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Holiday Special Grampa Wookiee

Movie Star Costume Contest

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The iFish costume contest is back... on the big screen! Whoever has the most glitzy, glamorous and star-quality iFish will win 2,000 doubloons, and even a lead role in a movie! Well, maybe not the last one but anyway...

1.) Be sure to click "Download (right click and save)" on the iFish generator page (near the bottom) and upload your iFish to a site like imgur, photobucket, etc, or just take a screenshot. Copy and pasting your iFish will not work. 
2.) Once you post it, you cannot change it. So be 100% sure before posting.
3.) Do not copy somebody else's.


Our trusty costume and makeup artists Cha and Patty, who are responsible for our amazing items, will be judging along with myself. You have until February 26 at 12:00 PM EST to submit. Good luck!

1.) SOF:




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