thoughts about this, and I hate the "twist" of the diary Squidward read being SB's work diary. WHAT THE HELL!? Such a stupid way to throw in a lame twist at the last second, especially since it leads to the lame ending. I also hate how the civilians and Patrick act with them laughing at SpongeBob's secrets. None of this episode is funny or entertaining. Oh, and the ending sucks too. Squidward reading SB's real diary doesn't resolve anything, leaving SB crying and Squidward still a jerk. It's just such a bad way to end the episode, and ruins whatever potential there was left. This was high enough on my list because of how awfully they executed this episode. The plot of it had potential, but this was one of the biggest disappointments in the series for me. If I would change anything from this, it would be the ending. I wish we had Squidward and SpongeBob actually making up in a way that isn't thrown out the window a couple of seconds later.  WhoBob: Time to be positive is over for me. Now here's an episode that actually sucks. Sadly it didn't make it to my list because this show has so many bad episodes but this won't be off the hook   I'm not gonna be as harsh as some of our tv.com folks in 2013  but here's why this episode failed so badly to me. Everything about this episode is so mean-spirited and plain stupid that I don't see what they were trying to tell here. Was it that Squidward will always be a jerk? Or was it because SpongeBob deserved this punishment for so many times he tormented Squidward? Or was Bikini Bottomies really right? Or was it that Squidward didn't deserve this much punishment? Lets find out. Firstly, I've seen many different criticisms and even some praises about this episode. One of them being SpongeBob actually deserving this much pain Squidward caused to him. I tell you all that it's NO. It's true that SpongeBob tormented Squidward before and got away with it but this was a different story. SpongeBob didn't do anything wrong to deserve this torment in this episode. And despite what SpongeBob did in post-movie, for the most part, he's still a likeable character that shouldn't even deserve sadness purposely caused by Squidward. That's one thing that I really can't agree on people. Another thing is the godly debate of Squidward deserving punishment or not. My opinion is that he did deserve to be called out for treating SpongeBob badly. Here's what this episode didn't do its job correctly. 1) Punishment was too stupid and overreactive. Lets arrest him and take away his house for reading someone's diary. I get this is a cartoon and all and this was all supposed to be exaggrated but that didn't seem right to me. I liked it better on Fools in April where Squidward gained hatred from the costumers because of his dangerous prank. Which brings me to number 2. 2) Bikini Bottomies would have been right about Squidward if they didn't laugh with him. And this includes our lovely Patrick. Even Squidward called him out but he didn't even get punishment for it. So lets just make one guy miserable, while others that laughed at SpongeBob gets nothing. Yes, Squidward started all of this but Bikini Bottomies and Patrick had no right to shit on Squidward for this. If anything, they should have realized how badly they treated SpongeBob but Squidward would have still laughed at him. They were bunch of hypocrites that turned out to be even worse than Squidward. 3) The ending. Squidward got harsh punishment but in the end, he still won? So all this karma, even if it was overreactive, led up to him still being an asshole towards SpongeBob. Oh okay then. Lastly the whole SpongeBob's diary being the bestseller and then reveal of SpongeBob having a personal diary. Umm what? So this episode wanted to tell us SpongeBob's sadness meant nothing? And then making him sad for no reason? Maybe it was SpongeBob's fault for bringing his diary to his work or directly at Squidward. Still that doesn't give Squidward a right to read his diary. This is nuts. What the hell was this episode about? It was all confusing mess that divided many fans into this pointless debate of karma and being mean-spirited or not. What is worth to say is that this episode wasn't funny, but I did laugh at a few stuff like "I had a brother once" and it gave a birth to a famous mocking meme. Those and the episode being a bit more tolerable to watch are why this episode wasn't on my list. However; the story was more nonsensical, confusing and lazily written than actually mean-spirited and cruel. The episode had no idea who deserves karma or not or who is the protagonist of the story. You can all say SpongeBob but he wasn't the most focused character here, it was Squidward but he was a lame protagonist or just some lame antagonist.  To sum up, this episode was so damn inconsistent that it sucked ass.   27. To Love a Patty 108 points. 10 out of 25 lists. Highest Ranking: #2 - @Halibut Summary: Jjs: I'm surprised at how hard this one fell compared to 2016. For those who forgot, To Love a Patty actually made it at #4 on the previous countdown. That's not to undermine any of this episode's various issues though. I'll say this. I weirdly never hated this episode as much as others. In fact, I've never once considered it in my bottom 25 at any time during this tradition. Out of all the infamous "gross out episodes", this one never resonated strongly with me for some reason. I totally get why it's on here, yeah it's gross, it's pretty unfunny, awkward and kind of stupid. However, this episode actually has some So Bad, It's Good value to me at least. It's a terrible premise for an episode, but at times, I feel like the episode knows it and tries to run with it, in an ironic way. Wumbo said something similar in his 2015 commentary that stuck with me. In a strangely bold way, they did go all out with the premise...for better or for worse. It's like the writers intentionally stuck it to Hillenburg's "SpongeBob doesn't date anybody" rule, and made this as a loophole. In a weird way, I...kind of respect them for doing something so crazy, as bad as the execution is. Unfortunately, any ironic value this episode has is not enough to overcome the hurdle of a pretty shallow script. And SpongeBob murdering a bunch of clams will forever haunt me. But despite all of that, this episode has some strange bile fascination for me, and I can't bring myself to put it on my list. It certainly is at least one you have to see to believe unlike several other gross out episodes. that being said, the close up shots of Patty towards the end are pretty nasty af, yikes Homie: So, let's talk about this funny little plot device called "gross out." Keen observers may noticed a trend that picked up around season five or six of episodes that relied on either being painfully gross or painfully irritating in some capacity--really, there's a reason why in the early days episodes like Pets or Pests and The Splinter scored so high on these lists-- and it would seem that these episodes all stem from the common ancestor of To Love a Patty, which at the time of airing was easily the grossest, most obnoxious episode of the series and surely a surprise to anyone turning on their TV in 2007 expecting to see something of actual quality from SpongeBob before any hope of quality was dashed from us by the aforementioned. If it's not the mind-numbing musical sequence, constant gross-out shots, or SpongeBob brutally murdering a bunch of clams to protect a sandwich, it's the fact that the big picture is the most important aspect of any episode, and what I took away from this one--hell, what I took away when I saw this episode for the first time at like six years old--was extreme frustration towards SpongeBob, and, in all honesty, extreme boredom, because, let's be honest with ourselves for a moment- when you strip away the hideous closeups and "shocking" ending, all this episode has to offer is a barebones storyline in which SpongeBob wants to fuck a sandwich. This "distract everyone from the lack of plot with visual gags" trend is seeping into the modern seasons, the source of which is pretty obvious.