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    Next Nick Animation Podcast episode to feature Vincent Waller & Marc Ceccarelli

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    According to a post from the Nick Animation podcast blog, the next Nick Podcast episode will feature the current showrunners/supervising producers of SpongeBob, Vincent Waller & Marc Ceccarelli. This makes me happy, because they're acknowledging that they're current people in charge of the show. Hopefully this will reminds the modern SpongeBob haters that Paul Tibbitt is no longer in charge anymore and the unnecessary hating on him will stop.

    Are you excited about this? What do you think Vince and Marc will talk about in Episode 39 of the Nick Animation podcast?

    Source: http://nickanimation25.tumblr.com/ (Keep up with our intrepid host Hector on his own Twitter and Instagram pages. And stay tuned to NickAnimation25 next week for our interview with SpongeBob SquarePants artists Marc Ceccarelli and Vince Waller!)


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    • (This episode is dedicated to the original voice of Haggis McHaggis, Alan Young). Sniz is in the cock-pit and he says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, it was hide and go SNEAK in everyone's favorite American secret; Area 51. The secret base that's NOT so secret! And guess who came back for more fun? Kaput! And he had a bone to pick with Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool! Fortunately, Blonda was able to impress Kaput! Meanwhile, Tigress made the erroneous mistake of ticking Spongebob off, and the two of them got into a competition, where the loser would have to vote his or her own self off. But Tigress proved to be more than a match for her self-imposed challenge; she took on Armageddroid single-pawed, and got a Hive Cluster Battery Pack for Team Retro. Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool managed to catch King Goobert and Ooblar, but Kaput SABOTAGED their efforts by destroying the villains! Despite Spongebob's success in catching evil villain Dave, Team TUFF ended up coming in last in the challenge! But thanks to MY special twist, Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; ended up having the special honor of eliminating someone from Team TUFF, which made Tigress KIND OF angry! Bulma once again used the power of her incredible brain, and she had a master plan! By listening to Bulma's plan, Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; voted off the love-struck Globitha. Distraught, Robot Default was unable and unwilling to compete in the show without her, so Robot quit and left with Globitha. Pretty CRAFTY, Bulma! What new plan will Bulma come up with on this episode? Will time end up having its way with us AGAIN? And which team will end up on the chopping block this time? Find out on a brand new episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise! California, here we come!" / "Good Stuff, Missionary Man!" Instead of the normal show open, the cast-members (including King Julien and Kaput) are shown dancing in front of a bunch of surreal, kaleidoscope images of scenes that happened so far in the third "Total Cartoon" season, while they sing a rocking pop song by the B-52's. / Genre: Dance Pop. Sub-Genre: The B-52's. Song: "Good Stuff!" Sung by: Cast! Fondue: "Brr!" Katie: "All right!" Monster: "Bum bum." Buhdeuce: "Bum bum, Ba-bum. Ba-bum." Gonard: "Ba-Bum." Bulma: "Bum, bum! Ba-Bum!" King Julien: "Bum, bum." Phoebe: "Ba-Bum." Wally: "Bum-bum." Zarbon: "Bum-bum. Taotie: "Bum-bum." Blonda: "Bum-bum." Marlene: "Ba-Bum! Bum-Bum, Ba-Bum, bum-bum! Ooh, baby!" Captain Retro: "What?" Marlene: "How about giving me some of that good stuff?" Captain Retro: "Well...here it is. Here it is. Here it is. Here it is!" Dudley: "Are you looking for it? Are you looking for it? You'll hear it from me." Chameleon: "Good stuff, baby." Reggie: "Do you want it? Do you know how to get it? That good stuff, baby." Rocko: "Good, good stuff. I got sincerity that's bonafied, and a heart so fine it's certified. So let your good stuff rain down on me. Your dang good stuff that's true and tried!" Larry: "Are you looking for it? Are you looking for it? You'll hear it from me." Patrick: "Good stuff, baby." Kaput: "Do you want it? Do you know how to get it? That good stuff, baby!" Sniz: "Good, good stuff. What's the use of getting if you ain't sharing? My eyes are straining from all the staring! You've become my magnificent obsession. So how's about joining' my loving session?!" Skipper: "Are you ready?!" Spongebob: "I'm ready!" Norbert: "Are you ready?" Daggett: "Uh, yeah." Dog: "Are you ready for this?" Randolph: "I guess so." Stimpy: "Come on, baby." Cast: "Say whoa! Take me down where the love honey flows. Kiss you nice, tickle your toes. Take me down where the good stuff grows. Love you nice, tickle your nose." Marlene: "Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff!" Captain Retro: "The big dipper sure ain't big enough to hold all of your dang good stuff up!" Buhdeuce: "So let the people say we're down right nasty!" Monster: "I just say we're down right!" Bulma: "That good stuff that I am seeking, it's got me peeking and it's got me freaking! Watch my lips, I am speaking. It's got me tricking and it's got me treating!" Taotie: "I got sincerity that's bonafied, so come on now and let your good stuff rain down on me." Blonda: "Take me down!" Gonard: "I want the stuff." Zarbon: "Take me up. That's true and tried!" Reggie: "Take me to the place they have the good stuff!" Sniz: "Yeah!" Cast: "Take me down where the love honey flows. Kiss you nice, tickle your toes. Take me down where the good stuff grows. Love you nice, tickle your nose. Take me down where the love honey flows, Kiss you nice, wiggle your toes. Take me down where the good stuff grows. Love you nice, tickle your nose." Susie: "Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff. Good stuff, gimme some of that good stuff!" Dudley: "Don't leave me hanging, I wanna be danging with your dang good stuff! Don't leave me hanging, I wanna be danging with your dang good stuff!" Blonda: "Hey ladies, do you want it? Yeah! Hey fellas, you got to have it, yeah!" General Barracuda: "Gonna wallow in the loving hollow! Gonna wallow in your dang good stuff! Gonna wallow in the loving hollow! Gonna wallow in your dang good stuff!" Marlene: Hey ladies, do you want it? Yeah! Hey fellas, you got to have it." Captain Retro: "Gonna wallow in your dang good stuff! Yeah!" Cast: "That good, good, good, good, good, good, good, stuff! That good, good, good, good, good, good, good, stuff! Yeah!" / After the unique show open, Team Retro is once again seen in First Class, and Marlene is REALLY enjoying the lap of luxury! Marlene says: "Whoever said that having too much of a GOOD thing was a BAD thing, obviously NEVER enjoyed the distinction of being able to win as much as WE have!" Captain Retro says: "Too bad not EVERYONE is able to enjoy it. Look at Tigress." And Tigress is staring at a piece of paper annoyed, as she writes words down on it. And Tigress mutters to herself: "Pummel Spongebob, Pummel Taotie, wash shirt..." Po asks: "What are you doing?" Tigress says: "I'm TRYING to figure out how to WHALE on Spongebob and Taotie WITHOUT racking up penalty votes!" Stimpy asks: "You're not STILL sore that Sniz made that twist in Area 51, are you?" Tigress snaps and shouts: "Of COURSE I am! Why shouldn't I BE?!!!" Rocko calmly says: "Listen to us, all right. You're making a mountain out of a molehill." Reggie asks: "Why make a big deal about something that doesn't NEED to be made out of?" Tigress scoffs and says: "I'd HONESTLY rather have TREEFLOWER still here than let Spongebob CLUTTER up this plane with his USELESSNESS!!" Norbert asks: "Have you forgotten that MY Treeflower is now eight months pregnant, with TWINS?! With my luck, she'll probably deliver by the time the next Performance Review comes around, and we're only NOW entering the second HALF of this competition!" Tigress says: "Treeflower would STILL be more useful in her present condition than Spongebob is now." Larry says: "Well, I personally think you should just drop it, and not just because Spongebob is my friend." Tigress angrily asks: "Well, WHY then?!" Larry calmly says: "Spongebob is on Team TUFF now; YOU are still on Team Retro. So unless you'd like to STOP winning and transfer yourself to a DIFFERENT team; I think you should just forget about the whole thing." Tigress says: "But I CAN'T just forget about a total LOSER!!!!" Daggett asks: "And why ever not? You don't ever SEEM to notice me, MUCH!" Tigress says: "That's because you're NOT a jury threat to me! If it comes down to a Final Three or a Final Two, and a voting jury ends up being a factor this season; I could wind up getting UNFAIRLY blown off if Spongebob is a MEMBER of that jury! Spongebob is an EMOTIONAL player! And I can't allow HIS emotions to SWAY a susceptible jury, who SHOULD vote for the player who obviously DESERVES to win!" Wally asks: "And I suppose YOU feel you deserve to win the $44.44 million? Or have you forgotten about the deal we made?" Tigress scoffs and says: "I don't CARE about keeping all the money. Like I NEED it! I just care about winning first place and taking the title! That's what it boils down to for ME! I'm looking out for first place, and NOBODIES going to get in my way!" Po asks: "But don't you think you could be at least a LITTLE nice about it?" Tigress groans and says: "FINE!!!! I SINCERELY think that I'm going to win first place, as long as you KINDLY keep your distance from me!" (Confessional) Po shrugs and says: "Well, she's trying!" / Marlene says: "I think Tigress IS trying...VERY; trying!!!!" / Tigress scoffs and says: "I don't understand why MY team expects me to HONESTLY want to play BALL with Spongebob, because I DON'T!!!! Never have, never will! Is there anyone else LESS deserving to stay IN the game than Spongebob right now? Of the contestants remaining, not a LOT!!!! It's just that Spongebob would be the easiest to get RID of right now! And the sooner I get rid of Spongebob, the sooner I can focus on winning over potential jury votes and winning individual challenges! I hope I can go on an uninterrupted winning streak ALL the way to the final challenge! That would PROVE to Master Crane that I do NOT brag unnecessarily!" / Norbert scoffs and says: "I can't BELIEVE Tigress would be willing to make Treeflower uncomfortable in her present condition! I used to have respect for Tigress. But now? Respect deleted!" / Daggett says: "Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that Tigress is aiming all of her fire towards Spongebob and NOT me; but if, and/or when Spongebob leaves, what then?! The team status quo isn't LIKELY to last past the next Performance Review, and then Tigress will set her sights on MOWING her way into an uninterrupted winning streak until the Final Challenge! If any REAL member of Team Retro wants to win, than we can't allow that to happen! Or at least, I don't want that to happen!" / Captain Retro says: "Tigress may not have any physical weaknesses, but I have noticed some very BIG mental weaknesses. She's irrational, impatient, short-tempered, hyper, vicious, and prone to fits of hissing! I'm banking on her anger and her lust for winning to be her downfall!" (End Confessional) Team Sniz Is Really, Really, Really, Cool; while stuck in Normal Class with Team TUFF; Bulma seems really pleased with herself. Bulma says: "Well, did I tell you, or did I tell you? Robot QUIT the game with Globitha; NOBODY left from our team last time!" Zarbon says: "I certainly never doubted you!" Taotie rolls his eyes and says: "REALLY?! You could have fooled me!" Zarbon holds his hands together, forming a square shape with his fingers, looking towards Taotie through the square shape. Taotie asks: "What are you doing?" Zarbon says: "I was just imagining a square shaped hole, where your so-called BRAIN is supposed to be!" Taotie scoffs and says: "I KNOW what you were IMAGINING!!!!" King Julian says: "Come on, guys! Let's not fight among ourselves! Let's take the fight to Team Retro, and win back our glory!" Blonda, wearing a nun's outfit, rolls her eyes and sarcastically asks: "And what POSSIBLE glory is that?!" King Julian says: "Hello! The glory that comes from being a GREAT lemur king with a GREAT team of ALLIES!!!!" Gonard rolls his eyes and asks: "Are you MISTAKING us for someone else?! I've never actually seen YOU contribute anything to our team!" Buhdeuce says: "Come on, guys! There just hasn't been a challenge that plays up to his strengths! If there were, I just KNOW he wouldn't let us down!" Skipper says: "Listen to the Breadwinner, he might just have an idea!" Buhdeuce says: "King Julian has NATURAL leader abilities, I have NATURAL helping abilities! And Skipper's the man with the plan! Let's combine ALL of these traits, and WIN us a challenge!" Blonda shrugs and says: "Well, that's an INTERESTING idea, in theory. But you're forgetting ONE major point!" Skipper asks: "And what's THAT, Ms. Magic?!" Blonda shrilly says: "I CALL ALL THE SHOTS!!!! I am the ONLY STAR in THIS team, and NOBODY is allowed to SHINE more than me!!!! And if YOU don't like it, the rest of the alliance will team with ME to vote you OFF!!!!" Bulma laughs and discreetly whispers to Zarbon: "This is what I told you about. This is where Blonda's game begins to break down!" Zarbon chuckles with glee and says: "This is going to get GOOD!!!!" Blonda says: "The choice is yours, but I SHOULD warn you; anyone who trifles with ME, will find their careers in Fairy-wood SEVERELY diminished!" (Confessional) Zarbon scratches his chin, and asks: "You know, I honestly wonder something to myself. Would killing Taotie be seen as MURDER, or would it be SEEN as an act of humanitarian goodness? Of course, killing Taotie would automatically get ME eliminated; but I can IMAGINE it, can't I?!" / Blonda scoffs and says: "King Julian has been such a DRAIN on our team, or ANY team he has been ON!!!! Not to mention, he was introduced in what is hands down the WORST Total Cartoon episode in HISTORY, in THOSE exact words!!!! And he has what is ARGUABLY the most HATED relationship on this show, and it's a relationship that Skipper REFUSES to get out of! I can see only one solution to my problem; REMOVE King Julian and I'll get rid of BOTH a threatening jury vote, and a THREAT to my OBVIOUS star power!" / Gonard sighs and says: "For an alliance that's called the MAGIC Alliance, we