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Don’t listen to this man, the pyramids were clearly retipped by ancient Ama- aliens for reasons unknown. Leave poor Jew-dono out of this like this innocent CheeseHead forum goer man

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4 hours ago, Katsura♡🐾 said:

Don’t listen to this man, the pyramids were clearly retipped by ancient Ama- aliens for reasons unknown. Leave poor Jew-dono out of this like this innocent CheeseHead forum goer man

I'm sure Jew-dono is proud of what he's done

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9 minutes ago, Ute Uncle Barry said:

I think you mean "neutral acquisition"? :scott: also, fave parts? You know the drill, I can't very well ignore my audience without at least hearing em out first

Crushing's play by play was great.  The whole Krusty Towers scene was great too

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"HERE'S TO GETTING DRUNK AGAIN AND IGNORING PLOT CONTINUITY HAHA!" Gintoki lazily clashed his beer mug against Tatsuma and Paku... Pauk.. Pa

"Pakuyasa, writer." He sighed and then chugged the entire beer down. Tatsuma and Gintoki cheered him on.

"T-t.. Tatsuma hehe. We haven't been this drunk just us two together for a while. What was it? The Popularity Polls? Well I'm still  #1!" Gintoki babbled like an idiot.

"Ahahaha! Didn't that Old Man beat you out for #1 though?" Tatsuma was met with a drunken punch to the eye by Gintoki. Skele frantically walked over and put an ice bag on his buddy's eye. He then went back to the wheel of the ship.

"Guys, I know I'm not really in a drinking mood regarding what happened a few days ago. But do I always have to be the DD?" Skele sighed as he was steering. 

"Skeletons don't have DDs!" Black eyed Tatsuma gave a drunken high five to Gintoki but the perm head fell on Pakuyasa.

"Just like the old Joui days." Pakuyasa said happily and hiccuped.

"No you were too nerdy to join us for anything dude. Oops sorry." Ginoki laid on the nice cold floor as it felt good on his red face and he couldn't walk anyways.

"But so was Skele! Hahahaah!" Tatsuma barfed in his beer mug. Seeing his cup ruined, he started weeping. Skele sighed out even louder.

"HEEEY YOU KNOW WHAT? SKELE, MUTSU HAS A THING FOR YOU!" Tatsuma called out before collapsing on Pakuyasa who just smiled back.

Skele stopped steering for a second and pondered this.

"A thing for me? What kind of thing? You mean like a present? Well.. I guess that was nice of her!" Skele said casually. But he was secretly scared.. he didn't know what kind of presents yato gave but Vice Captain Mutsu was a very intimidating person so he was afraid to know.

"I told you it wouldn't penetrate that thick skull of his." Gintoki laughed. "Pay up."

"No way Kintoki, I don't get paid until the 7th and I'm pretty sure Mutsu has all my pay checks on hold since I've missed so many days at work. Ahahahaahaha!" Tatsuma laughed on the dog pile of Pakuyasa.

"And I haven't gotten paid in the entirety of this fic what is your point." Gintoki hiccuped. "Wait.. WHERE AM I?!" He freaked out trembling on top of still smiling Pakuyasa.

"I feel like I'm constantly the only person able to lead us all to safety." Skele said moping. 

"Ignore those drunkards Skele, they're the reason they got such in a mess in the Polls arc." Shinsuke said from within the shadows of the ship.

"Yes, if it wasn't for Shinsuke and I being sober and safely taking Gintoki and Tatsuma home to Gintoki's, they would have been who knows where." Katsura added.

The two stepped out. 


"Do I want to kno-" XGgr8XD.png

"No there is no need to with the Takasugi Husband Brothers! Ho ho ho!" Katsuo noble laughed. Him and Shinuigi put their fists on their hips with confidence. Still in positon, Katsuo then looked down at Shinuigi's open fly and zipped it up for him. 

"Like we said. Nothing." Shinuigi smiled.

"HEY! Take your disgusting roleplaying OFF MY SHIP ONE EYED FREAK!" Gintoki barked, still laying all over the hot sweaty men. Pakuyasa could have pointed out that technically it was his ship but he was just happy to be included for once.

"One eyed freak janai, Katsuo da." Katsuo commented at something clearly not directed at him.

Shinuigi was steaming up fire pixels but his husband put a hand on his shoulder. 

"Save the boss battles for the killer of this arc. It's not the time or place for this Shinuigi, my brother slash lover.... Pizza pie-ya. " Katsuo said.

"That's a disgusting and disturbing sounding relationship more than yours in general." Gintoki commented.

"I know... I know, Katsuo." Shinuigi looked soberly to the ground, almost in tears. "Momma always said you were the wiser brother.... Spaghetti-o's."

"You two can't just put Italian stereotypes at the end of each sent- BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH." Tatsuma threw up everywhere again. The Takasugi Husband Brothers had dodge this with a classic running looking jump.

Skele noticed an incoming message popping up the screen. He was hesitant at first to click it but decided it couldn't hurt. Everyone else was either drunk or in a roleplay anyway.

"Hello?" He asked. Then the screen popped up. It was Ozu, Kiyoko, Gendo, Shinpachi, Otae, Gendo Jr and that nameless stupid kid. That nameless stupid kid got sad from the author's comments.

"Hi Shinji-kun!...Ravioli." Katsuo commented. Shinji blushed a little but tried to conceal it.

"Who the fuck is yelling I have a massive headache." Gintoki said annoyed, rolled onto Pakuyasa and sucked his own thumb.

"YOROZUYA?!" Ozu called out.

