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Here's a rerun of an episode from SpingeBill's Adventure


Episode 7: The Splaat Phone

"Spaat goes to Bikini Bottom to gives SpongeBob and Patrick a splaat phone"


Splaat: it's time to teleport to Bikini Bottom

(Splaat teleports to Bikini Botton)

Splaat: I'm in Bikini Bottom


Splaat: have you seen a yellow sponge 

Fred: he's at conch street DONT HURT ME

Splaat: thanks for your help GOODBYE


(Splaat goes to Conch Street)


Patrick: don't eat us

Splaat: calm down SpongeBob I won't hurt you I'm here to give you and your friend this

SpongeBob&Patrick: what's this

Splaat: it's a Splaat phone call me when there's trouble

SpongeBob: thanks splaat

Patrick: yeah thank you mr monster

Splaat: no problem

(Splaat Teleports)

SpongeBob: Patrick maybe that creature wasn't so scary after all

(Splaat Teleports Back to Conch Street)


SpongeBob&Patrick: AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Splaat: oh sorry about that goodbye

(Splaat Teleports)

And so Splaat gives SpongeBob and Patrick splaat phones and a big scare 

The End




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Get ready people, because everything BEFORE this episode will seem like CHILD'S play once you're through reading THIS mind shock of an episode! Prepare to be blown away! / Sniz is in the cockpit and says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, the three teams were no more! The 20 remaining contestants were now disbanded, and forced to fend for themselves. Their test started in the jungles of the Congo, and they had to fight a MONSTER of a beast! The hideously decayed creature known as Anti-Timmy! UGH!!!! He looks like death warmed over twice! That would be death warmed over...warmed over! Captain Retro and Marlene took the initiative, and put the psychotic little fiend out of his misery. By doing so, they also won immunity. Tigress, on the other hand, decided that Taotie had loused up the game for long enough, and bravely sacrificed her own game, in order to get Taotie out of the picture. Now we are down to 18 contestants, and if you thought what we had before was exciting, than you haven't seen ANYTHING yet, because we have got a challenge up our sleeves, that will blow everything else we've done so far, COMPLETELY out of the water! Prepare for the most SHOCKING episode of this show YET; an episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / “Torture, a State of Shock!” /

In the V.I.P. Lounge, Marlene is celebrating her good fortune. Marlene says: “I am STILL on the top of my game! And the best part is, both Taotie AND Tigress are gone! First place is as GOOD as mine!” Captain Retro says: “True, this is a VERY good turn of events for everyone. We got rid of Taotie, so my main objective is over. Now I don't need to worry about any bad guys to fight anymore.” Marlene asks: “What about Zarbon? You don't REALLY think that he's a good guy, do you?” Captain Retro says: “Not entirely, but I wouldn't worry about HIM winning, anyways.” Marlene asks: “How can you NOT worry about him?” Captain Retro says: “Well, for one thing, at this point, the biggest competition for anyone to face around here, is Bulma!” Marlene scoffs and says: “Bulma?! Don't be silly! She is SUCH a joke compared to me!” Captain Retro says: “Well tell me THIS then, if she's such a joke, how has she been able to survive elimination ceremonies right and left, getting RID of contestants FAR more athletically skilled than her, not to mention getting rid of such contestants as Keswick and Blonda? They were NOT exactly mental pushovers if you know what I mean!” Marlene says: “Still, there's no REASON to think that I won't win, right?” Captain Retro says: “Marlene, I am NOT going to tell you who's going to win this whole thing.” Marlene asks: “Why ever not?” Captain Retro says: “Because I honestly STILL don't know, and even IF I did, I wouldn't tell you!” Marlene asks: “Why couldn't you?” Captain Retro says: “Because it wouldn't be RIGHT to spoil the future for you!”

Marlene gets disgusted and says: “You mean, even after ALL this time I've BEEN with you, that you are NOT going to tell me how I end up WINNING this whole thing?!” Captain Retro says: “I CAN'T tell you how to live your life!” Marlene asks: “Can't or won't?” Captain Retro says: “BOTH! Either/or, it is the same basic principle!” Marlene asks: “Than what's the PURPOSE of ME being in a RELATIONSHIP with you?!” Captain Retro gets disgusted and asks: “Is THAT all I've BEEN to you? Some kind of galactic CHEAT sheet?!” Marlene says: “I've worked HARD for this! I DESERVE this win WAY more than anybody else does!” Captain Retro says: “Watch yourself; that's how you got in trouble LAST season, by thinking too highly of yourself.” Marlene says: “Well, you know what I think?” Captain Retro says: “No. Why don't you tell me?” Marlene angrily says: “You and I are SO over!!!! You can TAKE your STUPID powers and SHOVE them up your BUTT! I'm OUT!!!! Watch ME win WITHOUT you and your STUPID help!!!!” Marlene storms out of the V.I.P. Lounge angrily, and Captain Retro just stands there, baffled. Captain Retro shouts: “Well, NEXT time, break someone's HEART all at ONCE instead of piece by piece, why don't you?!”

(Confessional) Captain Retro sighs and says: “Ugh, such a LONG, ugly MESS. I can't BELIEVE I hooked myself with Marlene for so long, only to discover that she only LIKED me because SHE thought I was going to give her a free ride to the Final Three! Well, SPOILER ALERT; I don't GIVE free rides! I thought she loved me for me! The only thing I'm happy about having found out about this, is that I never made out with her. I'm saving that for marriage.” / Marlene screams angrily: “AH!!!! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!!! I can't BELIEVE I wasted ALL that time following around Captain Retro! I SQUANDERED all the time I could have HAD with Skipper for NOTHING! Now what do I have?! Why did this HAPPEN to me?! I shouldn't have to go through things like THIS! I am MARLENE A. Otter! I am a superstar, and I DON'T waste MY precious time for NOTHING! So if Captain Retro ISN'T just going to tell me how to win, I'll just do it ALL myself! I almost did it LAST time, and I can certainly do it THIS time, if absolutely necessary! I don't need ANYONE but myself in order to WIN anything!” (End Confessional)

Marlene walks back into the First Class section with the rest of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Daggett asks: “So, what do we attribute the appearance of EMPERESS Marlene?! Not enough bubbly bubbles in the jacuzzi?” Marlene scoffs and says: “Well, if you must know, Captain Retro and I had a difference of opinion.” Stimpy asks: “What do you mean?” Po rolls his eyes and says: “Marlene broke UP with Captain Retro, DUH!” Stimpy recoils back and says: “NO!!!! You're throwing away nearly a season's worth of development?! Why and/or whatever for?!” Marlene angrily says: “None of your business!” Reggie thinks about it and says: “Well, why don't I venture a guess? Captain Retro wouldn't reveal to you who ends up WINNING this season to you, would he?” Marlene is SHOCKED and asks: “WHAT?! How did YOU know?!” Norbert says: “BECAUSE you just TOLD us, OBVIOUSLY!” Marlene pouts and says: “Oh, I HATE getting tricked like that!” Rocko says: “Marlene, that is all KINDS of wrong! You shouldn't LOVE somebody just because you're expecting to get something out of it. You should be in love because you genuinely LOVE somebody, without expecting that you'll get something significant from it in return.” Marlene asks: “Well, if I can't get to the end with Captain Retro, than who can I POSSIBLY trust to help me get to the end?!”

The plane swerves violently, and JARS all the contestants out of their seats! Over the intercom, General Barracuda shouts: “Unidentified flying bogey, identify yourself at once, STAT!!!!” And riding a jet-pack, SKIPPER zooms by and shouts: “WHOO-HOO!!!! Guess who's BACK, Horatio?!!!” Sniz rolls his eyes and says: “I hate it when losers get clingy.” Skipper falls back, opens the plane door, and lets himself in! Skipper says: “I'm back, and it feels good!” Bulma asks: “What are YOU doing here?! We voted off YOUR butt!” Patrick says: “Actually, your butt was voted off, TWICE this season!” Sniz comes back and asks: “What are you doing here? You have no business being here!” Skipper says: “I don't even CARE about the money at this point, I just care about getting precious screen-time! Besides, I heard that ROCKO has a new TV movie in the works! And if HE can make a come-back, than SO can I!” Sniz grabs Skipper, and he heads to the plane door. Sniz says: “When I say that someone is OUT, they are OUT!!!!” Than Sniz's cell phone rings. Sniz says: “Hold on, I got to take this call.” Sniz answers the cell phone and says: “Hello, this is Sniz Brokowski. Oh, hi there, King Julien. WHAT?!!! You're willing to pay HOW much if I make Skipper a contestant again?! SERIOUSLY?!!! AWESOME!!!! Deal!!!!” Skipper says: “Thank you, King Julien!” Sniz says: “Attention ALL contestants! As of RIGHT now, Skipper is BACK to being a contestant AGAIN, hopefully for the LAST time this season!” Suzie scoffs and says: “WHAT?!!! You can't just DO that!” Sniz says: “Oh, I'm sorry, is this YOUR show? Oh no, it's not! It's MINE! Therefore, I can let on or off ANY contestant that I see fit to come back on this show!”

Marlene and Wally both come back to Normal Class. Marlene asks: “What's all the commotion” And Marlene sees Skipper again and says: “Oh, HELLO Skipper!” Skipper is taken aback and says: “Is THAT the response I get from you? I thought you'd be HAPPY to see me!” Marlene says: “You've got a LOT of nerve thinking that after the stunts that YOU'VE pulled this season! You made out with BOTH King Julien AND Blonda!” Skipper says: “Because I was CRAZY and jealous, and I WANTED to be with you!” Wally says: “Well, you don't HAVE to be crazy and jealous anymore, Marlene just broke up with Captain Retro!” Marlene shouts: “WHAT?!!!” Wally blushes and says: “OOPS! I didn't know that you DIDN'T want Skipper to know that just yet!” Skipper says: “How did THIS happen? Was Captain Retro treating you badly?” Marlene says: “It's not LIKE that, okay? And I don't see why I should just come back to you after all that you've DONE!” Skipper says: “PLEASE! If you give me a chance to hear my side of it, I'd be GLAD to tell you why you should give me another chance!” Marlene sighs and says: “Fine, explain away.” And Skipper suddenly appears in a green tuxedo, and the lights are dimmed low, as a disco ball is suddenly hanging in the plane. Randolph asks: “What's going on here?” Fondue says: “I thought I'd help set the ambiance, to create the proper MOOD for this setting! Skipper take it away!” /

Genre: Love Ballad. Song: “I'm Sorry.” Sung by: Skipper, Marlene, and Wally. / (Slow tempo) Skipper: “I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a flower after the first frost. And I'm sorry, like a mitten that's been dropped and feels so lost. (Tempo picks up) Oops, I really messed up. At least I 'fessed up!” Marlene: “You didn't 'fess up, you got caught on national TV!” Wally: “It's international, Marlene, Total Cartoon is seen all over the world!” Marlene: “Ugh!” Skipper: “But I'm sorry, so sorry. Sorry like a surfer who's busted his board! And I'm sorry like the band when they played a wrong chord. Oops, I really screwed up. I felt some chick up!” Marlene: “International TV, huh? In front of all my friends!” Skipper: “But, I'm sorry, so sorry! Marlene, I really think you rule. You're so cute that you make me drool! And if you give me one more chance, I'll do my happy, happy dance!” Marlene: “You are pretty cute when you dance; aw, no, no!” Skipper: “Marlene, you're the one for me. And I'm so incredibly, wildly, madly, crazily, oh, so completely, infinitely, beyond, sorry.” /

Sniz says: “So what do you say, Marlene?” Marlene says: “First, explain to me ONE thing that has been nagging at me.” Skipper asks: “What's that?” Marlene shouts: “Why did you target Spongebob?!!!” Skipper says: “Because Taotie told me to, before we voted in that Elimination Ceremony!” Marlene is taken aback and asks: “He DID?!” Bulma says: “It's true. He was just BRAGGING about his full-proof plan to get Spongebob out of the game once and for all.” Marlene says: “So you were set up?” Skipper dejectedly says: “Yes, but I let myself be set up, because I couldn't BEAR the thought of having my plan not working! But in the end, I only have myself to blame for ever LISTENING to that jerk, Taotie in the first place! I should have NEVER followed his advice, I should have listened to my gut instinct; it has almost ALWAYS worked for me in the past, that's what I should have done if I wanted to earn your love.” Marlene says: “Skipper, I'm sorry to. I'm sorry that I followed Captain Retro along for so long, and neglected you in the process. I suppose I'm not the first girl who let herself be blinded by a guy who could see multiple futures.” Skipper asks: “So if he didn't treat you badly, why did you stop loving him?” Marlene says: “Simple, he wouldn't tell me MINE! I just wanted to know if I would WIN this game! I made a mistake and almost lost you, I won't make that mistake again.” Skipper says: “I guess we BOTH made mistakes this season, and we both nearly ended up alone because of it.” Marlene says: “From now on, let's no longer make mistakes with others. Let's make mistakes together.”

Skipper romantically says: “I can go for a slice of that!” And they lovingly kiss each other. Marlene says: “Let's NEVER fight amongst ourselves again!” Skipper says: “It's a DEAL! Will you marry me?” Marlene says: “We've only been back together for like five minutes! Isn't this the same EXACT kind of mistake you MADE with King Julien?!” Skipper says: “Come on! You know you want it as much as I do! Let's go for it!” Marlene says: “All right! We'll get married AFTER this episode is over, I don't want to have to focus on planning the event AND this upcoming challenge at the same time!” Sniz says: “And before ANYONE; I'm looking at YOU, Hayden, does ANY unnecessary looking on the Internet; WANDA!!!!” Wanda magically appears and asks: “Yes?” Sniz says: “I wish that ANY possible plot holes that might be existing that would PREVENT a marriage between Skipper and Marlene from happening, were gone!” Wanda says: “That's the CHEAP way out!” Sniz sing-talks: “But it is an EFFECTIVE one!” Wanda sighs and says: “Ah, fine!” And Wanda waves her wand, and the magic takes effect. Skipper says: “We are going to have such a GREAT future together!” Marlene says: “I don't need Captain Retro to tell me that!” But as they are loving each other, they completely forget about Wally, who runs back to the First Class section! (Confessional)

Wally gasps in shock and says: “Skipper is BACK in the game for his THIRD try?! I SO didn't see that coming! How is Captain Retro going to react when he finds out about this?” / Marlene says: “At this point, I could care LESS about how Captain Retro reacts to me; I GAVE him a chance to be useful to me, and he SMASHED it into a million pieces! Well, at least I got my Skipper back.” / Skipper says: “At long last, I feel that I can FINALLY be truly RELEVANT to this season! After my last two false starts, I can finally tackle this competition in earnest, whatever 'earnest' means. I know that I'm the LONG shot for winning this thing, but I've got about as much chance as any of the other challengers still remaining! I've at LEAST got a better shot than Daggett; I know that I can make it if I try!” (End Confessional)

Wally knocks on the door for the V.I.P. Lounge, and Captain Retro says: “Who is it?” Wally says: “Your true friend, Wally, I need to talk to you!” Captain Retro says: “Come in.” Wally walks in, and finds Captain Retro drinking CRYSTAL PEPSI! Wally says: “WOW! WE'VE got CRYSTAL Pepsi?!” Captain Retro says: “They just started selling it again! I honestly thought that I would NEVER get a chance to taste it!”

