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Here's a rerun of an episode from SpingeBill's Adventure


Episode 7: The Splaat Phone

"Spaat goes to Bikini Bottom to gives SpongeBob and Patrick a splaat phone"


Splaat: it's time to teleport to Bikini Bottom

(Splaat teleports to Bikini Botton)

Splaat: I'm in Bikini Bottom


Splaat: have you seen a yellow sponge 

Fred: he's at conch street DONT HURT ME

Splaat: thanks for your help GOODBYE


(Splaat goes to Conch Street)


Patrick: don't eat us

Splaat: calm down SpongeBob I won't hurt you I'm here to give you and your friend this

SpongeBob&Patrick: what's this

Splaat: it's a Splaat phone call me when there's trouble

SpongeBob: thanks splaat

Patrick: yeah thank you mr monster

Splaat: no problem

(Splaat Teleports)

SpongeBob: Patrick maybe that creature wasn't so scary after all

(Splaat Teleports Back to Conch Street)


SpongeBob&Patrick: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Splaat: oh sorry about that goodbye

(Splaat Teleports)

And so Splaat gives SpongeBob and Patrick splaat phones and a big scare 

The End



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Get ready people, because everything BEFORE this episode will seem like CHILD'S play once you're through reading THIS mind shock of an episode! Prepare to be blown away! / Sniz is in the cockpit and says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, the three teams were no more! The 20 remaining contestants were now disbanded, and forced to fend for themselves. Their test started in the jungles of the Congo, and they had to fight a MONSTER of a beast! The hideously decayed creature known as Anti-Timmy! UGH!!!! He looks like death warmed over twice! That would be death warmed over...warmed over! Captain Retro and Marlene took the initiative, and put the psychotic little fiend out of his misery. By doing so, they also won immunity. Tigress, on the other hand, decided that Taotie had loused up the game for long enough, and bravely sacrificed her own game, in order to get Taotie out of the picture. Now we are down to 18 contestants, and if you thought what we had before was exciting, than you haven't seen ANYTHING yet, because we have got a challenge up our sleeves, that will blow everything else we've done so far, COMPLETELY out of the water! Prepare for the most SHOCKING episode of this show YET; an episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / “Torture, a State of Shock!” /

In the V.I.P. Lounge, Marlene is celebrating her good fortune. Marlene says: “I am STILL on the top of my game! And the best part is, both Taotie AND Tigress are gone! First place is as GOOD as mine!” Captain Retro says: “True, this is a VERY good turn of events for everyone. We got rid of Taotie, so my main objective is over. Now I don't need to worry about any bad guys to fight anymore.” Marlene asks: “What about Zarbon? You don't REALLY think that he's a good guy, do you?” Captain Retro says: “Not entirely, but I wouldn't worry about HIM winning, anyways.” Marlene asks: “How can you NOT worry about him?” Captain Retro says: “Well, for one thing, at this point, the biggest competition for anyone to face around here, is Bulma!” Marlene scoffs and says: “Bulma?! Don't be silly! She is SUCH a joke compared to me!” Captain Retro says: “Well tell me THIS then, if she's such a joke, how has she been able to survive elimination ceremonies right and left, getting RID of contestants FAR more athletically skilled than her, not to mention getting rid of such contestants as Keswick and Blonda? They were NOT exactly mental pushovers if you know what I mean!” Marlene says: “Still, there's no REASON to think that I won't win, right?” Captain Retro says: “Marlene, I am NOT going to tell you who's going to win this whole thing.” Marlene asks: “Why ever not?” Captain Retro says: “Because I honestly STILL don't know, and even IF I did, I wouldn't tell you!” Marlene asks: “Why couldn't you?” Captain Retro says: “Because it wouldn't be RIGHT to spoil the future for you!”

Marlene gets disgusted and says: “You mean, even after ALL this time I've BEEN with you, that you are NOT going to tell me how I end up WINNING this whole thing?!” Captain Retro says: “I CAN'T tell you how to live your life!” Marlene asks: “Can't or won't?” Captain Retro says: “BOTH! Either/or, it is the same basic principle!” Marlene asks: “Than what's the PURPOSE of ME being in a RELATIONSHIP with you?!” Captain Retro gets disgusted and asks: “Is THAT all I've BEEN to you? Some kind of galactic CHEAT sheet?!” Marlene says: “I've worked HARD for this! I DESERVE this win WAY more than anybody else does!” Captain Retro says: “Watch yourself; that's how you got in trouble LAST season, by thinking too highly of yourself.” Marlene says: “Well, you know what I think?” Captain Retro says: “No. Why don't you tell me?” Marlene angrily says: “You and I are SO over!!!! You can TAKE your STUPID powers and SHOVE them up your BUTT! I'm OUT!!!! Watch ME win WITHOUT you and your STUPID help!!!!” Marlene storms out of the V.I.P. Lounge angrily, and Captain Retro just stands there, baffled. Captain Retro shouts: “Well, NEXT time, break someone's HEART all at ONCE instead of piece by piece, why don't you?!”

(Confessional) Captain Retro sighs and says: “Ugh, such a LONG, ugly MESS. I can't BELIEVE I hooked myself with Marlene for so long, only to discover that she only LIKED me because SHE thought I was going to give her a free ride to the Final Three! Well, SPOILER ALERT; I don't GIVE free rides! I thought she loved me for me! The only thing I'm happy about having found out about this, is that I never made out with her. I'm saving that for marriage.” / Marlene screams angrily: “AH!!!! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!! I can't BELIEVE I wasted ALL that time following around Captain Retro! I SQUANDERED all the time I could have HAD with Skipper for NOTHING! Now what do I have?! Why did this HAPPEN to me?! I shouldn't have to go through things like THIS! I am MARLENE A. Otter! I am a superstar, and I DON'T waste MY precious time for NOTHING! So if Captain Retro ISN'T just going to tell me how to win, I'll just do it ALL myself! I almost did it LAST time, and I can certainly do it THIS time, if absolutely necessary! I don't need ANYONE but myself in order to WIN anything!” (End Confessional)

Marlene walks back into the First Class section with the rest of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Daggett asks: “So, what do we attribute the appearance of EMPERESS Marlene?! Not enough bubbly bubbles in the jacuzzi?” Marlene scoffs and says: “Well, if you must know, Captain Retro and I had a difference of opinion.” Stimpy asks: “What do you mean?” Po rolls his eyes and says: “Marlene broke UP with Captain Retro, DUH!” Stimpy recoils back and says: “NO!!!! You're throwing away nearly a season's worth of development?! Why and/or whatever for?!” Marlene angrily says: “None of your business!” Reggie thinks about it and says: “Well, why don't I venture a guess? Captain Retro wouldn't reveal to you who ends up WINNING this season to you, would he?” Marlene is SHOCKED and asks: “WHAT?! How did YOU know?!” Norbert says: “BECAUSE you just TOLD us, OBVIOUSLY!” Marlene pouts and says: “Oh, I HATE getting tricked like that!” Rocko says: “Marlene, that is all KINDS of wrong! You shouldn't LOVE somebody just because you're expecting to get something out of it. You should be in love because you genuinely LOVE somebody, without expecting that you'll get something significant from it in return.” Marlene asks: “Well, if I can't get to the end with Captain Retro, than who can I POSSIBLY trust to help me get to the end?!”

The plane swerves violently, and JARS all the contestants out of their seats! Over the intercom, General Barracuda shouts: “Unidentified flying bogey, identify yourself at once, STAT!!!!” And riding a jet-pack, SKIPPER zooms by and shouts: “WHOO-HOO!!!! Guess who's BACK, Horatio?!!!” Sniz rolls his eyes and says: “I hate it when losers get clingy.” Skipper falls back, opens the plane door, and lets himself in! Skipper says: “I'm back, and it feels good!” Bulma asks: “What are YOU doing here?! We voted off YOUR butt!” Patrick says: “Actually, your butt was voted off, TWICE this season!” Sniz comes back and asks: “What are you doing here? You have no business being here!” Skipper says: “I don't even CARE about the money at this point, I just care about getting precious screen-time! Besides, I heard that ROCKO has a new TV movie in the works! And if HE can make a come-back, than SO can I!” Sniz grabs Skipper, and he heads to the plane door. Sniz says: “When I say that someone is OUT, they are OUT!!!!” Than Sniz's cell phone rings. Sniz says: “Hold on, I got to take this call.” Sniz answers the cell phone and says: “Hello, this is Sniz Brokowski. Oh, hi there, King Julien. WHAT?!!! You're willing to pay HOW much if I make Skipper a contestant again?! SERIOUSLY?!!! AWESOME!!!! Deal!!!!” Skipper says: “Thank you, King Julien!” Sniz says: “Attention ALL contestants! As of RIGHT now, Skipper is BACK to being a contestant AGAIN, hopefully for the LAST time this season!” Suzie scoffs and says: “WHAT?!!! You can't just DO that!” Sniz says: “Oh, I'm sorry, is this YOUR show? Oh no, it's not! It's MINE! Therefore, I can let on or off ANY contestant that I see fit to come back on this show!”

Marlene and Wally both come back to Normal Class. Marlene asks: “What's all the commotion” And Marlene sees Skipper again and says: “Oh, HELLO Skipper!” Skipper is taken aback and says: “Is THAT the response I get from you? I thought you'd be HAPPY to see me!” Marlene says: “You've got a LOT of nerve thinking that after the stunts that YOU'VE pulled this season! You made out with BOTH King Julien AND Blonda!” Skipper says: “Because I was CRAZY and jealous, and I WANTED to be with you!” Wally says: “Well, you don't HAVE to be crazy and jealous anymore, Marlene just broke up with Captain Retro!” Marlene shouts: “WHAT?!!!” Wally blushes and says: “OOPS! I didn't know that you DIDN'T want Skipper to know that just yet!” Skipper says: “How did THIS happen? Was Captain Retro treating you badly?” Marlene says: “It's not LIKE that, okay? And I don't see why I should just come back to you after all that you've DONE!” Skipper says: “PLEASE! If you give me a chance to hear my side of it, I'd be GLAD to tell you why you should give me another chance!” Marlene sighs and says: “Fine, explain away.” And Skipper suddenly appears in a green tuxedo, and the lights are dimmed low, as a disco ball is suddenly hanging in the plane. Randolph asks: “What's going on here?” Fondue says: “I thought I'd help set the ambiance, to create the proper MOOD for this setting! Skipper take it away!” /

Genre: Love Ballad. Song: “I'm Sorry.” Sung by: Skipper, Marlene, and Wally. / (Slow tempo) Skipper: “I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a flower after the first frost. And I'm sorry, like a mitten that's been dropped and feels so lost. (Tempo picks up) Oops, I really messed up. At least I 'fessed up!” Marlene: “You didn't 'fess up, you got caught on national TV!” Wally: “It's international, Marlene, Total Cartoon is seen all over the world!” Marlene: “Ugh!” Skipper: “But I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a surfer who's busted his board! And I'm sorry like the band when they played a wrong chord. Oops, I really screwed up. I felt some chick up!” Marlene: “International TV, huh? In front of all my friends!” Skipper: “But, I'm sorry, so sorry! Marlene, I really think you rule. You're so cute that you make me drool! And if you give me one more chance, I'll do my happy, happy dance!” Marlene: “You are pretty cute when you dance; aw, no, no!” Skipper: “Marlene, you're the one for me. And I'm so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily, oh, so completely, infinitely, beyond, sorry.” /

Sniz says: “So what do you say, Marlene?” Marlene says: “First, explain to me ONE thing that has been nagging at me.” Skipper asks: “What's that?” Marlene shouts: “Why did you target Spongebob?!!!” Skipper says: “Because Taotie told me to, before we voted in that Elimination Ceremony!” Marlene is taken aback and asks: “He DID?!” Bulma says: “It's true. He was just BRAGGING about his full-proof plan to get Spongebob out of the game once and for all.” Marlene says: “So you were set up?” Skipper dejectedly says: “Yes, but I let myself be set up, because I couldn't BEAR the thought of having my plan not working! But in the end, I only have myself to blame for ever LISTENING to that jerk, Taotie in the first place! I should have NEVER followed his advice, I should have listened to my gut instinct; it has almost ALWAYS worked for me in the past, that's what I should have done if I wanted to earn your love.” Marlene says: “Skipper, I'm sorry to. I'm sorry that I followed Captain Retro along for so long, and neglected you in the process. I suppose I'm not the first girl who let herself be blinded by a guy who could see multiple futures.” Skipper asks: “So if he didn't treat you badly, why did you stop loving him?” Marlene says: “Simple, he wouldn't tell me MINE! I just wanted to know if I would WIN this game! I made a mistake and almost lost you, I won't make that mistake again.” Skipper says: “I guess we BOTH made mistakes this season, and we both nearly ended up alone because of it.” Marlene says: “From now on, let's no longer make mistakes with others. Let's make mistakes together.”

Skipper romantically says: “I can go for a slice of that!” And they lovingly kiss each other. Marlene says: “Let's NEVER fight amongst ourselves again!” Skipper says: “It's a DEAL! Will you marry me?” Marlene says: “We've only been back together for like five minutes! Isn't this the same EXACT kind of mistake you MADE with King Julien?!” Skipper says: “Come on! You know you want it as much as I do! Let's go for it!” Marlene says: “All right! We'll get married AFTER this episode is over, I don't want to have to focus on planning the event AND this upcoming challenge at the same time!” Sniz says: “And before ANYONE; I'm looking at YOU, Hayden, does ANY unnecessary looking on the Internet; WANDA!!!!” Wanda magically appears and asks: “Yes?” Sniz says: “I wish that ANY possible plot holes that might be existing that would PREVENT a marriage between Skipper and Marlene from happening, were gone!” Wanda says: “That's the CHEAP way out!” Sniz sing-talks: “But it is an EFFECTIVE one!” Wanda sighs and says: “Ah, fine!” And Wanda waves her wand, and the magic takes effect. Skipper says: “We are going to have such a GREAT future together!” Marlene says: “I don't need Captain Retro to tell me that!” But as they are loving each other, they completely forget about Wally, who runs back to the First Class section! (Confessional)

Wally gasps in shock and says: “Skipper is BACK in the game for his THIRD try?! I SO didn't see that coming! How is Captain Retro going to react when he finds out about this?” / Marlene says: “At this point, I could care LESS about how Captain Retro reacts to me; I GAVE him a chance to be useful to me, and he SMASHED it into a million pieces! Well, at least I got my Skipper back.” / Skipper says: “At long last, I feel that I can FINALLY be truly RELEVANT to this season! After my last two false starts, I can finally tackle this competition in earnest, whatever 'earnest' means. I know that I'm the LONG shot for winning this thing, but I've got about as much chance as any of the other challengers still remaining! I've at LEAST got a better shot than Daggett; I know that I can make it if I try!” (End Confessional)

Wally knocks on the door for the V.I.P. Lounge, and Captain Retro says: “Who is it?” Wally says: “Your true friend, Wally, I need to talk to you!” Captain Retro says: “Come in.” Wally walks in, and finds Captain Retro drinking CRYSTAL PEPSI! Wally says: “WOW! WE'VE got CRYSTAL Pepsi?!” Captain Retro says: “They just started selling it again! I honestly thought that I would NEVER get a chance to taste it!”

Wally says: “Captain Retro, don't freak, but Skipper's back in the game again.” Captain Retro says: “I figured as much; who ELSE could make General Barracuda swerve a PLANE like that EXCEPT for Skipper?!” Wally says: “Well, here's what you might not know. I hope you're not hurt by the news, but, Marlene and Skipper got back together. They're going to get married, Sniz made sure that it can happen without any problem.” Captain Retro sighs and says: “Wow. All this ALL because I wouldn't tell Marlene her future. I can honestly say that I NEVER foresaw this future coming, and I saw a lot of things.” Wally asks: “Aren't you sad?” Captain Retro sighs and admits: “A little, but I'm not going to do anything crazy, foolish, or stupid to stop her. I genuinely LOVED Marlene, but if she decides to be with Skipper, than I'm going to be okay with that. I won't get in her way, she's got her own life to live, the same way I've got my own life to live.” Wally asks: “What about the rest of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance?” Captain Retro says: “Since Marlene has decided that she won't play ball with her former team-mates, we'll have to carry on without her. Wally, you are now a full-fledged member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance!” Jumping up with joy, Wally shouts: “Awesome! I got a promotion!” Captain Retro says: “We'll also need someone to replace Tigress. Thankfully, I think Reggie Rocket will fill the role just fine.” Wally says: “That's a good call, Captain Retro.” Captain Retro says: “We haven't got any time to waste. We must inform Reggie Rocket of her new role at once!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “I probably COULD'VE seen this coming; but the thing of it is, I honestly trusted Marlene. I took her at her word, so I never bothered to read her aura to tell if she wasn't being completely truthful. Maybe if I had...well, I don't try to dabble to much in 'what if's,' what I will do is to try to make the best out of what has happened. And I don't wish Marlene any ill will; I wish nothing but the best for her, and for Skipper.” / Wally says: “I have PROVEN my critics, namely my superiors, wrong! They said that I would never amount to anything in THIS game, they said that I would never make it far playing in a serious competition such as this! But I've prevailed whereas dozens of others have fallen to the wayside! And with my new position in the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance, I have a real chance of actually WINNING this thing! Maybe I can buy a better rocket ship, it would make my missions SO much better to be on!” (End Confessional)

Captain Retro and Wally head back into First Class. Captain Retro says: “Good news, Reggie!” Reggie asks: “What?” Captain Retro says: “I was talking with Wally, about who would be a good replacement for either Tigress or Marlene in the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance.” Wally says: “I was one of them!” Captain Retro says: “And you're the other one!” Reggie excitedly stands up and says: “WOW! I get to be a REAL member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance with Rocko?!” Captain Retro says: “Sure, if you want to be!” Reggie says: “That sounds totally awesome, I accept!” Rocko says: “Welcome to the Alliance, Reggie. I can think of nobody better to be in it.” Reggie asks: “So, what's going to be the first test of our Alliance?” Before Captain Retro can answer, General Barracuda activates the intercom, and speaks through the loud-speakers. General Barracuda says: “Attention fresh meat, your mission, and you DON'T have a choice, is to play an elaborate game of Capture the Flag, in the jungles of Vietnam! It's going to be pretty dangerous, with a lot of old, unexploded ammunition lying around. Not to mention hidden enemies that could be lurking in the shadows! So sit back and say your prayers. It's going to be one HELL of an experience! Ha, ha, ha. Horatio, out!” Daggett pouts and says: “A spooty jungle, AGAIN?! We just got THROUGH going through a spooty jungle!” Norbert asks: “What's the matter, my good man? Are you having a tough time cutting the custard?” Daggett asks: “What are you talking about? I would just like a little change in variety. Besides, have you noticed how WE'RE the odd guys OUT in this dynamic?” Norbert asks: “What do you mean?” Daggett says: “Come back with me to the Confessional, I'll explain it to you there!”

(Confessional) Reggie says: “My game so far, has boiled down to being a good athlete, and being there for my team when they needed me. But now, I have a NEW important role to play, as an important member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance! My friends will be counting on me to play hard and to keep them safe, and I intend to deliver! I am nothing if not dependable! I am ready to take my game, hopefully all the way to the Final Three!” / Norbert and Daggett are together. Norbert asks: “Just what exactly have you noticed, Daggett?” Daggett says: “As of right now, Marlene has Skipper, and everyone else EXCEPT for us are a member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance!” Norbert gasps in shock as he says: “Oxnard Montalvo! You're right! And it WORRIES me when you're RIGHT about something, because that you usually only comes about when we're in trouble!” Daggett says: “It has become very clear to me that unless we watch our own backs, we're not going to last too much longer as contestants this season. As much as it pains me to admit it, I need you to be my partner if I want to get anywhere this season.” Norbert says: “And strangely enough, I need you to. BIG BEAVER HUG!!!!” And Norbert hugs Daggett VERY strongly! Daggett sighs and says: “I'm NEVER going to get USED to this!” Norbert lets go and says: “It's settled than, for us, its Beaver Brothers to the end or bust!” (End Confessional) / (Commercial Break) / After the commercials finish airing, the action focuses on Normal Class, where the former members of Team TUFF and Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool are focusing on strategy. Dudley says: “You know what, guys and girl? I think it would be really beneficial to form an alliance of sorts.” Patrick asks: “Really; why?” Chameleon says: “Well, Captain Retro and his friends formed the Power Rangers Retro Alliance a long time ago, and they've pretty much kicked BUTT this entire season! We need our own alliance to counteract against them! What do you think?” Suzie says: “You know me. I'm all FOR winning, and hoping to get to the Final Three! If you think an Alliance will help me get to the Final Three, I'm all for it!” Dog says: “I want to be in an Alliance, to! It would be a chance for me to FINALLY contribute something of value this season!” Randolph says: “Awesome! We will get to be relevant!” Dudley says: “It's settled, than! From now on, the six of us are the TUFF Alliance!” And all six of them say: “To the TUFF Alliance!” (Confessional)

Dudley says: “Chameleon and I have been partnered up for a good portion of this season, but if either of us want a real chance of winning this season, we knew that an alliance would be the best answer to our problems. And seeing as how there are six of us in this alliance, there is about a one in three chance that one of us could win this whole thing! And this is DEFINITELY the biggest and best odds Chameleon has EVER had for winning anything!” / Chameleon says: “This alliance will make for the best odds that I've ever had for winning anything. Being a reptile, I have a natural advantage in the jungle. I'm looking forward to using my natural instincts, and the skills I've learned this season to help my new alliance out.” / Dog says: “Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed this season so far, but so far, most of the action this season has happened AROUND us, not TO us! I'm hoping to change that starting with this challenge! I know that if we work together, Randolph and I can REALLY shine and dominate the competition!” / Suzie says: “I think it's about TIME that I became part of an alliance! At this point in the game, I'm willing to take any edge I can get to help me extend my game! I just wish that I didn't have to be partnered with Patrick, he is hands down the most unpredictable partner to have on the face of this game, in THOSE exact words!” / Patrick says: “I resent being called hands down, the most unpredictable partner to have on the face of this game, in THOSE exact words!” (End Confessional)

Bulma, Zarbon, and Gonard, are contemplating their next move. Bulma says: “Guys, we are in DEEP trouble right now! We are DOWN to just the three of us! Can anybody guess why?” Gonard sarcastically says: “Is it because WE didn't listen to YOU and your INSANE plane to take 50% of the winning gross no matter WHICH one of us came in FIRST?!” Bulma GENUINELY says: “PRECISELY!!!!” Gonard face-palms himself and screams: “I WAS BEING SARCASTIC!!!!” Bulma says: “I wasn't! I'm the ONLY one around here who KNOWS how to take the other guys and girls DOWN! So seeing as how we're the only THREE members FORMALLY of Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool left, are you WILLING to listen to me now?” Zarbon says: “You know where I stand; of COURSE I'm with you!” Bulma asks: “Gonard?” Gonard rolls his eyes and says: “I STILL think you are patently insane! However, I have no other options available to me. I'll be a member of your STUPID alliance!” Bulma says: “You mean my GENIUS alliance, because I am a GENIUS! Therefore, from now on, we shall be known as the ANIME Alliance!” Gonard says: “Technically, I'm NOT from an ANIME!” Zarbon says: “You LOOK like you are, though. So you count!” Gonard says: “Cool! I'm sort of Japanese!” (Confessional)

Bulma says: “Well, I FINALLY made it happen! It took FAR longer than it SHOULD have, but I made it happen! Now Zarbon and Gonard are BOUND to MY game! And if THEY want to do good, they will make SURE that I do good! After all, those two will be NOTHING without me! They NEED me to get further in this game! It's ALL going according to MY genius plan!” / Zarbon says: “Don't get me wrong, I truly LOVE Bulma! However, she's CRAZY if she thinks I'm just going to HAND her the win! I still plan on WINNING this game all by myself! After all, who has a BETTER chance of actually WINNING this game; me or her? I think it's no contest; me!” / Gonard groans and says: “I can't believe it's come down to this, being forced to partner up with a former psychotic psychopath, and a motormouth woman who refuses to SHUT UP for even a nano-second! Still, I've come too far to just give up now! Even though I don't like it, this new Anime Alliance is the only chance I've got for continuing on in this game!” (End Confessional)

General Barracuda makes an announcement over the intercom and says: “Attention recruits, we are making our final approach into Vietnam, please put your trays back in their upright position. Or don't, I don't really CARE about YOUR safety! Ha, ha, ha! Horatio out!” Marlene says: “So Skipper, what's our plan of attack for this one?” Skipper asks: “How about we target Captain Retro? I think he has it coming for wasting so much of your precious time. Marlene says: “It's not like he FORCED me to be with him! I mean, I never even ASKED him if he was going to tell me my future.” Skipper asks: “Well, who do YOU think we should target?” Marlene asks: “What about Randolph? He's been completely IRRELEVANT this season!” Skipper says: “Dog might get mad at you, and he IS the only contestant LEFT here who has outlasted you in a competition.” Marlene says: “True, but we don't have any better options on the table right now.” He thinks about it, and Skipper says: “You're right. We're target Randolph, but to make sure that nobody gets suspicious about our plan, we'll PRETEND that we're targeting Captain Retro.” Marlene asks: “Do I HAVE to? Everyone who was a member of Team Retro is going to HATE me if I target him!” Skipper asks: “Do you want to win, or do you want to be popular?” Marlene SERIOUSLY thinks about it and says: “Well...” Skipper says: “It's not exactly a trick QUESTION, Marlene!” Marlene sighs and says: “I guess I want to WIN this season.” Skipper smiles and says: “That's my girl! I knew you'd make the right choice!”

(Confessional) Marlene says: “Personally, I think my track record for making choices this season, has been COMPLETELY abysmal! If I pretend to target Captain Retro, I lose! If I DON'T target Captain Retro, I'm SURE to lose! I'm in a bad situation right now, and it NEVER should have come to this! WHY did the STUPID plane have to make ME and Captain Retro KISS together like that?!” / Skipper says: “I know it's not exactly sporting of me to have Marlene target her FORMER boyfriend, but I need a diversion. Besides, I have been completely SUSPICIOUS of the plane skidding on the Alaska ice and making Captain Retro and Marlene kiss. Something about it STINKS to high heaven, and I'm GOING to find out WHY!” (End Confessional) At long last, the plane lands in Vietnam, and all 19 contestants get off the plane, followed by Sniz, Fondue, and General Barracuda. Sniz says: “Welcome, to the wonderful jungles of Vietnam!” Daggett says: “If they are SO wonderful, how come more people don't LIVE in them?!” Fondue says: “That's NOT a topic with which we're at liberty to discuss!” Sniz says: “Tell it like it is! In either case, we've got a rigorous challenge for us! You guys will be temporarily divided into two teams of nine. Captain Retro, Wally, Stimpy, Po, Reggie, Rocko, Dog, Dudley and Chameleon will be on one team. Everybody else will be on the other team!” Dog says: “But that means that Randolph will be competing AGAINST me! And besides, the OTHER team has TEN contestants! How are WE supposed to compete?” An evil, mechanical voice says: “I can take care of THAT!!!!”

And from out of the blue, a tall, FAMILIAR green robot menace swoops in and GRABS Randolph! Randolph screams: “HELP!!!!” Captain Retro shouts: “Prince Gasket from Power Rangers Zeo!!!!” Prince Gasket chuckles and says: “In the flesh or, should I say, in the STEEL?!” Po says: “I thought you were DESTROYED by Zordon's energy wave!” Prince Gasket says: “Afraid not. I KNEW my father and his FOOLISH followers were DOOMED to fail in their efforts, so I took my OWN loyal legion of Cogs and hid out in the Lost Galaxy until the danger passed. Since then, I've been rebuilding the Machine Empire, and I've chosen to strike HERE on Earth, to AVENGE my father and the Machine Empire! If you want to TRY to save Randolph AND stop my plan, I suggest you come to my hidden base in the jungle, if you DARE! MWA, HA, HA!!!!” And Prince Gasket zooms away with Randolph in his metallic clutches! Sniz worriedly says: “Not good! If Prince Gasket HARMS Randolph, than Randolph could potentially SUE us! Change of challenge plans! The team that SAVES Randolph will win immunity for their team!” Daggett says: “Suits me just fine, I didn't want to play a STUPID Capture the Flag Challenge anyways!” General Barracuda says: “I'd expect some tough resistance and some hidden traps in trying to get to Prince Gasket's hidden base. You'd best stay alert!” Sniz says: “And we all KNOW that since it's not going to be pretty, here's something that MIGHT lighten up the mood!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Patrick sarcastically says: “Oh goody, another song.” Sniz says: “And it's one APPROPRIATE for this occasion! Prince Gasket's hidden base is a place DESIGNED for torture, so you'll be singing the 1984 hit song, Torture!” Captain Retro says: “Believe me, NOTHING could be as much torture as having to END my relationship with Marlene!” General Barracuda says: “We'll SEE, Captain Retro! We'll see!” /

Genre: Michael Jackson. Sub-genre: Hard Rock. Song: “Torture.” Sung by: Captain Retro and others. / (Instrumental Opening) Suzie: “It was on the street so evil, so bad that even hell disowned it.” Dudley: “Every single step was trouble, for the fool who stumbled on it.” Chameleon: “Eyes within the dark were watching, I felt that sudden chill of danger.” Rocko: “Something told me to keep on walking; told me I should not have gone there.” Captain Retro: “Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life.” Dog: “I'm out, I'm walking the night cause I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Captain Retro: “She was up a stair to nowhere. A room forever, I'll remember. She said as though I should have known her.” Skipper: “Tell me, what's your pain or pleasure?” Marlene: “Every little thing you find here, is simply for the thrill you're after.” Stimpy: “Loneliness or hearts on fire.” Wally: “I am here to serve all masters.” Zarbon, to Bulma: “She said, Reality is a knife, when there's no love in your life.” Bulma: “Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Gonard: “And I still can't find the meaning, of the face I keep on seeing.” Patrick: “Was she real or am I dreaming?” Captain Retro: “Did the sound of your name turn a wheel, strike a flame in me? Whoo-hoo!” (Instrumental solo) Captain Retro: “Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life.” Reggie: “I'm out, I'm walking the night and I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Rocko to Reggie: “She said, Reality is a knife when there's no love in your life. Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” (Instrumental finish). /

And the epic song ends as the contestants reach Prince Gasket's hidden base. Po says: “UGH!!!! This whole place reeks of Apocalypse Now!” Wally says: “I know what you mean, I'm almost half-expecting the ghost of Marlon Brando to pop out somewhere! Rocko says: “Well, we can't worry about that, now. Right now, we have to worry about making a stealthy entrance into that place, and rescuing Randolph.” Zarbon says: “Well, I can take care of that! Just watch me!”

Captain Retro worriedly says: “No wait! Prince Gasket probably has...!” Zarbon shouts: “ARROW of LIGHT!!!!” And Zarbon shoots a BIG beam of yellow energy at the base! While it BLOWS a huge hole in the base, it also EXPOSES a lot of Cogs in there, and they start pouring out to surround the contestants! Captain Retro sighs and says: “Reinforcements!” Bulma screams: “GONARD!!!! Protect ME!!!! “I'm VERY delicate, and I'm your MEAL ticket!!!!” Gonard groans and says: “Don't SCREAM like that, and you just MIGHT get a better result!” Po says: “Finally, some action!” Marlene says: “I definitely did NOT need this!” Skipper says: “Come on, we can take these creeps!” And suddenly, the Cogs start SHOOTING electrical charges at the contestants! Norbert shouts: “WHAT?! Can they DO that?!” Captain Retro says: “Prince Gasket must have made some modifications, so they wouldn't be as easy to defeat as they USED to be!”

Than Captain Retro GASPS as he sees something ABOUT to happen in one of his visions of the future! Captain Retro makes a mighty leap in FRONT of Marlene and Skipper and shouts: “STOP!!!!” And a Cog ZAPS Captain Retro! But instead of falling down unconscious, Captain Retro seems to have ABSORBED the electricity, and is shooting off electricity at the Cogs! Captain Retro says: “WOAH! I knew that I was ELECTRIC, but this is unexpected!” Stimpy asks: “How is this possible?” Captain Retro says: “I have a Defibrillator! It must be diverting the electrical charge AROUND my body and shooting off the excess electricity BACK at the Cogs!” Patrick says: “That makes PERFECT sense!” Suzie says: “No, it doesn't!” Gonard says: “Why don't YOU come back when YOU have a Defibrillator and tell us yourself?!” Suzie seriously says: “I'll pass, Gonard.” Captain Retro says: “It's time to SHOCK these guys, for GOOD!” And suddenly, a rocking theme song erupts around them, as the contestants start taking out the Cogs! /

Genre: Power Pop. Sub-genre: Dance Rock. Song: “State of Shock.” Sung by: Cast, except for Randolph. /

Rocko: “Yeah, come on, baby. You gotta be mine, cause you're so fine. I like your style, it makes me wild! You take it to me good!” Norbert: “You like it?” Daggett: “No!” Norbert: “You should!” Reggie: “You get me on my knees!” Wally: “Come on, baby!” Stimpy: “Well, please, baby, please.” Captain Retro: “Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock!” Po: “We're doing it!” Zarbon: “Oh, ha, come on, baby. Oh, come on, baby.” Gonard: “Come on, let me in. She put me on my knees!” Bulma: “Please, baby, please! I know you like to tease, but please, baby, please. You take it to me good! You like it?” Gonard: “No!” Zarbon: “You should! (To Bulma) I love the way you walk and talk, baby, talk! Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock!” Patrick to Suzie: “She put me, ooh, in a state of shock. Now come over here.” Suzie: “No, come over here. Ooh, talk, talk to me.” Chameleon: “State of shock!” Dudley: “You know I really love you, baby! Want you, I really want you!” Captain Retro: “You got me paralyzed!” Skipper: “You got me paralyzed!” Marlene sarcastically: “You got me catatonic. You got me catatonic baby.” Captain Retro: “You got me supersonic! You got me supersonic, baby!” Gonard: “You know I'm deep fried. You know I'm deep fried.” Bulma: “Yeah, look what you've done to me.” Gonard: “Look what you've done to me!” Captain Retro: “Look what you've done to me! Yeah, how you move! A state of shock!” Daggett: “You know I need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.” Captain Retro: “Come on, baby! You know I've really loved you, baby!” (Captain Retro, starts singing “Now” over and over until the end of the song).

Zarbon: “State of shock! You know I really want you! Yeah, baby, yeah, baby. Just look at me, look at me. State of shock! You drive me!” Bulma: “You got me, you got me, you got me in a state of shock!” Zarbon: “Look at that, look at me. Look at me, look at me. Look at me. Ooh, look at me.” / And the epic song ends as all the Cogs are destroyed, and the electrical field around Captain Retro dissipates.

Captain Retro asks: “Well?” Marlene awkwardly says: “Thank you...for, taking that blast of electrical energy.” Skipper asks: “Why did you do that? Are you TRYING to get Marlene to change her mind?” Captain Retro says: “Believe it or not, this isn't about Marlene, or about the love I thought we had together.” Marlene asks: “What was it about, then?” Captain Retro says: “I saved you because it was the RIGHT thing to do. And Skipper, I've thought about that plane incident as well.” Skipper says: “You have?” Captain Retro says: “Sure. Falling in love with Marlene was the LAST thing I wanted! I never WANTED to have any interest in her!” Skipper says: “Well I think SOMEONE here DID, and wanted to DRIVE Marlene and I apart!” Captain Retro says: “The more I think about it, the more I think you have a point. There's STILL someone in this game who has a hidden agenda, and has been TRYING to engineer things to go THEIR way!” Wally asks: “But WHO would be devious enough to go through THAT kind of trouble?!” And Bulma gets apprehensive! (Confessional) Bulma says: “My carefully crafted plan CAN'T come apart NOW! Not now, not when I've worked SO hard on it! I HOPED it wouldn't have to COME to this, but it looks like Zarbon will HAVE to PROVE his love to me!” (End Confessional)

Bulma whispers to Zarbon: “DO what YOU do best!” Zarbon asks: “What do you mean?” Bulma whispers: “BE the VILLAIN that everyone KNOWS you are, and MY love will be FOREVER yours! You know you want it. Just say YES!” Zarbon BARELY blinks and says: “I love you.” Bulma smiles and says: “I know.” Zarbon shouts out loud: “I guess the jig is up, I RIGGED the plane so it would make that bumpy landing in Alaska! I KNEW that Captain Retro was FOND of Marlene, but would NEVER act on it on his own! So I had to ENSURE that Captain Retro and Marlene would FALL for each other, one way or the other! I did it! DUH!!!! It was ALWAYS me!” Marlene gets steaming mad and screams: “It was YOU!!!! It was ALWAYS you! I can't BELIEVE I thought there was a chance of REDEMPTION for YOU! How DARE you toy with MY emotions and Captain Retro's! I can't BELIEVE you would PUT us through that!” Zarbon brushes his hair back and says: “Of COURSE I would! I AM the villain of this thing! I always HAVE been, no matter WHAT I've said in the past!” Skipper says: “You made a BIG mistake in TELLING us this, because now, how are YOU going to prevent US from STOPPING you?!” Zarbon chuckles and says: “I've made it THIS far based on my GODLY beauty and brains. What's to stop me from going all the way?” But Captain Retro looks unconvinced.

(Confessional) Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “I just KNEW Zarbon would AGREE with me, he's the PERFECT partner!” / Zarbon says: “I rode the redemption line as long as I needed to. But now that Taotie is gone, it's time for ME to take back what is rightfully mine. My sense of power AND my sense of pride is on the line, and NOBODY is taking that away from me! Victory WILL be mine, one way or another!” / Marlene angrily says: “I've NEVER trusted that Zarbon! Not from the first time I saw him, and NOT at any time during this competition! It makes PERFECT sense! Captain Retro CAN'T read Zarbon's aura, Zarbon keeps it locked away! So Captain Retro COULDN'T have known about Zarbon's plan; otherwise, Captain Retro would've STOPPED it before it happened! The one good thing about knowing this NOW, is that Skipper and I STILL have a chance to STOP Zarbon's SICK plans!” / Skipper slowly claps his flippers together and says: “Pretty crafty plan, Zarbon. If you WEREN'T my enemy, I just might admire it. However, YOU crossed the line when you decided to mess with me and Marlene, and I am going to make you pay DEARLY for it!” / Captain Retro scratches his chin and says: “Something about Zarbon's claim does NOT add up! I KNOW Zarbon was STILL full-on evil back in Alaska. But back when he talked to me in the jungles of Brazil, I truly BELIEVED Zarbon was being genuine with me. I simply don't THINK it was Zarbon who caused me and Marlene to fall in love. I think someone else did it. The question is, who?”

(End Confessional) Skipper says: “Captain Retro, win this challenge!” Marlene says: “But then our team will lose!” Skipper points at Zarbon and says: “Exactly!” Marlene GETS Skipper's idea and says: “Oh! Captain Retro, win this thing!” Captain Retro says: “Gladly!” And Captain Retro uses his super speed to run into the base! (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “The way I see it, it's a win-win situation for me. I get to be the good guy, put Bulma's alliance on notice that they CAN'T get away with emotionally manipulating others, and I get to be friends with Skipper and Marlene. Things haven't gone the way I have wanted them to go, but I just KNOW that if I try, than things will go the way I need them to go!” / Bulma says: “I know it isn't ethical of ME to have ZARBON take all the heat for all this hate, but he can take it, he's ZARBON! Besides, he wouldn't PUT himself through this if he didn't TRULY love me, would he? This is what HE wants, and what he wants, is me! I'm just making the best out of a bad situation; which of course, I am very, VERY good at doing!” (End Confessional)

In the center of the base, Prince Gasket has Randolph tied down to a table, with a WIDE assortment of torture devices scattered around the room. Randolph asks: “What are you going to DO to me, you SICKO?!” Prince Gasket chuckles deviously and says: “A better question would be, what am I NOT going to do to you?! You deserve this, you SICK little monkey! Do you know that Mesogog had the right idea, to go after freaks like YOU?! Now I'm going to FINISH what he started! And I'm going to start, by getting RID of...!” (SMASH!!!!) Captain Retro busts in and says: “If you DON'T leave him alone, you will regret it!” Prince Gasket says: “HA! Do you truly believe that if I'm gone, that the pain and suffering Randolph and HIS kind have gone through will STOP?! You can't stop what I'm DOING, nothing will stop it! There will ALWAYS be someone waiting in the wings to FINISH what I'm doing!” Captain Retro says: “Even if THAT WERE true, I can ensure that YOU won't be around to harm ANYONE else LIKE Randolph!” Prince Gasket says: “You THINK you can destroy ME when the REAL Power Rangers could not?! Hit me with your best shot!” Captain Retro says: “I WILL!!!! Kamehameha!!!!” And Captain Retro fires a BIG energy wave at Prince Gasket, creating a gigantic HOLE in the middle of Prince Gasket's body. Prince Gasket gasps and says: “The horror, the HORROR; THE horror!!!!” And Prince Gasket explodes, and the base starts to fall apart as Captain Retro frees Randolph! Randolph asks: “What's happening?!” Captain Retro says: “It must be a fail-safe mechanism! Prince Gasket must have rigged this place to blow up just in case he got destroyed! He's trying to take us down WITH him!” Randolph shouts: “Get us out of here, NOW!!!!”

And with an amazing display of speed and agility, Captain Retro RUNS with Randolph out of danger and out of the base! Captain Retro shouts: “Everybody get DOWN!!!!” And everybody crouches down, as Prince Gasket's hidden base suddenly blows up! Sniz, Fondue, and General Barracuda come in. Sniz says: “And it's over, it's all over! Captain Retro has rescued Randolph! He has won immunity for his team!” Skipper says: “You hear THAT, Zarbon? Your number is up!” Sniz says: “As for everyone else, I'm afraid your luck wasn't good enough to help you. So you'll have to pick someone to eliminate.” Randolph says: “Actually, they won't.” Sniz asks: “What do you mean?” Randolph says: “I didn't sign ON for this show just so I could get kidnapped and nearly get dissected by some metallic FREAK! I quit!”

Dog gasps and says: “You can't quit! Where will I go? What will I do? Who will look out for me when things get tough or there's trouble?” Randolph says: “You'll be in good hands with Dudley and Captain Retro; I know they'll look out for you. You three dogs ought to stick together from now on, I think you'd really benefit from it.” Dog asks: “Are you sure I can't change your mind?” Randolph says: “I'm sorry, but this is MORE of an experience than I wanted; I must return to Nearburg.”

Dog says: “I'm going to miss you, Randolph.” Randolph says: “I'll miss you, to. But I KNOW that you'll make me proud.” Dog says: “I'll do my best.” Sniz says: “Well, it's not like we're leaving right away.” Patrick asks: “What do you mean?” Sniz says: “We have the long awaited wedding of Skipper and Marlene to attend, and EVERYONE is invited!” Captain Retro awkwardly says: “Oh...that's, great.” Sniz says: “And just like that, we are down to 18 contestants! Our adventures continue on our global journey, and our next adventure PROMISES to be more exciting than THIS one! It's anyone's guess as to who will come out on top! We'll get closer to finding out who will win it all on another exciting episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / Epilogue: Captain Retro internally sings a song in his head, at the glamorous wedding of Marlene and Skipper, narrating his own private thoughts on the whole ordeal. /

Genre: The Rolling Stones. Song: “You Can't Always Get What You Want.” Sung by: Captain Retro and Wally. / Wally: “I saw her today at the reception, a glass of grape juice in her hand. I knew she would meet her connection. At her feet was a footloose man. No, you can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you find, you get what you need!” (Instrumental Opening)

Captain Retro: “I saw her today at the reception, a glass of grape juice in her hand. I knew she was gonna meet her connection. At her feet was a footloose man. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need! And I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse singing, we're gonna vent our frustration, if we don't, we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you get what you need! I went down to the Chelsea drugstore, to get my prescription filled. I was standing in line with Mr. Randolph, and man, did he look pretty ill. We decided that we would have a soda, my favorite flavor, Shirley Temple. I sung my song to Mr. Randolph. Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was, red. I said to him you can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need! You get what you need; yeah, oh baby. I saw her today at the reception, in her glass was a leading man. She was practiced at the art of deception. Well, I could tell by her grape-stained hands. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find; you just might find, you get what you need! You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find; you just might find, you get what you need!” (Choir harmonizes as an instrumental solo finishes the epic song.) /

Episode Notes: Captain Retro and Marlene break up in this episode, mostly because Captain Retro wouldn't (and probably couldn't) tell Marlene her future. Skipper returns for the third and FINAL time this season, and Marlene gets back together with Skipper after Skipper apologizes to Marlene for all his past mistakes. The TUFF Alliance and the Anime Alliance are formed as a response against the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Zarbon CLAIMS all responsibility for RIGGING the plane to have a bumpy landing in Alaska, which CAUSED Captain Retro and Marlene to fall in love in the first place, although Captain Retro has his doubts. Prince Gasket of “Power Rangers Zeo” has a guest appearance in this episode, before getting destroyed by Captain Retro. Captain Retro wins solo immunity for the second time in a row in this episode. Randolph quits the game in this episode. Marlene and Skipper get married in the epilogue for this episode. Featured songs in this episode: “I'm Sorry, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Torture, and “State of Shock,” the latter two songs featured as part of the episode title.

Personal Notes: This season has been a long and winding road in more ways than one. I knew that going into this season, that Marlene was NEVER going to last LONG as a contestant this season, unless she was involved with a BIG story line this season. I knew it wasn't going to be popular, but I NEEDED to set Marlene up with a story arc that would carry her at LEAST until Taotie was out of the game! Captain Retro, out of necessity, was created basically as an extension of my ego, for better and for worse. Because of this, it created a LOT of backlash; some of it warranted, some of it not. I needed to see for myself if a canon and fanon relationship would work, and if it didn't, what would be the reason for that? Originally, I was apprehensive about hurting my own ego, until I realized that I could actually make this work to HELP out Captain Retro as a character! By having Marlene break up with Captain Retro, it would ultimately PROVE that Captain Retro was NOT a Gary Stu character; things don't ALWAYS go Captain Retro's way, and Captain Retro doesn't ALWAYS get the girl! That's kind of why I decided to close out this episode with the classic song by The Rolling Stones. Truly, you CAN'T always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find, that you get what you need. Skipper and Marlene FINALLY have what they need. As for Randolph deciding to quit? Randolph was like the LAST non-essential character remaining in the game by this point. Having never been able to come up with a story that would help promote Randolph as a character, I decided that Randolph would think that being put though a horrendous ordeal by Prince Gasket would be too much for him, and he would in turn, quit the game. So how will I top THIS episode? The next episode will deliver SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Paint It, Ebony

It was a dark, cold, and stormy night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Professor Dumbledore was sitting patiently at his desk, awaiting Professors Snape and McGonagall for a meeting concerning one of the former's more...troublesome students. Dumbledore's thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his door. "Severus, is that you?" he asked.

"Yes." came Snape's voice.

"Come in, then." Dumbledore said. When Snape did, he sat next to Albus, a blank expression on his face. "You do not seem to be troubled by this, Severus. Why is that?" Dumbledore asked, concerned.

"Why? Why, indeed, Albus." Snape said with a facepalm. "Ever since Miss Way has been here, she's been nothing but trouble."

"I understand that, Severus, which is why it pains me that we have to discuss possible expulsion."

Snape was about to respond when the door opened, and Professor McGonagall entered, with the student in question: a tall seventh year by the name of Ebony Way. The girl was pale, with icy blue eyes like limpid tears and dark hair with purple streaks and red tips that reached her mid-back. As per usual for Ebony, she was not wearing the standard Hogwarts uniform. Instead she wore a black Green Day crop top that seemed too small for her large D-cup breasts, a black miniskirt, thigh-high pink fishnets, and high heels, also black. Around her eyes was a liberal amount of eyeliner, and on her lips was midnight-black lipstick, and on her feet she wore black high heels. "And here we see one of Miss Way's most common rule violations: being out of uniform during school hours." Snape said dryly.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, SNAP!" Ebony shouted.

"Why you insufferable little tart, I'll show you-" Snape said, before Dumbledore stopped him by gently yanking him back. 

"Please, sit down, both of you." Dumbledore said kindly. McGonagall took her seat, as did Ebony...only the latter was flipping the bird at the teachers, as it were. The former sighed, and looked at Snape and Dumbledore.

"Shall we begin?" she askex, exasperated and frustrated.

"Yes, we shall." Dumbledore said. He then turned to Ebony. "Miss Way, we are meeting with you to discuss the...problems we've had with you in the past."

"I don't have any problems." Ebony countered. "I'm the one who has problems with YOU!" At this, Snape groaned and facepalmed. This was going to take a while.

"Oh?" Dumbledore asked, willing to hear Ebony's side of the story. "Do tell us, Miss Way."

"Yes, do tell." Snape deadpanned.

"You have problems with us, hm?" McGonagall asked.

"YES!" Ebony shouted. "YOU'RE ALL PREPS AND POSERS!"

"Preps and...posers?" Snape asked, looking at McGonagall, who looked at Dumbledore.

"I believe it is a Muggle term," Dumbledore explained. "although I'm not sure of what it means."

Snape muttered, "Of course she would use Muggle terminology. She is a half-blood after all."

"And quarter-vampire." McGonagall said.

"Yes." Dumbledore observed. "Now, Miss Way, please do explain what these 'preps and posers' are."

"Preps," Ebony began with seething hatred. "are people who wear pink, are Hilary Duff fans, and aren't goth."

"...Who is this Hilary Duff?" Dumbledore asked.

"A preppy bitch." 

"Interesting." Dumbledore said. "Go on. What are posers?"

"Posers are preps that try to act goth, but they aren't."

"So, let me get this straight." McGonagall said. "Preps and posers are essentially those who don't look and/or act like you?"

"...That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard." Snape groaned, facedesking.

"SHUT! UP!" Ebony screamed again, then looked at Snape. "Fucking pedo."

"...Young lady, neither I or Professor Dumbledore will tolerate that kind of insubordination and accusations! So it is not us who will 'shut up', but rather yourself. And if you will not do so willingly, I can and will use a Silencing Charm on you. Are we understood?" McGonagall asked, starting to lose her patience.

"Fuck you." Ebony spat.

"Your loss." she said. "Silencio!" One bright flash later, and Ebony couldn't speak. No matter what she tried, no sound could come out. "Now," continued Professor McGonagall. "Shall we get back to the point of this meeting?"

"Yes." Snape said. "We are here to discuss Miss Way's problems and how best to deal with them."

"Where to begin..." McGonagall said.

"Where to begin, indeed." Snape replied. "Let us start with her behavior: rude, obnoxious, doesn't work well with others..."

"Not to mention her obsessions with both Mr. Malfoy and Potter." McGonagall added.

Snape then turned to Ebony. "And, no, Mr. Malfoy is not your boyfriend. In fact, he despises you, as does the rest of my House." he said with a snide look on his face. He then presented a black leatherbound journal entitled My Immortal. His fellow professors gave him strange looks. "This is her journal, filled with her most personal fantasies. This may give us insight into her mindset."

"Severus, are you sure this is right?" Dumbledore asked. "Because I do not feel comfortable peeking into a student's journal. It just seems...intrusive."

"Need I remind you," Snspe hissed in a hushed whisper. "that we are discussing potential expulsion?"

"Yes." Dumbledore said. "But is it really necessary, Severus? This is her journal, her personal tome."

"I am firm in my decision, Albus. Besides, it may help us get to the root of Miss Way's problems."

"All right, then, I suppose." the old wizard sighed. "Let us take a look, shall we?" Ebony attempted to stop them, but Snape cast Stupefy, knocking her out for the time being. With that, they begun to read. What they saw shocked them.

"She thinks of killing other students..." McGonagall said, a gasp escaping her throat.

"She wishes to harm herself." Snape said, pity in his voice.

"...Why?" Dumbledore asked, his voice a tranquil rage, much to the surprise of Snape and McGonagall. "Why would she want to harm other students?"

"If we're to be honest here, this is a very dangerous reaction to the prejudice Miss Way faces." Snape said.

"...Which is why I am becoming more and more convinced we must expel her. Not only is she a danger to herself, but to others as well." agreed McGonagall.

"I suppose you're right." Dumbledore said, casting Rennervate on Ebony, who slowly awoke. After a few moments of being confused, Ebony realized where she was, and flipped off all three again.

"Hello to you too." Snape said. "We have something to tell you, Miss Way."

"Yes." said Dumbledore, his voiced pained. "It hurts me to say this, but you are hereby expelled from this school."

Ebony's reaction was...not well, to say the least. She began to thrash around like a little child, screaming and cursing. McGonagall nonchalantly cast Stupefy again, knocking Ebony out for a second time.

"The train will be here to pick her up and take her back to London tomorrow." said Dumbledore. "Minerva, can you gather Miss Way's things for her? I have something to discuss with Severus about where she will go from here."

"Yes, Albus." McGonagall said, lifting Ebony's body with her magic and leaving the office, closing the door behind her. Snape looked at Dumbledore, confused at what he wanted to discuss.

"Severus, I have not told you, or anyone for that matter this, but I came into contact with an alliance sometime alliance that is not of this world, nor of this reality for that matter."

Snape was surprised, to say the least. "By God, Albus...we aren't alone in the universe, or rather multiverse, are we?"

"No, we are not." Dumbledore replied. "This United Federation of Multiverses, or the Multiverse Federation as they call themselves, offered their services to me in case we would need them. I think we have a solution for not only ourselves, but Ms. Way."

"Oh?" Snape asked, curious. "And what would that be?"

"We send her to one of their schools, and for some reason, fate perhaps, I have decided on the perfect one: Coastal Falls Academy."

"Excellent, Albus. I suggest making preparations for transfer right away."

"I will, Severus." Dumbledore said, as Snape walked out of the office and closed the door.


In another universe, and another time...

It was a rather clear day in Coastal Falls, and the Power Rangers were headed towards the Gym and Juice Bar as per usual, discussing various things that had happened throughout the day. Naruto, for example, had taken up wrestling in order to improve his strength further. Toby decided to get his average grades up by entering lunchtime tutoring, Usagi had aced another test, Lettuce was studying music theory, and Pinkie was working on a project for culinary arts. As the five were about to walk in, they were stopped by what looked like...a blue hand? Looking to see who was attached to this appendage, they saw a creature resembling a blue fish woman dressed in a dark tank top and equally dark jeans. Her fire-red hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her right eye appeared to be covered by an eyepatch. Her uncovered left eye appeared to be a light yellow, with a black slit-like pupil. "HEY!" she shouted, her voice having a slight tomboyish rasp to it. "ARE YOU ON THE LIST?"

"...List? What list?" Naruto asked, perplexed.

"The list to get in, dummy!" the fish-lady responded.

"Hey, that isn't very nice!" Pinkie protested. "You should apologize! Naruto's a brave warrior, not a dummy!"

"A brave warrior, huh?" the fish-lady asked. "Can he do this?" She proceeded to do a kick-backflip. Naruto did the same. "Impressive. But can you do this?" She then did a kick, which Naruto blocked. Their sparring was interrupted by Blackhawk, who turned to the fish-woman.

"Is something the matter, Undyne?" he asked.

"Yeah, these guys aren't on the list."

At this, Blackhawk facepalmed. " aren't a bouncer, and this isn't a club. And besides, these are my friends." Realizing her mistake, Undyne blushed in embarassment and awkwardly rubbed the back of her hand. "Oh, uh...sorry, Blackhawk. I had no idea."

"That's all right. Guys, why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Toby Jones."

"Retthi Manchot, though you can call me Lettuce."

"I'm Usagi Tsukino. It's nice to meet you, miss Undyne."


"Pleased to meet ya." Undyne said. "Come on in." The five did so, and saw Bash and Smash sitting near their usual table. They were about to tell them to back off, but then realized that the duo no longer meant harm. Before they could react, Blackhawk pulled the Rangers aside.

"Hey, there are two other guys I want you to meet." he said, going to the counter. Behind it appeared to be a short, stocky skeleton wearing a blue hoodie, a white T-shirt underneath, black and white striped shorts, and pink slippers. What was pretty surprising, however, was that in the middle of his two eyesockets were two glowing blue pinpricks.

"'ey." the skeleton greeted, extending one of his hands. "the name's sans. sans the skeleton. put 'er there." His voice was deep, and he appeared to have some kind of New York accent. Naruto took Sans' hand and shook it...only for a whoopee cushion to go off. This got a reaction out of everyone, who burst out laughing. "the ol' whoopee cushion in the hand trick. it's always funny. anyways, whaddya want?"

Each of the Rangers ordered different things: a small pizza for Lettuce, a cotton candy shake for Pinkie, a burger for Toby, a salad for Usagi, and some noodles for Naruto. Sans nodded, and went to the kitchen. A moment later, Sans came back with what appeared to be a taller skeleton dressed in what appeared to be at least to some degree a superhero costume, with vertical slits for eyes and pseudo-eyebrows at the top. "GREETINGS!" the skeleton said, his voice high-pitched and sounding similar to Skeletor. "MY BROTHER HAS TOLD ME, THE GRRRREAT PAPYRUS, THAT THERE ARE POTENTIAL NEW FRIENDS TO MEET HERE!"

"Ooh, we like making friends!" Pinkie said, but then she was suddenly scooped up by Papyrus, who proceeded to hug her and squeal over her cuteness. Pinkie didn't object, until Papyrus put her down. "Awww...I was having fun..." she complained, sipping her shake.


The five introduced themselves to both Sans and Papyrus, and they talked for a while. As they did, Naruto saw something, or rather, someone, out of the corner of his eye: a pale girl, dressed in a My Chemical Romance hoodie, sitting alone and tapping her fingers absentmindedly. She seemed lonely, so Naruto decided he'd go talk to her. "Hey." he greeted. "My name's Naruto. What's yours?" The girl's response took Naruto aback. She flipped him off. "...Hey, that's pretty rude!" he shouted in protest. "I think you should apologize!"

"Fuck off, prep!" the girl shouted, getting the attention of Bash and Smash. The two walked over, and looked at Ebony.

"Hey, Naruto, is this girl bothering you?" Bash asked.

"Actually, yeah. She's being pretty rude."

Bash looked at Ebony. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Ebony Way." she spat. "What's it to ya?"

"Well, Ebony, since you're new here, I'm just gonna give you a warning: don't mess with him," he then gestured towards the others, who were watching intently. "or his friends over there. Because they're our friends, too."

"So you're friends with those preps?! That means you're posers!" At this, Bash, Smash and Naruto facepalmed at the self-proclaimed goth's 'logic'. Not wanting to argue, Naruto went back to the counter, Bash and Smash following. Ebony, however, was not finished yet with these supposed preps and posers. Walking over, she began verbally harassing the Rangers, Bash and Smash, and unfortunately for her, Blackhawk.

"Excuse me, miss, but if you're going to harass my friends, you need to leave." Blackhawk stated calmly.

"ME?!" Ebony shouted in an attempt to gain pity. "I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING! THESE PREPS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE HATING ON ME!"

"...Riiiiight." Blackhawk responded with sarcasm. "If you don't leave right now, I am literally going to throw you out. Are we understood?" Ebony flipped him off. "Suit yourself." Blackhawk said, leviatating Ebony into the air and tossing her out.

"Thanks." Naruto said. "I didn't wanna deal with her anymore."

"No problem." Blackhawk said, then shouted towards the door, "AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU CAN RESPECT OTHERS!"

"Fucking preps." Ebony muttered, sighing in defeat. Now that she'd been kicked out, what was she to do? Noticing an abandoned canvas in an alley, Ebony walked over to it, and conjured up some black paint, and got to work painting what looked to be a Tim Burton-inspired gopher. It had all the trademarks: thin limbs, an emaciated-looking body, wide, unblinking eyes lined with thin dark rings, and a wiry mop of black hair.

Aboard the Diabolic, Emperor Diabolica watched all of this, and rubbed his chin, pondering an idea that had just popped into his head.

"You have a new plan to destroy the Rangers, sir?" Circe asked.

"Hopefully it won't backfire like last time!" Kraky said. "Or the time before that, or the time before that..." He was quickly shut up by Diabolica lunging for his throat in anger.


"May I ask what this idea is?" Vipera questioned.

"I will manipulate the girl into letting me bring her creation to life. Once she does, I will have this new monster destroy the Power Rangers."

"Excellent idea, my Emperor." Drako said. "Though I am rather disappointed that I won't get to create a new Bloodbeast."

"Do not worry, Drako. You will get your time." Diabolica said, before teleporting to Core Earth. Appearing before Ebony, the Emperor gave a devilish, pun very much intended, grin. "Hello, Miss Way."

Ebony looked up from her nearly finished painting, eyes sparkling and jaw dropping. "A-are you Satan?" she asked, a hopeful tone in her voice.

At being called Satan, Diabolica decided to roll with it, since playing this girl like a fiddle would be far easier than it was already. "...Why, yes. Yes I am. It is such a pleasure to meet you after all these years. Tell me, my dear, what troubles you?"

Ebony explained her troubles, mainly how the 'dumb preps' needed to die. Diabolica patiently listened, and when she was finished, he spoke. "I will make you a deal: I will bring this drawing to life, and in exchange, he will do whatever you ask."

"What do I have to do?" Ebony asked. "This is a deal, right?"

"All you have to do," said Diabolica. "is let me bring your drawing to life."

"OK." said Ebony. Diabolica grinned, and shot a bolt of red lightning at the canvas. It proceeded to slowly peel itself off, and then the creature began transitioning from two dimensions into three, making his appearance more jarring and nightmarish. Ebony herself jumped back a bit as the monster bowed before her.

"Presenting Vincent Van Gopher, at your service." Diabolica introduced the monster. "He will do whatever you say, no questions asked."

"No questions asked, huh?" Ebony said. Drawing a quick sketch of a Tim Burton-esque rendition of the city, she presented it to Van Gopher. "Can you make this city less...preppy? Something like this?" The Gopher nodded, and went to carry out his least for now. His real orders, of course, were to destroy the Rangers when they appeared.

In the Command Center, alarms began going off as Alpha 8 ran around in a panic. "Do not worry, Alpha." Omnus said calmly. "It is time."

"You mean..." Alpha asked.

"Yes. It is time to recruit a new Ranger: Multiverse Black."

"I am so excited!" Alpha said. "Are we recruiting Blackhawk?"

"Unfortunately, no. It seems Tzeentch has thrown us a curveball, so to speak." Omnus explained. "We will have to recruit someone else."

"Who?" asked Alpha.

"You'll see. For now, alert the Rangers."

"Yes, sir!"

Meanwhile, the Rangers and Blackhawk were still talking with Sans and Papyrus when the Power Watches went off. "WOWIE! COOL RINGTONE!" said Papyrus.

"Yeah, it's cool." Lettuce said. "Sorry to cut this short, but we gotta go."

"go?" Sans asked. "so soon?"

Before any of the five could answer, Blackhawk did it for them. "They probably have things to do."

"makes sense." Sans said, though he still had his suspicions.

"GOODBYE FOR NOW!" said Papyrus.

Once the Rangers left, they proceeded to morph. "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"







Once the Rangers transformed, they were greeted with something very unnerving: the downtown area was transformed into a surreal-looking landscape that seemed to defy physics, with buildings looking as if they were designed by MC Escher. Shops were replaced with Hot Topics and Spencer's Gifts, and overall the tone of this place seemed very eerie, with distorted shadows everywhere. "Whoa...what happened here?" asked Lettuce.

"I dunno," said Toby. "but I think we found our problem." He then pointed to Vincent Van Gopher, who looked at them. 

"That thing is the stuff of nightmares." Usagi whispered.

"No kidding." Pinkie said. "Let's take him down!"

"Right." said the others. Vincent Van Gopher only responded with one thing:


"Wait...did I just hear him say 'preps'?" Toby asked.

"I think he did." Naruto said. "I think I might know who's behind this, too. But let's not talk about it right now. We need to fight." At this proclamation, a squadron of Imps appeared, and the Rangers had no trouble taking them down. With that out of the way, they could focus on taking care of the monster. As they charged all at once, the gopher fired electrical bolts from its palms, knocking the team back.

Meanwhile, in the Command Center...

"So, let me get this straight." said Ebony. "I'm going to become some kind of superhero?"

"To put it simply, yes." Alpha said.


"I am sorry, Ebony, but I must inform you that it is forbidden to tell anyone of this." Omnus said.

"Awww..." Ebony sighed. "Why not?"

"It is for the safety of those around you." Alpha said.


"Ay yi yi..." Alpha said, facepalming. "She just isn't getting it."

"She will in time." Omnus said. "Now, go, Ebony! And may the power protect you."

Once she was teleported out, Alpha looked at Omnus. "You didn't even bother disciplining her? Why?"

"Because what she displays is nothing more than a facade." replied Omnus. "Her arrogance and self-fulfilling ways are just a mask, to hide the real person beneath."

"Is that why she was chosen to take up the Black Ranger mantle?"

"Yes. Ebony, underneath her image of superiority, is someone who is, to put it simply, scared of the world."

"I detect she also has a pure heart."

"Indeed she does. I only hope she grows to realize it."

Meanwhile, the Rangers were having trouble defeating Vincent Van Gopher when suddenly, Ebony appeared. "Whoa!" Toby said. "What the heck is she doing here?"

"I think she might be a new Ranger!" Pinkie suggested.

"You might be right." Naruto said.

"PREPS?!" Ebony asked in surprise, having recognized their voices.

"STOP CALLING US PREPS!" Lettuce shouted.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Ebony asked.

"Uhhh...fighting this monster!" Pinkie said. "What else!"

"YOU CAN'T!" Ebony protested.

"What? Why not?" Toby asked.

"Because Satan gave that to me!" she revealed. At this, everyone aside from Ebony gave an expression of shock.

"WHAT?!" they all said in unison.

"Satan. Gave that to me." Ebony stated. "Jealous yet, preps?"


"FUCK YOU, PREP!" Ebony retorted.


"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, FUCKER!" Ebony shouted, charging at Naruto, only to be brought down before she could get a good slap on him.

"You listen to me, and listen well." the Red Ranger growled, his voice lowered. "You're a Ranger now, and that means listening to me. If you can't handle that, or in your case, don't want to handle that, then I have no problems leaving you for dead." Ebony said nothing, and just nodded, her haughty shell broken a bit.

"Satan...sorry, Emperor Diabolica...lied to me?" the girl asked finally, hesitantly. The others nodded, and she suddenly gained an expression of anger. "I don't like liars. Especially ones who just use me to get what they want." At this she got up...and morphed. "Multiverse, save Core Earth. VELOCIRAPTOR!" Joining the others, Ebony stood tall in her new outfit, the spandex-like armor fitting over her body snugly. At this, Vincent Van Gopher began to panic, and tried to run away. Unfortunately, the Rangers blocked his path via teleporting.

"All right, guys." Naruto said. "Let's finish this guy off with our Power Weapons!" He then turned to Ebony and asked, "You do have a Power Weapon, right...?"

"...SHADOW DAGGERS!" Ebony shouted the first thing that came to mind, and two obsidian daggers appeared in her hands. "Wow. Works like the magic back home." The others followed suit with their weapons, and with each slash, Vincent Van Gopher was weakened. They combined their weapons, Ebony included, and fired. The monster exploded, and the Rangers posed for victory.

On the Diabolic, Emperor Diabolica, of course, knew what to do next. "FORCES OF CHAOS..." he shouted. "MAKE MY MONSTER GROOOOOW!" A red bolt of lightning struck Core Earth, and Vincent Van Gopher grew into a giant.

"...Holy shit..." Ebony said. "...Is that normal?"

"Honey, you have no idea." said Toby.

"WE NEED DINOZORD POWER, NOW!" the Rangers minus Ebony said. Once the Multimegazord was brought together, it scuffled with the monster, wrestling it into a headlock. The Gopher countered with a blast, knocking the robot back. While the Multimegazord was stunned, Vincent Van Gopher proceeded to do a bodyslam and held the Multimegazord down, shocking it over and over again. From within, alarm bells and flashing lights went off. Activating his communicator, Naruto tried getting to Ebony. "You have a Zord too! Quickly, activate it!"

Ebony, as if on instinct, pulled out what looked like an electric guitar, played a small tune, and from the depths of the oceans below Coastal Falls, a large black shape emerged. Resembling a black-as-night velociraptor with glowing yellow eyes and patched of silver on the back, the Zord activated what resembled a jetpack and flew up onto the battlefield, landing with a triumphant pose. With a backflip, Ebony crawled into the Zord's cockpit, and grabbed the controls. Slowly lumbering towards its target, the Velocizord let out a deep and mighty roar, showing that it meant business. From up above, everyone from Emperor Diabolica to Drako only said two words: "Uh oh." The Velocizord then smacked Vincent Van Gopher off of the Multimegazord, and took the ear that wasn't missing into its jaws and bit it off.  Now completely deaf, Vincent Van Gopher began to whimpter as the Velocizord took one of the changed buildings and brought it down onto the creature's head, causing him to explode. Once the Gopher was defeated, the affected parts of the city changed back to normal.

Later, the Rangers were walking into the Juice Bar when they were once again stopped by Undyne. "Hey, what gives? You're not pulling that list crap again, are you?" Toby asked.

"Nope." said Undyne. "You guys can go ahead. She, on the other hand, can't." As if to emphasize her point, she pointed to Ebony. "Blackhawk asked me to. Trust me, I'd let her in, but given what she did earlier..."

"Yeah, we know." Naruto said. "But she's with us. Blackhawk can vouch." Upon hearing this, Undyne gave a small smile, and let all of them in. Confused and possibly fearing that she knew who they were, the Rangers went to find Blackhawk, and explained what happened. When he heard this, the hawk let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry guys, but I..kinda had to spill the beans. I didn't exactly have a choice."

Instead of being angry, the Rangers all looked at Blackhawk trustfully. They knew that Blackhawk seemed to trust Undyne, Sans and Papyrus from what they saw. That was when the three showed up. "hey." Sans greeted. "yeah, we know your secret. but don't worry. i may not like keepin' promises, but when i do, i give my word. so do papyrus and undyne."


"It was totally AWESOME!" said Undyne enthusiastically. "The bad guy was like 'POW!' And you were like 'WASHOOSH!' And then he exploded when you destroyed him! I'd give ANYTHING to be in your guys' shoes!"

"Who knows?" Toby joked. "I might ask you to fill in for me one of these days!"

"I accept that offer!" Undyne said, much to Toby's confusion. "...Seriously, I WILL fill in for you. Just say the word." Turning to Ebony, she said, "You're the newest Ranger, right?" Ebony nodded. "Well, I was thinking you might need some training from Blackhawk and I. You aren't exactly a martial arts type, I'm guessing?"

"Nope. I know magic...kinda. Went to a magic school before I came here." Ebony admitted. "I didn't exactly pay attention."

"Well, you're DEFINITELY gonna need work." said Undyne. "Starting ASAP. Come with me." She then began leading Ebony towards the gym mats, with Blackhawk following.

"I guess things are starting to change big-time." Naruto said.

"You got that right." Lettuce said. "Now that we have a new Ranger, nothing can stop us!"

"Right!" Toby, Pinkie, and Usagi agreed.

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Here's a rerun of the first episode of Annoy Squidward


Episode 1: Bells

Plot: Squidward tries to relax in his bubble bath but he is interrupted and annoyed by ringing bells.


Squidward goes to his bathroom and takes a bubble bath. 

He relaxes until he hears ringing. He then looks out the window and sees SpongeBob and Patrick is ringing bells. 

"SpongeBob and Patrick please keep it down, I'm trying to relax here"  Squidward said.

He relaxes in the tub and then he hears the bells ringing again. 

"Hey keep it down!" Squidward said.

Squidward tries to relax. He closes his eyes and imagines himself in a paradise land with floating clarinets. But suddenly the clarinets become bells and rings.

He wakes up and looks out the window. He sees SpongeBob and Patrick still playing with their bells.


"What's wrong Squidward?" SpongeBob said.

"I thought told you guys to stop ringing those bells!" Squidward said angrily.

"Oh sorry Squiddy, we couldn't here you" SpongeBob said.

"Well please keep it down" Squidward said.

"Do you mean keep it up...OKAY!!!" Patrick said.

"WAIT PATRICK DON'T RI--" SpongeBob said but he is interrupted by the ringing.

Patrick starts ringing his bell over and over again until Squidward couldn't take it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Squidward screams and runs down.

"RUN FOR IT PATRICK" SpongeBob said.

SpongeBob and Patrick runs away 

Squidward opens the door and chases SpongeBob and Patrick (while wearing only bubbles).

