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Coffee_lovers’ Top/Bottom 15 of Season 11

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Note:well,after some rethinking,I officially drop down Appointment TV from this list,I still agree with everything I said about that episode and it’s still solid one,but at the same time,there just some episodes that better,so it’s not Top 15 worthy anymore,because of that I decided replaced old opinion with a new chosen  one.So before we get to Top/Bottom 5 of the season,let’s take a look of the newbie of the season’s best.


#15 BEST:



I can’t believe that I overlooked such a shiny example of good Season 11 episode back when I start!Despite begin the last episode of the season in production order,The String was a really great introduction for a people who never seen this season or post-sequel era as a whole,not only it’s just a 5 minutes of your time,that’s hands down one of the most creative yet funniest content that I seen over last time.The premise at it’s silliness really odd,in fact,because of my non professional knowledge of English I though episode going to be about...



but at it’s own idea of Spongebob pull out a string from Squidward’s shirt has a lot of variations and directions,and oh boy,it’s used it full as it’s can!What I really appreciate about this short is that it’s one of those episodes where new cartoony style really necessary,I love it in other episodes,but here without that it’s would completely different thing than we get,actual string here is just everything that you can tach,that’s what I love in cartoons and miss a lot lately,but that’s just a general idea here,how good usage of it?Just great,at first there might be not really a plot here,but that’s I’m can completely forgive cuz it’s just a short,but even without that episode still has some development in it,like starting with a shirt of owner,and then going next to other rooms of Krusty Krab...then other locations...and then the whole universe!And speaking of shirts,this running gag also really get it’s new highs and for a simple joke.It’s not blessed with stakes after stakes,but for a 5 minutes of entertainment it’s still nice.And humor,it’s a really good humor,there a lot of hilarious jokes in half-episode and yet it’s has more comedy that had more time than it should.I really love that mentioned above shirts gags,they are really get interesting with building of new Squidward’s outwits(Knight one was really great one,especially that Dunces and Dragon’s music back on this moment),2 of Mr Krabs scenes are both hilarious all around,first one take generous money loving of character and get something interesting and unique to the table,and "string in soup" scene is a big example how you can take a one simile joke,and put on it dialogues that actually develop gag and not just dragged on(See what you miss,Professor Squidward).Fred who just screamed on background "MY PANTS" is a good little detail.Taxi with the trainwreck version of Krusty Krab Name,Bubble Bass,Panic Fishman ,or just Patrick randomly pull out Spongebob apart,all of really hitting bits of silly comedy that I found funny in all ways,but honestly the whole thing is just funny,it’s really one of those moments when you just sit there and chuckle at nearly single second because how creative and progressively clever at it’s silliness it is,and for that,I think that’s a legit candidate for he best material of Season 11.Amd once again,of you haven’t seen any episode in years,please,watch The String first.

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Well,now we get to a real shit of the season.Worst of the worsts.Bottom tier.And let’s start with one very special in my heart one,every member who meet me back in May-June 2018 might remember how much I despised Clam Whisperer and considered it a Bottom 20-tier trash.But upon a time my hatred to it get less and less aggressive,and now we get to the point where it’s barely even made Bottom 5 list,but don’t worry,this episode is still awful and probably when people complain about dumbed down tone of S11,they referenced this episode.


This episode is so unoriginal,in previous episodes,neither in the best or worst list we have a lot of episodes that has similarities with previous ones,but in those there been parallels only in premise wise,THIS episode just copied older episode directly,remember Jellyfish Jam and SpongeHenge?Then Clam Whisperer not going to be new to you at all.And there some of the minor copies of former episodes like Bubble Buddy or Nature Pants where some scenes are nearly the same 






And worst of all that with all of those knock offs,episode ended up losing any real goal or substance,most of the things are just happened and dragged on too much.Let’s start with the most obvious one:beginning,my godmother,beginning is just horrendous!This was the first episode in Post Sequel where Patrick’s over juvenile crimes get his domination as high,such an annoying,pathetic,and childish 2 minutes of character making idiotic things for zero reason,but the absolute worst point from all of this that Patrick ended up begin completely pointless,nothing would’ve changed if he didn’t appeared in episode,absolutely nothing,we still would be introduced by a main premise because narrator already expanded it.The rest of episode is so much better than previous hell out junk of an 2 minutes been,but not nice either,like I said before episode doesn’t really try to moving it from point to next one,and pretty much before last 2 minutes,all of happening is Spongebob ditching around with Clams and trashed Bikini Bottom thanks for that,that one simple point that is about 60% of episode,60,fucking,precents.And for the actual climax and problem solving episode get only last 2 minutes,that are just a bunch of predictable slapstick with some really loud sound effects,and for the last flavor on your nerves,episode returned Patrick,because comedy is a comedy.Yeah,plot in episode suck in begin consistent,sane,or at least original,it’s a good example of compete mess with no putting in it.But hey,maybe humor is good?



Lol no,maybe there some little things that are amusingly decent,I like Mr Krabs’ roasting Clams,"One Season Later" time card,and especially I like one little sequence of Spongebob looked on different types of Clams,I like creative variations of them and just interesting non-obnoxious visual humor delivery,my favorite part out there is definitely clams stopped Narrator moment,great 4th wall break gag that also made sense after watching Feral Friends,and speaking of that,as much as that scene with different clams was the first leaked clip of episode,I thought that the whole thing gonna focused about them,or at least as a background detail,too baaaaaaaaad that it’s been used only in beginning,the rest of episode os a loud noises 24/7 or really unnecessarily placed visual humor that more annoying than funny.Jokes like that internet date or violin player gags are welt flat and lame.But then we get poop based humor...the only credit I can give this moment is that when clams actually pooped on Squidward,camera been moved on Spongebob so we hasn’t seen that in detail,just thank you for that.


All of the characters is so one dimensional here.Patrick is the most noticeable example,but not the only one either.Take Spongebob,he was really ignorant and lame motivated in episode,shame because I’m the rest of the season for the most part he was great protagonist.Mr Krabs while has funny line,in character wise he really clicked greedy bad that I and anyone else tired to look at.Squidward can go fuck himself especially,not Patrick tier of annoying moron,but he was close.All if townspeoples’ role in episode is made loud noises like pretty much any other character in episode does.Animation here also looks much more off that the rest of the season,backgrounds are still neat,but something about models is just not looks okay.



And after all of flaws that I listen today I want to ask something:Ben Gruper?W H Y?I know that you can make a real quality,in the same season you made such a good episodes like Cuddle E. Hugs,Larry the Floor Manager,Sanitation Insanity,and most of all,Teacher’s Pests,and seeing you making an episode that not only flat out massive clone of at least 4 episodes,it’s obnoxious,aimless,dirty and simply dumbed down waste of time.Besides 3 decent jokes(and even though my highlight with new Clams immigrations is obvious clone of New Jellyfish’s immigrations from The Pink Purloiner)nothing here worked enough to get well.This is honestly feels like a Breadwinners garbage with stylistic animation,mostly because poop joke and Main writer,but I think u got my point.


But well at least episode’s existence give to us those 2 gems that we love as for date:




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#5 BEST:


Let me tell you one hot take that I always wanted to talk about:Self Irony is the lowest form of humor.Nearly in any comedy show I found a lot of moments where,at best,one dumb joke,or at worst,the whole episode builded with one pathetic gag where sense of joke is that episode KNOW that it’s stupid and poorly done,so by a logic of this writing,I should laugh at that character made awkward thing and then as knowledge that. 


It’s so cheap and jarring attempt to humor,even gross out humor can be artistically valuable at times,barely anyone done this type of comedy natural and clever,and when someone did it right,I appreciate it really highly.


