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The Golden Community Awards II: Summer 2012

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Here are your member categories!

:) Users will receive 500d for winning, as well as 25 reputation points.

Favorite Manager

Favorite Cashier

Favorite Consultant

Favorite Fry Cook

Favorite Good Noodle

Favorite Krusty Krusher

Favorite Customer

Smartest User

Best Debater

Funniest User

Most Unique Username

SeriousBob StrictPants (Most Serious User)

Kindest User

Most Active User

User With the Best One-Liners

Maturest User

Spin Offs

Here are your spin off categories! Users will receive a Spinny for winning, which will be stuffed with 1,000d. No voting for yourself. The first three categories will have pre-determined nominees, but for the rest of the categories, you may vote for whomever you'd like.

Best New Spin Off

Race For Bikini Bottom by The Idiot Box

Gary the Snail's Undersea Adventures by Classic Nickelodeon Fan 1

MermaidMan: The Brave and the Bold (2012)by jjsthekid

The Trident Supremacy by tvguy347

Keeper of the Spatula by NegiSponge

Dolphin Warriors by Unlimitedcha

Best Spin Off

Skodwarde by Old Man Jenkins, Clappy, and Wumbology

Stormy Racers by jjsthekid

Underwater Survivor: SBC Style by Steel Sponge

Adventures in the Underground City by Sabre

Team Spongebob by teenj12

Patrick's Big Break by Wumbology

Krusty Kreep by Elastic Dog

Best Cancelled Spin-Off

Bikini Top by that70sguy92

Down Under by tvguy347

Plankton: Across the Seven Seasby JCM

New Neighbor by Kikapi23

Spin Off Island: Redemption Isle by Clappy

Best Couple

Best Villain

Best Friendship

Best Storyline

Best Pilot

Best Episode

Best Male Main Character

Best Female Main Character

Best Location

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is an honorary achievement for spin off creator, recognizing the best of the best. Only a select few have been inducted, although we choose one creator and one spin off each year to be included on the list. (*NOTE: It is possible for a creator's spin off to be in the HOF, but not the creator him/herself.)

Honorary Creator Nominations






CDCB (New)

Honorary Show Nominations

Good Old Krabby Days

Rock Star!

The New Adventures of Spongebob and Friends!

MermaidMan & Barnacle Boy: Unite!

Hitting Rock Bottom

Skodwarde (New)

Let the voting begin! :D

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