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“Goodnight Skele!” Zurako said waving goodbye to the companion the two hadn’t seen in nearly two decades.

“I can’t believe he’s finally back into our lives.. After all these years.” Shinsuke was starting to form tears.

“I’m glad you’re showing more of your emotional too lately, Shinsuke.” Zurako smiled and he couldn’t believe it either.

“Well, I’m gonna go bed now, night Zura.” He sat up from his dining chair in the Kiheitai dining rooom.

“Wait, do you want to take a bath? Or maybe chill as comrads on a moonlit beach alone?” Zurako asked.

“While that all sounds lovely, friend. I don’t know if I can...” Takasugi sighed out.

“Why not?” She asked.

“No it’s just.. Katsura. People have been talking. And well.. I was thinking too.. I do enjoy having fun activites with you but maybe we get a little too intimate for just friends?” He wondered.

“You’re right. No more of that stuff. If it’s keeping people talking. For now on we are strictly comrads once again!” Zurako proclaimed.

“Glad.” He smiled.

“Good.” She added.

“Dandy.” He said.

Takasugi woke with the bomb shaped alarm blaring. He pounded it, causing it to explode in a big mess. 

“Oh shit, that might have been the real bomb deal.” He examined the remains of his clock. 

“Well, time to wake up Zura.” 

He slugged out of bed and turned to Katsura’s bed, which was still folded up nicely as if it hadn’t been used that night. “That’s odd..” He scratched his head and glanced down for a second... “MY TWIN TOWERS.” 

He reached for a blanket in his bed to cover himself up but felt a squishy back. “W-what.. ZURAAAAAAAAA?!” He exhaled. Zura...” He looked over to his sleeping companion again. “Did we really..” 

“Why do I have a headache? I could have sworn I told Lizzy not to mix my milkshakes and sodas together, the sugar overwhelms my senses.” Zurako turned around to see Takasugi head a few inches away. “Hey comrad, you have a bad nightmare and decided to bunk with me?” 

“Katsura. Do you even know what the hell is going on?” He said seriously.

“Of course I do, I always do.” Straight faced Zurako looked down at herself and then at Takasugi.

Shinsuke sighed.

“Katsura.. I’m sorry. I gave you that whole speech about us getting too friendly when here we are in my bed.” He shook his head in embarrassment. 

“Takasugi. I remembered that kiss you gave me as a kid, so it wouldn’t be the first time you got too friendly.” Zurako said with her back turned to him. He was shocked that she even recalled that event so long ago.

“Well... Now what do we do?” Takasugi asked, sitting up in bed.

“Start a relationship?” Zurako whispered turning around to him with a slight smile.

“Y-yeah.” Takasugi’s face turned as red as that day as a kid. “I mean, I don’t think after doing something like this it can still be considered friendly.” He slight chuckled and soon after Katsura joined in.

“I think.. I really really like you Shinsuke. And not in a really really like Santa Claus the first movie kind of way. I know we weren’t that much of friends as children but we’re so much closer than friends now, I believe.” She said putting a hand on his face.

Shinsuke chuckled “I really really like you too, Zura and not in a liking to bomb a city kind of way.”


“Yeah?” He asked smiling.

“Your bomb stem is all the way up, buddy.”

Zurako looked suprised after a long day of dodging Shinsengumi with her new arm candy, for he had just popped the question.

“M-marriage..? Already but-“

“KAATTRSSSURRRAAAA! TAKASUUGGIIIII!” Sougo yelled as a bazooka missle went off behind them. They rushed under a bridge to escape the chaos.

“Zura. Well it appears I have to make this rather short considering the circumstances we’re currently in. The entire time we started hanging out together again I have felt happier more than ever before in my life. Since we were still with Sensei. Who knows how much time we’ll have left as alive convicts. I rather spend the rest of it as married convicts at least. I love you with my whole heart.” He held her hands and smiled. 

Another boom, Hijikata could be heard giving out orders to his men to find them. Gorilla getting trampled on by his own men.

