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65. Brak Is Back (Part 1)

Many Posidonia civilians are seen tuning into the television in their homes.

"And the new king of Posidonia is.....Stump!" the news announcer yelled, confusing and surprising many civilians.

"Umm....what?" Tori asked, confused, watching the results from her television.

"Yes, it's true. Stump, the "unlikely winner"...somehow won the election. Um...we're going to the candidate now..." the news reporter said, confused.

Stump is shown on a stage, still giving its smile, as a crowd cheers for it.

"At the scene we also have former King Edward and his wife Elizabeth, attending the crowning of King Stump. Unfortunately, King Ramos was unable to attend, but he is happy for the new king, according to sources." the news reporter added.

Edward is seen on a stage with Elizabeth, Skipper, and several soldiers.

"Congratulations..." Edward said, trying to hide his annoyance, and hesitantly claps his hands. 

Stump just gives a blank smile at him, as Edward walks away, creeped out. A crown is then placed on Stump, as the crowd cheers yet again.

"So, uh, how is this going to work exactly?" a civilian asked.

"I dunno, we'll figure something out." a senator replied, shrugging.

Edward is later seen back in the throne room with Elizabeth and Skipper, as he walks around irritated.

"How did that thing win?! This could have been avoided if Brak had just returned from who knows where..." Edward rambled.

"I dunno, I guess people wanted something different, or to be funny, or a bit of both. At least I don't have to deal with it." Skipper replied, shrugging.

"But how can a puny tree stump rule this entire country?! How do you plan to handle this?!" Elizabeth asked, irritated.

"Silence, woman! I don't know, now shut up!" Edward yelled angrily to Elizabeth, raising his fist, making her nervous.

"...Of course..." Elizabeth replied, scared.

Suddenly, the throne room doors both fling open. Surprising all three, Brak walks in wearing his royal blue armor, laughing.

"I'm back. Hello father and mother." Brak introduced.

"Where have you been the past five months!?" Edward asked.

"My apologies father, I've been working on a most genius plan to get rid of the guardians, knights, and all our enemies once and for all." Brak replied.

"It's good to see you again after all these years. However, you missed out on the king election, sweetie, that doesn't make me very happy. Now a stump is going to be the next king..." Elizabeth said annoyed.

"Indeed, I intentionally didn't participate. It was an unfortunate sacrifice that had to be made. I couldn't run for king, or else I'd have to deal with the pests, who would surely try to sabotage me. After they are finished, I'll claim my rightful place as king by overthrowing the one named "Stump"." Brak explained, worrying Skipper.

"Ah, such crafty planning! I am proud of you, my real son!" Elizabeth said, hugging Brak, slightly annoying him. 

"What exactly is your plan, if I may ask?" Skipper asked.

"I don't want to ruin the'll just have to wait and see. Let's just say I am going to change the world." Brak replied cryptically, concerning Skipper.

"I am glad you've returned. I made my own group of the Federation to deal with them while you were away, named the Neo Federation. Join us son, and we can destroy them together!" Edward offered.

"Of course, father. It would be an honor." Brak replied.

"You are so much smarter than that brat Ramos. We should've just made you king instead of him." Elizabeth said.

The heroes are seen relaxing at the Hidden Kingdom. Ranen then gets a communication on the radio device.

"This is Agent. Codeword: The shining water of Posidonia. Brak has returned, and he has a plan to destroy all of you. I do not know what he is planning, but be prepared. Agent out." "Agent"/Skipper spoke to them.

"Great, I was wondering when he'd come out of hiding." Tori said.

"Wow, that was pretty vague, and didn't give us really much to work with." Cynthia said.

"We know Brak is back, and whatever he's planning, we need to all be on alert." Ranen said.

"But where is he right now?" Jake asked.

A portal is shown opening in the Central Karmania forests, as Brak walks out of it using his dimensional scissors.

"This whole world will soon bow to me." Brak bragged, as he holds out a strange stone tablet with gems inside of it, and walks off.

Vinerox and Argros are seen walking around near Rainbow Forest. Brak walks out of the shadows, and approaches the two.

"Hello you two, it's been a long time." Brak greeted, surprising the two.

"Oh hey, you were the guy who tried to get us to join Battlestar." Argros recalled.

"Yes. I would like to extend the invitation once more. Would you two like to join me in conquering Karmania?" Brak asked.

"Uh...we've kind of moved on from the whole criminal past, sorry man." Vinerox replied.

"Yeah, my life has been so much better. Hey, speaking of Battlestar, whatever did happen to that Skorch guy?" Argros wondered.

"That is unfortunate." Brak replied, as he was about to walk away, but stops, and grabs both by their ears, bringing them in closer. 

"My offer will stay up in the air if either of you change your minds. I'd reconsider it. It won't last long, however..." Brak threatened.

He then lets go of both, and walks off through the forests.

"Ow, my ear... Hey, he didn't answer my question..." Argros realized.

"Gah...jerk..." Vinerox said annoyed, as the two walk off.

The heroes are seen inside Elana's castle, alerting her, Vince, Mariette, and the guards about Brak.

"So yeah, this creep is back, and he's plotting...something, but we don't know what." Cynthia explained.

"Brak...he says he knows what happened to my parents. I'll make sure all of the guards keep a close eye out for him." Elana said, which concerns both Vince and Mariette, but they try to hide their looks.

"Sure thing, I'll alert the other guards at once, highness." a guard replied, saluting, as they run off to signal other guards.

" about that tree stump becoming the next Posidonia King?" Jake asked awkwardly.

"I find it kind of amusing if we're being honest." Tori replied.

"I'm still not sure how that's going to work, but I guess it can't be any worse than Ramos." Madison replied.

"It's going to make future country meetings very strange." Flinn said. 

Suddenly, a purple portal opens. Cesare, Tom, Briar, and Luna walk out of it.

"Didn't know you guys were dropping by." Trent said.

"Yes...we have something majorly concerning to tell you. As you probably know, the one named Brak has come out of hiding. We have discovered what he is planning thanks to the word of several other kingdoms. It appears for the past few months, Brak has been stealing the royal jewels of several kingdoms. If he collects seven specific jewels, he will be able to open a portal with the tablet to Wishy Joe, a powerful wish granting magical being. Whatever he wishes for, it will most likely not be good." Cesare explained.

"The Sky Kingdom has a jewel he needs to visit Joe. Here it is." Tom said, holding out a white gem.

"Why would you bring that here?!" Elana asked.

"Aye, that doesn't seem like a particularly bright idea..." Flinn said.

"Relax, we'll be fine-" Tom was saying.

Suddenly, a teleportation noise is heard. Vexacus appears behind Tom, and knocks him down to the ground. Vexacus grabs the gem, surprising all the heroes.

"Never mind, I am most certainly not fine." Tom said, getting back up.

"Wait, Vexacus? I thought you were in the Pyrite jail!" Nick noted, confused.

"I was, but I too have returned, thanks to Brak busting me out! We've teamed up!" Vexacus revealed, laughing.

The two throne room doors open, as three royal soldiers are thrown across the ground, knocked out. Brak walks in with several Neo Federation soldiers.

"Him..." Vince said.

"I will protect you two, stay behind me." a guard said, protecting Vince and Mariette, and pointing his spear to some Neo Federation soldiers.

"Thank you." Mariette said.

"Excellent work, my old ally." Brak said, seeing the gem in Vexacus's hand, as the two laugh.

However, the gem fades away from his hand, confusing Vexacus.

"It was a fake!?" Vexacus said angrily.

"Ha, did you really think I'd be foolish enough to bring the gem here? Now we have our threats all in one spot." Tom revealed.

"We know what you're planning Brak, and we won't let it happen!" Madison said, as she transforms the girls with the heart, and all six knights power up.

"I have waited a long time to get revenge on all of you. I see you gained two new allies..." Vexacus said, seeing Flinn and Trent.

"I have to thank you all for getting rid of my dimwitted brother. Now I won't have to wait another three years to become king. That's the only time I'll ever thank you, by the way." Brak said, laughing.

"Wow...that's kind of rude, even if it's Ramos, he's your own brother." Audrey said.

"Yeah, that's pretty low man." Tori replied.

"How touching, but I don't care. Attack." Brak ordered to the soldiers.

The royal guards fire their weapons at the Neo Federation soldiers, who fire back with their laser guns. The heroes attack at Brak and Vexacus. Madison shoots a lightning bolt right at Brak, but Vexacus jumps in the way, absorbing it with his sword.

"Man, I hate when he does that." Madison recalled.

"This is for sending me to that prison!" Vexacus said, sending the bolt of lightning right at Nick.

Nick quickly chants a spell, making his stone glow, and sends a magical green blast, colliding with the electricity. Trent shoots several laser daggers at two Neo Federation soldiers, knocking them across the room. Vexacus then growls at Elana, as she blasts another soldier away with a light blast.

"And you, girl, this is for sending me flying away!" Vexacus said, as he jumps at her and swings his sword, but Elana counters with her own sword, fighting him back.

Brak holds out his staff, as Jake and Cameron clash their swords with it. Luna levitates several Neo Federation soldiers in the air, and throws them out of the throne room. Audrey sends a gust blast at another soldier, knocking them aside. Tori sends a water blast at the other remaining soldiers, washing them away. Vexacus keeps dueling Elana, as she powers up her sword, and slashes at him with a light attack, knocking him aside. Vexacus then throws a device at the floor near her, and he detonates it, as it begins blinking. 

"Look out!" Cynthia yelled, as she quickly flies to Elana.

Cynthia grabs her, as the two go rolling onto the ground, avoiding the explosion.

"Thanks." Elana said to Cynthia, as the two get up. 

As they keep fighting, Brak knocks Cameron and Jake aside with his staff.

"Fools, I have grown much stronger in these last five months. I have learned from my past errors." Brak replied, as Jake gets back up and charges at him, but Brak dodges him. He then punches him in the arm, making him drop his sword. He then sends Jake flying right onto the throne, and he falls to the ground.

"Ow..." Jake said, feeling his arm.

Cesare then sends several magical attacks at Brak, who deflects them with his staff. He jumps up and hits Cesare with his staff, knocking him to the ground. Luna approaches him and helps Cesare get up.

"Sir, are you alright?" Luna asked.

"Yes, I'll be fine." Cesare replied.

"Here, let me help you." Luna said, joining their hands, as they shoot a combined magical attack at Brak, but he teleports away just like Vexacus does.

"Great, he has that annoying teleport power too?" Tori asked, as Brak reappears behind her, and stuns her with his staff. "Not cool."

She shoots an aquatic blast at him, but he jumps out of the way. Cameron then duels Vexacus, who notices his blindness.

"It appears someone lost their vision since we last fought." Vexacus taunted, as Cameron is still able to strike at him.

The girls fire more elemental attacks at Brak, who teleports out of the way. He appears behind Cameron, as both him and Vexacus attack, but Flinn and Zero come to his aid.

"Bah, this is getting us nowhere!" Vexacus said annoyed, clashing his sword with Zero and Flinn, and knocks them aside.

"I concur. Let us escape. Mark my words though, Council members. I will find a way to get to the Sky Kingdom, and get your gem. It's the only one I need now, after all. As a royal  member, if we want something, we get it, in any way possible." Brak threatened, concerning the Council.

Before everyone can attack, the two teleport away, as the attacks hit the floor. The guards are seen arresting several Neo Federation soldiers.

"No fair, I deserved a better time to shine than this!" one of the soldiers said disappointed.

"Shut up." the guard said.

"Oh dear, this is worse than we thought, he only needs our gem now to visit Wishy Joe." Cesare said.

"That name kind of makes it hard to take this seriously." Tori said.

"What are the other six kingdoms with gems needed to visit the wishmaster?" Cameron asked.

"Soundaria is one of them. The other five are faraway kingdoms. The gems were put in very distant places so visiting the wishmaster would be difficult, but Brak somehow was able to get all six. He must have had lots of help..." Cesare said.

"I presume Vexacus is not the only ally he has. I do not think those two alone could take a kingdom's gem. Someone else had to have helped him get those gems, but I don't think it was the Neo Federation since they have not had a major presence in Karmania..." Zero theorized.

"And Skipper said the Neo Federation had no clue where Brak was." Cameron added.

"Maybe we can go to Soundaria and ask what happened. They might need our help if something really bad happened to them." Audrey suggested.

"That's a good idea. We probably can't stay here since Brak and his shark buddy are going to be hunting the Council." Jake replied.

"I just wonder what this creep would even wish for." Cynthia wondered.

"Yeah, would he wish for us all to no longer exist? That kind of concerns me, we really need to keep this gem safe..." Madison said.

"He cannot wish for any of us to die or be wiped from existence, but he could still wish for something devastating, and I don't know what, which is why we must not let him reach the Sky Kingdom at all costs." Cesare said.

Madison then opens a portal to Soundaria, as they all head inside, and it closes behind. A guard then walks into the throne room, seeing the mess.

"Great, now I have to clean this up..." they sighed.

Vexacus and Brak are seen reappearing in a forest.

"How do you plan to get the last gem now?" Vexacus asked.

"We need to steal the Heart of Karmania from the girl. We can use it to teleport to the Sky Kingdom, and get the last gem. After I make my wish, we can destroy them, and use their own powers against them." Brak replied, holding a strange glove.

"It truly is great to work with a royal family member with actual brains. We can finally do what your idiot brother failed to do for years. You are brutal and needlessly sadistic Brak, just like me...I like that. BWAHAHA!" Vexacus said, as Brak and him both laugh.

The heroes and Council journey through Soundaria, and they reach the central area. They notice lots of buildings are in ruins, especially the castle club. Many villagers are working very hard to repair the buildings.

"Dang...what happened to this place?" Trent asked.

"No way did those two do this on their own." Elana said.

"Greetings, visitors!" a villager sung, as they approach the gang wearing a crown, and strumming a guitar. 

"Yo." Tori greeted.

"I am Rhapsody, the King of Soundariaaaa! As you can tell, this place is kind of in a bad shape, but we're working on it, I prooomisseee!" Rhapsody sung, strumming his guitar again.

"What happened here?" Elana asked.

"Last week, we were living in peace, doing what we all did best: singing songs and partying. However, that all changed when out of the blue, a bunch of weird robots, a shark, and a guy in blue armor attacked our kingdom! Things got even worse when Admiral Skorch appeared with his Battlestar armyyy! We fought the best we could, but alas, we aren't exactly amazing fighters. They took the kingdom's pure heart, our treasured gem, right from the staff former Queen Peyton gave meee! I hope she isn't angry..." Rhapsody sang, shocking the heroes, and shows the staff is missing its gem.

"Wait, Skorch? I thought he died." Cynthia inquired.

"No, he lives, and while his army is not as big as it once was, it was enough to take us down." a Soundaria soldier said.

"Ranen did say not all of the Battlestar army quit, some went into hiding after we blew up their base. It appears Skorch and his army were helping Brak and Vexacus get the gems from other kingdoms. Why didn't you alert us sooner?" Zero asked Rhapsody.

"We wanted to, but they blackmailed us. If we told anyone about their evil bidding, they said they would've kept attacking...I failed as a king..." Rhapsody sung sadly.

"No you didn't. No ruler is perfect, I should know. You wanted to protect your people, and that's admirable. I'm sure Peyton would've done the same thing." Elana said to him.

"Thank you, Queen Elana. I think our people will be able to heal." Rhapsody said normally.

"Great, first Brak returns, then Vexacus, and now Skorch. Which bad guy is going to return next?" Tori asked.

"Daunter? Ramos? The Brewtanizer? Icy? Zurtrax? Motordrone? Paint Skater again?" Nick wondered.

"It's weird how we haven't seen Skorch though." Audrey said.

"Not yet, anyways. I'm sure he'll make a surprise return when we least expect it. For now, let's focus on defeating Brak and Vexacus. We need to get that tablet from Brak." Cameron said.

"But how?" Tori asked.

"Perhaps we can use the four Council members as bait. They are going to be after Cesare, Tom, Luna and Briar. Maybe we can separate you four, then wait for Brak and Vexacus to strike. We'll then strike them all at once, and take the tablet from him. It's the only real plan we have right now, if Jake is okay with it." Cameron suggested.

"Yeah, it's fine. We have to get the tablet away from him at all costs. I'll ask Ranen to make sure he's okay with it too." Jake said, using his communicator.

"Hey, uh, I'm not sure how to feel about my girlfriend being used as bait." Nick said.

"Don't worry, I can handle myself." Luna replied reassuringly to Nick.

"Just for the record, I am fine with being bait, as it is the hunters who are the true bait." Tom said.

"...What?" Elana asked.

"Don't mind him and his weird philosophy." Luna replied.

"We should get other allies to help us out, we'll need all the help we can to take those two down, or three if Skorch appears, which he probably will." Trent suggested.

"We are most likely going to need it if we get a second Battlestar invasion." Zero said.

"Ranen gave permission to go through with this plan. Let's do it." Jake said.

Cassidy and Valina are seen at a booth together in the Golden Seahorse, looking at the menus.

"What do you want to do after dinner?" Cassidy asked, staring into Valina's eyes.

"Well...maybe we could-" Valina was saying, as she stares back into Cassidy's eyes.

"Aye ladies, we got a major problem coming to Karmania with some baddies. We could use your assistance." Flinn said, interrupting the two's moment.

"Oh...of course, we'd always help you guys!" Cassidy replied.

"Can you contact Peyton too?" Audrey asked.

"You bet." Cassidy replied, getting out her phone.

Peyton is seen in an apartment, and responds to Cassidy's phone call.

"Yeah, sure, I'll help. I've been itching for something to do, been so bored this week." Peyton replied.

"Hey grandma, do you want to help us too?" Audrey asked Mai.

"Hmm...nah, sorry. I'd love to kiddo, but I got a busy day. I'll be rooting for you. I'm sure you can handle those two. Someday we can work together, I promise." Mai replied.

Van Gordon is seen at the same club he was at in "Royal Heroes", arm-wrestling the same fish again. Van Gordon wins.

"Dang Gordon, I don't think I can ever beat you. You're the true arm wrestlin' champ." the fish replied, drinking a soda.

"Me being a champ, heh, now that's cool, yah?" Van Gordon replied, when he gets a phone call. "Hold on, must take this."

He walks outside of the club, and answers a call from Nick. 

"Oh no, shark man is back? I see...he escaped from the Pyrite Town jail. This must has happened recently, as I last visit there two weeks ago, and he was still behind the bars. I will help, comrade Nick." Van Gordon replied, as he flies off in his jet-pack.

Argros and Vinerox are seen walking through a Bazaar alley, when Vexacus and Brak appear out of teleportations, stopping the two, and startling them.

"Hello. Have you thought further about my offer?" Brak asked.

"Uh...yeah, sorry, but...we decline. We're having much better lives under Queen Elana's reign." Argros said after some silence.

"What he said, sorry guy." Vinerox replied, shrugging.

"How unfortunate. Then you will perish with them." Brak replied, as he punches both in the faces, and they fall to the ground, giving Argros a black eye.

"Shall we finish them?" Vexacus asked, readying his sword.

"No, let's not draw attention." Brak noted, seeing some guards in the distance.

The two then teleport away, as Vinerox and Argros get up. The two walk through the rest of Bazaar, when they bump into Trent and Madison.

"Oh hey guys, we haven't seen you in a long while." Trent said.

"Yeah...we've actually been looking for you. If you didn't hear, that Brak guy is back, and he teamed up with some shark. Figured we'd warn ya." Vinerox said.

"Those jerks attacked us a few moments ago, and gave me this black eye!" Argros noted, referring to his right eye.

"We already knew he was back, and I'm sorry about your eye. If you two could help us fight him, Vinerox and Argros." Madison offered.

"Sure thing, they messed with the wrong plant." Vinerox replied.

"It's payback time!" Argros said, smashing his fists together.

"It feels awesome to have monsters on our side for a change." Trent noted.

Jake and Cameron are seen in the Hidden Kingdom, preparing weapons.

"Hey...I just realized. Remember that rock dragon, Grador?" Jake asked, referring to the events of "Nick: The Wizard".

"What about him?" Cameron asked.

"Maybe we could ask for his help? He is a legendary beast, and might know more about this wishmaster." Jake suggested.

