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Jjs Goodman

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Storm Racers Season 1

1. The Force Assembles (Part 1)

2. The Force Assembled (Part 2)

3. One Way Back

4. The Vandalators

5. Muck Zone

6. Gameball

7. Krumb, My Man

8. Deep Thunder

9. Frozen Tracks

"Everyone, I have some upsetting news," Darsun explained.

"What is it?" asked Nathan, who came out of his room.

"Well, now that you've met both the Rark and Vandalators, their war will spread to Earth. They probably still fight on the abandoned remains of my planet," she explained.

"They are rivals?" asked Nora.

"Yes, they always had wars back on my planet," she said.

"Oh my," Nora said.

"You have to stop them at all costs before it gets worse and they spread their war to find me, now a Storm Field is appearing! But before you go, I have to upgrade your vehicles to be ice resistant, as this is an Ice Zone." Darsun explained.

"Ugh, I hate the cold," Dash moaned.

She finished upgrading, and also upgraded their suits, and headed out. The Storm Field appeared in the cliffside and they all went through it.

"It's not that bad, the suit upgrade helped," Dash said.

Just then, a flock of Rark came chasing toward them.

"And it looks we have Rark at 12 o clock, let's slice and dice!" Nathan said.

We see Cymtrax and Krumb on an icy ridge.

"Krumb, the Undersea Force will never leave me alone!" he growled.

"Maybe we can cause avalanche that destroys them?" Krumb said.

"Wow Krumb, for once, that's a pretty good idea. But how?" Cymtrax asked.

All of the Rark were defeated. Cymtrax and Krumb jumped off the ledge and raced away in their vehicles.

"Get after them! Now!" Nathan said.

"Well, I can't, the Grangler's wheels keep sliding!" Nora said.

"Oh well, we won't need to stop," Dash said. They all chased after them.

As Cymtrax and Krumb were racing, a giant yeti-like creature jumped in front of them.

"Noo...it's an Icecorlaxes," Cymtrax said.

"A what?" asked Laneld as everybody else was near them.

"One of the many interesting creatures that appear in Zones," Cymtrax said.

"It appears to be a young one," Nora said.

"How can you tell?" Zelleo asked.

"I have a sense for it, now Cymtrax, leave it alone!" Nora said.

"A young one...the parents are probably looking for it." Nathan said.

"Well organics, I have a new obsession to find other than the Universe Key," Cymtrax said.

"What?" asked a suspicious Nathan.

"I want the Icecorlaxes now," Cymtrax laughed.

Before anyone could do anything, Cymtrax zapped it with electricity, knocking it out.

"You are sick, I can't believe you'd kidnap a young...uh, monster thing!" Laneld said as he launched a sonic wave at them.

"You don't understand! This can go for millions on Senato," he explained. "And, I don't want the Vandalators getting it either."

"But nobody else is on Senato," Nora said.

"Wrong again, organics! My Rark army and factories are, and I will show it in victory to them!" he said.

"You are a monster! Seperating a baby from its family.." Nathan said as he began to fight with Cymtrax's vehicle.

"Fools!" Cymtrax said as a bunch of Rark appeared and threw electric whips at it, and tied around its legs. They began to pull it away.

Cymtrax got away and was leading the Rark flock away with the Icecorlaxes.

"We have to stop them!" Dash said.

"No, don't go jumping into action just yet, we need to think of a plan," Nathan said.

"And where is the Universe Key?" asked Laneld.

"I guess we'll have to look for it as we stop Cymtrax, now let's go!" Nathan said.

As they went through the icy pathway, they kept slipping and sliding.

"Gah, I can't get the Sonicwave to stand still!" Laneld said as he launched sonic blasts everywhere.

"Watch it! Or you'll cause an-"

Just then, the snow on the icy cliffs began to fall off and into the path.

"-avalanche..." Dash said as he raced away.

"Undersea Force, GO!" Nathan said as they quickly escaped the path, being crushed with snow behind them.