“But Sensei’s alive again, Shinny Boo.” She added.


“Zura janai, Zurako da. Well.. I have been living at your ship for a month.. and it’s still easy to visit earth for work.. And you do make me also happier than ever before, I do love you very much. But maybe I should flip a coin...”


“Zura janai, Zurako da. I was gonna propose to you too tonight, Shinny.” She pulled out a candy ring. Shinsuke happily put it on as Zurako put on her expensive new ring too. “Of course I’d say YES!” She jumped into his arms, the midget nearly falling over.

“Guess we’ll finally get to blow up stuff together.” He smiled.

“Modestly blow up stuff.” Zurako said sternly.

“Fine. Only for my little soba noodle.” He said and Zurako smiled big. 

“KATSURA! TAKASUGI!” Sougo slid under the bridge.

“Oi, there they are!” The other men said.

“GO GO GO! HO! HO! HO!” Zurako said in a noble laugh as she rid on her finacee’s shoulders and they joined up with their other radical members/Elizabeth to escape the hands of death.


Zorako was flashing back to these happy precious memories as she stared at the window of the emergency room her finacee and the so very happy man who helped them get together, Steve.

“Shinsuke...” Bonsai choked out, Matako gave away to tears as Takechi shed a few himself.

“SNAP OUT OF IT SHINSUKE AND LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!” Kamui kept slapping the man hard and hovering over hospital bed. “WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO YOUR BEST MAN’S SINGING PERFORMANCE, HA!”

“HEY stop! The dude’s already badly hurt, Kamui!” Saitama yelled out. He left the room to not witness it anymore.

 Abuto and No Man were leaning by the hospital room door. No Man could be seen with tears down his cheeks but played it cool with wearing his sunglasses.

”Sorry about that, that’s kind of how our Chief copes with stuff.” Abuto added.

”That would imply he has some kind of human empathy after all.” Saitama softly chuckled as did the other two.

Friends of Steve and Takasugi were sitting in the waiting room, only a few could go in at a time. Kamui came out, clinching his fists.

”Get me a large... double... slurpee, Old Man.. No Dick.. Ha.” Chief smiled. Abuto and No Man gave each other confused looks.

“Oi, so how bad is this looking.” Gintoki was talking to the Shinsengumi right outside the window to the patient’s room.

“Depends, after the whole Joe blow out and this whole marrige charade we’re gonna have to look for weeks into this case. Who knows what criminal charges they might all face even if Shinsuke makes it out alive. Hijikata explained, he tried his hardest to keep it in for Steve’s sake. He so wanted to break down though.

”Oi! It wasn’t a charade! Zura was really in love!” Kagura angrily defended as Zurako continued to stare into where Takasugi laid.

”Leader-san!” Katsura’s terrorist squad bowed down at her feet. “Kats- I mean Zurako-san won’t talk to us anymore.”

 “So we figured out it had something to do with Shinsuke-san!” Another said.

”Oi, it took you dunderheads that long to figure that out? And you call yourselves professionals at this kind of stuff.” Gintoki walked up to the scene. The joui members left, tails between their legs and missing their long haired leader.

”Yorozuya..” Ozu said as him and Umibozu walked onto the scene. “We’re so sorry about your friends.” 

“As if Takasugi is my friend or I know that preschool host personally.” Gintoki and the dads walked and looked into the window of the patients.

“Care for some company?” Umibozu asked Zurako but she remained silent.

”But dad, Zurako-chan’s husband...” Shinji was being wheeled away by a familiar man close by the trio and Zura.

”Wheel is on at 7 and Kraft Dinner is on at 8, and don’t think I’ll miss any one of them, young Child.” The man said. 

“H-H-HASEGAWAAAAAAAA” The trio yelled and grabbed hold of him, giving him a big dad hug.

”Fucking jeez man..” Gendo sighed out, leaving Shinji room to wheel away to Zurako. “Just leave me alone! I tried my best to escape this fanfiction this time. I got tickets to board Chile and this is what I get?!” 