End of Episode


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Dedicated to the first 25 years of Nicktoons, may the legacy live on forever. / Before the episode even opens up properly, a FAMILIAR blonde haired woman, is seen feverishly working on a project! Blonda laughs maniacally and says: “MWA!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Yes! My top secret project is FINALLY complete! Soon, I will have REVENGE against all the ingrates who kicked ME off and I WILL get all the prize money! My future WILL be secured! And now, to turn on, the GREATEST and most POWERFUL villain to EVER exist in the history of EVER!!!!” And with a blast of magic energy, Blonda FUELS her secret project, and revitalizes, the most FEARED “Power Ranger” villain of ALL time, Emperor Mavro! Emperor Mavro yells: “I LIVE AGAIN!!!!” Blonda says: “That's right! I put your body back together and filled you with life, because you are going to HELP me out! I need you to CAPTURE the Total Cartoon Global Cruise contestants so I can RANSOM them for the $44.44 million grand prize!” Emperor Mavro evilly says: “I work for NOBODY!!!!” And Blonda pushes a button, which activates an electric SHOCK collar around Emperor Mavro's neck! Blonda coyly says: “Did I neglect to mention the behavior modification device to ENSURE that you will cooperate with me? And THAT wasn't even at full power! Now, you WILL do what I say, or I can take AWAY your life as easily as I gave it back!” Emperor Mavro groans, VERY irritated and says: “Fine! I'll capture the STUPID Total Cartoon Global Cruise contestants for you!” Blonda chuckles deviously and says: “Excellent! Most excellent INDEED!!!!” /

The episode opens up properly, with Sniz in the cock-pit. Sniz says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, one of the most SHOCKING developments to occur on this season happened! Marlene and Captain Retro BROKE UP, all because Captain Retro wouldn't tell Marlene about her future. And no sooner did they break up, than did someone come back INTO the game! Thanks to King Julien, Skipper got a third chance to try his luck for the $44.44 million grand prize, and Marlene and Skipper got back together. The contestants traveled into Vietnam. They were set to compete in a jungle game of Capture the Flag, but a villain from Power Rangers Zeo, Prince Gasket, kidnapped Randolph and turned the challenge into a rescue challenge! Captain Retro blew up Prince Gasket, rescued Randolph, and won solo immunity for the second challenge in a row. Randolph however, decided he had enough of the competition, and decided to call it quits as a contestant. Oh, and Marlene and Skipper got married. So, how are we going to top ourselves this time? The answer waits on today's exciting episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise!” /

Instead of the usual show open, a very BIG hit song by Def Leppard is played BY Def Leppard during the opening sequence! Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Def Leppard. Song: “Armageddon It!” Sung by: Def Leppard! / “You better come inside when you're ready to, but no chance if ya don't want to dance. You're like four-letter words when you're ready to, but then you won't cause you know that you can. You got it, but are you getting it? You say that love is won when you get some, but then your finger won't trigger the gun. You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it, you know you got it. Hey, but are you getting it? Really getting it, come get it from me. Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got. Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Yeah, but are you getting it? Armageddon it! Ooh, really getting it? Yes, armageddon it! Yeah, doo-doo wop! You try coming on when you need some, but then you don't, cause you already did. Yeah, you jangle your jewels while you’re shaking ya, and drive the pretty boys outta their heads! You got it, but are you getting it? You flash you bedroom eyes like a jumping jack, then play it pretty with a pat on the back. You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it! You know you got it! Hey, but are you getting it? Ooh, really getting it, oh, come get it from me! Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got.

Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Yeah, but are you getting it? Armageddon it! Ooh, really getting it? Yes, armageddon it! Come on boys, get it! Take it, take it, take it from me! I got an itchy finger following me! Pull it, pull it, come on trigger the gun! Cause the best is yet to come, I say! Cause the best is yet to come! Are you getting it? Really getting it? Are you getting it, really getting it? Oh, come get it from me. Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got. Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Gimme all of your loving. Oh, are you getting it? Gimme all that you got. Oh, are you getting it? Every bit of your loving. Oh, little bit, gimme all that you got. Little bit! You got to live it, gimme all of your loving. Oh, baby, mean it. Gimme all that you got. Come on and give it! Gimme all of your loving. Oh, come on and give it, never want it to stop! Oh, are you getting it? Gimme all of your loving. Ooh, are you getting it? Never want it to stop. Oh, are you getting it? Every bit of your loving.” / And the epic song ends. /

“Legendary Cross-over Battle!” The episode opens up in the V.I.P. Lounge, where Captain Retro is resting with his fellow canine contestants, Dog and Dudley, the latter also has Chameleon with him. Dog says: “Thanks for inviting us back here with you after Randolph quit.” Dudley says: “And thanks for letting Chameleon come with me!” Chameleon says: “I've never been invited to a V.I.P. Lounge before. I feel honored!” Captain Retro says: “The honor is all mine. I needed some good canine talk, especially now that Marlene is back together with Skipper.” Chameleon asks: “You mean the fact that they're now married?!” And Captain Retro tenses up! Dudley says: “Sensitive subject!” Chameleon blushes and says: “Sorry!” Captain Retro relaxes and says: “It still emotionally hurts, a little bit. But time heals all wounds, or so I've heard. In any case, I need to discuss something important.” Dog asks: “What's that?” Captain Retro says: “This disturbing, recurring vision I keep having. I keep seeing Emperor Mavro of Power Rangers Super Mega Force, attacking Valencia, California.” Chameleon says: “What's so significant about Valencia, California?” Captain Retro says: “It's where the Power Rangers series FIRST originated! Everything great that revolves around the Power Rangers, was made possible because of where the filming of the Power Rangers takes place, in regards to the American footage of it. Some people even consider Valencia, California to be a hallowed ground of sorts, and do not want to see it damaged.” Dog asks: “But Emperor Mavro died in the series finale of Power Rangers Super Mega Force!” Captain Retro says: “Trakeena, Mesogog, and Dai Shi all died at the end of THEIR seasons to, but they still came back!” Chameleon says: “As a former villain myself, I can't just understand WHY villains can't just STAY dead!”

Captain Retro says: “As such, I need some good fellow canines and a canine at heart, to do some sniffing around. Smell out anything suspicious, and report back to me. At this stage in the game, there's very little opportunities to do things over. I want to make sure that if anything bad is about to go down, that we find out about it BEFORE it happens! I don't want to be blindsided this season again!” Dudley says: “I don't think ANYBODY wants to be blindsided at this point in the season! Just call us the THREE—I mean, the FOUR MUTT-sketers!” Dog says: “Mutt-sketers?” Dudley says: “Combination of the word mutt and musketeers.” Dog says: “Clever!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “Randolph's departure got me thinking, it could be very useful for the canines in this competition to stick together. After all, everyone knows that when it comes to loyalty and honesty, it's hard to find ANYTHING better than a thoroughbred dog, no matter what kind of breed it is! The kind of bond that dog's naturally have with each other, can carry us far. I'm banking on at LEAST one of the four of us, to get to the Final Five!” /

Dog says: “Now that Randolph is gone, I need some back-up support. So it only makes sense for me to get together with some fellow canines. I once tried to become one of the Greasers, but they didn't treat Cat with the respect he deserved. I know that my new friends won't treat Cat like that; they've proven that they are good dogs and will help me out in the upcoming challenges!” / Dudley and Chameleon are together. Dudley says: “Well Chameleon, I think we can safely say that you're a part of a pack, now!” Chameleon says: “Cool! I've always wanted to be part of a pack!” Dudley says: “The best part of being part of a pack, is that we watch out for each other. We stand together, and we can face any threat!” Chameleon says: “It just feels so nice to have friends who honestly care for me!” Dudley says: “That's one of the benefits of being a good guy, you can often count on your friends to be there for you.” (End Confessional)

In the First Class section, the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance are wondering what move to pursue next. Stimpy says: “I think we're just about to the point in this season where almost NOBODY is going to be an easy boot.” Wally says: “I quite agree. So far, most of our fellow, former competitors who have left us genuinely didn't have the skills, or weren't liked well enough to warrant making far. But now, all that's left are the contestants who are genuinely friendly with each other.” Po says: “Not quite. Don't forget, Bulma and Zarbon have shaped up to be quite the dangerous duo this season, and I still can't tell which one of them we should be more worried about.” Rocko says: “I know what you mean, there's either Bulma with her brains, or Zarbon with his brawn.” Reggie says: “But we're lucky that we have Captain Retro on our side.” Norbert says: “You're forgetting one key of the puzzle; Captain Retro himself told us that he will not be able to WIN this season. Part of his condition for entering this season. If he wins solo immunity challenges, he can't be targeted. But most of us know from prior experience how hard it is to win solo immunity challenges, let alone consecutive immunity challenges in a row. Captain Retro won't be able to keep up a winning streak forever, and Bulma knows this, as well. The moment Captain Retro slips up, she'll use the opportunity to get him out!” Daggett says: “How do you figure that? She's lost control of Anti-Timmy. That was her Trump Card!” Norbert says: “From what I've seen from Bulma so far this season, would indicate to me that she's not out of options yet. I just KNOW she has a back-up plan to keep her in the game, and it probably involves Zarbon somehow.” Stimpy says: “Do you think Bulma IS using Zarbon?”

Reggie says: “I think the possibility is VERY likely! Remember, Blonda DID say that Bulma is a schemer and she was just USING Zarbon! What are the chances that Bulma ISN'T?!” Rocko says: “Do you think Zarbon suspects that Bulma is just using him?” Po says: “Highly unlikely. Even Captain Retro couldn't tell that MARLENE was just using him to tell her the future, and he has aura reading powers!” Daggett gasps and says: “Zarbon would RISK penalty votes to RIG a vote-off in Bulma's favor!” Norbert gasps and says: “Oxnard Montalvo, you're right again! That's why Bulma is so confidant, she knows that as long as she has Zarbon in her back pocket, she can target anyone she wants! How did we not see this sooner?!” Wally says: “Probably because Bulma didn't WANT us to see this sooner. Why else would she go to the trouble of using Anti-Timmy as her pawn? Set up Oonski, Kaput, and Taotie as red herring villains for us to eliminate? And to top it all off, convince ZARBON to take full responsibility for everything bad that has happened this season?!” Stimpy says: “It doesn't make any sense! Bulma ISN'T a villain!” Reggie says: “Maybe not in the traditional sense. It's possible that Bulma doesn't even THINK of herself as a villain. After all, what has Bulma ACTUALLY done? She technically hasn't DONE anything bad; everything bad that has happened, she convinced someone else to do it FOR her! I don't think she even HAS the guts to do anything bad on her own! If we got rid of Zarbon, her whole game plan could fall apart!”

Rocko says: “Even THAT is not going to be as easy as it sounds. Don't forget, now that we don't have Tigress, Zarbon's only athletic equal is Captain Retro, and Captain Retro doesn't seem to be exactly EAGER to get Zarbon out of the competition.” Daggett says: “Doesn't Captain Retro REALIZE how dangerous Zarbon is?!” Norbert says: “The only way Captain Retro can assess a threat, is if he first can read their aura accurately. And after that incident over Nepal, Captain Retro doesn't want to risk trying to read Zarbon's aura again!” Po says: “So we're stuck between a rock and a hard place!” Wally says: “Not necessarily, we just need a way to draw Zarbon and Bulma out. We'll need bait, LIVE bait! Something that would entice Zarbon and Bulma to strike, but what?” They think about it, and everyone EXCEPT Norbert and Daggett turns to look at Norbert and Daggett!

Daggett shouts: “US?!!! Are you crazy?!” Stimpy says: “It's got to be you two, you're the only two contestants who currently AREN'T a part of an alliance! If any member of the Power Rangers Retro Force does it, Bulma will automatically become suspicious!” Norbert asks: “You're asking us to sacrifice our game?!” Rocko says: “You're NOT sacrificing it; you're making a stand!” Reggie says: “Bulma keeps talking about how she's the smartest contestant in this game. Even if THAT is true, that doesn't give her the right to make scheming plans that involves using other contestants to do her dirty work for her! She needs to find out that if she wants to win this game, she needs to do so on her OWN skills!” Wally says: “The ball is in your court. You get to make the call.” Daggett asks: “Norbert, what's it going to be? A life-time of uncertainty, or 55 minutes as heroes?” Norbert says: “Daggett, I think deep down, we both already know the answer to that one. The time to take a STAND is now!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

Sniz announces over the intercom and says: “Sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that's occurring between the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Speaking of the Power Rangers, fans of the Power Rangers are going to be in for a REAL treat today! We're traveling to Valencia, California, birth place of the American footage for the Power Rangers franchise! We'll be traveling to all the old stomping grounds of the series, and there will be Power Rangers themed challenges!” Captain Retro and his new buddies, barge back into the First Class section and asks: “Is it true?! Is the Valencia, California location true?!” Wally says: “It appears to be so. Why, is that bad?” Captain Retro says: “It just confirms my fears. This challenge will NOT be a walk in the park, even by MY standards!” Sniz says: “And you know that because of that beeping sound, it's time for a song to be sung. Only THIS time, only contestants who are currently IN the First Class section will be allowed to sing this song!” In Normal Class, the newly-wed Marlene says: “Nuts! I really LIKE singing these songs!” Skipper says: “Don't worry about it. I've got MUCH more romantic plans for the BOTH of us!” Marlene romantically says: “Oh, Skipper...!” In the First Class section, Norbert says: “I know what song we've got to sing. It's time to cut out the Justin Bieber and Nicki Manaj CRAP and listen to some good old fashioned Tom Petty!” Captain Retro sighs happily and says: “I LOVE being a Nicktoon!” / Genre: 1980's Rock. Sub-Genre: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Song: “I Won't Back Down.” Sung by: Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance, Dog, Dudley, and Chameleon. /

Norbert: “Well, I won't back down, no, I won't back down.” Captain Retro about Marlene: “You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down.” Daggett: “No, I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around.” Wally: “And I'll keep this world from dragging me down, gonna stand my ground and I won't back down.” Rocko: “I won't back down!” Stimpy: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Reggie: “I won't back down!” Po: “I will stand my ground and I won't back down!” Dudley: “Well I know what's right, I got just one life.” Chameleon: “In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but I'll stand my ground, and I won't back down!” Dog: “I won't back down!” Reggie: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Wally: “I won't back down!” Rocko: “I will stand my ground, and I won't back down!” (Instrumental Solo) Dudley: “I won't back down!” Dog: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Chameleon: “I won't back down!” Stimpy: “I won't back down!” Captain Retro: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Daggett: “I won't back down!” Norbert: “I will stand my ground and I won't back down.” Captain Retro: “No, I won't back down!” / And the epic song ends. Sniz comes over the Intercom and says: “Congratulations on another hit song. Best to get some sleep. We will be arriving in Valencia, California tomorrow!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “The challenge that is about to unfold, will undoubtedly be bigger than ANY challenge that any of us have faced before up to this point! How and why Emperor Mavro came back, I am not sure how, nor does it really matter. All that matters is up stopping Emperor Mavro once and for all. Once that's out of the way, I can focus on the crucial matter of getting Bulma Briefs out of the game. I'm very CONFIDANT that eliminating her is the KEY to this whole game!” / Stimpy says: “Seeing as how I don't want to eliminate anybody else, it makes perfect sense to target Bulma and Zarbon, they're the only two contestants LEFT in this game not liked by a majority of the contestants remaining. Granted, if they're gone, they'll be nobody left for the remaining contestants that they will WANT to target; but my friends and I managed pretty well last season, and we will undoubtedly manage again. If there's one thing a Nicktoon is often good at, it's the ability to keep friendships, no matter WHAT the odds are!” / Rocko says: “Bulma undoubtedly has a healthy serving of karma coming her way. The only question that remains in my mind is, when and where will it strike? Karma always works in mysterious ways. But from what I've experienced, Karma always seems to strike a person just when they NEED it given to them the most! So what I'm wondering is, has Bulma met the criteria for getting her karma yet?” / Reggie says: “For far too long, Bulma has been able to misdirect us and mislead us with false information about who to eliminate, and who the villains in this game have been, but no more! I'll give her THIS much credit, seeing as how she was able to manage to fool us for THIS long, but she will fool us NO longer!” /

Wally says: “I think it IS asking a lot for Norbert and Daggett to put themselves on the line, but we need to know just WHAT Bulma IS capable of, and how FAR she is willing to go to get what she wants. I mean, she's the OWNER of the Capsule Corporation! She's already super rich! Is she willing to put herself through THIS much trouble to get $44.44 million?! I think there must be something ELSE besides the prize money that she's thinking of. The question is, what could it be?” / Po says: “There is now no doubt in my mind that Taotie was nothing but a distraction! Bulma KNEW Taotie had a history against both ME and Tigress; and Bulma must have promised Taotie a LOT if Taotie was willing to antagonize us the way he did! Bulma must have been counting on Taotie to go to ANY lengths to get Tigress out of the game, even if it meant Taotie sacrificing his own game to do so! Bulma may have the brains CAPABLE of winning this competition, but she DOESN'T have the heart and soul!” / Norbert and Daggett are together. Norbert says: “So this is what our game boils down to.” Daggett says: “A possible kamikaze mission to bait Zarbon and Bulma? I thought I'd never see the day!” Norbert asks: “Are you scared, Daggett?” Daggett says: “Norbert, I am BAD at math, but even I have the knowledge to know that the fear I'm experiencing is off the charts!” Norbert says: “You really need to get some bigger charts!” Daggett says: “But Bunny wouldn't want ANYBODY like Bulma to get away with what she's doing, Bunny would WANT Bulma to be taken out!” Norbert hugs Daggett lovingly and says: “My spooty little brother is FINALLY growing up! I think I may break down and CRY!” Daggett groans and says: “Just don't do it here. It's awkward enough as it is.” (End Confessional) / (Commercial Break) /

After the commercials finish airing, the action focuses on the remaining contestants in Normal Class, with Bulma and Zarbon having a private conversation. Zarbon looks around and asks: “Bulma, do you think Captain Retro has any suspicion about the reason WHY we are in an alliance/relationship together?!” Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “DUH! Of course he has! Why do you think I've used my genius to focus primarily on HIM for THIS long?! To keep him from figuring it out!” Zarbon asks: “So why has Captain Retro figured it out now?” Bulma says: “It's no longer necessary for us to keep our arrangement a secret any longer. Besides, even if Captain Retro DOES suspect the real reason I'm sticking together with you, he can't do anything about it. After all, I DO have you, Zarbon! You're the perfect ally to have! You're willing to risk a penalty vote to get further in the game. Captain Retro will not. All you have to do is threaten to beat up ANY contestant that TRIES to ruin our plans for WINNING, and Captain Retro will back off.”

Zarbon says: “On paper, that DOES sound like a good plan. But what makes you think Captain Retro WON'T take action?” Bulma says: “Just listen to me; I've spent a BUTT-LOAD of time with good guys like Captain Retro; they're ALL alike! Captain Retro cares TOO much about the safety and security of his friends to put them in any REAL danger! And don't forget, Captain Retro won't risk reading your aura anymore, so he will have no way of knowing if your threats are real or hollow. WE have the upper hand here.” Zarbon says: “We're STILL out-numbered, three to 15!” Bulma says: “Not necessarily. All we have to do is turn the contestants NOT in Captain Retro's close circle of friends, AGAINST Captain Retro! For instance, I know of a certain Skipper and Marlene, who don't wish to have Captain Retro make it any further!” Zarbon says: “Skipper, maybe. But I don't think you KNOW Marlene at all! She'd never hurt anybody on purpose unless she had a good reason to.” Bulma says: “That's why I've got to make her think that I'm on HER side! I can charm her with my genius, and make her think that she's getting the deal of a lifetime! I'll make her think that my genius ideas and strategies for getting to the Final Three, will be all for the taking! Even Marlene won't be able to resist such an offer! And when Marlene least suspects it, we BETRAY her and crush her dreams! And maybe even CRUSH Skipper's dreams for a third time if we're lucky!” Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Bulma; that is QUITE fiendish! I love it! You come UP with the great plans, and I carry them out! That's why we make SUCH a perfect duo, in this game, AND in life!” Bulma smiles and lovingly says: “To us, FOREVER!”

(Confessional) Bulma pretend gags and disgustedly says: “UGH!!!! Pretending to 'LOVE' Zarbon has been the most IRRITATING experience of my life, bar-none! I've put myself through a LOT of humiliating endeavors, but it's ALL going to pay off! Once I SCHEME my way to the top, everyone will FINALLY see that Bulma Briefs is the most intelligent being in the UNIVERSE, and NOBODY will EVER mock my genius AGAIN! And I will NEVER be made fun of again! My intellectual triumph will be my SWEET revenge against all those PUNKS who laughed and made FUN of MY name in school! And best of all, I'll FINALLY prove that I'm smarter than my DAD! Intellectual triumphs are the sweetest! It feels GOOD to be the QUEEN, of CUNNING, UNRIVALED, NEUROTIC, TECHNICIANS, or CUN—WHOOPS!!!! I almost gave away the acronym of my secret organization! I have REALLY got to learn when to turn my MOUTH off!” / Zarbon says: “Why am I helping Bulma out? Believe me, it's not out of the goodness of my heart. She needs me to get to the Final Three and she knows it. Without me, she has nothing! That's why I KNOW she will not betray me! Besides, I'm FAR too pretty to EVER eliminate!” (End Confessional)

The TUFF Alliance has a meeting with Marlene and Skipper. Suzie says: “Well, I'm surprised that the glamorous MARLENE wants to ditch the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance and join up with our smaller and more humble alliance!” Marlene rolls her eyes and says: “Well, it's not like I had much of a choice. After I broke up with Captain Retro and got married to Skipper, I don't think Captain Retro's going to be in much of a mood to speak with me.” Patrick says: “Well, that IS to be expected, after the way YOU revealed that you were only USING Captain Retro to tell him YOUR future!” Marlene GLARES angrily at Patrick and says: “You are SO lucky I will not RISK a penalty vote just to SLUG you!” Skipper says: “Besides, I think we NEED to be together at this point. Where are Dog, Dudley, and Chameleon anyways?” Suzie rolls her eyes and says: “Blame Randolph! Ever since HE quit and told Dog that he and all the canine contestants should stick together, that's all they've BEEN doing!” Marlene grunts angrily and says: “UGH!!!! I just cannot get a BREAK in the friends department or the alliance department! Why is PATRICK even IN this alliance?!”

Patrick sputters and says: “I've BEEN in this thing since the beginning! Besides, I've outlasted FAR more contestants THIS season than in my first two seasons put together! I've GOT to be doing SOMETHING right!” Skipper gives a serious look to Marlene and he says: “You know, Patrick DOES have a point, Marlene. Besides, who knows WHAT random skills Patrick can employ against the opposition? He's our wild-card option, Marlene! And we DEFINITELY need an element like THAT on our side!” Patrick glances at Suzie, smiling, and he says: “SEE?! Someone thinks I'm a valuable asset!” Suzie rolls her eyes and says: “Statistically speaking, SOMEBODY had to think so sooner or later!” Patrick's smile turns into a frown as his glance sours. Patrick asks: “Will you EVER stop talking about me in a sarcastic manner?” Suzie seriously says: “I'll stop it once it stops being funny, all right?” (Confessional) Suzie says: “As in, NEVER!!!!” / Patrick sighs and says: “It gets really irritating that I STILL can't be taken seriously in this competition, even after SO much time has passed, and I've already outlasted 40 other contestants. It would SERVE my competition right if I managed to surprise them all and make it ALL the way to the Final Three all by myself!” (End Confessional)

Skipper says: “Regardless of the way we feel about each other, or the differences we might have had for the past, our options our limited at this point. If any of us wants to make it to the Final Three, we need each other in order to do it.” Suzie says: “Agreed! This time, at least ONE of us BESIDES Marlene will make it to the Final Three for the First Time!” Marlene says: “And maybe, I can make it to the Final Three again if I'm lucky!” The four of them all put their arms in together and shout: “To the TUFF Alliance!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “Having the MOST collective experience among any of us, I shall UNDOUBTEDLY carry my alliance to victory! Bulma isn't the only one around here who can be crafty, I can make my OWN genius plans! Besides, I have my HUSBAND Skipper to help me now! As far as I'm concerned, victory is in the bag!” / Skipper says: “I'm proud of Marlene, for being so committed to having a game strategy. That's one of the big reasons I fell in love with her; she has the ability to create great plans, and to carry them through for as long as she's able to! With the two of us working together to achieve our dreams, I believe that the BOTH of us might be able to make the Final Three this time!” (End Confessional) Finally, the plane lands down on the outskirts of Valencia, California; and all the contestants disembark the plane. Sniz says: “Welcome, to the glorious town of Valencia, California!” Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “Technically speaking, Valencia is a SUBURB of Santa Clarita, California, and has been ever since 1987!” Gonard groans and asks: “Do you EVER shut that MOUTH off?!” Bulma says: “I'll shut it off, once I; stop being right, all right?” (Confessional) Bulma says: “As in, NEVER!!!!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Well then, since you seem REALLY eager to prove your intellectual superiority to everyone, perhaps YOU would like to be your own TEAM!!!!” Bulma asks: “What do you mean?” General Barracuda says: “It's my little idea! Since the Power Rangers often fight in teams of six, why don't YOU guys fight in teams of six?! So for the duration of this challenge, there will be three teams again! The Power Rangers Retro Force, will consist of Captain Retro, Stimpy, Wally, Rocko, Reggie, and Dog. The Power Rangers TUFF Alliance, will consist of Dudley, Chameleon, Suzie, Patrick, Marlene, and Skipper. And the Power Rangers Sniz Squad, will consist of Bulma, Zarbon, Gonard, Norbert, Daggett, and Po. And best of all, the Power Ranger team that does the best in this challenge, will all get the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment, with immunity! The Power Ranger team that does the worst, will have to vote TWO of their own off! And only THEY will be allowed to do the voting!” Daggett shouts: “Are you CRAZY?!” General Barracuda says: “No! I just like to give you contestants a VERY hard time, because I CAN!” Daggett turns to Norbert, and Daggett asks: “What are we going to do now?” Norbert says: “We're going to stick to the plan. We both know that even if we were to WIN this challenge for Bulma and Zarbon, they wouldn't keep us around for long, they'd turn on us the first chance they got! We have to draw them BOTH out, if we can! We have to get at least ONE of them out of the game!” Daggett sighs and says: “You're right, Norbie. I just wish it didn't have to go down this way.” Norbert says: “Neither do I; Daggett. But just ask yourself, what would Bunny want you to do?” Daggett looks up at Norbert, and Daggett says: “Bunny would want me, to do the right thing! Let's do it!” (Confessional)

Bulma groans and says: “CURSES! Sniz NEVER told us that we would have to perform a TEAM challenge after the team merge; it looks like my plans for getting rid of Captain Retro will have to be put on hold, for a while.” / Daggett and Norbert are together. Daggett says: “Look Norbert, if we don't survive this challenge, I just want you to know that it has been a blast to play with you this season, a lot more than I ever thought it could be.” Norbert says: “Seeing how much you've matured this season has made all our troubles worth it. Besides, we can start work on Angry Beavers ReSpooted once we're out of the contest!” Daggett says: “Yeah. It sure will be great for us to get on TV again.” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Your first task as Rangers, will be to take down a classic villain from the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. So we've resurrected, the InVenusable Fly-Trap! Is it a man? Is it a woman? We don't really know, it's SO hard to tell with plants! Power Rangers Sniz Squad, you can be up first!” Bulma says: “Zarbon, Po, do what you are best at! Everyone else, can just stand around and make ME look prettier and WAY smarter than the rest of you by comparison!” Norbert says: “Let's do it NOW, Daggett!” Daggett says: “Right! I am SICK and TIRED of YOU bossing everyone around with your big, fat, MOUTH!!!!” Bulma twitches and she angrily says: “Like, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Norbert sarcastically says: “Oh, I'm 'SORRY!!!!' Was that TOO 'complicated' for you? I'll try 'dumbing' it DOWN to 'YOUR' level! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bulma seriously says: “Zarbon, NEW plan! You KNOW what to do!” Zarbon smiles and says: “With PLEASURE!!!!” And Zarbon begins firing energy rays at Norbert and Daggett, who have to move FAST in order to AVOID them! Zarbon says: “Don't look so nervous! I'm not going to KILL you, I just want to SHUT you UP!!!!” Daggett asks: “What's the matter? Can't take a little criticism?!” And Zarbon fires an energy ray at Daggett, MISSING him by mere inches! Norbert says: “I guess he can't!” Po sighs and says: “FINE! I'll take care of the beast and save the day, AGAIN, as usual!!!!”

So Po performs a flying kick at the monster, but the monster GRABS Po in mid-air, and eats OFF his shorts, making Po completely naked! And the monster throws Po down to the ground! Po grunts in frustration and embarrassment and says: “UGH!!!! I'm taking five!” And Zarbon continues to fire energy rays at Norbert and Daggett. Norbert asks: “Say, Zarbon! Why are you letting Bulma Briefs boss you around? You're MUCH too talented and BEAUTIFUL to take orders from ANYONE, let alone HER!!!!” Bulma growls angrily and she screams: “You keep your big mouth SHUT!!!! I don't care if you ARE a pretty beaver, that WON'T stop Zarbon from taking the PRETTY out of you! Besides, Zarbon needs ME to get him to the Final Three! Of COURSE he's going to do what I say!” Zarbon scoffs and says: “It's not like I NEED you, I'm just hanging out with you because it's CONVENIENT for me! I could get to the Final Three WITH, or without you!” Bulma threateningly says: “You wouldn't last ONE day without me! Besides, I don't think you've FORGOTTEN what I KNOW about YOU, and that dirty SECRET of yours, do YOU?!” And Zarbon shudders in fear!

(Confessional) Zarbon grunts in frustration and says: “My Achilles Heel! My one weakness! How DARE she use that threat against me, after ALL we've been through together?! Mark my words, her day WILL come when she sees that I'm the ONLY one who can win this game; just not today!” / Bulma says: “Norbert and Daggett are TRYING to get under my skin, but it's a SUICIDE mission they're on! My skin is SO metaphorically thick, NOTHING can get underneath it! If they're trying to draw ME out to take them on myself, they are WASTING their time! That's what I have Zarbon for! And in case Zarbon even THINKS about trying to make it on his own, I'll just threaten to DUMP him for Gonard! After all, Gonard has been LONGING to have a date with me for so long; who's to say that I won't give Gonard his wish?” (End Confessional) General Barracuda groans and asks: “Are ANY of you even going to TRY to fight the monster?!” Zarbon threateningly says: “STAY out of this!” And fires an energy ray at General Barracuda, missing him by mere inches! Sniz groans and says: “This is PATHETIC!!!! We will END your turn before ANY of you do SOMETHING you will regret! Time UP!!!!” And Zarbon stops firing his energy rays, while Norbert and Daggett fall down, exhausted. Zarbon walks up to the two beavers, and Zarbon says: “Well, you get to KEEP your beauty, but I doubt that you'll be able to keep your GAME once WE are through with you!” And Zarbon walks away. (Confessional)

Daggett and Norbert are together. Daggett says: “MAN!!!! I'm glad I don't have to do THAT every day!” Norbert says: “You said it!” Daggett says: “It's so SPOOTY!!!! All that trouble we went through, and we couldn't get ANYTHING out of Bulma!” Norbert says: “Not directly, but we got SOMETHING, without her even REALIZING it!” Daggett asks: “What do you mean?” Norbert says: “Captain Retro needed to find out if Bulma would target us physically herself, if we tried to cross her path. But she DIDN'T!!!! She had Zarbon do it! This PROVES Captain Retro's theory! Zarbon IS the one carrying out all of Bulma's plans! Without Zarbon, Bulma has nothing to fall back on!” Daggett asks: “So we did well?” Norbert sighs and says: “Yes Daggett, we did well. And the best part is, Zarbon made himself look even MORE like a bad guy than he did before!” Daggett says: “Well, we did our part. Now it's up to all our friends to follow through and bring Zarbon to justice!” / Zarbon sighs and says: “Eh, I probably played right into the hands of those beavers. Not one of the better moves I have made. But I STILL have my secret weapon, even though it totally is NOT so secret; my godly beauty! Sniz and Fondue would NEVER allow me to be eliminated; I'm FAR too pretty, and I'm bringing in TOO high of a ratings boost for them, so they won't even CONSIDER dropping me! Norbert and Daggett may have won this battle, but the war is FAR from over yet! And with MY perfect beauty, there's no CHANCE that I won't win!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Power Rangers Retro Force, I trust YOUR team will do a better job of handling this monster!” Captain Retro says: “You can depend on us! IS a monster and not just somebody in a monster suit, right?” Sniz says: “It is a completely, accurate, 100% monster!” Captain Retro says: “Than we can TOTALLY destroy it!” Sniz says: “And since many early battles of the Power Rangers had a song to go with the fight, why don't you SING a song while you fight this monster? With that being said, only ONE song seems appropriate enough to fight the InVenusable Fly-Trap; the #1 hit song from 1986 by the hit-makers, Bananarama!” Captain Retro sighs and says: “I LOVE being a Nicktoon!” /

Genre: Dance Pop. Sub-Genre: Bananarama. Song: “Venus.” Sung by: The Power Rangers Retro Force! / There's a fighting montage sequence while the six contestants fight against the monster.

Stimpy: “Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame.” Wally: “The summit of beauty and love.” Captain Retro: “And Venus was her name. She's got it; yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie to Rocko: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Rocko about the monster: “Her weapons are her crystal eyes, making every man mad! Black as the dark night she has got what no one else had!” Retro Force: “Wow! She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” (Instrumental Solo) Wally: “Venus!” Stimpy: “She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Wally: “Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame.” Stimpy: “The summit of beauty and love.” Captain Retro: “And Venus was her name.” Retro Force: “Wow! She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Wally: “Venus was her name.” Stimpy: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Captain Retro: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Wally: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Rocko to Reggie: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” /

The fighting sequence and the epic song ends as the monster is knocked down! Captain Retro says: “Time to take this monster out! Kamehameha!!!!” And Captain Retro fires a powerful energy beam, totally disintegrating the monster!” Stimpy says: “All right, we did it!” And a sinister voice says: “And I'm not too surprised that you DID!!!!” Captain Retro's eyes open wide as he hollowly says: “Oh, NO!!!!” And Emperor Mavro appears, with Blonda hovering above him. Blonda chuckles deviously as she says: “Oh, yes!!!! You SEE what happens when you ELIMINATE me?!!! I'll just come back to bring down my full VENGEANCE on you! I was ROBBED!!!!” Bulma scoffs and she says: “ROBBED?! PLEASE!!!! Even if you had been IN the contest from the beginning, you STILL wouldn't have won! Just like Patrick won't win because HE'S too dumb, and Skipper won't win because he's already been eliminated TWICE!!!!” Patrick says: “I am not that dumb!” Skipper says: “And I can work MIRACLES!!!! Just ask my wonderful wife, Marlene!” Gonard rolls his eyes and says: “We GET it!!!! You two are MARRIED now!!!! Would you give it a REST already?!” Blonda says: “Well, I LOVE a good bickering, but now is not the time and place! It's time you all LEARNED why you should NEVER try to ROB the Goddess of DIVAS, and why you should NEVER mess with a blonde-haired woman when all my MONEY is on the line!” Zarbon fires an energy beam at Blonda, missing her by mere inches! Blonda screams: “Did you try to KILL me?!” Zarbon chuckles and says: “Kill you?! You're TOO good for THAT! I was only trying to MAIM or seriously INJURE you!!!!” Emperor Mavro angrily says: “I'll kill YOU first!”

Blonda screams: “Don't get ANY ideas! Stay the course Emperor, stay the course!” Captain Retro says: “Famous last words of SOMEONE who shall forever REMAIN anonymous! You all better get out of here!” Po asks: “Are you crazy?!” Captain Retro says: “I'm not going to risk YOUR safety! You can't mess around with Emperor Mavro! Now GO!!!!” And the other contestants quickly run away! Blonda screams: “Quickly, you FOOL!!!! Capture the contestants NOW!!!!” But Emperor Mavro doesn't budge. Blonda screams: “Emperor Mavro, do you have GUNK in your non-existent EARS?! I am GIVING YOU AN ORDER!!!! Emperor Mavro, I'm NOT going to tell you again!!!! Get those LAZY feet moving and CAPTURE them!!!!” But Blonda doesn't see the EXTREMELY angry and irritated look on Emperor Mavro's face! Blonda screams: “FINE!!!! You want to act like a child? Then I'll TREAT you like a child! You have until the count of THREE!!!! ONE!!!! TWO!!!!” Emperor Mavor sweetly says: “Blonda? I have a BETTER idea!” Blonda chuckles as she says: “Isn't THAT something?! Well then, Emperor, why don't you come over here and tell me what you managed to come up with in that walnut-sized BRAIN of yours?!”

Emperor Mavro gets REALLY close to Blonda, and Captain Retro SEES a vision, and he says: “Blonda, WAIT!!!! Don't LISTEN!!!!” But Blonda scoffs at Captain Retro, and Emperor Mavro whispers: “I have a great, GREAT idea!!!!” Blonda says: “You already SAID that!!!! Would you just tell me what it IS, already?! I am DYING to know!!!!” Emperor Mavro chuckles evilly and says: “Not YET, you're not!” Blonda asks: “What do you mean by...THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Emperor Mavro GRABS Blonda by the throat, choking the very breath out of her, and Emperor Mavro GRABS the remote that Blonda is holding, and SMASHES it to pieces!!!! Than Emperor Mavro takes the electric collar OFF of his neck, and smashes IT to pieces!!!! Emperor Mavro evilly says: “Now YOU can't EVER tell ME what to do AGAIN!!!! Now you will NEVER tell ANYONE what to do again!!!! Never, NEVER, NEVER!!!!” And Blonda gasps as she struggles to get a breath of air! Emperor Mavro evilly says: “You're LOVELY for bringing ME back to life, but I no longer need YOU buzzing around MY space; I plan to FIND the contestants, and KILL every last being on EARTH!!!! And I think I'll start with YOU!!!! I know that you had hopes and dreams of starring in your own spin-off show, but that's ALL they ever were, hopes and DREAMS!!!! So, GOOD-BYE hopes, GOOD-BYE dreams!!!!” And Emperor Mavro shoots a GIGANTIC beam of energy up into the SKY, and BLOWS up Blonda's home of Fairywood! And Captain Retro can't BELIEVE that Emperor Mavro DID that!

Emperor Mavro facetiously says: “OOPS!!!! Did I just BLOW your home-town up?!!!” Captain Retro seriously says: “You're PURE EVIL!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Captain Retro does a HARD, flying kick at Emperor Mavro, only for him to not even FLINCH!!!! Emperor Mavro turns to the crippled Blonda and says: “I'll take care of you LATER, once I brush this INSECT aside!” And Emperor Mavro throws the crippled Blonda far away! Captain Retro seriously says: “You're going to PAY for destroying Blonda's home, you're GOING to pay!!!!” Emperor Mavro says: “Foolish mortal!!!! I've destroyed THOUSANDS of worlds bigger than your own, all without even breaking a sweat! Do you think I FEAR you?! There is NOTHING that I can't conquer!” Captain Retro says: “I won't let you conquer this world, not as long as there's an ounce of breath in my body!” Emperor Mavro chuckles evilly and says: “FOOL!!!! I was HOPING you'd say that! Well, if I'm something that can STOPPED, than just TRY to STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Captain Retro charges at Emperor Mavro CRAZILY, punching and kicking him like CRAZY, but nothing seems to be having any effect! Emperor Mavro says: “I'm made out of tougher STUFF than you! Your attacks are like NOTHING to me!!!!” And he BRUSHES Captain Retro back, sending him quite a few feet backwards! Captain Retro says: “I'm giving you one last chance, surrender!”

Emperor Mavro defiantly says: “NEVER!!!!” Captain Retro says: “Than you ASKED for it! Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (BOOM!!!!) But when the smoke clears, Emperor Mavro emerges and screams: “You charred my ARMOR!!!!” Captain Retro is taken aback as he gasps and says: “IT—IT didn't WORK?!!!” Emperor Mavro yells: “You DARE to singe MY armor?!!! Try my DEATH RAY!!!!” And Captain Retro gasps as Emperor Mavro fires a VIOLENT red light at him and Captain Retro says: “Too MUCH!!!!” And Captain Retro closes his eyes, only for something to BLOCK the ray!!!! Emperor Mavro screams: “WHAT?!!!” And Captain Retro opens his eyes, and a BUNCH of Nicktoons start appearing, surrounding Emperor Mavro! Emperor Mavro asks: “What is this?!” Captain Retro gasps and says: “They're Nicktoons! They're all Nicktoons!” And each of the Nicktoons from each of their respective shows, strike a pose as Captain Retro mentions them! /

Captain Retro says: “From Doug, it's Doug, Patty, Skeeter, Judy, and Porkchop! From Ren and Stimpy, it's Ren, Stimpy, Haggis, Muddy Mudskipper, and Powdered Toast Man! From Rugrats, it's Reptar, Charlotte Pickles, Dru Pickles, Stu Pickles, and Didi Pickles! From Rocko's Modern Life, it's Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, Dr. Hutchison, Spunky, and Really REALLY Big Man! From AHHH!!!! Real Monsters, it is Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, and Gromble! From KABLAM!, it's Sniz, Fondue, Thunder Girl, Loopy, Race Rabbit, and Melt Man! From Hey Arnold!, it's Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe, Helga, and Rhonda! From The Angry Beavers, it's Norbert, Daggett, Treeflower, Barry, Stump, and Bing! From The Wild Thornberries, it's Eliza, Darwin, Debbie, Donnie, Nigel, and Marianne! From Catdog, it's Cat, Dog, Randolph, Dunglap, Mr. Sunshine, and Lola. There's Rocket Power with Otto, Reggie, Twister, Sam, Raymundo, and Tito! From Spongebob Squarepants, there's Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Larry, Pearl, and Stanley! From The Fairly Oddparents, there's Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, the Crimson Chin, Poof, and Sparky! From The Brothers Flubb, there's Guapo and Franz! From Invader Zim, there's Zim, Dib, and Gir! From Jimmy Neutron, there's Jimmy, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Nick, and Goddard! From Chalkzone, there's Snap, Rudy, and Penny! From My Life as a Teenage Robot, there's Jenny, Brad, Tuck, Misty, XJ8, and the Silver Shell! From All Grown Up, it's Lil, Tommy, Chuckie, Suzie, Phil, Dil, and Kimi! From Catscratch, it's Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik, Hovis, and Human Kimberly! From Avatar: The Last Airbender, it is Aang, Katara, and Toph! From Dragonball Z, there's Goku, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, and Master Roshi! From Fanboy and Chum-Chum, there’s Super Chum, Man-Arctica, and Fanboy! From Robot and Monster, it’s Robot Default, Monster Krumholtz, Globitha, Ogo, and Spitfire!

There's Yakkety Yak from Yakketty Yak, Tintin and Snowy from The Adventures of Tintin, Rango from Rango, and Korra from The Legends of Korra! There's Bessie Higgenbottom, Ben and Happy from The Mighty B! There's Mikey, Gonard, Lily, Mitsuki, Guano, and Ozu from Kappa Mikey! From The Penguins of Madagascar, it's Skipper, Marlene, King Julien, Kowalski, Rico, Private, Maurice, and Mort! From Danny Phantom, it's Danny and Gwen! From Back At the Barnyard, it's Peck, Freddy, Abby, Duke, Rat, and Bessie! From TUFF Puppy, it's Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, Chief, and Chameleon! From Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, it is Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis, and Shifu! From Kaput and Zosky, it's Kaput and Zosky! From Planet Sheen, it's Sheen, Nesmith, and Asheefu! From Monsters Vs. Aliens, it's Susan, The Missing Link, BOB, Dr. Cockroach, and Squeep! From Sanjay and Craig, it's Sanjay, Craig, Megan, Hector, Ronnie Slithers, and Tufflips! From Breadwinners, it's Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, Ketta, T. Midi, Oonski, the Breadmaker, and Jenny Quackles! From Harvey Beaks, it's Harvey, Fee, Foo, Dade, and Peri. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it's Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Master Splinter, and Casey! From Pig Goat Banana Cricket, it's Pig and Goat! From Alvin!!!! and the Chipmunks, it's Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor! From The Loud House, it's Lincoln, Lana, and Lori! And from Rocket Monkeys, it's Wally, Gus, and...Yay-Ok? What happened to you?!”

Yay-Ok coughs and says: “I blocked that Death Ray blast for you. It just blasted off my upgrades.” Captain Retro sighs and says: “Thanks, Yay-Ok. I owe you one.” The Nicktoons walk forward in a very dramatic fashion, and the position of the clouds makes light shine brightly on Stimpy, Haggis, Rocko, Heffer, Sniz, Fondue, Gerald, Phoebe, Norbert, Daggett, Treeflower, Eliza, Darwin, Dog, Randolph, Otto, Reggie, Twister, all the representatives from Spongebob Squarepants, Wanda, Guapo, Franz, Zim, Dib, Jimmy, Jenny, Lil, Suzie, Gordon, Aang, Goku, Krillin, Yakkety Yak, Tintin, Rango, Bessie, Gonard, Guano, Skipper, Marlene, King Julien, Danny Phantom, Peck, Freddy, Abby, Duke, Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, Chameleon, Po, Tigress, Kaput, Sheen, Nesmith, The Missing Link, Squeep, Sanjay, Craig, Ronnie, Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, Oonski, Harvey, Fee, Foo, Dade, Donatello, Master Splinter, Pig, Goat, Alvin, Simon, Lincoln, and Wally.

Captain Retro asks: “I don't understand, why are you helping me?” Stimpy says: “For one simple reason, you are a Nicktoon. And when a villain messes with ONE of us, they mess with all of us!” Emperor Mavro threateningly says: “I have an ARMY!!!!” And a bunch of X-Borgs appear to back Emperor Mavro up! Rocko says: “We have an army as well!” And a bunch of Rabbids from Rabbids Invasion appear, and even LEGENDARY Power Rangers!

Captain Retro says: “It's Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, and Ninjor, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers! It's Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya, and Trey, Power Rangers Zeo! It's the Blue Centaurion and the Phantom Ranger, Power Rangers Turbo! It's Andros, T.J., Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and Zhane, Power Rangers in Space! It's Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya, Karone, and Mike, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy! There's Carter, Dana, Chad, and Ryan, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue! There's Wes, Eric, Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas from Power Rangers Time Force! There's Cole, Taylor, Danny, Max, and Merrick from Power Rangers Wild Force! There's Hunter, Blake, Cam, Shane, and Tori from Power Rangers Ninja Storm! There's Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent from Power Rangers DinoThunder! There's Sydney, Z, Bridge, Doggie, Jack, Sky, and Sam from Power Rangers S.P.D.! There's Udonna, Xander, Vida, Chip, Madison, and Nick from Power Rangers Mystic Force! It's Mack, Dak, Rose, and Tyzonn from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive! It's Casey, Theo, R.J., Jarrod, Camille, Master Phant, Lily, Master Swoop, and Dominic from Power Rangers Jungle Fury! It's Jayden, Antonio, Emily, Kevin, and Mia from Power Rangers Samurai! It's Orion, Robo Knight, Noah, Jake, Gia, and Emma from Power Rangers Super MegaForce!” And the Power Rangers step forward, and salute to the Nicktoons. And General Barracuda steps forward and says: “And I've got one last treat, some Nicktoon representatives FROM the future! Me, Captain Retro, the Girl from Ipanema, and BlackHawk, from Captain Retro and the Retros!”

Captain Retro says: “It's a LEGENDARY Cross-over Battle!” Emperor Mavro screams: “ATTACK!!!!” Tommy says: “Power Up!!!!” Tigress says: “Those who CAN fight, do! Everybody else, use your Nickelodeon Slime Blasters!” Captain Retro sighs and he says: “I love being a Nicktoon!!!!” And everyone charges to CLASH together in what is perhaps the GREATEST fight to ever be seen in a Nicktoon to date!

Powdered Toast Man, Really REALLY Big Man, Thunder Girl, The Crimson Chin, Snap, Jenny, Misty, XJ8, the Silver Shell, Guano, Susan, Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, the Breadmaker, Captain Retro, and BlackHawk all use their super-powers to take down a bunch of X-Borgs! Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, and Gromble all use scaring abilities to put a bunch of X-Borgs out of commission! Otto, Reggie, Twister, Sam, Raymundo and Tito all use their extreme athletic skills to zoom around a bunch of X-Borgs as they attack them! Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky all blast magic at some X-Borgs, disintegrating quite a few of them! Aang, Katara, Toph, Korra, Goku, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi, Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis, and Master Shifu all use their extreme martial art skills to destroy many more X-Borgs!

Danny Phantom works with the TUFF Puppy gang, while he ghosts in and out of the X-Borgs, while Dudley and his friends take them out with spy gadgets! Sway-Sway and Buhdeuce level up to become Street Fighters as they blast away and knock out several more X-Borgs! Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Master Splinter, and Casey all work in tandem using their weapons to take out several X-Borgs! The Rabbids, using their superior numbers and crazy unpredictability, manage to take out a number of X-Borgs that way! And of course, the Power Rangers all use their respective Power Ranger powers, skills, and abilities to take down more X-Borgs! Stimpy says: “I bet it feels good to be back here, doesn't it?” Ren says: “No place that I'd rather be!” Haggis says: “I may be getting older, but I've still got plenty of fight left in me!” Sniz says: “Now THIS is a ratings winner!” Fondue says: “Like anyone would ever give YOU any doubt?!” Gerald says: “This will help me get in shape for the upcoming Hey Arnold Jungle Movie!” Treeflower says: “You didn't think I'd miss this party, did you?” Norbert says: “I'm glad that you didn't!” Daggett says: “I agree, we'll take ALL the help we can get, as long as it's good help!” Debbie asks: “Why don't we ever do THIS kind of stuff on OUR show?” Eliza says: “Because that's not the kind of show we are!” Darwin says: “Thank heavens!” Cat says: “I'm not going to let you down, brother!” Dog says: “I know you won't, Cat!” Randolph asks: “Didn't I just LEAVE this party?” Dog says: “You're so FUNNY, Randolph!” Patrick asks: “How are you feeling, Spongebob?” Spongebob says: “Much better, thank you. Now that I've got my memory back, I've been working the jury over to make SURE they don't hand the win to SKIPPER under any circumstances!” Tigress says: “EMOTIONAL PLAYER!!!! Called IT!!!!”

Marlene says: “I'll say THIS for Spongebob, he can sure hold a GRUDGE when he wants to!” Skipper says: “I'm SERIOUSLY reconsidering trying to get rid of Spongebob about now!” Dib says: “Never thought I'd see the day when Zim would actively want to SAVE the world rather than end it!” Zim says: “Lucky for you, life on Earth changed me for the better!” XJ8 says: “Nobody can call me a piece of obsolete technology now!” Jenny says: “Don't worry, I NEVER did!” Suzie says: “It sure feels WEIRD to be fighting alongside our PARENTS like this!” Lil says: “Just be thankful they're using our YOUNGER parents, and not the older ones from All Grown Up!” Suzie says: “Amen to THAT!” Aang says: “It's time to earn myself some REDEMPTION!!!!” Krillin says: “I wish ALL my opponents were this easy to defeat!” Goku says: “So do I, Krillin.” Gonard says: “I sure hope CHA draws an EXCELLENT picture of us for this event!” Guano says: “She's an EXCELLENT artist!”

Chameleon says: “It feels GOOD to be the good guy!” Keswick says: “And guess what? Kitty and I are dating now!” Dudley says: “Congratulations! I always said you were quite the ladies man!” Zosky asks: “Remind me, why am I HERE again?!” Kaput says: “Because you OWE me for that stunt you pulled back in Area 51!” Zosky says: “I said I was SORRY, sheesh!” Nesmith says: “Sheen, you NEVER told me you had a GIRLFRIEND on Earth!” And Libby and Asheefu both glare at Sheen suspiciously. Sheen, awkwardly says: “AWKWARD!!!!” Craig says: “We finally get to fight together, brother!” Ronnie says: “It just feels good to be together, brother!” Dade says: “I can't believe we're actually in a big fight like this!” Harvey says: “Me neither! But we got to keep it up!” Wally says: “BlackHawk, you're impressive!” BlackHawk says: “I've had YEARS of practice to get this good!” Andros says: “It's time for the last push! Take out the last of them!” And with hard work and effort, all of the X-Borgs are destroyed and taken down for the count! Emperor Mavro screams: “My ARMY!!!!” Captain Retro says: “And now it's time to try this again! Goku and Krillin, help me out!” And the three of them simultaneously say: “Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And the BLAST explodes on Emperor Mavro and he starts short-circuiting!

Emperor Mavro screams: “My EMPIRE!!!! MY DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And he EXPLODES in a gigantic ball of fire, and all the Nicktoons fall down, exhausted from their fight. Heffer says: “You guys, you did it! You actually destroyed Emperor Mavro!” Rocko says: “WE did it, Heffer! Together!” Jimmy says: “I wish we could stick around, but we've got homes to go back to.” Guapo says: “If you ever need us again, just call for us, and we will come.” Captain Retro says: “I'll keep that in mind in case I ever need a delivery in space.” Jason says: “Good-bye everybody, it's been fun!” And Wanda wishes ALL of the non-contestant Nicktoons away and back to their homes. Sniz says: “Well, I'd say the challenge is over. Victory goes to the Power Rangers Retro Force, for destroying the monster, AND Emperor Mavro! Fondue sees Bulma and Zarbon sneaking out of a hiding place. Bulma asks: “Is it over? Are all the disgusting bad guys gone?” Fondue asks: “Why didn't YOU two do ANYTHING to help out in the fight?!” Bulma screams: “I am a VERY delicate FLOWER!!!! I'm not some PSYCHO junkie who gets their KICKS blowing up PSYCHO freaks!” Zarbon says: “And I'm NOT a popular FAVORITE with Gohan and Krillin! If they saw me, they would KILL me!” Sniz says: “Well, seeing as how YOUR squadron failed to destroy the monster, and how YOU two flaked out in that fight with Emperor Mavro, I'm afraid that the Power Rangers Sniz Squad will be facing an elimination ceremony!” Norbert says: “This is it, Daggett! It's time to find out the results of our endeavor!” (Confessional)

Norbert says: “This is the most excitement we've had in years. Even if we get booted out today, I feel as though I can leave the game on a high note. I feel like I've really bonded with Daggett this season, in a way that I never could on my own show.” / Daggett says: “This season didn't really go the way I anticipated it to, but I feel as though I did pretty well for myself. I certainly did a lot better than I thought I would, initially! I just hope that is taken into consideration for when the vote-off takes place.” / Bulma says: “There's no doubt those two beavers are going to try to take out Zarbon. But all I have to do is convince PO to vote with me! My strategy? It's a piece of cake!” / Po is actually EATING a piece of cake as he says: “Piece of CAKE!!!!” (End Confessional) The plane is in transit, and the contestants who were members of the Power Rangers Sniz Squad, are in the Elimination Ceremony.

Sniz says: “It is time once again to find out which contestants will REMAIN as contestants on this show, and which contestants will be eliminated! You will cast your votes for two contestants. The two contestants who receive the most votes WILL be eliminated, and will have to leave! So get to it, and VOTE!!!!” (Confessional) Gonard votes off Daggett and Norbert. Gonard says: “You two had a good run, but this is where it ends.” / Po votes off Daggett and Norbert. Po says: “Bulma gave me a piece of cake in exchange that I vote off Daggett and Norbert! I bet I can get MORE cake if I continue to vote the way Bulma wants me to!” / Norbert gulps and he says: “I hope luck is on our side!” And he votes off Zarbon and Gonard! / Daggett pretend gags and says: “THAT is my utter disdain for Zarbon and that SPOOTY head, Bulma Briefs!” And he votes off Zarbon and Bulma! / Bulma says: “You two beavers have been a LOT more trouble than you're worth, but it will SOON be over NOW!” And she votes off Daggett and Norbert! Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “It looks like I don't HAVE to risk a penalty vote THIS time! Bye-bye, beavers!” And he votes off Daggett and Norbert! (End Confessional) Sniz says: “Voting is over, it's time to reveal the results! Here is who will receive bags of popcorn! Po! Bulma, Gonard!” Daggett looks nervously at Norbert, Norbert closes his eyes and hugs Daggett, Zarbon doesn't even flinch! Sniz says: “The final bag of popcorn goes to...ZARBON!!!!” Zarbon smiles evilly and says: “Sorry, it looks like I'll be staying, not YOU two! Your efforts were for NAUGHT!!!!” Norbert says: “Believe it or not, this wasn't about OUR game, it was about PROVING what a TERRIBLE being you ARE to others!”

Daggett says: “Now that EVERYONE has seen what you will do JUST because Bulma WANTS you to do it, you have made sure that the jury NOW views you unfavorably, so even if you DO get to the Final Three, NOBODY will vote for you to WIN!!!!” Zarbon groans angrily and he says: “CURSES!!!!” Daggett and Norbert both grab their parachutes, and Norbert says: “Good luck on winning the game NOW, Bulma! I think you'll need ALL you can get at this point!” And with that, Daggett and Norbert both take their jumps out of the plane! / Sniz is in the cock-pit and says: “Two more contestants down, 16 more to go. Who will take the plunge next is anybody's guess! And there's no telling where we're going to next, but stick around and find out on the next episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise!” /

Epilogue: A montage of the best moments of The Angry Beavers from the Total Cartoon series, focusing primarily on Norbert, Daggett, and Treeflower, is played, while a 1986 hit song from Van Halen is played! Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Van Halen. Song: “Dreams.” Sung by: Van Halen!

Sammy Hagar: “World turns black and white, pictures in an empty room! Your love starts falling down, better change your tune! Reach for the golden ring, reach for the sky! Baby, just spread your wings! We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! We'll get higher and higher, leave it all behind! Run, run, run away, like a train running off the track! The truth gets left behind and falls between the cracks! Standing on broken dreams, but never losing sight! Spread your wings! We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! We'll get higher and higher, leave it all behind! So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Cause we belong in a world that must be strong! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! (Instrumental Solo) We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! Higher and higher, leave it all behind; oh we're higher and higher, who knows what we'll find? So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Baby, we belong, in a world that must be strong! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! (Instrumental Solo) And in the end, on dreams we will depend, cause that's what love, is made of!” (Instrumental fade out, and the song ends). /

Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode, “Armageddon It, I Won't Back Down, Venus,” and the Van Halen version of “Dreams.” Running gags in this episode; various contestants keep saying they will stop doing something ONLY under a certain condition, to which they refer to as being, “As in, NEVER!!!!” And Captain Retro keeps saying that he LOVES being a Nicktoon! Emperor Mavro is brought back to life by Blonda, and Emperor Mavro BETRAYS by Blonda by DESTROYING her home town of Fairywood! A whole BUNCH of Nickelodeon Power Rangers and Nicktoon movie and cartoon stars, from the past, present, and future appear in this episode! The only Nickelodeon Nicktoon shows NOT getting represented are “Mr. Meaty, Three Delivery, Wild Grinders, Power Rangers R.P.M.,” and “Power Rangers Dino Charge.” Daggett and Norbert are both eliminated in this episode, meaning all the representatives from “The Angry Beavers” have now been eliminated from this show. /

Personal Notes: Putting this episode together was NO easy task! I had to research 25 years of Nicktoons, and “Power Rangers!” Most of it, I remembered from experience, but I had to actually LOOK some of it up. I obviously couldn't include EVERY Nicktoon character or even every show, so I went with the ones I personally knew from having seen them on T.V., because I wanted to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Nicktoons, and have something for everyone in this episode. Daggett and Norbert's game were always going to be tied very closely together this season. Daggett had two main goals this season, to prove he could be funny, and to be able to stand on his own as a contestant, which I feel he did very well, as he ended up maturing a LOT in this season! Norbert's main goal was to watch out for Daggett's best interests, and to support Daggett's growth as a character. I feel as though having them leave the game after EXPOSING Bulma's strategy of using ZARBON to do all her dirty deeds, would be the perfect point to have them leave the game! Now the hard part remains, of actually getting Zarbon and Bulma out! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Part One: SpongeBob is sitting in his pineapple house just watching Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy, when, suddenly, an Advertisement comes on and it's for Apple telling about their newest iPad.  SpongeBob wonders what an iPad is, so, he calls Squidward: 

Phone rings, phone rings...

Squidward- Hello?

SpongeBob- Hi, Squidward!  Do you know what an iPad is?

Squidward hangs up.

Then, SpongeBob calls Patrick: 

Phone rings, phone rings...

Patrick- Hello?

SpongeBob- Patrick, you have to come over!

Patrick- Okay, I'll be right there.

Patrick hangs up.

The doorbell rings.  SpongeBob answers it and sees Patrick and invites him in.

Patrick- So, uh, what did you need me to see?  I want to see it!

SpongeBob- Here, look at this...

SpongeBob pulls out a camera (he'd actually recorded the entire commercial).  They watch it and then: 

SpongeBob- What's an iPad?

Patrick- I don't know!  Let's ask Sandy.

SpongeBob and Patrick go to Sandy's Treedome, bringing the camera.  They then ring the doorbell and put on their helmets.  Sandy answers and invites them in.

Sandy- What brings you in here, guys?

Spongebob and Patrick, together- Look at this...

Spongebob pulls out the camera and they all watch the video and then: 

SpongeBob and Patrick, together- What's an iPad?

Sandy- An iPad is a tablet.

SpongeBob and Patrick, together- What's a tablet?

Sandy- A tablet is like a portable computer.

SpongeBob and Patrick, together- Oh, okay!  Who makes it?

Sandy- Apple.

Patrick- So, it's made by a vegetable (yes, Patrick does think that an apple is a vegetable)?

SpongeBob- No, I think that she's talking about a company, like The Krusty Krab.

That's The End of Part One!

Tune in for Part Two, which will probably come tomorrow!

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Part Two: We'll begin right where we left off...

Sandy- Yes, I was...

Wait, The Krusty Krab isn't a company!  It's a restaurant!

Patrick- Oh, okay!  Let's go to the nearest Apple Store to buy some!

They go to the nearest Apple Store, which turns out to be right in Downtown Bikini Bottom.  They walk in and then: 

Fish Working At The Apple Store- Hi, welcome to The Apple Store, may I help you?

SpongeBob, Sandy and Patrick, together- Yes, we'd love to see the newest iPhone!

Fish Working At The Apple Store- Okay.

The Fish Working At The Apple Store brings out the newest iPhone and SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy look at it and decide to buy it and then: 

SpongeBob- This is awesome!  I found this awesome App called "Pocket Mortys"!

Patrick- Me too!  It's really, really fun!

Sandy- Watch out!  Look where you are going!

SpongeBob and Patrick both trip, falling, but, their iPhones break their falls.  Unfortunately, both of those iPhones are now cracked, so: 

SoogeBob- Oh, no, mine is broken!

Patrick- Mine, too!

Sandy- Okay, lets go back to The Apple Store and get it fixed!

They all head back to The Apple Store and go over to The Genius Bar and then: 

Sandy- These two both cracked their iPhones...

Fish Working At The Genius Bar- Okay, let me see them.

SpongeBob and Patrick hand both of their iPhones to The Fish Working At The Genius Bar and he looks at them and then: 

Fish Working At The Genius Bar- Okay, that'll be $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, each!

SpongeBob and Patrick take their iPhones from The Fish Working At The Genius Bar and SpongeBob slams his on the floor and then: 

SpongeBob- Okay, that's it!  I'm switching over to Android...

Patrick- Me too!

Patrick then proceeds to slam his on the floor, too!

The End!

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Things are going to cool down a bit, but there's still many more interesting places to go to, and we're going to see one, right now! / Sniz is in the cock-pit and says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, the consensus was made between the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance; that something had to be done about Bulma and Zarbon. Daggett and Norbert bravely put their own games on the line, in the hopes that they could bait Bulma and Zarbon into targeting them. While Bulma didn't take the bait, Zarbon went for their ploy hook, line, and sinker! Also, it was a challenge dedicated to the Power Rangers, taking place in Valencia, California. And who should wear his UGLY head except for the dreaded Emperor Mavro?! It seems that Blonda brought the demented despot back to life, only to immediately regret it. The only way to combat Emperor Mavro and his army, was with an army of our own, and therefore, the BIGGEST cross-over of Nicktoons to EVER grace the small screen occurred, and Emperor Mavro was destroyed, AGAIN! When it came time to decide which squadron of Power Rangers needed to face an elimination ceremony, it ended up being Daggett and Norbert put on the chopping block. And with four votes against them, we said good-bye to the remaining representatives from The Angry Beavers. We are down to sixteen contestants, and our path is taking us high ABOVE sea level! What will we do? What songs will we sing? And who will prevail in this challenge? Find out on a brand new episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise! Colorado, here we come!” / Instead of the usual show open, Captain Retro and the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance are seen in a unique show open, singing their version of a 1981 Jefferson Starship song. / Genre: 1980's Rock. Sub-Genre: Jefferson Starship. Song: “Find Your Way Back.” Sung by: Captain Retro and the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. /

Captain Retro: “You know, it's been a long, long road, since I packed up and left on my own.” Stimpy, about Lil: “And I carry a heavy load, just trying get back to her heart.” Wally: “I sure ain't got no home, I seem to find love where I ramble, and when it's time to go, I hear that voice again, saying, find your way back.” Captain Retro: “Find your way back to her heart.” Power Rangers Retro Force: “Find your way back, find your way back to her heart!” Rocko: “Leave a message with the rain, you can find me where the wind blows.” Reggie: “The snow across the pain, and the frost upon the heart.” Dog: “You got no place to be, still you wonder where you're going.” Wally: “And why I had to leave, I hear a voice, it says to me, find your way back.” Captain Retro: “Find your way back to her heart.” Power Rangers Retro Force: “Find your way back, find your way back to her heart!” Rocko: “To her heart! Come on!” (Instrumental Solo) Captain Retro about Marlene: “I know it's too late now, but, I wish I could go back in time, and start all over somehow, and get it right from the start!” Wally: “Find your way back, find your way back to her heart.” Power Rangers Retro Force: “Find your way back, find your way back to her heart!” Stimpy: “Find your way back.” Reggie: “Find your way back.” Rocko: “Find your way back.” Dog: “Find your way back.” Reggie: “Find your way back.” Captain Retro: “Find your way back.” Power Rangers Retro Force: “Find your way back.” Reggie: “Find your way back.” Wally: “Find your way back.” Stimpy: “Find your way back.” Reggie: “Find your way back.” Captain Retro: “Find your way back!” (Echoes “Back” multiple times until the epic song ends). /

“Baking Bad; and Good!” The episode opens up with the plane in transit, and the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance in the V.I.P. Lounge. Rocko says: “Man, I hate it that we lost not only Daggett, but Norbert as well! They were two good players, and Bulma STILL managed to get rid of them!” Stimpy says: “They knew the risk they were taking. Besides, Zarbon took a REAL hit in the popularity department when he attacked those two like that.” Wally says: “Although technically speaking, his popularity was already kind of shaky as it was.” Reggie says: “Now that Zarbon has lost his standing with most of the remaining contestants, not to mention the potential jury, our path towards getting to the Final Five should be a lot easier.” Dog says: “Especially now that you've got ME in the mix! I want to avenge the loss of Randolph and play a game that he can be proud of!” Stimpy says: “I know what you mean. Not counting the last challenge, this marks the longest amount of time that Lil and I have been apart ever since I first met her. If I can bring back a piece of that $44.44 million, I'll feel happy knowing that her departure this season, wasn't in vain.” Captain Retro says: “And I think I may finally have the key that will solve our Bulma problem once and for all.” Rocko asks: “Really? Why don't you tell us what it is?”

Captain Retro says: “Yay-Ok saved my life in the last challenge, so I need to do something to repay him.” Wally says: “He helps me out all the time when I'm out in space, he'd do the same for anybody who deserves to be saved.” Captain Retro says: “Anyways, I asked him if there was anything I could do to repay him, and he offered me something in return.” Dog asks: “What did he give you?” Captain Retro holds out what APPEARS to be a brown, dog chew bone. Captain Retro says: “This.” Stimpy asks: “What exactly IS that?” Captain Retro says: “Yay-Ok told me it was a voice recorder in the shape of a dog, chew bone. You record YOUR voice or a conversation, and you can play it back later.” Rocko asks: “What's so significant about a voice recorder?” Captain Retro says: “What's significant is that THIS little device may be the thing that brings down Bulma Briefs!” Wally asks: “How can it do that? Not that I'm doubting Yay-Ok's judgment, far from it! I'm just wondering what your angle is, on it?” Captain Retro answers: “Bulma LOVES to hear herself talk, in case you haven't noticed! She LOVES being right with just about, EVERYTHING!!!!” Dog says: “We kind of NOTICED that!” Captain Retro says: “Bulma may be smart, but she's also a motor-mouth! She apparently lacks the ability to self-censor herself. And in the right environment, Bulma may just let SOMETHING slip that she doesn't WANT to be heard by the rest of us!” Stimpy asks: “What exactly would that be?” Captain Retro says: “Her plans, her strategies, what she REALLY thinks about the remaining contestants, and what she has in mind for us! We can use this voice recorder to record what she says, and when the time is right, we play it back and EXPOSE Bulma for who she REALLY is!” Rocko says: “The plan sounds all right, but there's one major thing we can't get around; Bulma KNOWS better than to spill her secrets around US! There's no WAY she would open up to us!”

Captain Retro says: “That's why we're going to need help in this endeavor. We HAVE to convince Gonard to talk to Bulma FOR us!” Wally asks: “Why would Gonard do that? Gonard's IN an alliance with Bulma!” Captain Retro says: “Only out of necessity! Gonard has no better options on the table. What we have to point out to him is that no matter WHAT Bulma is promising him, she will NEVER give Gonard what he wants! Once Gonard realizes this, I'm sure he will help out in our endeavor!” Dog asks: “Why don't we just ask Zarbon? Doesn't HE have Bulma's trust better than Gonard does?” Captain Retro says: “The problem is, Zarbon TRUSTS Bulma TOO much! He can't see that Bulma is just using him to get further in the game! If we want this plan to work, gaining Gonard's trust is our only option.” Reggie says: “I'm all for that plan, but who's going to work Gonard over?” Captain Retro says: “We need someone who isn't in TOO deep with the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Dog, as a fellow canine, I think you have the greatest chance of earning Gonard's trust.” Dog says: “I'll use my natural canine instincts, Captain Retro, you can count on me!” Wally asks: “What about the rest of us?” Captain Retro says: “I think we can afford to relax in this challenge. If my aura reading abilities on Sniz are correct, than we shouldn't BE facing an Elimination Ceremony this time. If we let our guard down, than Bulma might do so as well.”

Reggie says: “I sure HOPE that's what happens! After all the Elimination Ceremonies that Bulma has managed to survive, we will definitely need SOMETHING to help us turn the tide against Bulma!” Rocko says: “Don't worry, I think Karma is FINALLY going to have something to say to Bulma, and it's NOT going to be pretty!” Captain Retro says: “We're all in this together, so let's make it happen!” Everyone fist-bumps and they all simultaneously say: “To the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “Often, the key to winning a game is to turn somebody's greatest strength, into their greatest weakness. Bulma's biggest strength is her genius, and that in turn makes her a know-it-all. I'm banking on Bulma's MASSIVE ego and her non-stop motor-mouth to be her downfall!” / Rocko says: “If someone had asked me at the beginning of this season, if I thought I could outlast 42 other contestants in a competition, I would've said no way! My stamina has definitely increased from last season, but I'm not sure how much longer I can stay in the game. Without the safety of a winning team, I'm basically living challenge to challenge, now. And because I've already made it to the Final Four LAST season, I'm basically right behind Marlene and Dog in terms of threats that Bulma MUST be thinking about eliminating! But it's not so much my game I'm thinking about as much as Reggie's, I want Reggie to do well this season, for both of us!” / Stimpy says: “I still think it's AMAZING how I've managed to last THIS long! 42 contestants eliminated, and I'm STILL standing! It would be nice if Lil could be standing here WITH me, but I know that she's proud of what I've managed to accomplish! Personally, I think if I can manage to last just a few more challenges, I'll feel as though I can leave this competition with my head held high. I'm proud of how I've performed this season, I feel as though I've had a really good performance this season.” /

Wally says: “The most notable thing about this season, in terms of my own game, are the number of surprising maneuvers I've managed to pull off; not only with my team, but on my own, and as a member of an alliance! And now, with the help of Yay-Ok, we might just finally bring down Bulma Briefs herself! It won't be easy, but then again, anything WORTH doing, is usually NEVER easy! But with Captain Retro on our side, I have a feeling that we can prevail!” / Dog says: “I know that Bulma MUST have her sights set on me, seeing as how I managed to WIN last season! Even so, I don't want to leave this competition, without doing everything I CAN do, that can help get Bulma Briefs out of the game! That's why I'm willing to help Captain Retro with his plan! Plus, I'm probably one of the few contestants remaining that might be able to connect with Gonard.” (End Confessional)

Meanwhile, in Normal Class, all the other contestants are sulking about where they are in the plane. They don't notice that Dog has entered in, and is overhearing the conversation. Suzie says: “We have just GOT to break this losing rut! I don't want to spend EVERY day of my life as a contestant STUCK in the back of the plane!” Marlene says: “I wasn't AWARE Rosa Parks was on this plane!” Suzie sarcastically says: “You're a REAL comedienne, aren't you Marlene?” Marlene smirks and she genuinely says: “I try to be!” Skipper says: “Normally, I don't like losing, but from what Kowalski's analysis about these kinds of situations tell me, that we actually gain MORE experience from losing, than we do from winning!” Chameleon says: “Than by THAT logic, Patrick must be the SMARTEST contestant on this plane!” Patrick is taken aback and he says: “Hey! I resent that tone of sarcasm!” Bulma says: “And furthermore, that is a totally FALSE! Everyone KNOWS I am the smartest PERSON on this plane, and in the entire UNIVERSE!” Po facetiously says: “Okay, now tell us what you REALLY think about yourself!” Bulma seriously says: “I just DID!” Zarbon says: “Just IGNORE the haters! They don't appreciate pure genius the way I do!”