They got out and saw the path covered in snow.

They began to stare at Laneld.

"Give me a break!" Laneld complained. "The Sonicwave isn't used to ice."

"Whatever, let's go!" Zelleo said.


"There's the Universe Key, sir!" A Rark said.

We see a frozen Universe Key across an icy bridge on a lone icy platform.

"Now, what if the Icecorlaxes causes the bridge to break?" Krumb asked.

"I didn't think of that, but I think we'll be safe, and if not, oh well," Cymtrax said.

They slowly went across the icy bridge, which began to crumble a bit.

"Very carefully..." Cymtrax said.

We see Nathan and gang arrive.

"Freeze right there!" Nathan said.

"Too late organics!" Cymtrax yelled. "The Universe Key is very close to our control and we have the Icecorlaxes in the net," he said.

"Well, we will stop you!" Dash said as he zoomed up and sliced off two of the ropes, and sliced open the two Rark, causing them to explode.

"Fools! You'll harm the creature too!" Cymtrax yelled, as the creature began to slip down the bridge.

"Gragh, hold on!" Cymtrax said.

"Alright gang, take out those Rark holding it!" Nathan said. "Just don't hurt the Icecorlaxes!"

Nathan jumped up with the Splitvire and sliced open three Rarks and caused the three wires to snap, making the Icecorlaxes slip down even more. Zelleo used the Crusher to smash open the remaining ones, and all of the ropes snapped, and it fell down to the start of the bridge.

"NOOO!" Cymtrax yelled.

"We can still get the Universe Key!" Krumb said.

"And you just lost two things in a day Cymtrax!" Nathan said as he snagged the Universe Key, and returned down, racing by them.

The Icecorlaxes was better, and it rose up on his four feet and growled at Cymtrax.

"Uh oh." Cymtrax said.

It charged at them, and stomped very hard on the icy bridge, causing it to shatter. It jumped off quickly. Cymtrax and Krumb fell to the trench below.

"NOOOOO!" Cymtrax yelled as we heard them falling.

The creature growled something, which the gang assumed meant "Thanks for the help."

It began to ran off throughout the Ice Zone, and we see it appear in a cave with its parents. The young Icecorlaxes was playing with Cymtrax and Krumb as toys, which they grabbed out of the trench.

"Graaaaaahhh!" Cymtrax yelled.



Character Debuts: Icecorlaxes (Son, Father and Mother)

Area Debuts: Ice Zone

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[align=center]125508.gif125508.gif125508.gif50th Episode!125508.gif125508.gif125508.gif[/align]

Season 3 episode 10 (50)- "The Ship of Lost Souls"


Spongebob: (Hes sitting in Jellyfish fields with Patrick when he blows a bubble that is shaped like Patrick) Hey Patrick, look I blew one that looks like

Patrick: (He looks at it strangely) A big, fat ugly hippo (He laughs) I see it

Spongebob: UhYeah a hippo (They both blow one that combines to create a bigger bubble that pops)

Patrick: That was awesome (His watch beeps) Whoa a watch! ItÔÇÖs making a noise which means I probably have to be somewhere (He stands up) Well I better go

Spongebob: Are you sure? Why donÔÇÖt you just stay for ten more minutes?

Patrick: Sorry buddy but I canÔÇÖt be late for whatever my watch is beeping for (He starts to leave the fields as Spongebob blows another bubble sitting on his own)

