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V13 is now live! :D
Spin-Off Festival 9 begins May 24th!

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4 minutes ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:


Surely you have more to say than that :P 

I'm not a huge fan of fried chicken but Popeye's is good. I love their Cajun fries too.

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I just fucking love Popeyes so much shit is so good. KFC is to Popeyes as Taco Bell is to mexican food. You can't even compare. Popeyes is just god it's so god tier. Sorry I just fucking love Popeyes, probably my favorite fast food god it's just so god tier their chicken tenders are to die for and their fried shrimp is fucking good too and I'm not even that big on fried shrimp. And yeah cajun fries are god tier as fuck too, they need to sell those in the grocery store freezer aisle as like Arby's does with their fries. Sorry it's just god Popeye's is just god tier as hell

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