Bulma romantically says: “You sure know how to LOVE a woman, that's for sure!” Gonard kneels down and says: “Come ON!!!! I could be a GREAT lover and dater TO, you know! I could court you, and romance you TO, you know!” Dudley rolls his eyes and sarcastically says: “Oh, SURE, Gonard! You're a REAL expert on GIRLS!!!!” Gonard sputters and shouts: “Why does EVERYONE assume that I don't KNOW anything about GIRLS?! I mean, BESIDES the fact that I've NEVER actually DATED one!” Skipper says: “I WAS going to say.” Bulma coyly says: “All right, Gonard, you've got ONE shot! Impress me! WIN me the challenge today, and I WILL give YOU what you want!” Zarbon sputters and shouts: “What ARE you DOING?!!!” Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “Gonard's got NOTHING! Like he could EVER succeed! And besides, what does Gonard have that YOU don't have BETTER?!” And upon hearing this, Dog runs back towards the V.I.P. Lounge!

(Confessional) Bulma rolls her eyes, scoffs and says: “PLEASE! The day that GONARD ever impresses ME, is the day that I WILL eat a slice of humble pie! And I try to watch my figure carefully, so even if humble pie tastes good, it wouldn't be GOOD for my figure!” / Zarbon says: “I don't doubt Bulma's genre, but I just STILL can't believe that Gonard is STILL trying to work the Bulma angle THIS late in the game! I have LOGICALLY got the Bulma angle all locked up! What could Gonard POSSIBLY do that I couldn't? I mean, who's more likely to actually WIN a challenge? Me, or Gonard?! Me! No contest!” / Gonard fist-pumps and says: “All right! I have a SHOT with Bulma Briefs! Now all I've got to do is not blow it, and actually WIN a challenge for Bulma Briefs! It won't be easy, but I've got MOTIVATION! Plus, if things don't work out with Bulma, I can always use what I learn from my experience with Bulma, and apply it towards dating with Lily! I mean, Lily's BOUND to be impressed by the fact that I've actually made it past the team merge! Even GUANO couldn't do that! I've got a GREAT game under my belt!” / Marlene and Skipper are together. Marlene rolls her eyes and says: “Gonard is SO delusional! The way he FAWNS over Bulma, tripping over himself for a girl that doesn't even KNOW he EVEN exists!” Skipper asks: “The way that YOU pretend that you and Captain Retro don't have any unresolved issues?” Marlene scoffs and seriously says: “No, I don't see any RESEMBLANCE there!” Skipper says: “Just keep your mind on playing the game, Marlene. That's what we came here to do.” Marlene says: “And I would say that we are VERY good at it!” Skipper chuckles and says: “You've got THAT right!” /

Suzie says: “At this point, my biggest concern is taking out Marlene! She outlasted me LAST time, I will NOT let her do it again! It's MY time to get to the Final Five, and NOBODY is going to take that privilege away from me!” / Patrick seriously says: “You know, the more the other contestants talk smack about me, is only going to make me MORE determined to outlast my critics, and PROVE that I have what it takes to make it to the Final Three! I'm the only representative from Spongebob Squarepants left! All my friends are counting on me! If that's not incentive, I don't know WHAT is!” / Dog says: “So Gonard wants a chance with Bulma. I just have to wait to get Gonard away from Bulma, and offer him my proposal. The right opportunity is BOUND to represent itself. I just know it!” (End Confessional)

Dog runs back into the V.I.P. Lounge section, and says: “Guess what, guys?! Bulma is willing to give Gonard a chance to DATE her if he wins this upcoming challenge! This might just be the break in the ice that we've been waiting for!” Captain Retro says: “Good. Now we just need to know what the challenge is going to be, and we'll be golden.” And as if on cue, Sniz comes over on the intercom loud-speakers. Sniz says: “If any of you are wondering what today's challenge will be, we will be going to Colorado.” General Barracuda says: “We are specifically traveling to Leadville, 13,000 feet above sea level, to do a baking contest challenge. Once the baking contest is done, you must take your food from Leadville, down into the quiet, little town of Hartsel, Colorado. And the food MUST get there intact and unharmed!” Sniz says: “And you don't have to worry! Since our last challenge was so intense, there will be NO elimination ceremony to worry about; it's a reward challenge ONLY!!!!” Stimpy breathes a sigh of relief and says: “FINALLY! We catch a break!” Sniz says: “But I would STILL like to see your A-game, because good ratings are everything! The winner of this challenge, for his reward, will get to pick someone of THEIR choice, to go on a romantic date to the hot spring hotel of Buena Vista, Colorado! So good luck to all of you! Sniz, out!”

Captain Retro says: “What did I tell you? No elimination ceremony! And a perfect reward situation to boot! If there was ever a challenge for Gonard to win, it's this one!” Rocko says: “I doubt that the other contestants will make it THAT easy for Gonard to win.” Wally says: “We can help Gonard out, to show him he can trust us.” Reggie says: “That's very true. After all, there's no rule about OTHER contestants helping out another contestant to win a challenge if they feel like it. Advantage? That's us!” Captain Retro says: “We have a stellar team-work plan! Now let's carry it out, and show the world why the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance RULES!” Stimpy says: “To our alliance, forever!” Captain Retro says: “Rest up guys, there's no telling what exactly the upcoming challenge will involve. It's best to be prepared for anything!” Reggie says: “And I am KNOWN for being ready! Let's do it!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “Our plan is set in motion, but having a plan will only do us so much. Now comes the hard part, doing our best to make our plan work. If we do that, we might just be able to take Bulma Briefs down!” / Reggie says: “While I would like to impress everyone with my athletic skills, I do feel that it's more important for Bulma to find out what karma is all about. And I know that Rocko will do what he can to help me. If there's one thing that's important in this competition, is having the support of good friends. And I know that I can count on my friends for just about anything!” (End Confessional) /

In the plane, Bulma and Zarbon are sitting around, ready for ANYBODY; be it Sniz, Fondue, or even General Barracuda, to announce something over the intercom. Zarbon says: “Something is REALLY up on this plane. They're taking quite a while to make their next announcement.” Bulma sulks and says: “They're probably doing this to me on PURPOSE!!!! What have I EVER done WRONG?! I mean, is it a SIN to be TOO beautiful?!!!” Zarbon says: “Try to stay calm and conserve your frustration. Use it against your opponents in this upcoming challenge.” Bulma angrily says: “NOBODY keeps Bulma Briefs waiting, I have a LIFE to get back to! And I DESERVE a challenge that I can CRUSH everybody in!” Zarbon says: “Except me.” Bulma looks at Zarbon, and ignoring her AUTOMATIC reactionary thoughts; flirts, and she romantically says: “Of COURSE except you! You don't think I would mean to BEAT you in a challenge of physical skills? NO!!!! You are MUCH too pretty and CUNNING to EVER fall for the whims of another!” Zarbon romantically says: “I'm glad that it's FINALLY sinking in.” Bulma smirks and says: “Well, since you're feeling confidant, why don't you DO something for me?” Zarbon asks: “What did you have in my mind?” Bulma takes a notepad out of her backpack, and writes something on it. She hands it to Zarbon and says: “Follow THESE instructions to the letter, and TEACH those JERK-FACES a little lesson about NEVER keeping the most beautiful AND intelligent person from THIS planet WAITING for an extended period of time!” Zarbon looks at it, seriously THINKS about it, and says: “Okay...but how am I going to make SURE that General Barracuda doesn't catch ME hacking the computer mainframe?” Bulma shrugs and says: “I don't know. But MAYBE if you blow something up in the cargo area, General Barracuda will inspect it, thinking that it's Anti-Timmy! I mean, I would DO this stuff myself, but I'm a lady, and I would PREFER to not get my hands dirty.” Zarbon asks: “What makes you so sure Anti-Timmy IS on this plane still?” Bulma rolls her eyes and SERIOUSLY says: “Seriously? Trust me, Anti-Timmy is STILL on the plane!” Zarbon says: “And WHEN we win this reward, I trust that you will give ME what I want!” Bulma smiles and says: “As MUCH of it as you want, for however LONG you want it!” Zarbon smiles and says: “That's all I need to know in order to go through with this!” (Confessional)

Bulma shrugs and says: “Promising to do things that may or may NOT be sexual? Eh, it's a small price to pay to make sure Zarbon does what I want. Besides, it will ALL be worth it in the end when I wind up with EVERYTHING, and LAUGHING all the way to the bank!” / Zarbon says: “Bulma may be a genius, but she's also a certified nitwit! She's practically GIVING me the game by throwing away ideas that would be PERFECTLY killer for her, and instead she gives them to ME, for next to NOTHING! I mean, who DOES that?! Not that I really care. I mean, if Bulma is WILLING to give me the game by giving me HER ideas, far be it for ME to stop her! I'm more than happy to take HER strategies, and make them mine, and use them to win the WHOLE game! Then again, I suppose that's already a GIVEN, considering how god-like I am!” (End Confessional) An explosion is heard in the back of the plane, which is heard in the cock-pit by the three guys in there. Sniz says: “Uh, General Barracuda, will you PLEASE check the ruckus in the back of the plane, Fondue can take over for a little bit.” Fondue, surprised and unsure, says: “I CAN?!” General Barracuda, shocked, asks: “He CAN?!!!” Sniz sternly says: “NOW!!!!” General Barracuda can tell that Sniz isn't joking, and leaves to check the back of the plane. Zarbon sneaks his way to the computer mainframe, and upon arriving there, uses his finely filed nails to pick the lock of the securely fastened stronghold. Zarbon laughs and gleefully says: “Now is my CHANCE!”

Zarbon punches up the command input prompt, and types in some new instructions on the challenge litany list, and prints it off. Zarbon says: “That's good. Now, to mess with the RELATIONSHIPS of the two most VALUABLE characters ON this plane!” Zarbon takes a still-frame shot of Marlene sleeping with Skipper in normal class; than Zarbon selects a still-frame of Sniz sleeping with Katie, the Girl from Ipanema. Sniz digitally REMOVES Skipper and Katie from their respective pictures, and INSERTS Marlene into Sniz's picture, SEAMLESSLY, and prints OUT a picture of the doctored photo! Zarbon chuckles evilly and gleefully says: “Well, Marlene, you're going to REGRET leaving Captain Retro NOW!!!! Ha, ha, ha! Captain Retro would've seen through this ruse, but I'm BETTING that Skipper will not! And I get to make Sniz's love life more complicated as a BONUS!!!! Ha, ha, ha! It's feels SO good to be bad!” / General Barracuda comes back with a piece of paper in his hand. General Barracuda says: “I looked, but I wasn't able to find ANYTHING, other than a suspiciously burned box. I couldn't find a match or anything to identify the culprit, and I couldn't find the security footage for the cargo area, it seems that the last few hours have been mysteriously erased.” Fondue suspiciously says: “That IS odd.” General Barracuda says: “But I DID find these printed challenge instructions right outside the computer mainframe. I think someone dropped them.” Sniz says: “Well, I hope it wasn't ME; I don't like to forget stuff!” Sniz looks over the instructions and says: “Of TOP importance?! MUST go to the Denver Mint?! NO skipping?! I've GOT to announce THIS A.S.A.P! Attention, passengers!” And everyone, especially Bulma and Zarbon, listen to Sniz speaking. Sniz says: “I almost forgot something VERY important earlier. Apparently, this is something that CAN'T be skipped! We will have to go to the Denver Mint first, and learn the VALUE of printing legal tender there. So our first stop will be the Denver International Airport. We will be arriving at the Mile High City VERY shortly, even though MOST of Denver is actually LOWER than the mile high distinction! Sniz, out!” Zarbon looks at Bulma, and he asks: “Why did you ask me to type in those instructions?” Bulma says: “It's ALL part of YOUR brilliant plan, Zarbon! After all, you DO want to RUIN Marlene's GAME, don't you?” Zarbon says: “Of course I do!” Bulma says: “You DO want to make sure that SKIPPER doesn't win, don't you?” Zarbon eagerly says: “More than anything!”

Bulma says: “Than you should have no PROBLEM making sure that this plan of YOURS, comes to fruition!” Zarbon says: “I'm more than happy to do this, but why is it MY plan?!” Bulma looks innocent and says: “Don't give me THAT! I'm just here to give SUGGESTIONS to you! Besides, even if I HAD some kind of plan, which I ASSURE you I don't, I have GRACIOUSLY decided to give YOU all the credit!” Zarbon says: “WOW! You must REALLY be desperate to have a relationship with me!” Bulma chuckles, and says in an uncertain tone: “You have NO idea! We just have to make SURE that this PLAN of ours derails Marlene and Skipper first; as of RIGHT now, any relationship BESIDES ours this season, is a VERY big THREAT to us! It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that ALL other relationships are DESTROYED! Let nothing get in your WAY, Zarbon! You KNOW what YOU want, you KNOW that YOU deserve it FAR more than THOSE mere mortals! All YOU have to do is PROVE what YOU know to be TRUE, and everything that YOU have EVER wanted, will ALL be YOURS, forever!” Zarbon smiles and says: “I'm doing this ALL for love!” (Confessional) Bulma says: “Sometimes, I feel just like Lady MacBeth speaking to her husband MacBeth, to commit royal murder in order to become King. Only I'm not going to BLOW it by becoming consumed with something as pointless as GUILT; because I have NOTHING to feel guilty about! I am completely INNOCENT in this endeavor!” / Zarbon says: “Bulma DOES make a good point. Any relationship BESIDES ours will prove to be a liability. It seems only natural that I mess with them. It's ALL for us!” (End Confessional)

The plane lands at the Denver International Airport, and in relatively no time at all, the contestants find themselves at the Denver Mint. Wally says: “This seems very strange.” Stimpy says: “Tell me about it. I mean, why do we have to make a stop here?” Sniz says: “Look, I'm just following the instructions that I've got. I don't question them, I just carry them out. We are here to learn how legal tender is printed. And the best way to learn HOW it is done, is to do it yourself. For the first part of your challenge, you will print off as much money as you can. The money that you make will be used to buy your baking supplies when we get to Leadville.” Po says: “That sounds simple enough.” Sniz says: “And before I forget, there is THIS!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Bulma smiles and says: “That's MUSIC to MY ears!” Sniz says: “And singing for the ears of everyone else! You will be singing a song about legal tender while you perform this challenge. That being said, there's only one song that I can think of that is appropriate for this challenge.” Zarbon says: “It's time to CRUSH these losers!” Bulma smirks and says: “I quite agree. Let's DO this!” / Genre: New wave. Sub-genre: The B-52's (the band). Song: “Legal Tender.” Sung by: Bulma, Patrick, Dog, Zarbon, Captain Retro, Marlene, Suzie, Po, Skipper, Gonard, Dudley, Wally, Stimpy, Reggie, Rocko, and Chameleon. / Bulma: “We're in the basement, learning to print, all of its hot!” Patrick: “10-20-30 million ready to be spent, we're stacking them against the wall, those gangster presidents!” Dog: “Living simple and trying to get by, but honey, prices have SHOT through the sky!” Zarbon: “So I fixed up the basement, with what I was a-working with, stocked it full of jelly jars, and HEAVY equipment!” Captain Retro: “We're in the basement...learning to print! 10-20-30 million dollars, ready to be spent!” Marlene: “Walk into the bank, try to pass that trash!” Suzie: “Teller sees and says, 'Uh-huh, that's fresh as grass!' Grass!” Po: “Grass! Grass! Grass!” Skipper: “See the street pass under your feet, in time to buy the latest model getaway Jeep!” (Instrumental Solo) Gonard: “So I fixed up the basement, with what I was a-working with, stocked it full of jelly jars, and HEAVY equipment!” Dudley: “We're in the basement!” Wally: “So I fixed up the basement, with what I was a-working with, stocked it full of jelly jars, and heavy equipment!” Stimpy: “We're in the basement, learning to print, all of its hot!” Reggie and Rocko: “Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!” Chameleon: “All counterfeit!” (Instrumental solo, fades out and the epic song ends). /

As time is running out on the first challenge, Bulma leans over to Zarbon, and she whispers: “Do it NOW, Zarbon! Don't mess it up!” Zarbon rolls his eyes and says: “Like that's even POSSIBLE for someone like ME!” Zarbon walks by Skipper, 'accidentally' trips and drops the doctored photo so that it floats past Skipper's eyes. Skipper asks: “What the heck?” Skipper bends down to pick up the photo, looks at it, and he IMMEDIATELY becomes ENRAGED!!!! Skipper loudly yells: “WHAT is the MEANING of THIS?!” Upon hearing this, Marlene immediately rushes to Skipper's side, and she asks: “What do you mean?!” Angry, Skipper, in an accusatory tone, asks: “YOU tell me! WHAT is the meaning of YOU sleeping WITH Sniz?!!!” And Skipper shows the photo to Marlene! Marlene is SHOCKED, gasps, and honestly says: “I honestly don't KNOW what that photo is about! I have never, EVER slept with Sniz!” Skipper angrily says: “A likely story! I see what your game is, NOW! You only SLEEP with guys who YOU think will provide you the quickest route to the Final Five! When I wasn't GOOD enough for your purposes, you went with Captain Retro!” Captain Retro overhears the argument and asks: “What are you talking about? When Marlene WAS with me, our relationship was PURELY platonic.” Skipper says: “Don't INTERRUPT me! And when being with Captain Retro didn't pan out, you CONVENIENTLY decided to go BACK to me; all the while THINKING about who would be your NEXT target. So, you decided to get together with Sniz!”

Sniz is SHOCKED to hear this and asks: “What ARE you TALKING about?! Marlene has NEVER slept with me!” Skipper holds up the photo and says: “Tell that to this 8 by 10 glossy! Photos NEVER lie, Sniz! Tell me, what kind of secrets have you, been GIVING to Marlene and NOT me?!” Sniz rolls his eyes and says: “You have GOT to be kidding me! NEVER, in all my YEARS of professionalism and hosting, have I EVER given special treatment to ANY contestant, let alone Marlene!” Skipper angrily says: “A LIKELY story! I have a good MIND to tell this to Katie, the Girl from Ipanema! I'm sure that she's BOUND to find this interesting!” Sniz panics and says: “Don't DO that! The picture is FAKE!” Skipper SERIOUSLY looks at Sniz, and Skipper says: “Do I LOOK like an idiot?” Sniz sarcastically retorts: “I don't know, are you?” Skipper seriously says: “I most certainly am NOT! I didn't get THIS far based on my good looks and suave skills alone, you know! I have a VERY high I.Q., and I can tell when SOMETHING has gone wrong! And something VERY wrong has gone down on this show!” Sniz gets down on his knees and starts to BEG Skipper! Sniz pleads: “PLEASE don't show that photo to Katie! I'll do ANYTHING!” Skipper's eyes light up and he says: “REALLY?!” Sniz stops to THINK about it and says: “Short of just HANDING you any amount of prize money, mind you. I've got an image to maintain!” Skipper says: “Very well! You will give ME and Marlene the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment, and you will NEVER sleep with Marlene AGAIN!” Marlene says: “But he NEVER slept WITH me to begin with!” Skipper, in a sing-song voice says: “Not NOW, Marlene, we'll talk about your indiscretion LATER!” Sniz quickly says: “Done!” Skipper says: “And the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment will last for the next thirty days!” Sniz SERIOUSLY thinks about it, and reluctantly says: “Uh, done!” Marlene says: “Ooh, you drive a HARD bargain Skipper!” Skipper says: “And don't think for ONE moment that I'm just going to forget that YOU were unfaithful to me!” Marlene protests and says: “I've never BEEN unfaithful ever since I've gotten back together with you!” Skipper says: “Irrelevant! You've got a LOT of kissing up and making up with ME to do, unless you WANT me to convince the OTHERS to vote you off!” Marlene is SHOCKED and she seriously says: “YOU wouldn't!” Skipper sternly says: “Don't PUSH me! I've held grudges against OTHERS for FAR longer for FAR less than what YOU'VE done!” Marlene sighs and says: “Fine. So I caused you to get BUTT hurt by being with Captain Retro. I GET it! I admit it, I DID a LOUSY thing! Now how about some FORGIVENESS already?!” Skipper sternly says: “You will GET my forgiveness when you EARN it!” And they walk away from Sniz and Captain Retro!

(Confessional) Sniz is SHOCKED and he says: “How did SKIPPER get into possession of such a PICTURE?! I wouldn't mess around with somebody else! Katie's supposed to be my soul mate! If she EVER saw a photo like that, it would SPELL the END for us!” / Skipper is irritated and he says: “I'm VERY disappointed in Marlene right now. She PROMISED me her days of dating other men were over! After everything I've ever done and put myself THROUGH for her, she LIED to me! I'll forgive her just this once, but she BETTER not try anything FUNNY ever AGAIN!” / Marlene cries and she says: “WHY is this happening to me? I didn't DO anything wrong, I mean, ever SINCE I got back together with Skipper! Is this because I broke up with Captain Retro JUST because he wouldn't tell me my future, or am I STILL getting punished for my former grudge against Treeflower? Well, whatever it is, I'm SORRY already!!!!” / Captain Retro shakes his head, sighs and says: “I TRIED to warn Marlene. I had a feeling that Zarbon and Bulma would try to devastate her. If she had still been WITH me, I know their plan would not have worked. But as it is, nothing I say is going to make Skipper change his mind now. He is FAR too stubborn for me to get through to him. I just hope Marlene can save herself. She's the only one who has a chance to fix this.” (End Confessional)

Time finally runs out on the challenge, and Sniz quickly says: “Okay, time's up!” Dudley asks: “Who won?” Sniz doesn't pay attention and he says: “Doesn't matter. We've got to get to the next part of the challenge, A.S.A.P!” Chameleon asks: “But why?” Sniz says: “It doesn't MATTER why! We've GOT to go! The quicker, the BETTER!” And Bulma and Zarbon look at each other, pleasantly PLEASED by how unnerved Sniz has become! (Confessional) Dudley says: “Personally, I've always thought that Sniz was one watt short of a 30 watt light-bulb. But now, he seems to be acting more nervous than usual! I wonder, why?” / Chameleon says: “Something seems to be bothering Sniz. I wish he would tell us what it was. I HATE being uncertain about things that are bothering other people. It would be FAR better for Sniz to just get it out in the open, than to keep it locked up inside.” / Bulma chuckles and says: “Well, thanks to Zarbon, I think that I have now just OFFICIALLY sunken the S.S. Marlene! I'd LOVE to see her DESPERATE attempt to get any jury votes now! Her game is SO over!” / Zarbon laughs deviously and he says: “I LOVE it when a plan comes together! When Skipper gets mad, it throws his FOCUS off the game! And when his focus is thrown OFF the game, it will allow ME and Bulma easy access to the Final Three! And now, Marlene's reputation with the other contestants has been thoroughly SHOT! There's no CHANCE she's winning the game NOW! Not that she HAD a chance before, but now her fate is FINALLY sealed, for GOOD!” (End Confessional) The other contestants finally arrive in Leadville, Colorado, just outside of a bakery restaurant. Sniz gets them inside quickly and he says: “Okay, this is where the second part of the challenge will take place. All you have to do is bake whatever you feel like baking. Just be aware that you have to get what you bake, to Hartsel, Colorado. And it has to be completely intact! General Barracuda will be judging what you bake and how it looks when you get it to him. Whoever bakes the best dish will win the FABULOUS reward of a luxury spa night at the Buena Vista Hot Springs Hotel near Buena Vista, Colorado.” Suzie asks: “Will we have to sing another song?” Sniz is SHOCKED, and he SERIOUSLY says: “Seriously? We don't have TIME for another song right now! You have 30 minutes, GO!!!!” (Confessional) Suzie rhetorically asks: “No time for a song? I don't get it. Sniz usually LOVES to hand out songs for us to sing. Something REALLY seems to be BUGGING Sniz right now.” (End Confessional)

Everyone quickly gets to work baking a product. Bulma starts work on a four level wedding cake; Zarbon prepares Tri-Tip Roast Beef; Patrick cooks up a Triple Krabby Supreme; Suzie whips up mashed potatoes and green beans; Chameleon heats up a bean burrito and a corn tortilla taco; Dudley serves up Blackened Thresher Shark; Wally mixes up some raisin banana bread; Stimpy decides to serve up an old favorite of Powdered Toast; Rocko serves up a mixture of healthy snacks; Reggie decides to heat up a bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder; Po serves up his family favorite of beef dumplings and rice; despite being angry, Skipper still manages to whip some grilled Atlantic Salmon; and Marlene cooks up some barbequed oysters, and arranges them onto a plate to spell out, “I'm Sorry.” Meanwhile, Captain Retro leans over to Dog, and Captain Retro says: “Help out Gonard now.” Dog asks: “Are you worried?” Captain Retro admits: “I'm nervous. I can probably cook up a Huckleberry Pie when I'm determined, but that's about it.” Dog says: “I'll whip up some pizza when I'm done with Gonard. What should Gonard make?” Captain Retro whispers into Dog's right ear, and Dog's ears both lift up. Dog says: “That DOES sound like a good idea!” Captain Retro says: “Now hurry! We've only got about 29 minutes left before this challenge is over!” Dog walks over to Gonard, who is looking over his potential baking choices. Gonard says: “Man, there's such a big VARIETY to choose from! What will General Barracuda like the best?!”

Dog asks: “You need any help?” Gonard sighs with relief and he says: “You read my mind! I've just got to cook up the best dish! Otherwise, how will I ever spend time with Bulma?” Dog says: “Funny you should mention Bulma. You see, I'm willing to do you a solid and help you win this challenge. In exchange, you need to help me with something.” Gonard asks: “What did you have in mind?” Dog looks to make SURE, that neither Bulma, nor Zarbon, are paying attention; and Dog discreetly holds out the dog bone voice recorder, and Dog says: “I need you to record Bulma Briefs talking when you get together in the spa by using this voice recorder. It's important that we know how she really feels about all the contestants.” Gonard asks: “But why me?” Dog points to Bulma and Zarbon, and Dog asks: “Just look at the two of them all close together. Even IF you win and Bulma HAS to honor her promise to you, can you HONESTLY say that Bulma will EVER give you what you'll looking for?” And as Gonard SEES Bulma give Zarbon a passionate kiss, Gonard sighs and says: “No. She will NEVER give me what I want.” Dog says: “Than you won't mind doing me this favor.” And Dog gives Gonard the dog bone voice recorder. As Gonard hides the recorder in his right hand pocket, Gonard says: “Just know that I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing this for ME! I need to find out what Bulma honestly thinks about me.” Dog whispers: “Just do this, is all I ask for you.” Gonard says: “All right. So what should I cook?” Dog whispers: “Devil's Chocolate Fudge Food Cake. Trust me.” Gonard says: “I can't think of anything better; I'll make it!” Dog whispers: “Okay. If all goes as planned, you'll be sitting with Bulma Briefs tonight.” Gonard says: “IF all goes as planned, that's what it all boils down to, isn't it?” Dog whispers: “I'll help make sure you get the dish to General Barracuda intact. He won't be disappointed.” Gonard says: “Trust me, I certainly wouldn't WANT to disappoint the General!” (Confessional)

Bulma says: “Why am I making a wedding cake? It will be good practice for MY wedding day! Not with self-absorbed NARCISSIST Zarbon, I mean a REAL man. I'm GOING to marry Vegeta! The most MACHO man in the ENTIRE universe!” / Rocko says: “From my personal experience, nobody EVER turns down a serving of healthy snacks, and General Barracuda likes to stay fit. I've got a GOOD feeling about my choice.” / Po says: “I've never SEEN anyone turn down my family recipe yet, and I don't think that General Barracuda will be able to resist MY dumplings and rice!” / Marlene says: “Now that Skipper has seen that LIE of a photo, my game is DANGEROUSLY close to running on empty! I desperately need refueling by making up with Skipper! If I don't, I can just kiss MY chances of winning good-bye!” / Dog says: “Well, Gonard's taken up the offer. Now all he has to do is follow through.” / Gonard sighs, and says: “Sometimes, it STINKS having to face up to reality. But I need to be realistic. Bulma is too tight with Zarbon, and she will NEVER let me come in between them! Well, she's going to find out the hard way, that when you SHUT people out, there will be a HIGH price to pay! She'll find out that her ignoring me, will turn out to be the BIGGEST mistake of her WHOLE, entire life!” (End Confessional) Soon enough, the 30 minutes all run out, and the challenge is completed, with everyone having successfully made their respective dishes as practically perfect as possible!” Sniz quickly says: “Okay, now you all have to get to Hartsel, Colorado as fast as possible!” Stimpy asks: “But how?” Sniz says: “There are four different ways. Zip-line, snowboarding, car, and hang-gliding. It's first come, first serve.” Skipper immediately steps up and says: “Marlene and I are going zip-lining!” Marlene asks: “Are you SURE that's a good...?” But Skipper holds up his left flipper indicating that she needs to stop. Skipper than turns to her, and he asks: “Marlene, WHO is the GUY in this relationship?” Marlene answers: “Uh, you?” Skipper says: “Yes, and WHO put our security deposit down?” Marlene answers: “You?”

Skipper says: “Yes, and WHO was it that elected ME to be the leader?” Marlene answers: “You?” Skipper whispers: “All right. Then I guess you should--” And Skipper EXPLODES and loses it, screaming: “SHUT UP and DO what I SAY!!!!” Marlene falls backwards and she says: “TOUCHY!!!!” (Confessional) Marlene sighs, and says: “MAN!!!! I do not know how much more I can TAKE of this! If only there were some WAY to convince Skipper that I'm INNOCENT! But how can I make Skipper STOP being stubborn for five seconds so I can explain it to him?” / Skipper says: “I'm in no mood for any of Marlene's mumbo jumbo excuses and/or possible explanations. All I care about right now is winning, so I can RUB it into the big, LYING faces of Sniz and Marlene!!!!” (End Confessional) Patrick nervously says: “I'll go zip-lining!” Suzie sighs and says: “Me to, I guess.” Captain Retro says: “I'll go hang-gliding.” Wally says: “Me to!” Stimpy says: “Me THREE!” Dudley says: “And me FOUR!” Gonard thinks about it, but before he can speak, Dog whispers: “Don't take ANY chances! We're GOING to take a car!” Gonard asks: “Really?” Dog nods, and Gonard sighs. Gonard says: “I'll take a car.” Bulma is shocked and asks: “REALLY?!” (Confessional) Bulma says: “It seems odd that Gonard would pass up snowboarding to drive a car. Of course, he just WANTS a chance to win, which is why he's not taking a chance with a snowboard. Of course, Gonard is STILL going to be a big, gigantic LOSER in the end!” (End Confessional) Bulma says: “Well, I will ALSO be taking a car to Hartsel, Coloardo!” Zarbon says: “So will I!” Dog says: “And so will I!” Sniz says: “That means that Chameleon, Rocko, Reggie, and Po will be snowboarding! You've got ONE hour to get to Hartsel, Colorado. No late entries will be accepted! Now, GO!!!!” As the contestants make their way towards Hartsel, Colorado, a familiar tune begins playing, that the hang-gliders, the snowboarders, and the car drivers start singing along to. / Genre: Heartland Rock. Sub-genre: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Song: “Learning to Fly.” Sung by: Gonard, Dog, Wally, Chameleon, Captain Retro, Dudley, Stimpy, Bulma, Zarbon, Reggie, Rocko, and Po. /

Gonard: “Well I started out down a dirty road, started out all alone.” Dog: “And the sun went down as I crossed the hill. And the town lit up, the world got still.” Wally: “I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings.” Chameleon: “Coming down is the hardest thing.” Captain Retro: “Well, the good old days may not return, and the rocks might melt, and the sea may burn.” Dudley and Stimpy: “I'm learning to fly (learning to fly) but I ain't got wings. Learning to fly.” Bulma and Zarbon: “Coming down (learning to fly) is the hardest thing. Learning to fly.” (Instrumental solo) Reggie: “Well, some say life will beat you down.” Rocko: “Break your heart, steal your crown.” Po: “So I've started out for God-knows-where. I guess I'll know when I get there.” Wally: “I'm learning to fly, around the clouds.” Captain Retro: “But what goes up, must come down.” Stimpy and Dudley: “I'm learning to fly (learning to fly), but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing.” Wally and Captain Retro: “I'm learning to fly (learning to fly), around the clouds. But what goes up (learning to fly) must come down.” Captain Retro and Wally: “I'm learning to fly (learning to fly, learning to fly), learning to fly.” Wally: “Learning to fly, learning to fly, learning to fly; learning to fly.” / And the epic song ends. /

After the last song, the action shifts to the contestants who have decided to go zip-lining. Marlene says: “Honestly, Skipper, I think that you could have at LEAST taken a few MOMENTS to THINK about what would be the best way to get to Hartsel, Colorado!” Skipper scoffs and rhetorically asks: “And LOSE the race?! What kind of HUSBAND do you think I am?!” Marlene angrily sulks and says: “Not one who's GIVEN me any children, for STARTERS!” Skipper is shocked and asks: “WHAT?!” Marlene rolls her eyes and seriously says: “You HEARD me, I am in a SEXLESS marriage!” Skipper rolls his eyes and says: “Come ON, Marlene; DON'T make this about YOU!” Marlene sputters and seriously says: “ME?! How could I POSSIBLY make this about ME?! It's about YOU, it's ALWAYS about you!” Skipper asks: “Why do you suddenly WANT kids, anyways?!” Marlene says: “HELLO! Treeflower has some, I want some to! I can't let her be the ONLY married wife that has her own children!” Skipper asks: “So it's CHILDREN you want, is it?” Marlene says: “One would be NICE!” Skipper says: “Then I'll tell you this; if we WIN this challenge, I'll make LOVE to you, and you will get what you want. Uh, this isn't YOUR time of the month, is it?” Marlene says: “No, that was a few DAYS ago!” Smiling, Skipper boastfully says: “Than I think we can work something out! When or IF we win this challenge, I will LOVE you and give you what you want!” Marlene smiles and says: “That's all I'm asking for!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “One thing I've learned from my mom a LONG time ago, is that when you get in trouble, you have to FIND a way to shift the focus of blame for yourself, to the one you love. By making the root of the problem THEIR fault, they will have no choice but to drop whatever STUPID grudge they have against YOU, and do whatever it is YOU want to do! Besides, Skipper is the one who WANTED to be married to me! It's high time he seals the deal and be the man I WANT him to be!” / Skipper says: “The way I see it, this is a win-win situation for me. I give Marlene what she wants, and in turn, she becomes fully committed to me. Everyone knows that once you have children, you can't back out of your relationship. Well, I mean, technically you CAN, but your children will then HATE you for doing so for the REST of your life, and possibly the REST of their OWN lives!” (End Confessional)

Skipper gets on the zip-line, but he ISN'T exactly zipping. Skipper is SHOCKED and asks: “I don't get it! I thought zip-lining was SUPPOSED to be FAST!” Marlene rolls her eyes and says: “You're doing it WRONG! Suzie, show the man how it's DONE!” Suzie gets on, but SHE isn't zipping fast, either! Suzie says: “I don't think it's just Skipper, Marlene! I'm not going fast, EITHER!” Marlene face-palms herself and says: “I have to do EVERYTHING myself! I'm coming FORWARD!” Marlene gets on, and Patrick panics as he says: “Wait for ME!” And Patrick gets on, but neither Marlene, nor Patrick are going fast on the zip-line. Skipper asks: “Well, you were saying?” Marlene asks: “What's the DEAL with this zip-line?!” Patrick answers: “I think it's a SAFETY zip-line. To ensure that nobody gets hurt, I don't think you can go faster than two miles an hour on this thing.” Marlene asks: “How are we SUPPOSED to win if we can't go FASTER than two miles an hour on this zip-line?!” Suzie groans and screams: “I should have DEFINITELY never gone zip-lining!” (Confessional) Suzie says: “As of RIGHT now, this challenge is OFFICIALLY starting to SUCK!!!!” / Patrick says: “Honestly, zip-lining is nowhere NEAR as fun as some people make it out to be.” (End Confessional) / The action shifts to the hang-gliders, and Captain Retro spots something! Captain Retro says: “Hartsel, Colorado is down there! I'd recognize that quaint little town, anywhere!” Wally says: “Than let's drop in! Not, literally of course!” And the four contestants glide down, and land in front of the main, local restaurant on the main street of Hartsel, Colorado.

Sniz comes out and says: “Well DONE, you four! You made it here in just fifteen minutes, with PLENTY of time to spare! Now we've just got to wait for the rest of the contestants to show up before your food can be judged!” Captain Retro goes up to Sniz, and Captain Retro says: “I believe in your defense, Sniz. I absolutely KNOW for a fact that you DIDN'T sleep with Marlene. I read your auras and they check out. That photo is BOGUS!” Sniz says: “I know that, and YOU know that; the hard part would be CONVINCING anyone else to believe that!” / The action shifts back to the zip-liners, as they find a place to get off the zip-line. Marlene is irritated and says: “THAT'S it! We are definitely NOT making our way to Hartsel, Colorado like this!” Patrick says: “If we DID, there's no way we'd make it in time.” Suzie asks: “Well does anyone have any BRIGHT ideas?” Skipper looks around and spots an oxen rental storage shed! Skipper says: “Let's ride in comfort, we'll take the oxen!” Marlene says: “That's perfect! Oxen helped us in getting to Scotty's Castle! We'll win for sure!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “Just when I think our goose is cooked, Lady Luck smiles and us and gives me a much needed reprieve. With oxen power, I KNOW we can make it to Hartsel, Colorado in time!” / Patrick says: “At this point, I'm just desperate to have a CHANCE to get General Barracuda to taste my culinary treat!” / Skipper says: “Once again, my powers of bright observation have come to save the day!” / Suzie says: “I guess I have no choice but to go along with this idea. I mean, Skipper can't POSSIBLY strike out ALL the time!” (End Confessional)

The four contestants each pick an option and Skipper commandingly says: “Giddy-up! WOAH!!!!” But the oxen IMMEDIATELY take off like a flash, causing the contestants uncomfortable bumpiness in their saddles, as they just charge forward, causing MANY branches to KNOCK against the faces of the contestants! Being bumped around, Marlene eventually says: “I-I-I-I d-d-d-don't remember t-t-t-the Oxen e-e-e-ever b-b-b-being t-t-t-this f-f-f-fast and d-d-d-dangerous!” Suzie eventually says: “M-m-m-maybe they've been b-b-b-bred to t-t-t-take their customers, t-t-t-to p-p-p-places f-f-f-fast!” Patrick eventually says: “T-t-t-that m-m-m-makes s-s-s-sense to m-m-m-me!” Skipper isn't having any trouble speaking, and says: “What GOOD is going fast if it gets us ALL killed?! Come on, Oxen! Woah! Oh, come on! Come on, now! Woah! Woah! Woah! When I say, 'Woah', I mean WOAH!!!!” And Skipper GRABS a large branch and USES it to knock the oxen unconscious, causing an end to their uncomfortable ride! (Confessional) Suzie says: “Okay, maybe Skipper CAN possibly strike out all the time!” / Patrick says: “For anyone keeping score at home, that's IRONY 2, Skipper ZERO!” (End Confessional) Suzie sarcastically says: “Nice CHOICE, Skipper! Is there any OTHER way you want to try to KILL us, today; or have you filled up your quota of bad decision making for the day?” Patrick moans and yells: “I should have DEFINITELY never gone OXEN riding!” / The action shifts to the car drivers. Bulma smiles and says: “There's Hartsel, Colorado! Right on schedule!” And the four cars pull into the main, local restaurant of Hartsel, Colorado. Sniz says: “Great job! You made with 30 minutes to spare! Let's hope the other contestants get here, soon! Or THEY will be out of the running!” Dog looks at Bulma and Zarbon, and Dog loudly says: “And don't even THINK about trying to sabotage Gonard's DISH! I'm WATCHING you!” Upon hearing this, Bulma and Zarbon sputter and laugh out LOUD!!!! Zarbon chortles: “Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, HA!!!! That's a GOOD one! Like WE would take VALUABLE time out of OUR valuable lives just to mess with Gonard!” Bulma says: “I don't even need to BOTHER to sabotage, Gonard! Waste of time, and perfectly good strategies!” Zarbon says: “We have got NOTHING to be afraid of!” (Confessional)

Dog says: “And THAT, is a good example of T.O.C.T.B.I. Syndrome; Totally Over-Confidant, Than Blowing It!” / Bulma says: “I don't NEED to sabotage Gonard. He is PERFECTLY capable of doing that ALL on his own!” / Zarbon says: “Gonard doesn't HAVE a chance anyways! We have this one in the BAG!!!!” (End Confessional) The action shifts to Skipper, Marlene, Suzie, and Patrick, who have to walk now that their oxen are out of commission. Marlene is irritated and says: “UGH!!!! This is going to take us too LONG! We'll never make it to Hartsel, Colorado at THIS rate!” Patrick says: “Look at the bright side, at LEAST it's not raining!!!!” (THUNDERCLAP!!!!) And it starts pouring BUCKETS on them! Suzie screams: “You just HAD to open your BIG, FAT, DUMB MOUTH!” Patrick rolls his eyes and says: “Yeah, right! Like I REALLY knew it was going to start RAINING!” Skipper says: “We need a way to get out of here fast, A.S.A.P!” Suzie looks around and says: “And I think I've found a way! Boat Rental!” And Suzie points at a boat rental house. Skipper suspiciously says: “Do you even KNOW if the river will even TAKE us CLOSE to Hartsel, Colorado!” Suzie says: “Well, YOUR ideas certainly haven't been WORKING!” Marlene says: “Come on! Let somebody else try for a change!” Skipper moans and says: “FINE!!!!” (Confessional)

Skipper rolls his eyes, and seriously says: “At this point, it would SERVE Suzie right if her idea ends up being even WORSE than one of mine!” / Patrick says: “I know it's a risk that this will turn out to be an ironic comment, but there's NO way Suzie's idea will be WORSE than Skipper’s ideas!” / Marlene says: “After everything that I have been THROUGH today, I DEFINITELY deserve this WIN! Suzie, don't you DARE let us down!” (End Confessional) Suzie starts up the boat engine, but it sputters, and it doesn't seem to be SPEEDING fast! Suzie tries to make the engine go faster, but to no avail. Suzie says: “Come on, move faster, MOVE faster! If we don't pick up enough speed, we'll NEVER arrive!” Marlene says: “Skipper, why don't you just USE one of your fancy gadgets to help us out?!” Skipper face-palms himself and yells: “BECAUSE I FORGOT my BAZOOKA at HOME!!!!” Patrick SERIOUSLY asks: “You HAVE a BAZOOKA?!” Skipper says: “I'm not even going to ANSWER that one!” Marlene asks: “Can't you GET any more JUICE out of this thing?!” Suzie answers: “I'm TRYING, but this darn boat won't LET us go any FASTER than FIVE miles an hour!” Patrick moans and yells: “We should have DEFINITELY never gone BOAT riding!” / The action shifts to the snowboarders. Chameleon looks ahead and says: “What luck! Hartsel, Colorado is right in front of us!” Rocko says: “Good thing.” Reggie says: “I'll say! We were ALMOST out of snow!” And the snowboarders get off their skis, and walk to the main, local restaurant of Hartsel, Colorado. Sniz says: “Congratulations on making it here with fifteen minutes to spare. Those zip-liners better make it here soon, or they'll be out of luck!” Po says: “Maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling that luck is NOT on the side of the zip-liners today!” / Sure enough, Po's feeling turns out to be accurate as the four remaining contestants are still STUCK in the boat, with Hartsel, Colorado nowhere in sight! Skipper says: “Okay, this now OFFICIALLY stinks!” Patrick asks: “How does it stink?” Skipper SERIOUSLY replies: “Are you KIDDING me?! First, I find a picture of Marlene SLEEPING with Sniz, than both SNIZ and Marlene LIE to me about it, and the only way that MARLENE can think in order to make UP for it, is to ask ME to have KIDS with her!” Marlene groans and asks: “How many times do I have to tell you that I DIDN'T sleep with SNIZ?!!!” Skipper says: “You can deny it ALL you want! But I HAVE the picture! This CLEARLY shows YOU in the V.I.P. Lounge with Sniz, SLEEPING with him!” Marlene asks: “It does? Let me SEE that picture, AGAIN!” And it suddenly stops raining.

Marlene looks at the picture and her eyes light up! Marlene says: “It DOES!!!! Don't you SEE?! That PROVES the picture has been doctored?!” Skipper asks: “What do you mean?!” Marlene points it out, and says: “Don't you see? I've only ever BEEN in the V.I.P. Lounge ONCE, and that was when I was STILL with Captain Retro, and I NEVER left his side! Ever since I got back together with you, what have I done WITH you?” Skipper's eyes light up and he says: “You've NEVER been in the V.I.P. Lounge, and you've NEVER left my SIDE!!!!” Marlene says: “That PROVES the picture is a FAKE!!!!” Suzie asks: “But who would GO to the trouble of FAKING a picture, and WHY?!” Than Skipper REMEMBERS what happened earlier in a flash-back! (Flash-back) Zarbon walks by Skipper, 'accidentally' trips and drops the doctored photo so that it floats past Skipper's eyes. (Flash-back ends) Skipper angrily says: “It was Zarbon!!!! HE did it! He was the one who DROPPED that picture! He must have WANTED me to see it, because he KNEW how I would REACT to EVIDENCE like that! He's THREATENED by our relationship! That's why he TRIED to come between us!” Marlene asks: “But WHY did he also use SNIZ for the photo?” Skipper looks at Marlene and asks: “Does it REALLY matter? If Zarbon is willing to stoop THAT low to try to break us up, who KNOWS what else Zarbon is capable of?” Patrick says: “Personally, I'd rather NOT find out!” Suzie says: “And there's not much time right now to think about it, because Hartsel, Colorado is in the DISTANCE!” And they see the small town, but the river doesn't go any closer!

Patrick moans and says: “So close, yet STILL so far away!” Skipper says: “It's STILL not over yet! If we hurry, we can STILL arrive in time!” As the boat runs aground, Suzie asks: “Well then, what are we waiting for?” Patrick says: “Nothing! Let's hurry!” Marlene says: “Yeah, let's run!” The four of them start running through a field of poppies, as Patrick shouts: “Come on, come on!” Skipper shouts: “Hurry, HURRY!” The four of them run, but Suzie and Marlene start slowing down. Skipper points and says: “Look! Have you ever been more GRATEFUL to see civilization?!” Patrick says: “Hartsel, Colorado!” Marlene sighs and groggily says: “What's happening? What is it? I can't RUN anymore. I'm so sleepy!” Skipper says: “Just give me your hand, and I'll pull you along.” Marlene says: “No, please. I have to rest for just one minute.” Marlene lies on the ground and starts sleeping. Skipper urgently says: “You can't rest NOW, we're NEARLY there!” Patrick starts crying over this development and Skipper says: “Don't CRY! That's not going to wake her up, anyways!” Suzie tiredly says: “Come to think of it, forty winks wouldn't be bad.” And she starts to bend down, but Patrick and Skipper STOP her! Skipper says: “Don't YOU start it!” Patrick says: “We've got to TRY to carry Marlene! I don't think I CAN, but we can TRY!” Skipper says: “Than let us!” But as they attend to Marlene, Suzie just falls down unconscious! Patrick moans and says: “Oh, look at HER!!!! This is TERRIBLE!” Skipper says: “Come on, Patrick, help me!” They try to push and pull, but are unable to get Marlene off the ground. Skipper says: “This is TERRIBLE! I can't budge her an inch! This is some kind of TRAP, this is!” Patrick's eyes light up and he says: “This is General Barracuda's DOING!!!! What will we do?!” Patrick looks around and desperately cries: “HELP!!!! HELP!!!!” Skipper says: “It's no use SCREAMING at a time like this, nobody can HEAR us!!!!” Than Skipper frantically cries: “HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!” And Patrick starts to cry, uncontrollably, and it suddenly STARTS snowing! Skipper says: “It's SNOWING!!!!” And the reason WHY is revealed as Captain Retro is flying AROUND the clouds, stirring the cold moisture LOOSE from them, and causing it to snow, which neuralyzes the Poppies. Captain Retro says: “Hurry up, you guys.” Skipper can't believe what is happening and says: “No, it isn't. Oh, YES, it is! Maybe THAT will help!” And Marlene SUDDENLY wakes up. Skipper says: “Oh, it COULDN'T help! It DOES help! Marlene, you're waking up!” Suzie suddenly wakes up and says: “Unusual weather, we're having, isn't it?” Marlene says: “Patrick, you can stop CRYING now! We're safe!”

Patrick snaps out of it and says: “Than let's get out of here! Hartsel, Colorado is closer, and prettier than ever!” And they run without further incident to the town, only to have the BELL ring at an hour gong before they can arrive in time. Sniz says: “Sorry, you didn't make it. You're out of the running. Better luck NEXT time!” But Bulma seems to be ESPECIALLY shocked that the four of them have MANAGED to arrive at all! (Confessional) Bulma angrily says: “Curses! Curses! Curses! I told Zarbon to fly on ahead and put some sleeping spices on those posies, in order to make Marlene and Suzie sleepy AND still! Who could have neuralyzed those spices?! Wait! It was Captain Retro! Why does he ALWAYS have to help out that SLIMY little OTTER?! Well, awake or NOT, I'm STILL brainy enough to get HER out of the competition! WOAH to anyone who tries to STOP me!” / Marlene says: “Well, at least today wasn't a TOTAL loss. Skipper finally realized that I will NEVER hang out with another guy EVER again!” / Skipper moans and says: “All that work for NOTHING! Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed!” / Suzie says: “Why did I try to take a chance with Patrick? I must have been CRAZY to think I would have a CHANCE hanging out with him!” / Patrick says: “All I know is, that almost NOTHING that happened today was MY fault! All I did was to try my best! I certainly can't be faulted for THAT!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “General Barracuda will now begin the judging. Please present your dishes one at a time.” Zarbon smugly says: “Oh, with my tri-tip roast beef, I'll go FIRST!!!!” Sniz says: “SOMEONE sounds confidant!” General Barracuda tastes it, and says: “Slightly blackened texture, moist barbeque flavor, with a very pleasant crunch. A seven out of ten!” Zarbon says: “Beat THAT, losers! I fear you are DESTINED to fail!” Chameleon says: “I hope you're in the mood for Mexican food!” General Barracuda looks at it and says: “I'll give it a shot.” General Barracuda tastes it, and says: “Better than I THOUGHT it would be. Good bean mixture, not too much cheese, and just the right amount of salsa. Good, but not exactly what I was looking for. I'd give it six out of ten at best.” Dudley says: “Try MY dish next! Have you EVER eaten a shark?!” General Barracuda chuckles and says: “I've always WANTED to!” General Barracuda eats it and says: “I LOVE it! Blackened to perfection, with lemon and tartar sauce! You get an eight out of ten!” And Zarbon is SHOCKED! (Confessional) Zarbon says: “Oh, man! Dudley has a CHANCE to win! He's ahead by a point! It's all up to Bulma, now!” (End Confessional) Bulma says: “I'll put this game away! I am a WINNER! Eat it, and WEEP!” General Barracuda rolls his eyes and says: “I HIGHLY doubt that I will WEEP!” But General Barracuda eats it, and his eyes are filled with TEARS of joy! Oh, my, GOD!!!! Where has this wedding cake BEEN all my life?! It's sensational! Nine out of ten!” And Bulma smiles in triumph! (Confessional) Bulma confidently says: “Nobody's going to beat ME! I have this one IN the bag!” (End Confessional) Dog says: “Try my pizza, next!” General Barracuda says: “Okay, but I think anything else AFTER that wedding cake is going to be a bit of a let-down.” General Barracuda eats it and says: “Well, this pizza EXCEEDS my expectations for pizza, but I'm currently NOT in the mood for pizza. But I'll give it an eight out of ten.” Captain Retro says: “Try a slice of my Huckleberry Pie. I hope you like it, I made it from scratch, whatever THAT means!” General Barracuda tries it, and his EYES light up! General Barracuda asks: “How often do you cook at home?” Captain Retro is surprised and asks: “Honestly?! Next to NEVER!” General Barracuda answers: “SERIOUSLY?! Well than, that's SERIOUS beginner's luck, because you get a nine out of ten!” And Bulma looks at Captain Retro ANGRILY!!!! (Confessional)

Bulma angrily says: “How DARE anybody try to TIE with ME?! I will make SURE that Captain Retro PAYS for trying to challenge ME!” / Captain Retro says: “Okay, there was no WAY I could have predicted that my pie would be THAT good! I figured that if I was lucky, I'd get a seven out of ten at best! I just hope my strategy with Gonard ends up paying off.” (End Confessional) A montage of the remaining contestants and their dishes are shown. Wally's raisin banana bread scores a 7 out of 10; Stimpy's Powdered Toast scores a 6 out of 10; Rocko's healthy snacks score an 8 out of 10; Reggie's bowl of Manhattan clam chowder scores an 8 out of 10; Po's beef dumplings and rice scores an 8 out of 10. Finally, it all comes down to Gonard. Dog says: “This is it, big guy!” Gonard says: “I know!” Captain Retro says: “Remember, the only thing you HAVE to fear is FEAR itself!” Gonard asks: “Didn't Franklin D. Roosevelt say that?” Captain Retro says: “Doesn't make it any LESS true!” Gonard says: “All right. General Barracuda, I present to you my Devil's Chocolate Fudge Food Cake.” General Barracuda's eyes light up and he says: “Well, you've got MY interest! Let me try it!” And Bulma SUDDENLY gets nervous! General Barracuda eats it, and he GASPS in pleasant surprise! General Barracuda says: “What a treat! What an absolutely WONDERFUL, delicious TREAT! This is the BEST thing I've eaten since my LAST birthday! With this, I think we HAVE a WINNER!!!! Gonard wins with a PERFECT ten out of TEN!!!!” Bulma screams: “WHAT?!” Zarbon shouts: “Are YOU serious?!” Bulma protests: “You've GOT to be KIDDING me!” Sniz says: “The fish has spoken! Gonard, who do you invite to share your reward with you?” Gonard says: “Bulma made a promise to me, and I INTEND for her to HONOR it!” Bulma groans and she says: “CURSE me and my OVER-BLOATED ego!!!!” Zarbon says: “No, curse YOU and your sense of HONOR!” Bulma says: “And WORST of all, now I HAVE to eat a slice of HUMBLE pie!!!!” Captain Retro says: “I don't know what THAT tastes like, but I've got some huckleberry pie.” Bulma sighs and says: “Oh, CLOSE enough!” And Bulma reluctantly eats a slice of pie.

(Confessional) Bulma says: “Let it be shown on the record, that this will be the first, ONLY, and LAST date that I EVER have with Gonard...whatever his last name is! I honestly don't KNOW! And quite frankly, I couldn't POSSIBLY care any LESS if I TRIED!!!! And believe me, I have DEFINITELY tried!” / Gonard excitedly says: “I did it! With the help of Dog, I actually did it! Of course, I don't think Bulma is TOO happy about it. Now I'm certain that recording her is the right thing to do. Sorry, Bulma, but I made a promise, and I intend to keep it.” / Zarbon shakes his head, and he angrily says: “This is ALL your FAULT, Bulma Briefs! You and your STUPID boasting! You better break UP with Gonard, and you BETTER do it FAST!!!!” / Captain Retro says: “It's almost all over now. All that remains is to get Bulma to speak, which SHOULDN'T be too hard to do!” (End Confessional) Gonard is standing outside the entrance to the spa, with Captain Retro. Captain Retro asks: “Do you still have the recorder with you?” Gonard checks, and says: “Yes I do.” Captain Retro says: “No matter what happens, don't let Bulma find out about that Recorder! It would cause trouble for ALL of us!” Gonard asks: “Is this unethical?” Captain Retro says: “I double-checked the rules, and we're not breaking them. You're NOT going to cheat, and you're NOT going to lie, you're just going to let Bulma be...Bulma!” Gonard sighs with a relief and says: “That's a heavy load off MY mind!” Captain Retro says: “Be sure to give that voice recorder back to me, once you're done with it.” Gonard says: “Don't worry about me, I want to find out what Bulma thinks about me, and everybody else, also.” Captain Retro says: “Then it’s all up to you now. Good luck.” Gonard pushes the record button on the voice recorder, and walks in. And although the cameras aren't allowed in, they ARE allowed to record the dialogue, as well.

Gonard says: “It's nice to see you here, Bulma. How are you doing?” Bulma scoffs and says: “Not so well that I'm not WILLING to spend at least a FEW minutes of my life with you!” Gonard asks: “I just don't understand what your problem is. Maybe if you talked about it, you would feel better about yourself, as well as everybody else.” Bulma SERIOUSLY says: “I don't WANT to know anybody else! I don't want to have ANYTHING to DO with them!” Gonard asks: “What about Zarbon? You seem awfully chummy with him.” Bulma scoffs and says: “Chummy? PLEASE!!!! Like I 'ACTUALLY' love him, he's just a guy that I'm leading on for as LONG as it's CONVENIENT for me! When he ceases to be useful, I'll BETRAY him and DUMP him at my first convenience! He's just a PAWN that I'm using to FURTHER my own game!” Gonard asks: “Are you SAYING that you honestly don't CARE for Zarbon?!” Bulma groans and says: “Not only do I NOT care for Zarbon, I don't care for ANYBODY in this competition!” Gonard says: “You can't HONESTLY mean that!” Bulma says: “Believe me, I do! Can you keep a secret? Of COURSE you can! Besides, who would believe YOU even IF you told anybody? NOBODY! That's WHO! I am a GENIUS, and you're...GONARD! It's MY word against YOUR word! And we BOTH know who would WIN in a debate!” Gonard says: “I'm not trying to come down on you, I just want to get to know you!” Bulma says: “All you need to know is that despite what Zarbon has claimed, I have been in charge of ALL the power moves of this game! Zarbon MIGHT have been the one to carry out the dirty deeds, but I WAS the one who came up with ALL the ideas!” Gonard says: “NO!!!!” Bulma confidently says: “YES! Who ELSE could come up with the BRILLIANT plan to have Timmy Turner eliminated so soon, so I could have Zarbon MUTATE Timmy Turner so that he would grow all ROTTEN and HIDEOUS and be the PERFECT weapon to have in order to protect me in Elimination Ceremonies?! Who ELSE would give Snaptrap the idea to RIG off Jimmy Neutron, the GREATEST threat to my genius, so that he couldn't POSSIBLY have a chance to use HIS brain against MINE?! Who ELSE could have come up with the plan that if Zarbon were to RIG the plane, it would CAUSE Captain Retro and Marlene to KISS, RUINING her relationship with Skipper?!”

Gonard seriously asks: “That was YOU?!” Bulma says: “That's not all! Who else could engineer the eliminations of Fanboy, Roger, Kitty Katswell, Snaptrap, Haggis McHaggis, Twister, Lil Deville, Skipper TWICE, Angelica Pickles TWICE, Pearl Krabs Star, Treeflower, Dib Bitters and Judy Funny, Sway-Sway, Harvey Beaks and Craig Slithers, Stanley S. Squarepants, Super Chum, the REAL Guano, Invader Zim, Keswick, Kaput and Oonski the Great, Otto Rocket, Sanjay and Heffer Wolfe, Globitha and Robot Default, King Julien and Buhdeuce, Monster Krumholtz, Spongebob, Blonda and Larry, Taotie and Tigress, Randolph, Daggett AND Norbert?! That was ME!!!! It was ALL me! I KNEW Angelica would be SO conceited and DENSE, that she would BELIEVE that if she DID all the HORRIBLE things I said and SAID all the HORRIBLE things I TOLD her to say, that she would automatically GET all the money, then be DESPERATE enough to go to Dai Shi to help her get back IN the competition, which would lead to Otto Rocket's elimination! And Treeflower? She could have held out longer, IF I didn't tell Zarbon to SPIKE her food with chemicals that would CAUSE her to get sick and ill! I also told Zarbon to SPIKE Dib Bitters food in order to MAKE his food fail with General Barracuda, and I HAD Zarbon inject the bull named El Toro Loco with a serum to make him go CRAZY with rage when Judy Funny took a ride on him! I BRIBED Jenny Quackles to GIVE Sway-Sway a chance! I knew that if Sway-Sway HAD Jenny Quackles to go after, he'd QUIT the game! It was MY idea for Kaput to DAMAGE the food conveyer belt, FORCING Craig Slithers to eat the uncooked pizza and therefore, be UNABLE to help his team get a win! I FED Stanley S. Squarepants the LIE that if HE bragged about his being able to drive to SPONGEBOB, that Spongebob would APPRECIATE Stanley, knowing full-well it would SET Spongebob OFF!!!!” Gonard, in an unbelieving tone says: “You DIDN'T!!!!”

Bulma says: “But I DID!!!! I was the one who called Global Warmer to attack Man-Arctica, FORCING the latter to seek out Super Chum and get HIM out of the competition! And Otto was DESPERATE enough for a win, that he was willing to believe that if he took out Guano, it would help him OUT in the competition! Of course, by this time, Keswick was getting NOSY and getting FAR too close to the truth, so I HAD to use Anti-Timmy to engineer HIS elimination! After that, Kaput and Oonski had outlived THEIR usefulness to me, so I decided to get Kaput out with his allergy to MOLES, and dug up the VERY useful information about Oonski's parentage to Daggett! Ironically enough, Blonda's entrance into the game, which I could not POSSIBLY plan for, ended up helping ME immensely! With her OVER-BLOATED ego, I could use her narcissism to make HER look BAD to everyone else and make ME look good by comparison! Her ego was the best weapon I could have HAD in order to take out Sanjay, Heffer, Buhdeuce, King Julien, AND Monster Krumholtz! Of course, I also couldn't possibly IGNORE the double-threat of Globitha and Robot, CLEAR audience favorites that would get in the WAY of MY eventual win, so I convinced EVERYONE, even MONSTER, to vote her off, and Robot Default wouldn't be ABLE to compete WITHOUT her, so he would QUIT the game WITH her! I HAD hoped to take Blonda out for GOOD after the Australian challenge, but she ended up providing me with an opportunity that I COULDN'T resist; taking out Spongebob! So I threw OUT the idea to Taotie, that if he were to micro-chip Spongebob's koala, it would get Spongebob out for GOOD! And because Blonda had just made SKIPPER the brand new target of the instigator who would be BEHIND Spongebob's elimination, it was the perfect opportunity to get RID of him AGAIN!”

Gonard shakes his head and says: “I can't believe ANY of this!” Bulma says: “I assure you, that what I am telling you IS true! Of course, there was no WAY I could risk either Blonda or Larry making it to the team merge, which is why I convinced Zarbon to convince LARRY to cheat on his behalf, and CATCH Larry cheating once I RATTED Zarbon OUT for it! And while Taotie was INDEED useful to me, I couldn't STAND his ugliness anymore, which is why I convinced Zarbon to hack into the computer main-frame, and write up that automatic double elimination rule for the Congo challenge, and to make SURE Taotie got paired up with Tigress, knowing full well that Tigress would do ANYTHING to get Taotie out of the competition, EVEN if it meant sacrificing her own game! As for Randolph, I BRIBED him to quit the game in case he got caught and potentially tortured, 'promising' him a healthy sum of money should he be inconvenienced by his treatment in the game. Finally, I couldn't POSSIBLY ignore Daggett and Norbert TRYING to throw a WRENCH into my plans, which is why I made SURE that Zarbon would TARGET the BOTH of them, based on his FALSE notions of getting anywhere NEAR to fourth base with me!” Gonard reluctantly asks: “Don't you wish you had done ANYTHING different in this competition?” Bulma says: “Sure I do! I wish that I had Timmy Turner TORTURED more for how AWFUL his show had and has become! I wish I had told Zarbon and Taotie to make MORE fun of Fanboy and Super Chum's BLATANT homosexuality for each other! I wish that Taotie would have humiliated Kitty Katswell even WORSE before eliminating her! I constantly wish that Captain Retro wouldn't INTERFERE with MY game, like when he found out about Snaptrap's micro-chip on Reggie Rocket, FORCING the removal of Snaptrap from the game! I WISH that Haggis had HURT Treeflower even WORSE than he DID before HE got removed from the game! I wish that Twister had been even MORE obnoxious and oblivious than he was! I wish that Lil Deville got HURT even WORSE than she did when SHE fell out of the plane! I wish that Otto Rocket had been nastier to Angelica Pickles when he dumped her for GOOD! I wish that Treeflower's misery of being SICK could have LASTED longer before she finally dropped out!” Gonard says: “That's NOT true!”

Bulma says: “Why couldn't it be true?! She means NOTHING to me! Nobody DOES! I wish that General Barracuda got hurt WORSE by Dib Bitters sabotaged recipe, and that Judy Funny suffered far WORSE injuries after getting thrown off by El Toro Loco! I WISH that Jenny Quackles had BROKEN Sway-Sway's PATHETIC little heart, instead of ACTUALLY falling in 'LOVE' with him! I wish that Spongebob would have gone COMPLETELY evil and knocked the living DAYLIGHTS out of his LOUSY cousin, Stanley! I wish that GUANO had been hurt even WORSE by Otto! I wish that Blonda had been MORE cut-throat, and had caused REAL damage to King Julien, instead of just emotional damage! I wish that koala had hurt Spongebob even WORSE than it did! I hoped that Skipper would ACCEPT defeat like a NORMAL contestant, instead of TRYING to come back TWICE in his PATHETIC attempt to TRY to win! And I wish that Tigress didn't suddenly become all 'moral,' and that she would actually TRY to MAIM Taotie BEFORE eliminating him!” Gonard asks: “So, you WISH that everybody who has EVER done your dirty deeds for you, would've done MORE to hurt those they eliminated?” Bulma replies: “Why should I CARE what happens to anyone ELSE?! I'm the ONLY one who has a CHANCE of winning this thing! Nobody else can come anywhere CLOSE to matching my genius! I have this little bet going on with everyone back in West City, that by the time I'm DONE completely RUINING their STUPID little game plans and SHATTERING their pathetic self-confidence, that every contestant that I wanted OFF in this competition, will have to seek YEARS of self-health therapy, just to get over the fact that I mentally CRUSHED them! Now, if you'll EXCUSE me, I have some jury votes to work over. I want to see if I can make it FREAKING unanimous that I WIN!!!!” And Bulma exits the spa. Gonard waits for a while, and presses the stop button on the dog bone recorder. Gonard then gets out of the spa, goes to Captain Retro, and hands the recorder back to him. Gonard asks: “Did you hear anything with your sensitive dog ears?” Captain Retro says: “I heard enough to know that Bulma is playing a REALLY cut-throat game, despite going out of her way to NOT be responsible for anything that has happened with the contestants.” Gonard asks: “So, when are you going to use it?” Captain Retro says: “I need to listen to it for myself, first. But in any case, I can't play it; not right now, at any length.” Gonard asks: “Why?” Captain Retro says: “Because I can now see more clearly when my elimination will occur. It's only when my elimination is at hand, that I can play the recorded message. That will be the optimum time to play the recorder, to have the best effect.”

Gonard says: “I understand.” Captain Retro says: “In the meantime, keep your eyes wide open, and your mouth shut. You're a good contestant, but Bulma may eventually decide that you're too much of a THREAT for her! Don't let your guard down for a minute, or who knows what horrible thing she will decide to order Zarbon to do against you.” Gonard says: “Trust me, I'll do everything I can to keep myself safe!” (Confessional) Gonard sighs and says: “Man! I knew Bulma was trying HARD to control things in this game, but I NEVER could have fathomed that she's had her hands on nearly EVERYONE'S elimination in this game so far! In fact, the only eliminations she WASN'T responsible for, were Patty's and Phoebe's! And the worst part of it is, I was SO desperate for love, that I was willing to HELP Bulma carry out some of her plans, just for a chance to BE with her! I should have known BETTER than to think someone THAT beautiful would EVER go for someone like me! I'm just thankful I was able to wise up before it was too late for me!” / Captain Retro says: “I now know that I will not be able to make it to the Final Five in this game. But as far as everyone else is concerned, their fates are still up in the air, metaphorically speaking. But one thing I think I can say, is that when my time to leave the game has come, I will be sure that Bulma Brief's game effectively ends, as well. That's not just a promise, but a fact!” (End Confessional)

Bulma enters her hotel room, where Zarbon is impatiently waiting. Zarbon says: “You sure took your sweet time setting things STRAIGHT with him!” Bulma says: “I just had to make it perfectly clear to Gonard, once and for all, that I am SPOKEN for, and that he will NEVER have a chance with me AGAIN!” Zarbon says: “That's good, because we can't allow anyone to come between us!” Bulma says: “Speaking of, I KNOW that Captain Retro is responsible for RUINING our plans to make Marlene and Suzie take the big sleep; he's a persistent thorn in our sides, and he shows no signs that he will EVER stop interfering in our plans!” Zarbon asks: “What are you proposing?” Bulma says: “It's TIME for you to RISK some penalty votes for me, you need to get RID of Captain Retro for GOOD!” Zarbon asks: “You NEED him dead?!” Bulma says: “No, I don't need him DEAD; just make sure he's SO badly injured and MAIMED, that he couldn't POSSIBLY interfere with our plans anymore, even if he WANTED to!” Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Suits me just fine. I was growing TIRED of waiting for Captain Retro to fight me anyways. Too bad he will NEVER get a chance now! I just have to find his aura, and I'll BURN his room down! That will LEARN him!” Bulma romantically says: “And when you succeed, I'll let you go to second base with me.” Zarbon says: “Done! Now let me FEEL for his presence!” Zarbon closes his eyes, and FEELS for Captain Retro's presence! Zarbon looks ABOVE his head, and says: “In the SECOND floor! You are GOING to BURN!!!!” And Zarbon starts charging up his energy and Bulma's eyes light up and she says: “Zarbon, WAIT!!!!” But Zarbon FIRES upward, and ignites the FLOOR above them! Of course, their room ALSO catches on fire! Bulma SCREAMS: “Get me OUT of HERE, NOW!!!!” Zarbon rushes them outside, no worse for the wear. Zarbon chuckles and says: “I can't WAIT to see the SCARRED look on Captain Retro's STUPID face!” But to his HORRID surprise, the scream they hear does NOT come from Captain Retro, but from GONARD!!!! Gonard screams: “HELP!!!!” Bulma face-palms herself, and she says: “Oh, NO!!!! You DIDN'T!!!!” Zarbon asks: “What did I DO?!!! I was aiming for Captain Retro!” Bulma screams: “Captain Retro DOESN'T do STAIRS!!!! He doesn't CLIMB up them!!!! Do you NOT pay attention to ANYTHING that Captain Retro has DONE this entire SEASON?!!!” Zarbon sputters and he says: “I thought Captain Retro made that UP, to throw us OFF his game!” Bulma screams: “WHY would you THINK that?!” Zarbon says: “It made PERFECT sense to me!” Bulma yells: “Well, we'll ARGUE about it LATER! Right now, we NEED to establish an ALIBI!!!!” /

After some time has elapsed, fire-trucks have come in to put out the fire, but they bring Gonard out of the hotel room on a hospital gurney, looking completely burned and bruised, with a LOT of his blue hair now missing! Gonard moans and says: “Oh, MAN!!!! What a day this has turned out to be.” Sniz makes his appearance and says: “Gonard, it is with deep regret for me to say, that you can no longer compete this season. You have to go to the hospital and heal.” Gonard sighs and says: “I was afraid of that.” Sniz says: “And Zarbon? We KNOW for a fact that YOU were RESPONSIBLE for this HORRID crime! Normally, I'd sentence YOU to four penalty votes for the next four elimination challenges! Lucky for YOU, that you look like just Orlando Bloom, so instead, you will only be MERELY banned from the Buena Vista Hot Springs Hotel for LIFE!” Zarbon groans and he says: “I think I would have PREFERRED the Penalty Votes!” Marlene groans and says: “MAN!!!! Even when the challenge is OVER, we can't catch a break!” Skipper calms her down and says: “Don't worry, we will soon enough.” And Gonard is loaded into the fire truck, and taken away to a hospital. Sniz says: “Well, this was not IN our plans, but another contestant is now eliminated. What will happen in the next challenge? That's anyone's guess. How will the contestants react around Zarbon now? What will they do now that Gonard is out of the game? And can Zarbon POSSIBLY recover from this scandal? Find out on the next episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!”

Epilogue: As Gonard is being taken to the hospital, he imagines himself singing a hit Bon Jovi song with Guano, as a response against Bulma Briefs, and what his involvement with her ended up turning out for his game. / Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Bon Jovi. Song: “Bad Medicine.” Sung by: Gonard and Guano. / Gonard: “Your love is like bad medicine, bad medicine is what I need. Shake it up, just like bad medicine! There ain't no doctor that can cure my disease!” Guano: “Bad medicine!” Gonard: “I ain't got a fever, got a permanent disease. It'll take more than a doctor to prescribe a remedy. I got lots of money but it isn't what I need. Gonna take more than a shot to get this poison out of me, and I got all the symptoms; count them 1, 2, 3. First you need; that's what you get for falling in love! Then you bleed, you get a little, but it's never enough! And then you're on your knees! That's what you get for falling in love! Now this boy's addicted cause your kiss is the drug! Your love is like bad medicine! Bad medicine is what I need! Shake it up, just like bad medicine, there ain't no doctor that can cure my disease! Bad, bad medicine! I don't need no needle to be giving me a thrill, and I don't need no anesthesia or a nurse to bring a pill. I got a dirty down addiction that doesn't leave a track! I got a Jones for your affection like a monkey on my back, there ain't no paramedic gonna save this heart attack! When you need; that's what you get for falling in love! Then you bleed, you get a little but it's never enough! And then you're on your knees! That's what you get for falling in love! Now this boy's addicted cause your kiss is the drug! Your love is like bad medicine! Bad medicine is what I need! Shake it up, just like bad medicine! So let's play doctor, baby, cure my disease! Bad, bad medicine! Is what I want! Bad, bad medicine, is what I need! (Instrumental Solo) I need a respirator cause I'm running out of breath, for you're an all night generator wrapped in stockings and a dress. When you find your medicine, you take what you can get! Cause if there's something better baby, well they haven't found it yet! Your love is like bad medicine! Bad medicine is what I need! Shake it up, just like bad medicine, there ain't no doctor that can cure my disease! Your love—bad medicine! Bad medicine is what I need! Shake it up, just like bad medicine! Your love's the potion that can cure my disease! Bad, bad medicine, is what I want! Bad, bad medicine!” Guano: “Who's bad, who's bad?!” Gonard: “I gotta do, I gotta!” Guano: “Bad, bad medicine!” Gonard: “I gotta do, I gotta! I gotta, I gotta! I gotta do it again! Wait a minute, wait a minute! Hold on, I'm not done! One more time, with feeling! Come on, one for that! Help me up now! Your love is like bad medicine! Bad medicine is what I need! Shake it up, just like bad medicine! You got the potion that can cure my disease! Your love—bad medicine! Your kiss is what I need! Your love—bad medicine!” / And the epic song ends!

Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode are “Find Your Way Back, Legal Tender, Learning to fly,” and “Bad Medicine.” First (and sadly) ONLY time that Gonard has ever won a solo challenge in this season. Gonard is eliminated via med evac in this episode, DESPITE the fact that it was just supposed to be a reward challenge. It is revealed (at least to Gonard) that Bulma has been BEHIND the eliminations for nearly every single contestant ELIMINATED so far! Zarbon TRIES to break up Skipper and Marlene, only to end up failing. First time that Marlene has EVER expressed a desire to have kids with Skipper. Personal Notes: Going into this episode, I thought it was going to be a quick little thing that I could hammer out in no time. But it soon became apparent that this episode was going to be more important than that, and it would end up becoming what may very well turn out to be the beginning of the end for Bulma's game. Bulma's biggest weakness is by FAR, her own mouth! The trick was, getting her to DIVULGE what she's thinking of, and get evidence of it. Having a voice recorder was the way to get that evidence recorded for posterity. While Gonard realized that he was doing WRONG when he supported Bulma, it ended up being too little, too late for Gonard. Desperate to get Captain Retro out, Zarbon let his ego get the best of him, and ended up taking GONARD out of the equation instead! What will end up happening to Zarbon NOW is anybody's guess, but his path in the game has just gotten a LOT tougher! Also, the references to a "Looney Tunes" episode, a "South Park" episode, and "The Wizard of Oz" were ideas I had to make this episode funnier. That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Here's a rerun of the recent episode of SpingeBill's Adventure


Episode 12: SpongeBob Plays Angry Clams

Plot: SpongeBob finds a game in the IKelp Store and plays it until...


SpongeBob: Hey Gary, I got an IKelp.

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: It's a waterphone were you can do many things and you can play and buy games.

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Yes Gary, I'm going to buy a game.

(While lurking through the IKelp Store)

SpongeBob: I found a game Gary! It's called Angry Clams.

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: This game is about Clams fighting Sharks for taking their pearls

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I'll buy it 


SpongeBob: The first episodes is Poached Pearls

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I'm gonna finish this episode, now starting with the first level.



Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Thanks Gary, just 62 levels to go.

(61 levels later)


Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Just one more level to g-

(SpongeBob accidentally drops his IKelp)


(SpongeBob's IKelp falls on the ground and breaks)

SpongeBob: MY IKELP!

Gary: Meow...

(Gary slithers away)


(SpongeBob starts crying)

SpongeBob: WHY! WHY! WHY!

(Squidward knocks on SpongeBob's door)

SpongeBob: Who is it..

(SpongeBob opens the door)

SpongeBob: Hi Squidwar-


SpongeBob: My IKelp broke.

Squidward: Well go get a new one.

SpongeBob: I don't have enough mone-

Squidward: Here's $100 dollars.

SpongeBob: Squidward... you really would give me this..

Squidward: Um Yeah?


Squidward: Alright! Alright! No need to get all happy.

SpongeBob: Okay Squiddy.

Squidward: Good, now I'm going back home.

(Squidward closes SpongeBob's door)

(Gary slithers back to SpongeBob)

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Hey Gary, look what Squidward gave me.

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: I got enough money for another IKelp.

Gary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Come on Gary, lets go find a new IKelp!

(SpongeBob grabs Gary and goes to the Barg'N-Mart)

And so after the Yellow Sponge breaks his IKelp, Squidward gives him enough money to buy another IKelp.

The End



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Sniz is sitting in a hotel lounge and says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, a reward challenge WAS planned to give our remaining 16 contestants a break from constant eliminations. It was a simple challenge; that somehow EVOLVED into chaos. Due to actions and events that WON'T be shown or discussed here, Zarbon found a way to MESS with the love life of Marlene and Skipper, putting friction between the two. Thankfully, the two of them were able to REALIZE that what Zarbon had given them, was false evidence, and they were able to make up. Meanwhile, Captain Retro and his friends decided to gather some hard evidence about Bulma Briefs, so Dog offered a deal to Gonard, which he accepted. To nearly EVERYONE'S shock, Gonard won the challenge, and won his reward with Bulma. Sadly, Gonard's victory was short-lived, when a jealous Zarbon, trying to target Captain Retro, ended up taking GONARD out of the equation instead! And sustaining major injuries, Gonard had to be medically evacuated out of the game, ending his chances of winning the contest. We are now down to 15 contestants, and we are STILL at the Buena Vista Hot Springs Hotel in Buena Vista, Colorad. We won't be for LONG, though! We'll be motoring out of here, onto a brand new destination! Where are we headed? Find out right now on a brand new episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise! I just LOVE this fresh mountain air!” /

Instead of the normal show open, a unique show open is shown. In the desert, the fifteen remaining contestants are shown using various objects at their disposal to destroy cardboard standouts of all the obstacles and contestants they have outlasted so far; and all the while, they are singing THEIR version of a great 1996 song, originally sung by The Spice Girls! / Genre: Dance Pop. Sub-Genre: The Spice Girls. Song: “Say You'll Be There.” Sung by: Cast! / Chameleon: “Say you'll be there.” Dudley: “I'm giving you everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear! Marlene to Captain Retro: “Last time that we had this conversation, I decided we should be friends.” Skipper: “Yeah, but now, we're going round in circles, tell me will this deja vu never end?” Captain Retro to Marlene: “Oh, now you tell me that you've fallen in love, well I never ever thought that would be!” Bulma to Zarbon: “This time, you gotta take it easy, throwing far too much emotions at me.” Wally: “But any fool can see they're falling, I gotta make you understand.” Reggie to Rocko: “I'm giving you everything, all that joy can bring, this I swear.” Rocko: “I give you everything.” Reggie: “And all that I want from you, is a promise you will be there. Say you will be there!” Rocko: “Say you will be there!” Stimpy, to his friends: “Won't you sing it with me? If you, put two and two together you will see what our friendship is for.” Wally: “Oh.” Dog: “If you, can't work this equation, then I guess I'll have to show you the door.” Bulma to Zarbon: “There is no need to say you love me, it would be better left unsaid.” Zarbon and Bulma: “I'm (I'm) giving you everything (I give you everything), all that joy can bring, this I swear (yes I swear!) And (and) all that I want from you, (all I want from you) is a promise (is a promise) you will be there!” Cast: “Yeah, I want you!” (Harmonica solo) Patrick: “Any fool can see they're falling, gotta make you understand.” Suzie: “I'll give you everything, on this I swear, just promise you'll always be there!” Marlene and Skipper: “I'm giving you everything (I'm giving you everything), all that joy (all that joy can bring), can bring, this I swear! (Yes I swear!) And all that I want from you, (all that I want from you), is a promise. (I want you to promise you'll), you will be there! (Always be there!)” Rocko and Reggie: “I'm giving you everything! (I'm giving you everything!) All that joy, (all that joy can bring), can bring, this I swear! (Yes, I swear!) And all that I want from you, (all that I want from you) is a promise, (I want you to promise you'll), you will be there. (Always be there!)” /

“Into the Great Wide Open” The action opens up inside of a hotel room at the Buena Vista Hot Springs Hotel. Specifically, it opens up on Marlene waking up right next to Skipper, and they both look VERY happy with each other! Marlene says with bewilderment: “WOW!” Skipper smiles and says: “Wasn't last night wonderful?” Marlene says: “I did admit, I had to know; how it was...going” Skipper says: “What can I say? Where there's a will, there's a way. That's why I made sure to come prepared. Kowalski invented a Penguin/Otter interact, just in case. Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Marlene says: “Yes, I'm just amazed that everything we've both had to go through together, that we will FINALLY have something to show for it!” Skipper says: “Just be patient, Marlene. Let's finish getting to the Final Five this season before we celebrate. The game's not over yet, by any means.” Marlene says: “I'm just glad to know that NOW, no matter what happens, we will finish this season together.” Skipper says: “Just the way we were meant to.” (Confessional) Marlene says: “Nothing about this season has been easy for me. Then again, I suppose if the season WAS easy, they'd let some idiots from As Told by Ginger or Back At the Barnyard compete in this game! Well, just to be on the safe side, I want to leave this game with a token of something of what this season has meant to me. And Skipper? I know that despite his quirks, that's what makes me love him. I just know he is going to be a GREAT dad when the time comes!” / Skipper says: “King Julien once told me that love always finds a way. I didn't know what he meant, until just last night. Looking into Marlene's eyes, I could finally see that it wasn't action I was craving, espionage, or dangerous thrills, what I was looking for was her! It just IRRITATES me that it took me TWO eliminations this season to figure it out, but at least I know what my faults have been, and I can now improve on them. My tendency to be stubborn has caused me NOTHING but trouble this season. I know that I need to be more willing to listen to others and their opinions. I know it's not going to be an over-night thing, but at least Marlene will now be by my side, to help me improve myself, and become a better penguin!” (End Confessional)

The action shifts to the room that Reggie and Rocko are sharing. Reggie asks: “Rocko, do you ever think about the possibility that you might be eliminated this season?” Rocko says: “Sometimes, but I don't try to dwell on it. If it happens, it happens. You don't think that I'm in any danger, do you?” Reggie says: “I just think at this point in the game, it's a VERY distinct possibility! You've already made the Final Seven TWICE, and Bulma has just lost her ally, Gonard! Now that she's down to just a team of herself and Zarbon, she's going to be more determined than ever to put her competition out of the game!” Rocko corrects her and says: “You mean ZARBON'S going to be more determined than ever, to put Bulma's competition out of the game!” Reggie asks: “Does it make a difference?” Rocko says: “Not really. But just remember, I'm going to protect you. Zarbon is NOT going to eliminate you as long as I'm around! I have no plans on leaving as long as he's in the game, and he will find that if he TRIES to get rid of me, I will NOT go quietly!” Reggie asks: “Do you honestly think I have a shot at winning this?” Rocko says: “Of course I do, you're more determined than anyone else I can think of! Not even Bulma can outlast YOU in a game of endurance, and she's pretty stubborn from what we've seen!” Reggie laughs and says: “You definitely have THAT right!” Rocko smiles and says: “Glad I was able to make you laugh. Nothing in this game has been set in stone, but I think I'm looking at a candidate for the Final Three RIGHT here!” Smiling, Reggie says: “I would be very proud to be able to get that far.” Rocko says: “And don't forget, you've got Twister, Otto, and Heffer rooting for you. And if I get eliminated, I'll be rooting for you, as well.” Reggie says: “I'm determined to go all the way, no matter what!” (Confessional)

Reggie says: “Rocko's idea for us this season, was to try to avoid the most of all the conflicts that have happened this season. We lay low enough not to attract any attention, but we do well enough that we are not taken out of the equation. This strategy has worked pretty well for us so far. But with the field of candidates shrinking, leaves us with fewer places to lay low as the focus gets more tightly focused on all of the remaining contestants. There may come a point where Bulma is no longer able to ignore Rocko and may feel threatened by him! I hope that it's not yet, though. Of course, hoping for something doesn't mean that I will get it. My strategy? I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst!” / Rocko says: “Reggie and I have been holding onto our stamina. We've been saving our A-Game, because the remaining challenges ahead of us, might turn out to be really challenging for the both of us! The more energy we can save, the better off we will be! Of course, I've also been preparing Reggie for the very real possibility that SOMEONE; probably Bulma, will be trying to take me out of the equation! There's no telling WHEN she'll try to do it, but she will probably try to take me out in a blind-side elimination; she seems VERY fond of those! I'm going to be keeping my eyes wide open, metaphorically speaking. If Bulma's going to try to blindside me, she's going to have a HARD time trying!” (End Confessional) The action shifts to Captain Retro's room, and he's sharing a room with Wally! Wally wakes up and says: “Thank you for letting me share a room with you!” Captain Retro says: “Not a problem! You don't snore like my MOM does when she sleeps at night!” Wally says: “Captain, do you think after this competition is over, that we can still be friends?” Captain Retro says: “Of course I do! In fact, what really surprises me is that you SOMEHOW didn't have a bunch of friends BEFORE this competition!” Wally says: “Yeah, I'm not sure why things WERE like that. Maybe it was the way I acted, the way I talked or sounded to others, or maybe it was just my lack of knowledge in general. You know, if I had the chance to do things all over again, I'd make it so my time in this competition came FIRST, and my ACTUAL show came second. Maybe then, more people would've taken me seriously from the start.” Captain Retro says: “Well, the sad thing is, it's not possible to change the past, no matter how much you want to. The best that YOU can hope for, is that your actions would create an alternate time line where everything is hunky dory, whatever that means! But what you CAN do, is you can learn from the mistakes you've made in the past, in order to do better in the future.” Wally says: “I'll be sure to remember that once this is all over.”

(Confessional) Captain Retro says: “There's not that much time remaining between now, and when this competition finally ends. I know that, and I think that everybody else is beginning to realize it to. At this point in the competition, at least, as far as I'm concerned, every challenge that I survive becomes my new personal best. I just want Wally to know that no matter what happens, he can always count on me to help him out. I believe in him, even if nobody else will. That's what TRUE friends do.” / Wally says: “I think the reason Captain Retro feels so compelled to help me, is that he feels a lot like I do, in that I have the NEED to prove myself to everyone else! For Captain Retro, that hasn't always worked out the way he thought it would. And I think the reason that I've done as well as I have, is that I've had his support for a very long time in this competition. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but I want to have as many good times with Captain Retro as I can before the competition is over.” (End Confessional) The action shifts to Stimpy's room, and he's sharing his room with Dog! Stimpy seems to be really happy hanging out with Dog. Stimpy says: “You know something, Dog? I might be biased in saying this, but hanging out with a canine, no matter WHO it is, just feels right to me. I just can't hate canines like other felines, do.” Dog says: “You know, I actually think it's a SHAME more cats and canines aren't like you and me.”

Stimpy says: “You said it! I mean, when you get right down to it, cats and canines really aren't THAT different from each other!” Dog says: “I think you're right. I mean, we both crave love and affection, we both like laying around in the warm sun, we both like to drink water, we both like to eat out of a bowl, we both like getting belly rubs, we both like getting scratched on the back, and we both like the way our fur feels on our body!” Stimpy says: “I just wish that more cats and canines would hang out together; we really DO have a lot in common!” Dog says: “It makes me glad to hear you say that, it gives me comfort to know that you are a TRUE friend! And speaking of, I think it might be beneficial for us to start an alliance together!” Stimpy says: “That definitely sounds like a good idea! I mean, both of us are former champions! And how did we win? We won because we were the nicest of the nice contestants on our respective seasons.” Dog says: “It would probably be next to impossible for either of us to even get to the Final Three, if we were doing it alone. But by banding together, one of us just might accomplish this task!” Stimpy says: “I know that I'm certainly enjoying myself here, and I'd enjoy it even more with you!” Dog says: “I feel the exact same way!” Stimpy says: “And no matter what happens, when all is said and done, we'll always stay friends!” Dog says: “Let's stay friends forever!” Stimpy says: “Or at least, a very REASONABLE facsimile thereof.” (Confessional) Stimpy says: “The competition is starting to boil down to the essential ingredients needed to create a winner. While it's not very likely that either Dog or I will be able to win again, since repeat winners in competitions are VERY hard to find, unless you happen to be Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame! In any case, the best option for me right now, is to hang out with Dog. After all, winners who play together, often stay together. And I know that there is no amount of money that could tear us, or our friendship apart!” / Dog says: “I think the reason why Stimpy and I have lasted as long as we have, is that we've managed to play a low-key game this season. We've let everyone else take each other out of the equation, and stay out of the spotlight. But now that we are down to the top fifteen, we need to start focusing on the end game. Solidifying our friendship now is a good key to sticking through ANYTHING that anyone can throw at us! The game may not be over yet, but the goal is DEFINITELY in sight now! And I for one, do not intend on losing sight of what really matters; healthy relationships with TRUE friends!” (End Confessional)

The action shifts to Dudley's room, and he is clearly not alone, even though the lights are turned off and the room is completely dark. Even though it can't be SEEN what exactly is happening, something CAN be heard happening! Dudley asks: “How are you feeling?!” Chameleon excitedly says: “Really good, Dudley! I feel extraordinary! Have you HONESTLY never been close to anyone before?” Dudley says: “Just with you!” Chameleon says: “I guess we're BOTH lucky, then. I have found someone, and you are no longer alone in your relationship status! Dudley sighs and says: “Buddy, you are REALLY flexible!” Chameleon says: “Well, all that time I spent changing shapes was bound to help me out in SOME way!” Dudley says: “You know, maybe I could get Keswick to build you another one. Changing shapes could prove to be a real help in catching bad guys.” Chameleon says: “I don't know, I think that suit was a lot more trouble than it was worth.” Dudley asks: “How do you figure?” Chameleon says: “I've never had a single TEMPTATION of even wanting to BREAK the law ever since my suit was ruined. I just think the risk of temptation would be too great if I had another shape-shifting suit, and I've already put that part of my life behind me.” Dudley sighs and says: “Well, I'm certain that you're worried over nothing, but I respect your decision. If you're happy with just being yourself, than I can be happy, as well.” Chameleon says: “Nothing makes me happier than being with you, Dudley. Nothing in the whole wide world!”

(Confessional) Dudley says: “I need an outlet to get rid of my excessive energy, and Chameleon provided me an opportunity that I couldn't turn down. Our relationship is GOLDEN right now. Chameleon may never win a prize at a Beauty Pageant, but I don't care. It's what's inside that counts. And I appreciate ALL the skills that Chameleon has to offer me!” / Chameleon says: “Dudley is the first guy I've ever met who has ever treated me like something special. Even my own parents didn't think much of me, which is kind of sad if I think about it for too long. But my past isn't what's important here, having a future with Dudley that will make BOTH of us happy is what I'm working towards. Getting to the Final Five will help make that happen. I know I can make it if I give it my all!” (End Confessional)

The action shifts to Patrick's room, but he seems really BOTHERED by a noise that he hears, which is coming from the shower! It's of Suzie SINGING, but we only see her face, as she sings about her love for Otto Rocket! / Genre: Dance Pop. Sub-genre: Janet Jackson. Song: “Miss You Much.” Sung by: Suzie Carmichael. / Suzie: “Shot, like an arrow going through my heart! That's the pain I feel, I feel whenever we're apart. Not to say that I'm in love with you, but who's to say that I'm not. I just know that it feels wrong, when I'm away too long! It makes my body hot! So let me tell ya baby, I'll tell your mama, I'll tell your friends! I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend! Send it in a letter, baby! Tell you on the phone, I'm not the kinda girl who likes to be alone! I miss ya much! Boy, I miss you much! I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much! I miss ya much! Boy, I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much! I'm rushing home, just as soon as I can! I'm rushing home to see your smiling face and feel your warm embrace, it makes me feel so g-g-g good! So I'll tell you baby; I'll tell your mama, I'll tell your friends, I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend! Send it in a letter, baby! Tell you on the phone, I'm not the kinda girl who likes to be alone! I miss ya much! Boy, I miss you much! I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much! I miss ya much! Boy, I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much! I miss you much, I really, really miss you much. I miss you much. I'm not ashamed to tell the world I miss you. I'll tell your mama, I'll tell your friends, I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend! Send it in a letter, baby! Tell you on the phone, I'm not the kinda girl who likes to be alone! I miss ya much! Boy, I miss you much! I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much! I miss ya much! Boy, I really miss you much! M-I-S-S you much!” / And the song ends as the shower turns off and Suzie exits, wearing a full body purple bathrobe. Patrick asks: “What's the big DEAL?! You're singing is loud enough to wake up the WHOLE neighborhood!” Suzie asks: “What neighborhood? We are, like, two MILES away from the main TOWN of Buena Vista, Colorado!” Patrick says: “Well, then it's loud enough to wake up the WHOLE hotel, then! Or at least, me! Remind me, how did I get stuck with YOU as a roommate?” Suzie says: “Well, as I recall, you DIDN'T want to share a room with Po.” Patrick says: “I'm just worried that he's so USED to fighting, he may end up fighting in his sleep and HURTING me! Or WORSE, he might SNORE! Suzie says: “Speaking of, I wonder how Po IS doing? He ended up having to share a room with BULMA!” Patrick says: “I think we can ALL agree that is someone that NOBODY, except for Zarbon, would want to share a room with!” Suzie says: “You said it!”

(Confessional) Suzie says: “I'll tell you something right now, I don't envy ANYBODY who has to spend any amount of time with Bulma. As far as I'm concerned, that woman is UNENVIABLE!” / Patrick says: “Suzie often complains about all the hang-ups she has with me. But she's NOT flawless either! She has some quirks that I could live without! I just find it odd how we get paired UP together so often! I mean, what's so funny about me being together with Suzie? Personally, I have no idea. I'll just be glad once this season is all over, and I can focus on more important things, like being together with Pearl!” (End Confessional)

The action shifts to Bulma's room, but Bulma is in COMPLETE control, as Po is STILL sleeping, but he's completely TIED up to the bed, and his mouth and ears are STUFFED with cotton! Bulma mutters to herself: “STUPID Zarbon, getting himself BANNED from this hotel, how DARE, you make me spend any amount of time with ANY of these STUPID contestants, especially Po?!” Bulma yells: “You IMBECILE!!!! How DARE you ENDANGER yourself by putting yourself into a position that I can't HELP you out of?! Do you KNOW what I would have to do if I DIDN'T have you?! I'd have to with these LOSERS!!!! And socializing is the LAST thing I want to do in THIS competition!” Po then suddenly wakes up, and BREAKS his ropes easily, and gets the cotton out of his mouth and ears. Po says: “That's weird! How did I get tied up to the bed and stuffed with cotton?” Bulma scoffs and says: “How should I know? I wasn't actually WATCHING you sleep, I was HAVING a night on the town!” Po asks: “You mean you actually WALKED two miles back and forth just to get into town?!” Bulma scoffs and says: “As if! I have all my transportation capsules! I just get a motorcycle or something out of one of them, and I'm good to go!” Po says: “You're very clever, Bulma.” Bulma says: “It would be very good for you to REMEMBER that! There's only fifteen episodes left until the finale, and you aren't going to get there by underestimating your opponents.” Po asks: “Bulma, do YOU have any opponents?” Bulma vaguely answers: “Let me put it this way, if I actually HAVE any opponents, I will NEVER let them KNOW that they ARE my opponents!” Po asks: “I'm NOT an opponent, am I?” Bulma says: “Of course you're not! You're good, for now!” (Confessional) Bulma says: “Of COURSE I tied Po up to the bed! HELLO!!!! Do you think I'm gonna risk having HIM wake up in the night and having him SLEEP fight me to death?! Not on your LIFE!!!! I didn't get THIS far in life by NOT taking every single precaution I could! Luckily for me, Po is ONLY as smart as he looks! Any smarter, and he would be a threat to me! At this point in the game, it almost doesn't MATTER which order the other contestants get eliminated in, just so long as I wind up on top. As long as Po doesn't get suspicious of me OR my motives, I'll keep him around. If he starts to get too competitive or inquisitive about anything happening in this competition, I'll dump him. All that matters is immunity! Invincibility is everything!” /

Po says: “You know, for everything I've done in this competition, Bulma doesn't seem to think a lot of me, or ANYBODY besides Zarbon! If this were purely a physical matter, I would've sent ZARBON home AGES ago! But seeing as how hurting Zarbon would result in ME getting penalty votes, there's nothing I can do EXCEPT be patient! I can wait Zarbon out if I have to. As far as Bulma is concerned, she is NOTHING without Zarbon! Take Zarbon out of the equation, and Bulma would be up a creek without a paddle, or a CANOE, for that matter! Besides, Tigress is counting on me! I think she would REALLY appreciate it if I was the one who helped ENSURE Zarbon's elimination!” (End Confessional) Speaking of Zarbon, the action finally shifts to Zarbon, as he's being forced to stay on the plane due to his actions in the last episode! General Barracuda comes in and says: “Cheer up, Zarbon! It could be worse, I mean, you have the WHOLE plane to yourself, practically! You've got so much peach and quiet, I bet that you DON'T know what to do with it!” Zarbon groans and says: “Cut the pleasantries, General. I don't put on false faces when I'm around with YOU, so don't feel like you have to do it when you're around with me.” General Barracuda drops the facade, and SERIOUSLY says: “Zarbon, in the REAL world, you are going to learn how to FAKE it if you want to be seen as socially acceptable! If I went around with a sour face everyday, do you think people would WANT to talk to me?! Of course, they wouldn't! No one likes a guy who's moody. Take it from me, if you go around acting moody, you do it alone! And I DO mean alone!”

Suddenly, a loud Alphorn is heard by everyone in the hotel, and on the plane. General Barracuda says: “Well, I guess that must be Sniz's signal that it's time to get ready for the next challenge. Just remember what I said, Zarbon. You've got to SMILE once in a while, even if you don't actually WANT to do it! That's the only way to be socially accepted in this world!” (Confessional) Zarbon scoffs and says: “Who is GENERAL Barracuda to tell ME what to do?! Did HE ever help Freeza conquer over 55 planets? I don't THINK so! When he's done as much invading and conquering as I have, THEN he can talk to me! I know Bulma is probably still a little upset that I caused Gonard to go home, but I think that she MUST be over it by now. Nobody can hold a grudge against somebody with the godly, beautiful looks that I possess. There's just one thing that bothers me; why is my ability to detect aura's shaky all of a sudden? I mean, it's TRUE that Captain Retro doesn't WANT me to read his aura, but that shouldn't have STOPPED me from detecting Captain Retro if I REALLY wanted to! And I certainly wanted to, in order to get RID of him! But I don't think that's an option to me at the moment. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that Anti-Timmy MUST still be on the plane, and he must SOMEHOW be interfering with my ability to accurately detect auras! There's no other explanation as to HOW I could be so off course! And believe me, if I EVER find, Anti-Timmy on the plane, he will suffer my FULL wrath first hand!” (End Confessional) All the contestants gather around close to the plane, all properly dressed for the upcoming challenge. Sniz says: “I hope you all had a good rest, because it's time to get the next challenge underway. Skipper asks: “What are we going to do THIS time?” Sniz says: “We are going to have a challenge of speed and transportation! The challenge is straight forward; you have to get from HERE, to El Paso, Texas!” Marlene asks: “And WHAT is the catch THIS time?!” Sniz smiles and says: “You know us SO well! Using a form of transportation, you have to pick up EIGHT flags at eight different stops before getting to El Paso, Texas. Your flags will be color coded, to verify which ones are yours. Oh, and NO painting over any FAKE flags or another team's flag, or you AND your partner's will be disqualified!” Reggie asks: “What do you mean, partners?” Sniz says: “In addition to speed and accuracy, this will also be a challenge of cooperation. We want to see how well you work with others!” Rocko says: “Well, that should be EASY for some of us!”

Sniz says: “Actually, it's NOT going to be that easy! We are not just going to LET you form up partnerships that you're USED to! Therefore, we're going to divide up the contestants into three groups of five, and we've figured out a way to get the most DIVERSE set of groups that we possibly could! Therefore, you might find yourself having to think OUTSIDE the box for this challenge! General Barracuda, please announce the groups!” General Barracuda says: “I'd be glad to! The Red Group is Zarbon, Chameleon, Skipper, Po, and Patrick! The Blue Group is Rocko, Bulma, Dog, Wally, and Marlene! And that means the Green Group is Captain Retro, Suzie, Reggie, Stimpy, and Dudley! You have THREE different modes of transportation to pick from; the train, a hot air-balloon, or a car! Choose wisely, because each mode has their advantages and disadvantages; TRUST me!” The Green Group deliberates, and says: “We'll take the hot air-balloon!” Bulma says: “It's the train for us!” Dog says: “But you didn't even ASK us!” Bulma says: “I didn't HAVE to! You would be WRONG!” (Confessional) Dog asks: “Does Bulma ALWAYS has to assume that she's the ONLY one with a right answer?!” / Bulma says: “I already KNOW the disadvantage to having a car; the speed limit and the traffic cops that will be patrolling the highways! I just hope Zarbon isn't so STUPID as to just flagrantly break the law!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “That means that the red group gets the car! You will also each get a map detailing where you need to pick up your flags. The first group to arrive in El Paso, Texas, with ALL of their flags will receive immunity, the V.I.P. Lounge!”

Wally says: “In that case, I am going to do my best!” Sniz says: “The group that comes in last, will have to choose which ONE of them to eliminate from the competition! Needless to say, there's a lot riding on this one!” Captain Retro says: “I couldn't have said it any better myself!” Sniz says: “And one last thing, while you're traveling, I expect ALL of you to come up with your own individual group song to sing, when it is your turn to sing!” Stimpy says: “Don't worry! I'm sure we will ALL think of our OWN good tunes for you!” General Barracuda says: “Everyone, get into your starting positions, and get into your respective vehicles!” The Red Group rushes to a red colored van, the Blue Group rushes to a blue-colored train, and the Green Group rushes to a green hot air-balloon! Sniz holds an air-horn, and General Barracuda covers his non-existent ears. Sniz yells: “Ready, SET--!!!!” General Barracuda waits, but when he doesn't HEAR anything, he takes his fins off his head, ONLY to have Sniz BLOW the air-horn in his FACE!!!! (BLARE!!!!!!) Sniz yells: “GO!!!!” And the groups take off towards El Paso, Texas! Sniz says: “While they're off to get to El Paso, Texas. We've got to take our plane there, as well! We'll take a break, but we'll come right back! So don't go, ANYWHERE!!!!” General Barracuda yells: “Come ON!!!! Right in my FACE!!!! Now NOTHING is going to sound RIGHT to me today!” (Commercial Break) /

After the commercials finish showing, the action shifts to the contestants in the Green Hot Air Balloon, Captain Retro, Suzie, Reggie, Stimpy, and Dudley. Stimpy says: “We sure have a great view of just about everything from way up here!” Suzie asks: “Excuse me, but just HOW exactly are we, supposed to navigate in this thing?! I mean, we are at the mercy of every single stray wind that blows in every conceivable direction!” Dudley says: “Just leave it up to me! I can move this thing with ease!” Reggie asks: “You know how to move this hot air-balloon?!” Dudley says: “Sure! It all comes with T.U.F.F. Training, I've got to know how to navigate anything! You never know when you're going to commandeer a vehicle in a high chase pursuit of a criminal!” Captain Retro asks: “Isn't commandeering just a fancy word for stealing?” Dudley strongly says: “HEY!!!! We reimburse the gas mileage and/or any damage of EVERY single vehicle we have to borrow, with interest! If anything, we're doing the owners a favor!” Captain Retro says: “At least you're being altruistic about it.” Stimpy says: “Don't say altruistic, that just reminds me of Ren's bitter failure without me.” Suzie says: “You're not the only one who has a bitter failure they'd like to forget about. Even Angelica doesn't like it when anyone mentions Angelica and Suzie's Preschool Daze.” Dudley says: “In any case, we'll make good time to El Paso, Texas.” Reggie says: “Let's not forget, we have to make eight stops, as listed on our map.” Captain Retro replies: “Why do you think I suggested the Hot Air-balloon? We'll see all our locations very easily, and Dudley's expert navigation experience will make sure that landing and departing is a breeze!” Stimpy says: “In that case, all we have to worry about is our song.” Reggie says: “As a matter of fact, I know of a perfect song, all about my friend.” Suzie asks: “Which friend?” Reggie says: “Eddie, the Prince of the Netherworld!” Dudley says: “That sounds like a cool song to sing!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-beep! Beep! Beep!) Sniz's voice comes over the communicators, and Sniz says: “And you will sing it now. After all, there's a reason WHY we picked Into the Great Wide Open for our episode title THIS time!” Captain Retro says: “No problem! We will sing right away!” /

Genre: Heartland Rock. Sub-genre: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Song: “Into the Great Wide Open.” Sung by: Reggie Rocket, Captain Retro, Stimpy, Dudley, and Suzie Carmichael. / Reggie: “Eddie waited till he finished high school, he went to Hollywood, got a tattoo. He met a girl out there with a tattoo too, the future was wide open. They moved into a place they both could afford, he found a nightclub he could work at the door. She had a guitar and she taught him some chords, the sky was the limit.” Captain Retro: “Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue.” Stimpy: “Out in the great wide open.” Dudley: “A rebel without a clue.” Reggie: “The papers said Ed always played from the heart, he got an agent and a roadie named Bart. They made a record and it went in the charts, the sky was the limit. His leather jacket had chains that would jingle. They both met movie stars, partied and mingled. Their A&R man said, 'I don't hear a single,' the future was wide open.” Captain Retro and Stimpy: “Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue.” Dudley: “Out in the great wide open.” Suzie: “A rebel without a clue.” Captain Retro and Dudley: “Into the great wide open, under them skies of blue.” Stimpy: “Out in the great wide open.” Suzie: “A rebel without a clue.” / And the epic song ends. Reggie says: “Pretty awesome, huh? And might I add, it's all true, as well!” (Confessional) Stimpy says: “If you ask me, I honestly think that Suzie Carmichael worries too much. After all, Captain Retro can see multiple futures! He wouldn't have picked this mode of transportation unless he was absolutely sure!” /

Suzie says: “Don't get me wrong, I'm GLAD to get away from Patrick, but I have serious doubts about this hot air-balloon thing. I mean, we're completely vulnerable to ALL the elements, not just the wind. And what if one of us has to go to the bathroom while we're traveling in the air?! That's not a very attractive THOUGHT that's stuck in my mind!” / Dudley says: “Being a member of T.U.F.F. Is all about having common decency, and a policy of honesty. And we are always prompt in our payments to anyone we need to give money to. That's why T.U.F.F. IS the number one most trusted agency in Petropolis!” / Captain Retro says: “It never ceases to amaze me how different all the Nicktoons all are from each other. They all have different sets of rules, different types of humor, and all the characters I have met seem really different from each other. It hasn't been easy to carve out a unique niche for myself. Of course, once my own show DOES eventually get put on the air, everyone will get to see just how COOL my brand of action and retro humor can be!” / Reggie says: “Up until now, I have never really had a chance to come up with a cool song all on my own. This gave me a unique opportunity to shine. It definitely improves my chances of getting to the Final Three. After all, potential juries love a girl who likes to take charge and make tough decisions that can't be made anywhere else. Nothing is more important than winning this, and becoming the first female contestant to win one of these Total Cartoon seasons!” (End Confessional) The action shifts to the contestants on the Blue Train, Rocko, Bulma, Dog, Wally, and Marlene. Marlene says: “Okay, everyone just follow my lead and EVERYTHING will turn out fine!” Bulma scoffs and retorts: “YOUR lead?! I'm the one who's running THIS show!” Wally says: “Technically, you're wrong. SNIZ is the one running THIS show!” Dog asks: “Why can't it be ME running the action?!” Marlene and Bulma simultaneously say: “Because you already WON last season! WHAT?! You noticed THAT, to?!” Marlene chuckles nervously and says: “I totally did NOT plan to say the exact same thing YOU were saying when YOU said it! That was a TOTAL accident!” Bulma smiles and says: “No problem! You're a very smart otter! Here I was, thinking that I HAD no intellectual equal that I could talk to; when as it turns out, I have a very smart, hilarious woman RIGHT here!”

Marlene gasps and exclaims: “You think I'm HILARIOUS?!” Bulma smiles and says: “Trust me, if Hollywood EVER remakes Funny Girl, and YOU starred in it, YOU would make Barbra Streisand's version look like a TRAGEDY!” (Confessional) Marlene exclaims: “O.M.G!!!! Bulma thinks I'm smart AND hilarious! I've never heard Bulma genuinely complement ANYBODY, except for maybe Zarbon. If I can outsmart Bulma Briefs and get HER out, there would be NOBODY left in this competition who could beat me, not even Captain Retro! And he won't DARE try to get me out! Want to know how I know that? It's called Lover's Remorse. Once someone HAS loved you, they won't do ANYTHING bad against you, especially in a show of THIS nature! Otherwise, everyone would HATE him, and I know Captain Retro doesn't want THAT! I have got THIS game in the palm of my hands!” / Bulma says: “Now that I've got some quality time to get Marlene ALONE with me and AWAY from Skipper, this marks the PERFECT opportunity for me to get Marlene on MY side and convince her that I've got nothing diabolic PLANNED against her! Do I think she's funny? Yes. Do I think she smart? I'll put it this way; she's SMART for an otter, but nowhere NEAR the level of genius that I am! If she thinks that she can outsmart me, she's wrong! I already HAVE her end game planned in the back of my mind! I just have to keep being a PRETEND friend to her until she's no longer useful to me. And when that time inevitably comes, MAN!!!! She will be blindsided like NOBODY'S ever been blindsided before! This will be as EASY as Calculus!”

(End Confessional) Rocko says: “It doesn't matter WHO runs the action on this train, what matters is that we have a game plan. So, does ANYONE have a game plan?” Bulma says: “IF everyone PROMISES not to groan upon hearing me speak, I have a plan of action I'd like to share!” Everyone else simultaneously says: “We promise not to groan.” Bulma says: “Very well, then. The good news is, I have studied the map thoroughly. Our flag locations are located RIGHT on the path of the railroad this train is traveling on! The bad news is, our flag locations are located RIGHT on the path of the railroad this train is traveling on! In other words, our flags are located on mail posts on the side of the railroad. If we don't grab every single flag as we pass BY it, we'll have to get OFF the train and potentially WALK the rest of the way to El Paso, Texas. And if we have to walk, we will surely end up losing!” Wally asks: “So, how do we make sure that we don't end up missing any flags?” Bulma answers: “I've already thought of that. Marlene and I will take the front of the train, and sit next to the windows on the left side of the train, and the right side of the train, respectively, of course. As we come up to the flags, we will grab them. Rocko, you and Wally will take the middle of the train, sitting next to the windows on the left side of the train and the right side of the train respectively. That way, we have a SECOND chance of grabbing the flags, if we don't grab them the first time.” Dog asks: “And what do I do?” Bulma seriously THINKS about it, and says: “YOU...can be, President of the back of the Train!” (Confessional)

Bulma says: “What is it about ME speaking that makes everyone AROUND me groan their HEADS off?! Well, one thing is for sure, nobody will DARE groan about ME speaking once I inevitably WIN this whole competition like I was ALWAYS meant to!” / Wally says: “You know, I think that everyone who HEARS Bulma talk, would probably groan a WHOLE lot less, if she didn't sound so COMPLETELY conceited about herself when she DID talk! It makes me wonder how ANYONE from Dragonball Z puts UP with her!” / Dog asks: “Can Bulma SERIOUSLY not think of anything USEFUL for me to do, or is she just trying to WRITE me off without even TRYING to think about it?! I can be USEFULL! I just need an opportunity to PROVE myself!” (End Confessional) Dog is flabbergasted and says: “That's it?! Why can't I do MORE than that?!” Bulma groans and says: “FINE! You can pick the song we ALL have to sing!” Dog says: “Better! I'm thinking of a song by The Traveling Wilbury's, you know, the group that Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne were all in?” Marlene says: “I like the sound of that! Tom Petty is my favorite LIVING Wilbury!” Rocko asks: “Favorite living?” Marlene says: “George Harrison is my favorite, but...he's passed on. So...that makes Tom Petty my favorite living Wilbury.” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Over the communicators, Sniz says: “And speaking of the Traveling Wilbury's, it's time to MAKE like them, as you travel to the end of the line, if you catch my drift!” Rocko says: “Don't worry about, we DEFINITELY catch your drift!”

Genre: Folk Rock. Sub-Genre: George Harrison and Tom Petty. Song: “End of the Line.” Sung by: Rocko, Wally, Dog, Marlene, and Bulma. / Dog: “Well it's all right, riding around in the breeze.” Rocko: “Well it's all right, if you live the life you please.” Marlene: “Well it's all right, doing the best you can.” Wally: “Well it's all right, as long as you lend a hand.” Bulma and Wally: “You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring. (End of the Line). Waiting for someone to tell you everything. (End of the Line). Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring. (End of the Line). Maybe a diamond ring.” Dog: “Well it's all right, even if they say you're wrong.” Marlene: “Well it's all right, sometimes you gotta be strong.” Rocko: “Well it's all right, as long as you got somewhere to lay.” Wally: “Well it's all right, every day is Judgment Day.” Bulma and Dog: “Maybe somewhere down the road a ways. (End of the Line). You'll think of me, wonder where I am these days. (End of the Line). Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays. (End of the Line). Purple haze.” Dog: “Well it's all right, even when push comes to shove.” Rocko: “Well it's all right, if you got someone to love.” Wally: “Well it's all right, everything will work out fine.”

Marlene: “Well it's all right, we're going to the end of the line.” Rocko and Bulma: “Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive. (End of the Line). I'm just glad to be here, happy to be alive. (End of the Line). It don't matter if you're by my side. (End of the Line). I'm satisfied.” Dog: “Well it's all right, even if you're old and gray.” Marlene: “Well it's all right, you still got something to say.” Rocko: “Well it's all right, remember to live and let live.” Wally: “Well it's all right, the best you can do is forgive.” Dog: “Well it's all right, riding around in the breeze.” Bulma: “Well it's all right, if you live the life you please.” Wally: “Well it's all right, even if the sun don't shine.” Dog and Marlene: “Well it's all right, we're going to the end of the line.” / And the epic song ends. /

(Confessional) Bulma says: “The one thing that always bugged me about the type of life that I live, is it NEVER gave me any good opportunities to SING! Here, I get to shine like the GODDESS I truly am! Marlene's cute, but I HIGHLY doubt that she will EVER be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! That honor is reserved for ME!” / Wally says: “I'm no expert in being able to guess on how other contestants PERCEIVE other contestants, but I think I can safely say that it REALLY says a lot when the majority of the other contestants, find Bulma Briefs to be FAR more annoying than me, and I haven't even BEEN annoying in any way, shape, or form this season! And I certainly have no intention of EVER being annoying! Honestly, does Bulma ALWAYS have to get a word in edge-wise? She better start checking herself before she wrecks herself.” / Rocko says: “If this were a cake eating contest, Bulma would DEFINITELY take the cake, as far as having brains go. But when it comes to having a heart, Bulma REALLY lacks having any empathy and understanding of her fellow contestants. And I think that Bulma will eventually find out the hard way, that when you don't take the time to understand where anyone else comes from, in terms of their experiences or the way they think, it will REALLY end up costing her in the long run.” (End Confessional) / The action shifts to the contestants in the red car, Zarbon, Skipper, Chameleon, Po, and Patrick! Zarbon is driving the car, and is speeding down the highway, living life in the fast lane! Skipper asks: “What's the big DEAL, Zarbon?!” Patrick asks: “Can't we go a LITTLE slower?!” Chameleon says: “I don't want to sound like a DRAG, but you're going to get us ALL killed!” Po says: “And besides, you're BREAKING the speed limit! That's AGAINST the law!” Zarbon says: “It's ONLY against the law if you get CAUGHT!!!! Besides, I am NOT losing to that JERKFACE named Captain Retro again!” Skipper asks: “What's the matter? You think Captain Retro is going to TRY to take Bulma, to?” Zarbon sputters and yells: “Like he HAS a shot! I'm only interested in taking him DOWN a notch! No FAN character is going to get the best of ME!” A siren is suddenly heard, as Jenny from “My Life as a Teenage Robot” suddenly starts FLYING after them! Jenny says: “STOP!!!! In the name of the law!” Zarbon yells: “NOT for all the money in the WORLD, you metallic FREAK!!!!” And Zarbon REALLY steps on it, and Jenny increases her speed, as well. Despite the speed, Zarbon manages to keep the car ON the road, and doesn't hit any other vehicles!

Po says: “Come ON, Zarbon! You're GOING to get into TROUBLE!!!!” Zarbon sarcastically says: “As IF!!!! The long arm of the law will NEVER catch ME!!!!” And the car SUDDENLY screeches to a halt, as it is revealed, that Jenny has STRETCHED her arms into a LONG length, causing the car to stop! Jenny says: “When an officer of the law tells you to STOP, you should either SLOW down, or preferably, FREEZE! Where are you going to in such a hurry?!” Zarbon yells: “None of your BUSINESS, you Futurama REJECT!!!!” Jenny angrily says: “Oh, you're a SMART mouth, aren't you?! Do you KNOW what happens to smart mouths in the state of New Mexico?!” Zarbon snidely asks: “You give me a warning?! You DON'T scare me!”

Jenny angrily yells: “Oh yeah?! OH, YEAH?!!!!” And Jenny suddenly unleashes her FULL array of weapons arsenal concealed in her body, and points it STRAIGHT at Zarbon!!!! Jenny angrily yells: “Does THIS scare YOU?!!!” Zarbon gets an anime sweat drop and nervously says: “YEP!!!! That would do it! But thankfully, I have come PREPARED! Arrow of LIGHT!!!!” And Zarbon throws down an arrow of light onto the ground, and it temporarily blinds Jenny's robotic vision! Zarbon says: “Time to get out of DODGE!!!! I'm WINNING no matter WHAT it TAKES!!!!” And Zarbon zooms away, as Jenny regains her vision. Jenny moans and asks herself: “WHY do they ALWAYS have to do it the HARD way?! Engage CHASE mode!” And Jenny once again resumes her chase after Zarbon! Skipper sarcastically says: “Nice decision making, JERK!!!! Anything ELSE you want to do, like trying to ruin somebody ELSES relationship?!” Zarbon sarcastically rolls his eyes and says: “If I HONESTLY cared, I would ask what you were talking about!” Skipper says: “Don't play games with ME; you TRIED to get me to HATE Marlene the other day, with that BOGUS picture you printed! I'm ONTO you!” Zarbon chuckles EVILLY as he says: “And do you think you can do ANYTHING to stop ME?! I wouldn't LET you! In fact, I would be willing to pull a Thelma and Louise, and drive this car OFF a cliff, just to get rid of ALL of you!” Chameleon is SHOCKED and says: “YOU wouldn't DARE!!!!” Zarbon says: “Don't tempt me. After all, what is SNIZ going to do? Threaten to put ME in jail?! I think we all know THAT'S never going to happen, because there's NO jail in the universe that could HOLD me! I have the upper hand here, and YOU can't stop me!” Patrick says: “We can stop you from WINNING!!!!” Zarbon sarcastically says: “I would LOVE to see ALL of you TRY, and FAIL, just like every other PEON that tries to stop me from taking what is RIGHTFULLY mine!!!!” But at that moment, Po angrily SNAPS and says: “THAT does it!!!! I don't CARE if this COSTS me my game, but YOU are getting YOUR comeuppance NOW!!!!” And Zarbon GENUINELY gets nervous! (Confessional)

For some reason, Zarbon is now wearing an eye-patch over his left eye. Zarbon says: “In my ambitious plan to win, it seems I over-looked one key FLAW in my plan; I NEVER thought that anyone would get DESPERATE enough to stop me, that they would genuinely sacrifice their OWN game, just to TRY to stop me! I must admit, I didn't think the Panda was going to go through with it. I genuinely underestimated him. But I WON'T underestimate Captain Retro in the same way!” / Po is in an angry huff, and angrily says: “I'm normally all about kindness and compassion, but Zarbon crossed a line with me! There's only so much narcissism and arrogance a guy can take before they can't take anymore. I guess Tigress influenced me MORE than I thought she did!” / Skipper says: “And here I was, thinking that I was the ONLY one who made impulse, rash decisions. But Po came out of NOWHERE to take us ALL off guard! I must say, I'm actually impressed!” / Patrick says: “I'm going to say that Po had the right idea to try to take Zarbon out of the equation, but he went about it in the wrong way.” / Chameleon says: “This is the PRECISE reason on WHY I got out of the villainy business, all it can do is get you HURT, BADLY! Although in Zarbon's case, I think he genuinely deserved it!” (End Confessional) Po JUMPS to the front of the car, and starts to BRUTALLY punch Zarbon's stomach and face, knocking him back and forth several times as the car starts to veer out of control! Skipper says: “WOAH!!!! I better take control of this thing!” And Skipper takes over the wheel as Po continues to HIT Zarbon WHERE it hurts! Po angrily says: “You have HAD this coming for the ENTIRE season, ZARBON!!!!” And with a MASSIVE left hook, Po hits Zarbon DIRECTLY in his left eye, causing him to WINCE in gut-wrenching PAIN!!!! Zarbon nervously gets out a mirror, and he is HORRIFIED by how he now LOOKS! Zarbon gasps and nervously asks: “My FACE?! What happened to my face?! YOU BROKE MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY POOR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Sniz comes over the communicators and speaks: “It sounds like someone just DIED!!!!” Zarbon yells: “WORSE!!!! Po just ROYALLY ruined MY face!!!!” Po angrily says: “He HAD it coming!!!!” Sniz says: “Even so, I don't care WHAT you're doing right now! You are going to SING your song!” Skipper says: “Fortunately, I know of one that fits our situation right now! A certain song by Sammy Hagar, BEFORE he joined Van Halen!” Patrick says: “Even I know which song you're talking about, and I don't have any better ideas! We'll sing it!” /

Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Van Halen (Sammy Hagar). Song: “I Can't Drive 55.” Sung by: Skipper, Zarbon, Patrick, Chameleon, Po and Gordon Quid. / Skipper: “One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey!” Patrick: “Well, there's too much traffic, we can't pass, no!” Zarbon: “So I tried my best illegal move, a big blue and white comes and crushes my groove again!” (Jenny pulls over and stops them). Zarbon: “Go on and write me up for 125! Post my face, wanted dead or alive! Take my license, all that jive! I can't drive 55! Oh no! Uh!!!!” (Scene shifts to a courtroom, featuring Gordon Quid as the Judge. Zarbon now has an eye-patch over his left eye). Chameleon: “So I signed my name on number 24, hey!” Po: “Yeah the judge said--.” Gordon: "Boy, just one more, huh! I'm gonna throw your (distorted) in the city joint!" Po: “Looked me in the eye, said--.” Gordon: "You get my point?" Po: “I say, Yeah! Oh yeah!” Zarbon: “Write me up for 125! Post my face, wanted dead or alive! Take my license, all that jive! I can't drive 55! Oh yeah! I can't drive 55! I can't drive 55! I can't drive 55! I can't drive, 55! Uh!” (Guitar Solo) (Jenny knocks Zarbon out with a baton, and the scene changes to Zarbon getting dragged to a jail cell). Zarbon: “When I drive that slow, you know it's hard to steer! And I can't get my car out of second gear!” Skipper: “What used to take two hours now takes all day!” Patrick: “Huh, it took us 16 hours to get to Albuquerque!” Zarbon: “Go on and write me up for 125! Post my face, wanted dead or alive! Take my license, all that jive! I can't drive 55!” (Zarbon KNOCKS down the jail bars, allowing the contestants to escape, and the scene changes to the contestants back in their red car, with Zarbon once again driving). Zarbon and Skipper: “No, no, no, I can't drive! (I can't drive 55!) I can't drive! (I can't drive 55!)” Zarbon: “I can't drive 55! I can't drive 55!” And the epic song ends. / (Confessional)

Po face-palms himself and says: “I'll admit, I did NOT handle myself as WELL as I should have in this challenge. I succumbed to temptation, and I'm SURELY going to pay the price for it if we lose, which is VERY likely, considering that we were IN that jail cell for FAR longer than the editing of this show would allow you to believe! But if I had TODAY to do all over again, I would probably STILL punch Zarbon in the face, just because it's a once in a life-time opportunity!” / Zarbon, wearing the eye-patch over his left eye, angrily says: “Mark my words, today is the first, LAST, and ONLY day that ANYONE, especially PO, will be ABLE to punch MY face!” / Chameleon says: “Do me a HUGE, gigantic favor, Sniz; make sure Dudley NEVER sees what I did in this episode! I am not at ALL proud of ANYTHING that my group DID in this episode!” / Skipper says: “What Po did to Zarbon, I would also LOVE to do to Zarbon! The thing of it is, I've already BEEN eliminated TWICE this season, and I do NOT want to rack up penalty votes by hitting Zarbon! I want to be close to Marlene, and I REFUSE to let Zarbon get to me, no matter WHAT he says or does! I am taking the moral high road.” / Patrick says: “Honestly, I don't know WHY I have been having such BAD luck this season! Every group I get put INTO, seems to suffer a great misfortune of SOME kind or another! The only GOOD thing about it, is that I haven't been eliminated! I can only hope my good luck will prevail AGAIN by the end of the day!” (End Confessional)

The action shifts to a hotel in El Paso, Texas, and Fondue is monitoring a radar. The radar suddenly starts beeping with incoming bogey and Fondue says: “Sniz! We've got incoming contestants on our radar!” Sniz says: “Well, it's about time! It was TAKING them long enough!” And sure enough, the green hot air balloon gently descends down into the parking lot of the hotel. Sniz says: “Green group! It looks like you got here first! I trust you have all the flags!” And Captain Retro hands him eight green flags. Sniz says: “Well done! Your group gets first place and the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment!” Dudley says: “You SEE, Suzie?! Maybe now, you won't be so quick to judge my skills!” Suzie: “You got lucky ONCE, so don't get cocky, OKAY, Dudley?!” (Confessional) Suzie says: “I HAD to bring Dudley down to Earth! You don't GET far in a competition of this nature by overestimating your OWN skills! I made that mistake LAST season, and I'm not letting ANYONE who wants a partnership with me, make that same mistake! That would be a very BIG disaster for me!” / Dudley sighs and says: “Sometimes, I would like to have Captain Retro's skill, to have the ability to see just how other people think.” / Captain Retro says: “Suzie is very determined to get to the Final Three this season, but determination only goes so far. You have to have the heart and soul to win, as well. Suzie is very soulful, but she STILL needs to respect her competition, before she has a CHANCE of getting into the Final Three!” (End Confessional) Suddenly, the blue train comes pulling up close to the hotel. The contestants on that train get off! Sniz says: “Blue Group, do you have all your flags?!” Bulma asks: “Do ALL arachnids have eight legs?! The answer to both questions is OBVIOUS; yes, we do!” And Bulma presents all eight flags. Sniz says: “Well done. That means you're in the not totally winners, but not totally losers category!” Marlene nervously says: “But THAT would mean--!” And the red car comes pulling up to the hotel. Sniz says: “Red Group, it doesn't matter whether or not you have all YOUR flags, you have come in LAST!!!!” Chameleon says: “I TOLD you it was a bad idea to go OVER the speed limit! But NOPE!!!! Nobody EVER listens to somebody who's actually BEEN through experiences like that!” Sniz gasps and says: “And WHAT happened to Zarbon's FACE?!!! Who is RESPONSIBLE for hurting such a creature of beauty?!!!” Zarbon growls angrily and says: “PO is the one who DID this to me!” Sniz angrily says: “Po, is this TRUE?!!!” Po honestly says: “Yes, I did it and I don't feel BAD about it! So go ahead, hit me with penalty votes. I'll take them.”

Sniz smiles and says: “All right, but just know, you will be hit with FOUR penalty votes! You'd have to HAVE everyone ON your group AND yourself to NOT vote for you in order to stay in! Do we NEED to actually vote?!” Zarbon says: “I'll save you the trouble, I'm VOTING off Po!” Sniz says: “That's all we need to know. Po, you can pack your bags, because you are OUT of the competition!” Po says: “Suits me just as well, I was MISSING being together with Tigress ANYWAYS!!!!” Po goes onto the plane and gets his bags. Po then walks out and says: “Oh, and don't think that karma is done with you YET, Zarbon! You're in for FAR worse if you don't CHANGE your wicked ways! May I take the red car?” Sniz shrugs and says: “Suit yourself, we have no use for it.” Po says: “Oh, yeah! I KNEW taking driving lessons from Tigress was a good idea! Tigress, I'm coming BACK for you!” And Po drives away! Sniz says: “And like that, Po is out of the competition! Will Zarbon EVER recover from his painful experience? Will Captain Retro be able to keep dodging elimination ceremonies? Will Bulma continue to LIKE Zarbon DESPITE his horrific injury?! Find out the answers to these questions and maybe more, on Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / Episode Notes: This marks the first time since WAY back in the episode of “Private Idaho,” that a contestant has been HIT with, and eliminated BECAUSE of penalty votes. In this case, Po is eliminated, meaning all the representatives of “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness” have now been eliminated!

Stimpy and Dog form a Champion Alliance in this episode, and Bulma forms an Alliance with Marlene. Due to Po hitting him in the face, Zarbon NOW has to temporarily wear an eye-patch over his left eye, making this the FIRST time in this season that Zarbon has suffered a grave injury in the competition. Featured songs in this episode are “Say You Will Be There; Miss You Much; Into the Great Wide Open” (also the name of this episode); “End of the Line,” and “I Can't Drive 55.” / Personal Notes: I don't know why I delayed finishing up this episode; I had personal reasons for taking my time, as well as needing to attend to matters that I needed to take care of, but at least I got this story finished. It seems that the closer Zarbon GETS to the Final Three, the more desperate SOME contestants become to try to stop him from getting there. Even someone as good as Po, got fed up with Zarbon's behavior, and TRIED to take the most DIRECT way of getting Zarbon OUT of the competition! Even if the action was WARRANTED, it wasn't the correct way of dealing with the problem. And because of that, Po had to pay the price for his own actions. But at least he went out with his dignity, by going out on his own terms. And I promise that the next episode will be even better, and will come out even SOONER! / That's my episode idea THIS time! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Virtual Insanity!


                It is a dark, full moon lit night; in a dense forest a few miles from the civilization of Coastal Falls. The six Rangers, along with friends BlackHawk and Sans; are having a camp-out, and they are having a good time, as Pinkie Pie has just brought out the marshmallows! Pinkie Pie asks: “All right, who’s ready to roast some marshmallows?!”


Ebony says: “I can go for that! Back when I went to Hogwarts, they’d NEVER let me go off and fool around with Crabbe and Goyle in the Forbidden Forest. Of course, that’s probably because at least HALF of the things in the Forbidden Forest had the capacity to KILL people! But still…”


Usagi says: “It sure was nice of Toby’s mother to give us permission to do this, as long as we had a RESPONSIBLE guide; I.E., Sans, to make sure we were safe.”


Sans humbly says: “No problem, I’m glad to be of help!”


Pinkie Pie passes around the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Naruto says: “Now that we’ve got our campfire treats, how about we tell some campfire stories?! Sans, BlackHawk seems to think highly of you! Why don’t you start us off?”


Sans sighs, and says: “You wouldn’t be interested in any of MY stories! Nobody wants to hear about the thousands of times I’ve been STUCK in the underground!”


BlackHawk says: “I don’t mind going first. It’s not a campfire story EXACTLY; but I do want to tell you a little bit more about myself!”


Ebony excitedly says: “Ooh! The mystery man/bird is about to SPILL his secrets!”


BlackHawk says: “I am descended from powerful Woo Foo Knights, but when I was just an egg, I was STOLEN by the evil Night Master, in a BRAZEN attempt to create a magical force of EVIL that would bring ARMAGEDDON to the Woo Foo Knights! The Night Master, being filled with evil magic, made it so my parents would NEVER be able to FIND me, even if they KNEW where to look! But by the time I was six, the Night Master had grown impatient, because I was REFUSING to cooperate with what the Night Master wanted, so the Night Master FORCED me to deal with the Gods of Chaos; which is HOW I know about them in the first place, in the hopes that it would straighten me out to what the Night Master desired! But after only six minutes within the twisted realm of the Gods of Chaos, instead of going MAD from the experience, it actually CAUSED me to go SANE from the Revelation, and my psyche remembered that I was NOT supposed to be an agent of evil, but an agent of good! And while the Night Master views the world as black and white; that is, evil is night and good is light; I realized that dark isn't necessarily evil; that darkness is just as much a part of the natural order as light is. Because of this, I am IMMUNE to brainwashing and mental techniques such as memory erasing and psychic fantasies! So I managed to break FREE from the Night Master, and I made his way to a Woo Foo Master, who kept me safe for the next ten years. It's also at the training grounds that I first met Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow.”


Naruto asks: “Are THOSE two Woo Foo Warriors?!”


BlackHawk says: “Not even close! Those two PREDICTABLY failed to learn anything of worth! But I took pity on them, and I decided to take them under his wing. I was only RECENTLY reunited with my parents, and I met with the great Woo Foo Master, Master Yo. It was his suggestion that I take Bash Buzzard and Smash Swallow over to Core Earth, because he sensed there was an imbalance in the natural order here; and he felt it would help the three of us to find out who we truly are.”


Lettuce claps his flippers and says: “Wow! That WAS an interesting story!”


Toby chuckles and says: “That’s nothing! I’ve got a story for you that will REALLY blow you away! Not only is it about one of the EARLIEST teams of Power Rangers, the ones that even ZORDON doesn’t remember, one of my ANCESTORS, the awesome JEFF, was the Blue Power Ranger of that time, and he fought against Rita Repulsa’s evil, younger sister, Queen Hedrian!”


Usagi rolls her eyes and says: “Oh, we are ALL so SURE this happened!”


Toby says: “All right, but don’t say I didn’t WARN you!” (The scene ripples, and it reveals Toby’s story, realized in real, full color, and awesome explosions!) Toby narrates, and says: “Four or five generations or so ago, during the year of 1981 through 1982, the evil Hedrian clan invaded the developing realm of digital cyberspace! They planned to conquer all of Core Earth’s connected computers, in order to gain the power to conquer Core Earth in THIS realm! Thankfully, a Talking Dog, called the DIGITAL ORGANIC GUIDE or D.O.G., for short, managed to recruit five young teenagers with attitude to enter the Digital Realm, and become the Power Rangers Digital Squadron!


Ebony interrupts and says: “A talking DOG?!!! You would THINK you could be a LITTLE more creative than THAT!!!!”


BlackHawk says: “Please don’t interrupt! I’m liking this story!” BlackHawk reaches for his back-pack, and pulls out a bag of popcorn, and a bottle of Pepsi. BlackHawk says: “Go on, continue with this story.”


Toby says: “Right, then.” (The scene ripples, and returns to Toby’s story). Toby narrates: “Using the Digital Rings, given to them by the Digital Princess, Hina; the five teenagers would transform into Power Rangers. Kagi, the Red Ranger, was a Karate expert and used his special moves of Vacuum Kick and the Digital Punch to take down monsters! My ancestor, Jeff, the Blue Ranger, was a circus acrobat who loved yoga, gymnastics, and the occasional sweet roll. In fact, many years after he was no longer a Ranger and a sweet roll vendor, he met with another Ranger team, the Power Rangers Jet Fusion, and taught them the special moves of the Blue Rocket, the Screw Kick, the Blue Snake, and the Digital Drill, to use against the EVIL Vyram Empire!”


BlackHawk interrupts and he is SHOCKED as he says: “Not THE Vyram Empire?! Aren’t THEY the ones headed by the villain that calls himself the God of Judgment; Radiguet?! He was evil BEYOND evil! He got so MAD when the Power Rangers Jet Fusion DENIED him Earth; he ERASED everyone’s memories of ALL the previous Power Rangers teams, out of SPITE! That is why so MANY people; Zordon included, mistakenly think the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are the first team of Power Rangers!”


Ebony sarcastically asks: “Don’t tell me you’re actually trying to HELP Toby tell his story?!”


BlackHawk seriously says: “Don’t try to tell ME, it’s just a story! I’ve actually HAD an encounter with him once when I was nine! Okay; so it was a simulated VERSION of Radiguet on a training mission; I thought I was ready for the highest level of combat; but I only lasted six MINUTES against him! I had never been more AFRAID of anybody in my entire life! Simulation or not, I was LUCKY I was able to escape that simulation with my life!”


Toby seriously says: “This isn’t about the Power Rangers Jet Fusion, this is about MY story, about the Power Rangers Digital Squadron! Please, let me FINISH!” (The scene ripples, and returns to Toby’s story). Toby narrates: “Also among the Power Rangers Digital Squadron, was the Yellow Ranger, June. She was the Inventor and space researcher of the team, and was into calisthenics. Her special moves were the Digital Suplex, the Hammer Punch, and the Digital Pile Driver! Diego was the Green Ranger. He was a Detective who was also into boxing. His special moves were the the Green head-butt, and the Flying Spin Kick! And there was Momo, the Pink Ranger. She was a tennis player and a swimmer. Her special moves were the flying attack, and the Digital Lightning! Each Ranger, armed with a Digital Stick, could combine them into the powerful Digital Boomerang! They also had a Digital Blaster, the Digital Dragon, and the Digital Chain! In the Digital Realm, the Power Rangers, got to travel around in the Digital Buggy, and the Digital Hovercrafts! They only HAD the one Megazord; but it TRANSFORMED! The Great Electric, Digital Megazord! With its attacks of the Giant, Digital Boomerang; the Digital Energy Ball, and the Digital Sword which could perform the ultra-cool finishing move, the Full Moon Cut, they could finish off monsters with ANY attack!”


Lettuce asks: “Did Queen Hedrian make her monsters grow by utilizing the forces of chaos the way that Emperor Diabolica does?”


Toby answers: “She didn’t HAVE to! Her monsters grow from eggs, and they can control their cellular structure to grow at any time they want! If that wasn’t enough, she had her own grunts named the Dusters, and evil accomplices in her evil plot to pollute and corrupt the Earth! You see, the Hedrian clan has a WARPED sense of outer beauty. Queen Hedrian herself, absolutely HATES inner beauty and finds HAPPINESS in human suffering! Although she cares deeply about her own subjects, if THAT means anything! Her subjects are General Shogun, Keller and Mirror, and Demon King Banriki! In their final battle against the evil Hedrian clan, the Power Rangers Digital Squadron summoned all the energy from the Great Electric, Digital Megazord, and IMPRISONED them in the Phantom Zone, where they remain to this very day!” (Toby’s story sequence ends)


Toby says: “Thanks to the pioneering research of the Power Rangers Digital Squadron, they were able to access the realm of the Pokemon! After several years of extensive taming and hard work, they were able to bring the Pokemon into THIS realm, which is why people are able to have Pokemon as pets/companions today!”


Pinkie Pie says: “WOW!!!! That WAS a very good story!”


Ebony says: “Even if it WAS all fictitious! None of THAT could POSSIBLY be true!” /


But at that very moment, in digital cyber-space; a monstrous pirate was incomprehensibly speaking: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, zero, one!” (Translated) “After all these years, I have finally gained enough power to break free, and FREE the Hedrian Clan from the Phantom Zone!” /


(BOOM!!!!) The Rangers all hear an explosion DEEP within the forest, and they ALL jump up with a start! Usagi asked: “What was THAT?!!!”


Naruto says: “It certainly wasn’t a shooting star falling to Earth! There WERE no meteor showers forecasted for tonight!”


Lettuce seriously says: “BlackHawk, you better get Sans to safety; there might be trouble around here!”


BlackHawk groans and says: “Oh, I ALWAYS have to miss out on your fights! Come on, Sans! Papyrus will KILL me if anything happens to you!”


Sans says: “Heaven forbid THAT should happen!” /


Meanwhile, above Core Earth, Emperor Diabolica stirs awake. Emperor Diabolica says: “There has been a disturbance on Core Earth.”


Vipera asks: “You felt it, to?”


Emperor Diabolica says: “A familiar power has surfaced. I can’t quite place my claws on it, but this power has laid dormant for a LONG time!”


Baphomet asks: “What power is that?”


Emperor Diabolica says: “The Orange Ruby has awakened, and it is waiting for a new master.”


Drako asks: “Are you sure? The Orange Ruby is powerful, and it disappeared almost 200 years ago. The last owner was Rita Repulsa’s younger sister, Queen Hedrian; and she got defeated by a group of Power Rangers. How could it still be around?”


Emperor Diabolica says: “It must have been separated from her in the Digital Realm when she was beaten. If I am able to feel the Orange Ruby now, it must mean that something has happened to our allies, the demons of Mariner Bay. Diabolico was like a brother to me.”


Vipera says: “And Vypra was like a sister to me.”


Emperor Diabolica says: “The pact we made with them, all those years ago, still stands. If the demons were EVER to fall in battle, than WE, the Taurans, would take it upon ourselves to find the Orange Ruby, and conquer Core Earth in their place. The Orange Ruby acts on the mental thoughts of whoever controls it. If WE were to possess the Orange Ruby, then domination of Core Earth would soon follow.”


Kraky says: “I love domination!”


Circe says: “And the Orange Ruby would make a LOVELY conversation piece aboard this ship!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Vipera, get yourself down to Core Earth and FIND an entrance into the Digital Realm! Something has just BREAKEN free from the Digital Realm, and we must find out what it is!”


Drako asks: “You don’t want me to make one of my Blood Beasts?”


Emperor Diabolica answers: “Not this time, but you will get your turn, soon enough! And Vipera?”


Vipera asks: “You have something ELSE to add?”


Emperor Diabolica seriously says: “Do not even THINK about taking ownership of the Orange Ruby for yourself! This is STRICTLY for world conquering purposes, and ELIMINATING those AWFUL Rangers! Show loyalty to me, and I will reward you with what you want; even the removal of that CURSE I had to put upon you.”


Vipera sighs and says: “How could I forget? Very well, I’ll get the Orange Ruby for you, and fight the Rangers if they decide to get in my way!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Thank you for not making a STUPID decision, for once! Now, GO!” And Vipera teleports out of the ship!


Baphomet groans and says: “My sweet Vipera! Don’t let those Rangers BRUISE you!” /


The Rangers are searching through the forest, for the location of the explosion! Usagi says: “There’s too many TREES blocking our path! Guess you can’t see the forest, through the trees!”


Pinkie Pie says: “I have a Pinkie KEEN idea! Let’s split up!”


Ebony shouts: “Hold it! Don’t you guys EVER watch horror movies?! We’re in a creepy forest, we’re searching for the source of an explosion, which CAN’T be anything good; we don’t know what to expect, and someone suggests to ‘split up,’ and sooner or later, some ax-crazy, hockey mask wearing, chainsaw friendly lunatic shows up; and starts hacking us all up one by one, starting with the comedic, funny guy; namely Toby!”


Toby gulps in nervousness, and Lettuce says: “Even I know better than to do THAT!”


Naruto asks: “So why aren’t YOU worried?!”


Ebony says: “Being the obvious virgin who won’t even THINK about doing it until I’m married, I ALWAYS last the longest in these horror movie situations!”


Usagi asks: “Why are YOU the virgin?!”


Ebony answers: “Because you’re too pretty and obviously have a CRUSH on Naruto even though he already HAS a girlfriend; and Pinkie Pie is too funny/naïve/oblivious to last long in a movie situation of this nature!”


Lettuce asks: “What about me?!”


Ebony shrugs and says: “You’re a wild card; there’s no telling what will happen to you, but you MIGHT survive if you’re lucky!”


Lettuce says: “Thank you, I feel SO much better!”


Pinkie Pie says: “Come on! Let’s keep looking!”


And Vipera suddenly appears in front of them, and Ebony looks disgusted! Ebony says: “And Professor Snape thought that I looked indecent! 1987 ended a LONG time AGO, lady!”


Vipera sneers and says: “You WISHED you looked this good!”


Toby asks: “And be THAT delusional?! We live in a place called ‘Reality,’ Vipera! You might want to try VISITING it sometime!”


Vipera smirks and says: “Makes me glad I prepared something extra-special, in honor of your little camp-out! Zombie Imps, ATTACK!!!!” And a bunch of GREEN colored imps, looking a lot more…undead, than normal Imps, surround her! And the Rangers get into defense/attack poses!


Naruto asks: “What does your horror movie experience say about THIS one?!”


Ebony answers: “ALWAYS chop off the head! That’s the ONLY way to kill a zombie!”


Usagi says: “Glad we had this talk! It’s MORPHING time!” /


Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!”


And the Rangers immediately pull out their weapons, and start hacking away at the Zombie Imps; although Ebony has more trouble with her martial arts, and relies on a series of misfired spells, which cause the Imps to fall, or while an appropriate song by The Cranberries plays in the background. /


“Another head hangs lowly, child is slowly taken. And the violence caused such silence. Who are we mistaken? But you see, it's not me. It's not my family. In your head, in your head; they are fighting. With their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs, and their guns. In your head, in your head they are crying. In your head, in your head! Zombie, zombie, zombie. Hey, hey! What's in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey, hey, oh! Another mother's breaking heart is taking over. When the violence causes silence, we must be mistaken. It's the same old theme, since nineteen-sixteen. In your head, in your head, they're still fighting with their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns. In your head, in your head they are dying! In your head, in your head! Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey! What's in your head, in your head? Zombie, zombie, zombie! Hey, hey, hey! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Hey, oh, yeah, yeah!” / And the song ends as all the Zombie Imps lose their heads and are teleported away! /


Vipera groans and says: “I HATE it when you Rangers ruin one of my LOVELY presents!”


