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Mystic Guardians

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92. Belly of The Beast

As Beast continues his rampage with Grador’s body, several Neo Federation ships appear through a portal, ready to attack. Vexacus, Morgana and Thorn are on the ground.

“This kingdom looks to be in chaos already, this will be a breeze.” Vexacus said, looking with his binoculars, seeing the destroyed buildings.

They look closer to see the shadow beasts, eyeball creatures, and Beast flying around.

“You were saying?” Morgana asked.

“I was saying, stop acting like an old lady. I don’t fear whatever these monsters are.” Vexacus said, as he walks forward.

Beast then flies down to the ground, surprising the three. He grabs Vexacus with his mouth, and devours him. Thorn and Morgana quickly run away, screaming. 

“There’s the Neo Federation’s attack...I think?” Audrey said, seeing the ships.

Several ships try to attack Beast, but he crushes them with his claws, and blasts fire at the rest, turning them into ash.

“That was anti-climatic.” Tori said.

“Well it’s one less issue for us!” Cynthia said, as they avoid attacks from shadow beasts and floating eyeballs.

Colress, Rook, Brak and Edward see how the attack failed from the distance.

“Oh well, I never cared for that shark. But this wretched dragon has ruined our attack!” Edward said angrily.

Colress looks closer to see Grador, worried.

“This creature again...” Colress said, looking visibly unnerved. 

“Highness, should we call off the attack?” a soldier asked Brak.

“I’m not scared. I’ll slay the monster.” Brak said boldly, walking forward.

“Your majesty, don’t!” a soldier warned.

“Silence, I’m not a coward like you.” Brak replied.

He jumps off a ledge, and heads into the village. He sees Beast blasting flames. Brak tries to send orange blasts from the stone, but nothing happens.

“...What is the meaning of this?” Brak asked, irritated, as he checks on the magic stealing glove.

Beast turns Grador’s head around and laughs.

“Fool. You claim to be a powerful king, but you hid your power behind a stone that was never yours.” Beast spoke.

“I don’t fear you, creature.” Brak said, getting out of his staff, but Beast whacks it out of his hands.

Brak panics, as Beast wraps the tail around him.

“Let me go, beast!” Brak demanded, as Beast breaks apart his magic stealing glove, surprising Brak.

Beast lets him go, throwing him forward. Beast then throws the orange stone flying off into the village.

“No, my stone!” Brak yelled, as he gets up, and tries to hunt for it.

Beast shoots fire at him, as Brak angrily retreats. Edward, Colress, Rook and some soldiers come to his aid. An eyeball flashes at the soldiers, transforming them into shadow beasts.

“What sort of magical creatures are these!? Blasted, we’ll have to try our assault another time...” Edward said annoyed.

“I warned you that now was not the time to strike. Do not worry, this is only a minor setback. I’m confident the guardians and knights are already handling whatever this creature is and trying to resolve this mayhem. Once this is settled, we may try again.” Colress noted, as they avoid more shadow attacks, and Colress fires his laser gun at some. 

Edward swings his sword cane at a shadow beast, who flies up, avoiding it. Brak swings his royal staff at another beast, and jumps up, sending an eyeball flying with it. One shadow beast flies at Colress from behind, but Rook quickly jumps up and strikes it with his electro-staff, knocking it away.

“Thank you, Rook.” Colress replied, as the four try to continue fighting and avoiding the enemies, but are no match for them.

“We can’t let these monstrosities take over, but it does not appear we are any match for them right now. Fall back.” Brak said annoyed, opening a portal with his dimensional scissors, still irritated he lost his stone. 

The four escape through it, avoiding a shadow attack from a shadow beast as it closes behind.

The heroes keep running, as they see Beast ready to fly off.

“Where’s he going now?” Nick asked.

“I shall head for the first key of the grand puzzle. Farewell, as you watch the world become my doom.” Beast spoke to the heroes, as he laughs and begins to fly away from Central Karmania.

“Looks like we’re chasing him down one last time!” Jake said, as the heroes make their way to The Guardian

“And I really hope this is the last time we have to chase him down!” Madison said annoyed.

“Dad, Gordon, Vinerox, Argros, you guys stay behind and try to crush those eyeballs. We’ll chase him down.” Elana said, as the four understand.

The rest of the heroes make their way into The Guardian, as it flies off in pursuit after Beast. The Guardian fires lasers at Beast, who flies around, avoiding each blast. He turns around and sends a powerful gust attack, trying to blow the blimp back. He flies off faster, leaving the blimp behind.

“What even is his true plan?” Jake asked.

“I know the grimy truth. He told me and Orion that his true motive has been to find an ancient haunted treasure in Karmania, brought here by the first settlers of Posidonia. He needed all thirty jewels to guide his way toward it or somethin’ like that.” Flinn revealed to them, surprising the heroes.

“I’ve never heard of anything about a haunted treasure...” Elana said, confused.

“The oaf said only a few know about it, that’s all I know.” Flinn replied.

“Whatever it is, a “haunted treasure” doesn’t sound particularly good.” Madison said.

“Yeah, so let’s be quick.” Cameron said, as the two soldiers increase the blimp speed.

“We’re trying to make this go as quick as we can, sorry guys.” one of the pilots replied, doing everything they could, as Beast gets farther away from the heroes, heading north past the castle.

Suddenly, another magical green pulse surrounds the blimp’s jets and engines. They increase its speed, as the computer in the command room goes wild, confusing everyone, with the green magical energy continuing to flow through everything.

“Trust me dudes, this is not a magic trick of mine.” Nick promised, just as confused.

“It appears the blimp is forming a mind of its own again.” Zero said, fascinated.

“I’m still very curious about that, but we’ll worry about that another time.” Cynthia replied.

The blimp speeds up super fast, as the heroes are rocked around.

“It appears whatever magical power this blimp has is making us go faster!” the second pilot said.

“We’re catching up to Beast!” Elana said, as he gets closer in their sights.

Beast turns around around, seeing they had to caught up, a bit surprised.

“Impressive, but no match for my power.” Beast replied.

He shoots lightning blasts from his mouth at the blimp, which barely dodges some, as one hits the front, rattling it further. The blimp fires lasers and cannons back at Beast, who flawlessly dodges all of them. He then sends a powerful water blast from his mouth, which pushes the blimp farther back. It makes it out, and fires another laser, but Beast charges up a light blast in his mouth. Beast fires the light beam, but the blimp forms a green shield just in time, protecting The Guardian from it.

“Thank you blimp, however it’s doing this!” Jake said.

“Just curious, do we actually even have a plan to stop him?” Trent asked, as the blimp keeps shaking. 

“Yes. I analyzed the dragon, and Beast’s core essence is in the center of its stomach. If we are to defeat him for good, we must strike him by going...inside of the dragon, as much as I despise saying that.” Zero said to the gang, grossing them out.

“Looks like we’re taking a dive into the belly of The Beast. Facing The Beast inside of a beast...interesting.” Nick pondered.

“Eww, I don’t want to go inside of that ugly dragon.” Cynthia said.

“I’d say ye are all insane and leave, but I’ve stuck with you through and through this far. So unfortunately, I’ll journey with you lads and lasses into the murky depths of the beast, as much as I may regret this.” Flinn said.

“This might be the craziest, grossest and most insane thing we’re doing all at once. I...kind of like it and also kind of hate it.” Tori said, conflicted.

“I suppose we have no other choice. Desperate times call for desperate and flat out strange measures. But how will we get him into position so we can enter?” Elana asked.

“Don’t we have still have one more of those Prism Pillars? Maybe we could have it freeze him in place.” Audrey suggested.

“Good idea, this would be a great way to use our last one. Let’s get that. We have it on board.” Jake said, as him and Nick head to the storage room to retrieve it.

They bring it into the main room, as Nick activates a spell onto the Prism Pillar.

“Alright, this spell will stun him in his tracks...or air path...or whatever, but it won’t last forever.” Nick warned, activating the pillar with one of his spells.

The Prism Pillar glows yellow, as it sends out a magical blast at Beast. He is about to send another light blast as the shield fades away, but the pillar blast goes at him. He tries to fly around, avoiding it, but it keeps following him. It finally strikes him, as the yellow magical glow surrounds Grador’s dragon body, paralyzing him. His eyes move wildly, as he struggles to move any of his claws or wings.

“Haha, sucks for you dude.” Cynthia said, as the blimp moves closer.

“Clever. You wish to confront me inside of the beast. Go ahead, but I must warn you, there is a ticking clock on that Prism Pillar of yours...” Beast warned.

As it emits the stun light, they notice several stone chips begin to fall off of it, worrying them.

“Yeah, let’s go, as much as I’m going to hate this. We’ve survived this long without powers though, so I believe we can do this.” Madison said.

The blimp gets close enough to Beast, as Elana, the guardians and knights hop out, landing on Grador’s back.

“Good luck, we’ll keep this in the air if something goes wrong.” a pilot said to the heroes, as it flies away from Grador, staying in the air nearby.

“So Cameron, you knew this dragon before it got possessed by Beast?” Trent asked him.

“It’s complicated.” Cameron replied.

The heroes run down Grador’s back, heading for Beast’s mouth. They look at it a bit disgusted, but brace themselves.

“Alright. Here we go.” Madison said, as the ten heroes regrettably head into Beast’s mouth, who lets out a silent laugh from his mind, still frozen.

Meanwhile, Vinerox, Argros, Gordon and Orion fight off against some shadow beasts. Orion holds a club, swinging it at a shadow beast, knocking them back. Vinerox swings his vines around, trying to weed off the beasts and eyeballs. Argros jumps up and strikes his metal claws at an eyeball. Gordon fires his laser gun at another eyeball, destroying it. Suddenly, it makes the possessed Meritel turns back to normal with four other Karmanians, who look around confused.

“Honey, you’re alright!” Orion said, surprised.

“I’m glad you’re alright too. Where are Elana and the guardians?” Meritel asked.

“They went to stop Beast once and for all, but while they do that, we need to destroy those pesky eyeball monsters!” Orion said.

Meritel flashes two light blasts at the area around, turning the remaining eyeballs to dust. The shadow beasts are cured, as they turn back into normal villagers.

“We bought ourselves some time, but more will be coming. Let us make haste and find a better area to plan.” Meritel said, as the four understood, and they run off through the village.

Meritel looks up, to see Grador and The Guardian hovering in the distance, north of the castle. The other four look up to see this.

“There they are!” Orion said.

“Let's hope comrades are safe.” Van Gordon said.

“We’ll get closer to see what they’re doing, especially in case they need help. Orion and you two, try to destroy as many of the winged eyes as you can.” Meritel said to Orion, Vinerox and Argros.

“Yes ma’am!” Orion saluted, as Meritel and Gordon run off.

“I really hope I don’t get turned into a zombie...” Vinerox said.

“If those monsters want to possess me, they can bring it on!” Orion said, readying his club.

Two eyeballs fly around, seeing Orion, Vinerox and Argros below. They quickly send shadow blasts at the three, knocking them down. Orion gets up, swinging his club at one of the eyeballs. Vinerox and Argros try to get up, but the other eyeball hovers down, flashing at them.

“Oh no!” Orion panicked, as he tries to keep swinging his club, but the eyeballs fly away.

“Dangit, I hope those kids can fix this, and if they can’t, I might go back to being a criminal!” Vinerox said, transforming.

“Go on without us!” Argros said to Orion.

He understands. The two get up, growling, as they try to attack.

“Unluckily for you two, I am a fantastic runner! Catch me if you can!” Orion said, as he runs off through the village, with the possessed Vinerox and Argros giving chase.

The heroes are seen entering Grador’s mouth, walking through the dragon’s body. They look around to see multiple rock structures everywhere and a sand liquid under them.

“This is nice.” Tori said sarcastically.

“Okay, let’s find Beast and get this over with.” Jake said, as the heroes keep moving onward.

“Oh hey, Joe is still in here, maybe we can find him too.” Nick wondered.

They head downward through a tunnel, and come to a large purple digestive pool, where many rocks and debris are.

“Okay, we’re at the belly...where’s Beast?” Cynthia asked, looking repulsed.

“Hey guys, a little help?” a familiar voice called.

They turn around, seeing Wishy Joe is stuck to a wall, covered in a purple web.

“Hey, I was just wondering where you were! Glad you’re alright, dude.” Nick said, as they help free him from the web.

“Thanks dudes, this stuff is powerful, I couldn’t use any of my magic. Needless to say, this has not been a particularly thrilling experience being trapped inside of a dragon’s stomach, and I kind of wish to erase it from my mind when I get out.” Wishy Joe said.

“You can leave now if you want. We don’t want to put you in any further danger. We’re going to handle Beast, and take him out for good.” Madison said.

“Even without your powers?” Wishy Joe asked.

“Yeah, we’ve made it this far, I don’t know if we’ll need them.” Jake replied.

“No guys, I insist. You saved me, and as a nice favor, you can get your powers back, no  twists, I promise. Tom insisted to me that if I ever got into any danger, I owed you guys this.” Wishy Joe said, surprising them.

“Well alright.” Jake replied, surprised.

He claps his hands, as everyone transforms, although the heart still remains purple.

“Whoa, thanks so much.” Audrey said, glad to see her mermaid tail and wings again.

“I guess we deserve it after making it as far as we did without our powers. Thanks.” Madison said.

“Alright, now I must depart. I owe my lives to y’all. Good luck in defeating that nasty and rude guy.” Wishy Joe said, as he claps his hands and teleports away.

Cameron feels unsure about this, having some suspicions.

“Are you alright?” Jake asked.

“I don’t know...something about this seems too...easy. It all feels off.” Cameron replied, unsure.

“Yeah, why would Beast let Joe give us back our powers? Unless he really wants to lose...” Jake wondered.

“Couldn’t we have just wished for him to fix the rest of this Beast stuff?” Cynthia asked.

“We could’ve, but that’s a bit cowardly, and you already got one freebie. Also, I’m not sure if we would’ve liked the results since his wishes always have twists to them.” Elana replied.

“Fair enough. Speaking of cowardly, where is Beast?” Cynthia asked, looking around through the rocks.

Suddenly, a shark fin pops out from the digestive pool, which Trent sees.

“I really hope I’m seeing things...” Trent said, as the heroes see this.

Vexacus rises out of the water, with half his face disfigured badly from the digestive pool. 

“Free at last...and what do I see here, my enemies! This’ll be fun.” Vexacus said, pulling out his sword.

“Oh come on, we’re not in the mood to fight you for the 90th time.” Tori said, trapping him in a whirlpool, but Vexacus breaks through it.

“Too bad!” Vexacus snapped back, charging at them and swinging his sword.

Cameron and Flinn both strike their swords back at Vexacus, dueling him. He breaks away, and clashes against Jake, Trent and Nick’s swords. Madison flies around and sends an electricity blast at his stomach while dueling, knocking him back. Cynthia then throws multiple rocks from around at him, but he breaks through them with his sword. Audrey sends a tornado gust, trying to lift Vexacus up, but he breaks out of it, swinging his sword around, as the knights continue to fight him off. Elana then clashes her own sword against him, and sends a light blast, knocking him against the rock wall. Suddenly, TV Bot then raises its right mech hand from out of the pool, and flies up, with many burnt circuits shown through its armor.

“IN-INITIATING-G TAR-TARGET T-T-TERMINATIO-N-N.” TV Bot spoke slightly broken, as it begins firing lasers at everyone.

“Not this thing again too!” Jake said, deflecting laser blasts with his sword.

Madison sends a lightning bolt at its left arm, damaging it.

“Looks like getting burned in a dragon’s stomach made this thing easier to strike.” Madison said.

Cynthia hurls more rocks at it, but it counters with plasma missiles at the rocks, causing explosions. Nick sends several magical spell blasts at it, cracking some of its screen. Trent fires laser arrows at it, damaging more of its circuits and screen. Jake, Flinn, Zero and Cameron avoid missiles, deflecting them with their swords back at TV Bot. It tries to fly around, but its jets are damaged too badly, as it gets hit by multiple. It falls down to the ground, trying to repair its damaged circuits. Tori and Audrey both send a combined ice beams at it, freezing its arms and legs. It struggles to break free. Elana then jumps up, sending both a light blast at the screen, and striking it with her sword. The screen breaks into pieces, as the shards go flying everywhere. 

“ER-ER-ER-ERROR...” TV Bot malfunctioned, flailing around, unable to see or fire due to the ice.

Vexacus gets up, about to attack Nick, but Nick levitates him with a spell.

“What is-” Vexacus was saying.

Nick throws him right into the remains of TV Bot’s screen, as the two go falling backwards into the purple pool, sinking.

“That sucks.” Tori said.

“Alright Beast, where are you?” Elana asked, as the heroes carefully look around.

They hear Beast’s maniacal laughter echo through the stomach. The purple liquid then begins to fill the entire area, concerning the heroes. The purple liquid keeps rising, as he attempts to drown the heroes in it. 

“Where is this stuff coming from!?” Trent asked.

Elana takes off her crown, and realizes her royal gem is spilling out the purple liquid.

“Oh...huh.” Elana said, showing it to the heroes.

“So I guess Tom didn’t fix it? He convinces Joe to give us a freebie, but not fix your stone? I don’t understand him...” Cynthia sighed.

They are about to escape, but suddenly, the tunnel entrance is sealed by a purple barrier. They attack it, but feel their powers are weakened, as they do no damage to the barrier. Suddenly, a purple phantom essence then appears above the rising water, showing both of Beast’s eyes.