"Thank heavens you're all okay! Calm down Gin-san, it's only us." Shinpachi smiled. QEDo1lk.png

"W-WHO IS THAT?!" Gintoki pointed to his beloved child. He was frightened and wet, more than usual. The silver haired samurai clutched on Pakuyasa's back for safety, which he didn't mind. "And who is that?" Gintoki's heart fluttered, it had been so long since he saw his Princess. She was ignoring the conversation as she was engrossed in a manga. "Baby. Baby Girl." Gintoki thought to himself.

"How did you find us?" Skele wondered.

"With the Shinsengumi's state-of-the-art terrorist chipper!" Kondo pushed Ozu and the rest to the side and pointed to a fancy transmitter.

"SHINSEN!" Katsuo and Shinuigi made a bolt to the other room. Skele just sighed.

But in reality it was a bunch of Otae's old thrown out personal belonging garbage. Otae came up and smashed it. And then the gorilla's face in.

"Unfortunately, we don't have the means necessary since you guys are waaay off into who knows what angel- I mean Amanto territory." Gendo scratched his chin with his glove covered hands.

"HASEGAAAAAAWAA." Gintoki and Ozu cried. Ozu hugged him but Gendo pushed the old man off with some karate moves he learned at the local shop across his own.

"How about contacting the Kaientai? Vice Captain Mutsu could be of help." Skele asked them.

"OooOOOoOOO" Tatsuma and Gintoki loudly teased. 

"Anyway, I tried asking Tatsuma here but he doesn't really remember his own ship’s location." Skele added. Tatsuma just playfully smiled.

"We would but uh... Mutsu-san told us she fired you and wants nothing to do with you for being lazy enough not to show to work for a month..." Shinji added.

"That's my Mutsu, ahahahaha!" Tatsuma got motion/drunk sickness again, naturally.

Shinuigi and Katsuo popped in the room again.

"I could ask my and Kotarou's ship but those guys are probably too engrossed in their make believe band to be of any use....bruschetta." Shinuigi adjusted his purple mustache. "Roleplayer lookin' asses."

"Shinuigi, you know we could always ask Leader's Brother-dono. He usually hangs around deep into space like this... Mozzarella sticks." Katsuo suggested eating a mushroom.

"Uh.. should I even ask about you two.." Shinpachi said.

"Great idea, Zura! We'll finally figure out how the heck to get home!" Skele cheered as did the other Jouis. "Shinsuke can you get Kamui on the phone if he can help us get home- ...wait where's Shinsuke? He was just here literally a moment ago. Or Zura for that matter?"

Tatsuma, Gintoki and Pakuyasa just shrugged as they did not know.

They heard in the other room.

"SHINSUKEEEEE." They all said.



“So now what Partner?” Bansai said within the bushes. “You know this is kind of exciting. I always dreamed of having a main subplot.” He blushed slightly.

“Well at least you have the soft mushy thing down, Bansai-dono. It seems like that cop is into that sort of thing with what I’ve seen of Tama before.” Kyuubei said looking straight ahead for something.

“Actually that’s my real personality.. But still excited to hear that he’s into those sorts of people!” Bansai gleamed. “Say, what are we staking out for anyway, Partner?” 

“Senpai?” Matako said walking up to the bush, wearing a strawhat. “Where did you go? We were all just looking for you.” 

“Is this an old muse of yours, Bansai-dono?” Kyuubei asked. Bansai and Matako looked disturbed.

“Oh lord, nothing like that. I’m only into men and that would be disgusting anyways.” Bansai simply commented, Matako looked insulted.

“Bansai-senpai, don’t tell me you hired this eye patch to help you with your crazed cop obsession again.” Matako stated, Bansai rolled his eyes. 

“That is some incredible deduction there, miss.” Kyuubei said in her usual straight face.

“Why thank you, I always thought I had a knack for ordering over my crew members.” Matako smiled, crossing her arms. Bansai shook his head in disapproval.

"Matako, can't you just hang out with the rest of the band? We're kind of busy and-" Bansai got cut off.

"Ma***ko-dono with a name meaning crotch and other parts...don't tell me you're trying to reach out to me for relationship advice too?" Kyuubei scratched her chin. "Well I guess I could take on two cases at once."

"DON'T CENSOR IT LIKE THAT! THAT'S NOT WHAT MY NAME MEANS! And me? PLEASE." She laughed it off. "I'm good at finding my own relationships."

"You mean lusting after Shinsuke-dono?" Bansai commented. 

"You mean YOU and your cop lusting?!" Matako shot at him but he dodged the bullets with his guitar's metal strings. 

"I'll do it." Determined Kyuubei put a fist in her other hand. Scratched up Bansai and Matako looked up from their battling,amazed. "It seems like you both have obstacles to overcome regarding your crushes, but the reward at the end will be satisfying. I guarantee you both that." She said triumphantly.

"Where have I heard someone talk like that before-" Matako started.


"Oh that's it. I'm out of here. There's no way I'm working with someone that reminds me of THAT man stealing bitch- WAAA!" But Kyuubei grabbed her hand into the bushes with them. 

"Senpai, stop elbowing my rib cage." Matako said annoyed.

"Then find another bush, there was room enough for us two anyway." Bansai simply stated, having a sour face on him like a little kid.

"In order for you two get your crushes's notices, you'll have to start it off with a bang. Luckily, Yagyuu clan has you both covered." She gave a thumbs up and a nearby building exploded. Citizens were yelling a muck, including near by Yamazaki who reached out his phone to call headquarters.

"WHAT THE?!" Bansai and Matako both said.

"What happened to SUBTLY getting Sweet Sagaru-dono's attention?!" Bansai asked panicking.

"Pfft.. that's what you call him?" Matako snorted, Bansai narrowed his eyes.

