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    • I mean I don’t love winter or super cold weather, but there’s still stuff to like about it :laugh:
    • I couldn't agree with this more. While I completely adore the red suit, green suit looks almost as good to me.  
    • Sorry to hear, Prez  I don’t think you should worry about not pulling it off well. In my mind the most important thing about art is inspiring others with it, whether through astonishment or giving the viewer a simple laugh. And let’s be honest, I’ve had a few of those in here. People have expressed that they like these drawing (as do I), and I personally think anything you draw will be pleasing because I’ve seen many unique artstyles on these forums and I appreciate all of them. That being said, if you don’t want to make those ideas and wait for better inspiration, that’s completely fine too. We may just be even more impressed if you spend that extra time working on the next big thing you decide to make.  
    • Don't worry Prez, this has happened to me too, take a break to think of some ideas if you need to.
    • like the drawing says, I'm feeling uninspired right now, and I fucking hate it. I really don't want to lose interest in Squnschpunsch, I need to do some ideas I've had in mind so I can keep this shit sailing. Those fun ideas include the three near the cauldron when a spell is brewing, Squidward and Maurizio looking at their watches while Jacob is walking in the middle, and Squidward's initiation at the animal council. I have so many ideas I can toy around with considering the show we're talking about here, but I guess I just worry I won't pull it off well.