Spongebob: Its just not the same without Patrick (He stands up but accidentally hitting the bubble soap over and it spills down the hill) I had to work three months to pay for that soap (He chases after it but slides along the spilled soap, losing control and falling to the ground) Ow! (He looks up to see the bottle falling down the open sewer) NO! (He runs towards the sewer) That must be the place therere going to build that tunnel for those ugly deep sea creatures (He look down the sewer then shouts down it) Hello? Anyone down there? (His voice just echoes when he notices the bubble soap caught on a ledge) There it is! Im coming down (He carefully starts to climb down the sewer holding onto the ledge reaching for the bottle) Almost there (He stops when he hears a flush) Oh no, thats not a good sound (He hears the water flooding through the pipe as he grabs the soap and starts to climb out the sewer) That was close (He reaches the top when the soap spills in his eyes and he looses his balance and falls down the sewer) AH! (The sewer water spills around him and he glides down to the ground) EW EW EW EW EW (He tries to rub some of the sewer water off as he slowly looks up at a huge wreckage of a ship right in front of him) Is that the The Titaniumtanic? (He walks towards it rubbing some of the rust off of it revealing the words Tita (He continues to rub off the rust from the ship when a skeleton bursts out the metal and Spongebob jumps back in a start) AH! (He clambers up the ladder as fast as he can, reaching the top of the sewer he runs out of Jellyfish fields, into his house and he jumps into bed shaking under the covers) What am I doing? I shouldnt be here, I need to face my fearsOr get Sandy to do it for me

Time Card: A few minutes later

Sandy: (In the Treedome shes talking to Spongebob) Amazing, thats so fascinating

Spongebob: Yeah, I really like your invention too, but what about the ship I just told you about?

Sandy: (She turns away from her invention and looks at Spongebob) Oh yeah, thatÔÇÖs interesting too

Spongebob: So what are we going to do?

Sandy: Wait, what ship did you say it was again?

Spongebob: The Titanic

Sandy: You mean the Titaniumtanic?

Spongebob: Yeah, that

Sandy: ItÔÇÖs been lost at deep sea for centuries never found by any scientific mind or intelligent individual, how did you find it?

Spongebob: I guess I was lucky

Sandy: You sure were, lets go (They both walk towards the door) I better take my Science equipment (Spongebob gasps)

Mr Krabs: (HeÔÇÖs in the Krusty Krab looking at all the customers) IsnÔÇÖt it great Squidward?

Squidward: (Flatly) No

Mr Krabs: Look at all those happy faces doesnÔÇÖt it just feel you with glee?

Squidward: (Flatly) No

Mr Krabs: Can you believe its been fifty years since the Krusty Krab

Squidward: Started making a whole generation of citizens overweight?

Mr Krabs: No Well yes, but thats not my point, its been fifty years since the Krusty Krab became a legal place to eat (He looks into the air) I remember it like it happened yesterday, but in fact it was fifty years ago


Mayor: I now pronounce this newly founded restaurant, a legal place to it (He cuts the ribbon)

(End of flashback)

Squidward: Was I suppose to see something then?

Mr Krabs: Well I was hoping you would imagine it for yourself

Squidward: Yeah right

Mr Krabs: Whatever (He stands on top of a table) Hello customers, as itÔÇÖs the 50th anniversary of the Krusty Krab being so on and so forth, everything will now be doubled in price for your enjoyment (He gets off the table) That is all (He walks up to Squidward) IÔÇÖve still got it (Squidward rolls his eyes as Mr Krabs walks into his office)

Sandy: (Underground they both walk up to the ship and Sandy feels itÔÇÿs old paint) ItÔÇÖs so old and fragile

Spongebob: (HeÔÇÖs leaning on the ship) Tell me about it (He rubs his hands across it peeling some paint off)

Sandy: This could supply a scientific breakthrough, thanks for bringing me here Spongebob

Spongebob: Just doing my jobNot flipping burgers, but you know what I mean

Sandy: IÔÇÖll just take a few scrapings for an analyses (She pulls out her science equipment taking a few scrapings off of the ship)

Spongebob: To the sciencey place

Time Card: The Treedome

Sandy: (She powers up a machine) There we go

Spongebob: So what does that do?