Ebony asks: “You call THAT lovely?! Call me when you make a hot werewolf that can play basketball like in Teen Wolf, THEN we can talk!”


Lettuce says: “You can expect Vipera to say weird stuff like that, from time to time. These creeps USUALLY do! Why? Even Omnus can’t say for sure!”


Vipera eagerly says: “Lucky for YOU; I saved the BEST present for LAST!!!! Emperor Diabolica; make me grow giant, NOW!!!!” /


Emperor Diabolica says: “Never expected to hear her say THAT; but if she wants to give the Rangers something to REALLY complain about; I’m happy to OBLIGE!!!!” /


And Emperor Diabolica shoots an evil arc of electricity down to Vipera, which causes her to SHED her feminine, human-like appearance; and TRANSFORM into a monstrous, purple Viper-looking monster with sharp fangs, and sharp claws on her hands and feet!


Toby says: “Okay, that’s a new trick!”


Hissing, Vipera asks: “How do you like my TRUE form?! I’m sorry you have to see me like this; but Emperor Diabolica won’t let me BECOME giant if I’m human-like!”


Ebony says: “I don’t like this; she’s obviously DISTRACTING us from investigating what that explosion is all about!”


Naruto says: “I don’t like it, either! But this is a National Park! We can’t have Vipera tear it up! Vipera, we’ll fight you, but NOT here!”


Vipera hisses, and says: “Meet me at the abandoned rock quarry, then! It makes no difference to me!”


And Vipera teleports away! Pinkie says: “At least we don’t have to worry about any forest fires!”


Usagi says: “That’s the LAST thing we should worry about! A giant Vipera could cause us GIANT problems, and that is NO hyperbole!”


Lettuce says: “Agreed. Let’s go!” And the Rangers teleport after Vipera! /


Meanwhile, the monstrous Pirate reaches a spot within the forest, than stops! The Pirate says: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, one. Zero, one, one!” (Translated) “They were banished right around here. Phantom Zone, BREAK!!!!” And unleashing a wave of red energy; a 2-dimensional black panel appears in the forest, and then it BREAKS, freeing the inhabitants within it!


A young, glamorous, but very EVIL looking woman RESEMBLING Rita Repulsa (if she were younger), raises her arms; and in a screechy voice says: “Ahhh! After all these years, I’m FREE! It’s time to conquer Core Earth!”


The Pirate says: “Zero, one, zero, one, zero, one.”


The woman yells: “Stop! I can’t understand what you are SAYING! You spent too much time in the Digital Realm! Take an Electronic Translator!”


And the woman zaps an electronic collar around the Pirate, and it starts talking in English. The Pirate says: “Aye; I am AYE Guy, ready to serve you again!”


A monstrous warrior, wearing traditional Japanese battle armor; says: “It feels GOOD to stretch my legs again! Don’t you agree, Keller and Mirror?”


Keller and Mirror, a silver and a gold colored woman respectively, in unison, ask: “Do you have any SPYING services that you want us to do, General Shogun?”


A shirtless, demonic-looking muscle-bound creep asks: “I’m ready to get REVENGE against those PATHETIC Power Rangers that imprisoned us! Aren’t YOU, Queen Hedrian?!”


Queen Hedrian says: “We must assess the situation first; my Demon King, Banriki. I estimate that it’s been almost 200 years since we were sealed in the Phantom Zone. Those Rangers would be long DEAD, by now!”


General Shogun says: “Shame! I had a bunch of brand new techniques that I thought of that I’ve been wanting to TRY against THOSE Power Rangers!”


Queen Hedrian says: “Although it IS possible that they might have had descendants; and THEY might be Power Rangers themselves! If there is even ONE, around; we must find them, and make THEM pay for sealing us away in that AWFUL Phantom Zone!”


Aye Guy asks: “Aye! Do you want ME to take care of them for you?!”


Queen Hedrian says: “Not yet. Before we deal with the Rangers personally, I will need my Orange Ruby back in order to recover my FULL power! I lost it in the Digital Realm when those Power Rangers sealed us away.”


Aye Guy says: “You sent me INTO the Digital Realm in order to HIDE me, just in case the Power Rangers managed to gain the upper hand over you; so that I could bring you back! I never SAW the Orange Ruby when I was in there!”


General Shogun says: “Than that could only mean one thing; it MUST be in the Digital data-banks of an ALPHA robot! That’s where ALL magic powers go when an ELTARIAN doesn’t WANT them to be FOUND!”


Banriki shouts: “You MUST infect the CURRENT Alpha Robot; and FIND that Orange Ruby, at ANY cost!”


Aye Guy says: “Aye! My majesties! Whatever you wish, I will DO, for you!” And Aye Guy teleports BACK into the Digital Realm!


Keller says: “A loyal monster, isn’t he?”


Mirror says: “Certainly one of our best.”


Queen Hedrian says: “He will find my LOST Orange Ruby for me; and even IF there’s a Ranger team to destroy him; we can ALWAYS hatch another egg for ANOTHER monster!”


Banriki says: “I just LOVE, the way your, FOUL, little mind works!”


Queen Hedrian says: “I KNOW that you do! But we must FIND some place to hide ourselves while we WAIT for my Orange Ruby to be returned to me! If there are any Eltarians still about, that COULD complicate our plans!”


General Shogun holds up a retro-looking tracker, and says: “Sensor’s indicate the North Pole would be a perfect place to set up a base. There’s an influx vortex there that will DEFLECT even an Eltarian’s sensors! We will be SAFE from prying eyes, there! I just hope that Aye Guy remembered to CLOSE the Digital Portal that he came out of!”


Queen Hedrian says: “Good; then let us make haste, so we can make WASTE!!!!”


And the new breed of villains all cackle evilly as they teleport out of there! /


Meanwhile, at the Command Center, the alarm is going off! Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! Something TERRIBLE has happened on Core Earth!”


Omnus asks: “Is Vipera at it again?”


Alpha 8 says: “Yes, but the Rangers are already on TOP of THAT situation! They are about to engage in a Megazord battle with her! I’m talking about Rita Repulsa’s evil, younger SISTER; Queen Hedrian! She and the Hedrian clan have been FREED from the Phantom Zone!”


Omnus sighs and says: “So the rumors were TRUE! There WERE teams of Power Rangers BEFORE the Mighty Morphing Power Ranger team!”


Alpha 8 says: “And it certainly won’t take LONG before BOTH Queen Hedrian and Emperor Diabolica come after my digital data-banks! Emperor Diabolica will want to AVENGE Diabolico for falling in battle! Which means they will BOTH be after the Orange Ruby! It might be a good idea…to calculate…the…possibility (voice gets electronically distorted) of a digital break-in.”


Omnus, worriedly, says: “Alpha 8, whatever is the matter Alpha 8?”


Alpha 8, in a low voice, says: “I don’t FEEL so good…all of a sudden! There’s…a…foreign object…in the Digital Realm!”


Omnus pushes the communication channel, and contacts the Rangers! Omnus says: “Rangers, we have a situation at the Command Center right now!” /


Pinkie says: “We kind of HAVE a situation right NOW!” /


Omnus says: “It’s important! Alpha 8 is SICK!!!!” /


Ebony asks: “Wait a minute! Can robots even GET sick?!”


Toby says: “You’re a Ranger now. Anything is possible!”


Vipera angrily hisses, and shoots projectile VENOM at them! Vipera says: “Anytime YOU’RE ready to bring that PATHETIC little Megazord of yours OUT, I’m READY to thrash it!” /


Omnus says: “Rangers, you must use the Velociraptor Zord in Warrior Mode! It is the only way to shield yourself from Vipera’s toxic poison!”


Naruto asks: “How do we do that?”


Omnus says: “Lettuce, Usagi, Toby, and Pinkie must combine THEIR Zords with Ebony’s, in order to create a brand new Megazord!”


Lettuce says: “It’s certainly WORTH a shot!”


Usagi says: “We need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” And the familiar dinozords appear, while Usagi plays her guitar in order to summon the Velociraptor!


Ebony says: “This will be different, and FUN!!!!” And Ebony jumps into her zord, and punches a bunch of buttons, and she says: “Time to see what you’re TRULY capable of!”


The other Zords (minus the Tyrannosaurus Zord), make a form AROUND the Velociraptor Zord, which assumes an anthropomorphic form. The Hadrosaurus Zord and the Stegosaurus Zord form the left and right leg of the new Megazord; the Ankylosaurus forms the torso and the lower part of the chest; the Triceratops forms the arms and the upper part of the chest; and the reptilian appearance of the Velociraptor’s head changes, into that of a cyclops-looking warrior, with an AWESOME Triceratops, three-pointed spear! The other Rangers (minus Naruto), jump into the new megazord, and assume their battle stations, with Ebony at the head of the new megazord!


Pinkie says: “This is a new experience!”


Toby says: “Than let’s not waste it!”


The five Rangers simultaneously say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord activate!”


Vipera sarcastically says: “So you can form a NEW Megazord; big deal! That won’t be enough to STOP me from BEATING you!”


Naruto says: “Maybe, but you’ll never know unless you FIGHT us!”


Lettuce says: “Keep a safe distance, Naruto! We’ll handle this python!”


Vipera attempts to claw at the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord several times, but Usagi is able to use her expertise in parrying enemy attacks with the triple spear, to deflect every attack; and she eventually SLASHES Vipera in her monstrous face! Vipera says: “You stupid JERKS! That HURT!!!! Taste my venom!”


Pinkie says: “Activate Ankylo Shield!!!!” And a swirling energy circle spins around the Megazord; safely nullifying Vipera’s attack!


Vipera hisses and says: “No fair! You’re making my attacks NOT work!”


Ebony sarcastically asks: “NOW you want to talk about fairness?! Let’s see how fair you think it is when we SPIN this triple spear THROUGH your chest!” /


Emperor Diabolica telepathically communicates with Vipera, and he says: “Vipera, disengage at once! Someone has infiltrated Alpha Eight’s digital data-banks! Apparently, we are not the ONLY ones after the Orange Ruby! You must go in there and find it FIRST!”


Vipera hisses and says: “Very well! POWER DOWN!!!!” And in a puff of fire and smoke, Vipera resumes her more NORMAL, smaller, feminine, human-looking appearance.


Ebony is disappointed and says: “You’re not even going to finish this fight?! I even had a COOL victory quote all lined up for the occasion!”


Vipera says: “Sorry to disappoint you, Rangers; but I have somewhere else I NEED to be, and TIME won’t allow me to play with you all night! But don’t worry your pretty little heads; we’ll deal with each other again SOON enough!” And Vipera magically teleports away!


Usagi asks: “What do you think she MEANT by that?!”


Pinkie says: “Knowing Vipera, it could be almost anything, and I don’t mean GOOD!”


Naruto says: “Come on, you guys! Omnus needs us back at the Command Center!”


Lettuce says: “Right! I just hope BlackHawk and Sans are safe, wherever they are!” /


Meanwhile, BlackHawk is running through the forest, panting! BlackHawk asks: “Where have those Rangers gotten to NOW?! It’s bad enough Papyrus INSISTED I stick around for a spaghetti dinner after returning Sans to him, but he wastes MY time, talking about the Juice Bar that he and Undyne are going to run?! The Rangers could be getting HAMMERED by who-knows-who; and I wouldn’t be there to lend my help! Well, I made myself a promise; only ONE warrior is WORTHY of beating Naruto in combat, and it is GOING to be ME! I won’t LET any stupid Blood Beast kill Naruto, or ANY of the Rangers for THAT matter! I’ll find them no matter how hard I have to…”


But BlackHawk NEVER finishes his thought, because he disappears THROUGH a Digital Portal that Aye Guy FORGOT to close! /


Meanwhile, the Rangers, now de-morphed, are busy giving Alpha 8 a physical check-up; which is really strange to Pinkie Pie, who has never SEEN the working parts of Alpha 8 before! Toby and Lettuce, being the more mechanically inclined Rangers; are using the tools at their disposal in order to look over Alpha 8. Electronically distorted, Alpha 8 says: “Be really careful with those tools, Rangers. My parts can be VERY sensitive, and they take a delicate touch.”


Naruto asks: “What’s the analysis?”


Lettuce says: “Well, physically, and I use that word liberally; Alpha 8 is completely fine on the outside. It’s what’s on the INSIDE that’s the problem!”


Omnus says: “It’s just as I’ve feared. A foreign monster of some kind has infiltrated Alpha Eight’s digital data-banks in an attempt to take the legendary Orange Ruby.”


Usagi asks: “Orange ruby? What is that?”


Omnus says: “It is an object of immense power; that was once owned by a dreaded villain. That villain is the younger SISTER of Rita Repulsa, and she is called Queen Hedrian, of the Hedrian clan! It seems that after the Power Rangers Digital Squadron defeated her nearly 200 years ago, a servant of the Hedrian clan has FREED them from the Phantom Zone; and is now seeking the Orange Ruby in order to fuel Queen Hedrian’s return to full power!”


And all the other Rangers, ASIDE from Toby, who flashes a GIGANTIC victory smile, gasp in SHOCK from this revelation! Ebony asks: “You mean all that STUFF that Toby told us was TRUE?!!!”


Usagi says: “Statistically speaking, he HAD to be right about SOMETHING sooner or later!”


Toby says: “My father told me; before he…kicked the bucket, so to speak. He says that as a descendant of a REAL Power Ranger; we have been guarded with keeping the hidden truth about Power Rangers a secret; in case the dreaded RADIGUET ever returned to Earth; and tried to plague all the innocent people here!”


Ebony chuckles, and she says: “I guess if BlackHawk were here right now; he’d just say, ‘I told you so’.”


Than the Rangers HEAR BlackHawk over the Viewing Globe; and he electronically says: “Where AM I?!”


The Rangers are absolutely puzzled; as they can TELL that they are looking at BlackHawk, but as if he was being FILTERED through an eight-bit NES game! Pinkie asks: “What’s with him looking like something out of The Legend of Zelda?!”


Omnus says: “BlackHawk must have gone through an unclosed digital portal. If that’s the case, than it CAN only be the work of one of Queen Hedrian’s servants!”


Ebony accurately says: “And if Queen Hedrian is looking for the Orange Ruby, than Vipera WON’T be too far behind!”


Naruto says: “If there IS a monster in the Digital Realm, we got to destroy it! If for no other reason but to help Alpha Eight get better!”


Omnus says: “And recover the Orange Ruby! It would not spell good news for us if it fell into the hands of EITHER Queen Hedrian, OR Emperor Diabolica!”


Pinkie asks: “But how can WE go into the Digital Realm?”


Toby says: “That’s something my Dad never got a chance to share with me.”


Omnus says: “We have a way. The Simulation Planet also acts as a gateway, and you can use it to enter the Digital Realm!”


Toby says: “Awesome! I’m going to get to actually SEE the Digital Realm! My mother wouldn’t BELIEVE that she MARRIED the descendant of a Power Ranger, let alone gave BIRTH to one!”


The Rangers get into the Simulation Planet sphere; and Omnus says: “I admire your enthusiasm, Rangers. But all the same, stay on your guard in the Digital Realm. It has grown a LOT since the time the Power Rangers Digital Squadron first utilized it! The Digital Realm can be a VIRTUAL nightmare for those who are uninitiated!”


Lettuce says: “Don’t worry about us, we’ll be careful!”


Pinkie says: “Simulation Planet, activate!!!!” / And in a flash of lights and a flurry of beeping sounds; the Rangers can feel their VERY molecular structure be altered, as they are converted to look like 3-dimensional, but VERY pixelated; versions of themselves within the Digital Realm!


Ebony electronically says: “I must say; I imagined the Digital Realm to be a lot more…high tech looking.”


Toby excitedly says: “Don’t tell me you’re not impressed! We’re living EVERY Nintendo fanboy’s fantasy! We are IN a real-life VIDEO game!”


Usagi electronically says: “We’re not here to be impressed by the game-play of Mega Man 3; we must find this new monster AND the Orange Ruby!”


Naruto says: “And get BlackHawk out of here! I made myself a promise that only ONE Warrior is allowed to BEAT BlackHawk in combat, and it’s NOT going to be some dumb, old monster; it WILL be me!”


Ebony asks: “You actually WANT to try to beat BlackHawk in combat?”


Lettuce says: “It’s a LONG story! We’ll fill you in, later! All right?”


Ebony sighs, and says: “Fine! Let’s get looking!” /


BlackHawk is walking around this unfamiliar realm, and is impressed with the terrain. BlackHawk electronically says: “I always knew those history texts that Master Yo kept around were telling the truth! There WERE teams of Power Rangers before the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and I’m getting to explore the world of one of those teams! I just wish I knew just WHERE in that world I am right now!”


A friendly voice says: “I can help you!”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “Who said that?!”


The voice says: “Down here!”


And BlackHawk looks down, and sees a Golden Labrador Retriever. BlackHawk asks: “Are you a TALKING dog?! Certainly not the FIRST time I’ve encountered one; I fight with one back at home, but he’s a Scottish terrier! I call him Big T, for short!”


The Labrador says: “Hi there! I AM a dog! A talking dog! I just met you, and I LOVE you! I am DIGITAL, ORGANIC, GUIDE, or D.O.G. for short! My master, Zordon, MADE me this electronic collar, so I could talk--.” Distracted, he says: “SQUIRREL!!!!” D.O.G. turns back and says: “Hi there!”


BlackHawk electronically replies: “It’s nice to meet you. I’m BlackHawk Little.”


D.O.G. happily says: “You must be here because the time of destiny is drawing near!”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “Destiny? I thought being a Woo Foo Warrior was my destiny.”


D.O.G. answers: “If you’re here, it must mean that the object I’ve been guarding is to help you FULFILL your destiny, and protect the entire planet!”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “What is this object?!”


D.O.G. digs in a hidden spot, and unearths a very LUXURIANT, opulent gem! D.O.G. says: “I was instructed by Zordon, to give this to one who is worthy, and one who has the ability to master the power within. This is the Orange Ruby, and it waits for a new master.”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “A new master?”


D.O.G. says: “Right now, the Orange Ruby is sleeping; it is dormant as it waits for a pure-hearted warrior to help it fulfill the goal, of leading Core Earth, into a new age of peace and prosperity!”


BlackHawk electronically says: “Well, I do like the idea of peace and prosperity. But how will I know if I truly AM the one who is destined to control the Orange Ruby?”


D.O.G. says: “Well, I don’t like to say this, because it’s not so pleasant; but the Orange Ruby will attempt to drive you MAD!!!! That’s the fate of ALL who are UNWORTHY to own the Orange Ruby, as they try to use the Orange Ruby for their own selfish ends! All who do, are all fated to one day meet the same end; a tragic death, fitting for one who desires their OWN goals!”


BlackHawk gulps, and nervously says: “All right! I’ve been in tougher tests then this! I’ll take the test, and see if I am worthy for myself!” And BlackHawk picks up the Orange Ruby, and it immediately begins ZAPPING him with electric energy! BlackHawk groans and yells; not from pain, but from SHOCK; as he see the image of a BLUE-SKINNED; beautiful-looking, but sadistically smiling, pointy-eared, blue-haired ALIEN!!!! BlackHawk shockingly asks: “RADIGUET?!!! HERE?!!!”


And the Orange Ruby stops shocking BlackHawk. D.O.G. says: “You have not succumbed into madness. It seems that you ARE a worthy owner of the Orange Ruby.”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “What was that…THING; that I just SAW?!”


D.O.G. says: “It appears to me that you caught a GLIMPSE of the FUTURE!!!!”


BlackHawk frantically asks: “Is it a future that MIGHT happen; or WILL happen?!”


D.O.G. says: “Not even Zordon knows for sure. Remember, nothing is set in stone. All you can do is prepare yourself for any possibility; and be willing to face anything that comes your way!”


BlackHawk sarcastically says: “And here I thought that some wanna-be demon with aspirations of actually trying to BECOME something was the WORST that I would have to deal with! Now I find out that I might have to face against the so-called God of Judgment himself! He’s so sadistically INSANE; he actually WANTS to face against the Gods of Chaos themselves; just to destroy them and DRAIN them of their power! Radiguet…is the ONLY thing I’ve ever feared in my life! But I won’t let my fear hold me back from doing what’s right! I’ll protect this Orange Ruby, even from the likes of HIM!”


D.O.G. says: “That’s a true hero if I’ve ever heard one! And believe me, I’ve heard them!” BlackHawk puts the Orange Ruby into a makeshift necklace, and puts it around his neck, and it resonates with an Orange glow!


BlackHawk electronically says: “On the bright side, it WILL make for a good very conversation piece with the LADIES; and heaven knows, I sure could use MORE luck with THEM!”


Aye Guy suddenly slashes through a Digital data-steam, and GROWLS intimidatingly! Aye Guy angrily says: “ARGH!!!! What are you doing with the QUEEN’S Orange Ruby?!”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “Queen? What Queen?!”


D.O.G. says: “The last person who possessed the Orange Ruby! Queen Hedrian! She must be back after ALL these years!”


Aye Guy says: “If you don’t give up that Orange Ruby RIGHT now; you won’t LIVE to REGRET it!”


BlackHawk stubbornly says: “I’m giving YOU, UDON!!!! As in, YOU DON’T get NOTHING!!!!” And the Orange Ruby suddenly resonates, and it SHOOTS an Orange beam at Aye Guy, and it HITS his Electronic Collar, causing it to malfunction!


BlackHawk electronically asks: “Wow! Did I do THAT?!”


D.O.G. answers: “You’ll learn how to do MORE, in time.”


Aye Guy, his electronic collar malfunctioning, starts to talk in PIG LATIN!!!! Aye Guy says: “Ou-yay, upid-stay ERK-JAY!!!!”


Vipera suddenly appears and says: “And here I was, thinking that FRENCH was just a ROMANTIC language! You learn something new every day, if you LOOK hard enough!”


BlackHawk electronically asks: “And what do I owe YOUR unwelcome appearance, here?!”


Vipera says: “I’m here for the same reason Queen Hedrian’s servant is. You see, Emperor Diabolica WOULD want the Orange Ruby for himself! But I have a much BETTER idea in mind! You see, if I were to own the Orange Ruby instead; I could USE its power to undo the curse that Emperor Diabolica placed on me! Then, Baphomet and I would take the Orange Ruby’s power, and use it to conquer! We’ll start with Neo Austaliasia! Than Core Earth; and eventually, the UNIVERSE!”


BlackHawk sarcastically says: “Wow! That sounds like a REALLY well-thought out plan. Except for one little problem that you’ve over-looked!”


Vipera rhetorically asks: “And what would THAT be; not that I really CARE about your ANSWER!”


BlackHawk electronically says: “While I can TELL that question WAS rhetorical; I’ll STILL answer it anyways! YOU are a VILLAIN, and YOU want this! And if YOU want it, then I’m DEFINITELY never going to give it to you, EVER!!!!”


And an orange glow resonates from the Orange Ruby, and it HITS Vipera’s lips, causing them to PUFF up like a Blowfish!!!! Vipera mutters: “What did you do to my LIPS?!!! I look like Angelina Jolie with too much BOTOX!!!!”


The Rangers electronically shout: “Not so fast…VIPERA?!!!”


Pinkie looks at the monstrous Pirate and asks: “Who’s THAT guy?!”


Vipera scoffs and mutters: “Not that I care, but he’s not OUR monster! He’s one of Queen Hedrian’s creeps! He calls himself Aye Guy; I call HIM a waste of SPACE!!!! I’ve had ENOUGH humiliation for ONE night! I’ll see myself out!” And Vipera teleports out of there!


Naruto, worriedly says: “Queen Hedrian is back AGAIN?! That can’t be good!”


Ebony electronically says: “I KNEW Vipera was distracting us from something important!”


Lettuce electronically asks: “And what are YOU doing with the Orange Ruby; BlackHawk?!”


BlackHawk electronically answers: “The talking canine, D.O.G., told me that I am its TRUE owner! I’m the only one who has a chance of taming its powers! And Queen Hedrian may be the LEAST of our problems! We may have the so-called God of Judgment, Radiguet himself, returning to Core Earth someday! And we’ll need to be SUPER ready if THAT ever happens!”


D.O.G. says: “It’s true. Radiguet will stop at NOTHING until he controls the ENTIRE Universe and is able to torture ANYONE he wants! Compared to HIM, Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian are SAINTS!”


Toby electronically says: “We’ll worry about them only IF and/or WHEN that time comes! Right now, it’s MORPHING time!” /


And a special, pixelated version of the Morphing sequence appears! / Ebony electronically says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby electronically says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie electronically says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce electronically says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi electronically says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto electronically says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /


The pixelated Rangers electronically say: “Power RANGERS!!!!” And it comes COMPLETE with a pixelated explosion!


D.O.G. says: “You just got to LOVE it when the Power Rangers do that!”


BlackHawk electronically says: “Well, I will love it when YOU are safe! I’ll get D.O.G., to safety, you guys deal with THIS Virtual creep!”


The Rangers electronically say: “Right!”


BlackHawk picks up D.O.G. in his arms and says: “Come with me! We can go out the way I came in!” And the two of them leave the impending melee!


Aye Guy says: “Uster-Days, tack-atay!” And a bunch of skeletal soldiers, armed with sickles, appear around the Rangers!


Usagi asks: “I’m guessing THESE are the Duster grunts that Jeff had to fight against, right?”


Toby says: “You know it! Just don’t let their skeletal appearance deceive you! They can teleport from place to place, so be careful!”


Ebony excitedly asks: “Fighting against zombies, EVIL Barbarella, a Pirate, and SKELETONS; all in the SAME night?! How cool IS it to be a Power Ranger?!”


While the Rangers fight against the Dusters and Aye Guy in this Digital Realm, an EPICLY cool song by Jamiroquai plays in the background! / “Oh yeah, what we're living in (let me tell ya). It's a wonder man can eat at all, when things are big that should be small. Who can tell what magic spells we'll be doing for us? And I'm giving all my love to this world only to be told, I can't see, I can't breathe! No more will we be! And nothing's going to change the way we live, cause we can always take but never give. And now that things are changing for the worse! See, it’s a crazy world we're living in, and I just can't see that half of us immersed in sin. Is all we have to give these - Futures made of virtual insanity, now always seem to, be governed by this love we have. For useless, twisting, our new technology. Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground! And I'm thinking what a mess we're in, hard to know where to begin! If I could slip the sickly ties that earthly man has made! And now every mother, can choose the color of her child! Well, that's just not nature's way! Well, that's what they said yesterday! There's nothing left to do but pray! I think it's time I found a new religion! Woah - it's so insane, to synthesize another strain. There's something in these futures that we have to be told. Futures made of virtual insanity – now! Always seem to, be governed by this love we have! For useless, twisting, our new technology! Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground! Now there is no sound, if we all live underground! And now it's virtual insanity! Forget your virtual reality! Oh, there's nothing so bad. (Instrumental solo) I know, yeah! Of this virtual insanity, we're living in. Has got to change, yeah! Things, will never be the same. And I can't go on while we're living in, virtual insanity! Oh, this world, has got to change! Cause I just, I just can't keep going on, it was virtual. Virtual insanity that we're living in, that we're living in! That virtual insanity is what it is! Futures made of virtual insanity – now! Always seem to, be governed by this love we have! For useless, twisting, our new technology! Oh, now there is no sound - for we all live underground. Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Living - Virtual Insanity! Virtual Insanity is what we're living in, yeah!” And the epic song ends as all the Dusters are broken into pieces and evaporate into nothingness!


Aye Guy says: “Ow-Hey are-day ou-yay?!”


Naruto asks: “How dare US?! Let’s take care of this creep!”


Pinkie says: “Right! It’s weapon time!” /


Toby says: “Water Ax!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Naruto says: “Fire Blade!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” /


The Rangers say: “Super Power Blaster Cannon, FIRE!!!!” And a powerful beam shoots AT Aye Guy, and FORCES him out of the Digital Realm! /


Alpha 8 suddenly perks back up and says: “The Rangers did it! They got that intrusive monster out of my Digital Data-banks!”


Omnus says: “That is certainly encouraging.”


Alpha 8 asks: “But what about the Orange Ruby?”


Omnus, with a knowing glance, says: “I wouldn’t worry about it now. I have a feeling it is in VERY good hands!” /


Aye Guy groans and says: “Ime-Tay or-fay e-may o-tay, ROW-GAY!!!!” And altering his molecular structure, Aye Guy groans GIANT, and brandishes a giant cutlass! /


The alarm blares in the Command Center, and Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! What a busy night!”


Omnus contacts the Rangers and says: “Rangers, Aye Guy is out of the Digital Realm, but now he’s giant in the physical world! You must destroy him once and for all!”


Lettuce says: “Can do, Omnus!” And the Rangers teleport out of the Digital Realm, and arrive BACK in the big forest!


Ebony groans and says: “They just NEVER know when to QUIT, do they?!”


Usagi says: “They NEVER do! We need Dinozord power NOW!!!!” The Rangers summon their zords, while Usagi plays her guitar to summon the Velociraptor! The Rangers jump into their zords!


Toby says: “Toby is in his zord and is ready to play!” / Pinkie says: “Pinkie here, ready for the show!” / Usagi says: “Usagi is ready to send this pirate back to the scrapyard!” / Lettuce says: “Lettuce is here; let’s not mess around with this cut-throat creep!” / Naruto says: “All right! Form Multi-Megazord!”


A robotic voice says: “Multi-Megazord sequence has been initiated. Multi-Megazord activated!”


Ebony plays her tune, and the Velociraptor RAMS into Aye Guy, knocking him down!


Ebony says: “All right! I knocked him down, now KEEP him down!”


Toby says: “We’d be glad to! We need the Power Sword, NOW!!!!”


A flash of electricity appears in the hands of the Multi-Megazord, and materializes into the Power Sword! Aye Guy staggers back, as he knows that this can ONLY mean trouble!


Pinkie says: “In honor of the Power Rangers Digital Fusion; Full Moon CUT!!!!” And summoning the power of the moon, the Rangers HACK Aye Guy into two halves, and he PROMPTLY explodes!


Usagi says: “Be you an enemy of the past, or an enemy of the present, all fights will end the same way!”


Lettuce says: “Sooner or later, you WILL have to answer to the Power Rangers!” /


Meanwhile, in an underground base underneath the North Pole; which is designed with a LOT of Japanese motifs; General Shogun suddenly speaks up with dread. General Shogun says: “Our comrade, the mighty Aye Guy, has fallen.”


Banriki scoffs and says: “Killed by power levels BARELY over a 1,000?! He DESERVED it!”


Mirror produces a BUST of Aye Guy, and places it on a shelf. Mirror says: “A memorial of the monster we lost, so we DON’T make the same mistake again!”


Queen Hedrian says: “Only a Power Ranger DESCENDED from the Power Rangers Digital Fusion could POSSIBLY know how to use that move! One of them MUST be the descendants of the Rangers who defeated us all those years ago!”


Keller says: “But they don’t have the Orange Ruby, either! We’re dealing with a completely unknown variable THIS time!”


Queen Hedrian says: “Patience, my loyal warriors. In time, this unknown variable will reveal himself to us. And when he does, we must TAKE the Orange Ruby from him and regain its powers! The Orange Ruby has not completely awoken yet, so there is still time for us to set things right!”


Banriki says: “And make the whole WORLD go wrong!”


Queen Hedrian lovingly says: “You DO know EXACTLY what to say to PLEASE me, my dear Demon King! We WILL get that Orange Ruby, before that FORGOTTEN monster of Mariner Bay, does!”


/ Meanwhile, aboard Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Vipera is drinking one of Circe’s Magic potions, and it causes her swollen lips to return to normal.


Baphomet says: “Good thing that magic spell was reversible!”


Kraky says: “Yeah; because she already HAD a big enough mouth as it WAS!!!!”


Vipera LEERS at him evilly, and Kraky nervously says: “I’ll just punish myself!” And Kraky PUNCHES himself in the face, which causes Vipera to smile.


Emperor Diabolica sighs and says: “So, Queen Hedrian HAS returned! I would have SUCH a HEADACHE right now…if it WEREN’T for a great opportunity that has presented itself to us!”


Drako asks: “What opportunity is THAT, my lord?”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Queen Hedrian will be after the same thing we are. As long as BlackHawk holds the Orange Ruby; it would be…difficult for us to retrieve it on our own. But perhaps we can use Queen Hedrian’s nefarious ways to our advantage!”


Vipera chuckles diabolically and says: “That DOES sound like a good idea!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “We’ll let Queen Hedrian create as many monsters as she wants, while we continue to do the same. If we’re lucky; Queen Hedrian and the Rangers will probably take each other OUT; than we would be free to get the Orange Ruby, and CONQUER Earth without interference!”


Drako excitedly says: “I just can’t WAIT to create another Blood Beast!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “And it WILL be a good one! After all; I don’t WANT…the God of Judgment, to try to FORCE himself in the middle of MY plans! That could complicate things, for ALL of us!” /


The Rangers return to their camp-ground, after a busy night of thrashing evil! Pinkie says: “After all the excitement we had, I am READY for a good night’s sleep!”


Naruto says: “Good idea, Pinkie. We’re going to need it, now that we’ve got TWO evil threats to worry about!”


Toby pretends to yawn, and says: “I guess I’m going to hit the hay!” And he goes into his tent.


Lettuce says: “I just know that as long as we stick together, we can take whatever they can throw at us!”


BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’m back! Guess who, is the proud owner of a brand new dog?! Or should I say, D.O.G.?!”


Usagi asks: “Do you mean to say that D.O.G. now lives with you?!”


BlackHawk says: “Sure! Isn’t it great?! He is a WELCOME change of pace from the conversations that I WAS having with Bash and Smash! Thankfully, he’s not interested in bones, but he REALLY loves Spaghetti; so I guess Papyrus has at least ONE steady customer he can rely on!”


Ebony laughs and says: “That’s for sure!”


Suddenly, Toby screams: “AHHH! Ebony was RIGHT!!!! Funny guy goes FIRST!!!!”


Pinkie says: “What in the H-E double hockey sticks?!!!”


The Rangers rush into the tent, only to find Toby has COVERED himself with a lot of FAKE blood and mock chainsaw scars! Toby moans, in pretend agony and says: “Guys, I think I’m DYING!!!!”


The other Rangers laugh, while Ebony says: “Oh, Toby, you are JUST the WORST!!!!” /


Episode Notes: Debut of the evil Hedrian Clan. Queen Hedrian, General Shogun, Keller and Mirror, and Demon King Banriki. They will act as a source of RIVAL evil to Emperor Diabolica for the next several episodes. First time that Power Ranger teams BEFORE the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are mentioned, and even briefly seen! In this case, at least two teams are known to have existed; the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron,” and the “Power Rangers Jet Fusion.” Toby is revealed to be a DESCENDANT of the Blue Ranger of the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron.” Debut appearance of the Orange Ruby; which will prove to be an important plot point for the next few episodes. First monster to NOT have any relationship to Emperor Diabolica, to appear in this episode. The debut of the talking canine, D.O.G., who becomes BlackHawk’s pet by the end of this episode. Ebony is revealed to be VERY genre-savvy when it comes to real-life situations, as she applies her knowledge from various movies she has watched. Featured songs in this episode are The Cranberries with “Zombie,” and Jamiroquai with “Virtual Insanity,” which is also the episode title. The working title of this episode was “Aye, Aye Guy,” which was a reference to a “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” episode called “I, Eye Guy.”


Personal Notes: This is EASILY the longest episode of “Power Rangers” that I have written so far, but there was a lot of plot that I had to get to, in order to establish the next batch of episodes! The whole thing about Queen Hedrian, being the younger sister of Rita Repulsa, comes from a very UNUSUAL place! In the “Super Sentai” series of “Denziman,” which “Power Rangers Digital Squadron” is based on, Queen Hedrian was played by a YOUNG Machiko Soga; who years later, would later play Queen Bandora / Rita Replusa in “Zyuranger /Mighty Morphing Power Rangers!” Also, with the exception of Jeff (which is a reference to actor Jeff Bridges, who starred in the movie “Tron,”) all of the other Rangers and character descriptions of the “Power Rangers Digital Squadron” are pretty accurate; albeit with their names Americanized a little bit from their original “Super Sentai” source. Also, I always WANTED to bring the Talking Dog from “Denziman” into this awesome series, because Talking Dogs are funny! / :hysterical:


That’s my episode idea for today! :D Enough said, true believers! ;)

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Get ready, people! Things are about to get tense in Central America! It's time to go into the Undercover of the Night! / Sniz is in the cock-pit and says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, it was time for a race, from Buena Vista, Colorado, to El Paso, Texas! The action was divided into three groups. One was on a hot-air balloon, one was on a train, and another was in a car. The groups that took the train and the hot-air balloon did pretty well. The team that took the car? They got into a power struggle! More specifically, Po and Zarbon did! In a really SHOCKING display of physical violence, Po did something that seems more in line with something that Tigress would do, and Po BRUTALLY hit Zarbon right in the left eye! ALMOST makes you feel SORRY for Zarbon, ALMOST! The group that took the car, came in last. Because Po physically hit Zarbon, it cost Po four penalty votes, and that sent Po packing out of the game. Now, we're back on the plane, heading towards the dark jungle of Central America, and I have a feeling that things are about to become VERY dark in this episode, and not just because of the night! Will Zarbon be able to cope with only ONE good eye in this episode? Will a DOUBLE Elimination spell trouble for two of our favorite contestants? And who will be subject to the effects of a rare, Blue Moon? All these questions and more just might be answered, on a brand new Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise!

Instead of the usual show open, Zarbon and Bulma walk arrogantly onto the screen, COMPLETELY dressed in all black, including Zarbon's black eye-patch over his left eye. Scenes of all their past evil deeds are shown as they sing their version of a ROCKING AC/DC hit song! / Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: AC/DC (the band). Song: “Back In Black.” Sung by: Zarbon and Bulma! / Zarbon: “Back in black, I hit the sack! I've been too long, I'm glad to be back! Yes I am let loose from the noose, that's kept me hanging about! I kept looking at the sky because it's getting me high! Forget the hearse cause I'll never die! I got nine lives, cat's eyes!” Bulma: “Abusing every one of them and running wild cause I'm back! Yes, I'm back! Well, I'm back! Yes, I'm back!” Zarbon: “Well I'm back; back! Well, I'm back in black! Yes, I'm back in black! Back in the back of a Cadillac! Number one with a bullet, I'm a power pack! Yes, I am in a bang with the gang! They've got to catch me if they want me to hang! Because I'm back on the track and I'm beating the flack! Nobody's gonna get me on another rap!” Bulma: “So look at me now, I'm just making my play! Don't try to push your luck, just get out of my way because I'm back! Yes, I'm back! Well, I'm back! Yes, I'm back!” Zarbon: “Well I'm back; back! Well, I'm back in black! Yes, I'm back in black! (Instrumental solo) Well I'm back, yes I'm back! Well I'm back, yes I'm back! Well I'm back; back! Well, I'm back in black! Yes, I'm back in black! Ho, yeah! Oh, yeah! Yes I am! Oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah! Back in now! Well I'm back, I'm back!” Zarbon and Bulma: “Back, (I'm back)! Back, (I'm back)! Back, (I'm back)! Back, (I'm back)!” Zarbon: “Back; Back in black! Yes, I'm back in black!” / And the epic song ends. / “Back In Black Cat!”

It's night time, and the plane is flying towards its next destination. Captain Retro, Dudley, Reggie, Suzie, and Stimpy are all relaxing in the comfort of the V.I.P. Lounge. Reggie says: “So, THIS is how the OTHER half lives! I can see why you're fond of winning, Captain Retro.” Captain Retro says: “I only need to stay safe until both Bulma and Zarbon are out.” Dudley says: “That shouldn't be TOO hard, seeing as how Zarbon's beauty has been SHATTERED thanks to Po! I'm glad SOMEBODY did it!” Suzie says: “Agreed. With Zarbon's facial features now compromised, I'm thinking that even BULMA won't want to stay around him for much longer!” Captain Retro says: “Even if that WERE true, Zarbon is going to be VERY ticked off with this setback! There's no telling WHAT lengths he will go to in order to win today!” Stimpy says: “The sad thing is, if it weren't for BULMA, Zarbon might not be DOING any of these things he is doing!” Dudley asks: “What do you mean?”

Stimpy says: “Think about it. Why HAS Zarbon been attacking us relentlessly? The only thing Zarbon is accomplishing, is making himself look WORSE to everyone else in the competition!” Reggie asks: “Don't you think Zarbon REALIZES that?!” Stimpy says: “If it were anyone else, I would think they would. But in Zarbon's case, I think he genuinely doesn't REALIZE what he's doing!” Suzie asks: “And why is that?” Stimpy says: “I think it's because Zarbon genuinely LOVES Bulma, that's why he's doing all the things he has done so far. Bulma is LEADING him on in the hopes that Zarbon will be together with HER once the competition is over! But if you ask ME, I think Bulma is leading Zarbon down a path of deception and lies!” Captain Retro says: “Your insight serves you well, Stimpy. It proves that you are a key asset to stopping this plan of Bulma's and Zarbon's.” Dudley asks: “Any idea how long this has been going on?” Captain Retro says: “Since the Olympics episode at the very least, possibly longer. Reggie nervously says: “But if BULMA is leading Zarbon on; that would mean...!” It then DAWNS on everyone in there, and they all simultaneously say: “Bulma is PLANNING on BETRAYING Zarbon!!!!” Suzie says: “I don't understand. Captain Retro, I thought you said that Zarbon was planning on BETRAYING Taotie!” Captain Retro says: “That's what I thought at first. But the time-line of this competition has GREATLY shifted in ways that I couldn't have foreseen. It's been very unpredictable, and I haven't been able to get a proper gauge, until recently.” Stimpy says: “If that's what DOES end up happening, Zarbon is in for a WORLD of hurt when Bulma BETRAYS him!” Reggie says: “That spells out NOTHING but bad karma, for Bulma!” Suzie asks: “But doesn't Zarbon DESERVE it for all the despicable STUNTS he's pulled this season?!” Dudley says: “Maybe Zarbon doesn't KNOW any better! I mean, Chameleon used to be a villain, but he changed! He just needed someone to believe in him!” Captain Retro says: “You're forgetting one piece of the puzzle, Chameleon WANTED to change his ways! Even if Zarbon DOES want to change, I'm not sure if he knows how, or if he even wants to.” Stimpy asks: “Can't you read Zarbon's aura?” Captain Retro says: “It's too risky. If I try to read his Aura, it is possible Zarbon could sense me and then try to stop me! I can't allow that to happen!” Reggie asks: “So what ARE we going to do?” Stimpy says: “It's a long shot, but I've GOT to try to CONVINCE Zarbon that Bulma will TRY to betray him! There's a chance that with the amount of good karma I've gathered, that Zarbon just might listen to me!” Suzie asks: “And what if THAT doesn't work?” Captain Retro says: “Well, we won't know ANYTHING unless somebody tries something!”

Dudley says: “That's very true.” Stimpy says: “Besides, I think Bulma has already got her eyes on eliminating me AND Dog next! Call it a hunch, but this upcoming challenge just might be a DOUBLE elimination! And seeing as how both Dog and I are former champions, we're right on the top of Bulma's hit list. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to go out having not DONE anything about Bulma! I want my time on this season to mean something!” Captain Retro says: “You're very brave, Stimpy. I'm sure that Lil, Ren, and your children are proud of you.” Stimpy says: “I'm almost certain that they are.” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “It won't be too much longer now; the amount of possibilities that remain, are narrowing down fast! I estimate that within the next eight eliminated contestants, Bulma WILL betray Zarbon, and it will be up to ME to try to take Bulma out! After that, my game will be all but ended. How exactly it ends, will be all up to fate.” / Stimpy says: “I kept telling myself, that there was a reason my game play was lasting so long this season! And I have finally found out what it is! Zarbon MAY be a bad guy, but even HE doesn't deserve such a heinous betrayal like the one Bulma Briefs must be planning! Besides, what kind of a cat would I be if I just LET the betrayal happen? I wouldn't be a very good one, that's for sure!” /

Suzie says: “If Stimpy can actually pull this off, I'll OFFICIALLY ratchet him up to a ten on my respect-o-meter!” / Reggie says: “People who PLAN horrible betrayals, will almost ALWAYS see their best laid plans go up in flames! Mark my words, nothing GOOD is going to happen to Bulma!” / Dudley says: “I always thought that Chameleon had the capacity for being decent, but Zarbon is a lot harder to figure out. At this point, I'm not sure what's going to happen next. All I know is, I want Stimpy to succeed. Not just because I like Stimpy, but I don't want to see Bulma's planned betrayal to end up going down. It is BOUND to be ugly!” (End Confessional) The action shifts to normal class, where all the other contestants are resting, and contemplating their next move. Skipper snidely asks: “So, Zarbon? Why are you, all dressed in black? Someone DIE recently?!” Zarbon turns around and growls angrily, showing his black eye-patch! Zarbon angrily says: “Open your big, FAT beak at ME again and I'll make sure your NEXT elimination is PERMANENT!!!! Do you catch my drift?!” Bulma seriously says: “On behalf of MARLENE, I order YOU to stand DOWN!!!!” Zarbon sputters and asks: “WHAT?!!! Why do I have to stand DOWN?!” Bulma says: “I have recently become friends with Marlene. I respect her, and by extension, Skipper. So YOU are going to respect them as WELL! Otherwise, you're going to get LESS cuddle time with me than you are right NOW!!!!” Marlene exclaims: “YES!!!! In your FACE, you wannabe PIRATE!!!!” Zarbon huffs in annoyance and says: “I'm still FAR sexier of a pirate, than you will EVER be as an otter! Just remember that once I get RID of YOU from the competition!” Marlene sarcastically says: “I am SO worried!”

(Confessional) Zarbon angrily growls: “How DARE Bulma make me stand down?! It's all because of that STUPID Po, and this STUPID eye-patch I have to wear! If I had PERFECT beauty, Bulma wouldn't be taking Marlene's side! But mark my words, when my face is all healed, either Skipper or Marlene will be the FIRST to go! I can GUARANTEE that!” / Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “I cannot LET Zarbon mess up my brand new alliance with Marlene! I worked TOO hard to convince Marlene that I am on HER side to let that happen! Besides, Zarbon's been acting WAY too independent lately! He NEEDS to be reminded that I am the one who CALLS all the shots! I am in charge of just how far he ends up going! And by the looks of things, I'd say Zarbon won't last much longer. I think I'll eliminate five OTHER contestants first, then I'll dump Zarbon on international television and PERMANENTLY break his heart, if he even HAS one, that is! I really don't KNOW with aliens!” / Skipper says: “I honestly don't know just HOW Zarbon has managed to last THIS long in the competition! And quite frankly, I don't care! I just want to see Zarbon take the Drop of Shame as soon as possible! He OWES me THAT much for making Marlene and Captain Retro kiss together! I will NEVER forgive him for THAT!” / Marlene scoffs and says: “Like I REALLY trust Bulma! She's a bigger LIAR than Treeflower was in season two! That doesn't mean I have to let BULMA suspect anything! Of course, I'm not sure if I can trust Skipper to be discreet with this information! So all I can do right now, is to go along with Bulma's strategies and make her THINK that I am on her side! And when the right opportunity presents itself, I'll blindside her! Then, I will be a hop, skip, and a jump away from winning up to $44.44 million, in cold, hard, cash!” (End Confessional) Chameleon says: “MAN!!!! Everybody seems to be getting uptight the closer we get to the Final Five!” Patrick asks: “Can you blame them? A $44.44 million payday doesn't come around EVERY day!” Wally says: “But it just seems to be getting SO intense!” Dog says: “I quite agree.” Rocko says: “We should all concentrate on sticking together. We can't let a game of this nature tear apart our friendships, we're too good for that!” Wally says: “I sure am glad you're here, you have a way of keeping everything in perspective.” Rocko says: “Naturally, I was born with a level head, and I've had years of practice in keeping things in perspective!”

Dog says: “Speaking of perspective, I wonder where Stimpy is? We should make sure he knows what we're thinking of, we could use his help in getting to the Final Five!” And upon hearing this, Zarbon silently growls in anger! (Confessional) Chameleon says: “I am honestly in complete shock by just how far I've gotten this season! I mean, all this time, and I haven't been targeted, not even once, despite the numerous opportunities for that to happen. Maybe this means I HAVE completely put my bad guy past behind me! I can move on and focus on the future! And the future I want, is a lifetime with Dudley Puppy! It's more than I have ever hoped for!” / Patrick says: “You know what I would do with a $44.44 million payday? I'd paint my rock to be all golden. I like to keep my goals simple.” / Wally says: “Rocko is definitely the glue that keeps all our friendships together. My respect for him and his knowledge knows no bounds! I think we can be friends even after this season ends.” / Dog says: “This seems like the part of the game where I should be getting nervous about my chances. And to be honest, I kind of am. I mean, Bulma SHOULD'VE targeted me by now, and she hasn't! Or is she planning to target me in this challenge? That seems like a move Bulma would take; wait until I don't expect it, then she targets me! And if I'm in danger, chances are, Stimpy is in danger to! I hope I can protect him, and he in turn, will be able to protect me!” / Zarbon scowls angrily and says: “I have HAD it with Dog and Stimpy being in this competition! Do you HEAR me BULMA?!!! They've lasted FAR too long as it is; it's time to END this non-sense once and for ALL!!!! I've got a can of black paint with Stimpy's NAME on it, and I think that Stimpy's luck will FINALLY end, once, and for ALL!” (End Confessional) Over the entrance to First Class, a can of black paint is precariously perched on the door frame, balanced by only the cracked door. Dog walks into first class, but doesn't see the can of paint. Dog asks: “Stimpy, where are you?” Off-screen, Stimpy shouts: “I'm right here, good bud--!!” But Stimpy NEVER gets to finish his thought, because when Stimpy opens the door, the black paint SPILLS onto Stimpy, covering him completely, making him a BLACK Cat!!!! Stimpy sputters and asks: “What kind of a prank is THIS?!” Suddenly, alarms blare in the plane. Over the intercom, Sniz's voice announces itself! Sniz says: “Attention, passengers. We seem to be experiencing some unexpected turbulence! It's ALMOST as if someone is starting to CAUSE a whole lot of bad luck to happen!” It then DAWNS on Stimpy that Sniz MIGHT be referring to HIM!

Stimpy says: “Dog, you KNOW me! You don't believe that black cats can cause bad luck to happen?!” Dog seriously says: “Of COURSE, I don't believe in that! It will take a LOT more than black paint to get ME to abandon you!” Stimpy sighs and says: “Thank you, I needed to hear that!” General Barracuda says: “Buckle up, back there! We're headed for a bumpy landing, in the jungles of Central America, in the country of El Salvador!” The plane roars, and in the cargo area in the back of the plane, Anti-Timmy is seen getting bumped and knocked around in ALL sorts of painful ways! Finally, the plane slows down and is resting peacefully. General Barracuda, in relief, sighs and says: “Another landing, perfectly executed!” (Confessional) General Barracuda says: “I take my job of piloting seriously! There will be no loss of life or accidents as long as I'm in charge of the plane!” (End Confessional) The contestants all file out of the plane, with Captain Retro looking very worried about something. Wally asks: “Captain Retro, is there something wrong?” Captain Retro says: “Something seems to be very WRONG with Stimpy's aura!” And Captain Retro gasps in shock when he SEES Stimpy! Captain Retro asks: “Stimpy, what HAPPENED to you?!” Stimpy, in black paint, says: “Apparently, someone thought it would be a funny idea for me to be covered in black paint!” Bulma seriously EYES Zarbon angrily and tensely says: “ZARBON, you aren't perhaps, RESPONSIBLE for completely COVERING Stimpy in black PAINT?! Are YOU?!!!”

Zarbon sputters and asks: “How could YOU, of ALL people, even ACCUSE me of that?! I am the GREATEST sexual being in the UNIVERSE!!!!” Bulma scoffs and says: “Not with an attitude like THAT, you're NOT! And you BETTER straighten up for this challenge! I am DANGEROUSLY close to REVEALING that 'UGLY' little secret of yours!” Zarbon growls and angrily says: “YOU wouldn't DARE!!!!” Bulma smirks and says: “Try me!” Zarbon growls in resentment, points one of his fingers at Bulma, and he says: “You win THIS round, Bulma! But you have NO proof about ANYTHING!” Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “You'd be SURPRISED by just how INGENIOUS I can be in obtaining proof! You would THINK that YOU would've figured THAT out by now!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “There is something very WRONG with my abilities! I think Anti-Timmy is STILL on the plane! It has become very DIFFICULT for me to read Auras, or to see potential futures! I am very POSITIVE that this is because of Anti-Timmy's influence! His negative energy is blocking my two key abilities! I'm not sure what's going to happen as long as HE is around, but it won't do anyone any good for Anti-Timmy to be sticking around! I hope he can be canceled; I mean, eliminated, from the plane, very soon! But that doesn't explain why Stimpy's aura suddenly seems to be so off-kilter. I don't believe that black cats cause bad luck, so it can't POSSIBLY be that, unless there was something WEIRD in that black paint, then that might do it. I just hope that Stimpy doesn't let this thing affect him negatively.” / Stimpy is still covered in black paint, and he says: “One time, Ren disguised the both of us as Dalmatians, so we could get a job as Fire Dogs, and we ended up saving the day! So this isn't the first time my fur color has been altered. But I don't know how others will perceive me as long as my fur is black! I know it's not THEIR fault, but black cats get such a bad RAP in cartoons and other forms of media, it's been that way for centuries! I need Dog's help more than ever now. If anyone can convince the others that nothing about me has changed, it's all Dog!” / Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “Obviously, it was all MY idea to have Stimpy covered up in black paint! HELLO! I just had to make Zarbon THINK it was all his idea! And ME; accusing Zarbon of doing it, gives ME an alibi, in the way of me, having absolutely NOTHING to do with it! I hold every SINGLE advantage in this competition! Nothing in this GAME can touch ME!” / Zarbon gasps in shock and says: “It's like BULMA doesn't CARE for me anymore! NOBODY stops caring for Zarbon! I was voted MOST Eligible Bachelor of the South Galaxy 27 times STRAIGHT! Mark my words, I will NOT be IGNORED!!!!” (End Confessional)

Sniz walks out and says: “Quite frankly, I don't KNOW who covered Stimpy with black paint, and quite frankly, I don't care. You all have a challenge facing all of you.” Bulma rolls her eyes, scoffs, and she says: “And what's the BIG deal THIS time, filing my fingernails? I can do that in my sleep!” Sniz smiles, and he says: “You won't be sarcastic for LONG! Today, you have to make it across a four mile section of jungle in El Salvador! This would be hard enough in the day-time, but we're holding this challenge in the night time, just to make it HARDER!” Dog says: “Good thing there's a FULL moon, tonight! That's not so bad!” Sniz says: “VERY perceptive! But it's not just ANY full moon! You've heard of the saying, 'Once In a Blue Moon?' Well, that 'ONCE' is TONIGHT! This night marks an unusual celestial event, where the Moon's color turns blue. And when it does, it unleashes a STRANGE energy that affects the wildlife living in the jungle. Normally nice animals turn vicious, normally vicious animals turn timid. You'll have to avoid the transformed animals and make it to the finish line. The first two contestants to FINISH this challenge will get the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment. But you better move fast, because tonight is not just a DOUBLE Elimination, it's an AUTOMATIC double elimination! That means the last two contestants to finish the challenge will be automatically eliminated! No elimination ceremony for the losers!”

(Confessional) Dog says: “Oh, MAN! Bad enough it's a DOUBLE Elimination, but it's automatic as WELL! I'm not sure that even MY skills will be enough to help Stimpy out of THIS scrape! At this point, the best I can hope for is making Zarbon and Bulma LOOK bad, so even if they don't get eliminated in THIS challenge, they can be put into WORSE shape for the next challenge! It's the least I can do to show MY true friendship to Stimpy, by defending his honor!” / Bulma gets a DELIGHTED look as she schemes, and she says: “An automatic DOUBLE elimination? This could work out even BETTER than I had planned. It would be pleasant enough to get rid of Stimpy, but to make it a two for one? That will work out EVEN better! I can knock out TWO birds with ONE stone, and also get rid of DOG in the process! That way, there will be NO former champions left in this competition who can challenge me!” (End Confessional) Captain Retro turns to Wally, and Captain Retro says: “Wally, you need to stick with me for this challenge! You're the best ally that I have right now and I can't afford to lose you!” Wally says: “I'm glad that you think of me so highly! I feel very thankful to you.” Captain Retro says: “Save your thanks, ONLY for if and/or when we win this challenge.” Wally says: “I've got you! Admiral Wally, his Smartness, will not let you down!” (Confessional) Wally says: “I've been taking the downtime in-between challenges to brush up on my books. When I was a Rocket Monkey, I would NEVER have time to read and improve my knowledge. But I've become a very accomplished reader! I can read an estimated 100 pages an hour, plus, I retain a lot of the information that I read. Therefore, calling myself 'His Smartness,' isn't just a boast, it's an actual claim to my fame!” / Captain Retro says: “I HAD to take Wally! If I didn't, I don't think anyone else WOULD have! Besides, protecting Wally PROVES that I am a good friend to him. Not to mention, it's just good karma. And I LOVE me some good karma!” (End Confessional) Reggie turns to Rocko, and she says: “Want to double-team up with me again?” Rocko says: “I wouldn't do it with anyone else!” Dudley says: “Chameleon, we'll have a better chance of winning if we do it together!” Chameleon says: “I couldn't agree, more!” Stimpy says: “Dog, you don't have to risk yourself just to help me out.” Dog says: “That's not even a THOUGHT in my mind! I'm sticking with you to the very end!” Stimpy exclaims: “WOW! Only a TRUE friend would do that for ME!” (Confessional)

Stimpy is still coated in black paint, and Stimpy says: “If there's one thing I never do, is that I NEVER risk the safety of anyone else, just to save myself. But if Dog is willing to help me, I'm very glad to have his help. It just goes to show that chivalry ISN'T dead in the world!” / Dog says: “When I became my own canine, I thought it would be all fun and games, but it left me with a hole in my heart. It was only then I realized that separating myself from Cat, wasn't the answer to my problems. Having friends is what gave my life meaning again. I won't make the same mistake TWICE; I won't abandon Stimpy the way I abandoned Cat! Not even to save my own game! I believe that my friendship with Stimpy is FAR more valuable than any $44.44 million payday ever could be!” (End Confessional) Marlene turns to Skipper and she romantically says: “Looks like we FINALLY have a chance to pair up together and DOMINATE this challenge!” Skipper smiles and says: “I've been looking FORWARD to this opportunity ALL season!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “I honestly don't even think of Captain Retro as a factor in my life anymore. I've closed THAT chapter of my life! I'm focused on writing MY future together with Skipper! I can ALWAYS count on HIM to be straight up with ME!” / Skipper says: “One important thing I've learned this season, is that being honest and straight forward, is the key to just about everything. Not just in life, but probably winning a $44.44 million grand prize as well! If either Marlene or I can win all that cash, I'll feel as if this season has been a successful endeavor for me! I feel VERY confident!” (End Confessional)

Bulma turns to Zarbon, and she SERIOUSLY says: “Zarbon, YOU are pairing up with ME tonight!” Zarbon scoffs and says: “Whatever FOR?! You'll just get all yelly and SCREAMY again like you ALWAYS do, and accuse me of something HORRID like you ALWAYS do!” Bulma angrily screams: “I am NOT ALWAYS YELLY AND SCREAMY!!!!” Zarbon rolls his eyes and says: “You're SCREAMING right NOW!!!!” Bulma groans and says: “OH, why wasn't I BORN with a MUTE button?! Seriously, where IS the OFF switch for my MOUTH?!” Zarbon says: “Look, I don't want to get eliminated anymore, than you do; and we DO both NEED each other, for better or for worse!” Bulma groans and says: “Fine! I promise NOT to accuse you of ANYTHING tonight as long as you PROMISE not to pull any more STUNTS on any of the other contestants tonight!” Zarbon pulls Bulma up close to him, and Zarbon romantically says: “Bulma, I promise on my DEAD Grandmother that I won't pull ANY more stunts on ANY other contestants tonight!” Bulma romantically says: “That's ALL I needed to hear!” And Bulma romantically kisses Zarbon, but doesn't REALIZE that Zarbon has his FINGERS crossed behind his back! (Confessional) Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Of COURSE I crossed my fingers behind my back! Like I would REALLY promise not to hurt ANYONE! That's not my way! I carve my OWN path, and NOBODY is going to stand in the way of my greatness! Eternal glory and BEAUTY will be mine, and EVERYONE, will forever KNOW of the perfection that is me, the one known as ZARBON!” / Bulma seriously says: “Zarbon better NOT even THINK about trying to BREAK his promise to ME tonight, or else ZARBON will find himself moved up to being the contestant I WILL eliminate, AFTER Stimpy and Dog are eliminated! Of course, that's not an IDEAL move that I want to make. After all, who would I have left who could be even WORSE than me, and would do whatever I wanted, no questions asked? Of course, I don't have to let Zarbon KNOW that I'm having these self-doubts, he can take me SERIOUSLY for all I care! Just so long as I HOLD the upper hand in this alliance! That is ALL that matters to me!” (End Confessional)

Suzie then REALIZES that she has only ONE possible partner left! Suzie groans and she says: “You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!!” Patrick asks: “What are you talking about?” Suzie seriously says: “Do you know what is WRONG with THIS picture?!” Patrick answers: “No; what is wrong?” Suzie, frustrated, yells: “I'm stuck with YOU again!!!! That, is what is WRONG!” Patrick asks: “Why is it wrong?” Suzie groans, and seriously says: “If you HAVE to ask, you will NEVER know!” Patrick says: “Give me enough time, and I MIGHT know!” Suzie rolls her eyes and she seriously says: “I HIGHLY doubt THAT!” (Confessional) Suzie says: “SERIOUSLY!!!! How come it always ends up being ME who has to wind up getting STUCK with Jughead?! Do I LOOK like Betty or Veronica?! I did NOT sign up for this! Well, there IS only one reason I'd even GIVE Patrick the time of day, the chance of a $44.44 million grand prize! I am NOT going to pass that up!” / Patrick seriously asks: “Honestly, what does Suzie have against me? Sure, I might not have had a STELLAR performance this season. And sure, many of my fellow team-mates have been taken out of the equation, but it's REALLY not my fault! I've just been playing the best I can, as hard as I can. I mean, I've already OUTLASTED 44 other contestants this season! If that doesn't count as someone who NEEDS to be taken seriously, I don't know WHAT does!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “All right! You've all picked a partner! Now, we just need to wait for the effect to take place.” Stimpy nervously says: “Question, is this blue moon effect something that works on Nicktoon characters who are already ANIMALS?!” Sniz SERIOUSLY thinks about it and says: “Actually, I have no Earthly idea! I suppose you will find out, when the effect starts, right NOW!!!!” And sure enough, a strange, lunar vibration radiates off of the blue moon, and changes all the animals of the jungle!

Carnivore animals suddenly get shy and scared, why herbivore animals suddenly become fierce and vicious! Stimpy says: “Hold me Dog, just keep tight and don't open your eyes!” And they hug each other, until the lunar vibration completely stops. Captain Retro shakes his head, and he asks: “Wally, do YOU feel any different?!” Wally says: “Completely unchanged, sir. I suppose all those years of civilized living have made me immune to the effects of the Blue Moon.” Captain Retro says: “And I come from another dimension; I guess that is why the Blue Moon had no effect on me, either.” Dog asks: “Stimpy, are you all right?” Stimpy sighs in relief and says: “Yes, I think so.” Chameleon asks: “Dudley, were YOU affected by the blue moon?!” But Dudley vibrates up and down and shouts: “Hi-gee-gee!!!!” Dudley than jumps around, tears off his shirt, and shouts: “FREEDOM!!!!” And Dudley runs away! Chameleon gasps and says: “Oh man, I've got to go AFTER him!” (Confessional) Chameleon says: “Here I was, worried that the blue moon was going to turn ME evil again; and instead, it turns DUDLEY into some type of party-loving dog nudist! It looks like it’s MY turn to protect Dudley from himself, because if I don't, who will?” / Wally says: “Being in space, I constantly run across blue moons all the time. As such, Gus and I couldn't afford to be affected by them. After taking the years of necessary training, we both trained our bodies to resist the effects of a blue moon. Although I think I'm better at it than my brother Gus is.” / Stimpy, still covered in black paint, says: “At least I KNOW that I'm not bad luck. If I was, the blue moon should have affected me, but it didn't! I guess that means that everything will turn out okay, even if Dog and I get eliminated.” (End Confessional) Reggie asks: “Rocko, are YOU affected?!” Rocko shakes his head, and he says: “No way! I don't HAVE a nasty nature inside of me! Nothing can shake ME from you!” Skipper nervously asks: “Marlene, were you affected by the blue moon?” Marlene turns around, and reveals her WILD, Feral form from “Otter Gone Wild!” Skipper gasps: “Oh, NO!!!!” And Marlene runs after Dudley! Skipper shouts: “Whatever you're thinking, don't DO it! You could get KICKED out of the competition!”

(Confessional) Rocko says: “I attribute my ability to remain unaffected by the blue moon to be a result of good karma. That's why I never leave home without it. Good karma is a REAL life saver!” / Skipper moans, and he says: “Oh, man! If Marlene gets eliminated BECAUSE of the blue moon effect, I'll NEVER forgive myself! I've GOT to save her!” / Captain Retro says: “It seems like after all this time, Skipper has FINALLY learned how to care about the safety of someone else, above his own. I thought Skipper was FAR too stubborn to change, but it seems that his Aura has changed! He genuinely DOES care about Marlene! Maybe I never NEEDED to make an alliance with Marlene to keep her safe, after all!” (End Confessional) Suzie groans, and she says: “Let me GUESS, Patrick, you're completely SAVAGE and unpredictable, now!” Patrick suddenly speaks in a smart and sophisticated voice and says: “Quite the opposite, actually.” Suzie's eyes get big and she says: “Do you MEAN to tell me that--?!” Patrick nods his head, and sadly says: “Yep! The Brain Coral, SMART Patrick is completely in charge thanks to the blue moon!” (Confessional) Suzie says: “You would THINK that I would be HAPPY with Smart Patrick, but I'm actually not! I guess I don't WANT stability, what I really want is CONSISTENCY!” / Patrick sighs and says: “The real reason that I haven't utilized my brain coral more this season, is that I'm always worried that I will lose control of myself, and I'll become an even BIGGER nuisance than Bulma, and I REALLY, don't want to have that happen! But how do I stop myself?! You would THINK that with my brain coral; that I would know HOW!” (End Confessional) Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Glad that WE'RE not animals like THEM, and we can EASILY take advantage of this situation, RIGHT, Bulma?!” But Bulma looks at Zarbon with BIG, romantic puppy eyes, causing Zarbon to get REALLY unnerved!

Bulma romantically says: “Oh, Zarbon, you are ABSOLUTELY right! You are such a BIG, smart, GENIUS in my life!!!!” (Confessional) Zarbon sputters and yells: “What's going ON?! Has Bulma gone COMPLETELY loopy?! How can SHE even be affected by the effects of the blue moon?!” (End Confessional) Zarbon seriously asks: “Why has BULMA been affected by the effects of the blue moon?!” Sniz shrugs and says: “I have no Earthly idea, Zarbon. Maybe Bulma is part wolf!” Reggie chuckles and she says: “That WOULD explain a lot!” Sniz says: “Chameleon, Skipper, you two NEED to rescue your BETTER halves before they hurt themselves or someone else. You both MUST cross together at the Finish Line; otherwise, it's not going to count. Suzie and Zarbon, make sure that YOUR partners don't do anything unusual that might hinder your progress.” Bulma romantically says: “I just LOVE your 12 pack ABS, Zarbon!” Zarbon seriously says: “I don't think that's going to be a problem with ME, sir!” Patrick says: “And I'm currently in full brain coral mode, so I think that I can handle myself.” Sniz says: “In any case, you better get moving before the NOW vicious animals get you! I want this challenge to be done in two hours, and edited down to just one hour. And before I forget, I want to get THIS challenge started off on the RIGHT note!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Patrick rolls his eyes, and he seriously says: “FIGURES you would give us a song right NOW!” Sniz eyes Patrick, and says: “Ignoring the fact that you can predict me so WELL in this form, I actually do! And the tune I have in mind, is an appropriate one, a 1980's hit song originally by the Rolling Stones!” Captain Retro says: “Well, those of us who are STILL in the right mind to sing, will sing!” Sniz says: “Than on your mark, get set... (blows whistle); and go!!!!” /

Genre: The Rolling Stones. Sub-Genre: New wave. Song: “Undercover of the Night.” Sung by: Everyone except Marlene and Dudley. / (Instrumental open) Captain Retro: “Hear the screams of Center 42, loud enough to bust your brains out!” Zarbon: “The opposition's tongue is cut in two, keep off the street cause you're in danger!” Rocko: “One hundred thousand jaguars, lost in the jungles in Central America!” Bulma, romantically: “Cuddle up baby, cuddle up tight, cuddle up baby!” Zarbon, seriously: “Keep it all out of sight!” Reggie: “Undercover!” Chameleon: “Keep it all out of sight!” Rocko: “Undercover of the night!” (Instrumental break) Skipper: “The fun police are out there on the streets, make sure the pass laws are not broken!” Suzie: “The rage militia has got itchy fingers, all the way from New York back to El Salvador!” Rocko: “Cuddle up baby!” Reggie: “Keep it all out of sight!” Dog: “Cuddle up baby!” Stimpy: “Sleep with all out of sight!” Bulma, romantically: “Cuddle up baby!” Zarbon, seriously: “Keep it all out of sight!” Captain Reto: “Undercover! Undercover! Undercover!” Wally: “Keep it all out of sight!” Cast: “Undercover of the night!” (Instrumental break) Wally: “Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!” Patrick seriously: “All the young monkeys are being rounded up, and sent to camps back in the jungle!” Suzie seriously: “And people whisper, people double-talk!” Stimpy: “And once proud felines act so humble!” Bulma, romantically: “All the young girls, they have got the blues!” Zarbon, seriously: “We're heading on BACK to Center 42!” (Sees vicious sloths, and they keep running forward!) Captain Retro: “Keep it undercover! Keep it all out of sight! Keep it undercover! Keep it all out of sight! Undercover! Keep it all out of sight! Undercover! Keep it all out of sight! Undercover of the night!” (Instrumental break) Wally: “Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!”