“What you get is a role in the Dad Touch Quad.” Umibozu added pulling out a certified t-shirt with that name while still hugging him. 

“Oh jesus...” Gendo sighed out.

”Z-Zurako..?” Shinji said to the beautiful geisha like appearing person. She wouldn’t answer but turned to the kid with a single tear running on her cheek. This action made Shinji go in for the hug around her waist and he cried intensely. Abuto knew this sound from anywhere and departed from his group in the other corner of the room. 

”Hey.. hey.. It’s okay baby bunny..” Ossan tried to comfort him. He went in to hug Abuto next. 

 A while uniform man walked up to the room, standing next to the Shinsengumi members with his own crew.

”Sigh. Well it’s really no surprise the Shinsengumi weren’t able to keep this under control. First the Billy accident, then the Joe accident, then whatever that worm was and now back to ol’ Joe.”

”Mimawarigumi!” Some Shinsengumi members said, Kondo and Hijikata were surprised too, but not in a good way.

Isaburo tossed Gintoki a brand new phone. “Please don’t lose this again, email buddy.”

”’Zuya, you know this joker?” Ozu leaned into him.

”Yeah, unfortunately he seems to have a tab on me whenever I hang out with these rip-offs.” The perm man referenced towards the Shinsengumi and tossed the phone to confused Baldy and Gendo.

”H-hey! THEIR costumes were based off on ours!” Kondo defended. 

“Were you guys-“ Hijikata started.

”Spying? Of course. But we only attended this wedding to capture the killer Joe, from his recent signature paw attacks on TV. With an event of all the people he despises, including his big brother it was bound to happen with sibling issues.” Isaburo explained looking rather bored. 

“You’re the one to talk..” Sasaki Isaburo thought to himself as he stood behind his superior officers with the rest.

”Well beat it anyway, we have it all under control. Joe is locked up for good. Sougo just drove him to a state penitentiary.” Hijikata took a puff.

“What a coincidence, I have it all under control too.” 

“Huh?” Sougo asked while he was driving the prison truck he saw a flash of blue hair and red eyes. 

“Anyway, after that whole Sky News 9 Amanto launched onto the Shogun, I’m surprised you country bumpkins are even allowed to show your faces anymore.” Isaburo added. 

“We have been taking care of these issues all along, when where have you damn elites even been?” Hijikata clinched his teeth.

“Waiting for our official debut in this fanfiction.” Isaburo smirked. “Even if you guys were given the right to this mission, I’m surprised you let those terrorists go scott free.” 

The screen zoomed into Zura, still silently watching Shinsuke from the glass window, her back turned against the action of the police men.

“Believe me they’ll have hell to pay when this is all over. But this isn’t even your turf to worry anyways. Now leave before you waste anymore lines on this chapter.” Hijikata said looking unthreatened. Isaburo shrugged and started walking away with the rest of his members.

“No Demon Vice-Chief. I’m not worried about what they did possibly in the past. Or if they even did set up this whole thing as a Kiheitai and Jouishishi alliance trick.” Isaburo said but suddenly Zurako pushed him against the wall hard, to the rest’s surprise.

“Zurako-chan!” Kagura called out.

Isaburo didn’t care that much though.

“THIS WASN’T A TRICK! WE WERE REALLY GETTING MARRIED.” She shouted, grabbing his elite shirt in her hands. “I WOULDN’T BE KNEE DEEP IN PAIN IF WE WEREN’T!”

”Katsura-san, how are we suppose to trust someone who’s been running away from the law more times than he could count?” Kondo said.

Zurako made frustrated noises and clinched her hands in her hair and forehead. “You don’t understand how in love I am with him... no one does.”

“Well, even so. I guess we’ll have to be updated on this later.” Isaburo walked away with his men close behind but stopped for a brief second. “Chief Kondo. Demon Vice Chief. Just remember they are a target for Joe. Especially that lovely lady over right next to you. You think he won’t come back for her? Think again. You need to remember who’s life is more important and if it’s really needed to sacrifice everyone’s life for the sake of two lives.” He walked out of the hospital. 