"I suppose it's worth a shot, if we can even find him again." Cameron replied.

The two are seen wandering through the deserts of the Hidden Kingdom, when they find Grador's area. They see the rock dragon sleeping, and decide to approach him. He wakes up, and stretches out.

"Oh, hello Jake and Cameron. It's been a while. Do you seek my wisdom again?" Grador asked.

"Yes, great Grador. An enemy of ours is plotting to open a portal to a wish granting being named Wishy Joe, and we don't know what they are going to wish for, but it's probably not going to be good. We were just wondering if there's an easy way to destroy his tablet, and make sure he can never try this again." Cameron explained.

"Ah, Wishy Joe...I haven't seen him in ages. There are many different ways to reach him, not just through that tablet. As long as you have the correct seven gems, and the right magic artifact, you can get to Joe. If they are persistent, they will keep trying every method." Grador replied.

"That's not comforting, but I guess we can't do anything there. Do you want to help us fight against him? We fear he may attack Central Karmania with an army..." Jake offered.

"No thank you. Sorry boys, I do not take a particular side in any conflicts. I will say this though. If he does get the last gem, just because he opens the portal, doesn't mean he is the only one who can make a wish..." Grador said cryptically.

"Interesting. Thank you for hearing us out, Grador." Cameron replied.

"Regardless of however the outcome goes, I wish you the best of luck." Grador replied, as he goes back to sleep.

"Well, see ya." Jake replied, as the two walk off back to the main area.

Later that night, the four Council members are seen wandering around in different areas. Tom is seen whistling, and walking through the village near the castle. Luna is seen in Rainbow Forest, relaxing on a rock. Cesare is seen meditating near Mt. Draglor. Lastly, Briar is seen wandering around the Bazaar. Madison, Valina, Cassidy, and Trent are seen watching Cesare. Tori, Nick, Peyton and Zero watch Luna from the forests. Flinn, Argros, Audrey, and Van Gordon are seen watching Tom. Finally, Jake, Cameron, Cynthia and Elana watch Briar. 

"Such a lovely night, I sure hope someone doesn't try to attack me or anything..." Luna taunted, lying back on the rock.

"That can be arranged." Vexacus said, as he appears behind her, laughing.

He quickly grabs her by the arms, as she struggles to break free.

"Hey, hands off of my girl!" Nick said, charging to Vexacus in his knight form, and strikes at him.

Luna sends a purple magic blast from her hand at Vexacus, freeing herself. Tori then quickly sends a water blast at him, knocking him down, but he gets back up undeterred. 

"Where's your buddy?" Tori asked.

"Brak figured you'd try something like this, so we took two different targets." Vexacus revealed, laughing.

"We have Vexacus at the Rainbow Forest, but we do not know who Brak is going to attack." Zero reported on his communicator to the other knights.

He charges and strikes his sword against Vexacus's. Vexacus kicks him, and knocks the sword out of his hand. Before he strikes Zero, Zero teleports with his stone, and reappears where his sword is.

"I gained a teleporting power too." Zero revealed, firing an electric blast at Vexacus, but he blocks it with his sword.

"Not bad, but not enough, point dexter!" Vexacus replied, as Peyton sends a sound wave at him, but he disappears in a teleportation. 

The group continues to fight off Vexacus, while Cesare is shown still meditating.

"Cesare, I'm going to destroy you, unless you give me the gem." Brak said from behind, startling him.

Cesare sends a magical blast right at Brak, but he deflects it with his staff. He then throws a disc right to Cesare, and it hits a wall. It begins to count down, and explodes, as Cesare is sent flying across the rocky ground. Brak approaches him, readying the electric end of his staff. Madison, Cassidy and Valina go flying out, as they attack him at once with their electric and water elemental attacks.

"You'll never get the gem, Brak. I won't let you into the Sky Kingdom no matter what." Cesare replied, firing another magic blast, which hits Brak right in the chest, but he is unfazed by it, surprising Cesare.

"That's fine." Brak replied, as he stares at Madison's heart, confusing Cesare.

Trent fires laser arrows at him, Madison and Valina both shoot electricity, Cassidy shoots a water blast, and Cesare sends a magical blast, all headed for Brak. He teleports away with his transporter, and appears right behind Madison. He rips the heart right off of her shirt, shocking her.

"That's mine!" Madison said, throwing an electricity ball at him, but he quickly jumps out of the way. 

Brak laughs, and opens a portal to the Sky Kingdom. He walks right through it.

"Stop him!" Cesare yelled, as they all head for it. 

Trent fires several laser arrows, but Brak hops right into the portal, and closes it from behind. He is shown outside the Council temple, and throws the heart to the ground.

"Finally, now where did they hide that gem..." Brak wondered, as he walks toward the temple.

"Uh guys, we kind of need to go to the Sky Kingdom right now, Brak just stole the heart to go there." Trent said through a communicator, as all the knights hear.

"What?! We need to go there now!" Cameron said to Briar.

Vexacus laughs, as he punches Peyton, knocking her into a tree.

"You'd hit a woman? Jerk." Peyton said.

"We've got a major problem dudes, Brak is at the Council temple right now." Nick said.

"I'll teleport us there." Luna said.

"We'll finish this later." Tori said to Vexacus, as Luna teleports them all away.

"No matter." Vexacus replied, as he walks off into the forest.

Four portals open, as the heroes land in the Sky Kingdom, and they all close behind. Madison picks up the heart, putting it back on.

"This place looks cool." Vinerox said, looking at the clouds.

"I'm sorry guys, he got me by surprise..." Madison said.

"It's not your fault, I presumed he was going after only us..." Cesare said.

"Let's find him, and show him what happens to trespassers." Luna said angrily.

"Wow, never anger her." Trent said to Nick.

"Heh, no worries, I'll try not to." Nick replied, as they all search the temple for Brak.

Brak is seen in Tom's room, as he looks at the knight stones on display. He then sees an out of place white one, and realizes it is the kingdom's gem.

"How clever." Brak said, taking it.

"Not so fast!" Tom said, as he storms into the room with the knights, Luna, and Van Gordon.

"Too late, fools!" Brak said, as he throws several discs at the walls, which detonate. 

Jake's stone shield protects them all, but as the smoke clears, the room is seen in ruins.

"Great, now I have to clean this place up." Tom said annoyed.

"What was that?" Audrey asked, hearing the explosion from another room.

The heroes all regroup in the main hallway, seeing Brak heading toward the outside. They launch several attacks at him, but he shrugs them off. The knights strike their swords at him, as he defends himself with his staff. During the fighting, Brak feels something glowing in his pocket.

"Enough of this!" Brak yelled, breaking away from the knights.

Brak then pulls out a stone glove, and puts it on his left hand. 

"Oh no..." Luna said, recognizing it.

"It shouldn't be reacting like this already, unless..." Brak was saying.

It lets out a glow, and suddenly, the orange knight stone from Zero's pocket floats out of it, being attracted to the glove.

"Hey, get back here!" Trent said, as he grabs the stone, but it shakes around, and goes flying out. "Worth a shot."

The stone flies right into a slot on Brak's stone glove, making it glow orange.

"I get the feeling that's not good." Audrey said.

"That is the Magic Absorbing Glove, an ancient item used to steal the power of magical artifacts. Since that stone has not bonded to anyone, he can control it." Luna explained worryingly.

"Yes, I planned to save this, but this will do just nicely, so thanks for bringing it to me." Brak said, laughing.

Jake strikes his sword at him, but Brak forms an orange shield with the glove, blocking the attacks. Valina sends an electricity blast at him, but Brak counters with an orange blast from his glove, which goes right through the electricity, and knocks Valina into a pillar.

"How is he this powerful!?" Valina asked, floating back up.

Zero attacks Brak with his sword, but he grabs his arm, and throws him across the floor.

"I fear I have made an error in bringing the stone here, and doomed us all..." Zero said, getting back up.

"It's not your fault doc, none of us could've known he had that stupid glove." Cynthia said, shooting rocks at Brak, who vaporizes them with orange blasts.

The guardians and Elana all shoot elemental attacks at Brak, who waves his hands out. An orange wall is formed in front of him, which absorbs all of the attacks. It then deflects them back, destroying parts of the temple.

"It's been fun, but it's time I end this. Feel free to call me King Brak from now on." Brak said, as he holds out the tablet.

"Don't!" Cesare yelled, as he levitates the tablet out of his hands.

Brak then shoots an orange blast right at Cesare, knocking him into a pillar. Brak grabs the tablet, and places the white gem in the middle. It begins to glow, as he smiles. The tablet disappears, and opens a gold portal.

"Don't let him through that portal!" Briar yelled, shooting rocks at him, but he just knocks them all aside with his staff, which is amped by the orange stone's power.

Everyone lets out multiple attacks right to the portal, but the orange stone forms the wall around him yet again, and it reflects all of the attacks back at them. Nick and Cameron are close to the portal, as they see Brak walk through it.

"By the way girl, thanks for letting me have the heart. I couldn't have done this without you." Brak said to Madison, angering her.

Brak walks in, and the portal begins to close. However, Nick and Cameron jump through it, and it closes. The seven gems go falling to the ground.

"This is bad." Van Gordon said.

" least Nick and Cameron could stop his wish...hopefully." Elana said.

"I guess things can't get any worse from here..." Tori said.

"This-this is Ranen. Knights, where are you? T-there's s-something-g jam-jaming with the com-communications..." Ranen was saying, and the communication abruptly stops.

"What could it be?" Trent asked.

"Something tells me we need to go down below..." Elana said.

Everyone is seen teleporting back down to Central Karmania thanks to Luna. 

"Oh no..." Madison said, as they see a giant red dragon-shaped Battlestar ship flying through the sky.

"Admiral Skorch!" Luna yelled.

Skorch is seen inside the ship, sitting on a throne angrily.

"Central Karmanians, now I shall wreak my vengeance above you, and the guardians, and the rebels, and this whole stupid kingdom!" Skorch yelled.

The ship begins to shoot out multiple silver balls onto the ground, and multiple metal snakes hatch out of them, along with Slayers.

"Wonderful..." Tori said, worried.

"Skorch came through, ahaha!" Vexacus laughed, looking at the ship from the Rainbow Forest.

All of the heroes and allies continue to look up at the ship in fear.

To Be Continued...

66. Brak Is Back (Part 2)

After going into the portal, Brak is seen landing on a gold bridge. He looks up at the sky, noticing tan and gold colors everywhere, along with floating rock platforms. In the distance, a gold palace is seen, with fountains near the entrance. Brak heads for it, as Nick and Cameron are seen landing behind him.

"Where are we?" Nick asked, about to get up.

"Shh..." Cameron said to him. "We don't want him to know he was followed."

Brak keeps walking toward the palace, as Cameron and Nick hide behind a statue, without him noticing them.

"This place looks pretty nice." Nick said, as the two carefully follow.

Brak enters the palace, noticing the main area looks like a party room, with a dance floor and snacks on tables. A genie figure is seen relaxing a jacuzzi with two fairies. They are wearing gold sunglasses, and a gold outfit.

"Aw, you two ladies make me blush...whoa, hello there guy, didn't expect any company. Hold on girls, I gotta take this." Wishy Joe greeted, floating up towards Brak.

"Hello, Wishy Joe. I have made my way to you at long last. You must grant my wish, correct?" Brak said.

"Yeah, sure thing guy. But there are some rules: One, you can never wish to get more wishes. Two, you cannot wish for anyone to die or be wiped from existence. And three, last rule, no wishing to hurt ol' Wishy Joe. Those are the rules. Anything else is fair game." Wishy Joe explained.

"I wish that every guardian and knight of Karmania, past and present, along with the Karmanian Council and Queen Elana, lost all of their magical powers." Brak wished.

"Oh no..." Cameron said, as Nick and him overheard this from the front of the entrance.

"Well, I guess that's not illegal. Your wish is my command, sadly." Wishy Joe said, clapping his hands, and Brak laughs.

"Maybe I could wish to see the next season of Snail-tective in advance, or to win the lottery, or get a free sandwich, or learn the unanswered mysteries of the, a lot of possibilities, although let's focus on fixing this crazy wish first. Whoa, Cameron, you could wish to see again." Nick said.

"I could, but getting their powers back is more important. Let's use our wishes wisely..." Cameron said, as both of their knight stones stop glowing, and they transform back to normal.

"Do you wanna stay here and party? I've got some nice lady friends..." Wishy Joe offered, referring to the fairies, who laugh.

"No, teleport me back to Central Karmania." Brak demanded.

"If you say so dude." Wishy Joe replied, as he claps his hands, and Brak vanishes in a gold blast, laughing.

Back in Central Karmania, Brak is seen reappearing on the ground, and Vexacus approaches him from out of the Rainbow Forest. Brak looks up in the sky to see Skorch's ship.

"Yes, he came through. Their powers are no more." Brak said.

"Excellent, now let's crush them all!" Vexacus said, as the two teleport away.

The heroes and allies are seen looking up at the ship, and a bunch of green Slayers fly through the air. The Talking Tree is seen looking at the invasion from his clearing.

"Oh dear, that doesn't look good..." Talking Tree said.

A bunch of green Slayers go flying down to the ground, surrounding the heroes.

"Skorch? I thought I killed him." Valina said bluntly. 

"Yeah, that stupid dragon lives, but we can take them." Cynthia said, throwing a rock right at a green Slayer.

"We've destroyed these millions of times, and stopped a Battlestar invasion before, this should be a piece of cake." Tori said, trying to shoot a water blast at a green Slayer, but it doesn't work. "Uhh..."

Suddenly, all of the girls start to lose their powers, as they transform back to normal. All of the knights also turn back to normal, and notice their stones stop glowing. Jake presses his multiple times, with no results. Elana tries to summon her light powers, but the crown's gemstone goes black.

Roxy is seen at her house in Posidonia, petting a seahorse in her backyard. Suddenly, she feels something off, and looks around oddly.

"That was weird..." Roxy said, confused.

"Is everything okay?" her father asked.

"Yeah, it was nothing." Roxy replied, shrugging, as she continues petting the seahorse.

The heroes are shown back in Central Karmania, confused about their power losses.

"What happened to my powers? I can't do anything anymore!" Peyton noted, concerned.

"Neither can I..." Elana said, concerned.

"My magic is gone too..." Luna said, trying to summon a spell, with nothing happening.

Madison holds out the Heart of Karmania, and it turns black. It then crumbles to dust, shocking everyone.

"No! Brak must have wished all of our powers away!" Madison realized.

"This is bad." Flinn said.

The green Slayers then attack the gang at once. Trent, Jake, Flinn and Zero are each hit by a Slayer, sending them crashing to the ground. Cynthia is grabbed by one from behind, and struggles to break herself free. 

"Let me go, you wicked machines!" Valina demanded, as one grabs her.

Argros then jumps at the green Slayer, and smashes it to pieces, freeing Valina. 

"Thank you, creature. I am glad you are still somewhat loyal to me even after I ditched you." Valina said to Argros.

"Eh, I'm a changed monster." Argros replied, as he tackles another green Slayer.

Vinerox attacks a green Slayer with his vines, ripping off its wings, and making it fall to the ground. Van Gordon then rips off its head with his bare hands.

"How are we supposed to fight without our powers?" Audrey asked.

"Don't give up. You can still fight without them." Briar said.

"Maybe the knights can, but we're not exactly trained fighters." Tori said, barely avoiding laser blasts from a green Slayer.

Elana then slices through another green Slayer's chest with her sword.

"At least I have this." Elana said, and tosses its body aside.

As the heroes fight back despite the lack of powers, more green Slayers fly down and overwhelm them. Luna, Tom and Cesare are grabbed by several of the Slayers, and fly away with them.

"Help, someone!" Cesare yelled.

Van Gordon flies up in his jet-pack and is about to fire his laser gun at one, but he is attacked by another green Slayer.

"No!" Van Gordon yelled, as he loses aim, and the three are flown away to Skorch's ship.

"They'll be fine, let's retreat for now!" Briar said.

Trent throws several smoke bombs, as everyone escapes. The green Slayers clear the smoke, and look around aimlessly for the heroes. Throughout Central Karmania, many metal snakes, Slayers and Battlestar soldiers continue to drop down, terrorizing everyone. Several Battlestar soldiers fly down in jet-packs, and shoot flamethrowers. Several Ultra Slayers drop down, as they shoot lasers everywhere in the village near the castle. 

"These things again, terrorizing my kingdom?! Not on my watch!" Steele yelled from a rooftop, as he sees the red Slayers.

Steele jumps down and slices right through two of their chests with his blades, disabling them. Several royal guards come to his aid, as they fire their weapons as black, blue, orange and green slayers, along with Battlestar soldiers. 

"I-I hope the guardians and knights are okay..." Steele said, concerned, seeing more soldiers and Slayers flying through the sky.

Skorch looks out at a window from his inside ship.

"Bahaha, look at it, such beautiful chaos!" Skorch said, admiring the view of Central Karmania.

Tom, Cesare and Luna are seen being dropped into Skorch's ship by green Slayers, as he turns around.

"Impressive, Broodwing's machines actually did something right for a change. Maybe I'll double his pay after all. Now then, you three will be my prisoners." Skorch said.

The Slayers escort the three towards several maroon pods, but Tom rips one's arm right off, and kicks the Slayer aside. He helps free Cesare and Tom, as they run right to Skorch. However, Brak appears from a teleportation, and zaps all three with an orange blast from his glove, making them fall to the ground.

"Come along now." Vexacus said, grabbing the three.

He throws the three at the maroon pods, as they are sucked into them. They struggle to break free, but it is no use.

"You won't get away with this!" Luna yelled from inside.

"I already have, your precious guardians and knights are useless without their powers. Now then. Vexacus, Brak, find me the fools, and be quick about it." Skorch ordered, as the two teleport away.

"We need to get to the Hidden Kingdom, but uh, I don't think you guys should go there, no offense. It's our hidden base for a reason, sorry. I promise we'll be back." Madison said to Van Gordon, Argros and Vinerox.

"No problem, we'll help hold these things off for ya." Argros replied.

"As does I." Van Gordon said, as the three head for former slums village to fight off enemies.

"I hope Nick and Cameron can undo Brak's wish, wherever they are..." Jake said.

Cameron and Nick walk into Wishy Joe's palace, seeing him with his fairy friends.

"Hi there." Nick greeted.

"Whoa, didn't expect more visitors. Haven't had this many wish seekers in two are here to grant wishes, right?" Wishy Joe asked.

"Yes, we followed the guy you granted a wish to earlier through his portal. I hope we can still be given wishes, but I understand if not." Cameron said.

"Yeah, sure thing dudes, as long as you got to me, you get a wish." Wishy Joe said.

"That's great, can we undo the guy from before's wish?" Nick asked.

"You could, but I have to warn you two, you need to be very very very very very specific with your wishes. If you are too vague, you may not get exactly what you wished for. For example, say you want a massage. Who is going to give it to you? A jellyfish? Some random dude who has a family? What if I just teleport the guy away from his family, and the kid's all like "Hey mommy, where did daddy go"? Then the wife replies "I don't know sweetie". They'd never see their father again, so yeah, you gotta be pretty specific." Wishy Joe explained.

"...That has me kind of nervous, but at the same time, making a wish that's overly detailed and specific? Sounds like I was born for this." Nick replied.

"Be careful, take your time to make sure it sounds right. We only have two chances to save everyone." Cameron said.

"That puts a lot of pressure on me." Nick said.

"Relax man, feel free to have some of my cool party food. It's good brain food." Wishy Joe offered, referring to the table.

"Thanks Wishy Joe, you're a cool dude." Nick replied.

"Please, you can call me Joe. You're a cool bro too." Wishy Joe replied.

The heroes regroup with Ranen, Steele, and royal soldiers inside the Hidden Kingdom, explaining what is happening to everyone.

"You all lost your powers?! We're doomed." Steele said.

"We're not doomed. This may be a grave situation, but do not despair everyone. You can still fight without your powers." Ranen said.

"But how? We didn't exactly get training like the guys did." Cynthia pointed out.

"We have plenty of weapons anybody can use. Gather as much as you can. Hopefully we can hold off Skorch's forces long enough for Cameron and Nick to undo Brak's wish." Ranen said.