don't seem to be making much magic together." / Buhdeuce says: "I know things have got to get better for our team! Team Retro can't stay on top forever! This is a perfect opportunity for us to come back from BEHIND and STRIKE Team Retro in the REAR!!!! (A record needle is heard scratching across a record!) Yeah, my show REALLY has to get some better WRITERS!!!!" / Skipper says: "Blonda better not try anything funny on my watch! Because if she ever does, she'll create a GREAT adversary with me!" / Bulma chuckles with glee and says: "I KNEW Blonda would eventually be detrimental to her own game. Self-deluded celebrity types such as herself can't HELP but CLAW for attention every single chance they get! Fortunately, I don't HAVE that kind of problem, because I don't ever NEED to claw for attention! People see the NATURAL, great beauty that I am, and they can't HELP but be attracted to me! That's why I KNOW I'm going to outlast Blonda; it's just logic!" (End Confessional) Meanwhile, Team TUFF is still reeling from the effects of the last elimination. Dudley asks: "Does anyone have any idea HOW the last challenge went so wrong?" Phoebe scoffs and says: "I do! I'd say it was all Kaput's doing! Sure, he sabotaged Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; but I think he also sabotaged us! Why ELSE would our team not be able to find a SINGLE working alien artifact?! And let's not forget, he's working as an intern for Sniz now, so he probably KNEW that Spongebob catching Dave wouldn't help us win, and Kaput didn't TELL us!" Chameleon says: "I'm inclined to agree with Phoebe. And the worst part is, because Kaput is now an intern, he technically can't be eliminated by anybody except Sniz. We're at his mercy." Spongebob says: "We'll just have to be extra-careful and keep a close watch on future challenges. Kaput may think he's sneaky, but he's also very rash! And anyone who acts rashly is bound to mess up sooner or later! When that happens, we take the initiative to overtake Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool! And maybe even Tigress and Team Retro if we're lucky!" Patrick says: "What we really need is a challenge that plays up to OUR strengths; and not the strengths of Team Retro. There's got to be SOMETHING we can do better, in an area where Team Retro comes up short." Dog says: "We're nicer than Team Retro!" Randolph asks: "Are you sure?" Dog chuckles and says: "Well, I think we're DEFINITELY nicer than Tigress!" And as if on cue, Sniz comes on the intercom. Sniz says: "Good morning lucky contestants! Congratulations on being in the top half of contestants to participate in this game show! You have all officially outlasted 50% of the competition! Now for the real news! We're going to be landing in sunny California! This time, we're starting out at Big Sur. We'll be going over some rivers, through the woods, and to the Monterey, California mission! Of course, there will be a twist involved, but I'll tell you about that once we actually land! Sniz, out!" Suzie, puzzled, says: "A twist?" Chameleon says: "Maybe it involves having to be nice! This could be our chance to take the lead away from Team Retro!" Dudley says: "I sure hope so! Right now, we need all the help we can get!" But what Team TUFF don't REALIZE, is that a pair of evil eyes, belonging to Anti-Timmy, has been spying on them! And he has just heard EVERY word! (Confessional) Bulma is holding Anti-Timmy on an electrically controlled leash, and Bulma chuckles gleefully. Bulma says: "Of COURSE I've been holding Anti-Timmy on a leash! HELLO!!!! He already broke free from me once, I'm not going to ALLOW it to happen again! So Team TUFF wants to take Team Retro down a notch. Well, I might just be willing to help them. After all, I NEED to get rid of Blonda. And before I get rid of the queen, I first must go through the pawns, and eliminating both King Julian and Buhdeuce in one fell swoop would PUT the self-proclaimed fairy queen in CHECK!!!! This is where I make my WINNING play! I sure hope THAT quote makes it into the episode promo! It's priceless!" (End Confessional) / (Commercial Break) / The plane has landed on a closed off-dirt road within the Big Sur camp-grounds very close to Bixby Bridge. All of the contestants are outside, but Tigress is tapping one of her feet impatiently. Larry rolls his eyes and asks: "Could you cut THAT out?!" Tigress scoffs and retorts: "Maybe I'd have a REASON to cut it out if Sniz would STOP stalling and get back to what's IMPORTANT; focusing on ME winning!" Bulma merely blows on her newly painted red fingernails as if she didn't hear what Tigress said. Tigress seriously asks: "Do you NOT take ME seriously?!!!" Bulma looks at her own reflection in her fingernails and says: "I'm sorry, but the thing you just said, would have ONLY been accurate if it was ME who said it! I have a BRAIN that never fails!" Blonda adds: "To run off the MOUTH every five seconds!" Bulma shouts: "Kaput!!!! I'll give you five bucks to teach this IRRITANT a lesson!!!!" And Kaput runs out and throws a bucket of water all over Blonda! Blonda coughs as she spits the water out of her mouth and says: "I just BOUGHT this nun outfit!" Kaput asks: "Why aren't you melting away? Isn't that what KILLS Fairies?!!!" Blonda angrily shouts: "NO!!!! That's what KILLS the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz! And Margaret Hamilton has NOTHING on me!" Marlene chuckles and says: "Tell THAT to Mila Kunis! She might think differently!" Bulma chuckles deviously as she hands Kaput five bucks, and Bulma says: "Totally WORTH it!!!!" But then, all chattering stops as Sniz finally exits the plane, wearing a safari outfit similar to the one worn by Kirk Fogg in "Legends of the Hidden Temple." Taotie asks: "Aren't you a little over-dressed for the forest?" Sniz says: "Absolutely not! We have an exciting episode for you today!" Tigress says: "I hope so. Otherwise, winning against the other teams just won't feel as satisfying." General Barracuda says: "Just remember, there's no 'I' in 'team,' okay?!!!" Tigress says: "All I know is, 'I' win before anyone else!" Sniz says: "Well, in this case, winning will be a team effort today! For today's challenge, we will have a simple task, but we are going to make it VERY challenging! Located in Big Sur, all types of birds flock through here and lay their eggs, because there aren't a lot of individuals who like to make the arduous trip through Big Sur." Captain Retro says: "I can vouch for that!" Sniz says: "Anyways, conditions around here recently, have become REALLY dangerous for birds, and they had to leave in a hurry! Unfortunately, they left their eggs behind! That's where the teams come in. It will be your jobs to collect eggs of YOUR team emblem, and keep them safe from the adversaries in this forest!" Tigress pumps her fist and says: "Awesome! I've been looking forward to wiping the FLOOR with that NAUGHTY pig, Taotie!" Taotie groans and says: "Do you EVER turn that ATTITUDE of yours OFF?!!! I'm a WARTHOG!!!!" Tigress rolls her eyes and says: "Didn't ask, don't care!" Sniz says: "This is NOT a game of angry birds, or even angry beavers! This is a game of avoiding big, HUGE, dangerous monsters from Pond-gea!!!!" Buhdeuce's eyes get all wide and he says: "No WAY!!!!" Sniz says: "Yes, way!!!! Our Fairy Godparent interns poofed some of the biggest, baddest Breadwinner beasts that ever stood in the way of ducks delivering bread to other ducks! It will be each team's goal to grab as many of their own eggs as they can. Once you've grabbed as many eggs as you can carry, it will be your job to transport them safely to the mission in Monterey, California. (Notices Zarbon's hand raised). And before you ask, NO; you CANNOT destroy the eggs of ANY other team!" And Zarbon's hand goes down. Sniz continues: "Once the eggs are at the mission, they can hatch there safely, and they will be re-united with their parents. There will be a prize reward AND immunity; both for the team that gets to the mission first, AND the team that collects the most eggs! The team that comes in last place will have to face a double elimination ceremony and eliminate two contestants! So, lots of risk, but LOTS of reward! The challenge will begin as soon as the plane takes me, Katie, and Fondue to safety in Monterey! But don't worry, General Barracuda will keep an eye on you to make sure you don't get TOO terribly maimed!" Phoebe rolls her eyes and sarcastically says: "Thank you, I feel SO much better now!" Sniz gets back on the plane and says: "Good luck!" And the plane takes off! Suddenly, all three teams notice an influx of giant monster beasts from Pond-gea, roaming around the Big Sur forest! Stimpy quickly asks: "Anybody got any ideas?!!!" Tigress boldly steps up and says: "I'll handle the beasts, you collect all the eggs you can and get to the mission!" Wally asks: "Are you sure you can handle them?" Tigress scoffs and asks: "Have I ALWAYS been so kick-butt?!!! Why, YES, yes I have! So, that's your answer!" Norbert says: "All right, we'll trust you to keep them busy!" Captain Retro says: "Let's get moving, people...and other assorted animals!!!!" (Confessional) Tigress says: "I've never had to deal with the beasts that Buhdeuce has to deal with on a daily basis. But I have a philosophy; a giant beast you've never fought before is just an enemy I haven't beaten yet! I plan on kicking TONS of giant beast BUTT and proving my strength to everybody! That way, nobody will be eager to vote me OFF just in case my team loses! Foresight, that's the WINNER'S strategy!" / Blonda is still wet and says: "I can't believe how IGNORANT Kaput is of Earth culture!!!! I wonder if Jodi Benson ever had days like this?" / Kaput scoffs and says: "That's the LAST time I buy ZIM'S theory that WATER is the ultimate WEAPON on Earth! Unless its a hydrogen bomb. THAT would be pretty devastating!" / Taotie shakes in frustration and says: "OOH!!!! That Tigress makes my tail twitch SO much!!!! Well, I'll SOON show her just what I'm made of, and when I do, even TIGRESS won't be prepared for it!" / Buhdeuce says: "At first, I was really excited for this challenge. I figured my team would be a shoo-in for winning it all. Then I learned something that turned my world upside down! And believe me, that doesn't happen as often as people think it would." (End Confessional) Buhdeuce says: "I think we should use the buddy system. That way, in case we get ambushed--." Blonda interrupts and says: "Who died and made YOU the decision planner?!!!" Buhdeuce says: "Nobody! I was JUST suggesting--." Blonda interrupts again and says: "Nobody wants to hear YOUR suggestions! And furthermore, nobody wants to hear YOUR type of humor!" Buhdeuce says: "It's not MY fault my show doesn't HAVE good writers! They're doing the BEST they can!" Taotie deviously says to Bulma: "If THAT'S they're best, I'd REALLY hate to see their WORST!!!!" Blonda says: "In any case, it is up to ME to come up with all the ideas!" Skipper suspiciously says: "And DO you have any ideas?" Blonda, still wet, shakes herself off and angrily says: "NO!!!! Since Taotie's 'FRIEND' Kaput, dumped water on me, I don't FEEL like helping to SAVE anybody, so you can FEND for yourselves!!!!" Buhdeuce defiantly says: "Well, maybe YOU don't feel like winning this challenge, but I do! I was born with the spirit of adventure, just like Alan Young!" Gonard, confused, asks: "Who?" Buhdeuce clarifies and answers: "Alan Young is a duck in spirit. He gave his voice to the one of the most popular 1980's cartoons of all time, DUCKTALES!!!! It's always been my DREAM to meet Alan Young in person!!!!" Blonda cruelly says: "Well, that dream will NEVER come true NOW, unlike MY dreams; because Alan Young is DEAD!!!!" Buhdeuce's eyes open wide and he says: "No!!!!" Zarbon says: "Bulma, better cover up your EARS for this one!" And both Bulma and Zarbon QUICKLY put their hands over their own ears! Buhdeuce loudly screams: "NOOO!!!!" Blonda is a little blown away by Buhdeuce's scream as she notices Buhdeuce is now huffing and puffing in anger, but Blonda STILL has a smirk on her face! Blonda says: "It doesn't matter if you DON'T like it, because its STILL true, and there's NOTHING you can DO about it!" Buhdeuce angrily says: "How DARE you?!!!" And Buhdeuce tries to charge Blonda, but Gonard holds Buhdeuce back! Buhdeuce says: "Let me at her! Let me at this HORRIBLE woman!!!!" Gonard says: "Don't do it! If you hit her, you'll get hit with penalty votes!" Buhdeuce stops trying to escape, and Buhdeuce says: "Very well then. If I can't take my anger out on HER, I'll take it OUT on those GIANT beasts!" Monster is taken aback as he says: "Are you CRAZY?!!! They are HUGE!!!! And you...really aren't!" Buhdeuce says: "True. But a Breadwinner NEVER gives UP!!!! They...l-l-level UP!!!!" And using 16-bit graphics, Buhdeuce transforms into a duck version of Mike Haggar from the FINAL FIGHT games! Buhdeuce says: "I'm BACK in action! Just sit back and watch the action HAPPEN!!!!" And with his enhanced strength, Buhdeuce starts to effectively whale against any menacing giant beast! Skipper says: "Well, I'm OFFICIALLY impressed! Now there's nothing to stand in the way of OUR collecting eggs!" Blonda incredulously says: "We're collecting NOTHING!!!! Didn't you HEAR me?!!!" Skipper says:" Why ever not?" Blonda rolls her eyes and says: "HELLO!!!! Collecting eggs? Not really my thing. Besides, I might break a NAIL, and you do NOT want to have ME break a nail!" Monster asks: "Don't you even WANT to win this challenge?" Blonda seriously says: "My first instinct is to say, 'NO!'" King Julien says: "Well, maybe YOU don't want to win, but his ROYAL highness, AKA, me, DOES!!!! I'll collect our blue eggs ourselves!!!!" And King Julien is about to pick a blue egg up, but Blonda tries to PRY it from King Julien's hands! King Julien says: "HEY!!!! What is your PROBLEM?!!!" Blonda says: "You're TRYING to take the focus off of ME!!!!" King Julien seriously asks: "Is THAT what this is all about?!!!" Blonda says: "It's ALL about the focus! And you're NOT taking it AWAY from me!" King Julien says: "Do you even CARE that the focus your getting is all BAD?!!!" Blonda scoffs and says: "I think Donald Trump has effectively proven that there is no such THING as BAD focus!!!!" King Julien says: "Donald Trump is a FRAUD, and he doesn't CARE about you, or anybody ELSE for that matter!" Blonda says: "I don't even CARE about Donald Trump caring about me, I care about BECOMING him; insanely RICH and FAMOUS!!!!" King Julien says: "That is EXTREMELY