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As chosen, this is the first thing I will announce. This will mainly be a mega crossover with most of my works.


Here are some details to add:


This takes place AFTER Pisces Moon

Takes place DURING Z-Storm

Has little association with Underwater Survivor

Takes place BEFORE and IN THE MIDST of Guru Gakuto

Takes place AFTER Sub-Tropical Academy (nothing will be spoiled)

And takes place AFTER Tiki Land

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Tiki Land will be coming this month.

Anyways, in due of barely any spin-off updates in a while, crossover worlds will be revealed instead:

Steel's Spin-Offs:
Pisces Moon
Guru Gakuto
Sub-Tropical Academy (characters only)
Tiki Land (character only)
S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B. (characters only)
Trinity Leaf Pegasus

Spongebob Squarepants (were you expecting FB & CC?)
Jimmy Neutron
Danny Phantom
Fairly Odd Parents
Legend of Korra
Invader ZIM

Gravity Falls
Phineas and Ferb

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Xiaolin Showdown

Cartoon Network:
Adventure Time
Sym-Bionic Titan
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

There will also be worlds exclusive to this spin-off.

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I am returning from my hiatus, while I'm here to spread a mini-update at this point. This will be fully detailed by this month, along with the inception of Tiki Land. On to the update and on the subject of crossover worlds, Sym-Bionic Titan, Adventure Time, and Young Justice are confirmed.

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With the first ep of Tiki Land already out, it has now come to the grand reveal.


PLOT: A spontaneous disturbance occurs instantly in the multi-verse, beginning with the core satellites (moons) losing its exquisite energy, and the particles of its power source being scattered all over. This matches up with 7 OC characters being ordered and rounded up for one major task, assigned by Princess Luna, all according to an anonymous prophecy. They have to repossess the particles, known as lunar lusters, and bestow them all before a certain mastermind could bring out absolute harm with said power source. The 7 advocates would now jump through various types of worlds in order to fix everything and fulfill to their goals. (NOTE: Plot is beta for now)


Team Titan:

Species: Pisconarch
Importance in life: TBA
Spin-Off origin: Pisces Moon

Titan is an extra-terrestrial being from Pisces Planet who uses Moon Powers against forces of evil. Now the leader of a multi-verse travelling organization with his main goal of relocating/finding Umbriel who has disppeared since the course of the apocalyptical disturbance in his own universe. Titan himself is tactical and intelligent.

Levi Bouldermore
Species: Human
Importance in life: Striving back to his own status quos
Spin-Off origin: Sub-Tropical Academy

Levi is one of Spongebob's known karate students who ends up travelling about for no other reason than being forced into the same world as all the others. Levi is also apparently the only known human being in the group, as well as being the right-handed man. Levi wants to get back to his original world and proving himself as a worthy fighter.

Strezz Stormond
Species: Sea sponge
Importance in life: To defend all threatened individuals
Spin-Off origin: Z-Storm

Strezz is the original heir to Z-Storm and third party member of Team Titan. He is grouped with the others from a spontaneous typhoon, drifting him out of his own universe in Seaside Shores. (If I remember correctly) Strezz is usually the more serious member of the group as he desires to return back to his own world as well, avoiding further destruction, to live up to that legacy.

Species: Dragon/Totem god
Importance in life: Be able to unveil most of the multi-verse
Spin-Off origin: Tiki Land

Totem god of an alternate universe and fourth member of Team Titan. He finds a magical universe travelling staff, unwillingly transporting him with all the others. Like Koamalu himself, he is usually independant, modest, and usually clumsy. He wants to travel all over several universes to look into all of its differences and such.

Species: Duplicate
Importance in life: To find a new realm
Spin-Off origin: None

Gauzensy is a duplicate of a fallen human with a currently unknown and unveiled past and fifth member of Team Titan. He escapes as a delinquent to his own original prescene and starts up with all the others. Gauzensy is practically deadpan and insolent with all the other comrades. Gauzensy wants to live life in the multi-verse elsewhere while uncaught.

Species: Duplicate
Importance in life: TBA
Spin-Off origin: None

Caerulea is the female sixth member of Team Titan. Like Gauzensy, Caerulea is a duplicate of a fallen human being with no past and has originated from his universe. Caerulea is content, cunning, and has an easygoing personality unlike Gauzensy. She has agreed to Gauzensy's terms of escaping, but apparently has no real known purpose of going all around the mutli-verse rather than being with Gauzensy.

