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What did you last dream about?


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Last night I had a dream that I was watching a Seven Little Monsters episode where Two needs to get a haircut, which actually is an episode, though the dream version was completely different. Two went into the barber and all the monsters and Mama were there. The barber showed him several different styles of hair to choose from for his haircut, even suggesting Mama's hairstyle.


"Oh, I don't think I like this one," said Two.


"It's okay, my Two-ling!" Mama reassured him, making sure there were no hurt feelings.


Finally Two decided what hairstyle he wanted, but he told everybody to leave the barber shop so that he could surprise them. After several minutes of waiting he finally came out wearing a baseball cap to cover his hair, though some of it showed underneath which made it look like the original hair style. However, when he took the hat off, it was completely different. He had a purple afro with green, yellow, red, and orange stripes towards the middle and finally a little bit of his original hair at the bottom.


"So? What do you think?" asked Two.


"It's... very nice!" said One, trying to hide her true feelings about his awful hair style.


"Mama is glad my bubbalinka is happy!" said Mama who didn't seem bothered by it.


Then they all walked off along the sidewalk into the sunset as the episode ended.




Come to think of it, I should try drawing Two with his wacky hair. :P

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(I made a thread like this years ago but it has been unactive for a while :P)


I dreamed I was dating this Spanish actor that plays a villain on this show but that I find so attractive, and that I was making a sandwich for my cousin cuz I ate hers :]

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I had a dream where I go to a videogame store and ask for Fallout New Vegas ultimate edition, the clerk says that it only cost 1 cent, when I'm about to hand him the money my dream absurdly changes to something else.

I really need to have that game.

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My maths teacher, huge poop slime monster, windstorm and hellman, SpongeBob screaming something with german subtitles "Er bläht sich." (sorry, I didn't know what that meant) and so on...

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I dreamt I was having a Cruiseday and I was at the theater waiting in line to get a ticket for the new Hobbit movie. This one cute girl who has been working the ticket counter whenever I've been going lately irl was there. Then she leaves the counter and just a few people shy of me but I noticed she was now at the door checking the tickets now, but she left that right as I was the next one to get a ticket and that was like the last I seen of her. I go inside the theater and I suddenly meet up with like my entire English class from junior year and I get caught up in some school field trip. The lobby of the theater looked like a damn Chuck E. Cheese. I followed my class to this movie screen in the middle of the hallway where you enter the auditoriums and there were a bunch of wooden chairs and a few recliners in front of it. I get stuck sitting on a wooden chair. I left and tried ditching them to go watch the Hobbit but try as I might, I couldn't find the auditorium that was playing it so I just went back. I remember we were gonna watch Fast & Furious 6 and that my teacher was playing it on a DVD player and there was like never ending previews and my class was being annoying af then I woke up. No girl, no Hobbit, no damn movie at all, and me ending up stuck with a bunch of bungholes I can't stand while my butt hurts on a wooden chair inside Chuck E. Cheese. What a nightmare.

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