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Ask this llama some questions and eat a bowl of nails with milk because you love that extra calcium<3!


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1 hour ago, Elf Wendy said:

Yuri secretly likes some manga's with action in them, justifying it as "world building" but will never tell Natsuki?

Her secret is safe with me ;)

1 hour ago, Zooey Deschanelf said:

Daria or Brooklyn Nine-Nine? :funny: @E.V.I.L

Y must y00 do this


If I HAD to choose, B99 but B99 is my pure, happy place and Daria is my "I h888 everyone" place :Laugh:


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6 minutes ago, Zooey Deschanelf said:

@E.V.I.L was lurking through old SBM posts and this made me cackle?


"Is that too violent for the SpongeBob forum?"


LMAO I WAS SO INNOCENT GAWSH 2012 SBM WA SSO PURE (well, for the most part)

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4 minutes ago, Zooey Deschanelf said:


other people I know: go home for the holidays and hang out with old friends

me: holes up in my room instead with the internet and mainly talks to people on a SpongeBob forum

I'm such a social butterfly? :Laugh: 

Someone finally gets my struggle

I keep making the mistake of looking at snapchat and seeing all people going to all their old friends but I never made any in HS so it's just been pretty lonely here and every holiday season, the knowledge that ym family is to disown me and my holidays will eventualy be spent alone always remains in my brain like a nagging itch you can't get rid of and it makes for a not so ideal holiday season


Hang in there my llama :Laugh:


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