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Gather around kids, this ain't story time, this is SILLY TIME!

Hello and welcome to the exciting debut of a literature series that I hopefully won't abandon after the first part because it sucked, SpongeBob Silly Time

So what is SB: Silly Time? It's a series where I present the synopsis of my very own written SpongeBob stories, but these aren't stories, these are sillies!

Each story will consist of nonsensical, random, plot and character inconsistent humour (possibily even crossovers with non-SB characters that don't serve any purpose but to just be there) that takes the concept of silliness and doesn't really do anything with it other than just being silly.

If this is not your cup of tea, than you'll defiantly find that tea disgusting, and would recommend looking for another brand of tea. But if it is, drink up! There's plenty to go around!

The first story will be released as soon as I feel like it, so remember to keep an eye out if you're actually interested in this at all.


That's about everything, bye bye. :) 

Edited by Harold Claude
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Story #1: Jelly in the Hole

SpongeBob wakes up one morning wondering why his foot was toast. It was not bread because it had words that said “I am not bread, promise”. SpongeBob takes a good smell and it is actually French toast, but it is bubble gum. Suddenly he feels hungry and decides to take a bite of his toast foot, which didn’t hurt and it was actually quite nice. The bubble gum blended well into the toast to form a quite nice taste sensation. But that wasn’t the point because this is only exposition. SpongeBob continues to eat his foot until he realised something. He wasn’t actually eating his foot, he actually just ate Gary. But SpongeBob didn’t mind, because Gary tasted like frog, and it was Wednesday after all.

Gary is now in SpongeBob’s stomach and Gary is a bit annoyed by this because Gary wanted to go to the shops to buy Pringles but now he can’t because he is in SpongeBob’s stomach and SpongeBob’s stomach smelt like maple syrup. At that moment, the door bell rang and SpongeBob broke the door down because he forgot how to use the door handle, the same time he forgot how to breath so when the presence of SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick appeared, SpongeBob was on the floor screaming the names of musicians from the 1920s. Patrick threw a chair at him and seemed to snap some sense back. SpongeBob is so happy to see his best friend Patrick because Patrick was wearing a hat that said “pizza cake” and SpongeBob thought it was a great idea, but Patrick had only come with nothing but bad news. He had been told by a “reliable source” that Jellyfish Fields will be closing for 1 hour because someone said that Jellyfish were ok. At the local hospital, SpongeBob, who was in a coma for 2 years, thinks up a plan on how to save Jellyfish Fields.

SpongeBob and Patrick travel to Bubble Bath’s house where they grab Bubble Bath by the legs, rip off his shirt and force him to drink a truck full of gravy until he was like a big blown up balloon where SpongeBob ask if he was one was the who said Jellyfish are alright. Bubble Bath said no and they’re trail was immediately cut short. SpongeBob and Patrick walk away in sadness while Bubble Bath is left half naked and still being forced drank gravy. They decide to go to Jellyfish Fields where they see a sign that says “no”. Patrick hated being told no so he punched the sign. But the sign got the last laugh and ate Patrick’s entire family. Patrick was bored so he didn’t care.

While SpongeBob just fell into a bottomless pit, Patrick decides to pay Squidward a visit. He opens the door and accidently sets the whole of Squidward’s house on fire. Squidward looks through the door with melted eyes and cries “why….” As he melts into jelly. BUT WAIT?! JELLY?? HOW COULD THIS BE?? WHEN SOMEONE MELTS, THEY TURN INTO FRUIT JUICE!! Patrick then realised, it was Squidward who said that Jellyfish were okay, because he knew that those who think Jellyfish are decent turn into jelly when they melt. 

Patrick was so furious about this, that he rushes out of Squidward’s house and trips over and goes to sleep. Night night Patrick. Hope you have a pleasant slumber. 😊


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Story #2: The Tornado

It was a quiet afternoon in SpongeBob’s house. It was quiet because SpongeBob was not in SpongeBob’s house, he was actually at Patrick’s house to watch the third season of anime girl adventure. SpongeBob was watching the show, so was his best friends Patrick, and Fred, and Kirby, and Amy, and Hungry Pumpkin, and SpongeBob’s newest best friend SpongeBobFTWBabyShowsFTL. They all thought it was a good show, because the characters moved. Just when anime girl from anime girl adventure was about to throw a jar of mayonnaise at the cat, the anime was interrupted by an important message. You could tell it was an important message because it made Fred break his leg.

The message said “Warning, there is a tornado coming. There is a tornado coming for 1 year. Go hide somewhere. Have 1 year of food. May the odds be in your favour”. SpongeBob, Patrick, Kirby, Amy and SpongeBobFTWBabyShowsFTL both reacted in shock upon hearing this. They wanted to watch Blue’s Clues after anime girl adventure was over, but the tornado said no go to basement for 1 year. Fred didn’t react because he was crying about his broken leg, and Hungry Pumpkin was eating Kirby’s foot because he is very hungry. Kirby sucked him up and Hungry Pumpkin is now in Kirby. Hungry Pumpkin was still very hungry but there was no edible thing in Kirby. Hungry Pumpkin would be very hungry forever.

SpongeBob and his friends rush to the basement. The basement had comfy beds, a TV with a blu ray player, cable, and ps4, food, snacks and showers. But Patrick suggests they go to the attic for an extra challenge. Everyone agreed and rushed to the attic. Except I lied because not everyone rushed to the attic. Fred tried to limp to the attic because of his broken leg but there were stairs and Fred couldn’t climb up. Sorry Fred, looks like the tornado’s gonna get you. The attic had nothing in there though, but it was too late because the tornado was about to come in 2 seconds. The tornado is now here.