Stimpy: “Down in the bars, the girls are painted blue!” Dog: “Done up in lace, done up in rubber!” Skipper: “The guys are jerky, little, G.I. Joe's, on R&R from Cuba and Russia!” Bulma, scared: “The smell of sex, the smell of suicide! All these things, I can't keep inside!” Chameleon: “Undercover!” Zarbon, seriously: “Keep it all out of sight!” Reggie: “Undercover of the night!” Suzie: “Undercover of the night!” Stimpy: “Undercover of the night!” Captain Retro: “Undercover! Undercover!” Captain Retro and cast: “Undercover of the Night!” (Instrumental finish, and the epic song ends). / Sniz says: “And our contestants are off across the jungle! Who will finish first is anyone's guess! Personally, my money is on the groups that DON'T have someone affected by the effects of the Blue Moon! Find out for sure when we return, after some commercial breaks, on Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” (Commercial Break) / After the commercials finish airing, the action focuses on Chameleon, who is busy looking for the altered Dudley, who has been affected by the effects of a rare Blue Moon! Chameleon shouts: "Dudley, where are you buddy?! I know you like a good joke, but this isn't the time or place FOR it!" Dog suddenly shouts: "Need any help?!" And Dog and a STILL black-coated Stimpy come into view. Chameleon says: "There IS strength in numbers, but you don't need to help me. After all, you're risking your own game to DO this!" Stimpy says: "It's a calculated risk. Besides, Zarbon already wants US gone, and I am NOT going to let him target YOU without going through ME first!" Chameleon asks: "But why?" Stimpy says: "Because YOU have already come TOO far and gone through TOO much for Zarbon to target you! You do NOT deserve that! If WE can protect you from his wicked games, that will be reward enough for us. I do NOT allow despicable aliens from other galaxies to target MY friends!" Chameleon gasps in shock and asks: "You think of ME as your friend?!" Dog says: "We both do! We thought after all this time, you would have already realized that. But just know that from now on, you never have to worry about being alone again. We care for you, in a way that we'll NEVER care for Zarbon! Zarbon MAY have gorgeous looks, but he does NOT have your good soul!" (Confessional)

Chameleon sheds a tear and says: "They said I have a good soul; that's the nicest thing that anybody BESIDES Dudley has ever said about me! And I'm considered better than Zarbon! Not in terms of beauty, but in terms of goodness! I have to save Dudley now! If for no other reason than to prove that my new friends' opinions of me are actually well warranted!" / Stimpy, in black-coated paint, says: "Whenever I think of evil, my mind always goes back to that moment when Master Coelaceanth did the ultimate, and TRIED to manipulate me into becoming evil by kidnapping Lil! If it wasn't for my inherently good nature, I don't know how I would've fared. Zarbon may not have an elaborate plan like Master Coelaceanth did, but with Bulma by his side, he doesn't really need to. The advantage we have this time, is that the brains and brawn are separated from each other. If we can remove the brawn, the brains will have no strength to fight against the rest of us. Bulma will be left with nothing, and the other contestants will have a fair chance of winning. But that doesn't mean that Zarbon has to suffer unfairly. I STILL want to tell him about Bulma's betrayal! I may be covered in black paint, but I do have Dog and Chameleon by my side! I just KNOW that they will back me up!" / Dog says: "Back in Nearburg, I was friends with a lizard named Mr. Sunshine. He was kind of odd, but he was okay. I find it a crying shame how some guys and girls are overlooked, PURELY on the basis of how they look! Looks shouldn't account for everything. Cat and I are living PROOF of that! I may be one of the FEW contestants this season who KNOWS what Chameleon has gone through, so I am very empathetic to his struggle! That's why I want to help him!" (End Confessional) Stimpy says: "With the three of us together, we'll track down Dudley in no time!" Then suddenly, armadillos come rolling up in front of them! Chameleon nervously asks: "Remind me, are armadillos normally vicious, or are they normally nice?!" The armadillos suddenly BARE sharp FANGS and claws at them, and Dog nervously answers: "Normally nice! They are DEFINITELY normally nice!" And the trio run away from the rolling armadillos as fast as they can! /

The action shifts to Captain Retro and Wally are walking through the jungle as cautiously as they can, taking care to avoid any affected animals and potential pitfalls. Wally says: "You would think that with the jungle being my native habitat, I would feel more comfortable in this situation." Captain Retro says: "It's only natural to feel nervous. These aren't normal conditions, even though we're HARDLY in a situation that can be considered 'normal'." Wally nods his head and says: "True. Still, do you think you can cook something up to help light our path? It's tough to see through all these trees. But I guess that's why they say, 'You can't see the forest through the trees'." Captain Retro says: "I can give it a shot! Floating Kamehameha!" And Captain Retro produces a floating ball of energy; that begins to glide through the air! Captain Retro chuckles and says: "Pretty handy trick, don't you think?! And it's good for self-defense, as well!" Wally says: "That is pretty nifty. But there's something that's bugging me; why aren't we helping Skipper track down Marlene? I thought you cared for her!" Captain Retro says: "I DID, until she publicly DISSED me on international TELEVISION! I mean, it's kind of a little HARD not to take that sort of thing PERSONALLY! If she had just been honest with me from the beginning, she wouldn't even BE in this predicament! Her bond with me probably could have protected her. But as it is, her fate is now out of my hands. If she WANTS to get to the Final Three now, she will have to do it all on her own. I am no longer interested in JUST being some sort of Intergalactic Cheat Sheet for anybody with a mindset like Marlene's!" Wally says: "I'm not saying that what Marlene did was right, but she has just as much of a stake in this as we do! Bulma has been using HER to, and manipulating Marlene to some bad ends! Surely you aren't just going to stand by and LET Bulma manipulate Marlene?" Captain Retro sighs and says: "I can still read Marlene's aura, and no, she would NOT listen to me, no matter what I say. She's beyond my ability to reach, now. If anyone is going to save her, it will have to be Skipper. He's the only one left who has the ability to communicate with Marlene!" Wally asks: "Why is that?" Captain Retro says: "It all boils down to TRUE love! If Skipper and Marlene truly DO love each other, than everything will work out all right in the end." Wally says: "WOW! Captain Retro, that is TRULY deep!"

(Confessional) Wally says: "Marlene's not a perfect woman, and I'm by no means a perfect guy. Marlene made a mistake, I don't hold THAT against her, and I STILL consider her as my friend. I think the only reason Captain Retro is taking it personally, is because he genuinely LOVED Marlene, and it really hurt him when he found out that Marlene didn't reciprocate the same emotions. It's not easy to recover from a broken heart. I guess breaking up IS really hard to do! I'm still upset by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing!" / Captain Retro sighs and says: "I know I have to take SOME of the blame for it not working out with Marlene. If I had just READ her aura from the beginning, I would have KNOWN what she was truly after! But I was SO desperate for love, I purposely blinded myself to the truth! Maybe that's why Bulma and Zarbon eluded my gaze for so long; I wasn't detecting the truth, purely because I wasn't allowing myself to see it. Marlene hurt my feelings when she rejected me; mainly, my own ego was hurt. It's not easy for me to admit that I HAVE an ego, but I guess that just means that I'm just as imperfect as everyone else. I don't want to be bitter about Marlene, and I want to move on from her. I just don't know when that's going to happen. But, I am willing to admit one thing I have learned from all this, that I'm happy to realize. 'It's Better to Have Lost In Love, Than Never to Have Loved At All.' I just hope that Zarbon can realize that before it's too late!" (End Confessional)

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Anti-TIMMY jumps out in front of the two of them! Captain Retro yells: "You WERE still on the plane! I knew it! Even though I couldn't sense your aura, I KNEW you were still around! What do you possibly have to GAIN from all of this?!" Anti-Timmy scowls, and bitterly says: "YOU know what I want from this; I want the PRECIOUS!!!!" Wally shakes his head and says: "If you're talking about getting your dignity and self-respect back, I'm sorry, but I simply don't see that happening. Besides, Butch Hartman has a NEW cartoon series in the works; so you're no LONGER on his list of top priorities!" Anti-Timmy exclaims: "I had EVERYTHING!!!! She STOLE it from US!!!" Captain Retro asks: "SHE?! Who is SHE?!" Anti-Timmy gasps and says: "You don't KNOW?! How could you not know?! Bulma's the one! She answers to the MAN Behind the Curtain!" Wally asks: "Curtain?! What Curtain?" Captain Retro says: "There's something BEYOND Bulma?!" Anti-Timmy says: "Bulma has her OWN demons; that she's DESPERATELY trying to eliminate, and she will go to ANY lengths to get RID of them! She's working with the Man BEHIND the CURTAIN; the ONLY MAN who is even SMARTER than BULMA!!!!" Wally asks: "Who would THAT be?!" Captain Retro suddenly realizes and he says: "Dr. GERO!!!!" Wally asks: "The Man behind the Red Ribbon Army?!" Captain Retro says: "It all makes sense! There's simply no way that Bulma would act THIS villainous unless there was a good reason for her to do this! The trouble is, I don't sense Dr. Gero's aura, anywhere! He must be working from really far away to keep himself hidden from me! But, why are you HELPING us?!" Anti-Timmy says: "I WANT the PRECIOUS back! I MUST possess it!" Captain Retro shakes his head and firmly says: "Even if you HAD your PRECIOUS back, it wouldn't HELP you! I'm afraid you are too far GONE for any 'PRECIOUS' to help you NOW! You're better off getting cancelled; I mean, eliminated, like you were SUPPOSED to be way back in episode TWO!!!!" Anti-Timmy scowls and says: "If you WON'T help me, than YOU must SUFFER as WELL!!!!" Captain Retro defiantly says: "I cannot allow that! Kamehameha!!!!" And Captain Retro fires his beam of energy at Anti-Timmy, separating his LEFT hand from the rest of his body! Wally says: "And unless you leave NOW, Captain Retro is going to take out the REST of you, piece by piece!" Anti-Timmy scoffs and says: "Oh, PLEASE!!!! Haven't you ever WONDERED how a NO-TALENT cartoon character like ME has managed to survive sixteen YEARS of CONSTANT cancellations?!" And suddenly, Anti-Timmy's LEFT hand turns into METAL liquid, flows BACK to Anti-Timmy, and reforms into a PERFECTLY formed left hand! Captain Retro exclaims: "I was RIGHT!!!! Terminator 2 Regeneration! Pay up!!!!" Wally gives Captain Retro $20 and Wally says: "Oh, MAN!!!!" And Cosmo suddenly poof appears with Wanda, as Wanda looks REALLY irritated! Cosmo exclaims: "And YOU said giving Timmy Turner Terminator 2 regeneration abilities was a DUMB wish!" Wanda shrieks: "It still IS a DUMB wish!" Wally says: "So blasting him isn't going to work! Got a Plan B?" Captain Retro nervously says: "Just one; RETREAT!!!!" And Captain Retro grabs Wally by his right arm, and Wally says: "Can't you TAKE that loser?!" Captain Retro says: "Probably, but it's better to be SAFE than sorry!" And the two of them run away! (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: "The pieces are FINALLY starting to fall into place. All of the mysteries surrounding this season are FINALLY starting to unfold! I'm still not sure what the END product will look like, but I have a general idea. I have to give Dr. Gero credit where credit is due; it's not just anybody who can keep himself hidden from me, so Dr. Gero definitely did his homework. Bulma still must be taken out of the game, but not before I figure out how Dr. Gero plays into Bulma's game plan. Once I do, I can negate Dr. Gero's plans for good! I just have to win challenges until I can figure it out! No EASY task, but nothing good OR fun ever IS!" / Wally says: "Anti-Timmy REEKS of desperation! And a desperate villain is NEVER one you want to tangle with! There's no telling WHAT kind of damage they can cause. I never thought about the possibility that someone MORE villainous than Bulma was behind all this; but it definitely gives me a better chance to rise up to my true potential, and become a hero for my fellow Nicktoons! Admiral Wally, his Smartness, will see to it; that Dr. Gero's nefarious plans go down in flames!" (End Confessional)

The action shifts to Skipper, who is DESPERATELY looking for Marlene! Skipper cries out: "Marlene? MARLENE?! Please answer me, Marlene! If there was ever a time to NOT be wild and savage, it's NOW!" Patrick suddenly grabs Skipper and says: "I don't know why you're trying to call for her. She's currently in no state of mind to answer you." Skipper asks: "Why are you here?" Suzie suddenly appears and says: "Because MARLENE is one of the few allies I have LEFT in this game that I can truly RELY on! As long as she's here, my chances of getting to the Final Five go up, at LEAST 300%! Don't ask me how I came up with that figure!" Patrick says: "The trouble is, you're not THINKING like Marlene is right now; that is why you're having such trouble finding her!" Skipper says: "NO!!!!" Than he REALIZES what Patrick has said, and Skipper says: "I mean, YES!!!! How did you figure THAT out SO quickly?!" Patrick sighs and says: "Well, thanks to the effects of the Blue Moon and the Brain Coral, I HAVE been thinking quite logically. The reason WHY Plankton is never able to obtain the Krabby Patty formula, is because THAT would end Spongebob Squarepants. The reason why they don't build planes out of the same material as the little black box, is that the plane would be too heavy to fly. And obviously, the chicken came before the egg." Patrick stops, and then says: "She's where the Wild Things are!" And Patrick points to a menagerie of "Chalkzone" drawings; that look SUSPICIOUSLY a LOT like illustrations from "Where the Wild Things Are!" And sure enough, Dudley is there partying, and Marlene is eating a hunk of raw fish!

Skipper says: "THERE you are, Marlene! I was SO worried about you!" But Marlene is STILL wild, and she TACKLES Skipper to the ground! Skipper nervously says: "Marlene! You've GOT to remember me! Skipper, your husband, your long-time crush, the love of your life! PLEASE remember!!!!" Then suddenly, a BOOMERANG hits Marlene, and returns to Rocko! Rocko says: "There will be NO blood shed on MY watch!" Reggie says: "You tell them, Rocko! I'm so GLAD you never go ANYWHERE without a boomerang!" Marlene suddenly growls again, only for CHAMELEON to hold her back with a THICK branch! Chameleon grunts with effort and says: "I've got HER!!!!" And everyone else looks puzzled! Chameleon asks: "What are you waiting FOR?! Get Dudley OUT of here while I can STILL control Marlene!" Dog asks: "But what about YOU?!" Chameleon asks: "You know that feeling you get when you realize that you actually CARE if someone you KNOW lives or dies? I didn't, until Dudley opened his heart to me. My safety is NOTHING compared to his! I HAVE to protect him! I owe him for THAT much!" Zarbon chuckles evilly and says: "It doesn't matter WHAT you owe him, it won't MATTER in the LONG run!" Stimpy, still coated in black paint, says: "The deadly duo themselves. It figures you'd run into us!" Bulma looks nervous with her big puppy eyes as she says: "Zarbon, the wild otter is SCARING me!" Zarbon says: "My looks may be shattered, and Bulma may be compromised, but that doesn't MATTER! All I know is that I FINALLY have an opportunity to take you ALL out!" Stimpy defiantly says: "Zarbon; haven't you figured it OUT by now?! Bulma doesn't really LOVE you! She's just USING you! She's only PRETENDING to be attracted to you so that she can get CLOSER to the Final Three!" Zarbon angrily says: "LIAR!!!! Don't you DARE lie to me, you BLACK CAT!" Dog disgustedly says: "How DARE you?! You COVER Stimpy up in BLACK paint, than you accuse him of LYING?! How DO you sleep at night?!" Zarbon chuckles and says: "Beautifully, DUH!!!!" Rocko says: "You HAVE to trust us, why Bulma is STILL affected by the Blue Moon! Even IF you do EVERYTHING that Bulma WANTS you to, she will NEVER give you what you truly want! And when you don't expect it, she's GOING to BETRAY you! You need to STOP this while you still have a CHANCE!!!!" Zarbon defiantly says: "ENOUGH of your LIES!!!! Now get a taste of DEATH!!!!" But Zarbon never gets a CHANCE to attack, because Anti-Timmy TACKLES Zarbon to the ground! Zarbon yells: "YOU!!!!" Anti-Timmy asks: "WHERE is my PRECIOUS?!!!" Zarbon defiantly says: "I'll NEVER give you the PRECIOUS!!!! I NEED it! I MUST become the most BEAUTIFUL being in the universe! Eternal beauty MUST be mine! It's MY destiny!" Anti-Timmy says: "Than you can say FAREWELL to your ONE good EYE!!!!" But Anti-Timmy gets knocked OUT by a well-timed boomerang throw from Rocko! Rocko asks: "Do you believe us, NOW?!" Zarbon asks: "Because you SAVED my beauty? It's not enough! You INSULTED Bulma!" Stimpy shakes his head and says: "You're in dangerous territory, Zarbon! And if you won't listen to our pleas, MAYBE you will listen to a song! FRIENDS, help me out!!!!" /

Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-genre: Janet Jackson. Song: "Black Cat!" Sung by: Stimpy, Dog, Chameleon, Rocko, Reggie, Suzie, Patrick, Skipper, Bulma and Zarbon. / (Drum beat starts) Stimpy: "ONE! TWO! ONE, two, three, FOUR!!!!" (Heavy Metal Guitar plays) Bulma, romantically: "All the lonely nights I spend alone, never around to love me; you're always gone; because you're hanging out breaking the rules! Oh, the man has come looking for you!" Suzie: "You're a rebel now! Don't give a damn! Always carrying on with the gang!" Reggie: "I'm trying to tell ya boy, it's a mistake!" Rocko: "You won't realize until it's too late!" Chameleon: "Don't understand why you insist on ways of living such a dangerous life!" Zarbon, defiantly: "Time after time, you stay away, and I just know that you're just telling me lies!" Stimpy: "Black cat, nine lives, short days, long nights, living on the edge, not afraid to die! Heartbeat, real strong!" Zarbon: "But not for long! Better watch your step, or you're gonna die!" Suzie: "You're so together boy, but just at a glance, you'll do anything if given the chance!" Patrick: "Scheming, planning lies to get what you need!" Skipper: "So full of promises that you never keep!" Dog: "Don't you tell yourself that it's okay!" Rocko: "Sick and tired of all of your games!" Bulma, romantically: "And you want me to stay!" Reggie: "Better change! Makes no sense to me, your crazy ways!" Chameleon: "Don't understand why you insist on ways of living such a dangerous life!" Zarbon, defiantly: "Time after time, you stay away, and I just know that you're just telling me lies!" (Short guitar riff) Suzie: "Not afraid to die; GUITAR!!!!" (Rocking guitar solo) Stimpy: "Black cat! Black cat, I don't understand, why you always insist, on ways of living such a dangerous life." Chameleon: "Don't understand why you insist on ways of living such a dangerous life!" Zarbon, defiantly: "Time after time, you stay away, and I just know that you're just telling me lies!" Stimpy: "SO, Black cat, nine lives, short days, long nights, living on the edge, not afraid to die! Heartbeat, real strong!" Zarbon: "But not for long! Better watch your step, or you're gonna die!" Everyone except Bulma and Zarbon: "Black cat, nine lives, short days, long nights, living on the edge, not afraid to die! Heartbeat, real strong!" Zarbon: "But not for long! Better watch your step, or you're gonna die!" (Guitar riff and the song ends!) / The communicators suddenly come on and Sniz's voice comes over them. Sniz says: "Attention, contestants! While the rest of you were singing, an important development happened!" The action shifts to Sniz, as he's standing with Captain Retro and Wally! Sniz announces: "Captain Retro and Wally WON the challenge! The blue moon effect is OVER!!!!" And sure enough, the moon loses its blue color, and the effects of the blue moon reverses, putting all those affected BACK the way they were! Bulma shakes her head and disgustedly says: "Why are we just STANDING here when we SHOULD have WON?!!!" Zarbon says: "It's not MY fault, Bulma, you were AFFECTED!!!!" Bulma rolls her eyes and says: "Obviously, I REALIZE that NOW!!!!" (Confessional)

Bulma chuckles deviously and says: "I was NEVER ACTUALLY affected by the effects of the Blue Moon; I just needed to make SURE that Zarbon wouldn't TARGET anybody even AFTER he promised ME! Then, it OCCURRED to me; he wouldn't have TIME to target anyone IF he were WORRIED about ME, so I decided to shake things up a little by PRETENDING to go all love crazed 'because' of the Blue Moon! It wasn't easy to just STAND there and PRETEND that I didn't HEAR all those contestants speak the 'TRUTH' about me! Thankfully, Zarbon didn't believe them, just like I KNEW he wouldn't!" (End Confessional) Sniz announces: "If you want to NOT get eliminated, you better get here FAST!!!!" Bulma shakes her head and says: "Let's DITCH these losers! You can take care of them ANOTHER day!" Zarbon says: "Agreed. We're FINISHED here!" Dudley shakes his head and asks: "What happened to my shirt?" Chameleon says: "I can't explain now. Just know, that I saved you!" Dudley smiles says: "I ALWAYS knew you were good inside!" (Confessional) Chameleon says: "Having saved Dudley's life, I feel as though I have finally atoned for all the bad things I did as a villain. I know now that when this season is over, people will finally see me as a good guy. And not only that, but a good guy with friends. It feels so GOOD to be able to SAY that!" / Dudley, still NAKED, says: "I have been VINDICATED!!!! It took the BETTER part of this season, but I HAVE been vindicated! When I see Kitty again, I can finally say, 'I told you so'!" (End Confessional) Marlene sobs and says: "Skipper, I am SO sorry; it's ALL my fault!" Skipper comforts her and says: "Don't say that! We've never BEEN through a situation like this before! There was no way we could've been prepared for it!" Marlene cries, and says: "If I had been stronger, you wouldn't have needed to rescue me from myself." Skipper says: "I would NEVER give up on you! And you KNOW that I wouldn't! After everything we've been through, you should know that I'm doing this all for only one reason!" Marlene asks: "What is that?" Skipper sighs and says: "Not for money, or for fame, or for glory; it all boils down to you. I love you MORE than all that stuff! That's why I HAD to come back! That's why I couldn't stay away!" Marlene sniffles and says: "I'm sorry, that I did what I did. I hope you know I was just trying to impress you." Skipper says: "You don't need to impress me, you already do that every day by just being you." Marlene wipes her tears and says: "Thank you, that means a lot to me." Skipper says: "Now we've got to go! We better hurry if we don't want to be eliminated together!" (Confessional)

Marlene says: "Going wild was the biggest failure that's ever happened to me this season. I thought that I could handle anything; I didn't have a clue. I don't know what would've happened if Skipper wasn't there for me. I guess I truly am NOT the contestant I thought I was! Is this what Captain Retro was TRYING to protect me from? The realization that I MIGHT lose?! All of the sudden, I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I DON'T think it's something I ate!" / Skipper sighs and says: "This has been quite an ordeal for me. I never thought I would have to save Marlene from herself again, but it happened. I'm glad I was able to handle it. I would've felt TERRIBLE if I couldn't! I just hope that there are no more AWFUL surprises like THAT one! Marlene means everything to me, and I'm willing to do ANYTHING to prove myself to her! I owe her for THAT much! I just hope she realizes that as well!" (End Confessional) Sniz is sitting in a lawn chair, looking at his watch, than hears approaching footsteps! General Barracuda says: "Here come the other contestants!" Sniz quickly stands up and says: "And our safe contestants ARE...Dudley and Chameleon! Rocko and Reggie! Patrick and Suzie! Zarbon and Bulma! Skipper and Marlene!" Rocko asks: "But; wouldn't that mean...?" Dog and a Black-Coated Stimpy arrive, and Sniz says: "Guys, I REALLY hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the challenge is done. You two are the last contestants to finish this challenge, so you are automatically eliminated from the game. I'm really sorry, but rules are rules." Dog sighs and says: "I'll be fine. I had a pretty good run this season." Stimpy says: "I'm just glad that I got to make new friends. I'll be sure to keep in touch with ALL of you! By the way, is there any WAY to get this black paint off of me?" General Barracuda says: "Yes. Unfortunately, it would involve you having to SHAVE yourself fur-less!" Stimpy sighs and says: "Wouldn't be the FIRST time I've gone without fur. But I can wait until I'm somewhere a little more private. Come on, Dog. Let's get back to where we once belonged!" And Stimpy throws down a VIAL of pink powder, and the two of them vanish into the smoky air. Sniz says: "A Lil Deville exit; CLASSIC Stimpy maneuver! The games of Dog and Stimpy might have come to an end, but we still have TWELVE contestants vying for the top prize! Anyone of them; PROBABLY not Bulma and Zarbon, have a good chance of winning it! It is very much anyone's game NOW! Find out who will get one step closer to the Grand Prize, on the next episode, of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!!!!" /

Episode Notes: Dog and Stimpy are BOTH eliminated in this episode, meaning all the representatives from both "Catdog" and "Ren and Stimpy" have now been eliminated. Incidentally, Dog and Stimpy are the ONLY contestants to be eliminated this season (that didn't involve breaking the rules) without an actual elimination ceremony that was proceeded by a vote-off. This also marks the first time DOG has ever ACTUALLY been eliminated, and marks only the SECOND time Stimpy has ever actually been eliminated from the show. Featured songs in this episode are: "Back In Black" and "Black Cat" (BOTH songs as part of the episode title), as well as "Undercover of the Night." This marks the first time this season that Marlene has EVER questioned her ability to actually win this season, which may actually be a bit of FORESHADOWING on her part, as Marlene becomes the ONLY contestant from season two, who has not yet faced an elimination of any kind. Chameleon finally atones for all his past misdeeds by saving Dudley's life in this episode. It is revealed by Anti-Timmy, that there is a MAN behind the Curtain in terms of Bulma's evil deeds! Namely, Dr. Gero!!!! / Personal Notes: Eliminating Dog and Stimpy? I won't lie, it definitely hurts. They were two good power players, who probably could have lasted longer if it weren't for Bulma's scheming and Zarbon's willingness to do what Bulma wanted. But the only way Dog and Stimpy were going to leave, was by THEM making as much of an impact as they could, as they MADE Bulma work VERY hard (even by her standards) just to get the two of them out. And the Man behind the Curtain plot will DEFINITELY come into play again! Only time will tell where! Now with all the former champions out of the game, it's anyone's guess as to who will walk home with a $44.44 million grand prize! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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All is Fair, or Not!


                The episode opens up in Pinkie Pie’s house. As is to be expected, her bedroom is filled with a LOT of pink, fluffy, happy stuff, as well as pictures of her Mane 6 friends back home. Pinkie Pie wakes up and says: “Ahhh!!!! A brand new, super-fantastical day with super-fantastical possibilities!”


A montage of Pinkie’s morning is shown. / First she brushes her teeth, than she takes a shower, she gets dressed and chooses a cheer-leaders outfit ALL in pink, than she starts to make herself some breakfast! But what she is UNAWARE of, is that MIRROR is IN her house, and she is ABOUT to start a SINISTER plot! Mirror chuckles and says: “Activate PERFECT reflection!”


And with a ripple, Mirror COMPLETELY blends into the scenery, making her IMPOSSIBLE to pick out, even for Pinkie Pie’s sensitivities! And while Pinkie Pie isn’t looking, the invisible Mirror, puts an unidentifiable substance into Pinkie Pie’s HEALTHY breakfast, chuckles, and then teleports away! Pinkie Pie sits down, and begins to eat her breakfast, but after only a few bites, Mirror’s sinister plot becomes EVIDENT!!!! Pinkie Pie starts shaking, and her eyes start swirling, indicating that there is something WRONG with her!!!! Pinkie Pie UNUSUALLY says: “Must…have…SUGAR!!!! I got to HAVE it!!!! Where are those treats?! I have a SWEET tooth CRAVING!!!!”


And Pinkie Pie frantically starts to TEAR through her kitchen, looking for anything REMOTELY like junk food; and in a blast of SUPER speed, she assembles ALL the junk food she can find, puts it into a GIANT sandwich, and then EATS it in one gulp!!!! Pinkie Pie pants and says: “I got to have more! I GOT to have MORE!!!!” Pinkie Pie frantically searches for her wallet, counts her money, and sees that she has PLENTY to go on a SWEET snack tear!


Pinkie Pie sighs and says: “Double-chocolate moon pies, pepperoni PIZZA; here I COME!!!!” And she dashes out of her house! /


In Queen Hedrian’s secret base, her evil crew is LAUGHING about the evil plot they have started! Mirror says: “The pink pony has taken the BAIT!!!!”


Keller says: “Really excellent work! With that sugar concentrate you gave her, it will make Pinkie Pie COMPLETELY unable to focus on ANYTHING except filling herself with LOTS of junk food! The Rangers will be indisposed in their ability to fight US!”


Queen Hedrian chuckles and says: “That was only phase ONE of my brilliant plan!”


Demon King Banriki asks: “You mean there’s MORE?!!!”


Queen Hedrian says: “I always have MORE, up my sleeves, my dear Demon King! I’m having the Dusters infiltrate the local FAIR that’s going on; capture the REAL workers, then POSE as them once the Rangers INEVITABLY have to escort Pinkie into the Fair! When the Rangers are having fun, and are completely unsuspecting; WHAM!!!! That’s when we AMBUSH them, and destroy them!”


General Shogun says: “And we will FINALLY get the Orange Ruby back!”


Queen Hedrian chuckles and says: “I ALWAYS have a plan, for getting back what is MINE!!!!” /


At the Coastal Falls mall, Pinkie Pie is RUSHING to and through ALL the restaurants, the snack stands, EVEN to the Juice Bar run by Papyrus and Undyne, all in the search for food that is FATTENING or just plain not GOOD for you! And this happens while a song by The Archies is playing in the background! /


Sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl. And you've got me wanting you. Honey, ah sugar, sugar. You are my candy, girl. And you've got me wanting you. I just can't believe the loveliness of loving you. (I just can't believe it's true). I just can't believe the one to love this feeling to! (I just can't believe it's true). Ah sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you. Ah honey, ah sugar, sugar. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you! When I kissed you, girl, I knew how sweet a kiss could be. (I know how sweet a kiss can be). Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness over me. (Pour your sweetness over me). Sugar, pour a little sugar on it honey. Pour a little sugar on it baby. I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, oh yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, honey. Pour a little sugar on it, baby. I'm gonna make your life so sweet, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pour a little sugar on it, honey. Ah sugar, ah honey, honey. You are my candy, girl! And you've got me wanting you. Oh honey, honey, sugar, sugar; you are my candy girl...” / When Pinkie Pie reaches the Juice Bar, the song fades out.


Pinkie Pie THROWS down a WAD of money, and in a crazed voice says: “Papyrus! Make me the most, sugar-inducing, sweet tooth satisfying, hyper-active juice you can! I’m in the mood for a SUPER rush!!!!”


Undyne looks at her, and even SHE thinks Pinkie Pie doesn’t look normal! Undyne unusually asks: “Don’t you think you’ve HAD enough?!”


Pinkie Pie psychotically says: “I’ll tell YOU when I’ve had enough!”


Papyrus moans and says: “We better give her SOMETHING!!!! It is NEVER a good idea to say ‘no’ to a psychotic person…or pony, as the case may be!”


Papyrus puts together stuff HE thinks are sweet (even if SOME of the items are a QUESTIONABLE choice), he throws them in a blender; and pours it into a large cup for Pinkie. And Pinkie proceeds to down the UNPLEASANT smelling cup in one gulp, and she doesn’t even COMPLAIN about the smell or taste! Pinkie says: “That was GREAT!!!! What else have you got?!!!”


BlackHawk, with D.O.G. following him, enters the Juice Bar. BlackHawk asks: “What’s going on here?!”


Undyne moans, and says: “Pinkie Pie is acting CRAZY, and I don’t mean ‘normal, Pinkie Pie’ crazy! She is on a hyper-active SUGAR tear!”


Papyrus says: “I like business as much as the next skeleton, but this is a little much for ME!”


D.O.G. sniffs Pinkie, and he says: “There IS something off about Pinkie’s aura. I can’t quite place my paw on it, but there IS something FOUL about it!”


BlackHawk says: “We should DO something for her.”


Undyne asks: “But what?”


Papyrus says: “My brother Sans, might know of a cure. He DOES have an uncanny memory about a TON of things! He’s working at a Hot Dog Stand at the Fair in town!”


Pinkie Pie starts to vibrate, and her eyes start swirling like CRAZY again!


D.O.G. says: “Pinkie Pie shouldn’t be TWITCHING like that! There IS something wrong with her!”


And Pinkie Pie screams: “Super SUGAR RUSH!!!!” And with speed like The FLASH; she runs ALL the way to the Martial Arts Dojo, where the other Rangers are busy teaching Ebony the tricks of how to fight with Martial Arts. They are ALL blown away with how FAST Pinkie Pie rushes into the Martial Arts Dojo, as she even knocks DOWN Bash and Smash, who are busy lifting weights!


Bash groans and says: “Hey! A little WARNING next time you run through a place!”


Smash says: “I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but that’s no reason to RAM us!”


Naruto says: “There you are, Pinkie! What’s been keeping you?”


Pinkie says: “Never mind that now! We’ve got something super-duper, uber important, mega fun thing to do!”


Lettuce asks: “What are we doing?”


Pinkie says: “We’re going to the FAIR!!!! Who wants to eat food with absolutely NO nutritional value whatsoever?! YEAH!!!!” And Pinkie Pie rushes right OVER Bash and Smash, completely oblivious to the fact that they were there!


Bash cries: “Come ON!!!! Bad enough going IN, but going OUT?!!!”


Smash sighs and says: “Why do I STILL find her irresistible, even AFTER the fact that she LITTERALLY ran all over me?!”


Ebony accurately says: “Because you’re an idiot!”


BlackHawk and D.O.G. run in, panting! BlackHawk asks: “Did you see Pinkie Pie run in here?!”


Usagi asks: “You mean the Pink FLASH herself?! Kind of hard to miss her!”


D.O.G. says: “I sense that Pinkie Pie is not herself today, and that something evil has messed with her!”


Lettuce groans and says: “As if we didn’t have ENOUGH on our plates to deal with!”


BlackHawk asks: “Did she say where she was going?”


Bash gets up, dusts himself off, and says: “Not that I PERSONALLY care, but she said that she was going to the Fair.”


Usagi groans and says: “Oh, no! Not the FAIR!!!!”


Naruto asks: “Why is that a BAD thing?!”


Ebony accurately says: “Well, BESIDES the fact that Pinkie Pie will probably EAT herself into a sugar coma unless SOMEBODY stops her, who wants to BET that whoever it is that DID this to her will be WAITING at the Fair, and will PROBABLY try to hurt all the innocent people/creatures present at the Fair?!”


BlackHawk asks: “How do you KNOW this stuff?!”


Ebony says: “I’m very genre-savvy, plus I’ve seen this kind of stuff on TV, before.”


BlackHawk says: “Well, I am actually pretty genre-savvy myself. However, this is real LIFE!!!! Not some simulated sitcom that we WATCH on TV! Also, I suggest that you KEEP your suggestions to yourself, so that anything EVIL doesn’t over-hear you, and TRY to change their plans, and ruin all of OUR hard-laid plans for dealing with the situation at hand!”


Toby says: “He’s got a point, there, Ebony. I’ll take D.O.G., and we’ll try to figure out what’s wrong with Pinkie, and how to cure her!”


Lettuce says: “It looks like the rest of us will be going off to the Fair; if for no other reason but to KEEP Pinkie from HURTING herself or someone else!”


Usagi says: “And if we’re lucky, even have enough time to go on a few of the rides when everything is said and done!”


Toby leaves with D.O.G., and the other Rangers leave to go after Pinkie. BlackHawk turns to Bash and Smash, and BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’m going to the Fair to make sure my friends don’t get hurt! Don’t wait up!”


Smash shakes his head and says: “Not THIS time! You’re not stealing ALL the glory of helping Pinkie Pie! We’re coming with you!”


BlackHawk says: “This isn’t a GAME, you guys! If you’re coming, you’re going to HAVE to keep up!”


Bash says: “Don’t worry about us, we’ve been practicing! After all, helping out IS what friends are for!” /


Meanwhile Emperor Diabolica and Drako, are busy crafting a new Blood Beast. Drako says: “Thank you ever so much for helping to bring my new monster, Squid Clown, to fruition!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “It’s no problem! The Rangers are due for a BIG surprise, once we unleash this NEW terror on them!”


Vipera walks in, and says: “I’m sorry to disturb you, sir; but thanks to Circe’s magical ritual, we have found out where the Rangers are going to be today!”


Baphomet yells: “The Rangers are going to the Fair! It will be a perfect opportunity to attack them!”


Kraky says: “And take back the Orange Ruby while we’re at it!”


Circe says: “BlackHawk is going, so we can take out all of them in one fell swoop!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Vipera, take our newest Blood Beast and some Circus Imps down to the Fair! We’ll show them a good time they will NEVER forget!”


And Emperor Diabolica takes the vial of blood, throws it on the ground, and a very festive looking, but pretty creepy squid dressed like a clown materializes! Squid Clown says: “Squid Clown is ready, to scare the daylights out of those Rangers!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “See that you do. And make SURE you grab the Orange Ruby from BlackHawk while you’re at it. EVEN if you must KILL him to do it!”


Squid Clown says: “I’ll get that Orange Ruby, or DIE trying!” And Squid Clown teleports away!


Vipera sighs, and says: “I’ll try to make sure he doesn’t do the ‘dying’ part.”


And Vipera teleports to join Squid Clown. Baphomet sighs, and says: “I NEVER get to join in on any of the ‘fun’ missions!” /


Meanwhile, the Rangers have arrived at the Fair, looking for anything REMOTELY out of place. Lettuce sighs in relief and says: “Well, at least the FAIR is still standing! Pinkie Pie couldn’t have done TOO much damage YET!”


Usagi says: “That’s probably only because Pinkie Pie hasn’t found a good enough place to pass out on JUNK food! I mean, an occasional sweet is nice every now and then, as long as you don’t over-do it!”


Naruto says: “Agreed. Let’s spread out and look for clues!”


Sans asks: “What are you looking for?”


Ebony says: “Look, it’s the cute/cool skeleton dude, and he’s running a hot dog stand!”


The Rangers go to Sans’ Hot Dog Stand, and Sans asks: “Are you going to buy something, or just stand in front of my booth all day?”


Lettuce says: “I’ll take a Hot Dog with chili and cheese, and a diet 7-Up if you’ve got it.”


Sans serves the food to Lettuce, and Usagi asks: “Have you happened to see Pinkie Pie around today?”


Sans shakes his head and says: “No. This is just my first DAY working at the Fair, and I don’t know where Pinkie Pie is. Has something happened to her?”


But Sans gets his answer when Pinkie Pie RUSHES to the Hot Dog Stand; throws down ALL her money, and says: “Give me ALL the sausages you’ve got, NOW!!!!”


Ebony says: “And I thought Sausage Party was a DARK comedy!”


Naruto says: “Grab her!”


Lettuce and Usagi quickly do so, and as Pinkie is STRUGGLING to break free, Lettuce talks into his communicator and says: “Omnus, teleport her to the Command Center!” /


Omnus says: “We have a secure place for her. Toby and D.O.G. are working on an antidote for Pinkie right now!” /


Usagi says: “Awesome!” And Pinkie Pie is teleported to the Command Center, into the middle of an energy field that she can’t break out of.


Pinkie asks: “Hey, what GIVES?!!!”


Toby says: “Sorry about this, Pinkie, it’s for your own protection.”


D.O.G. says: “It’s not Pinkie’s fault. Mirror did this to her! She spiked Pinkie’s healthy breakfast with some form of sugar concentrate. It causes anyone who consumes it to become INSTANTLY addicted to sugar, fattening, and junk food!”


Alpha 8 says: “We’ll let her go just as soon as we whip up the antidote! It shouldn’t take much longer!” /


Naruto says: “Awesome! We’ll take care of things here until then.” And the Rangers turn off their communicators, and BlackHawk arrives with Bash and Smash.


BlackHawk asks: “Well, where is she?”


Lettuce says: “She’s already been taken care of, you guys. We sent her home to recuperate. She’ll come back once she’s rested and recovered!”


Smash groans and says: “Oh, man! I wanted to impress Pinkie with some of my new moves!”


BlackHawk notices that a bunch of ‘circus’ folk are starting to surround them, and BlackHawk says: “Well, I think you might STILL have a chance to show off to our friends!”


Bash asks: “You mean this ISN’T normal?!”


And the ‘circus’ folk SHED their appearances to reveal a bunch of Dusters! Ebony asks: “Does THAT answer your question?!”


Keller appears, with a bunch of BOMBS on her person. She chuckles, and says: “How would you guys like some SUGAR bombs?! I promise you, they are MUCH deadlier than they sound and LOOK!”


Sans asks them: “What are you going to do with Bash and Smash around?”


Usagi says: “The same thing we always do; improvise our way out of it!”


Ebony asks: “We do THAT?!”


Usagi seriously says: “Yes, we do! All the time!” /


A fight sequence occurs. BlackHawk deals with Keller while Bash, Smash, and the other un-morphed Rangers use improvised attacks to deal with the Dusters. This all happens while a hit song by Def Leppard plays in the background! /


Step inside, walk this way! You and me babe, hey, hey! Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on! Living like a lover with a radar phone! Looking like a tramp, like a video vamp! Demolition woman, can I be your man? Razzle 'n' a dazzle 'n' a flash a little light! Television lover, baby, go all night! Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet! Little miss, ah innocent, sugar me, yeah! Hey! C'mon, take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon, fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! I'm hot, sticky sweet, from my head to my feet, yeah! (Instrumental Solo) Listen! Red light, yellow light, green light go! Crazy little woman in a one man show! Mirror queen, mannequin rhythm of your love! Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up! You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little, tease a little more! Easy operator come a knocking on my door! Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet! Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah! Give a little more! Take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! I'm hot, sticky sweet! From my head to my feet yeah! [Guitar solo]

You got the peaches, I got the cream, sweet to taste, saccharine! Cause I'm hot, say what, sticky sweet! From my head, my head, to my feet! Do you take sugar? One lump or two? Take a bottle, shake it up! Break the bubble, break it up! Pour some sugar on me! Ooh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! C'mon fire me up! Pour your sugar on me! Oh, I can't get enough! Pour some sugar on me! Oh, in the name of love! Pour some sugar on me! Get it, come get it! Pour your sugar on me! Ooh, pour some sugar on me! Yeah! Sugar me!” / And the epic song ends as all the Dusters are broken into pieces, and Keller runs out of sugar bombs. /


Meanwhile, at the Command Center, Toby and Alpha 8, have finally finished their antidote; which turns out to be a piece of celery! D.O.G. says: “That should do it. This piece of celery is full of essential vitamins and nutrients, it will cancel out the sugar concentrate that is in Pinkie’s system.”


Alpha 8 asks: “But how do we get her to eat it?”


Toby says: “I’ve got an idea! Pinkie, do you want SUGAR?!!!”


Pinkie asks: “SUGAR?! WHERE?!!!”


Toby says: “Right here!”


Toby holds out the piece of celery, and Pinkie eats it right up! As soon as she does, the swirling in Pinkie’s eyes go away, she stops vibrating, and assumes her more, calm demeanor. Pinkie snaps back to normal, and says: “HEY! You said that was SUGAR!!!!”


Toby says: “Right! Sugar…sugar-free!!!!”


Pinkie says: “You tricked me!”


Omnus says: “For your own good, Pinkie. Mirror sabotaged your healthy breakfast. By giving you a form of sugar concentrate, she completely addicted your mind into only wanting sugar!”


Pinkie gasps and says: “Oh, no! Did I hurt anybody?!”


Toby says: “Just Bash and Smash, but they’ll forgive you. It wasn’t your fault!”


Pinkie angrily says: “I can’t believe those evil creeps! They want to TRY to take over Core Earth? FINE! But when you try to mess with MY good health, there will be a PRICE to pay, and I don’t mean one at the super-market! It’s time to show these creeps just why a good breakfast is so important! Come on, Toby! It’s Morphing time!” /


Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” /


The two morphed Rangers teleport to the Fair, and they are a welcome sight to the un-morphed Rangers! Naruto says: “Awesome! The Rangers are finally here!”


Bash asks: “But where are the other Rangers?!”


Pinkie, not wanting to give away their secret, says: “They’re off…polishing their zords!”


Smash says: “That makes PERFECT sense!”


Vipera, her circus Imps, and Squid Clown arrive to CRASH the party! Vipera says: “I’m sorry. Do you care if I join in? Well, too BAD!!!! I’m crashing the scene anyways! You KNOW you can’t have a party unless it’s a Vipera party!”


Squid Clown says: “And I’ll make it one you will NEVER forget!”


BlackHawk angrily says: “Yeah, well, try to forget THIS!!!!” And his Orange Ruby glows, and it ZAPS Squid Clown, turning his FOUR extra arms into fried calamari as they fall off!


Squid Clown groans and says: “My trademark specialty! How am I supposed to impress all the lady squids NOW?!!!”


Vipera angrily says: “You’re going to pay for THAT!!!! Take THIS!!!!” Vipera shoots an energy beam out of her sword! The Rangers MOVE Bash and Smash to safety, but the blast DESTROYS Sans’ hot dog stand!


Sans says: “Oh, MAN!!!! Not my Hot Dog Stand! My insurance company is NEVER going to BUY this!”


BlackHawk seriously says: “Bash, Smash, I think we’ve done all we can do here. We better see if there are any innocent people around, and get them to safety!”


Bash nods his head and says: “I agree!”


Vipera angrily says: “You’re not going ANYWHERE!!!!”


And she TRIES to zap the three birds, but Pinkie says: “Look out!!!!”


And Pinkie rushes in and SAVES their lives in the nick of time!


Smash’s eyes light up, and he says: “What a RANGER!!!! You saved my LIFE!!!!” And Smash LITERALLY gets hearts in his eyes.


Pinkie asks: “Are you okay?”


Smash, love-struck, simply says: “I think I’m in LOVE with you!”


Vipera gags and says: “UGH!!!! That is the most REPULSIVE thing I ever saw!”


Bash says: “Smash, there is a time for love, but it is NOT here! Now, come on! There are people and creatures that need our help!”


Smash, LITTERALLY feeling lighter than air, simply skips after them, and says: “Okay!”


And as the birds run out of sight, Lettuce says: “We’re in the clear now!”


Ebony says: “Let’s do it then! It’s Morphing time!” /


Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” / Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /


The Rangers immediately unleash their weapons, and Naruto says: “Hey! Let’s see if we can set a new world record for taking out Imps!”


Pinkie says: “Sounds good to me!” /


As the Rangers attack Vipera, Squid Clown, and the Circus Imps, a familiar song by Mariah Carey plays in the background. / “Uh, uh, honey got me hooked on you. I like that, ooh, ooh. (Come on, MC) La, la, la, la. (Come on) La, la, la, la (MC). La, la, la, la, la, la (I like that). (Let's go). Honey, you can have me when you want me. Just simply ask me to be there, (a-huh).
And you're the only one who makes me come running, because what you got is far beyond compare! And it's just like honey, when your love comes over me; (that's right). Oh, baby, I've got a dependency;
always strung out for another taste of your honey
. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. Honey, I can't describe how good it feels inside. Honey, I can't describe how good it feels inside. I can't be elusive with you honey. (I like that). Because it's blatant that I'm feeling you, and it's too hard for me to leave abruptly. You're the only thing I wanna do. And it's just like honey, when your love comes over me. Oh, baby, I've got a dependency; always strung out for another taste of your honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know, sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. (I need you, babe). Boy, you know your love addicted me. (Boy, your love addicted me). And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, (I be waiting for your love). I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. Baby, I can love you, babe.

It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. (Boy, I need your love, right now baby). Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know sugar never, ever was so sweet. And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me. And I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day, I can hardly wait for another taste of honey. It's like honey when it rushes over me. You know, sugar never, ever was so sweet; (that's right). And I'm dying for you, crying for you, I adore you. Boy, you know your love addicted me; and I'm strung out on you, darling, don't you see? Every night and day I can hardly wait for another taste of honey.” / And the epic song ends as all the Circus Imps are defeated! /


Vipera groans and says: “I’m SICK of playing games with YOU Rangers! Emperor Diabolica, make us grow, NOW!!!!” /


Emperor Diabolica forms a GROWTH bomb, and says: “Two giant monsters, coming right UP!!!!” And Emperor Diabolica THROWS it down to them! /


Vipera grabs the bomb, and says: “Time to get TWO monsters for the PRICE of ONE!!!!” /


Vipera detonates the bomb on the ground, it causes Squid Clown to grow, and Vipera to assume her giant, monstrous Viper appearance!


Ebony gets a weird look at Squid Clown, and asks: “Are ALL the Monsters you guys fight THIS weird?!”


Toby says: “Not all of them. Some of them are even WEIRDER!!!!”


Usagi says: “We need Dinozord power, NOW!!!!” /


The Rangers summons their Dinozords like normal, while Ebony plays her guitar, summoning the Velociraptor zord!


Lettuce says: “Let’s form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord and fight Vipera! Naruto, you take the Tyrannosaurus and take down Squid Clown! Since BlackHawk weakened him, you should have no problem delivering the final blow!”


Naruto says: “Sounds like a plan!”


The other zords get together to form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord! All together in the cock-pit, the five Rangers say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord, activate!”


Squid Clown says: “Tyrannosaurus, you’re all mine!” And Squid Clown SQUIRTS ink at the Tyrannosaurus zord, but Naruto simply uses wipers to remove the ink!


Naruto asks: “Is that the best you’ve got?! Sonic BLAST!!!!”


The Tyrannosaurus roars, and BLASTS Squid Clown back with its super force!


Vipera hisses, and says: “Try want you want, you won’t take ME down!”


Usagi says: “We’ll just see about that! Electric blast!!!!”


And using the Triceratops triple spear, the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord ZAPS Vipera with electricity, leaving her reeling in pain!


Naruto says: “Time to finish this, FIRE BLAST!!!!”


And using all of the Tyrannosaurus’ energy, Naruto produces a fire beam that looks like a Japanese symbol, and it hits Squid Clown with such force, he falls down and explodes! /


Keller is still down at the fair, and asks Queen Hedrian: “Should I make myself grow, and fight?” /


General Shogun replies: “No. Let’s cut our losses here, and quit while we’re ahead. We’ll get the Orange Ruby another day.”


Keller says: “Very well. I shall return!” And she teleports away! /


Toby has the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord brandish the Triceratops Triple Spear, and says: “Now it’s YOUR turn, Vipera!”


Vipera says: “I know you Rangers would LOVE to see me with a HOLE in my chest, but it’s NOT happening today! She who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!”


And Vipera teleports away from the fight, causing Ebony to groan in frustration! Ebony says: “I hate it when these warriors become cowards! I wish they would take their medicine, like a true sport would!” /


On Emperor Diabolica’s ship, Drako groans in misery. Drako says: “Another perfectly good Blood Beast DOWN the drain! Nobody appreciates a good monster, anymore!”


When Vipera, in her small, normal, human appearance, appears on the ship, Kraky simply grunts and says: “Well, I hope you’re happy! Your ineptitude COST us another battle against the Rangers!”


Vipera yells: “It’s not my non-existent INEPTITUDE that’s the problem! It’s the fact that Drako either can’t and/or WON’T produce us a STRONG enough Blood Beast!”


Drako asks: “Why do you always got to blame ME whenever things go wrong?!”


Emperor Diabolica screams: “Don’t argue among yourselves! I have a HEADACHE!!!!” /


At the Fair, the un-morphed Rangers, and their friends are all back together, to enjoy a relaxing evening together. Pinkie says: “Bash, Smash, I just want to tell you guys I’m sorry for what I did to you earlier. That was TOTALLY uncalled for!”


Bash shakes his head and says: “Don’t worry about it!”


Pinkie asks: “Why not?”


D.O.G. says: “I explained to them that Mirror was trying to create havoc on Earth, and you were just an unlucky by-stander caught in her evil scheme.”


Smash says: “That must have been a REAL drag!”


Pinkie says: “Tell me about it!”


BlackHawk says: “At least you’re all better now!”


Sans wheels what REMAINS of his Hot Dog Stand and asks: “Guys, can you help a skeleton out here? I need to meet my quota by the end of the day, or I’ll get canned for sure!”


BlackHawk asks: “Bash and Smash, will you help my friend out by buying and eating his hot dogs?”


Bash says: “After beating up a bunch of EVIL Skeleton creatures today, we could use a reward! Of course we’ll help out!”


And Bash proceeds to throw down a bunch of money, and help himself to a well-earned reward! Smash says: “Pinkie, I know you’re used to me fawning over you, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to NOT get used to it!”


Ebony asks: “Why ever would that be?”


Smash happily says: “Because I’ve found someone who TRULY loves me for ME, the PINK Power Ranger! She saved my LIFE today! But we can still be friends, can’t we Pinkie?!”


Pinkie, not wanting to give herself away, simply smiles and says: “Of course we can!”


Smash asks: “Want to join us for dinner?”


Pinkie rubs her belly and says: “No thank you; I’m all tapped out on MY quota of junk food, for the whole WEEK that is!”


Bash says: “Than that means more for US!!!!”


And Bash and Smash help themselves to Sans’ food. Ebony smiles and says: “It’s nice to see a guy enjoy doing what he’s good at!”


Toby asks: “I wonder, should we tell them the TRUTH about Pinkie?!”


The Rangers all look at each other and say: “NAH!!!!” And they all laugh to each other about it! /


Epilogue, Power Fact! : The Rangers, de-morphed and out of character, appear to talk DIRECTLY to the TV audience! Naruto says: “We had a lot of fun on our show today!”


Usagi says: “However, obesity has been a growing epidemic in America for years, and is currently one of the biggest problems facing the nation today.”


Lettuce says: “While not everyone’s nutritional needs are the same, we all have a choice as to how we can live our lives.”


Pinkie says: “While you’re out and about, try to make healthy choices when you’re at restaurants! Always look for the nutritional information that’s listed on the food choices!”


Ebony says: “If you have the time, you should also exercise, and take the time to cook up healthy meals while you’re at home, and try to limit the number of times you order take-out.”


Naruto says: “The more you’re able to take care of yourself, the less money you’ll have to spend to have OTHERS help take care of you!”


Lettuce says: “And now you know!”


Pinkie says: “And knowing is half the battle!”


BlackHawk appears and says: “The other half is Mr. T!!!!”


Usagi asks: “Are you sure that…?”


BlackHawk says: “It is ALWAYS Mr. T!!!!” /


Episode Notes: One of Mirror’s special skills, Perfect Reflection, is revealed. It allows her to blend in SEAMLESSLY with the rest of the environment! This marks the first time that the Rangers have HAD to fight a bunch of grunts in their un-morphed states, and the first time that Bash and Smash have helped the Rangers out in a fight. Smash gets over his infatuation with Pinkie, only to fall in love with the Pink Ranger (who, unbeknownst to Smash), is ALSO Pinkie! It is revealed in this episode that D.O.G. is able to detect when something is wrong with somebody’s Aura, as he is the FIRST to realize that there was something wrong with Pinkie. Featured songs in this episode are “Sugar, Sugar; Pour Some Sugar on Me;” and “Honey.” First time that a public service message has played at the END of a “Power Rangers Multiverse Force” episode. /


Personal Notes: In the early days of “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers,” they would have a LOT of episodes with an obvious moral message to learn; and they would often be highlighted in Public Service Messages at the END of those episodes! What I wanted to do is to make an Affectionate Parody of those episodes; that was both serious, and kind of humorous at the same time! :hysterical: And I felt that this was the perfect opportunity for me to make an episode of this nature! / :D


That’s my episode idea for today; enough said, true believers! ;)

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This is it! It’s time for the moment you’ve all dreamed of! A contestant who’s been in the game since the beginning of season two, will find that their luck has suddenly run out! Which one is it?! Find out by reading this epic episode! / Sniz is in the cock-pit, and says: “Last time, on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, we went to the jungles of El Salvador in Central America! Zarbon grew tired of the presence of Dog and Stimpy in the game, so he devised a way to get rid of them! By coating Stimpy in black paint, Zarbon was SURE it would change Stimpy’s luck for the worse! But even stranger than Zarbon’s plan, was the strange blue moon hanging over the jungles of El Salvador. It changed Marlene, Dudley, Patrick, and surprisingly, even Bulma for some reason. If that wasn’t enough, Captain Retro and Wally ran into Anti-Timmy and his ugly MUG again! Can’t Anti-Timmy EVER just be CANCELLED, already?! Captain Retro and Wally won immunity, but Dog and Stimpy’s ride came to an end, as they came in last in the challenge, and lost in an automatic, double elimination. We are now down to 12, and a contestant who’s been with us since the beginning of season two, may FINALLY see their game come to an end! No spoilers here! Watch and find out which contestant finally bites it, on a truly magical episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise! It’s just the luck of the draw, people!” /

Instead of the usual show open, a fantasy sequence involving the remaining 12 contestants is shown, as they all try to perform various magic tricks, with various degrees of success. While they are doing this, an appropriate song is played over the sequence. / Genre: Pop Rock. Sub-genre: Steve Miller Band. Song: “Abracadabra!” Sung by: The Steve Miller Band! / Steve Miller: “I heat up, I can't cool down; you got me spinning around and 'round. Round and 'round and 'round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. Every time you call my name, I heat up like a burning flame. Burning flame full of desire, kiss me baby, let the fire get higher! Abra, abracadabra. I want to reach out and grab you. Abra, abracadabra. Abracadabra. You make me hot, you make me sigh, you make me laugh; you make me cry. Keep me burning for your love, with the touch of a velvet glove. Abra, abracadabra. I want to reach out and grab you. Abra, abracadabra. Abracadabra. I feel the magic in your caress, I feel magic when I touch your dress. Silk and satin, leather and lace, black paintings with an angel's face. I see the magic in your eyes, I hear the magic in your sighs. Just when I think I'm gonna get away, I hear those words that you always say: Abra, abracadabra. I want to reach out and grab you Abra, abracadabra. Abracadabra. Every time you call my name, I heat up like a burning flame! Burning flame full of desire, kiss me baby, let the fire get higher! Yeah, yeah! (Guitar solo) I heat up, I can't cool down; my situation goes 'round and 'round! I heat up, I can't cool down; my situation goes 'round and 'round! I heat up, I can't cool down; my situation goes 'round and 'round!” / And the epic song ends. / “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, Right?!” /

The plane is once again in transit. For once, the action opens up in normal class, where everyone who isn’t Captain Retro and Wally, are currently sleeping. The action zooms in on Marlene, and thanks to the magic of the Fairy Godparents, we get to see what she is dreaming. Marlene is currently panting, as she is running down a LONG hallway of closed, red doors! Marlene says: “This isn’t RIGHT! None of these doors are OPENING!!!! Someone tell me what I’m doing wrong!” Suddenly, the roof OFF of the building flies off. And dark clouds appear in the sky. The clouds MORPH into the face of Captain Retro, and the cloud formation, in Captain Retro’s voice, says: “You KNOW why the doors aren’t opening for you, Marlene!” Marlene asks: “Why is that, Captain Retro?!” The Captain Retro cloud says: “You know very well that I’m not actually Captain Retro. I’m merely acting as the voice of your sub-conscious self, also known as your conscience, which you have LARGELY seem to have forgotten about!” Marlene asks: “Why are the doors, all locked to me?!”

The Captain Retro cloud says: “Because you haven’t done the RIGHT thing, yet!” Marlene asks: “What else do I need to do?! This is no time for YOU to be cryptic!” The Captain Retro Cloud says: “You must apologize for not being truthful. Otherwise, the doors are NEVER going to open for you. Search your heart, and do the RIGHT thing!” The clouds dissipate, and Marlene suddenly BOLTS out of her sleep! Marlene says: “What a STRANGE dream?!” Skipper asks: “You had one, to?!” Marlene nods her head, and says: “Yes.” Skipper says: “You’re worried about the future to, aren’t you?” Marlene moans and says: “Ever since I broke things off with Captain Retro, my dreams have been plagued with feelings of guilt and regret. I just KNEW that if I got together with you and closed myself off to him, those feelings would stop. But they haven’t. If I don’t make this right, I don’t know how I’m ever going to explain myself to our kids!” Skipper gasps and says: “You MEAN?!” Marlene nods her head and says: “Yes. You ARE going to be a father!” Skipper sighs and says: “I had a feeling this was going to happen. I just didn’t think it would be NOW!” Marlene sighs and says: “I have to apologize to Captain Retro.” Skipper asks: “Whatever for?” Marlene says: “If I had just been honest with him from the beginning, I wouldn’t be FEELING the way I am right now! Maybe I can’t change the past, but I CAN change my future, but that’s not going to happen until I apologize for my past mistakes.” Skipper says: “You have no way of knowing if Captain Retro is going to listen to you.” Marlene nods her head, and says: “Maybe so. But as long as I apologize, that’s the important thing that needs to be done. Everything else is secondary.” Skipper says: “Once Captain Retro finds out about this, it’s not going to take TOO long before everyone else finds about it. You’ll become a target, and Bulma may find you to be VERY disposable!” Marlene chuckles and says: “Bulma Briefs doesn’t scare ME in the slightest!” Skipper says: “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe you SHOULD be scared of Bulma! I’ve already been eliminated TWICE, this season, and I’m 99% sure that behind BOTH of those eliminations, Bulma was the MASTERMIND of those eliminations! Maybe I can’t prove it, but that doesn’t matter! I have a gut feeling about it! And my gut has NEVER been wrong before!” Marlene asks: “Do you think, that Bulma wants to get rid of you for good?”

Skipper says: “I wouldn’t put it past her. You can’t trust her as far as you can throw her. And if you BELIEVE her claim of weighing only a dainty 111 pounds; that would be pretty FAR for me!” Marlene suddenly gets FILLED with dread and says: “Bulma WANTED to earn my trust, she’s using ME to keep tabs on what you’re thinking, what your strategies are!” Skipper asks: “How could you put yourself into such a precarious situation?!” Marlene horrifyingly says: “I don’t know! All I know is that I’m endangering your game, I shouldn’t be here!” Skipper says: “Don’t TALK like that! We’re going to be all right! We’re together, and everything’s going to be fine, you’ll see!” Marlene says: “There’s only ONE guy on this plane who can make sure of that! I just HOPE Captain Retro is in a listening mood.” Skipper says: “Well, just don’t get your hopes up TOO high!” Marlene says: “Look, this mess we’re currently in is MY fault; I caused this! And if one of us has to take the FALL for ever trusting Bulma Briefs, I will. I’m NOT letting Bulma Briefs eliminate you again! If she WANTS to target you, she’s got to contend with ME, first! And I’m NOT giving up without a fight! I will NOT surrender a $44.44 million grand prize so easily!” Skipper romantically says: “Thank you, Marlene. I know that whatever happens, we’ll be a better couple for it.” Marlene says: “Not only that, but we’ll be parents that our kids can be PROUD of!” /

(Confessional) Marlene sighs and says: “THIS must be why Captain Retro wasn’t WILLING to tell me about the future, he must have FORESAW this possibility coming! And he must have KNOWN that I wouldn’t be willing to acknowledge it! I not only failed Captain Retro, but I failed myself. I thought that I could handle anything, but the UGLY truth was one thing I couldn’t. Well, now that I’m faced with all of this unpleasantness, I’m not going to back away from it now! I can’t! Skipper’s in a bad spot right now because of me, and I’m the only one who can get him out! I’m willing to do ANYTHING for Skipper!” /

Skipper sighs and says: “My ride this season has been very hard. I guess I wasn’t the only one who had to learn how to be mature and grown-up, Marlene had some lessons she needed to learn, as well. And Captain Retro was trying to help her. But no matter how good a teacher is, there are some things a guy or girl can only learn by experiencing it for themselves. This is one of those times. But Marlene has NEVER run away from a challenge before; no matter HOW insurmountable, and I don’t believe that she’s going to start, NOW!” (End Confessional) Marlene knocks on the V.I.P. Lounge door. Wally asks: “Should I open it?” Captain Retro says: “It should be who I am expecting.” Wally opens the door, and surprisingly asks: “Marlene?” Marlene awkwardly says: “Hi, Wally.” Captain Retro sighs and says: “So, you’re finally ready to deal with the truth. That MUST be why you’re here; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.” Marlene says: “I’m ready to deal with the truth that I wasn’t READY to face the possibility that I might not win this season. You tried to prepare me, and I wouldn’t listen to your concerns.” Captain Retro says: “That’s not why I’m disappointed in you; how could you deceive me?! I gave you my complete trust, and you just shattered it! How could you do that?!” Marlene says: “It was that KISS between us that started it! When our lips touched, I somehow got a GLIMPSE into your ability to SEE different futures, and the future I saw was ME winning the $44.44 million, all by being in an alliance with you! That’s why I got together with you!” Captain Retro says: “The FUTURE, you saw, was the one you WANTED to see! And when you SAW that future, you refused to ALLOW yourself to see ANY future besides THAT one! I didn’t realize it at first, because I thought you genuinely loved me, and I WANTED it to be true. But as time passed, that feeling became muted, and my doubts grew greater and greater. I even GAVE you an opportunity in the Congo to tell me how you were feeling, but you didn’t tell me your TRUE feelings about Skipper! So that’s why I’m doubting your ability to accept the truth. If you’re not truthful with me, how can expect to hear the truth from me?” Marlene says: “It’s no longer about ME, anymore! Skipper and I, we’re going to become PARENTS!!!!” Wally gasps and says: “No way!”

Captain Retro sighs and asks: “Do you HAVE to do EVERYTHING that Treeflower does?” Marlene says: “It’s not like that, okay?! Look, I’m sorry I lied to you! It was a TERRIBLE idea, and I never should’ve done it! I finally admit it, I did a lousy THING by leading you on! I was doing the SAME thing to you that Bulma is doing to Zarbon! I REALIZE that now! Now how about some forgiveness?! Can you give me just a drop?” Captain Retro sighs and says: “Very well. I will tell you now; what you didn’t and/or wouldn’t hear before over Vietnam. But I have to warn you; what you hear, you may not LIKE to hear. Will you still accept what I’m about to tell you?” Marlene says: “I’ve got my eyes wide open; I’m not going to look away this time.” Captain Retro closes his eyes and says: “Here’s what I can see; we’re going to Las Vegas for today’s challenge. It’s an either/or, you will either have to Race Cars around a race-track, or perform a complicated magic trick. You and Skipper will both try your best, but you will not succeed in getting immunity. When the elimination ceremony comes, Bulma and Zarbon will have their sights set on eliminating one of only TWO possibilities that would PREVENT them from going any further. Instead of trying to target me, they will select the two contestants who have thwarted their abilities to deceive EVERYONE in the game.” Marlene asks: “Who would THAT be?” Captain Retro answers: “YOU and Skipper! You two have never totally BELIEVED anything that Bulma and Zarbon have said; and they are angry that their attempts to deceive you have not worked. It will be a single elimination ceremony tonight. I’m afraid that when all is said and done, no matter WHAT you try to do, ONE of you WILL be eliminated by the time the Elimination Ceremony ends.” And Captain Retro opens his eyes.

Marlene sighs and says: “So THAT’S why you didn’t want to tell me the future back in Vietnam. Even if you told me, I wouldn’t have listened. I didn’t want to hear it. I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you?” Captain Retro says: “You’ve done enough by apologizing. That’s all I wanted.”

Marlene asks: “Is there…is there anything I can do to SAVE Skipper?” Captain Retro says: “Skipper’s game is his own. And it shames me to say that in spite of all my training, I can’t predict what Skipper is going to do. He’s too unpredictable for me. That’s one of the reasons why I never TRIED to figure him out in my plans to get rid of the evil contestants in this game; I had no way of knowing if I could totally rely on Skipper or not. Just remember, Marlene. Nothing is written in stone. You CAN save Skipper tonight, but that would require the ultimate sacrifice on your part; you would NEED to give up your own game in order to save Skipper’s. Tell me, are you WILLING to give up everything you’ve worked for, to keep Skipper in?” Marlene gulps, and bravely says: “I’ll do whatever it takes for my Skipper!” Captain Retro thinks about it, and says: “We’ll see. But whatever you do, you will have to do on your own. I can’t, and I won’t, interfere with your game plan in any way.” Marlene says: “I understand.” Marlene starts to leave, and Captain Retro says: “Oh, and one more thing! I’m really sorry that it didn’t work out between us. But if I had to do it all over again, I probably wouldn’t change a thing. You’re my favorite mistake!” Marlene chuckles and says: “I figured out THAT much!” (Confessional) Marlene sighs and says: “Well, I finally got the apology out of my system; and I also figured out why the doors haven’t been opening in my dreams. I just never expected to find out what my dreams meant! They’re a representation of my fears! I have to choose between Skipper and myself! I can see now why Captain Retro wasn’t more eager to share my future with me. Sometimes, the future is NOT a pleasant thing to KNOW about! But I have made it my VOW to SAVE Skipper, and nothing’s going to stop me from doing it! Skipper’s NOT going to leave the game this time! I stood by TWICE while Skipper got the boot, and that’s NOT going to happen again! Skipper IS going to stay in the game, even if that means sacrificing myself in order to do it!” /

Captain Retro says: “Marlene has definitely matured a lot since she broke up with me, I’ll give her that much. But Bulma isn’t one to just LET Marlene BREAK off an alliance with her! Bulma is willing to offer Marlene ANYTHING to keep her in an alliance with Marlene, ANYTHING!!!! Bulma wants DESPERATELY to blindside somebody! She will either BETRAY Marlene in her alliance, or she will betray Skipper if Marlene REFUSES her! I just hope Marlene is ready for ANYTHING Bulma is prepared to offer her!” (End Confessional) Suzie sighs and says: “You know what, Patrick? I’ve got a GOOD feeling about today!” Patrick asks: “Why is that?” Suzie says: “Well, everyone is back to normal. All the former champions are out of the competition, and with the exception of Rocko and Marlene, I have the most collective experience of ANYONE remaining in this game! I can take on ANY challenge that Sniz can think of!” Patrick says: “You know the game is not over yet, right Suzie?” Suzie asks: “What could POSSIBLY go wrong?!” Rocko says: “You’re tempting FATE, Suzie! And tempting fate is NEVER a good idea! Remember irony has a funny way of sneaking up on you when everything’s okay, and everything is going RIGHT!” Reggie says: “That’s one of the major reasons WHY I have tried very HARD this season to NOT take fate for granted! Being a surfer, I know all too easily how the weather can quickly change.” Suzie thinks about it, and says: “Your point is WELL taken! In that case, I rescind ANY feelings I have that the Final Three is automatically mine!” Patrick says: “I don’t think it WORKS like that, Suzie.” Suzie says: “In that case, how about we all protect each other? We’re all representatives from season one, right? How about we form a season one alliance? Let’s make sure that whoever wins season three, is someone from season one?!” Reggie says: “I can’t argue with that!” Rocko says: “I wouldn’t know how to!” Suzie says: “All right! As of right now, the Boom Vets are BACK in business, as the Boom Vet Alliance!” (Confessional)

Suzie says: “I’ve been spending all of my time RESISTING trying to get together with Patrick, only to consistently get paired up with him! Eventually, I decided; why fight it?! If the Universe wants to pair me up with Patrick, so be it. I’m willing to go to any lengths to get the first place prize, as long as it’s legal!” /

Rocko says: “I must admit, I’m really impressed by Suzie’s new-found interest in karma and working together with the rest of the season one pro’s! It’s good karma for her, and furthermore, I think it’s also very healthy for her to work with us! After all, now with Dog and Stimpy gone, the rest of us are going to have to work harder in order to secure the first place prize! I have no doubt that Bulma will want to get rid of either Skipper or Marlene first before setting her sights on me, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes. As long as Reggie stays in the game, everything else is secondary in my opinion!” / Reggie says: “The season one contestants, or what’s left of us, are FINALLY back together again! When we get together, we can do REALLY amazing things, even Patrick! I wouldn’t doubt that Patrick has been holding back on us until now, saving his TRUE game-playing skills for when he REALLY needs it, such as near the END of the game, which it’s starting to become!” / Patrick says: “The truth of the matter is, I’ve been trying to hold back on my TRUE game-playing skill until now. If I keep Bulma’s expectations of me very LOW, she’ll see me as LESS of a threat, and therefore, I’ll be LESS of a target! But the only way ANY of us are going to potentially WIN a $44.44 million grand prize, is if Zarbon and Bulma are NOT part of the picture! I hope we can do very well today, and ENSURE that Zarbon takes the drop of shame tonight! Eliminating Zarbon will leave Bulma with nothing, and we can pick her off at our leisure! EVERYTHING boils down to getting rid of Zarbon!” (End Confessional) Chameleon is tenderly kissing Dudley, and Chameleon says: “Oh, Dudley, I was so afraid the other day in El Salvador. I was worried you were going to get hurt!” Dudley says: “It means so much to me that you saved me, because I know now that your bad guy days are truly behind you.” Chameleon says: “They truly are, Dudley. I have my mind set on being good.” Dudley smiles and says: “I’m glad to hear that, because Keswick wanted ME to give you something when you were TRULY ready!” Chameleon asks: “What is that?!”

Dudley gets a green box, opens it, and in it, glitters a BRIGHT white light! The glow dissipates, and Chameleon puts his hands into the box. In his hands, he pulls out a WHITE version of his destroyed Changing Suit! Dudley says: “Happy birthday, Chameleon!” Chameleon chokes up and says: “You remembered my birthday! It’s a brand new Changing Suit. But I don’t understand, I thought my Changing Suit was gone forever.” Dudley says: “It wasn’t easy for Keswick to build you a new one, or for us to keep it secret. Keswick had to use a LOT of technology to build you a new one. This Changing Suit has been built to work for the forces of good, and can never BE used for any evil purposes, and it will work only for YOU, Chameleon!” Chameleon cries and says: “This is the best gift that anyone has ever given me!” Dudley says: “The best gift anyone has given you so FAR!” (Confessional) Chameleon is wearing his brand NEW Changing Suit, and says: “I look good in white! Of course, I also look good with Dudley, but that goes without saying! I can’t WAIT to utilize my new Changing Suit in challenges! It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!” / Dudley says: “After the Mexican challenge, Keswick wanted to put together a brand new Changing Suit for Chameleon. Keswick got it finished RIGHT before the Bangkok challenge! Keswick told me that once I was SURE that Chameleon was completely good, to give it to him. It seems only fitting to give it to him on his birthday. He’s another year older, another year wiser, and has a whole lot of friends that he didn’t used to have! With Chameleon on our side, I know we can accomplish anything!” (End Confessional)

Zarbon looks in a hand mirror, and sees that his face has completely healed from his altercation with Po. Zarbon says: “You’re in luck, Bulma. The emergency is over! I’m completely BEAUTIFUL again, and we can resume to cuddling like we used to!” Bulma indifferently says: “Whatever.” Zarbon asks: “Aren’t you more excited?! Everyone else thinks I’m WONDERFUL!” Bulma sarcastically says: “Yeah, you’re SO wonderful that you had to LIE about having a ‘GIRLFRIEND’ just to make yourself FEEL better!” Zarbon sputters and says: “You think I MADE that UP?! Why would I make that up?! I HAD a girlfriend!” Bulma sarcastically says: “Uh-huh, I’m SO sure!” Zarbon protests and says: “I DID!”

