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084c. Good Ol' Whatshisname

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Honestly, I can't stand this episode. :( I felt bad for Squidward at the end, and the Watzitooya gag got tiresome after re-watching it. Generally I am not harsh on episodes, but wow, I couldn't stand it..I guess I'm not a fan of the "3-block episodes".

Oh yeah, and the twist at the end made me facepalm. 2/10

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In my opinion, this episode is just terrible and It's on my bottom 30 episodes. Worst episode of this pairing. This episode actually has a good potential. I usually like the episodes when SpongeBob and Squidward compete each other. (Employee of the Month and The Great Snail Race are perfect examples for this) but I don't think the writers executed this episode very well. This episode just turned out to be another Squidward torture episode. I don't think Squidward deserves to be in the jail for 10 years. He borrowed the guy's, who keeps saying "What's it to you", wallet because he was just trying to learn his name. Even though I felt bad for Squidward in this episode, Squidward was OOC in this episode. Doesn't he knows that stealing a wallet is a crime? Thank writers for making Squidward very stupid in this episode *sarcasm*. Also there were two twists in this episode and both of these twist were lame. First one is that the guy's who keeps saying "What's it to you" name is actually "What Zit Tooya". WOW, very creative writers, very creative *sarcasm*. Second one is that the prize was a brochure for a vacation cruise, not a vacation cruise. Wait, what? Squidward learned that guy's name for NOTHING!!! Once again thanks writers for making Squidward miserable *sarcasm again*. Also yhis episode wasn't funny. Squidward shoving SpongeBob in the cash register and Patrick's cameo at the end are the only funny moments in this episode. Overall, this episode is not only one of the worst Squidward torture episodes, It's one of my least favorite episodes. 2.5/10

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This was part of the weird three-episode pairing thing they did in Season 5, and like most of these other episodes, it is crap. It's basically a typical "Squidward loses, SpongeBob wins" episode except it's shorter, so there's not much to discuss. A mediocre episode for a mediocre season.

Final score: 4/10

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