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The Golden Community Awards III

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In honor of it winning best spin-off (which I'm incredibly grateful for by the way) here's a little something, something...

Adventures in the Underground City


You've read all ninety nine...

Sandy: ... a letter saying that's she's died

...but what about the 100th?

Spongebob: I need to get outta here...

It's finally arrived...

Spongebob: Ooh my head, what happened?


Airs Tonight!

Don't miss the episode you've all been waiting for... :D

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YAY! Thank you guys sooo much for voting me for Kindest User. It means a lot to me, it really does. I love you guys! And congrats to all the other winners! :)

I knew you were going to win that. I've never seen you get mad, like ever. Well, you get mad, but not at us. <3 :P

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I thank everyone who voted for Tom and Lou for best friendship, and Pearl for best female character. It feels really good to have taken home two awards for The Adventures Of Tom and Lou and Team SpongeBob :) . Again, thank you. Without the fans/voters, it wouldn't of been possible.

Stay tuned for the rest of "The Adventures Of Tom and Lou" Season 3, the show also being renewed for a 20-Episode Season 4 which will contain its 50th Episode :D .

Team SpongeBob will continue next Friday with it's 100th Episode, as the show continues through Season 7 and will have an 8th Season.

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Q&A with iDylan:

Q: So, what's with your recent Down Under and SpongeCraft reboots? Are you all out of ideas or something?

A: Down Under never really ended. The story has constantly been in my head, and I personally really want to find out what happens. However, the original series was a tangled mess. An exciting tangled mess, but it was ultimately going nowhere. Down Under was the father of SBC-related spin-offs; it's been two years since I first started it, and I think it's about time I start over with a new cast, new plots, etc.

Q: And what about SpongeCraft?

A: SpongeCraft is the father of drama spin-offs. It's been four years since terminoob started it, and it's such an amazing story that I think it deserves to continue on.

Q: Have you ever even played World of Warcraft?

A: No, but my version of SpongeCraft won't be based solely on World of Warcraft as the original was.

Q: What will it be about then?

A: You'll see. I'm sure I'll get criticism for what I'm doing, with a lot of people probably saying, "IT'S AN INJUSTICE TO THE ORIGINAL SERIES!!!" Well, it's not supposed to be an exact replica of the original SpongeCraft. If it were, it'd have no reason for being.

Q: Will terminoob help write it?

A: I'm sure he will eventually.

Q: Down Under became the highest viewed spin-off in SBC/TV.com history, only behind Bikini Top... do you think you can recreate that same kind of success?

A: I dunno. Anything can happen. Drama spin-offs have sort of died away, replaced with a hybrid of comedy/SBC-related/hardcore SpongeBob fanfics. What I have planned, though, is sure to get some heads turned.

Q: What do you mean?

A: People have been talking about how the spin-off/lit industry is going to be transformed again... some have suggested using digital art infused with text, others have said you should let the users decide what happens to the characters. I think what I have is even better.

Q: And what's that?

A: You'll have to wait and find out. :P

Q: Do you have a date set for the Down Under and SpongeCraft releases?

A: No, although I can tell you SpongeCraft won't be coming out until 2013.

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