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Wrasslin' Crew: Last thread got future endeavored

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On 4/8/2023 at 9:22 AM, SpongeOddFan said:



anyways thoughts on Roman beats Cody at Mania?

I thought it was a perfectly good match until the finish. I like Roman’s work as champ as much as the next guy, but it really should’ve been Cody’s moment. If/when Cody finally get his moment in the sun, it’ll have already lost a lot of its oomph and impact for me since everything was so perfectly built up to go down in that moment AT Mania, when the most eyes are on WWE’s product (especially this year’s with the big sale going down simultaneously). To have it be anywhere else and any other time feels very secondary. I’m the sure the eventual win will get Cody where he needs to be, but they should’ve struck while the iron was white fucking hot. WWE sorely needs someone else on Roman’s level or beyond that, especially with Roman gradually inching more and more into the twilight of his in-ring career it seems. And I’m sure a happy Night 2 ending would’ve negated a lot of the negativity that went down the night after on the Raw After Mania. But maybe they do have a big plan for the long game in place and hopefully it’ll shut my ass up. I can understand where some people come from saying Cody should face more adversity before winning the big one, “hard times” and all that. We’ll just see how it plays out.

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Finally got around to watching the first episode of AEW Collision. It was definitely a different take on AEW than Dynamite, and welcome that direction for it. The set was awesome, things went at a nicer change of pace, matches were good, crowd was hot as per Chicago. I know audio mixing hasn’t been one of AEW’s strong suits, but the commentary sounded especially quiet in this episode, at least for me. Hard to get a real gage on how I felt about the team of Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. When JR got on commentary, he sounded in real rough shape. You hate to see it. I know he had a spill/accident on the way to the show from what I heard, it probably would’ve been best to at least hold him off until he gets better. I know JR likes being a busy body, but it was just depressing to hear him like that. Favorite match of the night was probably Andrade v Buddy, but the main event wasn’t shabby neither. Surreal seeing Punk and Joe share a ring together again after ALL this time. Nice to see Skye Blue get a much needed W in her hometown. Nice to Miro back just AT ALL. I don’t know why Khan let him fall by the wayside the way he did. The TNT Championship changed hands AGAIN. It’s hard to believe that it was roughly a year ago that Wardlow was one of the hottest acts going in the company. And he loses it to Luchasaurus of all people. And if anything, they’ll probably just have Wardlow win it back anyway. Wardlow was an unstoppable force, now he’s the force that can get stopped at times but then takes off again with less speed than he had before, which makes the next stop less impactful. Idk, maybe Wardlow was just doomed to this inevitable fate from the start because as hot as he was last year, he still wasn’t ready to hold the world title. I was hoping a nice reign as the longest reigning TNT Champ would get him there as being one of the few guys who could dethrone MJF, but the start/stop-ness of it all (and at the dual expense of another potential heavy hitter in Hobbs) has just done more damage than actually building him up. Pairing him up with Arn was a good call tho. I just don’t think the AEW Cody Rhodes way of booking him, is the way to go.

Overall, I give the first episode of Collision 3 and a half Counterfeit Bucks out of 5. Solid start, a nice breath of fresh air from Dynamite. Seemed very much like Tony at least had help in putting this show together, and hopefully this current arrangement continues putting out solid shows like this. As well as continue giving the lesser featured guys time to shine, cuz AEW definitely has the talent pool to sustain more than two shows. Hopefully they make the most of these extra two hours every week.

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like dude what the actual fuck? To lose such a promising wrestler this young and this out of the blue so soon after just losing an absolute legend in Terry Funk. My heart goes out to all who knew Windham and Terry personally, as well as to all the wrestling braddah and sistahs who loved both those guys as much as I did. Man, this feels like Brodie Lee all over again. Those promos Bray cut when he first came back hit a lot different now, almost like he was trying to say his peace to the fans before things could get worse. You were without a doubt one of my absolute favorite things about this past decade in wrestling. Rest easy, Windham Rotunda.

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Man, the cause of death hits hard for me


Really curious how tonight’s Smackdown shapes up with there being reports that day to day business at the E has come to a halt in the wake to his passing. I kinda hope they dedicate the entire two hours to celebrating his life and career.

EDIT: Smackdown turned out to be a fitting tribute to both Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt. Glad Rowan could be brought in as well. LA Knight ending the night off with a dub was a great feel good ending.

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