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116. Elements Part Four: Hero Heart

Diggy moves his cloud toward Central Karmania, as the Flameren army keeps marching in a line toward the kingdom. 

"Okay, so this definitely complicates things, especially when the girls can't help us, or Cameron..." Jake said, worried and panicked.

"Relax, dude. We've gotten ourselves out of plenty of messes, we can do this one too...I think. Even without the girls, look at how far we've come." Nick said, trying to reassure Jake, which cheers him up.

"...You're right. Thanks, Nick. We can do this, we already control two of the Divine Beasts. We might not have the girls, but we've proven we can do difficult tasks on our own by now. Alright everyone, "new" plan: We divide and conquer again. Diggy and I will go down to Central Karmania to try to stop that mess. Nick and Flinn, you go to Aquarius. Zero and Skipper, you go to Cosmosos. Agreed?" Jake ordered.

"Sounds good to me, lad." Flinn replied.

"I kind of prefer working with Zero when it comes to groups, because we have such a powerful bro energy together, but sure, I'm fine going with Flinn. Something different never hurts." Nick replied.

"Oh boy, I'm glad I get to have some quality bonding time with the red knight in the midst of fire war!" Diggy said happily.

The cloud reaches Central Karmania, as the Flameren army makes it past the border. They begin to burn down the light forest as they keep marching forward. The possessed Trent shoots multiple fire laser arrows into the air for fun, as he is ready to fight. The army reaches the Bazaar, as many of the cheerful elemental transformed villagers look at the army confused.

"Burn everything down!" Lester ordered to his army, as he slashes his fire sword at a merchant's stand, making the heart elemental merchant runaway in fear.

Trent, Magros, Fiery, Firepine, Flarebite, Blazicus and the other fire warriors keep ransacking the Bazaar, as the elemental villagers run off in panic. Vince is seen in a metal elemental form, who avoids the fire attacks. Mariette also runs off with him, who is in a heart elemental form. Some elemental soldiers try to fight back, but are knocked down by fire blasts. 

"FLAMEREN RULES!" a fire warrior yelled, igniting flames from their body, as they swing their flaming battle ax around. 

Trent fires multiple fire laser arrows at the buildings and merchant stands. He sends fire blasts from his knight stone at soldiers, who run away in panic.

"BURN BURN BURN, WEAKLINGS!" Trent yelled to them.

Trent then looks up to see the six girls flying in the sky in the distance.

"Sir, look up there." Trent said to Lester, pointing his dagger to the girls.

"Heh, the guardians and queen. Let's get em boys!" Lester said, as he leads his army out of the Bazaar toward the girls, leaving more trails of fire behind.

They walk through the royal village nearby. Skyeele is riding in a wagon with severalvillagers, but the wagon comes to a stop when they see the fire army before them. 

"Hey there fire people, please don't burn down the village or I'll uh...use my awesome new wind powers to put the fire out!" Skyeele was saying.

The fire army then marches right over the wagon, walking over Skyeele and the villagers.

"Ouch, that burns..." Skyeele said.

The army marches closer to the girls, heading for the clearing they're hovering over, as they burn down the fields and forests ahead. The heroes see this from the cloud, as they keep moving it overhead.

"Good luck guys. We'll try to break Trent free from the curse and stop them from burning down the entire kingdom." Jake said to the knights, as they nod.

Diggy then lowers himself and Jake into Central Karmania using a Skyrope. They land into the village below, and Jake runs right toward the army, as Diggy struggles to keep up.

"Hey, slow down there speedster!" Diggy yelled, as he tries to catch up to Jake.

Zero gives Nick a copy of his pages on the Divine Beast for Aquarius.

"Vah Tidalon...wow, what a majestic beast. It resides in the Silver Trench. I sure hope the trench is actually silver and that the title isn't misleading." Nick said, reading the pages, and seeing how Vah Tidalon looks like an orca.

"Since Cosmosos is closer, we'll move the cloud there first. From there, you can take the cloud to Aquarius." Zero said to Nick.

Skipper and Zero move Diggy's cloud toward Cosmosos.

"Our beast Vah Astralon resides in the Astral Pyramid." Skipper said, reading the book.

They go down a Skyrope and land in Cosmosos, right outside the Astral Pyramid. They look at the large structure before them.

"There will be many traps and trials awaiting us inside." Zero said, reading the book.

The two enter inside the pyramid, prepared for whatever trials face them. Up on the cloud, Flinn and Nick move it toward Aquarius. They see Vexacus still tied up, sitting on the edge by himself.

"Be a good prisoner and stay right there for us." Flinn said.

"Not like I have much of a choice..." Vexacus grumbled to himself.

"Don't be too scared dude, we'll be back soon." Nick promised.

Flinn and Nick going down the Skyrope, taking them into an ocean spot leading to Aquarius. They swim downward, heading for the Silver Trench. Vexacus remains on the cloud by himself, as he smiles and laughs.

"Soon the power of the four Divine Beasts will be mine..." Vexacus said to himself, waiting patiently.

Meanwhile, Diggy and Jake catch up to the fire army, seeing flames consuming the light forest around. They make it to the clearing, as the fire army sees the six girls flying above. Multiple elemental beasts and villager are around the area, surprised to see the fire army.

"Hi there friends! Have you come to pay respects to our elemental goddesses?" a villager asked to them.

"We're invading your kingdom, doofus!" Lester said, shooting flames out of his body that land on trees nearby.

"Oh...that's bad. But want to see a cool magic trick?" Toady asked, making some cards levitate in the air.

Trent then shoots fire daggers at the cards, burning them to ash.

"That's okay, I have more!" Toady replied, making more cards appear with his magic powers.

The fire army begins to attack the beasts and villagers, who are oblivious and happy to their attacks.

"That tickles!" Beesle said, in a dark elemental form, who gets hit by a fire blast but laughs it off. 

"Wow, it's really warm here now! Thanks guys!" Heavy said happily.

Trent then stabs him through his ice body with his fire dagger, as Heavy slowly begins to melt.

"Oh..." Heavy said sadly.

"Trent, stop!" Jake yelled to him, as Diggy and him enter the area.

As the fire army begins to fight the Central Karmanians, Trent then sends fire arrows across the battlefield at Jake and Diggy. Jake puts his red stone shield, blocking them. Jake then runs forward, avoiding attacks from the battlefield.

"Uh, this doesn't seem safe!" Diggy protested, as he carefully walks through the battlefield.

Diggy barely avoids a fire blast from Magros, which hits the metal version of Lootox, who is not upset by it, and laughs instead.

"STOP LAUGHING!" Magros yelled angrily at him.

As Diggy keeps rushing through the chaotic battlefield, suddenly, he sees Branton Jack and Porky walk into the area in ice forms. 

“Branton, Porky?” Diggy asked, surprised to see the two.

"Ahoy lad, we be ice pirates now, yarr! Call me Branton Jack Frost!" Branton Jack Frost said happily.

"That's right, we seek out the frostiest merchandise and treasures! I go by Snowky now!" Snowky spoke, speaking normally.

"Wow, you guys sure are different, and Porky sounds normal. You're also not lame like the other ice elementals, which is a plus." Diggy said, realizing the girls are making them happy due to their effects unlike the ice elementals in Glacian.

Jake then slashes his way through some fire warriors and approaches Trent, who looks at him angrily.

"Go away!" Trent yelled, sending fire blasts back at him, which Jake deflects with his sword.

"Listen Trent, it's me! You're the white knight!" Jake said, trying to get through to him, but Trent keeps sending fire attacks back, as the two clash swords.

Lester then slashes his way through some beasts and civilians. He looks up at the sky to see the six girls, and is about to throw his blade at them. He throws it right at them, but Tori in her form casts a water shield around, vaporizing the fire sword. 

"...Well normally I'd make some joke, but uh, I lost my best sword so this puts me in a very difficult position! Eat this, you brats!" Lester said angrily.

His flames grow brighter, as he sends some fire balls back. However, Tori sends a powerful light water blast back at Lester, shocking him. The blast douses him and pummels him into the ground like a pancake. As Jake and Trent keep fighting, they walk over his body.

"Ouch..." Lester groaned in pain.

"Come on guys..." Jake said, as he still struggles to hold off Trent.

Meanwhile, Zero and Skipper explore the Astral Pyramid, going down a bizarre cosmic hallway. They are then taken into a room, and look up to realize the floor is at the top, while they are standing on the ceiling.

"Well this is not what I expected to start the temple adventure off." Skipper said, shocked.

Both Zero and him look around at the warped room, both amazed and confused. 

"Intriguing, it appears as if the room's layout has been distorted to our perceptions thanks to the cosmic jewel." Zero analyzed.

Zero and Skipper then both jump, landing onto the floor above. They enter the spacial passage, which teleports them to another pyramid room. They appear in a room where many crystals are growing around the room, covering the exit.

"I think I know what the trick is here..." Skipper said.

He then carefully steps on a tile as a demonstration, which makes some crystals pop out of the room, and another set of crystals grows elsewhere. Zero analyzes many outcomes, as him and Skipper work together to press the correct tiles. They eventually clear the room of crystals, opening the exit.

"Excellent work, Skipper." Zero said.

"With your smarts and my magic, these trials will be easy like pie. Which reminds me, want some?" Skipper asked, holding out a pie.

"Not right now, but thank you." Zero replied.

They go through the spacial passage. A montage passes as they go through many more cosmic trials through the pyramid. They then make it to the pyramid summit. They look up, to see Vah Astralos before them. It is a large, half-mechanical llama. The purple elemental gem is in the center of its head.

"Alright, now I wonder what trial this beast has in store for us..." Skipper pondered, looking at the book.

Vah Astralos' eyes then glow a cosmic purple, as it looks at the two knights. It makes the area around them turn into a cosmic space, startling the two. Vah Astralos then forms duplicates of itself, as purple comets shoot around the field. Zero and Skipper quickly get to work, trying to figure out which one is the real Vah Astralos. Zero then does an analysis, and sees the real one. He jumps up high due to the space effects and sends a shock blast right at the purple gem, making Vah Astralos glow. The cosmic area around disappears along with the duplicates, as they reappear on the pyramid summit. Vah Astralos lowers its head, allowing Zero to take the purple elemental gem. 

"Wow, great work doc. Not even I could see which one was the real one." Skipper said, applauding him.

Vah Astralos then stands up high. It shoots a purple cosmic beam from its head right into the sky, as the beam unites with the elemental beams from Vah Infernicus and Vah Eontick.

"Just one more..." Zero said, looking at the purple gem.

Meanwhile, Nick and Flinn are swimming through the dark Silver Trench in Aquarius.

"Aw, it isn't silver..." Nick said, disappointed as he looks around.

"Hang on lad..." Flinn said, as they enter a strong current.

The current drags them through the trench, as they look at the magical Karmanian fish swimming around the waters. They eventually reach the end of the stream, taking them to a large, coral gate, surrounded by a mystic glow. 

"Ah, I see what this is. We'll need your magic breaking powers and my own magic to unlock this." Nick said to Flinn.

"I gotcha covered." Flinn said.

Flinn sends several golden slashes from his sword, which break the first seal around the gate. Nick then casts an unlocking spell, which breaks off the coral lock. The gateway opens, taking them to a large deep sea cavern. Nick and Flinn swim through it, and a light shines down in the center. They see Vah Tidalon before them. It is a large, half-mechanical orca creature. The blue elemental gem is in the center of its head.

"Hey there, we need your help, if you can understand anything we're saying right now, which you probably can't, so I don't actually know why I'm saying this." Nick tried to speak to the beast, pondering.

Vah Tidalon then lets out a roar, making the sea cavern rumble. It jets around the area, as Flinn and Nick are unable to see it due to the darkness. It shoots out several water blasts from the shadows, as the two dodge them. They shine their knight stones around in an attempt to see Vah Tidalon. Vah Tidalon then heads right for them, but Nick catches onto this due to his stone's light. Nick quickly sends a spell blast right at the beast's gem, making Vah Tidalon's body glow blue. It stops moving, and looks at the two knights. Nick levitates the blue gem out of its head using a spell, as he holds it.

"Aye, we proved ourselves to the mighty whale." Flinn said.

Vah Tidalon then swims out of the cavern and reaches the surface of Aquarius above. It shoots a powerful water elemental blast from its mouth into the sky, as the beam collides with the other three beams in the center of Karmania's sky.

"We did it, dudes!" Nick said to the other knights on his communicator.

"Good job, all four are finally united. Bring the cloud over to Cosmosos and we'll move onto the final phase of the plan." Skipper replied on the other end.

Flinn and Nick grab onto the Skyrope and go back onto the cloud. Vexacus smiles upon seeing the four beams in the sky, and looks at the gem Nick is holding. They later regroup with Skipper and Zero, who board onto the cloud. They hold out the four Divine Beast gems they've obtained, as they look at the colliding beams in the sky. 

"Alright, now what?" Flinn asked.

"Now we need to place the four gems into a magical artifact, which will channel the elemental gems' energy. We will then place it into the center of their elemental beams, and that will allow us to fix Karmania." Skipper explained.

"A magical artifact needed to contain four gems, eh? I got this covered." Nick said.

He then casts a transformation spell, turning a golden cup of Diggy's into a gold glove, which has slots for the four gems. 

"Perfect, now-" Skipper was saying.

Suddenly, Vexacus makes his move. He jumps up, and rams into Nick, who drops the glove. He uses his shark teeth to bite off the rope, freeing himself. He then put son the glove and gives out a sinister laugh. Skipper however doesn't seem too concerned by this, but pretends to be.

"Thanks for the gift. My biding paid off well!" Vexacus bragged, as he keeps laughing, and checks out the glove.

"Great, now this oaf will ruin everything!" Flinn said, sending golden slashes at him.

"We probably should've just pushed him off the cloud in hindsight." Nick realized, as the knights nod in agreement.

They all keep trying to attack Vexacus, but he blocks their attacks using the powers of the glove. He uses the time stone's power to freeze the knights in motion.

"Nooooo..." Flinn was yelling in slow motion.

"Wow, for a cursed shark, I sure am doing lucky right now! You four will get front row seats to my brilliant plan to rid you all." Vexacus said.

He then pulls on one of the Skyropes, and makes the cloud drift closer to the Divine Beasts' elemental blast in the middle of the sky. Meanwhile, down below, Jake keeps fighting Trent, annoyed he can't get through to him. Jake looks up to see the four elemental beams, which makes him feel a little better.

"The four beasts are under our control at least, but they better hurry with whatever they're doing!" Jake said, avoiding a burn blast from Trent's knight stone, as they clash swords again.

The other fire warriors keep attacking the Central Karmanians, but they pay little mind to it.

"That feels great!" Rainen said, as he feels fire blasts go through his water body, not harming him at all, as this angers a fire warrior.

"No fighting, my people." Elana spoke from above in her form.

She then sends out a light wave, that transforms some of the fire warriors into light warriors, who smile happily. Madison, Cynthia, Tori, Roxy and Audrey also send out their own elemental waves, transforming the other fire warriors. Argros turns into a water elemental, Fury turns into an earth elemental, Frostbite turns into an aether elemental, Magmox turns into a wind elemental, and Spikeupine into an animal elemental. They all smile happily, and are no longer fighting the Central Karmanians, as they get along with the other beasts. The other remaining fire warriors look confused, seeing their fellow warriors have transformed.

"Stop that now-" a fire warrior was saying to their transformed allies, but he gets transformed by Elana's light wave, and happily dances.

Trent is still unaffected however, as he fights Jake. Diggy then sees Jake struggling and feels bad for him. Suddenly, he sees Branton Jack Frost holding an odd ice object, resembling a breath mint.

"Say, what's that you got there?" Diggy asked.

"Why this is a magical frost mint. If you ever need to calm someone down, this will do the trick!" Branton Jack Frost explained eagerly.

"Thanks, I'll pay you back later for it!" Diggy said, as he grabs it from him.

"Haha, no payment needed my good friend!" Branton Jack Frost laughed.

Diggy runs toward Trent and Jake's battle.

"TASTE THE FROST!" Diggy yelled, as he dives in and throws the frost mint onto Trent's helmet, confusing him and Jake.

Trent stops fighting briefly, as the frost mint surrounds his body, and goes inside his helmet. He begins to think about Valina, Cassidy, Madison and his drawings. He turns back to normal, finding a state of peace. Jake is surprised by this, as Trent looks around.

"...Sorry about that. I guess I have bad luck when it comes to becoming corrupted by weird magic. After that, I really don't want to be around fire ever again." Trent said, as Jake and him laugh.

"I'm just surprised we even saved you before the rest of Karmania was fixed. Thanks Diggy, with...whatever that was." Jake replied.

"Thank the power of my friends and the many odd pieces of merchandise they find!" Diggy said.

"I see we have the four Divine Beasts activated." Trent said, seeing the lights in the sky.

"Yeah, but I don't know what they're doing now. Guys, do you read?" Jake asked, trying to communicate with the other knights, but not getting a reply, which worries him, Trent and Diggy.

"Wuh oh, that's not good, I take it." Diggy replied.

Orion and Meritel then happily run into the clearing in light elemental forms.

"My oh my, what a lovely day out today darling!" Orion said.

"I'm glad my beautiful daughter and her friends have made Central Karmania a wonderful place!" Meritel said.

"But alas, it appears there's still some untransformed outsiders!" Orion said, pointing to Jake, Trent and Diggy.

The Central Karmanians all creepily look at the three again. The girls begin to send out elemental waves, but the three run away, trying to avoid being transformed.

"Come on guys, don't run away from happiness..." Boboo said to them, in a poison elemental form.

The dolphin, comet and metal samurai fighters get in their way, who are now in psychic, music and standard elemental forms. They try to move, but Beethmore, Vito and Stout get in their way, who are in dark, magic and wind elemental forms. Rainen, Skyeele, Mrs. Aquaden, Beesle, Branton Jack Frost, Snowky, Vince, Mariette, Meritel, Orion, multiple beasts, villagers and the girls all creepily approach the three in a circle, humming a strange song.

"Join us Diggy..." Branton and Snowky said hypnotized to him, trying to reach him from the crowd.

"I'd like to be with you two again, but uh, you're really creeping me out right now, sorry!" Diggy replied.

Jake, Trent and Diggy all ram their way through the crowd, escaping through the forests as they try to hunt them down.

Meanwhile, up in the sky, Vexacus makes the cloud get as close as possible to the elemental beams.

"I bet you're wondering what I plan to do, so I'll tell you in a classic villain boast. Using the power of this gauntlet and the Divine Beasts, I will do many things. I'll cure my curse, heal my body, and last but certainly not least...I'll go back in time...and stop you all from ever existing! In fact, I could change many things...I could stop the Federation from finding Karmania, and so much more!" Vexacus revealed crazily to the knights, shocking them.

Wishy Joe is watching this from a television screen in his magic palace. He drops a drink he was holding, shocked by what Vexacus said. Vexacus then jumps into the center of the elemental blasts, and holds up his glove. His whole body begins to magically glow.

"All I need to do is just snap my fingers, and you'll finally be out of my life forever." Vexacus said, laughing evilly.

Nick, Zero and Flinn slowly show nervous looks, but Skipper isn't worried. Vexacus then snaps his fingers with the glove. Suddenly, something goes wrong and a magical blast then makes him explode, and he disappears from the area. The glove falls into Central Karmania below. The knights are freed from the time freeze. 

"...Didn't see that one coming." Nick said, surprised.

"Time to confess: I actually knew that was going to happen the whole time." Skipper said, surprising the knights.

"...You planned this?" Flinn asked curiously.

"Yeah, let's just say I learned something else about how to fix Karmania, but I intentionally didn't tell you guys since I knew he was being a nosy eavesdropper. There is actually one more thing we need..." Skipper was saying, showing them a page in his book.

Jake, Trent and Diggy reach another clearing, the same one with the golden tree stump. Suddenly, the cloud floats down to where they are, as Nick, Zero, Skipper and Flinn hop off of it.

"Oh hey, Trent is fine." Nick noticed.

"Yup, I am. Where's Vexacus?" Trent asked.

"We won't be seeing him again anytime soon. Now then, there is a fifth ingredient we need to fix Karmania. I didn't say this prior, but the truth is...there is also an Anti-Elemental. The Anti-Elemental can negate the effects of elements, and when combined with the Divine Beasts' powers, they can reset Karmania." Skipper explained, reading from his book.

"Wow, an Anti-Elemental. But who would that be?" Nick pondered.

"Yeah, and we don't have much time to do a hunt..." Trent replied, hearing the Central Karmanians nearby.

Snowky then walks into the area, seeing the gang.

"Aaaah, get away from me element zombie!" Diggy panicked, as Snowky gets closer to him.

Snowky then touches Diggy's hand. Suddenly, this makes Porky transform back to his normal form.

"Wh-whoa, hey I'm me again!" Porky said, as this shocks Jake.

"Diggy...you're the modern Anti-Elemental! That's why you haven't been affected by the elemental curse, and that's also how you reverted Porky!" Jake realized, shocking Diggy and the knights.

"...I am? Wait a minute...I think my parents mentioned something about this a long time ago!" Diggy realized.

Diggy has a flashback to when he was young. He's in the living room of an underground home slouching around, and his parents approach him.