Wally says: “Captain Retro, don't freak, but Skipper's back in the game again.” Captain Retro says: “I figured as much; who ELSE could make General Barracuda swerve a PLANE like that EXCEPT for Skipper?!” Wally says: “Well, here's what you might not know. I hope you're not hurt by the news, but, Marlene and Skipper got back together. They're going to get married, Sniz made sure that it can happen without any problem.” Captain Retro sighs and says: “Wow. All this ALL because I wouldn't tell Marlene her future. I can honestly say that I NEVER foresaw this future coming, and I saw a lot of things.” Wally asks: “Aren't you sad?” Captain Retro sighs and admits: “A little, but I'm not going to do anything crazy, foolish, or stupid to stop her. I genuinely LOVED Marlene, but if she decides to be with Skipper, than I'm going to be okay with that. I won't get in her way, she's got her own life to live, the same way I've got my own life to live.” Wally asks: “What about the rest of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance?” Captain Retro says: “Since Marlene has decided that she won't play ball with her former team-mates, we'll have to carry on without her. Wally, you are now a full-fledged member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance!” Jumping up with joy, Wally shouts: “Awesome! I got a promotion!” Captain Retro says: “We'll also need someone to replace Tigress. Thankfully, I think Reggie Rocket will fill the role just fine.” Wally says: “That's a good call, Captain Retro.” Captain Retro says: “We haven't got any time to waste. We must inform Reggie Rocket of her new role at once!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “I probably COULD'VE seen this coming; but the thing of it is, I honestly trusted Marlene. I took her at her word, so I never bothered to read her aura to tell if she wasn't being completely truthful. Maybe if I had...well, I don't try to dabble to much in 'what if's,' what I will do is to try to make the best out of what has happened. And I don't wish Marlene any ill will; I wish nothing but the best for her, and for Skipper.” / Wally says: “I have PROVEN my critics, namely my superiors, wrong! They said that I would never amount to anything in THIS game, they said that I would never make it far playing in a serious competition such as this! But I've prevailed whereas dozens of others have fallen to the wayside! And with my new position in the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance, I have a real chance of actually WINNING this thing! Maybe I can buy a better rocket ship, it would make my missions SO much better to be on!” (End Confessional)

Captain Retro and Wally head back into First Class. Captain Retro says: “Good news, Reggie!” Reggie asks: “What?” Captain Retro says: “I was talking with Wally, about who would be a good replacement for either Tigress or Marlene in the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance.” Wally says: “I was one of them!” Captain Retro says: “And you're the other one!” Reggie excitedly stands up and says: “WOW! I get to be a REAL member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance with Rocko?!” Captain Retro says: “Sure, if you want to be!” Reggie says: “That sounds totally awesome, I accept!” Rocko says: “Welcome to the Alliance, Reggie. I can think of nobody better to be in it.” Reggie asks: “So, what's going to be the first test of our Alliance?” Before Captain Retro can answer, General Barracuda activates the intercom, and speaks through the loud-speakers. General Barracuda says: “Attention fresh meat, your mission, and you DON'T have a choice, is to play an elaborate game of Capture the Flag, in the jungles of Vietnam! It's going to be pretty dangerous, with a lot of old, unexploded ammunition lying around. Not to mention hidden enemies that could be lurking in the shadows! So sit back and say your prayers. It's going to be one HELL of an experience! Ha, ha, ha. Horatio, out!” Daggett pouts and says: “A spooty jungle, AGAIN?! We just got THROUGH going through a spooty jungle!” Norbert asks: “What's the matter, my good man? Are you having a tough time cutting the custard?” Daggett asks: “What are you talking about? I would just like a little change in variety. Besides, have you noticed how WE'RE the odd guys OUT in this dynamic?” Norbert asks: “What do you mean?” Daggett says: “Come back with me to the Confessional, I'll explain it to you there!”

(Confessional) Reggie says: “My game so far, has boiled down to being a good athlete, and being there for my team when they needed me. But now, I have a NEW important role to play, as an important member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance! My friends will be counting on me to play hard and to keep them safe, and I intend to deliver! I am nothing if not dependable! I am ready to take my game, hopefully all the way to the Final Three!” / Norbert and Daggett are together. Norbert asks: “Just what exactly have you noticed, Daggett?” Daggett says: “As of right now, Marlene has Skipper, and everyone else EXCEPT for us are a member of the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance!” Norbert gasps in shock as he says: “Oxnard Montalvo! You're right! And it WORRIES me when you're RIGHT about something, because that you usually only comes about when we're in trouble!” Daggett says: “It has become very clear to me that unless we watch our own backs, we're not going to last too much longer as contestants this season. As much as it pains me to admit it, I need you to be my partner if I want to get anywhere this season.” Norbert says: “And strangely enough, I need you to. BIG BEAVER HUG!!!!” And Norbert hugs Daggett VERY strongly! Daggett sighs and says: “I'm NEVER going to get USED to this!” Norbert lets go and says: “It's settled than, for us, its Beaver Brothers to the end or bust!” (End Confessional) / (Commercial Break) / After the commercials finish airing, the action focuses on Normal Class, where the former members of Team TUFF and Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool are focusing on strategy. Dudley says: “You know what, guys and girl? I think it would be really beneficial to form an alliance of sorts.” Patrick asks: “Really; why?” Chameleon says: “Well, Captain Retro and his friends formed the Power Rangers Retro Alliance a long time ago, and they've pretty much kicked BUTT this entire season! We need our own alliance to counteract against them! What do you think?” Suzie says: “You know me. I'm all FOR winning, and hoping to get to the Final Three! If you think an Alliance will help me get to the Final Three, I'm all for it!” Dog says: “I want to be in an Alliance, to! It would be a chance for me to FINALLY contribute something of value this season!” Randolph says: “Awesome! We will get to be relevant!” Dudley says: “It's settled, than! From now on, the six of us are the TUFF Alliance!” And all six of them say: “To the TUFF Alliance!” (Confessional)

Dudley says: “Chameleon and I have been partnered up for a good portion of this season, but if either of us want a real chance of winning this season, we knew that an alliance would be the best answer to our problems. And seeing as how there are six of us in this alliance, there is about a one in three chance that one of us could win this whole thing! And this is DEFINITELY the biggest and best odds Chameleon has EVER had for winning anything!” / Chameleon says: “This alliance will make for the best odds that I've ever had for winning anything. Being a reptile, I have a natural advantage in the jungle. I'm looking forward to using my natural instincts, and the skills I've learned this season to help my new alliance out.” / Dog says: “Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed this season so far, but so far, most of the action this season has happened AROUND us, not TO us! I'm hoping to change that starting with this challenge! I know that if we work together, Randolph and I can REALLY shine and dominate the competition!” / Suzie says: “I think it's about TIME that I became part of an alliance! At this point in the game, I'm willing to take any edge I can get to help me extend my game! I just wish that I didn't have to be partnered with Patrick, he is hands down the most unpredictable partner to have on the face of this game, in THOSE exact words!” / Patrick says: “I resent being called hands down, the most unpredictable partner to have on the face of this game, in THOSE exact words!” (End Confessional)

Bulma, Zarbon, and Gonard, are contemplating their next move. Bulma says: “Guys, we are in DEEP trouble right now! We are DOWN to just the three of us! Can anybody guess why?” Gonard sarcastically says: “Is it because WE didn't listen to YOU and your INSANE plane to take 50% of the winning gross no matter WHICH one of us came in FIRST?!” Bulma GENUINELY says: “PRECISELY!!!!” Gonard face-palms himself and screams: “I WAS BEING SARCASTIC!!!!” Bulma says: “I wasn't! I'm the ONLY one around here who KNOWS how to take the other guys and girls DOWN! So seeing as how we're the only THREE members FORMALLY of Team Sniz is Really, Really, Really, Cool left, are you WILLING to listen to me now?” Zarbon says: “You know where I stand; of COURSE I'm with you!” Bulma asks: “Gonard?” Gonard rolls his eyes and says: “I STILL think you are patently insane! However, I have no other options available to me. I'll be a member of your STUPID alliance!” Bulma says: “You mean my GENIUS alliance, because I am a GENIUS! Therefore, from now on, we shall be known as the ANIME Alliance!” Gonard says: “Technically, I'm NOT from an ANIME!” Zarbon says: “You LOOK like you are, though. So you count!” Gonard says: “Cool! I'm sort of Japanese!” (Confessional)

Bulma says: “Well, I FINALLY made it happen! It took FAR longer than it SHOULD have, but I made it happen! Now Zarbon and Gonard are BOUND to MY game! And if THEY want to do good, they will make SURE that I do good! After all, those two will be NOTHING without me! They NEED me to get further in this game! It's ALL going according to MY genius plan!” / Zarbon says: “Don't get me wrong, I truly LOVE Bulma! However, she's CRAZY if she thinks I'm just going to HAND her the win! I still plan on WINNING this game all by myself! After all, who has a BETTER chance of actually WINNING this game; me or her? I think it's no contest; me!” / Gonard groans and says: “I can't believe it's come down to this, being forced to partner up with a former psychotic psychopath, and a motormouth woman who refuses to SHUT UP for even a nano-second! Still, I've come too far to just give up now! Even though I don't like it, this new Anime Alliance is the only chance I've got for continuing on in this game!” (End Confessional)

General Barracuda makes an announcement over the intercom and says: “Attention recruits, we are making our final approach into Vietnam, please put your trays back in their upright position. Or don't, I don't really CARE about YOUR safety! Ha, ha, ha! Horatio out!” Marlene says: “So Skipper, what's our plan of attack for this one?” Skipper asks: “How about we target Captain Retro? I think he has it coming for wasting so much of your precious time. Marlene says: “It's not like he FORCED me to be with him! I mean, I never even ASKED him if he was going to tell me my future.” Skipper asks: “Well, who do YOU think we should target?” Marlene asks: “What about Randolph? He's been completely IRRELEVANT this season!” Skipper says: “Dog might get mad at you, and he IS the only contestant LEFT here who has outlasted you in a competition.” Marlene says: “True, but we don't have any better options on the table right now.” He thinks about it, and Skipper says: “You're right. We're target Randolph, but to make sure that nobody gets suspicious about our plan, we'll PRETEND that we're targeting Captain Retro.” Marlene asks: “Do I HAVE to? Everyone who was a member of Team Retro is going to HATE me if I target him!” Skipper asks: “Do you want to win, or do you want to be popular?” Marlene SERIOUSLY thinks about it and says: “Well...” Skipper says: “It's not exactly a trick QUESTION, Marlene!” Marlene sighs and says: “I guess I want to WIN this season.” Skipper smiles and says: “That's my girl! I knew you'd make the right choice!”

(Confessional) Marlene says: “Personally, I think my track record for making choices this season, has been COMPLETELY abysmal! If I pretend to target Captain Retro, I lose! If I DON'T target Captain Retro, I'm SURE to lose! I'm in a bad situation right now, and it NEVER should have come to this! WHY did the STUPID plane have to make ME and Captain Retro KISS together like that?!” / Skipper says: “I know it's not exactly sporting of me to have Marlene target her FORMER boyfriend, but I need a diversion. Besides, I have been completely SUSPICIOUS of the plane skidding on the Alaska ice and making Captain Retro and Marlene kiss. Something about it STINKS to high heaven, and I'm GOING to find out WHY!” (End Confessional) At long last, the plane lands in Vietnam, and all 19 contestants get off the plane, followed by Sniz, Fondue, and General Barracuda. Sniz says: “Welcome, to the wonderful jungles of Vietnam!” Daggett says: “If they are SO wonderful, how come more people don't LIVE in them?!” Fondue says: “That's NOT a topic with which we're at liberty to discuss!” Sniz says: “Tell it like it is! In either case, we've got a rigorous challenge for us! You guys will be temporarily divided into two teams of nine. Captain Retro, Wally, Stimpy, Po, Reggie, Rocko, Dog, Dudley and Chameleon will be on one team. Everybody else will be on the other team!” Dog says: “But that means that Randolph will be competing AGAINST me! And besides, the OTHER team has TEN contestants! How are WE supposed to compete?” An evil, mechanical voice says: “I can take care of THAT!!!!”

And from out of the blue, a tall, FAMILIAR green robot menace swoops in and GRABS Randolph! Randolph screams: “HELP!!!!” Captain Retro shouts: “Prince Gasket from Power Rangers Zeo!!!!” Prince Gasket chuckles and says: “In the flesh or, should I say, in the STEEL?!” Po says: “I thought you were DESTROYED by Zordon's energy wave!” Prince Gasket says: “Afraid not. I KNEW my father and his FOOLISH followers were DOOMED to fail in their efforts, so I took my OWN loyal legion of Cogs and hid out in the Lost Galaxy until the danger passed. Since then, I've been rebuilding the Machine Empire, and I've chosen to strike HERE on Earth, to AVENGE my father and the Machine Empire! If you want to TRY to save Randolph AND stop my plan, I suggest you come to my hidden base in the jungle, if you DARE! MWA, HA, HA!!!!” And Prince Gasket zooms away with Randolph in his metallic clutches! Sniz worriedly says: “Not good! If Prince Gasket HARMS Randolph, than Randolph could potentially SUE us! Change of challenge plans! The team that SAVES Randolph will win immunity for their team!” Daggett says: “Suits me just fine, I didn't want to play a STUPID Capture the Flag Challenge anyways!” General Barracuda says: “I'd expect some tough resistance and some hidden traps in trying to get to Prince Gasket's hidden base. You'd best stay alert!” Sniz says: “And we all KNOW that since it's not going to be pretty, here's something that MIGHT lighten up the mood!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!) Patrick sarcastically says: “Oh goody, another song.” Sniz says: “And it's one APPROPRIATE for this occasion! Prince Gasket's hidden base is a place DESIGNED for torture, so you'll be singing the 1984 hit song, Torture!” Captain Retro says: “Believe me, NOTHING could be as much torture as having to END my relationship with Marlene!” General Barracuda says: “We'll SEE, Captain Retro! We'll see!” /

Genre: Michael Jackson. Sub-genre: Hard Rock. Song: “Torture.” Sung by: Captain Retro and others. / (Instrumental Opening) Suzie: “It was on the street so evil, so bad that even hell disowned it.” Dudley: “Every single step was trouble, for the fool who stumbled on it.” Chameleon: “Eyes within the dark were watching, I felt that sudden chill of danger.” Rocko: “Something told me to keep on walking; told me I should not have gone there.” Captain Retro: “Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life.” Dog: “I'm out, I'm walking the night cause I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Captain Retro: “She was up a stair to nowhere. A room forever, I'll remember. She said as though I should have known her.” Skipper: “Tell me, what's your pain or pleasure?” Marlene: “Every little thing you find here, is simply for the thrill you're after.” Stimpy: “Loneliness or hearts on fire.” Wally: “I am here to serve all masters.” Zarbon, to Bulma: “She said, Reality is a knife, when there's no love in your life.” Bulma: “Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Gonard: “And I still can't find the meaning, of the face I keep on seeing.” Patrick: “Was she real or am I dreaming?” Captain Retro: “Did the sound of your name turn a wheel, strike a flame in me? Whoo-hoo!” (Instrumental solo) Captain Retro: “Baby, because you cut me like a knife, without your love in my life.” Reggie: “I'm out, I'm walking the night and I just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” Rocko to Reggie: “She said, Reality is a knife when there's no love in your life. Unmerciful is the night when you just can't stop this feeling. It's torture, it's torture, it's torture.” (Instrumental finish). /

And the epic song ends as the contestants reach Prince Gasket's hidden base. Po says: “UGH!!!! This whole place reeks of Apocalypse Now!” Wally says: “I know what you mean, I'm almost half-expecting the ghost of Marlon Brando to pop out somewhere! Rocko says: “Well, we can't worry about that, now. Right now, we have to worry about making a stealthy entrance into that place, and rescuing Randolph.” Zarbon says: “Well, I can take care of that! Just watch me!”

Captain Retro worriedly says: “No wait! Prince Gasket probably has...!” Zarbon shouts: “ARROW of LIGHT!!!!” And Zarbon shoots a BIG beam of yellow energy at the base! While it BLOWS a huge hole in the base, it also EXPOSES a lot of Cogs in there, and they start pouring out to surround the contestants! Captain Retro sighs and says: “Reinforcements!” Bulma screams: “GONARD!!!! Protect ME!!!! “I'm VERY delicate, and I'm your MEAL ticket!!!!” Gonard groans and says: “Don't SCREAM like that, and you just MIGHT get a better result!” Po says: “Finally, some action!” Marlene says: “I definitely did NOT need this!” Skipper says: “Come on, we can take these creeps!” And suddenly, the Cogs start SHOOTING electrical charges at the contestants! Norbert shouts: “WHAT?! Can they DO that?!” Captain Retro says: “Prince Gasket must have made some modifications, so they wouldn't be as easy to defeat as they USED to be!”

Than Captain Retro GASPS as he sees something ABOUT to happen in one of his visions of the future! Captain Retro makes a mighty leap in FRONT of Marlene and Skipper and shouts: “STOP!!!!” And a Cog ZAPS Captain Retro! But instead of falling down unconscious, Captain Retro seems to have ABSORBED the electricity, and is shooting off electricity at the Cogs! Captain Retro says: “WOAH! I knew that I was ELECTRIC, but this is unexpected!” Stimpy asks: “How is this possible?” Captain Retro says: “I have a Defibrillator! It must be diverting the electrical charge AROUND my body and shooting off the excess electricity BACK at the Cogs!” Patrick says: “That makes PERFECT sense!” Suzie says: “No, it doesn't!” Gonard says: “Why don't YOU come back when YOU have a Defibrillator and tell us yourself?!” Suzie seriously says: “I'll pass, Gonard.” Captain Retro says: “It's time to SHOCK these guys, for GOOD!” And suddenly, a rocking theme song erupts around them, as the contestants start taking out the Cogs! /

Genre: Power Pop. Sub-genre: Dance Rock. Song: “State of Shock.” Sung by: Cast, except for Randolph. /

Rocko: “Yeah, come on, baby. You gotta be mine, cause you're so fine. I like your style, it makes me wild! You take it to me good!” Norbert: “You like it?” Daggett: “No!” Norbert: “You should!” Reggie: “You get me on my knees!” Wally: “Come on, baby!” Stimpy: “Well, please, baby, please.” Captain Retro: “Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock!” Po: “We're doing it!” Zarbon: “Oh, ha, come on, baby. Oh, come on, baby.” Gonard: “Come on, let me in. She put me on my knees!” Bulma: “Please, baby, please! I know you like to tease, but please, baby, please. You take it to me good! You like it?” Gonard: “No!” Zarbon: “You should! (To Bulma) I love the way you walk and talk, baby, talk! Listen, she looks so great, every time I see her face, she puts me in a state. A state of shock!” Patrick to Suzie: “She put me, ooh, in a state of shock. Now come over here.” Suzie: “No, come over here. Ooh, talk, talk to me.” Chameleon: “State of shock!” Dudley: “You know I really love you, baby! Want you, I really want you!” Captain Retro: “You got me paralyzed!” Skipper: “You got me paralyzed!” Marlene sarcastically: “You got me catatonic. You got me catatonic baby.” Captain Retro: “You got me supersonic! You got me supersonic, baby!” Gonard: “You know I'm deep fried. You know I'm deep fried.” Bulma: “Yeah, look what you've done to me.” Gonard: “Look what you've done to me!” Captain Retro: “Look what you've done to me! Yeah, how you move! A state of shock!” Daggett: “You know I need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.” Captain Retro: “Come on, baby! You know I've really loved you, baby!” (Captain Retro, starts singing “Now” over and over until the end of the song).