Sandy: When I place a certain material or objects into the machine it states what it is and where it was found, proving if that ship really was the Titaniumtanic (Spongebob looks confused) Ill show you (She picks up a ray gun) See this ray gun I invented? (She places it into the machine) Watch

Machine: (The screen shows an image of the gun then starts to speak) The Death Ray 3000 found in the Bikini Bottom Science Mus (Sandy stands in front of the machine) Uh, that must be a technical difficulty (She picks up the rusty paint and places it into the machine) Lets hope this works

Machine: (The screen shows an image of the Titaniumtanic then starts to speak) Paint scrapings from the Titaniumtanic, Lost at sea on the 15th of April 1912

Sandy: I canÔÇÖt believe it, it really was the Titaniumtanic, and you found it we need to go and alert the science community, Oh thank you Spongebob (She hugs Spongebob)

Spongebob: Well (He blushes as the machine sends a huge beam of light into the air that gradually gets larger) Sandy may I ask whatÔÇÖs happening?

Sandy: You may, and my answer is RUN! (They run towards the door but they begin to get sucked into it) I think the scrapings have opened a portal to the Titaniumtanic

Spongebob: ThatÔÇÖs highly unlikely

Sandy: Yet itÔÇÖs happening

Spongebob: What should we do?

Sandy: Pull with all your might (Spongebob slips off but Sandy grabs him)

Spongebob: Thanks Sandy

Sandy: Pull yourself up (Sandy looses her grip and they are both sucked into the portal as it slowly closes)

Spongebob: (He wakes up rubbing his head and looking up heÔÇÖs sees Sandy looking out at sea) W-Where are we?

Sandy: I was right, weÔÇÖve been sent back in time

Spongebob: So were on the Titaniumtanic? B-But how? What are we going to do? How are we going to get back? Why am I so quizitive? (He stands up next to Sandy and looks out at sea)

Sandy: (She has a thought) Wait that means (She runs up to a fish holding a glass and she taps him on the shoulder) Excuse me sir, but what day is this?

Fish: Today? Why itÔÇÖs Christmas day (He chuckles to himself)

Sandy: Very funny, but seriously

Fish: ItÔÇÖs the 15th of April

Sandy: 1912?

Fish: Of course (He walks away from her as Sandy looks at her watch)

Spongebob: Are you alright Sandy? (He walks up to her)

Sandy: We have two hours and forty three minutes to live

Spongebob: (Shocked) What?!

Sandy: Forty two now

Mr Krabs: (In the Krusty Krab Mr Krabs is in his office opening bills) Why doesnt anyone ever sent me any cheques? (He opens a letter and reads it out loud) Dear Eugene Krabs, you health insurance has expired after fifty years, you now must renew your insurance by filling out the form on the overleaf (He quickly jots down the details then stands up) I better get this to the insurance company, I cant have people dying in me restaurant again and me having to pay because of it (He walks out of his office and looks around) Everyone just stay safe until I return, then you can all go die or injure yourselves (He runs to the town centre posting the letter but reads that the company is shut until 4:00 and cant give out any insurance until then) Just my luck (He starts to walk back to the Krusty Krab) I just have to make sure no one is injured on Krusty Krab property before four o clock, that shouldnt be to hard (He walks into the Krusty Krab to see the kitchen on fire and the customers sliding around the floor hitting into things and glass smashing as the music starts) 


Sandy: (She looks at her watch while she runs around the deck panicking) Only two hours and thirty six

Spongebob: Say Sandy, how am I not suffocating if the ships above water?

Sandy: All of this around us (She signals to the ship) is basically just a hologram and people can still see and hear you but history doesnÔÇÖt detect you as real people until we are born, so we donÔÇÖt really exist here

Spongebob: So does that mean we canÔÇÖt die?

Sandy: Oh no, far from it in fact weÔÇÖve got more chance of dying first before any of these people and besides this is an underwater ship, were not above the ocean

Spongebob: What are we going to do?

Sandy: ThatÔÇÖs it, The bridge of the ship thatÔÇÖs a great idea, IÔÇÖll just guide the ship away from the icebergs

Spongebob: I donÔÇÖt know how I gave you the idea, but I like it, what should I do?