"Hey son, did you know that us moles are so dirty, filthy, rude and self-centered that we can negate elemental effects? Every generation one of us moles becomes an Anti-Elemental! It's actually an honor!" Diggy's mother explained to him, showing a book with past Anti-Elementals including Bentley, as Diggy doesn't seem to really care.

"Did you get all that, son?" Diggy's dad asked.

"...Uh, yeah, sure." Diggy replied uncaringly, ending the flashback.

"Diggy is the key to saving Karmania? Now that's a real twist." Flinn said, in disbelief.

"Heh, I guess I have a hero heart after all. Alright, what do I got to do?" Diggy asked.

"Well first we need to find the glove-" Zero was saying.

"A gl-glove, you say? I found th-this the forests." Porky said, holding out the glove.

The knights take it, and hand it to Diggy, who puts it on.

"Oh, this is nice! I feel powerful with this thing on! Haha, look who's in control now, you elemental weirdos! Bow to the Anti-Elemental!" Diggy bragged.

Suddenly, the glove then raises itself into the air, surprising Diggy.

"WHOAAA!" Diggy yelled.

The glove shoots a combined elemental blast right into the Divine Beasts' elemental blast, making five beams now in the sky. The Divine Beasts then release their blast, as it shines down on Diggy below, channeling their power into him. His body then glows, as Diggy's Anti-Elemental power has been boosted.

"You can do it, Diggy!" Jake encouraged.

Several villagers approach Diggy, touching him, but the Anti-Elemental glow around him turns them back to normal, confusing them.

"You're doing it, don't stop!" Trent said.

"I don't think I can, the money is out of the bag!" Diggy yelled.

Diggy then releases a powerful Anti-Elemental blast from his body, as it begins to cover Karmania, resetting everything. A montage passes as every area is reset by the blast. Rickter is in his ultimate Dark form, standing atop the castle as he causes chaos to spread throughout the Shadow Lands. Cadence is in her ultimate Music form, spreading sound waves throughout Soundaria that make people dance, including Rhapsody. Naja is in his ultimate Poison form, standing on top of the Four Fingers dojo in Nature Wilds, sending out poison waves. The pure Time elemental is a grandfather clock beast standing on top of a clock tower in Clockwork, sending out clock waves. The pure Psychic elemental is a guru on top of the temple in Psychon, sending out psychic pulses. The pure Heart elemental is a fairy creature flying above a Heartcharm castle, sending out pink charm waves. The pure Metal elemental is a steel ogre standing on top of Bandi's mountain in Ironos, sending out metal waves, which Bandi notices. The pure Magic elemental is a wizard, sending out a magical pulse from atop a wizard club in Magicoras. The pure Cosmic elemental is a star flying up high in the starry sky, sending out cosmic pulses around. Lastly, Guy is in Standardia, just standing there averagely, in an elemental form that isn't too different from his regular form. All of them and their kingdoms turn back to normal due to the reset blast. 

"Okay." Guy said awkwardly.

Stanford then has his army arrest Rickter, who sighs. Thorn and Morgana are walking through Soundaria and turn back to normal, as they shrug. Flarity reunites with her parents at the Flameren castle, happy they're normal again. Naja walks through the Nature Wilds and reunites with Gacko, Scorpia and Stingapede. 

"I am so glad to see you again, my allies." Naja said.

"We're glad you're back too, boss." Gacko said, happy to see him.

The Four Fingers head back to the dojo, content at last. 

At Glacian, Icy looks out a window from her ice lair's ballroom, seeing Karmania being reset by Diggy's power.

“Well, this was a flop. I guess I’ll try again in another 40 years or whatever.” Icy said, sighing.

She then casts an ice spell and freezes herself in an ice pod. 

"Klobster, can you move me to an ocean? Hello?" Icy asked, but he doesn't reply since he has left. "Oh..."

The pod stays right in the room, as an avalanche covers the lair, sealing it off from everyone. 

Back at Central Karmania, Lester then gets up, who has turned back to normal too.

"I've had enough of this element nonsense for a lifetime. Maybe I'll get revenge on those guardians and knights, or I'll just go back to my old jester ways. Who knows? For now, see ya!" Lester bragged, as he runs off.

Madectrison, Ranen, Mrs. Lenden and Steele stand next to each other as the wave turns them back to their normal forms. The girls also turn back to normal, as they approach Diggy and the knights in the forest. The rest of Central Karmania is healed, as they surround Diggy, looking at him impressed.

"Wow, one can miss a lot while an elemental zombie." Tori said, seeing the Divine Beasts in the distances.

"Whoa...those are amazing." Roxy said in awe, seeing the Divine Beasts.

"Long story short, Diggy is the key to saving us all." Nick explained, shocking the girls.

Diggy feels his energy is being drained, but he keeps standing still.

"Diggy, please be careful..." Elana said to him.

The knights look out at Karmania from Diggy's cloud to see the entire world is transforming back to normal. At the Sky Kingdom, Deckel, Luna, Briar and Tom turn back to normal, wondering what just happened. A fire wizard is walking across Western Karmania, when the blast turns them back to normal.

"Meh, fine I guess." the wizard shrugged.

Karmania has entirely been fixed. In the process of turning Karmania back to normal, Diggy's cyborg parts vanish, and his body is healed. 

"I'm...a hero..." Diggy said happily, as he passes out due to exhaustion.

His glove then disintegrates, and the four elemental gems go flying into the sky. They return themselves into the Divine Beasts' heads. The four Divine Beasts then return to their domains.

"Thanks for helping!" Nick yelled to the beasts.

"Wow, Diggy...actually saved the day? Now that's something I thought would NEVER happen, but...nice job, dude." Cynthia said, surprisingly impressed, as everyone cheers for him.

"Hey Diggy my boy, you're no longer part robot!" Branton Jack noticed.

"What do you know, my cyborg junk is gone. I'm...normal again. I'm different yet the same." Diggy said, content, as he stands up and bows to his audience.

"I'm so glad this elemental stuff is over." Roxy said.

"After turning into an evil fire warrior, yeah, me too." Trent said, confusing Madison.

"...I think we're going to need a recap of everything we missed." Madison said.

"At least we learned we're now the strongest of our elements, which is cool." Audrey said, as the girls are pleased by this.

"That would have been cool if we could use the power..." Cynthia sighed.

"Say, what happened to Vexacus and Icy?" Madison asked the guys.

"We are unsure on Vexacus, but Icy will not be a problem anymore." Zero replied.


Vexacus then appears in Wishy Joe's palace. Wishy Joe looks at him from his throne and points a staff at him.

"You messed up, dude." Wishy Joe said, as this makes Vexacus nervous.

The heroes then realize many of the prisoner beasts have been reset, but aren't acting hostile or committing crimes.

"For some reason, I don't feel the intent to be bad anymore..." Scalipede said.

"Neither do I..." Magmox said curiously.

Many of the former prisoner beasts have now turned good due to the reset, surprising everyone.

"Never thought I'd see the day some of y'all reformed." Vinerox said, impressed, seeing Lootox, Heavy, Fury, Stormfront, Klobster, Skatana, Shift, amongst many other beasts have become good.

"Eh, Mt. Spire was getting crowded anyways. I always have believed in redemption even for the pettiest." Ranen said.

"WOO, BIG C'S MIND IS BACK! The mafia is back-" Beethmore was saying, as him, Vito and Stout are quickly handcuffed by the guards. "Aww."

"Alas, not all of the prisoners were made good again. Some just really suck at heart." Skipper said.

"At least most of the beasts won't be problems anymore, and that's good enough for me." Madison said, surprised to see a lot of former criminal beasts getting along with the villagers.

Diggy is lifted into the air by Branton, Porky, beasts and villagers, as they praise him.

"Diggy went from being an annoying pest who would constantly betray us to saving the entire world...wow, people can change." Tori said impressed.

"His character development really warms my heart. I can't help but feel resetting the entire world like that could create some problems though..." Nick pondered, a bit concerned.

"Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine. I'm just relieved that everything is back to normal again, or at least as normal as it can get." Elana replied.

"I'm proud you guys were able to fix Karmania on your own, even without us." Madison said to Jake.

"It wasn't easy, but all of us can do anything, whether together or not. If there’s another problem waiting, we can fix it together." Jake replied, as the heroes nod in agreement.

The heroes look around at the world content, and ready for whatever comes their way next, as Central Karmania celebrates.


-Character Debuts: Vah Astralos and Vah Tidalon

-Area Debuts: Astral Pyramid and Silver Trench

-Final appearance of Icy and conclusion to the Elementals plot thread.

-Diggy is revealed to be the current incarnation of the “Anti-Elemental”, who can negate elemental effects.

-Diggy is no longer part robot and has been reverted to how he looked pre-Broodwing's Con.

-A picture of Bentley (from "In the Past") can be seen in Diggy's flashback.

-Boboo, Vince, Mariette, Beesle, Beethmore, Stout, Vito, the comet fighter, dolphin fighter, and metal samurai fighter make cameos

-Many of the former prisoner beasts are no longer evil or problems due to Diggy's elemental reset, although some are still on the loose and not even the elemental reset could change them.

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Honestly, I can say THIS is one of best arc in s5 imo. Like from Icy trying to be crazy to her plan flopped due to how powerful it was. the fact she even tried to be next powerful as not to be good idea. Also, her henchmen were hailoriously uncaring to stop the knights which is super easy lol.

Oh and Vex didn't realized Skipper's clever smart plan worked because he knew that Vex would obtain the gems to destory the entire history (also Wishy Joe's reaction is priceless).

As for Diggy? Holy crap, he...actually saved the day because he's the only one who can reset the elemental spell to undo it. this making him a true hero after all. proud of him :plankton2:.

Overall, this is one of best muit-part episodes imo.

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117. Whispers

The guardians, knights and Madectrison are seen in a haunted forest in the outskirts of Central Karmania. There is a murky swamp near them.

"Hm, I don't think we've ever been to this part of the kingdom before..." Audrey said, not recognizing the area.

"This is the Spooky Swamp, an allegedly haunted place where some monsters are said to be. Karmanians rarely head out here anymore, with good reason." Skipper explained.

"To think all that crazy elemental stuff happened, and Karmania is back to normal just like that." Cynthia said, looking around.

"It's too bad we had to miss out on and be stuck flying in the sky the whole time, but at least I finally entered my ultimate elemental form." Roxy said, content.

"It was quite the rush for us, but we're glad you're all okay now." Jake said.

Madison then looks around and sees Madectrison staring off into the forests, who is feeling guilty and nervous.

"Hey, are you okay?" Madison asked, approaching her concerned, which startles Madectrison.

"Yeah, I'm fine, and I'm ready to help! So why are we out here again?" Madectrison asked awkwardly, regrouping with the gang.

"Using the strange disc piece we got from Ironos, I have done some investigating and discovered the next piece is around here somewhere..." Skipper said, holding out the second treasure disc piece.

"Oh right, right, those gold...disc thingies. Are we even sure what those do yet?" Madectrison asked.

"Nope." the heroes replied.

"Wow, this is a nice setting for a strange artifact to be in." Nick said, happily looking at all the dead trees around, and seeing an old skeleton leaning against a tree.

Skipperthen  makes a small dark electric blast hover over the disc piece, as it briefly shows coordinates, similar to what Valina did to the first piece before. The disc moves around in Skipper's hands and points north, acting like a compass. They go in that direction, and see the third disc piece hidden in a dead tree hole, right near a swamp lake. 

"This seems almost too easy..." Nick pondered.

"Don't worry, I got this!" Madectrison said, as she steps forward and grabs the disc from the tree hole. "See? Easy!"

However, the dead tree then shakes, and begins to move.

"Cynthia, not funny..." Tori said to her.

"It's not me, I swear..." Cynthia promised, confused.

The dead tree then forms an angry face, as it growls. Its branches turn into arms, as it smacks Madectrison with one of them, sending her flying to the ground, and dropping the disc piece.

"Yeah, that was too easy after all. I think he wants the piece back!" Roxy realized.

Madison then uses the heart to transform the girls, and the knights power up. Madectrison then gets up annoyed, and ignites an electric sword in her right hand. She runs forward and tries to smite the tree creature.

"DIE MONSTER!" Madectrison yelled, but the tree creature uses its other branch to whack her into the swamp lake.

The tree creatures reaches its branch hand forward, trying to grab the disc piece from the ground. The heroes send attacks at it, knocking the tree creature back, as it growls in anger. Cynthia then uses her powers to stop the tree in place, freezing it from moving, as she takes control. The tree panics, as she begins to break the tree's bark off piece by piece. She forms a fist, which makes the tree crumble apart into dust, completely destroying it. The rest of the heroes clap for Cynthia, impressed by her power. Zero picks up the disc piece, while Madectrison gets out of the swamp lake, looking annoyed and disappointed.

"Great, I messed up again..." Madectrison sighed.

"You know, it didn't hit me until now that this artifact thing actually looks like...a pizza slice. No really, it does if you look hard enough." Nick said, comparing the triangular shape to pizza.

"Oh hey, it actually does." Tori said, seeing it too.

"Maybe when we find the other pieces, they'll combine together into a magical pizza." Skipper joked.

"I sure hope so." Roxy replied.

Madison sees how irritated Madectrison looks, and approaches her.

"Is everything alright?" Madison asked her.

"No, I couldn't even get the disc piece. That's me. The girl robot who messes everything up. Just like I screwed up when you left Posidonia. I was supposed to protect Karmania. Instead, it went crazy! I didn't even help, I just covered myself in a candy drink and danced around like a weirdo. I failed Karmania. I can't do anything right!” Madectrison ranted frustrated to Madison, as she has flashbacks to the girls in their light elemental forms flying in the sky, and Madectrison as Heartcharmison.

"Hey, stop it. Being a good person isn't always about not messing up. Learn from your mistakes, and you'll become a better person...or robot, whatever. None of us were perfect when we first started fighting weirdos. I learned from my mistakes and now I'm Madison. You have to learn how to be Madectrison." Madison said to her.

Suddenly, the heroes hear something rustling from the trees, making them wonder what it is.

"What's that sound?" both Madison and Madectrison wondered at once.

"Sounds like it could be a creepy monster." Nick pondered.

"If it is, let's fight this thing Madectrison's way!" Madison encouraged to her.

"Yeah, Madectrison's way!" Madectrison said happily, igniting electric swords in both of her hands.

The heroes keep looking into the trees, ready for whatever comes out. However, instead of a monster, Valina goes running out of the forests, looking worried and panicked, confusing the heroes. 

"HELP!" Valina yelled.

"Valina?" Madison said surprised.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" Trent asked.

"Oh...that's not a monster." Madectrison said disappointed, putting both of her electric swords away.

"Unless it's a monster in disguise of Valina, we have had shapeshifters before..." Nick said suspicious.

"No, that is the real Valina." Zero said, scanning her to be sure.

"Welp, it was worth a guess." Nick replied.

Valina is startled upon seeing the heroes, and stops running in her tracks, happy to see them all.

"Thank goodness you're all here. The monster...it's haunting me." Valina said to them worried, still confusing the heroes.

"What monster?" Audrey asked.

"The whispering monster. I can't sleep anymore because of it. The past few nights, I have been unable to sleep due to a strange entity haunting me..." Valina explained.

A flashback shows Valina sleeping in her bedroom. She then hears ominous, monstrous whispering, waking her up. She looks around at the room, but shrugs it off. She tries to go back to sleep, but hears the whispering sounds again. She looks up at the ceiling, to see a shadowy hand crawling across it. She screams, as Cassidy enters the room concerned.

"Cassidy tried to help me, but neither of us had any idea what was going on. I went to Ranen for help, and he wasn't sure either. He gave me his amulet to teleport myself to Karmania to see if I could get an answer here. I've been looking around ever since

"Okay, can I just say I don't remember you screaming last night? I must be a heavy sleeper, oh wait, I am, that explains that..." Trent said curiously.

"I didn't want you to worry about me, but I suppose there's no getting out of it now. I need your help. Something is trying to corrupt me again..." Valina said worried.

"Maybe you're just having bad dreams?" Tori asked.

"No. I only have one dream anymore..." Valina said concerned.

She then thinks, as a black void is shown in her vision. Beast's face then appears in the dream, as he whispers ominously.

"Only one dream? That is definitely not just a case of a "bad dream", something is indeed trying to corrupt you." Skipper said.

"The whispering monster keeps speaking to me, saying haunting phrases such as "You're evil Valina, you always have been", "You were never a guardian at heart" and "It's time for you to return to your witch past". I don't want to be evil again..." Valina said, worried.

"You're not evil, you're super good now. We'll help you solve whatever this problem is." Madison promised, making Valina happier.

"Well that ominous dream description and the fact this thing wants to return to your dark magic past makes me think it could be Beast again?" Trent suggested to Valina.

"He died though, we literally incinerated his body." Cynthia reminded.

"He is still allegedly immortal and seems to have many backup plans, so sadly I would not be surprised if this is indeed his doing." Zero explained.

"It most likely is. I was his first corruption for his chain of events, and he likely wants to finish what he started...though why now is beyond me." Valina replied.

"Don't worry, we'll protect you from him. We'll make sure you don't fall victim to his power again." Madison promised.

"Yeah, Madectrison will protect you too!" Madectrison added boldly.

"Yay, more possible Beast shenanigans...seriously, can this dude ever stay dead for once?" Tori wondered.

"Dang, I want to know what cheat code this guy uses to get infinite lives." Trent said.

"He has more lives than many long running television series that have been beaten into the ground by now. I'm so glad Snail-detective hasn't overstayed its welcome...oops, tangent alert." Nick said awkwardly.

"Okay, so we protect Valina, but what else should we do?" Cynthia asked.

"Well since we have the time, perhaps we can try to find the remaining three pieces of this puzzle." Skipper said, holding out the three pieces they have.

"Good idea, gives us something to do instead of just standing around in a creepy haunted forest all day." Tori replied.

Skipper then sends a dark electric blast on the piece they just obtained. It lights up coordinates, and the disc then points into the forests. The heroes, Madectrison and Valina look at this curiously.

"Does this mean the next piece is also in this forest?" Roxy asked.

Suddenly, the other two pieces begin to move and their coordinates glow. They point northward, deeper into the Spooky Swamp forests.

"...Apparently all three remaining pieces are also in this forest?" Skipper said, confused.

"How is that possible? Why would this person hide four of these pizza disc pieces in one forest? Why am I asking you all these questions, no really, why am I even still talking right now?" Nick wondered.

"Hmm...perhaps the other three pieces were not originally here, but someone else may have beaten us to finding them, and is bringing them through the area as we speak. Just a theory of course." Zero hypothesized. 

"That actually makes a lot of sense, and I'll go with that." Madison said.

"Now the question is, if someone else has the other three pieces, are they on our side or...?" Cynthia asked, concerned.

"We'll find out." Valina replied, unsure.

"Maybe a nice stroll through the Spooky Swamp can help get Beast off your mind, hopefully." Trent said to Valina.

"I hope..." Valina sighed.

The discs stop glowing and pointing. Skipper puts them away, as the heroes follow their trail, going deeper into the forests. It begins to get dark outside, as nighttime comes. The gang makes it to a clearing, where several ancient ruin structures are around. Skipper ignites coordinates on a disc piece again, and he noticed this time, the disc is pointing in a different direction. It then spins again, going in another direction.

"Okay, it appears whoever has our disc pieces keeps moving like a wild animal." Skipper noted.

"I guess we can wait here and have them come to us?" Madison said.

"Hey, I was going to suggest that, but yeah, I agree, good idea." Madectrison replied.

"This would make a nice resting site, with all this dead grass, these creepy ruin things...yeah, this is nice." Cynthia said sarcastically, looking around at the setting.

Zero takes a closer look at one of the ruins. On it contains several ancient drawings. The images show Beast in different forms fighting many past iterations of guardians and knights, showing he has been around forever. One image shows the first beast war, with Nightkrow, Whiger and Snapper being corrupted by Beast and joining his side. The images also show that he always gets defeated by them, but either reincarnates or reforms himself. The other heroes look at this curiously as well.

"Intriguing, these carvings seem to depict Beast across different periods of time, being a threat ever since the very first group of guardians and knights." Zero analyzed.

"All I got out of these pictures is that he's really old." Tori said.

"And that he always exists during every generation of the guardians and knights." Madison realized curiously.

"So that's his backstory? He's just this evil boogeyman that always exists to cause trouble for us?" Audrey realized.

"Sounds sadly accurate." Jake said.

"That's all the backstory I need anyways. Although I do wonder if finding a stupid treasure really was his plan since the beginning, or if he just changes his plans as time goes on." Cynthia wondered.

"I would not be surprised if it was the latter." Valina said.

"Okay, Beast or anyone else out there, come out wherever you are, we're in the mood for some action." Madectrison taunted, looking around through the forests.

Nothing responds, other than the sounds of chirping magical crickets. This frustrates Madectrison.

"We have to wait, I'm sure something will come to us when we least expect it." Madison said to Madectrison.

The heroes then hear something moving, startling them. The knights flash their knight stones, shining a light on Toady who is hopping by, holding two grocery bags.

"...Hi." Toady replied

"Sorry, we heard you scuttling-" Madectrison was saying.

"What, I wasn't scuttling! Do you have any idea how rude that is? Frogs don't scuttle. Jeez." Toady replied annoyed, as he keeps on hopping.

"...Okay then." Roxy replied awkwardly.

