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Miss Appear

54. The Clear: Katherine learns the true nature of her powers and abilities. Mayor Krabs makes an admission to the general public, which surprises Bonnie. Tim contemplates a new threat in the city. (Post Date: 1/14/19)


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My first new lit of 2019: Deadpool, initially intended to be part of the Reneverse's second phase (not coming anytime soon) and now a supplementary work in the shared multiverse of lits. The basic idea is to take the campy, 1970s-era tokusatsu tone of Toei's Spider-Man series and apply it my favorite antihero(?), the Merc with the Mouth.

...Naturally, this means taking the piss out of Showa-era toku such as early Kamen Rider and parodying its tropes to hell and back. Expect lots of gore, explosions, gory explosions...and chimichangas.

The plan is a singular season of 41 episodes, and it's coming soon.

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That's right! After 4-5 years (holy crap I'm so sorry please don't hurt me :( ), I am finally getting back to business with spin-offs and lits. 

Unfortunately, all I plan to do right now is wrap up my remaining spin-offs and lits. Yes, all 4 of my remaining spin-offs and lits will be coming to an end.  I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who's enjoyed my works. It means the world to me that people actually read and liked what I posted. :)

Now, am I retiring from spin-offs and lits altogether? Not exactly. I may have one thing up my sleeve, but I'm still considering whether or not I want to do that.

Here are my plans regarding my four remaining spin-offs/lits:

SPONGEBOB AND HIS FRIENDS: Ultimately, I have decided to cancel Season 3 of the series. I've simply lost interest in it and no longer wish to keep it going. I do, however, have a special that I wrote up back in 2016 and never got around to posting. It'll detail the plans I had for Season 3. The special will be going up shortly. :)

GARY THE SNAIL'S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES: For some odd reason, it doesn't seem like I ever posted Episode 48? I could have sworn that I did, but after re-checking, I have not. So, that will be going up today as well! :D As for the planned Season 5, this has unfortunately been scrapped. After Episode 48, there will only be two episodes left. Episode 52 (the 2nd part to "Back To The 1st") and Episode 53 (which was actually intended to be a Season 5 episode. I began writing this one long ago, and I'll be finishing it up as a special "lost" episode of Season 4!). I've been heavily invested in writing the remaining episodes today, so they will definitely be up sometime soon!

THE ARCHIVES OF CNF1: I have three episodes left for the series (Episodes 24-26). The content for each episode is all stuff I wrote years ago, so these episodes will be up relatively soon (possibly tonight!). After that, the series will be over.

NICK THE GOLDFISH SLAYER: This is the one where I'm not entirely sure what to do. I have an episode list that I made of the remaining episodes I wanted to write for the mini-series, but I'm not sure if this is how I wish to proceed with the series. I may just combine some of my ideas into a few episodes or perhaps make an extended episode or film to end off the mini-series. This is one I'll have to re-work a little, so unfortunately, it may be a while before the conclusion to the series comes forth (it won't be years away though).

Thank you all again for reading my works, and perhaps in the near future, you'll see a new spin-off or literature from me! :) 

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(Miss Appear and Knights of the Multiverse)

... And the title/logo for this year's crossover event follows below:


Take to the stars. War is coming. Spring 2019.


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Skodwarde: Made my first contribution to the show's final season this past weekend. So, if you're any at all interested in how a Skod version of Goons on the Moon would be like, I'm your hook up. I still got a couple more of these left in the tank until the eventual finale, whenever that may be (in time for the show's 8th anniversary perhaps? ahh who am I kiddin)

Community Deathmatch: Just gonna rip the bandage off this one real quick. I won't be going through with a final season. To the maybe two or three people who may still care, it's really for a whole amalgamation of reasons. The incidents of last year that I'm sure is still fresh on the mind, which I'm also sure everyone else has gotten their own licks in on it already. I'd just be beating dead horses or opening up cans of worms that shouldn't be open a second time. I'm also just not around or just plain social as much anymore to even stay current, let alone get everyone's characters on point enough by even Deathmatch's lousy standards. Plus, I'm sure almost everyone's sick of this shit as much as I am. Right? Right. All that being said, there will be one or, at the very most, two episodes posted sometime soon that I really wanna get up as some sort of way to give this lit closure. If you've paid attention and somehow remembered it over the last couple years, I'm sure you can figure what the endgame might be here. And if anything, I could just offload all the other ideas I had for the final season into my OMJflix club if anyone has the hankering for that.

Anything else: well one thing can be guaranteed, and that is no more full-feldged SBC lits from me for the very foreseeable future. The whole announcement of SpongeBob spinoffs actually being a real thing over at Nick actually has me itching to do some more of my own here for shits and giggles. I kinda wanna do something festive for this Flicks February event cuz if you know me, I go out and watch movies a lot to the point where I had days named after it. I still wanna finish that Super Mario Bros Z lit. But don't take my word for it. All of this section right here could continue to amount to nothing. Except for the SBC lits part, that's still something.

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