vain AND selfish! I can't BELIEVE that I used to THINK like you! I'm going to STOP you!!!!" Blonda says: "I'd like to see you TRY!!!! And just like that, King Julien and Blonda get into a BATTLE royal!!!!" Bulma laughs with delight and says: "This is BETTER than an in-flight movie! All that's missing is the POPCORN!!!!" Zarbon seriously asks: "Are we SERIOUSLY going to allow this, and LET them THROW the challenge?" Bulma says: "It's no skin off of OUR noses! It's Blonda's allies who will be leaving, not OURS!!!!" Taotie says: "That makes ME feel all warm and fuzzy inside!" Bulma says: "But there IS something YOU can do!" Taotie asks: "What's that?" Bulma smiles and answers: "Target Team Retro. I don't want them coming in first...again!!!! Besides, imagine what coming in second would DO to that MASSIVE ego that Tigress has!" Taotie chuckles with glee and says: "That would make me feel VICTORIOUS; TRIUMPHANT!!!!" Bulma says: "Than do whatever you must to slow Team Retro down. Just DON'T let them know that YOU are targeting them!" Taotie says: "You know I would LOVE to take Tigress and the others down a peg, but how am I SUPPOSED to do that with that KILLJOY, Captain Retro around?" Bulma seriously says: "Don't worry, I have a solution for that! KAPUT!!!!" Kaput comes running up and asks: "What do you want now?" Bulma says: "Help Taotie sabotage Team Retro. It would be VERY irritating for them to finish first again!" Kaput crosses his arms and says: "I'm not helping Taotie the TRAITOR again! There's no chance in HECK of that happening!!!!" Bulma smiles as she pulls out another five dollars and says: "I'll make it worth your WHILE and make you a little RICHER!!!!" Kaput's eyes open wildly as he shouts: "MONEY!!!! Canceling all thoughts of dignity and pride in my mind! I'll do it!" Bulma smiles as she says: "You'll get it ONCE Team Retro doesn't finish in first!" (Confessional) Gonard says: "I feel badly for Buhdeuce, I truly do. But getting angry at Blonda won't solve anything. And I admire King Julien for stepping up to the plate; so why does Blonda got to get in the way of that? All Buhdeuce and King Julien are trying to do is get us a win. I'm starting to feel that this 'MAGIC' alliance with Blonda isn't such a great idea after all." / Buhdeuce says: "I know ALL the video game tricks! Up, up, down, down, left, right, A, B, Start!" (And a fifty extra lives counter appears above Buhdeuce!) Buhdeuce chuckles and says: "Works like a charm!" / King Julien says: "I am officially OVER Blonda! Any woman who decides SHE is going to take over and monopolize everything, is NOT welcome as far as I'm concerned! I'm more than confident that my team-mates will see things MY way and help me ELIMINATE that bratty broad!" / Blonda says: "If ANY Nickelodeon executive is watching this; remember, I'm available for ANYTHING!!!! And I really DO mean ANYTHING!!!!" / Bulma chuckles as she says: "As usual, my plan is working PERFECTLY! I turn Blonda's OWN allies against her, and she in turn votes out the ONLY things protecting HER from elimination! I'm SO clever that sometimes, it ALMOST scares me!" / Taotie laughs deviously and says: "I LOVE it when a plan comes together! And the best part of working with Kaput THIS time, is that Kaput is no longer a contestant, JUST an intern! And HE can't get hit with a penalty vote! I am SO loving this set-up!" / Kaput says: "I'm a sucker for easy money, but deep down at heart, I am VERY fond of sabotage! Show me some suckers, and I'll ruin ANY dreams they have! It's something I am VERY good at!" (End Confessional) Meanwhile, Team TUFF is deciding on a plan of action to take. Suzie says: "People, and OTHER animal species, we need to take this seriously! We cannot afford to come in last place, or TWO of us will be going home again! Someone should keep those giant beasts occupied so the rest of us can focus collecting the eggs!" Patrick raises his hand and says: "I've got an idea!" Spongebob asks: "Are you going to volunteer to fight them?" Patrick says: "We don't need to fight them. My idea is different!" Dudley says: "Well, then what idea is it?" Patrick says: "Plan Patrick!" Phoebe says: "Patrick, you already TRIED that plan once with some electric eels once, and it didn't WORK out really well for you!" Patrick says: "Those were EELS! I'm sure these giant beasts will work out differently." Chameleon says: "I sure hope you're right!" Randolph says: "In any case, we're counting on you!" Patrick says: "Don't worry about me, I can handle anything that's dished out!" Dog says: "I sure hope so." Patrick runs over to the giant beasts and shouts: "Excuse me!!!! I know we might look tasty and appetizing, but we're all really thin and scrawny. We don't want to be bothered with, and we don't want to fight. So we would appreciate it if you would be nice and leave us alone. Pretty please with frosted sugar lumps on top?" The beasts take a brief look at each other, than they snap at Patrick and start tossing him back between their jaws, causing Patrick to loudly scream: "AHHH!!!! AHHH!!!!" Suzie says: "Well, the beasts ARE occupied with him!" Spongebob asks: "Shouldn't SOMEBODY help him?" Phoebe says: "It's PATRICK!!!! He's FINE!!!! He's ALWAYS fine! Besides, General Barracuda will intervene if it starts to look dicey!" Spongebob rolls his eyes and says: "Okay, if YOU say so!" Phoebe says: "I do say so! Now come on! Winning this challenge might determine whether I make it to the team merge or not! And I know that you ALL want to make it with me, to! So lets get egg hunting!" (Confessional) Phoebe says: "One thing I have learned about Patrick, is that he is DEFINITELY not a fighter, OR a biter! In fact, he's a BITEN!" / Patrick is all bandaged up and he asks: "Why doesn't Plan Patrick EVER work out the way I want it to?!" (End Confessional) The camera briefly refocuses on Team Retro gathering eggs, when all of the sudden, a familiar noise is heard. (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Sniz comes over the communicators, and says: "You know what THAT sound means! And before I forget, Cosmo HAS something for EACH group!" And Cosmo appears, and he poofs a walrus costumes over Chameleon, Taotie, and Larry! Sniz says: "With these walrus costumes on, there's only ONE song I want you to sing! Sing it, and Cosmo will poof the walrus costumes away!" Taotie groans and says: "Come on, Kaput! Let's get this over with!" Genre: The Beatles. Sub-genre: Psychedelic Rock. Song: I Am the Walrus. Sung by: Cast! / The musical sequence is shown through kaleidoscopes, and tinted with psychedelic colors, as lots of surreal things go on in the background of the scenes, as Teams Retro and TUFF try to collect their eggs. Captain Retro: "I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!" Suzie: "See how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they fly!" Patrick: "I'm crying!" Spongebob: "Sitting on a cornflake." Bulma: "Waiting for the van to come." Marlene: "Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday." Gonard to Zarbon: "Man, you've been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long." Skipper: "I am the eggman, WHOO!!!!" Kaput: "They are the eggmen, WHOO!!!!" Chameleon, Taotie and Larry: "I am the walrus, Goo goo g' joob!" Phoebe: "Mr. City policeman sitting, pretty little policemen in a row!" Dog: "See how they fly like Lucy in the sky, see how they run." Patrick: "I'm crying! I'm crying, I'm crying, I'm crying!" Randolph: "Yellow matter custard, dripping from a red hog's eye!" Tigress: "Crabalocker fishwife, pornographic priestess." Reggie: "Boy, you've been a naughty girl, you let your knickers down." King Julien: "I am the eggman, WHOO!" Blonda: "They are the eggmen!" Chameleon, Taotie, and Larry: "I am the walrus, Goo goo g' joob!" (Sound distortion is heard). Rocko: "Sitting in a Big Sur forest waiting for the sun." Stimpy: "If the sun don't come, you get a tan from standing in the Big Sur rain!" Marlene: "I am the eggman!" General Barracuda: "They are the eggmen!" Chameleon, Taotie, and Larry: "I am the walrus, Goo goo g' joob, Goo Goo Goo g' joob!" Wally: "Expert, texpert, choking smokers, don't you think the joker laughs at you?" Buhdeuce: "Ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee, hah, hah, hah." Po: "See how they smile like pigs in a sty, see how they snide." Patrick: "I'm crying." Norbert: "Semolina Pilchard climbing up the Eiffel tower!" Daggett: "Elementary penguin, singing Hare Krishna." Monster: "Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe." Skipper, King Julien, and Marlene: "I am the eggman!" Kaput, Blonda, and General Barracuda: "They are the eggmen!" Chameleon, Taotie, and Larry: "I am the walrus! Goo goo g' joob, Goo goo goo g' joob. Goo goo g' joob, Goo goo goo g' joob. Goo goo." Cast: "Juba, juba, juba, Juba, juba, juba, Juba, juba, juba, Juba, juba." Fondue: "Oompah, oompah, stick it in your jumper. Oompah, oompah, everybody has one." Katie: "Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one. Stick it in your jumper, everybody has one." (Sound distortion is heard and the song fades out). / Cosmo poofs the walrus costumes away, and Spongebob says: "Okay, I've been through a LOT of weird things, but that was hands DOWN, the WEIRDEST thing I've EVER experienced in my life!" Dog says: "You said it!" Patrick comes walking in, looking all bruised, battered, and bent out of shape. Patrick wearily says: "Are you guys DONE collecting eggs yet? I'm TIRED of being the chew toy of those giant beasts!" Phoebe says: "I'd say so, we've got eight eggs, that's one for each of us." Suzie says: "That should help us out! Now lets get going and get to the mission first! I want us to WIN this thing already!" (Confessional) Spongebob says: "I'm not going to lie, my team needs a REAL victory, and we need it BADLY! Just think, if my team wins, think of how INFURIATING it would be to Tigress! Maybe then, she wouldn't be so quick to see me as just an object she can brush aside. That would be great!" / Patrick is still bandaged and he says: "I'm going to chalk this up to life experience, and DEFINITELY remember, to TRY to come up with some NEW plans that DON'T involve me getting chewed up like a rag doll!" / Suzie says: "Honestly, I thought this season that Angelica Pickles would turn out to be my biggest enemy. She was, at first. But right now, my biggest enemy is losing! And right now, I'd like to avoid it at all costs, and hopefully make the team merge again! That's the major goal that I'm focusing on right now!" (End Confessional) Team Retro finishes picking up eggs, as Tigress walks in, brushing dust off her hands. Tigress says: "Well, there's no more beasts for ME to beat up! Have you got all the eggs?" Captain Retro says: "Affirmative, we found all the green eggs we could find; 44 in total." Po says: "That's four for each of us!" Rocko says: "And we better make sure to keep a firm grip on them. We don't want them breaking before they're ready to hatch!" Larry says: "You said it!" Marlene says: "Let's get going already!" (Confessional) Tigress says: "Like I said, there is no beast too tough for ME to beat! Don't get me wrong, I sweated, but those giant beasts had no fighting skills, so it was basically just Friday Night Lights back at Master Shifu's. Winning is going to be SO easy for me!" / Rocko says: "There was an agreement that every member of Team Retro had; that we wouldn't leave a single egg in the forest behind. All of those eggs deserve a chance to hatch, and those birds all deserve a chance to live. And we are giving that chance, to help us earn good karma, and because it is the right thing to do. It is ALWAYS a good idea to help!" (End Confessional) Taotie and Kaput walk through the Big Sur forest, but they stop before they reach a dirt path in the trail, and hide behind the trees. Taotie says: "Okay, Team Retro should be coming down the trail with their eggs soon. Are you ready to sabotage them?" Kaput holds up a bow and arrow and Kaput says: "I'm ALWAYS ready to sabotage, and help us get some cold hard cash!" Taotie asks: "What's with the low-tech? I thought you'd use your laser gun!" Kaput scoffs and says: "Please! I'm MORE than just the same gimmick over and over, you're thinking of Hayden!" (Camera pans to Hayden standing in a field, and Fondue pushes him over!) Hayden says: "Moo." (Camera pans back to Taotie and Kaput) Kaput holds his bow and arrow taut, and Kaput says: "Now WATCH, as I prepare to put my ARROW through their wishbones!" Taotie says: "Oh, I'm WATCHING!" And Taotie begins to whistle to himself, not REALLY paying attention! Kaput pulls back the bow, and prepares to fire, but instead of the ARROW flying forward, KAPUT flies forward, and Kaput slams face-first into a tree, just BARELY missing Tigress as she is COMPLETELY oblivious to what Kaput just tried to do! Taotie sarcastically says: "Oh, I don't know HOW I could have DOUBTED you! Do we spend our cash ALL in one place?!" Kaput walks up to him, STILL stuck in the tree, and sarcastically retorts: "Ho, ho, very funny. Ha, ha, it IS to LAUGH!!!!" / The camera cuts to Taotie standing at the base of a tall tree and yawning. The camera pans up the tree, to Kaput holding on a rope, and looking down on the trail. Kaput sees Team Retro coming into view. Kaput shouts: "YOIKS! And AWAY!!!!" Kaput swings and SLAMS into a tree! Kaput shouts: "YOIKS! And AWAY!!!!" Kaput swings and SLAMS into another tree! Kaput wearily shouts: "YOIKS! And AWAY!!!!" Kaput swings and SLAMS into yet ANOTHER tree! Kaput groggily says: "Yoiks, and AWAY!" Kaput swings and SLAMS into a FOURTH tree! Kaput wearily yells: "YOIKS, and AWAY!!!! (SLAM!!) YOIKS, and AWAY!!!!" (SLAM!!) And Taotie looks at the camera, incredibly incensed at how incompetent Kaput is performing. Kaput is on the ground and he shakes in anger! Kaput says: "Oh, why YOU stupid TREES!!!!" Kaput runs and grabs Daggett, who is emerging from a bush and Daggett shouts: "HEY!!!! A little PRIVACY!!!!" And Kaput PULLS Daggett's tail, and Daggett's teeth begin operating like a buzz-saw, and Kaput begins to hack away at the trees! / The camera cuts back to see the offending trees cut down to size, and Kaput now has an apparently clear swinging path. Kaput says: "Now then, YOIKS, and AWAY!!!!" Kaput swings, and looks back in satisfaction that he doesn't hit ANY trees; but Kaput looks forward and SLAMS face-first into a ROCK, cracking it! Tigress passes the rock, STILL oblivious to what Kaput has been trying to do! / The camera cuts to Team Retro still heading down the dirt path. Taotie says: "LISTEN up, Kaput! If Team Retro CROSS that upcoming gorge and river, they'll make it to the mission! We can't let THAT happen!" Kaput is pulling back a GIANT arrow with a slingshot, and Kaput strains. Kaput says: "Don't worry! This plan can't POSSIBLY fail! Kaput releases the arrow, and shoots it forward, only to HAVE the arrow form a PERFECT bridge for Team Retro to walk upon!" Taotie waves his hand to Kaput and sarcastically says: "Nice WORKING with you, NOT!!!!" Kaput shouts: "It's NOT over YET!!!!" And Kaput activates his jet-pack and zooms forward! Kaput places himself in front of a movable cantilever bridge and shouts: "HA!!!! Now--!" But Kaput doesn't get to finish his thought, because the bridge SLAMS down, allowing Team Retro to cross safely again! The bridge retracts, and Kaput flies off like a piece of bent paper, and comically floats back to Taotie! Taotie rhetorically asks: "Can't POSSIBLY fail, can it?" Kaput reforms back to his normal shape and says: "FINE! So I'm not Robin Hood! SHEESH!!!!" (Confessional) Taotie groans, rolls his eyes and says: "Somewhere in heaven, Chuck Jones is LAUGHING his head off!" / Kaput says: "That's the LAST time I take trapping advice from Invader Zim! Not a SINGLE plan of his WORKED! Do you KNOW how HUMILIATED I FEEL right now?!!! I shouldn't have to put UP with setbacks like THAT!!!!" (End Confessional) Meanwhile, Team TUFF are walking along the coast, and Spongebob asks: "Are we going to get to the mission anytime soon?" Suzie says: "Well, I don't think we'll get there for another--." Phoebe interrupts: "Wait, there it is!" And sure enough, on 3080 Rio road in Carmel, they come upon the mission overlooking the Pacific Ocean! Team TUFF goes into the mission, and Sniz says: "Congratulations, Team TUFF! You've just won your FIRST victory!!!!" Dudley's eyes get wide and he says: "REALLY?!!! We're FIRST!!!!" Chameleon happily says: "We did it! We got to the mission!" Just then Team Retro comes in and Tigress says: "I'm here to collect MY victory!!!!" Sniz says: "Too late!!!! Spongebob and Team TUFF beat you to it!" Tigress angrily yells: "WHAT?!!!" Sniz says: "Team TUFF collected eight eggs and got here first. But don't worry, your team STILL collected the most eggs, ALL of your eggs! So you will ALSO get to share the reward!" Tigress yells: "I don't CARE about the REWARD!!!! I care about WINNING!!!! How could SPONGEBOB beat ME in ANYTHING?!!!" Spongebob smirks at her and asks: "Not so useless and weak now, am I?" (Confessional) Tigress angrily writes down on a piece of a paper and says: "Spongebob is going DOWN!!!! Spongebob is going DOWN!!!! Spongebob is going DOWN!!!!" / Spongebob says: "Okay, I KNOW irritating Tigress isn't the SMARTEST move in the world, but since she's made it CLEAR that she has no plans of being friendly with me, I have no plans on being friendly with her! Besides, it feels SO good to FINALLY take Tigress DOWN a notch! She NEEDS it!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Your reward is, that two team members from each team will get to enjoy a VERY delicious, all expenses paid for trip and dinner, to and at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Who will you choose?!" Marlene raises her hand and says: "Pick me and Captain Retro! I've got to go to Monterey Bay Aquarium! I want to show off my boyfriend to my mother! She will be SO excited!" Rocko says: "I'm all for that plan!" Stimpy says: "We pick Marlene and Captain Retro." Sniz says: "And who will Team TUFF pick?" Chameleon says: "Patrick and Spongebob, they deserve a reward for everything they've gone through this season!" Dudley says: "That's very nice of you, Chameleon." Chameleon says: "They'll be other rewards for us to enjoy." Sniz says: "Very well, then. Marlene, Captain Retro, Spongebob, Patrick, you've all got a trip and dinner at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to enjoy!" Sniz turns on his communicator and asks: "General Barracuda?" General Barracuda answers: "Yes?" Sniz says: "Please break up whatever Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool are doing, and tell them that they have LOST the challenge! They will be voting off TWO losers this night!" General Barracuda says: "I hear you loud and clear!" And General Barracuda heads off to intercept Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool, who are STILL watching King Julien and Blonda play tug-of-war over an egg! Blonda says: "Let go of that STUPID egg already!!!!" King Julien says: "NEVER!!!! I made a commitment to this team, and I'm not letting YOU win ANYTHING!!!!" Blonda yells: "I'm going to win EVERYTHING!!!!" General Barracuda pulls Blonda and King Julien apart and yells: "THAT'S enough! Both of you!!!! Don't fight among yourselves! Don't you realize that YOUR team just LOST the challenge?! And WHERE is Buhdeuce?!!!" Buhdeuce comes walking in, and brushes dust off of his hands. Buhdeuce says: "Those big beasts are are taken care of! Uh, what did I miss?" General Barracuda says: "For starters, you MISSED being able to help your team collect ANY eggs OR helping your team get to the mission!" Buhdeuce groans and says: "Oh, bubble nuggets! That means we LOST!!!!" General Barracuda says: "That means TWO of you losers will be taking the Drop of Shame tonight! You've got until the plane comes back, to decide who will be taking the plunge!" / The plane is back in the air, and Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool is facing another Elimination Ceremony! Blonda is all dry now and says: "I can not BELIEVE how stubborn SOME fellow contestants of MINE are! I wish that I could eliminate TWO of you losers today! Oh wait, I CAN!!!!" Sniz says: "Team I am Really, Really, Really Cool, your teamwork today was VERY shoddy! Not a good image for a team named after me! Instead of fighting against the other two teams, you decided to fight against each other, and look where it got you! Now, you have to decide which two team-mates will have to take the Drop of Shame. Vote for two candidates, and we'll let Democracy take care of the rest!" (Confessional) Zarbon stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and King Julien. Zarbon says: "Seriously, I cannot think of two BIGGER losers on our team!" / Taotie stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and King Julien. Taotie says: "I've been looking forward to this for a LONG time! Two more losers are about to be VANQUISHED!!!!" / Blonda growls and angrily stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and King Julien! Blonda angrily says: "NOBODY is going to take the spotlight AWAY from ME!!!!" / Skipper thinks about it, and stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and Blonda! Skipper says: "I don't care if Buhdeuce goes, but Blonda is going to get a CLEAR message that I just don't LIKE her!" / Monster frowns, and stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and King Julien. Monster says: "They might mean well, but Blonda made it VERY clear to me that we CAN'T keep them anymore!" / Gonard looks at his choices nervously, and says: "Oh, what am I going to do? Stay with the plan, or save my friends? I'm SO conflicted!" / King Julien excitedly stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and Blonda! King Julien says: "I am SO ready to party with Skipper tonight!" / Buhdeuce stamps the passports of King Julien and Blonda. Buhdeuce says: "Man, I cannot BELIEVE King Julien fought against Blonda! He is SO getting toasted tonight!" / Bulma chuckles with glee as she stamps the passports of Buhdeuce and King Julien. Bulma says: "All according to MY perfect plan! Blonda's sealing her doom, and she doesn't even KNOW it yet! Ha, HA!!!!" (End Confessional) Sniz says: "Voting is over, its time to reveal WHO gets a buttered bag of popcorn! Zarbon, Bulma, Skipper, Monster, Gonard!" Blonda taps her fingers on her legs and says: "Can you give me MY bag of popcorn already?!" Sniz says: "Not so fast! Tonight, I'm going to reveal how MANY votes the three of you got! One vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for King Julien; one vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for King Julien; one vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for King Julien; one vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for Blonda!" Blonda looks at Bulma and sarcastically asks: "GEE, I WONDER who gave me THAT one?!" Bulma scoffs and says: "Don't FLATTER yourself! Like I'd WASTE a vote on YOU right now!" Sniz continues: "One vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for King Julien; one vote for Taotie, and one vote for Blonda!" Blonda stands up and yells: "WAIT!!!! Did Bulma vote TWICE?!!!" Sniz continues: "One vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for Blonda!" King Julien says: "That's ME!!!!" Sniz says: "One vote for King Julien, and one vote for Blonda; one vote for Buhdeuce, and one vote for King Julien! That means that Taotie and Blonda, you are safe tonight! Buhdeuce AND King Julien, you are BOTH taking the Drop of Shame tonight!" Blonda yells: "BULMA!!!! How in the WORLD did you get to vote THREE times for me?!" Skipper says: "Bulma didn't give you a vote, I did!" Buhdeuce says: "And so did I!" Blonda asks: "Then WHO was the FOURTH vote?!!!" And Bulma notices Gonard trying to sneak away! Bulma GRABS Gonard by the left ear, and Gonard shouts: "OW! My ear!" Bulma yells: "What did I TELL you?!!! STICK to the PLAN and boot OFF King Julien and Buhdeuce, remember?!!!" Gonard looks at the two of them and says: "Sorry, but I consider them my friends. I couldn't vote them off! I was being loyal to them!" Blonda asks: "You chose THEM over me?!" Gonard seriously says: "If you want me to BE a friend to you, then you need to BE a friend to me!" Bulma groans in frustration and yells: "YOUR position in this team is on thin ICE right now!" Gonard says: "I have NO regrets!" Buhdeuce says: "Neither do I!" Buhdeuce puts on his parachute and shouts: "BANZAI!" And Buhdeuce jumps out of the plane! Skipper says: "Mark my words, I WILL avenge you, my King! And once I get THROUGH with Blonda, she's going to wish that she NEVER messed with MY relationship!" Blonda scoffs and says: "I would LOVE to see you TRY!!!!" King Julien puts on his parachute says: "Forget about you! My royal self is WAY too royal for this plane anyways! I'll see YOU at the Finale, Skipper! For now, I've got to MOVE IT!!!!" And King Julien jumps out of the plane! / Sniz is in the cock-pit and says: "That's two more contestants down, and twenty-six more to go! Where will our travels take us next? Will Blonda CONTINUE to try to control the spotlight? And will Bulma EVER forgive Gonard?" Gonard is seen covered in green paint, and Gonard says: "I sure hope so!" Sniz says: "Stay tuned next time for ANOTHER episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!" / Epilogue: A music video of the remaining cast is seen, singing their version of a 1986 hit song. / Genre: The Eurythmics. Sub-genre: 1980's pop rock. Song: Missionary Man! Sung by: Cast! Zarbon: "Well, I was born an original sinner, I was born from original sin." Bulma: "And if I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there would be a mountain of money piled up to my chin. HEY!!!!" Captain Retro: "My mother told me good, my mother told me strong, she said, 'Be true to yourself and you can't go wrong. But there's just one thing that you must understand, you can fool with your brother.'" Marlene: "But don't mess with a missionary man! Don't mess with a missionary man. Don't mess with a missionary man. Don't mess with a missionary man!" Reggie: "Oh, the missionary man, he's got God on his side. He's got the saints and apostles backing up from behind." Rocko: "Black eyed looks from those Bible books. He's a man with a mission, got a serious mind!" Tigress: "There was a woman in the jungle and a monkey on a tree!" Wally: "The missionary man he was following me. He said, 'Stop what you're doing, get down upon your knees. I've a message for you that you better believe!'" Cast: "Believe, believe, believe, believe; Believe, believe, believe, believe; Believe, believe, believe, believe; Believe, believe, believe, believe; Believe, believe, believe, believe; Believe, believe, believe, believe." Stimpy: "Oh, yeah!" (Instrumental break) Suzie: "Ugh, hey! Ugh!" Phoebe: "Hey! Hey, hey!" Po: "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!" Gonard: "Yeah!" Taotie: "Well, I was born an original sinner, I was born from original sin." Blonda: "And if I had a dollar bill for all the things I've done, there'd be a mountain of money." Skipper: "Money, money, money, money; Money, money, money, money; Money, money, money, money; Money, money, money, money; Money, money, money, money!" Randolph: "No, don't mess with him no, no!" Dog: "Oh, baby!" Dudley: "Don't mess with a missionary man!" Chameleon: "Oh, leave him alone!" Norbert: "Missionary Man!" Daggett: "Please don't mess with him, no!" Larry: "Don't you mess with him no, no." Spongebob: "Missionary Man!" Patrick: "Missionary Man!" Kaput: "Don't mess with a Missionary Man!" Katie: "Don't you mess with that man!" Sniz: "Ah, oho ho!" General Barracuda: "Missionary Man! Hey, yeah!" / And the music video ends. / Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode are "I Am the Walrus; Good Stuff, and Missionary Man, the latter two songs also make up the title of this episode. First time that an episode epilogue has ended with a music video. First official team victory by Team TUFF. This episode also features an homage to the "Looney Tunes" short, "Robin Hood Daffy." With the elimination of Buhdeuce, all of the representatives of "Breadwinners" have now been eliminated. / Personal Notes: Personally, I feel as if two of the major drains this season, as far as negative criticism goes, stem from the inclusions of Buhdeuce and King Julien. I certainly didn't intend them to be. But it came to a point, where even I had to admit; the episode with which I introduced King Julien, "Empire State of Mind AND Alicia Keys," was hands DOWN the WORST episode I've ever WRITTEN for my series! I have learned the hard way to NEVER sacrifice quality for convenience. Hopefully, King Julien's departure will help legitimize Skipper's relationship a little, as well as give Skipper the INCENTIVE to go far this season! Also, I feel as though I have FINALLY given Gonard a defining characteristic with this episode, by choosing his loyalty to his friends OVER his loyalty to either Blonda or Bulma! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers!