"Wait, I thought he was a toad, given his name and all." Tori said confused.

"In a magical place like this, I guess he can be both." Nick said.

"Well at least nothing has gone wrong yet-" Madison was saying.

Suddenly, Angleron walks into the clearing, looking possessed. A strange purple skeletal hand is on his shoulder, with a green gemstone in its palm.

"Pizzas..." Angleron moaned, dropping the bag, revealing the other three disc pieces were inside of it.

"Hey, what's up with him? He looks possessed or something...oh okay." Jake was saying, see how his eyes are purple like Beast's.

"Hey man, thanks for bringing us the remaining pieces, you made our job a lot easier." Tori said sarcastically.

"I got it this time!" Madectrison assured, as she tries to grab the bag.

Suddenly, the skeletal hand shoots a green dark magic blast is sent at Madectrison, knocking her down. The heroes wonder where it came from, as the purple skeletal hand jumps off of Angleron. It lands onto Valina's shoulder and whispers to her, making Valina panic. She tries to swat it off, but it jumps around the area, firing more green dark magic blasts around the area. Angleron is freed from Beast's possession, as he looks around.

"Oh hey, I can think again-" Angleron was saying, as one of the blasts hits him in the face, making him fall to the ground knocked out.

"Is that whose hand I think it is?" Trent said, ready to fire laser arrows at Beast's hand.

"Yup, that's Beast's hand alright! But how is it here? I thought they got rid of his ugly corpse!" Madison said, firing an electric blast at the hand.

A flashback then shows Orion and Steele are carrying Beast's rotting skeleton corpse toward the Central Karmania castle, after his death in "Belly of The Beast". 

"Eww, eww, just don't look at it Orion, and it will go away!" Orion complained, trying not to look at Beast's corpse.

"Keep steady." Steele said, as they take it inside.

The guards look at the skeletal corpse disgusted, as they try not to look at it. Steele and Orion carry Beast's body into a castle room, where Meritel and Elana are. There is a gray magical coffin in the room.

"Here it is, honey!" Orion said, as Meritel and Elana try not to look at Beast's remains.

"Thank you. Courtesy of the Council, a special "coffin" has been prepared that we will use to dispose of the body and any remaining dark magic that lurks within inside of it." Meritel explained.

Orion and Steele try to fit the corpse into the coffin, struggling to get it inside.

"Move it this way!" Steele said, trying to turn the body, and Orion is confused.

"This way?" Orion asked, trying to turn it.

"No, to your left! Come on man, I don't want to look at this thing anymore!" Steele replied.

As they struggle to fit Beast's corpse inside, some of his bones break apart, disgusting the four in the room.

"Please just get it inside already!" Elana said, annoyed.

Steele and Orion finally fit Beast's skeleton inside, but one of his hands is slightly off to the side. The coffin then slams shut, breaking off Beast's skeletal hand, as it lands on the floor. Elana then sends a light blast onto the end of the coffin, making it light up. It destroys Beast's corpse inside, getting rid of his magic.

"Hopefully that's the end of him..." Meritel said, relieved.

Beast's voice then laughs from inside the skeletal hand, as it crawls away and out of the room without anyone noticing, ending the flashback.

Beast's skeletal hand then sends a green dark magic blast at Skipper, who deflects it with his sword. Madectrison then sends an electric blast from her sword at the hand, knocking it down. She then grabs it, preventing Beast's hand from moving.

"Hold it tight, Madectrison. That's the flipping Beast!" Madison said to Madectrison.

"I know..." Madectrison said, holding onto Beast's hand.

Beast then lets out a laugh from the skeletal hand, as the heroes approach it.

"Yes child, I've returned once more to-" Beast's voice said from the hand.

"Shut up, you're evil, we know by now!" Madison replied annoyed.

"You're going to get it for messing with my mom!" Trent said annoyed.

"And what are you doing with those pizza things?" Nick asked, as Audrey grabs the bag containing the other three disc pieces and hands them to Skipper, who puts all six pieces into the bag.

"The former witch may appear harmless, but she is my one of my proteges at heart. Once I reawaken her dark magic legacy, The Beast will reign once more, pathing a new era of darkness! I must thank you for bringing all the pieces of the puzzle to me, now thanks to you I can finally find the haunted treasure-" Beast was saying.

"Let me guess...you'll say "this was all according to plan!", and that you were always a step ahead of us even though you may not have actually been, then you'll give some cryptic speech, yada yada yada, we've done this before." Cynthia said, catching onto Beast's shtick. 

"Indeed, my plans may change as the winds blow in different directions, that is how life operates. Isn't that right, Valina?" Beast asked ominously, confusing the heroes.

Her eyes glow purple and she then sends an electric blast at the heroes, knocking them aside. Beast then sends a green blast at Madectrison, knocking her aside.

"Dangit, I messed up again!" Madectrison said annoyed.

Beast laughs, as he jumps around, lands, grabs the disc piece bag from Skipper. 

"Finally, now I have all of the keys that will let me obtain the Whispering Jewel, which will rebirth me in a cursed new body!" Beast said, laughing.

"No!" Skipper yelled, as he tries to shoot a dark electric blast at Beast's hand, but he gets away.

Trent then confronts Valina, as her purple eyes go away, and she looks around confused.

"Oh no, he's getting to me...I'm sorry everyone. I don't think I can go with you, I'm too much of a danger now." Valina said.

"It's okay. Madectrison, you stay here and guard her, that shouldn't be difficult." Madison said to her, as the rest of the heroes chase after Beast's hand.

"Don't trust me to guard anything! I'm a total screwup!" Madectrison replied frustrated.

"Listen, we already have Beast loose in Karmania, and he's about to get the treasure he wants. If Valina goes evil tonight, then we have another problem to deal with. I need you here. You got this!" Madison assured to her, as she runs off to hunt Beast's hand.

"I got this. You created me sort of, Mrs. Valina, so I'll protect you no matter what." Madectrison said to herself.

"Quickly, while the girl is gone, we must seek out the chamber of power, where our history together began." Valina said possessed, as her eyes glow purple again, but she makes it stop, and looks around worried. "Oh no, he really is getting to me..."

"Yeah, I know how it feels to be possessed by an evil demon too. Don't worry, you'll be safe with me...I hope." Madectrison said, concerned.

The rest of the heroes then keep following Beast's hand, who is still holding the disc piece bag. He makes it to the Silent Hills, and jumps down a hole into the Underground City.

"Oh, this awful place again. Okay Beast, get ready to die, for like...the fifth time now!" Madison said.

"Let's see...there was the first beast war, then when Meritel defeated him, then when Valina sealed him away, then when we killed him...so yeah, this would be the fifth time." Nick recapped.

"And maybe that count is higher given his history." Skipper added.

"Well, everything with Beast started in the Underground City, so it looks like we're bringing things full circle." Jake said.

The heroes enter down into the abandoned Underground City. They split up to search for Beast's hand. Madison flies down to where the ancient chamber is, as she searches around. She looks to see images showing Beast and other ancient monsters fighting old guardians and knights. At the very end of the room, she sees a circular slot, which would hold all six pieces of the treasure disc when fit together. Madison walks forward, when she hears whispering noises from around. Beast's hand then jumps out of the shadows, sending a green blast at her.

"Whoa!" Madison yelled, as the green blast sends her flying backwards and paralyzes her wings.

The circular center then opens up thanks to Beast's magic, revealing a dark pit beneath it. Madison falls down it, but she hangs onto the ledge, as purple acid appears at the bottom of the pit.

"Come on wings..." Madison said, trying to fly out of there, but can't due to the stunning.

Beast's then hand appears at the ledge, laughing. He drops the bag of disc pieces next to him.

“You guardians and knights have bested me many times throughout history, but I always return. I have existed since the beginning of time, and I always continue to exist. I am eternal." Beast's hand boasted.

Beast's hand then flicks a rock into the purple acid pool below, nearly making Madison lose her grip, but she keeps holding on.

"You're so evil it's boring! Seriously, your goal was just to find a dumb cursed treasure, if it even was! For one who claims to be all knowing and some unique evil, you're basic man!" Madison realized.

“Yes. While the mortals douses in questions, I know exactly what I am. I am the Nightmare King, the forever spinning wheel, the last scholar of Malgus. I am your doom.” Beast boasted, as his hand moves in strange ways, and makes a shadow of himself form against the wall, smiling evilly.

"Beast..." Valina said from above, as Madison looks up on the ledge.

"I too am doom." Valina said ominously, as she looks down.

She then jumps down and lands onto the ground below.

"What's going on up there?" Madison asked, trying to see.

"Haha, girl, you have failed! The witch has turned! We reign supreme now, as the twin rulers of chaos!" Beast's shadow boasted, as Valina's shadow stands by his side.

"Valina, no..." Madison said, worried.

"Now then, take the bag and place the pieces into the wall so we can obtain the treasure!" Beast demanded to Valina.

"...No. I'm not a "ruler of chaos", nor am I your slave anymore." Valina said suddenly, as her shadow turns toward Beast from behind, surprising Beast and Madison.

"...What." Beast replied, as his shadow looks at her annoyed.

"I am a guardian. My witch ways are over with. You're just a nasty hand!" Valina said to him, unable to be possessed by him anymore.

"Witch, obey me, OBEY ME!-" Beast was yelling, as her shadow tackles his.

Valina then quickly sends a lightning strike right at the skeletal hand, killing Beast again.

"GAAH!" Beast's voice yelled.

"Yeesh." Madison said, picking herself up to see this.

The hand then breaks apart, as several dark spirits are released from it, disappearing into the air. The green gemstone is also finally destroyed for good, crumbling to dust. 

"Wow, I did it!" Valina said happily, as she helps Madison out of the pit, and the pit reseals itself.

"You really did! I'm glad you didn't let him overtake you." Madison said.

The rest of the heroes then come into the pit after overhearing the commotion.

"I assume this means we missed out on the fun." Roxy said.

"Yup, we won't have to worry about Beast anymore. My past is finally behind me." Valina said, content.

"I'm proud of you, mom." Trent said, happy.

"Wait, what happened to Madectrison?" Madison asked.

"She wouldn't let me follow you, so I had to knock her out. Sorry." Valina replied awkwardly.

"So uh...is Beast finally dead for good? For real this time?" Cynthia asked.

"About as dead as he can get, I guess. I'm sure he'll probably resurface in like another forty years, but that's something the next generation of guardians and knights will have to deal with." Madison said, shrugging.

"Since we still have the disc pieces, let's see what this Whispering Jewel looks like." Zero suggested.

"Kind of funny how what he was after was in here the whole time." Nick noted.

Jake takes the bag, as the heroes pick out the six pieces. They put them together to form a gold wheel disc.

"Wow, it really does look like a pizza." Roxy said.

They place it in the slot at the end of the chamber. The wheel glows, and the wall then rumbles, opening up. The Whispering Jewel is shown on the inside, which is a spooky purple gem. 

"It's pretty, even if haunted and probably evil." Audrey said.

"Beast said it would've reborn him in a new body." Trent recalled.

"I have heard whispers of the Whispering Jewel before, but I didn't know it was the same haunted treasure. The jewel allows its holder to give themselves a powerful new body, made of pure dark magic, and it would've made them a true immortal. Now if you'll excuse me..." Skipper was explaining.

Skipper then grabs the Whispering Jewel, and smashes it onto the ground, breaking it into many pieces, as they crumble away into the wind. The heroes have shocked looks on their faces.

"Don't want any other weirdos to get their hands on that, now do we? After all, the Posidonia settlers brought this here away from anyone else for a reason." Skipper said.

"...Fair enough, but man, that would've sold for a lot of money I bet." Cynthia said, sighing.

"Welp, we can finally put this Beast and treasure stuff to a rest. Our work here is done!" Nick said.

The heroes then leave the Underground City, heading back to the Spooky Swamp.

"Yeah, my dad was kind of a crummy dude too..." Madison was saying to Valina, as the two laugh.

They reach the clearing, where Madectrison gets up, looking confused

"Don't worry, we handled it, or technically more like Valina handled it." Jake said to her.

"Great..." Madectrison said disappointed, as the heroes all begin to leave the Spooky Swamp.

"It's weird how a year ago, we were once mortal enemies trying to kill each other. Then today, you helped save us all from Beast." Madison said to Valina.

"Yes, it truly is amazing how much I've changed compared to a year ago. I'm happy that you are our current guardians and knights." Valina said.

Madison and Valina keep walking together, talking. Madectrison looks at this from behind, jealous and upset.

“Madison’s off having fun defeating losers while I can’t even guard a former guardian..." Madectrison said to herself as she walks.

Inside of her robot core, the heart doppel Madison is seen hanging in the center, being held in the electric web cocoon. The Electric Demon is attached on top of the cocoon, controlling the heart doppel Madison's movements on the inside as she walks through the air.

“It doesn't matter how hard I try. I'll always just be a shadow of the real Madison. Unless...I become the only Madison...” Madectrison said ominously and smiles evilly.

Madectrison then makes her left arm turn into Madison's arm using a magic power, and pretends to squish Madison with her fingers. Madectrison is prepared to get rid of Madison.

“Sure, but uh, that’s an odd thing to call me.” Madison replied confused, hearing the last part of Madectrison's sentence.


-Death: Beast (again)

-Area Debuts: Spooky Swamp

-Conclusion to the Beast’s story arc. 

-It is revealed that after the events of "Belly of The Beast", Beast's corpse was disposed of in a magical coffin, but one of his hands broke off and had been on the loose ever since.

-Beast mentions a mysterious entity called "Malgus".

-We are given the rest of Beast's backstory. As the ancient drawings depict, he always reincarnates as a threat during every era of guardian and knights, similar to Ganon from Zelda.

-As of this chapter, both Valina and Ramos have delivered a finishing blow to Beast which is poetic due to them both being corrupted by Beast before.


Halfway point. Only 13 chapters remain of the season and spin-off whole.

Edited by Grim

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Awesome episode. I just have to say - I loved seeing Ramos and Valina get a final lick on Beast, and I appreciate this wrap up to his story and the new insight it provided. Excellent work, as always. Looking forward to the final half of the season, even though I don't want it to end yet.

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Really liked this episode, we can finally end Beast's story arc once for all. I loved how Madision & Cyth knew Beast was going to say even tho Beast was always being Nightmare King. poor Madison droppot. If only she would've realized how tough to be hero. :( Overall, it was great.

only 13 eps left *cries*.

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118. Upgrade

The heroes, except for Madison, are seen in a private Golden Seahorse dining room, relaxing. Audrey's parents are busy taking orders, while the chef is in the kitchen. Mai then approaches the heroes, handing them some tea.

"You all have had a stressful past week. It warms my heart to see you at peace." Mai said.

"Yeah, after dealing with a mad scientist, that Tobias dude, rap battles, an evil space jellyfish pretending to be a fish, a giant robot, Karmania becoming all elemental crazy, Vexacus and Beast's hand, it's nice to not have any craziness this month." Nick recapped, sipping the tea. "Wow, this is really good tea, thanks Mai!"

"Agreed. Thanks grandma, this tea is really good this time around. I mean, your tea is always good, but this one is REALLY good." Audrey said, enjoying it as well.

"Your tea is so relaxing, it makes me feel as if I'm entering another world..." Cynthia said, feeling calmed by the tea, as she relaxes.

"My sensors approve that this tea is adequate." Zero said, enjoying the tea as well.

"By the way, when is Maddie getting here?" Roxy wondered.

"She should be here any moment." Jake said.

Madison then walks into the room, looking odd. 

"Right on cue, Mrs. Ampere or Mrs. Landers, whichever you prefer." Skipper said.

"Hi friends. I just went for a nice stroll." Madison greeted oddly, but sounding exactly like her.

"We're still working on that class project later, right?" Cynthia asked to Madison.

"Of course. And if anyone tries to stop us, I'll slash and shock their faces off." Madison said happily.

"Uh...true?" Cynthia replied, confused.

The real Madison then walks into the room, seeing the other Madison, which surprises the heroes.

"Uh, do I need to get my vision checked?" Roxy asked.

"Oh hey Madectrison." Madison realized, seeing her in disguise.

It is revealed the other Madison is actually Madectrison in disguise. She makes the Madison disguise go away and turns back to her robot form, impressing the heroes.

"Since when could she do that?" Jake asked, confused.

"Just now." Madectrison replied happily.

"Wow, that was a perfect mimic of me! You look and sound exactly like me! You're getting new powers like every day now." Madison noted.

"These are some special robot upgrades." Trent said.

"These "upgrades" sure are advanced for a heart doppel..." Mai said, a bit suspicious.

"That's what happens when you're a robot heart doppel, you're forgetting that Mai. I'll keep finding awesome upgrades until I become better and stronger." Madectrison replied.

"The professor here could offer you some help, since he's part robot too and all." Nick said, pointing to Zero, but Zero doesn't respond.

"I'm good, I can unlock these powers on my own." Madectrison replied.

"Can you impersonate others?" Trent asked.

"Yeah, can you? It'd be cool if you could imitate us, as long as it's not used for evil purposes or anything." Tori suggested.

"Oh, better yet, I'd like to see if you could imitate some of our loser foes, like Vexacus or Bucklend." Cynthia suggested.

"Nah guys, I can only be Madison. Besides, wasting my powers on imitating uncool losers is uncool, and infects you with their lameness." Madectrison replied.

"That's one way to look at it." Audrey replied.

"Being able to impersonate anyone you want is a dangerous power to have anyways, you don't need that." Mai said to Madectrison.

"I know, besides, the only person I need to be is Madison..." Madectrison said, a bit too happy, which catches Jake's attention.

"Yeah, that's all you need..." Jake replied to himself, a bit suspicious.

"Speaking of Bucklend, we haven't heard from him in a long time...am I the only one curious about that?" Nick pondered to himself, as everyone shrugs it off. "Taking that awkward silence and shrugging as a yes, that I am indeed the only person to care about that. Fair enough, since that's not really relevant right now anyways and I don't know why I'm even still going about it."

"...Alright then, that tangent happened." Tori replied awkwardly.

"Anyways, it's sweet that we have our own VIP room now in the restaurant, where we don't have to worry about annoying customers eavesdropping on us. This is paradise." Cynthia said, sitting back in the booth.

"It's also nice since we don't the customers seeing a magical robot in here." Skipper noted.

"Yes, it'd be unfortunate if our customers to be scared off by a robot." Mai joked.

"Well Zero hasn't scared anyone off for a year, so I wouldn't worry." Roxy replied.

"It is harder to tell I am a robot than it is for Madectrison." Zero noted.

"I know, I was trying to make an attempt at comedy, but I see that didn't work." Roxy replied, sighing.

"Probably best to leave the comedy to either me, Cynthia or Nick." Tori replied.

"And perhaps occasionally me, that is if you can appreciate my nihilistic humor." Skipper replied.

"This conversation really went in interesting directions." Trent noted.

Madectrison then walks up to Madison.

"Hey Madison, so uh, I was exploring Karmania earlier, and I found these secret ruins in this mysterious kingdom we could explore together." Madectrison offered ominously to her.

"Secret ruins? Sure, could be fun. What kingdom was this in?" Madison asked curiously.

"I think it's called the Mystery Kingdom, also maybe once called the War Fields in the past. Quote an ominous name, eh?" Madectrison explained.

"The Mystery Kingdom...hey, we haven't been there before. That's the only kingdom we have yet to visit." Audrey realized.

"Ah yes, the Mystery Kingdom. Our group once visited that kingdom a long time ago. Alas, there was nothing much of interest there outside of several ruins and historical monuments. It was called the War Kingdom in days old because it was a breeding ground for many wars in Karmania's history, quite depressing. Outside of that tidbit, the kingdom is nothing special nowadays. Now it only exists as an ominous waste of land." Mai explained.

"Eh, I'm in the mood for some exploration anyways. I'm sure I could find something hidden there that nobody else would notice..." Nick said, pondering.

"Yeah, we can go with you two, if that's okay." Audrey offered to Madectrison and Madison.

"No...I want to go with Madison only. Just us. Nobody else. It could make a nice bonding experience for us. The two of us could use it." Madectrison replied ominously, as Jake seems suspicious over this.

"Okay then." Tori replied.

"Sorry guys, but we can explore the Mystery Kingdom another time together. We'll be back soon!" Madison promised.

"Have fun then." Cynthia said to them.

Jake gets up and approaches Madison before she leaves.

"Be careful out there." Jake warned to Madison.

"I'm sure I'll be fine, but thanks for the sentiment." Madison replied.

Madison opens a portal outside the restaurant. Both her and Madectrison go through it together, as it closes behind. The two make their way to the Mystery Kingdom, as they reach the border of it from Outland Karmania. The Mystery Kingdom is isolated from the rest of Karmania. Madison and Madectrison enter the territory, walking across very old grass. 

“Time for another upgrade, and this will be the biggest one yet...” Madectrison said to herself ominously.

The Electric Demon's eyes briefly show on her eyes, and then they disappear. Madison and Madectrison walk further into Mystery Kingdom, looking around an old battlefield with several craters in the ground. There are many old weapons lying around, which includes rusty cannons, ancient swords, clubs and axes, and several destroyed ancient vehicles. There are also several ancient, deactivated robot sentries lying around, which have technology similar to that of the Divine Beasts. There are also many ruin structures around the fields.