"What's taking those two so long anyways?" Trent asked.

"Let's just say Joe's wishes, very specific, to say the least." Briar replied.

"I guess it could be cool for me to use a sword again." Madison said, taking a rapier from a supply box. 

"If things do not pan out well, we also have the Prism Pillars." Zero said, referring to the three.

"Indeed we do, but let's save those as a last resort option. I don't want to waste their energy just yet." Ranen replied.

Jake is seen wandering through the deserts again, as he finds Grador sleeping again in the same spot.

"Hey Grador, are you there?" Jake asked.

Grador then wakes up again, stretching his body.

"Of course I am, Jacob. What do you seek now?" Grador asked.

"We've lost our magical powers thanks to Brak's wish. I don't know if we're strong enough to fight without them..." Jake said worried.

"Hmph. You don't have much confidence in yourself, do you? Those powers alone did not make you strong. The power to fight came from deep within here..." Grador said, pointing to Jake's heart.

"Thank you. I guess you're right. Ranen told us to never quit." Jake replied.

"Say, where is Cameron?" Grador asked.

"He's somewhere else...not sure where, but somewhere trying to fix Brak's wish, hopefully." Jake said.

"A world without magic is pretty unfair. I hope you can all make it out alright. Good luck." Grador said, as he goes back to sleep, and Jake leaves the area.

In the village, Van Gordon, Vinerox and Argros attack Battlestar soldiers.

"Eat the fire, baby!" a soldier yelled, shooting their flamethrower at Vinerox, which burns his vines.

"Gah, jerk!" Vinerox yelled, trying to shake off the flames.

Van Gordon fires his laser gun at the soldier's flamethrower, jamming it. They try to shoot it, but it explodes, sending the soldier smashing into a house. 

"Ouch..." the soldier said, as a villager walks out of their house upon seeing the commotion.

"Whoa dang, I'm out." the villager said, seeing Skorch's ship and all of the chaos. They walk right back inside of their home, and lock the door.

Several blue Slayers fire at the three, along with royal soldiers. Argros digs underground, and hops out, attacking the blue Slayers. He rips them into shreds, and sends one smashing into the ground with his tail. Some black Slayers come marching toward them, firing machine guns on their hands. However, Vinerox shoots his vines right through some, and sends them flying into the air, while the royal guards take out the rest with Van Gordon.

"Nice work, comrades." Van Gordon said.

"Yeah, we work pretty well as a team-" Vinerox was saying, when Brak and Vexacus appear in front of them. "Great, you again."

Brak shoots several orange blasts from his glove at the royal soldiers, knocking them away. Brak then shoots an orange electric blast at Van Gordon, who dodges by flying up in his jet-pack. Van Gordon then lands on Vexacus, tackling him to the ground.

"Gah, get off of me, buffoon!" Vexacus yelled, as Van Gordon punches him in the face.

Vinerox makes vines rise up around Brak, but he breaks out of them.

"Wishing to get rid of your enemies' powers is pretty cheap if you ask me." Vinerox said, shooting more vines at him, but Brak blocks them with his orange shield.

"Thanks for the input, but I didn't ask you." Brak replied, shooting an orange blast right at Vinerox's chest, making him fall to the ground.

Vexacus knocks Van Gordon off of him, and slashes his sword at his laser gun, breaking it.

"This is nots good-" Van Gordon was saying, as Brak blasts him with an orange blast, sending him smashing right into a building. "Ow..."

Argros digs underground, as Vexacus and Brak carefully wait for him. Argros then jumps out from behind, but Brak quickly presses his glove against Argros, and lets out an orange blast, knocking him back. 

"Pathetic." Brak said, as Vexacus and him walk off to find the remaining heroes.

Several green Slayers go flying down, as they grab Van Gordon, Vinerox and Argros, flying them up to Skorch's ship.

"Let go, you bucket of bolts!" Vinerox said, struggling to shoot his vines at it, but the Slayer stuns him.

The three are thrown inside Skorch's ship, and sucked into the maroon pods.

"Hi." Van Gordon said to the Council, seeing them in the pods.

"Please Nick, wherever you are, undo his wish..." Luna hoped.

Back in Wishy Joe's palace, Nick is seen eating food, and pondering.

"Hmm..." Nick said, thinking about how to say the wish.

"Don't worry if you mess up, I can try to fix the wish too...hopefully." Cameron said, reassuring Nick.

"I'm not worried about messing it up, well I am, but I'm more worried about how they're all doing without us against Brak..." Nick wondered.

The heroes are shown marching toward Central Karmania. Several metal snakes hiss, as they slither toward them. The royal guards throw their spears with fire on the end at the snakes, scaring them off due to the flames. 

"Ha, stupid snakes." Tori said, as they all head into the village, seeing many ruined buildings, and orange Slayers walking around. 

Using a bow and arrow, Audrey fires a bow right at an orange Slayer's head, distracting it. Madison and Elana then jump it, and slice through its stomach with their swords.

"Nice teamwork, Maddie." Elana said.

"Yeah, maybe not having powers isn't so bad." Madison replied.

Suddenly, more green Slayers and Battlestar soldiers fly down around them. The soldiers shoot their flamethrowers, as the heroes try to avoid the blasts. Valina clashes a staff against one soldier's face, knocking them to the ground.

"Ow..." the soldier groaned.

"Ha." Valina laughed.

Cassidy then knocks another soldier out with her staff, as they fall down to the ground next to the other.

"Nice moves Val." Cassidy complimented. 

Peyton punches another soldier in the face, and grabs his flamethrower, using it against the other soldiers and Slayers, melting some Slayers away.

"Whoa." Jake said, impressed, as he slices through an orange Slayer with a gray sword.

"No need to thank me." Peyton bragged, blowing smoke off the end of the flamethrower.

However, Peyton is grabbed from around the chest by a green Slayer.

"Help!" Peyton yelled, as it makes her drop the flamethrower, and she is flown toward Skorch's ship.

Audrey, Zero and Tori are then knocked down and grabbed by two other green Slayers. Zero then gets an idea, and looks up at Skorch's ship.

"Everyone, I have an idea. Stay with me, as oddball as it may sound. Let ourselves get captured. That way we can destroy Skorch's ship from the inside. I can still overload its system without my powers to do so." Zero explained, letting himself be captured by the Slayer.

"That sounds a bit crazy at first, but instead of endlessly fighting the minions, it would allow us to take the big dragon right then and there, so good idea." Cynthia said.

"This idea actually makes a lot of more sense the more I think about it. With so many of us being brought onto the ship at once, we can overwhelm Skorch and his forces." Elana said.

"I suppose we don't have many other options." Ranen said, letting a green Slayer grab him.

"I'm not letting myself get captured!" Steele said, slicing through an orange Slayer with his blades.

"Just do it." Tori replied, as she lets herself get captured by one.

"Fine..." Steele said, surrendering to another.

"Oh no, I guess we surrender." Madison faked, standing still, as the green Slayer grabs her.

All of the heroes fake their surrender, as the green Slayers fly everyone up to Skorch's ship. Skorch is seen sitting on his throne, with Brak and Vexacus by his side.

"When this is all over, feel free to dispose of the prisoners." Brak said to Skorch.

"Ahh, my esteemed guests." Skorch said, seeing the green Slayers bringing all of the remaining heroes, and gets up, welcoming them.

"Oh no..." Van Gordon said, as he, Vinerox, Argros, and the Council are concerned.

"Wow, you all really must suck without your powers to be captured by those things." Vexacus said, laughing.

"Yeah, sure." Cassidy replied.

"You see, you all messed with the wrong military overlord. Soon this kingdom will go up in flames, and belong to me! I'll capture every pathetic specimen in this kingdom, and then only the Battlestar will rule!" Skorch said, looking out the window, laughing, but this plan annoys Brak.

"You're going to capture every Karmanian in this place?! That'll take too much time, Admiral! Just destroy the guardians and knights already, and so I can rule Posidonia already!" Brak argued.

"I don't remember asking for your opinion, and quite frankly-" Skorch was arguing back.

"Ah, bad guys who can't get along, warms my heart it does." Tori said.

"Wait...something's not right here, how did all of them get captured at the same time?" Brak inquired, starting to figure out their plan.

"Now!" Jake yelled.

The knights punch the green Slayers, letting themselves go, and throw several bombs. Brak then forms an orange shield with his glove, protecting himself, Vexacus and Skorch from the explosions. The smoke clears, as the three see all of the green Slayers are all destroyed.

"Gah, destroy them at once!" Skorch commanded to Brak and Vexacus, and he throws several red balls, forming the Ultra Slayers.

"Whoa, glad we didn't end up in those. We'll get you guys out, we promise." Madison said to the prisoners in the pods, as she strikes the rapier against a red Slayer's laser blasts.

A red Slayer was about to fire a plasma cube at Briar and Peyton, but Steele charges, and slices his blades at its head, making it go out of control. It goes flying right into Skorch, smashing him against the wall.

"Get off!" Skorch said angrily, as he breathes fire at it, and rips his claws through the metal, throwing the remains off of himself.

Jake, Madison, Trent and Valina are seen cracking open the pods, freeing the Council, Van Gordon, Vinerox and Argros. Brak shoots several orange blasts, as some knock the heroes down, but they are undeterred. Skorch shoots several fireballs, as Jake tries to block one with his sword, but it melts.

"Whoops." Jake said, tossing it to the ground.

Van Gordon flies up, tackling a green Slayer, and smashes it to the ground. Audrey shoots an arrow at Vexacus, which takes him by surprise, cutting some of his face. 

"You will pay for that!" Vexacus replied, as he throws several bombs into the air, and detonates them.

Jake then jumps at Audrey, saving her from an explosion. She blushes, as the two get up.

"Thanks..." Audrey said to him.

"No problem." Jake replied, as he attacks a red Slayer with his bare hands, and helps Steele strike it.

Back in WIshy Joe's palace, Nick finishes eating a sandwich.

"Alright...yum. I'm ready to make the wish. I've thought it over." Nick said to Wishy Joe.

"Great, take your time guy, I really like you and don't want you guys to screw this up." Wishy Joe said.

"Nick, be perfectly sure what you are wishing for." Cameron said.

"Yup, I got this. Alright Joe, I wish...that every current and past guardian and knight of Karmania, along with Queen Elana and the Karmanian Council, got their magical powers back, and have them be the exact same powers as they had before Brak's wish!" Nick wished.

"Yeah, that'll work." Wishy Joe said, impressed, as Cameron and Nick's stones glow again.

"Woohoo!" Nick cheered.

"Are you sure you don't want to wish for anything?" Wishy Joe asked to Cameron, seeing his blinded eyes.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you." Cameron replied.

"Welp, see ya. You two are free to come back here anytime you want. Take this." Wishy Joe said, as a golden ticket magically appears in Nick's hand, with a cursive "J" written on it. 

"See ya dude, I promise to come back sometime!" Nick said, as Wishy Joe teleports the two away in a golden blast.

Nick and Cameron reappear in Central Karmania, seeing the chaos.

"Looks like we came back at the right time." Nick said, as two Battlestar soldiers approach them, pointing their flamethrowers.

"Halt!" one yelled.

Both of them power up, scaring the soldiers.

"Kn-kn-knights?! I thought you lost your powers?!" one of them asked nervously, as Nick and Cameron slice their flamethrowers in half, and knock the two soldiers to the ground.

Nick then levitates them with a spell, and sends them landing on a rooftop. 

"Whoa, that thing looks pretty creepy." Nick said, seeing Skorch's ship in the sky.

Inside the ship, the heroes gasp, as their powers come back.

"I feel it..." Valina said, as electricity sparks through her hands.

"Yes, Nick did it! I love him!" Luna said, levitating Vexacus in the air, and tossing him right into an Ultra Slayer.

"I knew they could do it." Ranen said, proud, as he slices right through two green Slayers with his sword.

The Heart of Karmania then reappears around Madison's neck, much to her happiness. She uses it to make all eight guardians transform, as Elana feels her crown's gem glow again. Flinn, Trent, Jake, and Zero's stones all glow again, as they transform.

"How did this happen!?" Skorch asked angrily to Brak.

"Looks like two snoops followed me through the portal. No matter, I still have this. Magic or not, it doesn't make them invincible." Brak replied.

"You fool, your entire plan required them to lose their powers! I'm telling your father, then you won't become king!" Skorch replied.

Brak then punches him with an orange strike from the glove, knocking Skorch aside. He growls, and shoots fire balls at Brak, who deflects them with the orange shield.

"Do you honestly think I liked you? I was only sent to Battlestar to improve my skills, and because my father thought your organization was so pathetic it needed my help!" Brak said.

"Knock it off you two!" Vexacus said, trying to intervene, but Skorch whacks him aside.

Vexacus gets back up, as Trent, Jake and Flinn clash their swords with his. Steele strikes another Ultra Slayer, and then strikes through a green Slayer.

"Wow, I'm a professional slayer of these things, woohoo!" Steele said, impressed.

As Skorch is about to shoot another fireball at Brak, he is hit by a combined water attack from Tori and Cassidy.

"We'll finish this later!" Skorch said to Brak, as Brak sends orange blasts at the Council members.

Skorch fires multiple fireballs everywhere, and Valina hits him with an electricity blast.

"Remember me?" Valina asked.

"The sorceress...I'm going to enjoy crushing you!" Skorch said, as he tussles with Valina.

Valina sends electricity strikes at his hands, and goes charging right to him. She presses both of her hands against his stomach, and lets out a powerful electricity strike.

"GAHHH!" Skorch yelled, being electrocuted, as it sends him flying against the wall, and he falls to the ground out cold with smoke coming off his body.

"He's probably fine." Tori shrugged, seeing his body.

Tori and Audrey send a combined ice beam at Brak, but he breaks it apart with an orange blast. An Ultra Slayer tries to shoot plasma cubes, but Trent sends laser arrows at its head. Briar and Cynthia levitate robot debris, hurling it at the other Slayers. Elana sends several light blasts at him, but Brak casts the orange reflection wall, as the light blasts go reflecting everywhere in the ship, some of which destroy the remaining Slayers.

"What happened to my parents?!" Elana asked angrily to Brak, but he ignores her, and attacks at the Council again. 

Zero then approaches Madison and Valina, who send electricity balls at Vexacus and Brak.

"Madison and Valina, I would like to request your assistance. I've discovered where the ship's generator is, and with our combined electric powers, we can destroy the ship." Zero explained to them.

"Sure thing, doc." Madison replied, as the two follow Zero by floating down the ship hall.

Vexacus absorbs a sound blast from Peyton, and sends it back at her, knocking her into Cassidy.

"Now that's cheap." Peyton said, annoyed.

Zero slices right through two orange Slayers, and Madison destroys another with an electric blast, as the three head into the generator room.

"Alright, charge up an electric strike onto my sword. When released, the generator should malfunction." Zero explained, placing his sword out.

Zero powers it up, giving it one electric charge. Valina and Madison send both of their electric blasts onto the sword, as Zero strikes it right into the generator. It begins to electrocute and smoke. The entire ship blacks out, confusing the heroes. Electricity flows through the ship, and it begins to shake.

"That doesn't sound good." Vinerox said, as Zero, Madison and Valina regroup with them.

"We need to get off this ship." Zero said.

"No problem." Luna said, as she teleports the Council, guardians, knights, Van Gordon, Vinerox and Argros all off the ship.

Vexacus and Brak both teleport themselves out, leaving Skorch's body there. All of the heroes and allies are seen appearing outside Elana's castle, and look at Skorch's ship. It explodes into a million pieces, and nothing is left behind from it.

"Uh...wasn't Skorch still in there?" Audrey asked.

"He's probably fine." Tori reassured.

"Guys, you're okay!" Nick said, as Cameron and him approach them.

"We could say the same to you. You guys saved our powers." Jake said, happy.

"Yeah, we made a pretty cool new friend." Nick said.

"I'm so proud of you!" Luna said, as she hugs him, and begins making out with him.

"I've gotten word the Battlestar threats are being weeded out. All remaining soldiers have been arrested, meaning the Battlestar is finished." Ranen reported.

"But we're still alive!" Vexacus laughed, as Brak and him reappear before them.

"Oh hey, sorry I ruined your plan." Nick apologized.

"No, thank you. I still got this stone, so it wasn't a total failure." Brak said, holding the orange stone in his glove.

Vexacus throws several bombs, and detonates them, as the heroes scatter, avoiding the explosions. Brak then shoots several orange blasts, as the knights, Van Gordon, Vinerox, Argros, and Council attack him and Vexacus. Vexacus slashes at Vinerox and Argros, knocking them away. All eight guardians and Elana fire their elemental attacks at Brak while he is dueling, and he goes falling to the ground. The girls float down, readying more attacks.

"Elana, I will tell you what happened to your parents if you wish." Brak said.

"Wish, heh, I get it." Nick said.

"This is probably a trick." Elana said, powering up another light blast.

"No, I'll tell you girl. I arrested your parents, and sent them to a faraway prison in the The Shadow Lands. I don't know if they're alive or not anymore. You're free to go there if you want. Doesn't matter to me anymore." Brak said to Elana, laughing.

"Now why would you tell her that?" Vexacus asked curiously.

As everyone attacks the two, Madison, Cynthia, Tori and Audrey concentrate and turn into their pure elemental forms. Brak looks at them somewhat concerned. They all launch elemental attacks at once with everyone else, but Brak and Vexacus teleport away with their arm teleportation devices. The attacks all strike the ground, much to their dismay. The girls transform back to their normal forms.

"We're getting better at entering and exiting these forms, at least." Audrey said.

"The good news is, the Battlestar is defeated and we got our powers back. The bad news is, Brak still has that knight stone." Trent said.

"We'll get it back, no matter what it takes." Cameron replied.

"He says my parents are still alive, I don't know if he's tricking me..." Elana wondered.

"It's worth investigating, but for now, we all deserve a rest. Let's do one thing at a time." Ranen said.

"You're right. I just hope they really are still alive..." Elana said.

"Thanks for your help everyone." Madison said to the Council, former guardians, Van Gordon, Vinerox, and Argros.

"It was no problem, I needed payback. Maybe someday I'll help you kids again." Vinerox said, bidding farewell.

"You all showed incredible strength, even when our powers were lost." Briar said, impressed.

"Even when the odds are low, you never give up." Valina said.

"At least the kingdom didn't get attacked too badly." Jake said, looking out at it.

"Everyone is a bit scared, but their lives will probably go back to normal in a few days." Steele said.

" I have to clean all this up." a guard said annoyed, looking at the debris in a village.

Vexacus and Brak are seen walking into the Neo Federation base, meeting Colress, Edward, Morgana and Thorn.

"Ugh, you again..." Morgana said to Vexacus, who growls at her.

"Father, my dearest apologies. My plan did not go exactly as intended...but I did get this." Brak said, showing the orange knight stone in his glove.

"Excellent, you'll be a great help, son." Edward said.

"I've missed having a job, so I'll be proud to serve you, sir." Vexacus said, bowing to Edward.

"Using this stone's powers against them will be truly helpful. Your wish plan was admirable, but had several fatal flaws. No worries, I am making decent progress on where their new base could be..." Colress said, analyzing a hologram map of Karmania.

The guardians and knights are seen in the Sky Kingdom temple, looking at the floating orbs which contain the girls' powers.

"We returned the jewels to their respective kingdoms." Cesare assured, as he holds onto the white gem.

"So, is all of the magic back to normal? Are you sure there's like not going to be any issues or anything?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, it looks normal, I guess." Tom said, shrugging.

"That doesn't sound very reassuring." Cynthia said.

"Eh, you never know with me. Maybe it means something, maybe it doesn't." Tom said, whistling.


Roxy is seen in her bedroom, and her body begins to glow...


-Character Debuts: Elizabeth, Wishy Joe, and Rhapsody (made cameo in S2 finale, but first speaking appearance)

-Area Debuts: Wishy Joe's Realm

-First time Vinerox and Argros appear in Season 3.

-The club Van Gordon is at is the same one from "Royal Heroes", and arm wrestles the same fish.

-It is revealed Peyton gave the Soundaria staff to Rhapsody in the S2 finale, who is now the King of Soundaria.

-It is revealed why Brak was at Battlestar in the first place.

