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It's been awhile since I've been here, I'm sorry I've been neglectful.

Anyway, Twitter keeps suggesting to me I should watch The Four:


But I've been so classically trained in the world of Cha to know that this is not The Four?

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13 minutes ago, Clappy said:

It's been awhile since I've been here, I'm sorry I've been neglectful.

Anyway, Twitter keeps suggesting to me I should watch The Four:


But I've been so classically trained in the world of Cha to know that this is not The Four?

i'm so classically trained in the world of cha that i've barely drawn the four in like the last 3 months due to TBC :funny: 

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10 hours ago, Honey-chan♡ said:

i'm so classically trained in the world of cha that i've barely drawn the four in like the last 3 months due to TBC :funny: 

I've noticed that much, but Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy, and whoever that other guy is certainly aren't The Four. :funny: 

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4 hours ago, Clappy said:

I've noticed that much, but Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy, and whoever that other guy is certainly aren't The Four. :funny: 

definitely not meghan trainor especially

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2 hours ago, Yuri said:

Do you like flavored gum?

peppermint is the best, spearmint and cinnamon are okay sometimes 


2 hours ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

how long before this gets taken down? :funny: 

I give it 11 minutes ( :( ) 

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A car horn could be heard blaring outside Otose's Snack Bar.  The stereo was bumping, and the whole building was shaking.  Gintoki was asleep on the couch, Kagura was asleep in his desk chair, Shinpachi was asleep on the other couch and Sadaharu was snoozing on the floor in between them all.  Tama slammed the door open and woke everyone in the room up.

"Gintoki-sama, your ride is here."  she put shades on and walked out the room.  Gintoki rubbed his eyes and looked at his calendar,

6xHM51h.png "OIIII!  IT'S TODAY?!"  Gintoki was hurrying up like he was a school girl late for class.  He even grabbed a piece of day old toast from the coffee table and ran out the door, "I'm off!"  Gintoki yelled.  Kagura and Shinpachi's faces looked disappointed as they went back to sleep.

"AHAHAHA!  Kintoki!  Better late than never!"  Sakamoto said from the backseat.  Gintoki jumped into the open window and pushed Sakamoto into the middle seat.

"We're all here!"  Skele said, clapping his boney hands together.  Takasugi and Katsura turned around to greet Gintoki,

"Alright Gintoki, you're the tie breaker here.  I'll let you in on it when we start heading down the road."  Takasugi said, shifting the gear into GO!

"Tie breaker?"  Gintoki asked.

"We all can't decide where to eat.  Me and Shinny want Moe's but Sakamoto and Bonestein-dono want Panda Express.  You'll have to be the deal breaker here Gintoki."  Katsura said, turning back to face the front, or rather face Shinsuke.  Gintoki's face went to the typical dead fish look and he started to pick his nose, his thoughts were beginning to stir.

'On one hand, the burritos at Moe's are rather large and could be saved for a dinnerless night, but Panda tastes better...who would have thought I'd be given the most important task of the day...'  Gintoki's mind was racing.

"It doesn't have to be right now Gintoki, just let us know when it gets around lunch time."  Shinsuke said, staying focused on the road like a good driver.  Gintoki looked at his drawn on watch and saw the time was only 9 in the morning.  He had time, but his stomach did not.  He was starving, not haven eaten anything since last afternoon.  His train of thought was derailed however,

"Fuck, marry, kill: Spongebob, Shaquile O'Neal, and Woody from Toy Story."  Sakamoto said in a very serious voice.  Skele let out a slight giggle.  Katsura slammed the dashboard.

"THAT QUESTION IS TOO HARD!"  Katsura yelled.

"AHAHAHA!  You gotta answer is Katsura!"  Sakamoto said, slapping his knee.

"How could I disgrace Brownpants-dono...but then again Woody is only a toy...WITH FEELINGS!"  Katsura was thinking with all his might, then he sat up straight.  "Fuck Shaq, Marry Brownpants-dono, Kill Woody."  Katsura then faced out the window.  Everyone in the car was cracking up, even his husband couldn't help but laugh at his goofy reactions.

"I want Long John Silvers."  the car fell silent, the radio clicking off.

"YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE PANDA OR MOE'S...PANDA OR MOES!"  Sakamoto was shaking Gintoki, but he didn't budge.

"I want fish.  I don't want burritos or Asian cuisine.  I want fish and chips."  Gintoki said, standing his ground.

"Fine then, we're going to Moe's."  Shinsuke said, clicking the radio back on,

Shinsuke and Katsura looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

"STOP THAT, THIS IS SERIOUS!  I'm not eating at Moe's...you do remember what happened last time right?"  Sakamoto said, shivering.

"I quite liked it!"  Skele said,  "But, I wouldn't eat there again.  Not after what happened."  he patted Sakamoto on the back.

"It's good, and I want a fat burrito, so you can stick it cause I'm driving."  Shinsuke said.