Zarbon: “State of shock! You know I really want you! Yeah, baby, yeah, baby. Just look at me, look at me. State of shock! You drive me!” Bulma: “You got me, you got me, you got me in a state of shock!” Zarbon: “Look at that, look at me. Look at me, look at me. Look at me. Ooh, look at me.” / And the epic song ends as all the Cogs are destroyed, and the electrical field around Captain Retro dissipates.

Captain Retro asks: “Well?” Marlene awkwardly says: “Thank you...for, taking that blast of electrical energy.” Skipper asks: “Why did you do that? Are you TRYING to get Marlene to change her mind?” Captain Retro says: “Believe it or not, this isn't about Marlene, or about the love I thought we had together.” Marlene asks: “What was it about, then?” Captain Retro says: “I saved you because it was the RIGHT thing to do. And Skipper, I've thought about that plane incident as well.” Skipper says: “You have?” Captain Retro says: “Sure. Falling in love with Marlene was the LAST thing I wanted! I never WANTED to have any interest in her!” Skipper says: “Well I think SOMEONE here DID, and wanted to DRIVE Marlene and I apart!” Captain Retro says: “The more I think about it, the more I think you have a point. There's STILL someone in this game who has a hidden agenda, and has been TRYING to engineer things to go THEIR way!” Wally asks: “But WHO would be devious enough to go through THAT kind of trouble?!” And Bulma gets apprehensive! (Confessional) Bulma says: “My carefully crafted plan CAN'T come apart NOW! Not now, not when I've worked SO hard on it! I HOPED it wouldn't have to COME to this, but it looks like Zarbon will HAVE to PROVE his love to me!” (End Confessional)

Bulma whispers to Zarbon: “DO what YOU do best!” Zarbon asks: “What do you mean?” Bulma whispers: “BE the VILLAIN that everyone KNOWS you are, and MY love will be FOREVER yours! You know you want it. Just say YES!” Zarbon BARELY blinks and says: “I love you.” Bulma smiles and says: “I know.” Zarbon shouts out loud: “I guess the jig is up, I RIGGED the plane so it would make that bumpy landing in Alaska! I KNEW that Captain Retro was FOND of Marlene, but would NEVER act on it on his own! So I had to ENSURE that Captain Retro and Marlene would FALL for each other, one way or the other! I did it! DUH!!!! It was ALWAYS me!” Marlene gets steaming mad and screams: “It was YOU!!!! It was ALWAYS you! I can't BELIEVE I thought there was a chance of REDEMPTION for YOU! How DARE you toy with MY emotions and Captain Retro's! I can't BELIEVE you would PUT us through that!” Zarbon brushes his hair back and says: “Of COURSE I would! I AM the villain of this thing! I always HAVE been, no matter WHAT I've said in the past!” Skipper says: “You made a BIG mistake in TELLING us this, because now, how are YOU going to prevent US from STOPPING you?!” Zarbon chuckles and says: “I've made it THIS far based on my GODLY beauty and brains. What's to stop me from going all the way?” But Captain Retro looks unconvinced.

(Confessional) Bulma chuckles deviously and says: “I just KNEW Zarbon would AGREE with me, he's the PERFECT partner!” / Zarbon says: “I rode the redemption line as long as I needed to. But now that Taotie is gone, it's time for ME to take back what is rightfully mine. My sense of power AND my sense of pride is on the line, and NOBODY is taking that away from me! Victory WILL be mine, one way or another!” / Marlene angrily says: “I've NEVER trusted that Zarbon! Not from the first time I saw him, and NOT at any time during this competition! It makes PERFECT sense! Captain Retro CAN'T read Zarbon's aura, Zarbon keeps it locked away! So Captain Retro COULDN'T have known about Zarbon's plan; otherwise, Captain Retro would've STOPPED it before it happened! The one good thing about knowing this NOW, is that Skipper and I STILL have a chance to STOP Zarbon's SICK plans!” / Skipper slowly claps his flippers together and says: “Pretty crafty plan, Zarbon. If you WEREN'T my enemy, I just might admire it. However, YOU crossed the line when you decided to mess with me and Marlene, and I am going to make you pay DEARLY for it!” / Captain Retro scratches his chin and says: “Something about Zarbon's claim does NOT add up! I KNOW Zarbon was STILL full-on evil back in Alaska. But back when he talked to me in the jungles of Brazil, I truly BELIEVED Zarbon was being genuine with me. I simply don't THINK it was Zarbon who caused me and Marlene to fall in love. I think someone else did it. The question is, who?”

(End Confessional) Skipper says: “Captain Retro, win this challenge!” Marlene says: “But then our team will lose!” Skipper points at Zarbon and says: “Exactly!” Marlene GETS Skipper's idea and says: “Oh! Captain Retro, win this thing!” Captain Retro says: “Gladly!” And Captain Retro uses his super speed to run into the base! (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “The way I see it, it's a win-win situation for me. I get to be the good guy, put Bulma's alliance on notice that they CAN'T get away with emotionally manipulating others, and I get to be friends with Skipper and Marlene. Things haven't gone the way I have wanted them to go, but I just KNOW that if I try, than things will go the way I need them to go!” / Bulma says: “I know it isn't ethical of ME to have ZARBON take all the heat for all this hate, but he can take it, he's ZARBON! Besides, he wouldn't PUT himself through this if he didn't TRULY love me, would he? This is what HE wants, and what he wants, is me! I'm just making the best out of a bad situation; which of course, I am very, VERY good at doing!” (End Confessional)

In the center of the base, Prince Gasket has Randolph tied down to a table, with a WIDE assortment of torture devices scattered around the room. Randolph asks: “What are you going to DO to me, you SICKO?!” Prince Gasket chuckles deviously and says: “A better question would be, what am I NOT going to do to you?! You deserve this, you SICK little monkey! Do you know that Mesogog had the right idea, to go after freaks like YOU?! Now I'm going to FINISH what he started! And I'm going to start, by getting RID of...!” (SMASH!!!!) Captain Retro busts in and says: “If you DON'T leave him alone, you will regret it!” Prince Gasket says: “HA! Do you truly believe that if I'm gone, that the pain and suffering Randolph and HIS kind have gone through will STOP?! You can't stop what I'm DOING, nothing will stop it! There will ALWAYS be someone waiting in the wings to FINISH what I'm doing!” Captain Retro says: “Even if THAT WERE true, I can ensure that YOU won't be around to harm ANYONE else LIKE Randolph!” Prince Gasket says: “You THINK you can destroy ME when the REAL Power Rangers could not?! Hit me with your best shot!” Captain Retro says: “I WILL!!!! Kamehameha!!!!” And Captain Retro fires a BIG energy wave at Prince Gasket, creating a gigantic HOLE in the middle of Prince Gasket's body. Prince Gasket gasps and says: “The horror, the HORROR; THE horror!!!!” And Prince Gasket explodes, and the base starts to fall apart as Captain Retro frees Randolph! Randolph asks: “What's happening?!” Captain Retro says: “It must be a fail-safe mechanism! Prince Gasket must have rigged this place to blow up just in case he got destroyed! He's trying to take us down WITH him!” Randolph shouts: “Get us out of here, NOW!!!!”

And with an amazing display of speed and agility, Captain Retro RUNS with Randolph out of danger and out of the base! Captain Retro shouts: “Everybody get DOWN!!!!” And everybody crouches down, as Prince Gasket's hidden base suddenly blows up! Sniz, Fondue, and General Barracuda come in. Sniz says: “And it's over, it's all over! Captain Retro has rescued Randolph! He has won immunity for his team!” Skipper says: “You hear THAT, Zarbon? Your number is up!” Sniz says: “As for everyone else, I'm afraid your luck wasn't good enough to help you. So you'll have to pick someone to eliminate.” Randolph says: “Actually, they won't.” Sniz asks: “What do you mean?” Randolph says: “I didn't sign ON for this show just so I could get kidnapped and nearly get dissected by some metallic FREAK! I quit!”

Dog gasps and says: “You can't quit! Where will I go? What will I do? Who will look out for me when things get tough or there's trouble?” Randolph says: “You'll be in good hands with Dudley and Captain Retro; I know they'll look out for you. You three dogs ought to stick together from now on, I think you'd really benefit from it.” Dog asks: “Are you sure I can't change your mind?” Randolph says: “I'm sorry, but this is MORE of an experience than I wanted; I must return to Nearburg.”

Dog says: “I'm going to miss you, Randolph.” Randolph says: “I'll miss you, to. But I KNOW that you'll make me proud.” Dog says: “I'll do my best.” Sniz says: “Well, it's not like we're leaving right away.” Patrick asks: “What do you mean?” Sniz says: “We have the long awaited wedding of Skipper and Marlene to attend, and EVERYONE is invited!” Captain Retro awkwardly says: “Oh...that's, great.” Sniz says: “And just like that, we are down to 18 contestants! Our adventures continue on our global journey, and our next adventure PROMISES to be more exciting than THIS one! It's anyone's guess as to who will come out on top! We'll get closer to finding out who will win it all on another exciting episode of Total Cartoon Global Cruise!” / Epilogue: Captain Retro internally sings a song in his head, at the glamorous wedding of Marlene and Skipper, narrating his own private thoughts on the whole ordeal. /

Genre: The Rolling Stones. Song: “You Can't Always Get What You Want.” Sung by: Captain Retro and Wally. / Wally: “I saw her today at the reception, a glass of grape juice in her hand. I knew she would meet her connection. At her feet was a footloose man. No, you can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you find, you get what you need!” (Instrumental Opening)

Captain Retro: “I saw her today at the reception, a glass of grape juice in her hand. I knew she was gonna meet her connection. At her feet was a footloose man. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you might find, you get what you need! And I went down to the demonstration, to get my fair share of abuse singing, we're gonna vent our frustration, if we don't, we're gonna blow a 50-amp fuse. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, well you just might find, you get what you need! I went down to the Chelsea drugstore, to get my prescription filled. I was standing in line with Mr. Randolph, and man, did he look pretty ill. We decided that we would have a soda, my favorite flavor, Shirley Temple. I sung my song to Mr. Randolph. Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was, red. I said to him you can't always get what you want. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need! You get what you need; yeah, oh baby. I saw her today at the reception, in her glass was a leading man. She was practiced at the art of deception. Well, I could tell by her grape-stained hands. You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find; you just might find, you get what you need! You can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find; you just might find, you get what you need!” (Choir harmonizes as an instrumental solo finishes the epic song.) /

Episode Notes: Captain Retro and Marlene break up in this episode, mostly because Captain Retro wouldn't (and probably couldn't) tell Marlene her future. Skipper returns for the third and FINAL time this season, and Marlene gets back together with Skipper after Skipper apologizes to Marlene for all his past mistakes. The TUFF Alliance and the Anime Alliance are formed as a response against the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Zarbon CLAIMS all responsibility for RIGGING the plane to have a bumpy landing in Alaska, which CAUSED Captain Retro and Marlene to fall in love in the first place, although Captain Retro has his doubts. Prince Gasket of “Power Rangers Zeo” has a guest appearance in this episode, before getting destroyed by Captain Retro. Captain Retro wins solo immunity for the second time in a row in this episode. Randolph quits the game in this episode. Marlene and Skipper get married in the epilogue for this episode. Featured songs in this episode: “I'm Sorry, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Torture, and “State of Shock,” the latter two songs featured as part of the episode title.

Personal Notes: This season has been a long and winding road in more ways than one. I knew that going into this season, that Marlene was NEVER going to last LONG as a contestant this season, unless she was involved with a BIG story line this season. I knew it wasn't going to be popular, but I NEEDED to set Marlene up with a story arc that would carry her at LEAST until Taotie was out of the game! Captain Retro, out of necessity, was created basically as an extension of my ego, for better and for worse. Because of this, it created a LOT of backlash; some of it warranted, some of it not. I needed to see for myself if a canon and fanon relationship would work, and if it didn't, what would be the reason for that? Originally, I was apprehensive about hurting my own ego, until I realized that I could actually make this work to HELP out Captain Retro as a character! By having Marlene break up with Captain Retro, it would ultimately PROVE that Captain Retro was NOT a Gary Stu character; things don't ALWAYS go Captain Retro's way, and Captain Retro doesn't ALWAYS get the girl! That's kind of why I decided to close out this episode with the classic song by The Rolling Stones. Truly, you CAN'T always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find, that you get what you need. Skipper and Marlene FINALLY have what they need. As for Randolph deciding to quit? Randolph was like the LAST non-essential character remaining in the game by this point. Having never been able to come up with a story that would help promote Randolph as a character, I decided that Randolph would think that being put though a horrendous ordeal by Prince Gasket would be too much for him, and he would in turn, quit the game. So how will I top THIS episode? The next episode will deliver SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)


Efficiency is my game!

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Paint It, Ebony

It was a dark, cold, and stormy night at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Professor Dumbledore was sitting patiently at his desk, awaiting Professors Snape and McGonagall for a meeting concerning one of the former's more...troublesome students. Dumbledore's thoughts were interrupted by a knock at his door. "Severus, is that you?" he asked.

"Yes." came Snape's voice.

"Come in, then." Dumbledore said. When Snape did, he sat next to Albus, a blank expression on his face. "You do not seem to be troubled by this, Severus. Why is that?" Dumbledore asked, concerned.

"Why? Why, indeed, Albus." Snape said with a facepalm. "Ever since Miss Way has been here, she's been nothing but trouble."

"I understand that, Severus, which is why it pains me that we have to discuss possible expulsion."

Snape was about to respond when the door opened, and Professor McGonagall entered, with the student in question: a tall seventh year by the name of Ebony Way. The girl was pale, with icy blue eyes like limpid tears and dark hair with purple streaks and red tips that reached her mid-back. As per usual for Ebony, she was not wearing the standard Hogwarts uniform. Instead she wore a black Green Day crop top that seemed too small for her large D-cup breasts, a black miniskirt, thigh-high pink fishnets, and high heels, also black. Around her eyes was a liberal amount of eyeliner, and on her lips was midnight-black lipstick, and on her feet she wore black high heels. "And here we see one of Miss Way's most common rule violations: being out of uniform during school hours." Snape said dryly.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, SNAP!" Ebony shouted.

"Why you insufferable little tart, I'll show you-" Snape said, before Dumbledore stopped him by gently yanking him back. 

"Please, sit down, both of you." Dumbledore said kindly. McGonagall took her seat, as did Ebony...only the latter was flipping the bird at the teachers, as it were. The former sighed, and looked at Snape and Dumbledore.

"Shall we begin?" she askex, exasperated and frustrated.

"Yes, we shall." Dumbledore said. He then turned to Ebony. "Miss Way, we are meeting with you to discuss the...problems we've had with you in the past."

"I don't have any problems." Ebony countered. "I'm the one who has problems with YOU!" At this, Snape groaned and facepalmed. This was going to take a while.

"Oh?" Dumbledore asked, willing to hear Ebony's side of the story. "Do tell us, Miss Way."

"Yes, do tell." Snape deadpanned.

"You have problems with us, hm?" McGonagall asked.

"YES!" Ebony shouted. "YOU'RE ALL PREPS AND POSERS!"

"Preps and...posers?" Snape asked, looking at McGonagall, who looked at Dumbledore.

"I believe it is a Muggle term," Dumbledore explained. "although I'm not sure of what it means."

Snape muttered, "Of course she would use Muggle terminology. She is a half-blood after all."

"And quarter-vampire." McGonagall said.

"Yes." Dumbledore observed. "Now, Miss Way, please do explain what these 'preps and posers' are."

"Preps," Ebony began with seething hatred. "are people who wear pink, are Hilary Duff fans, and aren't goth."

"...Who is this Hilary Duff?" Dumbledore asked.

"A preppy bitch." 

"Interesting." Dumbledore said. "Go on. What are posers?"

"Posers are preps that try to act goth, but they aren't."

"So, let me get this straight." McGonagall said. "Preps and posers are essentially those who don't look and/or act like you?"

"...That is the most stupid thing I have ever heard." Snape groaned, facedesking.

"SHUT! UP!" Ebony screamed again, then looked at Snape. "Fucking pedo."