-Fourth time the elemental forms are used.

-First time Elizabeth (Edward's wife, and Ramos and Brak's mother) is physically seen; she was first seen in a dream in "In Dreams".

-Grador (from "Nick: The Wizard"), Talking Tree (from "Skorch Strikes" and "Ancient Ghosts Part 1"), and the Metal Snakes (from "Skorch Strikes") reappear.



If you collect seven kingdom gems (two of which being Soundaria and Sky Kingdom), and have the right magical item, you can visit Wishy Joe's realm to make a wish. Nick is given a ticket to revisit him anytime he wants.



Stump somehow becomes the King of Posidonia.



Vexacus is released from the Pyrite Town jail, and is revealed to have worked with Brak in the past. He joins the Neo Federation in the end with Brak.



Skorch returns, revealing he survived the end of "Skorch Strikes", and had been helping Brak and Vexacus collect gems. However, now it is unknown if he survived the ship explosion.



It is revealed Brak arrested Elana's parents, and sent them to a prison in the Shadow Lands. It is unknown if they are still alive.



Brak steals the orange knight stone's power.



Roxy gains an unknown power.

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Metal Snake    2,852

Sensational two-parter episode, as always. It paid a good homage to the Adventure Time two-parter with the Lich's wish. I loved how all the characters were still able to fight well despite not having their powers, it made the scenes with Nick and Cameron taking their time to think of a wish much more enjoyable, because it was established that they weren't stalling at anyone's expense. It's good to underpower the characters at certain points in the story, but never at the expense of frustration. My only real criticism is that there should've been a scene with the heroes asking why he passed on wishing for his vision back, it would've made for something interesting. I'm also betting on Skorch being alive, that guy doesn't know the meaning of the word, "dead". 


Reaper Luna 2.jpg


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Teenj12    1,234

Was a bit tough to get through with my cp's coloration problems and all, but it was certainly worth the read. Outstanding two parter with a lot of great concepts introduced. Great writing, great reveals, and great action sequences. I also can't wait to understand more on Roxy's strange new abilities. It was about time she got in on the fun.

1 hour ago, Metal Snake said:

My only real criticism is that there should've been a scene with the heroes asking why he passed on wishing for his vision back, it would've made for something interesting. 

Oh yeah, would've liked that as well. I can see him reasoning that his blindness is apart of who he is now and the growth he's undergone from it.

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SpongeOddFan    1,519

what @Metal Snake & @Teenj12 said, I thought it was great 2-parter episode, seeing the whole gang destroying Skorah's ship, and along with Brak & Vex which those two retuened. I wonder what's Brak's reasoning to arrested Elana's real parents...

Overall, an awesome episode.

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jjsthekid    7,192


67. Out of Sight

The heroes are seen training inside the Hidden Kingdom. Cameron is seen meditating, as Jake approaches him.

"Hey dude, I was just wondering...why didn't you wish to get your vision back?" Jake asked curiously.

"I thought about it, but I've come to terms with this condition. Ranen once said some things are destined to happen, and perhaps my lost vision is one of those things. There are many people without sight who can't get it back, and it'd be unfair for me to wish it back that easily." Cameron replied, having a flashback to "Legal Trap", where Ramos blinds him.

"I guess that's one way to look at it...whoops, sorry." Jake replied, realizing his mistake, as Cameron smirks.

Zero is seen doing calculations, as Trent approaches him.

"Hey there...doc, as they call you. What are you working on?" Trent asked.

"Hello there, Trent. I'm calculating the wind speed of the Hidden Kingdom. It's fascinating, since despite being hidden from the rest of the world, it feels a normal air pattern." Zero noted, feeling the breeze.

"Yeah, that's pretty cool." Trent replied.

"Trent, do you actually understand what I am saying?" Zero asked.

"...Nah, not exactly. I wish I could be as smart as you..." Trent replied, sighing.

"Do not fret, everyone can have intelligence for certain subjects, even the most minor ones. Nobody is perfect, even I have made errors." Zero replied.

"I really like your attitude, doc. Some smart people could just be jerks about it, but you're always so nice." Trent replied.

Skipper is seen walking down a dark hallway with two Neo Federation soldiers, and they bring him into the command room. He sees Vexacus, Brak, Colress, Edward, Thorn and Morgana all inside.

"Oh, it's that weirdo again." Thorn said.

"Thanks for the kind introduction, I appreciate it." Skipper replied sarcastically.

"Hello, it has been a while..." Vexacus greeted to Skipper.

"Hi, glad to see you exist. Oh, hello Brak, glad to see you have returned as well." Skipper greeted, faking his surprises.

"My plan didn't work out as I had hoped, but I at least got this out of it." Brak said, showing the orange knight stone.

"Welcome to our base, Skipper. Colress insisted you should come here for some reason." Edward said, somewhat confused.

"Whatever the reason, I thank you for letting me into your base, and nice digs you got to greet my face." Skipper said, checking out the scenery.

"I figured you deserve to know what we are up to, you must be lonely in that castle. I would imagine it is better than watching an inanimate object that cannot talk to you." Colress explained, referring to Stump.

"Stump creeps me out, so thank you. I've missed having others to talk to, instead of annoying senators or soldiers. So what genius plan do you guys have in store next?" Skipper asked.

"Glad you asked. I have created my own version of the merchant Broodwing's Slayer robot, named the Invisi-Slayer, using the originals as a base. As its name suggests, it can cloak itself, keeping itself out of sight from anyone. Our goal is to hope one of them can find the rebels' new base, wherever in Karmania it may be. We have sent multiple copies out using the merchant's dimensional scissors. With their invisibility, they will be able to lurk without anyone seeing. They can even see through cloaked areas, making them the masters of invisibility. Once they find something of interest, I have programmed them to teleport themselves back to Posidonia, and report their findings to Broodwing in The Under." Colress explained, worrying Skipper.

"Why don't you just teleport them back to this base?" Morgana asked.

"Very observant question. You see, the spy is still in our midsts somewhere. I fear teleporting it to this base would jeopardize its location, so I wanted to do a safe approach, and teleport it to an ally instead." Colress explained.

"Professor Colress always goes for a complicated, but genius plan. Hopefully one of them finds something of note." Edward said.

"Yes, we shall see what the robots...uh...see." Skipper said, trying to make a clever rhyme. 

One of the communication screens turn on, as Broodwing's face is shown.

"Have any of my robots reported back yet?" Colress asked.

"Not yet. While I appreciate your initiative to improve my robots, since these idiotic scientists can't, don't get too cocky, they are still mine, and I deserve any profits from them!" Broodwing said.

"Of course, I do not care about the money. Without your robots, I wouldn't have had this plan in the first place." Colress replied.

"Good to see your pathetic machines have a use for a change." Morgana taunted, angering Broodwing.

"Well, good luck with the plan, but look at the time, I should get going..." Skipper said, about to leave.

"Hold on. I insist, stay a while. There's so much of our base you haven't explored..." Colress said cryptically.

"Yeah, I could show you my awesome new room." Morgana offered to Skipper.

"I suppose..." Skipper replied, somewhat annoyed.

"Yay. While you're at it, make Thorn and I some delicious tea." Morgana demanded.

"I kind of can't, there doesn't seem to be any tea making supplies here." Skipper replied.

"There should still be tea bags in the break room, and while you're at it, I could go for some tea as well, I'm getting a headache..." Edward said annoyed.

"Fine, fine..." Skipper sighed, as Edward, Thorn and Morgana show him the way, making Colress smile to himself.

Meanwhile, outside the Posidonia castle, several guards patrol around. Suddenly, something is heard scuttling through the bushes.

"Did you hear that?" one of the royal guards asked, looking around.

"Yeah, it might've been my stomach..." the other guard replied, feeling their stomach grumble.

"No, someone or something is here..." the guard replied, as the two hold their spears carefully, and look around.

One shines their flashlight, seeing a nematode eating berries from a bush.

"Meep!" the nematode panicked, as it flees down into the hole.

"Just a filthy nematode." the first guard shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess maybe it's nothing..." the other guard said, as two walk back toward the castle entrance.

As the two walk, The Brewtanizer jumps down from behind them, and growls, making the two guards freeze right in their tracks.

"That's definitely not my stomach-" one of the guards was saying, as The Brewtanizer grabs both by the heads, as they turn around, seeing him.

"AAHHH, MONSTER!!!" both yelled, as The Brewtanizer growls.

It knocks their helmets together, and throws the two off to the side. The Brewtanizer stares at the castle entrance, and runs toward it. It enters inside the castle, as several soldiers see the creature, staring at it.

"Uh...hello?" one greeted nervously.

The Brewtanizer throws several discs at the walls, as they detonate. The guards are sent flying on the floor, as they get up, and immediately fire their laser guns. The Brewtanizer blocks some blasts with its arms, and growls. 

"Hey, isn't this the monster that recently escaped from the Academy?" a soldier asked.

"You're right, it is! Let's call the other-" another soldier was saying, when The Brewtanizer charges right at them, knocking both against a wall. 

One of their laser guns falls to the ground, as the soldier tries to grab it while on the ground, but The Brewtanizer steps on the gun, crushing it into pieces.

"No fair-" the soldier was saying, as Brewtanizer picks them up with its tail, and sends the soldier flying down the hallway with paintings of Ramos, the castle, and Lawrence's village.

The soldier yells, as they go smashing against a statue, and fall unconscious to the ground. Brewtanizer then makes its way through the castle, as it gets closer to the throne room.

"There he is!" a soldier yelled, as several more soldiers catch up to the beast from behind.

They fire their laser guns at once, annoying Brewtanizer. It retaliates by throwing more discs at the ground, which begin to detonate.

"Uh oh-" a soldier yelled, as they all go off, sending the soldiers flying everywhere. 

The two stupid guards are seen sleeping in front of the throne room entrance, as Brewtanizer just enters. Stump is seen on the throne, giving its creepy smile at Brewtanizer. The creature looks at Stump confused, when several more lasers are fired at it from behind from guards.

"There's the intruder! Protect the erm...king!" a royal guard yelled, as spears and laser blasts are fired at Brewtanizer. 

Brewtanizer readies its missile launcher, and fires multiple missiles at the soldiers. They are knocked back and sent flying all over, as smoke fills the hallways. Brewtanizer picks up Stump, and the crown falls off of it, landing on the ground. Brewtanizer looks annoyed, and throws Stump aside, which lands on the ground. Brewtanizer then jumps out one of the windows, landing on the ground, with shards falling everywhere. It growls, and runs off through Posidonia again. More soldiers and guards arrive in the room, seeing the smashed window and Stump on the ground.

"Oh no, King Stump, are you okay?!" a soldier asked, picking up Stump, and putting the crown back on. They gently place Stump back on the throne.

"You do realize that thing can't respond to you, right?" another soldier asked.

"Great, now we have to fix the window again..." a guard said annoyed.

Back in Karmania, the Invisi-Slayer walks through the barren area between Central and Western Karmania. It is a silver colored Slayer resembling Terminator, with two glowing red eyes. It becomes invisible, and walks through the land, scanning it. At the Golden Seahorse, Mai is seen cleaning tables, when a news report comes on.

"This is Paul Dunkley, coming at you live with Posidonia's big scoop. Recently, several civilians have spotted a large "newt man" wandering through Posidonia. Here's an amateur photograph of the alleged creature. Is this real, or just another made up myth? Time will tell. Now onto Bob with sports." Paul reported, as a picture of a shadowed Brewtanizer is shown lurking in the forests is shown on the television.

"Oh dear, we can't have that running around here." Mai said, as she goes to the phone.

Rotwell is shown watching the same news broadcast in his room, gasping gleefully.

"Ooh, yes, that looks like a Karmanian beast! I must capture it for myself, it's been far too long since I've had any supernatural action!" Rotwell said, grabbing a net. "I might need some assistance if the beast puts up too much of a fight...oh Klaus, Gerhard!"

Rotwell is shown about to leave the house in camping gear, with the net on his back, and he holds leashes walking Klaus and Gerhard. 

"Mother, I'm taking Klaus and Gerhard for a walk on das lovely summer night!" Rotwell said.

"Fine, just be back before bedtime!" his mother replied annoyed.

"Get ready boys, we're going to catch a magical creature...hopefully!" Rotwell said, as he walks out of the house with the two, holding them by their leashes.

Back in the Hidden Kingdom, Ranen is seen talking to Mai through a communicator.

"I see...I'll tell them to keep a lookout for the beast." Ranen replied.

Zero is still seen with Trent, as Zero finishes his analysis on the wind speed.

"So anyways, deep down I'm kind of worried that someday someone is going to find this spot's location, and I know that wouldn't be a very good thing. I feel like it might not be as protected as we think, unless that's me being too worried." Trent said to him.

"There is a 23.5% chance of anyone ever finding this base's location, I would not worry for now. However, in the lowly theoretical case the Hidden Kingdom is ever discovered, I have been considering installing a defense system similar to the one at Mt. Spire. It is better to be safe than sorry." Zero said.

"I'll help install it if you want, gives us something to do, and I want to help you." Trent replied.

"I suppose, it doesn't seem like there's anything else to do for my schedule today. 

"Alright, let's do it, doc!" Trent replied.

As Zero begins setting up machinery, they hear Ranen calling the heroes for a meeting.

"Looks like we'll have to save this for later, sorry." Zero said.

"Aww..." Trent sighed, as the two meet up with the rest.

"What's up?" Audrey asked to Ranen.

"It appears an old enemy has come out of hiding again. The Brewtanizer, the prisoner that was accidentally released from the Federation Academy, has been spotted in Posidonia according to Mai. Whatever it is up to, we must capture it, it's a highly dangerous criminal." Ranen explained.

"Why didn't we just arrest that ugly newt the first time?" Cynthia asked.

"We just kind of assumed it was turned into a pancake by Skipper's ice cream truck, and we went from there." Tori replied.

"Wait, how did Mai even tell you?" Madison asked.

"She contacted me on my communicator, Zero set up my phone number to contact this bracelet. It makes things easier." Ranen explained.

"You've made so many cool things all by yourself, you could use some help for a change." Trent offered to Zero.

"I appreciate it, but we'll have to save the defense system for later, as now we have to hunt this creature." Zero replied.

Before the heroes leave, Trent gets an idea, and approaches Ranen.

"Hey uh, commander, can the professor and I stay behind? We were planning to install a security defense system together, and we figured it's for the best to do it sooner than later, because you never know when something could go wrong." Trent said to him, as Zero overhears this, confusing him.

"A defense system would be appreciated. We do not know if the Brewtanizer will even be easily found anyways, and I don't want to waste everyone's time if the search goes cold. I also have a meeting to attend, so it never hurts to have some people staying behind here. I grant you two permission to stay here and set up the system." Ranen said, making Trent happy.

"Thank you commander, even though I would've been fine with aiding the others on the Brewtanizer hunt." Zero said.

"Don't worry about us, we can probably handle him. Besides, this could be nice bonding time for you two." Madison said to them.

"Yeah, it feels like we've never interacted doc. Maybe you can give me tips on some technological stuff. After all, you can't be the only one doing technological work for us forever, you're gonna need help eventually. You also tutored my girlfriend, so you must be a pretty good teacher at stuff." Trent said.

"Well, I have been training Nick in some methods, though the results of that are...mixed. There's also Darlene to help us, but I suppose if you truly want to learn from me, I don't mind teaching you." Zero replied.

"Yes, thank you so much!" Trent replied.

The remaining heroes are seen gathering together, as Madison opens a portal.

"Are Zero and Trent coming?" Tori asked.

"No, they are staying behind to set up a defense system, Ranen gave them permission." Madison explained.

"Aww, of course they get a break...oh well, hopefully we can make this quick." Nick said.

"That is if we can even find this guy, we might be on a wild newt chase for all we know." Tori replied, as the seven head through the portal, and it closes behind.

Several soldiers walk around the Hidden Kingdom, as Zero and Trent go back to where Zero had set up his equipment.

"I'm honored you wish to learn from me, is there any other particular reason for this?" Zero asked Trent.

"I dunno, I guess I felt I haven't been all that useful or smart to the team, so I wanted to learn from the best." Trent said to him.

"Nobody on the team is useless, we each contribute something important, no matter how small." Zero replied.

"Thanks dude, maybe I could be your assistant someday." Trent suggested.

"Let's not get too crazy. Now then, I still have several electricity and stun weapons leftover. I'll adjust these to a suitable form, and then we can plant them across the area." Zero explained, as he begins working on the gadgets.

The Invisi-Slayer keeps lurking around the area, when it detects a "cloaked entity" with its scanners, seeing the barrier of the Hidden Kingdom. Ranen activates the switches on the totem poles, opening the Hidden Kingdom entrance. He walks out of it, as the the Invisi-Slayer notices this. Still invisible, it quickly runs in through the entrance, as Ranen activates the outside totem poles, sealing it. He keeps walking off toward the destination for his meeting. The Invisi-Slayer is now inside the Hidden Kingdom, as it stealthily walks around, analyzing the area. Zero is shown back with Trent, finishing a few gadgets, which are miniature silver blasters.

"There. Trent, you can put these four devices in the ground close to the main entrance. They should be placed about twenty centimeters away from each other. After that, connect their writing together, which should be hidden within the sand. You can do that, correct?" Zero asked.

"You bet, it sounds easy enough!" Trent replied, taking the four gadgets.

"Once they are set, I will test to see if they are successful or not through my computer." Zero noted.

"Gotcha, doc. I think I can do this...I hope." Trent said, somewhat unsure.

"It shouldn't be difficult, but I'll be there to help if something goes wrong. While you plant them, I'll be programming this grid so I can activate and de-active the system." Zero replied, showing a map of the Hidden Kingdom on his computer.

Trent is seen planting the four devices into the ground near the main entrance. He connects their wiring, and hides the wiring within the sand. The Invisi-Slayer keeps walking, as it spots Trent with its red eyes. 

"Alright professor, try testing them." Trent told Zero.

"Just need to connect these...and, this should do it." Zero said, pressing a button.

The four blasters fire plasma blasts through the air. One of the blasts hits the Invisi-Slayer, making it fall into the sand, and its system goes offline. It becomes visible again, as its body is shown in the sand.

"It appears the test was a success. Good work on the wiring, Trent." Zero congratulated.

He presses a button, which makes the machine guns hide into the sand. 

"Alright, put it up top!" Trent said, raising his fin for a hi-five.

"What is that gesture?" Zero asked.

"It's a hi-five, come on, put your hand against mine." Trent said.

"A...hi-five? If you say so." Zero replied, giving him a hi-five.

"Yes! Hey...what's that?" Trent asked, seeing the Invisi-Slayer in the sand.

Both Zero and Trent approach it, confused by what they are looking at.

"Is of the robots we always fight?" Trent asked.

"It is, but it is not a model we've encountered before..." Zero said, analyzing it concerned.

"I don't think this has always been there either, because not one time visiting this place have I seen it before..." Trent said, concerned.

"It must have got in here recently undetected, but how? It does not make any logical sense, this is not good if our location has already been compromised..." Zero said, continuing to examine it confused.

"...Maybe it was invisible? What if one of our test shots revealed itself, and apparently fried it?" Trent theorized, noticing the smoke coming off of its back.

"You might actually be onto something, Trent. If our enemies have invented a robot that can turn itself invisible, this is of dangerous concern. Help me take it back, and I can try to look further into its programming." Zero said, as he picks up one end of the robot.

"Yay, I suggested a good idea!" Trent said, as he picks up the other end, and looks at its face. "Yikes, that thing is creepy."

As the two keep carrying it, they hear a noise coming from the communication machine. The two drop the Invisi-Slayer, and run to the communication machine. Zero adjusts the setting, as they get an incoming transmission. 

"Agent reporting. Codeword: The shining water of Posidonia. Listen closely, I have dire information. Colress has invented a new type of Slayer that can turn itself invisible, and he is sending them across Karmania to find your new base." Agent/Skipper spoke.

"Yeah...about that...I think we just found one in our new base." Trent replied worried.

"Oh dear, that is not it active?" Agent/Skipper asked.

"No, it is thankfully currently deactivated. But it may know our location, and when it wakes up, will most likely send it to the Neo Federation." Zero said.

