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181a. License to Milkshake

Jjs Goodman


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#181A - License to Milkshake


Friday, September 7th @ 5:00 PM ET/PT


Saturday, September 8th @ 10:30 AM ET/PT

Sunday, September 9th @ 8:30 AM ET/PT

Sunday, September 9th @ 7:00 PM ET/PT


SpongeBob returns to the milkshake academy after discovering his milkshake license has expired.



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* The Casey, Zeus, and Mr. Lawrence combo has been writing a lot of episodes lately.

* A milkshake, eh? We don't hear much of those at the Krusty Krab..

* A popsicle milkshake?

* Oh my, so SpongeBob's Milkshake License expired 7 years ago?

* We are introduced to a...Milkshake Academy? I guess milk-shaking is pretty serious now in Bikini Bottom.

* I think Captain Frosty is guest voiced by someone, but I'm not sure who.

* An Ice Cream spatula? SpongeBob sure has some rusty milkshake knowledge.

* SpongeBob struggles with technology nowadays.

* So his milkshake froze again?! Seems like SpongeBob is doomed when it comes to making milkshakes..

* Obliterate? Poor SpongeBob..

* Well, SpongeBob came out as a nice..spongey milkshake.

* I lol'd at his "unteachable moron" comment. Reminds me of Mrs. Puff.

* They shoot cherrys at Milkshake pictures for gun shooting?

* Lol at the cherry getting stuck in his butt.

* A Krabby Patty milkshake? :P

* And there is the infamous milkshake scene from the promos lately..

* He keeps re-using the same straw for each milkshake?

* I really wonder why SpongeBob has such a problem with milkshakes..

* Oh my, we see Captain Frosty had a bad incident with a milkshake machine a long time ago.

* What the? How is he getting stuck in there?

* Well, SpongeBob saved his life, despite the broken machine.

* And SpongeBob has the perfect milkshake skills now.

* Overall, a decent change from the Krusty Krab episodes. I laughed at the boating license comment at the end. :P

Grade: B+

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License To Milkshake - 1/10

To me, this was a much weaker episode than "The Good Krabby Name" and "Squid Baby." The sheer lack of any comedic or laugh-worthy material is startling, and the plot was simply horrible. Most comedies (even shows like iCarly) follow some sort of plot throughout the episode. THIS was a setup, not a plot. To me, it was a bunch of scenes attached to each other, like one enormous montage of SpongeBob trying to overcome some sort of obstacle (which is so overused at this point it's not even funny). This has been a real letdown; I expected a lot not just from Season 9, but this episode, and it was a true disappointment.

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After seeing this episode, I conclude that this is the worst episode of season 9 they've aired so far. That's doesn't mean it wasn't a good episode, it was okay, but it wasn't a very good episode. The episode didn't really feel that great, it wasn't very funny or interesting. It did have its moments like the plane and the shake, but it was very meh. I thought at one point that the episode was a dream (Frosty getting caught) which made me question the show. At least it had a better ending and some moments. But why did they use random music instead of the music the show regularly uses?

Score: 6/10

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Wow you guys must be spongehaters if you think License to Milkshake was worst and disturbing as Squid Baby. I loved License to Milkshake I will not give an A however because completely unoriginal every season there's a episode where Krabs puts a new item on the menu or does something for more money. Krusty Dogs, Krusty Towers, Krabby Land, Pizza Delivery, The Good Patty Name, etc. Just wish they could do something original. Original was face freeze in season 8 but that was extremely disturbing therefore it do not count.

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I didn't really like this episode too much. I thought it was a lot weaker than the last new episodes. Nothing about it really made me laugh, except for the part where Frosty got caught in the machine and a few of SpongeBob's attempts to make a milkshake.

Overall, I didn't really hate the episode, I just found it to be boring. But the HD quality is truely wonderful!

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Pretty underpraised here but at least I'm not the only one that thinks this was an awesome episode. I found it a little better than Extreme Spots so it is the best of season 9 right now. There weren't anything bad here in my opinion. This episode gets a 10/10 for me.

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It's extremely disappointing seeing some people on this forums either hating the episode or just not enjoying the episode that much. :( I LOVED this episode and I thought it was better than "Squid Baby" and "The Good Krabby Name". Sure, the episode doesn't have a lot of laugh-worthy moments or just no laugh-wortthy moments in general but the storyline was very well written and it was very creative too. For those of you saying it's not original, well it actually is very original. Think about it? we don't see an episode about there being an academy for making milkshakes. That's like one of the most creative ideas in cartoon history in my opinion. I thought the montage was pure awesomeness too. I'm surprised that they don't play their usual Hawaiian background for montages but that rock background music they used matched well with the montage. I also thought it was pretty nice seeing Captain Frostymug's past about his incident when he worked at the milkshake place 20 years ago. This episode exceeded my expectations big time and I think it's the best Season 9 episode SO FAR in my opinion. I LOVED it slightly more than "Extreme Spots" and "Squirrel Record". Michael McKean also did an excellent job voicing Captain Frostymug.... that character was strict yet funny and enjoyable. I applaud hard for the writers with this episode, I loved it so much that I already watched it like 5 times. :)

OVERALL: 10 out of 10

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I think mostly everyone felt like the show took a different turn with this episode. It was out of the ordinary. Personally I thought it was a cool twist. There was new characters and background fish. Rock montage music? Seems like Regular Show to me and it's really cool. The scene with SpongeBob riding a motorcycle was awesome. Personally I liked it. I liked the ending too when SpongeBob noted that he wished getting his driving license was that easy. :P Also the title card and "Twenty Years Earlier" card were both colorful.


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