"...Young lady, neither I or Professor Dumbledore will tolerate that kind of insubordination and accusations! So it is not us who will 'shut up', but rather yourself. And if you will not do so willingly, I can and will use a Silencing Charm on you. Are we understood?" McGonagall asked, starting to lose her patience.

"Fuck you." Ebony spat.

"Your loss." she said. "Silencio!" One bright flash later, and Ebony couldn't speak. No matter what she tried, no sound could come out. "Now," continued Professor McGonagall. "Shall we get back to the point of this meeting?"

"Yes." Snape said. "We are here to discuss Miss Way's problems and how best to deal with them."

"Where to begin..." McGonagall said.

"Where to begin, indeed." Snape replied. "Let us start with her behavior: rude, obnoxious, doesn't work well with others..."

"Not to mention her obsessions with both Mr. Malfoy and Potter." McGonagall added.

Snape then turned to Ebony. "And, no, Mr. Malfoy is not your boyfriend. In fact, he despises you, as does the rest of my House." he said with a snide look on his face. He then presented a black leatherbound journal entitled My Immortal. His fellow professors gave him strange looks. "This is her journal, filled with her most personal fantasies. This may give us insight into her mindset."

"Severus, are you sure this is right?" Dumbledore asked. "Because I do not feel comfortable peeking into a student's journal. It just seems...intrusive."

"Need I remind you," Snspe hissed in a hushed whisper. "that we are discussing potential expulsion?"

"Yes." Dumbledore said. "But is it really necessary, Severus? This is her journal, her personal tome."

"I am firm in my decision, Albus. Besides, it may help us get to the root of Miss Way's problems."

"All right, then, I suppose." the old wizard sighed. "Let us take a look, shall we?" Ebony attempted to stop them, but Snape cast Stupefy, knocking her out for the time being. With that, they begun to read. What they saw shocked them.

"She thinks of killing other students..." McGonagall said, a gasp escaping her throat.

"She wishes to harm herself." Snape said, pity in his voice.

"...Why?" Dumbledore asked, his voice a tranquil rage, much to the surprise of Snape and McGonagall. "Why would she want to harm other students?"

"If we're to be honest here, this is a very dangerous reaction to the prejudice Miss Way faces." Snape said.

"...Which is why I am becoming more and more convinced we must expel her. Not only is she a danger to herself, but to others as well." agreed McGonagall.

"I suppose you're right." Dumbledore said, casting Rennervate on Ebony, who slowly awoke. After a few moments of being confused, Ebony realized where she was, and flipped off all three again.

"Hello to you too." Snape said. "We have something to tell you, Miss Way."

"Yes." said Dumbledore, his voiced pained. "It hurts me to say this, but you are hereby expelled from this school."

Ebony's reaction was...not well, to say the least. She began to thrash around like a little child, screaming and cursing. McGonagall nonchalantly cast Stupefy again, knocking Ebony out for a second time.

"The train will be here to pick her up and take her back to London tomorrow." said Dumbledore. "Minerva, can you gather Miss Way's things for her? I have something to discuss with Severus about where she will go from here."

"Yes, Albus." McGonagall said, lifting Ebony's body with her magic and leaving the office, closing the door behind her. Snape looked at Dumbledore, confused at what he wanted to discuss.

"Severus, I have not told you, or anyone for that matter this, but I came into contact with an alliance sometime alliance that is not of this world, nor of this reality for that matter."

Snape was surprised, to say the least. "By God, Albus...we aren't alone in the universe, or rather multiverse, are we?"

"No, we are not." Dumbledore replied. "This United Federation of Multiverses, or the Multiverse Federation as they call themselves, offered their services to me in case we would need them. I think we have a solution for not only ourselves, but Ms. Way."

"Oh?" Snape asked, curious. "And what would that be?"

"We send her to one of their schools, and for some reason, fate perhaps, I have decided on the perfect one: Coastal Falls Academy."

"Excellent, Albus. I suggest making preparations for transfer right away."

"I will, Severus." Dumbledore said, as Snape walked out of the office and closed the door.


In another universe, and another time...

It was a rather clear day in Coastal Falls, and the Power Rangers were headed towards the Gym and Juice Bar as per usual, discussing various things that had happened throughout the day. Naruto, for example, had taken up wrestling in order to improve his strength further. Toby decided to get his average grades up by entering lunchtime tutoring, Usagi had aced another test, Lettuce was studying music theory, and Pinkie was working on a project for culinary arts. As the five were about to walk in, they were stopped by what looked like...a blue hand? Looking to see who was attached to this appendage, they saw a creature resembling a blue fish woman dressed in a dark tank top and equally dark jeans. Her fire-red hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her right eye appeared to be covered by an eyepatch. Her uncovered left eye appeared to be a light yellow, with a black slit-like pupil. "HEY!" she shouted, her voice having a slight tomboyish rasp to it. "ARE YOU ON THE LIST?"

"...List? What list?" Naruto asked, perplexed.

"The list to get in, dummy!" the fish-lady responded.

"Hey, that isn't very nice!" Pinkie protested. "You should apologize! Naruto's a brave warrior, not a dummy!"

"A brave warrior, huh?" the fish-lady asked. "Can he do this?" She proceeded to do a kick-backflip. Naruto did the same. "Impressive. But can you do this?" She then did a kick, which Naruto blocked. Their sparring was interrupted by Blackhawk, who turned to the fish-woman.

"Is something the matter, Undyne?" he asked.

"Yeah, these guys aren't on the list."

At this, Blackhawk facepalmed. " aren't a bouncer, and this isn't a club. And besides, these are my friends." Realizing her mistake, Undyne blushed in embarassment and awkwardly rubbed the back of her hand. "Oh, uh...sorry, Blackhawk. I had no idea."

"That's all right. Guys, why don't you introduce yourselves?"

"Naruto Uzumaki."

"Toby Jones."

"Retthi Manchot, though you can call me Lettuce."

"I'm Usagi Tsukino. It's nice to meet you, miss Undyne."


"Pleased to meet ya." Undyne said. "Come on in." The five did so, and saw Bash and Smash sitting near their usual table. They were about to tell them to back off, but then realized that the duo no longer meant harm. Before they could react, Blackhawk pulled the Rangers aside.

"Hey, there are two other guys I want you to meet." he said, going to the counter. Behind it appeared to be a short, stocky skeleton wearing a blue hoodie, a white T-shirt underneath, black and white striped shorts, and pink slippers. What was pretty surprising, however, was that in the middle of his two eyesockets were two glowing blue pinpricks.

"'ey." the skeleton greeted, extending one of his hands. "the name's sans. sans the skeleton. put 'er there." His voice was deep, and he appeared to have some kind of New York accent. Naruto took Sans' hand and shook it...only for a whoopee cushion to go off. This got a reaction out of everyone, who burst out laughing. "the ol' whoopee cushion in the hand trick. it's always funny. anyways, whaddya want?"

Each of the Rangers ordered different things: a small pizza for Lettuce, a cotton candy shake for Pinkie, a burger for Toby, a salad for Usagi, and some noodles for Naruto. Sans nodded, and went to the kitchen. A moment later, Sans came back with what appeared to be a taller skeleton dressed in what appeared to be at least to some degree a superhero costume, with vertical slits for eyes and pseudo-eyebrows at the top. "GREETINGS!" the skeleton said, his voice high-pitched and sounding similar to Skeletor. "MY BROTHER HAS TOLD ME, THE GRRRREAT PAPYRUS, THAT THERE ARE POTENTIAL NEW FRIENDS TO MEET HERE!"

"Ooh, we like making friends!" Pinkie said, but then she was suddenly scooped up by Papyrus, who proceeded to hug her and squeal over her cuteness. Pinkie didn't object, until Papyrus put her down. "Awww...I was having fun..." she complained, sipping her shake.


The five introduced themselves to both Sans and Papyrus, and they talked for a while. As they did, Naruto saw something, or rather, someone, out of the corner of his eye: a pale girl, dressed in a My Chemical Romance hoodie, sitting alone and tapping her fingers absentmindedly. She seemed lonely, so Naruto decided he'd go talk to her. "Hey." he greeted. "My name's Naruto. What's yours?" The girl's response took Naruto aback. She flipped him off. "...Hey, that's pretty rude!" he shouted in protest. "I think you should apologize!"

"Fuck off, prep!" the girl shouted, getting the attention of Bash and Smash. The two walked over, and looked at Ebony.

"Hey, Naruto, is this girl bothering you?" Bash asked.

"Actually, yeah. She's being pretty rude."

Bash looked at Ebony. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Ebony Way." she spat. "What's it to ya?"

"Well, Ebony, since you're new here, I'm just gonna give you a warning: don't mess with him," he then gestured towards the others, who were watching intently. "or his friends over there. Because they're our friends, too."

"So you're friends with those preps?! That means you're posers!" At this, Bash, Smash and Naruto facepalmed at the self-proclaimed goth's 'logic'. Not wanting to argue, Naruto went back to the counter, Bash and Smash following. Ebony, however, was not finished yet with these supposed preps and posers. Walking over, she began verbally harassing the Rangers, Bash and Smash, and unfortunately for her, Blackhawk.

"Excuse me, miss, but if you're going to harass my friends, you need to leave." Blackhawk stated calmly.

"ME?!" Ebony shouted in an attempt to gain pity. "I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING! THESE PREPS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE HATING ON ME!"

"...Riiiiight." Blackhawk responded with sarcasm. "If you don't leave right now, I am literally going to throw you out. Are we understood?" Ebony flipped him off. "Suit yourself." Blackhawk said, leviatating Ebony into the air and tossing her out.

"Thanks." Naruto said. "I didn't wanna deal with her anymore."

"No problem." Blackhawk said, then shouted towards the door, "AND DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU CAN RESPECT OTHERS!"

"Fucking preps." Ebony muttered, sighing in defeat. Now that she'd been kicked out, what was she to do? Noticing an abandoned canvas in an alley, Ebony walked over to it, and conjured up some black paint, and got to work painting what looked to be a Tim Burton-inspired gopher. It had all the trademarks: thin limbs, an emaciated-looking body, wide, unblinking eyes lined with thin dark rings, and a wiry mop of black hair.

Aboard the Diabolic, Emperor Diabolica watched all of this, and rubbed his chin, pondering an idea that had just popped into his head.

"You have a new plan to destroy the Rangers, sir?" Circe asked.

"Hopefully it won't backfire like last time!" Kraky said. "Or the time before that, or the time before that..." He was quickly shut up by Diabolica lunging for his throat in anger.


"May I ask what this idea is?" Vipera questioned.

"I will manipulate the girl into letting me bring her creation to life. Once she does, I will have this new monster destroy the Power Rangers."

"Excellent idea, my Emperor." Drako said. "Though I am rather disappointed that I won't get to create a new Bloodbeast."

"Do not worry, Drako. You will get your time." Diabolica said, before teleporting to Core Earth. Appearing before Ebony, the Emperor gave a devilish, pun very much intended, grin. "Hello, Miss Way."

Ebony looked up from her nearly finished painting, eyes sparkling and jaw dropping. "A-are you Satan?" she asked, a hopeful tone in her voice.

At being called Satan, Diabolica decided to roll with it, since playing this girl like a fiddle would be far easier than it was already. "...Why, yes. Yes I am. It is such a pleasure to meet you after all these years. Tell me, my dear, what troubles you?"

Ebony explained her troubles, mainly how the 'dumb preps' needed to die. Diabolica patiently listened, and when she was finished, he spoke. "I will make you a deal: I will bring this drawing to life, and in exchange, he will do whatever you ask."

"What do I have to do?" Ebony asked. "This is a deal, right?"

"All you have to do," said Diabolica. "is let me bring your drawing to life."

"OK." said Ebony. Diabolica grinned, and shot a bolt of red lightning at the canvas. It proceeded to slowly peel itself off, and then the creature began transitioning from two dimensions into three, making his appearance more jarring and nightmarish. Ebony herself jumped back a bit as the monster bowed before her.

"Presenting Vincent Van Gopher, at your service." Diabolica introduced the monster. "He will do whatever you say, no questions asked."

"No questions asked, huh?" Ebony said. Drawing a quick sketch of a Tim Burton-esque rendition of the city, she presented it to Van Gopher. "Can you make this city less...preppy? Something like this?" The Gopher nodded, and went to carry out his least for now. His real orders, of course, were to destroy the Rangers when they appeared.

In the Command Center, alarms began going off as Alpha 8 ran around in a panic. "Do not worry, Alpha." Omnus said calmly. "It is time."

"You mean..." Alpha asked.

"Yes. It is time to recruit a new Ranger: Multiverse Black."

"I am so excited!" Alpha said. "Are we recruiting Blackhawk?"

"Unfortunately, no. It seems Tzeentch has thrown us a curveball, so to speak." Omnus explained. "We will have to recruit someone else."

"Who?" asked Alpha.

"You'll see. For now, alert the Rangers."

"Yes, sir!"

Meanwhile, the Rangers and Blackhawk were still talking with Sans and Papyrus when the Power Watches went off. "WOWIE! COOL RINGTONE!" said Papyrus.

"Yeah, it's cool." Lettuce said. "Sorry to cut this short, but we gotta go."

"go?" Sans asked. "so soon?"

Before any of the five could answer, Blackhawk did it for them. "They probably have things to do."

"makes sense." Sans said, though he still had his suspicions.

"GOODBYE FOR NOW!" said Papyrus.

Once the Rangers left, they proceeded to morph. "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!"







Once the Rangers transformed, they were greeted with something very unnerving: the downtown area was transformed into a surreal-looking landscape that seemed to defy physics, with buildings looking as if they were designed by MC Escher. Shops were replaced with Hot Topics and Spencer's Gifts, and overall the tone of this place seemed very eerie, with distorted shadows everywhere. "Whoa...what happened here?" asked Lettuce.

"I dunno," said Toby. "but I think we found our problem." He then pointed to Vincent Van Gopher, who looked at them. 

"That thing is the stuff of nightmares." Usagi whispered.

"No kidding." Pinkie said. "Let's take him down!"

"Right." said the others. Vincent Van Gopher only responded with one thing:


"Wait...did I just hear him say 'preps'?" Toby asked.

"I think he did." Naruto said. "I think I might know who's behind this, too. But let's not talk about it right now. We need to fight." At this proclamation, a squadron of Imps appeared, and the Rangers had no trouble taking them down. With that out of the way, they could focus on taking care of the monster. As they charged all at once, the gopher fired electrical bolts from its palms, knocking the team back.

Meanwhile, in the Command Center...

"So, let me get this straight." said Ebony. "I'm going to become some kind of superhero?"

"To put it simply, yes." Alpha said.


"I am sorry, Ebony, but I must inform you that it is forbidden to tell anyone of this." Omnus said.

"Awww..." Ebony sighed. "Why not?"

"It is for the safety of those around you." Alpha said.


"Ay yi yi..." Alpha said, facepalming. "She just isn't getting it."

"She will in time." Omnus said. "Now, go, Ebony! And may the power protect you."

Once she was teleported out, Alpha looked at Omnus. "You didn't even bother disciplining her? Why?"

"Because what she displays is nothing more than a facade." replied Omnus. "Her arrogance and self-fulfilling ways are just a mask, to hide the real person beneath."

"Is that why she was chosen to take up the Black Ranger mantle?"

"Yes. Ebony, underneath her image of superiority, is someone who is, to put it simply, scared of the world."

"I detect she also has a pure heart."

"Indeed she does. I only hope she grows to realize it."

Meanwhile, the Rangers were having trouble defeating Vincent Van Gopher when suddenly, Ebony appeared. "Whoa!" Toby said. "What the heck is she doing here?"

"I think she might be a new Ranger!" Pinkie suggested.

"You might be right." Naruto said.

"PREPS?!" Ebony asked in surprise, having recognized their voices.

"STOP CALLING US PREPS!" Lettuce shouted.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Ebony asked.

"Uhhh...fighting this monster!" Pinkie said. "What else!"

"YOU CAN'T!" Ebony protested.

"What? Why not?" Toby asked.

"Because Satan gave that to me!" she revealed. At this, everyone aside from Ebony gave an expression of shock.

"WHAT?!" they all said in unison.

"Satan. Gave that to me." Ebony stated. "Jealous yet, preps?"


"FUCK YOU, PREP!" Ebony retorted.


"DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, FUCKER!" Ebony shouted, charging at Naruto, only to be brought down before she could get a good slap on him.

"You listen to me, and listen well." the Red Ranger growled, his voice lowered. "You're a Ranger now, and that means listening to me. If you can't handle that, or in your case, don't want to handle that, then I have no problems leaving you for dead." Ebony said nothing, and just nodded, her haughty shell broken a bit.

"Satan...sorry, Emperor Diabolica...lied to me?" the girl asked finally, hesitantly. The others nodded, and she suddenly gained an expression of anger. "I don't like liars. Especially ones who just use me to get what they want." At this she got up...and morphed. "Multiverse, save Core Earth. VELOCIRAPTOR!" Joining the others, Ebony stood tall in her new outfit, the spandex-like armor fitting over her body snugly. At this, Vincent Van Gopher began to panic, and tried to run away. Unfortunately, the Rangers blocked his path via teleporting.