    • Here's a rerun of an episode from SpingeBill's Adventure (Written by Conehead)  
    • god I fucking hate myself
    • General Barracuda is in the cock-pit and says: "Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise," we went to Russia, which was once known as the U.S.S.R. before 1991. There, the three teams competed to find an item valuable to the Czar's, in order to potentially win a new team-mate. Both Team Retro and Team S.R.R.R.C., won Larry and Blonda respectively. However, Blonda's enthusiasm didn't do Team S.R.R.R.C. much good as they lost the ice-skating part of the challenge, and had to face a double elimination. Sanjay's newness, and Heffer's heavy weight ended up being contributing factors to their respective eliminations from Team S.R.R.R.C. last time. So, why am I doing the episode recap? I don't know! Sniz said he was busy with something, and he didn't have time to do the recap this time, so he asked me to do it! Not that I mind, it helps me get PAID more! Anyways, we're now at the halfway point of this season, and I'm ready for things to get exciting! See where we end up on today's great episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!" / "Area 51: Layin' It On the Line!" / In First Class, Larry is enjoying getting to meet with his fellow team-mates on Team Retro from season two, as well as getting properly introduced to the season three contestants on Team Retro. Larry asks: "So, you're the Captain Retro who has been giving this team so many wins?" Captain Retro says: "Please; I'm only one dog. And while I'm the unspoken leader, I'd like to think that every one of our members has been helping our team win so much." Larry says: "Well, I can see that Marlene is still doing well." Marlene says: "Naturally. I didn't make it all the way to the Final Three LAST time for nothing!" Larry says: "Norbert, it's great to be hanging around YOU again! And you even brought your brother along for the ride!" Norbert says: "Well, hosting the Performance Reviews last season WAS fun, but it's NOTHING compared to actually playing as a contestant in this game!" Daggett says: "You said it! I might have missed out last season, but I've certainly been making up for it THIS season!" Larry says: "I'll say! And Reggie, you're doing a lot BETTER this season! And Rocko, you're doing as good as ever!" Reggie says: "It hasn't always been easy; Team Doom had trouble winning, and I was the victim of emotional manipulation!" Larry says: "That Snaptrap was BAD news! I'm glad you got rid of him!" Rocko says: "Of course, I think I speak for the whole team that Angelica was a BIGGER problem than anything else than season!" Larry says: "I'll say! You actually had to eliminate her TWICE just to get things back to normal!" Stimpy says: "Or as normal as things get on a show of this nature!" Larry says: "Speaking of, you must feel pretty accomplished. Even though this is the halfway point, you've actually outlasted MORE contestants than you have in season one!" Stimpy says: "Wow! I actually didn't realize that! I guess I really AM good at this show!" Larry says: "Speaking of this show, who are these new contestants helping out Team Retro so much? Wally, Tigress, and Po? I've seen your performances, but I haven't been properly introduced." Wally says: "I'm a Rocket Monkey. Although I sometimes like to be called Admiral Wally, his Smartness, for all my great contributions for Team Retro." Tigress says: "I am Tigress, the muscles AND brains of this team! I will eventually be WINNING this season, in case you were wondering!" Po rolls his eyes and asks: "Tigress, will you PLEASE stop announcing EVERY single move you make?! This isn't Kung Fu practice sessions, where Master Shifu MAKES you announce your moves to your fellow martial artists so they DON'T get terribly hurt by your attacks! Your tendency to ANNOUNCE all your moves are what signals our enemies as to WHAT they need to avoid, and makes it HARDER for us to beat them!" Tigress asks: "Who cares?! We beat them ANYWAYS! Don't we, Po?" Po says: "Well, don't make ME be the one to say, 'I told you so' when that attitude FINALLY brings you a loss that humiliates you!" Tigress apathetically says: "I'll be sure to remember THAT irrelevant fact on the twelfth of...NEVER!!!!" (Confessional) Tigress says: "As a member of the Furious Five; NOT counting Tai Lung, I've lost fights a GRAND total of...ZERO!!!! So winning THIS show won't be much of a challenge for me!" / Captain Retro says: "You know; I'm almost TEMPTED to THROW this upcoming challenge, just to teach Tigress some MUCH needed humility; and maybe vote her OFF while I'm lucky!" / Po shakes his head and says: "Tigress, your tendency to shoot off your mouth is going to get you into TROUBLE one of these days; and I'm not sure if I will be able to HELP you get out of it!" / Stimpy says: "On season one, it was enough to outlast 23 other contestants. But with 58 contestants total, and having already outlasted 28 of them; that officially means I've gained more endurance from season one that's been serving me well for season three! Being a positive force on this show makes me feel good inside!" / Larry says: "Tigress would make for a GREAT potential winner...if it weren't for the fact that she's even MORE arrogant than I was at the beginning of LAST season! And while I eventually realized that I need to be a better lobster about only 25% of the way into season two, it's already halfway through season three, and Tigress STILL isn't much better NOW than she was when she started off! If she doesn't learn humility soon, it may be too LATE for her to learn it this season!" (End Confessional) Blonda is in the restroom, admiring her full, blue body camouflage dress. Blonda says: "Ahhh, the successful dressing of winners is EVERYTHING to me! I'm NOTHING without my wardrobe!" Zarbon enters into the restroom unannounced, and Zarbon asks: "Blonda, are you going to be in here admiring yourself all day? Or are you going to let contestants who ACTUALLY have a chance to win, get some time to make themselves pretty?! I'm a VERY important individual." Blonda sarcastically says: "Well, I'm sure you are!" Zarbon suspiciously says: "I don't like YOUR tone!" Blonda, in a higher pitch, says: "I'm SURE you are!" Than normally, Blonda asks: "Like that?" Zarbon asks: "Will you just get out of here?! And MAYBE think of doing something useful that DOESN'T involve picking out a new piece of wardrobe!" Blonda starts to walk out of the restroom and she says: "You WISHED you had the gigantic wardrobe variety that I do!" Zarbon says: "Hey! It takes a REAL man to wear a pink shirt, leg-warmers, arm-warmers, AND makes it look manly! Orlando Bloom has NOTHING on me!" Blonda sarcastically says: "Clearly, you DON'T have a clue!" (Confessional) Blonda says: "Okay, so dissing on obvious Team Merge potential Zarbon ISN'T the best idea in the world, but come ON!!!! If anybody can take him DOWN a notch, I can! Besides, I'm not worried about MY security! I already HAVE a plan to keep myself safe, and keep Zarbon and Bulma from even touching me!" / Zarbon rolls his eyes and says: "Blonda has a lot of nerve talking to ME the way she HAS!!!!" Than Zarbon gets a serious look and says: "Quite frankly, I actually respect that! I don't like it, but I respect it! It takes GUTS to talk to me THAT honestly! Just don't tell her that I actually SAID that; okay?" (End Confessional) Blonda goes up to Monster, Gonard, Buhdeuce, Skipper, and King Julien. Blonda says: "Listen guys, I have a GREAT idea! I have a plan to get us ALL past the team merge and potentially the final six! I'm thinking of forming my OWN super-alliance, and I'd like YOU five to be a part of my team!" Gonard gets big puppy eyes and says: "WOW! I'm part of a SUPER alliance!" Blonda asks: "Do you know what that means? It means I'm placing my safety and trust in all of you, and I'd like you ALL to do the same!" Buhdeuce gets suspicious and asks: "Wait, what's the catch?" Blonda says: "I have no catch. I'm not like Angelica. I actually HAVE a brain! I won't make the same mistakes SHE did! I fully plan on respecting what you have to offer me. All you have to do is vote with me, and I can virtually guarantee your safety from any vote-offs!" Skipper says: "That sounds good to me! I LIKE a gal who can help ME get all the way to the Final Six!" King Julien says: "Me too! This is the plan for me!" Monster says: "I'm in!" Blonda says: "Than it's settled! From now on, all six of us are members of the MAGIC alliance!" Buhdeuce says: "Awesome!" (Confessional) Buhdeuce says: "I'm a little bit hesitant about the idea of a super alliance; but since I don't have Sway-Sway with me anymore; I need some security I can count on! And if Blonda is good for her word like she claims to be, than I have a good chance of making it to the Team Merge! I certainly wouldn't have as good of a chance WITHOUT joining this MAGIC alliance! I have a good feeling about my chances!" / Skipper says: "FINALLY! I've been waiting for an opportunity to make a REAL move to get to the Final Three, and NOW, I have the opportunity to get there! If I play my cards right, I'll be $42 million richer, and I'll have King Julien at my side! What else can a penguin commando ask for? Well, maybe ANOTHER movie WITHOUT the other Madagascar zoo animals, but I can hold off on THAT one!" / Blonda says: "Like I said, perfect strategy! I already HOLD the majority of the votes, and I'm SURE that Bulma has already realized this! She won't RISK trying to RIG any members of the MAGIC alliance off, or else we will make SURE that she answers for it! My entry into the Team Merge is all BUT secured!" (End Confessional) Zarbon is busy combing his luxurious green hair in the restroom, when Bulma suddenly barges in announced! Zarbon rolls his eyes and loudly asks: "Can't a blue-skinned alien get a moment of PEACE to make himself PRETTIER?!!!" Bulma seriously says: "This isn't ABOUT you! This is about Blonda trying to usurp MY position as the brainy beauty of this team! I am the ONLY one around here who makes strategical plans!" Zarbon says: "Look, I know Blonda's presence upsets you, but she's no threat to us! She's BOUND to get her alliance eliminated one by one. And once she loses her allies, than we can make our move!" Bulma sighs and says: "Fine! You BEST be right about this!" Zarbon asks: "Have I ever NOT been?!" Bulma says: "Still, we should get Taotie in on the loop. The three of us need to be united in case Blonda tries any unexpected moves on us." Zarbon says: "Agreed. The last thing WE need is Blonda throwing a wrench into our well-laid plans!" (Confessional) Bulma says: "Blonda is surprisingly good; but she's still a NOVICE compared to ME in the strategy department! My counter-plans are WAY better than her regular plans! All you have to do is look for the weakest link in her chain, and chip away at it! Soon, Blonda's chain will BREAK, and she will be OUT! And I will wind up sailing past my entire team, to win the ENTIRE competition! It's only logical!" / Zarbon says: "I have full confidence that Bulma is going to be completely professional about her strategy; she always HAS been before! The only thing I need to worry about, is where that strategy is going to lead to, and whether or not I may have to vote her off along the way. It's coming sooner than she thinks, and she's bound to think about it herself SOON, if she hasn't already! I'm just doing what I can to make it further in the game. It's nothing personal." (End Confessional) In Normal Class, all of Team TUFF except for Spongebob and Patrick, are gathered together. They DON'T notice that Larry is hiding in the shadows at the far end of the room. Suzie says: "Guys, we need a solid plan of action for this upcoming challenge. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we've got some unessential dead weight on our team. If we lose this upcoming challenge and we have to vote two members off, I'd like us all to be on the same page as to who we're going to eliminate!" Phoebe says: "I want to get rid of Spongebob, he SUCKS at this game and has provided no help whatsoever towards getting ANY team ANY wins! He shouldn't be here!" Dog rolls his eyes and asks: "And YOU should?!" Phoebe says: "Of course! I AM the smartest contestant on Team TUFF, so it's only natural that I should make the Team Merge!" Randolph says: "Patrick probably wouldn't be happy to know that we're going to be targeting Spongebob." Robot says: "I was under the impression that NONE of us were going to tell Spongebob and Patrick that they're our first choice targets." Globitha says: "I don't think that we should. I think we all know how Spongebob and Patrick can get when they find out that things WON'T be going their way!" Dudley says: "Personally, I don't want to have to be the tough cop around here. But if this team DOES face an elimination ceremony, we should vote out the WEAKEST among us, in order to make our team be stronger for the remaining challenges of the team game." Chameleon says: "I second that emotion. I hope that it WON'T come to that, but if it does, at least we all have a solid idea on the way we need to vote!" Suzie says: "It's settled then. If we lose, tonight, we'll either vote off Spongebob or Patrick, or whoever is the WEAKEST among our team!" Upon hearing this, Larry makes his way out of the room! (Confessional) Suzie says: "Personally, I think the biggest reason Spongebob EVER makes it as far as he does in these seasons, is because people constantly overlook him; and therein lays the danger! His biggest strength is laying low enough for nobody else to notice him, and letting all the other contestants pick each other off! Well, I'm not going to make that same mistake again THIS season! I'M outlasting Spongebob for MORE than just one episode! I plan on going all the way!" / Phoebe says: "I have never felt more safe about MY personal security! I have the REAL members of Team TUFF all gunning against Spongebob, and Patrick can't do a THING about it! Or else Patrick can be E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E-D right along with Spongebob!" / Randolph says: "In a game of this nature, we have to be rational. And rationally speaking, the prospects of Spongebob being of MUCH use to this team aren't that good! I may not like it, but any plan that keeps Dog and I in the game are better than any plan that involves us NOT being in the game!" / Globitha says: "In terms of personality, Spongebob is usually really good. But his lack of any useful skills in the competition are WEIGHING us down! If I were a betting girl, I'd say that Spongebob is SO dead right now!" / Robot says: "This plan is perfect; TOO perfect! It's BOUND to go wrong! Logically, Spongebob SHOULD be heading for an elimination ceremony tonight; and yet, I can't figure out an algorithm to make it happen! And I'm a Default! Why else do I keep coming up with statistics that keep saying Globitha is in danger?! And if Globitha is in danger, I could be in danger to! The only reason I even got this far is because of her! No matter what happens, I can't afford to lose Globitha! She's my best chance of making it further in the game!" / Dudley says: "At the T.U.F.F. agency, we usually don't say 'No' to any potential recruits. Usually, everyone has at least one skill of use to help us in our fight against crime. Unfortunately, Spongebob has not shown any skills useful to either the T.U.F.F. agency, OR Team TUFF! Still, that doesn't mean I should count out Spongebob just yet. There's got to be SOME reason he's made it as far as he has BESIDES lying low; otherwise, he wouldn't be here!" (End Confessional) Larry makes his way to the restroom, where Spongebob and Patrick are just coming out! Larry says: "Wow, I am GLAD I ran into you two! You need to listen to me; all of Team TUFF is prepared to gun for Spongebob for elimination! You've got to prepare yourselves!" Spongebob gasps in shock and asks: "Why would they do that?" Larry says: "For the same reason that Tigress HATES you; she and they think that you're USELESS and nothing but dead weight! You have to do what you did to ME last season, prove them WRONG and show that you have just as much right to be here as THEY do!" Spongebob says: "Well, of course I have a right to be here! And I'll prove it by doing whatever it takes to get our team the win!" Patrick says: "To do that, we need to know what the next challenge is going to be." Then, as if on cue, the intercom is turned on, and a familiar voice comes out of it. Sniz says: "Breaker, breaker, my good friends; things are about to get spicy and dicey as we head toward the small town of Mercury, Nevada. The front door of Area 51! We, or more accurately, YOU, will all be doing an exciting challenge that involves sneaking into the guarded base, and then finding a working alien artifact, and bring it back to the finish line! Only the FIRST group to return with a WORKING alien artifact that's completely intact, will be safe tonight! The two teams that come in second and last, will each have to eliminate one player...unless, of course, there's someone on THEIR team who wants to leave with the contestant who DOES get eliminated! Either way, there are TWO contestants leaving here at the end of this episode! If you're going to come up with a plan to try to save yourself, now would be the time to do it! That is all!" Larry says: "SNEAKING into Area 51? One does NOT simply 'sneak' into Area 51! It would take some kind of MIRACLE for both of you to get an alien artifact!" Spongebob says: "HELLO! Don't tell me that you're FORGETTING all my multiple accomplishments! I've stopped Plankton from stealing the Krabby Patty secret formula about 194 times; I popped the Dirty Bubble, I have even FINALLY got my Driver's License, and if I can do all those things, I can sneak into Area 51 and find a working alien artifact!" Larry says: "I hope you're right, Spongebob." The intercom turns on again, and Sniz says: "And before I forget, there's this!" (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Sniz says: "Time for another song! I'd like you to lay it on the line; if you know what I mean!" Larry says: "Oh, I definitely know what he means, all right!" Genre: 1980's Rock. Sub-Genre: Jefferson Starship. Song: "Layin' It on the Line." Sung by: Cast! / Zarbon: "You see it every day in every way." Bulma: "We all hear the same routines, they all say that it's okay." Spongebob: "Just let us take care of everything!" Patrick: "So we lay it on the line!" Robot and Globitha: "Layin' it on the line! (Layin' it on the line). Layin' it all (Right on the line!) Just layin' it on the line. (Layin' it on the line!) Layin' it all." Larry: "We're living on the front line." Stimpy: "I can see it in the faces." Marlene: "We gotta trouble in the streets tonight, and power keeps us in our places!" Captain Retro: "It doesn't matter if you're left or right, you lay it on the line!" Dog and Randolph: "Layin' it on the line! (Layin' it on the line.) Just layin' it all (Right on the line!) Layin' it on the line. (Layin' it on the line!) Layin' it all (Right on the line!)" Rocko: "Take it to the wilderness!" Reggie: "Into the jungle sun!" Daggett: "Looking for the voice of reason inside this Babylon." Norbert: "Got U.S. boys on foreign soil, spillin' their blood to keep the peace." Taotie: "Cities will vanish in turmoil, while the sheiks lay sleeping on the beach!" Phoebe: "We lay it on the line!" Gonard and Monster: "Layin' it on the line. (Layin' it on the line!) Layin' it all (Right on the line!) Just layin' it on the line. (Layin' it on the line!) Layin' it all (Right on the line!") Po and Tigress: "Layin' it on the line. Just layin' it on, layin' it on the line! Layin' it on." Cast: "Layin' it on the line. Just layin' it on, layin' it on the line. Layin' it on!" / And the epic song ends. Sniz is in the cockpit and he applauds the singing of the contestants. Sniz turns on the intercom and says: "Excellent work, as usual. We'll be coming in for a landing soon, so please put all seats back into their upright position, fasten your seat belts, and get your game faces on! It's almost go time! After some important commercial messages!" / (Commercial Break.) / After the commercials finish airing, the plane finally lands in Mercury, Nevada, the front door of Area 51! The contestants get out, genuinely surprised that they have to do a night time challenge! Blonda says: "Oh MAN!!!! It's DARK!!!! How is anybody supposed to SEE how glamorous I can be?!" Buhdeuce says: "We don't want ANYBODY to see you during this challenge, that's the whole POINT! Do you WANT to get captured?!" Blonda says: "Timmy TURNER may be an idiot who makes FAR too many selfish wishes for himself, but I'm NOT!!!! I just want to be ADMIRED!!!!" Gonard says: "We'll, we might REALLY admire you if you can help us ACE this challenge against the other two teams!" Blonda smirks and says: "That's what I'm HERE for!" King Julien says: "I thought that's what I was here for!" Monster asks: "And what are YOU useful again? BESIDES being HALF of the subject of the WORST episode of this season so FAR?!!!" Skipper asks: "And whose fault was that? Old Man Jenkins!!!! Can we move PAST that already?! Because, lets face the facts; Haters gonna Hate, and Winners gonna Win! You get three guesses as to what I plan to do, and the first two don't count!" Sniz turns on a megaphone, and the feedback hurts the ears of the contestants! (At least, the contestants who HAVE ears!) Sniz shouts: "Attention, contestants! We are not HERE for socializing! We are here for a challenge! Do you have ANY idea the kind of connections General Barracuda had to go through to make this challenge possible?!" Patrick says: "Actually, no. We were NOT aware! Or at least, I wasn't!" Sniz shouts: "Well it's time to listen up, contestants! And you better listen well! Area 51 is a guarded security complex like no other! It makes breaking into Fort Knox look like a cakewalk in comparison! If you even want a CHANCE of getting through the area safely, you better have someone with intimate KNOWLEDGE of the base! Fortunately, there is someone who has caused a lot of trouble, that we just found out about, who OWES a lot of favors for all the trouble he has caused! The man/alien with the plan, please welcome back KAPUT!!!!" And Kaput comes rolling up and jumps up, trying to surprise Team S.R.R.R.C.! Kaput then sneers and asks Taotie: "Did you miss ME, TRAITOR?!!!" Taotie merely folds his arms and says: "I'm sorry. I have this policy of NOT speaking to LOSERS!!!!" Tigress mockingly says: "Look at the kettle, being hypocritical to the pot! Remind me, HOW many times have you beaten ME in combat?! Oh, that's RIGHT!!!! ZERO!!!!" Taotie angrily says: "Yeah, just keep FLAUNTING that attitude of yours! It will make it SO much more of a vindication for me when I finally wipe the FLOOR with you!" Tigress says: "And when that day comes; A.K.A., on the twelfth of NEVER; will be the day pigs can fly WITHOUT planes, and unicorns run free in the world!" And Po just face-palms himself in frustration! (Confessional) Po sighs and says: "Tigress; do you EVER know when to keep that big mouth SHUT?!!! Even I have more restraint and self-control then that!" / Captain Retro sighs and says: "Honestly, if we win today even in SPITE of Tigress' behavior, I would be GENUINELY surprised!" (End Confessional) General Barracuda walks out and grabs the megaphone from Sniz. General Barracuda says: "All right, here's the deal. I've seen every single awful deed that Kaput has done! Kaput, you are a creepy little thing, you thought you could get away with all your evil tricks! You thought you could just sabotage others and NEVER have it affect you? Well, you were WRONG!!!! I know you have a blueprint of Area 51 on you, and you're going to give it to one of these teams! Once you've done that, you are going to become an INTERN for us and make an HONEST work living, in order to PAY for your misdeeds! That should more than make things right between you and everyone you've WRONGED!" Kaput rolls his eyes, groans, and says: "FINE!!!! I'll become an intern, but I won't like it! I'll tell you what; I'll give the blueprints to whichever team can impress me FIRST!!!!" Blonda pushes her team-mates aside and says: "Step aside, light-weights! I am an EXPERT in impressing people!" Bulma scoffs and says: "You're going to TRY to impress Kaput?! And what secret do YOU have that I DON'T?!!!" Blonda chuckles deviously and says: "Something that you could NEVER have! True STAR power, honey!" (Confessional) Bulma scoffs and says: "True STAR power?!!! If she's a TRUE star; than I'm Yajirobe!!!! And I wouldn't want to be HIM in a million YEARS!!!!" / Zarbon says: "I have to admit, I'm starting to hate Bulma slightly less, if only for the reason that Blonda is behaving WORSE than she is!" (End Confessional) Blonda says: "I will put this away, and you will ALL be impressed by me!" Kaput says: "That remains to be seen! Just do what you want to do! I've got my work cut out for me!" Blonda says: "All right, then I will! Stand back, everyone! This will be my GREATEST performance to date!" Genre: New Wave Rock. Sub-Genre: Billy Joel. Song: "Pressure." Sung by: Blonda! (During this sequence, Blonda does a lot of smoking HOT dance steps as a bunch of rockets, fireworks, sparklers, and strobe lights go off!) Blonda: "You have to learn to pace yourself; Pressure! You're just like everybody else; Pressure! You've only had to run so far, so good! But you will come to a place, where the only thing you feel are loaded guns in your face, and you'll have to deal with Pressure! You used to call me paranoid; Pressure! But even you cannot avoid Pressure! You turned the tap dance into your crusade; now here you are with your faith and your Peter Pan advice. You have no scars on your face, and you cannot handle Pressure! (Instrumental break) All grown up and no place to go. Psych 1, Psych 2, what do you know? All your life is channel 13; Sesame Street, what does it mean? (I'll tell you what it means) Pressure! Pressure! Don't ask for help, you're all alone; Pressure! You'll have to answer to your own; Pressure! I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale; but here you are in the ninth, two men out and three men on. Nowhere to look but inside, where we all respond to Pressure! Pressure! (Instrumental break) All your life is Time Magazine. I read it too, what does it mean? (Instrumental Break) Pressure!!!! I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale; but here you are with your faith, and your Peter Pan advice. You have no scars on your face, and you cannot handle Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! One, two, three, four, Pressure!" / And as the epic song ends, Kaput claps his hands wildly!!!! Kaput says: "Wonderful, magnificent, glorious, phenomenal! And it's good, to! I don't need to see anyone else to know that NOTHING can top that! Therefore, I'll give the blueprints to Blonda, and the REST of Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really Cool, I GUESS!!!!" Blonda triumphantly says: "HA!!!! In your FACE, doubters!!!!" And Bulma, Zarbon, and Taotie just stand shocked, completely FLABBERGASTED at what just transpired! (Confessional) Bulma gasps and says: "I can't believe she ACTUALLY did it! Oh, MAN!!!! She is NEVER going to let US hear the END of it!" / Zarbon says: "Is Blonda