“Hello. You’ve all fallen right into my trap. I had foreseen this happening, which is why I fused with Grador. You thought you had bested me, but I was still ahead. I’ve had everything planned out since the beginning, you never had any victories over me. I wanted you to reach me inside of here, hence why I allowed you to pause Grador’s body.” Beast revealed, laughing ominously, but the heroes are confused by this.

“So you took away our powers just for us to get them back? Nice plan, dude.” Tori noted.

“No. I knew Tom was planning to outmaneuver me this whole time, so I had a backup plan. I knew the wish master would give you back your powers, which is why I captured him. You see...once all your powers had been restored, even the queen’s magic, it allowed me to release the final phase that had been building up in her stone this entire time. A dark anti-magic essence fused with her powers will drown you all right here. Your own powers led to your demises!” Beast revealed, sounding psychotic, and laughing maniacally once again.

The heroes are horrified to hear this, as the purple liquid continues to rise throughout the stomach, along with weakening their powers.

“You went through all of that to drown us to death in a dragon’s stomach!?” Trent asked, struggling to move around in the liquid.

“That's some terrifying level of planning and foresight! Seriously, not even I could outsmart that!” Nick said, as he is unable to chant a magic spell.

“This is not how I'll go out!” Cynthia panicked.

“This isn’t over yet, I think we can find another way! There always is!” Madison said, slightly worried, as she tries to send an electric blast at the phantom Beast, but she cannot.

Beast’s phantom disappears, still laughing. The liquid fills the entire stomach, as the heroes struggle to hold their breathes, with the liquid slowly burning away their powers. Elana’s crown floats through the water, and lands at the bottom. Suddenly, Elana looks closer, seeing how there is a small flashing blue light from the purple gem. She points to it, as the girls see. The five swim towards it, as the knights also follow. The girls reach out at the stone, when suddenly, it pulls all five into it. The knights try to touch it as well, but nothing happens. They look at this worried, as they still try to hold their breathes. Flinn, Jake, Nick and Trent strike their weapons at the rock walls, hoping to break through, but have no luck. Cameron calms himself however, holding still.

Back in The Guardian, the two pilots look at the Prism Pillar. It continues to break apart, as not much of it is left.

“Whatever they’re doing in there, they better hurry.” one of the two pilots said, worried.


The girls appear inside of Elana’s gemstone room, as they are surrounded by a purple ocean on the floor. They struggle to swim around it, as they look around confused.

“What about the guys? Why couldn’t they follow us?” Audrey asked, worried.

“I don’t know, but I hope this doesn’t take long...” Madison said, also worried

“This...is inside of my gemstone?” Elana asked, as they look up to see the large purple cocoon at the top of the magic room.

“Can this day get any weirder?” Cynthia asked.

Suddenly, a giant version of Beast’s head rises up from the purple water as he shows himself, with the purple liquid dripping all over him. His two arms rise up from the liquid as well, and he laughs psychotically again.

“It can.” Tori replied, worried.

“Welcome to the queen’s jewel, or what remains of it. As you can see, it’s under my total control.” Beast said, as his head moves around through the water.

The girls try to swim away, but he smashes into the water with his right hand, sending the five flying around through the waves, struggling to breathe. Beast smashes through the water again, as a tidal wave washes over the five, sending them underwater again. Suddenly, another blue light appears from the murky depths. The five swim deep down towards it. They all grab onto it, as they disappear. Elana, Cynthia, Tori and Audrey appear in a strange, black void. However, Madison is not with them.

“Where...are we? And where’s Maddie?” Tori asked.

Suddenly, they hear someone whistling, as Tom is seen stirring a magic cauldron in the void.

“Hi.” Tom greeted, surprising the girls.

“Tom? You’re alive? Where’s Madison? Where are we?” What’s going on?” Cynthia asked.

“Shh Cynthia, don’t ask too many questions. I’m just making a nice bowl of soup. As for Madison, she cannot attend right now. She has a wound she must confront. It is her grand destiny and the will of magic. Or perhaps just me realizing I’m out of salt.” Tom said, looking through his bag of ingredients.

“Okay, seriously, enough riddles. What are you doing here? Are you going to help us against Beast?” Tori asked.

“Yeah, the knights are about to drown, and we don’t know where Madison is!” Audrey said.

“I know, I know everything that’s happening. But getting angry at me is not going to help. Just relax and have some soup when it’s all done. Let the will of magic work its way.” Tom replied to the girls, confusing them.

“Ugh, you’re so confusing and cryptic! I’ll never understand you!” Cynthia replied, annoyed.

Madison wakes up, and is seen floating around through the Cosmosos skies. She panics, looking around, wondering how she got there.

“What the...why am I in Cosmosos?” Madison wondered.

“Hey there, space girl.” Merrick said, surprising her.

Madison looks up, to see Merrick riding a large cosmic dragonfly. 

“Dad!? What are you doing out here?” Madison asked, surprised.

“You know, just flying around. Want a ride?” Merrick asked, as he reaches out his arm, and helps Madison onto the dragonfly.

“...Thanks. Where did you get this thing?” Madison asked.

“Long story, but he’s a loyal boy! So what were you doing out here?” Merrick asked.

“I...don’t know. Maybe I was meant to find you. There’s no more time to chat though, my friends are in danger. The Beast has the knights captive about to drown, and I don’t know where the other girls are-” Madison said, panicking.

“The Beast!? Not him! Oh golly, why didn’t you say so!?” Merrick asked.

“You know who Beast is?” Madison asked.

“Duh, of course I know who he is! I’ll help you rescue them!” Merrick replied.

“Go that way.” Madison pointed, as Merrick commands the dragonfly, making it fly off toward Central Karmania.

The dragonfly increases its speed, as it takes them to the edge of Central Karmania, seeing Grador still stunned in the distance.

“There they are!” Madison pointed out, as the dragonfly flies closer.

From inside the blimp, the Prism Pillar continues to break apart, with very little of it left. The two soldiers continue to look nervous, when they see Madison and Merrick on the dragonfly.

“What are they doing?” the other soldier asked.

“Whoa, that’s one heck of a dragon! How fitting since I got a dragonfly to match the buddy. Maybe he just needs a friend!” Merrick said, seeing Grador.

“That dragon is possessed by Beast. He is about to drown my brother and friends in there!” Madison panicked.

“Looks like this dragon needs a tummy rub! Giddy up, dragonfly!” Merrick ordered.

Beast sees Merrick, Madison and the dragonfly through Grador’s eyes.

“...What. Who is this?” Beast asked, actually confused this time. “No matter, this fool does not appear to be an issue.”

The dragonfly glows, and flies super fast toward Beast, as Madison hangs on tight. The Prism Pillar then turns to dust, concerning the soldiers. Beast is freed from the stun blast, but the dragonfly then does a cosmic head-butt right into the stomach. Inside, as the knights continue to struggle in the purple water, the collision shakes the room. Elana’s gemstone is sent flying through the barrier, as it glows upon reaching the other side. It lets out a blue blast onto the purple barrier, breaking it. Everyone from inside Grador is then expelled out from the blue blast. He shoots them at the left part of Elana’s castle, causing a small explosion.

“...Whoops.” Madison said.

She gets off of the dragonfly, looking below to see the knights are alright, relieving her. Van Gordon and Meritel approach them, upon seeing the explosion.

“Comrades, yous are alive!” Van Gordon said, surprised, as the knights get up, walking around the destroyed area.

“...Yeah, but we don’t know if the girls are.” Jake replied, worrying everyone.

The remains of the TV Bot are seen flying through the sky, as Vexacus is piloting it. 

“Hmph, perhaps their recent incompetence makes me wonder if the Federation are not who I need anymore...” Vexacus wondered to himself, flying away on TV Bot.

Grador’s eyes stop glowing purple, as he has freed himself from Beast’s control. The purple liquid and Beast’s phantom are sent out of Grador as well, but not before fusing with Elana’s gemstone along the way. They form an essence, as it goes down toward the crash site. Madison flies around, seeing Grador looking around.

“Hi.” Madison said.

“I’m free. Now that Beast has left me, I have no reason to stay here anymore. Whatever happens to Beast is no longer my concern. However, I have an offer for the one named Merrick. You're disconnected and neutral to the world around, just like I am. You can come with me, if you wish. You’d make a fitting ally. We can live in peace and isolation from the world around.” Grador offered.

“Sure thing partner! We’re in business!” Merrick replied, annoying Madison.

“Are you seriously trying to leave again?” Madison asked.

“Hey, it’s a pretty good deal to me!” Merrick replied, shrugging.

Dad...” Madison said, sighing.

“Uh oh, I know that look...” Merrick replied.

“You run from everything.” Madison replied.

“Listen Madison, no answer I give you will be satisfying. Besides, it was like, 50 years ago.” Merrick said, scratching his head.

“I’m 17!” Madison replied, annoyed.

“I don’t have a clock to keep track of time.” Merrick replied.

“Well, why do you always run from everything?” Madison asked curiously.

“Burning bridges is the only direction to move us forward.” Merrick replied.

“...Huh, I guess there’s no change in you.” Madison replied, accepting it, smiling.

“Glad we finally understand each other. Flap those wings and get us out of here, dragon boy!” Merrick said to Grador.

“Farewell.” Grador said, about to make Merrick and the dragonfly teleport away.

“Goodbye daughter!” Merrick yelled, as his voice echoes upon the three disappearing.

“...Bye dad.” Madison replied, as she flies through the sky.

Beast reforms himself at the crash site, standing before everyone in his business suit attire. His lost middle finger returns, regrowing itself. He appears content. He holds out his palm, showing Elana’s gemstone on it.

“I must admit...that was something I did not expect at all. But no matter, it paid off in my favor.” Beast said calmly.

The knights, Van Gordon and Meritel confront him.

“Where are my daughter and the guardians?” Meritel asked.

Beast has a devious expression on his face. He then crushes Elana’s gemstone in his palm, turning it into pebbles, as they drop to the ground.

“She’s gone. They’re all gone.” Beast said, as he begins walking away.

“No...” Van Gordon said sadly, as the knights don’t know how to respond.

Meritel stands still, and is furious. She then angrily charges at Beast, trying to punch him, but he blocks both attacks. He grabs onto her arms, and pushes her down into the dirt, leaving her stuck. The knights try to attack him, but he sends green blasts at all five, knocking them against pillars. Van Gordon looks worried, as he helps them up. Beast walks away calmly, heading north. Meritel gets up, and tries picking up the pebbles of Elana’s gemstone.

“Maybe if we can put them all back together...” Meritel said nervously, trying to fit them together, but the guys look saddened. 

Back in the void, the girls wait around impatiently.

“We have nothing against you dude, but now is not the time for your riddles! We have to save everyone!” Cynthia snapped to Tom.

“Yeah, Beast took over Karmania, the guys are in danger, and who knows where Madison is!” Tori said.

“Look, there’s nothing more you can do. That was all then and we’re in the now. And now, I have a delicious bowl of soup ready for you girls. Eat up, it’ll calm the nerves.” Tom offered cryptically, as the four look at it, seeing it is just a normal bowl of soup.

Elana then looks closer however, and sees a shining light inside of it.

“Oh, I get what you’re doing.” Elana realized, confusing the girls.

“Yeah, what am I doing?” Tom asked.

“This is another one of your games. You want us to figure this out on our own.” Elana replied.

“Elana, what are you doing?” Tom asked.

“I’m getting us all out of here and putting an end to all of this.” Elana said, looking at the soup.

“Wait, Elana, don’t, it’s boiling!” Tom warned.

“I honestly have no clue what’s going on.” Tori said.

Elana reaches both hands into the boiling soup, as she screams in pain.

“Uh oh.” Tom said, walking away.

Elana holds out a gold orb. It then flashes onto Cynthia, Tori and Audrey. As Madison flies toward the crash site, the gold light affects her too, making the heart glow gold. Suddenly, the guardians transform into new forms. Their wings grow longer and glow golden, as they also have golden outfits and eyes. Elana also glows golden, appearing more powerful. At the Sky Kingdom, Luna and Briar awaken from their slumber, as the gold water heals both. Elana’s gemstone repairs itself, surprising Meritel, and it turns gold. The five reappear at the crash site, surprising everyone. The gemstone goes back into Elana’s crown.

“Hi mom.” Elana greeted, in her enchanted new form.

"...Hi darling." Meritel replied, confused.

“Uh...hey guys.” Madison said, confused by their new forms.

“What the heck happened to you guys?” Trent asked.

“Long story. Where’s Beast?” Elana asked, as they point north.

As Beast keeps walking, he senses something and stops. Madison, Cynthia, Audrey, Tori and Elana all send combined light, electric, wind, water and earth blasts, which are glowing gold. Their elemental powers are fused with Elana’s own light powers. Beast turns around horrified, as the blasts all hit him. He tries to reach forward, but his skin melts. He falls to the ground, reduced to nothing but a rotting skeleton, with most of his purple goo melting away. The four girls go back to their normal forms, and Elana stops glowing. Meritel then hugs Elana.

“Eww.” everyone said, seeing Beast’s rotting corpse.

He slams one of his skeleton hands onto the ground, pulling himself forward, as he laughs.

“You think you won!? Ha! None of you have the chess board, I do! The treasure is still out there, and my emperor will finish what I started! Only I know how this all turns out-”

A pillar collapses on top of Beast’s body, finishing him. Ramos is revealed to have pushed it, surprising the heroes.

“Turns out you're dead, sucker! Ha, all these years you looked down on me, and now...I look down on you, jerk! Hey guys, see what I just did?” Ramos bragged, as he picks up one of Beast’s eyeballs, laughing. He throws it off to the side.

“I’m fine with that, I really didn’t need the 90th ominous speech from him.” Cynthia said, rolling her eyes.

“Is he really gone?” Trent asked, looking at Beast’s skeleton.

“Looks pretty dead to me.” Van Gordon replied.

"Even if I do not fully understand his plan, we managed to prevent him from getting to wherever this treasure is." Zero said.

“Okay, what just happened with your new magical forms?” Jake asked the girls.

“I don’t know, but I think Tom wanted us to combine our powers together. In that form, light combined with their elements.” Elana said.

“Looks like he wanted you to unlock that form this whole time. I have a feeling there's still secrets to explore with it.” Cameron said.

“Can we do that again sometime?” Tori asked.

“Depending how we even do it again, yeah. But what are we going to do about him?” Cynthia asked, as Ramos tries to walk away, but stops.

“Uh...you won’t have to worry about me anymore. I declare a truce! After everything that happened to me these past six years, especially recently, I’ve had enough of this magical nonsense. I’m going on my own path now and want to forget about this. I've accepted I'll never defeat you. I won’t bother anyone anymore. You’ll probably never see me again. Actually, I really don’t want to ever see any of you or anyone from the Federation ever again. Burning bridges moves me forward! I’m exiling myself to the Posidonia Wildlands where I’ll do some soul searching!” Ramos explained.

“...Alright. Here’s a portal to Posidonia. Bye?” Madison replied, opening one for him.

“Farewell, it’s been real. You were worthy enemies! Later, I guess.” Ramos replied, heading into the portal, and it closes.

“I’ll kind of miss him.” Nick said.

“Whatever, I’m just glad he’s leaving us alone.” Elana said.

Throughout all of Karmania, everyone turns back to normal. The winged eyeballs become ash, as the kingdom jewels are cured of Beast’s essence. They all cheer. Vinerox and Argros stop chasing Orion after being healed, looking confused. Tusk and Iguitor turn back to normal, getting up.

“LET’S GET OUT OF HERE!” Tusk yelled, as the two runaway.

The Four Fingers also turn back to normal.

“Beast is no more. It’s time we return to our kingdom.” Naja said, as the four walk away.

Skipper whistles, as he walks into the village. Suddenly, he sees something on the ground.

“Hey, what’s this?” Skipper asked, finding the orange knight stone on the ground.

He picks it up, seeing an image of himself on it. He gasps, and puts it in his pocket.

In Psychon, as everyone is healed, Deckel suddenly glows gold. A Council uniform appears on him, confusing him.

At Central Karmania, Ranen approaches the heroes, glad to see them.

“I knew you could all do it.” Ranen said, proud.

“Thanks, but what will we do with The Guardian? We pretty much don’t need it anymore now that the Council can teleport us again to any kingdoms we haven’t visited.” Jake asked, as it lands nearby.

“We can still keep it. It’ll be useful in our army’s resources.” Ranen replied, looking at the blimp.

“I’m just glad everything is back to normal, for now at least.” Madison said, looking around at the kingdom, free once again.

“Yeah, but we really need to clean up this part of the castle...” Elana said, as they laugh. “No, seriously, we’re all going to fix this.”

“Oh come on!” Cynthia replied, sighing, as they get to work.


-Ramos has decided to leave the heroes alone for good, and goes back to the Posidonia Wildlands to rediscover himself.

-The last Prism Pillar is used.

-Tusk and Iguitor escape, still on the loose somewhere.



Beast is killed.




The girls gain an upgraded guardian form that is more powerful than their elemental forms, which fuses Elana’s light powers.




Merrick leaves for a faraway place with Grador.




Skipper obtains the orange knight stone, confirming he is indeed the new orange knight.




Deckel becomes a new Council member.


See you April 28th to start the rest of Season 4.