"All right, guys." Naruto said. "Let's finish this guy off with our Power Weapons!" He then turned to Ebony and asked, "You do have a Power Weapon, right...?"

"...SHADOW DAGGERS!" Ebony shouted the first thing that came to mind, and two obsidian daggers appeared in her hands. "Wow. Works like the magic back home." The others followed suit with their weapons, and with each slash, Vincent Van Gopher was weakened. They combined their weapons, Ebony included, and fired. The monster exploded, and the Rangers posed for victory.

On the Diabolic, Emperor Diabolica, of course, knew what to do next. "FORCES OF CHAOS..." he shouted. "MAKE MY MONSTER GROOOOOW!" A red bolt of lightning struck Core Earth, and Vincent Van Gopher grew into a giant.

"...Holy shit..." Ebony said. "...Is that normal?"

"Honey, you have no idea." said Toby.

"WE NEED DINOZORD POWER, NOW!" the Rangers minus Ebony said. Once the Multimegazord was brought together, it scuffled with the monster, wrestling it into a headlock. The Gopher countered with a blast, knocking the robot back. While the Multimegazord was stunned, Vincent Van Gopher proceeded to do a bodyslam and held the Multimegazord down, shocking it over and over again. From within, alarm bells and flashing lights went off. Activating his communicator, Naruto tried getting to Ebony. "You have a Zord too! Quickly, activate it!"

Ebony, as if on instinct, pulled out what looked like an electric guitar, played a small tune, and from the depths of the oceans below Coastal Falls, a large black shape emerged. Resembling a black-as-night velociraptor with glowing yellow eyes and patched of silver on the back, the Zord activated what resembled a jetpack and flew up onto the battlefield, landing with a triumphant pose. With a backflip, Ebony crawled into the Zord's cockpit, and grabbed the controls. Slowly lumbering towards its target, the Velocizord let out a deep and mighty roar, showing that it meant business. From up above, everyone from Emperor Diabolica to Drako only said two words: "Uh oh." The Velocizord then smacked Vincent Van Gopher off of the Multimegazord, and took the ear that wasn't missing into its jaws and bit it off.  Now completely deaf, Vincent Van Gopher began to whimpter as the Velocizord took one of the changed buildings and brought it down onto the creature's head, causing him to explode. Once the Gopher was defeated, the affected parts of the city changed back to normal.

Later, the Rangers were walking into the Juice Bar when they were once again stopped by Undyne. "Hey, what gives? You're not pulling that list crap again, are you?" Toby asked.

"Nope." said Undyne. "You guys can go ahead. She, on the other hand, can't." As if to emphasize her point, she pointed to Ebony. "Blackhawk asked me to. Trust me, I'd let her in, but given what she did earlier..."

"Yeah, we know." Naruto said. "But she's with us. Blackhawk can vouch." Upon hearing this, Undyne gave a small smile, and let all of them in. Confused and possibly fearing that she knew who they were, the Rangers went to find Blackhawk, and explained what happened. When he heard this, the hawk let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry guys, but I..kinda had to spill the beans. I didn't exactly have a choice."

Instead of being angry, the Rangers all looked at Blackhawk trustfully. They knew that Blackhawk seemed to trust Undyne, Sans and Papyrus from what they saw. That was when the three showed up. "hey." Sans greeted. "yeah, we know your secret. but don't worry. i may not like keepin' promises, but when i do, i give my word. so do papyrus and undyne."


"It was totally AWESOME!" said Undyne enthusiastically. "The bad guy was like 'POW!' And you were like 'WASHOOSH!' And then he exploded when you destroyed him! I'd give ANYTHING to be in your guys' shoes!"

"Who knows?" Toby joked. "I might ask you to fill in for me one of these days!"

"I accept that offer!" Undyne said, much to Toby's confusion. "...Seriously, I WILL fill in for you. Just say the word." Turning to Ebony, she said, "You're the newest Ranger, right?" Ebony nodded. "Well, I was thinking you might need some training from Blackhawk and I. You aren't exactly a martial arts type, I'm guessing?"

"Nope. I know magic...kinda. Went to a magic school before I came here." Ebony admitted. "I didn't exactly pay attention."

"Well, you're DEFINITELY gonna need work." said Undyne. "Starting ASAP. Come with me." She then began leading Ebony towards the gym mats, with Blackhawk following.

"I guess things are starting to change big-time." Naruto said.

"You got that right." Lettuce said. "Now that we have a new Ranger, nothing can stop us!"

"Right!" Toby, Pinkie, and Usagi agreed.



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Here's a rerun of the first episode of Annoy Squidward


Episode 1: Bells

Plot: Squidward tries to relax in his bubble bath but he is interrupted and annoyed by ringing bells.


Squidward goes to his bathroom and takes a bubble bath. 

He relaxes until he hears ringing. He then looks out the window and sees SpongeBob and Patrick is ringing bells. 

"SpongeBob and Patrick please keep it down, I'm trying to relax here"  Squidward said.

He relaxes in the tub and then he hears the bells ringing again. 

"Hey keep it down!" Squidward said.

Squidward tries to relax. He closes his eyes and imagines himself in a paradise land with floating clarinets. But suddenly the clarinets become bells and rings.

He wakes up and looks out the window. He sees SpongeBob and Patrick still playing with their bells.


"What's wrong Squidward?" SpongeBob said.

"I thought told you guys to stop ringing those bells!" Squidward said angrily.

"Oh sorry Squiddy, we couldn't here you" SpongeBob said.

"Well please keep it down" Squidward said.

"Do you mean keep it up...OKAY!!!" Patrick said.

"WAIT PATRICK DON'T RI--" SpongeBob said but he is interrupted by the ringing.

Patrick starts ringing his bell over and over again until Squidward couldn't take it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Squidward screams and runs down.

"RUN FOR IT PATRICK" SpongeBob said.

SpongeBob and Patrick runs away 

Squidward opens the door and chases SpongeBob and Patrick (while wearing only bubbles).

End of Episode



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Dedicated to the first 25 years of Nicktoons, may the legacy live on forever. / Before the episode even opens up properly, a FAMILIAR blonde haired woman, is seen feverishly working on a project! Blonda laughs maniacally and says: “MWA!!!! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Yes! My top secret project is FINALLY complete! Soon, I will have REVENGE against all the ingrates who kicked ME off and I WILL get all the prize money! My future WILL be secured! And now, to turn on, the GREATEST and most POWERFUL villain to EVER exist in the history of EVER!!!!” And with a blast of magic energy, Blonda FUELS her secret project, and revitalizes, the most FEARED “Power Ranger” villain of ALL time, Emperor Mavro! Emperor Mavro yells: “I LIVE AGAIN!!!!” Blonda says: “That's right! I put your body back together and filled you with life, because you are going to HELP me out! I need you to CAPTURE the Total Cartoon Global Cruise contestants so I can RANSOM them for the $44.44 million grand prize!” Emperor Mavro evilly says: “I work for NOBODY!!!!” And Blonda pushes a button, which activates an electric SHOCK collar around Emperor Mavro's neck! Blonda coyly says: “Did I neglect to mention the behavior modification device to ENSURE that you will cooperate with me? And THAT wasn't even at full power! Now, you WILL do what I say, or I can take AWAY your life as easily as I gave it back!” Emperor Mavro groans, VERY irritated and says: “Fine! I'll capture the STUPID Total Cartoon Global Cruise contestants for you!” Blonda chuckles deviously and says: “Excellent! Most excellent INDEED!!!!” /

The episode opens up properly, with Sniz in the cock-pit. Sniz says: “Last time on Total Cartoon Global Cruise, one of the most SHOCKING developments to occur on this season happened! Marlene and Captain Retro BROKE UP, all because Captain Retro wouldn't tell Marlene about her future. And no sooner did they break up, than did someone come back INTO the game! Thanks to King Julien, Skipper got a third chance to try his luck for the $44.44 million grand prize, and Marlene and Skipper got back together. The contestants traveled into Vietnam. They were set to compete in a jungle game of Capture the Flag, but a villain from Power Rangers Zeo, Prince Gasket, kidnapped Randolph and turned the challenge into a rescue challenge! Captain Retro blew up Prince Gasket, rescued Randolph, and won solo immunity for the second challenge in a row. Randolph however, decided he had enough of the competition, and decided to call it quits as a contestant. Oh, and Marlene and Skipper got married. So, how are we going to top ourselves this time? The answer waits on today's exciting episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise!” /

Instead of the usual show open, a very BIG hit song by Def Leppard is played BY Def Leppard during the opening sequence! Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Def Leppard. Song: “Armageddon It!” Sung by: Def Leppard! / “You better come inside when you're ready to, but no chance if ya don't want to dance. You're like four-letter words when you're ready to, but then you won't cause you know that you can. You got it, but are you getting it? You say that love is won when you get some, but then your finger won't trigger the gun. You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it, you know you got it. Hey, but are you getting it? Really getting it, come get it from me. Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got. Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Yeah, but are you getting it? Armageddon it! Ooh, really getting it? Yes, armageddon it! Yeah, doo-doo wop! You try coming on when you need some, but then you don't, cause you already did. Yeah, you jangle your jewels while you’re shaking ya, and drive the pretty boys outta their heads! You got it, but are you getting it? You flash you bedroom eyes like a jumping jack, then play it pretty with a pat on the back. You know you can't stop it, so don't rock it! You know you got it! Hey, but are you getting it? Ooh, really getting it, oh, come get it from me! Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got.

Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Yeah, but are you getting it? Armageddon it! Ooh, really getting it? Yes, armageddon it! Come on boys, get it! Take it, take it, take it from me! I got an itchy finger following me! Pull it, pull it, come on trigger the gun! Cause the best is yet to come, I say! Cause the best is yet to come! Are you getting it? Really getting it? Are you getting it, really getting it? Oh, come get it from me. Gimme all of your loving, every little bit. Gimme all that you got. Every bit of it, every bit of your loving. Oh, come on live a bit, never want it to stop. Gimme all of your loving. Oh, are you getting it? Gimme all that you got. Oh, are you getting it? Every bit of your loving. Oh, little bit, gimme all that you got. Little bit! You got to live it, gimme all of your loving. Oh, baby, mean it. Gimme all that you got. Come on and give it! Gimme all of your loving. Oh, come on and give it, never want it to stop! Oh, are you getting it? Gimme all of your loving. Ooh, are you getting it? Never want it to stop. Oh, are you getting it? Every bit of your loving.” / And the epic song ends. /

“Legendary Cross-over Battle!” The episode opens up in the V.I.P. Lounge, where Captain Retro is resting with his fellow canine contestants, Dog and Dudley, the latter also has Chameleon with him. Dog says: “Thanks for inviting us back here with you after Randolph quit.” Dudley says: “And thanks for letting Chameleon come with me!” Chameleon says: “I've never been invited to a V.I.P. Lounge before. I feel honored!” Captain Retro says: “The honor is all mine. I needed some good canine talk, especially now that Marlene is back together with Skipper.” Chameleon asks: “You mean the fact that they're now married?!” And Captain Retro tenses up! Dudley says: “Sensitive subject!” Chameleon blushes and says: “Sorry!” Captain Retro relaxes and says: “It still emotionally hurts, a little bit. But time heals all wounds, or so I've heard. In any case, I need to discuss something important.” Dog asks: “What's that?” Captain Retro says: “This disturbing, recurring vision I keep having. I keep seeing Emperor Mavro of Power Rangers Super Mega Force, attacking Valencia, California.” Chameleon says: “What's so significant about Valencia, California?” Captain Retro says: “It's where the Power Rangers series FIRST originated! Everything great that revolves around the Power Rangers, was made possible because of where the filming of the Power Rangers takes place, in regards to the American footage of it. Some people even consider Valencia, California to be a hallowed ground of sorts, and do not want to see it damaged.” Dog asks: “But Emperor Mavro died in the series finale of Power Rangers Super Mega Force!” Captain Retro says: “Trakeena, Mesogog, and Dai Shi all died at the end of THEIR seasons to, but they still came back!” Chameleon says: “As a former villain myself, I can't just understand WHY villains can't just STAY dead!”

Captain Retro says: “As such, I need some good fellow canines and a canine at heart, to do some sniffing around. Smell out anything suspicious, and report back to me. At this stage in the game, there's very little opportunities to do things over. I want to make sure that if anything bad is about to go down, that we find out about it BEFORE it happens! I don't want to be blindsided this season again!” Dudley says: “I don't think ANYBODY wants to be blindsided at this point in the season! Just call us the THREE—I mean, the FOUR MUTT-sketers!” Dog says: “Mutt-sketers?” Dudley says: “Combination of the word mutt and musketeers.” Dog says: “Clever!” (Confessional) Captain Retro says: “Randolph's departure got me thinking, it could be very useful for the canines in this competition to stick together. After all, everyone knows that when it comes to loyalty and honesty, it's hard to find ANYTHING better than a thoroughbred dog, no matter what kind of breed it is! The kind of bond that dog's naturally have with each other, can carry us far. I'm banking on at LEAST one of the four of us, to get to the Final Five!” /

Dog says: “Now that Randolph is gone, I need some back-up support. So it only makes sense for me to get together with some fellow canines. I once tried to become one of the Greasers, but they didn't treat Cat with the respect he deserved. I know that my new friends won't treat Cat like that; they've proven that they are good dogs and will help me out in the upcoming challenges!” / Dudley and Chameleon are together. Dudley says: “Well Chameleon, I think we can safely say that you're a part of a pack, now!” Chameleon says: “Cool! I've always wanted to be part of a pack!” Dudley says: “The best part of being part of a pack, is that we watch out for each other. We stand together, and we can face any threat!” Chameleon says: “It just feels so nice to have friends who honestly care for me!” Dudley says: “That's one of the benefits of being a good guy, you can often count on your friends to be there for you.” (End Confessional)

In the First Class section, the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance are wondering what move to pursue next. Stimpy says: “I think we're just about to the point in this season where almost NOBODY is going to be an easy boot.” Wally says: “I quite agree. So far, most of our fellow, former competitors who have left us genuinely didn't have the skills, or weren't liked well enough to warrant making far. But now, all that's left are the contestants who are genuinely friendly with each other.” Po says: “Not quite. Don't forget, Bulma and Zarbon have shaped up to be quite the dangerous duo this season, and I still can't tell which one of them we should be more worried about.” Rocko says: “I know what you mean, there's either Bulma with her brains, or Zarbon with his brawn.” Reggie says: “But we're lucky that we have Captain Retro on our side.” Norbert says: “You're forgetting one key of the puzzle; Captain Retro himself told us that he will not be able to WIN this season. Part of his condition for entering this season. If he wins solo immunity challenges, he can't be targeted. But most of us know from prior experience how hard it is to win solo immunity challenges, let alone consecutive immunity challenges in a row. Captain Retro won't be able to keep up a winning streak forever, and Bulma knows this, as well. The moment Captain Retro slips up, she'll use the opportunity to get him out!” Daggett says: “How do you figure that? She's lost control of Anti-Timmy. That was her Trump Card!” Norbert says: “From what I've seen from Bulma so far this season, would indicate to me that she's not out of options yet. I just KNOW she has a back-up plan to keep her in the game, and it probably involves Zarbon somehow.” Stimpy says: “Do you think Bulma IS using Zarbon?”

Reggie says: “I think the possibility is VERY likely! Remember, Blonda DID say that Bulma is a schemer and she was just USING Zarbon! What are the chances that Bulma ISN'T?!” Rocko says: “Do you think Zarbon suspects that Bulma is just using him?” Po says: “Highly unlikely. Even Captain Retro couldn't tell that MARLENE was just using him to tell her the future, and he has aura reading powers!” Daggett gasps and says: “Zarbon would RISK penalty votes to RIG a vote-off in Bulma's favor!” Norbert gasps and says: “Oxnard Montalvo, you're right again! That's why Bulma is so confidant, she knows that as long as she has Zarbon in her back pocket, she can target anyone she wants! How did we not see this sooner?!” Wally says: “Probably because Bulma didn't WANT us to see this sooner. Why else would she go to the trouble of using Anti-Timmy as her pawn? Set up Oonski, Kaput, and Taotie as red herring villains for us to eliminate? And to top it all off, convince ZARBON to take full responsibility for everything bad that has happened this season?!” Stimpy says: “It doesn't make any sense! Bulma ISN'T a villain!” Reggie says: “Maybe not in the traditional sense. It's possible that Bulma doesn't even THINK of herself as a villain. After all, what has Bulma ACTUALLY done? She technically hasn't DONE anything bad; everything bad that has happened, she convinced someone else to do it FOR her! I don't think she even HAS the guts to do anything bad on her own! If we got rid of Zarbon, her whole game plan could fall apart!”