"Lots of ancient artifacts here..." Madison said, looking around at the ancient weapons.

"This ancient tech is cool, but otherwise...meh." Madectrison said, checking out a deactivated sentry spider robot.

They keep walking, and enter an area with several grass hills. There are strangely pieces of furniture scattered around the hills, including a dining table, sofa, and bathtub. Madison and Madectrison are playing rock paper scissors as they walk into the area.

"One, two, three, shoot...rock." Madison and Madectrison said together at once.

"One, two, three, shoot...paper." Madison and Madectrison said together, trying again.

"One, two, three, shoot...scissors." Madison and Madectrison said together, trying again.

"This is so weird. I can't tell if this is boring or fun." Madison said.

"Well I can. It's boring! I want the thrill of victory! Who wants to be the same all the time?" Madectrison asked.

"Come on, you know you love it. One, two, three... Come on!" Madison said, as Madectrison sighs.

The two decide to do rock paper scissors again.

"One, two, three...shoot!" Madison and Madectrison both said.

"Paper." Madison said.

"Rock...wait, what?!" Madectrison said, surprised.

"Whoa, I won this time." Madison said, also surprised.

"What, but...that's not fair! Why is nothing ever fair for me!?" Madectrison asked angrily.

"Hey Madectrison, it's just a game. Don't be so weird about it." Madison replied.

"DON'T...don't call me that." Madectrison replied, annoyed.

"Sorry." Madison replied.

"Eh, it's okay. That stuff won't mean a thing. I mean...that stuff doesn't mean a thing." Madectrison said ominously.

"I'm glad we're on the same page then." Madison replied.

Madison then looks around at the hills, seeing the furniture everywhere.

"Odd, what's all of this stuff doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" Madison wondered.

"I dunno, probably belongs to some weirdos that camp out here. There's a lot of weirdos that come to this place. They call this place Mystery Kingdom for a reason, after all. Anyways, hey, come on, we're almost there." Madectrison said, leading her into the direction of their destination.

She then quickly walks off.

"Hey, wait up!" Madison said, as she follows from behind, trying to catch up to Madectrison.

Madectrison and Madison make their way to a large rock structure in the middle of the fields. Something is inside the walls. The two make it to the closest wall, where there is seemingly nothing more to it.

"We're here." Madectrison said.

"But where? I just see a rock wall." Madison asked confused, looking at it.

"But check this out..." Madectrison said, holding out a rusty key.

"Whoa, a magic key." Madison said, surprised.

"I had to electrocute a few stubborn scavengers to get my hands on this." Madectrison said, as she walks to the wall.

She places the key into a special symbol on the wall, which goes through it, revealing it was a hidden invisible area. She turns the key, and an unlocking sound is heard.

"Dang, you've been busy." Madison noted.

A magic light then shines around the wall, forming a magic door. It then disappears, forming a pathway to a ziggurat inside the walls. The two walk across a stone bridge, taking them to the ziggurat.

"Dang, they hid a ziggurat right in this cliff place. And I only know what the word "ziggurat" even is at all because of Rotwell's class last year. Huh, guess he did teach me something after all. Amazing." Madison realized.

"Yeah, I peeked around in there a bit, but-" Madectrison was saying.

"Hey, no spoilers!" Madison said.

"No, I know. I didn't go past the first level. I was saving it so we could do it together..." Madectrison explained, as they start to walk up the ziggurat's steps.

"Well then, I'm curious what's inside of here." Madison said, as they make it to the top.

There is a gold pole at the top of the steps, which takes them inside of the ziggurat when slidden down.

"This thing looks ancient, I hope it still works." Madison said, looking at the pole.

"Come on." Madectrison said.

Madectrison grabs onto the gold pole and uses it to slide down. Madison then grabs onto the gold pole and slides down as well, following behind. They make it to the first level, as both jump off and land there.

"This way." Madectrison said.

Madectrison then walks down a hall to the right. A room can be seen ahead with a chair and bucket inside, similar to the room Madectrison was in while in the Heart of Karmania.

"Hey Madectrison, wait up." Madison said, approaching her.

"I just want to say, it's really cool that you're into this stuff. You know, that we have so much in common. It almost feels like we're real sisters, or even closer." Madison said happily.

Madectrison just stands there, not replying, and there is an awkward silence.

"I believe that's the treasure room down there. Why don't you go check it out? I'll analyze these interesting wall carvings." Madectrison said, looking at the symbols on the ziggurat walls. "Wow, fascinating!"

"Oh. Uh, okay. I guess...just say if you need me." Madison replied awkwardly and a bit sad.

"Wait, can you lend me the heart? I might need it to see these, it's dark in here..." Madectrison said.

"Can't you just light it up with your electricity?" Madison asked.

"...True, but I can't figure out what these symbols mean! Maybe your heart can help me decode them or whatever." Madectrison said.

"Sure, I guess..." Madison said, handing Madectrison the heart.

"Thank you." Madectrison replies, as she shines the heart around on the walls, and pretends to be interested by the wall carvings.

"...Okay, I'll go check out the room then." Madison replied awkwardly, as she walks into the room.

She sees the chair, bucket of trash, and a loaf of bread on the stone ground.

"Generic wooden chair, a bucket of gross trash, and a fresh loaf of bread. I don't think this is the spot. Bad news, Madectrison. I don't think the treasure is in here, unless it's supposed to be this loaf of bread." Madison said, looking at it curiously.

Madectrison then holds out the key, and the Electric Demon's eyes show, as she smiles evilly. She then places the key into a slot on the wall, making a tile light up. It causes the entrance to the room Madison is inside to seal up. Madison is now trapped inside of the room. Madison is confused by this, as she runs to the wall.

"What the...Madectrison?" Madison asked, but gets no reply.

She knocks on the stone door.

"Madectrison?" Madison asked again.

She tries to push against the stone door, but nothing happens.

"Uh, Madectrison, I'm pretty sure I'm trapped right now." Madison said a bit nervous.

"I'm sorry, that loaf of bread really was just a loaf of bread." Madectrison replied on the other side.

"...Okay, I don't know what that has to do with my current situation though." Madison replied, confused.

"It doesn't, I just wanted to elaborate in case you thought there was something special to it, because there isn't." Madectrison replied.

Both of them stand on their respective sides silently and nervous, until Madison decides to speak up.

"Madectrison, please open the door." Madison demanded.

Madectrison then pushes a brick out of the stone door, as Madison sees Madectrison's face through the hole.

"This is where you live now. Forever. You'll be fine." Madectrison said, winking.

"What!? What about my friends, Jake, my parents, my powers, my home, my life, everything!?" Madison asked, angry.

"It's been your home and life long enough. It's Madectrison's turn! I think I'll be a really great Madison. Hey, do you know who my favorite knight is? It's Nick. I'm a Nick fan! Anyways, I'll be back in a month with a new bucket of trash. Later!" Madectrison explained.

She places another brick in the slot, as she walks off, laughing.

"Madectrison!" Madison yells, as she tries to kick the stone wall, but nothing happens.

"Great, I've been double-crossed by my clone...again! I don't have any powers, and I don't like being abandoned! I have issues over it for obvious reasons!" Madison ranted frustrated, as she sits on the chair. 

She taps her feet and thinks to herself, looking around at the room paranoid. She picks up the loaf of bread, and feels around inside of it to see if there is anything hidden in it, but there isn't.

"Huh, so it was just a loaf of bread. Maybe there's something in my backpack that can help me out of here..." Madison said, as she opens her backpack. 

She digs around in her backpack, but doesn't find anything of use. She then concentrates and makes her hair spark. She sends a weak lightning blast from her hand at the stone door, but it doesn't do any damage to the door. Madison then charges at the door again, but she goes bouncing off of it, and falls to the ground.

"You'll be back in a month with a new bucket of trash, huh? I doubt she'll even do that..." Madison said, sighing and gets back up.

Madison walks back and forth in the room frantically, unsure what to do.

"I'm starting to see why Jake warned me, he knew something was up with Madectrison. I wonder what Jake would do in a situation like this..." Madison wondered to herself.

She looks around at the stone room, and thinks. 

"Given his plan to defeat the Federation, I'd have to do something unexpected and crazy just like him. It's something I wouldn't expect to do at first glance..." Madison said to herself again.

She then looks at the bucket of trash, chair and loaf of bread remains. She gets an idea, and smiles. She concentrates and channels electric energy through her hands. She sends electric sparks at the three objects, as they begin to light on fire. She then makes electric sparks form throughout the three objects, as they still ignite fire. She then uses her powers to fuse the three objects together, forming a fire lightning ball. She makes it go flying right at the door, exploding it right open, as the bricks go flying everywhere, and Madison shields herself from them. The smoke clears, and she is relieved to see a way out.

"Wow, I honestly didn't expect that to work. Alright Madectrison, whatever your game is, it ends now..." Madison said, as she runs out of the room.

Madectrison is seen walking through the Mystery Kingdom's fields, disguised as Madison. She is holding a bouquet of flowers. Madison then comes running from the side.

"YOU MESSED UP!" Madison yelled, as she tackles Madectrison, startling her.

Madison quickly grabs the heart from Madectrison, angering her. Madectrison then shakes off her Madison disguise, as she looks at the real Madison annoyed.

"How did you get out!?" Madectrison asked, throwing Madison off of her.

Madison then uses the heart to transform herself. Madectrison tries to punch Madison, but Madison flies up, avoiding it. Madison then grabs onto her and sends out an electric pulse onto her back, trying to control Madectrison, but it doesn't work on her.

"Hey!" Madectrison yelled, as Madectrison tries to break off, but Madison keeps holding onto her.

Madectrison then punches Madison right in the face, making her go flying off to the side, dazed.

"Dang, that kind of hurt..." Madison said, feeling her teeth, and noticing burn marks on her body from Madectrison's electricity.

"You think you can control all of the machines, but not me!" Madectrison replied.

Madectrison then runs up and punches Madison right in the stomach, sending her flying to the ground. Madison tries to fly up, but Madectrison sends an electric blast, knocking her down to the grassy ground again. Madison quickly flies up and sends an electric ball to Madectrison, knocking her to the grassy ground. Madison flies near a ruin wall, as Madectrison runs up to her and it. Madectrison sends another punch, as Madison flies out of the way. Madectrison's electric punch goes right through the ruin wall, sending bricks flying everywhere onto the grass. Madison sends a lightning bolt right at Madectrison, knocking her onto the grass again.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Madison asked, frustrated, flying over her.

"You've been Madison long enough! It's my turn!" Madectrison yelled, readying herself to get back up.

She jumps right at Madison, who flies out of the way. 

"Madectrison, smarten up and stop this now!" Madison yelled.

"No." Madectrison replied ominously.

Her eyes then show the Electric Demon's. She hisses, and holds the electric sword in her hand tight, as she smiles evilly. Madison is startled by this.

"...What are you?" Madison asked.

Madectrison laughs, as she swings the electric sword at Madison multiple times. Madison sends electric blasts back, but Madectrison absorbs them with her electric sword. Madectrison rolls across the grass, and strikes her electric sword at Madison again, leaving a small scar across her stomach. 

"Not cool!" Madison said, as she sends another electric blast at Madectrison, who jumps up and avoids it.

Madectrison then jumps right onto Madison, and tackles her to the ground. Madectrison smiles evilly, as the Electric Demon's eyes glow bright. Madectrison holds her electric sword, trying to strike Madison with it, but Madison tries to push it back. Madison tries to make a spark blast onto Madectrison's robot suit with her other hand, but it doesn't work.

"Hahaha..." Madectrison laughed.

"Madectrison...if things are going to go down the way I think, please tell Trent I love him, and that I care about Jake." Madison said desperately to Madectrison, looking nervous.

"That doesn't matter. I love Trent and care about Jake!" Madectrison replied.

"I know you do, Madectrison. Listen, we can stop this and go back home together. All this fighting and lying, it doesn't have to end like this. Today doesn't have to have this kind of...finality." Madison was saying.

The heart then glows pink, hearing Madison's plea. It sends a powerful heart blast right at Madectrison's core, making her explode, sending her robot parts flying all over the ground. Madison looks at this horrified, unable to respond.

"...Not again." Madison said, sighing.

She flies up and sees Madectrison's robot parts all over the grass. She then flies away from the area.

At the Golden Seahorse, Madison walks into the room where the rest of the heroes are. Her hair is a mess, and several electric burn marks are all over her. The heroes see this, confused and concerned. Madison has an upset look on her face, unable to say anything. Jake can already tell what happened.

“I know that look. You...just killed someone. Yikes.” Nick realized.

"...Madectrison turned evil. She tried to get rid of me. She's gone." Madison explained sadly to them.

“I bet whoever made the Heart of Karmania really regrets making heart doppels a thing." Tori said, sighing.

Madison keeps looking depressed, as the girls go to comfort her. Mai hands her some tea to calm her nerves, which Madison happily takes. She sips it, but still feels guilt over what happened to Madectrison.


At night, a mysterious man is seen in the fields of the Mystery Kingdom, right outside of the ziggurat. He is picking up Madectrison’s mechanical remains off the grass, and placing them into a bucket. On his right hand, one of his fingers has a gold ring with a "G" shining on it.

“Almost done champ. There you go...” the mysterious man said, placing Madectrison’s demon eyes into the bucket, revealing she is still alive.

The man is shown to resemble Meritel and is wearing a silver and maroon robe. There is a "G" emblem around his neck. The man then picks up the bucket, as Madectrison’s demon eyes look up at him.

“You looking for an uncle?” the mysterious man asked ominously and happily to Madectrison’s remains, smiling.

He then walks off to the ziggurat...


-Character Debuts: Mysterious Man

-Area Debuts: Mystery Kingdom/War Fields

-All thirty Karmania kingdoms have now been seen.



Madison seemingly kills Madectrison, but her remains are picked up by a mysterious man.


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This episode is great, I liked how Madison & her clone wanted a bonding experience in Mystery Kingdom. Not much to say, but the ending gives me think of AT character I know from there. Otherwise, sad episode :(


14 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

Character Debuts: Mysterious Man

best name ever :p

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119. Night of the Hunters

One night, Central Karmania is shown. Two guards are seen outside the entrance to the castle’s armory. Two statues are seen outside the entrance, depicting older versions of the Central Karmania guards. 

“Keep an extra eye out tonight, soldier. There’s been whispers of a mysterious creature lurking around Central Karmania in the past twenty four hours, and kidnapping our fellow soldiers...” one of the soldiers said, carefully holding and pointing their spear into the darkness ahead of them.

“Ahem, my name’s Lysander, not “soldier”.” Lysander corrected.

“Eh, we usually just always call each other “soldier” because it’s easier.” the other soldier replied, shrugging.

“Okay then...any idea what this beast looks like?” Lysander asked.

“Hmm...reports said that it kind of looked like a weird bear, and it was covered in some sticky gold substance...maybe it was honey...” the other soldier replied, pondering.

“Ooh, I’d like some honey...” Lysander said, now hungry.

“Anyways, all this talking could draw unwanted attention, so maybe we should be quiet now.” the other soldier said, whispering.

“Good idea.” Lysander whispered back.

The two soldiers continue to stand there, waiting, and looking into the darkness for anything. Suddenly, they hear growling from the area around. The two look nervous, as they carefully walk forward, and point their spears. They look into the darkness, and keep hearing the growling.

“Come out beast, we’re not scared!” the other soldier said boldly.

“...We’re not?” Lysander asked nervously, and the other soldier looks at him annoyed. “Right, we’re not, come here beast!”

The creature growls again from the darkness. It then jumps out at them and lands in front of them, as both soldiers look at it worried. The creature is a large grey and dark blue bear covered in a strange sticky gold honey. It walks on all fours, and keeps growling, as it approaches the two soldiers, who look at it bravely.

“We can take it!” the other soldier said determined, pointing his spear at the bear.

The bear then lets out a load roar from its mouth, making the two soldiers nervous. The bear stands up, still growling, as it is ready to attack the soldiers with its claws. The two soldiers gulp and charge at the bear with their spears. The bear slashes its right claw at both soldiers, sending them flying off to the side, as their spears fall to the ground.

“Ugh...well, we tried!” Lysander said in pain, feeling his arm to see claw marks on his arm. “Ouch...”

Both of the soldiers try to get up, but they are too injured. The bear then grabs both, making them panic. It drags them off into the shadows, as they both scream.

“AAAAAH!!!” the two soldiers yell, as a gold honey substance oozes onto the ground.

The bear then walks onward into the armory. It is dark inside, as the bear uses its nose to sniff around. It smells signs of life, as it walks down the hallway. It then enters another room, where several soldiers are sleeping in bunk beds. The bear carefully walks closer, and sees one of the sleeping soldiers. It raises its paw to the sleeping soldier, and grabs him. However, the “soldier” rolls over to reveal bunch of pillows were wearing the soldier armor, confusing the bear. 

“Surprise!” Jake yelled from the shadows, confusing the bear.

Suddenly, the guardians and knights jump out of the shadows, and begin attacking the bear, startling it. The room lights up due to their attacks, making the bear growl, as it tries to run around, avoiding the attacks. It is revealed all of the other “sleeping soldiers” were decoys made of pillows to bait the bear.

“Bet you didn’t see that coming!” Cynthia bragged to the bear, hurling stones at it, as the bear tries to shield its face from them.

“No soldiers for you this time, fiend.” Skipper said.

“This plan is working a lot better than I thought it’d be so far.” Jake said, surprised, as he readies his sword to attack the bear.

Audrey sends a heavy tornado gust blast at the bear, trapping it. Tori then sends a water blast around the tornado, freezing the bear in place. However, the ice begins to crack, as it smashes right through the ice, and stops the tornado gust. Roxy sends several pink seahorse attacks at the bear, which spits honey blasts from its mouth back, colliding with the blast.

“Is that...honey?” Trent asked, firing laser arrows, as he avoids another honey blast from the bear.

“It is indeed honey.” Zero confirmed, analyzing a honey blast with his scanners.

The bear spits another honey blast at Zero, who avoids it. He then notices the honey blast sticks to a soldier’s sword on the ground, and burns right through it.

“A very dangerous honey, to be precise.” Zero corrected.

“A bear made of honey...never thought I’d see such a combination...” Nick said, pondering, as he quickly sends a green spell blast at the bear, but it jumps out of the way, avoiding it.

Skipper throws a pepper at the bear, and it explodes in its face, causing a smokescreen to spread around the creature, confusing it. Madison sends a lightning strike right at the bear, making it fall to the ground. She then hovers over the vulnerable beast, ready to finish it.

“Come on Maddie, finish it!” Tori cheered on.

“Yeah, deliver the final blow! You got this!” Cynthia also cheered on.

Madison is about to send one last lightning strike at the bear, as she looks at its face. Suddenly, she sees a hallucination of Madectrison’s face over the bear’s face.

“...Madectrison?” Madison said, nervous.

“Don’t kill me Madison...” Madectrison’s face said to her.

“Okay, here I go...” Madison was saying unsure, unable to finish the bear due to thinking of Madectrison.

“I’m your friend. I’m you...” Madectrison’s face said to her, as Madison is unable to attack now.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?” Cynthia asked.

“I’m yooouuuu...” Madectrison’s face echoed to Madison, as the hallucination fades away while Madison hears a flashback in her head to the heart destroying Madectrison in “Upgrade”.

“Slay him!” Jake yelled to her.

The bear then whacks Madison out of the way with its paw, and growls. It then runs out of the room, running down the hallway. The heroes try to give chase, but it keeps running and escapes the armory, running off into the forests. The heroes leave the armory as well, to see the bear is long gone, leaving trails of honey behind.

“We almost had it...” Audrey sighed.

“Madison, what happened back there?” Tori asked, confused.

“I...I think I can’t get over what happened with Madectrison. Attempting to fight that thing reminded me of her...I’m worried I can’t fight monsters anymore now because of what I did to Madectrison...” Madison realized.

“You’ll have to get over it sooner or later, because we need to stop that thing!” Cynthia said.

“It hasn’t even been more than a day since it happened, so yeah, it’s kind of hard for me to get over it right now. She was like my sister, and I killed her...” Madison said bitterly.

“It wasn’t your fault, you had no choice. She went crazy and would’ve killed you if you didn’t stop her.” Trent pointed out.

“Also, technically speaking, the heart killed her, not you.” Nick corrected.

“You guys are right, it’s just...rough. I promise I’ll make it up to you and slay that bear thing! What should we even call it on that note, we kind of need a name for our bad guy?” Madison wondered.

“How about the Honey Bear? It’s short and to the point.” Roxy suggested.

“Eh, it’s a bit too simple for my liking.” Skipper replied.

“Yeah, but I don’t really have a better name right now.” Roxy replied, shrugging.

“Its name is the least of our problems right now. I think the bigger mystery is where this thing came from and why it keeps attacking the kingdom’s soldiers...” Jake said, pondering.

Elana and Meritel then approach them, after hearing the commotion.

“How did everything go? Are you alright?” Meritel asked them.

“Our trap almost worked, but it...got away.” Roxy explained awkwardly, as Madison whistles awkwardly.

“Did it get any soldiers?” Elana asked.

“Not inside the armory, but we’re pretty sure it got the two guards on the outside unfortunately. Great, another thing I feel guilty over...” Madison said, worried.

“I’d go with another generic “it’s not your fault” message, but that’s cookie cutter and I feel like it won’t help any, so...” Tori said, shrugging.