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this is beauiful (and gross) mid-season finale, I thought it was amazing to see all the guradians always has a plan B. a back up plan to save and stop the Beast once for all. I especially loved Elana saved her kingdom mostily part of this battle. at least Ramos crushed him with a giant rock :P I  also glad Deckel became a new council member, and Skipper becoming 7th kinight which is new beginning for him :plankton2: .

All in all, this is truly one of best mid-season finale imo (so far). Can't wait to see the girls can do with their new upgraded forms :D

Also, Beast was as creepy as hannibal Iecter in this episode.


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Holy shoot, this episode was filled with all sorts of stuff I was not expecting at all. I thought Vexacus was going to die like Broodwing did, but then he survived. I thought the episode would end with Meritel saving the day, but then it went on to have the heroes finish off (for now, I'd presume) Beast. And then came the end twists with Skipper and Deckel. Definitely the best mid-season finale thus far, you've shown a lot of talent for subverting our expectations.

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Whoa man, this was an amazing midseason finale.

  • The reveal of Beast's plan to murder the heroes was one of the best reveals in the entire show!
  • Madison's sperm donor is a huge dick. Whatever, she already has an actual father anyway.
  • I really, really like the concept behind these new forms - and I like how you factored Elana into it heavily. Speaking of Elana, she's still so badass. Drastic development from S1, I have to say.
  • Great that Beast has been defeated. I guess after all the madness, Ramos just wanted to go on and live a secluded life, which is... understandable I guess???
  • Nice end reveal with Skipper being the orange knight.
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93. A Friend in Need

As the Four Fingers of Poison walk through the Nature Wilds, they are ambushed by Icy, who shoots ice beams at them. Her amulet glows purple, pointing to Naja. 

“Who are you, witch!?” Scorpia asked, firing poison darts at Icy, who causally walks around, countering them with ice shards from her right hand.

Naja, Scorpia, Gacko and Stingapede all continue to run around, firing poison attacks. Icy then channels the dark powers she drained from Rickter, and sends dark ice blasts at Gacko, knocking him down. Some poison blasts from Naja and Scorpia hit Icy, knocking her down, but she gets up undeterred.

“Not bad, poison warriors, but you will not stop me from getting the one I seek!” Icy said.

She pulls out her staff with the Frost Star, and fires powerful ice attacks. The Four Fingers try to avoid, as one hits Stingapede, knocking him down. She shoots ice into the air from the Frost Star, making the ice explode, causing a frosty fog to cover the area. The four try to look through the fog, but she fires ice beams. She then quickly strikes Naja, freezing him solid. She teleports away with him. Scorpia, Gacko and Stingapede clear their way out of the fog, seeing Naja is gone, with Icy leaving snowflakes behind from the teleport. The three look around confused.

“Where is he!?” Gacko asked.

“I do not know, but we’ll find our leader. That witch will pay...” Scorpia said.

At Icy’s hideout in Permafrost Mountains, she is seen placing the frozen Naja on the poison slot of her elemental ice circle. The frozen Rickter is still there as well, several spots next to the frozen Naja. She hooks up the wires to Naja, beginning to drain his poison powers.

“Yes...YES...YEESSSS!” Icy yelled enthusiastically, draining Naja’s power, as she laughs evilly.

After draining his elemental power, Icy’s body glows. Her somewhat old face then turns back into her normal younger look, preserving her youth.

“Ah, draining random people is one way to keep you looking young! Now then, time for the next course of action with my apprentice...” Icy said.

The heroes are seen in Central Karmania, looking at the healing kingdom from the castle entrance. Many beasts and villagers are working together to help repair buildings from Beast’s destruction. The damaged side of Elana's castle is also almost fully repaired.

“Wow, no more Ramos, no more Beast. Our enemies are slowly fading away...” Audrey said.

“Yeah, but we still have Icy and the Neo Federation to deal with.” Jake replied.

“And we need to save Roxy from Icy...” Elana said, feeling bad.

“It’s about time we got answers on that.” Madison replied, as she pulls out the heart.

“Yeah, I’ve got quite a few questions for the council...” Cynthia said.

Madison opens a portal to the Sky Kingdom, as the heroes go through it. They appear outside the temple. Deckel, Luna and Briar then exit the temple.

“Alright guys, we have a lot to talk about...” Cynthia was saying.

They see Deckel walk forward in his new robes, surprising them.

“Hello friends. I’ve made quite the transformation.” Deckel greeted.

“Deckel, you have become a council member?” Zero asked surprised.

“That is correct. I have finally found a new purpose after much soul searching. It appears the magic of Karmania rewarded my spiritual journey, granting me the powers of the grand council. I am now the council’s leader, taking Cesare’s place. Despite Magic being my original element, which is fitting for the council, I’ve also mastered the element of Psychic due to my training in Psychon. I am honored to continue Cesare’s legacy as a psychic elemental, however, I do not prefer to be seen as the leader, since we lead as a team. I am also happy that I will be able to see you all more often, and promise to work with you however I can.” Deckel explained, as he waves his hands, forming magic and psychic powers.

“Wow, you went from becoming a split personality criminal to the leader of the Karmanian Council. What an impressive career jump.” Nick noted.

“Yeah, congratulations dude.” Trent said.

“Since you’re psychic now, can you read my mind?” Tori joked.

“Haha...no.” Deckel replied.

“I’m happy for you Deckel, but shouldn’t Luna or Briar been made leader since they’ve been around longer?” Madison asked.

“That’s not how it works. The magic of Karmania determines who is most fit to be in charge of the council, not us. Besides, I am fine with my current position, especially for my trials.” Luna said, giggling.

“Wait, where is Tom?” Elana asked, looking around.

“Unfortunately, he is still missing. He is unreachable, and I fear he may be gone.” Briar replied.

“Nah, he’s not gone. We just saw him in  the creepy void place, he gave us the super elemental light forms.” Cynthia replied.

“We sensed the power of those forms. It appears those were Tom and Cesare’s game all along. They never told us about their plan, but I had a feeling deep down they had a plot to destroy Beast. Whether if Tom actually is alive, I’m afraid I do not know...” Luna said.

“Who knows with him, I’m sure he’ll come around. This disappearing act is probably another trick of his.” Cynthia said.

“Do you have any idea how we can access those forms again?” Audrey asked.

“I do not know at this moment in time, but based on what occurred, you will need Elana’s magic to help access it. In time, we will figure that out.” Briar replied.

“Also, Beast mentioned something about a powerful, ancient haunted treasure he was trying to obtain. He said that the first settlers of Posidonia brought it to Karmania. Do you have any idea what it could be or where it is?” Jake asked the three.

“I’ve never heard of such a treasure...” Deckel replied curiously.

“I’ve heard whispers of this treasure, but nobody has ever been able to find it. Its purpose is a mystery to even I. I’m afraid that’s a dead end, sorry.” Luna replied.

“Well Beast also has a dead end with trying to find it.” Tori joked.

“I wonder if this treasure is the real reason the Federation came to Karmania? Is that what the deer meant?” Jake asked Cameron.

“It’s possible. But it looks like we won’t be finding out anymore on that treasure ourselves anytime soon, and maybe that’s for the best.” Cameron replied, concerned.

“We have a more pressing matter. There has been a fifth guardian this whole time, and she is...or was...one of our friends in Posidonia. The evil witch Icy has tricked her into joining her side.” Elana spoke.

“Yes, we were about to explain after Luna and I healed. Follow me.” Briar said, showing them to the guardian power room.

At the fountain, they see the five orbs floating around.

“So why did her powers come late?” Cynthia asked.

“In the past, there have been guardians who get their powers later than others, and we never know who will get them after the initial set. Her powers had been slowly building up for some time, but they were hidden from our view until they were activated. It appears Nick’s wish to Joe reset everyone’s powers, activating Roxy’s in full force.” Briar explained.

“Darn, I guess I wasn’t specific enough in my wish...” Nick said, disappointed.

“It’s not your fault, Nick. There’s no way you would’ve known. Icy would’ve found out about her powers sooner or later, even if Brak never did his scheme. All we can do now is try to rescue her and make her realize Icy is using her.” Cameron replied.

“She hates us now since we lied to her though...” Audrey said.

“We don’t know if she truly does. Either way, she’s still a friend in need.” Elana replied.

“I especially don’t want her doing what she did to those lame hunters on her...” Cynthia recalled, worried.

“You were able to save Queen Elana after she was lied to. There’s no reason the same cannot be done to this Roxy.” Deckel encouraged. 

“You’re right, we can get through to her one way or another. It’s just we don’t know what Icy is plotting to do next.” Madison replied, unsure.

Icy is seen outside of her hideout entrance with Roxy, Ice Knight and Lester. Icy is training with Roxy. Icy throws several ice shards at Roxy, who dodges them. Roxy sends several pink blasts from her hands at Icy, who avoids them as well. Roxy then glows, summoning several ice bats from the cave to attack Icy. She avoids them, as they swarm around her, firing ice blasts. Icy sends several ice blasts back, scaring the ice bats away. She then claps her hands, stopping the fight, as Roxy bows. 

“Impressive work, apprentice! You keep growing and growing in your strength, it makes me so proud! But now let’s see you handle Lester and the Ice Knight!” Icy said, snapping her fingers.

The two jump forward, circling Roxy.

“Don’t worry girl, I’ll go easy on you...or as easy as a knight like me can.” Ice Knight promised, holding his ice sword.

“Same here.” Lester replied, holding fire in both hands.

“Begin.” Icy said, clapping her hands.

Lester throws fire at Roxy, who sends a pink animal glow forward, colliding with the fire. Ice Knight swings his sword at her, but Roxy jumps backward, avoiding his slashes. Lester throws another fire ball, but Roxy avoids it, as the ball melts into the snow around the hideout entrance. Ice Knight then swings his sword at her, but Roxy sends a pink glow blast back at him, knocking him back. Roxy then glows, as a Frost Wolf is seen walking above the hideout entrance, looking down at Lester and the Ice Knight. Its eyes glow pink, as it jumps down, growling at the two. Lester shoots fire blasts, but it jumps around, avoiding them, as it tackles Lester. Ice Knight then tries to strike it, but it jumps forward, tackling Ice Knight down into the snow as well. It keeps growling at the two, walking around. Icy then claps her hands, ending the training. Roxy stands still, as she calls off the Frost Wolf. It runs away, as Lester and Ice Knight get up, impressed.

“Sorry if I hurt you two.” Roxy apologized.

“Nah, I’m fine. Ha, I’ll admit though, you got me girl.” Lester said, getting up, laughing.

“Nothing damages my amazing armor, but you put up a good fight, madame.” Ice Knight said.

“Excellent job, most excellent! With your power, you will put those rude girls to shame! I sense your anger, next time we meet them show them no mercy!” Icy said.

“I’m not mad at them, just disappointed. Maybe we can convince them to join our side.” Roxy wondered.

“I’m afraid that will not happen. The queen and her posse are too stuck in their own world. They will forever see me as an enemy thanks to silly lies! Boohoo!” Icy said, faking a sob.

“I try to see the best in people, maybe there’s still a way for them to change.” Roxy wondered, as she looks into the cave entrance.

Icy’s amulet then begins to glow, causing her to gasp. She looks at it, as it shines on the Music section. It shows a silhouette of a mysterious Soundaria figure she has never seen before.

“Yes, finally! But the pure music elemental I need is not the old music guardian after all? Darnit! This means I wasted all that time plotting to capture the old guardians, though I suppose it makes sense in hindsight given their powers likely diminished since they passed the torch...” Icy said curiously.

As Icy isn’t looking, Roxy carefully walks into the hideout. She approaches a giant ice door on the left side of the cavern, which leads into Icy’s room with the elemental ice circle.

“I wish she’d tell me what’s behind here...” Roxy wondered.

She continues looking at the door. She then places her hand against the door, curious about what’s inside. 

“DON’T go in there!” Icy yelled, as Roxy jumps.

“...Sorry.” Roxy replied, a bit confused, as Icy approaches her.

“No no, my apologies. That room is a bit too...personal to me. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you need to worry about, trust me.” Icy reassured, as she escorts Roxy back outside. 

“It’s fine, I’m just a bit curious. I trust you.” Roxy replied, slightly faking a smile, still suspicious.

“Now then, we’re ready to find the next elemental!” Icy said delightfully. 

“Where are we going now?” Roxy asked.

“To Soundaria, the music kingdom! There we will find the most powerful music elemental awaiting.” Icy explained.

“I’m ready, and if the girls get in our way, I won’t show them any mercy.” Roxy replied, looking out at the kingdom from the ice mountain.

“Good, good! Yes, Queen Elana and her precious guardians and knights will not deter us from this quest to unite the eighteen elementals! Come, my allies.” Icy said to Roxy, Ice Knight and Lester, who head to Soundaria.

Back at the Sky Kingdom, Deckel senses their plot with his foresight.

“My foresight detects this Icy is headed to Soundaria as we speak.” Deckel said to the heroes.

“Then the most powerful Music elemental must be there.” Madison said.

“But who? Also, I thought she tried to capture Peyton before, thinking it was her?” Audrey asked.

“Looks like she was wrong again.” Cameron replied.

“Not surprised, she did think Firebolt was an elemental, so...” Cynthia replied.

“Good luck everyone. I hope you can bring the one named Roxy back to our side. Now then, we have our own kingdom to attend to.” Deckel replied.

Madison opens a portal to Soundaria, as the heroes head through it, and it closes behind. The portal opens to the central village, as they walk onto the ground. They look around to see villagers happily playing their instruments. Rhapsody walks out of the club castle with two guards, approaching the heroes.

“Welcome Queen Elana and friends! What brings you to Soundaria?” Rhapsody asked, strumming his guitar.

“One of our enemies, an ice witch named Icy, creative name I know, is hunting the most powerful music elemental, who is in your very kingdom as we speak.” Nick explained.

“That’s not good!” Rhapsody replied.

“Do you have any idea who it could be, or where they are?” Elana asked.

“Hmm...according to legends, there is a lone drifter deep within the Mute Jungles. They say she is a legendary, but retired music warrior. Sounds like she’s the one you want.” Rhapsody explained, as he strums his guitar again.

“Where are the Mute Jungles?” Trent asked.

“Go to the north, and head east.” Rhapsody said, pointing north past the village.

“Thanks guy, we’ll be on our way.” Cynthia replied.

Icy, Roxy, Ice Knight and Lester are seen traversing through the Mute Jungles, searching for the music elemental. There are many music note leaves hanging from the trees. Several magic hummingbirds fly around, as Roxy looks at them fascinated.

“There are so many fascinating creatures in this world...” Roxy said.

“Yes, and once we unite the elementals to save Karmania, all of the animals will be safe from evil!” Icy promised to Roxy, as they keep walking onward.

The heroes approach the Mute Jungles entrance, hearing the sounds of the forest and animals echoing through the breeze. 

“The sounds are lovely.” Audrey said, hearing the echoes through the wind.

“Icy has definitely gone this way, along with Roxy and two other unidentified characters.” Zero said, analyzing the footprints.

“The other two are probably the weird ice knight and fire jester guy she recruited.” Tori said.

Madison transforms the girls with the heart, as the guys power up. They head into the Mute Jungles, looking for Icy and the music elemental. 

“Nice scenery.” Trent said, seeing the music note leaves, and instrument shaped trees.

“Yeah, this is a nice, comfy place. Too bad Icy is about to ruin it, provided we catch up to her in time...” Madison said.

Audrey then listens to the environment around, hearing something.

“I think I hear Icy in the distance...that way!” Audrey said, pointing west.

The heroes all head westward, making their way through the jungle, as several hummingbirds fly over. They then see Icy, Roxy, Lester and Ice Knight near a lake, which is shaped like a tuba. 

“Will I get to fight anything?” Roxy asked Icy eagerly.

“No clue. I trust you will not have to deal with the pests right now, as there’s no way they know we’re in Soundaria...” Icy said confidently. 

“You sure about that?” Cynthia asked.

The heroes all charge out of the trees, confronting the four.

“WHAT?! H-h-how-how did you find us!?” Icy asked, shocked.

“We have friends in high places, literally and figuratively.” Tori replied.

“So those two are her new recruits? A jester and a knight?” Jake noticed.

“Watch your tongue, for I am a much more powerful knight than you frauds.” Ice Knight said coldly.

“Can’t vouch for the weirdo jester, but I do have to admit that knight gave us a tough time when we fought him, so...” Cynthia warned to the knights.

“Oh, I am no “weirdo jester”, you brat. I am the most powerful fire elemental, I was chosen for a reason.” Lester replied annoyed.

Ice Knight readies his sword, and Lester forms fireballs in his hands. Roxy makes pink glows form in her hands, also ready to attack. Icy holds out her staff, as the Frost Star glows. 

“The Frost Star!” Madison realized.

“Correct, and here is a demonstration of its true, beautiful power!” Icy said.

She activates it, as it fires multiple ice beams at the ten heroes, who try to avoid the blasts. Trent, Nick and Cynthia get hit by some, but they press onward.

“Ugh, you’ll pay for that, you evil hag!” Cynthia said, wiping snow out of her hair.

“Let’s just try not to hit Roxy.” Elana said, readying her sword.

Cynthia throws several boulders toward Lester, Ice Knight and Icy. Icy shoots ice beams at one, and shatters it. Lester shoots powerful fire blasts at his boulder, annihilating it, while Ice Knight slices his boulder into tiny pieces.