Bottom Burglars is a great take of old cliche of this show:Stealing Secret Formula.But what a main hook here is that Plankton actually steal it!And let me just say that delivery of this simple premise worked wonderfully.First,it’s just Planktons reaction,literally,all of the joke is awful that Plankton stoped,waited 5 seconds,and said "Well?",but that works on 3 places at once,because after all of episodes where we seen him to him lose it immediately,his reaction get so funny.They we have switching with roles,it’s not clearly new for show to see character try to steel formula from Plankton’s hands but non of them been executed good,this time seeing Squidward and Spongebob teaming up for burglar formula was joy to watch,and what else made it so amazing is that EPISODE DOESN’T TELL YOU THST POINT IN THE MOST OBVIOUS WAY IN YOUR FAVE,it’s just doing it’s job for talking good switch sides story and made it greatly.Or the ending of episode!A lot of people say that it’s made the whole thing pointless,and just screw you people,this moment is hilarious,it’s clearly made sense for character as he always return his formula that quickly,and the point of Squidward and SpongeBob’s adventure begin useless made a great and subtle twist joke.


Yeah,irony on this episode is superb and truly remarkable,but what also superb here is that there other aspects to like!


Those irony bits are fantastic and highlight of episode,but there much more jokes as well.Visual humor in episode is top tier,every single one is perfectly timed,and doesn’t try to distract audiences with just showing how good animation we have here,not here,jokes like Mr Krabs Dollar get shrieked into penny or below,Plankton’s invisible hamlet or his tries of open Secret Formula,Cat Burglar(People who dislike this scene can’t enjoy anything in this life),Squidward getting in Trap,I can continue and continue.Dialogue humor is also hilarious,I absolutely loved lines like Romantic Movie,Excruciatingly Long Jours,or Karen’s Night Screen,but most of all dialogue humor handled all of those irony jokes that made episode god.


Characters are so good here.Spongebob and Squidward team work is always been a nice formula in new era,and here it’s isn’t a execution.Squidward is your typical mondanian snob,buot his sarcastic attempt to speak language and pessimism for his co-op is works here,Spongebob in other hands is complete opposite,happy guy that love for overreacting and be just a silly buffoon.It’s here works even better that usual because how fresh and hilarious plot point is.Mr Krabs here doesn’t appear that often,but as I said before his scenes are really funny because of his irony-ratio vibes.But who was really blessed out here is definitely a Plankton,his reactions and acts when he saw formula in bunch of trash,try to open it,or when it’s been taken back are a new peak of laughter for me in a long time.There some other nice cameos like Patrick,Karen,Spot,and of course how I could forget about Bubble Bass.


Animation here,you might be shocked,is my least favorite part of episode,it’s still good,but sometimes it’s feels stiff or incomplete. Especially I don’t really like some desines of Spongebob himself,he sometimes looks so odd but in the way I can’t explain how and can’t really enjoy it either 


Sad to recognize that,but I have a felling that crew originally planned this episode as a "pull out space" category if animation below average for season.But well,it’s not like I dislike it or there nothing to like about it.Somehow,for a location like Chum Bucket,we saw a lot of new rooms here,which is really nice adaptation.Visual humor is still greatly introduced and timed.What episode did good as well is Easter Eggs,I can remember at least DoodleBob,First Mr Krabs’ Dollar,Date of Airing of First Spongebob episode,Plankton’s Genie outfit from Spin the Bottle,Claustrophobia,and most of all,Spot.So despite begin weaker than some other episodes in animation wise,this one is still made it job greatly with entertain me with visuals.


Yeah,that how you make a episode where conflict of episode ended up begin silly and awkward,yet it’s handled a great balance between amazing,comedy,characters,story,and irony.That’s definitely an interesting experience and I think Bottle Burglars deserve to take a place in Top 5 of the season because how clever and entertaining it was.And wow it’s isn’t even the biggest highlight of the season?Impressive. 


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Alright,before I gonna get all my negative towards episode,let’s count positives of it.The absolute highlight is easily animation,not because fluidness like usual for new era,it’s art style really different from S11 and it’s looks super appealing. It’s not really hyper besides some specific parts and some of expressions reminds me about Season 1’s expressions like this one


Backgrounds in first 1-2 minutes looks  amazing like cave or forest(last one remind me about one quick moment wrong Bummer Vocation).While there exists already 3 different designs of Prehistoric Spongebob,I must say that I like Spongy-Spongy’s one the most.Dancing number is a fairy decent part despite begin kind of pointless.And 2 or 3 comedic moments are actually worked here like townspeople ate Spongy-Spongy’s patties or this close-up


But begin said the all I can to say for a good side.  


The whole "lmao we have an caveman that looks like one of our characters so everyone think that they are both the same" concept is sooooooo generously old,I’ve seen enough of this type of plots in other episodes and don’t remember to liking any of them,and this one isn’t an exception.The main problem of overall premise is how ignorant everyone get,okay,I’m get,they looks similar,but god how you can be as stupid for not recognizing two people at one time or compete different behavior,in some times characters recognize caveman in climax,but usually that’s too late to work.What this sort if cliche damaged as well is reaction humor because conflict set-upped so poorly and broken that you don’t buy it at all.


And that’s what bagged me in Spongebob’s version the most,the main conflict is so unnatural,so cheap,so unoriginal that it’s hurts.I can tolerate beginning of episode,yes,it’s set up dumb and unfunny,idea of Patrick freezing by his stupidity and then we saw how his tongue get hurt by a hot chocolate is another lame and secondly plot point,it’s still at least trying to act naturally.But when we get to Spongebob’s house,it’s become baaaaaaaaad.Most of episode right after is the same routine where nobody can recognize a caveman in the room when he just right there and here!Spongebob’s off reactions has no excuse or argument.Caveman went behind Spongebob all the damn time before middle conflict was introduced,and Spongebob doesn’t have A SINGLE recognition or any effect whatsoever.And even without that,I never gonna believe that nobody in Bikini Bottom can’t see two sponges at once,maybe I would’ve mind the fact that both walked on the streets and nobody hasn’t seen them...if it’s wasn’t an Main conflict of the middle act! Something similar we already found in Krusty Kleaners:another episode that come in my worst list,but that episode at least handled more good aspects like some great jokes and interesting new location,while CDS is just a big failure.


The Krusty Krabs scenes,besides horrible climax,probably are highlight of the whole thing.As I mentioned before,there been 2 moments that are funny and those moments at least take a break from the main non recognizing two characters.I not really like them,but they are relatively fine compared for the rest of episode...but good news didn’t last too long unfortunately,when we get to jail scenes things get just as bad.I want to mention Krabs first because I don’t get why people say that he is a proc of episode.He didn’t went on Jail to help Spongebob because he cared for him,he did it just because without him he can’t make Krabby Patties,he simply say that in episode,and even without that he was pretty much useless in episode(yeah he say Squidward to make Spongebob’s work when Squid say that to Spongy-Spongy,but in general SS would do what he did even without that).But when characters get that OH BOY THERE ACTUALLY TWO SPONGIES???!!?!??Episode cut the whole plot point,because say whatever you want,but I can’t exise how from scene from prison we immediately pop to City Hall without any explanation.And for the end of the day,we get ending twist where SS been saved from prison because...he ruin building...I know that Officer say that because of that because of that been save millions of money,but man they know that it’s a caveman and they just let him go! It’s wouldn’t be that a big deal if it’s been just another flat joke in the middle,but that’s not a solving of conflict at all!


Ohh,that’s not not a good writing my folks,not good in any means.Any someone might be want to say me "Coffee,we watching Spongebob here,why did you bother with lack of logic here?Isn’t you praise There’s Sponge in my Soup and ChefBob for begin not logical?".Yes,those episodes are far from begin realistic or having sense for us,but what those episodes did with those oddness is compete different matter,both are consistent,clever,paced with flavor,has good characterization where out protagonists or secondary ones does care,and everything else that I say about both episodes in my reviews.In CDS most of the time where Spongy-Spongy never been recognized isn’t even a attempt to a jokes so and pretty mush all of reactions type of jokes fails really low.I think that the whole concept with "not recognized character" did one other episode from this season:Cuddle E. Hugs,it’s another one of those episodes that are bizarre as shin,but it’s works,because episode has it’s solid rules like explain why nobody can’t see Cuddle,that one was a pretty good episode if you ask me,it’s didn’t made my best list because it’s need more jokes,even tho I still laughed from it much more than anything from.So yeah it’s definitely an improvement over today’s shit.