“Dangit, that’s about fifteen soldiers missing now. We can’t let this thing keep stealing my army, or we’ll have no soldiers left...” Elana said, worried and frustrated.

“Elana, why is this thing even attacking the kingdom? Where did it come from?” Cynthia asked her.

“I know as much as you do at this point. Based on what you guys and the soldiers have said about it, it doesn’t sound like any normal Karmanian creature.” Elana said.

Elana looks at the honey trails left behind from the bear, pointing her sword into it. She sees how the honey burns the tip of the sword, as this surprises her.

“That is some deadly honey. We’ve put a bounty on the beast, so hopefully other hunters can help you out in tracking it down if you don’t get it to first.” Elana said.

“A bounty of how much?” Audrey asked.

“40,000 Keso coins.” Elana said.

“If only I had that many...” Skipper sighed.

“Wait, if we’re the ones who get the bear first, do we get that prize money?” Cynthia asked curiously.

“No. I’ve already paid you all more than enough for your services, that prize money could go to someone who needs it.” Elana said.

“Aww...” Cynthia sighed.

“We’re not in it for money, we’re in this to protect your kingdom, which is better than a bunch of coins we don’t even use anyways, unless you’re Nick and Skipper.” Jake said, as he sees the two counting their Keso coin collections, and then put them away.

“On second thought, you’re right. I don’t know what I would’ve even bought with those, so yeah, let someone else have that prize money.” Cynthia said.

“Alright, let’s hunt “Honey Bear” down!” Madison said, determined.

“I’ll go with you. Whatever the bear did with my soldiers, I hope they’re still alive.” Elana said, looking at her sword.

“Hopefully it didn’t turn them into honey or something, that’d be messed up.” Audrey said.

“Be careful, all of you. This creature is giving me ominous feelings...” Meritel warned, suspicious.

“We’ll be fine. I promise we’ll get your soldiers back, no matter what it takes. Something tells me they’re not dead.” Madison replied.

“Do you actually know that? Did you gain psychic powers?” Nick asked.

“Nah, I was just being optimistic, I really hope they’re not dead, but...” Madison was saying, gulping.

“Okay, enough talk of death, let’s get to the hunt!” Skipper said, as the heroes agree. 

The heroes then go off into the Central Karmania forests, following the honey trail left behind from the Honey Bear. 

Meanwhile, the Central Karmania Bazaar is shown. The dolphin, comet and metal samurai fighters are walk into the bazaar. They then see a wanted poster on a building for the bear, with a reward of 40,000 Kesos. The three read the wanted poster excited and curious.

“Dang, a 40,000 Keso reward for capturing or slaying this monster? I’m in!” the dolphin said, ready to hunt the creature down.

“I could sure use 40,000 Keso coins for some new armor! I’m in too!” the metal samurai said, sharpening his sword.

“I sure hope we don’t have too much competition...wait, how are we going to split the prize money if we get it? We can’t divide that number by three evenly.” the comet asked, confused.

“...We can work that out afterwards. Gentlemen, tonight will be the night of the hunters. Let’s make this one to remember!” the dolphin said, as they run off toward the forests, ready to hunt the Honey Bear as well.

Back to the heroes, they carefully walk through the dark forests, searching for the Honey Bear.

“Ah, this takes me back to our old classic “monster of the week” adventures.” Nick reminisced. 

“Ah yes, back when the group was just eight people...and when we had a blue knight.” Cynthia realized.

This makes the group a bit sad, as they miss Cameron. Jake shows some sadness over being reminding of Cameron, but lets it go.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s fine, wherever he is.” Jake said confidently, smiling.

“Real talk: How were you able to get over Cameron’s departure? I’m still jittery over Madectrison...” Madison sighed, asking Jake for advice.

“You sometimes have to learn to let go. Channel your mind and clear it,  no matter how painful it can be.” Jake suggested to her.

“I’ll try. I didn’t know Madectrison as long as you knew Cameron, but it’s tough because, well...she is me. It’s like trying to let go of yourself, and now I’m sounding philosophical like Nick.” Madison rambled.

“What’s that about philosophical ramblings?” Nick asked, overhearing their conversation.

“Trying to let go of essentially yourself is difficult, but try to view the bear as the enemy, and Madectrison as her own person, completely unrelated to the bear. She may be you, but she’s not like you, if that makes sense.” Jake suggested to Madison.

“Thanks bro. I think I might be able to stop the beast this time...” Madison said, feeling more confident, as the heroes keep exploring the forests.

“There’s some of its honey...” Elana noticed, flashing a light with her crown onto the tree, showing honey paw prints on the bark.

“I kind of wonder what that honey tastes like theoretically...” Nick pondered.

“Probably terrible and potentially dangerous to your body’s system, so don’t try it at all.” Zero replied sternly, as he curiously analyzes the honey.

“Good point, although I did say that was theoretical, it’s not like I would’ve actually tasted it...maybe.” Nick said. 

They see several honey footprints leading north, as the heroes follow the trail. 

“You know, after thinking it over, I’m not feeling the name “Honey Bear”. It is way too generic. How about something like...Grizzlgo? The “grizz” refers to how it’s a bear and all, and I guess the “go” refers to how its honey kind of looks like gold.” Cynthia suggested.

“That actually works. I like it, much better than my dumb nickname.” Roxy replied.

“I’m just surprised Cynthia came up with a name that creative.” Tori said.

“Shut up.” Cynthia replied, as the heroes keep following the honey trail.

Meanwhile, the dolphin, metal samurai and comet fighters are exploring another part of the forest.

“So uh, what’s exactly our plan to catch this thing?” the metal samurai asked.

“I’ve got a plan for you guys: I say we put out some bait, and set up a large net to catch it with. If the monster gets free, then we fight it! Only issue is I don’t know if there’s any net materials around here...” the dolphin said.

“Here’s the thing with your plan. I think it’s good, except it sucks, so let me make the plan, and that way, it might be really good.” the comet suggested.

“...Wow.” the dolphin warrior replied, not sure what to say.

“What’s your bright idea then, wise one?” the metal samurai asked.

“I’m glad you said “bright”, because it’s very simple. Watch this!” the comet said.

He floats up, and begins to shine purple lights across the forest, trying to attract the attention of the Grizzlgo. The Grizzlgo’s eyes are seen through the darkness, and it spots the shining purple lights ahead. It jumps out of the shadows and goes running toward the source.

“Well, that is one way to get its attention...hm, yeah, that’s better than my plan.” the dolphin warrior conceded, sighing.

The Grizzlgo then goes jumping into the area, roaring at the three.

“Hey, it worked!” the comet said, as he stops flashing, and sends a cosmic blast at the Grizzlgo.

The Grizzlgo jumps right out of the way, and tackles the dolphin warrior. The comet and metal samurai try to attack the Grizzlgo, as it has the dolphin warrior in its mouth.

“GAAHHH, AAAAAH, HEEELLPP!” the dolphin warrior yells, as the bear swings him around in his mouth.

“Don’t worry, we’ll save you...I hope!” the metal samurai said, as he and the comet try to attack the Grizzlgo, but it spits honey blasts back at them, blinding them.

“Someone’s in danger!” Audrey said, hearing the dolphin warrior’s yelling from the distance.

The heroes go to the area, seeing the Grizzlgo attacking the comet and metal samurai, and still swinging the dolphin warrior around in its mouth. The metal samurai strikes his sword against Grizzlgo’s leg, but the blade shatters into many pieces.

“Oh dear, this is bad...” the metal samurai said, out of a usable weapon.

The Grizzlgo grabs the comet out of the air, and sends him into the ground.

“Oh, it’s those three again. Guess they wanted the prize money too.” Tori realized.

“Yay, some help! Please get me out of this thing’s mouth, it’s really scary, AAAAAH!” the dolphin warrior yelled.

“Working on it!” Elana said, as she sends a light blast at the Grizzlgo, making it lose its balance.

The Grizzlgo then lets go of the dolphin warrior, sending him smashing against a tree, and honey splatting all over him.

“Ew...” the dolphin said, getting up and trying to wipe the honey off.

“Let’s let the professionals handle this, we’re no match for this beast! I’m out of here!” the metal samurai said, scared by the Grizzlgo, as it lets out another roar.

“Agreed, good luck friends, we’re scramming!” the comet replied, floating back up.

The three warriors then quickly leave the area in a panic, running off in fear and defeat.

“Gee, thanks for the help.” Cynthia said sarcastically to them, as she hurls a boulder at the Grizzlgo, but it grabs the boulder with its paws. “...Whoa, that’s never happened before.”

The Grizzlgo then throws the boulder at the rest of the heroes, who try to avoid it. Cynthia then makes it break apart into pebbles, and then makes vines shoot out of the ground, which grab the Grizzlgo. It rips the vines off, as Audrey and Tori send a combined ice blast at the beast, which does little harm to it. The knights all slash their swords and send attacks at it. The Grizzlgo counters with by spitting more honey blasts at them, as they avoid the blasts. The blasts go flying against the trees, burning through their bark. Roxy sends a pink seahorse attack at the Grizzlgo, catching it off guard, as it stumbles around, but regains balance. It then swings both of its claws at the heroes, as they barely avoid it. Elana then sends a light flash at its face, startling it. Zero then sends an electric blast from his sword, stunning the Grizzlgo briefly.

“Alright Madison, now’s your chance to finish it!” Jake said to her.

Madison flies straight to the Grizzlgo, and concentrates. She looks at it, and sees Madectrison’s hallucination on the bear’s face again.

“Please don’t kill me...” Madectrison’s face said to Madison again.

“No, you’re not real...” Madison said, trying to make the hallucination go away.

She sends a lightning strike at it, but the Grizzlgo quickly jumps out of the way, as her blast hits a tree. The Grizzlgo then runs away from the area, heading deeper into the forests.

“No, I almost had it!” Madison sighed.

“But you didn’t hesitate, so that’s good!” Audrey said.

“Yeah, you’re right...” Madison realized.

“After it!” Elana yelled, as the heroes try to follow the honey path it left behind.

The heroes follow, but they have already lost the Grizzlgo’s trail, as they come to a dead end in the forest.

“Jeez, that thing is fast...” Roxy said.

“All of the forests in this world look the same, so who knows where it is now!” Cynthia said frustrated.

“Hmm...I’ve got a way we can lure the creature out. No wild animal can resist fresh bait, like this!” Nick said, pulling out his old Sammy the Seahorse mascot costume from his bag. 

“Do you just...have that with you at all times?” Tori asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. Anyways, I’m honored to use Sammy as bait if you guys want. I think you could do something fancy with it.” Nick suggested.

“We don’t really have any better choices for bait, so sure.” Elana said.

“Alright Sammy, it’s time for you to be a hero again...” Nick said, looking at the costume.

Sammy the Seahorse’s costume is seen flying through the forests, being levitated by one of Nick’s magic spells. It lets out a green shine, trying to gain the Grizzlgo’s attention. The Grizzlgo sees the lights from the darkness, as it jumps out, chasing Sammy. The Grizzlgo follows the flying Sammy, as it goes running through the forests after it. Many magic birds fly out of the way, terrified of the Grizzlgo as it rampages through. The heroes see this from the sidelines, and see a cave up ahead, which Sammy is headed toward. There is a lot of honey on the outside of the cave.

“Excellent plan Nick, now we can trap it in the cave and finish it there.” Elana realized.

“Go Sammy go! Wow, and I didn’t even plan on that cave being there. It’s amazing how things just fall into place.” Nick said.

Sammy floats into the cave, as Grizzlgo keeps chasing. Nick makes his spell stop, as Sammy collapses to the ground. Before Grizzlgo can maul the costume, the heroes attack the beast at once. Cynthia rises up a rock wall behind, preventing the Grizzlgo from escaping the cave, as it growls.

“Sorry pal, nowhere to run now!” Cynthia said, shooting rocks at Grizzlgo, as it tries to swat them away with its paws. 

Nick then quickly grabs the Sammy costume, and puts it away.

“You did good today, pal.” Nick said, as he sends a fire blast from his stone at the Grizzlgo, making it back away.

Zero, Jake, Skipper and Trent all send powerful strikes right at the Grizzlgo’s body, leaving scars across it. It spits out more honey blasts, as the knights all avoid them. Cynthia, Roxy, Audrey, Tori, Elana and Madison all each send their one attack at the beast, leaving more scars. It begins to feel tired out, but it refuses to give up, as it growls again. It swings its claws around and spits more honey blasts, as the heroes counter the attacks. Trent tries to use his knight scanner on the Grizzlgo, but it strangely does not work, surprising the heroes.

“...What? Doc, why isn’t it working?” Trent asked confused to Zero.

“I know as much as you do.” Zero replied, also unsure.

“Welp, if we can’t capture it, then you know what that means.” Jake said, looking to Madison.

Madison flies up over Grizzlgo’s weakened body, and is ready to finish it. She looks to see Madectrison’s face is not there, and she blocks her out of her mind.

“Maddie, use this to finish it! I believe in you!” Elana said.

Elana tosses her sword to Madison, who catches it in the air. Madison then uses her electric powers to focus. She does not see Madectrison's face on the bear, blocking her out of mind. She then shoots the sword like a lightning blast with her powers, sending it right into the Grizzlgo’s stomach. It lets out a cry, as it collapses to the ground, dead. The heroes cheer for Maddie. Madison then pulls out Elana’s sword from the stomach, as the Grizzlgo’s body then explodes, shooting a honey substance all over the cave.

“Gross. But I’m glad we haven’t lost our monster of the week stopping skills. Great job Madison and team!” Cynthia said, trying to wipe the honey off.

“Yup, this does indeed taste terrible.” Nick said, trying to get it off his mouth.

“I’m proud of you Madison, you got over your anxieties of Madectrison.” Jake said happily.

“For now, at least. I’m just glad this thing is dealt with.” Madison said, seeing the honey remains.

Before Madison can return Elana’s sword to her, the sword then breaks apart, as the blade shatters, with pieces falling everywhere. Madison looks at this awkwardly, and hands Elana what remains of the the handle.

“...Thanks.” Elana said sarcastically.

“...Oops.” Madison said.

“Ranen probably won’t be happy about that.” Jake said.

“I’m sure he’ll understand.” Tori replied.

“Is it safe to come out?” a soldier asked, surprising them.

They look to see the fifteen soldiers stuck in a honey web on the wall, with their armor and weapons gone.

“Thank goodness you’re all alive.” Elana said, as the heroes help them down.

“Thank you majesty, the beast is no more!” another soldier said happily.

Zero then analyzes the honey residue left behind from the Grizzlgo’s remains. He looks at it curiously.

“Fascinating. This creature...it was 100% artificially man made, as if it was straight out of a laboratory. It was not a real Karmanian beast at all. That is why the knight scanner did not work on the beast.” Zero revealed, confusing and surprising the heroes.

“...Now that is a twist. Whatever that was, it wasn’t the work of any dark magic, I can confirm.” Skipper replied.

“I wonder who could have made this?” Elana wondered curiously, as the heroes look at the Grizzlgo’s remains in curiosity.

An old camera is seen attached to the cave ceiling, recording the heroes and the events that transpired.


The ziggurat at the Mystery Kingdom is shown again. It is slowly being renovated, and the rock walls around it are being broken off. One of the rooms are shown inside, which has been converted into a laboratory filled with ancient equipment and magical items. The mysterious man is seen in front of a desk, showing a computer he made out of parts from the ancient sentries. The computer shows an image of the heroes looking at the Grizzlgo’s remains in the cave. The man then presses a button on the side which turns the computer off. He then goes to a bulletin board, and uses a marker to draw a red x across a picture of the Grizzlgo. Underneath its picture, its names can be seen: “Bearmeister”, which is crossed out, followed by “Honey Bear”, which is also crossed out, and then “Grizzlgo”, which is circled. This shows that he had overheard the two nicknames the heroes gave the creature. Next to it is a picture of Central Karmania, with Elana and Meritel drawn on it. Next to that is another picture showing stupid drawings of the guardians and knights, with “NUISANCES” written over them.

“...Who indeed. Who is the brilliant puppet-master working tirelessly behind the scenes, completely unfazed by this minor, minor setback? Why it’s me...Uncle Gideon. Ready yourselves, queen niece and my sister Meritel, your guardians and knight heroes will be no match...for my next creation...” Gideon said ominously, as he walks away from the desk.

To the side, a tall, blue, electrical angel-like creature is shown in a large test tube, resembling Madectrison. One of her arms then twitches...


-Character Debuts + Death: Grizzlgo

-Elana’s sword (which Ranen gave to her) breaks.

-Nick’s Sammy the Seahorse costume from “Rotwell Files” is used again.

-Fourth time that the dolphin, comet and metal samurai warriors appear.



It is revealed that the mysterious man is Gideon, Meritel’s brother, who was first mentioned in “Spirit of The Tiger”. It is currently unknown why he is back and what he wants.


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120. Always Branton Closing

Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are seen approaching a villager’s house in Central Karmania, wearing fancy salesmen outfits. Branton walks forward and knocks on the door. The villager opens the door to see the three smiling happily.

“Ahoy there, lad! I’m Branton Jack. Me and my crew are some of the best salesmen around in Karmania!” Branton Jack introduced.

“And you, my friend, are our 50th customer today, congratulations! We really hope you buy something!” Diggy added.

“Wow, the 50th customer!? Sure thing! What’cha offering?” the villager asked customer.

“Let’s see...we have a lot of great food, fresh from the Luncheon kingdom! There’s also these neat clothes, they sure would look good on you if you want my expert entrepreneur opinion! Ooh, and we also have these interesting magic artifacts from places beyond! Take a good look and see what you like the best!” Branton Jack explained, as he, Diggy and Porky open their trench coats to show a variety of Karmanian products.

“Ooh, I’ll take: that hat, that banana, and that creepy demonic dragon eye!” the villager replied, as the salesmen hand him the products, and he happily takes them.

He puts on the hat and then pays them in the Keso coins. Branton and Diggy look at them happily, counting the coins.

“Woohoo, fifty customers, we-we did it!” Diggy said happily.

“Have a nice day, lad! Always Branton Closing!” Branton Jack said happily, as the villager closes the door, and the three walk away.

“Is th-that our slogan now?” Porky asked curiously.

“Sure, I don’t see why not. Every good business needs a slogan! Although I’d prefer a slogan that isn’t just one person’s name if you know what I’m sayin.” Diggy replied.

“Hmm, good point. We’ll work on that as we make our way to our next destination, wherever that may be!” Branton Jack replied, as the three keep walking through the village.

“You know, I think we could start up a really big business someday. Our little thing we got going, it has so  much potential for more! We could become rich entrepreneurs, all three of us. You even have an Anti-Elemental like me on your team, and I’m sure that might get us some good credit in the magical world.” Diggy said proudly to the two.

“I sure hope it does! I’m still proud of ye Diggy mah boy for fixing the world like that!” Branton Jack said, laughing.

“Let’s see what the Bazaar has going on today.” Porky suggested.

“Good idea, Porky!” Branton Jack replied, as they head toward the Bazaar.

They enter the Bazaar, seeing many of the merchandise stands getting lots of business today.

“Looks like we picked a good business day.” Diggy said.

As they walk, Diggy briefly notices a poster on a building. The poster says “MISSING”, and it shows a picture of Gelatos. There is a reward of 5,000 Keso coins if he’s found.

“Ooh, now that is a handsome price...but alas, we are not bounty hunters, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look for that beast.” Branton Jack said curiously.

The three then stand around, waving at villagers and beasts walking around. Some of them approach, looking at their merchandise. 

“Ooh, is that some chocolate?” a beast asked, buying several chocolate bars.

“I want those bat wings, they’d make great ingredients for my potion!” a wizard said, buying those.

“I want those boots, they’d look good on me!” a villager said.

Everyone around happily buys the products, as Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky make much money and their business begins to take the attention away from other stands in the market.

Meanwhile, the heroes are seen in the Golden Seahorse, in their special room. Audrey is looking rather eager, excited for something.

“What are you so eager about?” Tori asked.

“Something really special, to me at least! My granddad Oswald is visiting us today! It’s been so long since he was last in Posidonia.” Audrey said, happy to see him again.

“Oh yeah, we never did meet him. Where has he been?” Trent asked.

“He’s been busy working his dentist job in other countries, so he has no real time to visit us unfortunately. He’s really good with teeth though. He’s also a great explorer.” Audrey explained.

“It’s great you get to meet him again. Savor the visit while it lasts.” Jake said to her.

“A dentist, eh? So your grandfather is a dentist while the rest of your main family runs a restaurant...yeah, that’s quite a disconnect.” Cynthia said.

“Eh, I’m long used to it by now. It’s just sad he can’t visit us much, but it’s nice when he does.” Audrey replied.

An episode of Snail-tective is seen playing on the television, which Nick and Skipper are watching. Bruce, Snail-tective and Mr. Renegade are in their space ship, as they park it outside a small intergalactic store on a platform. 

“Maybe we can ask for directions here.” Bruce said, as the three get out in their space outfits, and go inside the store.

They look at the products for sale, which includes space food and other space materials. An alien is seen at the service counter reading a magazine.

“Hey, can we get some directions?” Mr. Renegade asked the employee.

“Yes, but only if you buy something. That’s my policy...” the employee answered ominously.