"Be careful, its nap will not last for long. As soon as it wakes up, it will teleport itself back to Posidonia, and tell Broodwing in The Under, who will in turn tell the Neo Federation. There may be a way for you to hack into it and stop it, but I cannot say for certain, I am no magician when it comes to machines. Sorry for the vagueness, but I hope you can figure out a way to stop it. Agent out." Agent/Skipper said, ending the transmission. 

"It looks like he really has turned over a new leaf." Trent said

"Yes, but if this wakes up and tells Broodwing where our new base is, our cause will suffer a major blow. We cannot let this happen. I need to figure out a way to reprogram it, if possible. I am not sure what Colress did to it." Zero said, as the two pick up its body.

"Should we tell the others?" Trent asked, seeing some soldiers in the distance.

"No, let's not cause any alarm. We'll see if we can do this ourselves." Zero replied, as Trent nods.

The two place it down inside an old ruined building. Zero gets out his equipment, as he scans the Invisi-Slayer. He then uses his tools to rip open its core, as he looks around inside of its machinery. 

"What do you think?" Trent asked.

"I think that I need to still examine its programming before figuring out how to deal with this. We might be the only ones who can save the base's identity." Zero said, as he hooks up a cable into its core, and downloads the info into his tablet. 

"Whoops, sorry, I don't mean to put pressure on you. This is why you could use an assistant or apprentice or something, so you're not the only one doing stuff like this." Trent said.

"I have felt that way too sometimes. Maybe someday you could make a good apprentice of mine. For now, let's focus on the major matter at hand." Zero said, looking at his tablet's results.

"Someday I could be his apprentice!? Wow, that'd be an honor, hopefully I can prove that to him by helping him with a solution to this..." Trent said to himself.

"Alright, I have downloaded its programming files. Let me see... yes, it is programmed to teleport itself back to Posidonia with dimensional scissors..." Zero read.

"Maybe we can take those away from it?" Trent suggested.

"I was thinking that too until I read this part of the coding. There's another major problem. Apparently a distress signal will be sent to Colress if the robot does not report back in twenty-four hours, which will reveal our location to them regardless." Zero read.

"...What about destroying it?" Trent asked.

"Same thing...if its core is destroyed, a signal will be sent out to Colress. I've never seen such programming before, Colress really thought of everything in advance..." Zero said, worried.

"Anything we do is going to backfire on us. Is there any way to remove some of this coding?" Trent asked.

"Let's see...what!? This is amazingly impossible, he made it so I cannot delete or alter his coding either..." Zero said, trying to rewrite it.

"Dang, he really did think of everything. He's like the evil version of you." Trent said.

"It saddens me to see a great scientist using his skills for a nefarious organization, but I still hold onto hope he may deep down not be all evil. However, I do not know what to do...." Zero said, concerned.

"Wherever the others are, I hope they're having better luck than us..." Trent said.

The remaining heroes are seen wandering around Posidonia forests, hunting for Brewtanizer.

"Giant newt thing, come out wherever you are!" Audrey called.

"That's the best you've got?" Tori asked.

"I don't see anyone with any other ideas." Audrey replied.

"Hey, who is that?" Cynthia asked, seeing a figure in the distance.

"Let's approach them carefully." Cameron said.

The seven heroes quietly walk toward the figure, as they see it is just a normal Federation soldier, shining their flashlight around the forests.

"Where could that beast have gone..." the soldier wondered.

Suddenly, a Neo Federation soldier approaches the Federation soldier from out of the shadows.

"Wah, your outfit blended in with the darkness, I couldn't even see ya!" the Federation soldier said.

"Of course, because only an awesome person wears the awesome Neo suits, while losers like you wear gray, haha!" the Neo Federation soldier taunted.

"What are you even doing out here!?" the Federation soldier asked.

"Some of us were sent to find the monster, because we got word you weaklings couldn't even protect the king from it! How pathetic! I'm not going to work with you if that's what you want, loser!" the Neo Federation soldier taunted again.

"Wahh, it's no fair! Ever since you Neo Federation soldiers came around, you've been acting like you're the coolest guys in Posidonia! Now I have no friends!" the Federation soldier said, crying.

"Wow, I kind of feel bad for that soldier, even if he's also from the Federation." Madison said.

"Yeah, that's pretty mean, and that's surprising coming from me." Cynthia said.

Suddenly, Brewtanizer jumps out of the shadows, and attacks both soldiers. 

"AAAHHH!!!" both cry out, as it tosses both in the air, and they land in a tree.

The gray soldier jumps out of the tree, and runs away crying. Madison uses the heart to transform herself, Cynthia, Tori and Audrey, while Cameron, Jake and Nick power up. The Brewtanizer throws several discs at them, as they detonate. The Neo Federation soldier hops out of the tree and fires their laser gun at Brewtanizer, but he grabs the laser gun out of their hand and crushes it. The Neo Federation soldier is about to run away, but Brewtanizer grabs them, and tosses them against a tree, knocking them out.

"Wow, this thing hates all Federation members, no matter if they're gray or black." Audrey noted, trapping it in a tornado gust.

"Shouldn't we just let it keep attacking them in that case?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, but it may also attack innocent civilians, so..." Tori said, shooting a whirlpool around it combined with Audrey's gust.

"How do we know it will attack them?" Cynthia asked.

"Well whatever it does, we can't exactly let it prance around Posidonia." Madison said.

"Skipper and Ranen both told us it was a dangerous criminal in Karmania, so I don't think it's going to be nice to anyone." Jake added.

However, Brewtanizer breaks out of both the whirlpool and gust, as it jumps at Audrey. While it jumps, Madison sends an electricity blast right at its stomach, sending Brewtanizer blasting against a tree. It quickly gets up, and fires missiles from its launcher at all of the heroes. Cameron uses his senses to identify where the missiles are headed. He holds up his sword and dodges two of the missiles. He jumps up and powers up his sword with the stone. He strikes the sword at Brewtanizer's arm bracelet, which breaks it, making it growl. Cynthia then makes several trees grab Brewtanizer with their branches, preventing it from escaping. However, Brewtanizer makes a chainsaw form from his left bracelet, and cuts through the branches. 

"I don't remember him using that in our last fight..." Jake said, striking his sword at him, and it punches him aside.

Nick shoots his bagel spell at Brewtanizer's missile launcher, turning it into bagels, confusing the creature. It throws several more throwing discs, as they hit the ground. The girls fly up, while the knights dodge the explosions. Audrey clears the smoke, to see Brewtanizer is gone.

"Great, now we have to look for him again." Tori said.

"Wherever he is, he couldn't have gone very far." Cameron said, as the heroes carefully explore the forest.

Rotwell is seen walking Klaus and Gerhard through the forests, exploring.

"Whenever something weird is spotted in Posidonia, it always traces back to these creepy forests!" Rotwell noted.

As he walks through the trail, suddenly, Brewtanizer jumps down from a tree. 

"Yes, this is the creature! You are mine!" Rotwell said, readying his net.

Brewtanizer rises up, and looks down at Rotwell, growling.

"I pictured you being a lot smaller..." Rotwell said nervously, and then commands to his pets, "Boys, attack, protect your master!"

Klaus fires several webs at Brewtanizer, but it rips them apart with its bare hands. Gerhard floats around, buzzing, and lets out several stings at the creature. It swats at the jellyfish, and suddenly, Gerhard lets out two stings right at Brewtanizer's eyes, blinding it. It flails its arms around, unable to see. 

"Excellent, Gerhard, you get extra food tonight! Now, Klaus, capture this fiend!" Rotwell ordered, as Klaus spins a web around Brewtanizer's body. 

However, it keeps flailing its arms, as it rips open the web. It barely is able to grab the throwing discs, as it tosses them at the ground.

"That does not look very good..." Rotwell said, seeing them counting down.

One under Rotwell explodes, sending him flying into the air. 

"AAHHH!!!" Rotwell yelled, as he is sent flying through the forests. 

Klaus and Gerhard go chasing after him. The knights are seen wandering through the forests, and hear Rotwell's screaming.

"I heard explosions from over this way." Cameron said, guiding Jake and Nick.

As the girls fly through the air, they see Rotwell go flying.

"...Was that who I think it was?" Audrey asked.

"Looks like I was wrong, this thing is going to attack anybody." Cynthia said, as the girls fly down.

The guardians and knights ambush Brewtanizer, seeing its burnt eyes. 

"Looks like he got blinded too, interesting, a battle with two blind warriors..." Nick pondered.

"I'm guessing Rotwell's jellyfish did that." Madison said, throwing another electricity ball at Brewtanizer, and as it spins around, the ball hits its back.

"Oh, so that must be who we heard screaming like a little girl." Nick said, jumping up with his stone's power, and striking his sword at the creature.

Brewtanizer swings at Nick, not knowing what it's really doing, but misses. Cameron attacks him in the legs with his sword, as it falls to the ground. It tries to attack Cameron, but he quickly moves out of the way, and powers up his sword with the stone, striking it at its other arm bracelet, breaking it off. He punches it right in the stomach, as the creature panics. Tori sends a water blast right at Brewtanizer, knocking it against a tree. Cynthia then makes the tree wrap it with the branches, preventing it from moving. Tori then sends a water wave onto its body, and Audrey breathes on it, freezing him solid. As it keeps flailing, Cameron flashes his knight scanner. It reads Brewtanizer "Guilty", and Tori fires a water blast at the containment unit, capturing Brewtanizer.

"I think he's had enough." Cynthia said, as Tori and Jake break the creature off the tree. 

"Nice work Cameron, you were able to fight really well even against another...uh, blinded, person or creature." Nick said.

"This is why I did not wish for my vision back, I've just accepted it." Cameron said, content.

"I don't think he's accepted his blindness though." Tori said, as Brewtanizer lets out incomprehensible growling, and keeps flailing everywhere. "Alright buddy, let's go."

Madison opens a portal with the heart, as they head back to Karmania to put him away at Mt. Spire. Meanwhile, Rotwell is seen tangled up in a tree, as Gerhard helps him down.

"Thank you two boys, you helped save my life! Unfortunately, our prey has escaped, but no matter, I will catch that monster...or if not that one, some other type of monster!" Rotwell vowed.

Zero and Trent are seen back in the Hidden Kingdom, wondering what to do. 

"It has a self-destruct mode, but I don't know if that would be very helpful to us..." Zero pondered, scrolling through the programming. 

"Wait...I have an idea. It may sound a bit crazy, but hear me out. What if we allowed the robot to return to Posidonia, but make it so that the robot self-destructs when Broodwing tries to get information out of it? Is that possible?" Trent suggested, surprising Zero.

"...It might be. I may not be able to delete or alter previously existing coding, but I can try to add that bit in after its intent to return to The Under." Zero said, as he tries adding coding for it to self-destruct upon returning to Broodwing. "...It worked! Trent, you're a genius!"

"I knew I'd suggest a great idea someday, but I can't take all the credit doc, as you're the one making this possible!" Trent said, giving him a hi-five.

"Now I just need to reset it, which will wipe its previous memories of finding the base. When it wakes up, it will not recognize the area, but will still report what it found to Broodwing...that is until it explodes. There is a 85.67% chance this will all work." Zero said.

"I like our odds, but he supposed to do that?" Trent asked, confusing Zero.

The Invisi-Slayer's eyes glow, as it rises up.

"No, that isn't looks like we're too late." Zero said, concerned.

"UNIDENTIFIED LOCATION AND...TWO KARMANIAN KNIGHTS. MUST TERMINATE AND REPORT COORDINATES." The Invisi-Slayer noted, seeing their knight bracelets, as the two press the stones, powering up.

"Well then, let's put it back to sleep!" Trent said, firing his laser arrows.

"Just don't strike its core." Zero reminded, attacking it. 

The Invisi-Slayer jumps up and stretches out its arm, clashing it against Zero's sword. It then turns invisible, and punches him. Trent fires more laser arrows, but they miss, hitting the wall. The robot reappears from behind, and strikes its stretched out hand at Trent, but he clashes against it with his dagger.

"This one is strong! Can you shut it off again!?" Trent asked, holding it off.

"I don't know if my electricity is strong enough." Zero replied, striking his sword at the robot, but it disappears again.

"Wait, we still have the defense system..." Trent reminded.

"...You're right. Wow, two genius ideas in a day, I'm impressed." Zero said.

The two run out, as they go near where the blasters are hidden.

"Hey, robot guy, over here! Come out wherever you are!" Trent taunted, trying to get its attention, wherever it is.

It jumps down from a ruin top, and fires laser attacks from its hand at both. Zero blocks one with his sword, and Trent fires laser arrows back. Trent goes running out in the open, luring the robot. Zero then activates the defense system, as plasma missiles are fired. As Trent fires his laser arrows, the robot turns invisible again. However, one of the plasma blasts hits the robot, as it falls to the ground out cold yet again.

"Whew, that was a close one." Trent said.

"Yes, now let's reset it before anything else happens." Zero said, as he begins to reset it. "There. Now hide."

The two hide behind the ruins, as the robot wakes up. It scans its surroundings.


It opens a portal with the dimensional scissors, which closes behind.

"If all goes according to plan, Broodwing will be in for a surprise." Trent said, smirking.

The Invisi-Slayer is seen reporting to Broodwing's throne room.

"UNIDENTIFIED LOCATION FOUND..." it spoke, surprising Broodwing, and the gang in the Neo Federation command room. Skipper seems somewhat worried.

"Yes...this could be it. Show me what you found!" Broodwing said, approaching the robot.

However, the robot begins to act odd, as its body opens up. It beeps, and starts to countdown.

"What is the meaning of this?" Edward asked, as Colress looks surprised.

"OH NO!" Broodwing yelled, as he begins to run.

The Invisi-Slayer finishes counting down, and explodes, shaking The Under. Broodwing's palace in The Under is in ruin, and he gets out of the debris angrily. The screen at the Neo Federation command room blacks out.

"Wow." Morgana said.

"Seems like they hacked your robot." Brak said to Colress, who just stares at the screen.

Skipper is somewhat pleased, as he walks away. Edward also angrily walks away. Back in the Hidden Kingdom, Zero and Trent receive an incoming transmission on the communicator.

"This is Agent. Good work. That's all I can say for now." Agent/Skipper said to the two, surprising them.

"It looks like your plan worked. Excellent idea, Trent! You protected the Hidden Kingdom's location!" Zero said.

"Wow,, we protected it together. If you weren't there to add that coding in, we'd be doomed." Trent said.

Ranen and the remaining heroes then approach the two.

"Hey, what were you two up to?" Madison asked.

"It's a long, complicated story." Trent replied, laughing.

"We'll explain another time, but for now, we need to finish the security system. Come, apprentice." Zero said, as the two go to finish setting up the system.

Skipper approaches Colress, who looks at the hologram map of Karmania.

"How do you suspect this happened, Skipper?" Colress inquired.

"Well...maybe they captured one of your robots and reprogramed it, setting it to go boom upon return to Broodwing. I have to admit, that's pretty ingenious." Skipper suggested.

"I'm inclined to agree." Colress replied oddly, looking at the map, confusing Skipper.

"I don't mean to be rude, but you seem awfully content despite this loss." Skipper noted.

"Loss, you say? They may have protected their base's location for now, but in doing search has been narrowed. Before today, they could have been hiding anywhere across the thirty kingdoms of Karmania. But now, I am almost certain they are hiding in one of the sixteen kingdoms scouted by my robots. We are now closer than ever before to discovering the location of their central base." Colress revealed, eliminating half of Karmania on his map, which greatly concerns Skipper.


-Character Debuts: Invisi-Slayer

-The Brewtanizer (from "An Inside Man") returns, and is captured by the heroes.

-There are 30 kingdoms in Karmania.



Colress is getting closer to discovering the Hidden Kingdom's location.

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Teenj12    1,234

Really great episode, I liked how it merged a MOTW format with a plot-forwarding one. As with last time, the Brewtanizer was an interesting opponent for the team, and I liked seeing their team work in defeating the beast. Speaking of team work, the Trent/Zero plot worked out well. I really liked their chemistry, and how they solved the Invisi-Slayer crisis. I also thought it was nice of Zero to make him an apprentice. The ending has me worried a bit, as Colress has now narrowed the search down by a shit ton. Overall, it's definitely looking like a siege on the Hidden Kingdom may be happening, whether anyone likes it or not.

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SpongeOddFan    1,519

Really liked this episode, having Trent/Zero team up in subplot really have hood bonding time :P Also, the heroes at least stop the beast  Overall, pretty chill episode :)

 I was Employee of the Month of December 2011

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Metal Snake    2,852

Loved how the episode opened up with an explanation of Cameron not wishing for his vision back. Also like how Trent is looking to become Zero's new assistant, I guess Nick doesn't need that side of his character anymore now that's he's a freaking wizard. Like SOF said, pretty chill episode.


Reaper Luna 2.jpg


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jjsthekid    7,192


68. Through Federation Eyes

Skipper is seen waking up in his castle room, hearing an alarm. He goes to a sink, and washes his face, then looks at his stressed face in the mirror. He opens his door, as the alarm echoes through the hallway. 

"What is going on around to make that annoying sound?" Skipper wondered, as a soldier runs up to his room.

"Hey Skipper, we've got a thief! Some wise guy thought they'd be funny and steal some of our gold! Help us catch them!" the soldier said, surprising Skipper.

Skipper and several soldiers are seen running outside the castle, searching for the thief. Suddenly, three soldiers come out of the forests, holding the thief, who drops several bags of gold. The thief is wearing a Federation outfit painted teal, and a helmet with the painting of a purple seahorse on it.

"Let me go!" the thief yelled.

"Great work soldiers, I didn't even see any of you three!" a soldier said, as they approach the thief.

"Remove their helmet." Skipper ordered.

One of the soldiers walks up and unmasks the thief, revealing Madison. Skipper tries to hide his confused expression.

"Stop looking at me, Federation scum!" Madison faked to him.

"Hey, isn't that one of the guardians?" another soldier asked.

"No...she just vaguely resembles one of them. Take her to the dungeon." Skipper ordered, as a soldier takes Madison away from the other three soldiers. They then hit Madison in the back with their gun, ordering her to move forward.

"Hey, watch that thing!" Madison yelled angrily.

"Sorry ma'am." the soldier said, putting it away.

The three soldiers who originally caught her follow Skipper and the others to the dungeon. Madison and the helmet are thrown into the cell.

"Thank you for the assistance. Leave us. I'll take this from here and interrogate her." Skipper told the five soldiers, as they understand and leave the dungeon.

Skipper then walks into the cell, as Madison gets up.

"Do you even realize how dangerous it is for you to even be in this castle!? If anyone finds out you're really Madison Landers and the reason you're here, I'll be executed for treason!" Skipper said angrily to her.

" might be even if I wasn't here. We suspect Colress was monitoring your last Agent transmission and is onto you." Madison explained.

"So you intentionally stole from us, and let yourself get captured just to warn me!?" Skipper asked.

"Nope, we're getting you out of here. Cynthia, Tori and Audrey are the soldiers who captured me, by the way." Madison explained.

"I guess I don't exactly have a choice now!" Skipper replied annoyed.

"Look pal, I'm not particularly happy about it either. For all we know, you're playing a long con against us to set us up..." Madison said.

"I could also say the same for you. Looks like for now, we'll have to trust each other, just like how I trusted Cameron in the ice cave..." Skipper said.

"Skipper, open the dungeon door." a voice demanded.

Skipper runs down the hall, and opens the door, as a commander comes in. 

"Stop, I'll tell you anything!" Madison yelled from her inside the cell.

"A confession already? Impressive, but it's going to have to wait. Edward has summoned us to visit the Neo Federation's base. Bring the prisoner." the commander ordered.

"The prisoner? Why?" Skipper asked.

"To show those jerks how effective we are at capturing rebel threats!" the commander replied.

"A rebel? They're no rebel, they're just a random thief." Skipper replied.

"Same thing. Besides, I'm a commander, and you're no longer king, butler, so listen to me." the commander replied smugly.

"Yes, sir..." Skipper replied annoyed, as he takes Madison out of the cell, leaving her helmet behind.

As the three leave the dungeon, Cynthia, Tori and Audrey in their soldier disguises approach them.

