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Brady's Sketchbook

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Always wanted to draw, never really thought I could actually do so until recently.  Thinking of this as an early new years resolution more then anything. Here's a sampling of a few recent drawings:


I call it a finnsicle! I started drawing Finn from AT, but I kinda blanked out on drawing the rest of his body so I made him a popsicle instead.


A doodle of Farmworld Finn and Jake I did yesterday morning instead of taking class notes. I forgot to draw Finn pants, so lets just say he's wearing a robe.

I'm hoping to update this every week or two with a few new drawings, but we'll see where this goes!

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Sketched a scene from the first episode of Hilda. Also used some color for the very first time with a sharpie to bolden pencil lines as well as fill her hat and the hooves of Twig (the deer dog). Started to color in an earlier version, but the hair came out bad, so just went back to this (Which is still great!) Hoping to take another stab at color one of these days.

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