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200. Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

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    • 5/5 Patties: He loves it.
    • 4/5 Patties: The Krabby Patties...they taste so nice, that...they taste nice!
    • 3/5 Patties: It's spelled "sand", but it's pronounced "filler".
    • 2/5 Patties: Research shows old is gross.
    • 1/5 Patties: When did food get so ugly?

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Monday, February 20th at 7:00pm ET/PT


Saturday, February 25th at 9:30am ET/PT


Mr. Krabs manufactures Krabby Patties on an industrial scale, but it drives a wedge between SpongeBob and Patrick.

Special Guest Star: Jon Hamm





Note: This episode was originally titled "Factory Fresh".

At long last, Season 9 FINALLY ends with the airing of this half-hour special, which is also the official 200th episode in the series (production wise). 

Not sure how to feel about the new plot however. We've had the "SpongeBob and Patrick fight over something" plot done so many times before, and I'm not sure if I feel this entire plot is "special" material, but whatever.

Edited by Pat Monahan

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I didn't laugh or smile ONCE throughout the episode. There was nothing funny about this. Not only that, but the plot isn't even original. Selling out did this plot much better. Not a good episode. 



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I'm gonna start with my SpongeBob reviews with the 10th season airing.

Written by Kyle McCulloch
Storyboard by Fred Osmond
Animated Directors: Alan Smart and Tom Yasumi

+I hadn't ate rocky road ice cream in forever. I like this scene.
+Did you get that Pearly-Girl? Yes but stop babying me That's pretty how much my stepdad and his daughter treat me
Social networking? I bet there's gonna be some complaints over the fact they made a social media reference
SpongeBob had been rejected in all of this frozen patties situation that they got Patrick instead
One of the side effects of frozen patties is that the people's asses grow big
I except Squidward to be happy about getting fired but his reaction was hilarious 
I love that everyone in "Factory Fresh" is calling SpongeBob yellow box
++ Squidward couldn't be successful without having a job at the Krusty Krab. For 17 years?! That's very meta right there
And then Plankton makes an appearance. I wonder how he didn't knew about this right away
Another meta reference but 400th commercial might be referring to the fact that it almost has 400 segments altogether

+/- SpongeBob gets fired for the second time in season 9, this time because the Krusty Krab is a Factory now
+/- Frozen Krabby Patty are made of sand? This is like what happened with Krabby O'Mondays in Selling Out back in season 4

-Yep, it's indeed called Goodby Krabby Patty? Still prefer Factory Fresh :/ Title is gonna make people panic over it
I told you guys that Status quo took effect. You could have saw it coming

So that was an episode. I was having doubt on how it was handling. Despite the predictable resolution, it was better than I excepted. But the most important part is season 9 is FINALLY OVER. Well, I just have some other thoughts. Jon Hamm did a great job voicing the Mad Men parody character and he's a good character. The meta jokes were pretty clever. I should recommend the episode. It is slightly better than It Came from Goo Lagoon and it's definitely better than SpongeBob, You're Fired! Of course, that being a ratings trap, I can see why some people didn't enjoyed the episode. 8/10

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I thought the episode was wonderful. It had a lot of sweet moments from all the main characters. It also had a few funny moments, though I never thought I'd see a Social Network joke in SpongeBob. I don't know how to feel about it. But the gag of SpongeBob being called a "yellow box" was funny, and I hadn't even noticed that SpongeBob has been running for 17 years now. Still, I thought the episode was really great and Jon Hamm did a great job voicing his character.

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While this was a similar plot to "Selling Out," it was done in a unique and interesting way that warranted its own story. For instance, what made it new was that Mr. Krabs was IN on the whole idea of selling out, and they made Patrick do the right, honorable thing by standing up for what Krabby Patties SHOULD be, and that quality is better than quantity! I thought that was a pretty good message considering the fact that "Spongebob Squarepants" has been on for as long as it has, and that while it has only a little bit longer than 200 episodes, most of these episodes have been in good quality and good taste. And if we're lucky, the good quality should be around for as long as this series manages to stay on the air. I would give this episode a 10/10! :D Enough said! ;)