"We'd like to accompany you." Audrey said.

"Yeah, you'll need the help in case she escapes." Cynthia replied.

"Very well." the commander replied.

The six are seen getting into a Federation van, as the commander drives it off toward the Neo Federation base.

"I hope I can make a good impression on Edward, my last meeting didn't leave a good one..." the commander said to Skipper, who was in the passenger's seat.

"I'm sure you will." Skipper replied, as the girls are seen in the back.

"I don't think this is how the plan was supposed to go." Tori said.

"Don't worry, we'll think of something. Just keep cosplaying." Madison replied.

One of Zero's spy drones is seen attached to Madison's back, overhearing the conversation. The knights are seen outside Ranen's dojo overhearing this on Zero's communicator.

"They're headed for the Neo Federation base? That wasn't the plan." Cameron said concerned.

"We could take advantage of this. Now we'll know where their central base is at least." Jake said.

"But will the girls still be safe?" Trent asked.

"I would assume you guys see what's going on. What should we do now?" Tori asked through a communicator.

"Stay put for now and keep up the act. We will head to the base, since my spy drone will show us its location. If something goes wrong, we will be backup." Zero explained.

"Heh, this is just like when we infiltrated the Federation Academy, but the script has been flipped. Now we're the backup, and they get to go on the inside." Nick said.

The van is seen parking outside a restricted area in the forests, which is in the outskirts of Posidonia Fields. Past the gates, a factory is seen, with a large river around it.

"Generic creepy looking factory located in a creepy forest in the middle of nowhere? Yup, that's the base for a group of bad guys." Tori said, looking out the window.

Skipper, the commander, and the girls get out of the van, as the girls hold Madison. They make their way inside the main entrance, as several Neo Federation soldiers wait for them. The spy drone on Madison's back scans the area, which transmits it to Zero and the knights.

"Here's a rebel prisoner for Edward." the commander said, presenting Madison.

"Take her to detention block A5." a soldier said, as Madison is pushed by a soldier, and escorted away.

Skipper, the commander, and the girls follow. The Neo Federation soldier turns around, seeing the girls in their gray soldier disguises.

"I don't need help, they can go away." the soldier said.

"Rude." Cynthia said to herself.

"You might need it, she can be quick and tricky, trust us. Keep your eyes off of her for a second, and she'll try to escape. We captured her, so we should probably help you escort her just to be safe." Audrey improvised to the soldier.

"Fine, just don't mess me up, old schoolies." the soldier replied smugly.

"Wow, these guys sure got major egos just by adding "Neo" to their names." Cynthia said silently.

"Nice bargaining, Audrey." Tori said.

"Thanks, but I get the feeling that was the easiest part..." Audrey said sadly.

"Man, this place looks so generically evil." Cynthia said, looking around at the eerie base.

Another soldier then approaches Skipper and the commander.

"Ohai Mark." Skipper greeted to the soldier.

"Hey there Skipper and commander, glad you came. Come right this way, Edward has called for a meeting at Mr. Colress's office." Mark greeted.

"How have you been doing, soldier Mark?" the commander asked.

"Pretty good, I'm actually now a commander of the Neo Federation forces, so that's pretty cool!" Mark bragged.

"Congratulations..." the commander said annoyed, as the three go down a hallway, while the girls go with the soldier down another hallway towards the detention block.

Skipper, Mark and the commander reach a metal door, guarded by a soldier, who stops them.

"Your ID cards." the soldier demanded.

"Excuse me, I am a Federation commander!" the commander replied annoyed.

"Understood, sir. Your ID cards?" the soldier asked.

"After we had several intruders at the academy a while ago, we've upgraded security checks here just so we don't get any moles." Mark explained to the two, as all three hand their cards to the soldier.

The soldier enters the three cards into the slot, which opens the metal door.

"You're cleared to proceed...commander." the soldier said snidely to him, as he hands them their cards back. 

The three walk through, and the door closes behind. As they head down the hallway, they hear a noise from another room. They look down an open room, to see Colress in a small white training room, fighting two Invisi-Slayers. He slams a staff against both, as they stretch out their arms. One grabs his staff, throwing it aside. Colress then punches the Invisi-Slayer, and kicks it, knocking it aside.

"Override code: Plasma." Colress said, as both of the Slayers shut down, standing in place.

He briefly looks behind him to see the three watching, as the door closes. They then make it down the hall, entering Colress's office. Edward is there with Brak, Thorn and Morgana.

"Hi Skippy." Morgana greeted.

"...Skippy?" Skipper asked, embarrassed. 

"I heard you stopped a thief, that's surprisingly cool of you." Morgana complimented.

"It was nothing, just some weirdo. They're in your detention block now." Skipper replied.

"Yes, and I was the one who demanded we bring them here with no issues! This shows the original Federation can still do cool stuff!" the commander bragged.

"Whatever you say." Morgana replied.

"Welcome Skipper, and whoever that is." Edward said, referring to the commander.

"Ahem, I am a Federation commander-" the commander was saying.

"Nobody cares." Morgana replied, angering him.

"So what's the hubbub? Hey...where's Vexacus?" Skipper asked.

"Vexacus is busy at the current moment, we'll brief him later." Edward said, as Colress enters the room.

"As you all know, there is a rebel spy in our midsts, codenamed "Agent". Perhaps today we're going to learn their true identity." Colress said, concerning Skipper. "The traitor is feeding the rebels, guardians and knights information about the Neo Federation specifically."

"I'll catch them, no matter what it takes!" Mark said.

"I appreciate the enthusiasm, commander Mark, but few are above suspicion. Edward will question each and every one of you, even soldiers in this base, and soldiers at the castle." Colress explained.

"In the meantime, watch your allies closely, and your peers even closer." Edward said.

"Trust me, I'm no spy, but you can interrogate me all you want." Thorn said.

"Their identity must be unmasked quickly, for I am close to discovering where the rebellion's central base is located at. I've narrowed it down to these kingdoms." Colress said, showing the hologram map on the table, with bullet points on sixteen kingdoms.

"From among thirty!? How?!" the commander asked.

"By analyzing routes, their attacks on our monsters Wiz and Fury, and most importantly, areas in proximity to Central Karmania." Colress said.

"Why don't you use more of those beasts?" the commander asked.

"Beasts are becoming irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, especially with their proved uselessness. We know their jail is at Mt. Spire, but attacking there is not important. Using those beasts would be a hinderance more than anything." Edward replied.

"Yes, that is why striking their heart, the main base, is most important, even more so than Queen Elana's castle." Colress said, looking at the hologram map.

"Is that it?" Thorn asked.

"Yes. You're dismissed." Edward said, as they all walk out of the room, and head down the hallway.

"Skipper, you've had a multitude of encounters with the guardians and knights. Any thoughts on who the traitor could be?" Edward asked.

"Perhaps it's a high level soldier. I don't think it could be anyone at the castle, they are all too out of touch when it comes to what you guys are doing. It must be someone who frequents this base all day long." Skipper suggested.

"True, but in our advanced technological system, accessing certain information is easier than having the means to transmit it without the Federation's knowledge..." Edward said.

"...Uh, one of the scientists?" Skipper suggested.

"Too obvious. Whoever the spy is, their method of transmitting the information is one we are not yet aware of." Edward said.

"Well then, I'll do anything I can to help." Skipper replied.

"I'll let you know." Edward replied, as he heads back into the office, while Skipper meets up with Mark.

"They say no traitor escapes Edward's eyes for long..." Mark said.

"We'll see..." Skipper replied.

"Where did your commander friend go?" Mark asked.

"I wouldn't call him a "friend", but he probably left. He doesn't like you guys very much." Skipper replied.

"Ah, jealousy. What a shame. Wait...what if he's the spy? He has the motive for it..." Mark wondered.

"Not a bad guess..." Skipper said, getting an idea, but then says in his head, "but if he left, I can't exactly frame him..."

Vexacus then walks out from around a corner, approaching the two.

"Hello Skipper. Sorry I missed the meeting, but I heard you helped stop a thief, impressive work..." Vexacus complimented, and he walks off.

"That Vexacus guy is so cool, I want to reach his skill level one day..." Mark said.

"Tread carefully, I'm keeping the eyes in the back of my head on him. You should too..." Skipper said ominously, as he places his arm around Mark's shoulder.

As he does that, he quickly grabs Mark's ID card, and switches it with his own ID card without Mark noticing.

"...What? Why? You can't mean that Vexacus is the rebel spy? Aha, that must be why he wasn't in the meeting! There was something I always found fishy about him, considering he joined out of nowhere. He also once rudely attacked my squadron to access the Ancient Seal!" Mark said.

"Colress has no proof yet, but I'm positively sure he'd be grateful if you kept an eye on him." Skipper said.

"Well then, he can count on me! Take this so we can stay in touch!" Mark said, handing him a communicator.

"Thank you, and good luck." Skipper replied, as Mark walks off.

Skipper holds Mark's ID card in his hand, and smiles, as he also walks off. Vexacus is then seen entering Colress's office, where Edward, Brak and Colress are inside.

"Any progress on that spy?" Vexacus asked.

"I am certain the spy was present at the meeting. Now we wait and see if they take the bait, and warn their friends..." Colress said.

"Hold on...what's this? It appears a soldier claims to have spotted Professor Zero, one of the knights, headed for the base." Edward said, hearing the communication.

"Why would they head here? In fact, how would they even know we are here?" Brak asked curiously.

"They had to have been headed here before the meeting...right when the thief was caught. " Edward realized.

"Something tells me we should pay a visit to this mysterious prisoner." Colress suggested to the three.

"In the meantime, I'll order our hunters to deal with our uninvited guests." Edward said.

"Father, I'll help the hunters if you want." Brak offered.

"No, come with us. We need your protection at all times, especially since the spy might be trying something as we speak." Edward replied.

Cynthia, Tori and Audrey are seen in front of Madison's cell, waiting around, and pretending to be on guard.

"What should we do? We can't leave Maddie in there." Audrey wondered.

"We have to wait for Skipper...that is, if he is even coming back." Tori said, somewhat concerned.

"If this is all a trick by him, I swear..." Cynthia was saying, when Skipper approaches them. "Oh hey."

Skipper swipes Mark's ID card on a core panel, which turns off the hallway's power and security cameras. 

"Nice work, but now what?" Tori asked.

Skipper then opens Madison's cell by swiping Mark's ID card on the panel. She comes out of the shadows, surprised.

"About time, now let's get out of here." Madison said.

"Yeah, I don't think I can stand to be in this hideous suit much longer." Cynthia said, sweating under the helmet.

"Not quite. None of us are going anywhere." Skipper said, disappointing the girls.

"Great, because I totally need to stay in this creepy place." Tori said, looking through the darkness.

"Edward and Colress are hunting for that spy, so if I try to leave so soon, they'll suspect something. There's also another complication. Colress is very close to locating your new base. Tell me where it is." Skipper ordered.

"I'm not sure...what if you tell him? You can find out when we get there." Madison replied.

"Not if the Neo Federation destroys it first. I need to know its location so I can remove it from his map." Skipper said.

"If it's even on there. Let's just say our new base is hidden...literally and figuratively." Madison replied.

"Even so, they will investigate every inch of the area. Colress is smarter than you take him for, he is no fool." Skipper replied.

"Maybe we can try sneaking into Colress's office? Key word being "try"." Audrey suggested.

"Sure, but how will we know if he's in his office?" Madison asked, as Skipper pulls out the communicator.

"Commander Mark, where are you?" Skipper asked.

"Following Vexacus, he's headed to the detention cells with Edward, Colress and Brak." Mark reported.

"Stay on him, but remember: don't let them see you." Skipper replied.

"Got a friend?" Tori asked.

"I wouldn't say that, they are an opportunity. Now then, we'll need to get you a uniform." Skipper said to Madison.

"Whatever it is, it has to be better than this." Madison said, referring to the armor, as they all leave the area.

Edward, Colress, Brak and Vexacus are seen walking down the detention block hall, noticing the power is out.

"Someone disabled surveillance." Colress noted.

"And where are the guards?" Vexacus asked.

Edward then opens Madison's cell with his card, as they see it is empty.

"And where is the prisoner?" Brak asked.

"The records show Commander Mark was the last person to access this cell..." Edward said to the three. "Vexacus and Brak, come with me."

Skipper is seen with the girls walking down another hallway, as Madison wears a Neo Federation outfit, and feels the hat.

"I liked being a thief better, but at least this outfit is better. Okay...Cynthia, stand guard here and let us know if anyone is coming." Madison ordered.

"Oh goodie, just the job I wanted, lookout duty." Cynthia said, sighing, and stands guard in the middle of the hallway.

"Just do it." Tori replied, as the four approach the metal door Skipper was at earlier, which the soldier is still guarding.

"See that guard? Convince him you are Commander Mark. Here is his ID card." Skipper said to Madison, handing her his card.

"I don't know if I can, pretty sure he can tell the difference between a boy and a girl." Madison replied.

"I think I can help here." Tori said, as the four approach the guard. "This is Commander Mark, Colress told you to expect me."

She repeats it in her mind multiple times to the soldier, who gives in.

"Commander Mark, Colress told me to expect you." the guard said, entering in Mark's ID card.

The door opens, as the four head inside, going down the hall, and the door closes behind. 

"Impressive work, I wish I had a mind control power." Skipper said to Tori.

"I think it's for the best you don't." Tori replied.

They then make their way inside Colress's office. Meanwhile, on the outside, the knights are seen patrolling around the forests.

"I really hope their plan works." Jake said, concerned.

"At least we haven't been found..." Trent said.

Suddenly, 5 and 7 approach them, holding their double-bladed red laser swords.

"Now what are you doing out here in the middle of nowhere?" 7 asked to them.

"It's the two Federation Hunters again." Zero said.

"Oh yeah, I never met these two until now. Cynthia and Elana only fought them the first time, and then the second time was at the beach which I wasn't at due to dojo cleaning." Nick recalled.

"Same here, they don't seem like big threats." Trent said.

"Now we can get our turns to give them a beating." Jake said, as the knights transform.

"I wouldn't underestimate us, boy..." 5 said, as they charge at each other.

Skipper, Madison, Tori and Audrey are seen inside Colress's office. They notice several gadgets and test tubes around the office. Skipper pulls up Colress's Karmania hologram map on the table, as they notice multiple marked red spots across sixteen kingdoms.

"You're right, he is close to finding it." Audrey said concerned, seeing the area with the Hidden Kingdom inside marked red.

"Delete that area, but add another as a decoy." Skipper said.

"I'm not a computer wizard, but I'll try." Audrey said, as she selects the area with a button. She then deletes it off the map, and adds another area in-between two other kingdoms marked red. "Yay, I did it!"

"Looks like our base is safe...for now." Madison said.

"Uh guys, bad news. Colress is headed for his office." Cynthia said through the communicator.

"What?! Uh, try to stall him or something." Madison replied.

"I kind of can't, he's at the door." Cynthia replied.

"Don't worry, I'll handle this." Skipper replied, as he walks off.

Colress is seen at the door with a soldier.

"Commander Mark is inside, sir." the guard said absentmindedly.

"Get your weapon ready, and follow me." Colress ordered to the soldier behind him, as the guard opens the door for them.

Audrey shuts off the hologram map, as the three get ready to leave.

"Come on Skipper, let's...Skipper?" Madison asked, wondering where he went.

"If he ditched us..." Tori said annoyed.

"Hide!" Madison said.

Audrey turns invisible, as Madison and Tori hide behind a desk. The door opens, as Colress walks in with the soldier and guard. Skipper carefully looks at the office from the training room, as both room doors close. Madison, Audrey and Tori remain silently hidden, as Colress pulls up his hologram map. Inside the training room, Skipper looks at the dormant Invisi-Slayers, as he carefully grabs one. Back in the office, Colress analyzes the map further, and shuts it off.

"Is everything alright?" one of the soldiers asked.

"Seems so." Colress replied, as the girls keep hiding carefully.

Suddenly, the office door opens, as the two Invisi-Slayers walk into the room, startling everyone. One of the soldiers tries to punch it, but the Slayer grabs his arm, and punches them, sending them flying against the wall out cold. The other soldier tries to protect Colress, but is whacked aside by the other Slayer.

"Override code: Plasma." Colress said to both, but nothing happened, concerning him.

Colress jumps over the table, as one of the Slayers slams its hand at it, missing him. Colress pulls out a blaster from under the table, and fires it at both. They keep stretching out their arms and swinging them to him. Colress dodges and tries to punch one, but it blocks his punch. It then grabs his arm, and knocks the blaster out of his hand. He then tries to kick it, but both turn invisible, and he is sent flying against the wall.

"Come on, while he's distracted!" Madison said to Audrey and Tori.

The three quickly run out of the room, and while still fighting off the invisible Slayers, Colress quickly notices Madison's outfit and the two gray outfit soldiers.

"Mark!" Colress yelled, as he blocks one of the Slayers' arms.

Skipper then runs out of the training room, meeting the three.

"You reprogrammed his robots? Nice job." Madison said.

"You're welcome." Skipper replied, as the four run down the hall, meeting up with Cynthia.

"Come on, we're getting out of here!" Tori said to her.

"Finally, standing around in an empty, creepy hallway is so boring." Cynthia replied, as she runs with them.

"I'll open a portal and get us out of here." Madison said, about to take out the heart.

"No, not yet. I need to find Mark." Skipper said, holding his ID card.

"Oh right. We need to find the knights anyways, may as well leave with them, so we'll head for the exit." Madison said, as they keep running.

Colress barely avoids the Invisi-Slayers, as another misses him by slamming its hand onto the table. Colress quickly dodges one as it jumps up, and it accidentally smashes its hand into the other Invisi-Slayer, making it become visible. Colress then quickly grabs one of the unconscious soldiers' blasters, and fires it at the invisible Slayer's core, making it appear. It falls to the ground with its circuits fried. He then fires the blaster at the remaining Slayer, which also falls to the ground. Colress then pulls out a communicator.

"Edward...listen to me very carefully..." Colress was saying.

Back in the forests, the knights clash their swords against 5 and 7's laser blades. Jake and Trent fight 7, while Cameron, Nick and Zero fight 5. Trent fires laser arrows at 7, and she jumps. As she hovers by using her double-laser blade to spin in the air, Trent fires more laser arrows, as one hits the handle, which knocks it out of her hand. 7 goes falling to the ground, and she quickly grabs the double laser-blade, using it to counter Jake's sword. Trent then fires more laser arrows at her, knocking her against a tree. Cameron and Zero clash their swords against 5's. Cameron ducks, avoiding 5's laser blades, and then strikes his left foot. While distracted, Zero then lets out an electric shock at 5, and Nick casts a green magic blast from his stone at 5, knocking him aside. Both 5 and 7 are knocked out.

"Wow, that was sad." Trent said.

"Hey guys, once you're done brawling, we're headed for the exit, hang on tight." Madison reported through the communicator.

Edward is seen in the command room.

"Vexacus and Brak, if you see Mark and three gray soldiers, stop them immediately." Edward ordered, as the two run off.

The girls and Skipper make their way through the hallway, seeing the main area.

"There's our exit." Madison said, as the girls run out.

"Wait-" Skipper was saying, as Vexacus and Brak stop the girls.

"Hi sirs, I was just showing these three their way out-" Madison was improvising.

"Remove the disguises. You're under arrest." Vexacus said.

Mark is seen behind a crate, overhearing this.

"Hey now, there's been a misunderstanding..." Madison was covering.

Vexacus swings his fist to her, as she barely dodges.

"I knew it, Vexacus IS the spy!" Mark said.

Mark then comes out of hiding, holding a blaster. He sends a stun blast to Vexacus, knocking him out, surprising Brak, the girls and Skipper. Edward runs out onto a balcony, seeing the commotion. 

"I got him, he's the traitor!" Mark yelled, confusing everyone.

"Fool, what are you doing!?" Brak asked.

Brak is about to send an orange blast from his knight stone to Mark, but Mark sends another stun blast at him. After seeing this, Edward runs off the balcony, and heads to get reinforcements. Brak blocks it with the orange shield, but Skipper then sends a dark electricity blast at Brak from behind, making him fall to the ground stunned and unconscious. 