“T-Toshi...” A weak voice said from the hospital bed next to Shinsuke’s.

“STEVE!” Hijikata whipped over to his bedside.

“Zurako’s telling the truth... after all... I did help get these crazy two terrorist kids together long ago...” Steve smiled.

“S-S-Steve....” He started to bawl out. “I can’t let another childhood friend of mine go.. I can’t...”

“You don’t have to. Wait for me Toshi. Wait for me.... in another world..” 

“W-what do you mean...?” Hijikata looked with wise open, watery eyes.

Steve then handed him his handy dandy notepad with a clue picturr of his thinking chair. “It’ll be more fun this way to figure it out yourself..” He grinned, Hijikata marveled at it. “Just promise me one thing Toshi.. if you figure out my clues and get there. It might break Shinsuke and Zurako’s hearts, so don’t them about-

“About us being in a Gintama magazine?” Shinsuke managed to utter out in his oxygen mask.

“Shinsuke-san!” Shinpachi said.

“Shinsuke...” Zurako looked with wide eyed at the window and rushed to his side. A few other main Gintama characters joined around.

“I saw your stupid little brother have something like that in his pants pocket, Steve.” Takasugi continued.

“Steve, I don’t care if we’re just a copy of the characters from your magazine and not the original characters.” Shinsuke winced in pain a little and Zurako held his hand.

“N-not the original characters...?” Hijikata pondered out loud. The others sat in silence themselves, unsure what to make of this new found evidence.

”I f-feel real...” Kiyoko hugged onto Ozu and her kids.

”No wonder, there’s no way I’d make it with the real Chief and Ossan. These guys here, they’re even crazier though.” No Man smiled with watery eyes to his first and second in command. They joined him in a side hug.

“I don’t even care if the rest of the copies of Gintama magazines didn’t have us winded up as a couple. She’s the only Zurako I need in this here comic book. The only Zurako, Zura or Katsura Kotarou I would blow up any world for.” Shinsuke coughed in his oxygen mask.

“S-S-Shinny....” She begun to spout out even more tears and whimper as Shinsuke wiped them with a shaking feeble hand. She held onto his candy ring hand with her diamond ring hand.


“Wow..You figured out the most important clue, Shinsuke. That’s what I always liked about you, you were good at finding clues and baby Blue.” Steve smiled and then turned back to the sobbing Vice Chief.

“S-S-Steve....” Vice Chief started to bawl out. “I can’t let another childhood friend of mine go.. I can’t... I’ve lost too much already..”

“You don’t have to. Wait for me Toshi. Wait for me.... in another world..” Steve handed him his handy dandy notepad with a clue of his thinking chair. “It’ll be more fun this way to figure it out yourself..” He grinned one last time before flatlining. Shinsuke couldn’t hold much either and passed out again.

“STEEEEVEEEEE!” Hijikata screamed out as the others were filled with tears.

“N-no....” Zurako looked in absolute fear and ran out the door.

”Zurako!” Sobby Guano called out. 

“Eh, where are you going?!” Abuto asked.

“Oi Zura!” Gintoki reached his hand out but she already slammed open the exit doors and left.

“Katsura....” Skele shook his head.

“Skele Bonestein? Can I talk to you for a moment alone?” The doctor asked, walking into the room.

“Oh sure.. yeah.” Skele went in the other room with him.


“That’s odd...” Sougo continued to stare st the raining, dark road ahead of him. He reached out for the last Krispy Kreme but it vanished. 

Nobume was in the passenger seat chewing it up like a ravaged animal. 

“Oi, this isn’t no hitchhiking trip.” Sougo tried pushing he out the door and out of the car but she held up a sword to his neck.

“That’s funny, I thought you were my Uber driver. Can you take me back home?” She asked referring to the Mimawarigumi headquarters. 

”Sorry, but my other client already set in another destination!”

