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    November 2018 Premiere Info

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    United States:

    Sunday, November 4th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 238B - Karen's Virus: Karen gets a computer virus, and it's up to SpongeBob to get it out of her.

    Sunday, November 4th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 240B - Girls Night OutSandy invites Karen and Mrs. Puff out for a night on the town, so the ladies decide to blow off some steam.

    Sunday, November 11th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 236B - Surf N' Turf: Sandy struggles to build a ship-in-a-bottle before a big contest, so SpongeBob calls in a little extra help. (Note: This episode was already leaked online)

    Sunday, November 11th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 242A - FarmerBob: SpongeBob and Patrick work a day on Old Man Jenkins' farm, much to his dismay. (Season 12 Premiere!)

    Sunday, November 18th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 241A - Squirrel Jelly: SpongeBob and Patrick have their peaceful day of jellyfishing disturbed by Sandy's competitive nature.

    Sunday, November 18th - 11:15 AM ET/PT - 241B - The StringSpongeBob pulls a loose string from Squidward's shirt that never seems to end.

    Sunday, November 25th - 11:00 AM ET/PT - 237 - Goons on the Moon: Sandy takes her "Science Scout" troop on a trip to the moon. In space, no one can hear you NYAH-NYAH-NYAH-NYAH!

    "Goons on the Moon" will be the last Season 11 episode to air. "FarmerBob" will be the first Season 12 episode to air.

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    • 120. Always Branton Closing Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are seen approaching a villager’s house in Central Karmania, wearing fancy salesmen outfits. Branton walks forward and knocks on the door. The villager opens the door to see the three smiling happily. “Ahoy there, lad! I’m Branton Jack. Me and my crew are some of the best salesmen around in Karmania!” Branton Jack introduced. “And you, my friend, are our 50th customer today, congratulations! We really hope you buy something!” Diggy added. “Wow, the 50th customer!? Sure thing! What’cha offering?” the villager asked customer. “Let’s see...we have a lot of great food, fresh from the Luncheon kingdom! There’s also these neat clothes, they sure would look good on you if you want my expert entrepreneur opinion! Ooh, and we also have these interesting magic artifacts from places beyond! Take a good look and see what you like the best!” Branton Jack explained, as he, Diggy and Porky open their trench coats to show a variety of Karmanian products. “Ooh, I’ll take: that hat, that banana, and that creepy demonic dragon eye!” the villager replied, as the salesmen hand him the products, and he happily takes them. He puts on the hat and then pays them in the Keso coins. Branton and Diggy look at them happily, counting the coins. “Woohoo, fifty customers, we-we did it!” Diggy said happily. “Have a nice day, lad! Always Branton Closing!” Branton Jack said happily, as the villager closes the door, and the three walk away. “Is th-that our slogan now?” Porky asked curiously. “Sure, I don’t see why not. Every good business needs a slogan! Although I’d prefer a slogan that isn’t just one person’s name if you know what I’m sayin.” Diggy replied. “Hmm, good point. We’ll work on that as we make our way to our next destination, wherever that may be!” Branton Jack replied, as the three keep walking through the village. “You know, I think we could start up a really big business someday. Our little thing we got going, it has so  much potential for more! We could become rich entrepreneurs, all three of us. You even have an Anti-Elemental like me on your team, and I’m sure that might get us some good credit in the magical world.” Diggy said proudly to the two. “I sure hope it does! I’m still proud of ye Diggy mah boy for fixing the world like that!” Branton Jack said, laughing. “Let’s see what the Bazaar has going on today.” Porky suggested. “Good idea, Porky!” Branton Jack replied, as they head toward the Bazaar. They enter the Bazaar, seeing many of the merchandise stands getting lots of business today. “Looks like we picked a good business day.” Diggy said. As they walk, Diggy briefly notices a poster on a building. The poster says “MISSING”, and it shows a picture of Gelatos. There is a reward of 5,000 Keso coins if he’s found. “Ooh, now that is a handsome price...but alas, we are not bounty hunters, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look for that beast.” Branton Jack said curiously. The three then stand around, waving at villagers and beasts walking around. Some of them approach, looking at their merchandise.  “Ooh, is that some chocolate?” a beast asked, buying several chocolate bars. “I want those bat wings, they’d make great ingredients for my potion!” a wizard said, buying those. “I want those boots, they’d look good on me!” a villager said. Everyone around happily buys the products, as Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky make much money and their business begins to take the attention away from other stands in the market. Meanwhile, the heroes are seen in the Golden Seahorse, in their special room. Audrey is looking rather eager, excited for something. “What are you so eager about?” Tori asked. “Something really special, to me at least! My granddad Oswald is visiting us today! It’s been so long since he was last in Posidonia.” Audrey said, happy to see him again. “Oh yeah, we never did meet him. Where has he been?” Trent asked. “He’s been busy working his dentist job in other countries, so he has no real time to visit us unfortunately. He’s really good with teeth though. He’s also a great explorer.” Audrey explained. “It’s great you get to meet him again. Savor the visit while it lasts.” Jake said to her. “A dentist, eh? So your grandfather is a dentist while the rest of your main family runs a restaurant...yeah, that’s quite a disconnect.” Cynthia said. “Eh, I’m long used to it by now. It’s just sad he can’t visit us much, but it’s nice when he does.” Audrey replied. An episode of Snail-tective is seen playing on the television, which Nick and Skipper are watching. Bruce, Snail-tective and Mr. Renegade are in their space ship, as they park it outside a small intergalactic store on a platform.  “Maybe we can ask for directions here.” Bruce said, as the three get out in their space outfits, and go inside the store. They look at the products for sale, which includes space food and other space materials. An alien is seen at the service counter reading a magazine. “Hey, can we get some directions?” Mr. Renegade asked the employee. “Yes, but only if you buy something. That’s my policy...” the employee answered ominously. “How about these?” Bruce asked, choosing a bag of Meteor Chips. “Meow meow...” Snail-tective said, with the captions reading: “Be careful, I don’t trust him...” “Relax Snail-tective, it’s a store in the middle of nowhere. Nothing seems suspicious here...” Bruce said, as he takes the Meteor Chips to the cashier counter. Bruce pays for the Meteor Chips in space credits.  “Thank you, you chose wisely...” the cashier said, laughing ominously. “Can we have directions now?” Mr. Renegade asked. “Yes, I’ll give you directions...to my stomach! I’M HUNGRY! This store isn’t real you dimwits!” the cashier revealed, as he transforms into a giant slug monster. Snail-tective looks at Bruce with a “I told you so” look, meowing angrily. “I’ll listen to you next time...” Bruce sighed, as him, Snail-tective and Mr. Renegade run away from the slug creature. “Huh, I guess the moral of this episode is to be careful who you’re doing business with. I’ll keep note of that for when I get older.” Nick analyzed impressed. “Honestly, sometimes I really wonder how you and Skipper tolerate this stupid show.” Cynthia sighed. “Eh, I only really watch it for the lore and deep, cleverly metaphors anymore.” Skipper said. Suddenly, the heroes hear someone enter the restaurant from their room. Oswald enters, wearing a suit and holding a suitcase. Mai, Chen and Lin are happy to see him, as they greet him upon entering. Mai gives him a hug. “It’s always a delight to see you in person, even though we still communicate with phone and letters.” Mai said. “How have you been, dad?” Lin asked. “I’ve been doing great, my daughter. Where is my granddaughter Audrey?” Oswald asked. “She’s in the other room with her friends.” Chen said, pointing. Oswald and Mai enter the room, as the heroes are surprised to see Oswald. “Grandpa!” Audrey said, as Oswald gives her a hug. “It’s so nice to