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Yeah, you can tell I've been in more of a drawing mood than normal recently, because I've got another uncolored and colored pair of drawings to share...


I know, more OC shit. Been almost a year since I last drew Cloud Shroud though, and I really felt he needed to have an up-to-date drawing. In fact, let's go through the evolution of the character before I show the colored version...

First drawing...




Second drawing...




Third drawing...




Fourth drawing (this one only had a traditional sketch, but it is the "official" fourth version of the character)...




Fifth drawing...


The moral of the story is that no one draws a good picture of their OC on their first try. My first three were terrible, and normally, three strikes, you're out. But that isn't the case with making art. When you give up on art, you only give up the chance to finally make something you love.


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Take a guess what I got? ;)



Yeah, it's a Butterfree migration. :P

Being serious, I promise my next drawing will be something for Halloween. I'm considering doing a drawing of Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of Night.

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