“...Dang.” Trent said, firing laser arrows at Icy, Ice Knight and Lester, who try to block them.

“Roxy and I will handle the girls, you two, handle the knights!” Icy ordered to Lester and Ice Knight, as she sends more ice beams at the heroes.

Lester and Ice Knight charge forward, dueling the knights, who also try to strike back at the ice blasts. Madison then sends electric blasts back at the ice beams, causing collisions. Tori and Audrey form their own ice beams, but Icy’s break through theirs. Roxy sends pink magic blasts at Elana, who deflects them with her sword.

“Don’t do this!” Elana yelled to Roxy, but she sends another pink blast at Elana, who counters with her own light blast

Lester shoots more fireballs at the knights, as Jake and Cameron deflect them with their swords. Ice Knight attacks them with his sword, as Zero clashes his against the ice blade. Nick sends a green spell blast at Lester, but he jumps up, juggling multiple fire balls like a jester. He then hurls them at Nick and Trent, who send attacks back at them, causing smoke to fill the air. Icy’s ice beams explode everywhere, making frost fog once more. Audrey uses her wind powers to try to clear it, but it is too thick.

“Looks like clearing this will take some extra power...” Audrey said, as she sends a wind gust at Icy, who jumps out of the way. 

Jake and Zero strike their swords at Ice Knight, who then pulls out his axe, and swings it. The two avoid it, and then strike their swords at both his axe and ice sword. Ice Knight laughs.

“Fools, you are no match for my dual axe and sword wielding!” Ice Knight said, breaking them open, as Jake and Zero are knocked off to the side.

Cameron then strikes his sword at Ice Knight’s, dueling him. Ice Knight swings his axe, as Cameron avoids, and he cuts through a tree, which falls down. He then slices it apart, as Cameron strikes at him again. He then knocks Cameron’s sword out of his hand, taking him off guard, and knocks him down to the ground. Jake and Zero help him get back up. Nick and Trent continue to fight Lester, as Trent’s laser arrows collide with fireballs. Nick then casts a water spell, shooting it at Lester, knocking him down and dousing him a bit.

“Aaaah, oh no, my beautiful fire!” Lester panicked, as his flames light up again. “There we go.”

Trent then tries to strike him, but Lester sends a fire punch at Trent, knocking him back against a tree. Jake rushes to him, helping him up.

“Are you alright?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, but man these two aren’t pushovers...” Trent said, as the knights continue fighting the two.

Roxy then sends more pink magic attacks at the girls, who avoid them.

“Come on Roxy, you have to see Icy is using you! She doesn’t really care about you, she has her own game!” Elana yelled.

“She’s an evil witch!” Audrey said.

“As someone who still considers you a friend, I have to tell you she is insane! She might not look like it right now, but you’ll see!” Cynthia said. 

“Yeah, we’re sorry for not telling you anything, but we had too much to worry about!” Tori insisted. 

“And we didn’t want to put you in danger...like now, I guess!” Madison added, as she quickly sends an electricity ball at Icy, catching her off guard and knocking her down.

“Gah...don’t listen to any of that nonsense, they are trying to brainwash you!” Icy said to Roxy.

“Ugh...just stop! You’re not going to change my mind! I don’t care what she did in the past, I can trust her more than you guys! Your “apologies” are too little, too late anyways!” Roxy said, sending more pink attacks at the girls.

“She’s making it hard to not attack her...” Tori said.

“We have to keep calm and try to make her see the light, as difficult as it is.” Elana replied, worried.

Icy then sees how Madison has the heart, and sees how Roxy is not in her guardian form.

“Hmm...time to turn this into a fair fight!” Icy said.

She points her staff, and sends an ice beam at the Heart of Karmania. Madison tries to move, but it’s no use. Icy pulls an essence out of it, and hurls it at Roxy, transforming her into the guardian form. She flies up, looking around. She smiles, looking at the four girls flying up. 

“Great...” Tori sighed.

“If I power us down, Icy and her posse will just attack us...” Madison said, seeing her smiling below.

Elana is worried, but sends a light blast at Icy, who counters with ice attacks.

“How’s your attempt at reasoning going up there!?” Jake yelled from below, as his red stone forms a shield, blocking an axe swing from Ice Knight.

“Not very good!” Audrey replied.

Roxy flies in front of the girls, smiling. She then glows.

“Trust me, you don’t want us to hurt you!” Cynthia warned.

“I’m not scared. I’m a better guardian than all of you, I proved it!” Roxy said, sending more pink magic attacks at the girls, as all five are hit by them, with the four guardians nearly falling, but they regain their balance. 

Roxy summons several hummingbirds from around, as their eyes glow pink. They fly into the area, and begin to send sound attacks from their beaks at the girls, who try to avoid.

“I can’t harm innocent animals!” Audrey said, as she uses her wind powers to try to push them away, but it’s no use.

“Yeah, this isn’t getting us anywhere.” Madison said.

“We’re not getting anywhere either!” Cameron said, continuing to deflect fireballs from Lester with his stone mirror.

“Time for a classic retreat, and we’ll use this fog to our advantage” Elana said, deflecting an ice blast from Icy with her sword.

The knights throw multiple smoke bombs, distracting Lester and Ice Knight. Audrey and Tori combine an attack to form ice beams. 

“I’m sorry, Roxy.” Audrey said regrettably.

They shoot them at Roxy and Icy, creating more ice fog around the two. The heroes all head west past the lake, escaping further into the forests. Icy clears the fog, as they look around.

“I’m sorry mom, they got away!” Ice Knight said to Icy.

“Do not worry. In retrospect, I should’ve figured the ice fog would’ve been used against us. But no matter! This is good, better than good. They may lead us right to who we seek...” Icy said, as her amulet points the same way as where the heroes fled.

“My birds will find them.” Roxy said, as she makes the hummingbirds fly through the forests, searching for the heroes.

The heroes make their way down a trail, recovering.

“I can’t believe it, but that jester dude and the knight dude are both really tough.” Nick said, tired.

“I can’t believe how strong Roxy is...” Cynthia said.

“Yeah, the council need to nerf her.” Tori replied.

“Hey, couldn’t the council just take away her powers?” Trent realized.

“They most likely can, but...I do not know if that would be fair. It also would not resolve the issue of Icy, the main conflict.” Zero replied.

“There’s still good in her, her judgment is just clouded. Plus, even if they did take away her powers, she might not get them back. She did earn her powers fairly, but she has had her mind warped by Icy.” Elana said.

“She’s right. For now, let’s just find and protect whoever this elemental is.” Madison said.

“There’s a rather conspicuous cabin up there in the middle of nowhere, maybe the woman we’re looking for is in there?” Nick asked, pointing to an old log cabin on a hill up ahead.

“We have no other options, so sure. I just hope whoever is inside is friendly.” Cynthia replied, as they head to the log cabin.

They see a nice harp outside, which plays due to the blowing wind. Suddenly, the door opens, as a female Karmanian comes out of it, holding a flute. She is wearing musical clothing, and looks somewhat old.

“I know there is danger approaching.” the lady spoke.

“Are you the most powerful music elemental? We’re trying to protect you from a crazy lady.” Cynthia explained, as the lady smirks.

“Am I now? Is that what they refer to me as?” the lady asked.

“No clue, but an evil witch is seeking the most powerful music elemental here, and we’re assuming it’s you. We were also told a powerful lady lurks these parts, so...” Cynthia replied.

“I suppose I’m who you seek. Greetings, guardians and knights. I’m Cadence. I was the former Queen of Soundaria before I gave the power to Peyton, a former guardian.” Cadence introduced, playing her flute.

“What are you doing all the way out here?” Elana asked.

“Doing some soul searching and having a relaxing life of solitude. Being a queen so long can result in that. There’s been a few meanies that have tried to hunt me, but I sent them running.” Cadence explained.

“That’s good, but this witch is nothing to underestimate, trust us.” Tori replied.

“That is indeed one thing you can trust those liars on.” Icy spoke, surprising them all.

Icy appears with her gang, as she fires several ice beams at them. The heroes protect Cadence, sending attacks back at the ice beams. Roxy makes her hummingbirds fly up as well, who send sound blasts at the heroes, knocking them down.

“Music elemental, join us, do not follow those evil liars!” Icy spoke to Cadence.

Cadence ignores her and plays a soothing song on her flute. She frees the hummingbirds of their control from Roxy, surprising her. The hummingbirds then fly away, as Roxy struggles to gain control over them again, but it’s too late.

“Hey, that’s not fair! How did she do that!?” Roxy asked, disappointed.

“She is the most powerful music elemental. You can put that power to use for our side! This is the last time I’ll offer!” Icy said to Cadence.

“Nah, I’m good.” Cadence said, playing her flute again.

She sends a magical sound blast from the flute at Icy, knocking her down. She gets up annoyed, as Roxy flies down to her.

“It appears she has made up her mind. I’ll have to capture her by force and make her see the light! Do not harm her!” Icy ordered to the three.

“We’ll protect her, you guys deal with her two lackeys!” Madison said to the knights.

The knights charge down, dueling Ice Knight and Lester once again. Roxy then flies upward, sending pink blasts at the girls. 

“You know Cynthia, I always hated how selfish you were. Only you got to know all of the secrets, not just for this magic stuff, but school too...” Roxy said.

She then tries to punch Cynthia, surprising her, but Cynthia avoids her and slaps her with her mermaid tail.

“I don’t think you want to fight me, trust me!” Cynthia said, getting annoyed. 

“Ooh, girl fight.” Tori said, as Roxy also sends pink blasts at her.

Tori then sends a water blast at Roxy, knocking her back. 

“Hey, we said we wouldn’t hurt her!” Elana said.

“That promise is hard to keep now.” Tori replied.

“Yeah, I’m in agreement here...” Cynthia said, feeling bitter.

“You’ve hurt her too much, now she is letting out all of her true feelings!” Icy said, firing more ice beams at the girls, who counter with their elemental attacks.

“As for you Elana, I thought you were my best friend, but I guess I was wrong. You clearly cared about Cynthia more.” Roxy said, sending another pink blast at Elana, who deflects it with her sword.

“To be fair, Cynthia also hid my own secret from me too, and I was annoyed, but I understood why she did it! Please Roxy, you have to see Icy is a manipulator, just like Ramos was to me! She’ll turn on you when you least expect it!” Elana said, sending a light blast at Icy from her sword, but she counters with a blast from the Frost Star.

“Ramos?” Roxy asked confused, but ignores it, and sends more pink animal attacks at the five girls.

“Now girls, let’s stop this fighting!” Cadence said.

She plays her flute again, sending a sound blast at Roxy and Icy, knocking them back and dazing them. Zero sends electric shocks at Lester, who jumps around, avoiding them. Jake and Trent both try to attack Lester still, who counters with more fire attacks. Nick casts a fire blast at Ice Knight’s sword, but his anti-fire potion is in effect, as it does no damage.

“What the? How can fire not melt ice? Am I missing something here?” Nick asked, confused.

“Ha, anti-fire potion, you pitiful wizard!” Ice Knight bragged, swinging his sword, as Nick clashes his against it, and Cameron helps him.

Icy quickly shoots several poison ice shards at Madison’s wings, hurting her.

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this witch. I think it’s elemental form time.” Madison said to the four girls, as they agree.

Madison, Cynthia, Audrey and Tori then transform into their elemental forms, surprising Icy and Roxy. 

“...Do I get one of those forms?” Roxy asked Icy.

“Uh...maybe, I sure hope so!” Icy replied, worried.

They fire their attacks at Icy, who jumps around, trying to avoid them. However, Cynthia then hurls a boulder at Icy, knocking her down to the ground. 

“Icy, no!” Roxy panicked.

Lester and Ice Knight are also surprised by this. Tori sends a hydro blast at Lester, knocking him against a tree, doused out. The knights then all strike at Ice Knight, overwhelming him. Madison sends an electricity strike at Ice Knight, stunning him. Audrey traps him in a gust, and sends him flying, as he lands on the ground. The four girls look at Roxy, who is nervous.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Cynthia said telepathically.

“Impressive girls, I remember when the old guardians used those forms.” Cadence reminisced. 

However, Roxy then concentrates while angry, and summons more hummingbirds. They swarm around the four guardians, sending multiple sound blasts. Icy, Lester and Ice Knight all quickly get up unharmed. Lester and Ice Knight both strike the knights, knocking them down. Before Cadence can use her flute, Icy sends an ice shard, knocking it out of her hands. Icy shoots an ice blast at Elana, knocking her down. 

“You’ll pay for that!” Cynthia said, making the ground around Icy crack, and she wraps vines around her, but Icy breaks through them with the staff’s power.

Cynthia hurls another boulder, but Icy sends a dark ice blast at it, freezing it solid, and then smashes it with the staff’s power. Cadence plays her flute again, freeing the hummingbirds again, but Icy sends an ice blast at her, freezing her solid.

“No!” the heroes yelled.

“Haha, too late chumps! I admit, it was an intense fight, but I get the last laugh!” Icy bragged, standing next to the frozen Cadence, as Ice Knight and Lester both run toward her.

“You’ll unfreeze her, right?” Roxy asked, flying next to Icy.

“Of course, of course!” Icy replied oddly.

The girls power up elemental attacks, shooting them at Icy, but she sends a giant ice blast back. It explodes, creating ice fog once again. Icy teleports away with her gang, as Audrey clears the fog, to see they are gone. The girls transform back to their normal forms, disappointed. 

“Great, that’s the second powerful music woman we’ve lost to a crazy witch...” Tori said.

“And at this rate, who knows if Roxy will ever forgive us...” Cynthia sighed.

“Don’t give up hope, that’s one of the biggest lessons Ranen and Mai taught us. Something tells me that Icy resorting to kidnapping Cadence could actually have hurt her relationship with Roxy.” Cameron said.

“How do you know?” Elana asked.

“Just a feeling.” Cameron replied.

“Eh, let’s report back to the council.” Madison said, opening a portal to the Sky Kingdom.

The heroes power down and arrive back outside the temple, reporting to Deckel, Luna and Briar.

“How unfortunate. But nobody is perfect. I know you can get her back and convince this Roxy to see who Icy really is.” Deckel said.

“As Tom would say, sometimes you have to let events unfold as destiny foretold.” Luna said.

“Your day was not a total loss however. The orange knight has finally been chosen.” Briar said, surprising everyone.

“Wait, what?” Jake asked.

Skipper walks forward, holding the orange knight stone in his hand.

“It has chosen him.” Briar explained.

“I haven’t actually bonded to it yet, but yes, I was surprised too.” Skipper said.

“Whoa...congratulations dude!” Nick said.

“Oh boy...but good for you!” Cynthia replied.

“Wait, I thought Brak had it?” Madison asked.

“Seems like the sucker lost it during the failed invasion.” Skipper said, tossing it in the air and catching it.

“Well then, looks like you’ll need some knight training.” Cameron said, proud.

Meanwhile, Icy is in the ice circle room at her hideout with Ice Knight and Lester. She places the frozen Cadence in the music slot, and hooks up the wires to her. Roxy is no longer in her guardian form, as she looks out at Central Karmania from the cliff below. She seems sad.

“Whatever. I wonder where that music lady is...” Roxy pondered.

She heads into the cave, reaching the entrance to the circle room. She overhears them talking, but can’t quite make it out. 

“I know she said not to look, but...I have to know. I can’t have anymore secrets.” Roxy said.

She then summons an ice bat, and makes it fly through a hole. The bat carefully flies into the room, seeing the frozen Cadence, Naja and Rickster. Roxy sees this through its eyes, confused. Icy then hooks up the wires to Cadence’s ice block, and begins to drain her of her music powers. Roxy is horrified upon seeing this, as Icy laughs.

“What...” Roxy said, disappointed.

“Yes! Another element down!” Icy said, unhooking the wires, and feeling fresh.

“When are we disposing the girl, mom?” Ice Knight asked, as Roxy gasps upon hearing this.

“I’ll keep her around for now. After all, using a guardian against the guardians is genius. She is a naive, but useful child in my goal. When the time comes, I’ll drain her whole.” Icy explained, as Roxy is horrified to learn this.

“She’s a child? I thought she was a mime...because I never hear a word she says!” Lester said coldly.

“Oh Lester!” Icy and Ice Knight say, laughing.

“Dang Lester, that was cold...but oh no, the girls were right! Icy has been using me...” Roxy realized, horrified, as she runs out of the cave disappointed.


-Character Debuts: Cadence

-Area Debuts: Mute Jungles

-Deckel has now become the leader of the Karmanian Council, taking Cesare’s place. He also has mastered the element of Psychic.

-Icy now controls the elements of Ice, Fire, Dark, Animal, Poison and Music.

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Terrific episode! As always, I love seeing Soundaria. Still one of my favorite places this show has introduced. And the battles between the heroes and Icy's gang were well done. Once again, I really love Roxy's powers - and while the sheer force of her animal powers aren't stronger than the other girls', they creative ways she can apply them gives her a little bit of a trump card. The ending was sad, but I hope this pushes Roxy to the heroes' side once and for all.

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Damn, that was wonderful episode ( as always), Really like the girls fighting against crazy witch known as Icy, and trying to convinced Roxy that Icy is npt who is truly is, even Elana tokd her she has similar problem back in s1 when Elana being tricked by Ramos.