Yeah,as you can see,I don’t like Cave Dwelling Sponge,such an lazy and boring paced episode that extremely lack any interesting,creative or original material.Clam Whisperer is also awful,but I prefer it over CDS by a hair because that one has a bit more jokes that I like,even if humor overall is also bad,characters are annoying but at least not ignorant morons,while both are very unoriginal,Clam Whisperer isn’t predictable,and that episode actually have an ending where conflict ended.But they honestly suck around equally and it’s a shame that those two episodes been a beginning of overall a good season.

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#4 BEST:


Season 11 is really well known as a season that like to bring back old secondary or one episodic character,sometimes just for a background little detail,sometimes for a short cameos,sometimes for the whole episode.A lot of episodes is mixed about this decision of current era,but I don’t really mind that,in the concept you can perfectly take neither of characters from old part and make a really new and cool concepts,however,that’s how it’s looks like in the later,because in reality all of "X returns" episodes we have already 2 on the worst list:Grandmum’s The Word and Moving Bubble Bass,probably we could see other one in the future.Some of them are nice but not special enough to get on the best list,such episodes like Spot Returns,Man Ray Returns and BubbleTown.And finally,after so many spots of the greatest season’s experiences,we get this type of episode that not only amazing all around,but also made Top 5!Yes my Pals,My Leg is that damn good.The plot of episode is truly genius!Idea of Fred,that we always know as a secondary character with his own giant issue,having the whole life is so interesting and original idea.His job,hobbies,love interests...episode did a great job at giving Fred his own personality for begin actual a solid,fun character,which we didn’t see in your average Spongebob’s episode.Spongebob is a great character as well,his positive and naive nature of caring for everyone and everywhere was used really cleverly and fitting.Interaction of both really good characters just made hilarious and unique team up(of you can call it like that).But characters and idea is nice,this episode is really funn...wait wait wait wait!How dare I didn’t start with the most famous part of the whole episode:


Yeah,that’s I’m hear a lot towards episode’s criticism,for a lot of people this aspect made mixed enjoyment,someone even despise it for that!What is my opinion?Did it made episode bad or at least worse for me?


I’m gonna be honest,from the whole 73 times where My Leg been mentioned in episode,I’m never been annoyed,distracted,or bored.In fact,I think that the fact that characters intentionally high their voices when that say M Y L E G ! is actually a nice little detail.I don’t think that any of times where character screamed in this episode been really all that loud,they had its own balance at handling voices,or at least for me.And In the other hands I don’t mind it either because as for the whole running gag creaming of characters made sense,that’s immoral like in episode where characters are loud all the time just because and without any reason(Don’t Look Now,Krusty Katering,Clam Whisperer,Lem).Another reason why running gag worked because how good timing was,in other episodes in neither Spongebob or other show,where appear one gag that used really often,most of the time the whole thing just stoped for retelling the same joke,but not here,here where characters say ! L E G M Y it’s happened really quickly and never dragged out,not to mention how much creative expression of characters changes from one to other.I also love the fact that there so many space for characters repeat the same thing,in some moments line changes to something like "HIS LEG!YOURS LEG!MY TENTACLE!" or the whole beginning,where one concept used so creatively and variable like James’ Bond movies or Fishing clips.So as you can see,I more like this aspect of episode more that hate.But o still can see if someone wouldn’t find that entertaining.But!What really bugs me the most is that a lot of people say that episode has no other jokes than just ! G E L Y M line.Not only episode did it as different and special,saying that there no more comedy is a lie!Yes,the central point here is about Legs,but there so many other gags that’s it’s just impossible to overlook.Where I should even start...besides general running gag,we also have ambulance one,which is honestly even funnier than main joke!The pacing and the whole random variations of characters getting pulled into the same point just work perfectly,as well as connected with first running gag.Bedside those two I want to specifically mentioned Robot’s sup-plot is episode,it’s just an hilarious part!His voice acting and the whole "fake actor" role is so comedic and silly,other secondary characters like Doctor with his Daughter College,Dr Charley Horse,Girl Scout or Nurse Bazooka are funny adaptation too.There a lot of other individual jokes like flashback,Patrick’s little fingers on his leg,factory’s explosion,Transcendence,Love Train,and so on and on,I can continue and continue.And for the end how I didn’t said anything about the song,it’s so good,I don’t gonna exaggerate when I say that it’s one of my favorite songs of the series,and yes,I love it more that Who An I from Mimic Madness,Mr Lawrence was a talented voice actor,and he definitely put a lot of effort into this song and Fred’s voice as a whole,and not only voice acting,lyric and all of cartoony insanity that happened in background,that’s a nice paced song that not only funny as shin,it’s a nice way to finished such a nice episode.Did I say anything about animation here?Because visuals here are magnificent,it’s somehow much more effective and fluid that average episode,not to mention that all of episode has a lot of new locations that we never seen before,oh,and of course that’s the first episode in history where Karl  Hadrika,which made episode automatically in 63 times godlier that it actually already is.Even though I say that I enjoyed characters yelling МОЯ НОГА! really often,I would agree if it’s was a one joke of all 11 minutes,but no,here episode mixed up variation with premises’ gag along with a lot of other great ones.So what so terrible about humor for everyone here again?


So begin said,My Leg is just amazingly funny.And that’s what all of episode about,for the very minute of happening I laughed much more that barely any new episodes did it,plot,that just all around fun and made a joke character into a real personality,along with spectacular animation and so song number.I’m really happy that S11’s finally made an hide effortful old character based episode,because I wish that other ones sound be at least as half as good.But well,one episode is still something I’II guess.

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#3 BEST:


I think it’s might be shocked someone,but,Spongebob SquarePants is a show about   U N D E R W A T E R   characters.And the whole lore or crazy aquatic routine is what made this show as charming and memorable as we know and love as for date.And that’s what a main problem of a very worst seasons of the show:they barely ever mentioned the fact that Place happening underwater for neither plot point or just a silly joke,it’s not disappear completely,but its not been used very often as I would be.But then we have a new era,that technically a "return to the roots" by a lot of audience’s opinion,and yes,since that this show used this rule of would building significantly highly.9b,as much as a most solid part of new era,doesn’t really obsessed with this as it would be,but when Season 10,and especially. 11 come thing became much more interesting.I think new episodes use underwater lore very creatively and interesting as for simple jokes or new plots!


And I really appreciate that.And that’s one of the reasons why High Sea Diving is one of my favorites not only of the season,it’s in my Top 50 of the series!And just trust me,for anything that past Season 4 that’s a really remarkable statement.Idea of humans’ junk that been into ocean and then it became a new world for Spongebob or gifts from Neptune for Bikini Bottomers is so great and fitting for show’s universe so well.But idea is idea,what about execution?


I love plot in here,a lot of people say that episode change it plot every 3 minutes...really?!The only noticeable change of premise that I’ve noticed is that at first Spongebob wanted to become Diving Sponge and time then we get into a garbage substance,I don’t mind that change of direction at all because the first one been just a set-up for an actual episode’s goal.And begins said,beginning is the worst part of episode,it’s still great,but it’s not about an actual highlights,introduction of Spongebob’s goal is amusingly fine,I really like the joke about Spongebob’s Statue and as well as Mr Krabs’ merchandise store despite felt like it’s been cut from other episode.After first fail of Spongebob we get into action dive up premise,and then things become goooooood.The only thing that I kind of find completely unneeded here is Squidward’s cameo,it’s not like annoying or bad part,but at the same time I don’t get what he even doing here.At least Mr Krabs part was funny.But let’s not talking about bad things about episode ever again after that ok? Right after a wired cameo,a trash packed island been introduced to our eyes



What I want to say first,is that episode did a really great job at having the whole premise about garbage but non a single time that we seen on that location been even close to get disgusting.And despite begin a main conflict point,episode never tried to explain this fact as obvious and generous as it would be,instead animation alone telling to us where our protagonist now.Both are really minor details,but those details made episode so solid and masterful to me.Oh,and if I mentioned animation here,I like overall visual humor in Season 11 for the most part,it really can get creative,unpredictable and interesting when it want to be,and visual humor in this episode works in a double times than usual,because thanks to having fitting premiere and already introduced people’s used thing as a objects,episode used only that and not only you can’t predict what characters could use now for animation joke,it’s not feels random at all!What those gags making even funnier is a way how townspeople react and used junk,once again,the fact that Bikini Bottomers thought that all of stuff that been popped out above was an Neptune’s job is a genius point that not only make perfect sense for show,but it’s open a lot of variations of new other jokes or plot steps.It’s sort if similar to one point from Christmas Who,but only on the paper,in execution HSD find a way to make this idea at its own.


