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Tom’s Secret Twin Brother

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Back in Season 8,we found out an forgettable filth named A Squarepants Family Vocation,after so many years of fooling and overlooked mysteries,been finding a new character that open a new view of Spongebob’s universe to me



Behold,Tom’s twin brother.He born and growing up in the same family as our famous and well-love Tom was.Hoverer,he born with a head behind body,this brings a lot of mental problems for character to exist in this cruel,nasty world,made a potato salad for 3 days or order a drink with a couple of ice cubs always been a hard challenge to this guy.And one day our unfortunate Tom just lost in city’s mall.His parents or normal Tom didn’t hear him,who knows,maybe they don’t really cared about him I’m general.But I just can’t sit and tolerate this unfair treatment for people like he.He deserves justice,he deserves caring,he deserves love.Please,don’t be selfish,if you going to find this Tom,help him in whatever way you can.And maybe then we going to live in utopia.I have a faith in all for you guys,please don’t disappoint me and this poor creature.


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