Overall, that was good episode, now if Roxy turn on Icy as revenge for lying. :P  

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Thrilling episode, it was quite hectic seeing them go back and forth over which side was lying, and I loved how they finally couldn't take it anymore and stopped holding back against Roxy. It would also be great if they told her some time about Ramos, even as she now finally knows the truth about Icy. :P My hunch tells me that at this point, she'll play along with Icy's schemes, waiting for a good time to stab her in the back, but I'll see what goes down.

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94. Enemy of My Enemy

The heroes are outside Elana’s castle, as the knights train Skipper, while the girls watch. Nick shoots a green spell blast at Skipper, who quickly shoots dark lightning back at the blast, making it fade away. Jake and Cameron run up to him with their swords, but Skipper makes a balloon sword appear with his magic, striking it against theirs. He throws two pies at Jake and Cameron respectively, who slice them in half. Skipper has them off guard and quickly sends dark electric bolts at both, knocking them away. Zero and Trent attack, as Skipper quickly strikes his balloon sword against both.

“How is a balloon so strong!?” Trent asked, struggling to break it.

“I have to admit, he’s actually good.” Audrey said, spectating.

“Yeah, why didn’t we have him on our side sooner?” Tori said.

Skipper throws a pineapple, which explodes, making Zero and Trent fall to the ground. The five knights all attack Skipper again, but he makes his unicycle appear. He rides around on it, while shooting food at the knights. However, Cameron senses around and quickly strikes his sword at the unicycle, as Skipper falls off, landing on the ground. The five approach him, as the training is over. Skipper gets up, shaking their hands. The girls then approach, after having watched the fight.

“Nice job, Skip. I think you’ll make a great knight.” Madison complimented.

“I have to admit guy, you sure have skill.” Jake said, impressed.

“Thank you, practicing in dark magic can do that to a guy. But you knights have your strengths too, and I respect you for wishing to train me in your ways. I just wonder how I can activate the stone’s power...” Skipper pondered, pulling out the orange stone and looking at it.

“You must prove to the stone you are worthy, but in what way varies. You’ll have to figure it out on your own, taking initiative when the call comes.” Cameron replied.

“I shall do whatever it takes to prove myself to the stone, whenever that time comes.” Skipper said.

“Well I’m glad we have one new team member, but there’s still the issue of a certain brainwashed guardian...” Cynthia said, changing subject.

“We’ll get her on our side, I’m sure of it. Icy can’t keep her act up forever.” Madison reassured.

“Also, like Cameron said, maybe Icy kidnapping Cadence could make Roxy have some even more trust issues...whoa, a lot of names for one sentence.” Nick pointed out.

“Let’s hope so, since we’re not going to be the ones to get through to her.” Tori replied.

“Something tells me Icy is planning to do something to her sooner than we think...” Elana said, worried.

“Too bad we don’t know where they are...” Audrey replied.

Roxy is in her bedroom listening to music. She thinks about what she learned yesterday, disappointed in Icy, and sighs. 

“I thought she was my friend, but I guess I trust people too much...” Roxy said sadly.

The doorbell then rings multiple times down below, annoying her parents.

“Roxy, your odd friend is here to see you!” her mom yelled from below.

Roxy runs downstairs, and opens the door, seeing Icy in her civilian disguise.

“Greetings! I have another exciting and breathtaking new adventure for you, my apprentice!” Icy said with a fake smile to Roxy, as she goes outside with her.

“What are you doing now?” Roxy asked, a bit suspicious.

“There is someone you should meet, they will help in my quest...” Icy said ominously, confusing Roxy.

“That’s enough!” Roxy snapped, backing away.

“What’s the matter?” Icy asked, about to attack.

“I know you’ve been using me! I heard your conversation yesterday about wanting to drain me! I’m not like you, you’re bad!” Roxy said, readying her fists, about to attack.

Icy quickly sends an ice blast at Roxy, freezing her body solid.

“Indeed, I knew you spied on us.” Icy revealed, shocking Roxy.

“How did you know!?” Roxy asked.

“You should’ve been more careful with that ice bat. Oh well, I’m surprised you bought my act as long as you did.” Icy said, as a flashback is shown.

After Roxy walks out of the cave, Ice Knight sees the ice bat flying above with its pink eyes. 

“We have an eavesdropping bat of ice!” Ice Knight said to Lester and Icy, pointing his sword at it.

Its eyes stop glowing pink, as it flies out of the room through the secret hole.

“So, it seems my apprentice heard everything. Looks like it’s time to speed up our plans.” Icy said devilishly, ending the flashback. 

“How unfortunate. I thought you’d make the perfect apprentice for me, but I knew deep down you were too curious. Unfortunately as the saying goes, curiosity freezes the cat. Don’t worry though, I still need you, so I won’t get rid of you...yet.” Icy said, worrying Roxy.

“You won’t get away with this, they will stop you!” Roxy said.

“They could, but how can they save you if they don’t know where you are? Plus, they think you hate them...” Icy replied, laughing evilly, as Roxy is horrified.

Valina and Cassidy are walking along a sidewalk, holding hands. 

“Hey Val, is that who I think it is?” Cassidy asked to Valina, as they see Icy and Roxy.

“Leave that girl alone, you evil witch!” Valina yelled to Icy, startling her and Roxy.

“The old guardians? Haha! It turns out I don’t need you fools anymore for my grand plan!” Icy bragged.

“That’s fine with us. Now let her go!” Cassidy replied.

Valina makes electricity spark through her hair, ready to attack, and Cassidy readies a water blast. Before they can attack however, Icy teleports away with Roxy in an ice gust, leaving snowflakes behind.

“This is bad. We need to tell the guardians and knights.” Valina replied, as they run off.

Icy reappears with Roxy outside of PosidoniaCorp. Icy looks at the factory ahead.

“You’re taking me to that weirdo Donald Bucklend? Why?” Roxy asked.

“You shall see...” Icy replied, as she levitates Roxy’s ice block, taking her down the path to the building.

Peyton is spying on the building from the bushes, and is surprised to see Icy.

“So that wicked witch is back. But who is the girl?” Peyton wondered, as she tries to get closer.

Mighty Max lands on a rooftop nearby PosidoniaCorp in his jet-pack. He looks around at Posidonia through his binoculars. He spots Icy with Roxy headed for the building, and gasps.

“Well this is excellent timing! What is that fiend up to now? And who is her frozen hostage?” Max wondered, zooming in further.

He jumps down, carefully walking through the area. He hides behind a tree near the PosidoniaCorp entrance, looking at Icy and Roxy walking up to it. He walks around, and bumps into Peyton who was also spying on the building. The two look at each other surprised.

“Max, you’re back! But what are you doing here?” Peyton asked, surprised.

“I was patrolling around for crime, then I saw Icy with that girl. I had no idea you were spying on criminals too since my last visit.” Max replied.

“Yeah, I occasionally lurk around to see what shady things these goons are doing. I have no clue what Icy is doing here with that girl either, but it’s most likely not good.” Peyton replied.

“Want to team up to stop them, like old times?” Max offered to her.

“It’d be an honor, mr. superhero.” Peyton replied, as the two blush.

As Icy approaches the entrance, Max and Peyton jump out at her. Peyton sends a sound wave, and Max throws a heat disc. Icy counters the sound wave with her own ice blast, releasing a sound wave that knocks Peyton down. She shoots a dark blast at the heat disc, making it explode, as Max helps Peyton get up.

“So we meet again, Mighty Max! Unfortunately for you, I’ve gotten much stronger since the last time we met!” Icy bragged, laughing, as she forms poisonous icicles, and shoots them at the two. 

Max throws another heat disc forward, which detonates, shielding him and Peyton from the poisonous icicles, as they go right into the heat. Peyton sends another sound blast, but Icy counters with her own, as Max flies up.

“Since when you did learn sound attacks, I thought you were an ice elemental?” Peyton asked.

“Why don’t you ask the former Queen of Soundaria, who I stole the powers from!?” Icy bragged, laughing, as she shoots another ice beam at Peyton.

“Cadence...” Peyton realized, as she dodges it.

Max quickly throws a high-tech boomerang while in the air, which hits Icy in the face, catching her off guard. It releases a heat blast, which hurts her. Peyton shoots another sound attack, which knocks Icy down to the ground. Roxy looks at Max and Peyton in awe.

“Who are you guys?” Roxy asked.

“Don’t worry, we’re here to save you-” Max was saying.

Icy gets back up angrily and sends dark ice attacks at both, knocking them down.

“I admit you are both strong, but this silly fight ends here! Make one more move or I’ll shatter the girl to pieces!” Icy threatened, laughing maniacally, terrifying Roxy.

Peyton and Max are unsure what to do, as they look at each other.

“...Fine, just do not harm the girl. We surrender.” Max replied.

“Wise choice, Max. Now then, I have business to attend to.” Icy replied, as she casually walks into the PosidoniaCorp building with Roxy.

“Ugh, I’m not as good without my form. But we can’t just give up.” Peyton replied to him.

“We’re not, but it’s time we called some reinforcements.” Max replied.

He throws some smoke bombs, as the two disappear. Icy sees this, smiling.

“Good, that means they’ll be bringing all of the girls! My plan is working!” Icy bragged, as she walks further down the main lobby, heading for the stairs, but a worker is blocking it.

“Excuse me ladies, we do not allow visitors past this floor-” a worker was saying.

Icy freezes him solid with the Frost Star, as she keeps walking. She makes her way to Donald Bucklend’s office. She casts an ice gust, which blows open the door, breaking it. Bucklend, Donny, Blyde and Vastacoar are startled, as Icy walks in with the frozen Roxy.

“Hey, it’s that cute ice lady!” Blyde said, waving to her, but Icy ignores him.

“What is the meaning of this intrusion?” Vastacoar asked, growling, as he holds out his chainsaw, and Donny nervously walks away from it.

“Jeez man, always with that chainsaw! One of these days you’re going to hurt someone with that thing...unintentionally!” Donny rambled, as Vastacoar keeps growling at Icy.

“Call off your bodyguard!” Icy said annoyed.

“Oh right, you were that weirdo Firebolt worked with. Stand down Vastacoar, let her speak. Alright madame, what are you doing in my company with a frozen girl?” Donald Bucklend asked, as Vastacoar understands and puts his chainsaw away.

“Giving you some bait that will help move forward both of our goals. After all, the enemy of my enemy is a friend. This girl here is one of the mermaids.” Icy explained to him.

“Doesn’t look like a mermaid I’ve seen before.” Donald Bucklend replied confused.

“She is one of them, I swear! And I give her to you, for your research. But that’s not all!The girls will come here to rescue her, and that way I...we can destroy them together!” Icy explained.

“You intentionally let them come here!?” Vastacoar asked angrily, as he keeps growling.

“Yes, but for strategic reasons, silly. I know Mr. Bucklend has an army at his disposal, which I lack! Using my combined powers, and your mafia army, we’ll finally crush those banes of our existences! What do you say?” Icy offered.

“Fine, I’ve been itching for some excitement around here anyways, so has Morty and his gang. You’re a weird lady, but you know how to make a good deal.” Donald Bucklend replied, shaking her cold hand. “Wow, that is one freezing cold hand.”

“I know! After you you dissect her, I’m going to drain her beautiful powers!” Icy said.

“But how are we gonna dissect a mermaid when she isn’t in her mermaid form?” Donny asked, confused.

“That’s why I stole this magic power!” Icy said.

She makes the Frost Star glow pink, and uses the Heart of Karmania power she stole to transform Roxy into her guardian form, still frozen in ice.

“Now that’s more like it. Gentlemen, take this lady to the lab.” Donald Bucklend ordered to Donny, Blyde and Vastacoar.

“Yes sir!” Blyde replied, saluting, as Donny and him struggle to move the ice block, but Vastacoar picks it up for them.

“You’re welcome.” Vastacoar replied.

“I wonder how much money she’ll make on the black market...” Donald Bucklend pondered.

“You’re making a terrible mistake, trust me! You’re all going to get it! I’ll sue this terrible company, my dad is a lawyer, you know!” Roxy said angrily, as the three take her away.

“Shut up. Can you please freeze the face too so I don’t have to listen to her?” Vastacoar asked to Icy.

“Nope, now you have to deal with her, hahaha!” Icy taunted, as she walks away, annoying Vastacoar.

Suddenly, Icy’s amulet begins to glow, as it shines on the Standard part of the amulet.

“Oh my...well this will provide a convenient distraction, and I wasn’t even planning on that, that just happened! Such a pathetic element though, but I need it and this one will be a breeze anyways! Be right back!” Icy said, as she leaves through a portal with her ice dimensional scissors, and it closes behind.

Back outside Elana’s castle...

“You know, this makes me wonder, where is Icy’s hideout? She has to have a base somewhere...” Jake wondered.

“I would presume in Permafrost Mountains, as it is the closest ice area for her to go, but where in the area is a mystery.” Zero replied.

“You’ll have to worry about that later, as it seems Icy is closer than you think. Mai told me that a few people had a close encounter with her today, and know where she is. In addition, Roxy is in danger.” Ranen explained to them, concerning the heroes.

The heroes enter the Golden Seahorse, seeing Cassidy, Valina, Peyton and Max inside with Mai.

“Max? We haven’t seen you in a long while.” Audrey said, surprised to see him.

“I know, I’ve been all over the sea tracking her down, but it appears she has been in Karmania this whole time...curses. I’m sorry I failed to keep a close eye on her.” Max said to them.

“It’s alright, she’s very sneaky and not even we knew what she was doing for some time.” Madison replied.

“What happened?” Audrey asked.

“And where’s Roxy?” Elana asked.

“Val and I were walking down the sidewalk when we saw the crazy witch attack the girl outside of her own home. She was frozen solid. Before we could attack, she teleported away, snap, just like that.” Cassidy explained, snapping her fingers.

“She attacked her in public and in broad daylight?” Jake asked, confused.

“It sounds like Roxy learned that Icy was using her, as there’s no other reason for Icy to turn on her that soon.” Cameron replied.

“How cold of that evil witch...no pun intended.” Cynthia said angrily.

“Well hey, at least that makes trying to get her on your side a lot easier.” Mai said.

“True.” Elana replied.

“Anyways, then I was spying on PosidoniaCorp, where I saw Icy approach with Roxy for some reason. Max and I met up there by coincidence, and we tried to attack Icy, but she  has gotten so much more powerful. I know Icy captured Cadence, I’ll avenge her.” Peyton said.

“We’re sorry, we tried everything to protect her. But we’ll get her back along with Roxy.” Madison promised.

“She threatened to harm the girl if we did not leave, so we did. But with our combined powers, we should be able to handle her.” Max said.

“Why would she take her to Donald Bucklend of all people?” Skipper asked.

“Well she is a guardian, or more specifically a mermaid, and he kind of hates those, we’ve given him some trouble. Also, he probably wants to make money off of a magical mermaid fairy.” Nick explained.

“Hopefully his goons don’t capture me again...” Tori said, annoyed.

“I don’t think we really need a complicated plan, defeating his bumbling henchmen gets easier and easier.” Madison replied.

“Then let’s go!” Cynthia said.

“Wait, hold on. Ranen just alerted me that Icy was spotted with her allies hunting through the Central Karmania Bazaar for something.” Zero explained.

“Great, what should have been a simple rescue mission had to get complicated.” Tori replied.

“But I thought Icy was in PosidoniaCorp?” Audrey asked, confused.

“I guess she found her next elemental ahead of schedule.” Trent replied.

“That will make rescuing your friend even easier now.” Peyton said.

“According to Luna, who just told me through her magic amulet, Deckel predicts she is searching for the Standard elemental. He also predicts someone will get hit in the face with a pie.” Nick said.

“...What?” Peyton asked, confused.

“What’s a standard elemental?” Cynthia asked.

“They are generally seen as the weakest elementals, since they are mostly plain old Karmanians, but some are able to perform hidden and unique talents better than others.” Mai explained.

“Okay, since the girls are closer with Roxy than us, maybe you should go save her, and we’ll deal with Icy.” Jake suggested.

“Works for me.” Madison replied.

“Peyton and I will aid you, girls. Bucklend is an evil, corrupt businessman who I’d love to bring to justice.” Max replied.

“Val and I can go with the knights to give them some extra help.” Cassidy suggested.

“I’m fine with that.” Valina replied.

“Heh, looks like you get more knight training Skipper, maybe this will be your big break.” Nick said to him.

“Let’s hope so.” Skipper said, still looking at the stone.

Madison flashes the heart, transforming the girls, and the knights power up. The knights, along with Valina and Cassidy head to the Central Karmania Bazaar, while the guardians, along with Elana, Max and Peyton head for PosidoniaCorp. They are outside PosidoniaCorp, as Max uses his binoculars to examine the outside. Tons of narwhal mafia members are walking around the perimeter, holding their anti-magic weapons. 

“These guys should be a piece of cake.” Cynthia said, ready to attack.

“Let’s do something flashy to get their attention.” Tori said.

“When you have been in the superhero business as long as I have, I know how to distract your enemies.” Max said, 

As the narwhals continue to patrol around, a metal disc is thrown to the ground, as some of the members see this.

“Huh, ay, who’s there?” one of them asked, pointing their gun, looking around.

“Is it a present?” another member asked.

The disc activates, as it unleashes multiple flashing colors around the area. The narwhals try to close their eyes, as it distracts them.

“Ay yo, this ain’t funny!” one of them said, as they shoot their gun at the disc.