In a second Sougo tied up the stirring wheel so it wouldn’t move much. He kicked Nobume in the stomach, causing her to drop the sword. She managed to grab it before it flew out the window and aimed to stab it at Sougo, but he moved out of the way and it pierced the stirring wheel’s horn. It made the car permantely beep loudly. 

“Great, as if I wasn’t already annoyed enough.” Sougo said. 

Nobume went for another blow but Sougo pulled out his sword from under the driver’s seat. The two clashed their swords together, they stayed in that position for several seconds.

“Look at us, disobeying our own rules by not watching the road.” Sougo jerked the wheel with his elbow and it swerved to the side of the freeway, getting pretty hard bumped by two incoming fast cars in the process. The inside of front two seats shattered but Nobume managed to escape at the last second. 

“It was getting pretty stuffy in there anyways, especially with a new rotting corpse in there.” She repostioned herself on the top of the truck, licking donut icing off her mouth. Seconds later and a katana blade had pierced through the roof of the truck. Almost stabbing Nobume’s foot. It opened more and the First Officer jumped out, covered in blood and glass.

“Get a napkin for that,  you disgusting womanchild!” Sougo yelled. 

The two kept meeting each other’s slices and hits. Sougo didn’t know how long the truck could keep on auto pilot before it would crash the both of them into the oncoming rush hour traffic. 

“Oi. Don’t you have anything better to hassle the Uber driver and cause a nationwide car accident for every person on this freeway right now?” Sougo went with another jab but she blocked it perfectly.

”Sorry but my mission is clear. Bring the Joe back.” She said.

”You won’t in one piece!” Sougo opened the back of the truck but it was empty. “What the...”

”No, Joe isn’t here. First Officer. I lied. That would be the job of Isaburo-san.” She explained. “My job was to finish you off so you wouldn’t find out and tell the rest of the Shinsengumi.” 

”Well it seems like that’s gonna be harder to do then get that other guy.” He laughed a little as they kept fighting.

Meanwhile Joe was locked up in a Mimawarigumi truck, under maximum surveillance. 

“Oh boy. First I take on some yato, now I get to take on the government’s authority pawns?” He smiled.

“Watch it buddy, without that cyborg arm of yours you can’t do squat.” One of the sercuity members said. 

“Oh boy! You really didn’t watch our show while it was still on the air, did you? Do you know what clue I’m thinking of Mr. Guard Man sir?” Joe asked.

”Look buddy, don’t start up this shit with me now.” The man replied. 

“It’s too bad that DAMN audience won’t come along for the fun of the mystery!” Tied up Joe managed to throw the man down with his legs alone. “Hmm. Let’s see if you can help me Mr. Sercuity Guy! Where’s the pawprint?” 

“What the fuck are you talking about..” He asked.

”Wrong answer! Blue ska-dooed we can too!” Joe launched the man out of the speeding truck, he fell, bopping to the pavement several times before another car ran over his bloody body. 

“Who’s next?” Joe smiled. “I need someone to help with my first clue! Gosh diggety darnit!! Oops sorry for the language, hehe!” 


“So you’re not helping me after all” Joe pouted and ska’dooed the rest of the guys out of there. 

“Wilfooooooord!” Joe called out. “Aw man, my buddy must have forgotten I was done with my nap by now!” 

Several seconds later Wilford ska-dooed into the truck. 

“Sorry, had to prick my finger for an hourly diabeetus test.” He said. 

“Haha you and your glucose levels. Say buddy, thanks. I was really tired out there from the wedding assassination! Do you know where my arm is? I’m starting to look like that Abuto guy without it!” Joe said.

”They must have kept it in a safe place, Joe.” Wilford told him as he untied the rest of his body. They skadooed out of there and took out the rest of the Mimawarigumi police cars out in one swipe by ska’dooing them outside. Joe pushed the bodies out of one of the cars and him and Wilford got inside.

”Aw man.. I’m stuck..” Wilford said. 

“Oh boy! We’re finally gonna set out some clues, Willy ol’ pal.” Joe chuckled covered in the blood of the officers. He rested his one arm onto the man. 