REALLY desperate to impress us? Well of course; DUH!!!! She HAS to be! But in her case, it actually SEEMS to be WORKING!!!!" / Taotie says: "Inconceivable!!!! How can this NOBODY get Kaput to just willingly give HER such a great advantage?! If it weren't for the fact that I really WANT to WIN this challenge, I would JUST...I can't even THINK of what I WOULD do!!!!" / Blonda says: "I'd just like to say thank you to Jaundissimo Magnifico, for his 27 years of coaching me in the art of the elaborate dance! You are NOT a waste of space and magic; that was just my adrenaline talking!" (End Confessional) General Barracuda says: "It's settled then! Team Sniz Is Really, Really, Really, Cool has a distinct advantage in this challenge, as they will know how to get around the base! Team's TUFF and Retro, you'll have to figure out how to get through the base on your own! Team Sniz Is Really, Really, Really, Cool; you'll make your entry through the entrance on the side door; Team's TUFF and Retro, you'll take the back door!" Tigress gasps in shock and asks: "You mean I got to spend a significant portion of my valuable TIME with SPONGEBOB?!!! That is ABSURD!!!!" Po asks: "And WHY exactly is THAT?!!!" Tigress, without a moment's hesitation, says: "SERIOUSLY?!!! Spongebob is SOOO WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!" But this comment digs DEEP into Spongebob's psyche as he suddenly transforms into his HUGE, muscular form again and yells: "SPONGEBOB IS NOT WEAK!!!!!!!!" And the rest of Team Retro gasp in horror! (Confessional) Marlene sighs, rolls her eyes and says: "YEP!!!! Gonna take a REAL miracle to give Team Retro a win NOW; thanks a LOT Tigress! NOT!!!!" / Tigress rolls her eyes and says: "Seriously? Now he wants to have a go at me? Let him TRY! I have LITERALLY swatted FLIES bigger than him! Bring...it...on!!!!" / Spongebob, in his huge muscular form, angrily says: "Tigress is going DOWN!!!!" (End Confessional) Tigress seriously says: "Do you think I'm SCARED of you NOW?!!! I can literally lick THIRTY of you in my SLEEP!!!! That's how strong I am!" Spongebob, irritated, says: "You're LUCKY there's a no-hitting rule in place; that prohibits me from hitting you!" Tigress says: "Oh, right. The Penalty Vote Rule. I almost forgot about that, seeing as how no one has technically broken it since Haggis." Spongebob says: "But I will tell you RIGHT now, that I will SHOW you just how strong I am, and I am going to SMOKE you!!!!" Tigress scoffs and says: "Get SERIOUS!!!! NOBODY 'smokes' me, especially not some undersea SPONGE!!!!" Po groans and says: "Tigress, DON'T do this NOW!!!!" Tigress says: "Too late! Already doing it! So, 'MR.' Popularity, how much do you want to BET; I can run CIRCLES around you?!!!" Patrick says: "Spongebob, don't PLAY her game! You don't have to prove ANYTHING to her!" But determined, Spongebob says: "If you LOSE this challenge, you got to VOTE yourself off!" And Tigress, unfazed, says: "And when I inevitably WIN, you will vote YOURSELF off, and prove once and for all that I will ALWAYS be stronger than you!" Marlene face-palms herself and asks: "Is THAT what this is all about?!" Tigress rolls her eyes and says: "DUH!!!! Only the fast and the STRONG make it far in this game! It's time for all who are WEAK to get OUT of my WAY!!!!" General Barracuda says: "OOH!!!! Spicy! This is going to get INTERESTING!!!!" (Confessional) Marlene says: "If there's a bright side to Tigress' bet, is that it's a win-win situation for the REST of Team Retro. If Tigress wins, that's one less contestant to worry about for Team Retro; if Tigress loses, that gives Team Retro a CLEAR idea of who to vote for! AKA, NOT me!!!! Either way, my day won't end TOO badly!" (End Confessional) Spongebob says: "Fine! It's a deal! But you'd have to win in a fair and square match-up against me, by getting through Area 51 first! Do you think you can do that, Miss Stripes?!!!" From half-way to the base, Tigress shouts: "I'd say I'm already half-way THERE!!!!" Patrick shouts: "NO!!!! She's totally going to FORCE you to vote yourself off!!!!" Globitha says: "WE are NOT going to let that happen!" Robot asks: "Who's WE?!!!" Globitha answers: "The three of us! We agreed we'd vote off the WEAKEST contestant on our team, and since Spongebob CLEARLY isn't the weakest, there's no need to vote him off!" Robot asks: "Than who IS the weakest?!" Globitha answers: "If we win, NOBODY! So let's do our BEST to win!" Robot says: "I'm a big fan of that plan!" (Confessional) Robot says: "You know, I'm thinking there's a chance we can pull this off. Globitha is thinking logically, Spongebob has pulled out the heavy artillery, and Team TUFF has my brilliant powers of reasoning and deduction! We can TOTALLY do this!" (End Confessional) Dog says: "No time like the present! Let's MOVE it!!!!" Randolph says: "Right behind you!" And Team TUFF rushes towards the base, where Tigress has already entered! Larry looks at Captain Retro and asks: "What do you think we should do?" Captain Retro sighs and says: "Well, Tigress IS a pain in the butt..." Po asks: "What's THAT supposed to mean?!" Captain Retro continues: "However, there is no way our team will ever THROW a challenge! We've come THIS far not getting a last place finish, and we're not about to start NOW!!!!" Daggett says: "I like winning to! Besides, if we don't wind up in first place, Tigress has to vote HERSELF off! It's like SOMEONE writing their own execution order!" Po says: "Tigress NEVER says anything unless she's absolutely SURE she can back it up!" Larry says: "Maybe, but she doesn't KNOW Spongebob like I do! You have NO idea what Spongebob can be capable of when he is REALLY ticked off!" Rocko says: "And personally, I don't want to have to find out! So let's catch up! We're falling behind!" And the rest of Team Retro head towards the base of Area 51! Buhdeuce looks at Blonda who's HOLDING the blue-prints for the base, and looks puzzled. Buhdeuce asks: "Do you have any PLANS on taking us into Area 51...TONIGHT?!!!" Blonda says: "I am THOROUGHLY studying every inch of this base carefully! We do NOT want to get caught off guard!" Bulma asks: "And just what makes YOU the expert at reading blueprints? You're practically LOOKING at the girl who INVENTED them!" Blonda, unconcerned, says: "You do realize that it is entirely up to me and MY alliance as to WHO we eliminate off of this team IF we lose tonight, RIGHT?!!!" Bulma seriously says: "You wouldn't last ONE episode without me! As a matter of FACT, you've only lasted ONE episode on The Fairly Oddparents!" Blonda shouts: "Are YOU deluded?!!! I am a HIGHLY successful CELEBRITY!!!!" Taotie scoffs and says: "PLEASE!!!! You're as much of a celebrity, as Justin Bieber is a HIGHLY liked singer!!!! Which is to say...you are NOT!!!!" Blonda rolls her eyes and says: "All I know is that I'm either going to guide us to victory, or I will determine which LOSER gets the boot off!" Bulma chuckles deviously and says: "I don't think so!" Bulma snaps her fingers and says: "ZARBON!!!! Retrieve the blueprints from Blonda and SHOW her that WE mean business!" Zarbon asks: "Excuse me, but why must it fall down to ME to retrieve the blueprints?!" Bulma responds: "Have you forgotten that certain secret I KNOW about you that you DON'T want people to find OUT?!!!" Zarbon groans and says: "You're just DETERMINED to have it YOUR way, aren't you?!" Bulma chuckles deviously and she says: "You know it!" (Confessional) Zarbon groans and says: "MAN!!!! Bulma doesn't forget ANYTHING!!!! And she monopolizes EVERYTHING!!!! And all I want to do, is to PLAY the game! But NO!!!! Bulma HAS to make ME do her DIRTY work FOR her! It's like Bulma and Blonda are competing against each other to see who can beat the other one in who can be the most ANNOYING contestant on our team! If it were up to me; I'd tell them both that, 'NEWS FLASH!!!! You're BOTH winning!!!!' That's what I'd tell them!" / Bulma says: "Blonda is CRAZY if she thinks I'm just going to 'hand over' control of Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool over to HER!!!! If she wants control, she'll have to PRY it from MY eliminated body! And that's not going to happen...EVER!!!!" (End Confessional) Zarbon powers up his Arrow of Light attack and Blonda says: "You're BLUFFING!!!! You're not going to hit me and rack up penalty votes!" Zarbon says: "Blonda, DUCK!!!!" Blonda pauses and asks: "Why are you telling ME to...?" But Blonda doesn't get to finish her statement, because Zarbon quickly GRABS Buhdeuce and THROWS him at Blonda! The collision causes Blonda to DROP the blueprints, and Zarbon grabs them! Blonda regains her composure and says: "OH!!!! I see what you did there! You were warning me about the DUCK! Well played." Bulma chuckles deviously and she says: "You know it! And it also goes to show that if ANYONE happens to be in an ALLIANCE with her, they should think TWICE, seeing as to how INCOMPETENT you are! You couldn't hold onto a VALUABLE priceless painting, and YOU can't even hold onto blueprints! Why should ANYONE think that they're going to get far with YOU?!!!" Blonda scoffs and says: "You're just JEALOUS that people think that I'm PRETTIER than YOU are!!!!" Bulma screams: "In your DREAMS, you FREAKY little gnome!" Taotie shouts: "SHUT UP!!!! Will you two NINNIES stop this incessant bickering and have us FOCUS on this challenge?!!! We're already falling WAY behind!!!!" Bulma shakes her body in order to regain composure, but before she moves, she says: "We'll finish THIS later!!!!" And as Bulma begins running to the base, Blonda says: "I will be READY for you!" (Confessional) Taotie says: "You know, it has become VERY apparent to me that when it comes to women, my former wife was NOT the worst one in the world! Off hand, I'd say THAT award goes to Blonda, with Bulma running a VERY close second!" / Bulma says: "There is one good reason why I ALWAYS win every argument I ever participate in; SHEER brain-power! Even Blonda's MAGIC can't compete with that!" / Blonda says: "Bulma may beat me when it comes to sheer high I.Q. scores, I'll give her that! However, I plan on being FAR more ruthless and cut throat! My feminine wiles FAR outpace even Marlene's when she was at her PEAK! I'll get Bulma out first, or my REAL name isn't Blonda!" (End Confessional) Fondue shakes his head in frustration and says: "Finally! They're getting the challenge underway! I THOUGHT this episode was going to make itself!" Sniz says: "Well, there's a lesson to be learned here. Never ASSUME that an episode is going to make itself! At least we can work on it by putting Kaput to work." General Barracuda looks around and asks: "SAY!!!! Where is Kaput?!!!" In bewilderment, Sniz says: "He was just HERE a second ago! Where could he have gone to?" / Within the base of Area 51, Kaput is suspiciously looking around. Kaput says: "That JERK General Barracuda, he confiscated all of my weapons and sneaky sabotage devices! How am I supposed to get REVENGE on the jerk-faces who gave me the BOOT off if I can't boot THEM off in return?!!!" Tigress suddenly appears and says: "Maybe you shouldn't TRY to sabotage anyone at all?!!!" Kaput, shocked, asks: "Tigress!!!! How did YOU get here so fast?!!!" Tigress says: "I have a sixth sense of direction! I can smell the path to victory from ten MILES away! I NEVER get lost!" A menacing alien voice says: "But you about to BE lost to MY great, sinister plan!" Kaput and Tigress look around, and see King Goobert from "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius," floating in front of a suspiciously dark place! Kaput asks: "King Goobert! What are YOU doing here?!" King Goobert rhetorically responds: "Do you HONESTLY believe that you're the only alien with PLANS on conquering the galaxy?! Ooblar and I have a task force dedicated to procuring the GREATEST plan on dominating THIS planet ever!" Tigress asks: "A TASK force?!" Ooblar appears and says: "Yes! You blind fool! Behold, our elite operatives, Dave the Octopus from The Penguins of Madagascar Movie, and a certain 'FRIEND' of Kaput's!" Kaput asks: "Who would THAT be?!!!" Dave appears and asks: "You don't know? See for yourself!" And Kaput is SHOCKED to see, none other than, ZOSKY!!!! Kaput asks: "YOU?!!!" Zosky, irritated says: "How DARE you abandon me in the middle of our mission?! You know that's 50% of the reason why WE can never hold onto the planets we conquer? You always get bored and move onto something else!" Tigress asks: "Seriously, what are you up to THIS time?!" Zosky says: "Well, if you must know; as it turns out, I'm secretly EVIL!!!!" Kaput rolls his eyes and sarcastically says: "NO!!!! Really, do you think?" Zosky seriously says: "And that EVILNESS is going to terminate YOU for ABANDONING me! You've ditched me one too many times! Now you're going to pay the PRICE for it!" Kaput scoffs and says: "You'd have to have a pretty BIG weapon to make ME pay the price for ANYTHING!!!!" Zosky says: "I wouldn't disappoint YOU!!!! We got the biggest!!!!" Zosky snaps his fingers, and the suspiciously dark place lights up to reveal ARMAGEDDROID, from "My Life as a Teenage Robot," totally rebuilt and revamped with all of its weaponry! Tigress says: "I'm impressed! You actually KNOW how to produce a challenge!" King Goobert says: "Armageddroid's attack stats are off the charts! We modified it so that it WON'T just destroy weapons, it will destroy INTRUDERS! We even provided it with a Hive Cluster box battery in its inner core to give it a SUPER power charge! So all YOU can do is LOSE!!!!" Tigress seriously says: "I have NEVER backed down from a challenge in my entire life and I don't intend to START now!" King Goobert, irritated, says: "Ooblar, turn on Armageddroid! Zosky, find