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SBC's Top 50 Best Episodes Ever 2018!

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Plankton's Army: Here we go again with another really good Season 3 episode. There's never a dull moment; from the earlier parts of the episode with Plankton getting constantly stepped on to Plankton and his redneck cousins taking over the Krusty Krab and almost win, only being thwarted by a fake ingredient, the whole episode is funny through and through. While it didn't make my list, it is stil a really funny episode and one of Plankton's best appearances.

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Ah, a top 15 ep for me to wash out SBC's worst taste. I can't believe I forgot to put this one on, it's easily a top 3 Plankton episode and him using his hillbilly family like that was great after his failed attempts, and that ending is top 5 in the series. It made it 12th for me so I wish it was higher, but a spot in the mid-30s is also deserved.

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Plankton's Army is an amazing episode. It is hilarious throughout and I love Plankton's hillbilly family. And if it had been the last Plankton episode, like it was initially planned to be at the time, it certainly would've been a very fitting conclusion to both his episodes and his character!

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32. "Why did you eat Snail-Po?"

Image result for missing identity

Missing Identity, 92 points

(6 of 32 lists. Highest Ranking: #3, Steel/Ironic Sonic)


Halibut: A lot of the episodes that are generally seen as the very best among SpongeBob fans kinda mess with storytelling, and this is no exception. This episode hits my personal nostalgia buttons for sure, but beyond that, the way it tells the story really aids in how funny it all is. The juxtaposition between what SpongeBob is framing as some kind of dark story and what the story actually is only makes it funnier, especially since the main story is one of the goofiest you'll find in a pre-movie episode. Every character is at their best in this episode without any single one being used incorrectly. Such a small story usually wouldn't make for such a big and hilarious episode but this one really pulls it off.

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Good but slightly overrated episode, and not on my list




Pranks a Lot (#34)

Missing Identity (#32)

Valentine's Day (#50) 

Squid's Day Off (#43)

Plankton's Army (#33)

Employee of the Month (#40)

Mid-Life Crustacean (#36)

Survival of the Idiots (#35)

Something Smells (#39)

The Great Snail Race (#45) (Might be higher but whatever)

Rock Bottom (#49) 

Clams (#41)

The Fry Cook Games (#44)

50: ???

49: Club Spongebob (#42)

48: ???

47: ???

46: My Pretty Seahorse (#46)

 45: ??? 

44: ???

43: ???

42: Big Pink Loser (#38)

 41: ???

40: ???

39: ???

38: ???

37: Squidville (#47)

36: ???

35: ???

34: ???

33: ???

32: ???

31: ???

30: ???

29: ???

28: ???

27: F.U.N (#48)

26: ???

25: ???

24: ???

  23: No Weenies Allowed (#37)

  22: ???

21: ???

 20: ???

 19: ???

18: ???

17: ???

16: ???

15: ???

14: ???

13: ???

12: ???

11: ???

10: ???

9: ???

8: ???

7: ???

6: ???

5: ???

4: ???

3: ???

2: ???

1: ???

 6/50, 1/25




3 hours ago, More said:

How on earth have we almost reached the halfway point of the list without a single post-movie episode appearing?

I was wondering this too. There must be leas of them on this list than I thought, though a few like Krusty Towers and Roller Cowards should certainly appear

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Plankton’s Army features one of his best schemes ever created. It’s already cool to see how he gets motivated by all his previous failures over the years, but Karen giving him the idea I thought was brilliant. She serves as a great foil and voice of reason to Plankton’s malicious insanity. As for the relatives themselves, I like the idea of them all being hillbillies when compared to Plankton’s ideal of them all being superintelligent. Root beer being the single unifying thing they all like is awesome too. My favorite part of the plot has to be the dramatic reveal of the formula. Plankton running away from that final ingredient is a great send-off to his character. (Or at least it would’ve been.)