"I figured if the Shinsengumi see a terrorist in the act, they'll want to have a spy to further on investigate on said terrorist for now on." Kyuubei explained calmly.

"Okay I get the plan Partner, but couldn't we have done it in a less extreme way-" Kyuubei kicked Bansai out of the bushes and gave him a thumbs up.

"Go get him tiger." She stated, but Bansai was frozen in fear.

"WHAT? How would that help me then?! Sure Shinsuke-sama loves explosions but.." Matako looked at the horrified damage.

"Oh It'll help you too alright, Matako-dono. Help for that.. I WASN'T INVITED TO THE BIG TBC WEDDING TO COURT OTAE-SAN!" Kyuubei yelled, another explosion went off. "Katsura-dono, you will PAY for that neglected wedding invitation." 



Nobume resat herself in the back with Steve in the Nobunobu's car after helping the Shogun get in the front seat. Isaburo was at the wheel as Nobunobu was unconscious and tied up in the delivery part of the truck. She was soaked in blood, not only from her shoulder but also from the armed men had tried to wipe them and ShigeShige out.

"That was pretty close Nobume-san, I thought I almost have to lift a finger to help." Isaburo subtly joked. He put the vehicle into gear. 

"We should really get you to a hospital as soon as possible though, Nobume. Your shoulder is pretty wounded." Steve said concernedly.

She shrugged like it was no big deal. Isaburo looked in the back view mirror for a quick glance and then looked down a bit soberly. It was silent for several minutes as Isaburo slowly made it through the late night streets cautiously aware of his surroundings. 

"I didn't think the Naraku still had a hold on the government though. I know they were seized after their involvement with.. Utsuro... But they're still out and about. I knew Utsuro always had some hidden past but.. who were those guys?" Steve pondered this hard. 

"They weren't hired by the Naraku only." Nobume stared straight ahead, the brightly colored blood dripped off her and on the leather seats. "The Tenshouin Naraku have much, much more of a powerful source backing them up. I've always felt that. Isaburo's felt that." She couldn't bare to look up at whatever her fellow police man's expression was after she said that. "Even knowing... Utsuro was an undying man myself. A man who couldn't be put to sleep until the hands of his students did so."


Isaburo looked more concerned. Both Isaburo and Nobume were having to deal with the kind of people they wished to forget. Steve looked at Nobume, she had the same blank stare as always but she looked somewhat uneasy after saying this. The detective could tell it bothered her but he wasn't exactly sure why.

 "Yet. There was something always eerily odd growing up with the Naraku around. I don't think at the amount of evil my uncle himself even was knew truly the backings of the Naraku.. of that man, Utsuro." ShigeShige spoke up. The others looked disheartened.

An image of Nobume as a little kid during her training inside the Naraku came to mind. The stories she had heard about a secret absent leader. He had went into hiding supposedly but the Naraku finally found him again with the help of their leader in place. The leader in the man's absence had burned down the school which the former leader had worked at. Eventually during the war, while the blue haired girl was a mere child she and her fellow child assassins of the Naraku were taking some sort of field trip there.

"Why does he have to be locked up?" The girl said looking up at a white haired man with only one good eye. He had a crow on his shoulder despite being in doors.  She would have found it funny, but in reality she felt no emotions in general. 

Ever since she had been taken from her family against their will at a toddler age and put in that organization, there was nothing ever to emote after that. But the girl couldn't say she felt anything even during that time being pulled apart from her parents. But that could have been that she was too young to remember. Or the blood on her tiny hands from assassinations one after the other had devoured her only innocent memories she had.

"Why? Do you feel bad for him, child?" Oboro said. "I'm surprised at you. You look have the wild eyes of a rabid beast ready to lounge at the first thing she sees and yet you're softening for a traitor like this." The man had his back turned in the jail cell he was forced to stay in. "What is your name?"

And she replied.


Definition, corpse. A fitting name to a young manslayer who saw bodies in the hundreds. Bodies flooding in the deep scarlet color that painted and drenched her eyes. A name present day Nobume wanted to forget. But the memories of that gentle, kind man in that worn down cell block. Memories she never wanted to lose.

Mukuro looked a little surprised when the man in the cell turned around and smiled at her.

"That man has my same wild beast eyes." She said softly back at Oboro, staring straight into the cell block at the prisoner. "But his are secretly soft too.." She whispered.

Present day Nobume snapped out of it and heard some rustling in the back of the truck as did the others.

"Hold on." Isaburo looked for the nearest exit. At the closest parking lot he got out to see the back of the truck had been opened and Nobunobu was gone. 

"But he was unconscious.." Isaburo looked all around inside the truck as well. 

After it was silent inside the truck for several minutes, Steve thought it was the best that out of the three of them he went out to see if something happened.

"Isaburo, is everything okay out there?"  Steve walked slowly outside, the dim parking lot of the Mal-Wart made it hard to see his own hands but something caught his eye nevertheless. The back of the truck was opened, neither men were to be found. Steve looked all around frantically and then went in the truck. He had a grim look on his face which ShigeShige and Nobume knew too well. With Steve back in the car, Nobume slid out of the car with her katana. The blood that was now dry on her became wet again, as the rain was picking up.



"Well since you keep persisting, I'll start with our first lesson. And you caught me in a place where I can't say no anyways!" The former leader of the Naraku chuckled, his back turned to the little girl Mukuro. "The first rule of a samurai's bushido is the bushido does not matter."

"But.. I thought-" Mukuro tried to say.

"What matters is the path you choose to take with your own personal one inside of you. The places you go, the people you meet, the ones you choose to protect. Those are your family." The man turned his head around and smiled. Mukuro looked with doll-like surprised eyes at this but continued to listen to his unique words.