"Poor Brak, I didn't mean to knock him out, but he doesn't know Vexacus deceived him. Soldier, are you alright? ...Soldier?" Mark asked to Madison, as the girls head for the exit.

Madison takes off her face mask, as Mark recognizes her.

"Hey...wait a minute, you're the thief!" Mark realized.

"Wrong move there pal, but thanks." Madison complimented, as she shines the heart, making the girls transform.

Several soldiers fire at them, as Skipper tackles Mark. He sends a stun shock at him as well, knocking him out. He then quickly switches their ID cards. The girls fire elemental attacks back at the soldiers. Audrey sends some flying with gusts of wind, and Tori blasts them aside with water attacks. She then uses her powers to change the color of a soldier's outfit to white.

"Ooh, this is nice-" the soldier was saying, as Cynthia levitates a crate, sending it flying at them.

Vexacus gets up, seeing the commotion, but Madison quickly shoots a lightning blast at him, knocking him aside. The knights barge in through the entrance, knocking some soldiers out of the way. Cameron knocks one's blaster out of their hands, and punches them. 

"Looks like we entered at the right time." Jake said, as the heroes knock out the remaining soldiers.

"Skipper, come on." Madison offered to him, before they leave.

"Actually, there's a change of plans now that I've captured "Agent". I can be more useful here." Skipper replied to her.

"Suit yourself." Tori replied, shrugging.

"Just be careful." Cameron said to him.

The girls fly out the entrance, and the knights run. Skipper grabs Mark's blaster, and pretends to fire it at them, intentionally missing. Edward and several soldiers run into the area, seeing the events. Skipper then grabs Mark, and stands him up.

"TRAITOR, you're the rebel spy! Seize him!" Skipper yelled, improvising, as Mark wakes up confused.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" Mark asked, as two soldiers grab him.

"Take him away." Edward ordered angrily.

"No, wait...I'm not the spy, Vexacus is!" Mark yelled, as he is slowly taken away by the two soldiers.

"Excellent work Skipper, you stopped our spy from escaping." Edward said.

"Tell them Skipper, it's him! SKIPPER!" Mark yelled.

"What a story, Mark..." Skipper said somewhat regrettably.

The heroes stop miles outside the base, seeing it in the distance.

"Whew...that was intense." Audrey said.

"That was kind of a risky plan you had Madison, but at least we were able to protect the base's location." Jake said.

"Yeah, I admit my plan was a bit risky, but hey, it kind of worked in the end. I guess I was influenced by Valina's scheming to make such a complicated plan." Madison replied.

"Just don't become crazy like she did." Cynthia replied.

Suddenly, 5 and 7 come flying towards them, using their double laser-blades to fly and spin through the air.

"Great, these losers again." Cynthia said, as she shoots rocks at them, but they fly down, slicing through the rocks with their blades.

"We aren't finished yet!" 7 said.

5 goes flying down, as Tori shoots a water blast at him, but he breaks through it by spinning his double-laser blade. Nick fires another magic spell blast at him, knocking him aside. Cynthia then uses the tree to grab him with its branches, but he breaks out. Tori then sends a whirlpool at him, which he dodges, but Cynthia hurls a rock at him, knocking him to the ground. Audrey sends a gust around 5, and sends him blasting into the air. Madison then flies up right 7, avoiding her slashes, and grabs her handle. She lets out an electricity pulse, disabling the lasers like Valina did.

"No!" 7 yelled, as she falls to the ground. Audrey also lifts her up in a gust, and she goes flying into the air with 5.

"Nice work, Madison." Trent said.

"Thanks. I'll admit my plan was a bit reckless, but I just wanted to save Skipper, since it does seem like he truly wants to defect." Madison said.

"In due time, Skipper can still be saved, but now is not the time." Cameron said.

"Are we sure Skipper is going to be safe?" Nick asked.

"Well, they caught the "spy", so I'd say so for now." Tori replied.

"Yeah, I don't think they'll worry about a spy anymore. Let's get out of here." Madison said, as they leave the area.

Edward, Colress, Brak, Vexacus, Morgana, Thorn and Skipper are seen inside Colress's office.

"Mark's card confirms our suspicions. He used it to release the prisoner, override security, and then contact the guardians and knights." Edward said, placing his card on the table.

"Hmph, I had my own suspicions of that weirdo's treachery. I think he stole one of my snacks a long time ago when I was at the castle, that jerk. Thank you for your brave actions, Skippy." Morgana said to Skipper, annoying him.

"Good work lad. I knew you had more to you than meets the eye..." Vexacus said to Skipper.

"Alas, not in the time to stop the robot attack on Colress. My sincerest apologies, sir." Skipper covered to Colress.

"None required. The attempt did not succeed, and that is what matters. The Federation will reward you for your service. You are dismissed." Colress said to Skipper.

"Yes, good work indeed. Looks like you made the right move inviting this scamp to our base." Edward said, as Skipper nods, and leaves the meeting room.

Later, Brak, Edward and Colress are the only ones seen in the room.

"I don't know about you two, but things have fallen into place a bit too nicely for me. I don't think a background soldier like Mark is capable of what he is being accused of." Brak said, suspicious.

"I agree." Colress replied, when a soldier enters the meeting room, holding Madison's helmet.

"We found this in the castle dungeon, sirs." the soldier said, placing it on the table.

"Hmm...what do you two think of this design?" Colress asked, touching it.

"It looks like some kind of beast." Edward said.

"It's a stylized expression of a seahorse." Colress noted.

"This doesn't seem very important, what are you getting at?" Edward asked.

"At first glance, you'd be right. However...I disagree. Looking at the texture and angles, I recognize this exact type of painting style. This is the work of the Wind guardian, Audrey Song. I have seen similar work in her Art class, matching this helmet's painting. This means the thief was one of the guardians, considering all of the knights were dealing with the Hunters." Colress explained.

"Wait...this means Skipper knew the thief was a guardian? Why didn't he say anything then?" Edward asked to Colress.

"Because, Edward...Skipper is the rebel spy "Agent". He used Mark's card to impersonate and frame him. Then he used Tori's power to gain access to my office, and reprogrammed my robots, rather skillfully I might add." Colress explained, shocking Edward and Brak.

"I would've never suspected our family's loyal servant would've been a traitor...words cannot describe how furious I am!" Edward said.

"He has deceived so many of you. However...I believe "Agent" will be far more useful to us...than Skipper ever was." Colress said ominously, smiling.


-The arrogant commander is the same commander who was rude to Skipper at the end of "Enemy Mine".

-Zero's spy drone (from "Princess" and "Enemy Mine") is seen again.

-First time since "Stay Gold" Tori uses her color changing power.

-This chapter is somewhat of an opposite version of "An Inside Man", with the girls infiltrating a Federation base instead of the boys.

-Mark was actually first mentioned in "Bounty" back in Season 1; he was one of the soldiers Vexacus attacked before entering Ancient Seal. Originally I was going to make an entirely new character, but didn't see much of a point considering their ultimate fate, so I figured why not callback to an obscure character.



Colress, Brak and Edward discover Skipper is Agent.

Edited by jjsthekid

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This was a pretty good episode as always.


Thanks to Sandy for this sig!


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SpongeOddFan    1,519

Really liked episode where Skipper and the gang tricked Ed, Brak & Contress into thinking Mark behind this was lulzy idea tbh. Sadly, Contress is too smart to figure it out it was him with noticing Audrey's art. Overall, it was good episode.

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Metal Snake    2,852
4 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

"As you all know, there is a rebel spy in our midsts, codenamed "Agent". Perhaps today we're going to learn their true identity." Colress said, concerning Skipper. "The traitor is feeding the rebels, guardians and knights information about the Neo Federation specifically."

"I appreciate the enthusiasm, commander Mark, but few are above suspicion. Edward will question each and every one of you, even soldiers in this base, and soldiers at the castle." Colress explained.

I...think there was a piece of dialogue that was cut here by mistake, but it didn't ruin the overall experience. :P I always love an element of stealth, and was happy to read another great spy episode. Skipper, again, ruled here...though I am glad he got found out at the very end, since that was a bastard move to pin a crime that was punishable by death on someone else.


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jjsthekid    7,192
1 minute ago, Metal Snake said:

I...think there was a piece of dialogue that was cut here by mistake, but it didn't ruin the overall experience. :P I always love an element of stealth, and was happy to read another great spy episode. Skipper, again, ruled here...though I am glad he got found out at the very end, since that was a bastard move to pin a crime that was punishable by death on someone else.

Yeah, my bad. There's a strange glitch that sometimes deletes lines, and that was one line I forgot to put back in. Mark said "I'll catch them, no matter what it takes!", and I remember that accidentally got removed during the glitch. It's back in now.

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Honorary Creators: Sabre, Wumbology, Jjsthekid, Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, Steel Sponge, and teenj12

Honorary Shows: Adventures in the Underground City, Storm Racers, Jjs' Riffing Theater 3000, JCMovies, Team SpongeBob, SBCinema, and Community Deathmatch

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Season 6: Sand Castles in the Sand

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No big, jjs. I barely noticed it.


Thanks to Sandy for this sig!


Active Works: Power Rangers: Multiverse ForceParanoia

Inactive/Cancelled/Ended Works: Cerebus the Aardvark (cancelled), Warhammer 40,000: Underhive (on hiatus)

I was the August 2016 Employee of the Month!

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jjsthekid    7,192


69. Knight To Queen

Elana is seen with the guardians and knights in the Hidden Kingdom. Elana does not have her crown on.

"Where's your crown?" Audrey asked to Elana.

"That Tom guy from the Council took it so he can remove Beast's essence...or try to. I hope he doesn't take too long to fix it." Elana explained.

"In the meantime, that means you can't exactly use your light powers to their fullest potential right now." Cynthia replied.

"I know, but I can still use some of my elemental powers. I still plan on traveling to the Shadow Lands to find my birth parents, Meritel and Orion. Nothing will stop me, even if my crown can't be fixed." Elana replied.

"Elana, I know you are determined to find your parents, but remember what Brak said. Not even he is sure if they are still alive, assuming he wasn't lying. I don't want this quest to end up being all for nothing." Madison said to her, concerned.

"I get your concern, but I won't abandon hope. If they are still alive, this may be my only chance to see them before it's too late." Elana replied confidently. 

"I understand how you are feeling, and how important this journey is to you, but the Shadow Lands are a dangerous place, unlike anything any of us have encountered before. You cannot go alone without training." Ranen replied.

"She's a queen, I think she can handle whatever awaits there. Light defeats shadow, I don't think she'll have a problem." Cynthia reassured.

"She may be the queen, but as Ranen and Mai have taught us before, do not get overconfident. We don't want to rush into there without a plan. I know you want to see your birth parents, but you may be entering us into a situation none of us are prepared for." Cameron said to Elana.

"Cameron is right. I know you are the queen, and I mean no disrespect highness, but I do not want you or the rest getting severely harmed on this journey. I believe more training is needed before any of you can go to the Shadow Lands. Since Tom has her crown, Elana could use this time to practice with her sword." Ranen said.

"Or technically your father's sword, but I agree." Nick corrected.

"It was my father's, but Elana has proven to be a worthy successor in keeping it. It belongs to her now." Ranen replied.

"I suppose you're right. I'm sorry, I was just eager to go there to see my birth parents, but I don't want to do anything stupid. I've never been to this kingdom before, so we don't want to go there without any full-proof plan. I also definitely could use the sword training, since who knows if Tom can even fix my crown anytime soon..." Elana said, concerned.

"I could train you, if you are willing." Cameron offered to Elana, surprising her.

"...Wow, really? I'm surprised, but sure. I've heard you are one of the strongest knights, so you are a fitting choice to help improve my sword fighting skills. Plus, I've never really had much interaction with you, so this could make for some nice bonding time." Elana replied, accepting his offer.

"It will be an honor to help the queen." Cameron replied, bowing.

"I hope your...uh, condition doesn't hinder you. I won't attack someone who is at a disadvantage." Elana said, concerned.

"Don't underestimate me, your majesty. Trust me, I still fight the same as I did before." Cameron replied.

"Yeah, trust me, Cameron might be even stronger than he is when we train, I learned the hard way...ouch. Learning from a skilled blind swordsman like him will really help your own sword style Elana...hopefully." Nick said.

"As you learned during Skorch's invasion, even without your magical powers, you can still put up a good fight. Sometimes it does not hurt to try something different. Sometimes brute strength isn't always the key, and sometimes magic powers aren't always the key. A balance is needed." Cameron said to Elana.

"Hold on, I'm receiving a call from Mai." Ranen said, answering his communicator. "I appears some of Donald Bucklend's goons are up to no good, according to Peyton who saw them in passing earlier. It may be worth investigating, but I want Cameron and Elana to stay here."

"We'll go and handle those losers." Cynthia said.

"Yeah, go on without us. I think you guys can handle them without me. I need to use this time to improve my close combat skills." Elana said.

"I guess these goons can be our training." Jake said.

"Good luck you two." Audrey said to them, as Madison opens a portal with the heart. Jake, Madison, Trent, Nick, Zero, Audrey, Tori and Cynthia go through it, and it closes behind.

"Now what?" Elana asked Cameron.

"Follow me." Cameron said, as he walks off through the Hidden Kingdom, and Elana follows.

Meanwhile, Tom is seen in the Council Temple at the Sky Kingdom. He is meditating alone in his room, and Elana's crown is placed down in the center. The gem ominously glows purple, as he looks at it. Luna, Briar and Cesare then enter his room.

"Tom, how do you plan on fixing the queen's crown?" Luna asked.

"Simple. I'll go inside of it." Tom replied calmly.

"...Are you sure you want to do that?" Cesare asked concerned.

"I'll be fiiinnneee." Tom reassured.

"The Beast's essence could be too powerful for you." Briar pointed out, concerned.

"I'll be fiiinnneee." Tom reassured.

"If you say so...good luck then." Cesare said, unsure.

Tom then chants a spell, as he shrinks himself to a miniature size. He glows, and jumps right inside of the crown's gemstone. Cesare, Luna and Briar look at the stone uneasily.

In Posidonia Fields, Donny and Blyde are seen outside a warehouse, carrying a crate.

"Alright, we got the stuff for the big man himself! If we pull this heist off, maybe we'll finally get promotions!" Donny said proudly.

"Ooh, I hope so!" Blyde replied gleefully.

"Not so fast, losers!" Tori said.

"Wh-who is there!?" Donny asked nervously, as Blyde and him circle around the crate.

Tori then sends a water blast at Blyde, knocking him to the ground.

"Owie!" Blyde yelled.

"What are you two clowns up to?" Cynthia asked, as the guardians, knights, and Peyton appear.

Peyton is in her guardian form along with the girls, as the other knights power up. 

"Glad you could help us Peyton." Madison said to her.

"It's no problem. I saw these two knuckleheads headed to this location, and figured they were up to no good. I have nothing else better to do today anyways." Peyton said, sending a sound blast at Donny, as he is running around the crate. He is sent flying against the warehouse.

Audrey and Tori then fly towards the crate, which has the label "TO POSIDONIACORP" on it. They open it, and inside of it are machine parts. 

"Let me guess, Mr. Bucklend wants to make more anti-magic weapons." Zero theorized, seeing them, as Donny and Blyde get up.

" did you know?! Are you a mind reader!? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" Blyde panicked.

"Don't tell him the plan, ya bum!" Donny said, bopping Blyde in the back of the head.

"Sorry!" Blyde replied back.

"Well then, I guess we'll just destroy these and be on our way." Jake said smugly.

"Not so fast brats!" Donny said, as him and Blyde pull out their red anti-magic handguns. 

"Why didn't you guys just do that from the start?" Tori asked.

"Uh...I dunno, but that doesn't matter now! Take this!" Donny said absentmindedly, as he fires his handgun.

"Oh yeah, I have this too, uhuhuh!" Blyde said, firing his handgun.

Peyton avoids several blasts, and combines her sound powers with Audrey. They sent a combined wind sound attack to Donny, knocking him back, and his handgun falls to the ground.

"Nice work, Peyton." Audrey complimented.

"You're not bad yourself girl, I'm impressed with how strong your powers are getting." Peyton replied.

Nick casts a spell which turns Blyde's gun into doughnuts. 

"Doughnuts instead of bagels?" Tori asked, surprised.

"Yeah, I'm learning some new spells." Nick replied, as Blyde looks at the doughnuts in bewilderment.

"Ooh...yummy!" Blyde said, as he grabs them off the ground and begins eating them.

"I guess he hasn't heard of the five second rule..." Trent said.

"Don't eat them, you fool!" Donny said, trying to get up.

Cynthia then levitates the crate, and hurls it at Donny, knocking him down again.

"Ow..." Donny moaned.

Blyde continued to pick doughnuts off the ground, not even paying attention, as Peyton floats down in front of him. Blyde stares at her in attraction, as Peyton smiles.

"Ooh...I never noticed how pretty you are, mrs. lady! Want a doughnut?" Blyde asked, offering one.

Peyton then punches him in the face, sending him falling to the ground unconscious.

"You go girl." Tori said, high-fiving her.

"It was pretty easy to do this to some other absentminded enemies back in my day." Peyton recalled, smirking.

"If these two were supposed to be our training, then I don't think they did a very good job." Nick noted, seeing both unconscious.

"What should we do with this junk?" Cynthia asked, referring to the machinery in the crate.

"I got this." Madison said, as she forms an electricity ball in her right hand, and throws it at the crate.

Suddenly, a familiar caped figure jumps off the warehouse roof, and lands in front of the crate, blocking the electricity ball. 

"What the-" Trent was saying, as the figure rips open their cape to reveal Vastacoar, who has regrown himself back to normal. He stares at everyone, growling.

"Who is this?" Peyton asked.

"Some bounty hunter working for Donald Bucklend. He tried to capture us at the mall a while ago, but that didn't work out very well." Audrey explained.

"I thought that security robot literally blew him up?" Jake asked.

"It did. But I have a special ability thanks to an unintended mutation from PosidoniaCorp's experiments, which allows me to regrow any lost body parts. I finished regrowing last week, it was not an enjoyable process. Bucklend sent me to make sure nothing went wrong with the package delivery, since he knew those two would screw it up somehow." Vastacoar explained, growling, and pulls out his chainsaw. "Now, you will all meet your dooms."

Back in the Hidden Kingdom, Cameron and Elana walk past a large ruin structure, which has two royal soldiers guarding it. Inside of the building is the prison holding the former Underground City prisoners. The two make their way to a pit close by. 

"This will make a good spot." Elana said, as she sees plants growing around the pit. "It's amazing this kingdom still has flora despite being abandoned ages ago."

"That's just the magic of Karmania for you. Now then, let's start basic. Try attacking me." Cameron ordered, as he powers up, holding out his blue sword.

Elana holds out her sword, getting ready. She runs up, and strikes it at Cameron. He counters her with ease, and blocks her attacks. 

"You're sloppy and unfocused. Concentrate better." Cameron noted, clashing his sword against hers.

Elana tried, but Cameron knocks the sword right out of her hands, and points his at her face.

"If I was a real enemy from the Shadow Lands, and you didn't have your crown, this would be it for you. You need to strike harder with all of your might. Try again." Cameron ordered.

"Fine." Elana said, sighing, as she picks up her sword.

Cameron gets into his position, and is ready. Elana then charges at him again, swinging her sword. Cameron hears her footsteps and sword. He then quickly moves around in the sand, dodging her every attack. At the right moment, Cameron then strikes her sword, knocking it out of her hands. 

"Get it. Try again." Cameron ordered.

"How is someone so blind so agile?" Elana wondered to herself, as she picks up the sword again.

Elana makes her distance, and gets into her position.

"You know what they say, third time's a charm. I need to catch him off-guard..." Elana said to herself.

She carefully walks around, as Cameron walks closer. Elana then jumps up and tries to strike Cameron, but he quickly blocks her with his sword. She clashes against it another time, and then backs away. 

"Giving up already?" Cameron asked.

"No." Elana replied, as she avoids another slash.

She then quickly strikes the sand with her sword, sending some flying at Cameron. She quickly gets behind him, and tries to strike, but Cameron quickly turns around, blocking her attack.

"Attacking from behind? I expected better. Your sand trick would've worked had I not already been blinded. You're rushing." Cameron said to her, as she looks at him worried.