Rocko says: “Even THAT is not going to be as easy as it sounds. Don't forget, now that we don't have Tigress, Zarbon's only athletic equal is Captain Retro, and Captain Retro doesn't seem to be exactly EAGER to get Zarbon out of the competition.” Daggett says: “Doesn't Captain Retro REALIZE how dangerous Zarbon is?!” Norbert says: “The only way Captain Retro can assess a threat, is if he first can read their aura accurately. And after that incident over Nepal, Captain Retro doesn't want to risk trying to read Zarbon's aura again!” Po says: “So we're stuck between a rock and a hard place!” Wally says: “Not necessarily, we just need a way to draw Zarbon and Bulma out. We'll need bait, LIVE bait! Something that would entice Zarbon and Bulma to strike, but what?” They think about it, and everyone EXCEPT Norbert and Daggett turns to look at Norbert and Daggett!

Daggett shouts: “US?!!! Are you crazy?!” Stimpy says: “It's got to be you two, you're the only two contestants who currently AREN'T a part of an alliance! If any member of the Power Rangers Retro Force does it, Bulma will automatically become suspicious!” Norbert asks: “You're asking us to sacrifice our game?!” Rocko says: “You're NOT sacrificing it; you're making a stand!” Reggie says: “Bulma keeps talking about how she's the smartest contestant in this game. Even if THAT is true, that doesn't give her the right to make scheming plans that involves using other contestants to do her dirty work for her! She needs to find out that if she wants to win this game, she needs to do so on her OWN skills!” Wally says: “The ball is in your court. You get to make the call.” Daggett asks: “Norbert, what's it going to be? A life-time of uncertainty, or 55 minutes as heroes?” Norbert says: “Daggett, I think deep down, we both already know the answer to that one. The time to take a STAND is now!” (Beep! Beep! Ba-Beep! Beep! Beep!)

Sniz announces over the intercom and says: “Sorry, but I couldn't help but overhear the conversation that's occurring between the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance. Speaking of the Power Rangers, fans of the Power Rangers are going to be in for a REAL treat today! We're traveling to Valencia, California, birth place of the American footage for the Power Rangers franchise! We'll be traveling to all the old stomping grounds of the series, and there will be Power Rangers themed challenges!” Captain Retro and his new buddies, barge back into the First Class section and asks: “Is it true?! Is the Valencia, California location true?!” Wally says: “It appears to be so. Why, is that bad?” Captain Retro says: “It just confirms my fears. This challenge will NOT be a walk in the park, even by MY standards!” Sniz says: “And you know that because of that beeping sound, it's time for a song to be sung. Only THIS time, only contestants who are currently IN the First Class section will be allowed to sing this song!” In Normal Class, the newly-wed Marlene says: “Nuts! I really LIKE singing these songs!” Skipper says: “Don't worry about it. I've got MUCH more romantic plans for the BOTH of us!” Marlene romantically says: “Oh, Skipper...!” In the First Class section, Norbert says: “I know what song we've got to sing. It's time to cut out the Justin Bieber and Nicki Manaj CRAP and listen to some good old fashioned Tom Petty!” Captain Retro sighs happily and says: “I LOVE being a Nicktoon!” / Genre: 1980's Rock. Sub-Genre: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Song: “I Won't Back Down.” Sung by: Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance, Dog, Dudley, and Chameleon. /

Norbert: “Well, I won't back down, no, I won't back down.” Captain Retro about Marlene: “You can stand me up at the gates of Hell, but I won't back down.” Daggett: “No, I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around.” Wally: “And I'll keep this world from dragging me down, gonna stand my ground and I won't back down.” Rocko: “I won't back down!” Stimpy: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Reggie: “I won't back down!” Po: “I will stand my ground and I won't back down!” Dudley: “Well I know what's right, I got just one life.” Chameleon: “In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but I'll stand my ground, and I won't back down!” Dog: “I won't back down!” Reggie: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Wally: “I won't back down!” Rocko: “I will stand my ground, and I won't back down!” (Instrumental Solo) Dudley: “I won't back down!” Dog: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Chameleon: “I won't back down!” Stimpy: “I won't back down!” Captain Retro: “Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out!” Daggett: “I won't back down!” Norbert: “I will stand my ground and I won't back down.” Captain Retro: “No, I won't back down!” / And the epic song ends. Sniz comes over the Intercom and says: “Congratulations on another hit song. Best to get some sleep. We will be arriving in Valencia, California tomorrow!” (Confessional)

Captain Retro says: “The challenge that is about to unfold, will undoubtedly be bigger than ANY challenge that any of us have faced before up to this point! How and why Emperor Mavro came back, I am not sure how, nor does it really matter. All that matters is up stopping Emperor Mavro once and for all. Once that's out of the way, I can focus on the crucial matter of getting Bulma Briefs out of the game. I'm very CONFIDANT that eliminating her is the KEY to this whole game!” / Stimpy says: “Seeing as how I don't want to eliminate anybody else, it makes perfect sense to target Bulma and Zarbon, they're the only two contestants LEFT in this game not liked by a majority of the contestants remaining. Granted, if they're gone, they'll be nobody left for the remaining contestants that they will WANT to target; but my friends and I managed pretty well last season, and we will undoubtedly manage again. If there's one thing a Nicktoon is often good at, it's the ability to keep friendships, no matter WHAT the odds are!” / Rocko says: “Bulma undoubtedly has a healthy serving of karma coming her way. The only question that remains in my mind is, when and where will it strike? Karma always works in mysterious ways. But from what I've experienced, Karma always seems to strike a person just when they NEED it given to them the most! So what I'm wondering is, has Bulma met the criteria for getting her karma yet?” / Reggie says: “For far too long, Bulma has been able to misdirect us and mislead us with false information about who to eliminate, and who the villains in this game have been, but no more! I'll give her THIS much credit, seeing as how she was able to manage to fool us for THIS long, but she will fool us NO longer!” /

Wally says: “I think it IS asking a lot for Norbert and Daggett to put themselves on the line, but we need to know just WHAT Bulma IS capable of, and how FAR she is willing to go to get what she wants. I mean, she's the OWNER of the Capsule Corporation! She's already super rich! Is she willing to put herself through THIS much trouble to get $44.44 million?! I think there must be something ELSE besides the prize money that she's thinking of. The question is, what could it be?” / Po says: “There is now no doubt in my mind that Taotie was nothing but a distraction! Bulma KNEW Taotie had a history against both ME and Tigress; and Bulma must have promised Taotie a LOT if Taotie was willing to antagonize us the way he did! Bulma must have been counting on Taotie to go to ANY lengths to get Tigress out of the game, even if it meant Taotie sacrificing his own game to do so! Bulma may have the brains CAPABLE of winning this competition, but she DOESN'T have the heart and soul!” / Norbert and Daggett are together. Norbert says: “So this is what our game boils down to.” Daggett says: “A possible kamikaze mission to bait Zarbon and Bulma? I thought I'd never see the day!” Norbert asks: “Are you scared, Daggett?” Daggett says: “Norbert, I am BAD at math, but even I have the knowledge to know that the fear I'm experiencing is off the charts!” Norbert says: “You really need to get some bigger charts!” Daggett says: “But Bunny wouldn't want ANYBODY like Bulma to get away with what she's doing, Bunny would WANT Bulma to be taken out!” Norbert hugs Daggett lovingly and says: “My spooty little brother is FINALLY growing up! I think I may break down and CRY!” Daggett groans and says: “Just don't do it here. It's awkward enough as it is.” (End Confessional) / (Commercial Break) /

After the commercials finish airing, the action focuses on the remaining contestants in Normal Class, with Bulma and Zarbon having a private conversation. Zarbon looks around and asks: “Bulma, do you think Captain Retro has any suspicion about the reason WHY we are in an alliance/relationship together?!” Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “DUH! Of course he has! Why do you think I've used my genius to focus primarily on HIM for THIS long?! To keep him from figuring it out!” Zarbon asks: “So why has Captain Retro figured it out now?” Bulma says: “It's no longer necessary for us to keep our arrangement a secret any longer. Besides, even if Captain Retro DOES suspect the real reason I'm sticking together with you, he can't do anything about it. After all, I DO have you, Zarbon! You're the perfect ally to have! You're willing to risk a penalty vote to get further in the game. Captain Retro will not. All you have to do is threaten to beat up ANY contestant that TRIES to ruin our plans for WINNING, and Captain Retro will back off.”

Zarbon says: “On paper, that DOES sound like a good plan. But what makes you think Captain Retro WON'T take action?” Bulma says: “Just listen to me; I've spent a BUTT-LOAD of time with good guys like Captain Retro; they're ALL alike! Captain Retro cares TOO much about the safety and security of his friends to put them in any REAL danger! And don't forget, Captain Retro won't risk reading your aura anymore, so he will have no way of knowing if your threats are real or hollow. WE have the upper hand here.” Zarbon says: “We're STILL out-numbered, three to 15!” Bulma says: “Not necessarily. All we have to do is turn the contestants NOT in Captain Retro's close circle of friends, AGAINST Captain Retro! For instance, I know of a certain Skipper and Marlene, who don't wish to have Captain Retro make it any further!” Zarbon says: “Skipper, maybe. But I don't think you KNOW Marlene at all! She'd never hurt anybody on purpose unless she had a good reason to.” Bulma says: “That's why I've got to make her think that I'm on HER side! I can charm her with my genius, and make her think that she's getting the deal of a lifetime! I'll make her think that my genius ideas and strategies for getting to the Final Three, will be all for the taking! Even Marlene won't be able to resist such an offer! And when Marlene least suspects it, we BETRAY her and crush her dreams! And maybe even CRUSH Skipper's dreams for a third time if we're lucky!” Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “Bulma; that is QUITE fiendish! I love it! You come UP with the great plans, and I carry them out! That's why we make SUCH a perfect duo, in this game, AND in life!” Bulma smiles and lovingly says: “To us, FOREVER!”

(Confessional) Bulma pretend gags and disgustedly says: “UGH!!!! Pretending to 'LOVE' Zarbon has been the most IRRITATING experience of my life, bar-none! I've put myself through a LOT of humiliating endeavors, but it's ALL going to pay off! Once I SCHEME my way to the top, everyone will FINALLY see that Bulma Briefs is the most intelligent being in the UNIVERSE, and NOBODY will EVER mock my genius AGAIN! And I will NEVER be made fun of again! My intellectual triumph will be my SWEET revenge against all those PUNKS who laughed and made FUN of MY name in school! And best of all, I'll FINALLY prove that I'm smarter than my DAD! Intellectual triumphs are the sweetest! It feels GOOD to be the QUEEN, of CUNNING, UNRIVALED, NEUROTIC, TECHNICIANS, or CUN—WHOOPS!!!! I almost gave away the acronym of my secret organization! I have REALLY got to learn when to turn my MOUTH off!” / Zarbon says: “Why am I helping Bulma out? Believe me, it's not out of the goodness of my heart. She needs me to get to the Final Three and she knows it. Without me, she has nothing! That's why I KNOW she will not betray me! Besides, I'm FAR too pretty to EVER eliminate!” (End Confessional)

The TUFF Alliance has a meeting with Marlene and Skipper. Suzie says: “Well, I'm surprised that the glamorous MARLENE wants to ditch the Power Rangers Retro Force Alliance and join up with our smaller and more humble alliance!” Marlene rolls her eyes and says: “Well, it's not like I had much of a choice. After I broke up with Captain Retro and got married to Skipper, I don't think Captain Retro's going to be in much of a mood to speak with me.” Patrick says: “Well, that IS to be expected, after the way YOU revealed that you were only USING Captain Retro to tell him YOUR future!” Marlene GLARES angrily at Patrick and says: “You are SO lucky I will not RISK a penalty vote just to SLUG you!” Skipper says: “Besides, I think we NEED to be together at this point. Where are Dog, Dudley, and Chameleon anyways?” Suzie rolls her eyes and says: “Blame Randolph! Ever since HE quit and told Dog that he and all the canine contestants should stick together, that's all they've BEEN doing!” Marlene grunts angrily and says: “UGH!!!! I just cannot get a BREAK in the friends department or the alliance department! Why is PATRICK even IN this alliance?!”

Patrick sputters and says: “I've BEEN in this thing since the beginning! Besides, I've outlasted FAR more contestants THIS season than in my first two seasons put together! I've GOT to be doing SOMETHING right!” Skipper gives a serious look to Marlene and he says: “You know, Patrick DOES have a point, Marlene. Besides, who knows WHAT random skills Patrick can employ against the opposition? He's our wild-card option, Marlene! And we DEFINITELY need an element like THAT on our side!” Patrick glances at Suzie, smiling, and he says: “SEE?! Someone thinks I'm a valuable asset!” Suzie rolls her eyes and says: “Statistically speaking, SOMEBODY had to think so sooner or later!” Patrick's smile turns into a frown as his glance sours. Patrick asks: “Will you EVER stop talking about me in a sarcastic manner?” Suzie seriously says: “I'll stop it once it stops being funny, all right?” (Confessional) Suzie says: “As in, NEVER!!!!” / Patrick sighs and says: “It gets really irritating that I STILL can't be taken seriously in this competition, even after SO much time has passed, and I've already outlasted 40 other contestants. It would SERVE my competition right if I managed to surprise them all and make it ALL the way to the Final Three all by myself!” (End Confessional)

Skipper says: “Regardless of the way we feel about each other, or the differences we might have had for the past, our options our limited at this point. If any of us wants to make it to the Final Three, we need each other in order to do it.” Suzie says: “Agreed! This time, at least ONE of us BESIDES Marlene will make it to the Final Three for the First Time!” Marlene says: “And maybe, I can make it to the Final Three again if I'm lucky!” The four of them all put their arms in together and shout: “To the TUFF Alliance!” (Confessional) Marlene says: “Having the MOST collective experience among any of us, I shall UNDOUBTEDLY carry my alliance to victory! Bulma isn't the only one around here who can be crafty, I can make my OWN genius plans! Besides, I have my HUSBAND Skipper to help me now! As far as I'm concerned, victory is in the bag!” / Skipper says: “I'm proud of Marlene, for being so committed to having a game strategy. That's one of the big reasons I fell in love with her; she has the ability to create great plans, and to carry them through for as long as she's able to! With the two of us working together to achieve our dreams, I believe that the BOTH of us might be able to make the Final Three this time!” (End Confessional) Finally, the plane lands down on the outskirts of Valencia, California; and all the contestants disembark the plane. Sniz says: “Welcome, to the glorious town of Valencia, California!” Bulma rolls her eyes and says: “Technically speaking, Valencia is a SUBURB of Santa Clarita, California, and has been ever since 1987!” Gonard groans and asks: “Do you EVER shut that MOUTH off?!” Bulma says: “I'll shut it off, once I; stop being right, all right?” (Confessional) Bulma says: “As in, NEVER!!!!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Well then, since you seem REALLY eager to prove your intellectual superiority to everyone, perhaps YOU would like to be your own TEAM!!!!” Bulma asks: “What do you mean?” General Barracuda says: “It's my little idea! Since the Power Rangers often fight in teams of six, why don't YOU guys fight in teams of six?! So for the duration of this challenge, there will be three teams again! The Power Rangers Retro Force, will consist of Captain Retro, Stimpy, Wally, Rocko, Reggie, and Dog. The Power Rangers TUFF Alliance, will consist of Dudley, Chameleon, Suzie, Patrick, Marlene, and Skipper. And the Power Rangers Sniz Squad, will consist of Bulma, Zarbon, Gonard, Norbert, Daggett, and Po. And best of all, the Power Ranger team that does the best in this challenge, will all get the V.I.P. Lounge Treatment, with immunity! The Power Ranger team that does the worst, will have to vote TWO of their own off! And only THEY will be allowed to do the voting!” Daggett shouts: “Are you CRAZY?!” General Barracuda says: “No! I just like to give you contestants a VERY hard time, because I CAN!” Daggett turns to Norbert, and Daggett asks: “What are we going to do now?” Norbert says: “We're going to stick to the plan. We both know that even if we were to WIN this challenge for Bulma and Zarbon, they wouldn't keep us around for long, they'd turn on us the first chance they got! We have to draw them BOTH out, if we can! We have to get at least ONE of them out of the game!” Daggett sighs and says: “You're right, Norbie. I just wish it didn't have to go down this way.” Norbert says: “Neither do I; Daggett. But just ask yourself, what would Bunny want you to do?” Daggett looks up at Norbert, and Daggett says: “Bunny would want me, to do the right thing! Let's do it!” (Confessional)

Bulma groans and says: “CURSES! Sniz NEVER told us that we would have to perform a TEAM challenge after the team merge; it looks like my plans for getting rid of Captain Retro will have to be put on hold, for a while.” / Daggett and Norbert are together. Daggett says: “Look Norbert, if we don't survive this challenge, I just want you to know that it has been a blast to play with you this season, a lot more than I ever thought it could be.” Norbert says: “Seeing how much you've matured this season has made all our troubles worth it. Besides, we can start work on Angry Beavers ReSpooted once we're out of the contest!” Daggett says: “Yeah. It sure will be great for us to get on TV again.” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Your first task as Rangers, will be to take down a classic villain from the original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. So we've resurrected, the InVenusable Fly-Trap! Is it a man? Is it a woman? We don't really know, it's SO hard to tell with plants! Power Rangers Sniz Squad, you can be up first!” Bulma says: “Zarbon, Po, do what you are best at! Everyone else, can just stand around and make ME look prettier and WAY smarter than the rest of you by comparison!” Norbert says: “Let's do it NOW, Daggett!” Daggett says: “Right! I am SICK and TIRED of YOU bossing everyone around with your big, fat, MOUTH!!!!” Bulma twitches and she angrily says: “Like, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Norbert sarcastically says: “Oh, I'm 'SORRY!!!!' Was that TOO 'complicated' for you? I'll try 'dumbing' it DOWN to 'YOUR' level! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Bulma seriously says: “Zarbon, NEW plan! You KNOW what to do!” Zarbon smiles and says: “With PLEASURE!!!!” And Zarbon begins firing energy rays at Norbert and Daggett, who have to move FAST in order to AVOID them! Zarbon says: “Don't look so nervous! I'm not going to KILL you, I just want to SHUT you UP!!!!” Daggett asks: “What's the matter? Can't take a little criticism?!” And Zarbon fires an energy ray at Daggett, MISSING him by mere inches! Norbert says: “I guess he can't!” Po sighs and says: “FINE! I'll take care of the beast and save the day, AGAIN, as usual!!!!”