She saw something laying there, red and bloody in the distance of the vacant parking lot. Not sure if it was moving or not. Her eyes widened wildly, her pupils shrunk as fast as her heart dropped. She saw a note on the floor and picked it up with her slightly shaky, stained hands. There was only a mark of a turtle on it. She heard a gun clicked on the back of her head.

"Don't move closer or yo 'daddy' completely gets it, Pardner."


"ISABURO-SAN?!" Nobume yelled out. The rain was pouring down, nearly starting a flood. A fear overcame her, something that rarely happened. A deep, fear unlike she had ever experienced prior. Her beast like eyes softened more than they had ever that day.



Nobume and Isaburo had made their way to their seats for the special event on New Years day. They were dressed up for an occasion for once but they made sure to hide their faces with newspapers when sitting down at their reserved seats. But that was the catch, how did they get those seats? Neither of them were really sure why they were invited in the first place, as they weren't close to the bride or groom. Besides having underground, shady business ties with the groom of course. The two police officers thoroughly made sure no one was eavesdropping on them as they waited for the event to start. 

"If a fake marriage is really the way for the two Joui Factions to 'silently' unite into a powerful and unstoppable force, it surely looks like everyone is sincere about it somehow." Isaburo said while texting, whispering to his partner. 

Isaburo had referred to the people attending the matrimony event, most excited and filled with positive smiles for the new couple. Nobume was eating a large plate of different food complementary of the bride's side. Nobume put the entire tray in her mouth and then swallowed. Isaburo looked up from his phone at hearing the massive chomp. He gave an applause at this yato-like sized gorging.

"And that's more alleys on our side." Nobume added. Isaburo evilly grinned at this while finishing up his text. 

 "But for as much money as Takasugi's gang of runabouts makes somehow, you'd think he'd be able to afford better seats." The monocle man said, adjusting himself in the hard and cold plastic folding chair. The two shivered a bit in the freezing air of that winter afternoon.

"I'm gonna get more grub. I know it's cold Isaburo-san but don't touch my Snuggie. It only fits one person." She took off the cow printed item and placed it on her chair, pointing to it.

"Darn." Isaburo said snapping his fingers. He went back to furiously texting.

Nobume made her way to the table, making sure to get catch eye contact with anyone especially the Shinsengumi who were standing outside the whole outside wedding ceremony gardens. They like the Shinsengumi were trying to to make sure this was strictly a wedding. Well, that wasn't completely the Elites intention. Only on the surface at least. Takasugi Shinsuke and Katsura Kotarou emerging into one super extremist terrorist organization could greatly benefit Nobume's police force. More importantly, Isaburo's. And Nobume knew that anything Isaburo could to for his own personal goal to avenge them.. avenge the Naraku what they did to Isaburo's family... What Nobume did to his family...

She boredly placed a stacked up high tray of hot wings on the plate and turned around to go back to her chair. But she felt someone looking straight at her from behind. Probably in the curtained tent right behind the altar, right where the people behind the scenes of a wedding usually were. There might have been multiple of wedding guests looking at the incognito police officer before, but this felt different. The presence felt warm, inviting but all too familiar. Nobume wanted to swing around swiftly to see the man, an action of surprise she rarely did. However, she didn't want to cause a scene and have people recognize her, so the police officer glanced merely over her shoulder at the man in question. Nobume was shocked as she hadn't seen this individual in several years in person but a subtle rush of sadness coated her as well. The man gave her a warm smile and gestured with his hand for her to come back stage with him. Nobume quickly walked there with her head looking to the ground to keep concealing herself. Inside the curtain tent was a plastic table with snacks, some novels and cups of coffee. 

"Mukuro. How many years has it been? My you've grown up into a lovely young teenager." 


"Uts- No... Shouyou..." Nobume stared hard at him. The sun of the crisp water bounced off the snow and a warm, sunshine hue spread across the creases in his smiling mouth. The sounds of nearby birds was also soothing to her surprisingly. 

She felt like getting emotional about it but just exhaled calmly, keeping her usual mellow attitude. "Sensei Shouyou... It's just like the reports about a mysterious cabin in Edo have confirmed.."

He put his thumbs between her cheeks and his other fingers and softly looked at her.

"I'm so happy my invitation in the mail was delivered to you and your cop friend, Mukuro. I was just going over Shinsuke and Katsura's wedding vows when I saw you at the buffet!" Shouyou smiled. "Did you grab anything for me?" He said, jokingly nudged her in the arm.

"Sensei.. May I ask. Why did you invite me here?" She asked back.

He released his hands from her face and picked up his holy book again. He looked at her straight in the eye. It was a bit intimidating but she knew this look too well. But not from the Utsuro Naraku but rather the nostalgic meek grin of a man stuck behind bars because of the Naraku. 

"You may! You see I hadn't seen you in so long, Mukuro. It's been what? Over 10 years now? I wanted to see how strong your bushido has become. Your own personal one you have been living by. And it has bloomed beautifully into a vice-chief of Edo's Mimawarigumi. You have followed your instincts and heart in the best way you saw fit." bnbIgTZ.png He told her.

She looked skeptical but continued looking around the tent. 

"If you're wondering about those two soon-to-be-married, as much as it would be beneficial for some of their business allies, they're definitely marrying just for the sake of each other's love. Nothing else. Why Shinsuke has been nervously ringing his hands for the past twenty minutes!" He opened the flap, pointing to the midget man way in the back standing by the outskirts of the marriage ceremony grounds. Kamui came along, grabbing him by the waist and lifting him up to return him to the hellish "preparation" the yato had before the wedding started.