"I WANT FISH!"  Gintoki yelled.

"I'm sure they have fish burritos at Moe's Gintoki!"  Katsura said.

"Oi Zura, if you keep trying to shove this stupid burrito joint down my throat, I'm going to shove something else down it."  Gintoki said.  Katsura looked and Shinsuke and smiled.  "OI I MEANT MY FOOT YOU IDIOTS!"  Gintoki started to kick the back of Katsura's seat.

"Come on guys, let's stop fighting!"  Skele said.

"Why do you always gotta play the nice guy Skele?!"  Katsura said, getting his face slammed into the dashboard.  Sakamoto was rocking back and forth in the middle seat.  Shinsuke had a vein popping out of his head, he was reaching his boiling point.  He turned the station,

'WE ARE GOING TO MOE'S AND THAT'S FINAL!"  Shinsuke stepped on the gas, blowing through street lights.

"SHINNY SLOW DOWN!"  Katsura grabbed onto his arm, but it was meaningless.  Shinsuke wasn't stopping for anything but a Joey Bag of Donuts.


"SHINSUKE STOP THE CAR!!!"  Gintoki, Sakamoto, and Skele all held onto each other and screamed.  Shinsuke's eyes glowed like a demon as his foot was smashing the accelerator.  The speedometer was past every number, and he was zooming past everything.  He flicked his arm and the car slide sidewise, flipped upside-down and then landed in the parking lot of Moe's.

"Lunch."  Shinsuke turned the car off and stepped outside.  The other 4 sat in the car, completely rattled and motion sick.  Sakamoto hurried past Skele and threw up outside.  Shinsuke stopped at the door while the other's were catching up to him.

"What's the matter Baby?"  Shinsuke didn't move an inch from the front of the door.  Katsura got past Shinsuke and saw what he was staring at,

"Closed due to maintenance, come back tomorrow!"


"No more burritos..."  Shinsuke touched the note, a single tear drop falling on his hand.  Skele pat his shoulder, while Katsura hugged his waist.

"Oi, it'll be alright Shinsuke, we can get burritos tomorrow."  Gintoki said, trying to cheer him up.  Sakamoto gave a thumbs up while vomiting.  Shinsuke whipped the tear away and turned around,

"Thanks guys...but I don't think we can drive to our next hang spot."  Shinsuke pointed to the car, which began to fall apart, and eventually explode.  The 5's expression darkened.

"Way to go Bomb Boy!  Now we have no transportation!"  Gintoki yelled.

"Well if it wasn't for your stubborn indecisiveness, we wouldn't be in this mess!"  Shinsuke retorted.

"Baby, I think it's best you don't try to defend yourself.  You broke several traffic laws just to get a burrito."  Katsura said, shrugging.

"Guess we are walking, AHAHAHA!"  Sakamoto said with a great laughter.  The 5 started walking down the sidewalk, aimlessly.  They were hungry, the clocking starting to reach noon.

"I waited all day to eat with you guys, I hope we find something soon..."  Skele said, feeling his non-existent stomach.

"Look!"  Katsura stopped and pointed up.

"It's some kind of...glowing beacon of hope..."  Gintoki said, tumblr_lwh9ejfPjt1r2iy4yo1_500.gif  And there it was, a pair of golden arches.

"Guys, it's just WcDonalds.  I don't really want to eat there, the food isn't up to par.  Plus they keep raising their prices."  Shinsuke said.  Gintoki and Katsura turned to Shinsuke.

"I'll eat anything Shorty.  I'll even eat Ronald's WcHot Dog at this point."  Gintoki said.  Katsura shook his head in agreement,

"I really like their WcFlurries."  Katsura said.  Shinsuke, at the sound of this, jumped to the side of WcDonalds.

"You're just doing that cause Katsura wants ice cream!"  Skele said.  "I'm sticking with Tatsuma on this one."  Skele said.  Sakamoto nodded in agreement.

"Come on Mr. Takasugi!  You know you don't want that pink slime, that frozen beef patties."  The sound of disgusting processed food made Shinsuke second guess himself.

"Yes, let the force flow through you..."  Skele said, wiggling his bones.

"I don't want WcDonalds."  Shinsuke said, trudging past the fast food joint.

"CAN'T WE PLEASE STOP ANYWHERE!  I JUST WANT SOMETHING!"  Then as Gin yelled to fill his belly, he saw it.  "Long Johns...HERE I COME!"  Gintoki ran past Shinsuke and made it to the fish joint.  The other 4 finally catching up to them, breathing heavily.

"Come on Gintoki, my old bones aren't cut out for that much running!"  Skele said.  Gintoki kicked the door in and yelled,

"I WANT ME FISH AND CHIPS!"  the 4 face palmed as they entered, but were then shocked to see a familiar face at the register,


"Samurai Gintoki!  Fancy seeing you here!"  Kamui gave the 5 a big smile,  "Welcome to Long John Silver's, Ha!"