Bulma says: “Look, it doesn’t even MATTER anyways, does it?! The point is, there will be NO cuddling; not until we get RID of a FEW loose ends!” Zarbon asks: “What would THOSE be?!” Bulma says: “Skipper and Marlene!” Zarbon says: “But I thought you were in an ALLIANCE with Skipper and Marlene!” Bulma correctively says: “I was in a FAKE alliance! Only pretend! It’s not like I was EVER going to give Skipper and Marlene a DIME of the $44.44 million grand prize!” Zarbon realizes this and says: “OH!” Than Zarbon THINKS about it, and says: “But wait! Why go to the TROUBLE of making an Alliance with Skipper and Marlene if you’re not REALLY partners with them?!” Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “Haven’t you figured OUT my game-play strategy YET?! It’s not enough to simply BEAT everyone else, we have to HUMILIATE them THOROUGHLY, FIRST! After all, victory is SO much SWEETER when you BLINDSIDE your PATHETIC opponents! They NEVER see it coming! Our plans are SO perfect!” Zarbon romantically says: “You know I agree with that, and I DO like to blindside our opponents. They don’t deserve the grand prize anyways, not like us, right?!” Bulma romantically says: “Oh, not like YOU, Zarbon! You’re MUCH too pretty and smart to EVER yet anyone pull YOU around on a string! You’ve got THIS game in the palm of your hands!” Zarbon confidently says: “I certainly do!” Bulma says: “Than the game plan is SIMPLE for us! Marlene needs to make a choice, between her game and her husband. She can either abandon Skipper and WORK for us, or we can totally CRUSH her in the Elimination Ceremony tonight! Either way, we’ll make sure that whoever it is, be it Skipper or Marlene; ONE of them is going to be BLINDSIDED tonight! Ha, ha, HA!!!!” Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “I just LOVE the way your brilliant mind, WORKS, Bulma!!!!” (Confessional)

Zarbon says: “Getting together with Bulma was the BEST thing that has happened to me this season, bar none! Bulma has her sights set on eliminating everyone ELSE, and making sure our relationship is TIGHT! We are going to the Final Two together, and NOBODY is going to get in our way! I have Bulma’s love, and I won’t let ANYBODY tear us apart! It looks like I’m going to get a truly happy ENDING when everything is said and done; I’ll get the Grand Prize money, AND I’ll get the Girl! A win-win situation either way you cut it!” / Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “I can’t BELIEVE how thoroughly gullible Zarbon is; he actually TRUSTS me, and he really BELIEVES we’re going to the Final Two together; the FOOL!!!!” Bulma doesn’t REALIZE that Marlene has just ENTERED into the Confessional behind her! Bulma says: “I’ve been leading Zarbon on since day ONE!!!! I’ve been fooling ALL of them, and they DON’T even suspect the TRUTH!!!! I’ll blindside ALL those fools, and get the money and fame I so GREATLY desire AND deserve! And NO one will EVER make fun of Bulma Briefs AGAIN!!!!” And Marlene ZOOMS out of there WITHOUT being seen! /

Marlene moans and says: “I can’t BELIEVE this! I knew Bulma was DECEIVING the contestants, but I truly THOUGHT that she had a legitimate relationship with ZARBON! I can’t BELIEVE that Bulma is LYING to Zarbon, to! I may have found a way to save Skipper WITHOUT sacrificing my game! If I tell Zarbon the TRUTH about what Bulma SAID about her, Zarbon might just change his mind and eliminate Bulma INSTEAD! After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained; right?” (End Confessional) Sniz breathes through his nose and says: “Smell that GOOD Nevada air! It’s good to be back in the states!” Fondue says: “And it’s time to make your announcement!” Sniz says: “Right!” And he grabs the intercom, and speaks through it. Sniz says: “Attention passengers/contestants. We have decided to relive one of our FAVORITE challenges from season two, we’re going to Las Vegas, Nevada! And unlike our PAST challenges, you have a CHOICE as to what challenge to do; you’ll either perform a complicated magic trick, or drive race cars around a race track! The choice is yours, but be warned; the elimination ceremony WON’T be as straight forward today!” Skipper turns to Marlene, and Skipper asks: “What does Sniz MEAN by that?!”

Sniz says: “If you’re wondering what I MEAN by that, I mean that you have to EARN your right to vote TONIGHT! On the Race Track, and on the Magic Stage, hide your voting stamps in marked envelopes. Only by successfully grabbing YOUR marked Envelope, will you be able to VOTE tonight! And don’t even THINK about destroying another contestant’s envelope, or you will automatically get a Penalty Vote!” Marlene says: “At least we don’t have to worry about any sabotaging in THIS challenge!” Sniz says: “We’ll be landing at the Las Vegas International Airport shortly. So buckle up and get prepared for the landing!” Skipper sighs and says: “Here we are, the moment of truth!” Marlene says: “Skipper, Bulma has been LYING to Zarbon since Day ONE! Blonda was RIGHT!!!! Bulma IS a schemer and just USING Zarbon!!!!” Skipper’s eyes widen and says: “I can’t believe Bulma is THAT deceptive! Well, I CAN believe it! But it’s just so HARD to believe!” Marlene says: “And unless my instincts fail me, I think Captain Retro might have suspected this for quite a while now. If I can tell Zarbon the truth, he will TURN on Bulma and eliminate her!” Skipper asks: “What about Zarbon?” Marlene asks: “Isn’t Bulma CLEARLY the bigger danger, now?! If Bulma is WILLING to go to the trouble of lying to Zarbon, she must have a very good REASON as to WHY she would RISK such a maneuver; otherwise, she wouldn’t even ATTEMPT it!” Skipper says: “I bet you’re right, Marlene. There might be something MUCH bigger than Bulma at work here, if we only knew what it is!” Marlene says: “At least our solution is very simple; remove Bulma and we remove whatever it is she is connected to.” Skipper says: “Agreed! Let’s take out Bulma and we can focus on eliminating Zarbon, afterwards!” And the wheels touch on the runway. Sniz says: “We have now landed at the airport. We’ve got to take a break for some commercials. But when we come back, everyone will choose which challenge they will do. Stay tuned!” (Commercial Break) /

After the commercials end, the 12 contestants get out of the plane, and assemble in a group close to Sniz. Sniz says: “All right, it’s finally time to get this either/or challenge out of the way. You will be divided into six groups of two, which means that three groups HAVE to choose to drive around an obstacle filled race track. You will have to grab 12 flags and your voting stamps in five minutes or less in order to finish the challenge! Three groups MUST perform a complicated magic trick, and the activities are first come, first served. Responsible for the group pairings, is General Barracuda! Horatio, tell them who is going to get paired with who!” General Barracuda says: “Right, then! Captain Retro will get paired with Wally, Rocko will get paired with Reggie, Dudley will get paired with Chameleon, Marlene will get paired with Skipper, Suzie, will SURPRISINGLY get paired with Patrick, while Bulma will NOT surprisingly be paired with Zarbon! Since Captain Retro and Wally won the Immunity Challenge last time, they will get first pick as to which challenge they will attempt.” Wally says: “It’s your call. Admiral Wally, his smartness, will respect whatever option you go with.” Captain Retro says: “We’ll take the race track! Wally will drive, and I will grab the flags and the voting stamps!” General Barracuda says: “Everyone else, make your choices before someone else makes them!” And the other contestants scramble to put their heads together! Rocko says: “Reggie and I will take driving!” Bulma says: “Zarbon and I will take magic!” Marlene says: “Skipper and I will ALSO take magic!” Dudley says: “Chameleon and I will take DRIVING!” Suzie sighs and says: “So by default, Patrick and I get stuck with magic. That’s just FINE!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “I am very confident, that Wally has the skills needed to drive us to victory. All I need to worry about is grabbing all the flags and our voting stamps in under five minutes. Depending on who gets victory for themselves, we might be faced with a hard decision.” / Rocko says: “Driving skills come by from years of mastering the crazy traffic of O-Town. I obey the rules of the road and I live by them. Reggie and I will be able to OWN this challenge!” / Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “Of COURSE I had to take magic! HELLO! It’s a skill which requires absolutely NO physical skill on MY part whatsoever! And with the jokers WE have to fight against, guess who’s going to win?!” / Marlene says: “I know Skipper likes to drive, but I just have a funny feeling about the cars. After all, the cars have been in STORAGE in the back of the plane, which means Bulma and Zarbon had full ACCESS to them, in-between challenges. And since there are no rules against tampering with equipment when a challenge ISN’T taking place, there’s a good chance that Zarbon has sabotaged a car or maybe two in order to mess with the other contestants! This way, Skipper and I have a cushion of safety, and it will be a LOT harder for Bulma OR Zarbon to sabotage us!” / Dudley says: “I have no way of KNOWING what the magic trick is going to be, whereas I know what the driving challenge is going to be! By doing the driving challenge, we have a better chance of accomplishing it and WINNING!” / Suzie groans, and says: “I sure hope Patrick doesn’t mess THIS magic challenge up!” / Patrick says: “I sure hope I don’t mess the magic challenge up!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “All right! Fairy God Parents, poof our drivers to the race track near North Las Vegas, and poof our magicians to the Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip!” Wanda says: “No problem, Sniz!” And Wanda poofs the contestants to their respective destinations! /

The action first shifts to the drivers, who are presented with a challenging landscape of tall, stone columns, rocky terrain, and a lot of dust! Over the communicators, Sniz speaks to the drivers. Sniz says: “Attention, drivers! You will see three cars that you can choose from to drive in this challenge! Choose one and hope your luck and skill is with you! The group that accomplishes this task first, will BOTH achieve immunity from the vote-off! The group that accomplishes the task second, will choose which ONE of them will get immunity, while the group that finishes last won’t get ANY immunity at all!”

Chameleon gulps nervously and says: “Oh, boy! That puts a lot of pressure on us!” Sniz says: “And if you are unable to complete the race track in five minutes or less, you will have to tackle the whole course AGAIN until you can drive it in under five minutes! Good luck, to all of you!” Captain Retro says: “We get the green car!” Reggie says: “We get the blue car!” Dudley says: “I guess we get the purple car!” And the contestants put on their safety goggles and helmets, before getting in their open-air vehicles. Captain Retro asks: “Are you ready to drive us to victory?” Wally confidently says: “Born that way!” Wanda magically appears in the air with a racing flag in her left hand. Wanda says: “Drivers, on your mark! Get ready, get set!” Wanda magically produces an air horn, and blows it! Wanda yells: “GO!!!!” Wally takes off immediately, while Rocko AND Dudley both STALL at the starting line! Reggie asks: “What’s with our car?! It’s NOT going!” Rocko says: “Oh, yes, it WILL!” And Rocko KICKS the car near the engine, and it starts to purr normally! Rocko says: “Works on MY car ALL the time back at home!” And Rocko strives to catch up with Wally! (Confessional) Reggie says: “What I REALLY love about Rocko, is that he’s smart AND reliable! I sure hope he realizes this if he hasn’t already!” (End Confessional)

Wanda says: “It looks like the race is going to be tight between at least TWO groups of drivers! Let’s check in on the Magicians!” And Wanda magically teleports to where the Magicians are. She waves her wand, and General Barracuda appears. General Barracuda says: “I’ll NEVER get used to traveling by magic!” Wanda says: “Give it a few years, you’ll get acclimated to it, or you’ll have a psychotic episode!” General Barracuda rolls his eyes and says: “Whatever! Ladies and gentlemen watching at home, it’s time to see which of our contestants are the best at making magic REAL! Vying for the superior sleight of hand, are Patrick and Suzie, Bulma and Zarbon, and Marlene and Skipper! Personally, my money’s on Bulma and Zarbon! The rules are simple; ONE contestant gets into a glass box, from which they will also share with the SAME escaped Black Panther last seen WAY back in the Caribbean episode. They will be separated ONLY by a thin sheet of glass. When I give the signal, the contestant OUTSIDE of the box, will pull the lever, dropping the curtain which will cover the glass box. When you are ready, you will activate the secret mechanism which will open up a trap door UNDER the panther, and remove the glass sheet. You will then pull the curtain up, HOPEFULLY revealing a completely unhurt partner! Now, if you fail to perform your magic trick correctly, you will forfeit that turn, and you will have to let someone else attempt the challenge. The group that successfully performs the magic trick correctly FIRST, will BOTH receive immunity! The group the successfully performs the magic trick correctly SECOND, will CHOOSE which one of them receives immunity! The group that successfully performs the magic trick last, won’t get ANY immunity and will be at the MERCY of the other contestants! But before you get ready to perform this magic trick, I should let you know that there IS a way to get your voting stamps, but that is a MAGIC trick in itself! You will have to figure it out on your own! So, good luck with that!” Wanda says: “Enough! Decide which of you will be the magician, and which one will be the assistant.” Bulma boastfully says: “I will be the MASTER magician, obviously! All of you don’t even need to BOTHER trying!”

Marlene sarcastically says: “Oh, SURE! Get a swelled head! That will REALLY help you achieve this magic trick!” Bulma scoffs and says: “You WISH you had my talent!” Skipper asks: “And YOUR delusions of grandeur? Not on your LIFE!” Suzie says: “I will be the MAGICIAN, if you don’t MIND, Patrick!” Patrick asks: “Come on! Don’t you trust me?!” Suzie says: “Save it for someone who actually CARES, Patrick; my decision is FINAL!” Skipper says: “Marlene, you better be the Magician.” Marlene asks: “Really?!” Skipper says: “I can handle the panther if things go wrong. Besides, I totally TRUST you!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “That’s awesome! Skipper totally TRUSTS me! And I have no intention of letting him down!” / Patrick scoffs and says: “I can’t BELIEVE that Suzie doesn’t trust me, even after all this time! Talk about having no confidence in me!” (End Confessional)

General Barracuda says: “All right! The picks are chosen! Of course, you always have the option of SWITCHING your positions later if you so desire! Patrick and Suzie, we will let you go first!” Suzie sighs in relief and says: “Finally! I catch a break! There’s no WAY I’m going to mess THIS up!” And Patrick gets in the glass box. General Barracuda says: “Suzie, lower the curtain!” Suzie says: “Lowering curtain!” And Suzie pulls the lever, lowering the curtain. General Barracuda says: “Suzie, wow us with your magic!” Suzie says: “Prepare to be DAZZLED!” And Suzie pulls the curtain back up, but it’s CLEAR that she didn’t DO the Magic Trick right, because both Patrick AND the Panther are trapped in the Glass Box TOGETHER! (Confessional) Patrick says: “I can’t believe this! Has Suzie OFFICIALLY lost her MIND?! Or has she grown THAT tired of getting ME as a partner?! Of course, I wasn’t worried! Because I was perfectly prepared with a PLAN; Plan Patrick!” / Suzie calls on her phone, and says: “Hey, Lil! $10 says that Patrick will try Plan Patrick!” On the phone, Lil says: “Make it $20!” Suzie says: “Deal!” (End Confessional) Patrick goes up to the panther and says: “Excuse me, Mr. Panther; I know that you’re accustomed to chewing on tender steaks and occasionally chasing after beavers and cats, but I have no desire to fight against you or run from you, so I would appreciate it if you would just leave me alone. Pretty please with frosted sugar lumps on top?” The Panther barely blinks, and he starts to CHOMP on Patrick! Patrick screams: “OW!!!! OW!!!! OW!!!! Help! HELP!!!! I’m getting mauled by a panther! WAIT!!!! I found OUR voting stamps hidden in an envelope hidden in the panther’s mouth, but I’m STILL getting MAULED by a panther!” General Barracuda shouts: “WANDA!!!!” Wanda says: “On it!” And Wanda magically produces an electric shock collar around the panther, causing it to let GO of Patrick, and Wanda resets the glass box. General Barracuda says: “Wanda, check on Patrick and make sure he’s all right to continue on in this challenge. In the meantime, Bulma and Zarbon are up next!” /

The action shifts back to the drivers, but Dudley STILL can’t make his car go! Dudley says: “It’s no use, Chameleon! I think our car is SHOT to pieces, and the NEAREST repair shop is about five miles away!” Chameleon’s eyes light up and says: “I’ve got an idea!” Dudley asks: “What’s that?!” Chameleon says: “I’ve got a new Changing Suit, I’ll use it!” Dudley says: “Is that in the rules?” Chameleon says: “Sniz never SAID it was AGAINST the rules! Therefore, it’s fair and legal! Besides, you want to win as much as THEY do, right?!” Dudley says: “Of course I do!” Chameleon gets out of the broken car, and TRANSFORMS into a purple car! Chameleon says: “Hop in!” And Dudley does this! Chameleon says: “You grab the flags and our voting stamps, and I’ll do the driving!” Dudley says: “Sounds good!” Chameleon says: “Let’s catch up!” And they pursue after the other drivers! While the drivers are all driving, a familiar sound is heard! (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Sniz comes over the communicators and says: “Attention ALL contestants, whether you’re driving or in the middle of a magic trick, you must ALL sing NOW!” Bulma asks: “RIGHT now?!” Zarbon yells: “BULMA, the PANTHER!!!!” The panther growls, and Zarbon PUNCHES him! Bulma gulps and yells: “Sorry, Zarbon! I was RUDELY distracted by Sniz!” Sniz says: “Irrelevant! I want you all to sing a song, about how NOTHING is going to stop you! Do you like Starship?” Captain Retro asks: “Who doesn’t?!” Sniz says: “Than sing a song by Starship!” /

During this sequence, the drivers are seen driving, all of them successfully grabbing their flags, and their voting stamps; while the Magicians are ALL trying to perform their magic trick, and FAILING for one reason or another! / Genre: 1980’s Rock. Sub-genre: Starship. Song: “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.” Sung by: Skipper, Marlene, Zarbon, Bulma, Rocko, Reggie, Dudley, Chameleon, Captain Retro, Wally, Suzie, and Patrick. / (Instrumental Solo) Skipper: “Looking in your eyes, I see a paradise. This world that I've found, is too good to be true. Standing here beside you, want so much to give you this love in my heart that I'm feeling for you.” Marlene: “Let them say we're crazy, I don't care about that! Put your hand in my hand baby, don't ever look back! Let the world around us, just fall apart! Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart!” Everyone: “And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now! And if this world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other. Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us now!” Captain Retro: “WOAH!!!!” Rocko: “I'm so glad I found you, I'm not gonna lose you. Whatever it takes, I will stay here with you. Take it to the good times, see it through the bad times. Whatever it takes, is what I'm gonna do.” Reggie: “Let them say we're crazy, what do they know? Put your arms, around me baby, don't ever let go! Let the world around us just fall apart! Baby, we can make it if we're heart to heart!” Everyone: “And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now! And if this world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other. Nothing's gonna stop us, nothing's gonna stop us.” Zarbon: “Ooh, all that I need is you!” Bulma, thinking about money: “All that I ever need!” Dudley to Chameleon: “And all that I want to do, is hold you forever, ever and ever!” Wally: “Hey!” (Guitar Solo)

Everyone: “And we can build this dream together, standing strong forever, nothing's gonna stop us now! And if this world runs out of lovers, we'll still have each other. Nothing's gonna stop us!” Suzie, about Otto: “Nothing's gonna stop us! Whoa!” Captain Retro: “Nothing's gonna stop us now! Nothing’s going to stop us now! Oh, no!” Patrick, about Pearl: “Hey baby, I know! Hey baby, nothing's gonna stop us now!” Chameleon: “Hey baby, woo! Nothing! Hey, baby! Nothing's gonna stop us now, yeah!” / And the epic song ENDS as Wally and Captain Retro CROSS the race track finish line FIRST at 4 minutes and 44 seconds! Wanda says: “And Wally and Captain Retro BOTH clinch immunity with a 4 minute, 44 second finish! (ZOOM!) And Rocko and Reggie clock in at 4 minutes and 50 seconds! (ZOOM!) And Dudley and Chameleon improvise, finishing in at 4 minutes and 55 seconds, and they ALL have their voting stamps. Rocko and Reggie, which one of you wants the second place immunity?” Rocko says: “Reggie has to have it, no contest.” Reggie says: “That’s very nice of you, but don’t you want it?” Rocko says: “I’m not worried about MY safety. If my elimination happens, it will happen. But as long as you’re safe, that’s all I care about!” Reggie romantically says: “You’re TRUE blue!”

(Confessional) Rocko says: “Man, did I luck out with Reggie Rocket or WHAT?!” / Dudley says: “I’ve got to handle it to Keswick; that new Changing Suit he made for Chameleon works like a charm!” / Chameleon says: “It sure feels refreshing to use a Changing Suit for GOOD purposes instead of for evil. I just WISH that I could prove that Zarbon or Bulma sabotaged OUR car, then we could get them a Penalty vote on a technicality!” / Captain Retro says: “Our victory came in as I anticipated. So far, everything is holding up. All that remains to unfold is Marlene’s test. Bulma will NOT take Marlene’s loyalty to Skipper lightly. There is no TELLING what Bulma might offer her!” (End Confessional) Wanda says: “Drivers, you may return to the plane to await tonight’s vote-off. We’ve got a magic act to see finish!” And Wanda waves her wand, and teleports back to the Magic Act, where Skipper has just FINISHED tossing the panther into the other end of the glass box, but successfully retrieving the voting stamps for himself AND Marlene! Skipper says: “Well, at least I got our voting stamps!” Skipper gets out, and General Barracuda says: “I can’t believe this! You’ve ALL tried three times, and NONE of you have gotten this magic trick RIGHT, yet! Of course, there’s still PLENTY to be excited about! Suzie and Patrick, are you ready to TRY the trick again?!” Patrick says: “Suzie, you’ve got to trade places with me! I promise you; with my brain coral, I CAN do this!” Suzie looks and says: “I don’t KNOW if I…” Patrick says: “Look! The chance for our immunity is on the line! Do you trust me?!” Suzie says: “Well I…” Patrick asks: “Do you TRUST me?!” Suzie says: “Somehow, I do.” General Barracuda says: “Patrick and Suzie are switching it up! Let’s see if it WORKS for them!” Suzie gets in, and Patrick lowers the curtain.

Patrick says: “Let’s see if I remember this right; right is tight, left is loose, so if I pull the lever LEFT, I will make the trap door LOOSE, and if I pull it RIGHT; I will THEN make the trap door tight again! And I LIFT up the curtain, and make the REVEAL!!!!” And Patrick pulls up the curtain. Sure enough, the panther is GONE and Suzie is STILL fine! General Barracuda says: “Patrick and Suzie have done it! They BOTH receive immunity!” Zarbon protests: “Are you INSANE?! Patrick isn’t even PRETTY like me!” General Barracuda says: “Don’t hate the players, hate the game!” (Confessional) Zarbon angrily says: “Bulma BETTER get the trick right THIS time, and no more EXCUSES!!!!” / Suzie gasps and says: “Patrick got the trick RIGHT?!!! Well, I suppose even a BROKEN clock is right at least TWICE a day; unless it’s on Military Time, in which case, it’s only right once!” / Patrick says: “I’m feeling pretty proud of myself having done the magic trick, right. I’ve probably been pushed up from a three to at LEAST a six on Suzie’s respect-o-meter by now!” (End Confessional) Bulma whispers and says: “Marlene, I want to talk to you!” Marlene asks: “What do you want?” Bulma says: “Come with me behind the stage.” And Marlene follows Bulma. Marlene says: “You WANT something, don’t you?!” Bulma says: “You’re no stranger to THIS game! You KNOW that I’m going to get the magic trick right THIS time, RIGHT?! So you and Skipper have NO chance to get immunity! You are BOTH going to be at RISK tonight! However, I COULD choose to save YOU and get you closer to the Final Three!” Marlene says: “I’m not making a deal with YOU, you’re the BAD guy! I heard what you SAID about Zarbon, and how you’ve been leading him on! What if I TOLD him what I heard you SAID?! Do you think that ZARBON will listen to you THEN?!”

Bulma chuckles deviously and she says: “I KNEW you were going to prove troublesome from the moment you stepped FOOT on the plane! Why do you think I’ve been working so HARD to try to separate YOU, from Skipper?! I just KNEW that as long as you weren’t FOCUSED on Skipper, you wouldn’t be focused on the game, allowing ME and Zarbon to skate THROUGH the game without trouble! But every time Skipper started to poke his BEAK where it didn’t BELONG, I had to engineer ways to get RID of him! King Julian was a USEFUL idiot in getting Skipper to lose his focus the FIRST time, while TRICKING Skipper through Taotie, that Spongebob was going to be the OBVIOUS under the radar winner of the season, was all it took to get Skipper to go AFTER Spongebob!” Marlene scowls and angrily says: “You’re a VILE woman!” Bulma says: “Maybe so. But as I warned Gonard, it’s MY word against YOUR word! And I think we both KNOW who would WIN in an argument between YOU and me; the one with the most BRAINS! And I don’t think you can match ME in a WAR of the WORDS! Now, I plan to WIN that $44.44 million, with or WITHOUT your help!” Marlene asks: “What do you even WANT with the money?! You’re already RICH!!!!” Bulma scoffs and says: “Poor, simple, fool! It’s not the money I’M after! I’m after a much BIGGER fish! I have a ‘thing’ that I need to have taken care of, and the only way I’m going to DO that is by WINNING first place!” Marlene asks: “What ‘thing’ do you need taken care of?”

Bulma says: “That’s NOT your concern! Let’s just say that WHEN this season is over, nobody will EVER make fun of ME or my name EVER again!” Marlene asks: “Why would people make fun of you?!” Bulma seriously says: “Don’t ask questions you DON’T want to know the answers to! Now, we can either do this one of two ways; a carrot or a stick approach. You can either go for the carrot; and you will split the money with me 50/50 REGARDLESS of who wins, or I can use the stick, and I will have ZARBON make your life UTTERLY miserable! Either way, I’m going to get farther than YOU in this season of the game!” Marlene seriously says: “You won’t get ANY money once Skipper and Captain Retro are THROUGH with you!” Bulma gets RED in the face and looks about ready to SCREAM, but she calms down and says: “Very well, then! You won’t GO for the carrot, then it’s going to have to be the stick! It’s no longer simply enough for me to simply DESTROY Skipper, because there are things SO much WORSE than DEATH!!!!”

(Confessional) Bulma angrily says: “UGH!!!! How DARE she refuse me?! ME?!!! After ALL the lying and CONNIVING that I went THROUGH to get her to trust ME?!!! I gave her a chance to SAVE herself, and she SPITS it in my FACE!!!! NOBODY spits in the face of Bulma Briefs and gets AWAY with it! Marlene is going to find her plans to get any FURTHER in the game completely RUINED by what I’m going to have Zarbon DO against HER!!!!” / Marlene says: “Bulma can try whatever she wants; I am NOT going to betray Skipper! And I would LOVE to see Bulma TRY to ruin MY life OR Skipper’s! What else could she possibly THROW at me?!” (End Confessional) Bulma whispers to Zarbon, and she says: “She refused the deal. When this challenge is over, execute Plan 66!” Zarbon gladly says: “With PLEASURE!!!!” General Barracuda says: “Bulma and Zarbon, it’s time to TRY again!” Bulma says: “And I’m SUCCEEDING this time!” Bulma lowers the curtains, and utilizing the exact SAME trick that Patrick used, Bulma manages to release the trap-door, and raises the curtain, to REVEAL Zarbon WITHOUT a panther in the glass box! And Zarbon is also HOLDING the voting stamps for Bulma and Zarbon! General Barracuda says: “And Bulma and Zarbon are successful! Now you get to choose which one of you gets immunity!” Bulma says: “Zarbon, I NEED immunity for tonight!” Zarbon says: “But I’ll be put at RISK!!!!” Bulma says: “You WON’T be at risk if you’re successful with our plan!” Zarbon says: “I’m putting a LOT of faith in you on this! You BEST be right!” Bulma asks: “Have I ever NOT been right?!” Zarbon says: “I can’t think of a single instance!” Bulma says: “Than you KNOW that you can TRUST me! Do you TRUST me?” Zarbon doesn’t even BLINK, and he says: “More than ANYONE else in the whole Universe!” Bulma says: “Than go, and ENSURE Marlene’s elimination and Skipper’s HUMILIATION!” And Zarbon leaves for the plane! General Barracuda says: “Even though it’s a moot point, you STILL need to perform the magic trick correctly!” Skipper says: “Marlene, what is Zarbon going to do? Did you refuse Bulma?” Marlene says: “In response to your first question, I don’t know. To your second question, I had to.” Skipper says: “Well, I won’t argue with you there. But just WHY did you refuse Bulma?” Marlene says: “Money is no longer important to me this season. All I’m interested in is seeing justice served where justice NEEDS to be served!”

(Confessional) Skipper says: “Marlene is FULL of fire today and eager to impress me! Her determination and my skills are all that we need to WIN this game! I just hope that we can pull it off together!” / Marlene says: “Bulma HAS to be stopped! I don’t care what ‘thing’ she has to take care of, but it can’t be WORTH ruining the lives of nearly every single contestant that Bulma has PROBABLY been responsible for eliminating! Bulma has to know that the ends do NOT justify the means! Bulma’s going to find out the hard way that by eliminating ME, she’s going to unleash the elimination BEAST that IS Skipper!” (End Confessional) Zarbon sneaks onto the plane, and breaks into the Editing Room on the “Total Cartoon Global Cruise” plane again! Zarbon puts in SEVERAL episode discs, plays through them, and using his editing skills, does some unseen photoshop tricks, and prints the results RIGHT onto bright, glossy photographs! Zarbon chuckles and says: “Poor, simple Marlene! When Bulma WANTS someone to FALL, they will ALWAYS Fall!”

And inexplicably, dramatic musical stings are played as Bulma walks ONTO the plane, and Zarbon chuckles as he KNOWS it can only mean ONE thing! During this sequence, Bulma envisions all KINDS of terrible things happening to Skipper and Marlene! / Genre: Broadway. Song: “Big and Loud, Part Two.” Sung by: Bulma and Zarbon. / Bulma: “I didn't get where I am today, by letting myself get pushed around! No man nor beast or otter or penguin is going to drag me down!” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “The lightning will be flashing! The thunder, it will roar! They will never know what hit them! Wait until they see what I have in store! Big and Loud!! It's gonna be big and Loud!” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “When they fall, they'll really fall!” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “And they're gonna fall big!” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “And they're gonna fall loud!” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “They're gonna fall big, and they’re gonna FALL…” Zarbon laughs! Bulma: “Shut up, ZARBON!!!! LOUD!!!!” / And the dramatic number ends! /

The action shifts back to Marlene and Skipper, and Marlene has just successfully finished her Magic Trick! General Barracuda says: “And it’s over! The challenge is all over! Everyone back to the plane! It’s time to reveal just WHO has immunity for tonight’s elimination ceremony!” / Everyone is back at the plane, and Sniz says: “Okay, I will announce the contestants who have won immunity. Captain Retro and Wally, Suzie and Patrick, Reggie Rocket, and Bulma Briefs. That means that tonight, only Skipper, Marlene, Dudley, Chameleon, Rocko, and Zarbon have a chance to be voted off! Everyone else is safe!” Zarbon raises his hand, and Sniz asks: “Do you have a question?” Zarbon slyly says: “No, but I do have SOME important PHOTOS from Blonda that she WANTED to SHARE with everybody, but she wasn’t able to DO it before she was eliminated! She acquired these WHILE she was watching the show, and while she was on it! I would like to SHOW these photos to EVERYONE here, and show EVERYONE the kind of WOMAN that Marlene A. Otter REALLY is!!!!”

And Zarbon passes out the photos, and nearly EVERYONE except Captain Retro gasps in SHOCK!!!! Bulma says: “Here is Marlene sleeping with Jimmy NEUTRON before the Japan Challenge!” Chameleon says: “Here is Marlene sleeping with Snaptrap AND Haggis McHaggis before the Idaho Challenge!” Reggie says: “Here is Marlene sleeping with TWISTER before the New York Challenge!” Patrick says: “Here is Marlene SLEEPING with Stanley S. Squarepants before the San Marino Challenge!” Dudley says: “Here is Marlene sleeping with KESWICK before the Bangkok Challenge!” Zarbon says: “Here is Marlene sleeping with Oonski AND Kaput before the INDIA challenge!” Suzie gasps and says: “Here’s Marlene sleeping with OTTO before the Mount Everest Challenge!!!!” Rocko says: “Here’s Marlene sleeping with HEFFER and SANJAY before the Russia Challenge!!!!” Sniz says: “And here’s MARLENE, sleeping with, ME BEFORE the Rio de Janeiro Challenge?!” Katie screams: “She did WHAT?!!!” Sniz says: “OOPS!!!!” Katie screams: “I can’t BELIEVE YOU!!!! Sleeping with some…FLOOZY that’s slept with nearly every single GUY on the plane?!” Skipper protests and says: “You can’t BUY this! Zarbon already PULLED this same stunt BACK in the Colorado Challenge!” Katie says: “So it’s been going on for a WHILE, now!” Captain Retro says: “And don’t forget, during MOST of those challenges, she was in a RELATIONSHIP with ME!!!!”

Zarbon says: “That’s PRECISELY the point I’m proving!” Captain Retro suddenly claps his hands over his mouth, REALIZING the intention of Zarbon’s ploy! (Confessional) Captain Retro blushes, and says: “I walked RIGHT into that one! Not one of my PROUDER moments as a contestant!” / Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “See what happens when you REFUSE me, MARLENE?!!! I can utterly DESTROY you AND your time as a CONTESTANT!!!! Let’s see you survive THIS Elimination Ceremony!” / Skipper angrily says: “Bulma, you have UTTERLY crossed the LINE this time! If Marlene doesn’t survive tonight, you will SUFFER every BIT of my penguin WRATH!!!!” / Zarbon chuckles and says: “If at FIRST you don’t succeed, go BIGGER and BETTER, I always say!” / Suzie says: “Now that I think about it, I always HAVE been suspicious about Marlene, and her motives of trying to buddy up with everybody! It’s obviously ALL been a PLOY to get CLOSE with the guys, gain their trust, and when they LEAST suspect it, DUMP them at their first convenience! And poor little Otto fell for it! How dare SHE use HER beauty like that?! Well Marlene, you may be one pretty otter, but you just made one UGLY enemy out of me; you are GONE!!!!” (End Confessional)

Captain Retro looks at the photo Zarbon gave HIM, and he simply tears it up! Zarbon asks: “What’s WRONG, Captain Retro? Don’t like the TRUTH that Marlene was just using YOU, to?!” Captain Retro scoffs and says: “Marlene sleeping together with SPONGEBOB?! Even HEFFER wouldn’t BUY that; and Heffer voted for STUMP to be the President of the Nickelodeon Studio Company!” Zarbon asks: “Heffer voted for STUMP to be the President of the Nickelodeon Stuido Company?” (Flashback) Heffer says: “Yoo-hoo! Look at me! I’m voting for the President! Yoo-hoo! Look at me! I’m pushing the WRONG button!” (End flashback!) Bulma yells: “HEFFER!!!!”

Katie angrily says: “As of right NOW, Sniz! You and I are THROUGH!!!! Do you hear me, THROUGH?!” Sniz says: “Then you are OFF of the plane! I will NOT allow you to lounge in the V.I.P. Lounge anymore!” Katie angrily says: “Fine!!!!” Katie walks a few feet, and she turns around and says: “By the way, Captain Retro; when you are out of the contest, consider looking me up. I’ve just become VERY available!” Captain Retro romantically says: “I’ll be SURE to keep that in mind!” And Katie walks towards the Mirage Hotel. Sniz crosses his arms and says: “Well, I hope you’re HAPPY, Marlene! You have just thoroughly RUINED my LIFE!!!!” Marlene protests and says: “But I didn’t sleep with ANY of them! REALLY!!!!” Sniz says: “However, unlike you, I won’t just RUIN your life without even WARNING you about it, you’ll get to sweat it out and see how your fellow contestants FEEL about you! We’ll see just how forgiving they are of this new found evidence, and whether they’ll be willing to save you!” / The plane is in transit, and everyone is at the Elimination Ceremony. Sniz says: “Time to award bags of popcorn to the contestants who have immunity. Captain Retro and Wally, Suzie and Patrick, Reggie Rocket, and Bulma Briefs!” Sniz gets on his cell phone and asks: “Is it ETHICAL for me to promise BONUS goodies to whoever votes OFF Marlene?! I can’t?!” Sniz hangs up and says: “Well, I tried! Seeing as how you don’t have any actual INCENTIVE for doing so, it’s all up to you as to how you vote tonight! And remember, you can only vote for a contestant who doesn’t have immunity right now! So, get in there and VOTE!”

(Confessional) Captain Retro stamps Zarbon’s passport. Captain Retro says: “Zarbon, this is by FAR, the FILTHIEST move you’ve EVER pulled on Bulma’s behalf, bar NONE!!!!” / Zarbon stamps Marlene’s passport. Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Thank you for ALL that sleeping footage with Captain Retro that I could so EASILY splice with other contestants! I wish I could say that I WILL remember you; but you’re not as pretty as me, so I won’t!” / Bulma stamps Marlene’s passport. Bulma says: “Don’t MESS with the master if you DON’T want to get BURNED!!!!” / Marlene stamps Zarbon’s passport. Marlene angrily says: “Zarbon, I SWEAR one day you will PAY for this! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next week! But you’ll pay for it SOMEDAY, and THEN for the REST of your LIFE!!!!” / Skipper angrily stamps Zarbon’s passport continually, until gorillas Bada and Bing have to physically PRY Skipper out of the Confessional so that someone else can use it! / Chameleon stamps Marlene’s passport. Chameleon says: “I’m sorry, but at this rate, you’ll sleep with DUDLEY next! It’s nothing personal!” / Dudley stamps Marlene’s passport. Dudley says: “You messed up BIG time! You HAVE to go!” / Reggie sighs and stamps Zarbon’s passport. Reggie says: “I sure hope I’m not making the SAME mistake that I made when I chose to NOT vote off Angelica Pickles!” / Suzie angrily stamps Marlene’s passport. Suzie says: “Maybe now, you can APOLOGIZE to everyone you’ve ever SLEPT to, to their FACES!!!!” / Patrick stamps Marlene’s passport. Patrick says: “I’m sorry, but I have to vote for someone! And the evidence surrounding you is just too SUSPICIOUS! Please don’t take it personally!” / Wally thinks about it, and STAMPS Marlene’s passport! Wally says: “I’m not doing this because of the photos I’ve seen, I’m doing this because you DID lie to Captain Retro before! I’m NOT going to let you do it AGAIN!” / Rocko stamps Zarbon’s passport, and Rocko says: “Heffer would’ve TOLD me if he had been SLEEPING with anyone; let alone, Marlene! Zarbon is the only obvious choice that I can vote for!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Voting is over! It’s time to see who ELSE will receive a bag of popcorn! Rocko! Dudley, Chameleon, Skipper!” And Zarbon GASPS when he realizes for the first time in a LONG time, HE is on the Bottom Two! Sniz says: “The two of you have had a LONG, troubling time this season, for one reason or another! But now, ONE of you will be seeing their GAME come to an end! The question is, who?!” (Confessional) Marlene chuckles confidently and says: “Come on! I have too much of a good relationship with everyone here! Everybody LIKES me! They’d NEVER vote me OFF!” / Zarbon says: “I’m far too PRETTY to ever BE voted off! They better NOT have voted ME off!!!!” (End Confessional) Sniz says: “The Final Bag of Popcorn, will be going to the contestant who most deserves it! With that being said, the Final Bag of Popcorn, goes to…(Dramatic music builds up and swells)…ZARBON!!!!”

Skipper yells: “WHAT?!!!” Bulma says: “YES!!!!” Captain Retro asks: “HOW?!!!” Marlene despairs and says: “NO!!!! I thought I was doing so well!” Sniz says: “Sorry, Marlene! You played with fire, and you finally got BURNED!!!! It was a 7-5 vote against you, and it looks like Wally was the Swing Vote!” Marlene says: “And to THINK I thought that I wanted to ADOPT you!” Wally says: “That vote wasn’t about YOU, it was about your LIE to Captain Retro! Maybe from now on, you’ll think TWICE before you ever LIE again!” Marlene grabs her parachute, and Marlene says: “I might have told that ONE lie, but someone has been lying to YOU all season long! They have ESPECIALLY been lying to Zarbon! And Zarbon, you better believe me when I say, you won’t be happy when you discover the AWFUL truth about Bulma! And if my suspicions are correct, you won’t have too long to wait! Just remember, the fate of the Final Three is now in MY hands, and all those contestants you’ve said I SLEPT with, Zarbon; they KNOW the truth! And they WILL vote with me against you even if you COULD make it to the Final Three! And the same goes true for Bulma!” Bulma indifferently says: “That is nice, so sorry it means you still lost!” Marlene angrily says: “Believe me, you are going to be decimated, LOSER!!!!” And Marlene jumps OUT of the plane before Bulma can GRAB Marlene and attempt to STRANGLE her for the INSULT!!!! Bulma shouts: “And I hope your parachute FAILS on the way down!” /

Sniz is in the cockpit, but he’s crying over Katie. General Barracuda says: “Sorry folks, Sniz is still in mourning, so it looks like I have to do the end of the episode announcement. One more contestant has left, and eleven more contestants remain! We have a very special Performance Review next time, to celebrate our 100th episode! Stay tuned for the festivities, on Total Cartoon Global Cruise! I sure hope Sniz cheers up by then.” /

Epilogue: Captain Retro is in the storage room, and with nothing more than a green guitar, sings about the relationship he once had with Marlene, singing his rocking version of a Sheryl Crow hit song! / Genre: Blues Rock. Sub-genre: Sheryl Crow. Song: “My Favorite Mistake.” Sung by: Captain Retro! / Captain Retro: “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I woke up and called this morning, the tone of your voice was a warning; that you don't care for me anymore. I made up the bed I sleep in. I looked at the clock when you creeped in. It's 6 A.M. and I'm alone. Did you know, when you go it's the perfect ending, to the bad day, I was just beginning. When you go, all I know is you're my favorite mistake. Now, your friends are sorry for me. They watch you pretend to adore me. But I am no fool to this game. Now here comes your secret lover, he will be unlike any other, until your guilt goes up in flames. Did you know, when you go it's the perfect ending, to the bad day, I'd gotten used to spending. When you go, all I know is you're my favorite mistake. You're my favorite mistake. Well maybe nothing lasts forever, even when you stay together. I don't need forever after, but it's your laughter, that won't let me go; so I won’t live on this way! Hey! (Guitar solo) Now, did you know, could you tell, you were the only one that I ever loved? Now everything's so wrong. Now, did you see me walking by; did it ever make you cry? Now, you're my favorite mistake. Yeah, you're my favorite mistake! You're my favorite mistake!” / And the Epic song ends. / Episode Notes: Marlene is FINALLY eliminated in this episode. With her elimination, every single contestant from season two has now been eliminated at least ONCE! Skipper is now the ONLY representative LEFT from “The Penguins of Madagascar.” Katie, the Girl from Ipanema, breaks up with Sniz in this episode and leaves the “Total Cartoon Global Cruise” plane. Featured songs in this episode are “Abracadabra, Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” (also part of the episode title), “Big and Loud, Part Two,” and “My Favorite Mistake.” Bulma makes a cryptic remark to why she has been doing everything she has done this season in order to win, saying that she has a ‘thing’ that she needs to have taken care of. The issue will be brought up again in a future episode. /

Personal Notes: Eliminating Marlene as a contestant? Yeah, that hurt for me. Especially because I really LIKE the woman who voices Marlene (Nicole Sullivan), and that’s one of the reasons that I have utilized Marlene as much as I have done from the start of season two until now. Initially, I WANTED to carry on Marlene’s story from last season, by having her go all the way to the Final Three again.

This time, however, I had planned on giving Marlene the win! But after the Last Performance Review, Marlene’s game play became derailed, as the truth FINALLY came to light for Captain Retro, and she got back together with Skipper. Although Marlene got her love life back on track, it significantly HURT her game playing prowess in the process, and Bulma took FULL advantage of that! Ironically, it turned out that Marlene’s biggest strength in season two; her ability to play the “Flirt” card, ended up to turn out to be her biggest WEAKNESS this season! And Marlene was brought down not because she didn’t love enough, she ended up loving too much. I admit, this season has been full of mistakes that have been made on my part, trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t. And I personally never believed that there COULD be such a thing as a favorite mistake; but out of all the mistakes I have made this season, temporarily hooking up Marlene with Captain Retro was my favorite. If nothing else, it did give Captain Retro and Marlene degrees of complexity that they never had before. / That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! :rolleyes:

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Here's a rerun of the final episode of SpingeBill's Adventure



Episode 13: The End of the Portal Era

Plot: Splaat tells SpongeBob that all portals will disappear


(Splaat phone rings)

SpongeBob: Hello?

Splaat: Hey SpongeBob. I just wanted to say that the dimension portals will be closing.

SpongeBob: What! They're closing!

Splaat: Yeah.

SpongeBob: Then how I'm gonna see you.

Splaat: Relax! I have teleport powers myself remember.

SpongeBob: Oh yeah.

Splaat: So what are you gonna do now.

SpongeBob: Meh! The portals were all around Bikini Bottom so I don't mind them to be gone.

Splaat: Agreed. I had many portals in my dimension .

(SpongeBob looks outside his window)

SpongeBob: The portals are disappearing 

Splaat: Welp. I guess that's the end of the portal era.

(Squidward comes out of his house)

Squidward: The portals are gone...... YAY NO STUPID PICKLE AND DUMB PEANUT CAN SCARE ME!

Patrick: Hey Squidward!

Squidward: What is it now Patrick?

Patrick: I just want to give you this pickle and peanut


(Squidward runs away)

Patrick: Oh... I just want to give him this pickle and peanut.


And so the portals are all gone! The series has now come to an end. Thank you all for reading and watching SpingeBill's Adventure

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What better way to celebrate Version 12 of SBC; "Squid," than with a re-run of one of the most EPIC episodes of all time?! A re-run of a milestone episode, from "Total Cartoon Global Cruise!" /

Instead of the usual show open, FIREWORKS are exploding, and confetti and glitter DROP through the air! And in very FANCY C.G.I. letters, the words Total Cartoon Global Cruise: Performance Review 100th Episode Spectacular! Come on-screen, and they are followed by scenes from some of the past episodes of “Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” /

Jimmy Neutron says: "Aerophobia, as it's commonly called, as opposed to aeronauseophobia, which is the fear of getting air-sickness!" Dib sarcastically says: "Yeah, well state one MORE useless fact like THAT and I'M going to get aeronauseous all OVER you, pal!" / Tigress incredulously replies: “HEY! Nobody needs to be reminded that I am a girl!” / Bulma scoffs and says: "SMARTEST?!!! That's HIGHLY debatable!" / Reggie says: "You heard him! Yadda YADDA!!!!" / Kitty says: "I do NOT get distracted by a--" (Bulma reflects light off of her Dragon Radar) Kitty excitedly says: "A magic ray of light! Come back here!" / Monster protests: "But, people will see our BUSINESS!!!!" Zarbon coldly asks: "Is that a PROBLEM; MISS?!!!" / Captain Retro, unsure, asks: "Po, do you and Tigress EVER make out?!" Tigress answers: "All the time!!!!" / Captain Retro points to a far-off mountain and says: "Want to see me run to the top of that mountain and back?!" Captain Retro doesn't APPEAR to move, then asks: "Want to see me do it again in slow motion?!" / Taotie unleashes a morning star and says: "Prepare to be VANQUISHED!" Spongebob says: "I said that once." / Bulma says: "Don't give me THAT!!!! I happen to be a TRUE size ZERO, for your information!!" / General Barracuda says: "That's funny!" Sniz says: "Funny, as in 'ha-ha' funny? Or funny as in, ‘uh-oh, we might all DIE’ funny?!!!" / Treeflower asks: "And you couldn't THINK to swap Angelica's personality with something a little nicer? Like a honey badger?!" Angelica sarcastically says: "Ho-ho, very funny! Ha-ha, it IS to laugh!" / Tigress, unable to keep composure any longer, finally blurts out: "You IDIOT!!!! I am a GIRL!!!!" Twister asks: "Wait! You're a WHAT?!!!" / Treeflower excitedly says: "I'm pregnant!!!!" Norbert yells so loud that everyone ELSE at the Dow Villa Motel can HEAR: "YES!!!!" / Kitty angrily says: "OH!!!! So you're FUNNY now?! Do you WANT me to show you something REALLY funny?!!!" / Harvey says: "I think Haggis has a lot of spunk, even if he's probably older than MY dad! Come to think of it, I'm not even sure HOW old Haggis IS! He must be at least like...40!!!!" / Angelica snidely says: "You said 'potatoes' TWICE!!!!" / Reggie angrily screams: "I AM THE QUEEN OF CHILL!!!! Can you not SEE the CHILL emanating from my FACE?!!!" / Captain Retro shouts: "ANGELICA!!!! Did you WISH for Haggis to be HIT by lightning if it turned OUT that you WEREN'T going to make it to the Final THREE?!!!" Angelica says: "Coincidence!" / Patrick says: "I'm terrible at keeping secrets!" / General Barracuda defiantly says: "I LIKE running ducks!!!!" Sway-Sway seriously says: "TURN!!!!" / Dib screams: "We're going to die! We're going to DIE!!!! I'm going to throw up, and then we're going to die!!!!" / Marlene, at first, calmly and quietly says: "Angelica, I will say this in the calmest, nicest, most sincere, quietest way I possibly can!!" Than Marlene loses it and EXPLODES, SHOUTING: "YOU KICKED THE FREAKING PENDANT OF LIFE OUT OF THE PLANE!!!!" / Daggett says: "I'm sorry! Was that too complicated an insult for you?! I'll try dumbing it DOWN to YOUR level! DUH!!!!" / Angelica seriously says: "You're coming with ME, or I'll SCREAM!!!!! AHHH!!!! AHHH!!!!" / Angelica screams: "You DON'T GET TO CHEER!!!" / Robot angrily shouts: "You guys just SHUT UP!!!!!" Angelica screams: "You don't GET to tell us to shut UP!!!!" / Globitha says: "Ooh! These are pretty lights! OHHH!!!! What do these buttons do?!!!" General Barracuda says: "HEY!!!! Don't touch that!!!!" / Pearl shouts: "SHOPPING! EEEH!!!!" / Gonard says: "Ooh! A ball! I'll get it!" / Phoebe sighs and says: "Just keep the bread-sticks coming." / Daggett says: “For the record, Old Man Jenkins was SPOOTY!” / Skipper looks seriously and asks: "Plan Patrick?" / Daggett sings: "Can't understand just what does, he say?!" / Bulma says: "Shut up! We STILL have a seven!" / Sniz says: "Well folks, it seems as though we're experiencing some technical difficul--." (BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) /

Dog shouts: "Hi CAT!!!! I always WANTED to say that on this show!" / Spongebob asks: "Why does just about EVERYBODY have a driver's license but ME?!!! It just doesn't seem FAIR!!!!" / Taotie groans and screams: "Doesn't ANYBODY care what I'm SAYING or what I THINK?!!!!" / Craig weakly replies: "I dood it...with my FACE!!!!" / Chameleon says: "We're even starting to finish each others...!" Dudley and Chameleon respectively say: "Sandwiches/Sentences!!!!" / Dudley asks: "Why did I say SANDWICHES?!!! How would THAT even work in context?!!! I don't know; I panicked, I guess!" / Skipper rolls his eyes and says: "Maybe you didn't HEAR me; I SAW IT IN A GERMAN MOVIE!!!!" / Fondue angrily says: "Nobody, say the word, 'DOOR', to ME!!!!" / Otto SCREAMS: "I NEED TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" /

Otto disguises his voice and says: "Call him and tell him you love him!!!!" Suzie says: "Get off the phone, Otto!" Otto forgets himself and says: "I'm not on the PHONE...D'OH!!!!" Everyone else says: "GET OFF THE PHONE!!!!" / Suzie sniffles and says: "Otto, you big, dumb JERK!!!!" / Bulma sarcastically retorts: "Oh; 'Just cake? JUST CAKE?!!!' I GAINED ten OUNCES just by TOUCHING it!!!!" / Robot, bewildered, asks: "WHAT?!!! Does she, like, have some CREEPY wedding dress RADAR installed in her BODY?!!!" / Globitha says: "I KNEW getting that CREEPY wedding dress radar installed in my body was a GOOD idea! Thank YOU, Ogo!!!!" / General Barracuda announces: "Attention passengers; we are about to descend and land in Nepal. Nice, quiet, Nepal. In the very LIKELY event of a crash landing due to these white-out conditions; crouch down, put your head under your knees, and kiss your BUTT good-bye, if you can!!!!" / Bulma shouts: “Are you CRAZY?!!!” / Fondue says: "I HATE my LIFE!!!!" / Heffer gets big puppy eyes, and delighted, asks: "ME?!!! I'm an AUDIENCE favorite?!!!" / Zarbon rolls his eyes and loudly asks: "Can't a blue-skinned alien get a moment of PEACE to make himself PRETTIER?!!!" / Zarbon groans and says: "You're just DETERMINED to have it YOUR way, aren't you?!" / Tigress asks: "I trust that there will be no one on this team EVER doubting MY abilities again?!" / Tigress mutters to herself: "Pummel Spongebob, Pummel Taotie, wash shirt..." / Zarbon says: "I was just imagining a square shaped hole, where your so-called BRAIN is supposed to be!" Taotie scoffs and says: "I KNOW what you were IMAGINING!!!!" / Kaput's eyes open wildly as he shouts: "MONEY!!!! Canceling all thoughts of dignity and pride in my mind! I'll do it!" / Buhdeuce says: "I know ALL the video game tricks! Up, up, down, down, left, right, A, B, Start!" (And a fifty extra lives counter appears above Buhdeuce!) Buhdeuce chuckles and says: "Works like a charm!" / Taotie groans, rolls his eyes and says: "Somewhere in heaven, Chuck Jones is LAUGHING his head off!" / Bulma mimics Gonard and says: "Oh, I'm sorry! But I have unnatural friendly feelings for Buhdeuce and King Julien, that may or may NOT involve ME being bi-sexual, so I'm going to completely disregard my FICTIONAL chance of ever getting to first base with you, and completely SCREW you over!" / Tigress angrily says: “BUTT out, you future McRib SANDWICH!!!! Or do you want to become a Pork Kabob?!” / Blonda screams: "I was ROBBED!!!!" / Skipper says: "That Super NES emblem that is Team Retro has been number one for too long! It's time we take it DOWN a notch!" Monster says: "I'm not so sure you can! Nothing can beat the Super NES, not even the Playstation One! And it tried harder than anything!" / Phoebe face-palms herself and says: "STUPID!!!! Why did I have to ask such a STUPID question?! Sniz ALWAYS has an answer for everything!" / Norbert says: “And by 'simple,' you mean 'painful' and quite possibly, 'life-threatening.'” / Bulma says: “Seriously, Blonda would have to use some kind of SLIDE rule in order to prevail in THIS challenge!” / Bulma asks: “How can YOU eat during a challenge like THIS?!” / Po shouts: “Hey! You CAN'T use licorice sticks for EVIL!” / The appearance of Anti-Timmy looks even WORSE than it did before; as Anti-Timmy has lost his shoes, his hat, most of his hair has fallen off, his skin is ALL green, warty, and wrinkly, his eyes look CRAZED and maniacal, his feet and hands look like CLAWS, and his ears are all pointy and disease ridden! Reggie screams: “Cancel him! Cancel him, cancel him; cancel him; cancel him!!!! Oh, for the LOVE of all things good and holy, CANCEL HIM!!!!” / Po sputters and shouts: “You BROKE Taotie AGAIN!!!! Fix him, NOW!!!!” / Bulma says: “Well, I can't HELP that I DO know it all!” / Anti-Timmy yells: “It burns us! It BURNS us!!!!” /

Captain Retro asks: “Marlene, are you still HAPPY being with me?” Marlene says: “Of course I am! You're all I think about!” / Taotie angrily asks: “Now, where do YOU get off?! Trying to throw ME off?! I'll have you know, I've faced odds MUCH tougher than--!!!!” (PUNCH!!!! PUNCH!!!! POW!!!!) And Taotie is LITERALLY booted out of the plane! / Captain Retro gets disgusted and asks: “Is THAT all I've BEEN to you? Some kind of galactic CHEAT sheet?!” / Marlene angrily says: “You and I are SO over!!!! You can TAKE your STUPID powers and SHOVE them up your BUTT! I'm OUT!!!! Watch ME win WITHOUT you and your STUPID help!!!!” Marlene storms out of the V.I.P. Lounge angrily, and Captain Retro just stands there, baffled. Captain Retro shouts: “Well, NEXT time, break someone's HEART all at ONCE instead of piece by piece, why don't you?!” / Sniz rolls his eyes and says: “I hate it when losers get clingy.” / Marlene says: “From now on, let's no longer make mistakes with others. Let's make mistakes together.” / Daggett pouts and says: “A spooty jungle, AGAIN?! We just got THROUGH going through a spooty jungle!” / Bulma whispers: “BE the VILLAIN that everyone KNOWS you are, and MY love will be FOREVER yours! You know you want it. Just say YES!” Zarbon BARELY blinks and says: “I love you.” Bulma smiles and says: “I know.” / Captain Retro sighs happily and says: “I LOVE being a Nicktoon!” / Bulma says: “Zarbon, Po, do what you are best at! Everyone else, can just stand around and make ME look prettier and WAY smarter than the rest of you by comparison!” / Daggett says: “I am SICK and TIRED of YOU bossing everyone around with your big, fat, MOUTH!!!!” Bulma twitches and she angrily says: “Like, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” / Patrick says: “I am not that dumb!” /

Blonda screams: “Did you try to KILL me?!” Zarbon chuckles and says: “Kill you?! You're TOO good for THAT! I was only trying to MAIM or seriously INJURE you!!!!” / Captain Retro says: “It's a LEGENDARY Cross-over Battle!” / Emperor Mavro screams: “My EMPIRE!!!! MY DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” / Bulma screams: “I am a VERY delicate FLOWER!!!! I'm not some PSYCHO junkie who gets their KICKS blowing up PSYCHO freaks!” / Marlene says: “I wasn't AWARE Rosa Parks was on this plane!” / Gonard sputters and shouts: “Why does EVERYONE assume that I don't KNOW anything about GIRLS?! I mean, BESIDES the fact that I've NEVER actually DATED one!” / Bulma rolls her eyes and SERIOUSLY says: “Seriously? Trust me, Anti-Timmy is STILL on the plane!” / Skipper loudly yells: “WHAT is the MEANING of THIS?!” / Skipper whispers: “All right. Then I guess you should--” And Skipper EXPLODES and loses it, screaming: “SHUT UP and DO what I SAY!!!!” / Suzie groans and screams: “I should have DEFINITELY never gone zip-lining!” / Patrick says: “For anyone keeping score at home, that's IRONY 2, Skipper ZERO!” / Patrick moans and yells: “I should have DEFINITELY never gone OXEN riding!” / Skipper face-palms himself and yells: “BECAUSE I FORGOT my BAZOOKA at HOME!” Patrick SERIOUSLY asks: “You HAVE a BAZOOKA?!” Skipper says: “I'm not even going to ANSWER that one!” / Patrick moans and yells: “We should have DEFINITELY never gone BOAT riding!” / Skipper says: “It's no use SCREAMING at a time like this, nobody can HEAR us!” Than Skipper frantically cries: “HELP!! HELP!! HELP!!” / Bulma protests: “You've GOT to be KIDDING me!” / Bulma SCREAMS: “Get me OUT of HERE, NOW!!!!” / Bulma yells: “You IMBECILE!!!! How DARE you ENDANGER yourself by putting yourself into a position that I can't HELP you out of?! Do you KNOW what I would have to do if I DIDN'T have you?! I'd have to with these LOSERS!!!!” / General Barracuda yells: “Come ON!!!! Right in my FACE!!!! Now NOTHING is going to sound RIGHT!” / Marlene gasps and exclaims: “You think I'm HILARIOUS?!” / Bulma says: “IF everyone PROMISES not to groan upon hearing me speak, I have a plan of action I'd like to share!” / Dog asks: “And what do I do?” Bulma seriously THINKS about it, and says: “YOU...can be, President of the back of the Train! / Zarbon yells: “None of your BUSINESS, you Futurama REJECT!!!!” / Jenny angrily yells: “Does THIS scare YOU?!!!” / Po angrily says: “You have HAD this coming for the ENTIRE season, ZARBON!!!!” And with a MASSIVE left hook, Po hits Zarbon DIRECTLY in his left eye, causing him to WINCE in gut-wrenching PAIN!!!! Zarbon nervously gets out a mirror, and he is HORRIFIED by how he now LOOKS! Zarbon gasps and nervously asks: “My FACE?! What happened to my face?! YOU BROKE MY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, NO!!!!!!!!! MY POOR FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” /

Zarbon, wearing the eye-patch over his left eye, angrily says: “Mark my words, today is the first, LAST, and ONLY day that ANYONE, especially PO, will be ABLE to punch MY face!” / Reggie says: “People who PLAN horrible betrayals, will almost ALWAYS see their best laid plans go up in flames! Mark my words, nothing GOOD is going to happen to Bulma!” / Chameleon says: “MAN!!!! Everybody seems to be getting uptight the closer we get to the Final Five!” / Patrick says: “You know what I would do with a $44.44 million payday? I'd paint my rock to be all golden. I like to keep my goals simple.” / General Barracuda, in relief, sighs and says: “Another landing, perfectly executed!” / Bulma angrily screams: “I am NOT ALWAYS YELLY AND SCREAMY!!!!” / Suzie groans and she says: “You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!!!” / Bulma romantically says: “Oh, Zarbon, you are ABSOLUTELY right! You are such a BIG, smart, GENIUS in my life!!!!” / Chameleon nervously asks: "Remind me, are armadillos normally vicious, or are they normally nice?!" The armadillos suddenly BARE sharp FANGS and claws at them, and Dog nervously answers: "Normally nice! They are DEFINITELY normally nice!" / Anti-Timmy scowls, and bitterly says: "YOU know what I want from this; I want the PRECIOUS!!!!" / Anti-Timmy exclaims: "I had EVERYTHING! She STOLE it from US!!" / Anti-Timmy scoffs and says: "Oh, PLEASE! Haven't you ever WONDERED how a NO-TALENT cartoon character like me has managed to survive sixteen years of constant cancellations?!" And suddenly, Anti-Timmy's LEFT hand turns into METAL liquid, flows BACK to Anti-Timmy, and reforms into a PERFECTLY formed left hand! / Chameleon asks: "You know that feeling you get when you realize that you actually CARE if someone you KNOW lives or dies? I didn't, until Dudley opened his heart to me. My safety is NOTHING compared to his! I HAVE to protect him! I owe him for THAT much!" / Zarbon defiantly says: "I'll NEVER give you the PRECIOUS!!!! I NEED it! I MUST become the most BEAUTIFUL being in the universe! Eternal beauty MUST be mine! It's MY destiny!" / Dudley smiles says: "I ALWAYS knew you were good inside!" / Marlene asks: “Why are the doors, all locked to me?!” / Captain Retro sighs and asks: “Do you HAVE to do EVERYTHING that Treeflower does?” / Chameleon says: “Oh, Dudley, I was so afraid the other day in El Salvador. I was worried you were going to get hurt!” Dudley says: “It means so much to me that you saved me, because I know now that your bad guy days are truly behind you.” / Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “I can’t BELIEVE how thoroughly gullible Zarbon is; he actually TRUSTS me, and he really BELIEVES we’re going to the Final Two together; the FOOL!!!!” Bulma doesn’t REALIZE that Marlene has just ENTERED into the Confessional behind her! Bulma says: “I’ve been leading Zarbon on since day ONE!!!! I’ve been fooling ALL of them, and they DON’T even suspect the TRUTH!!!! I’ll blindside ALL those fools, and get the money and fame I so GREATLY desire AND deserve! And NO one will EVER make fun of Bulma Briefs AGAIN!!!!” And Marlene ZOOMS out of there WITHOUT being seen! / Skipper’s eyes widen and says: “I can’t believe Bulma is THAT deceptive! Well, I CAN believe it! But it’s just so HARD to believe!” / Suzie groans, and says: “I sure hope Patrick doesn’t mess THIS magic challenge up!” / Patrick says: “I sure hope I don’t mess the magic challenge up!” / Suzie calls on her phone, and says: “Hey, Lil! $10 says that Patrick will try Plan Patrick!” On the phone, Lil says: “Make it $20!” Suzie says: “Deal!” / Zarbon protests: “Are you INSANE?! Patrick isn’t even PRETTY like me!” General Barracuda says: “Don’t hate the players, hate the game!” / Marlene scowls and angrily says: “You’re a VILE woman!” / Marlene seriously says: “You won’t get ANY money once Skipper and Captain Retro are THROUGH with you!” Bulma gets RED in the face and looks about ready to SCREAM, but she calms down and says: “Very well, then! You won’t GO for the carrot, then it’s going to have to be the stick! It’s no longer simply enough for me to simply DESTROY Skipper, because there are things SO much WORSE than DEATH!!!!” / Bulma asks: “Have I ever NOT been right?!” / Marlene stamps Zarbon’s passport. Marlene angrily says: “Zarbon, I SWEAR one day you will PAY for this! Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even next week! But you’ll pay for it SOMEDAY, and THEN for the REST of your LIFE!!!!” / Skipper yells: “WHAT?!!!” Bulma says: “YES!!!!” Captain Retro asks: “HOW?!!!” Marlene despairs and says: “NO!!!! I thought I was doing so well!” /

The clip footage finally ends, and the fancy C.G.I. Letters make a fancy exit off-screen. /

(This episode is dedicated to George Michael). The episode opens up properly, as Darwin and Eliza walk in, dressed in their fanciest clothes, to THUNDEROUS applause! Eliza says: “Welcome, EVERYONE, to our 100th Episode SPECTACULAR!!!!” Darwin asks: “Isn’t it amazing? There are a good NUMBER of OTHER shows that might have called it QUITS by now!” Eliza says: “I know what you mean; they simply would’ve given up and ended things without giving ANY resolution whatsoever!” Darwin says: “But the folks and fans behind the Total Cartoon series are too stubborn to quit, which is why we would like to give a big shout-out and THANKS to our fans, for providing the inspiration for 100 episodes; and counting THIS episode, making 92 of those episodes be REALLY good ones!” Eliza says: “For those of you doing the math at home, that’s a 92% AVERAGE! I bet Family Guy WISHES they had THAT good of a batting average!” Darwin says: “We’ve got a LOT to celebrate this episode! We have our previously eliminated contestants in our celebrity panel, and we’re hosting from a VERY special location!” Eliza says: “That’s right! We are coming to you ALMOST live from the location of the Total Cartoon Global Cruise season finale, Hollywood, California!!!!” Darwin says: “Even though it will all end HERE in twelve more episodes, it is still ANYONES guess as to HOW it will end!” Eliza says: “Personally, I’m banking on Bulma’s MASSIVE ego and her inability to stay shut up for even a nano-second, to be her downfall!” Darwin says: “We also have some brand new contestants who have been eliminated since our LAST Performance Review, who will be joining us for interviews on this episode!” Eliza says: “That’s right! We have Taotie and Tigress!” Darwin says: “Randolph!” Eliza says: “Daggett and Norbert!” Darwin says: “All healed from the hospital, Gonard!” Eliza says: “Po, the Kung Fu Panda himself!” Darwin says: “Dog and Stimpy, the legendary contestants themselves!” Eliza says: “And the one contestant I REALLY wanted to win it all, Marlene!” Darwin says: “I’m still reeling, it just seems SO hard to accept this has HAPPENED!” Blonda gets irritated, and says: “Well, it happened! And it WOULDN’T have happened if I just HAD the $44.44 million that I was SUPPOSED to WIN!!!!” Dib Bitters yells: “Shut up! You’re HERE, you LOST, get over it!” Blonda asks: “Can I replace HIM with Mila Kunis?!” Eliza asks: “What is WITH you and Mila Kunis? You’re OBSESSED with Mila Kunis!” Blonda says: “Well, when they INEVITABLY make a big budget feature about The Fairly Oddparents starring YOURS truly, I want it known to EVERYONE that I want Mila Kunis to be FAST Tracked to portray ME on the big screen!” Zim groans, rolls his eyes, and says: “And I thought that I was the most deluded, pathetic case in this panel!” Darwin says: “IGNORING our Celebrity Fairy IRRITANT…” And Blonda sticks out her tongue and loudly says: “BLAH!!!!” Darwin continues: “We have also got some special SURPRISES in store, to help celebrate this 100th Episode RIGHT! First, let’s introduce our first guests!” Eliza says: “They might have represented the same show, but they are on OPPOSITE sides of the justice coin!” Darwin says: “One is evil and UGLY, one is strong and VERY beautiful!” Eliza says: “Representing Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, it is Taotie and Tigress!”

Taotie screams: “No, NO!!!! I don’t WANT to go out there with YOU, you can’t MAKE me go out there with YOU!” Tigress shouts: “Shut UP!!!! If I have to get interviewed, than YOU are getting interviewed WITH me!” (KICK!!!!) And Taotie is BOOTED on-screen, onto a comfy green couch. Tigress than walks on-screen, blowing kisses to the audience, as she wears her pretty, gold shirt. Tigress sits on the couch next to Darwin, smiling. Taotie gets irritated and says: “HMPH!!!! I get ALL the punches and kicks, and TIGRESS gets all the cheers and applause!” Tigress says: “Well, MAYBE if you had some thought and consideration to actually be KIND once in a while, Karma wouldn’t HATE you so bad!” Taotie says: “Shows what YOU know! I heard that my son, Bing Zao, is trying to trend; #Ican’tbelievemyfatheractuallyMADEtheteammerge!” Tigress says: “Well, my good FRIEND, Master Crane, is successfully trending; #IalwaysKNEWthatTigresswouldmaketheteammerge!” Taotie sarcastically says: “You ALWAYS have to one-up ME, don’t you?!” Tigress smirks and says: “Only on days that end with ‘Y’!” Taotie groans and says: “THANK you! I feel SO much BETTER! And THAT was SARCASM!!!!” Tigress sarcastically replies: “NO!!!! Really, do you THINK?!!!”

Taotie LOSES it and screams: “OH, MY GOD!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MOTHERBLABBIN, GASAFRACKIN, TERRAMACKIN, BLASTERCRACKIN, FLAFFERMATTIN, SPEFFERSCRATTIN, RASAPACKIN, WRATHATERRIN, PERRAVERRIN, HAFFAGAFFIN, LASTAPLASTA, COUGHAHAFFA, NEEDLEWHACKIN, NO-GOOD MACHIAVELLIAN WITCH!!!!” And a loud ROAR of applause can be HEARD coming from the audience! Tigress merely GASPS in shock over hearing just exactly HOW Taotie TRULY feels about her, and she honestly replies: “I…LITERALLY…have NO way to follow that up!” Oonski says: “Don’t worry about it, nobody ever does!” Haggis says: “Harvey Beaks, that’s HOW you can tell someone is TRULY evil!!!! Instead of using ACTUAL swear words, they go OUT of their way to make up their OWN!!!!” Harvey says: “That’s good and informational for me to know!” Taotie sighs, and calms down, and says: “Sorry, I had a LOT of pent-up angst that I just HAD to get out of my system!” Darwin nervously says: “Understandable. Anyways, why do you think that you’re both out of the Competition?” Taotie says: “Simple, Tigress hates my guts and wanted me out just to SPITE me!” Tigress says: “I do NOT hate you, I simply don’t LIKE you performing all those evil deeds across the Valley of Peace in China! If you simply STOPPED acting all malevolent and a malcontent, you wouldn’t get your BUTT get kicked so often!” Taotie’s eyes light up in realization, and he says: “So you’re fighting me NOT because you hate me, but because of the evil things I’ve done?!” Tigress says: “That’s what it basically boils down to.” Taotie says: “I never REALIZED that! I SERIOUSLY need to go home and re-think my life and my priorities.” Tigress says: “You do that. In the meantime, I’m out of the competition because I CHOSE to be! If I had REALIZED that this was the thing that Zarbon and Bulma WANTED, I would’ve stayed in! But karma will catch up to Zarbon and Bulma; you BETTER believe that!” Eliza says: “I certainly do! Anyways, who are you rooting for to win now that you are out of the competition?” Taotie says: “It’s got to be Chameleon. He’s the only guy LEFT in the competition who isn’t PRETTY like the others!” Tigress says: “It’s got to be Reggie. She’s the only girl in the competition who has a CHANCE of running CIRCLES around Bulma Briefs!” Darwin says: “Thank you both, please take a seat!” Taotie takes a seat next to Kaput, and Taotie says: “Remind me to NEVER try to betray you in a competition AGAIN!” Kaput says: “Well, if you TRULY try to reform your ways, I think we can manage something.” And Tigress sits next to Twister, and Twister says: “I’m REALLY sorry I mistook you for a guy at first. Are we cool?” Tigress says: “I don’t get mad about little stuff anymore. I only save it for really BIG stuff, such as villain invasions!” Eliza says: “They might both be losers now, but they should meet some REAL losers, from the beginning of the competition!” Darwin says: “Some of our former contestants got together to make their own music videos/songs for this 100th Episode Spectacular!” Eliza says: “Coming from Retroville, it is Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, and Roger Klotz performing a hit song, originally by Beck!”

Genre: Alternative Rock. Sub-genre: Beck. Song: “Loser.” Sung by: Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, and Roger Klotz! / Jimmy Neutron: “In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey. Butane in my veins, so I'm out to get the junkie with the plastic eyeballs, spray-paint the vegetables. Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose. Kill the headlights, and put it in neutral, stock car flaming with a loser and the cruise control. Baby's in Reno with the vitamin D, got a couple of couches; sleep on the love seat, someone keeps saying I'm insane to complain about a shotgun wedding and a stain on my shirt. Don't believe everything that you breathe, you get a parking violation and a maggot on your sleeve. So shave your face with some mace in the dark, saving all your food stamps and burning down the trailer park.” Roger Klotz: “Yo, cut it.” Jimmy Neutron: “Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?” Timmy Turner: “Double-barrel buckshot.” Jimmy Neutron: “Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Forces of evil in a bozo nightmare, banned all the music with a phony gas chamber because one's got a weasel and the other's got a flag. One's on the pole, shove the other in a bag with the rerun shows and the phony nose-job. The daytime (distorted) of the folksinger slop, he hung himself with a guitar string. Slap the turkey-neck and it's hanging from a pigeon wing. You can't write if you can't relate. Trade the cash for the beef, for the body, for the hate, and my time is a piece of wax, falling on a termite who's choking on the splinters. Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?” Timmy Turner: “Get crazy with the cheese whiz!” Jimmy Neutron: “Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?” Roger Klotz: “Drive-by body-pierce! Yo, bring it on down!” Jimmy Neutron: “Soy, em likk uoy t’nod yhw os, ybab resol a m’I. rodedrep nu yoS. I'm a driver; I'm the winner; things are gonna change I can feel it. Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?” Timmy Turner: “I can't believe you!” Jimmy Neutron: “Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Soy un perdedor. I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me? Sprechen sie Deutsch, baby? Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me? Know what I'm saying?” / And the epic music video ends, as everyone claps.