"Shinsuke is becoming a fine young man." Shouyou started. "His desire that once was tearing and burning apart the world is slowly diminishing. And I am so proud of him for that. I would give my own self credit but I think that lies within himself. And his blushing bride!" He chuckled and pointed to the outside world again. Zurako was doing the same thing Shinsuke had been, nervously wringing her hands and pacing. Then bored Gintoki came out and grabbed her over his shoulder back to her room with the girls.

The two fully got back into the tent again. Nobume was a bit surprised to hear her teacher imply the Mimawarigumi were in league with the terrorists, but this was a man who was likely still apart of the Naraku. That organization made her even more unsure of this man. Yet despite knowing all of this, she still felt deep down a sincerity about her teacher being the priest of the wedding. Almost everything felt authentic.Inside the tent felt like a gentle, warm summer breeze in its atmosphere even. Which lead her to say the next thing.

"I won't tell them." She said.

"Hmm? Tell who about what?" Sensei asked.

"I won't tell your other students who you were. I may not be completely sure about everything, Sensei. I may have not known the, well...other side of you more than hearing stories about it. But I know if you truly believe you can turn over a new leaf just like you say Takasugi-san is, then I'm sure your other students and even myself can back that." She concluded. Shouyou let out an even bigger grin.

"I'm so happy you came here, Mukuro. Just being able to have so many of my students here together.. It feels like the old days once again at Shoka Sonjuku. But this time with you."260?cb=20160203000012&path-prefix=es 

Nobume let out a little grin and Shouyou patted her head. He then looked at his watch. "5 past 4?! Oh my. I better get this show on the road before the audience grows even more restless!" He chuckled and waved away at her. He adjusted his priestly collar and exited the tarp. She stood there for several seconds quietly.

"Are you satisfied, Oboro? Sensei Shouyou has finally been able to control his worse part of himself. He's finally the teacher you always wanted. But you still seem empty." Nobume said. She had noticed the man and his pet bird had been sitting in the corner of the tent the entire time, but neither of them acknowledged the other. She continued. "But Shouyou isn't completely in control like he's leading everyone to believe, right? I think the both of us would know that."

Oboro didn't say anything at this at first, merely taking a bite of his Good Boy cookie and petting the top of Poe's head.

"Mukuro, you don't know the half of the grand scheme of things this time. Not the Naraku, not even the Te-.. well I won't tell you about them. No one in this world but him and me." Oboro said.

"Oboro. I know about the Tendoshu." She commented back. He just sat there quietly, rubbing the head of Poe again. "Why are you telling me this Oboro.... You of all people..." She got to the point.

"I just wanted to inform you that Sensei's plans are of extreme good heart but won't be interrupted. No matter what or by who." Oboro said. She was about to leave but he spoke up again.  "But tell me this Mukuro, are you sure he's the teacher you want? You don't seem that satisfied either. But let me just tell you this isn't the first time we've had this same argumentative conversation." 

She stood there silently for a few seconds again, her back still facing him and holding onto the flap.

"Oboro. Please give Sensei my warmest regards for inviting me to the wedding but don't you or even our Sensei ever call me Mukuro again." She simply walked out of the tent to sit down with Isaburo.  

"I am Nobume. I have always been his Nobume and his alone."



"Where am I? Poe?!' Oboro wondered. He remembered being on that planet but now he was standing in a white room of nothingness. "I must be dreaming.." He tried to fly but fell flat on his face. He heard footsteps and looked up. His heart completely stopped at that second.

"S-S-SENSEI?! Wait if you are Sensei Utsuro which is a really really really slim chance that you are since I don’t think you would disappear to hell.. the real Sensei wouldn’t read my fanfictions of us together." Oboro blushed slightly.

"I read them all and enjoyed them!" Utsuro held up the various heavy binded notebooks with drawings and writing all inside of them.

"DAMMIT UR NOT REAL." Oboro replied and Utsuro chuckled. "I AM dreaming!"

"Obo, I may be the physical manifestation of your mind but your junior students need you. Think about what I taught you about caring for your junior classmates." He told him.

"Yeah you’re right. I guess Sensei. I have to do something, even for those Jouis I guess.." Oboro shifted his eye and Utsuro smiled, nodding. "Hey, even you’re not real, do you wanna... kiss?"

Smiling Utsuro punched him in the head, causing a big cartoonish blister bruise on the top of his noggin. 

"Yeah even my subconscious knew that was messed up." Oboro rubbed his aching injury, somehow the pain felt real.

"Good bye Obo and good luck! 😊 " He smiled.

"Wait Sensei! I know this is just a dream and all but..did you mean it back there." Oboro exhaled and paused for a second. "When you said in Okinawa that I was merely of no importance to you... ever?"

Utsuro walked up to him and softly rubbed him on the head. “Obo, I’m just your physical manifestation. Remember? Anything said here is strictly recreated from your own mind.” Utsuro smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. Oboro surprisingly flicked it off. "Huh? What's the matter, Oboro?"

"That's all you have to say? At all?" Oboro looked disheartened.

"What am I suppose to say?" Utsuro wondered.

"I thought we could finally talk." Oboro replied, a sad look overcame him.

"I am so sorry. But I can't." Utsuro added.

“T-that reply WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH!” Oboro shouted, getting more physically angry. He huffed, Sensei looking a bit alarmed. But there was something revolutionary of Oboro finally just snapping randomly. He wanted to pour his heart out for once.

"Sensei, I finally get the chance to talk to you again after everything that's happened in the past month and this... this is how you reply?" Oboro asked the long haired man.