Sandy: Nothing that will destroy the future so.Nothing (She runs towards the bridge of the ship)

Spongebob: Got to do absolutely nothing (He slowly turns around and hits into a sponge as they both look at each other) Sorry about that

Steven: No worries (Spongebob turns around to see Sandy on the deck)

Spongebob: Sandy, I thought you were going to stop the ship from hitting those icebergs?

Sally: Who are you and what are you talking about, icebergs?

Steven: (He whispers to Spongebob) Thats Sally, I have aI love her

Spongebob: Oh (She walks away) Does she know that?

Steven: Not only does she not know it, but she doesnÔÇÖt know who I am

Spongebob: You mean youÔÇÖve never talked to her?

Steven: Well I walked into her once by accident

Spongebob: Did she say anything to you

Steven: Well she swore at me if thatÔÇÖs what you mean

Spongebob: ThatÔÇÖs not really what I meant, why donÔÇÖt you invite her out for a dinner, thatÔÇÖs what I did for Sandy

Steven: I would but whenever I go near her my legs turn even more weak and spongy

Spongebob: Why donÔÇÖt I tell you what to say and you just go ahead and say it?

Steven: Uh,Ok, By the way I didnt catch your name

Spongebob: (In his thoughts) Fake name, fake name, fake name (Out loud) My name, uh is SpongeBob, damn

Steven: Well nice to meet you Spongebob (He shakes his hand)

Spongebob: Now if you just find me a pen and IÔÇÖll write what you have to say

Steven: A what?

Spongebob: Fine thenA pencil

Steven: A what?

Spongebob: Ugh

Steven: A what?

Sandy: (She reaches the bridge of the ship to see the captain playing cards and not controlling the ship, so she tries to open the door but itÔÇÖs locked) Come on (She pushes it harder but it still wonÔÇÖt open)

Steven: (In the dining hall Steven walks up to Sally as Spongebob hides behind a plant) UhHello (He taps Sally on the shoulder)

Sally: Yes?

Steven: (He looks at the piece of paper Spongebob handed to him) The thing is Sandy

Sally: My names Sally

Steven: It doesnt matter what your name is, the fact is that I laugh you and always will (He looks at the paper strangely) I may not show it all the time but I always have (He throws the paper on the floor and continues to talk) Youre the most beautiful and intelligent squirrel Ive ever seen in my entire life and I want to spend my entire life with you

Sally: What are you saying?

Steven: Do you wanna have dinner with me?

Sally: Sure why not? (They walk to a table holding hands)

Spongebob: (He walks out from behind the plant) My work here is done, and now to find Sandy and save everyoneÔÇÖs lives (He walks out of the dinning hall then runs back in) Right after IÔÇÖve had some cheese cake (He runs up to the buffet)

Sandy: (She kicks down the door to the bridge and runs up to the captain whoÔÇÿs sitting on the floor playing cards) Listen, you need to actually look at the sea out ahead of youÔǪ

Captain: YouÔÇÖve ruined my perfect game, Guards make her walk the plank (The guards grab onto her)

Sandy: What are you? Pirates?

Captain: Pirates?

Sandy: Look it up on WikipediaIn a hundred years time (The guards pull her out of the bridge and as she is dragged away she shouts to the captain) Steer around the icebergs, you must to save us a (They slams the door shut)

First mate: What did she say?

Captain: Something about nice burgers, anyway go fish (He puts his cards down as out at sea they are heading directly to the hundreds of icebergs)

Sandy: (SheÔÇÖs standing on the plank as the guards force her off with their knives) If you spare me, I can save your lives

Guards: Just walk squirrelly (They move closer to her as she backs away the guards fall to the ground when Spongebob karate chops them in the back)

Sandy: Spongebob (She smiles as Spongebob unties her and they both run around the deck looking for a place to hide)

Spongebob: Quick in here (They both jump into a life boat and hide as it lifts up) WhatÔÇÖs going on (The guards are revealed to be pressing a button lifting the life boat up and moving it over the side of the ship)

Sandy: Oh no (The release the boat and they fall into the freezing cold ocean)