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I was let down by this. For a 200th episode, It definitely felt like a "filler". I knew this episode would be similar to Selling Out, it still had differences and all but premise is just like Selling Out. Krabs lets another guy run Krusty Krab, krabby patties have gotten worse, the secret is revealed and everything's back to normal. Even SpongeBob and Patrik friendship isn't anything new here, although It was kind of sweet and Patrick being the star, instead of SpongeBob was nice. Just like half of other specials, this one lacked good comedy. I really did not like butt jokes here at all. This episode could have used more good gags imo. Nit-pick but I certainly am not fond of bringing modern technology to this show. The show should be timeless, instead of catching up to modern times. As for positives, I certainly did enjoy Jon Hamm as Don Grouper. His voice is definitely delightful to here and even though his character is nothing new for the show, he still felt like a good choice for the character because of him as business man in Mad Men, which I still need to see but I've heard amazing things from it. Squidward was definitely funny here and he was the best part about this and Plankton's cameo was also pretty funny. Drilling Squidward's ass gag was the funniest part, shut up.


Overall, It's not such a good episode. It was definitely a ratings trap and the premise was done better in Selling Out. Still better than SpongeBob, You're Fired ugh.






Episode Grade: B-


Season Grade: B+ (despite 3 bad episodes in first half and a few mehish episodes at second half, the show is back to being so good. It still needs more improvement but I'm definitely pleased by most of the season)

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It was good how they called out the companies like that with filler, but this episode was all over the place. It was so average, wrapped some things up sloppily as per par with the script format, and had a lack of jokes. Usually I don't mind if it makes up in other aspects (ala Dumped) but the I already said wasn't too special for SpongeBob. For now I'd say a 6.5/10, mainly harmless, props to making Patrick sensible, the Plankton cameo, Squidward being the one fired for once, and the callbacks made it feel a bit like a milestone episode, but as an episode itself I can't get past by anything else.

Also the official name is so stupid

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mr krabs gets money, yellow boxes, everyone's butt becomes big, smartphones, ipads (I'm surprised how long they waited if they wanted to add modern technology.)

>17 years behind cash register, reminds me of the "20 years" he had when Plankton said he did back in Sweet and Sour Squid. 

I'm glad Patrick didn't become arrogant and forget SpongeBob now that he was rich/famous, like what happened to SB in Porous Pockets. Not a bad episode, didn't find myself laughing most of the time but still had reasonable moments. Especially SpongeBob just letting Plankton get a Krabby Patty. Best moment. And Krabs going gaga for that dude. Good pacing and all that. And those adult jokes about SpongeBob and Patrick sharing pants, oh my god. Nice new background character designs. 

I feel like if they didn't put the filler in Krabby Patties, the business could have continued. But then again, SpongeBob would still be miserable working as a tour guide. So I guess it's for everyone's benefit that it returns to normal. 


Well paced, well written, felt like it could need a few more jokes or something. (Except for the pants jokes and the Plankton one, those were gold, thank you crew.) But good job crew.


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I LOVED IT. It was so fun and interesting. So much happened and nothing felt rushed or slow. Very solid and even kind of original and authentic. Funny and likable characters. This gets a very high rating. This was better than season 3 specials. I swear. I enjoyed it VERY MUCH <3

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This episode was just...okay? Really, that's the best way I can describe it. It was just...alright. But not a great kind of alright. More like an uncaring, neutral kind from me. I feel the episode had decent pacing (despite a somewhat fast opening), but it just seemed to throw a lot at us and sweep them under the rug as soon as they were introduced (SpongeBob getting "fired", Squidward getting fired). I didn't really find many memorable jokes in this special either honestly, or the ones that I did remember I didn't find to be that great (like the enlarged butts...ehhh). I guess it felt like a 200th episode in the sense it incorporated a lot of the show's elements (jellyfishing, Krusty Krab, Plankton, SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship), which I liked, but I don't know. Something about it seemed lacking. I liked how SpongeBob and Patrick's conflict wasn't over something childish at least, but I don't think they really want all out with that. Overall, it was just a middle of the road special. Better than some, but nowhere near as good as some others either. I don't think this episode will hurt or help anybody's overall opinion on S9 really.

Grade: C

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