"I'm just telling the facts Oboro. I am not real. And you know that. You're getting worked up over nothing. Over yourself. Don't you think that's enough?" Utsuro replied.

“I spent... fucking... THREE HUNDRED THREE HUNDRED YEARS AT YOUR SIDE SENSEI!” Oboro stomped his foot. 

"Ooh?" Utsuro continued to listen with an intrigued ear. 

“And yet I did everything to follow your plans of restarting the universe. Which I didn’t mind restarting at first. It felt like a good plan. Joseph was a toxic man bent on destroying the universe you swore to protect..."

"Go on." Utsuro said, puzzled.

"And even someone as despicable as my selfish Naraku self questioned my moral decisions I made during all those universes.” He turned his back towards his teacher. “Sensei. I let your school be set on fire, let you be ripped away from your students and beheaded.. 23 individual times... 23. Whether you personally wanted to return to your duty protecting the universe or not.. I made those decisions all by myself in the heat of the moments.” His eyes tightened and tears dropped on the white nothingness floor of his dream. Utsuro’s face still bore a blank expression. “Because I was horribly selfish and wanted you back. Back where I was the only student. A student you could care if they had a stomach ache or forgot their lunch to school or was feeling down in the dumps. You told me you could control your Utsuro side better whenever I resurrected you to be back to the main plan of restoring the universe and more importantly back to my side.. Sensei."

Utsuro just smiled, nodding his head. 

“I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU FAKE SMILE. I WANT TO SEE YOUR TRUE FEELINGS FOR ONCE. DEEP INSIDE YOUR LONG LIVED SELF. YOUR FEELINGS YOU HAD BACK ON THAT ISLAND YOU SHOWED.” Oboro did something he thought he would never, not even in a dream besides yelling at his teacher. He grabbed Utsuro by his shoulders and shook him.

Utsuro bore a blank expression, neither sad or happy or really anything. This annoyed Oboro, his face darkened. More emotions arose in the student as he held his flustered face. His heart was racing but it felt like it dropped 60 stories for what he was about to say next. 

“Maybe that’s why I loved and still love you. Why I never told anyone especially you that I not only loved you as my teacher but I was..." He wrung his hands nervously. "...in love with you... romantically.” Oboro looked to the floor at his feet in shame. His face was brightly red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment. He didn't dare to look back at his teacher but he continued.“I became obsessed at wanting to become your everything. You were all I had to be with in a world that was constantly changing with different universes. You were the only thing stable. I had no one else to share that with but you.” Oboro said still frowning and blushing. He was shocked to finally get an answer about this out of his teacher. 

“I shunned it because it was unhealthy Oboro.” Utsuro finally spoke up again and looked at him seriously. Oboro’s good eye lid flipped up completely open. 

“How is and was my love for you unhealthy?! I did absolutely everything to make sure you had what you needed even if I soiled my own and your own consciouses to do so.” 


And return all I wanted was some love. Some emotional support. Someone that I cared for and worked with so closely so so much about to return my strong affections. I-is that so wrong?!” Oboro shot back.

Utsuro looked him straight in the eye. No emotions once again across his face.

“You were in love with me because you were growing up, your emotions confused, Oboro.” Utsuro commented, Oboro fastly shot back a reply. 

“I was far past growing up, I was at least in my hundreds, Sensei.” Oboro said angrily. “You have the nerve to say that and scoot it off as some kind of puppy love.”

“Do you want me to say it then Oboro?”

”Say what.”

”Stockholm Syndrome.”


”It currently was.”


”Oboro. Remember you’re arguing with your self here. You had no one else to regularly communicate with rather than your bird, Poe. But I was the only non-changing individual around you to love. I, Sensei was the only person stable to you in universes constantly changing and being reset. If you had more stable people around you, you wouldn’t had become like that. And that’s my fault honestly. I know that. I knew that. And you knew that because otherwise your manifestation wouldn't be able to tell you that. And that pained me sometimes that in my heart. You saw that in my eyes sometimes yourself. I know you would have found a man your own age to sincerely care about if you had the space and time.”

“MAN MY OWN AGE? You’re the only person that was even REMOTELY close to my age after hundreds and hundreds of years, Sensei!” Oboro shot back.

“That wouldn’t have mattered to you. If you had more people to be around. If you were able to be around your junior classmates.” Utsuro added seriously. 

“Is that my own fault then? Being isolated? Being taken as a young child spared from the hand of death as everyone around him he previously ‘was around and cared for’ was slaughtered like disgusting wild animals by the same blood thirsty massacre organization he was now the head of with your absence working at your own school? I’m sorry... No... I have a right to speak out finally. I’ve always known I was sold into slavery as it were. But even as a slave, a slave who cared for his teacher tremendously, was I soley made to work for you for eternity if you wished for it?” Oboro said. 

“You knew I wanted the cycle of universes to end and for my job to be passed down to a person who I saw fit to overlook the extremely powerful task. Someone who cared passionately enough. Who worked far passed their physical boundaries and who would even challenge myself for the role. It is a very rare trait and hard to explain without deep detailing.” Utsuro said.

Oboro’s mouth had a rotten taste now and it was named Kiheitai and Joseph. He didn’t reply to this as it would probably get him very little. But lowered his head in a disgust look. 

“But getting back to you Oboro, you still would have been loyal to the Naraku even if I didn’t ask you to after saving your life. But that’s just it. I never did ask you. You swore loyalty to me all by yourself as a child. Yes you felt obligated and indebted to me sparing your life by granting you immortality but.. I saw the happiness in your child eyes gleam when I brought up starting a school of my own that day. The day I went into hiding. Or twenty three of those kind of days. But just like you and I, we both were the Naraku for a good chunk of our lives. It was driven inside of me, as it was with you. It's who you are.”  Utsuro said. Oboro couldn’t help but agree in most re-tributes. He was still surprised at how accurately his mind was making this Sensei Utsuro character act. Just like the real version in most ways. Oboro spoke up again.