Guards: So long (They walk away laughing as Sandy looks at the ship getting closer to the icebergs)

Sandy: We need to move the icebergs out of the ships path, itÔÇÖs our only hope (Sandy begins to swim towards the icebergs as Spongebob slowly follows)

Spongebob: You go on, IÔÇÖll catch up with you (He gasps for breath as he watches Sandy swim on)

Mr Krabs: (He puts out the fire and prevents the customer from slipping over) There, now please be more careful (He looks at his watch and walks towards his office and as he turns around he sees Squidward spill grease along the floor and everyone starting to slip over in slow motion) N.OOOO..OO! (In slow-motion he looks at his watch and its 3:59 and he jumps through the air)

Spongebob: (Sandy pushes the iceberg while Spongebob does it in slow-motion)

Sandy: ThereÔÇÖs no time for dramatic effect, people are actually going to die

Spongebob: Your right, I donÔÇÖt know what came over me (They both push the iceberg harder)

Mr Krabs: (In the Krusty Krab he flies through the air but hits the ground along with everyone else) Oh no (He gets up and looks at his watch) Yes! ItÔÇÖs 4:00 look everyone you canÔÇÖt sue me (Everyone rolls along the floor in agony as Mr Krabs happily jumps up into the air

Sandy: (She stops pushing the iceberg as itÔÇÖs hardly moving) ItÔÇÖs useless, no two people can push a three tonne iceberg

Spongebob: Nothing is impossible SandyBut this is damn near close (They both stop pushing the iceberg and hug) Goodbye Sandy

Sandy: Goodbye Spongebob

Patrick: Bye you guys

Spongebob: Patrick?! H-How did you get here?

Patrick: I went through that portal thingy in Sandys hou

Sandy: Reunions later, save lives now (Spongebob and Sandy continue to push the iceberg) Patrick with your help, we could move the icebergs

Patrick: (He looks at the Titaniumtanic heading towards them) Hey look itÔÇÖs NoahÔÇÖs Ark

Sandy and Spongebob: Patrick!

Patrick: Sorry (They all push the iceberg as hard as they can and it slowly starts to move)

Sandy: ItÔÇÖs working! (They push it one last time and it slowly drifts away) We did it, we saved everyoneÔÇÖs lives (She hugs them both as they all cheer)

Sally: (On the ship, Sally and Steven walk to the bow) I had a wonderful evening, I felt like IÔÇÖve known you all my life

Steven: Me two, which brings me onto my next question

Sally: Of course IÔÇÖll marry you (She smiles and hugs Steven)

Steven: (Shocked) Thats not what I was getting at but, hey ho (He happily lifts her up and over the top of the ship as the music starts) 


Sandy: (In the sea they watch them kiss) Tuh, how cliche (She rolls her eyes)

Spongebob: Tell me about it, great couple though

Patrick: (Confused) Hey, whereÔÇÖs that music coming from?

Sandy: Well at least we saved the day and no one died because of us

Patrick: Say how are we going to get back?

Sandy: Well we just have toWait, we just haveI dont know (They all gasp)

Captain: (In the bridge, hes still playing go fish) I think I win again (He takes the money, standing up and putting it into his safe he notices the icebergs) Oh dear God, icebergs! (He presses a button to control the ship but nothing happens) I really should have paid attention to how this thing is controlled (He trips over a card and falls to the wheel that moves the ship away from the icebergs) Well that was lucky (Theyre now heading towards Sandy, Spongebob and Patrick) We cant head towards the icebergs so I guess Ill just have to pull around them (He uses the wheel to move out the way and sits back down) Now where were we? (He is unaware that they are heading to an even bigger field of icebergs)

Sandy: I guess well just have to wait ninety something years (A tear appears in front of them) Oh no, its a time rip! (She gasps)

Spongebob: A time rip?

Sandy: Yeah a time rip, dont you watch any sci-fi movies? By preventing the ship from not sinking the universe will now (Behind her the ship collides with a different iceberg and starts to tip upwards) Well thats the end of that (The time rip disappears as they all watch in horror as the Titaniumtanic starts to sink)

Spongebob: What can we do to help them?