But then Old Man Jenkins joined this game.A very recent episodes as a whole really like to return OMJ,and not just any,but specific one,I really like this decision because he is a funny crazy man of an old fart,and appearance in this episode without no doubt is my favorite appearance of him.Him thinking that he is a King Neptune is a really interesting idea that also bring some really funny moments with dialogues with Spongebob.I like a backstory of how OMJ trapped into junk island just as much,it’s a pretty cynical but a funny way to tell audience set-up of character’s trouble.Between those moments we see some clips of how townspeople interact with "gifts",they are pretty funny and clever with its own unique way,I think that Bikini Bottomers might be a bit naive or dumber then usual we seen,but just like in Stuck on the Roof,it’s works because those sidekick characters are portrayed as a pawns that are literally below our main character.My favorites part out of middle is definitely the married couple part,I think this moment handled the whole 3 hilarious jokes.


1)How poor/pathetic guy was because he can buy only a door.


2)How fitting object that been fallen out from surface is for characters.


3)"Now there's room for my mother"


Always loved that part.


And after showing a lot of quality content in the middle we moved to the climax,when Neptune’s grace stopped fallen from the sky and Townspeople started to get worried about.Meanwhile Spongebob and OMJ devices to make a bridge out of garbage.And both of points been connected with each other really well as for story wise,it’s also bring some of the funny moments like victim giving for a Neptune.Episode also wanted to finally solved first goal of Spongebob with Diving Thing,and I think that’s fine that for it hasn’t been wasted much time because we have something better and interesting,but I’m still glad that we saw a solve of it anyway.But back to a Neptune’s line,we finally seen Bikini Bottomers reaction towards who been above all the time,I think reaction that been created make perfect sense as for comedy(I like the line how townspeople though that Old Man Jenkins is actually a Neptune)and for a story wise after all of characters went thru.And for the end bridge from bunch of junk fallen and we finally see punchlines for all of situations.Old Man Jenkins line and how actual Neptune appear really made me laugh.And as for Spongebob’s ending,I like it,someone might be found Mr Krabs finding Bob as a standee is too much,but I think that’s its perfectly fine for both because


A)Mr Krabs has a really to believe that it’s a standee

B)Spongebob is too happy that he was a hero enough to not felt uncomfortable.


So yeah, ending is more funny and good than anything else.


Hugs Sea Diving is a wonderful tale of an 11 minutes that dive up views into a unique premise along with a really great humor building and silly yer solid characters,and animation is another stand out aspect that made other pros only better and charmer.I seriously don’t get why a lot of people overlook this gem,even people who like new episodes.It’s really one of the most interesting and hilarious moments in the last decade as for me,I hope that popularity of this episode is just a matter of time.Because I can’t accept to people forgetting about episodes that actually bring a lot of aspects that made show so iconic even after nearly 20 years of airing.



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#2 BEST:


Oh Boooooooooooooy.I remember back in a very first month of 2018,when title "Plankton Paranoia" been leaked for audience’s look,how many people worried and panicked since that,especially after an atrocious called Lem Inkonade,barely anyone had hope for it.And it’s made a perfect sense,it’s sound like an very old and famous episode from famous season:One Course Meal,a lot of people thought that a Season 11’s gonna repeat the same issues once again!But as for me,I thought that Paranoia could be an another stinker of an episode because how simple the concept is:New Leaf,or Plankton Paranoia,if we take an reception examples,because man,I just don’t believe at this bait,Plankton was always an formulaic character in 2 dimensions at the same time,of course he not gonna change himself!That’s just ridiculous to expect that from episodic shows like a Spongebob SquarePants!But then,September 26 come,and a lot of people,including me,been amazed and shocked at how different,effective and fantastic Plankton Paranoia is!And yes,it’s really,really similar to either One Course Meal and New Leaf,BUT!It take it concept on the paper and make such a beautiful masterpiece.And I think for competing both stinkers,I’m gonna explain better why today Star is that shiny!(Though,Instead of New Leaf,I’m peaked Plankton Retires,because it’s come out from post-sequel and had much more flaws that S4’s exemplar so it would be better for compare).Begin said,Let’s go!




like I said in my Library Cards review,making concepts of character trying to changing their major and general personality/hobby in episodic show is a very highly dangerous and rarely worked devise.Because at the end of the day you know that character doesn’t gonna get any changes or improvement,or if he get,at the end of episode everything gonna get back as it’s been before,which make the whole thing pointless and worthless,sure,sometimes even without changing of characters for the rest of the series it’s an make a gem where this pointer circle can make a solid,emotional story line Patrick SmartPants is,but we don’t see much this quality as often.That’s why Plankton Retires suck so much,when you watch the beginning of ep...heck,when you read a description of episode,you know what gonna happen.Plankton don’t want to steal formula anymore,but then...he still want it!


Even New Leaf,despite begin harmless overall and trying to get some emotion into,still at the end fella completely flat and cheap,because basically nothing changes or get point for us,besides a first hints of Friend or Foe I’II guess.So yeah,this just can’t work that easily,or at least for anyone who saw at least one plankton based episode and above 5 years old.But Paranoia actually did the same thing,but made it so subtle and clever that it’s blow up my enjoyment and impress from it.First,for the all of time before a very ending,we didn’t see actual Plankton at all,which give viewers a lot of room for imagination and predictions of what gonna happen.There’s been so many moments and jokes where he would pops out,but not.And then we had an actual ending,it’s not going to be an exaggeration to call plot twist genius.I just wouldn’t predicted that at all despite begin a very important part of rival of Eugene and Plankton,its also work because not only just because it unpredictable and make sense,it’s just hit a good point of where Plankton actually hasn’t try to still the formula this time yet he don’t even try to do that!He didn’t play a fake actor,didn’t hide from anyone,didn’t changed his personality,not at all!This plot point is a true breath of fresh content and hilarity that easily a highlight of the episode.But don’t worry anymore,that’s not the last spectacular aspect of Paranoia.




I’m gonna be honest,I don’t the biggest hater of One Corse Meal,it’s not good episode by any means,but the worst?Ehhhhhh,there enough if episodes in the series and season 7 alone that miles worse,at least Meal has some good parts like the beginning with nice action and decent gags.However,I still agreed with majority that the main rules of begin "dark” in the right way,instead it’s poorly written,tedious,and just get too far when it’s not funny nor entertaining.But Paranoia isn’t like that.What episode did right the most,is that suffer of character didn’t come from force of another character.Mr Krabs is definitely get crazy with his Plankton Hunt than he should,but his Madness comes from himself,where we had an balance between dark side of protagonist and pure sense of character.And,I don’t practically despise suicide part in OCM,I don’t even dislike it that much,hoverer,episode sort of get too far with this idea,it’s one point where it’s a silly joke like in MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy 4,Krusty Kleaners,or even Are You Happy Now(garbage episode,but I found that joke to be funny).But In here despite getting dark,we don’t see character get downright depressed to the point when he want to die because of other protagonist....oh wait,how o didn’t started with that point,OCM suck simply because episode have an protagonist that unlikable and horrid,yes I know that Plankton is a bad guy in that universe,but god Neptune Mr Krabs has no sense soul and mercy and that’s while  now offensive,but still jarring considering that Plankton is a very important part of his life back in time,that’s a really big detail that makes the whole thing invalid.Fortunately Paranoia improves that,Krabs is still try to spy Plankton,but we he still an likable character because his motivations and acts makes sense for his and don’t get "Loooooouuul we cruel and EDGY for nou reasonzzzzz".Even though some of the characters get some nuts because of Krabs,it’s well reasoned and at worst it’s showed in cartoony slapstick so it’s not "suffer" anymore.That’s what I call a really great work at having good qualities of characters because crazy and weirder where it’s made set-up,reasoning,development and likability.