see you again! Hello Audrey’s friends, I am her grandfather, Oswald. Or should I say...the guardians and knights?” Oswald said curiously. “Oops.” Tori said awkwardly, whistling. “I take it Mai told you all about us.” Madison said. “Yup. He is my husband, after all.” Mai replied. “I’ve heard about some of your adventures. It sounds like you are all worthy successors of the guardian and knight lineage.” Oswald said, impressed. Mai has a flashback to the first time she met Oswald. A younger Mai is shown walking through a hallway in Posidonia Fields High School. A younger Oswald is reading some books on adventuring, as he accidentally bumps into Mai, dropping his books. “My apologies, I’ll help you pick those up...” Mai was saying, as she looks at Oswald, attracted to him. “Thank you. I’ll...be seeing you soon.” Oswald replied awkwardly, as he heads off to class, and Mai looks at him in attraction, ending the flashback. “Nice to meet you.” Roxy greeted to Oswald. “Hi there Mr. Oswald, I’m Nick Carson, Nick for short as most call me by now. You can also call me Detective Nick, Nick The Wizard and Cowboy Nick if you want to know my other personas.” Nick introduced, shaking Oswald’s hand. “You are quite the eccentric one. I see Mai wasn’t exaggerating with her descriptions of you.” Oswald said, laughing. “I’m not sure if I like the implications of that.” Nick pondered. “Don’t worry about it.” Mai assured. “No need for introductions though in general. I know all of you by now. Especially Jake over there who is dating my granddaughter.” Oswald noted. “That’s right, we are, I guess.” Jake replied awkwardly. “You are experienced in the field of dental work, that is impressive.” Zero said to him. “Thank you good professor, although it has not been as easy as I may make it sound out to be. Being a dentist requires lots of patience, training and skill.” Oswald explained. “I’d like to have you as my dentist someday.” Trent said. “Haha, we’ll see! If a dentist is ever needed in Posidonia, then perhaps someday. On another subject, Audrey, have you made any great paintings since my last visit?” Oswald asked curiously. “Of course! I’ll show you in my room!” Audrey replied happily, going upstairs to her room. Audrey shows Oswald her paintings, as he looks at them in awe, amazed by them. “Wow, this work is amazing! I wish I had been as good as an artist as you when I was your age...” Oswald said. “You still kind of are an artist in a way. You’re an artist of people’s teeth...if that makes sense. Art can come in many forms.” Audrey said. “That is quite the philosophical way to look at it, sounds like something my wife would say! I bet her wisdom has rubbed off on you!” Oswald said, laughing. The two walk back downstairs. He then holds out a red velvet bag, handing it to Audrey. “What’s inside of this?” Audrey asked curiously. “I’ve been meaning to give you this for a long time. Inside of this contains your first baby teeth. I still had these saved in my office, as a nostalgic memory.” Oswald explained. “Aww, that’s sweet, even though I don’t really need these.” Audrey said. “Consider it as a symbolic gesture.” Oswald replied, as they head back into the special room. "Mai and you make great grandparents, I bet." Trent said. "Probably not good parents, but grandparents, sure." Mai replied. “Ah, I remember Mai and I’s first date in Karmania. It...didn’t go that well, but it was memorable! Say, speaking of...how has Karmania been since I last visited it ages ago? I’ve always wondered...” Oswald asked. “We can show you right now if you want.” Audrey offered happily. “I’d love to!” Oswald accepted. “And don’t worry about any monsters, we’ll protect you. We’re amazing bodyguards, trust me.” Cynthia said. “Not like there’s many threats to deal with in Karmania anymore, anyways.” Skipper said. Madison opens a portal to Karmania outside of the restaurant, as the heroes and Oswald enter it. They are taken into the forests near the Central Karmania Bazaar. Oswald looks at the kingdom around him in awe. “Wow, this place seems a lot more...peaceful now. You have done well protecting this world.” Oswald noted. “Yeah, though it hasn’t been an easy ride, trust us.” Madison said. “Want to see the Bazaar?” Audrey asked Oswald. “I’d love to, I’m curious what products they have on sale. As a former explorer, I always enjoy seeing foreign artifacts.” Oswald said. The heroes head into the Bazaar, looking around at the merchant stands and stores. They notice how there are many customers around today.  “Dang, this is the busiest I’ve ever seen the Bazaar been.” Jake said. “Fascinating...” Oswald said, looking around at the Karmanians, beasts and buildings. The heroes see Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky selling off lots of their merchandise up ahead. “This has been our best business day ever! I love it!” Branton Jack said, laughing, as he happily admires the money they’re making. “Hey dudes.” Nick greeted, as the heroes approach them. “Ohoho, hello there my friends! We’ve been BOOMING in business today!” Branton Jack greeted. “Good on you, I’m happy to see you three going somewhere in life with your salesmen gigs.” Madison said. “Yeah, who would’ve thought I’d end up with these two as my buddies? Anyways guys, we got plenty on the house, and we can even give you a discount for being guardians and knights and all!” Diggy offered. “That’s nice, but we don’t need special treatment.” Jake said. “Or maybe we do, although there’s not really anything I want from here anyways.” Cynthia said. “Wow, these are such unique products. I sure haven’t seen a lot of these where I come from...” Oswald said, looking at their potions and magical items. Audrey sees a shining, painted cloud sculpture on display in their items. She is fascinated by the artwork and wants it. “I really like that cloud sculpture. I’ll take it!” Audrey said. “That’ll be 500 Keso coins!” Porky said. “Oh...I don’t have any.” Audrey realized. “I can bail you out.” Nick offered, holding out his bag. “That won’t be necessary, she can use her special discount! In that case, she can trade me a good item, and I’ll give her the artwork for free. We’ve made so much money as it is today anyways!” Branton Jack said. “How about this bag of my baby teeth?” Audrey asked, holding out the red velvet bag Oswald gave her earlier. “Audrey, you really want to sell those away?” Roxy asked, surprised. “Eh, I’m sure someone can find a better use for these than I would’ve. Maybe there’s some monster that needs teeth. I’ve grown up and don’t need those anymore.” Audrey said, shrugging, handing them the bag. “Well, I suppose we could put this to some use. This velvet material could be valuable...I’ll take it! Here’s your art, lass.” Branton Jack said, handing Audrey the cloud sculpture. “Thanks, I love it!” Audrey said, checking out the cloud sculpture. “Still though, you sold off your baby teeth. I would’ve kept those for nostalgia.” Roxy said. “Sometimes letting go of the past is beneficial to making new memories. I do not mind Audrey sold those teeth off, as a brand new memory with this beautiful artwork was formed from it.” Oswald said, impressed by the colored cloud. “That sounds like something Mai would say.” Tori noted. The heroes then walk off to show Oswald the rest of the Bazaar.  “Remember, we never deny a customer, even the most ridiculous order! Does that slogan work?” Diggy asked. “Ehh...” Porky said, unsure. “I dunno either, lad. Ooh, well would you look at the time. I just remembered we have a delivery to make to Outland Karmania! Time to go, crew!” Branton Jack said, looking at his watch. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky head to the Central Karmania Docks, as they board their ship. It sails around the Karmanian seas, heading for a port near Outland Karmania. They make their way into the kingdom, and arrive at a village out in the lone fields. They knock on the customer’s house, delivering to them their food and potions. The customer happily pays them in Keso coins, and closes the door. “Another successful delivery!” Branton Jack said. “Hey, I think I see a potential customer!” Diggy said, seeing a Groundslug nearby. “...Or a potential product! We could sell Groundslugs as pets!” Branton Jack, getting an idea. “I like it!” Porky said. The three then chase after the Groundslug, as it quickly crawls away into a creepy forest nearby, taking them into the Mystery Kingdom. The three end up losing the Groundslug’s trail as they lose their path, and are lost in the middle of the forest. “...I-I think we’re lost.” Porky said awkwardly, looking around at the creepy forest, unsure which way is the way back. “...Indeed we are. And we lost our pet. Oh dear...but never give up team! ” Branton Jack said. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky keep walking through the creepy forest, where many skeletons and treasures are lying around in the scenery. They find an exit, which takes them into them into the Mystery Kingdom fields, where Madison and Madectrison explored. Gideon’s ziggurat is seen up ahead. “Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever been to this kingdom before...” Branton Jack said, scratching his head, looking at his map. “The Mystery Kingdom? Why this place is a kingdom at all is the real mystery!” Diggy scoffed. There are many holes in the ground around the area, revealing Gideon had dug up the old sentries and weapons that were on the ground. They keep walking through the field, as they see Gideon’s ziggurat right in front of them, as more of the rock walls around have been broken off. The area has many wooden areas under construction being built around the ziggurat. “Look, a house!” Diggy said. “Looks more like an old, ancient structure to me...So that means we check it out!” Branton Jack said determined. “I don’t know about this...” Porky said worried. “Not to worry! I smell lots of treasure inside, and if not that, then a customer is waiting...or both!” Branton Jack said, as the three walk up the pathway. The pathway leads them up to the entrance, where a wooden door now is. There is a broom and several other tools on the ground around. Branton Jack gently knocks on the door. The three wait for a response. Suddenly, the door is opened by a mysterious, tall armored silver figure inside. He does not say anything, and points his hand into the room, letting the three in. “You have a nice home here, mysterious sentinel. I really dig this house...reminds me of something I’d probably sleep in.” Diggy complimented, looking around at the inside of the ziggurat, seeing lots of construction going on and how bare bones the room is. “I love such kind hospitality. How are you doing on this fine day, mystery man? Have any kids?” Branton Jack was trying to ask to the mysterious sentinel, but the three turn around to see the figure is gone. “...Well that was odd.” Porky said, confused. “He must be the quiet type. Ah well!” Branton Jack said, as the three keep walking their way through the ziggurat room. They go down a hallway, taking them into Gideon’s laboratory. He is seen at a stone table mixing chemicals together, and he is wearing a scientist outfit. Papers and a dead plant are on the table. “Hello?” Porky greeted, distracting Gideon. Gideon’s chemical mixing then goes awry, as it creates a skeleton head gas. Gideon looks at them frustrated and annoyed. The skeleton head then floats right to Branton Jack, Dorky and Porky, as they cough. Gideon then grabs an ax from under the stone table, ready to kill them with it. “Hi there, we’re door to door salesmen! We have some wonderful new products!” Branton Jack greeted. Gideon walks closer to them, still holding the ax. “Here’s some examples of our products: A fresh orange from Luncheon? This potion that makes you plant resistant? This old sapphire stone? Or...even this lint...oh wait, that might just be a dust bunny, either way, it’s valuable...probably!” Branton Jack said awkwardly, digging around in their bag of products, struggling to offer much due to them selling most of their stuff earlier. “You know, I just realized we pretty much sold off most of our valuable loot today...” Diggy whispered awkwardly. “Ohoho, I got it now! How about this nice, lovely velvet bag?” Branton Jack offered, showing the bag containing Audrey’s baby teeth, holding it up. Gideon is not amused, as he moves his ax around, ready to strike Branton Jack with it. Branton Jack isn’t sure how to respond, as Diggy and Porky are a bit worried. “...Did I mention it contains the wind guardian Audrey’s teeth?” Branton Jack added. Upon hearing “Audrey”, this startles Gideon, and causes him to drop his ax to the ground. “...Please, let’s go into the parlor, where we can be...more comfortable.” Gideon said ominously. In another part of the ziggurat, Gideon is seen in a fancy brown and gold chair, sitting in front of a fancy table. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are in their own unique chairs, sitting around the table. “Nice decor you got here. I see you’re a collector like us, kind of.” Diggy said, observing around at several strange artifacts Gideon has gathered in the room. “You’re sure these are Audrey’s teeth?” Gideon asked, looking at the bag. “Yes!” Diggy replied. “The same Audrey who serves Queen Elana and is one of the guardians of Karmania, whom obstruct my plans and plague my thoughts?” Gideon asked. “...Yes!” Diggy replied calmly. “Audrey Song’s teeth?” Gideon asked again, to be sure. “Yes!” Diggy replied. “Okay, can you please stop saying that?” Gideon asked, getting annoyed. “Yes...oh, sorry.” Diggy replied awkwardly. “Trust us good sir, we’d never sell false products! That’s a Branton, Diggy and Porky guarantee!” Branton Jack assured, winking. Gideon takes the baby teeth out of the bag, placing them all in his hand. “Hey uh, I just realized...does Audrey even know we have her teeth?” Diggy asked to Branton. “Shh, shh, I’m trying to close a sale here!” Branton Jack replied. “I hope you accept silver. I can pay you immediately.” Gideon replied. “Excellent!” Branton Jack replied. “Yes, my pretties...” Gideon said ominously, dropping the teeth around between both of his hands. Back at the Bazaar, the heroes are seen in a cafe, resting at a table with some merchandise they purchased. “This was fun, even if it doesn’t beat shopping in Posidonia.” Cynthia said. “This place reminds me of the Golden Seahorse a bit, I like it.” Oswald said. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky then enter the cafe, who have returned to the kingdom. “Ahoy there guardians and knights! Meet the salesmen of the year, or decade, or century even! Check out the loot we scored!” Branton Jack bragged, tshowing a silver goblet Gideon gave them as payment. “What did you sell to get this goblet?” Trent asked curiously. “Oh you know, a line of smooth talk and pipe dreams. Oh and a set of baby teeth.” Branton Jack explained. “This goblet appears to be very old...” Zero said curiously, analyzing it. “See, I told you guys those would go to someone who needs them.” Audrey said, smiling. “It amazes me how fast products trade in this world. This world has quite the economy.” Oswald said. “I am curious who would’ve bought those baby teeth so quickly though...”  Jake said, feeling unsure. “I dunno, what possible usage could someone have for a set of baby teeth? Unless he was a sorcerer or mad scientist or something. ...He wasn’t a mad scientist, was he?” Nick asked to the three. “Uhh...” Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky were saying awkwardly. “Oh boy...” Audrey said, sighing. Suddenly, a noise is heard from outside the cafe. Several small silver teeth monsters jump through the windows. “...I’m out on my lunch break.” the one cafe worker inside said, as he hangs up his apron and awkwardly leaves. “What the heck are these things!?” Trent asked. The heroes all power up, as Oswald looks at this nervous and terrified. “My scanners indicate that these creatures are made of baby teeth and silver.” Zero said. “So mad scientist it was then.” Nick said to the salesmen. “...Oops, my bad.” Branton Jack said awkwardly. The silver teeth creatures charge forward, taking the heroes’ attacks, as they turn the cafe into a mess. They jump onto the heroes and begin to bite them. “Eww, get off!” Roxy yelled, sending a pink animal blast that sends one flying into a table. The heroes keep attacking the creatures, but they are unable to damage the silver material they are made of, as they keep jumping around and make a mess. “You guys really need to watch who you sell stuff to in the future!” Audrey said to the salesmen, as she tries to blow the teeth creatures away. “Wait, these creatures are made of teeth...I know how to defeat them! First step: Audrey, do you have any paint?” Oswald asked. “Of course, at all times.” Audrey said, holding out some bottles. “Douse the creatures with it to blind them and weaken their bodies.” Oswald noted. Audrey does so, as she throws her paint bottles into the air. She spins them around wit a tornado gust, and opens them up with the wind. They spray paint everywhere, getting over the cafe and teeth creatures, weakening them. “Now for the last step, we need to smash them apart with something hard.” Oswald explained. “I may have just the thing, mateys! I got you into this mess, so I can fix it! Would anyone care for some silver hammers?” Branton Jack said, holding two up. “I’ll take one!” Audrey said. “Me too!” Oswald said. “I’d also like one!” Jake said, as the teeth creatures crawl over his armor, and he tries to get them off. “Make that all of us!” Skipper added, trying to swat away a blinded teeth creature with his sword. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky throw what silver hammers they have to the heroes and Oswald. Oswald and Audrey look at each other, nodding. They then smash the hammers onto the creatures, as they crack apart. They then disintegrate into nothing. “These baby smashing hammers are great!” Nick said, smashing another creature with the hammer, as Branton Jack gives a thumbs up. Eventually, all of the teeth creatures are smashed to pieces by the heroes. Audrey and Oswald destroy the last two together. The heroes then power down. Gideon is seen sitting on top of a tree nearby, looking through a silver telescope which he placed up there. He is in his silver and maroon outfit again, and sees the cafe through the telescope. "Well, that was...quite the experience. I am proud of you Audrey, I am happy to see what kind of person you've grown up to be." Oswald said to her. "Now you get an idea of what your granddaughter and us are up to regularly." Skipper said. "Great job, Audrey, Oswald and Branton. Your passions all came through to help us today." Jake realized. "Indeed, who would've thought my dental knowledge would be useful against monsters?" Oswald asked, as Audrey and him laugh. Nick then pays Branton the necessary Keso coins for the hammers. “Aww, you didn’t have to, but I appreciate the sentiment! Sorry we caused such a mess. It’s very bad for business.” Branton Jack said. “Don’t worry, these were literally nothing compared to some of our other enemies.” Audrey said. “Outside of a few annoying bite marks.” Tori said. “Welp, time to call it a day. May the money be with you.” Diggy said. “...Now THAT is the perfect slogan for our business! May the money be with you...I like it. Anyways, I can’t wait to make more great sales with you all again tomorrow!” Branton Jack said eagerly. “...We’re not doing this again.” Jake and Audrey both said at once. “Oh...” Diggy said sadly. “Yeah, sorry, but I wouldn't anything to do with your salesmen shenanigans after that.” Cynthia said. “That’s fair!” Porky replied, as they leave the cafe. “Before you leave grandpa, we have a lot of stories for you about our adventures to hear back home...” Audrey said to him. "I'd be delighted to hear!" Oswald said. Gideon sees through the telescope that Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are leaving the cafe, and that the heroes are unharmed. “Hmm...in retrospect, the attack would’ve worked much better had they not been baby teeth...” Gideon said awkwardly, coughing, as he sits back. The cafe worker then walks by and looks up, seeing Gideon sitting in the tree. “Hey dude, have you just been chilling in that tree?” the worker asked. “...Yes, I have.” Gideon replied. “Cool.” the worker replied, and keeps walking, sipping coffee. Notes/Trivia: -Character Debuts: Oswald -We finally meet Audrey’s grandfather, Oswald, who was first mentioned in “Zero Divided By One”.
    • "What's My Age Again" - Blink-182
    • That's the Way I Like It (Metal Harbor) - Sonic Adventure 2
    • Solid reminder that this exists. And since the author hasn't last signed in for years, I'd also like to reassure to you all that I didn't intend to 100 percent give this story idea my blessing. For years, I've had the idea of making a movie of some sort for TAoNN in the near future until Weasel PM'ed me, telling me that he wanted to write it. Considering that I was probably never going to write the movie myself while I was constantly going to be pre-occupied with one of my other works, I gave Weasel permission and complete control of this. However, because a kid his age at that time couldn't take "no" for an answer, I was forced to reassure Weasel that this would be canon to the TAoNN lore after I said that I was feeling uncertain if his story should be considered canon. I was also forced to let Weasel post his story on any other story-hosting website when I suggested that he shouldn't. (Edit: Thankfully though, and to my surprise, the story is removed from all those websites except SBM) I don't know if this story is good or bad, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that (that or Burgerpants' confusion of this story should sum it all up).