“Chunk of our lives.. How old even are- were you, Sensei?” Oboro wondered. “Was I truly your first student ever back then? Or was that all a facade too?” 

Utsuro didn’t respond. Oboro knew he couldn't because if he didn't know himself, how could his subconscious know either? Yet Oboro still turned his back to him. He didn't care if this was really his teacher or not. He was still outrageously mad. The shock of saying questionable things to his teacher and getting replies from that man was not as shocking anymore. There was a silence for several minutes. Oboro’s shaking head mustered up to look at his teacher. He hoped to see some kind of new reaction. However Utsuro bore a blank, cold expression. Oboro looked even more deadened and turned his back once again to teacher.

 “Now I’m starting to think about what I said earlier. That triggered this whole conversation between the two of us.” Oboro swallowed a heavy gulp. He wanted to be cold, heartless. Just like his teacher was treating him right now. But... Oboro's tears streamed down more heavier, his voice was cracking, his face had become red again. “That back on Okinawa when you told the Naraku I was never of use to you that you indeed meant it. Is that why I never became your successor in all the hundreds of years we were together, Shouyou? Your distaste for me?  Your distaste for my unhealthy love for you? Your distaste for my still ever apparent emotional issues? Your distaste that I was truly never able to satisfy you completely whether that be protecting the universe or as a student?” Oboro turned around and faced him, a small smile he plastered on Oboro’s own face. He was shaking. Tears still glistened from his one eye. “Did you care for me in all those three centuries, Sensei? Even just once... even in the slightest..just...once?”

Utsuro finally made an emotion again. He sincerely frown. Oboro looked up with his sappy eyes and was surprised to see this. But still felt hatred for Utsuro’s actions. Hatred that his long time teacher he had known almost his entire existence was still giving him the cold shoulder once again in his long life.

“Oboro. As I said before I am not your Sensei. I am not even close to being him because I’m your own personal view of the man through the years. All these expressions and actions I do are what you think your teacher would make at a time like this.” Utsuro concluded. “I am your subconscious. I am you. The real Sensei Utsuro is dead.” He pointed to the empty shell that Oboro felt he was now.

Oboro’s head hung low, his heart felt like it dropped hundreds of feet again. He dropped to his knees, his hands eventually dropping in the empty white room's floor as well. The man just wanted this dream- No. Horrible nightmare to finally be over with.

"Why.. why am I still dreaming then? Why am I continuously putting my own self through this array of mental torture?" He clinched his teeth and the ground.

“However Oboro. I can say with your complex knownledge of your teacher stored within yourself that you already know the answers to all those questions deep inside you. You had it when you called him... me.. Shouyou earlier.” The teacher added. “You have never called me that until now.” 


Oboro put his head up. He looked shocked as he didn’t even realize he let that name slip out.

"Sensei..?" He saw his teacher's appearance had been altered to what he looked like during his most happiness time in life. His school days. Oboro got up slowly and stood face to face with his soft looking teacher.

Sensei Shouyou slowly walked up and then put his hands on Oboro’s soft face, rubbing it slowly with his thumbs. Oboro looked up with his blood shot from previously crying eye. First at Shouyou's hands and then his face. He saw his teacher's soft green eyes and his actual sincere smile. 

“You always have and always will make me proud no matter what happens. Even now that I have passed. Whether that be a hot summer’s afternoon underneath a cool shading willow tree at the school and learning lessons as Shouyou or Utsuro taking over my personality completely and destroying my judgement of controlling the universe and stranding my relationship with the same loving individuals I would have put my entire life spand on the line on to protect previously. You were through it all. Hell and back. And with all my heart I want you to know I’ll always be so proud of you my little Obo. I was waiting for you to eventually tell me off. For you to let out your emotions that I couldn't possibly show myself as I concealed the emptiness and sadness inside of me for a long time." Shouyou said.

"S-sensei..." Oboro's eyes watered again.

"Go ahead now, fall in love with someone, care for the people around you, smile, laugh. Enjoy yourself for once. Move on but don't forget how far you've come, Oboro. But most importantly, live on your life. That's all I want from you now my first student. That burden of me is finally lifted, as I hope it would have been with my eventual demise.” Shouyou finished.

“Y-y-you’re... not a burden... S-S-Sensei...”

Oboro let happy tears roll down his cheek and gave out a smile.  But it faded as he was now grinding his teeth. He grabbed onto his teacher’s abdomen for a hug as he started loudly bawling. He nuzzled in Shouyou’s chest tightly, not wanting the hug to ever end. Shouyou held him tightly back, rubbing his head lovingly. After several moments and thoughts, the sniffling student looked up and realized he was now hugging a copy of himself instead.

“You did good Oboro.” His other self told him.

As a bright white light took over them, signaling the dream was ending.

“MCCARTNEY IS OVERRATED!” He hyperventilated. “Wait.. where am I?” He got to his feet, Poe flew onto his shoulder in concern for him. He looked up, he was in a ship of sorts and the Jouis were surrounding him where he laid on the floor. "I thought you jerks left me there on that green oozing planet." He got up and dusted himself off.

"Turns out uh... Yakumusa..had an extra ticket under his extra chin! Ahahaha!" Tatsuma said.

"Come on, my name's Pakuyasa! We already established this in two chapters now." The poor man said, chugging another plate of that planet's weird green goo from the contest. The Jouis and Oboro nearly threw up in their mouths at the sight of this. Well at least Tatsuma did.