So Po performs a flying kick at the monster, but the monster GRABS Po in mid-air, and eats OFF his shorts, making Po completely naked! And the monster throws Po down to the ground! Po grunts in frustration and embarrassment and says: “UGH!!!! I'm taking five!” And Zarbon continues to fire energy rays at Norbert and Daggett. Norbert asks: “Say, Zarbon! Why are you letting Bulma Briefs boss you around? You're MUCH too talented and BEAUTIFUL to take orders from ANYONE, let alone HER!!!!” Bulma growls angrily and she screams: “You keep your big mouth SHUT!!!! I don't care if you ARE a pretty beaver, that WON'T stop Zarbon from taking the PRETTY out of you! Besides, Zarbon needs ME to get him to the Final Three! Of COURSE he's going to do what I say!” Zarbon scoffs and says: “It's not like I NEED you, I'm just hanging out with you because it's CONVENIENT for me! I could get to the Final Three WITH, or without you!” Bulma threateningly says: “You wouldn't last ONE day without me! Besides, I don't think you've FORGOTTEN what I KNOW about YOU, and that dirty SECRET of yours, do YOU?!” And Zarbon shudders in fear!

(Confessional) Zarbon grunts in frustration and says: “My Achilles Heel! My one weakness! How DARE she use that threat against me, after ALL we've been through together?! Mark my words, her day WILL come when she sees that I'm the ONLY one who can win this game; just not today!” / Bulma says: “Norbert and Daggett are TRYING to get under my skin, but it's a SUICIDE mission they're on! My skin is SO metaphorically thick, NOTHING can get underneath it! If they're trying to draw ME out to take them on myself, they are WASTING their time! That's what I have Zarbon for! And in case Zarbon even THINKS about trying to make it on his own, I'll just threaten to DUMP him for Gonard! After all, Gonard has been LONGING to have a date with me for so long; who's to say that I won't give Gonard his wish?” (End Confessional) General Barracuda groans and asks: “Are ANY of you even going to TRY to fight the monster?!” Zarbon threateningly says: “STAY out of this!” And fires an energy ray at General Barracuda, missing him by mere inches! Sniz groans and says: “This is PATHETIC!!!! We will END your turn before ANY of you do SOMETHING you will regret! Time UP!!!!” And Zarbon stops firing his energy rays, while Norbert and Daggett fall down, exhausted. Zarbon walks up to the two beavers, and Zarbon says: “Well, you get to KEEP your beauty, but I doubt that you'll be able to keep your GAME once WE are through with you!” And Zarbon walks away. (Confessional)

Daggett and Norbert are together. Daggett says: “MAN!!!! I'm glad I don't have to do THAT every day!” Norbert says: “You said it!” Daggett says: “It's so SPOOTY!!!! All that trouble we went through, and we couldn't get ANYTHING out of Bulma!” Norbert says: “Not directly, but we got SOMETHING, without her even REALIZING it!” Daggett asks: “What do you mean?” Norbert says: “Captain Retro needed to find out if Bulma would target us physically herself, if we tried to cross her path. But she DIDN'T!!!! She had Zarbon do it! This PROVES Captain Retro's theory! Zarbon IS the one carrying out all of Bulma's plans! Without Zarbon, Bulma has nothing to fall back on!” Daggett asks: “So we did well?” Norbert sighs and says: “Yes Daggett, we did well. And the best part is, Zarbon made himself look even MORE like a bad guy than he did before!” Daggett says: “Well, we did our part. Now it's up to all our friends to follow through and bring Zarbon to justice!” / Zarbon sighs and says: “Eh, I probably played right into the hands of those beavers. Not one of the better moves I have made. But I STILL have my secret weapon, even though it totally is NOT so secret; my godly beauty! Sniz and Fondue would NEVER allow me to be eliminated; I'm FAR too pretty, and I'm bringing in TOO high of a ratings boost for them, so they won't even CONSIDER dropping me! Norbert and Daggett may have won this battle, but the war is FAR from over yet! And with MY perfect beauty, there's no CHANCE that I won't win!” (End Confessional)

Sniz says: “Power Rangers Retro Force, I trust YOUR team will do a better job of handling this monster!” Captain Retro says: “You can depend on us! IS a monster and not just somebody in a monster suit, right?” Sniz says: “It is a completely, accurate, 100% monster!” Captain Retro says: “Than we can TOTALLY destroy it!” Sniz says: “And since many early battles of the Power Rangers had a song to go with the fight, why don't you SING a song while you fight this monster? With that being said, only ONE song seems appropriate enough to fight the InVenusable Fly-Trap; the #1 hit song from 1986 by the hit-makers, Bananarama!” Captain Retro sighs and says: “I LOVE being a Nicktoon!” /

Genre: Dance Pop. Sub-Genre: Bananarama. Song: “Venus.” Sung by: The Power Rangers Retro Force! / There's a fighting montage sequence while the six contestants fight against the monster.

Stimpy: “Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame.” Wally: “The summit of beauty and love.” Captain Retro: “And Venus was her name. She's got it; yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie to Rocko: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Rocko about the monster: “Her weapons are her crystal eyes, making every man mad! Black as the dark night she has got what no one else had!” Retro Force: “Wow! She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” (Instrumental Solo) Wally: “Venus!” Stimpy: “She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Wally: “Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame.” Stimpy: “The summit of beauty and love.” Captain Retro: “And Venus was her name.” Retro Force: “Wow! She's got it, yeah, baby, she's got it!” Reggie: “I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire! Well, I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, at your desire!” Wally: “Venus was her name.” Stimpy: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Captain Retro: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Wally: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” Rocko to Reggie: “Yeah baby, she's got it!” /

The fighting sequence and the epic song ends as the monster is knocked down! Captain Retro says: “Time to take this monster out! Kamehameha!!!!” And Captain Retro fires a powerful energy beam, totally disintegrating the monster!” Stimpy says: “All right, we did it!” And a sinister voice says: “And I'm not too surprised that you DID!!!!” Captain Retro's eyes open wide as he hollowly says: “Oh, NO!!!!” And Emperor Mavro appears, with Blonda hovering above him. Blonda chuckles deviously as she says: “Oh, yes!!!! You SEE what happens when you ELIMINATE me?!!! I'll just come back to bring down my full VENGEANCE on you! I was ROBBED!!!!” Bulma scoffs and she says: “ROBBED?! PLEASE!!!! Even if you had been IN the contest from the beginning, you STILL wouldn't have won! Just like Patrick won't win because HE'S too dumb, and Skipper won't win because he's already been eliminated TWICE!!!!” Patrick says: “I am not that dumb!” Skipper says: “And I can work MIRACLES!!!! Just ask my wonderful wife, Marlene!” Gonard rolls his eyes and says: “We GET it!!!! You two are MARRIED now!!!! Would you give it a REST already?!” Blonda says: “Well, I LOVE a good bickering, but now is not the time and place! It's time you all LEARNED why you should NEVER try to ROB the Goddess of DIVAS, and why you should NEVER mess with a blonde-haired woman when all my MONEY is on the line!” Zarbon fires an energy beam at Blonda, missing her by mere inches! Blonda screams: “Did you try to KILL me?!” Zarbon chuckles and says: “Kill you?! You're TOO good for THAT! I was only trying to MAIM or seriously INJURE you!!!!” Emperor Mavro angrily says: “I'll kill YOU first!”

Blonda screams: “Don't get ANY ideas! Stay the course Emperor, stay the course!” Captain Retro says: “Famous last words of SOMEONE who shall forever REMAIN anonymous! You all better get out of here!” Po asks: “Are you crazy?!” Captain Retro says: “I'm not going to risk YOUR safety! You can't mess around with Emperor Mavro! Now GO!!!!” And the other contestants quickly run away! Blonda screams: “Quickly, you FOOL!!!! Capture the contestants NOW!!!!” But Emperor Mavro doesn't budge. Blonda screams: “Emperor Mavro, do you have GUNK in your non-existent EARS?! I am GIVING YOU AN ORDER!!!! Emperor Mavro, I'm NOT going to tell you again!!!! Get those LAZY feet moving and CAPTURE them!!!!” But Blonda doesn't see the EXTREMELY angry and irritated look on Emperor Mavro's face! Blonda screams: “FINE!!!! You want to act like a child? Then I'll TREAT you like a child! You have until the count of THREE!!!! ONE!!!! TWO!!!!” Emperor Mavor sweetly says: “Blonda? I have a BETTER idea!” Blonda chuckles as she says: “Isn't THAT something?! Well then, Emperor, why don't you come over here and tell me what you managed to come up with in that walnut-sized BRAIN of yours?!”

Emperor Mavro gets REALLY close to Blonda, and Captain Retro SEES a vision, and he says: “Blonda, WAIT!!!! Don't LISTEN!!!!” But Blonda scoffs at Captain Retro, and Emperor Mavro whispers: “I have a great, GREAT idea!!!!” Blonda says: “You already SAID that!!!! Would you just tell me what it IS, already?! I am DYING to know!!!!” Emperor Mavro chuckles evilly and says: “Not YET, you're not!” Blonda asks: “What do you mean by...THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Emperor Mavro GRABS Blonda by the throat, choking the very breath out of her, and Emperor Mavro GRABS the remote that Blonda is holding, and SMASHES it to pieces!!!! Than Emperor Mavro takes the electric collar OFF of his neck, and smashes IT to pieces!!!! Emperor Mavro evilly says: “Now YOU can't EVER tell ME what to do AGAIN!!!! Now you will NEVER tell ANYONE what to do again!!!! Never, NEVER, NEVER!!!!” And Blonda gasps as she struggles to get a breath of air! Emperor Mavro evilly says: “You're LOVELY for bringing ME back to life, but I no longer need YOU buzzing around MY space; I plan to FIND the contestants, and KILL every last being on EARTH!!!! And I think I'll start with YOU!!!! I know that you had hopes and dreams of starring in your own spin-off show, but that's ALL they ever were, hopes and DREAMS!!!! So, GOOD-BYE hopes, GOOD-BYE dreams!!!!” And Emperor Mavro shoots a GIGANTIC beam of energy up into the SKY, and BLOWS up Blonda's home of Fairywood! And Captain Retro can't BELIEVE that Emperor Mavro DID that!

Emperor Mavro facetiously says: “OOPS!!!! Did I just BLOW your home-town up?!!!” Captain Retro seriously says: “You're PURE EVIL!!!! DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Captain Retro does a HARD, flying kick at Emperor Mavro, only for him to not even FLINCH!!!! Emperor Mavro turns to the crippled Blonda and says: “I'll take care of you LATER, once I brush this INSECT aside!” And Emperor Mavro throws the crippled Blonda far away! Captain Retro seriously says: “You're going to PAY for destroying Blonda's home, you're GOING to pay!!!!” Emperor Mavro says: “Foolish mortal!!!! I've destroyed THOUSANDS of worlds bigger than your own, all without even breaking a sweat! Do you think I FEAR you?! There is NOTHING that I can't conquer!” Captain Retro says: “I won't let you conquer this world, not as long as there's an ounce of breath in my body!” Emperor Mavro chuckles evilly and says: “FOOL!!!! I was HOPING you'd say that! Well, if I'm something that can STOPPED, than just TRY to STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And Captain Retro charges at Emperor Mavro CRAZILY, punching and kicking him like CRAZY, but nothing seems to be having any effect! Emperor Mavro says: “I'm made out of tougher STUFF than you! Your attacks are like NOTHING to me!!!!” And he BRUSHES Captain Retro back, sending him quite a few feet backwards! Captain Retro says: “I'm giving you one last chance, surrender!”

Emperor Mavro defiantly says: “NEVER!!!!” Captain Retro says: “Than you ASKED for it! Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (BOOM!!!!) But when the smoke clears, Emperor Mavro emerges and screams: “You charred my ARMOR!!!!” Captain Retro is taken aback as he gasps and says: “IT—IT didn't WORK?!!!” Emperor Mavro yells: “You DARE to singe MY armor?!!! Try my DEATH RAY!!!!” And Captain Retro gasps as Emperor Mavro fires a VIOLENT red light at him and Captain Retro says: “Too MUCH!!!!” And Captain Retro closes his eyes, only for something to BLOCK the ray!!!! Emperor Mavro screams: “WHAT?!!!” And Captain Retro opens his eyes, and a BUNCH of Nicktoons start appearing, surrounding Emperor Mavro! Emperor Mavro asks: “What is this?!” Captain Retro gasps and says: “They're Nicktoons! They're all Nicktoons!” And each of the Nicktoons from each of their respective shows, strike a pose as Captain Retro mentions them! /

Captain Retro says: “From Doug, it's Doug, Patty, Skeeter, Judy, and Porkchop! From Ren and Stimpy, it's Ren, Stimpy, Haggis, Muddy Mudskipper, and Powdered Toast Man! From Rugrats, it's Reptar, Charlotte Pickles, Dru Pickles, Stu Pickles, and Didi Pickles! From Rocko's Modern Life, it's Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, Dr. Hutchison, Spunky, and Really REALLY Big Man! From AHHH!!!! Real Monsters, it is Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, and Gromble! From KABLAM!, it's Sniz, Fondue, Thunder Girl, Loopy, Race Rabbit, and Melt Man! From Hey Arnold!, it's Arnold, Gerald, Phoebe, Helga, and Rhonda! From The Angry Beavers, it's Norbert, Daggett, Treeflower, Barry, Stump, and Bing! From The Wild Thornberries, it's Eliza, Darwin, Debbie, Donnie, Nigel, and Marianne! From Catdog, it's Cat, Dog, Randolph, Dunglap, Mr. Sunshine, and Lola. There's Rocket Power with Otto, Reggie, Twister, Sam, Raymundo, and Tito! From Spongebob Squarepants, there's Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Larry, Pearl, and Stanley! From The Fairly Oddparents, there's Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, the Crimson Chin, Poof, and Sparky! From The Brothers Flubb, there's Guapo and Franz! From Invader Zim, there's Zim, Dib, and Gir! From Jimmy Neutron, there's Jimmy, Carl, Cindy, Libby, Nick, and Goddard! From Chalkzone, there's Snap, Rudy, and Penny! From My Life as a Teenage Robot, there's Jenny, Brad, Tuck, Misty, XJ8, and the Silver Shell! From All Grown Up, it's Lil, Tommy, Chuckie, Suzie, Phil, Dil, and Kimi! From Catscratch, it's Gordon, Waffle, Mr. Blik, Hovis, and Human Kimberly! From Avatar: The Last Airbender, it is Aang, Katara, and Toph! From Dragonball Z, there's Goku, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, and Master Roshi! From Fanboy and Chum-Chum, there’s Super Chum, Man-Arctica, and Fanboy! From Robot and Monster, it’s Robot Default, Monster Krumholtz, Globitha, Ogo, and Spitfire!

There's Yakkety Yak from Yakketty Yak, Tintin and Snowy from The Adventures of Tintin, Rango from Rango, and Korra from The Legends of Korra! There's Bessie Higgenbottom, Ben and Happy from The Mighty B! There's Mikey, Gonard, Lily, Mitsuki, Guano, and Ozu from Kappa Mikey! From The Penguins of Madagascar, it's Skipper, Marlene, King Julien, Kowalski, Rico, Private, Maurice, and Mort! From Danny Phantom, it's Danny and Gwen! From Back At the Barnyard, it's Peck, Freddy, Abby, Duke, Rat, and Bessie! From TUFF Puppy, it's Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, Chief, and Chameleon! From Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, it is Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis, and Shifu! From Kaput and Zosky, it's Kaput and Zosky! From Planet Sheen, it's Sheen, Nesmith, and Asheefu! From Monsters Vs. Aliens, it's Susan, The Missing Link, BOB, Dr. Cockroach, and Squeep! From Sanjay and Craig, it's Sanjay, Craig, Megan, Hector, Ronnie Slithers, and Tufflips! From Breadwinners, it's Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, Ketta, T. Midi, Oonski, the Breadmaker, and Jenny Quackles! From Harvey Beaks, it's Harvey, Fee, Foo, Dade, and Peri. From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it's Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Master Splinter, and Casey! From Pig Goat Banana Cricket, it's Pig and Goat! From Alvin!!!! and the Chipmunks, it's Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor! From The Loud House, it's Lincoln, Lana, and Lori! And from Rocket Monkeys, it's Wally, Gus, and...Yay-Ok? What happened to you?!”