One Course Meal has some jokes at the beginning indeed,but right after beginning,even if we ignored that episode had really lazy attempt to dark tone,simply unfunny,really unfunny.Or how about Plankton Retires?Does it has any joke that works at all?All of I remember is lazy slapjacks without any clever variations or pacing and then we get ending with robots and episode ended on abysmal self irony joke.Plankton Paranoia is really funny,it really is.It made me laugh more that any other new episode or any past season 4 episodes.What makes it so funny at the surface,is how good irony done.Just like Bottle Burglars,episode really get creative and subtle with its begin silly,but really solid balance where characters’ devotions doesn’t become avoidable or unexplainable.Krabs obsession with Plankton on the paper can work only as a one,or at best,a short running gag,but no,we get over one idea so many good laughs that enough to get to the same chuck for the best seasons.Beginning introduced audience about who is a Plankton,I think that episode made is clear as for people who watch Spongebob at first,as well as for people who know show a lot.I think at first minute are not the funniest,but still entertaining and give me at least a solid smile,with parts like hair on your chests.But after the set-up,we get a bigger and deeper level of Krabs obsession,and that where episode become hilarious.As much as structure of Mr Krabs’ character is so pure and amazing,all of his acts are works and so funny to look at.At first he just tried to make Plankton’s road easier,then turned Krusty Krab into Sanctuary,because a night spy,banned so many customers...despite begin the same point,episode still get development at his plot and comedy points,where it’s punchlines of the same gag get new and more unexpected.To the main gags there been added a lot of little visual humor,and all of them works because how fittingly clever they are and they actually adding much more flavor for the main food.Discussing every bits of humor on this episode is actually a really big challenge,because there too many good comedy that should just been seen.But in nutshell,the irony and all of other types of humor here is godtier.It’s unexpected,always feel right,and just get mush better and better with every single one.




I think a lot of people would agree is that the main problem of post sequel era(and yes that including 9b)is that at it’s worst,animation try to hard to get it attention and hind lacking of anything else.Plankton Retires,for a very example,half of the time just show you on the face how good animation on Season 10 is yet forget to add adequate plot or pacing into it.Season 11 despite having noticeable amount of this type of episodes,has a lot of other ones where really great visuals used for telling a really silly yet fun story,Spot Returns,Creature Feature,Stuck on the Roof,There’s Sponge in my Soup,Bookini,Mustard O’Mine...there a lot of them.Plankton Paranoia not only is one of them,on a technical level,this is the best looking episode of all time!The whole eleven minutes looks like incredibly  detailed,fluid,well painted piece of art.And say whatever you want about wacky and exaggerating style that show choose now,it’s really an fitting animation style for this episode,all of expressions of Mr Krabs show his madness so perfectly that add a lot of good atmosphere into our enjoyment.


And how about the whole sequence of action Paranoia trip?That look so wonderfully and fantastic.It’s dive up a full atmosphere of episode so well and make episode even more memorable.But seriously animation in this episode is perfection in every means of the word.If it’s isn’t a work of master,then o don’t know what is.




Plankton Paranoia is more than just a really good episode.It’s a true innovation for the whole series.The fact that as stupid and strange premise get,execution is a high tier mix of adventure,impressive plot points,unforgettable ending twist,humor that made me laugh all day,amazing characterization and animation that I can praise all of my existence.That’s how One Course Meal and Plankton Retires flawed,especially in comparison.But what about Paranoia,it’s a very good candidate to my Top 25 of the series for begin so new and shockingly awesome.And that’s wasn’t even the best episode of the season?Can’t wait to talk about that one!But first..we had one stinker that we hasn’t talked about yet.Unfortunately,Luke Brookshier’s works of the season didn’t come only on the best list...

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A lot of people here really waited for this review,after all of those long,incredibly misunderstood debates on SBC and Discord’s servers it’s finally come.Ladies and gentlemen,prepare to meet...





When I heard about a fact that DoodleBob going to get return in Season 11 I been really happy and been exited. Frankendoodle is genially one of my favorite episode of the show as for date,it’s a smart,creative,innovative masterpiece in a form of 11 minutes.I rewatched this episode a lot of times and it still as funny and exiting every single time and I really doubt that future views going to be worse.And a sequel was such a interesting idea for such an interesting episode.Even though Frankendoodle is already flawless,there’s always room for new aspects to add and create.And with such a character as DoodleBob you can create a lot of new amazing plots and ideas.We can see more characters interaction,I’ve would curious to see if f Plankton or Bubble Bass  would meet DoodleBob,or how about DooleTown?I can continue and continue but I going to let you guys solace for your personal imagination.And considering that this return is planned for post sequel,and especially 11,there’s a lot of potential to become if anything new seasons never lacked creativity,witch is a positive proc for a sequel.And at first everything looks fine and promising,but unfortunately we have one minor issue...EXECUTION SCRWES UP ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING AS BAD AS POSSIBLE!!!I should admit that,for some reason,when episode came out in the first day I enjoyed it,even if I noticed some stupid things that we gonna talk about later,I thought that it’s a fine sequel and didn’t mind it.Later,when I joined western Spongebob’s forums,I discussed a lot of episodes with community,I started to find some new points that I never noticed before and because of that my enjoyment went much more down than it was before,later on I didn’t give up and get deeper and deport,until truly realize how lazy Doodle Dimension is.Heck,I even shocked how many flaws this episode has,even some other episodes in any era that I hate don’t get as far with not putting any effort or caring whatsoever.Nearly every single scene failed really bad because how lazy and it is,all of aspects from knowing what sequels should have to standout for it’s existence,to just visual delivery,everything’s here executed in the worsts ways that it hurst.But that’s just my main complains on the paper of course,let’s finally start our journey and find out why DD is complete garbage and get in my worst list that high.


Episode starts with 2 main protagonist:Spongebob and Patrick,and...how to describe that more delicately...the beginning is really painful to sit though,it’s far from begin the first time when both really annoying,even for post-sequel,there already enough of episodes where Spongebob and Patrick are intolerable+has the same character for both,but even in other bads,at least characters can clam down for a second and take a break before continue annoy me,Doodle Dimension destroyed this rule completely and for the first 2 minutes characters are horrendously aggravating.There hasn’t been a single second with them in set-up where they hasn’t made unnecessary loudly noises,and when you’re protagonist are so terribly written,episode already has no chances to make me feel sorry for them if they going to get in trouble.But that’s only on the high description of problem,in context of actual episode the main point where Sandy showed Spongebob and Patrick her’s new creation:Portal for a new dimensions.If before that part annoyance of characters was a minor jokes,then here things became much more serious and so worse.Firstly,"She said don’t touch it but we touched it anyway" is the most famous part of self-irony in any comedy’s industry,and just the worst and hardest to execute well.It’s just absolutely annoying cliche that for some reason still used very often nowadays.You can pointing out that Sandy’s Rocket has the same plot point,but here that joke works,because there put some explained and understandable points like Spongebob didn’t went into a Rocket after a second of Sandy’s warning because la comedy,or Spongebob just wanted to help a friend even due for his silliness instead of begin plot devise.In Doodle Dimension this joke executed abysmally,joke has absolutely no logical reasoning for at least Spongebob’s character,and even without that the whole thing goes 30 SECONDS!One flat and unfunny joke that has no reason to drag out more that 3 seconds ended up begin 30...and for all of that juvenile butt jokes and you get one of the most irritating scenes in the series.After this garbage irony joke out genius characters open a portal into new dimension,and of course the first idea that both have is just jump into it! Becaaaaaaause?Yeah...both have zero motivation to go into portal.Someone who debate with me said once that portal just "hypnotized" characters,it’s would be a argumentative,but episode get completely inconsistent with this,they had those cartoony hypnotized eyes at the beginning,but they disappear in literally next scene and been replaced with normal-looking eyes.Or if Spongebob and Patrick "hypnotized",why Sandy not?She looked at portal as well at the same time.I can’t see how that isn’t just an ignorance or plot device instead of hypnotize,and even if it’s an actual hypnotize,episode didn’t explain or introduces it at all,so making those arguments is pointless anyway.Wowwe get only into beginning of this mess,but we already have a lot of flaws.And I don’t even went into main "goal" of episode...let’s fix that.After so awful set-up of characters and portal,we went into,actual,Doodle Dimension


