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How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

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Quite stressed, but ya know what? I'm pulling myself through alright.
Had a nice discussion with my mom last night telling her how I just barely expect myself to pass Math (which means just getting an E which is harder than it sounds...) and how I'm just absolutely fretting about everything in my life but she understood me and calmed me down so I'm getting by. On a thread, but...it's something I guess.

Then again, exams aren't even here yet, so...

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Quite stressed for I have my Media Studies exam in a little over 12 hours from now, and I feel like I know nothing. I've got notes, but...eh. I only really need a D to get an overall C in the subject, but I think I can do a bit better than that with a little thoughtful, justifiable improv tomorrow.
Also have three more exams between two other subjects this week so I'm additionally a bit agitated.

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