Lotus Petals
Species: Pony (Mare)
Importance in life: ???
Spin-Off origin: None

Lotus Petals is the assumed mascot and seventh member of Team Titan. She met the other six in her own universe with Nightmare Moon and was assigned as special support. Lotus Petals is known to shapeshift into such aquatic objects, such as a common bubble, and to provide oxygen in underwater areas.


Ancill Neochromos: TBA

Master Parallel: TBA

Coming in a lifetime.

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Here's something you'd never thought you'd expect: an update. As it turns out, me and my laziness and ADCD can already convince you guys about how slow things have been. For shame, I know. And because that, I'm not even close finishing Pisces Moon and like I say, I'm STILL working on that. But in that meantime, I can also blame my excessive focus on this project as another reason for my slow progress. Regardless, I'm still brainstorming on it. Anyways, I will start this up once I:


1. Finish Pisces Moon. The fact that I'm planning to speed up with this sounds pretty awkward, but I never got around to that a long while ago, my fault.

2. Start up Trinity Leaf Pegasus. The plot has an impact with the story I haven't even started writing yet.

3. Make progress with Tiki Land. Episode 2 is being produced. (I'm not sure if Sabre got the memo yet, but that's not to worry right now)

4. Make progress with Z-Storm. Because I sure as heck that I'm barely doing anything about that spin-off. My fault. Again.

5. Finish Patrick's Mansion and S.P.O.N.G.E.B.O.B. They're miniseries' now. That's another add-up to my to-do-list to prove my severe ADCD.


Changes/updates to determine:


-The Nightmare Moon typo in the synopsis (or however it's supposed to be spelled), I meant Princess Luna.

-Zesu's name is now Gauzensy.

-Young Justice is replaced with Xiaolin Showdown.

-Foster's is confirmed as a world.

-My current goal is to release this spin-off by March. And because it would make me look like an ego maniac, I'm not planning on releasing it on my birthday, so you'd know. (Keyword being "goal")


That will be it for today. Happy trails, and I'll be seeing you during its awaited release.

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As a little Columbus Day gift, here's a special preview:




The Luminous Samurai stood in front of a laboratory. In his place, he was divided by a screen, clear from the view like a windshield. All around the room, there were glass chambers.


Already standing close to him, but on the other side, was the techician, draped in white, black, and indigo cloth. He appeared alongside his assistant, in resemblance of a blue morpho butterfly, but bigger upon sight.


"The Luminous Samurai," the person said, "once participated in the Pisces Cup to win, and disappeared without a trace. We got him, we didn't even have a hard shelled hunter to do this job."


The Samurai gave no response, for he is stoic about his situation.


"I am Neiville Neochromos, the one who brought you here," he introduced. "It's unusual to be talking to myself about a samurai from space."


"That could mean that this creature transferred himself from another world," his assistant spoke.


"That's a possibility, which is why I am going to attain this stranger's DNA for information."


The Samurai drew out his golden blade and tried to shatter the screen, but it wasn't effective.


"He's never going to escape these premises of my own at this point," Neiville continued.


The space around the Luminous Samurai brights up as one of Neiville's machines started functioning. But first, Neiville uses his powers to slide his victim into the machine. Inside, the Samurai was in wraps as the atmosphere was filled with orange, purple, red, and green fog. The Samurai was also burning up due to the heat packed inside. In a matter of minutes, the process was finished, allowing him to be free from the machine.


"Ha, I can see he's almost got that strong aura around him," Neiville said, according to his respective eye view. "It doesn't look powerful, but he's got that moxie."


"The analysis says he's an extra terrestrial being from Pisces Planet," Neiville's assisant said through his computer examination. "More specifically, he's a "Pisconarch.""


"So I don't have proof yet about him being a world jumper," Neiville proclaimed, "yet he descends from a set of planets with a more interesting cycle than the zodiac pattern. This computer should also read his aura power, memories, blood pressure....and bingo!"


As expected, more of the Samurai's information appeared on the computer screen.


"Let's see....aura levels: moderately high. Locus memories: Pacific Ocean, Bikini Bottom, Crystalline Coast, all that jazz. Name memories: Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Squidward Tentacles....where has he been!?"


"One universe he's reportedly been to is somewhere underwater," the assistant assures.


"Umbriel Quansara," Neiville murmured as he continued reading through the names. "So, he's had contact with her, interesting."


"Do we have all the information we need? What do we do with the Luminous Samurai now?" His assistant asked.


As Neiville was reading through the information, the Samurai tried to break through the screen against as another attempt to escape, it still didn't work.


"For now, he's for keeps for our research," Neiville replied.


Afterwards, Neiville uses his unspecified powers to increase his security of the Samurai by engaging an electric shield all around him.

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