Hasn’t seems anything wrong to you?Fine.White background of voidness far from begin a new content,a lot of other shows like Wander and Spongebob(but about that later)used this concept already,and this is a really disappointing that today’s episode just used this old formula,instead for at least try to get any creativity into premises.Because come on,only because you’re concept is about blank doesn’t made you irresponsible for not including any background,heck,why just didn’t add a page of copybook as a background?Or anything!Because it’s not even feels like an Dimension for a drawings at all,plus due of high energy of new episodes and quick changes of camera angles,displacement from one angel to next in scenes can look confusing when there the same looking background all the time.But whatever,what we have else,Spongebob and Patrick recognized a new dimension,and of course the first thing that we have is ripped off "circle of emptiness" from SB-129 except instead of plot point of Season 1’s episode,we have loudly obnoxious version.A few scenes later Spongebob,thanks to his shoes,made a line that,specifically,alive line, that can move individually,thank to that our idiots decided to play at drawing making,First that they did is pull magic pencil and...WIAT?WAHT?!HOW?!Before saying something like"that’s a cartoon!They can pull things out of nowhere!"this statement doesn’t work in this situation by any means.In Frankendoodle,this pencil came from surface,and because of this fact,this specific pencil has a lot of points why doodles actually became alive,and by the end this specific pencil been return to his owner.So...how Spongebob In anyway get it?This is a serious point that doesn’t has a single set-up or explanation put into in,not only that,Spongebob had absolutely no reaction when he pull this artifact witch is another point how lazy DD is.The worst part is that at this point characters DONT NEED THIS MAGIC PANIL!Literally a few seconds ago Spongebob made a line with his freakin shoe,episode easily could just use a normal pencil instead and nothing would’ve changed.And around a minute characters make a random doodle like their houses or krabby patties,I know that even that background complain is enough to you,but if looked carefully,episode literally didn’t even bother with animate properly something as simple as doodles from mc paint,those doodles’ lines crafted out of air instead of begin drawn by pencil that characters use,or sometimes the whole sequences of drawing is hidden by cartoony cloud,if this isn’t a highs of laziness,then I don’t know what is.After this minute Spongebob and Patrick realized that they miss their dimension,as well as miss Gary,Mr Krabs,Squidward,Sandy...



...and even Spongebob!How?This show really loves to use Patrick as a character that forget absolutely everything that he seen a second before or know this person/object for years,I really do hate this type of gags because that’s not how stupidly of character works,you should add any context with some reasoning to it for it working at least for a half,otherwise the joke fails horribly,and while in other episodes its just a one,quick attempt at humor,in this episode it’s a plot point that became a former of main climax.This Thing honestly really easy to fix:let Patrick and Spongebob divide in a way when they tried to find a exit from dimension and let,then Patrick after not seeing Spongebob for a while missed him and only THEN he would draw DoodleBob,that’s would be a solid reasoning to character doing this thing and not ended up begin stupid and lazy.Begin said,all of stuff with DoodleBob suck as much.Where do I even start?Oh yeah,the most obvious one,the fact that Spongebob and Patrick didn’t recognize DoodleBob,at all,all the time I get as a argument is "this isn’t a show where continuity is matters stop nitpicking",and that’s true,Spongebob is a episodic show where some factors like not knowing stuff like Christmas or Sports despite begin mentioned in previous episodes was not that rare deal,however,previous times those stuff was only a simple jokes or episodes that just inconsistent with a specific joe from older episodes,this time we have an episode that called and continued Frankendoodle intentionally,you can’t just take a old episode and forget it elements in new one,and it’s not even something as minor as if Patrick didn’t know what is Finland is,but DoodleBob is a main icon,and so having for him this treatment as poor as Doodle Dimension did is insulting to  a classic.And if I started about poor treatment,let’s talk about rules of dimension,or that there been put non a single rule at all.If we would back into original episode,at the end there’s been one line:


Patrick:It's the evil Doodle!

SpongeBob: No, no, not evil. He was just a two-dimensional creature lost in our three-dimensional aquatic world longing for a purpose.


But what Doodle Dimension try to introduce and explain?As it’s confirmed,a dimension of DoodleBob himself,he can breath absolutely free and individuality as he can,right?!Once again episode doesn’t bothered to give anything purpose and made things just happened without any reason.In one scene Doodlebob can multiple himself into small piece and reconstructed from liquid form to normal,but right after he need a freakin pencil only for draw eyebrows,and of course only for a ass-sucked reference to original episode.Motivation and all of upcoming action that DoodleBob hasn’t been written clearly either.Why he started attack Patrick in the first place?Because....B E C A U S E?!Or what the point been taking Patrick to a castle as a prisoner,when he trow him away aa a canon ball a minute after,when he have all of power to draw more weapons or army,witch of course he made right after.Oh,and how not forget that he at one point been stupid enough to letting balloon to go down to Spongebob and Patrick,and it’s would be a fine resining if he fell down he would crashed,but like I said before he easily can reconstruct himself again like he did before,and even without that Bob and Pat been perfectly fine after taking down,so there’s no a single reason for DoodleBob not doing that at all.And I don’t even talked about a more minor problems like even besides that part when Patrick drawn DoodleBob for lame reasons,there’s been another 2 times when all of his jobs is makings random plot devices without any motivation,one of them is of course butt joke that as juvenile as the worst episodes of Bunsen is a Beast.And once again because how much energetic episodes is,lack of background made changes between mew angel looks poorly crafted and as well lazy looking.And that’s basically why I never find a single defend for lack of motivation for character dive into portal or magic pencil that came out of nowhere unnecessary:episode don’t even want to explain a single of this moments,yes sometimes episodes try too hard to explain everything that happen on a screen as obvious and generous as possible(hello season 8),but don’t giving a singe information to substance is even worse.For example:imagine Karen’s Virus didn’t explain that inside Karen’s program exist her own Plankton and basically any character from main cast that portrayed as her vision of them,then it’s would’ve looks like the same Plankton that appear inside and outside Karen at the same time.And that’s like all of plot devises works in Doodle Dimension,or how they doesn’t worked at all because for all of general aspects like introduction of DoodleBob the or Magic Pencil episode answered as "eh whatever".This is a legit modern Fairly OddParents tier of uncaring for you’re quality for main continuity even for one episode alone,and when you comparable to modern FOP,that’s saying a lot



You know why I hide that specific part of review above,because of all that I talked about has no connection and necessarily reason to be here.After all scenes with DoodleBob,the key fir protagonist getting into home was just mentioned and drawn Doodle Sandy so she can build portal herself.Both characters already mentioned Sandy a second before DoodleBob appear,and not to mention that they already have a device that can drawn her.But hey!Maybe this conflict been avoidable,maybe we get some connection with DoodleBob lately????Absolutely no...Literally,the ending of episode Spongebob and Patrick returned into Sandy’s Treedome,stayed that Sandy saved them,and leaved...they had non a single reaction to conclusion of their journey,or the whole doodle fight,how them meet Doodlebob,nothing at all!They just forget about everything that they did previous 11 minutes and just leaved episode with whatever treatment to viewer.And of course DoodleBob just pops out...for a ending credits,if that’s isn’t the most solid,bloody point at how the whole episode doesn’t cared about quality and respect to original episode,then I have no clue what actually is.