“About your cyborg arm?” He asked as Joe adjusted the mirror.

”Well yes, but we still have this purge to think of. While we could just burn this Gintama magazine and Kappa Mikey DVD and the other ones, it wouldn’t be as slow and painful to watch...Ol’ Willy pal!” Joe politely turned his blinker on as he got off the exit. 

”Got any ideas? Wilford was absolutely stuck at this point, he wasn’t even sure skadooing would get him loose.

”Honestly I’m just winging it for the most part. But I do know something Wil-pal. The main character of this story may have been taken out, but there’s still that blushing bride of his as other main character. Shame. It would be EASY to kill her off but those damn writers have to plot armor everything. But I’ll try!” 

”Another assassination plan in the works? Now Joe, with all this killing, how are we gonna avenge Her-“ Wilford couldn’t believe he mentioned Blue, he feared the worse from his companion.

But Joe just smiled and chuckled. “Wait... Steve presence in this world... my 4th wall senses can feel him finally not in our presence anymore... but possibly a different world... NO NO NO.!!!!!

Suddenly he remembered it was raining outside. He remembered how much his big brother loved singing about stormy weather like this and chuckled, imagining it as police sirens behind him went off. He went off to take care of more of these pesky police men. Wilford was still stuck and sighed, he could only turn on the radio and listen.

Zurako bowed down at the grave in front of her, a tray of plum onigiri rice balls on it. The sky was a bright orange, birds chriping around her.

“Hello Grandma.. It’s been a while hasn’t it?” She felt the sensation of tears streaming down her cheek. “I-I needed your help... with two friends of  mine... you might have liked the latter especially.. One helped out me meeting the man of my dreams and was a great detective... The other one is your grandson-in-law...is...was.. my hu-“


Zurako shakingly held up a wedding photo and started to absolutely ball out.


“Oi haven’t you visited your Granny’s grave enough, you air head?”


“Plus we don’t need any m-more rice balls. After l-l-last week’s accident between us.”


“Y-Y won’t mention that event to Gin or Sensei right Katsura-kun? or I-I’ll bop you.”

“S-Shinny Boo....” 


She snapped out of her hallucinate state and turned around to see him but.. 

“Don’t worry, he never did tell me about that kiss. No matter how flustered your faces probably were back then.” The friendly long haired man chuckled. “Want a Not What He Seems cookie, Katsura-kun?”


“Oi, oi Zura so this is where you ran off to. Look at you and your drag queen makeup all running. Man and here I am running myself tohelp my two grimey joui pals who want to bang each other.. Yachatta naa.. what has my life come to.”


“Gintoki.... Everyone...”

No Man pulled out a fresh clean tissue. 

“You know I can’t stand to see a lady cry, especially on her wedding day.”


Gintoki added and handed her the kleenex.

“Zurako-chan!” Kagura hugged her tightly as Elizabeth joined in the embrace too. The bird gave Zura a peck kiss on the top of her head.

“Katsura-san... You don’t have feel all alone. We are all here to carry burden and pain.” Shinpachi said and the others nodded.

“Yeah, you think I’ll just walk out of here without my nurse in case I get pregnant.” Kiyoko chuckled.

“W-wait really..” Ozu whispered but she shook her head no and shushed him. 

“What would I do without Shinsuke’s new crossdressing husband? I have an ENCYCLOPEDIA of jokes planned out for you two bomb crazy lovebirds.” Kamui smiled, folded his arms and nodded. He then leaned near her. “Plus, you really gonna let that fat blonde rat steal your man, Zura?”

“I’M RIGHT HERE YOU FUCKIN’ REDHEADED TWERP! ....Ahem. Zurako-sa...” Matako sighed out. “Zurako-sama.. I know I don’t exactly like you. I down right HATE you for the way Shinsuke-Sama looks at you every day but.. I don’t want to see him upset either.”

”You all mean it? Even those cold hearted vultures who ripped off my straight faced character personality?” Zurako pointed to Kyuubei and Tsukyo. 