The opening of Missing Identity is excellent. The pounding rain and the distant saxophone give off such a moody and chilling atmosphere, and SpongeBob’s dramatic introduction is brilliant too. From there, the episode is a lot brighter and light-hearted, which I enjoy just as much. I like how not only was SpongeBob’s morning confused and chaotic, but he now also has to repeat it twenty times to retrace his steps. SpongeBob’s overreaction to losing his nametag is pretty great too. I like his constant hyperventilation and eventual fainting. Patrick is pretty strong here too. I love how he tries to aid SpongeBob (even though the hello wasn’t even all that integral), but he can’t help but mess up everuy time. It makes for some great comedic lines later. “What’s my motivation?” “Hi, SpongeBoob!” As for the end solution, it’s so dang obvious but it still manages to be genius. I can’t stop focusing on his lack of a shirt collar every rewatch.

50. ???

 49. ???

 48. ???

47. ???

  46. ???

45. ???

44. ???

 43. Missing Identity (#32)

42. ???

 41. ???

 40. ???

 39. ???

38. ???

37. ???

36. ???

35. ???

 34. ???

 33. ???

32. ???

31. Clams (#41)

30. ???

29. ???

 28. ???

 27. ???

26. ???

25. ???

24. Big Pink Loser (#38)

23. ???

22. ???

21. ???

20. Something Smells (#39)

19. ???

18. ???

17. Squid's Day Off (#43)

16. ???

15. ???

 14. Valentine's Day (#50)

13. ???

12. ???

 11. ???

10. ???

9. ???

8. ???

7. ???

6. ???

5. ???

4. My Pretty Seahorse (#46)

3. ???

2. ???

 1. ???

Not on List:

Rock Bottom (#49)

F.U.N. (#48)

Squidville (#47)

The Great Snail Race (#45)

  The Fry Cook Games (#44)

Club SpongeBob (#42)

No Weenies Allowed (#37)

 Mid-Life Crustacean (#36)

 Survival of the Idiots (#35)

 Pranks a Lot (#34)

Plankton’s Army (#33)

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12 hours ago, 4EverGreen said:

Unpopular opinion time, "Plankton's Army" and "Missing Identity" are REALLY over-rated episode segments in MY personal opinion! :rolleyes:

Okay, but can you tell us why you think these are overrated?

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Mimic is a nice episode but I can't believe for a single second that it even scratches the honorable mentions let alone the top 50, nothing against it but it does not stand out remotely this much at all in terms of humor. It has a solid story but that doesn't propel it to be worthy of being this high at all when it's not even in season 10's top 3. Easily the biggest disagreement I have on here so far, Pranks a Lot included because I at least expected that.

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I'm so glad Missing Identity (which is in my top 3) made it onto the list, it's such a hilarious and awesome episode that really needs more love


Finally a post-movie episode and a really amazing one that actually also did make into my list. Mimic Madness is definitely the best post-sequel episode and the song was one of the best songs of the show

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Absolutely makes no sense to me that this episode that barely scratches the surface of quality is this high. Mimic Madness is the ultimate testament to the fact that all an episode needs is a good song to make people like it. 

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 I had to exclude Mimic later on tho because I didn't feel like the episode is as outstanding as some of the best post-movie episodes, it's not even my favorite post-second movie episode. and there are a shit ton of excellent pre-movie episodes, so yeah. But I'll say that I'm glad that episode made the list. It's one of the strongest episodes of the show for a long time. I loved the whole story, voice acting was superb, almost all characters had their chance to shine, comedy was done right and I just loved the song. I simply can't blame this episode to be on the list.

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Seriously, when I saw that picture there I got so happy. Mimic Madness is an amazing episode 100% deserving of being on the list, though I didn't think it'd make it. The episode is amazing and even made it into my top 10. Amazing animation, great humor, amazing characterization and uses every main character except Gary in it, an amazing song, great voice acting, and a great plot. Overall an amazing episode that deserves to be on this list and I'm so glad it made it.

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