Sandy: Nothing

Spongebob: Nothing? We canÔÇÖt do that

Sandy: We must, for the sake of a few hundred thousand people we save the entire Universe, Hey whereÔÇÖs Patrick (Patrick emerges from under the water)

Patrick: Hey thereÔÇÖs some kind of hole under here

Sandy: Hole? I like the sound of that (They both swim under the water as Spongebob watches at the Titaniumtanic sink as everyone screams)

Spongebob: (He sheds a tear and begins to follow Sandy and Sandy who both swim into the hole and burst out the portal in SandyÔÇÖs treedome along with much water)

Spongebob: (He helps Sandy up) Sandy, after almost dying and watching that Sponge and Squirrel propose I feel I need to ask you something (He gets down on his knees)  Ive known you for almost. Years now, I feel its time to ask you something that may shock and surprise you (He pulls out a small box) Sandy Cheeks, will you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?

Sandy: Spongebob? O-Of course I will (She hugs Spongebob as he puts the ÔÇ£Girlfriend RingÔÇØ onto SandyÔÇÖs finger)

Patrick: Hey wait Spongebob, I thought I was your girlfriend (He holds up his ÔÇ£Best Friend RingÔÇØ)

Spongebob: No buddy, youÔÇÖre my best friend

Patrick: I still get to keep the ring right? (Spongebob nods) Sweet!

Sandy: Group hug (They all hug each other as Spongebob and Sandy look into each others eyes and smile)

Kenny Loggins - "Danger Zone"

Celine Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"

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The Squirrely Adventures of Sandy Cheeks

Episode 8: Zoo Madness!

It's a bright sunny day & the Cheeks family decided to go to the zoo. During the car ride, Squeaky constantly asked "Are we there yet?" Sandy got annoyed & told him to shut up. Squeaky simply ignored her & continued to say it. Sandy pulled some ear plugs out & stuck them in her ears. When they got there, Squeaky said he wanted to see the lions first, but Sandy wanted to see the penguins. Dixie wanted to see the monkeys. So they all started arguing & Janet told them that they'd see the lions first, then monkeys, & then penguins. "Yay!We get to see the lions first!" Squeaky said excitedly. So, they went to seethe lions. Later that day when they were on their way to see the monkeys, Squeaky looked over & saw a sad looking tiger. "What's the matter, Mr. tiger?" Squeaky asked. The tiger growled softly. "You wanna get out? Ok." Squeaky went over & opened the cage. Meanwhile, Janet, Sandy, & Dixie wereglancing at the monkeys. "Hey, where'd Squeaky go?" Dixie asked. Janet & Sandy looked around & didn't see him. Seconds later, they heard people screaming. Sandy gasped loudly. "Look! There's a tiger loose!!" she screamed. Moments later, the zoo keeper came. "What happened here?!" he said. Sandy told him that there's a tiger loose. Janet & Dixie went off to find Squeaky. "Where are you, Squeaky?!" Janet called, but he was no where to be seen.

"Ma!" Dixie yelled. Janet came running over & was shocked at what she saw. There were squirrel bones on the ground. "That tiger ate my baby!" Janet cried. Squeaky came up from behind. "Hi, Mama," he said. Janet gasped & hugged him. "Where have you been? I was so worried about you!" she said crying. "I went to let the tiger out," he said. Both Dixie & Janet gasped. "It was YOU who let the tiger out?!?!" Dixie said surprisingly. "Yeah, he looked so sad being in that cage," Squeaky said. The zoo keeper came over because he overheard that Squeaky let the tiger out. "Little boy, do you realize how much trouble you're in?" he said. "People could've been hurt & killed." Well, since we caught the tiger, we'll let you go, but don't ever do that again, understand?" the zoo keeper said. "Yes, sir," Squeaky replied. (Later when they got home.........) "You're grounded young man," Janet told Squeaky. "Yes, Mama," he said sadly. So, Squeaky went up to his room & went to sleep after the crazy day he had.

