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1 hour ago, Katniss said:

yo have you seen this?



stop the presses. my favorite track song on 24k besides 24k magic. BOY WHAT.> MY BOY BRUNO AND THE OTHERS GOT THOSE AESTHETICS. 

glad i got chills, although I like the original ver this was still good and I can find myself even liking it more and more

1 hour ago, Yuri said:

How has Cha Cha been?


Well moved like 4 times in the past 4 months. Been having the flu off and on more than ever in my life. Dealing with family and having to bend for other people in order to live in places. But writing on the forums has been one of the few outlets for me that has caused me a lot of joy during all of this along with a few supportive family members and spending time with some other rl people.

On 9/26/2017 at 10:58 AM, Honey-chan♡ said:

"But other than that I'm doing great!"


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1 minute ago, Katniss said:

I'm honestly living for his hair like that, it's so nice and fluffy? :funny: 

yo shit no lie, only comes in 2nd to my boy corbin in terms of fluffyness :funny:

the whole video is one of my favorite mvs aesthetically and I've only watched it once???

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10 minutes ago, Yuri said:

4 times? Yikes that's a lot; all within state?

yeah, once from my dad's old house, then to my mom's, then to my mom's friend's place and back to my dad's new house

the things I do to keep my dad's family content lol. at least I don't have to fucking "couch surf" anymore.

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