As they clash, Cameron knocks the sword out of Elana's hand yet again, annoying her.

"Pick it up, and we'll try again. We're not stopping until you can best me." Cameron said, as Elana picks it up, looking frustrated.


Tom is seen inside of a small, gold area, which is inside of Elana's gemstone. However, it is not shining as bright as it once was. Tom notices purple webs are covering most of the area, from the floor, to the walls, and ceiling.

"Hmm, well this doesn't look good." Tom noted, as he floats through the area. 

Tom sees a glowing gold orb in the center from inside a purple cocoon, which is the gemstone's power core. Tom floats to it, and rips open some of the cocoon. He stares at the gold orb. He chants out a spell, shooting a blue magical blast at it.

"There we go. Now then, come out wherever you are." Tom said, echoing his voice through the area.

The Beast's middle finger is seen jumping along the outside of the cocoon, as it sees Tom float out of it. It shoots out a purple web from the cut off end, which covers Tom. It then jumps on Tom's cocoon, and begins to spin him around.

"What fun!" Tom said, strangely happily.

His entire body is covered by the purple cocoon. Suddenly, he chants another spell inside the cocoon, as it glows blue. The gemstone core then shoots a blast at the cocoon, making it disappear, as The Beast's middle finger falls to the ground.

Tom is seen appearing in The Beast's dimension. He rips open the cocoon, and sees all of the floating rock platforms across the area.

"Hey, check it out, it worked." Tom said, impressed, as he floats through the dimension.

Back in Posidonia, the rest of the heroes confront Vastacoar.

"Great, just great. Just what we needed, another shark villain. We already have Vexacus and that hunter, why did we need you to come back?" Tori asked, shooting a whirlpool blast at him, but he slices right through it with his chainsaw blade.

Jake and Trent both strike at him, but he whacks them aside with his hands. Cynthia shoots multiple rocks at him, but he smashes right through them with his head, not getting a scratch.

"Dang, this guy is a brute." Trent said, getting back up, and firing laser arrows, but Vastacoar slices the arrows to pieces with the chainsaw.

"Now you will see my true power without a robot to interrupt me!" Vastacoar bragged, laughing.

Audrey and Peyton send another combined blast, but Vastacoar jumps out of the way, avoiding it. He then lands behind the two, and hits both, sending them flying to the ground.

"A lot of these enemies don't seem to have any respect for ladies anymore." Peyton said, floating up annoyed.

Nick jumps up high using his knight stone's power, and is about to cast his doughnut spell, but Vastacoar quickly grabs him by the leg.

"Oh no, aaah!" Nick panicked, as Vastacoar throws him across the ground.

Madison then shoots a lightning blast at Vastacoar, but but his swords absorbs the blast with his chainsaw blade. He deflects it back at Madison, knocking her away.

"Oh great, his stupid chainsaw can do that too!?" Cynthia asked annoyed.

"I hate it when Vexacus does that, and I'm not too happy this guy can do it either." Madison said, floating back to the fight.

She then notices the crate is still by the unconscious Donny and Blyde.

"Cynthia, try distracting him, so I can to destroy the crate." Madison whispered to her.

"Gotcha covered." Cynthia replied, as she shoots more rocks at Vastacoar, who slices them apart with his chainsaw.

Cynthia floats around him, distracting him. Audrey and Tori then shoot a combined ice beam at Vastacoar's right arm, but he absorbs the beam with his chainsaw blade. His chainsaw blade turns to ice, as it keeps running. He smiles, and shoots out ice beams from it everywhere.

"Seriously, can we ban these types of weapons?" Tori asked, avoiding an ice beam from the chainsaw.

Nick casts a fire spell, melting some ice beams. While Vastacoar is distracted, Madison quickly throws an electricity ball at the crate, turning the machinery inside into ash.

"Good job Maddie!" Audrey said, as Vastcoar turns around and notices.

"The shipment! Bucklend will not be happy for that..." Vastacoar growled, as Zero sends a stun shock at him, and clashes his sword with the icy chainsaw. 

Zero then lets out an electric pulse on the chainsaw, turning it off, angering Vastacoar. Nick then shoots a fire spell, melting the ice off of the chainsaw blade, but Vastacoar holds onto it.

"Dangit! Hold on guys, time out, let me turn this on-" Vastacoar said, growling, trying to start the chainsaw again.

Peyton and Audrey send another combined sound blast at Vastacoar, making him slide across the ground. Tori then traps him a whirlpool, and Audrey breathes on it, as it begins to turn to ice. However, Vastacoar breaks through the ice, and grabs Audrey, throwing her right into Jake. She lands on top of him, as they stare at each other face to face awkwardly.

"Uh..." both were saying, blushing, as Audrey gets off of Jake. 

Vastacoar then throws out two anti-magic nerve gas canisters, as the heroes attempt to avoid it. Peyton and Tori try to get out of there, but Vastacoar grabs both, throwing them to the ground. The gas knocks both of them out.

"Tori, Peyton!" Madison yelled, as Audrey clears up the smoke, but Vastacoar is holding Peyton and Tori.

Donny and Blyde are seen waking up, noticing what is transpiring.

"Yes, Vastacoar arrived, right on time!" Donny said, cheering for him.

"Hey, where's the crate?" Blyde asked, noticing it turned to ash.

"It's gone, but I got something better. Two mermaids for the boss. Come, we're getting out of here." Vastacoar said, as the heroes throw attacks all at once, but Vastacoar jumps out of the way, avoiding all of the attacks.

He lands on the warehouse roof, laughing, and disappears.

"Heey, wait for us!" Donny yelled, as him and Blyde make a run for it.

"I presume there is a 95.54% chance they are headed for PosidoniaCorp." Zero said.

"Likely, but I think we might need Cameron and Elana's help. That Vastacoar guy is really strong..." Trent said.

Back in the Hidden Kingdom, Elana prepares for another match. She tries a different stance, and then attacks. However, Cameron blocks her every attack yet again, and knocks the sword out of her hands.

"Grab it. Try again." Cameron ordered.

A montage passes, as Elana tries three more times, but fails each time.

"I'm sorry Cameron, but I can't do this! I'll just wait until Tom fixes my crown, because I can't do it." Elana said, throwing the sword to the ground.

"It will not take magical powers alone to take on the Shadow Lands. You may be the element of light, which can consume darkness, but if you do not defeat the darkness inside of you, you will be consumed by it." Cameron forewarned.

"What do you mean?" Elana asked.

"I know you are holding yourself back. I saw you fight using the sword before, and you could handle it. You can use it, you're just choosing not to. Something is on your mind. I'll be honest, kid. I don't know much about the Shadow Lands, and I won't pretend I do. But Ranen is very stern about it being a dangerous place, and I trust his word. He does not want you getting harmed. I know you are stressed. There are no more heirs for Central Karmania at this moment in time, and without its queen, the kingdom would spiral into chaos yet again." Cameron explained, as Elana shows a concerned look.

"You're right...I'm not trying as hard as I should be. I know that if I go missing again or worse, the kingdom will fall...that puts a lot of pressure on me. I'll have to have a heir someday, which makes me really nervous deep down. I'm not ready to get kids, or get married, or unite all of Karmania. I also don't even know if my birth parents are truly alive at all, or what to do if Tom can't get rid of an evil presence from my crown...yeah, I've got a lot going on." Elana rambled nervously.

"Relax. The future can be uncertain. I've felt the same way as you before, even if I can't compare to the same scenarios. When I lost my father, I was unsure how my life would go at all, but I was able to press on like he would've wanted me to. When Jake got the red knight stone instead of me, I was blinded with jealousy, and unsure where my life as a knight would head. I was able to work with my position as blue, and realized color didn't matter. When I was first blinded, I had no clue which way my life would head next. However, I was able to guide myself through the darkness thanks to my stone...but it wasn't just my stone, I had to help myself too. Your crown stone can guide you through the darkness too, but it won't be enough alone. It takes power from within to do so." Cameron explained to her.

"You're right. I've been selfish to think just my crown alone can make me powerful, when it isn't." Elana realized.

"Now then, let's try again. Hold nothing back, strike me like I am one of your most personal enemies." Cameron said.

Elana gets ready, and breathes in. She then charges at Cameron, holding her sword confidently. She strikes it at Cameron, who blocks it with his sword. She keeps moving and striking at him, not giving up. Cameron clashes with her sword, as his foot digs into the sand. Elana counters with all her might, not letting the sword fall out of her hands. She quickly breaks away, but Cameron strikes at her again. She then strikes at the handle, knocking it right out of Cameron's hands, as it sticks right into the sand. Elana is surprised, while Cameron smiles.

"Well done. You've bested me." Cameron said, bowing to her.

"Thank you. I'll take more time to train if need be, as I'm not sure when we're going there yet." Elana said, when the heroes approach them.

"Hey guys, are you done training?" Madison asked.

"For now, yes. Elana just bested me, it was impressive." Cameron replied.

"Wow, look at you!" Cynthia said to Elana, impressed.

"That's good, because we might need those skills. One of Bucklend's goons Vastacoar returned, and has kidnapped Tori and Peyton." Jake said.

"Oh no, then let's go! Maybe this will be a good excuse for more sword training." Elana said, smiling.

"Wait, Vastacoar? How is he alive?" Cameron asked, confused.

"Some mutation lets him regrow himself or something dumb like that, now come on!" Cynthia said.

The heroes are later seen outside PosidoniaCorp, seeing several narwhal mafia members patrolling around. Nick levitates two of them with a spell.

"Whoa...what...WHOAAA!" a member yelled, as both are sent flying away.

The nine make their way to the entrance. Inside, Peyton and Tori are seen waking up on two lab tables, strapped to them. Bucklend is there with a scientist, Vastacoar, Donny and Blyde.

"Excellent work Vastacoar, you got me two of the mermies! And what about the package?" Bucklend asked.

"Unfortunately, Donny and Blyde let it get destroyed, I'm sorry sir." Vastacoar covered.

"I knew you two knuckleheads would louse this up." Donald Bucklend said, bopping Donny and Blyde in the back of their heads.

"We'll try harder next time, I promise, boss!" Donny said.

"Oh well, these two will do. This time, we're actually going to "analyze", hehe, and hopefully with no distractions." Donald Bucklend said.

"Huh...where are those annoying voices coming from...oh, it's this awful place again." Tori said, waking up, and seeing the room. "This is the second time I've been kidnapped by you, are we going to be rivals now or something?"

"Maybe you just ain't good." Donald Bucklend said, as Donny, Blyde, the scientist and him laugh.

"Laugh while you can, mark my words, our allies are coming." Peyton said.

"Ugh...if I get out of here, you're going to get it..." Tori said, struggling to break free.

"Yeah yeah, I'm sure they'll come, but they ain't no match for Vastacoar!" Donald Bucklend bragged.

"Now, hold still girls, this isn't going to hurt. It's going to hurt a lot." the scientist said, holding out a large needle.

"Can you try to stall them? None of my powers work." Peyton said to Tori.

"Stalling...that's it!" Tori said, as she concentrates on the scientist's outfit.

The scientist's outfit then turns from white to purple, confusing them.

"Huh!? Purple is my least favorite color, what is the meaning of this?!" the scientist said, confused.

"It's probably a trick from the girl, just insert the needle into both and get this over with already! Don't fall for their mind games!" Donald Bucklend ordered.

Tori then stares directly at Blyde.

"Trip and fall into the scientist..." Tori repeated in her mind to him.

"Duh..." Blyde said, as he trips and falls into the scientist, knocking him over.

"Hey, watch it!" the scientist yelled.

"Blyde, you knucklehead, what are you doing!?" Donny asked, bopping him in the back of the head.

Suddenly, the lab doors fly open, as the heroes barge in.

"Yay! But how did you guys know we were in this room?" Tori asked.

"Lucky guess." Elana replied, as she holds out her hand, making a bright light flash in front of Bucklend, Vastacoar, Donny, Blyde and the scientist.

"MY EYES!" Donny yelled, blinded.

Elana then slices her sword at Peyton and Tori's belts, freeing them from the tables.

"Looks like you're good at stalling. Nice work." Peyton said to Tori.

"Gah, destroy the mermies and their knight allies or whatever they are!" Donald Bucklend ordered, as the scientist runs out of the room.

Madison shoots an electricity blast at Donny, knocking him away. Peyton sends a sound blast at Blyde, knocking him away as well. 

"I'm getting out of here, handle this please!" Donald Bucklend begged to Vastacoar, as he runs out of the room in fear.

Vastacoar growls, and holds out his chainsaw. Cameron strikes his sword at the chainsaw, as does Elana. They overwhelm him, so he kicks both of them to the ground. 

"Losing, so you cheat, huh?" Elana pointed out, as she quickly gets up.

Audrey sends a gust at Vastacoar, but he charges through it. Madison forms two electricity balls, as she hides one behind her back. She then throws the first at Vastacoar, who absorbs it with his chainsaw blade. She then throws the other at his chest, catching him off-guard, and knocking him against the wall. Peyton and Tori send a combined whirlpool sound blast at Vastacoar.

"GAHH, MY EARS!" Vastacoar yelled, feeling them ringing. 

"Nice, I can't believe we didn't think of this combination before." Tori said to Peyton.

He then throws out an anti-magic nerve gas canisters, but Cameron stabs it with his sword, disabling it. Elana then clashes her sword against the chainsaw, as she feels the spinning blades run against her sword, but she keeps fighting.

"A chainsaw for a sword? Interesting, but the type of sword doesn't matter in the end, only the skill." Elana said wisely.

"Silence, child!" Vastacoar growled, dueling Elana.

"I'm no child, I'm seventeen!" Elana said, as she makes her sword glow yellow, and strikes it right at the chainsaw.

The chainsaw is sent flying out of Vastacoar's hands, and gets stuck in the wall. Vastacoar is surprised, as Elana points her sword to his face, and she smiles. Tori and Peyton then send another combined whirlpool sound blast at Vastacoar, knocking him against the wall as well. Cameron punches him in the face, as he falls to the ground unconscious.

"Never kidnap us ever again." Peyton said annoyed to him.

"If this happens again, you will see a very different side of me, to say the least. In other words, I won't be happy or smug. I can't stand this place, let's get out." Tori said, as they leave the building.

Donald Bucklend peeks inside the room, seeing Donny, Blyde and Vastacoar knocked out. He then closes it, and walks away.

Luna, Cesare and Briar are seen entering Tom's room, and look at the crown.

"He's been in there for over four hours...something's not right." Cesare said, concerned.

Briar places her hand on the crown, feeling it.

"He is not in there." Briar said to them.

The heroes are seen back at the Golden Seahorse.

"I am very proud of you, Elana." Mai said, after hearing the story.

"It was pretty cool to work with you guys, except for the whole getting kidnapped part. Thanks for the help, Queen Elana and the rest." Peyton said, eating food.

"Nice work Elana. Cameron really improved your skills." Madison said.

"He did, and I learned a lot about myself. I won't rush us into the Shadow Lands until all of you are ready." Elana said.

"I'm proud of you. You've matured a lot since being tricked by Ramos. I will help accompany you on your journey, as you deserve all the help you need, majesty." Cameron said to her.

"Thank you. I just wonder if Tom fixed my crown..." Elana wondered.

"Ranen wants us back in Central Karmania, there is a problem." Zero said, reading his communicator.

"Good luck with that, I should get going." Peyton said.

The heroes meet Ranen, Luna, Cesare and Briar outside of Elana's castle. Briar holds Elana's crown.

"Can I wear it again?" Elana asked.

"Yes, here you go." Briar replied, handing it to her, as Elana channels her powers.

"Thanks, it feels okay. So...what's the issue?" Elana asked.

"Well...I don't know how to say this, but gone." Luna said, surprising the heroes.

"Gone as in went shopping without leaving a message gone, deceased gone, or unknown location gone?" Nick asked.

"Unknown location gone. We have no clue where he is." Luna said.

"How exactly did he disappear?" Cameron asked.

"He went inside of Elana's gemstone to fix it, and never came out. I don't think he's pranking us. Something must've happened to him in there, perhaps the work of Beast. I sense he is still alive, but I do not know where..." Luna explained.

"He's always been a bit of an oddball, so I have no clue where he could be at all." Cynthia said.

"I have a feeling this will be one frustrating game of hide and seek." Tori said.

"At least he's still alive, so that's good. We'll keep an eye out for him." Madison said.

"Did he actually fix the crown before disappearing?" Elana asked, concerned.

"We're not sure. It appears to be the same as it was before, sadly. However, the Beast hasn't tried using its magic in a while, so perhaps you won't need to worry about it yet. Luna, Briar and I have casted a few spells to suppress the Beast's essence at least." Cesare said.

"That's fine. Even if the crown goes weird on me, I've grown better at using this blade, so I'm okay with not relying on all of my elemental powers alone. I'll be ready for the Shadow Lands. I hope Tom is okay, wherever he is..." Elana said.

Tom is still seen wandering through the Beast's dimension, as he looks at the green, blue and purple colors in the void.

"Not bad." Tom said, admiring them, as he floats onto a rock platform. He sees Ramos sleeping on his chair.

"Tom, you took longer than I expected. Welcome to my den." Beast greeted, approaching him.

"Thanks. Hi, I was bored and decided to visit, I guess, you know, old time's sake." Tom lied.

"You are a bigger fool than I thought. You cannot wipe my essence from the gemstone with your magic." Beast said.

"I know. I wanted to get here, silly. I'm not a complete fool." Tom said, not showing any fear.

"You could just teleport out of here with your fancy powers, yet you stay. I know what your game is." Beast replied.

"I also know what your game is, so I guess we're even." Tom replied.

"Do you? Well then, you can just stay right here with us..." Beast replied.

"Then I will. I've needed a new living space, so why not." Tom replied.

Ramos then wakes up, looking at Tom confused.

"Who the heck is this!?" Ramos asked.

"He's our new roommate." Beast replied, smiling.

"Is this really necessary? Just destroy this intruder! How did he even get here!? Is this just some weird dream!?" Ramos asked, confused and irritated.

"I will never deny a guest. Trust me, the more the merrier..." Beast said ominously, smiling.

"That didn't answer any of my questions!" Ramos replied.

"By the way, I really like what you've done with this place. The creepy rocks, the ominous sky colors, and unsettling atmosphere, all nice touches." Tom complimented, admiring the scenery.

"Seriously, what is going on here!?" Ramos asked to Beast.

"He thinks he can outsmart us, but I've already outsmarted him. It's a mind game between two masters of the chess board. He won't be a problem, ignore him." Beast reassured.

"Hey man, have some chocolate." Tom said, handing Ramos a chocolate bar.

"...Is it poisoned!? I'm onto you!" Ramos said paranoid to Tom.

"No tricks. You'll like it. Now then, let me settle in." Tom said, as he floats to another rock platform. He claps, making the rocks form a bed, mailbox, bookshelf, and lamp. He then goes to bed. "Good night! Call me Tom, by the way."

Ramos looks at the chocolate bar unsure, and decides to bite it.

"Hmm...this is actually pretty good." Ramos said, surprised.

Beast then walks away with a neutral look, while Ramos looks at Tom unsure. 


-Vastacoar regrows himself and returns. It is revealed his regrowing ability was the effect of a mutation by PosidoniaCorp.



Tom becomes trapped inside Beast's dimension.


...Please don't ship Cameron and Elana.

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SpongeOddFan    1,519
2 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

...Please don't ship Cameron and Elana.

haha i won't :P

Anyways, that was good breather episode as i like Cam helping Elana how to brave enough without her crown, and it was also helps her to get stronger using her sword. As for heroes destroyed some losers (and Donald being wimp). Tom trapped Beast's world  is weird with interacting Ramos.

Otherwise, it was dope episode.

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Metal Snake    2,852
3 hours ago, jjsthekid said:

...Please don't ship Cameron and Elana.

So no Camelana? Camel Ana? :(

Glad we have Vastacoar back again, along with Donald Bucklend. I liked the scenes with Cameron and Elana best, they had the most engaging dialogue to me. Also liked the ending with Tom and the Beast. WHAT DOES HE HAVE UP HIS SLEEVE


Reaper Luna 2.jpg


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