"Kamui, what the hell are you doing working at a fast food restaurant?"  Takasugi asked.

"Well you see my little purple friend, operating an entire fleet of savage and hungry warriors is quite tough without making much money.  Too many DUMB purchases."  He punched the counter at the word dumb.  The 5 wondered what he meant.

"Anyway, what can I get you, Samurai?"  Kamui asked, smiling again.

"Yeah I'll take uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"

"JUST ORDER ALREADY!"  Sakamoto slapped Gintoki, but he continued to ponder his choice.  Kamui didn't break his smile.


"Should we just go?  Maybe call a cab?"  Skele asked.  The other three nodded and headed outside.

"1 FISH AND CHIPS MEAL.................................................TO GO."  Gintoki said, finally.  Kamui pulled out a medium cup and handed it to Gintoki,

"That'll be $4.25!"  Kamui rang the register with enthusiasm.  Gintoki took out his wallet and opened it to see nothing but a picture of Sorachi-Sensei.  He threw it on the ground and stepped on it.

"Can you spot me today dude, I don't have any cash."  Gintoki asked.  Kamui's smile grew, his anger level also rising.

"SURE!"  Kamui yelled, slamming the register shut, throwing his cash in the garbage bin under the table.  "You WILL pay me back, Samurai!"  Kamui said, grabbing his order.  Gintoki took the order, got a root beer, waved bye to Kamui and caught up with the other Joui.

"Oh, so you finally decided on something.  Magnificent."  Shinsuke said, sarcastically.  Gintoki took out a piece of fish and smashed on it slowly.  The 4 looked on in awe at every crunch, the sound of every MMM, the delight in the dead fish eyes.

"No, I must not fall trap to the fishy!"  Katsura said.  The cab pulled up, and Sakamoto crammed them all in there, Skele taking the passenger seat.  The cab driver turned on his radio,

"And where would you bruddahs like to go?"  the man asked.

"Chip-Panda Express."  Takasugi and Sakamoto said at the same time.

"Oh, so you're still on the whole burrito hype train?  Get over it Mr. Takasugi."  Sakamoto said, shoving him against the door.


"Fine, I will take you to my favorite restaurant."  the cab driver started to go, stunning the 5 inside,

"Oi, what does he mean by this?"  Gintoki whispered, eating a fry.

"Poor Skele...up there by himself."  Katsura whispered.  Skele looked back and gave a thumbs up, reassuring the other 4.  But then, the cab driver pulled a gun on Skele.

"My favorite food joint...is Long Johns.  Better cough up that bag, Perm Head or your deceased friend will become even more dead."  the man pressed the gun against Skele's skull.

mYL8Q9w2jR-4.png  "P-please Gintoki...do as he says."  Skele said, shivering.  Gintoki looked down at the fish, chips, and hush puppies inside, then at Skele, then back at the food, then back at Skele.

"Hmmm,"  Gintoki said, slowly chewing the fry he had in his mouth.

"KINTOKI THAT IS OUR FRIEND!"  Sakamoto said, pulling a gun of his own.  The cab driver aimed his at Sakamoto, while Sakamoto aimed his at Gintoki.

"FINE YOU CAN HAVE MY LONG JOHNS!"  Gintoki threw the food in his face, which caused the man to crash into a street light.  The 5 booked it out of there and hid in a back alley.

"Did...did we just commit murder?"  Skele asked.

"No way dude, he just wrecked while eating.  Distracted driving is a serious deal."  Gintoki said.  "A lot more serious than ROAD RAGE!"  Gintoki yelled, pointing at Shinsuke, who was clinging to Katsura.

"Hey man, I really want burritos.  Can't a guy just have some rolled grub?"  Shinsuke said.

"Great, no more fish and chips."  Luckily, Gintoki still had his root beer.  He took a big sip, but Sakamoto shot the cup, causing it to explode in Gintoki's hands.

"If one of us eats, we all eat.  We HAVE to decide here and now where we go to eat."  Sakamoto said, putting his gun up.  The 5 stood in a circle, facing each other intensely.  The alley was silent, the 5 not moving.

"Long Johns."  Gintoki said.  He was met by a slap from Shinsuke,

"We can't go back, that man in the cab is looking for us."  Shinsuke said.

"I still say Panda, I really like it!  I think we all would, really!"  Skele said in his usual friendly tone.

"No dice Skele-dono, I'm not buying your nice guy shtick, not this time."  Katsura said, getting a high five from his husband.

"Well there's no way we are splitting their vote.  They are a single hive mind."  Sakamoto said.  Skele scratched his chin, then shrugged.

"Alright, let's go to Chipotle."  Skele gave in, finally agreeing.  Sakamoto and Gintoki looked defeated, while Shinsuke and Katsura hugged Skele.

"Oh well, I guess majority rules..."  Sakamoto said, shrugging.

"I miss my fish."  Gintoki said.


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