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Favorite Mario Party Minigames

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For those members of SBC who are Mario Party fans, what are your guys' favorite minigames? For me, some of my favorites (in no particular order other than the number of what game they appeared in) include:

Bumper Balls (Both MP1 & 2)

Shy Guy Says (Both MP1 & 2)

Face Lift (Both MP1 & 2)

Cast Aways

Honeycomb Havoc

Chip Shot Challenge

Eatsa Pizza



Pop-Star Pirhanas

Pushy Penguins

Leaf Leap (Even though I suck at it now)

Granite Getaway

Blooper Scooper

Lift Leapers

Daft Rafts

Track & Yield

Spider Stomp

King of the Thrill

Pizza Me, Mario


and Bowser's Tank Battle


Also, though this isn't a least favorite thread, I've listed some of my least favorites in this Reddit thread I made a couple years ago on a deleted account:


So feel free to share your own favorite minigames.


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3 hours ago, Clappy said:

Bumper Balls will always be my favorite but shoutouts to Shy Guy Says, Lift Leapers, The Final Countdown, Bobsled Run, Pushy Penguins, and Mushroom Mix Up.

Great list you have there! :)

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I liked practically every mini-game in "Mario Party" & "Mario Party 2" (except for those awful tug-of-war games where you had to rotate the joystick in "Mario Party"). But my favorite was the "Mario Party" version of "Grab Bag", where you could steal as MANY of your opponents coins as you COULD within the time limit! Enough said! ;)

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16 minutes ago, Depressed Luigi said:

The motion control ones from Mario Party 8 and the ones that gave people blisters in Mario Party 1.

10/10 Great troll post.


BTW, speaking of Luigi, he's my favorite character to use in Mario Party :)

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