“Yes..” They rolled their eyes but smiled.

”See Zurako-chan? We’re all here for you.” Otae smiled.

Hijikata sighed out with his cigarette in his mouth. “I never thought I be saying this either.. Katsura-san, your husband Takasugi is doing all fine. He’s recovering from his surgery right now.”

“He’s alright?!” She shot up.” But surgery...? Wait. Where’s...?” Zurako looked all around for her 5th Joui buddy but didn’t see him.

They all stared at her sobberly. Kagura and Elizabeth continued to hug her and upset Sensei put his hand on her shoulder. Then Sakamoto got down on one knee and put a hand on her other shoulder gently.

“Mr. Takasugi’s spine was injured badly.” He started to tear up himself. “So Skele offered his own spine in exchange for your new marriage to go on.”

”Here, Katsura.” Sensei handed her the letter he made. Gintoki gave away to tears himself.

”Dear friends,

I know my stay here was short and unexpected. For years I had dream of seeing my Joui buddies once again. What I got in return was that plus anything more I could want extra. Every one of you, every one was special and unique in my heart and I really mean it. For the first time in several years you all made this bag of bones feel like he’s alive again.

Thank you especially Gintoki for teaching me the soul of a samuari can be within you no matter what life throws at you. You can still protect the ones you love despite the whole world turning on you. I always appreciated and looked up to your loyalty.

Thank you Sakamoto for teaching me how to laugh, even in the most bleakest of all times. You stayed on the path of goodness and optimism and look what it brought you, blooming flowers of all beautiful shapes, colors and sizes. Just like you. Keep smiling my friend.

Sensei, thank you for everything, I mean everything. You raised me up from a single rib bone to the man I became today. You installed in me the reason to even want to live, you cured my loneliness and gave me self worth more than I could ever have imagined if ever done by myself. I am so happy I got to see your face a few times more.

Katsura and Takasugi. I’ll write you both because well, you’re one with each other now! I love you two, I know you went down a different path than our other buddies but I see you now, laughing, having fun, smiling and maybe sharing a kiss or two. Don’t worry, I want you guys to have the most beautiful life together as possible. You two deserve it. 

Everyone out there, I hope your friendships here continue to grow as beautiful as I had last seen them. Full of laughter, nicknames, close friends and new friends. You’re all the strongest bunch I’ve ever seen. Maybe some how, some day I’ll get to see each and every one of those smiling faces of yours again. 


Skele Bonestein”

“N-NO....” Zurako put her sobbing face to her palms and grind her teeth. “NOOOOO!!”

Sakamoto held her tightly as the others joined in for the embrace.


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So if you were to ask your long haired crossdressing husband.. hypothetically of course! about adopting kids one day, what would you say to him?mqdefault.jpg

Just asking for an old chum, Haha.

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40 minutes ago, Katsura♡ said:

So if you were to ask your long haired crossdressing husband.. hypothetically of course! about adopting kids one day, what would you say to him?mqdefault.jpg

Just asking for an old chum, Haha.

haha, we will see, old chum 

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2 minutes ago, Katsura♡ said:

Leader's Brother-dono wanted an all access pass to the fridge, I told him yes and for some reason he cleaned it all out for us. How nice of that child? 

it happens, I tend to understock when I know he is on the ship.  Bansai is running groceries right now.

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10 hours ago, Katsura♡ said:

 Nurse Zurako recommends a house call for a full body examination in your quarters.


No need to thank me comrade, just doing my job?

I'll be sure to call you over for a check up haha

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"She’s the only Zurako I need in this here comic book. The only Zurako, Zura or Katsura Kotarou I would blow up any world for.”



cheesy but i just needed them in their wedding outfits

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15 minutes ago, Katsura♡ said:

"She’s the only Zurako I need in this here comic book. The only Zurako, Zura or Katsura Kotarou I would blow up any world for.”



cheesy but i just needed them in their wedding outfits

good, this is lovely

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