“How about these?” Bruce asked, choosing a bag of Meteor Chips.

“Meow meow...” Snail-tective said, with the captions reading: “Be careful, I don’t trust him...”

“Relax Snail-tective, it’s a store in the middle of nowhere. Nothing seems suspicious here...” Bruce said, as he takes the Meteor Chips to the cashier counter.

Bruce pays for the Meteor Chips in space credits. 

“Thank you, you chose wisely...” the cashier said, laughing ominously.

“Can we have directions now?” Mr. Renegade asked.

“Yes, I’ll give you directions...to my stomach! I’M HUNGRY! This store isn’t real you dimwits!” the cashier revealed, as he transforms into a giant slug monster.

Snail-tective looks at Bruce with a “I told you so” look, meowing angrily.

“I’ll listen to you next time...” Bruce sighed, as him, Snail-tective and Mr. Renegade run away from the slug creature.

“Huh, I guess the moral of this episode is to be careful who you’re doing business with. I’ll keep note of that for when I get older.” Nick analyzed impressed.

“Honestly, sometimes I really wonder how you and Skipper tolerate this stupid show.” Cynthia sighed.

“Eh, I only really watch it for the lore and deep, cleverly metaphors anymore.” Skipper said.

Suddenly, the heroes hear someone enter the restaurant from their room. Oswald enters, wearing a suit and holding a suitcase. Mai, Chen and Lin are happy to see him, as they greet him upon entering. Mai gives him a hug.

“It’s always a delight to see you in person, even though we still communicate with phone and letters.” Mai said.

“How have you been, dad?” Lin asked.

“I’ve been doing great, my daughter. Where is my granddaughter Audrey?” Oswald asked.

“She’s in the other room with her friends.” Chen said, pointing.

Oswald and Mai enter the room, as the heroes are surprised to see Oswald.

“Grandpa!” Audrey said, as Oswald gives her a hug.

“It’s so nice to see you again! Hello Audrey’s friends, I am her grandfather, Oswald. Or should I say...the guardians and knights?” Oswald said curiously.

“Oops.” Tori said awkwardly, whistling.

“I take it Mai told you all about us.” Madison said.

“Yup. He is my husband, after all.” Mai replied.

“I’ve heard about some of your adventures. It sounds like you are all worthy successors of the guardian and knight lineage.” Oswald said, impressed.

Mai has a flashback to the first time she met Oswald.

A younger Mai is shown walking through a hallway in Posidonia Fields High School. A younger Oswald is reading some books on adventuring, as he accidentally bumps into Mai, dropping his books.

“My apologies, I’ll help you pick those up...” Mai was saying, as she looks at Oswald, attracted to him.

“Thank you. I’ll...be seeing you soon.” Oswald replied awkwardly, as he heads off to class, and Mai looks at him in attraction, ending the flashback.

“Nice to meet you.” Roxy greeted to Oswald.

“Hi there Mr. Oswald, I’m Nick Carson, Nick for short as most call me by now. You can also call me Detective Nick, Nick The Wizard and Cowboy Nick if you want to know my other personas.” Nick introduced, shaking Oswald’s hand.

“You are quite the eccentric one. I see Mai wasn’t exaggerating with her descriptions of you.” Oswald said, laughing.

“I’m not sure if I like the implications of that.” Nick pondered.

“Don’t worry about it.” Mai assured.

“No need for introductions though in general. I know all of you by now. Especially Jake over there who is dating my granddaughter.” Oswald noted.

“That’s right, we are, I guess.” Jake replied awkwardly.

“You are experienced in the field of dental work, that is impressive.” Zero said to him.

“Thank you good professor, although it has not been as easy as I may make it sound out to be. Being a dentist requires lots of patience, training and skill.” Oswald explained.

“I’d like to have you as my dentist someday.” Trent said.

“Haha, we’ll see! If a dentist is ever needed in Posidonia, then perhaps someday. On another subject, Audrey, have you made any great paintings since my last visit?” Oswald asked curiously.

“Of course! I’ll show you in my room!” Audrey replied happily, going upstairs to her room.

Audrey shows Oswald her paintings, as he looks at them in awe, amazed by them.

“Wow, this work is amazing! I wish I had been as good as an artist as you when I was your age...” Oswald said.

“You still kind of are an artist in a way. You’re an artist of people’s teeth...if that makes sense. Art can come in many forms.” Audrey said.

“That is quite the philosophical way to look at it, sounds like something my wife would say! I bet her wisdom has rubbed off on you!” Oswald said, laughing.

The two walk back downstairs. He then holds out a red velvet bag, handing it to Audrey.

“What’s inside of this?” Audrey asked curiously.

“I’ve been meaning to give you this for a long time. Inside of this contains your first baby teeth. I still had these saved in my office, as a nostalgic memory.” Oswald explained.

“Aww, that’s sweet, even though I don’t really need these.” Audrey said.

“Consider it as a symbolic gesture.” Oswald replied, as they head back into the special room.

"Mai and you make great grandparents, I bet." Trent said.

"Probably not good parents, but grandparents, sure." Mai replied.

“Ah, I remember Mai and I’s first date in Karmania. It...didn’t go that well, but it was memorable! Say, speaking of...how has Karmania been since I last visited it ages ago? I’ve always wondered...” Oswald asked.

“We can show you right now if you want.” Audrey offered happily.

“I’d love to!” Oswald accepted.

“And don’t worry about any monsters, we’ll protect you. We’re amazing bodyguards, trust me.” Cynthia said.

“Not like there’s many threats to deal with in Karmania anymore, anyways.” Skipper said.

Madison opens a portal to Karmania outside of the restaurant, as the heroes and Oswald enter it. They are taken into the forests near the Central Karmania Bazaar. Oswald looks at the kingdom around him in awe.

“Wow, this place seems a lot more...peaceful now. You have done well protecting this world.” Oswald noted.

“Yeah, though it hasn’t been an easy ride, trust us.” Madison said.

“Want to see the Bazaar?” Audrey asked Oswald.

“I’d love to, I’m curious what products they have on sale. As a former explorer, I always enjoy seeing foreign artifacts.” Oswald said.

The heroes head into the Bazaar, looking around at the merchant stands and stores. They notice how there are many customers around today. 

“Dang, this is the busiest I’ve ever seen the Bazaar been.” Jake said.

“Fascinating...” Oswald said, looking around at the Karmanians, beasts and buildings.

The heroes see Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky selling off lots of their merchandise up ahead.

“This has been our best business day ever! I love it!” Branton Jack said, laughing, as he happily admires the money they’re making.

“Hey dudes.” Nick greeted, as the heroes approach them.

“Ohoho, hello there my friends! We’ve been BOOMING in business today!” Branton Jack greeted.

“Good on you, I’m happy to see you three going somewhere in life with your salesmen gigs.” Madison said.

“Yeah, who would’ve thought I’d end up with these two as my buddies? Anyways guys, we got plenty on the house, and we can even give you a discount for being guardians and knights and all!” Diggy offered.

“That’s nice, but we don’t need special treatment.” Jake said.

“Or maybe we do, although there’s not really anything I want from here anyways.” Cynthia said.

“Wow, these are such unique products. I sure haven’t seen a lot of these where I come from...” Oswald said, looking at their potions and magical items.

Audrey sees a shining, painted cloud sculpture on display in their items. She is fascinated by the artwork and wants it.

“I really like that cloud sculpture. I’ll take it!” Audrey said.

“That’ll be 500 Keso coins!” Porky said.

“Oh...I don’t have any.” Audrey realized.

“I can bail you out.” Nick offered, holding out his bag.

“That won’t be necessary, she can use her special discount! In that case, she can trade me a good item, and I’ll give her the artwork for free. We’ve made so much money as it is today anyways!” Branton Jack said.

“How about this bag of my baby teeth?” Audrey asked, holding out the red velvet bag Oswald gave her earlier.

“Audrey, you really want to sell those away?” Roxy asked, surprised.

“Eh, I’m sure someone can find a better use for these than I would’ve. Maybe there’s some monster that needs teeth. I’ve grown up and don’t need those anymore.” Audrey said, shrugging, handing them the bag.

“Well, I suppose we could put this to some use. This velvet material could be valuable...I’ll take it! Here’s your art, lass.” Branton Jack said, handing Audrey the cloud sculpture.

“Thanks, I love it!” Audrey said, checking out the cloud sculpture.

“Still though, you sold off your baby teeth. I would’ve kept those for nostalgia.” Roxy said.

“Sometimes letting go of the past is beneficial to making new memories. I do not mind Audrey sold those teeth off, as a brand new memory with this beautiful artwork was formed from it.” Oswald said, impressed by the colored cloud.

“That sounds like something Mai would say.” Tori noted.

The heroes then walk off to show Oswald the rest of the Bazaar. 

“Remember, we never deny a customer, even the most ridiculous order! Does that slogan work?” Diggy asked.

“Ehh...” Porky said, unsure.

“I dunno either, lad. Ooh, well would you look at the time. I just remembered we have a delivery to make to Outland Karmania! Time to go, crew!” Branton Jack said, looking at his watch.

Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky head to the Central Karmania Docks, as they board their ship. It sails around the Karmanian seas, heading for a port near Outland Karmania. They make their way into the kingdom, and arrive at a village out in the lone fields. They knock on the customer’s house, delivering to them their food and potions. The customer happily pays them in Keso coins, and closes the door.

“Another successful delivery!” Branton Jack said.

“Hey, I think I see a potential customer!” Diggy said, seeing a Groundslug nearby.

“...Or a potential product! We could sell Groundslugs as pets!” Branton Jack, getting an idea.

“I like it!” Porky said.

The three then chase after the Groundslug, as it quickly crawls away into a creepy forest nearby, taking them into the Mystery Kingdom. The three end up losing the Groundslug’s trail as they lose their path, and are lost in the middle of the forest.

“...I-I think we’re lost.” Porky said awkwardly, looking around at the creepy forest, unsure which way is the way back.

“...Indeed we are. And we lost our pet. Oh dear...but never give up team! ” Branton Jack said.

Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky keep walking through the creepy forest, where many skeletons and treasures are lying around in the scenery. They find an exit, which takes them into them into the Mystery Kingdom fields, where Madison and Madectrison explored. Gideon’s ziggurat is seen up ahead.

“Hm, I don’t think I’ve ever been to this kingdom before...” Branton Jack said, scratching his head, looking at his map.

“The Mystery Kingdom? Why this place is a kingdom at all is the real mystery!” Diggy scoffed.

There are many holes in the ground around the area, revealing Gideon had dug up the old sentries and weapons that were on the ground. They keep walking through the field, as they see Gideon’s ziggurat right in front of them, as more of the rock walls around have been broken off. The area has many wooden areas under construction being built around the ziggurat.

“Look, a house!” Diggy said.

“Looks more like an old, ancient structure to me...So that means we check it out!” Branton Jack said determined.

“I don’t know about this...” Porky said worried.

“Not to worry! I smell lots of treasure inside, and if not that, then a customer is waiting...or both!” Branton Jack said, as the three walk up the pathway.

The pathway leads them up to the entrance, where a wooden door now is. There is a broom and several other tools on the ground around. Branton Jack gently knocks on the door. The three wait for a response. Suddenly, the door is opened by a mysterious, tall armored silver figure inside. He does not say anything, and points his hand into the room, letting the three in.

“You have a nice home here, mysterious sentinel. I really dig this house...reminds me of something I’d probably sleep in.” Diggy complimented, looking around at the inside of the ziggurat, seeing lots of construction going on and how bare bones the room is.

“I love such kind hospitality. How are you doing on this fine day, mystery man? Have any kids?” Branton Jack was trying to ask to the mysterious sentinel, but the three turn around to see the figure is gone.

“...Well that was odd.” Porky said, confused.

“He must be the quiet type. Ah well!” Branton Jack said, as the three keep walking their way through the ziggurat room.

They go down a hallway, taking them into Gideon’s laboratory. He is seen at a stone table mixing chemicals together, and he is wearing a scientist outfit. Papers and a dead plant are on the table.

“Hello?” Porky greeted, distracting Gideon.

Gideon’s chemical mixing then goes awry, as it creates a skeleton head gas. Gideon looks at them frustrated and annoyed. The skeleton head then floats right to Branton Jack, Dorky and Porky, as they cough. Gideon then grabs an ax from under the stone table, ready to kill them with it.

“Hi there, we’re door to door salesmen! We have some wonderful new products!” Branton Jack greeted.

Gideon walks closer to them, still holding the ax.

“Here’s some examples of our products: A fresh orange from Luncheon? This potion that makes you plant resistant? This old sapphire stone? Or...even this lint...oh wait, that might just be a dust bunny, either way, it’s valuable...probably!” Branton Jack said awkwardly, digging around in their bag of products, struggling to offer much due to them selling most of their stuff earlier.

“You know, I just realized we pretty much sold off most of our valuable loot today...” Diggy whispered awkwardly.

“Ohoho, I got it now! How about this nice, lovely velvet bag?” Branton Jack offered, showing the bag containing Audrey’s baby teeth, holding it up.

Gideon is not amused, as he moves his ax around, ready to strike Branton Jack with it. Branton Jack isn’t sure how to respond, as Diggy and Porky are a bit worried.

“...Did I mention it contains the wind guardian Audrey’s teeth?” Branton Jack added.

Upon hearing “Audrey”, this startles Gideon, and causes him to drop his ax to the ground.

“...Please, let’s go into the parlor, where we can be...more comfortable.” Gideon said ominously.

In another part of the ziggurat, Gideon is seen in a fancy brown and gold chair, sitting in front of a fancy table. Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are in their own unique chairs, sitting around the table.

“Nice decor you got here. I see you’re a collector like us, kind of.” Diggy said, observing around at several strange artifacts Gideon has gathered in the room.

“You’re sure these are Audrey’s teeth?” Gideon asked, looking at the bag.

“Yes!” Diggy replied.

“The same Audrey who serves Queen Elana and is one of the guardians of Karmania, whom obstruct my plans and plague my thoughts?” Gideon asked.

“...Yes!” Diggy replied calmly.

“Audrey Song’s teeth?” Gideon asked again, to be sure.

“Yes!” Diggy replied.

“Okay, can you please stop saying that?” Gideon asked, getting annoyed.

“Yes...oh, sorry.” Diggy replied awkwardly.

“Trust us good sir, we’d never sell false products! That’s a Branton, Diggy and Porky guarantee!” Branton Jack assured, winking.

Gideon takes the baby teeth out of the bag, placing them all in his hand.

“Hey uh, I just realized...does Audrey even know we have her teeth?” Diggy asked to Branton.

“Shh, shh, I’m trying to close a sale here!” Branton Jack replied.

“I hope you accept silver. I can pay you immediately.” Gideon replied.

“Excellent!” Branton Jack replied.

“Yes, my pretties...” Gideon said ominously, dropping the teeth around between both of his hands.

Back at the Bazaar, the heroes are seen in a cafe, resting at a table with some merchandise they purchased.

“This was fun, even if it doesn’t beat shopping in Posidonia.” Cynthia said.

“This place reminds me of the Golden Seahorse a bit, I like it.” Oswald said.

Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky then enter the cafe, who have returned to the kingdom.

“Ahoy there guardians and knights! Meet the salesmen of the year, or decade, or century even! Check out the loot we scored!” Branton Jack bragged, tshowing a silver goblet Gideon gave them as payment.

“What did you sell to get this goblet?” Trent asked curiously.

“Oh you know, a line of smooth talk and pipe dreams. Oh and a set of baby teeth.” Branton Jack explained.

“This goblet appears to be very old...” Zero said curiously, analyzing it.

“See, I told you guys those would go to someone who needs them.” Audrey said, smiling.

“It amazes me how fast products trade in this world. This world has quite the economy.” Oswald said.

“I am curious who would’ve bought those baby teeth so quickly though...”  Jake said, feeling unsure.

“I dunno, what possible usage could someone have for a set of baby teeth? Unless he was a sorcerer or mad scientist or something. ...He wasn’t a mad scientist, was he?” Nick asked to the three.

“Uhh...” Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky were saying awkwardly.

“Oh boy...” Audrey said, sighing.

Suddenly, a noise is heard from outside the cafe. Several small silver teeth monsters jump through the windows.

“...I’m out on my lunch break.” the one cafe worker inside said, as he hangs up his apron and awkwardly leaves.

“What the heck are these things!?” Trent asked.

The heroes all power up, as Oswald looks at this nervous and terrified.

“My scanners indicate that these creatures are made of baby teeth and silver.” Zero said.

“So mad scientist it was then.” Nick said to the salesmen.

“...Oops, my bad.” Branton Jack said awkwardly.

The silver teeth creatures charge forward, taking the heroes’ attacks, as they turn the cafe into a mess. They jump onto the heroes and begin to bite them.

“Eww, get off!” Roxy yelled, sending a pink animal blast that sends one flying into a table.

The heroes keep attacking the creatures, but they are unable to damage the silver material they are made of, as they keep jumping around and make a mess.

“You guys really need to watch who you sell stuff to in the future!” Audrey said to the salesmen, as she tries to blow the teeth creatures away.

“Wait, these creatures are made of teeth...I know how to defeat them! First step: Audrey, do you have any paint?” Oswald asked.

“Of course, at all times.” Audrey said, holding out some bottles.

“Douse the creatures with it to blind them and weaken their bodies.” Oswald noted.

Audrey does so, as she throws her paint bottles into the air. She spins them around wit a tornado gust, and opens them up with the wind. They spray paint everywhere, getting over the cafe and teeth creatures, weakening them.

“Now for the last step, we need to smash them apart with something hard.” Oswald explained.

“I may have just the thing, mateys! I got you into this mess, so I can fix it! Would anyone care for some silver hammers?” Branton Jack said, holding two up.

“I’ll take one!” Audrey said.

“Me too!” Oswald said.

“I’d also like one!” Jake said, as the teeth creatures crawl over his armor, and he tries to get them off.

“Make that all of us!” Skipper added, trying to swat away a blinded teeth creature with his sword.

Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky throw what silver hammers they have to the heroes and Oswald. Oswald and Audrey look at each other, nodding. They then smash the hammers onto the creatures, as they crack apart. They then disintegrate into nothing.

“These baby smashing hammers are great!” Nick said, smashing another creature with the hammer, as Branton Jack gives a thumbs up.

Eventually, all of the teeth creatures are smashed to pieces by the heroes. Audrey and Oswald destroy the last two together. The heroes then power down. Gideon is seen sitting on top of a tree nearby, looking through a silver telescope which he placed up there. He is in his silver and maroon outfit again, and sees the cafe through the telescope.

"Well, that was...quite the experience. I am proud of you Audrey, I am happy to see what kind of person you've grown up to be." Oswald said to her.

"Now you get an idea of what your granddaughter and us are up to regularly." Skipper said.

"Great job, Audrey, Oswald and Branton. Your passions all came through to help us today." Jake realized.

"Indeed, who would've thought my dental knowledge would be useful against monsters?" Oswald asked, as Audrey and him laugh.

Nick then pays Branton the necessary Keso coins for the hammers.

“Aww, you didn’t have to, but I appreciate the sentiment! Sorry we caused such a mess. It’s very bad for business.” Branton Jack said.

“Don’t worry, these were literally nothing compared to some of our other enemies.” Audrey said.

“Outside of a few annoying bite marks.” Tori said.

“Welp, time to call it a day. May the money be with you.” Diggy said.

“...Now THAT is the perfect slogan for our business! May the money be with you...I like it. Anyways, I can’t wait to make more great sales with you all again tomorrow!” Branton Jack said eagerly.

“...We’re not doing this again.” Jake and Audrey both said at once.

“Oh...” Diggy said sadly.

“Yeah, sorry, but I wouldn't anything to do with your salesmen shenanigans after that.” Cynthia said.

“That’s fair!” Porky replied, as they leave the cafe.

“Before you leave grandpa, we have a lot of stories for you about our adventures to hear back home...” Audrey said to him.

"I'd be delighted to hear!" Oswald said.

Gideon sees through the telescope that Branton Jack, Diggy and Porky are leaving the cafe, and that the heroes are unharmed.

“Hmm...in retrospect, the attack would’ve worked much better had they not been baby teeth...” Gideon said awkwardly, coughing, as he sits back.

The cafe worker then walks by and looks up, seeing Gideon sitting in the tree.

“Hey dude, have you just been chilling in that tree?” the worker asked.

“...Yes, I have.” Gideon replied.

“Cool.” the worker replied, and keeps walking, sipping coffee.


-Character Debuts: Oswald

-We finally meet Audrey’s grandfather, Oswald, who was first mentioned in “Zero Divided By One”.

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A great episode. I forgot you were planning to introduce Audrey's grandfather, and I must say that I enjoyed his presence. Audrey and Oswald have a nice grandfather-granddaughter camaraderie. The teeth monsters stuff made for some lulzy reading, but this show has definitely seen weirder 😛. Nice job!

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121. Princess Meritel

The heroes are seen walking with Meritel and Elana through Rainbow Forest, looking for any signs of suspicious activity. They all stop in front of a large, beautiful rainbow lake.

“This lake is pretty. I should try drawing this, if only I had brought my art supplies.” Audrey said, seeing the rainbow colors.

“It is a very nice lake. In fact, it reminds me of a lake I saw a long time ago, back when Central Karmania was a much different place...” Meritel reminisced, looking at her reflection in the water, having regretful thoughts.