The disc explodes, making the lights stop. Suddenly, multiple elemental attacks are thrown at the narwhals, knocking them around and destroying their weapons. Max jumps down and punches another narwhal. He grabs two and bashes their heads together, knocking them out.

“Duhhh...” both groaned, as narwhal horns spin around their heads.

Another fires their machine gun, as the girls swim around to avoid the bullets. Madison sends an electricity blast, making the gun spark and explode. Peyton and Audrey send a combined sound wind blast at the narwhal, knocking him against the wall. Cynthia makes the branches from a tree grab a narwhal, and sends them flying away.

“WAAAHHH!!!” the narwhal yelled.

Elana slashes her sword at a narwhal’s gun, cutting it in half. She sends a light blast, knocking the narwhal to the ground. Tori uses her color changing powers to change a narwhal’s suit to green.

“What the-” the narwhal was saying, and she sends a water blast, knocking them away.

They look around, seeing the first group has been defeated.

“What a bunch of pushovers.” Cynthia said, smirking.

“Don’t get too excited, I’m pretty sure that’s not all of them.” Madison replied, carefully looking around while flying.

Bucklend sees the first group all knocked out through his security footage in his office. 

“Morons! Morty, make sure your team annihilates those rotten girls and that super zero, I don’t want a single one of them getting inside of my company.” Donald Bucklend ordered to him, as he eats a pizza. 

“You got it boss.” Morty replied on the communicator.

As the girls and Max head for the entrance, Morty is seen in a repaired red mech suit, standing on the roof. Suddenly, Morty jumps down in the mech suit, stopping them from getting inside. More narwhals surround the heroes, aiming their weapons.

“Ay yo, you girlies missed me?” Morty asked, smiling smugly, as his gold horn, gold sunglasses, and gold stick all shine.

“Not this guy again...” Cynthia sighed, as Morty begins to fire from the shoulder cannons on his mech suit.

Meanwhile, the knights, Cassidy and Valina look around the Bazaar for Icy. 

“Alright Skipper, when looking for danger, all we need is a cry for help, that’s usually 99% of the time a cry for help when a villain attacks, though in a rare 1% situation it may just be someone wanting us to help open a jar.” Nick explained.


“That’s our cue!” Cameron said, as the eight head off.

Icy, Ice Knight and Lester attack several stands. The royal guards try to attack, but are easily knocked to the side with dark ice blasts from Icy and fire balls from Lester. Icy follows her amulet, leading them to a building. A Karmanian is standing in front of the entrance, as the three approach them.

“You need the password to enter-” they were saying, as Icy freezes them solid.

She opens the door. The three walk into a lounge, seeing several Karmanians at a large table playing a card game. A Karmanian is at the end of the table wearing fancy white clothes and sunglasses, who has lots of coins. 

“Man, look at Silent Guy back there, clearly planning his next ingenious strategy.” a player said.

Icy shoots several ice blasts across the room, startling the players. They see Icy, Ice Knight and Lester standing right at the table.

“Uh...there’s no more player room, sorry guys. Maybe next week.” a player said nervously, but Icy freezes them solid.

“You, the Standard elemental!” Icy said to the Karmanian at the end of the table.

“That’s one way to call me, but I’m also known as the most average guy in all of Karmania. You can also simply just call me Guy.” Guy replied, not scared of Icy, but Icy quickly freezes him solid.

“Well it’s been fun but now I got to go!” a player yelled, as they grab their coins and make a run for it.

The players panic, running everywhere and out of the building. Suddenly, the heroes barge into the building, seeing the chaos. 

“Attacking people during a peaceful card game, how rude.” Skipper said.

Valina quickly sends a lightning blast at Icy, knocking her across the table, as cards fly everywhere. Lester shoots fire balls, but Cassidy fires water attacks back, dousing the blasts. Lester sends another fire blast, burning the table in half, and sending it flying. The knights use their swords to slice the parts away.

“I take it he’s our guy.” Jake said, seeing Guy frozen. 

They head to free him, but Ice Knight gets in the way, clashing his ice sword against them. Trent fires laser arrows, but they do nothing. Nick casts a bagel spell at Ice Knight’s sword, but he slices through the spell blast. Skipper shoots a hot sauce bottle at Ice Knight, but it fails to burn through it.

“An anti-fire potion, clever.” Skipper noted.

“That’s right, I recall my stone has a way around it.” Zero realized, as he strikes his sword at Ice Knight multiple times.

His stone glows, as it draws the red aura out of Ice Knight, confusing him.

“What witchcraft is this?” Ice Knight asked, swinging his sword at Zero, who has removed his potion’s power.

Nick sends a fire blast at Ice Knight, melting some of his armor, startling him.

“My armor is compromised!” Ice Knight said, as the knights attack his vulnerable armor.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll get you a new potion!” Icy promised.

Ice Knight regrows some of his broken ice, as he avoids more fire blasts from Nick and Skipper. Lester sends fire balls at the knights, while Icy shoots ice at Valina and Cassidy, who fly around the room. An ice blast heads right at Cassidy, but Skipper jumps up, and pushes Cassidy out of the way, as the two land on the ground. 

“Thank you so much!” Cassidy thanked, as Skipper gets up.

Suddenly, Skipper’s orange knight stone glows, as it transforms him into the orange knight, surprising everyone.

“Congrats!” Jake said to him, as he deflects a poison ice blast from Icy.

“You did it, dude!” Nick said, as he sends a spell blast at Lester, who jumps out of the way.

“I have finally become a knight of Karmania. Funny, considering how I once tried to force a bond on the gold stone.” Skipper recalled.

“As we’ve seen through you, myself and others, people can change.” Valina said, sending another electricity blast at Icy, who counters with dark ice blasts.

“Well done, Skipper.” Cameron said, proud, as Zero and him strike their swords at Lester.

Skipper strikes his orange sword at Ice Knight, shooting dark electricity at him. He throws a banana on the ground, as Ice Knight slips on it. Skipper then forms an orange wall shield with the stone, as everyone gets behind it, blocking Lester and Icy’s attacks. Cassidy quickly sends a whirlpool blast at Lester, knocking him down.

“Let’s just get him and scram already!” Lester said angrily to Icy.

“Agreed!” Icy replied.

She makes it to the frozen Guy with Lester and Ice Knight. The heroes send attacks, but she makes the three teleport away in an ice gust, as their attacks miss.

“There goes another one...” Trent said sadly.

“Don’t worry, we still have Roxy to save.” Jake reassured.

“And at least I’ve bonded to the stone, even if orange is not my color, but I’ll make due.” Skipper said.

Back outside PosidoniaCorp, the girls and Max fight Morty and his henchmen. Morty swings the anvil arm on his mech at the flying girls, who shoot elemental attacks back. Elana sends a flash of light at a narwhal, blinding them, and knocks them down with a light blast. Cynthia avoids Morty’s missiles, and levitates a nearby dumpster, hurling it at his mech. He smashes it aside with his anvil, but Audrey sends a gust tornado around it, pushing it up. She sends it flying at two narwhals with machine guns, knocking them aside.

“Nice save!” Cynthia said to Audrey.

Peyton and Tori send a combined sound whirlpool blast at a narwhal, which hurts their head. Their gun explodes, as they are sent flying against the wall. Madison throws several electric balls, exploding several of the narwhals’ guns. Another narwhal is about to throw a nerve gas can, but Max tackles them, and knocks them out. Cynthia grabs two more narwhals with tree branches, and flings them away. Tori, Peyton and Audrey blast away remaining narwhals, as one’s horn sticks into the wall.

“Ayy, help!” one panicked.

Morty looks at all of his knocked out teammates. 

“Ay yo, you chumps disappoint me. But Morty’s got this.” Morty said, as he moves his mech forward.

The mech sends several discs flying in the sky at the girls, which detonate around, exploding. The girls avoid them all however, and send more elemental attacks. He swings his anvil arm again, as it hits Peyton, knocking her aside.

“Are you alright?” Max asked her.

“Yeah, I’ve seen worse.” Peyton replied, as she flies back up, sending another sound blast at Morty.

Max flies around in his jet-pack, avoiding blasts from Morty. He then bravely flies onto his mech suit’s front, planting a heat disc against it, and jumps off. 

“Oh boy...” Morty said worried.

The heat disc explodes, breaking apart Morty’s mech. He falls out onto the ground, as the mech suit falls down behind him. 

“Ay no, not cool-” Morty was saying.

Max punches Morty in the face, knocking him out. The narwhals continue to moan in pain, as they go inside the building.

“Oh hey, I didn’t get kidnapped this time.” Tori said, surprised.

They carefully walk inside the lobby, when several more narwhals jump out of the shadows, firing their guns. The girls all send attacks back, knocking them out. They make their way up the stairs. Bucklend sees this through his security camera, as he slams his fist against the desk.

“Where is that witch? Did she set me up!? Vastacoar, listen to me carefully. You’re my last line of defense...along with those two clowns. Dissect that girl and destroy the intruders.” Bucklend ordered to him through the communicator.

“I will not let you down, sir.” Vastacoar replied.

In the laboratory, Roxy’s ice block is seen strapped to a table. 

“Alright, done! But now how do we cut through the ice?” Donny wondered, scratching his head.

“Let’s dissect her my way.” Vastacoar said, holding his chainsaw, as Roxy gulps.

“I can’t contact any animals, and I can’t use any of the glow attacks. I really hope they come to save me, but I acted horrible to them...” Roxy said to herself, sighing.

Vastacoar begins to rev his chainsaw, starting it up.

“This is going to be great!” Blyde said, getting a bag of popcorn.

However, the chainsaw stops working, annoying Vastacoar.

“...Uh, sorry, excuse me miss, this will take a bit. Come on, you stupid piece of...” Vastacoar was saying, as he keeps trying to rev the chainsaw, and Roxy rolls her eyes.

The doors fling open, as the girls and Max attack. Roxy is surprised to see them, as Vastacoar growls.

“Wait, I’m not read-” Donny was saying, as Elana sends a light blast, knocking him down to the ground.

“Girls, you're actually rescuing me, even after how I acted?” Roxy asked.

“Yeah, even though you kind of weren’t cool when attacking us, we still care about you.” Cynthia said, as her and Elana break Roxy out of the ice block.

“And your anger was kind of justified, we're sorry we hid this from you, but we did it to prevent things like this from happening.” Elana said.

“Fair enough.” Roxy replied, as she flies up.

“I don’t know if you feel the same, but we don’t hate you, and we truly did care about you.” Madison said.

“I never hated you guys either, and you went to the trouble of breaking into this terrible place to save me...that means a lot. I'm so sorry for everything.” Roxy replied, happy, as she barely avoids blasts from Blyde’s gun. “And Cynthia, I’m sorry for trying to punch you, Icy got to my head...”

“Don’t worry about it, all is forgiven.” Cynthia replied, happy.

"I was tricked by someone else before too. Live and learn." Elana said.

Audrey lifts up Blyde in a gust.

“Whoaaa, aaah!” Blyde panicked, as she hurls him against the wall, knocking him out.

Donny gets up, and is about to fire his gun, but Roxy sends a pink magic blast at him, knocking him out too. Max avoids Vastacoar’s chainsaw, and punches him in the face. 

“This is for trying to dissect me, you jerk!” Roxy said, sending a pink magic attack at Vastacoar, who absorbs it with his chainsaw. “Oops...”

“Yeah, now you know for future references, trust us, it’s annoying.” Cynthia replied, as she avoids Vastacoar’s chainsaw, and slaps him in the face with her mermaid tail, annoying him.

The same scientist who tried to dissect Tori and Peyton walks by, seeing the commotion. Tori and Peyton smile at him, as the scientist begs them not to. The two send a sound whirlpool blast, knocking the scientist out. Madison shoots an electric blast at Vastacoar, but he blocks it with his cape. Elana runs up and strikes her sword at his chainsaw.

“You may have bested me before child, but I have done much training since we last fought-” Vastacoar was saying, as his chainsaw gives out again. “No, not now!”

“Sucks to suck.” Elana said, as she sends a light flash, blinding him. 

“This is for trying to dissect my friend!” Cynthia said, as she flies up and punches Vastacoar in the face, as he falls to the ground knocked out.

“Thanks so much everyone, for everything. Next time I see Icy, I’ll make her pay for using me.” Roxy vowed.

The other group then makes their way into the lab.

“Oh dear, we missed the fun.” Skipper said, seeing the knocked out henchmen. 

“And I see we missed you becoming the orange knight, congrats.” Tori replied.

“My stone has finally found a new host, thank you, whoever you are.” Max said, shaking Skipper’s hand.

“Call me Skipper.” Skipper replied.

“So Roxy, are you on our side?” Madison asked.

“Yeah, I’m not rejoining Icy’s side anytime soon. Just promise you’ll tell me everything.” Roxy said.

“We will, after we get out of this nuthouse.” Elana replied.

As they all try to leave the lab, Icy appears out of a teleportation.

“Finally, this spell can be a pain. Alright, I’m back and ready to drain...” Icy said, seeing Vastacoar, Donny, Blyde and the scientist knocked out. “Oh...”

The heroes all ready their attacks, as Icy gulps.

“By the way, you were never my friend.” Roxy said, as they all fire their attacks.

Icy disappears in another teleportation, leaving snowflakes behind. 

“We’ll get her next time.” Madison said.

Skipper had thrown a pie, which goes out of the lab. Donald Bucklend walks down the hall nervously, and gets hit in the face with the pie, making Deckel’s prediction come true.

“Haha, very funny.” Donald Bucklend said, walking away angrily.

The heroes appear outside PosidoniaCorp.

“So we got two new members today, nice.” Nick said.

“Yeah, nice job both of you.” Audrey said.

“Even though Icy got the Standard elemental, I’d say we still had a bigger victory today, especially since she lost the element of Animals.” Jake said.

“I’m eager to learn more from you all, and I’ll do whatever it takes!” Roxy promised. 

“We’re just glad this drama is over.” Elana replied.

“Welcome to the team, Roxy and Skipper.” Madison said, happy.

“It appears my work here is done, but I'll continue to help you fight Icy however I can. I’m glad the orange stone has found a new successor. Farewell, heroes, until we meet again!” Mighty Max yelled, as he flies away.

“I should get going too, but it was fun working you guys again.” Peyton said.

“As should we. Good luck to you, Roxy.” Valina said, as the three leave.

“Now what?” Trent asked.

“I can show you guys where her lair is if you want revenge.” Roxy offered.

Icy is in her lair furious, as she smashes her staff against multiple objects, destroying her bulletin board.

“You may have lost the girl, but you still got the Standard elemental. Just trying to see a bright spot.” Lester said. 

“Dangit, dangit, no! I lost the girl, and my consolation prize is the worst elemental! That’s the last time I work with that moron and his other morons! I still need more elemental powers if I am to destroy them. My plans have been put on hold for now, but no worries, this is far from over. They will all pay!” Icy vowed.

“Uh, quick question mom, do you think she’ll tell them where our base is?” Ice Knight asked.

“Very likely.” Lester replied, as this worries Icy.

“You’re right...looks like we’ll need a new base of operations. Hang on.” Icy said.

She concentrates, as she makes the Frost Star glow, and her eyes glow blue due to it. She makes the three of them, and her elemental ice wheel, disappear from the cave. The heroes arrive at the cave, seeing it is empty.

“But how? They were here...” Roxy said, confused.

“Looks like she counted on you telling us. Who knows where she is now, but all we can do is wait for her next move. Just be glad you’re on our side now.” Cameron said.

“Yeah, you have so much fun stuff to learn.” Cynthia said.

“Okay, so, just curious, who are the knight guys?” Roxy asked.

The six power down, as Roxy is surprised upon seeing Jake and Trent.

“Jake and Trent too?” Roxy said.

“Yeah...we have A LOT to tell you.” Elana said to Roxy, as the girls laugh.


Icy, Ice Knight and Lester reappear in a frozen cave. Her elemental wheel remains intact, as Naja, Rickter, Guy and Cadence are still on it. The three walk out of the cave, seeing a giant frozen kingdom in the distance.

“We’re in Glacian, the ice kingdom. Excellent...” Icy said, smiling.


-Character Debuts: Guy

-Area Debuts: Glacian

-Max returns, making his first present day appearance since “Fire and Ice”.

-First time Bucklend appears since “Knight to Queen”; third time Morty appears.

-Roxy’s dad is a lawyer.



Roxy joins the girls, and Skipper officially becomes the orange knight, giving two new team members.




Icy moves her base of operations to Glacian, the ice kingdom. She also now has the element of Standard.


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I was so glad Skipper & Roxy join the team as we get rid of goons of Donald's lazy weak guys xD

I loved the fact he predicted something stupid, but at least they were useless :P As for Icy got Standard elemenbt which is weakest lol

But yeah, i liked the most of it this episode. now to figure it out what Icy's grand plan is...

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The Standard element. That's brilliant. That is the best element by far, screw anyone who hates. I like how things didn't go quite like I presumed with Roxy, it makes sense with her character, as she's not the cunning, sly type. Also enjoy how Skipper's orange knight powers awakened by him protecting Cassidy, it accurately represents how he's changed.

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Excaellent episode, as usual. It was very nice seeing ValCass and Mighty Max again, and I thought they played great roles in the episode's conflict. Skipper activating his knight stone and Roxy joining the team made for nice moments as well. It's gonna be interesting having some new blood around.

