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118b. Komputer Overload

Jjs Goodman

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This episode segment is okay by season six standards, but I think the later episode, "Karen 2.0," did this episode plot idea better in my opinion. But since this episode segment isn't offensive (or really memorable in any way), I guess I'll give it a 7/10. Enough said!

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I thought it was pretty good! Certainly among the few good ones coming from Springer from this era..

I would have liked it better if Squidward had pulled out the plug of the robot, though. It doesn't make sense that the robot was too far from the Bucket if it had already been terrorizing town.


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Ultra snoozefest. This episode, being paired with one of the show's most infamous episodes, doesn't seem to be discussed much, but considering how dead this episode's atmosphere and plot are, that's probably for the better. There's barely anything to take note of here; while it's not nearly as atrocious as some of Springer and Pursel's other episodes, this one only gets a free pass due to being peak mediocrity and not utter shit. I guess some of the robot designs aren't bad? But they're not noteworthy either. I guess the ending was an alright moment but most of this episode otherwise is so... lifeless that it doesn't really do anything in particular.

5/10 / C (MEH episode)

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