Darwin says: “It’s time for our next interview. He was one cool cat from Nearburg, who not only represented the show of Catdog, he is the happy husband of Dog FROM that show! Please welcome to the stage, Randolph!” And Randolph walks on-stage to thunderous applause, and sits down on the green couch next to Darwin. Randolph says: “Thank you for the applause, I just LOVE being here!” Eliza says: “You’re welcome, we love having you here.” Darwin says: “Now, Randolph, you were in the game for quite some time. And despite making it to the team merge, you NEVER really got any story developed for the cameras. What gives?” Randolph says: “If you ask me, it was all BLONDA’S doing! If she didn’t HOG the cameras every five seconds while SHE was a contestant, I might have been able to get a relevant plot in, edge wise!” Blonda rolls her eyes and says: “Oh, SURE!!!! Blame ME, even when I had absolutely nothing to DO with your lackluster performance!” Eliza says: “IGNORE her, Randolph!” Randolph says: “I always DO!!!!” And Blonda once again sticks her tongue out, and loudly goes: “BLAH!!!!” Angelica snidely says: “Be careful you don’t make that FACE too much, or else it might FREEZE like THAT!!!!” Blonda ANGRILY says: “Make a remark to me like THAT, again, and I’ll make YOU be the one who has their face FROZEN with an expression like that!” Angelica gulps, and nervously says: “Withdrawn!” Darwin asks: “But tell me, why drop out of the competition even AFTER Captain Retro rescued you?” Randolph says: “Bulma GAVE me $4,440 if I PROMISED to drop out of the competition! I figured she was PROBABLY going to go after Dog EVENTUALLY; at least THIS way, I wound up getting SOMETHING for all the troubles the two of us faced this season! Besides, Bulma MUST be nuts if she thinks that she can bribe, lie, and cheat her way to the TOP!” Lil Deville says: “Exactly! I don’t think it’s going to do her any good!” Eliza says: “So, now that you’re out of the competition, who are you rooting for to win?” Randolph says: “I guess I got to say Dudley. He is one cool dog, with a COOL fashion sense, and I LOVE that!” Darwin says: “Thank you. Please take a seat in the bleachers!” And Randolph takes a seat next to Keswick. Keswick says: “Congratulations on the money!” Randolph says: “Any victory I can get, however small, is a good one.” Eliza says: “Randolph is FABULOUSLY in love with Dog, and one former eliminated contestant is FABULOUSLY in love with Super Chum! In fact, our former Fanboy, FINALLY got his long-awaited dose of super-power infusion kicked IN, and Fanboy is now calling himself FABMAN!!!! And he recently made a music video with some VERY pretty former female contestants and some attractive former male contestants, to express his LOVE for Super Chum!” Darwin says: “He also wanted to dedicate this music video to the late, great George Michael, so let us give it up for FABMAN and his rendition of the hit song, “Freedom 90!” Eliza says: “I am SO dancing to this great, hit tune! /

Genre: Funk Pop. Sub-genre: George Michael. Song: “Freedom 90.” Sung by: Fanboy, and lip-synched by Patty Mayonnaise, Kitty Katswell, Twister Rodriguez, Lil Deville, Pearl Krabs, Treeflower Fields, Dib Bitters, Craig Slithers, Sanjay Patel, and Guano. / Fanboy: “I won't let you down, I will not give you up. Got to have some faith in the sound, it's the one good thing that I've got. I won't let you down, so please don't give me up. Because I would really, really love to stick around, oh yeah! (Instrumental solo) Heaven knows I was just a young boy, didn't know what I wanted to be! (Didn’t know what I wanted to be!) I was every little hungry schoolgirl's pride and joy, and I guess it was enough for me. (I guess it was enough for me!) To win the race? A prettier face! Brand new clothes and a big fat place, on your rock and roll TV! (Rock and roll TV!) But today, the way I play the game is not the same, no way! Think I'm gonna get myself happy! I think there's something you should know, I think it's time I told you so, there's something deep inside of me, there's someone else I've got to be! Take back your picture in a frame, take back your singing in the rain! I just hope you understand, sometimes the clothes do not make the man! All we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow. All we have to see, is that I don't belong to you, and you don't belong to me, yeah, yeah! Freedom! (I won’t let you down). Freedom! (I will not give you up). Freedom (Just have some faith). You've got to give for what you take. Freedom! (I won’t let you down). Freedom! (So please don’t give me up). Freedom! (Because I would really, really love, to stick around). You've got to give for what you take. Heaven knows we sure had some fun, boy. What a kick! Just a buddy and me! (What a kick! Just a buddy and me!) We had every big shot good-time band on the run, boy; we were living in a fantasy! (We were living in a fantasy). We won the race, got out of the place, I went back home, got a brand new face, for the boys on MTV! (Boys on MTV!) But today, the way I play the game has got to change, oh yeah! Now I'm gonna get myself happy! I think there's something you should know, I think it's time I stopped the show, there's something deep inside of me, there's someone I forgot to be! Take back your picture in a frame, don't think that I'll be back again! I just hope you understand, sometimes the clothes do not make the man! All we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow. All we have to see, is that I don't belong to you, and you don't belong to me, yeah, yeah! Freedom! (I won’t let you down). Freedom! (I will not give you up). Freedom! (Just have some faith). You've got to give for what you take. Freedom! (I won’t let you down!) Freedom! (So please don’t give me up). Freedom! (Because I would really, really love, to stick around). You've got to give for what you take! (So stick around!)” (Instrumental solo)

Fanboy: “Well, it looks like the road to heaven but it feels like the road to Hell. When I knew which side my bread was buttered, I took the knife as well. Posing for another picture, everybody's got to sell! But when you shake your (distorted), they notice fast! And some mistakes were built to last! That's what you get! That's what you get! That's what you get! I say, that's what you get! That's what you get for changing your mind! That's what you get for changing your mind! That's what you get! Say, that's what you get! And after all this time, I just hope you understand, sometimes the clothes do not make the man! All we have to do now, is to take these lies and make them true somehow! All we have to see, is that I don't belong to you, and you don't belong to me, yeah, yeah! Freedom! Oh! My Freedom! My Freedom! You've got to give for what you take! Freedom! Oh! My Freedom! My Freedom! You've got to give for what you take! Yeah, you've got to give for what you, give for what you give! May not be what you want from me; just the way it's got to be! A pretty face! I've got to live, I've got to live!” / And the epic song ends. / Darwin says: “I sure do love me some good George Michael, but now it’s time to get to our next set of contestants to interview. Right, Eliza?” Eliza says: “Quite right, Darwin. Our next batch of former contestants, both come from the same show. In fact, they play BROTHERS on the same show! They are Daggett Doofus and Norbert Foster Beaver!” Darwin says: “Let’s give it up for the Beaver brothers!” And both Daggett and Norbert walk on-stage to thunderous applause! Sway-Sway points and says: “Look! There’s your REAL son, Oonski! Daggett! You know, the guy you ALMOST mistakenly made OUT with?!” Oonski groans and says: “I DON’T want to TALK about it!” Buhdeuce says: “Come on! Don’t you want to say HI to your REAL SON, DAGGETT?!” Oonski yells: “I said I DON’T want to TALK about IT!!!!” And Oonski THROWS his morning star at a spotlight hanging over the main stage, which causes the spotlight to break, and falls on a table, causing a potted PLANT on the table to FLY off and HIT Angelica in the FACE!!!! Angelica says: “COME ON!!!! A song originally played by HEART wasn’t even PERFORMED before THAT!” Otto rolls his eyes and says: “Have you ever thought that maybe it has nothing to DO with whether or not a song was performed by Heart? Maybe it has to do with YOU!”

Angelica asks: “ME?! What does it have to do with ME?!” Heffer says: “Well, maybe if you weren’t so mean and NASTY all the time, plotting to do insidious, RUDE things like you ALWAYS are, maybe karma wouldn’t be TREATING you so bad!” Angelica yells: “I’m the PRETTIEST and most POPULAR Nicktoon of all time! I would TOTALLY be CRUSHING Bulma Briefs if she had the GUTS to face ME head on!” Robot sarcastically says: “Yeah, right! Compared to Bulma Briefs, you couldn’t even graduate Pre-school! And that’s ME being generous!” Angelica shouts: “I’m calling her OUT! Come and face me one on ONE, Bulma! I DARE you to TRY me!” Darwin yells: “WANDA!!!!” Wanda appears and asks: “Yes?” Darwin says: “Please give Angelica a WRITTEN response from Bulma!” Wanda asks: “The usual?” Eliza says: “Exactly!” And Wanda waves her wand, and POOFS a written response into Angelica’s hands. Angelica says: “What’s this?” And Angelica reads: “Dear Angelica, tell me what the value of PI is to the 44th decimal? Tell me how to balance the budget of the American economy? What’s 6 X 7? If you can’t figure out the answers to ANY of those questions like I most CERTAINLY can, you have no chance of EVER beating ME in a contest of brains, beauty, OR brawn; signed Bulma Briefs. P.S.: The answer to the LAST question is 42?!” Angelica yells: “Well, who asked YOU?!!!” Globitha says: “SOMEONE must have gotten up on the wrong side of the BED today!” Phoebe says: “Than EVERY side of the bed must be the WRONG side of the bed for Angelica!” Larry says: “I’d imagine so.” Darwin says: “Anyways, Daggett and Norbert, I’m so SORRY for that RUDE outburst from Angelica…” And Angelica sticks out her tongue and loudly says: “BLAH!!!!” But even AFTER she stops saying it, she CAN’T unfreeze her FACE from that position! Angelica, muffled, says: “My face! What happened to my Face?! I’ve frozen my FACE!!!! Someone, help me OUT!!!!” Monster says: “I’m sorry. I only help OUT people who are kind, nice, and furthermore, don’t act like immature little BRATS to every single person they come across!” Angelica, somehow, breaks down and cries! Angelica, muffled, says: “Please! I’m sorry! So sorry! PLEASE fix my face!” Eliza winces and says: “Come on! Can’t somebody just HELP Angelica? This isn’t FUNNY anymore!” Judy says: “But it’s ANGELICA!!!! She doesn’t HAVE any feelings!” Darwin says: “I’d have to AGREE with Judy on THIS one!” Eliza says: “WANDA!!!!” Wanda asks: “What now?” Eliza says: “Fix Angelica’s face!” Wanda says: “NO! I don’t WANT to!” Eliza, determined, says: “Either FIX Angelica’s face, or I’ll have Blonda replace YOU with Mila Kunis!” And Blonda’s FACE lights up! Wanda gets serious and says: “You wouldn’t DARE!!!!” Eliza says: “Try me!” Wanda groans and says: “Fine!” And Wanda waves her wand, and fixes Angelica’s face to normal. Angelica gasps and says: “You…HELPED me! Why?” Eliza says: “Because I just couldn’t STAND to see everyone else dumping on YOU anymore!” Angelica meekly asks: “Do you think…maybe, we can be friends?” Eliza says: “Sure. But right now, I’ve got a show to do.” Angelica says: “Understandable.”

Daggett says: “That was NUTS!!!!” Norbert says: “I agree! You haven’t even GOTTEN to interviewing US yet!” Darwin says: “I’m sorry. We’re getting right back on track, now. Anyways, why don’t you tell us your favorite parts about this season?” Daggett says: “Definitely getting to take charge all on my own; using my OWN skills to win challenges, and discovering a special friendship bond with Norbert that we have NEVER had before!” Norbert says: “My favorite part was getting to see Daggett become a mature and responsible beaver, capable of figuring problems out for himself. And I was able to help him do it!” Eliza says: “Thank you. Anything else you’d like to mention?” Daggett says: “Just that I want to see both Zarbon AND Bulma out of this contest BEFORE the next Performance Challenge!” Norbert says: “I agree! They better NOT make it anywhere NEAR the Final Five!” Darwin says: “Thank you. And just who WOULD you like to see win the Final Five?” Daggett says: “I have a good feeling about Dudley and Rocko. Of course, I wouldn’t MIND seeing Patrick win it all. I guess I can’t quite make up my mind.” Norbert says: “I’d have to say Skipper. He looked hopping MAD when Marlene got eliminated! I would LOVE to see him make it all the way to the Final Three!” Eliza says: “Thank you. Please take a seat.” And Norbert and Daggett BOTH take a seat next to Treeflower! Treeflower says: “I must be the LUCKIEST woman on this show right now! Two HOT boys sitting right next to ME!” Norbert says: “She thinks you’re HOT! You’re making PROGRESS, Daggett!” Daggett says: “I was bound to, eventually!”

Darwin says: “Believe it or not, our Beaver brothers are BIG Van Halen fans!” Eliza asks: “David Lee Roth era, or Sammy Hagar era?” Darwin says: “Both! In fact, they requested to us that if they both HAPPENED to be eliminated in the same episode, they wanted a Van Halen song to be played at the end of their elimination episode, all edited to their BEST footage of their season, of course.” Eliza says: “And did we do that?” Darwin says: “Of COURSE we did! And after their elimination episode, Daggett and Norbert wanted to record their OWN music video version of a Van Halen song for us!” Eliza asks: “David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?” Darwin says: “They wanted to both, but we don’t have the time, so they settled on their favorite Sammy Hagar era song.” Eliza says: “So here for you, is a special music video sung by Norbert and Daggett, their rendition of a 1992 hit single by Van Halen! Enjoy!” /

Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-genre: Van Halen. Song: “Right Now.” Sung by: Norbert and Daggett Beaver. / (Instrumental solo) Norbert: “Don't want to wait until tomorrow; why put it off another day? One more walk through your problems, built up, and stand in our way! Ah! One step ahead, one step behind me! Now you got to run to get even! Make future plans, don't dream about yesterday, hey! Come on, turn; turn this thing around!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Hey! It's your tomorrow!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Come on, it's everything!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Catch a magic moment, do it right here and now! It means everything! Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm, and nothing falls into place! No! Only missed by a fraction, slipped a little off your pace! Oh! The more things you get, the more you want! Just trade in one for the other. Working so hard, to make it easier! Whoa! Got to turn, come on; turn this thing around!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Hey! It's your tomorrow!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Come on, it's everything!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Catch that magic moment, do it right here and now! It means everything! It's enlightened me, right now! What are you waiting for! Oh, yeah, right now! Right NOW!” [Guitar Solo] Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Hey! It's your tomorrow!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Come on, it's everything!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Catch that magic moment, and do it right!” Norbert and Daggett: “Right now!” Norbert: “Oh, right now! It's what's happening! Right here and now! Right now! It's right now! Oh, tell me, what are you waiting for? Turn this thing around!” / And the epic song ends. Darwin says: “Thank you for that music video Beaver brothers!” Eliza says: “We’ve got to take a break right now, but when we come back, we will interview Gonard, Po, Dog and Stimpy, and Marlene herself! And we will have MORE music video surprises in store!” Darwin says: “Stay tuned!” Blonda says: “My guess? A song originally performed by Heart is TOTALLY going to ruin Angelica’s day!” Eliza seriously says: “It BETTER not!” / (Commercial Break)

/ The commercials finish airing, and Eliza says: “Welcome back to our extra-special, one of a kind, once in one hundred episodes Performance Review!” Darwin says: “Our celebrity panel is cool, our interviewed guests are even cooler, and the music video performances we’ve got are the coolest!” Blonda asks: “Any chance you’ve got any music video performances by ME for this episode?!” Eliza says: “Sorry, but…you already HAD your big music video performance this season, when you ice-skated in Russia singing that Poison hit song!” Blonda groans and says: “That’s not the highlight I would’ve picked! Why didn’t you highlight that Billy Joel hit song that I sang at Area 51?” Darwin says: “Because you didn’t get HUMILIATED in that performance!” Blonda sarcastically says: “I WOULD have to be humiliated for you to feature ANY highlight about me!” Eliza says: “Anyways, it’s time to get back to interviewing our contestants.” Darwin says: “This one goes out to our FABULOUS fan, the wonderful woman who is Cha!” Eliza says: “She has one name, just like Cher!” Darwin says: “The guest we’re going to interview is from the show of Kappa Mikey! He has blue hair, pointy ears, and he is best friends with legendary voice actor, Sean Schemmel!” Eliza says: “Give it up for Gonard!” And Gonard walks in, completely healed and restored, to thunderous applause! Gonard says: “Thank you! I’m glad to be one of the FEW people this season that Bulma Briefs DIDN’T get a chance to be completely RUINED; due to her devious plans!” Darwin says: “And we’re glad for you. Now please, have a seat.” And Gonard sits next to Eliza. Eliza says: “Now Gonard, a lot of your game play focused on TRYING to get Bulma Briefs to notice you, even when she CLEARLY had no intention of giving you the time of day. What gives?” Gonard says: “I was just trying to PROVE myself to Guano and everyone else at the studios back at Lilymu. I thought that if they saw me hanging out with a really, REALLY, hot lady; they’d see just how much of a chick magnet I can be; and they’d give us another season of Kappa Mikey to put on the air.” Darwin says: “Well, unless Cha gets a job at the Nickelodeon studios and can cough up enough money through a kick-starter program, I think you’re going to have to put THOSE dreams on hold!” Eliza says: “There is one thing I REALLY admire about you, though. During the competition, you were NEVER willing to personally betray the contestants you considered to be your friends. You stood up for Buhdeuce, King Julien, and Monster Krumholtz.” Gonard says: “Maybe I couldn’t save them from being eliminated, but I could at LEAST let everyone else know about my personal feelings of what my friends mean to me. And F.Y.I., they mean a LOT to me!” Darwin says: “That’s good to know! Who are you rooting for to win the entire competition?” Gonard says: “I guess I got to go with Skipper. Did you see how MAD he was when Bulma and Zarbon got Marlene ELIMINATED?! Skipper has just GOT to give Zarbon and Bulma EVERYTHING they deserve, and THEN some!” Eliza says: “Thank you for your time. Please take a seat in the bleachers.” Gonard gets up, and takes a seat next to Guano. Guano says: “Thank you for making sure that not EVERYONE from Kappa Mikey came off looking like a TOTAL loser!” Gonard says: “No problem, Guano!” Darwin says: “Gonard was distraught to find out just how DEEP Bulma’s plans for betraying everyone went; especially Zarbon, but as soon as Gonard got better, he made a music video with the rest of his Kappa Mikey cast-mates in an attempt to warn Zarbon about Bulma’s ulterior motives.” Eliza says: “In honor of the late, great Glenn Frey, here is a cover of a hit song that will make the surviving members of The Eagles proud.”

Genre: Rock and Roll. Sub-Genre: The Eagles. Song: “Heartache Tonight.” Sung by: Gonard, Guano, Mikey, Mitsuki, and Lily. / Gonard: “Somebody's gonna hurt someone, before the night is through. Somebody's gonna come undone. There's nothing we can do. Everybody wants to touch somebody, if it takes all night. Everybody wants to take a little chance, make it come out right. There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know. There's gonna be a heartache tonight, I know.”

Guano: “Lord, I know!” Gonard: “Some people like to stay out late, some folks can't hold out that long. But nobody wants to go home now.  There's too much going on.” Mikey: “This night is gonna last forever. Last all, last all summer long. Sometime before the sun comes up, the radio is gonna play that song.” Gonard: “There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know. There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know.” Lily: “Lord, I know!” Mitsuki: “There's gonna be a heartache tonight, the moon's shining bright, so turn out the light, and we'll get it right!” Gonard: “There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight I know. Heartache baby! (Instrumental solo) Somebody's gonna hurt somebody, before the night is through. Somebody's gonna come undone, there's nothing we can do. Everybody wants to touch somebody, if it takes all night. Everybody wants to take a little chance, to make it come out right. There's gonna be a heartache tonight. A heartache tonight, I know. There's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know!” Guano: “Let's go!” Gonard: “We can beat around the bushes; we can get down to the bone. We can leave it in the parking lot, but either way, there's gonna be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight, I know. There'll be a heartache tonight, a heartache tonight I know!” /

The epic music video ends, and the audience loudly applauds! Darwin says: “Our next guest is a kick-butt Kung Fu Warrior from the Valley of Peace!” Eliza says: “His love for food and Kung Fu is only exceeded by his love for the LOVELY Tigress!” Tigress: “AWESOME! Eliza thinks I’m lovely!” Taotie sarcastically says: “Statistically speaking, somebody HAD to think so!” Tigress seriously says: “You’re a real buzz kill, you know that?” Taotie says: “Only to YOU, for OBVIOUS reasons!” Tigress says: “Same to YOU, creep-fest!” Darwin says: “In any case, say hello to the Kung Fu Panda himself, Po!” And Po comes flying out with some punches and martial arts kicks! Po says: “Oh yeah! The Dragon Warrior is in the house!” And there is LOUD, thunderous applause! Blonda scoffs and says: “Big deal! I could’ve done THAT and gotten the HUGE applause!” Angelica sarcastically says: “Can I see YOUR 9th Degree Black Belt in Karate?” Blonda angrily says: “Watch your smart-aleck MOUTH or I’ll replace YOU with Mila Kunis!” Angelica threateningly says: “Do THAT and I’ll have MY lawyer Johnathan SUE you for EVERYTHING you’ve GOT!” Blonda SERIOUSLY says: “I’d LOVE to see you TRY and fail like you do at EVERYTHING!” Eliza says: “Shut it! You two are WORSE than Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?!” Blonda happily says: “THANK you for putting me in the SAME class as Bette Davis!” Darwin sarcastically says: “Yeah, YOU just tell yourself that!” Blonda SERIOUSLY says: “I always do!” Eliza says: “Getting back to what we REALLY want, we’d like to highlight your time in Total Cartoon Global Cruise, Po!” Po says: “Whatever you want to ask, fire away!” Darwin says: “All right. How many times DID you make out with Tigress this season?!” Po groans and retorts: “Come ON!!!! Is that ALL my time during this season boiled down to?! How often Tigress and I KISSED each other?!” Eliza says: “You DO have to admit; you could’ve spent more time PUNCHING Zarbon in the face AND you would probably STILL be in the contest!” Po groans and says: “Fine! Tigress and I made out; a LOT!!!! Is THAT the answer you WANT to hear?!” Darwin says: “Yes, but IS it the ACTUAL answer?!” Tigress says: “As a matter of fact, it is!” Taotie sarcastically says: “Oh SURE! Rub YOUR successful relationship in my FACE, why don’t you?!” Tigress says: “It’s not MY fault you had to divorce your wife!” Eliza asks: “The one thing I’m wondering is; why didn’t you show off any of your cool moves from Kung Fu Panda 3 this season?” Po says: “I got eliminated JUST because I punched Zarbon in the face! I don’t even WANT to think about what my punishment might have been if I messed up Zarbon any worse than that!” Darwin thinks about it and says: “Good point. Anyways, now that you are eliminated, who are you rooting for to win this season?” Po says: “There are a lot of good choices. Wally, Rocko, Dudley, Captain Retro, Chameleon, Suzie, Skipper, and Reggie are among them.” Eliza asks: “Why THOSE candidates?” Po answers: “Two good reasons; the first one is, they have skills! The second one is, they’re not evil!” Darwin says: “Thank you for your answers. Please take a seat in the bleachers.” And Po takes a seat right next to Tigress!

Tigress says: “It is good to have you back!” Po says: “It’s good to be back with YOU, Tigress!” Taotie sarcastically says: “You two are SO sweet, together; you’re going to give ME cavities! BLAH!” Tigress says: “You’re free to CHANGE seats, you know!” Taotie says: “And give up this premium spot to have MY voice heard?! You WISH that I were THAT dense and short-sighted!” Eliza says: “We are very lucky that during the time Po and Tigress were in the contest, they had some spare time to make a hit music video with a rocking song together!” Blonda asks: “Oh, and just WHEN did they do that?” Darwin answers: “Right before the China episode when YOU were eliminated, and it’s their rocking version of a hit song by HEART!!!!” Blonda and Angelica both shout: “WHAT?!!!” Eliza says: “We hope you enjoy this RETRO rocking hit!” Blonda and Angelica both simultaneously say: “I object!” Darwin says: “Too late, because here it IS!!!!” /

Genre: Hard Rock Power Ballad. Sub-Genre: Heart (the band). Song: “These Dreams.” Sung by: Tigress and Po. / Ethereal footage of surreal events and mystical occurrences happen as Po and Tigress sing this song. / Tigress: “Spare a little candle, save some light for me. Figures up ahead, moving in the trees. White fur, in linen. Perfume on my wrist, and the full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist.” Po: “Darkness on the edge, shadows where I stand.” Tigress: “Shadows where I stand.” Po: “I search for the time on a watch with no hands. I want to see you clearly, come closer than this.” Tigress: “But all I remember, are the dreams in the mist.” Tigress and Po: “These dreams go on when I close my eyes.” Tigress: “Every second of the night, I live another life!” Tigress and Po: “These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside.” Po: “Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away!” Tigress: “The further I’m away! Is it cloak and dagger? Could it be spring or fall? I walk without a cut through a stained glass wall.” Po: “Weaker in my eyesight, the candle in my grip.” Tigress: “And words that have no form, are falling from my lips.” Tigress and Po: “These dreams go on when I close my eyes.” Tigress: “Every second of the night, I live another life!” Tigress and Po: “These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside.” Po: “Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away!” Tigress: “The further I’m away! There's something out there, I can't resist! I need to hide away from the pain; there's something out there, I can't resist! The sweetest song is silence; that I've ever heard. Funny how your feet in dreams never touch the earth. In a wood full of princes, freedom is a kiss. But the prince hides his face, from dreams in the mist.” Tigress and Po: “These dreams go on when I close my eyes.” Tigress: “Every second of the night, I live another life!” Tigress and Po: “These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside.” Po: “Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away!” Tigress and Po: “These dreams go on when I close my eyes.” Tigress: “Every second of the night, I live another life!” Tigress and Po: “These dreams that sleep when it's cold outside.” Po: “Every moment I'm awake, the further I'm away!” Tigress: “The further I’m away!” / And the epic song ends as thunderous applause is heard! Angelica sarcastically says: “Thanks a lot! Now something BAD is going to happen to ME!” Blonda ruefully says: “YOU?! I’m the ONE that got ELIMINATED right after they RECORDED that song!” Angelica says: “Well nobody CARES if something BAD happens to YOU, because YOU’RE Blonda!” Blonda angrily says: “THAT does IT!!!!” And Blonda LEAPS onto Angelica and LITERALLY produces a thick dust cloud that OBSCURES their brawl! Kaput says: “AWESOME! I just LOVE a good CAT fight!” Randolph says: “As long as it doesn’t involve any ACTUAL cats, I also LOVE it!” Eliza says: “WANDA!!!! Break it up!” Wanda says: “You’ve got it!” And Wanda waves her wand, and produces a grand PIANO that slams onto Blonda and Angelica, and CRASHES them through the floor, a floor below that one, another floor below THAT one, and even one MORE floor below THAT one, and objects can be heard clattering after the crashing noises stop! Wanda blushes and says: “OOPS!!!! I didn’t mean to make the piano THAT heavy!” Blonda and Angelica can both loudly be heard, yelling: “MM!!!! MM!!!! MM!!!! MM!!!!” Phoebe asks: “Isn’t it NICE when both Blonda and Angelica can be heard talking in a matter that we can ALL appreciate?!” Sanjay says: “I guess that song from Heart hit BOTH of them THIS time around!” Darwin says: “Yeah, let us go with THAT one!”

Eliza says: “Our next guests BOTH got eliminated in the same episode together, and they are BOTH former champions of this cartoon series!” Darwin is says: “One is a dog, one is a cat.” Eliza says: “But they are both surprisingly VERY friendly with each other!” Darwin says: “Due to an incident that happened before Stimpy got to El Salvador, and right after he left; we were worried that Stimpy wasn’t going to show.” Eliza says: “Thankfully, Stimpy says everything has been taken care of, and he is ready to be interviewed.” Darwin says: “So give it up for Dog and Stimpy!” And both Dog and Stimpy come walking out to thunderous applause, and Stimpy’s fur is not only FREE of any black paint, it also looks completely luxurious again! Randolph says: “That dog is MY husband!” Haggis says: “That cat is MY protégé! I taught him EVERYTHING he knows!” Eliza says: “Thank you for coming! I mean, we know you kind of HAVE to come, but we want to thank you just the same!” Dog says: “No problem!” Darwin says: “So let us get this question for Stimpy right out of the way. You got covered in black paint, thanks to ZARBON before you got to El Salvador, and you had to shave off your fur in order to get it off. How did you get your regular fur back so fast?” Stimpy says: “Oh, that’s an EASY one! Lil Deville worked up an instant fur growth restoring formula that worked WONDERS on all cats!” Eliza SERIOUSLY says: “Lil Deville did not JUST work up an instant fur growth restoring formula that works wonders on all cats!” Lil responds: “Of COURSE I didn’t JUST work up an instant fur growth restoring formula; it took me at LEAST four tries before I came up with one that DIDN’T explode!” Darwin says: “The main thing we want to know is, on the previous seasons you were contestants for this show, you played some pretty big roles during those seasons. This season, the action kind of happened around you, and not to you. Why do you think that is?” Dog says: “Well, I know that there wasn’t any real conflict happening in my personal life that I had to take care of; and I was pretty content with already having WON a season of this show.” Stimpy says: “I agree. I already had PLENTY of screen-time the last two seasons. Don’t get me wrong; I liked making it all the way past FOUR Performance Reviews this season, but I just wanted to see the action personally, and help out in any way I could!” Eliza says: “And we’re very glad you did; Zarbon will only have himself to blame when Bulma inevitably BETRAYS him like you both WARNED him that she will!” Darwin says: “Speaking of, it seems that Bulma and Zarbon have been responsible either personally or indirectly, for the elimination of MANY of the contestants this season! Show of hands, who here has been affected by either Bulma or Zarbon?”

The former contestants, Haggis, Twister, Lil, Pearl, Treeflower, Dib, Judy, Harvey, Stanley, Zim, Keswick, Kaput, Oonski, Otto, Sanjay, Heffer, Globitha, Robot, King Julien, Buhdeuce, Monster, Spongebob, Larry, Taotie, Tigress, Randolph, Daggett, Norbert, Gonard, Po, Dog, and Stimpy all raise their hands, with a heavily bandaged Blonda and Angelica raising their hands weakly. Eliza says: “Wow! 34 out of 58 total contestants! That’s DEFINITELY more than half! Those two HAVE been busy this season!” Darwin says: “And who knows who else they could end up sending here?” Eliza says: “Well, one thing is for sure, they both have a LOT to answer for once they wind up here!” Dog says: “Don’t worry! I just know my fellow canines Captain Retro and Dudley will do everything in their power to make that happen!” Darwin says: “I’m sure they will!” Eliza says: “Last question; since you are now both eliminated; who are you rooting for to win?” Dog says: “It’s got to be Dudley, but only because Captain Retro says that he can’t win it.” Stimpy says: “I have a good feeling about Reggie, I think that SHE should win it!” Darwin says: “Thank you for your honesty; please take your seats.” Dog sits next to Randolph, and Stimpy sits next to Lil. Randolph asks: “Did you miss me?” Dog says: “You know I did!” Lil says: “You sure handled losing very well.” Stimpy says: “It’s not about whether you win, it’s how you compose yourself during the game that means the most to me!” Eliza says: “Right after they got eliminated, Dog and Stimpy shot a music video together, in black and white!” Darwin says: “They wanted to sing a song that not only paid tribute to the late, great David Bowie, but also a song as a warning about the dangers of fame, directed towards Zarbon and Bulma.” Eliza says: “So let’s give it up for Dog and Stimpy’s rendition of the David Bowie hit song, Fame!” / Genre: Funk. Sub-genre: David Bowie. Song: “Fame.” Sung by: Stimpy and Dog. /

Stimpy: “Fame, makes a man take things over! Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow! Fame, puts you there, where things are hollow! Fame!” Dog: “Fame, it's not your brain, it's just the flame; that burns your change to keep you insane! Fame!” (Instrumental break) Stimpy: “Fame, what you like is in the limo! Fame, what you get is no tomorrow! Fame, what you need you have to borrow! Fame!” Dog: “Fame, ‘nein! It's mine!’ Is just his line to bind your time! It drives you to, crime! Fame! Could it be the best, could it be? Really be, really, babe? Could it be, my babe, could it, babe? Really, really?” Stimpy: “Is it any wonder if I reject you first?! Is it any wonder you are too cool to fool?!” Stimpy and Dog: “Fame, fame, fame, fame. Fame!” Dog: “Fame, bully for you, chilly for me; got to get a rain check on pain! Fame!” Stimpy and Dog: “Fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame; fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame, fame; fame, fame, fame; fame!” Stimpy: “What's your name? What’s your name?!” / And the epic song ends as thunderous applause is heard! /

Darwin says: “And now the interview you’ve all been waiting for today; we have saved the best for last! But first, a little retrospective on the former contestant we’re about to interview! Eliza?” (Clip footage starts running). Eliza says: “Quite right, Darwin. Marlene A. Otter, is…or WAS; a representative from The Penguins of Madagascar.” King Julien says: “I was TOO, if you remember!” Twister says: “Yeah, but you were kind of LOUSY at being a representative!” King Julien says: “I wouldn’t say ‘lousy’.” Lil says: “I would!” King Julien says: “Whatever! It’s just a WORD!” Darwin says: “Anyways, Marlene has had a long, complicated history as a contestant on this show.” Eliza says: “Starting all the way back as a team-mate on the Network Noobs in Total Cartoon Action, she was quickly transferred to the Boom Vets in a move that REALLY shook up the status quo of that season!” Darwin says: “Marlene had a quick wit and an even wittier sense of humor that served her well, in spite of all the troubles and misfortunes that came her way.” Eliza says: “And with apologies to Treeflower, one of Marlene’s biggest conflicts in season two was arguably WITH her!” Treeflower says: “No; it’s okay, I probably DESERVED a lot of her scorn back then. I did HAVE some issues that I honestly needed to work on. I’m not saying I’ve mastered it, I’m just saying I’ve gotten a lot BETTER at being humble.” Darwin says: “During the Alien Hunting movie challenge that happened soon after Treeflower got eliminated in season two, both the Boom Vets and the Network Noobs had a lot of LIES that got exposed to everyone during that challenge.” Eliza says: “It could’ve totally destroyed the unity that the Boom Vets had with each other, but Marlene was the glue that managed to seal and restore the trust within the team!” Darwin says: “But no sooner did Marlene fix ONE problem, than did ANOTHER one soon pop up!” Aang groans and says: “Tell me you’re not going to bring ME up in this?!” Eliza says: “We would be LYING if we SAID that we WEREN’T!” Aang groans and says: “Oh, boy!” Darwin says: “Aang, possessed by the evil Mesogog, got onto season two, and proved to be a very big obstacle that Marlene would have to get past!” Eliza says: “Thankfully, by talking to Stimpy, Marlene managed to help him come up with a plan to EXPOSE Mesogog’s evil scheme, which in turn led to Mesogog getting destroyed once and for all!” Darwin says: “After that, Marlene thought she would be a shoe-in for winning the grand prize in season two!” Eliza says: “Marlene got to the Final Three, but she had to settle for third place, after Dog accurately pointed out all of Marlene’s flaws that occurred during season two.” Darwin says: “Undaunted by this setback, Marlene got right back into the game for season three, determined to do better!” Eliza says: “Or at the very least, manage to outlast MORE contestants in season three, than she did in season two!” Darwin says: “Marlene succeeded in outlasting more contestants in season two, but her dreams of doing better in season three would not come to fruition.” Eliza says: “Marlene had a pretty good plan though, in TRYING to go all the way!” Darwin says: “Marlene partnered up with Captain Retro!” Eliza says: “With his ability to read auras, and foresee different multiple possible futures, Marlene made an alliance with Captain Retro, which was a little TOO much for Skipper to take!” Darwin says: “Because Marlene IGNORED Skipper, it drove Skipper CRAZY, and led to Skipper being eliminated TWICE in season two!” Eliza says: “But despite having to ignore Skipper, Marlene did very well for herself in season three.”

Darwin says: “No matter where Marlene went or what Marlene had to do, Marlene always seemed to be on top of the game!” Eliza says: “Despite Angelica’s BEST worst attempts to RUIN everything for Team Retro, even THAT couldn’t STOP Marlene from outlasting Angelica by LIGHT Years!” And Angelica, muffled, SCREAMS in anger! Dib groans and asks: “Doesn’t anything EVER shut her UP?!” Lil says: “Don’t ask ME! I’ve been asking myself the same question for 18 YEARS!!!!” Darwin says: “Sadly, it seems that all good things must come to an end.” Eliza says: “When the team portion of the show ended, it didn’t take too long for Marlene’s relationship with Captain Retro to come to an end, either.” Darwin says: “When Captain Retro found out that Marlene was only WITH him in order to get a free ride to the Final Three, Captain Retro absolutely REFUSED to tell Marlene just HOW she could win!” Eliza says: “This understandably irritated Marlene, and she finally called it, ‘quits,’ with Captain Retro.” Darwin says: “Thankfully, Skipper managed to get a third chance at the game, thanks to a donation from King Julien, and Marlene finally tied the knot with her one true love!” Eliza says: “But without Captain Retro to protect her, Marlene quickly became the target of the evil schemes of Bulma and Zarbon!” Darwin says: “Bulma masterfully ROPED Marlene into an alliance, for the sole purpose of trying to figure out a way to ELIMINATE Skipper once and for all!” Eliza says: “When Marlene figured out Bulma’s scheme, Marlene confronted Bulma head-on!” Darwin says: “But Bulma PROVED that she was willing to do ANYTHING to get her way, when she had Zarbon IMPLICATE Marlene in a phony scheme that involved Marlene SLEEPING with a select number of contestants that had been eliminated!” Eliza says: “Unfortunately, Bulma’s wicked plan worked.” Darwin says: “And because even SNIZ had been affected by this scheme, he was VERY unwilling to prevent Marlene’s elimination!” Eliza says: “And thusly, with 7 votes against her, Marlene was sadly eliminated from the game, ending her long run as a contestant.” (Clip footage ends). Darwin says: “At last, we can finally present the main attraction of this episode!” Eliza says: “Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only, MARLENE!!!!” And Marlene walks onstage wearing a very BEAUTIFUL green dress, and everyone cheers, and a bouquet of roses is thrown into her hands! Marlene says: “You LIKE me! You REALLY like me!” Darwin says: “Please take a seat, Marlene.”

And Marlene takes a seat next to Darwin. Eliza says: “Marlene, you’re obviously going through a lot of emotions right now; being recently eliminated and everything. Tell me, what is going through your mind, right now?” Marlene says: “In a word, anger. I’m very angry at Bulma and that dirty TRICK she engineered, just to get ME eliminated; all because I said ‘NO,’ when it came to ELIMINATING Skipper! I mean, come ON!!!! I know she really WANTS to win, but she didn’t have to go and pull a STUNT like THAT!!!!” Otto says: “Statistically speaking, I think she kind of DID need to pull a stunt like that!” Larry asks: “How do you figure?” Otto says: “Marlene was playing a pretty solid game. How else could Bulma POSSIBLY get rid of Marlene WITHOUT resorting to such a dirty trick?” Harvey says: “I think you got a point there, Otto. Dirty, blindsiding tricks are just about the one THING; that could throw somebody like MARLENE off of her game!” Marlene says: “One thing I know for sure is, there is no WAY Bulma could’ve gotten THIS far without someone like Zarbon to manipulate!” Darwin says: “I agree. Zarbon was looking for someone to love in this competition, and Bulma was all too willing to fill that role.” Marlene says: “As devastating as MY elimination was, I have a feeling that Zarbon’s elimination will be MUCH worse, if Bulma manages to blindside him the way she WANTS to!” Eliza says: “We’ll just have to wait and see. Do you personally have any regrets about this season?” Marlene says: “Only that I WISH that I could’ve told Skipper about my plan to make an alliance with Captain Retro, but I knew he wouldn’t understand. Besides, he’s not exactly the kind of guy who can keep a plan to himself once he hears about it.” Darwin says: “I think THAT is definitely true! Last question, do we need to ask who you want to win this season?” Marlene says: “I REFUSE to be predictable! IF Skipper doesn’t get to the Final Three, I want Reggie to win it! Other than that, it’s Skipper all the way!” Eliza says: “Thank you for your honesty. Please take a seat.” And Marlene takes a seat next to King Julien. King Julien says: “You’re definitely the LAST woman I would’ve expected to see here!” Marlene says: “I agree with you THERE!”

Darwin says: “After the big event that got all the Nicktoon characters together in Valencia, California, Marlene recorded a song/music video for her unending love and devotion to Skipper!” Eliza says: “So let’s give it up for Marlene’s version of a well-known song by The Beatles!” / Genre: The Beatles. Sub-Genre: Rock and Roll. Song: “The Word.” Sung by: Marlene! / Marlene: “Say the word and you'll be free! Say the word, and be like me. Say the word I'm thinking of. Have you heard, the word is love? It's so fine, it's sunshine. It's the word, love! In the beginning, I misunderstood. But now I've got it, the word is good! Spread the word, and you'll be free! Spread the word, and be like me! Spread the word I'm thinking of. Have you heard the word is love? It's so fine, it's sunshine. It's the word, love! Everywhere I go, I hear it said. In the good and bad books that I have read. Say the word, and you'll be free. Say the word and be like me. Say the word I'm thinking of. Have you heard the word is love? It's so fine, it's sunshine. It's the word, love! Now that I know what I feel must be right, I'm here to show everybody the light! Give the word a chance to say, that the word is just the way. It's the word I'm thinking of, and the only word is love! It's so fine, it's sunshine. It's the word, love! (Instrumental solo) Say the word, love! Say the word, love! Say the word, love! Say the word, love!” / And the epic song ends as thunderous applause is heard! / Darwin says: “And now, since no 100th episode would be complete without something SPECIAL to make it WORTH having a celebration of THIS size; we’ve got a special treat!” Eliza says: “Killing time until the INEVITABLE live-action re-make of the Kim Possible movie comes out, give it up for the one and only, legendary actress/comedienne Nicole Sullivan!” And Nicole Sullivan walks on, with unusually loud thunderous applause! Nicole Sullivan says: “Hi! I’m actress/comedienne Nicole Sullivan! You probably DON’T remember me from my recurring appearances on Scrubs, or my starring role on I Love the 80’s 3D. Anyways, I’m here because this studio has asked me to give all of you something SPECIAL, and because Sniz wanted MARLENE to do this, but she said no!” Oonski asks: “What does Nickelodeon want you to do?” Nicole says: “I’m glad you asked! Check under all your seats!” And all the contestants pull out CAR keys! Nicole yells: “You get a CAR!!!! And YOU get a car!!!! And you get a CAR!!!! And you GET a CAR!!!! EVERYBODY in this studio gets a CAR!!!!!!!!!!! Top THAT, Oprah Winfrey!!!!!!!!!!” And everybody claps happily! Darwin says: “Well, that’s all the time, AND money we can afford to spend on THIS episode!” Eliza says: “Join us next time for the LAST Performance Review of this season in eight more episodes, where all our eliminated contestants get a voice as to who shall WIN in the Final Five!” Darwin says: “So tune in…if we DON’T get our BUTTS horrendously sued off by Oprah Winfrey FIRST before THEN!!!!” Nicole says: “I’m glad I’m not liable! I signed a WAIVER!!!!” Gonard says: “Somebody ALWAYS does the smart thing!” And clapping and laughing is heard and the scene fades to black. /

Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode are “Loser, Freedom 90, Right Now, Heartache Tonight, These Dreams, Fame” (the David Bowie song), and “The Word.” Angelica Pickles, being affected by a curse where something BAD happens to her after a song ORIGINALLY performed by Heart is sung, is alive and well, and it also affects BLONDA, as they BOTH get horrendously HURT after they hear the song, “These Dreams”. Personal Notes: I think the only reason this episode took as long to write as it did, is because I wanted to be sure it was written well enough to WARRANT it being the 100th Episode Spectacular as it was advertised! So if anybody is wondering what the 100th Episode is, they know EXACTLY where to look! / That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)

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The Drums of War


                Ebony, Lettuce, Usagi, and Toby, are in the garage of Ebony’s house; and they’ve got a bunch of musical instruments spread out, as they’re trying to figure something out. Ebony’s garage is mostly painted in black, and covered with posters of Green Day and Blink-182. Toby says: “I’m all ready to start rocking out in a rock band, and become all famous and stuff!”


Usagi says: “We have to figure out what we’re going to play, first!”


Lettuce says: “And we have to figure it out before Ebony’s parents come home!”


Ebony says: “I wouldn’t worry about that. My parents work late day…AND night shifts at the Ministry of Magic, they are almost NEVER home! While I like the independence, it is FRUSTRATING to have to cook up food for MYSELF all the time!”


Lettuce says: “Well, I think we should get the hard part out of the way, first. What are we going to call ourselves?!”


Ebony says: “Easy; the Dark Lords of the Underworld!


Lettuce says: “I want to be called The Oddballs!


Usagi says: “I want to be called Shiny Face!


Toby says: “I want to be called the Arena Progressives!


Pinkie walks in and says: “I have a Pinkie Keen idea! Why don’t you call yourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld?!”


The other Rangers simultaneously say: “We are NOT calling ourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!” (Quick Cut)


Ebony sighs and says: “I CAN’T believe we’re calling ourselves, The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!”


Usagi says: “At least we’ve got the NAME, settled!”


Lettuce says: “Now all we got to do is figure out a sound!”


Ebony says: “I’ve already GOT a sound! Listen to THIS!”


Ebony picks up an electric guitar, as she plays and sings her version of a Green Day hit song, “Holiday”! /


Ebony sings: “Say, hey! Hear the sound of the falling rain. Coming down like an Armageddon flame. Hey! The shame, the ones who died without a name. Hear the dogs howling out of key, to a hymn called ‘Faith and Misery’. Hey! And bleed, the company lost the war today. I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives, on holiday! Hear the drum pounding out of time. Another protester has crossed the line. Hey! To find, the money's on the other side. Can I get another Amen? Amen! There's a flag wrapped around a score of men. Hey! A gag, a plastic bag on a monument. I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives, on holiday! Hey! Say, hey! Zieg Heil to the president Gasman! Bombs away is your punishment! Pulverize the Eiffel towers who criticize your government!
Bang, bang, goes the broken glass and kill all the fags that don't agree. Trials by fire, setting fire, is not a way that's meant for me. Just cause; hey, hey, hey, just cause, because we're outlaws yeah! I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives! I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies. This is the dawning of the rest of our lives! This is our lives, on holiday!” /


Lettuce gets an odd look and says: “We are NOT going to sing a song that INSULTS gay people! This isn’t the 1990’s, you know! It’s culturally insensitive to sing about songs like that! Now, here’s what I’m thinking of!”


Lettuce starts playing a synthesizer, as he plays and sings his version of Talking Heads hit song, “Burning down the House.” /


Lettuce sings: “Watch out, you might get what you're after! Cool babies, strange, but not a stranger! I'm an ordinary guy, burning down the house! Hold tight! Wait 'til the party's over. Hold tight, we're in for nasty weather! There has got to be a way! Burning down the house! Here's your ticket, pack your bags, time for jumping overboard. The transportation is here. Close enough but not too far, maybe you know where you are; fighting fire with fire! All wet! Hey, you might need a raincoat! Shakedown, dreams walking in broad daylight! Three hundred sixty five degrees; burning down the house! It was once upon a place; sometimes I listen to myself. Gonna come in first place! People on their way to work, and baby, what did you expect? Gonna burst into flame! OH!!!! (Synthesizer solo) Burning down the house! My house is out of the ordinary! That's right! Don't want to hurt nobody! Some things sure can sweep me off my feet! Burning down the house! No visible means of support, and you have not seen nothing yet. Everything's stuck together! And I don't know what you expect, just staring into the TV set; fighting fire with fire! Oh!” (Lettuce plays the synthesizer until the song fades out and ends). /


Usagi asks: “Do you want to ADVOCATE burning down the house?!”


Lettuce says: “It’s just an expression! It doesn’t MEAN anything!”


Usagi says: “Well, I personally don’t like a song with THAT kind of message! I prefer something more light and bouncy; like this!”


Usagi turns on a Karaoke machine, as she sings along to her version of Puffy Ami Yumi’s version of Cyndi Lauper’s, “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun!” /


Usagi sings: “I come home in the morning light, my mother says, ‘When you gonna live your life right?’ Oh, mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones; and girls, they want to have fun. Oh girls just want to have fun! The phone rings in the middle of the night! My father yells, ‘What you gonna do with your life?’ Oh, daddy dear, you know you're still number one; but girls, they want to have fun! Oh, girls just want to have; that's all they really want! Is some fun! When the working day is done, oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh girls, just want to have fun! Girls, they want; want to have fun! Girls, they want to have! (Hums) Some boys take a beautiful girl, and hide her away from the rest of the world! I want to be the one to walk in the sun! Oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh, girls just want to have; that's all they really want, is some fun! When the working day is done; oh girls, they want to have fun! Oh girls just want to have fun! Girls, they wanna have fun. Girls wanna have; they just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, have fun! Girls, just wanna have fun! They just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna; girls, girls just wanna have fun!


When the working, when the workin' day is done. Oh, when the workin' day is done; oh girls, girls just wanna have fun! They just wanna, they just wanna; they just wanna, they just wanna, oh girls, girls just wanna have fun! When the working; when the working day is done. When the working day is done; oh girl, girls just wanna have fun!” / And the epic song ends!


Toby is weirded out and asks: “What was THAT we just listened to?!”


Usagi asks: “J-Pop, as performed by Puffy Ami Yumi! Isn’t it GREAT?!”


Toby says: “I’d say it was ‘SOMETHING’, but I don’t think you’d like what I’d call it! Now, listen to what REAL classical rock music is all about!”


Toby starts playing the drums, as he sings his version of a Genesis hit song! / Toby sings: “Stay with me. My love, I hope you'll always be, right here by my side if ever I need you! Oh, my love! In your arms, I feel so safe and so secure. Every day is such a perfect day to spend, alone with you! I will follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be, I will stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year. With the dark; oh, I see so very clearly now. All my fears are drifting by me so slowly now; fading away. I can say, the night is long, but you are here. Close at hand, I'm better for the smile you give! And while I live, I will follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights, that we know will be. I will stay with you, will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year there will be! (Drum solo) I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year, I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year, I will, follow you; will you follow me? All the days and nights that we know will be. I will, stay with you; will you stay with me? Just one single tear in each passing year.” (Hums and drums until the song fades out).


Pinkie claps and says: “Say; that was pretty good!”


Toby asks: “So you thought MY song was the best?!”


Pinkie says: “I can’t DECIDE! All of them were all so good in their OWN fantastical way!”


Ebony groans and says: “FIGURES Pinkie Pie would choose the EASY way out! Why couldn’t NARUTO have been here?! He’d give us an HONEST opinion!”


Lettuce sighs and says: “You know how stubborn Naruto is; until he gets STRONG enough to take down BlackHawk in single combat, he’s NEVER going to stop spending his nights using the Simulation Planet at the Command Center!”


Toby sighs and says: “Maybe we better sleep on it, and figure it out tomorrow. Mom will be upset with me if I’m late for dinner.”


Ebony says: “Fair enough, even quarter vampires NEED their BEAUTY sleep!”


Ebony goes into her own house, while the other Rangers head for their own separate houses. The garage is closed and the lights are turned off. But unbeknownst to Ebony, there’s a sinister looking, purple VIPER slithering in Ebony’s garage; and it TRANSFORMS into the familiar appearance of Vipera! Vipera chuckles and says: “Thanks to Circe’s latest magic ritual, I can now change into an actual viper ANYTIME I want! These look like some pretty good DRUMS; PERFECT to combine with Drako’s LATEST Blood Beast! Emperor Diabolica will take away MY curse for SURE!!!!” And Vipera takes HALF of the drum set; and teleports away!


But no sooner does Vipera leave, than does an invisible RIPPLE appear in the room, and materializes into MIRROR!!!! Mirror chuckles and says: “Thank you for the BRILLIANT idea, Vipera! But you’re wasting your time! Queen Hedrian’s drum monster will be BETTER than yours; and WE will destroy the Rangers first! And once we do, the Orange Ruby will be OURS for the taking!” And Mirror takes the OTHER half of the drum set; and teleports away! /


Emperor Diabolica smiles as Vipera arrives with the STOLEN drum set! Emperor Diabolica says: “Thank you for providing us with our latest weapon, to take DOWN those AWFUL Power Rangers! As a reward, I shall give BACK to you, what was ONCE taken away from you!”


And Emperor Diabolica SHOOTS his magic, and produces a brand NEW Purple Motorcycle for Vipera! And Vipera pleasantly sighs in contentment! Emperor Diabolica says: “I figured you would like it. It’s STRONGER, it’s FASTER, and BETTER than the LAST one was! With your new Motorcycle, you’ll be able to DESTROY the Rangers in high-tech fashion!”


Baphomet says: “That’s all nice and fine, but how is a DRUM set going to help us destroy the Rangers?”


Drako says: “If you allow me to pour my blood vial on the drum set, I will show you.”


Kraky impatiently says: “Well, hurry UP, then!”


Drako dumps the blood over the drum set, and it TRANSFORMS into a strong, masculine, muscle-bound drum monster! The drum monster says: “I am Beat Him! Those Male Rangers are in for SUCH a thrashing by the time I get THROUGH with them!”


Circe asks: “Just the male rangers?”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Without the guys to fall back on, the girls will be MUCH easier for the rest of us to destroy! Besides, BlackHawk IS a guy, and he currently has the Orange Ruby, which WE will be TAKING once Beat Him DESTROYS BlackHawk!”


Beat Him says: “I’ll show THOSE Rangers the DRUMS of WAR!!!!” And Beat Him teleports away!


Baphomet says: “If you ask me, I think I could do a much better job of taking the Orange Ruby, ALL by myself!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “Well, until YOU can pass a Loyalty Test the way that all the OTHERS can, that time shall remain ELUSIVELY out of your REACH!” /


At Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror magically FUSES her stolen drum set with an unhatched egg! Queen Hedrian smiles and says: “Once again, your spying skills remain unsurpassed!”


Keller scoffs and says: “I could’ve gotten it TO, if I had been given a chance!”


Demon King Banriki shouts: “DON’T be ridiculous! All YOU can do is turn into a SHIELD, and throw the occasional sugar bomb!”


General Shogun says: “Besides, what does it matter just WHO got the drum set? All that matters is that WE destroy the Rangers, with the monster we will now FORM!!!!”


And the monstrous egg HATCHES, and a very pretty, feminine monster with pink drums, comes out of the egg! The feminine monster says: “I am Pound Her! No female ranger stands a CHANCE while I’m around! I am VERY good at what I do!”


Keller asks: “Why the female rangers?”


Queen Hedrian says: “The male rangers will be DEVASTATED if something, ‘unfortunate’ were to happen with them! And if we OFFER to make a trade; say, the Orange Ruby for THEIR safety, I think they would be WISE to cooperate with us!”


Demon King Banriki says: “Either way, they will ALL get destroyed in the end!”


Pound Her says: “I will pound all those Rangers SENSELESS!!!!” And Pound Her disappears!


Queen Hedrian sighs in contentment, and says: “If only my older sister could SEE me now; she would be SO proud of me!” /


Beat Him is running through the city in the early morning, looking for a place to cause havoc! Beat Him asks himself: “Now, how should I create as much havoc as I can, in order to draw out the Rangers?”


Beat Him looks around, and spots a Fireworks Factory! Beat Him smiles, and says: “That should work very NICELY!!!!” And he runs in!


Soon after, Pound Her arrives on the scene, and says to herself: “The Rangers won’t be able to ignore a dire emergency happening in Coastal Falls! I think creating a situation at the Fireworks Factory should work NICELY!!!!”


Pound Her runs in, but she is SHOCKED to see that Beat Him is about to start havoc of his own at the Fireworks Factory! Pound Her asks: “What are YOU doing here?!”


Beat Him says: “I’m going to DESTROY the Male Power Rangers!”


Pound Her says: “That’s what I’M going to do, but with the Female Power Rangers!”


Beat Him gasps in shock and says: “How DARE you?! You’re RIPPING off Emperor Diabolica’s PLAN!”


Pound Her says: “Your plan SUCKS!!!! Queen Hedrian’s plan is MUCH better!”


Beat Him incredulously says: “You insignificant little…take THIS!!!!” And Beat Him BEATS his drums, and starts to produce powerful, energized musical notes to attack at Pound Her, who starts responding by doing the same, by POUNDING her drums to produce powerful, energized musical notes to attack at Beat Him! /


The alarm blares at the Command Center, and this causes Naruto to exit out of the Simulation Planet! Naruto groans and says: “I HATE it when these monster attacks interrupt my TRAINING sessions! I was REALLY getting better against BlackHawk, as well! I managed to last a whole 40 minutes against him by myself; and almost fight him to a DRAW!!!!”


Omnus says: “I’m afraid your personal goal will have to wait. Both Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian have sent out a drum themed monster, and they are both ATTACKING each other within the Fireworks Factory in Coastal Falls!”


Alpha 8 says: “Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai! It’s a FIRE Fight!”


Naruto looks at the Viewing Globe and says: “Hey! Those creeps are using the same drums that are owned by Ebony! How DARE they take something that isn’t their own?! Although, I suppose they WOULDN’T be evil unless they did!” Naruto pushes his communicator and asks: “Ebony, are you missing any drums this morning?” /


Ebony walks into her garage, and can see that her drum kit is no longer there. Ebony says: “Unfortunately, my drums don’t seem to be present at my house hold. Are they being used by the forces of evil?” /


Naruto says: “You guessed it!” /


Ebony groans and says: “UGH!!!! The one draw-back of being a Ranger; monsters ALWAYS tend to steal your STUFF!” /


Omnus says: “I’ve done a thorough analysis on the monsters! If you destroy the monsters themselves, it will return your stolen drum kit to normal!” /


Ebony sighs in relief and says: “Well, that’s encouraging!” /


Naruto says: “Ebony, have the other Rangers meet me at the Fireworks Factory! Tell them to expect the usual! They’ll know what you mean!” /


Ebony says: “Will do, Naruto!” /


Naruto says: “Right then! It’s MORPHING time!” /


Naruto says: “Tyrannosaurus!” /


Naruto teleports into the Fireworks Factory, and Beat Him says: “Ah, my first quarry of the day!”


Pound Her says: “Get out of the WAY, Ranger! I have no interest in fighting YOU!”


Naruto says: “Sorry to disappoint you, but when you mess with one Ranger, you mess with all of them!”


Beat Him says: “Imps, attack!” And a bunch of Imps appear to attack Naruto!


Pound Her says: “Dusters, attack!” And the skeleton grunts teleport in to aid Pound Her.


Naruto says: “Time for a warm-up! SABERTOOTH FOX MODE!" And Naruto once again gains his special armored form; very similar to his normal Ranger one, except that stylized fox ears were molded into the top of the helmet, and nine armored fox tails sprouted out of Naruto's tailbone. On the chest, rather than the symbol of Core Earth, the symbol resembled a spiral with eight symbols written in stylized writing around it. And it comes COMPLETE with a RED-colored explosion! Using his super-speed, Naruto takes his fire sword, and ZOOMS around with such force, that even Pinkie Pie would be impressed by the effort! Naruto makes SHORT work on the Imps, than he uses his fox claws to tear THROUGH the Dusters, and turns them ALL into dust, with a few, well aimed swipes!


Naruto reverts into his normal Ranger form and says: “So much for the warm-up, time for the main event!” /


Ebony has all the Rangers gathered at her house. Ebony says: “And that’s the story! Naruto is already starting to fight these two monsters as we speak!”


BlackHawk and D.O.G. come running up, and BlackHawk says: “D.O.G. smelled something WRONG going on in town! Is there something out of the ordinary?”


Usagi sighs and says: “You know it! Emperor Diabolica and Queen Hedrian are at it again!”


D.O.G. says: “We’re lucky those two are at war with each other! It would be much harder for us to fight against the both of them if they were EVER to unite!”


Lettuce says: “We’ve got to go and stop them!”


BlackHawk says: “They’ll be after my Orange Ruby; I better come with you.”


Pinkie asks: “Can you teleport with us?”


Toby says: “I think so. It should be easy, given how resilient BlackHawk is in combat and fighting.”


BlackHawk says: “D.O.G., I’m going to ask you to stay!”


D.O.G. says: “I will obey, not just because I am designed to be a dog, but because I also love you!”


Ebony smiles and says: “I love a man who takes care of his pet!”


BlackHawk says: “He’s not just, ‘a pet,’ he’s a COMPANION! Two TOTALLY different things!”


Usagi says: “We’ll argue about semantics later! It’s Morphing time!” /


Ebony says: “Velociraptor!” / Toby says: “Stegosaurus!” / Pinkie says: “Ankylosaurus!” / Lettuce says: “Triceratops!” / Usagi says: “Hadrosaurus!” /


And the Rangers and BlackHawk arrive at the Fireworks Factory! Naruto says: “There you guys are. You just missed warming up against the Dusters AND the Imps!”


BlackHawk chuckles and says: “I KNEW that was you, with the impressive power level of about 4,000! You’re going to make me start LOOKING bad at this rate!”


Than the Rangers hear a familiar ROARING, and Vipera CRASHES through on her new motorcycle! Vipera says: “She’s back, she’s BADDER, and she’s COOLER than EVER!!!!”


Ebony asks: “A motorcycle-themed bad guy?”


Toby says: “It’s not the first time she’s ridden one. We DESTROYED her LAST one, and we can do it again!”


Vipera scoffs and says: “Maybe you didn’t HEAR me; it’s BADDER, COOLER, and it is way STRONGER than the last one EVER was!”


Lettuce says: “It still won’t stop us from destroying it!”


BlackHawk says: “I’ll deal with Miss Prima Donna, you guys take care of the Monsters!”


The other Rangers say: “Right!”


Vipera says: “At last, the Orange Ruby will be MINE!!!!”


BlackHawk says: “Don’t count on it!”


Vipera says: “Venom BLAST!!!!”


BlackHawk says: “Woo Foo Field!!!!”


And the venom that Vipera blasts out of her sword, is safely absorbed by BlackHawk’s magical protection! Vipera growls angrily and says: “You’re an ANNOYING little pest, AREN’T you?!”


BlackHawk says: “Annoying? Possibly. A pest? Only to YOU!!!! Take THIS!!!!”


And BlackHawk shoots an orange beam of energy with his Orange Ruby; and Vipera says: “Not THIS time! Shed SKIN!!!!”


And as the Orange Beam CONNECTS with the exfoliated skin that Vipera sheds, it actually SPLITS into two, and ends up HITTING into Beat Him, and Pound Her, who are suddenly UNABLE to produce a single musical note with their drums!


Beat Him asks: “What gives?! I’ve gone MUTE!!!!”


Pound Her says: “The music is all GONE from MY drums!”


Ebony incredulously asks: “YOUR drums?! You’ve got SOME nerve to call MY drums, your own!”


BlackHawk says: “Not the outcome I was hoping for; but, when life give you lemons, you got to make some lemonade!”


Pinkie says: “Time to make some music of our own! Power Weapons!!!!” /


Toby says: “Water Axe!” / Pinkie says: “Diamond Boomerang!” / Usagi says: “Wind Staff!” / Lettuce says: “Earth Mace!” / Naruto says: “Flame Sword!” / Ebony says: “Shadow Daggers!” /


The Rangers simultaneously say: “Super Power Blaster Cannon!”


BlackHawk says: “FIRE RAY!!!!”


And at the same time, the Rangers BLAST Pound Her, and BlackHawk FIRES at Beat Him!!!! And they BOTH fall down and EXPLODE into FLAME!!!! Their body parts split into chunks!


Vipera growls angrily and says: “I’d use my motorcycle AGAINST you, except I don’t want you to use your Mega Racer against ME, again! I’ll use my Magic Regeneration Blast, and combine THESE two, small monsters, into one HUGE, giant monster! And to top it all off, this COMBINED monster will ONLY be loyal to Emperor Diabolica! Magic Regeneration Blast!!!!”


Vipera shoots at the REMAINS of the monsters, and they MORPH into one, GIGANTIC, mish-mashed hybrid of a masculine AND a feminine drum monster!


Ebony gags and says: “Ugh! That has DEFINITELY got to be the UGLIEST monster that WE’VE fought so far; and NOT because it’s both male AND female!”


Lettuce says: “Thank you!”


Vipera says: “Later, losers!” And Vipera disappears!


BlackHawk says: “Guys, I’ll leave this up to you!” And BlackHawk flies away.


Naruto says: “We need Dinozord Power NOW!!!!”


Ebony says: “I call upon the Velociraptor Zord!” And Ebony plays her electric guitar. The dinozords all appear and get ready to fight, as the Rangers jump into their cock-pits!


Toby says: “Say, I’ve been itching to see this Final Attack of the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord in action! Ebony, why don’t you show us what it’s all about?!”


Ebony smiles and says: “With pleasure!”


And five zords combine to form the Velociraptor Warrior Megazord! The five Rangers say: “Velociraptor Warrior Megazord, ACTIVATE!!!!”


The mish-mashed monster, says: “I am BEAT POUND, I will BEAT, and POUND you!” Beat Pound, beat and pounds the drums to make the powerful energy musical notes.


Pinkie says: “Activate Ankylo Shield!” And an energy shield swirls around the Megazord. Not only does it PROTECT the Megazord, it BOUNCES the energy notes right BACK at Beat Pound!


Usagi says: “Time to finish this! Triceratops TRIPLE Spear DRILL!!!!”


The three spear trips SPIN around like a powerful drill, and bore right THROUGH Beat Pound, creating a giant HOLE in its chest! The monster falls down, COMPLETELY destroyed!


Lettuce says: “To quote Queen; another one bites the dust!” /


In Queen Hedrian’s base, Mirror produces a bust of the fallen monster, Pound Her, and places it on a shelf, labeled, “Fallen Monsters.”


Mirror says: “I just can’t understand how this whole plot FAILED!!!!”


General Shogun ruefully says: “This wouldn’t have HAPPENED if Emperor Diabolica had just MINDED his own business!”


Demon King Banriki says: “We need to be more aggressive! Take those Rangers out BEFORE they learn about our TRUE potential!”


Queen Hedrian sternly says: “Don’t MAKE me put you BACK into the Phantom Zone! These Rangers are more persistent than I gave them credit for, but we are GOING to overcome them in the end! Only I can be allowed to OWN the Orange Ruby, and harness ALL the power within it! And when I do, I’ll become even stronger than my OWN Father, Master Vile! That is a victory that I can’t wait for!”


Keller says: “Just make sure you send ME out, next time! I want to show those Rangers some of my OWN skills!” /


Emperor Diabolica, is even madder than USUAL at the latest failure, as he is BLASTING his electrical energy CONSTANTLY at Kraky and Circe, and Emperor Diabolica screams: “FOOLS!!!! IDIOTS!!!! IMBECILES!!!!! I’m surrounded by a legion of LOSERS!!!! None of you can accomplish anything even REMOTELY competent!”


Baphomet says: “And I am CERTAINLY inclined to AGREE!”


Vipera scoffs, and asks: “Are you CRAZY?! He probably means you TOO; Baphomet!”


Drako pleadingly says: “Settle DOWN, my Emperor! You’ll cause premature aging in your ageless body at THIS rate!”


Emperor Diabolica sighs and says: “I have SUCH a headache!!!! It’s SO frustrating to see something that is SO close for you to obtain, and yet so FRUSTRATINGLY out of your REACH!!!!”


Vipera sighs and says: “I quite agree, my lord.”


Emperor Diabolica says: “We’ll, we’re not going to make ANY progress if we rest on our laurels! DRAKO!!!! I want you to start work on the NEXT Blood Beast, right NOW!!!!”


Drako asks: “Already?!”


Emperor Diabolica says: “That way, when it is time to attack the Rangers, the Blood Beast will be STRONGER than the USUAL Blood Beast, and it should be ready, to take the Orange Ruby for me, ONCE and for all!”


Kraky sighs in pain and says: “I can HARDLY wait for that day!”


Circe sighs in pain and says: “Me to, Kraky. Me, also!” /


The six Rangers return to Ebony’s garage, and Ebony is pleasantly surprised to see her drum set, completely restored to its original state! Ebony says: “I sure wish MY magic skills worked THAT well!”


Naruto says: “But you guys STILL need to figure out what you guys are going to sound like!”


D.O.G., who is waiting for BlackHawk, starts wagging his tail, and D.O.G. says: “I have a suggestion!”


Ebony says: “I’ve never taken advice from a dog before, but I’ll try anything legal at least ONCE!”


D.O.G. asks: “You guys all want to play different music in this band, right? Well, why not pay TRIBUTE to someone who has played ALL different kinds of music throughout his career!”


Toby asks: “Someone like that, actually EXISTED?!!!” /


The scene cuts to the late evening night, of a Memorial Day celebration, out in the middle of a park, where a stage has been set up, with a bunch of sound and lighting equipment! Sans can be seen working as the Light Technician for this production! A FAMILIAR blond-haired, female woman, walks on-stage, and attracts the attention of Bash and Smash!


Bash says: “Say! I think I’ve SEEN her somewhere before!”


Smash says: “Her face IS familiar! Why am I getting these VIBES from her?!”


The woman approaches the loud-speaker, and says: “I’m glad that I’ve been asked to be here. I traveled from VERY far away to be here! I am Kira Ford; here to promote the latest, and soon to be greatest musical act in rock and roll! I mean, other than me, of course! A rocking Weird Al Yankovic tribute band; I now present to you; The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld!”


Ebony asks: “We’re SERIOUSLY going with THAT?! And doing this?!”


Lettuce says: “Hey! It’s not like it’s the WEIRDEST thing we’ve ever DONE together!”


Usagi says: “True enough! Let’s DO this!”


And the four Rangers start JAMMING to their version of a Weird Al Yankovic hit song, “Headline News!” / Lettuce sings: “Once, there was this kid who, took a trip to Singapore and brought along his spray paint. And when he finally came back, he had cane marks all over his bottom. He said that it was from when the warden whacked it so hard! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. [Whip sound] Ah! Once there was this girl who, swore that one day she would be a figure skating champion. And when she finally made it, she saw some other girl who was better. [Ding sound] And so she hired some guy to club her in the kneecap. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. [Thwack sound] Ah! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. They got paid for their sound bites, and sold their TV movie rights. And then, there was this guy who, made his wife so mad one night that she cut off his weiner. And when he finally came to, he found that Mr. Happy was missing. He couldn't quite explain it; it'd always just been there! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Ah, ah. (There) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there), ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). Ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (were), ah, ah, (there) ah, ah, (is). There were, there is. There were, there is.” / And the epic song ends, as everyone applauds, including Kira Ford. However BlackHawk NOTICES her appearance there!


BlackHawk thinks to himself: “I KNEW that woman looked familiar! She’s one of the Legendary Power Rangers, from the PAST!!!! What is SHE doing all the way here?! Certainly not just to enjoy this music performance! She must be here for an important reason; I just wish that I knew what it was!” /


Episode Notes: With the exception of “Karaoke Knight,” this marks the most amount of songs EVER played in an episode of “Power Rangers.” In this case, they are Green Day’s version of “Holiday; Burning Down the House;” Puffy Ami Yumi’s version of “Girl’s Just Want to Have Fun; Follow You, Follow Me;” and “Headline News.” Ebony is revealed to like Punk Rock; Lettuce likes Post Punk; Usagi likes J-Pop; and Toby likes Classical Rock. Ebony, Lettuce, Usagi, and Toby form The Dark, Shiny, Progressive, Arena, Oddball, Face, Lords of the Underworld; the band name a mish-mash of ALL the possible band name ideas suggested by ALL four of the Rangers. They decide to become a Weird Al Yankovic tribute band, so that EACH of them can get a chance to play their own music while they are a band! First time that a PAST Legendary Power Ranger has been seen in this show, (in this case, Kira Ford from “Power Rangers Dino Thunder;”) and it WON’T be the last time a PAST Legendary Power Ranger will be seen on this show! Second appearance of Naruto’s Sabertooth Fox Mode! Vipera gets a NEW, STRONGER, and FASTER purple motorcycle in THIS episode, to replace the one that was previously destroyed by the Mega Racer! This episode contains elements of the abandoned “Power Rangers Multiverse Force”, PLANNED, episode, “Fire Fight,” which is mentioned by Alpha 8 in this episode. /


Personal Notes: I want to personally thank Renegade the Unicorn, for his tireless help and advice. For without his knowledge, this episode wouldn’t have been possible, so he gets FULL co-writing credit for helping me bring this episode together! I also want to thank him for allowing me to use the abandoned plot of “Fire Fight,” for the second part of this episode; it really helped me create an exciting battle for the Power Rangers! / That’s my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)



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