“Is that water drinkable?” Nick asked curiously.

“I...would advise against drinking that water.” Elana replied.

“What, would it turn us into monsters or something? I sure hope not.” Nick asked, as they laugh at this, except for Meritel. 

“I see she’s a tough one to please with jokes.” Cynthia said.

“Oh...I did not know it was a joke.” Meritel replied awkwardly, trying to ignore it.

“Anyways...we’ve been out on this nature search for like thirty minutes, and there’s still no sign of any weird monsters like that honey bear or those teeth creatures.” Tori said.

“Yeah, I don’t think we’re going to find the source of whatever’s been causing problems in Karmania lately out here.” Jake realized.

“Wherever the recent monster attacks originated from, they must have been coordinated in a faraway kingdom.” Zero hypothesized. 

“So we’re basically back to square one.” Trent said.

“Probably, but we can rest for now. This area is nice.” Elana said, looking around at the lake and forest surrounding them.

“Yeah, this place is so relaxing.” Roxy said, feeling the nature and fairy animals around.

The gang then decides to relax in front of the lake, taking a break. Diggy then approaches the lake in hiking gear, holding the silver goblet he got from Gideon. He puts it into the rainbow water, and takes a sip from the goblet.

“Hey Diggy, I don’t think you should be drinking that-” Jake was saying.

“Wow, this rainbow water is GREAT! We could turn these into popular Karmanian drinks...” Diggy pondered, looking at the rainbow water in his goblet.

“Well if he likes it, it must be good.” Madison said sarcastically.

Meritel then looks at the silver goblet Diggy is holding curiously.

“Mole creature named Diggy, that goblet you have...may I see it?” Meritel asked.

“Ah, I see I already have my first customer for our rainbow water! Sure, knock yourself out.” Diggy said, as he walks over and hands Meritel the silver goblet.

“Where did you get this?” Meritel asked.

“It’s a valuable prize we received yesterday when Branton, Porky and I were doing our salesmen jobs.” Diggy explained.

“This goblet reminds me of a cup my brother used to have, long ago...” Meritel said.

“You mean Gideon, right? You’ve never talked about my uncle before.” Elana realized.

“Do tell.” Cynthia said, curious.

“I don’t know. Families are tricky. You might know what I mean, right?” Meritel asked.

“I sure do.” Madison replied.

“We have to go back aways. Back when I was around your ages...”  Meritel was saying.

Meritel stares at the silver goblet, and goes deep in thought. She begins to have a flashback to when she was a young girl, decades ago...

The young Meritel is seen wandering through an old village, close to an older incarnation of the Central Karmania castle nearby. Several old versions of the soldiers are walking around.

“Hello there, Princess Meritel!” a villager greeted to her, standing outside his store, as Meritel happily waves back to him.

“Hello, shop keeper!” Meritel replied back to him.

As Meritel keeps walking, she hears a cry for help. 

“Help, thieves, somebody!” the voice yelled.

She runs forward, and sees a villager being robbed by three bandit beasts, who are chameleons. They hiss, as they run off toward Western Karmania with the stolen goods.

“I’ll get your stuff back, sir!” Meritel said to the villager, as she helps him off the ground.

“Thank you young princess!” the villager replied, as Meritel chases after the bandits.

Meritel looks at the Western Karmania desert ahead a bit nervous, but faces her fear and sets foot into the kingdom. She looks around through the desert for the bandits, as she tries to follow their footsteps left behind in the sand. One of the bandit chameleons is blending in with the sand nearby. It then jumps out of hiding to attack Meritel.

“Girls like you shouldn’t be out in the desert!” the chameleon bandit hissed, holding two daggers, slashing them through the air.

The remaining two bandits jump out of the sand, cornering Meritel as well.

“You’d attack a lone, innocent girl? You bandits are awful people!” Meritel said, as they hiss.

Before the three can attack, Meritel holds out the Stone of Light. The bandits look at it curiously.

“That would sell for a high price! Give it!” one of the chameleon bandits said, charging to her.

Meritel makes the Stone of Light form a shield around her, protecting her from the bandits, as they slam right into it. 

“Nice try, but this artifact was crafted to protect the princesses of Central Karmania!” Meritel bragged to the bandits, as they get up irritated.

Meritel then makes the shield around her go away. She activates the stone’s power again and throws it like a boomerang. It hits the three bandits in their heads, knocking them out, as they collapse into the sand. The stone returns right to her hand, as she laughs at the knocked out bandits. She then picks up the stolen goods, and heads back to Central Karmania, delivering them to the villager.

“Thank you, princess! Here, take some of my money!” the villager said, offering her Keso coins.

“No thanks, seeing my people happy is the only reward I need.” Meritel replied.

“You’d make a great ruler someday, princess! Take care!” the villager replied to her, as he heads back to his home.

Hearing this makes Meritel happy, as she heads up to the castle. Nearby, she sees a warthog beast being interrogated by several soldiers, who looks scared. Meritel feels bad for the beast, but she keeps walking to the castle entrance. A younger Orion then bumps into her.

“Oops, my-my bad, m’lady!” Orion apologized to her nervously, as he blushes.

“I think you should be on your way now.” Meritel replied.

“Yes ma’am!” Orion replied, as he runs off.

Meritel looks at him in the distance, smiling. She walks to the entrance, as the guards let her pass. She enters inside the throne room, seeing her parents. Her mother is wearing the queen outfit, and her father is by her side, in a king outfit.

“Meritel, my precious daughter, welcome back! What were you up to?” Meritel’s mother asked.

“I helped a villager get his goods back from some nasty chameleon bandits. The Stone of Light protected me, so don’t worry, I’m not helpless.” Meritel explained.

“I’m glad you’re safe daughter, but be more careful out there. There’s so many evil beasts that could hurt you!” Meritel’s father said.

“Yes, that stone can’t protect you from every monster. Still though, that stone is quite the mystical item. The fact it survived being thrown into a volcano by your great grandfather, it truly is a strong artifact...” Meritel’s mother said curiously.

“Speaking of beasts, I noticed this one outside the castle was kind of unfairly being interrogated. I don’t think that one was bad.” Meritel said to them.

“Don’t pay those beasts any mind, they are all evil, horrible creatures! We shouldn’t even allow them in our kingdom...” Meritel’s father warned.

“But not all of them are bad, I can feel it. A lot of them are probably just misguided or corrupted.” Meritel replied.

“I admire you for trying to see decency in those savages, but some are too far gone. As you know, your great grandmother did not have a great experience with them. A savage group tried to declare war on Central Karmania long ago and took away her husband. She struck back with much force against that group, sending them away. It’s why she pushed for strict moderation on the beasts in our domain, and why I have continued that legacy of hers.” Meritel’s mother explained.

“What happened back then was awful, but not all beasts can be like that. Maybe we could be more understanding to some of them. I’m sure there’s good ones out there who would be willing to serve the kingdom.” Meritel said.

“Hmm, a lot of them can be untrustworthy. Your brother Gideon also agrees that they are not worth being respected, and only views them as tools for war.” Meritel’s father said, making Meritel concerned.

“Speaking of family, darling, you should spend more time with your brother Gideon. You rarely ever speak to him.” Meritel’s mother insisted.

“...I don’t know. Gideon and I have...a weird relationship. We’re not really close, we never were. Maybe it’s because he’s older than me and is always working on...whatever he does in the plains. I don’t know how to feel about him.” Meritel replied, unsure how to feel.

“That’s why you should try to fix that! As a future queen, it is important to know your family and allies well. Speaking of which, your father and I will be taking a royal trip to Brighton. While we’re gone, we’ve arranged for you to spend a few days with your brother at his forest camp. This will be the perfect bonding experience for you two, and this is not up for debate.” Meritel’s mother explained.

Meritel isn’t particularly happy to hear this, but accepts it anyways.

“...Fine, I guess.” Meritel replied, shrugging.

“Your Aunt Dolly and Cousin Cecil will also be there for you to spend time with. Be nice to them.” Meritel’s father added.

“Cousin Cecil is kind of funny I guess, and Aunt Dolly is sweet. Okay, I’ll try to get along with them.” Meritel replied.

A royal chariot rides beyond the castle area, heading into the plains in the distance. Meritel looks out from the chariot at the plains, as she sees a few beasts hard at work in the fields, wearing prison shackles. The chariot stops in front of an old, run down log cabin with a camp set outside of it. Gideon, Dolly and Cecil are waiting for them, waving to Meritel and her parents. Gideon is wearing a tan work shirt and brown pants, with a silver cape around him. Dolly and Cecil are also wearing similar attire. Meritel gets out of the chariot, greeting the three.

“Hey everyone, I’ll be with you for a few days.” Meritel greeted.

“Oh, that’s lovely! It’s always a pleasure to be with you, dear!” Aunt Dolly said happily.

“Hello, princess sister. Welcome to my humble forest, or work site, as I prefer to identify it as.” Gideon said.

“You have such a way for words, which is what I expect for the prince!” Meritel’s father laughed.

“Cecil, you got a lot taller since the last time we met.” Meritel realized, approaching him.

“Naturally, I am a gentleman of high standing.” Cecil joked.

“Oh Cousin Cecil!” Meritel said, laughing.

“Before we depart, here’s a gift you can give your brother. It might help.” Meritel’s mother said to her, handing her a “World’s Greatest Brother” cup.

Meritel then shows the cup to Gideon, who looks at it admirably.

“Why thank you, sister. Ah yes, I’m a great brother, the cup proclaims it so!” Gideon said, fascinated.

“See, you two can talk! These next three days will be the most interaction you’ve had in the past few years!” Meritel’s father said, chuckling.

“We’ll be back soon! Get along you two!” Meritel’s mother said, as the chariot rides off to Brighton.

Meritel, Gideon, Dolly and Cecil wave to the chariot, as it heads off. Meritel tries to head into the cabin, but Gideon stops her.

“My apologies sister, but this cabin is not suitable for living in, hence the campsite we have set up. We will fix it up, but for now you will have to sleep outside.” Gideon explained.

“That’s okay, I like the outdoors anyways. The trees around here are lovely, would be a shame if they were taken away. They really make this place stand out on its own.” Meritel noticed.

Meritel then looks to see some of the beast workers hard at work in the plains, and are tired out.

“Those beasts seem like they could use a break...” Meritel said, concerned.

“Do not concern yourself about them, sister. The Karmanian beasts are only tools to be used by others, nothing more. They could have chosen lives of treachery, but I spared them by allowing them to work for me. We are royalty, they are not worth our time! Hey, get back to work you monsters!” Gideon said coldly.

He yells at the beast workers, as they immediately get back to work, scared of Gideon. Meritel feels bad for the beasts.

“What exactly do you do out here, anyways?” Meritel asked Gideon.

“We’re working to expand the kingdom into these plains, but of course we can’t do it alone. The beasts do all the tedious tasks for us, while we handle the important, adult matters. I have big plans for this area...” Gideon said cryptically.

“Can I help?” Meritel asked.

“Of course, sister! Our next plan was to renovate this old, dusty log cabin. We also need to water the flora in these plains.” Gideon explained, looking at the old trees.

Meritel, Gideon, Dolly and Cecil get to work. They try to fix up the cabin, and then start to water the trees and plants nearby. As Gideon is watering the fields, he stops and feels against a golden tree in the heart of the group of trees. He then looks at the cabin, and gets an idea. Later at night, Gideon uses his ax to cut at the golden tree, and he chops it down. He then chops down the rest of the trees in the area, showing all stumps.  The next morning, Meritel gets out of her tent and walks to the plains. She sees all the tree stumps, including the golden stump in the middle of the former forest. 

“...What? What? Whaaaat!?” Meritel yelled, confused.

Gideon is seen riding on a yak creature, which is pulling a wagon from behind with lots of bags inside of it. He stops it in front of Meritel.

“Morning, sister.” Gideon greeted.

“Brother, all the trees and plants are gone!” Meritel said, confused.

“I know. I chopped them all down last night, especially that magnificent golden one!” Gideon explained, as Meritel isn’t sure how to feel about him trying to change Central Karmania like this.

She is seen on the back of the wagon, as the yak creature keeps walking to pull the wagon.

“Yesterday, I came to the realization that those trees weren’t being used to their full potential. So I elected to renovate that broken old cabin into something beautiful with our surroundings.” Gideon explained.

He takes her back to the log cabin, which is now made of gold and wood from the other trees. Dolly and Cecil are putting the finishing touches on it, as they hammer in the roof. 

“This is the first step of building my glorious new kingdom. I’ve already crafted the plans for it.” Gideon explained, showing Meritel a paper with his kingdom plans. 

“This area will be apartments! And did you notice the family crest I designed? It’s a G, for...uh, gold.” Gideon said, as the family crest shows Gideon’s face inside of the G.

“...Why does it look like your head? And that color is silver, not gold.” Meritel asked curiously.

“Hahaha, you’re adorable, sister! We’re a lifestyle brand now!” Gideon replied, as he grabs one of the bags from the cart.

He opens it, and out of it falls multiple silver goblets and hats, all with his “G” crest logo on them. Later at night, Meritel sneaks out of the gold log cabin. Meritel holds out a potion and forms a light ball in her right hand. She throws both out into the plain, as both  collide together. They explode and create a golden lake of water form in the circular area.

“Success! Now instead of worrying about his dumb kingdom, brother can come to this lake to picnic, swim and fish with the family!” Meritel said happily.

Meritel then sees a fish prisoner nearby, picking at the ground. She burns open his prisoner chains, surprising him.

“Thank you, princess!” the fish creature said, surprised.

“You look hurt. I’ll help fix you up.” Meritel said.

Inside the golden log cabin, the fish creature is sitting at the kitchen table. Meritel is putting bandages and medicine over his body, helping him feel better. 

“Sister! What have you done to my building site!?” Gideon asked angrily, holding the “World’s Greatest Brother” cup, as he stands at the entrance.

“I made a light lake for us, and I’ll put this fish dude in it!” Meritel said, as the fish beast stands up happily, feeling better.

“But that’s where my gift shop was going to go! Now it’s just going to be nothing but water ball, and seafood!” Gideon ranted.

“Sounds great!” the fish said.

“Did you say you freed this creature? One of my...workers that kindly works for free?” Gideon asked.

“Come on, you’ll appreciate him more when you see him swim around.” Meritel replied, taking the fish creature to the light lake.

The fish creature jumps into the light lake, as he happily swims around it. Gideon sees this from the cabin window, annoyed and jealous of Meritel.

“Sister, you’ve micromanaged me for the last time...” Gideon said ominously.

He then throws the “World’s Greatest Brother” cup onto the ground, smashing its pieces all over the floor. 

Gideon looks out the window again, to see one of the prisoner beasts, which nervously looks away from Gideon.

“Hmm...I think it’s time for my sister to be...rebranded.” Gideon said ominously, hatching a plan.

Gideon, Meritel, Dolly and Cecil are at the dinner table.

“Sister, now that I’ve had time to stare at it, I have to admit your lake was a very good idea...” Gideon said to her.

“Yeah, a good idea!” Dolly added.

“Very good!” Cecil added.

“Aw, I’m so happy!” Meritel replied.

“We got you a gift to say thanks, princess sister. It’s right outside!” Gideon said happily, raising his silver goblet.

He takes her outside, showing her the yak creature he used for the wagon.

“You’re giving me your creature?” Meritel asked curiously.

“Yes, ride it to your heart’s content through these great open plains! Have fun!” Gideon said to her.

“Wait, I-” Meritel was saying.

“Alright you nut, have fun on your ride!” Cecil said, putting Meritel onto the yak’s back.

Cecil then kicks the yak, as it goes running through the plains. Meritel barely hangs on, as she tries to control the creature.

“...What a naive little child.” Gideon said ominously, as him, Dolly and Cecil have evil looks on their faces.

Later that night, Meritel and the yak return to the gold log cabin. The yak lets her off, as she heads inside of the cabin.

“I’m back from that terrible ride...” Meritel said, annoyed, and looks around the dark cabin. “Hello?”

She then sees a secret door under the stairs was slightly left open, so she peeps inside of it. She sees below that Gideon, Dolly and Cecil are in a secret room. The fish creature she saved earlier is also in the room, tied up on a table nearby.

“Thank you for coming to the mandatory optimization meeting. Tonight, we address “The Meritel Problem”.” Gideon said to Cecil and Dolly, showing a scroll with “Meritel: Bad Sister, Bad Lake, Bad Vibes” written on it.

“Meritel problem...” Meritel whispered to herself, eavesdropping in on their plan.

“Our future kingdom is on course to be a success, barring one obstacle: Our complete lack of competent leadership, since sister feels she rules my land now.” Gideon said.

“Meritel’s our leader? I thought she was just along for the ride.” Cecil joked.

“Oh Cousin Cecil!” Gideon and Dolly said at once.

“Dang, that hurt Cecil...” Meritel said sadly, still listening in.

“I have formulated a “monster juice” that will render her a docile and simpleminded Karmanian beast. “ Gideon explained, as Meritel gasps.

“All we have to do is sprinkle some of it in her breakfast, and we’ll be in charge!” Gideon explained.

Dolly and Cecil both clap.

“Let us celebrate with coup d'état muffins.” Gideon said, holding out a tray of three silver muffins, as he brings the tray to the two.

Cecil grabs the muffin on the left, and takes a bite of it. He then chokes upon realizing the monster serum is inside of it.

“POISON MUFFIN!” Cecil yelled, dropping the muffin.

A magic smoke covers him, as he then transforms into Gelatos.

“Hey! Where am I?” Gelatos asked, looking around at the room.

Dolly looks at this blankly and uncaringly. She then takes a bite of her muffin, and realizes it also has the monster serum in it.

“Oh right, the poison.” Dolly realized awkwardly.

The magic smoke also covers her, transforming her into Batty.

“Uhh, I don’t know what’s happening!” Batty said, flapping their wings.

“Wee! Wee!” Gelatos and Batty yell, as they circle around Gideon happily.

“Ah, my first monster employees!” Gideon said, content.

“Brother, what have you done!? This isn’t how it was supposed to be!” Meritel asked, as she jumps down into the room, confronting Gideon.

“No, you wanted us to be lowly pet fish, swimming in your narcissistic pond! But I...am your equal.” Gideon said ominously, as Gelatos and Batty keep happily circling around him.

“You’re not like me or our parents, brother! You’re bad!” Meritel said.

“I am the future.” Gideon said evilly, holding out the magic potion bottle to turn Meritel into a Karmaian beast.

Meritel then backs up against the wall, scared.

“Come on sister, don’t run away from happiness. I’m going to fix you. And then, I’m going to fix your sniveling, naive parents too!” Gideon revealed.

“You won’t hurt our parents!” Meritel said, as she holds out the Stone of Light.

“Hah, a magic rock?” Gideon mocked, unthreatened by the stone.

Meritel then throws the Stone of Light at Gideon’s potion bottle. It causes it to crack, and the magic liquid inside splashes all over Gideon’s body.

“The juice...NOOOO!” Gideon yelled, as magic dust covers his body, and he begins to melt into a liquid pool in the ground.

Out of the magic smoke, Gideon then transforms into Boboo, holding his bubble wand.

“Uhuhuh, who wants to see me blow some bubbles!?” Boboo asked happily, blowing bubbles across the room with his wand.

Boboo happily dances with Gelatos and Batty. Meritel then frees the fish creature again, as he too is happy. Meritel looks at Boboo/Gideon, Gelatos/Cecil and Batty/Dolly upset, knowing some of her family have been transformed into monsters, and they have no memory of her anymore.

“What a mess. But yet...they do seem happier now. Hey, gelatin guy! Dance for me!” Meritel said, yelling to Gelatos.

“Come on lady, do the Gelatos dance!” Gelatos bragged happily, as he dances.

“Oh Gelatos, sure, I’ll dance with my...people. Yes, my people indeed. I think you monsters are good people deep down, despite what my ancestors may think about you all.” Meritel said.

“Yaaay for the lady!” Gelatos cheered.

“Call me princess. Princess Meritel.” Meritel said happily to the three monsters.

“Hurrah!” Boboo, Gelatos and Batty cheered for her, as confetti shoots into the air.

“...I’ll have to keep this a secret. My parents and the rest of the family can never know what occurred here...” Meritel said ominously, pondering what to do.

Meritel leaves the gold log cabin with Boboo, Gelatos and Batty. She sends the three on their way, as they happily run off through the rest of Central Karmania to explore it. Meritel’s story ends, as she is shown still looking at the silver goblet back in the present.

“...For real?” Elana asked her, surprised by Meritel’s story, as are all of the heroes.

“Indeed, families are tricky.” Meritel said.

Meritel then looks inside the silver goblet to see Gideon’s face imprinted at the bottom, in the G logo crest. Meritel then gasps and drops the goblet, as it rolls across the ground.

“...Diggy, where did you get this cup from?” Meritel asked nervously.

“Oh, it was from that guy. The guy on the cup, the guy whose face is on the cup, that guy...” Diggy was saying, as the goblet stops rolling and shows Gideon’s logo crest on the inside.


-Character Debuts: Aunt Dolly and Cousin Cecil 

-We learn more about why Elana’s great grandmother hated the Karmanian beasts, first alluded to in “Spirit of the Tiger”.

