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How would you rate Season 1?  

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  1. 1. How would you rate Season 1?

    • 5/5 Stars: Amazing
    • 4/5 Stars: Good
    • 3/5 Stars: Eh...okay
    • 2/5 Stars: Meh
    • 1/5 Stars: Garbage

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A pretty good season. Some episodes were lame, and few were incredible, but I still found it enjoyable. Plus it has a certain charm to me, I don't know why but even when I don't find an episode funny it still puts a smile on my face.

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an awesome start to a series that was great for three full years and one scattered year. has anyone else besides me noticed that every episode of this season felt like it was presented in the same kind of manner? they all felt older and mediocre but in a good way. like they really did feel like it was only the beginning of spongebob. and that seasons 2 and 3 were also both presented in the same manner too, but had a newer feel to them and were nothing like season 1 was. and season 1 had an older feel to it. seasons 2 and 3 were way better, even though season 1 was still awesome and classic. do you guys agree? overall, i'd give this season a 10/10 for what it is alone, but a 1/10 in comparison to seasons 2 and 3.

my top episodes from this season would have to be karate choppers, pickles, sleepy time, employee of the month, opposite day, hooky, squidward the unfriendly ghost, arrgh, rock bottom, fun, nature pants, and mermaid man and barnacle boy. the rest were also good, but not as good as these ones. these ones were the most classic and most awesome from all of season 1 IMO. do you guys agree with that too? oh and sandy's rocket and squeaky boots kinda sucked, but squeaky boots was a lot better than sandy's rocket. still, they were both just not quality episodes and kinda annoying and unenjoyable to watch. they were not horrible, but close. they were okay, but a little below average. i would give them both a 5/10. do you guys agree with that too?

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