But let’s talk about this episode on the surface.A lot of people when debated with me used arguments like "but at least it’s isn’t gross like Season 6 or not mean spirited like One Course Meal!How those episodes are better?!"And the only answer I can give to is...so,what?Doodle Dimension has one particular point that made it much worse:it has the least of reasons for it’s existence.At least other episodes,as lame and obnoxious they are,still can bring something own on the table even if it’s a something bad like,let’s say,Giant Squidward or bland like majority of Season 8,but DD is nothing,then just a copy of Frankendoodle.Yes,it’s not first time when we seen any episode behind a rehash to previous episodes,except they are noticeably worse,however,case of intentional return/sequel/whatever you can call that change the whole deal.Despite I said that there a lot of thing where everything is extremely poorly written,it’s isn’t anything new for this show at all,we have a lot of episodes already that has garbage writing without lack of substance and explanation,but in a context that Doodle Dimension supposed to be a sequel,things became in ten times worse then it already is.The main,standard goal of sequels is add anything new and interesting for original and so might be a superior over first one.Sometimes any sequels because better,sometimes worse,sometimes useless,and sometimes it’s like Doodle Dimension.Without any exaggeration,DD don’t tried to add anything own unless if you count stupid Patrick 24/7 as something necessary to be,everything that DD did,we already seen before.Spongebob and Patrick drawn random doodles?Already seen before.Fight with DoodleBob?We seen that as well.The whole dimension of emptiness?SB-129 and said hello.In fact,episode try so hard to be a Frankendoodle that it’s copied specific parts of original episode where there’s non a single reason or logical sense to be here,like the way Magic Pencil been taken or that DoodleBob’s eyebrows close-up.And what DD actually didn’t take from original episode:it’s cleverness and useful creativity that going to be enjoyable for audience any age.Yes,most of the humor in Frankendoodle was Spongebob and Patrick drawn doodles,but pretty much for any of those moments been added a smart dialogues and quotes that based on context of happening and characterizations.All of what DD did is just a bunch of lazy visual gags where highlights of creativity is flat drawings.I don’t even expected to the same amount of quality as Frankendoodle since it too hard and to overstayed one of the greatest episodes in general,but when the whole thing is direct copy of older episode I cannot give episode any credit or pass.For making my point more solid let’s take other returning episode from Season 11,for comparison I think BubbleTown going to be a really good choice.This one is actually bring a lot of new divides that adding something for original Bubble Buddy based episode,like a brand new location of Town that made 100% out of Bubbles and "tour" introduction of it wheee we seen how it works,a new jokes,like the fact that bubble blowing counts as a massive genocide,witch is a really dark yet hilarious part,most of humor in episode is indeed visual,but unlike in Doodle Dimension,BubbleTown has a sane timing for delivering its jokes,they doesn’t try to smash them into your face just for showing how fluid animation out there,it’s knows what it doing and doing it naturally,as well as some little details like bubble leg line or Dirty Bubble’s cameo,yes,that episode isn’t perfect either,since on the surface there basically no main,particular conflict and it’s more like just Spongebob visit a new town,but it’s still entertaining to watch because of new adaptations for classic and all of characters has act as they should instead of doing random nonsense,oh yeah,BubbleTown didn’t have Patrick witch earn a lot of points,with him episodes would be complete failure and DD proved that.Ironic to see that sequel for a character that barely anyone cared for,even edgy pre-movie fans,been wasted much more effort than for returning of such an iconic character as DoodleBob.And not even just this episode,even other S11’s returning try to get something own,even episodes that I’m not the biggest fan of,like Moving Bubble Bass has well made motivation of character doing what they did and great characterization of Bubble Bass himself,or Grandmum’s The Word,even with its cliched premise showed that crew cared even for the worst eras of Spongebob,any of those episodes has something going for.I’II guess pretty much everyone thinking right now about one thing:Bubble Buddy Returns.Not gonna lie,that episode is truly awful,it’s such an aimless mess with a incredibly pathetic attempts at humor and most of all a clickbait tittle,however,even this bland awfulness from Season 8 became superior to Doodle Dimension,because even BBR at least has some primitive aspects done right,for example,yes,there’s barely actual Bubble Buddy in the screen,but he still has some effect on plot like sending main new character to Spongebob,and he get some recognition from characters like Mr Krabs,Spongebob as a character is relatively fine or at least just not scream and showing his butt per 2 seconds,and not to mention Factories running gag is a joke that actually funny and works,even if it’s the only joke that funny in the entire thing.Doodle Dimension in other hand just don’t give a shit about anything at all,DoodleBob had absolutely intolerable treatment,from just not getting recognized from Spongebob and Patrick,to just the fact that he absolutely useless and has no effect to actually conflict and problem solving,both protagonists are so annoying and one demential that I can’t even fell sorry for them for begin stuck in other dimension and getting suffering,IDK what I even should say about humor again when the best """""joke""""" here is nut farmer,witch is even hard to call a joke since the whole thing is just someone making faces in live action without any real comedic context or line(I’m not want to harassing Vincent Waller by any means,I taking this part only in humor-wise).For DD’s defense you might be said that "but this episode doesn’t hav clickbait title of characters’ returning!!!!!",honestly,I don’t buy that,a year before episode came,the first information about episode is all about the fact that it’s return of DoodleBob and only return if DoodleBob,and I don’t even talking about Nickelodeon’s commercials since I’m already deal with them taking Surf N’ Turf as a Plankton try to steal the Secret Formula episode,the whole crew who worked on episode only did as mentioned episode as a return of DoodleBob over a year,and even besides that,in BBR short appearance actual Bubble Buddy at least can counts as a,unfunny,but trolling or a joke,while DD spend 4 minutes of DoodleBob out of 11 minutes,witch is too much for episode that "isn’t about him" yet hi still came too late on the party as well as doesn’t even helped for anything,at least BBR had one object to focusing on even if it’s suck at begin enjoyable,comparing to DD,where everything is a rehashes of previous episodes,and at the same time it didn’t bring the main object at right time,even when it did it’s ended up begin filler.Somehow Season 8 did someone better and it’s honestly saying a lot of things once again.And just for not making another post,let’s compare other episode:Spongebob You’re Fired,because when I said about the least reasons for existing this is a serious concurrent that can be even worse for someone.What I should say first is...okay,this time things gets much more serious,since SBYF is a giant bunch of rehashes that been paced into 22 minute special without any soul or fresh ideas,here I can’t much argue if someone find it worse than Doodle Dimension,but for the justice I want to pointed out why I hate DD more.The set up is much worse than in SBYF,yes,Spongebob getting fired for a nickel is a abysmal plot point and so joke,but at least it’s still has connection with,while one demential,but characterization of Mr Krabs,in DD stuff like Magic Pencil came out of nowhere and where it has no reason to be in episode has absolutely no logical sense and explanation,SBYF has funemployed pun,it’s isn’t that funny or a great joke,but at least it’s a gag that made sense for character instead begin random funny facez humor of entire Doodle Dimension,and of course SBYF at the very freaking least bother to have backgrounds,I know that I talked about that above already,but come o.In SB-129 this emptiness was a great point of Squidward’s loneliness,or how Wander’s episode:The Void that has similar premise,for all of empty background always been added a lot of colorful details,and not to mention that it has actually solid,well-explained conflict that has development and substance,DD has zero reasons to not put at least simple page of copybook as a background.And honestly it’s much more lazy than nearly anything SBYF did.Seriously,there exists a lot of YouTube channel with a format of simple doodle adventures,and even they,a simple fanmade 2-minutes sketch-videos had more passion and details that the whole episode from the show that has a high budget and talented storyboarders/animators.


