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082a. The Original Fry Cook

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Yeah, I'd have to agree with jjs on the unfair treatment of SpongeBob. The only reason he's there is because he's cheap for Mr. Krabs? Complete bullhonkey. The episode was okay, but I've seen better, even from this season.

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In my opinion, this episode was decent but I didn't like how SpongeBob was treated in this episode. I also didn't like that SpongeBob thought he was replaced by Jim. Jim is an okay character in my opinion. He is not bad as everyone says. I thought the plot was interesting and enjoyable. I thought the parts when Him tested SpongeBob were very enjoyable. I laughed at some parts in this episode. The best part was definetly the part when Squidward shown his blonde hair. I laughed when someone stepping on the krabby patty that SpongeBob made. I also laughed when Squidward became bald. Overall, this episode is good but not great. 7.5/10

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