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Your Current Thoughts on the 2010s

What is your favorite year of the 2010s at the moment?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite year of the 2010s at the moment?

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2010 - This year was pretty good.

2011 - Another year that was pretty good.

2012 - It was only decent.

2013 - Better than 2012, but the end was pretty rough.

2014 - When life started giving me more lemons than usual.

2015 - I never want to go through this year again.

2016 - This year was alright, though some problems did occur (especially in November and December.)

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2015 was probably the best year of this decade for me. I became a Professional Radio D.J. at my local Radio Station, and sold more of my artworks, not to mention, appearing in a locally made production, called "Revenge of Blue Harbor," a B-movie thriller with star Ted Levine.

2010-Good. Technically graduated from College, made some artworks and sold them. Appeared in a locally made production called "Curse of Blue Harbor," a B-Movie thriller. I got a job at a local Bob's Big Boys. I FINALLY bought a Nintendo WII!

2011-VERY Good. I started my "Captain Retro" persona for my College Radio D.J. broadcasts. Made more artworks and sold them. Appeared in a locally made production called "Hello Stranger," a Western with star Timothy Bottoms. Bob's Big Boys went out of business, but I got a new job at a University Cafeteria Restaurant.

2012-Okay. I did the maximum amount of semesters I could do in Radio Broadcasting, so I temporarily had to retire Captain Retro. Made More artworks and sold them. Appeared in a locally made production called "Realm of the Mole Men," a Science-Fiction Thriller with stars Timothy Bottoms and Ted Levine.

2013-Better. I got an additional day of work and was able to buy a Nintendo 3DS! Made more artworks and sold them. Appeared in locally made production called "Tommy Benjamin," a romance comedy loosely based on William Shakespeare's "Two Gentlemen of Verona," with star Ted Levine.

2014-The Year I Had My Life Changing Experience. I had a health scare, and after getting better, I had to move to a new town. Made some more artworks and sold them, had to give up my job at the Cafeteria due to my health. But on the bright side, got to spend more time on SBC as a result.

2015-See Above.

2016-My Life is personally okay, but I'd just as soon REPLACE 2016 with ANY other year that I have already lived!

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2010- Dumb as shit, naive 8/9 year old kid obsessed with Mario and Sonic and used to scream and get mad over dumb shit. That said, it was a good year i remember fondly although I was a weird kid in elementary school. My personality changed a lot in 4th grade (2010-11 school year) because that was kind of the first time I really had to experience with friends becoming distant. 

2011- Another year i remember fondly! Year in August where I was obsessed with MLP and Shugo Chara, and then Regular Show and Adventure Time, and yo I was a fifth grader! A cringy and hyper one, but still a fifth grader. I don't really regret much shit from this point that was cringy tbh because it all makes good memories of just how i was that time. 

2012- Was good until summer where I graduated elementary school. Basically everything went to shit when I started middle school that year in August. Middle school was a hard transition, was still a really cringy and hyper kid obsessed with MLP and began to get bullied because of it.

2013- The worst year of the 2010's hands down. I can't think of a single good major event that happened this year, besides some games being released this entire year was shit. It started as shit and ended as shit. Still really cringy and hyper and got bullied to fucking oblivion and one month into 7th grade in September 2013 I transferred schools, which was.... hard. Really hard. I met a girl who I thought would change everything but nah. More details on my blog, I wrote a huge entry about it but yeah that was my first time i really dealt with depression.

2014- Was really fucked up until April due to a certain event but after that a lot of stuff actually picked up and started to get better. I became less hyper and shit and started to turn into the person I am today, started really getting into music, made good friends and adjusted to a new lifestyle and just really matured a lot. It was mainly a huge transitional period. It got great when 8th grade started but i was super edgy after April

2015- Basically 2012 all over again. Great until I graduated middle school. Transitioned to high school really badly. Did not become bullied though but very distant, sad, etc. I got into anime this year though so that was a major plus.