So what I can say at the end?Doodle Dimension,is a mistake.Usually I say that as a joke or edgy exaggeration,but this time it’s serious as possible.In a lot of episodes,even in the worst seasons,at least there some minor aspects to like,One Course Meal has a neat begging with a fun action and some decent jokes like Wacky Bucks,A Pal For Gary has a fight between Gary and Puffy Fluffy,Rodeo Daze has Plankton’s cameo,Stuck in the Wringer has Bike Park joke,Choir Boys has a ending gag or at least it find s way Squidward deserved his treatment.Even Ink Lemonade,episode that despised by millions,including me,and considering as the worst post-sequel episode and one of the worst/the absolute worst episode in existence,even that episode bring some own effect,even that episode bother to have own identity,and somehow get one decent visual gag with mini-Patrick,what has Doodle Dimension in other hands?As a sequel it’s suck balls from all sides because it doesn’t try to make something new and just rehashed old stuff,as a individual episode it suck balls because it’s has no plot,characters are beyond stupid and literally the most likable character here is Squicky The Ballon,non a single joke worked and just poorly looking premises.It’s might be not the most disgusting episode ever,as well as not the most cruel,but is that’s a really something to begin proud of? It’s a mess,that want to get success of legendary episode while doesn’t know a single aspect that made this legendary episode so great,it’s referencing that episode a lot yet not even remembering standard points of it as interaction with DoodleBob and main characters,it’s portrayed the main mascot of Frankendoodle as a treat for oldies,and uses it for showing him again and then forget about him literally after a second he’s leave a stage.It’s not trying to tell a story or introduce some ideas and just ended up turning Frankendoodle into a flat,miserable looking zombie with cheap butt gags,and that’s much,much worse than some stupid close-ups of Season 6.And in general,even with my disliking for middle post-movie,I can get why majority of episodes are so lame and poor with all the facts how those days Nickelodeon was greedy enough to cut all of budget and time for episodes’ creation and at the same time ordered more episode,but I cannot give a pass for Doodle Dimension that easily because this argument isn’t work here,current crew has a big freedom for creativity and materials for create anything they want,so why shit like no background counts here as something ok when they can make its so much better?And I regret to thinking that the same person who made Bottle Burglars and Plankton Paranoia made this ass in the same time.I don’t really want force you to hate episode absolutely as much as I do,but at that time,I have no idea how can anyone tell me that this episode "isn’t even half bad",and especially "overhated".Let me just stray with the fact that it’s one of the most most well-loved episode of Season 11,if not as the whole Post-sequel era,yes there some skeptical people,but so every single new eps has some mixed reception,and at this point,despite I respect a lot of opinions and at worst can make a joke about them without any offense,I seriously don’t think where a single aspect here to defend In the first place,it’s literally a Frankendoodle copy that objectively  worse in any single way,there’s no effort or caring put into it,even something as cool sounding as fighting sequences mixed itself with idiotic Patrick jokes and lazy visual values.It’s a shame,because Season 11’s animation is so good for cartoony action sequences,just look at Sanitation Insanity or The Grill is Gone,they executed the same thing as Doodle Dimension does in billions times funnier,energetic,and respectful to audience.So even for S11 only,other episodes did the same things miles impressive and preferable than DD,and at the same time they didn’t try to get a support of well-known character and episode for that.Is Doodle Dimension is the worst episode ever?Not nearly,there still 4 episodes that I can call worse than this one,Face Freeze is just a 11 minutes of characters making horrendously looking faves without any background or any other jokes,Squid Baby is downright offensive garbage that ruined lore of show,Truth or Square made even worse attempts at impress fans and has those unwatchable Patchy Segments,The Main Drain...it’s the whole new topic to talk about and I want to talk about it in the next SBC’s Bottom list,became its seems like episode could made the list.But Doodle Dimension is still such a pathetic,horrendous,childish,insulting,despicable pile of rubbish that made a pretty place on my Bottom 5 of the series,and the only way it can overstep it if Season 12 going to make returning episodes even worse,and as confirmed already,we going to see one character return again.I think that I explain pretty much every point that wanted to mentioned there,and I’m think that everyone finally understand all of the reasons of why I’m abhor this episode so much....


Man,do this review get so that aggressiveq...let’s fix that with my next,final Season 11 review.

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Before we going into #1 best episode,let’s recall some of the honorable mentions,this season has a lot of other episodes that I really wanted to add in the best list but competition is so big that most of original choices get cut:



A really fun super hero act episode.Former:Mermaid Pants also been a solid one,but S11’s exemplar made everything even more funnier,exiting and silly-action paces adventure,Man Ray himself isn’t really entertaining character and I like his tone in the whole thing,animation looks gorgeous and made an already great episode.Sand pie joke sucks though.



It’s my #16 favorite episode if its something matters.A really great atmosphere,solid humor and characters,along with charming stop-motion animation are Call you to see a 22 minutes of joy.



Wonderful team-up of Squidward and Spongebob that been put into a non complete shit version of Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful,a lot of jokes hits in a right place,climax with trash robots is hilarious,even with a fact that the whole episode is about cleaning garbage episode doesn’t feels disgusting at all,witch earn some points.



Really creative one.A good mix of cast that barely connect good with each other in late time that bring a lot of great dialogue and so visual humor,and new backgrounds of mines look amazing.


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...okay okay,the real number one is...


You know,my opinions about any other episode from the season changed a lot of times since first watch on either possible and negative way.If it’s wouldn’t,in my Top 10 list would’ve get episodes like Chatterbox Gary,Sanitation Insanity or Whale Watching,I still like those episodes,but they not great enough to make it clear.And even if I liked them since beginning,I still needed to spend a time for thinking for what I actually like this episodes.Begin said,Squid Noir is always been my Number one choice,as a premiere,as after came of other standout material like Plankton Paranoia,all of likability that was put into it been catch by at stop first seconds.Because,yes,that’s a lot of things to like.The premise isn’t the lost original one,a dark-time detective parody was already executed in other shows like Fairly Odd Parents.But I still found it begin a new premise for a new season fine,and Squidward began a main character is really great choice that add some double points.Formula of conflict also really formulated:we have one missed object,3 suspended.So on a very surface episode seems bit very special.But execution beat my expectations from all of my sides and rake me to a wonderful journey in 11 minutes.The first thing that should be mentioned,is that episode is super funny,and I mean,really-really-really funny,one of the funniest episodes ever made as a whole! It’s not the only episode of the season that made me laugh a lot,but even those ones like Plankton Paranoia or Check-Ip has some timing before made me laugh.In Noir nearly every single second delivered a funny quote of Squidward or a quick visual gag,and it’s not like shit a la Clam Whisperer where there’s a million jokes and they all felt unfinished,lame and so obnoxious,here every single joke is well done and clever,mostly because unlike mentioned before episode,there’s a lot of situations and contexts where all jokes felt natural and needs instead of bringing fany vizualz in your face.And as much as it’s a parody,all of values of parody works perfectly,despite having an old formula,episode used old cliches like good cop/bad cop and made them fresh again due of its zany and unique adaptation.Or what about characters!We all know how much Post sequel love at time disturb Squidward,making him unnecessary zany and overreactive.Ironically,episode that came before:Bunny Hunt,has the most noticeable and edgy point of this rule,and it’s feels interesting how after so hyperactive mess we get such a great balance.Seriously,Squidward in this episode is just brilliant,he is your classic,grumpy and iconic cashier with pessimistic commentaries and some philosophical dialogues,he just so fitting as a Detective that it’s hurts is all right ways,all of his comments and reactions to anything reach all possible highs of my enjoyment.Spongebob is also amazing character here,he has his silly life-vision that connected greatly with Squidward as for team-up and create a lot of new funny moments like good and good Cop.Other characters,seems like take an opposite direction,instead they’ve just plain an objects of suspense that has particular one side of characterization,it’s works here because it’s made those jokes more comedic and hilarious because of that,like Bubble Bass’ reaction to action figure get damage,Mr Krabs dressed like a lady,or Patrick...begin Patrick,yeah,even Patrick made me laugh in this episode witch saying a lot.Animation is magnificent,maybe in technical wise it’s not as powerful as Plankton Paranoia,but I still adore Noir at just how it actually looks the most out of all post sequel era and as well as it’s one of my favorite looking episodes on general.Colors of blank n’ white atmosphere looks god-tier in literal meaning of this word,everything looks so smooth and appealing to eyes,and a chooses of camera angles here is a pure perfection.For all of those add a fantastic music choices,they add even more vibes for atmosphere that we already have.


But what I even should say more here?Just watch this episode if hasn’t seen it,if you seen it,rewatch again,if you seen it already a plenty of times,just go and do that again.I love absolutely everything about this episode. It’s just has a single,and I mean,a simple flaw,even sometimes as minor as bad music choice for title card(Hello Plankton Paranoia) all of what I get watching Squid Noir very time is a wonderful parody with my favorite characters that get into fun and glorious adventures along with eye pop candy animation and pleasant atmosphere.It’s easily my favorite Season 11 episode,favorite Post sequel episode,and one of the favorites of the entire show,it’s my 20th favorite episode to be specific and so far it’s seem like it’s going to be my 20th for awhile now,until new episodes could do something more,if they can so.But as for nor,Squid Noir is a true masterpiece of a entertainment that I appreciate on Spongebob and in cartoons in general,thanks to everyone who worked on this artistant bite,thank you so freakin much.

And finally we get a true finish line for my Season 11’s reviews,it’s been a fun ride to praising and shifting in all of those episodes.But well,maybe we well see something similar with season 12 when it’s time will come.But for now bye and thank you for following this tread so long!

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