-The Stone of Light (from Season 1) reappears in Meritel’s flashback.


It is revealed that Gideon, Dolly and Cecil were transformed into Boboo, Batty and Gelatos, and had been trapped as them this whole time.
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Great episode. I liked the exploration into Meritel's past and seeing how her/Elana's family history played out to present day. The reveal that Gideon, Dolly, and Cecil are Boboo, Batty, and Gelatos was interesting, as was seeing the stone of light again in the flashback. 

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122. Eighteen

The Central Karmania castle is shown at night. Inside of it, many games and birthday party decorations have been set up by the soldiers for Madison’s birthday party. Elana, Meritel, Orion, Luna, Argros, Vinerox and Steele are seen inside as guests. Madison and the rest of the heroes then enter through the castle doors. Madison is wearing the gold necklace Mai gave her for her birthday last year.

“Happy birthday Madison!” the soldiers and guests inside the castle all said to Madison, cheering for her.

“I’m finally an adult, wow. I can do so much now. I already had a birthday party back home for friends and family, but now we get to have a party with our magical allies. So I basically have two birthday parties for my eighteenth, which is kind of cool.” Madison said.

“I wish I had two birthday parties when I turned eighteen...” Nick sighed.

“I hope you enjoy this party too. Here’s a royal present from me and my family.” Elana said to her, handing Madison a royal gold bracelet.

“Thanks! It’s great having a second party with our magical friends. Well...some of our friends. Mostly a bunch of soldiers.” Madison said awkwardly, looking around at the room.

“...Yeah, sorry about that. The kingdom is in full lockdown until we can sort out the rumors about my uncle Gideon.” Elana explained.

Meritel then looks at the silver goblet, seeing Gideon’s crest logo inside of it again.

“My brother has been gone for years, but we should stay vigilant.” Meritel added.

“Don’t worry, Elana and Meritel. Now that I’m eighteen, I’m feeling ready for anything. Feels like I’m really hitting my stride, you know?” Madison replied.

“Enjoy it while it lasts lass, trust me, adulthood eventually becomes un-fun, as I learned the hard way.” Flinn said bitterly.

“I’ll savor it while it’s good, however long that lists.” Madison replied.

“So who had the best birthday present so far, in your opinion?” Roxy asked her.

“I don’t have a “best present”, all of yours were good, honestly. Jake’s family picture, Trent’s drawing of me, Audrey’s clay sculpture of the heart, Zero’s electronic watch, Nick’s...weird magical yoyo, Skipper’s demon enchanted basket of fruit, Flinn’s Ottelia luck charm, Roxy’s seahorse scented perfume, Cynthia’s fancy shirt...they are all good. Though I’d like to know where Tori’s gift is...” Madison wondered.

“Where even are Cynthia and Tori anyways?” Audrey wondered.

“Tori is probably getting her last minute present, knowing her.” Roxy said.

Vinerox, Argros, Luna and Steele then approach Madison, ready to give her their presents.

“Hey, I got you a rare plant. I think it might be poisonous, I dunno. Consider it symbolic or something.” Vinerox said, handing her a black rose.

“...Thanks?” Madison replied weirdly.

“Hey Mrs. Madison, I got you this metal rock from Ironos. Thought it was cool.” Argros said, giving her a shining silver rock.

“It’s pretty, thanks.” Madison replied.

“Hey, Madison! I...didn’t get you anything!” Steele said awkwardly.

“That’s okay, I’m not really greedy for gifts.” Madison replied.

“I got you a present too. It has a lot of metaphorical significance. Here you go, heart keeper.” Luna said, handing Madison a purple magical present box.

“It’s beautifully wrapped. I wonder what it is...” Madison wondered.

“It’s the liver of a steel beetle. They are good for health elixirs.” Luna said happily.

“Oh, cool. I don’t have one of those.” Madison replied.

“You sure know where to get fancy gifts.” Nick said to Luna.

Suddenly, a mysterious sound is heard outside, with something headed right for the castle doors.

“What’s that sound?” Madison asked.

“I hope that’s not zombies...” Trent said, as some of them listen closely to the entrance doors for what’s outside.

“It sounds like hooves...” Audrey said, listening closely.

“Hopefully not zombie horses...” Trent said, worried.

“I thought you conquered your fear of zombies.” Zero said to Trent.

“I did, but I also don’t want to deal with them on Maddie’s birthday, it gives me anxiety...” Trent replied.

“I hope it’s not more of those annoying robots, I was living a great life not having to worry about those buckets of bolts anymore!” Steele said, speculating what it could be.

The door then bursts open, due to a blue angel figure riding on a blue, metal horse, sending the gang falling onto the ground. The angel stops in their tracks. The blue angel figure is tall, sparking electricity through their body, and has several dotted holes across their blue face, making a “helmet” of sorts. They have two blue angel wings on their back.

“...You’re blue.” Madison realized, looking up at the angel figure.

“I’m the Blue Angel. And before you ask, yes, of course I brought you a birthday present. It’s this battle ax.” The Blue Angel introduced, masking a feminine voice. They hold up a blue, electric battle ax in their left arm.

“That’s a cool ax.” Trent said, impressed.

“It is, but I don’t really use weapons. After all, I’ve got guardian powers and all. But that is a nice ax, could be useful for future battles and stuff...” Madison pondered.

“...But only if you play me a game.” The Blue Angel offered.

“What’s the game?” Madison asked.

“Oh, it’s called “All you have to do is strike me with it and it is yours”.” The Blue Angel explained.

“Hmm...” Madison pondered, as the soldiers are also confused.

“There’s something I don’t like about whoever this is...” Jake said, unsure.

"Anyone who makes uncreative game names like those is definitely suspicious." Nick said.

“I can’t ax some random mysterious stranger. Wait a minute, Cynthia and Tori are still gone...” Madison realized, looking around for the two, but still not seeing them inside. “I know what’s going on here!”

“No...I don’t think you do.” Meritel replied concerned.

“Relax, Cynthia and Tori have always played pranks at my birthday parties in the past, and me turning eighteen is the perfect time for them to do one again! It’s so obvious!” Madison said.

“Yes, of course, one of Cynthia and Tori’s classic pranks! That’s as good of an explanation as any.” Elana said, shrugging, unsure.

“Okay, I’m in!” Madison agreed to The Blue Angel’s challenge.

The Blue Angel then hops off the horse, standing tall. She then drops her blue ax, as Madison catches it. The Blue Angel then lowers her body, ready to be struck by the ax.

“May your aim be steady.” The Blue Angel said ominously to Madison.

“Haha, sure thing...Cynthia and Tori!” Madison said happily.

Madison then strikes the ax right at The Blue Angel’s neck, cutting off her head, and blue electric juice falls onto the ground.

“I win!” Madison said, as the soldiers and guests cheer.

“Eww...” Roxy said.

Cynthia and Tori then walk into the room, holding presents, and confused by what’s going on.

“Happy birthday...again!” Cynthia said, as her and Tori are holding present boxes. 

“Well this sure is a morbid sight to walk into.” Tori said, seeing The Blue Angel’s severed head on the ground.

“Cynthia and Tori...when did you...whose head did I...are you two pranking me?” Madison asked.

“What? No, my prank was this fake-out plant gift.” Cynthia said, as she makes the present box’s vines unwrap and turns it into a small thorn. “Eh? I’m getting too old for complicated pranks anyways.”

“And my present is actually this water pearl I got from the Bazaar place, since I couldn’t think of an actual good gift to give you back home. But I think this will make up for it.” Tori said, handing it to her.

“Aw, thanks. It’s pretty. But uh...” Madison said, looking unsurely at The Blue Angel.

The Blue Angel then grabs her blue head from the ground, and puts it back onto her neck.

“What’s this weirdo’s deal?” Cynthia asked, seeing The Blue Angel.

“That’s what we’re going to find out.” Madison replied.

The Blue Angel then looks to the right, cracking her head, and ready to attack.

“Oh, nuh uh! Guards, surround that angel, and be on the lookout for anything else strange!” Elana ordered.

The soldiers do so, as they all surround The Blue Angel. 

“Surrender please!” a soldier asked nicely.

The Blue Angel then makes blue, electrical vines grow out of their body, ready to strike the soldiers with them.

“Queen Elana, is that strange?” another soldier asked her.

“Yes!” Elana replied, concerned.

“I did good!” the soldier replied happily.

The Blue Angel then shoots out the blue electric bolts from their body at all of the soldiers, sending them flying across the room. The soldiers go smashing right into the walls and ground, knocking them out.

“Ow...” one moaned.

“I don’t like where this is going!” Orion panicked, as he runs out of the room, yelling.

“My soldiers!” Elana panicked.

“I got this.” Madison promised.

She then holds up the blue ax, and charges forward, ready to attack The Blue Angel. However, the handle then turns into a blue, electric eel, which hisses at her.

“Eel!” Madison said, startled, as the eel slides out of her hands.

It goes slithering back toward The Blue Angel, crawling up her body, and returning to the right hand. It turns back into the blue ax, as The Blue Angel holds it. The guardians and knights then transform, ready to attack The Blue Angel.

“Get them!” Cynthia yelled.

The Blue Angel walks down the steps, as the guardians, knights, Vinerox, Argros and Steele charge toward her. The Blue Angel then makes an invisible shield form around her area however, as Steele smacks right into the invisible shield and falls to the ground. His sword then melts into ash due to the invisible shield’s power.

“Aww...” Steele said sadly, looking at the ashes.

Luna then fires several magical arrows at the invisible shield, but they burn right through it, turning into ashes like Steele’s sword.

“Uh, this dudette might have an invisible shield, but I’m not sure, because it’s invisible.” Luna said.

“Hey, that sounds like something I’d say. We really are soulmates.” Nick noted.

The other heroes try to strike at The Blue Angel, but are blocked by the invisible shield.

“Yup, it be an invisible shield.” Flinn confirmed, seeing a burn mark on his gold sword.

“Doc, do you think you can disable that thing? We have to get Madison out of there.” Jake asked Zero.

“Uhh, I may be experienced at resolving several conundrums, but I would not know how to disable an invisible shield, especially if it is made of magic. Well, actually, I could try this...” Zero said.

Zero then holds out a device, and spins a knob on it. He tries to send out a sound pulse from the device to break the invisible shield, as it creates a sound. However, it does nothing, as the device malfunctions, sparks and breaks.

“Okay, never mind.” Zero sighed.

“At least you tried lad, since I got absolutely nothing.” Flinn said, unsure what to make of this.

“Hahahahahaha! Heh!” The Blue Angel laughed evilly from inside of her invisible shield.

“Okay, let’s talk.” Elana said to him.

“Hahaha! What do you want to talk about?” The Blue Angel asked, as all of the heroes and their allies surround the shield, looking at her curiously.

“Where did you come from? Why are you playing this weird game with Madison?” Elana asked.

“Hahahaha! Hahahahahahaaaa!” The Blue Angel laughed evilly again.

“Welp, looks like she's playing “Mrs. Laughing Silent Mystery Person”, and I know that name probably isn't very good, but it doesn't matter!" Cynthia said.

“Hahahaha!” The Blue Angel kept laughing.

“Game’s over, whoever you are.” Madison said annoyed, walking forward.

“The game isn’t over until I strike you.” The Blue Angel replied, holding up her ax.

“Hmm, let’s come up with a better way to settle this, like reasonable eighteens.” Madison suggested.

“I’m listening.” The Blue Angel replied.

“Well, we’ve got everything set up for party games. How about if I beat you two out of three in them, you have to answer our questions?” Madison offered.

“I don’t think this is a good idea...” Audrey whispered to Madison.

“Fine. And if I win...chop chop.” The Blue Angel replied to Madison, holding up her ax again.

“Deal.” Madison replied.

“Wait, Maddie, I think they’re plotting something...” Elana said concerned.

“It’s fine, I’m eighteen, I’ve hit my stride.” Madison replied, not scared of The Blue Angel.

“Let's not get too arrogant-” Jake was saying.

A button is heard being pressed, as the invisible shield grows larger, covering Madison inside of it, while the rest of the heroes are trapped on the outside. They try to yell to Madison, but she cannot hear them.

“Hey Blue Angel, why are they all mime-y?” Madison asked.

“Eh, just to keep things fair.” The Blue Angel replied.

The heroes keep knocking against the invisible shield in hopes they can get through to Madison.

“I don’t think she can hear us.” Elana realized.

“This is bad, I hope she’s okay in there...” Trent said, worried.

"It doesn't look like this figure wants to harm her, but they definitely have an ulterior m

“Madison’s birthdays are really weird, if this is how they always go every year.” Skipper noted.

“Last year we had to deal with Chamelos robbing food in Karmania during her party, but this is even more bizarre than that...” Zero said, trying to analyze The Blue Angel.

“Hehehe...” The Blue Angel laughed to herself again.

“Okay guy, let’s start with something basic. Like...Coconut Breaker!” Madison said, seeing a game booth where you have to throw balls at five coconuts lined up.

She then grabs the bucket of balls and places them a great distance away from the Coconut Breaker booth. Madison then picks out a ball from the bucket, and shoots it with her lightning powers, making it smash right into the first coconut, exploding it. She then flies up into the air, and throws three other balls, as they successfully knock out three other coconuts, leaving one remaining.

“Yeah, go Madison!” the heroes cheered from behind the invisible shield.

“You got this!” Trent cheered for her.

She then flies down and picks up another ball, ready to break the last coconut. She places it in her left hand, and punches the ball out of it with her right hand in slow motion.

“Boom!” Madison yelled.

While still in slow motion, the ball flies toward the last coconut. However, The Blue Angel’s horse then moves its head toward the flying ball, and lets out a sonic burp at it. This causes the ball’s direction to change and miss the last coconut, upsetting Madison and the heroes.

“Aww, what? You know what, I’ll let you have that one, because I’m an adult today.” Madison said to The Blue Angel, who flies over toward the bucket using her angel wings, and lands on the floor. “Let’s see you try to beat four out of five, huh?”

The other four slots get new coconuts reloaded in their places. The Blue Angel then grabs a ball, and places it into her left hand. She makes her left hand form a blue, electric slingshot, and uses her right hand to pull the ball back. She releases the ball, sending it flying toward the game booth. The ball shoots around like lightning, as it breaks apart all five coconuts successfully. Madison looks at this in disbelief.

“How do you like them coconuts.” The Blue Angel taunted to Madison.

“...I hate those coconuts.” Madison replied, determined to win.

“Something’s wrong...” Elana pondered from behind the invisible shield.

“I know a con when I see one...” Vinerox said.

“Yeah, I swear that looked fake...” Roxy said.

“It was.” Luna revealed, as the heroes all look at her. “I saw it all with my magic vision.”

Luna has a flashback, revealing how she saw The Blue Angel’s tricks. While The Blue Angel is loading the ball into her slingshot, she secretly put a sticky blue substance onto the ball before launching it. As it launches, the ball hits the ground, and a little blue electrical figure is created from the bounce, and a string is attached to the ball as it flies into the air. The figure then swings the ball around using the string, breaking all five coconuts, ending Luna’s flashback.

“Madison is totally getting played.” Luna explained to the heroes.

“But by who, and why?” Jake wondered.

“...Alright, you got a freaky curveball. But can you climb a sticky pole?” Madison asked, seeing a game where two sticky poles are, and flags are at the top of both. “No wings!”

“A sticky pole? It’s hard enough climbing a non-sticky pole!” Steele said.

Madison and The Blue Angel stand in front of each pole.

“Ready?” Madison asked.

The Blue Angel laughs, and then nods to her.

“One two three go!” Madison yelled, as she climbs up the sticky pole.

As Madison climbs, The Blue Angel just stands there, not doing anything.  Madison then makes it to the top and happily grabs the flag. The Blue Angel then claps from below, as Madison looks below at this.

“Madison, you climb so good. I guess you win this round.” The Blue Angel said to her.

“Hmm...” Elana pondered.

“Yay Madison!” Roxy applauded, as the rest of the heroes cheer for her.

“Go Madison! Quick doc, while everyone is distracted, now’s our chance to pick up a great, magical Karmanian cake for Madison!” Nick said to Zero.

“But is Madison going to be okay?” Zero asked.

“She’s got this! She’s eighteen.” Nick replied, as the two head off to grab her cake.

Madison then flies down to the ground in front of The Blue Angel.

“Who’s the girl!? Who’s the eighteen year old girl, or woman now, whatever!? You’ve been a good sport, so I’ll let you choose the tiebreaker.” Madison bragged energetically to The Blue Angel.

“Wait, don’t do it Madison!” Elana and the other heroes yelled from behind the invisible shield.

“This might not be a good idea!” Cynthia also yelled, but Madison cannot hear any of them.

“Very well. Hmm...how about a game of some good old-fashioned arm wrestling?” The Blue Angel asked to Madison, looking at a table with two chairs.

“Arm wrestling, huh? Yeah, sure, why not. I see what you did there. I bet you thought my arms would be weak from climbing that pole, but I’m still in shape, sorry bud.” Madison said, as both seat themselves at the table, on opposing ends. “Here we go.”

The Blue Angel then morphs her electric blade arm into a normal hand, as she grabs onto Madison’s hand.

“Three two one go!” Madison and The Blue Angel yelled at once.

They begin arm wrestling, as Madison is unable to move The Blue Angel’s hand downward. Madison then panics as The Blue Angel begins to slightly move her arm downward, but Madison refuses to let go.

“You can’t tell from my face, but I am smiling triumphantly.” The Blue Angel bragged.

“Noooo! It’s...my...birthday!” Madison yelled, determined to win, and moving The Blue Angel’s arm downward.

“I know. It’s my birthday too.” The Blue Angel replied, as her helmet opens up to reveal Madectrison’s face, who smiles smugly, shocking Madison.

“...Madectrison?” Madison asked surprised, being caught off guard.

Madectrison then makes her arm spark, and grow bigger. She picks up Madison and sends her smashing right into the table, breaking it into pieces.

“No, Madison!” the heroes yelled from behind the barrier.

Madectrison then towers over Madison, who is dazed on the ground. Madectrison forms the blue ax in her hand.

“Haha, finally, I win!” Madectrison bragged, about to finish off Madison with the blue ax.

Suddenly, a buzzing noise is heard from inside the horse, as if a button was pressed.

“Madectrison! We’ve seen enough...” Gideon said from inside the horse’s mouth, stopping her, which disappoints Madectrison.

Gideon then reaches his hand out from the horse’s mouth and presses a button on a remote, turning off the invisible barrier around. The heroes then rush to help Madison up.

“Madison, Madison!” the heroes yelled, rushing to her.

“Are you okay?” Trent asked her.

"Could be better..." Madison said, still feeling dazed.

“Quick, eat this steel beetle’s liver!” Luna said, rushing over and throwing it into Madison’s mouth.

Elana then looks at the odd horse and Madectrison standing near the entrance.

“...What is this?” Elana asked, confused.

Madectrison then picks up the horse disguise, revealing Gideon, Dolly and Cecil were inside of it, controlling it mechanically. This startles everyone, especially Meritel and Elana.

“...It’s a family reunion. Hello my niece, sister and their protectors.” Gideon revealed happily, startling Elana, Meritel and the heroes.

“You...” Elana said.

“...Brother. Aunt Dolly. Cousin Cecil. How are you back!?” Meritel asked, as Aunt Dolly and Cousin Cecil wave to her from inside of the horse.

“Here’s a hint: The mole.” Gideon replied ominously.

“...Diggy.” Meritel realized.

A flashback shows Diggy resetting Karmania at the end of “Hero Heart”, using his Anti-Elemental powers. Boboo, Gelatos and Batty are standing right next to each other, as the elemental wave covers their bodies, turning them back into Gideon, Cecil and Dolly respectively.

“When Diggy reset Karmania, he...reset you.” Meritel realized.

“For decades you kept us imprisoned, sister.” Gideon said angrily

“No, you were happier as monsters!” Meritel argued.

“We thought we were. But don’t worry. It’s your turn to be “happy” now. Get juiced!” Gideon said, holding out a plasma gun, ready to strike Meritel with it.

“Back off, G-wad!” Vinerox said, as him and Argros are ready to attack him.

“Okay, the plant and steel monsters are legitimately scary. Very well. You’ve witnessed our superior technology, and watched your champion crushed. We’ll go...for now.” Gideon said ominously, as Madison is seen throwing up into a bucket.

Madectrison then puts the mechanical horse disguise back on, covering the three. Madectrison then hops on the mechanical horse, as it rides off into the night, and she laughs.

“This is my worst birthday ever...” Madison said sadly.

Suddenly, Nick and Zero are heard chanting the happy birthday song, as they enter the castle foyer, carrying in a special Karmanian birthday cake made for Madison on a wagon.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you-” everyone else was singing.

Diggy then pops out of the cake, wearing a clown outfit.

“Mrs. Madison Landers...or Ampere, whichever you prefer!” Diggy sung, dancing, as Madison looks at this with no real response.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOUUU!!!” the rest finished singing, as Madison keeps looking hurt and sad, thinking about Madectrison.


-Second time Madison celebrates her birthday after “Birthday” in Season 1, and she is now 18.

-Madison wears the gold necklace Mai gave her in “Birthday” again.

-Trent’s fear of zombies from “Night of Fear” is referenced again.

-Diggy’s elemental reset is what brought Gideon, Dolly and Cecil back.

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