The tornado arrived and the first thing it did was kill Mr. Krabs because Mr. Krabs doesn’t like tornados. Then it gave Plankton a Christmas present because he had been a good boy this year. Finally, it arrived at the attic of Patrick’s house. SpongeBob, Patrick, Kirby, Amy and SpongeBobFTWBabyShowsFTL were all tucked in to Patrick’s shorts to keep warm as the tornado came and went into Patrick’s house. The tornado saw Fred and threw him outside where he broke his second leg. However, the tornado then noticed the entrance to the basement was open and the tornado decided it needed a breaking from taking lives and decided to watch the remaining episodes of anime girl adventure. The tornado thought it was a good show, though the fan service was too out of control. The anime girl made a reference to the last episode, and the tornado thought that went too far.

Meanwhile for our tucked in friends at the attic, they got out of Patrick’s shorts because it was too cramped and moved in to Kirby’s mouth. Luckily they were in Kirby’s other stomach which had comfy beds, a TV with a blu ray player, blu rays, dvds, cable, ps4, a year worth of food, snacks and showers, while Hungry Pumpkin had entered the second dimension where Kirby had nothing in his stomach. Day 8. Everyone seems to be doing fine. Day 9. They were now out of food and the TV and showers broke and the beds went on vacation to sunny bottom. Day 364. Everyone slept for 355 days because there was nothing to do, until Kirby kicked them out because they hadn’t paid their rent and Kirby needed that rent to repay the government for his 10 years of tax evasion. 

Day 365. The tornado had now gone after finishing directing the fan-film of anime girl adventure 2: anime girl goes to high school and is gone until next week. SpongeBob, Patrick, Kirby, Amy and SpongeBobFTWBabyShowsFTL stepped out of the attic to discover that Patrick’s house was still in pretty decent condition. On the door of the basement was a free VHS copy of anime girl adventure 2. SpongeBob and friends couldn’t wait to watch it and watched anime girl adventure 2. Outside however, Fred had just woken back up from passing out last year and was amazed to discover his legs were completely healed. He could walk again. That was until another important message appeared on the TV and broke his legs again. Wamp wamp waaaamp.


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(It has returned a month later)

Story #3: Squirrel Schemes

There is no water in Sandy’s house, and Sandy is thirsty. She bounces outside and takes a big drink of the sea water outside. But she drinks too much water and gets a poorly tum. She is rushed to the mayo factory where she is given a talk about paper. The doctor comes in and punches Sandy in the face for making him do his job. Dr Blue says that Sandy is not actually a squirrel, she is actually him. Sandy is chocked to find out she is actually a professional doctor, and Dr. Blue is a dead squirrel because he has now drowned from the sea. Sandy celebrates and throws the hospital into the fire house of fire. There were no survivors. 

Sandy buys a new house that has a giant statue of Squidward because Sandy thought Squidward was a good statue, which is why she killed Squidward by covering him in gold paint that suffocated him. Sandy was now bored and she didn’t know to do know she was a doctor. Sandy then got a call from a smelly smell, but it was actually SpongeBob. SpongeBob jumped off a cliff and was saved by a spike that decapitated him. But it’s ok because SpongeBob isn’t part of this story.

Sandy knew it was grave danger because Squidward and SpongeBob are having a fun time at dead so Sandy had to make a new friend. She called it ‘Joe’. Sandy liked Joe, but Joe didn’t like Sandy. Which was why Joe burnt down the entire of Bikini Bottom, taking Sandy with it. It is now just Joe, because everyone is now dead. So we are focusing on Joe now. Here are some fun facts about Joe.

Joe likes sandwiches. Joe like to eat sandwiches. Joe likes to pet sandwiches. Joe likes to do other things with sandwiches. But there were no sandwiches for Joe because sandwiches was illegal after a sandwich stole a penny from the gutter. Joe was now sad, and didn’t know what to do. Joe decides to go on FishTube and look up pictures of pizza rolls, then Joe saw a video. It was a video of Kelpy G before he died in the fire Joe started a paragraph ago. Joe watched the Kelpy G video and it was a good video. It had good music and good acting. It even had the scene where Kelpy G died from Joe burnt down Bikini Bottom and Joe was happy to see Joe in the video of Joe burning down the city. Joe was very happy and Joe was very satisfied.

Joe decides to set things right. Joe puts on some pants, Joe walks outside and falls down the stairs for 1 year. A year later, the stairs were now bairs and so Joe could continuing walking outside. But Joe decided not to walk outside. Instead, Joe played Minecraft on Joe’s computer. Joe enjoyed playing Minecraft on Joe’s computer. But then the computer died because Joe forgot to pay Joe’s taxes and is actually in prison for wanting to eat a sandwich. Joe didn’t know what to do now in jail. It was a bit lonely, especially when Joe killed everyone, so Joe decides to just end it.

Joe got baby. Everyone is starting to like Joe. Joe looked at newspaper. It said, Joe is starting to be liked by people. Joe liked that newspaper. But it didn’t stop Joe from becoming a tree for the rest of the winter. I hope you have fun being a tree Joe. Say bye to Joe everyone. Joe will return as a tree in the next story. I think. Bye Joe. 😊 


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