Yay-Ok coughs and says: “I blocked that Death Ray blast for you. It just blasted off my upgrades.” Captain Retro sighs and says: “Thanks, Yay-Ok. I owe you one.” The Nicktoons walk forward in a very dramatic fashion, and the position of the clouds makes light shine brightly on Stimpy, Haggis, Rocko, Heffer, Sniz, Fondue, Gerald, Phoebe, Norbert, Daggett, Treeflower, Eliza, Darwin, Dog, Randolph, Otto, Reggie, Twister, all the representatives from Spongebob Squarepants, Wanda, Guapo, Franz, Zim, Dib, Jimmy, Jenny, Lil, Suzie, Gordon, Aang, Goku, Krillin, Yakkety Yak, Tintin, Rango, Bessie, Gonard, Guano, Skipper, Marlene, King Julien, Danny Phantom, Peck, Freddy, Abby, Duke, Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, Chameleon, Po, Tigress, Kaput, Sheen, Nesmith, The Missing Link, Squeep, Sanjay, Craig, Ronnie, Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, Oonski, Harvey, Fee, Foo, Dade, Donatello, Master Splinter, Pig, Goat, Alvin, Simon, Lincoln, and Wally.

Captain Retro asks: “I don't understand, why are you helping me?” Stimpy says: “For one simple reason, you are a Nicktoon. And when a villain messes with ONE of us, they mess with all of us!” Emperor Mavro threateningly says: “I have an ARMY!!!!” And a bunch of X-Borgs appear to back Emperor Mavro up! Rocko says: “We have an army as well!” And a bunch of Rabbids from Rabbids Invasion appear, and even LEGENDARY Power Rangers!

Captain Retro says: “It's Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, and Ninjor, Mighty Morphing Power Rangers! It's Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat, Tanya, and Trey, Power Rangers Zeo! It's the Blue Centaurion and the Phantom Ranger, Power Rangers Turbo! It's Andros, T.J., Carlos, Cassie, Ashley, and Zhane, Power Rangers in Space! It's Leo, Kai, Damon, Maya, Karone, and Mike, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy! There's Carter, Dana, Chad, and Ryan, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue! There's Wes, Eric, Jen, Trip, Katie, and Lucas from Power Rangers Time Force! There's Cole, Taylor, Danny, Max, and Merrick from Power Rangers Wild Force! There's Hunter, Blake, Cam, Shane, and Tori from Power Rangers Ninja Storm! There's Conner, Kira, Ethan, and Trent from Power Rangers DinoThunder! There's Sydney, Z, Bridge, Doggie, Jack, Sky, and Sam from Power Rangers S.P.D.! There's Udonna, Xander, Vida, Chip, Madison, and Nick from Power Rangers Mystic Force! It's Mack, Dak, Rose, and Tyzonn from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive! It's Casey, Theo, R.J., Jarrod, Camille, Master Phant, Lily, Master Swoop, and Dominic from Power Rangers Jungle Fury! It's Jayden, Antonio, Emily, Kevin, and Mia from Power Rangers Samurai! It's Orion, Robo Knight, Noah, Jake, Gia, and Emma from Power Rangers Super MegaForce!” And the Power Rangers step forward, and salute to the Nicktoons. And General Barracuda steps forward and says: “And I've got one last treat, some Nicktoon representatives FROM the future! Me, Captain Retro, the Girl from Ipanema, and BlackHawk, from Captain Retro and the Retros!”

Captain Retro says: “It's a LEGENDARY Cross-over Battle!” Emperor Mavro screams: “ATTACK!!!!” Tommy says: “Power Up!!!!” Tigress says: “Those who CAN fight, do! Everybody else, use your Nickelodeon Slime Blasters!” Captain Retro sighs and he says: “I love being a Nicktoon!!!!” And everyone charges to CLASH together in what is perhaps the GREATEST fight to ever be seen in a Nicktoon to date!

Powdered Toast Man, Really REALLY Big Man, Thunder Girl, The Crimson Chin, Snap, Jenny, Misty, XJ8, the Silver Shell, Guano, Susan, Sway-Sway, Buhdeuce, the Breadmaker, Captain Retro, and BlackHawk all use their super-powers to take down a bunch of X-Borgs! Ickis, Oblina, Krumm, and Gromble all use scaring abilities to put a bunch of X-Borgs out of commission! Otto, Reggie, Twister, Sam, Raymundo and Tito all use their extreme athletic skills to zoom around a bunch of X-Borgs as they attack them! Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Sparky all blast magic at some X-Borgs, disintegrating quite a few of them! Aang, Katara, Toph, Korra, Goku, Krillin, Tien, Piccolo, Gohan, Master Roshi, Po, Tigress, Crane, Viper, Mantis, and Master Shifu all use their extreme martial art skills to destroy many more X-Borgs!

Danny Phantom works with the TUFF Puppy gang, while he ghosts in and out of the X-Borgs, while Dudley and his friends take them out with spy gadgets! Sway-Sway and Buhdeuce level up to become Street Fighters as they blast away and knock out several more X-Borgs! Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo, Master Splinter, and Casey all work in tandem using their weapons to take out several X-Borgs! The Rabbids, using their superior numbers and crazy unpredictability, manage to take out a number of X-Borgs that way! And of course, the Power Rangers all use their respective Power Ranger powers, skills, and abilities to take down more X-Borgs! Stimpy says: “I bet it feels good to be back here, doesn't it?” Ren says: “No place that I'd rather be!” Haggis says: “I may be getting older, but I've still got plenty of fight left in me!” Sniz says: “Now THIS is a ratings winner!” Fondue says: “Like anyone would ever give YOU any doubt?!” Gerald says: “This will help me get in shape for the upcoming Hey Arnold Jungle Movie!” Treeflower says: “You didn't think I'd miss this party, did you?” Norbert says: “I'm glad that you didn't!” Daggett says: “I agree, we'll take ALL the help we can get, as long as it's good help!” Debbie asks: “Why don't we ever do THIS kind of stuff on OUR show?” Eliza says: “Because that's not the kind of show we are!” Darwin says: “Thank heavens!” Cat says: “I'm not going to let you down, brother!” Dog says: “I know you won't, Cat!” Randolph asks: “Didn't I just LEAVE this party?” Dog says: “You're so FUNNY, Randolph!” Patrick asks: “How are you feeling, Spongebob?” Spongebob says: “Much better, thank you. Now that I've got my memory back, I've been working the jury over to make SURE they don't hand the win to SKIPPER under any circumstances!” Tigress says: “EMOTIONAL PLAYER!!!! Called IT!!!!”

Marlene says: “I'll say THIS for Spongebob, he can sure hold a GRUDGE when he wants to!” Skipper says: “I'm SERIOUSLY reconsidering trying to get rid of Spongebob about now!” Dib says: “Never thought I'd see the day when Zim would actively want to SAVE the world rather than end it!” Zim says: “Lucky for you, life on Earth changed me for the better!” XJ8 says: “Nobody can call me a piece of obsolete technology now!” Jenny says: “Don't worry, I NEVER did!” Suzie says: “It sure feels WEIRD to be fighting alongside our PARENTS like this!” Lil says: “Just be thankful they're using our YOUNGER parents, and not the older ones from All Grown Up!” Suzie says: “Amen to THAT!” Aang says: “It's time to earn myself some REDEMPTION!!!!” Krillin says: “I wish ALL my opponents were this easy to defeat!” Goku says: “So do I, Krillin.” Gonard says: “I sure hope CHA draws an EXCELLENT picture of us for this event!” Guano says: “She's an EXCELLENT artist!”

Chameleon says: “It feels GOOD to be the good guy!” Keswick says: “And guess what? Kitty and I are dating now!” Dudley says: “Congratulations! I always said you were quite the ladies man!” Zosky asks: “Remind me, why am I HERE again?!” Kaput says: “Because you OWE me for that stunt you pulled back in Area 51!” Zosky says: “I said I was SORRY, sheesh!” Nesmith says: “Sheen, you NEVER told me you had a GIRLFRIEND on Earth!” And Libby and Asheefu both glare at Sheen suspiciously. Sheen, awkwardly says: “AWKWARD!!!!” Craig says: “We finally get to fight together, brother!” Ronnie says: “It just feels good to be together, brother!” Dade says: “I can't believe we're actually in a big fight like this!” Harvey says: “Me neither! But we got to keep it up!” Wally says: “BlackHawk, you're impressive!” BlackHawk says: “I've had YEARS of practice to get this good!” Andros says: “It's time for the last push! Take out the last of them!” And with hard work and effort, all of the X-Borgs are destroyed and taken down for the count! Emperor Mavro screams: “My ARMY!!!!” Captain Retro says: “And now it's time to try this again! Goku and Krillin, help me out!” And the three of them simultaneously say: “Kamehameha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And the BLAST explodes on Emperor Mavro and he starts short-circuiting!

Emperor Mavro screams: “My EMPIRE!!!! MY DESTINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And he EXPLODES in a gigantic ball of fire, and all the Nicktoons fall down, exhausted from their fight. Heffer says: “You guys, you did it! You actually destroyed Emperor Mavro!” Rocko says: “WE did it, Heffer! Together!” Jimmy says: “I wish we could stick around, but we've got homes to go back to.” Guapo says: “If you ever need us again, just call for us, and we will come.” Captain Retro says: “I'll keep that in mind in case I ever need a delivery in space.” Jason says: “Good-bye everybody, it's been fun!” And Wanda wishes ALL of the non-contestant Nicktoons away and back to their homes. Sniz says: “Well, I'd say the challenge is over. Victory goes to the Power Rangers Retro Force, for destroying the monster, AND Emperor Mavro! Fondue sees Bulma and Zarbon sneaking out of a hiding place. Bulma asks: “Is it over? Are all the disgusting bad guys gone?” Fondue asks: “Why didn't YOU two do ANYTHING to help out in the fight?!” Bulma screams: “I am a VERY delicate FLOWER!!!! I'm not some PSYCHO junkie who gets their KICKS blowing up PSYCHO freaks!” Zarbon says: “And I'm NOT a popular FAVORITE with Gohan and Krillin! If they saw me, they would KILL me!” Sniz says: “Well, seeing as how YOUR squadron failed to destroy the monster, and how YOU two flaked out in that fight with Emperor Mavro, I'm afraid that the Power Rangers Sniz Squad will be facing an elimination ceremony!” Norbert says: “This is it, Daggett! It's time to find out the results of our endeavor!” (Confessional)

Norbert says: “This is the most excitement we've had in years. Even if we get booted out today, I feel as though I can leave the game on a high note. I feel like I've really bonded with Daggett this season, in a way that I never could on my own show.” / Daggett says: “This season didn't really go the way I anticipated it to, but I feel as though I did pretty well for myself. I certainly did a lot better than I thought I would, initially! I just hope that is taken into consideration for when the vote-off takes place.” / Bulma says: “There's no doubt those two beavers are going to try to take out Zarbon. But all I have to do is convince PO to vote with me! My strategy? It's a piece of cake!” / Po is actually EATING a piece of cake as he says: “Piece of CAKE!!!!” (End Confessional) The plane is in transit, and the contestants who were members of the Power Rangers Sniz Squad, are in the Elimination Ceremony.

Sniz says: “It is time once again to find out which contestants will REMAIN as contestants on this show, and which contestants will be eliminated! You will cast your votes for two contestants. The two contestants who receive the most votes WILL be eliminated, and will have to leave! So get to it, and VOTE!!!!” (Confessional) Gonard votes off Daggett and Norbert. Gonard says: “You two had a good run, but this is where it ends.” / Po votes off Daggett and Norbert. Po says: “Bulma gave me a piece of cake in exchange that I vote off Daggett and Norbert! I bet I can get MORE cake if I continue to vote the way Bulma wants me to!” / Norbert gulps and he says: “I hope luck is on our side!” And he votes off Zarbon and Gonard! / Daggett pretend gags and says: “THAT is my utter disdain for Zarbon and that SPOOTY head, Bulma Briefs!” And he votes off Zarbon and Bulma! / Bulma says: “You two beavers have been a LOT more trouble than you're worth, but it will SOON be over NOW!” And she votes off Daggett and Norbert! Zarbon chuckles deviously and says: “It looks like I don't HAVE to risk a penalty vote THIS time! Bye-bye, beavers!” And he votes off Daggett and Norbert! (End Confessional) Sniz says: “Voting is over, it's time to reveal the results! Here is who will receive bags of popcorn! Po! Bulma, Gonard!” Daggett looks nervously at Norbert, Norbert closes his eyes and hugs Daggett, Zarbon doesn't even flinch! Sniz says: “The final bag of popcorn goes to...ZARBON!!!!” Zarbon smiles evilly and says: “Sorry, it looks like I'll be staying, not YOU two! Your efforts were for NAUGHT!!!!” Norbert says: “Believe it or not, this wasn't about OUR game, it was about PROVING what a TERRIBLE being you ARE to others!”

Daggett says: “Now that EVERYONE has seen what you will do JUST because Bulma WANTS you to do it, you have made sure that the jury NOW views you unfavorably, so even if you DO get to the Final Three, NOBODY will vote for you to WIN!!!!” Zarbon groans angrily and he says: “CURSES!!!!” Daggett and Norbert both grab their parachutes, and Norbert says: “Good luck on winning the game NOW, Bulma! I think you'll need ALL you can get at this point!” And with that, Daggett and Norbert both take their jumps out of the plane! / Sniz is in the cock-pit and says: “Two more contestants down, 16 more to go. Who will take the plunge next is anybody's guess! And there's no telling where we're going to next, but stick around and find out on the next episode of Total Cartoon (sings) Global Cruise!” /

Epilogue: A montage of the best moments of The Angry Beavers from the Total Cartoon series, focusing primarily on Norbert, Daggett, and Treeflower, is played, while a 1986 hit song from Van Halen is played! Genre: Hard Rock. Sub-Genre: Van Halen. Song: “Dreams.” Sung by: Van Halen!

Sammy Hagar: “World turns black and white, pictures in an empty room! Your love starts falling down, better change your tune! Reach for the golden ring, reach for the sky! Baby, just spread your wings! We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! We'll get higher and higher, leave it all behind! Run, run, run away, like a train running off the track! The truth gets left behind and falls between the cracks! Standing on broken dreams, but never losing sight! Spread your wings! We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! We'll get higher and higher, leave it all behind! So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Cause we belong in a world that must be strong! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! (Instrumental Solo) We'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb! Higher and higher, leave it all behind; oh we're higher and higher, who knows what we'll find? So baby dry your eyes, save all the tears you've cried! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Baby, we belong, in a world that must be strong! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! Oh, that's what dreams are made of! (Instrumental Solo) And in the end, on dreams we will depend, cause that's what love, is made of!” (Instrumental fade out, and the song ends). /

Episode Notes: Featured songs in this episode, “Armageddon It, I Won't Back Down, Venus,” and the Van Halen version of “Dreams.” Running gags in this episode; various contestants keep saying they will stop doing something ONLY under a certain condition, to which they refer to as being, “As in, NEVER!!!!” And Captain Retro keeps saying that he LOVES being a Nicktoon! Emperor Mavro is brought back to life by Blonda, and Emperor Mavro BETRAYS by Blonda by DESTROYING her home town of Fairywood! A whole BUNCH of Nickelodeon Power Rangers and Nicktoon movie and cartoon stars, from the past, present, and future appear in this episode! The only Nickelodeon Nicktoon shows NOT getting represented are “Mr. Meaty, Three Delivery, Wild Grinders, Power Rangers R.P.M.,” and “Power Rangers Dino Charge.” Daggett and Norbert are both eliminated in this episode, meaning all the representatives from “The Angry Beavers” have now been eliminated from this show. /

Personal Notes: Putting this episode together was NO easy task! I had to research 25 years of Nicktoons, and “Power Rangers!” Most of it, I remembered from experience, but I had to actually LOOK some of it up. I obviously couldn't include EVERY Nicktoon character or even every show, so I went with the ones I personally knew from having seen them on T.V., because I wanted to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of Nicktoons, and have something for everyone in this episode. Daggett and Norbert's game were always going to be tied very closely together this season. Daggett had two main goals this season, to prove he could be funny, and to be able to stand on his own as a contestant, which I feel he did very well, as he ended up maturing a LOT in this season! Norbert's main goal was to watch out for Daggett's best interests, and to support Daggett's growth as a character. I feel as though having them leave the game after EXPOSING Bulma's strategy of using ZARBON to do all her dirty deeds, would be the perfect point to have them leave the game! Now the hard part remains, of actually getting Zarbon and Bulma out! / That's my episode idea for today! Enough said, true believers! ;)


Efficiency is my game!

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