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General Zaid

I Cannot Change my Profile Music!


So i was trying to update my old Profile Music, but i couldn't find it anywhere, Help?





Groups i have been in:


Band Geeks

Cabin Boys(Freebooter Febuary 2016)

Band Freaks(Halloween 2016)

Snowmen(Snowcember Ball 2016)



c6sdizc_by_josephkotiothecat_d8oepfw_by_josephkotiothecat-d8vmj22 (2).jpg

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Profile music is updated through here now:




Hall Of Fame

Honorary Creators: Sabre, Wumbology, Jjsthekid, Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, and Steel Sponge

Honorary Shows: Adventures in the Underground City, Storm Racers, Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000, JCMovies, Team SpongeBob, and SBCinema

Honorary Staff Members: tvguy347, Jjsthekid, Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1, Wumbology, and Aquatic Nuggets

Honorary Members: Cha

SpongeBob Best Episode Tournament Winners

Season 4: Krusty Towers

Season 6: Sand Castles in the Sand

Season 9.1: Plankton's Pet



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