the OTHER contestants and get RID of them! And Dave...gosh DARN IT!!!! Change your NAME!!!! Dave is NOT a scary name and I'm ASHAMED to admit it!!!! Josef Stalin; try that!!!! Zosky and Dave rush off to do King Goobert's bidding, while Ooblar begins to power up Armageddroid. King Goobert mutters: "You know, it is like, 'Ooh, it is DAVE! Like, watch out for DAVE!!!!'" And Armageddroid fully powers on, fully intent on DESTROYING Tigress! Tigress smiles as she says: "I am READY for you!!!!" Kaput nervously looks on and says: "Well, I'll let you two have at it!" And Kaput nervously runs away! / Meanwhile, Team S.R.R.R.C. is rummaging through the storage supply room trying to find a useful alien artifact that works, but are turning up empty-handed! Bulma says: "Broken, broken, useless, junk, broken, broken--why is there nothing USEFUL in here?!!! Zarbon, could you POSSIBLY make anything that WORKS out of ANY of this?!" Zarbon says: "I'm a fighter, not a miracle worker. Fixing devices isn't my strong suit!" Blonda mockingly says: "So it seems like the genius has hit a brick wall!" Bulma scoffs and says: "Like YOU'RE any help to us!" Blonda says: "I just think that it would SUCK to be you if you make us LOSE!!!!" Skipper says: "We're not GOING to use! Because there is NO way we are walking out of here and seeing Team Retro already win! That's already happened WAY too many times to count!" King Julien says: "Well, it's not like the key to us winning is just going to come WALKING through the door!" And then suddenly, King Goobert and Ooblar WALK through the door! King Goobert says: "Awww, victims!" Taotie asks: "What victims?! We're not victims!" Gonard says: "If anyone's a victim, it's going to be YOU two!" Ooblar asks: "And why is that?" Zarbon says: "THIS!!!! Arrow of LIGHT!!!!" And he shoots a beam of energy at them, and knocks them unconscious! Buhdeuce says: "Well, I guess King Julien was wrong! The key to us winning DID walk through the door!" Skipper says: "But we're supposed to bring back an alien artifact! NOT an actual alien!" Bulma asks: "Do you WANT to take a CHANCE of us LOSING to Team Retro again?!" Skipper says: "No." Bulma says: "Then let's stop wasting time and WIN this challenge before Team Retro chalks up ANOTHER victory! SHEESH!!!!" (Confessional) Bulma says: "Honestly, it feels like I have to do ALL the planning for our team! I suppose the advantage to having such a GENIUS brain is that EVERYBODY expects for YOU to solve ALL the problems THEY have! But that luxury won't last FOREVER! The team merge will occur soon enough! And when it does, I will be the only one going to the top...of this game show...by WINNING!!!!" (End Confessional) Meanwhile, Tigress is actually KICKING Armageddroid's giant, metallic butt!!!! Tigress says: "You call yourself a MENACE?!!! You can't keep UP with me!!!! And you can't aim for BEANS!!!! I think it's time to put you out of your misery ONCE and for ALL!!!!" And before Armageddroid has a chance to blink, Tigress leaps up to his chest and pulls out the Hive Cluster Battery Pack; thusly forcing Armageddroid to power down and break apart! Just at that moment, the rest of Team Retro rushes in! Po asks: "Are you alright? We heard fighting and...WOAH!!! Did you actually take out that GIGANTIC robot all by yourself?!!!" Tigress chuckles as she laughs and holds up the Hive Cluster Battery Pack. Tigress triumphantly says: "Of course I did. And I even won this genuine alien artifact so that we could win." Marlene groans and says to Captain Retro: "Man; she's more competent than I thought!" Captain Retro says: "And she looked PRETTY competent to start off with!" Tigress asks: "I trust that there will be no one on this team EVER doubting MY abilities again?!" Po answers: "I highly doubt that! Not that there was much REASON to!" Tigress says: "Good. Then let us GO!!!!" (Confessional) Tigress says: "I would NEVER make the claim that I was the strongest, smartest, fastest, AND toughest contestant on this entire game show if I didn't have the ability to back it up. And I pretty much showed EVERYBODY here that I can do that...a TRILLION times over! I just can't WAIT to rub it Spongebob's stupid face!" / Captain Retro says: "There are plenty of reasons I should be thrilled about this...and yet, I'm not. Tigress is OBVIOUSLY not going to be taken out by any physical challenges, so that just leaves the mental ones. I just hope she can and WILL stay loyal to Team Retro until the Team merge!" (End Confessional) Robot and Globitha are wandering around in the dark. Robot says: "There must be some technology in this base that is messing with my G.P.S. location device! I can't get us through this base!" Globitha asks: "That's kind of bad, isn't it?" Robot says: "Only if you DON'T want to get out of here and WIN the challenge!" Globitha says: "Then why don't we ask somebody for directions?" Robot sarcastically asks: "Oh yeah! Like WHO?!!!" Globitha asks: "What IS it with men and asking for directions?!" Robot says: "You know; I'm REALLY not interested in playing the gender card right now! You want to play a card? Let's play the 'Let's Not DIE' Card!" Then, they hear a triumphant Kaput say: "Take THAT!!!!" And Zosky gets bumped into Robot, who gets FLUNG into a strange looking pod! Robot quickly gets out of the pod, but he's followed by an EVIL looking, green eyed doppelganger! Globitha screams: "TWO Robots?!!! I'm both excited AND confused!!!!" Globitha epicly HUGS both of them, only to have the FAKE Robot burst into green goo! Globitha, bewildered, says: "Okay; now I'm just confused!" Kaput says: "Don't be! I just took out Zosky! He thought he could beat ME in a fight?! As if!" And Spongebob walks in, with Dave the Octopus tied in a knot! Spongebob says: "And I took care of another menace! My strength REALLY came in handy today!" Robot looks in awe and says: "I'll say! We can still win if we take Dave to Sniz, and show him we've captured this menace!" Globitha says: "I'm a big fan of that plan!" Kaput says: "And just because I FEEL like it, I'll even sabotage Team S.R.R.R.C. for you! I have no more loyalty to THEM anymore, not after what TAOTIE tried to do to me!" Robot says: "I'm glad to hear that! Let's get this challenge FINISHED with!" (Confessional) Robot says: "Nobody likes long waits, especially not me! But when push comes to shove, I am going to take this opportunity to finally get the lead out, and put this whole ordeal behind me! I finally feel like Globitha and I are going to wind up with a happy ending after all of this!" / Globitha, unsure, says: "For some reason, I STILL have a feeling that this has been all too easy for us." (End Confessional) Outside of Area 51, Sniz and Katie are busy kissing each other, when Fondue nudges them both. Fondue says: "Break up the love fest, I think the teams are FINALLY coming out!" Katie asks: "Already?!!!" Sniz says: "About time!" Team S.R.R.R.C. come out first, with King Goobert and Ooblar captured! Bulma says: "I've WON this for us!!!!" Kaput rushes out with Zosky captured, and Kaput says: "No you DON'T!!!!" And Kaput ZAPS King Goobert and Ooblar, KILLING both of them!!!! Team S.R.R.R.C. cross the finish line, but Sniz shakes his head in disgust! Sniz says: "OOH!!!! Looks like Kaput did his first successful job as our intern! King Goobert and Ooblar are no longer alive! That means you DON'T win first place! Sorry, Bulma!" Blonda says: "This would not have happened if it was ME in charge!" Bulma screams: "OH; SHUT UP!!!!" Team Retro come out of Area 51 next, and Tigress says: "Here comes the WINNER!!!!" But Spongebob comes out with Dave captured, and he quickly and 'accidentally,' TRIPS Tigress, causing the Hive Cluster Battery Pack to FLY out of Tigress' hands! In slow-motion, Spongebob insincerely says: "OOPS!!!!" But the Hive Cluster Battery Pack SAFELY lands in Sniz's hands! Sniz says: "And we HAVE our winners! Team Retro, winning another amazing victory! It's AMAZING how they DO it!!!!" Team TUFF finally come out Area 51 safely, and cross the finish line last. Chameleon says: "Well, I guess since Spongebob helped capture Dave, at least Team TUFF comes in second." Sniz says: "Actually, only Team RETRO brought back a working alien artifact intact! Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; have two dead on arrival aliens, but because they crossed first, they come in second place. Team TUFF capturing a menace will not do you any good for THIS challenge; YOU come in last! So YOU have an elimination ceremony to face!" Tigress triumphantly says: "In your FACE, Spongebob!!!! And YOU have to VOTE yourself O-U-T, OUT!!!!" Sniz smugly says: "NOT...EXACTLY!!!!" Tigress asks: "Say what?!" Sniz says: "It's time to reveal the FINAL twist for today's challenge; the team that came in second place, Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; gets to determine who LOSES on Team TUFF! So Spongebob CAN'T vote himself off tonight!" Tigress screams: "WHAT?!!!!!!!!!" Sniz asks: "Are you mad, much?!!!" (Confessional) Tigress angrily mutters: "Spongebob is going DOWN!!!! Spongebob is going down! Spongebob is going DOWN!!!!" / Zarbon says: "It WOULD be easy to eliminate Spongebob right now, but he is CLEARLY throwing Tigress off her game! Therefore, I think MY team will KEEP Spongebob in the mix, and VOTE for someone who no longer has a purpose in this game!" / Bulma says: "Obviously, I have a plan to make sure that NOBODY from MY team has to go home tonight; not even Blonda!" (End Confessional) Bulma says: "Stick to MY plan, team! VOTE off Globitha!!!!" Buhdeuce asks: "Why her?" Bulma says: "Robot couldn't BEAR the thought of competing in the game without her! He would QUIT the game before continuing on without her! We get rid of Globitha, and we ALSO get rid of Robot! It's the PERFECT package deal!!!!" Skipper says: "All right, we'll do it! But you BETTER be right about this!" Bulma smugly says: "Have I ever NOT been?!" / In the elimination ceremony, Team TUFF is facing their very first elimination as a unified team! Dudley says: "This stinks!" Chameleon says: "I agree. But hopefully, we won't have to face too many MORE of these!" Dudley says: "I hope not! As a team, we could use more victories!" Sniz comes in and says: "Team TUFF, the time has come to learn the verdict. Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; has come to a decision as who will be getting eliminated. You will receive a bag of popcorn, ONLY if you are safe! If you're not, you'll have to take the Drop of Shame! Here are the contestants who are safe; Dudley, Chameleon, Spongebob, Patrick, Suzie, Phoebe, Dog, Randolph!" Robot and Globitha look in horror at each other, knowing that only ONE of them will be safe! Sniz says: "Only one bag of popcorn left! The final bag of popcorn, will be going to; ROBOT!!!!" Robot screams: "NO!!!!!!!!!" Globitha asks: "Why are you so sad?! You're safe!" Robot sighs and says: "Don't you get it?! My entire success in this season is due to you! The only reason that I've even gotten as far as I have is because of you! Besides, I don't think I can carry on in this game without you!" Globith asks: "What are you saying, Robot Default?" Robot turns to Sniz and boldly says: "If Globitha's getting eliminated, then I have to leave to." Dog asks: "Why is that?" Robot says: "We're a package deal. I'm sorry, but it's just that simple." Sniz shrugs and says: "Suit yourself. Saves me from having to do an elimination ceremony with Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool." Robot turns to Globitha and says: "Come on, Globitha, let's blow this joint!" And Robot and Globitha take their parachutes, and after jumping out of the plane, open them up and float down to safety! / Sniz is in the cock-pit, and he says: "Well, that's another two contestants down, and still 28 more to go! Hopefully, the next episode won't drag on for as long as this one! We've got plenty more of the world to see, and I hope you'll see it with us, on the next fabulous episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!" / Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode; "Layin' It on the Line," and "Pressure." Blonda forms the Magic Alliance in this episode with Monster, Gonard, Buhdeuce, Skipper, and King Julien. Featured villains in this episode, King Goobert and Ooblar (both of whom are killed) with Zosky, Dave the Octopus, and Armageddroid, who is destroyed. Globitha is voted off by Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool; and Robot quits the game, unable or unwilling to compete in the game without her, making Monster the ONLY representative from "Robot and Monster" still competing on "Total Cartoon Global Cruise." / Personal Notes: It seems like every season, I always come across at least ONE episode that takes FAR longer to finish than all the others! In season one, it was "Sink or Surf!" In season two, it was "American Spray-Paint." And for this season, it's THIS episode, "Area 51: Layin' It on the Line!" One good thing this season has taught me, is that I should NEVER sacrifice plot for convenience, never assume that an episode will write itself, and NEVER write myself into a corner that I can't write myself out of. Hopefully, the remaining 26 episodes of "Total Cartoon Global Cruise" will go much easier from here. As far as Robot and Globitha go, the only real story they had was with each other; and I took that story to the one place I could; as far as it could go. All the other remaining contestants have a stronger story still remaining, so it made sense to remove Robot and Globitha in order to focus on the contestants who still remain in play. / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers!
    • "It's My Life" - No Doubt