"You were asleep so we kind of dragged you and your pet on board." Skele shrugged his boney shoulders.

"An extra ticket yeah... how lucky for us.." Gintoki said.

"We didn't drag him aboard you idiots. He probably just stowed away because he can't handle not having screen time for two minutes." Shinsuigi commented.

"Wait. Kiheitai.. you and Rampaging Noble look ridiculous!" Oboro and Poe hysterically laughed. Katsuo was visually tearing up. 



Shinuigi threw a mushroom at the jizz head's head, causing him to fall over, his head bleeding. Poe was flying over him frantically and cawing out.

"I spent five days on these costumes for this one visual gag.... Lasagna cat." Katsuo said with tears streaming down his face. Shinuigi held his brother/husband tight.

Oboro got back up, dusting himself off and furious but then remembered the powerful dream he had a few minutes ago. He started slowly and looked at the rest of the Jouis.

"This might be all of sudden everyone but I've had a lot to think about lately.. What do you guys think of Sensei after everything said and done?" He found himself speaking out. The Jouis faces darkened, even Sakamoto's at these words. Pakuyasa walked away awkwardly to steer the ship. They've all been going, going, going to avoid not reflecting at what had happened only roughly a month ago. 

"I.. I don't know how I feel." Skele admitted. "I feel like he was sincere up until the point he transformed into that other man but I.. still don't know...Is that okay?"

The others looked with mixed expressions themselves. Each different to their own viewpoints. Shinuigi and Katsuo temporally took off their silly hats.

"Of course... it's okay Skele. Of course it's fucking okay. After every single thing he put you of all people through... How that bastard almost made me turn my back on you guys..."  Shinsuke's fists tightened and he stood up. Everyone flipped their attention to him." As for me, Oboro. Now that you asked and I had to think about that man, I don't want to ever think of any side of his personalities again." He sat down, Katsura softly rubbed his back next to him.

"Sweet heart.." Katsura could simply say. He put his hand over his heart. Katsura could understand his husband's disstain for Utsuro, but Shouyou was different. But he also understood the Utsuro side of their teacher had killed Skele. But if Utsuro had seek out to kill Shinsuke personally like Utsuro tried to kill him.. Katsura wouldn't know how to react either. But it was still hard for the long haired man to completely hold a grudge against the kind, sincere man who raised them all up. 

"It's a lot to ponder over. That's for sure. The man who rose you all up... Including you, Oboro." Sakamoto adjusted his sunglasses, looked over at him. Oboro had a genuine innocent look on him. "To think he had done this all for this long. Hundreds of years. How much he lied to his students, the people who got him the most. And yet you're all still questioning this because you find something else in him maybe, right?"

They were silent. Skele spoke up this time again.

"He was an emotionally sad man. That's all I know. That's what I knew before he.. well.. did that to me. And that's really all that matters, that we know his true motive. His sorrow. Isn't it?" He asked.

The rest of them sat in silence for some moments again.

"Oi. That's all you knuckleheads got out of it? That man wanted to die. And I say as his students we finally finished his last request out of a pitiful old man." Gintoki said.

"Gintoki..." Katsura and Skele said slowly. Shinsuke's eyebrows furrowed, he stood up.

"We're not students of Utsuro, Gintoki. We never were and I rather split this scene then have to hear more of this." Shinsuke went to leave but his husband clung onto his arm with sorrowful eyes. But more importantly Shinsuke stopped his attempt to leave because Gintoki spoke out again.

"The man who specifically asked that Skele be resurrected. The man who wanted was so proud for his students to finish him off. Now that doesn't sound too evil of a man who wiped us out countless of times previously, does it? Was it really that ghost at the end of his life or maybe someone we're all familiar with from a long time ago?" Gintoki finished. The guys all sat there stunned. The man who represented their teacher the most. Gintoki.

Oboro started thinking about everything again, everything said in his dream, things at that conversation the Jouis had, he hasn't said yet to other people.


"You didn't have to tell me your name back then Mukuro. For I've known it for twenty-three worlds now.


And even moreso I’ve gotten the privilege to know Imai Nobume.”


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Sneak peek?

Crushing: "*spits* I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO CONTRIBUTE! But I'll understand if reasons."


OMJ: And here he is, the man of the hour, and no, he is not being repackaged to be Lio Rush-

Crushing: Cut the music, please! 

Crushing's voice echoed throughout the Deathmatch Arena, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Crushing: Cut THAT music. Now, I would like for you to play the right music. Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Ute Uncle Barry said:

Sneak peek?


  Hide contents


Crushing: "*spits* I SPIT IN THE FACE OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO CONTRIBUTE! But I'll understand if reasons."


OMJ: And here he is, the man of the hour, and no, he is not being repackaged to be Lio Rush-

Crushing: Cut the music, please! 

Crushing's voice echoed throughout the Deathmatch Arena, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Crushing: Cut THAT music. Now, I would like for you to play the right music. Thank you.

I'm excited to say where the Good Guy goes from here

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5 hours ago, Ute Uncle Barry said:

Fave parts?

The how are you emotionally, always cracks me up.  Swag being this unstoppable force made it an interesting match up.  Crushing going full NEUTRAL.  That's scary stuff.

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5 hours ago, Katsura♡🐾 said:

how does zura even deal with shinsuke's superior complex? tumblr_nf7qsc0A6Y1qi19ano3_250.png



Good question, I think Zura tries to subtly bring Shinsuke down to Earth and make sure he doesn't get to big of a head.  Zura probably also doesn't bend down to talk to him. (Sometimes)

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