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95. Dead Justice: #1 Sheriff

The five girls are in their guardian forms, flying through Posidonia at night. 

“Flying with you girls feels so good!” Roxy said, as she flies by their side.

“Yeah, this will make good practice for you.” Audrey replied.

"Good thing you're flying on our side for a change." Tori joked, as the girls laugh.

“By the way, where are the guys?” Roxy asked.

“They’re busy helping out some friends at Pyrite Town.” Madison replied.

“Looks like we have a girls’ night out, sweet.” Tori replied, as they keep flying around.

Jake, Cameron, Zero, Trent and Skipper are seen at Pyrite Town with Van Gordon, Charlie, Mirta and Moe. Tons of supplies are seen nearby.

“Greetings allies, I am Skipper.” Skipper greeted to the three, shaking their hands.

"Well howdy there, Mr. Skipper. I'm Mirta, Nick's cousin." Mirta greeted.

"Welcome to the team, hope you got good stamina lil' man cause we need some strength. We found a good outpost to set up a base site at in the mountains. Of course, as you ca see, we have all this junk to move there, but we need more than four people to do it." Moe explained.

"We'll help, we could use a temporary base in Posidonia anyways since our previous one is under heavy watch now." Jake replied, as the knights help pick up the supplies.

"And not to mention the base we lost in the...other place. Though I'm not sure if they'll let us share it." Nick added, as he picks up a few bags.

"Of course cous, you and your friends have helped us out a lot, so you're welcome to this base!" Mirta replied, as she picks up some supplies.

"Alright, just wanted to make sure, I'd hate to intrude on someone's secret base." Nick replied, as he picks up a few bags.

“Butler man, you became knight?” Gordon asked surprised, seeing his orange stone, as he picks up some crates.

"Yup, much like you did, I changed for the better, and I've been rewarded for it." Skipper replied, feeling content.

The knights, Gordon, Mirta, Moe and Charlie make their way to a spiral desert mountain faraway from the town. A cave is at the top, as they begin to unload the supplies outside of it.

"Nice view from here, nobody would suspect a base is here...though that's what we said about a base we had in the other place." Trent said awkwardly.

"Whew...well I'm beat for today." Charlie said, taking a rest.

"Get up, ya lazy bum." Moe said, whacking him in the back of his sponge body.

"Thanks guys. That's not all though. There is something concerning about the Federation's plans I have to tell you. Lately, our spies have heard chatter they've been utilizing somethin' called "Protocol 13". No clue what it is." Mirta explained, confusing them except Skipper.

"I do. Protocol 13 is used to evacuate all Federation personnel from an area, usually often as a drill. Why they are doing it now, I do not know." Skipper replied curiously.

"That would explain why they have not been patrolling around as much lately, and why the girls reported not seeing any tonight either." Zero replied.

"What are the girls up to anyways?" Trent asked.

"They're just showing Roxy the ropes right now, they sound like they're fine." Jake replied.

"Something tells me the Federation is doing this to lure us out in the open and get our guard down, striking us when we least expect it." Cameron replied.

"Good thing we wills not falls for that." Van Gordon replied.

"Cameron's theory is very probable, and this makes having a new Posidonia base even more necessary." Zero replied.

"Speaking of showing a new member the ropes, I could use more practice from you brave knights." Skipper offered.

"Sure, I doubt we'll be getting much focus today." Nick replied.

As Mirta, Charlie, Moe and Gordon continue setting up their base, the knights go down below into the desert plains. They all power up, as they do more training with Skipper. Back in Posidonia Fields, the girls continue flying through the night sky, out of view from civilians below.

“Hey, weird how none of the Federation creeps are out tonight again...” Audrey noticed, as none of the soldiers are hunting through the streets for them.

"Way to give up an actual clever plan of theirs that fast, seriously, why are these guys still threats?" Tori replied.

"Hey, I'm not complaining, makes life easier for us." Cynthia replied.

At the Posidonia Fields Bank, the front doors explode. Firebolt goes flying out, who has busted out of jail again. He is holding several bags of money. 

"Alright, I got the money, no mermaid girls in sight, and no creepy psycho to hold me back. Maybe this FINALLY be my big break, please please please!" Firebolt begged, about to make his getaway.

The alarm goes off, as two security guards run outside. Firebolt sends two solar beams from his arms at them, knocking them away. The girls see this from above, as they give chase after Firebolt. Firebolt looks around to see them.

"Dangit, not you mermaids again! Can't you leave me alone!?" Firebolt said annoyed

“Who is this creep?” Roxy asked.

“He’s a loser who works for Donald Bucklend, this is the third time now he’s broken out of jail. He’ll make easy practice for you.” Cynthia replied, levitating trash cans at the air, sending them flying at Firebolt.

He quickly turns around and vaporizes the trash cans with his solar beams.

“So, I see you girls got another new member. When will you stop getting friends!?” Firebolt asked, sending more solar beams back at them.

“When you finally get some that aren’t weirdos.” Tori replied, countering the solar beams with whirlpool blasts.

“Ooh, burn.” Audrey replied, sending a gust blast at Firebolt, making him fly off to the side, but he regains traction, and continues flying.

Tori sends another aquatic blast at Firebolt, as he flies around. Madison sends a lightning strike, but Firebolt avoids it, doing a barrel roll in the air. Roxy glows pink, and gains control of several scallops from the distance. They swarm around Firebolt, getting in his way.

“Get out of here, you disgusting pests!” Firebolt yelled, firing solar beams, as the scallops fly away. 

Madison then sends a lightning blast at his jet-pack, frying his armor's power. Firebolt panics, as he collapses to the ground. He then tries to make a run for it on the ground, but the girls send attacks at him, knocking him down, and dropping the bags of money. They then hear police sirens from the distance, as they hide on a rooftop, looking below. Hank gets out of the police boat, approaching Firebolt. Firebolt tries to blast him with his solar beams, but he can't.

"Great..." Firebolt sighed.

Hank then pulls out the handcuffs of justice, about to arrest Firebolt.

“I tell you what, you’re one persistent nuisance, Mr. Keith! Let me get this straight: You've escaped from our prison three, count em, three times now? Haha, I don’t think so pal! There's a reason I'm the annual winner of the Most Dedicated Crime Stopper award!” Hank said sternly.

Firebolt grabs the bags of money and is about to run away. Suddenly, an ominous laughter is heard, and a creepy ghostly fog fills the area.

"Ahehe..." the figure laughed in a western draw.

A cowboy figure appears out of the fog, riding on a skeletal seahorse. They tip their cowboy hat upward, to reveal a deformed ghostly face, with a red left eye. They wear a badge which has the words "Dead Justice: #1 Sheriff" on it

“...Umm, who is that?” Tori asked, very confused.

"...Someone who really needs a makeover." Cynthia replied, as the girls keep watching.

The girls fly down into an alley, as they power down. 

"It can't be...the legendary Dead Justice!?" Hank asked, seeing his badge.

"That's right, partner. I'm back from the dead. So you're Officer Hank..." Dead Justice replied.

"Dead who?" Audrey asked, as the girls walk out of the alley.

"Uh, probably not a good time, but hey dad." Tori said to him.

"Tori, what are your friends doing here? Stay away from that criminal! Don't worry Dead Justice, I'll show you what an officer I am!" Hank said, as he pulls out a stun gun, approaching Firebolt, but he begins to run away.

"How pathetic. You ain't no officer nor sheriff material. Posidonia needs a real sheriff. I'll bring this crook in." Dead Justice spoke, as this confuses Hank.

Dead Justice quickly pulls out a ghostly whip, and cracks it, wrapping it around Firebolt. He drops the bags of money again.

"Hey, let me go, you freak!" Firebolt demanded, as he is dragged across the ground.

"Dang, hate to say it, but whoever this guy is, he is better than your dad..." Cynthia whispered.

Hank just continues to stand there speechless. Dead Justice orders his skeletal seahorse to turn around, as it goes onward. Firebolt is then dragged away by Dead Justice’s whip through the fog.

“Uh, help?” Firebolt cried, as he disappears into the fog. Dead Justice then turns around, looking at Hank.

"See ya 'round...officer." Dead Justice said condescendingly to Hank, as he gives out a ghostly laugh and vanishes into the fog.

"Well that just happened." Roxy said.

"Alright dad, what did just happen?" Tori asked.

"...I'm not sure, but I think I liked it! I don't know how Dead Justice could be alive, but I'll be honored to work alongside him!" Hank said.

"I'm not sure if he really wants to work with you dad, he didn't sound too friendly." Tori pointed out.

"Don't worry, he always acted gruff and unapproachable. I'm sure we'd make great partners." Hank replied.

"Okay, time out. Who even is Dead Justice?" Madison asked, confused.

"Yeah, aren't cops supposed to be against vigilantes taking the law into their own hands?" Cynthia asked.

"What!? You've never heard of the legendary hero Dead Justice? He ain't a vigilante! He is my inspiration! Well, I'll tell you girls anyways. He was the number one sheriff back in the old days of Posidonia. A long time ago, Posidonia Fields was a crime driven cesspool of chaos. That was until one day, a lone drifter wandered into the town on his trusty seahorse. He knew the town needed a hero, and he'd be the one to clean it up..." Hank began to narrate, showing a flashback to the wild west days of Posidonia.

A cowboy fish wanders into an old, wild west version of Posidonia Fields. He notices many outlaws running rampant, and he wants to put a stop to it. The cowboy fish walks into a bank, which is being robbed by several gang members. The gang members look at him as he stands at the entrance silently. They pull out their guns, but the cowboy quickly draws his out. He fires a multitude of shots, disarming the gang members, and knocking off their hats. They surrender to him, and are put behind bars. 

"With his master left-handed shooting skills, that cowboy quickly became the sheriff of Posidonia Fields. Many called him "Dead Justice", fittingly so, as he became one of the most feared lawmen in history. Soon enough, virtually no crime existed in the town. But Dead Justice still had one last bone to pick...his arch-nemesis Dead Eye Ron." Hank continued.

Dead Justice is seen relaxing at the sheriff station, with both his feet leaning on the desk. Suddenly, an explosion is heard at the bank, gaining Dead Justice's interest. Dead Eye Ron walks forward, holding stolen bags of money. He is wearing an eyepatch on his left eye, and wearing a gold bandana. He hops onto his seahorse, putting the bags of money on the saddle sides, and rides off. Dead Justice hops onto his own seahorse, giving chase.

"Dead Justice vowed to chase Ron to the ends of the ocean to find him. And boy, when I say to the ends of the ocean, I mean it." Hank continued.

Dead Justice continued to chase Dead Eye Ron throughout the desert plains. Dead Eye Ron's seahorse runs up a volcano, and so does Dead Justice's seahorse. Dead Eye Ron's seahorse looks into the lava below, wanting to go back, but Ron orders the seahorse to jump. It jumps, but Dead Justice's seahorse jumps as well, colliding into each other. Both the men and their seahorses go falling into the lava. Dead Justice handcuffs Ron while the two sink, ending his journey and mission.

"And that was the last anybody ever saw of Dead Justice...until tonight." Hank finished.

"For a guy who got burnt in lava, he doesn't look as bad as he could." Audrey complimented.

"So uh, how is a dead guy back from the dead?" Tori asked.

"That...is a mystery.. But the world works in mysterious ways. Maybe it is really him, or it's a really good impostor." Hank pondered.

"Well let's hope he doesn't become a problem, whoever he really is." Madison replied.

"Don't worry girls, you have nothing to fear while I'm on patrol! No ghost will replace me! Right? Right?" Hank said, wanting some support.

"...Eh, well..." the girls were saying, unsure how to respond.

Cynthia then steps in some apple peels, confused.

"Ew, what's with these apple peels everywhere?" Cynthia asked, looking at them across the street.

"They're from over there." Audrey said, pointing to a guy leaning against a lamp post.

The guy is dressed in a white suit and wearing purple glasses, peeling apples with his left hand.

"Who is that weirdo?" Tori asked.

“That's Ranger Dale, a night ranger. He's a man of few words. He runs a blog talking about how much he hates me. The things he writes aren’t too kind...” Hank explained, sighing.

"Weirdo." Tori said, looking at him.

Suddenly, another officer runs up to Hank, holding a box of doughnuts in one hand and coffee in another.

"Sorry I'm late sir, whew, that was a long run!" the officer replied.

"No worries about that Bobby, but you missed quite a spectacle. I'll tell you about it on the ride back to the station, and all the boys. Grab those bags of money will you?" Hank asked.

"Yes sir!" Bobby replied, as he does so.

"Now then, I've got an award to win tonight. Wish me luck! See you at the awards, Tori!" Hank said, waving bye to the girls.

"I know you'll win it, sir!" Bobby encouraged.

"What awards?" Roxy asked Tori.

"Every year there's an annual Officer Awards thing the police department does. My dad has won the "Most Dedicated Crime Stopper Award" every single year. Let's just say he has kind of let it go to his head a bit." Tori explained.

"I'm sure he'll win it. Even if he does an iffy job, he is dedicated, and that's what the award is for." Madison encouraged.

Hank and Bobby get into the police boat, as it drives off. Tori feels unsure regarding everything that just happened.

"Girls, something's definitely not right here regarding Dead Justice. I know we've seen ghosts before and all, but this doesn't feel right. I doubt any of our regular enemies are involved with this, but I'm pretty sure something is fishy, and no, that's not an intended pun. I think Dead Justice's ghost is a hoax from someone to make my dad look bad." Tori said.

"Well even if it is, maybe Posidonia needs a guy like Dead Justice, since your dad has been kinda hit or mission, no offense." Cynthia replied.

"You're not wrong, but I don't want him getting hurt or anything by this guy." Tori replied, feeling unsure.

"As long as Dead Justice doesn't become an actual problem, I don't think we have to worry for now. Hopefully, but I've been wrong before, so maybe you should ignore everything I just said." Madison replied.

Within the next hour, Dead Justice begins to clean up Posidonia of crime, as a montage passes. A thief wearing a ski mask runs out of a jewelry store, holding his stolen diamond. Dead Justice then appears on his skeletal seahorse before the robber. The robber panics, and falls to the ground. Dead Justice then arrests several crooks trying to rob the Eastern Posidonia Fields Bank. Dead Justice is then seen chasing down a crook through the forests, who has stolen valuable jewelry. Dead Justice cracks his whip again, wrapping it around the crook. He then drags him off through the fog just like he did to Firebolt, as the crook panics. Red and his gang are seen spraying graffiti on Sal Bundy’s Shoe Store. 

“I see we got some delinquents who need discipline of the law...” Dead Justice spoke, as Red’s crew look around confused, wondering who said it.

"Greetings, disturbingly disfigured amigo. I promise my crew means no harm-" Red was saying, as Dead Justice pulls out his ghostly gun.

Red and his crew runaway in panic, as Dead Justice captures some of the members, while Red and the rest of his team escape. Dead Justice gives out his ghostly laugh again. The girls are seen back in the Golden Seahorse, when a news report comes on.

"This is Paul Dunkley, and we have a breaking news story. A vigilante claiming to be the famed "Dead Justice" has been on a crime stopping spree, bringing several crooks on the loose to justice, such as the infamous Firebolt who escaped yet again earlier tonight. Is this really Dead Justice, or a vigilante trying to pose as him? We'll bring you more as events unfold." Paul reported.

"Well...at least he is stopping criminals, which is good." Roxy said.

"Hmm, I do not entirely trust this vigilante. I have a feeling their reasons for wanting to stop crime aren't fully pure, and are out of jealousy." Mai said curiously.

"He did act kind of coldly to Tori's dad." Audrey noted.

"Yeah, if it is a fraud, then it's someone with a grudge against my dad." Tori realized.

"Maybe that Ranger Dale guy? He sure dislikes Hank." Cynthia suggested.

"Possibly, but let's not jump the gun yet." Madison replied.

"I also find it interesting Dead Justice shows up the night of the awards..." Audrey realized, startling the girls.

"...Good point. Well, do you wanna come to the awards with me? Just so I don't look like a lone weirdo there." Tori offered.

"Why not, I have nothing better to do." Cynthia replied.

The five girls are seen outside the Posidonia Fields Police Station, where a stage is setup. Many officers are there including Hank and Bobby. Lauren is in the audience, rooting for Hank. The awards start to be given out.

"You have it in the bag, Hank! I'll be right back!" Bobby said to Hank, as he walks off the stage.

"Now, the award for Most Dedicated Crime Stopper goes to..." the police chief was saying, opening the envelope.

Hank, Lauren, and the girls wait in suspense.

"...DEAD JUSTICE!" the police chief announced, reading the letter, surprising everyone.

"BWAAAAH! Hey, now that ain't fair! How can he win when he's not even alive!?" Hank asked, panicking. 

"Well I'm sorry, but he has done a much better job than you within the past hour." the police chief replied.

"Oh no..." Lauren said, disappointed.

Dead Justice laughs, as he approaches the area riding his skeletal seahorse, disturbing a few officers. 

"I'll be takin' that award, thank you very much." Dead Justice said.

He pulls out his ghostly gun, and shoots the trophy out of the police chief's hands. It goes flying into Dead Justice's hands, as he gracefully takes it.

"I'm not sure if this is fair..." Cynthia said, feeling bad for Hank.

"Officer Hank, you’re the worst lawman this town has ever seen." Dead Justice taunted, giving out his ghostly laugh again.