2016- Very meh until summer where i went through another transitional phase, and in August 2016, which I now consider probably one of the best months of my life, I changed again, a lot of it due to rewatching Shugo Chara and getting into The Simpsons and some other cartoons, and found myself happy in life again and it was one of the greatest shifts I ever did. I truly loved cartoons and knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. I entered sophomore year with a great start to a really great year and just overall found I like being happy a lot more than i like being pessimistic about like everything.

2017- The best year of them all so far tbh. I was the same happy I was in 2010/11 but not cringy. It's just been really solid so far

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I know it's only August, But I wanna Update this accordingly.


On 12/30/2015 at 7:57 PM, DelayedRelayedRusty said:

More Connstructive Criticism 

2010- Okay, Basically the start of all the school issues I've been having. However, I did start going on the web in this year.

2011- Better, but not by much, just plain boring. Nothing much to remember.

2012- This is the start of issues with my parents, really nothing much except my birthday.

2013- Easily the best year of the decade. I have VERY fond memories of this year. No issues, everyone was nice and I was happily stupid.

2014- I will forever hate this year. Electronics got broken, I didn't complete assignments, and was diagnosed with narcolepsy. Hey, at least I joined SBM this year.

2015- As bad as 2014. More issues with my parents (mainly my mom), had to deal with the death of both my grandma and my cat, my mom got sick, and was incredibly nervous in high school. Mainly because of the change of pace.

2016- OOOOOOOH MYYYYY GOOOOOD. Just one, big, long, awful, DRIFT. However there was some good parts, like being involved with the Furry Fandom More....and getting blocked or realizing that a lot of my crushes are taken or straight. Parents were less of an issue, but depression was starting to set in.

2017- Fuck this year. I mean, It's just one big roller coaster..Yeah, I was part of a team that won a robotics competition, but that was overshadowed by School, My Other Grandma Dying, Politics, and Life. Although I have crushes this year.

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2010 - Eh, forgettable.

2011 - Even more forgettable.

2012 - Great year of my life, much better than '10 or '11.

2013 - sorta forgettable

2014 - extremely forgettable

2015 - Best year of my life so far pretty much.

2016 - In the race for worst year, a lot of shit happened that wasn't too good.  Got a little depressed.

2017 - Man, this year wasn't too kind either, but much better than 2016, so that's good at least.

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2010 - good year, but i dont remember a lot

2011 - same as 2010

2012 - great year, prob 2nd fave of the 2010s

2013 - there isnt much to remember about this year for me honestly

2014 - best year of the 2010s for me. wasnt that great of a start but the middle and end was gr8. always wish i could go back

2015 - same as 2013

2016 - wasnt that bad but definitely 2nd worst year as a lot of stuff at the end lead up for what was to come in 2017

2017 - ok i admit the middle of this year got better but oh my god, the stuff that happened to me earlier in the year EASILY makes it the worst year of my life PERIOD.  

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you know what screw it

2016 is no longer the worst year

that spot goes to twenty fucking seventeen


I mean, 2016 may have had bad music, a bunch of iconic celebrities (and my damn dog too) dying, and Donald Trump winning the election............actually, 2016 is still pretty bad. But the recent hurricanes and earthquakes, not to mention most of today's pop music still not getting a smile from me may as well tie 2017 with that year.

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2010: Don't remember a lot of this year, but I liked it. 

2011: This would definitely be my favorite year of the 2010's. Life was good for me.

2012: Decent Year for me, first time I went on vacation in over 5 years. That was also the year I started using the internet frequently. 

2013: I thought it was meh. Not really anything that stood out to me what so ever.

2014: Better than 2013, has some memorable stuff.

2015: I liked this year, graduated 8th grade. 

2016: Unpopular Opinion, I actually liked this year. Wasn't perfect, the music sucked, politics and such, but it was decent enough year personally. 

2017: Ugh, this is a very mixed year. I don't like a lot about what happened this year, anger got worse and other personal problems. But also, I did go on a road trip this year and that was fun. 

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2017 has had it's ups and downs for me but at the same time what years don't? Of course the world is a giant dumpster fire right now but when is it really not, but it's been an especially awful dumpster fire but my life has been pretty good through and through. 

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