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090c. The Krusty Plate

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Reminds me of a stupid sequel to Gary Takes a Bath.



edit: my BOY. someone reacts to this like,,,five years after i posted it and like i don't even remember this episode anymore or if it even has any similarities to gary takes a bath wh

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People point to Patty Gadget but I think this is easily the best s5 short, as SpongeBob going crazy over tge plate fits the format as it doesnt overstay its welcome, thus allowing for the antics to stay funny. From him going to dishwashing to cleanliness warfare (that is infinitely better than Battle of Bikini Bottom's) was great, especially with moments like him driving through the safety poster and everything with Krabs in it was perfection. The flashback and the endings parallels with the KK destroyed were great and made the "come here you!" bit impactful as a closing line.


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