Dead Justice rides off on his skeletal seahorse, as Hank breaks into tears. The police chief approaches him.

"Oh yeah, and you're fired. Turns out having a guy who will capture criminals for free saves us a lot of money. No hard feelings. Turn in your badge." the police chief said to Hank.

"...Yes sir." Hank replied, regrettably handing the chief his badge.

Hank breaks down into tears, as Tori and Lauren come to his comfort. Bobby then runs up to him, holding out a cake.

"Hey Hank, I got you a cake for your win! You did win, right?" Bobby asked, seeing Hank in tears, without a badge, and with no trophy. "Ohh..."

"It's over, Bobby. It was fun being your partner, but my days have come to an end." Hank said sadly.

"I...understand...sir..." Bobby said sadly, as he runs off crying.

Hank sadly walks back home, with Lauren walking by his side.

"It's okay honey, I'm sure you'll find a new job." Lauren said to him.

"But there ain't no jobs out there like being a cop. I loved upholding the law. All my training, gone to waste, and I've been insulted by my own idol..." Hank said, as he continues to cry.

Tori overhears this from the distance, feeling horrible.

"I'm starting to think Dead Justice "returning" the night of these awards wasn't a coincidence..." Madison realized.

"Yeah, whoever Dead Justice really is, they did this to make my dad look bad. I'm not going to let this guy ruin my dad's career." Tori said determined.

"Let's find your dad, maybe he can help us figure out who Dead Justice really is...maybe." Madison replied.

"If the person doing this is someone who holds a grudge, I think he'd make most sense to help." Roxy replied.

"I still have my suspicions on that Ranger Dale." Cynthia said.

"Looks like were solving this mystery Snail-tective style. Too bad Nick isn't here." Audrey said.

"Yeah, nobody told him we're solving a mystery." Tori replied, as they laugh.

The girls walk down the street, when the ghostly fog surrounds the area. Dead Justice approaches them, riding his skeletal seahorse. He looks at the girls menacingly. He fires one of his ghostly bullets from his right hand, as it hits a tree near them. Madison is about to pull out the heart.

"Y'all ladies sure are nosy...I reckon you don't try to investigate any further. Hank was a failure, and I'll be the hero of Posidonia. Consider this a "friendly" warning. If any of y'all get in my way, next time we cross paths...I shoot to kill..." Dead Justice warned, holding his gun, as he rides his seahorse away, worrying the girls.

"Well for a hero, that sure doesn't sound heroic if he wants to shoot a bunch of young girls." Tori replied.

"Yup, confirmed psycho." Cynthia replied.

The girls quickly make their way back to Tori's house. They see Lauren inside looking depressed.

"Hey mom, where's dad?" Tori asked.

"You might want to try looking at the Golden Seahorse." Lauren replied.

"Sorry about what happened, we feel bad." Roxy replied.

"Thanks for your concern. I hope Hank gets better, but I have my suspicions on that Dead Justice fellow..." Lauren replied.

"Yeah, so do we. Thanks for the tip." Cynthia replied, as they leave.

They head to the Golden Seahorse, as Mai approaches them.

"If you're looking for Hank, or "Baghead" as he prefers to go by now, he's in the kitchen." Mai said.

"...Baghead?" Audrey asked.

They go in the kitchen, to see Hank wearing a brown bag over his head with his holes poked into so his eyes show through. He is helping the regular chef cook food.

"Dad?" Tori said, as Hank is startled and turns around.

"Uhh, no dad here! I'm Baghead! Just a nobody, yup!" Hank replied depressed.

"Order up, "Baghead"." The Chef said, handing Baghead some more orders.

"Dad, we feel awful you lost your job, but please get that bag off your head." Tori said, unimpressed.

"I appreciate your concern Tori, but it's over for me. When your hero calls you the worst lawman he's ever seen, I can never recover from that!" Hank replied, disappointed.

"...What if we told you we could help get your job back?" Tori asked, as this peeps Hank's interest, making him take off his bag.

"I'm listening..." Hank replied.

"We think that this Dead Justice is actually a fraud, and they were intentionally capturing criminals to make you look bad." Cynthia explained.

"They knew it'd make you lose that award and cause you to lose your job." Madison added.

"Ah ha, that would explain a lot! The real Dead Justice would never cruelly take down one of his brothers of the law! But who could it be?" Hank pondered.

"Outside of Dale, do you have any other enemies?" Roxy asked.

"Other than the people I've arrested, no." Hank replied, as he kept pondering

“Hey...wait a minute. Dad, didn’t you say Dead Justice was a leftie?” Tori recalled, thinking back to how Dead Justice shot at them earlier.

"Of course, everyone knows Dead Justice is a leftie! It's Dead Justice 101!" Hank replied.

"Well...this Dead Justice is a rightie." Tori pointed out, surprising them.

"...You're right." Audrey realized, thinking about his earlier attack.

"Then that ain't the real Dead Justice!" Hank realized.

"Wow, great detective work, Tori." Cynthia said, impressed.

"Agreed. Maybe someday you can follow my legacy and join the police force!" Hank said.

"Haha...we'll see." Tori replied, shrugging.

"Also, doesn't that Ranger Dale guy peel apples with his left hand?" Roxy recalled.

"Sounds like we have our guy." Madison replied.

"And luckily, I know where he lives! Not because of any creepy reasons, that's what happens when you're a cop. Unfortunately, I lost my police boat, and my regular boat doesn't have room for six people." Hank replied.

"Don't worry, we have...other ways of getting there." Madison promised.

The five girls fly in their guardian forms toward Ranger Dale's house in the outskirts of Posidonia Fields. They land nearby and power down, as Hank pulls up in his regular boat. He gets out, ready to bust Ranger Dale. 

"Wow, what an ugly house." Cynthia said.

"Doesn't look like he's home." Audrey said, as they see no boat is there.

"Well that will make our investigation even easier!" Hank replied.

"Don't you need a warrant?" Roxy replied.

"If I was still a cop, yes. But as you can see, I'm without a badge." Hank replied.

"Fine with me." Tori replied.

The six sneak in through his garage, and head inside. They see an average dining room, and head upstairs to his room. They see several magazines around, and bales of hay.

"Lots of hay..." Roxy said.

"Obviously for his undead seahorse!" Hank said.

Suddenly, they hear a blue boat truck pull up. Ranger Dale gets out of it, looking around.

"Uh oh, he's home." Audrey said, looking out the window.

The six quickly hide behind a large couch. Ranger Dale walks upstairs, and turns on the lights. He looks around, and begins to punch some of the haystacks, getting his exercise in. He then walks into another room, closing the door behind.

"Well now we know what the hay was for..." Audrey said.

"Ehh, I tell you what, I still think he's Dead Justice." Hank said, suspicious

"No he ain't." Dead Justice's voice said ominously, creeping the girls out.

"Yes he is!" Hank replied back.

"No he ain't!" Dead Justice yelled back.

"YES HE IS!" Hank yelled back.

"NO HE AIN'T!" Dead Justice yelled back.

"YES HE IS!" Hank yelled back.

Dead Justice then laughs, as the ghostly fog fills the room. He appears out of the shadows, confronting the six.

"...Uh, no he ain't!" Tori replied.

"I warned ya...now I'm gonna kill ya. Officer Hank, you're the worst lawman this side of the high sea and Davy Jones' Locker, and believe me, I've been to both." Dead Justice said.

"That's just mean." Roxy replied.

He fires his ghostly gun bullets, as they blast through objects in the room, and the six avoid them. The girls know they can't transform with Hank there. Tori then snaps her fingers, as she silently sends a whirlpool blast, knocking Dead Justice into a hay bale. Suddenly, the house shakes. The wall to Dale's room breaks open, as Dale is revealed to broken the wall off, using a rope tied to the back of his blue truck. The girls and Hank escape down the path, as Dead Justice continues to fire his ghostly gun at them from above, but the shots still miss. 

"Thanks Ranger Dale, you saved us!" Madison said to him.

Ranger Dale gives them a thumbs up, as he drives the truck away.

"Man of few words, I see." Cynthia replied.

"Yup, he saves it all for that darn blog." Hank replied.

"Hey, where did Dead Justice go?" Audrey asked.

"Gone with the wind, it seems." Madison replied.

"Well I tell you what, now I'm at a loss. I have no clue who else could be out to get me..." Hank replied.

"It's not over yet. I think I know one more place we should investigate." Tori replied.

The six are seen at the police station, as they go into Hank's old office. Bobby is in there cleaning out Hank's stuff, putting it into a box.

"Ohh, uhh, Mr. Hank! I was just...cleaning out...your stuff..." Bobby was saying, as he cries again, blowing into a tissue.

"Eww." Cynthia said.

"Thanks Bobby, but save those tears, boy. It turns out Dead Justice is a fraud! They wanted to take me down, and I'm gonna get my payback! We're close to exposing this impostor, any ideas who you think it could be?" Hank asked.

"No clue sir, but I'll let you know if I find anything!" Bobby replied, as he rushes out of the room in a hurry.

Tori then sees some papers of Bobby's, and looks at them in interest. She picks them up, and holds onto them.

"Guys, I think this mystery is coming to a close. I have the perfect idea to expose Dead Justice." Tori said, with a smug smile.

"As long as this doesn't backfire badly like your Rotwell teleprompter prank, go for it." Madison replied.

"Trust me, it won't, since dad isn't the one being pranked." Tori replied.

"Wait, you guys did that prank to get Rotwell fired? Wow, that was insane." Roxy said, impressed.

"It was fun in theory, but it didn't end very well with who we got in his place. We're on okay terms with Rotwell now though." Madison replied.

"Fitting we're bringing that up since we had to work with Rotwell like we're working with Hank right now. Dead Justice is also kinda like that creep Kent too." Cynthia noticed.

"I don't even understand what you girls are talking about, but I do remember that Kent guy. He sure was a sicko to put my daughter and her friends in a cage. What a loon, thinking people are mermaids with no evidence." Hank said.

"Haha, yeah..." the girls replied awkwardly.

"Anyways Tori, I'll trust you know what you're doing. Make me proud." Hank replied.

"Alright Tori, what's your plan?" Madison asked.

Later at night, a strange figure is seen walking through the streets of Posidonia. They wear a cowboy uniform similar to Dead Justice's. Dead Justice approaches them on his skeletal horse.

"Who do you think you are, wandering around this late?" Dead Justice asked.

The figure moves their face up, to show Dead Eye Ron's face.

"D-D-Dead Eye Ron!? B-But I thought you were supposed to be dead!" Dead Justice panicked.

"So are you, partner!" Dead Eye Ron replied, laughing.

Dead Justice's skeletal seahorse jumps upward, as he makes it run away from Ron. The girls are flying up in their guardian forms above, so neither of the two can see them. Audrey turns invisible, as she flies down near him. She sends a tornado gust around Dead Justice, trapping him.

"What witchcraft is this!?" Dead Justice asked, as she sends him flying off the skeletal seahorse, landing on the ground. 

Madison then sends an electricity blast from above at the skeletal seahorse, frying it, revealing it was a robot. Dead Justice starts to panic, as Ron approaches him.

"What's the matter, Dead Justice? It looks almost like you've seen a ghost!" Ron taunted, laughing at him.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" Dead Justice yells, as he runs.

Roxy glows from above, as she makes a few jellyfish get in his way. Dead Justice is about to shoot at them with his ghostly gun, but Cynthia uses her telekinesis to levitate the gun out of his hand. Tori then sends a water blast at Dead Justice from above, knocking him down to the ground, as his hat falls off. "Ron" takes off his mask to reveal it was Hank. Hank then approaches Dead Justice, and handcuffs him with the handcuffs of justice. 

"Oh no..." Dead Justice said.

"Oh yeah, it's over guy." Tori said, as the girls approach, no longer in their guardian forms.

"Wow, impressive teamwork, Tori's friends! How'd you pull all off?" Hank asked.

"Let's just say it was magic. Now then, time to see who this impostor really is, even though we know who it is..." Tori said.

Suddenly, a police boat pulls up, as the police chief and several other officers get out of it.

"Hank, why do you have Dead Justice handcuffed!?" the chief asked.

"Sorry officers, but this isn't really Dead Justice, and he didn't want to clean up crime for you, only for himself." Tori explained.

Hank takes off Dead Justice's mask to reveal it's actually Bobby. Hank and the other officers are surprised by this.

"Yeah, we wanted to be surprised, but we're actually not. That explains all of his random latenesses." Cynthia recalled.

“Dangit Bobby, why’d you do it!?” Hank asked, disappointed.

"I think these papers will explain perfectly." Tori said.

She hands Hank promotion exams Bobby took, where he failed all of them. 

"...How'd ya know?" Bobby asked, sighing.

"I didn't know until I saw these papers, but it really hit when we saw the doodles of the ghost bullets at the bottom of your exams. You know, the same bullets Dead Justice uses." Tori replied, showing them.

"I probably could've been more clever about that. I'm sorry sir. I was jealous that I was so terrible at my job, and you won an award every single year. I figured if I could get you out of the picture, I'd finally get my rightful promotion and be the best officer ever! I created the Dead Justice disguise using some parts from a party store to make myself look awesome, and also read up on western draws to make myself sound convincing. Also, none of the bullets I was shooting at you were real. The gun just had a camera projecting out CGI bullets." Bobby explained, as Hank checks it out.

"Well that makes shooting at a bunch of teenage girls less bad, but you're still pretty crazy, dude." Tori replied.

“Wait, what did you do with Firebolt and the other guys you caught?” Audrey asked.

“They're fine, I just sent 'em back to jail.” Bobby replied.

Firebolt is seen in his cell again, sighing and annoyed. Several of the crooks and Red's crew members are seen in cells nearby. Kent Brock also is seen in a cell looking annoyed.

“You know what, that’s the last time I’m breaking out of here. I'm always going to get thwarted by those girls or some psycho working with me. Maybe prison life will change me for the better...” Firebolt accepted, as he relaxes on his bed.

"Bobby, I'm disappointed you went to all of this to get rid of me out of jealousy. You had many chances to ask me for help in everything. Maybe you weren't meant to be a cop." Hank said.

"I know...I was spiteful and selfish. I've been a terrible cop! Maybe someday I'll come out a better man!" Bobby accepted, as the officers escort him into the police boat.

"Welp Hank, sorry for the hasty firing. I can't believe cops like him got through the system, how disappointing. You're rehired!" the police chief said, handing Hank back his badge.

"Thank you sir." Hank replied, about to cry, as he puts his badge back on.

"No tears please." the chief replied, as he walks away.

"Well I'm glad that's settled. Sorry your partner turned out to be crazy though." Cynthia replied.

"That boy ain't right, I tell you what. Not everyone is meant to be a cop, hopefully prison changes him for the better. Tori, even though sometimes I have no clue what the heck you do with your friends most of the time, I’m proud of you. You helped save me with your teamwork, and made me realize I still can be somebody!” Hank said proudly.

"Thanks dad. You are a great cop, too. A little odd sometimes, but nobody is perfect." Tori replied, happy for him.

"I never knew you had such serious detective skill in you, Tori." Cynthia said, impressed.

"Thanks, that's what happens when you mess with my family." Tori replied.

"Also, you did good for your first real adventure with us, Roxy." Madison said to her, impressed.

"Thanks, that was actually fun, despite also being pretty creepy." Roxy replied.

Tori and Hank head back home, as Lauren is happy to see Hank with his badge again.

"Honey, I got my job back, and I'm feeling proud again! That was a strange ride from happy to depressed to happy again, but our family isn't ruined!" Hank said to her, as Lauren kisses him, and Tori smiles.

From the distance on a hill, Dead Justice's real ghost is seen on his seahorse. He looks at Posidonia Fields contently. Their ghosts then fade away into the wind.


-Character Debuts: Dead Justice, Ranger Dale, Officer Bobby, and Dead Eye Ron (flashback)

-First time Firebolt appears since “Fire and Ice”.

-First time Red appears since “Operation: Darkest Hour”.

-Kent (from "Rotwell Files") makes a cameo in the prison.

-Sal Bundy’s Shoe Store (from “The Muffin Mess”) reappears.

-This is the first time Hank has ever had a major role in a chapter (whether if you count "Cold Case" is debatable). 

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Cool "filler episode". Glad to have the Scooby-Doo homages back, and I also thought it was cute how every officer was named after a King of the Hill character. The cheesiness of how quickly Hank got fired had me chuckling too, reminding me of The Fairly OddParents. Also liked Baghead. Hank became Chester's dad. 

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What MS said above, it was nice homeage to SDMI :) I really do liked the characyers from KOTH were same name. it made me laugh in few parts Overall, one of funniest episode I've read. :plankton2:

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That was an excellent filler episode, and I really liked the scooby-doo vibes. All that was missing was "...and I would've gotten away with it  too___ "  xP.

Also, Dead Justice is such a cool character and kinda reminds me of Ghost Rider. A spin-off with him would be sick as hell!!! 

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22 hours ago, TJ said:

That was an excellent filler episode, and I really liked the scooby-doo vibes. All that was missing was "...and I would've gotten away with it  too___ "  xP.

Also, Dead Justice is such a cool character and kinda reminds me of Ghost Rider. A spin-off with him would be sick as hell!!! 

with Jackie Chan starred as Ghost Rider? xD That would be interesting spin-off.

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29 minutes ago, SOF said:

with Jackie Chan starred as Ghost Rider? xD That would be interesting spin-off.


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