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Time for another Sebastion re-run.

The Journey of Sebastion

Episode 4: The Assault (Part 1 of 2)

After Neil ended his conversation with Alex, he took a piece of paper, and began to write something. After he was finished, he called Norbert's secretary, Stephanie, on the intercom inside the office.

Norbert: Stephanie, this is Norbert Nelson. Please come to my office. I repeat, come to my office.

A few minutes later, Stephanie arrived.

Stephanie: You wanted to see me sir?

Norbert: Yes. I need you to deliver this to Brendon Torfish, the head leader of this operation. I need you to tell him to tell the other scientists to halt any remaining work on MSL for today. Tell him that the reason for this is all on this paper.

Stephanie: Um, okay, whatever you say sir.

Norbert handed her the paper, and Stephanie walked to Brendon's workroom, confused about what Norbert said. Why would he delay production when they were almost finished with the project? She chose not to ask, as she couldn't question Norbert's authority. Once she arrived at Brendon's office, she knocked on the door.

Brendon: Who is it?

Stephanie: It's Stephanie. Norbert Nelson asked me to deliver something important to you. Can I come in?

Brendon: Yes, come in.

Stephanie walked into Brendon's workroom. It was significantly bigger than Norbert's, and it had numerous places for storing important files.

Brendon: What do you need to tell me?

Stephanie: I have to tell you something concerning MSL. Norbert wants you to tell the scientists to stop working on it for today.

Brendon: What?! Why?

Stephanie: It's all on this piece of paper.

Stephanie gave the paper to Brendon. Brendon read it twice, and he let go of it in astonishment.

Brendon: Very well then. You're dismissed Stephanie.

Stephanie exited Brendon's office, and Brendon turned on the intercom that he had.

Brendon: Attention scientists. Attention scientists. There has been an abrupt change of plans. All work on MSL is being delayed until tomorrow morning. Until then, you are all dismissed.

The scientists were puzzled. Nevertheless, they left the laboratory, and proceeded to return to their homes. Neil, having heard Brendon's voice over the intercom, was pleased that his plan went well.

Neil: Now all that's left to do is report my progress later on.

Later that night...

All the scientists had left. The only ones occupying the laboratory were Neil(Norbert), Sandy, Brendon, and the security. Sandy, Brendon and Neil(or so he said) were recording today's progress, and the security guards were guarding the laboratory. There were many guards inside the laboratory. Four of the guards surrounded the front of the lab, and four of them surrounded the rear. There were also two rooms close to the roof of the laboratory, one on the front, and the other on the back. Each of them contained a guard and a radar that could read enemy movements. If the radar picked up an enemy that was too powerful for the guards outside of the building to handle, the guard would alert the fish inside the laboratory. The laboratory also had an arsenal of weapons, tanks, and fighter planes given to them by Spongebob's rebel force for the lab's protection.

Sandy's laboratory was well armed, but Alex had planned very carefully. Suddenly, the radar in both rooms picked up a movement. The tanks Alex spoke of were coming to attack the laboratory! There were two of them, and each of them split up, and came from the front and the back. They fired explosives at the lab, killing the guards that surrounded the lab, and decimating the building's walls. The guards that kept track of the radars survived though, and called the security.

Front Guard: There are enemy tanks approaching the lab! We need backup immediately!

Rear Guard: Enemy tanks are coming straight for the lab! We need support, now!

Two of the guards went to one of the rooms in the laboratory. The room had a pad on it for entering a code. One of the guards entered the password, which opened the door to the room. Inside the room, were all of the labs weapons given to them by Spongebob. It was also the storage room for MSL. The guards boarded two of the fighter jets inside the room, and proceeded to fight the tanks.

End of Episode Four.

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Team Spongebob: The Movie - Land Beyond Time

It was finally peaceful on Karate Island, until Helma an evil demon tamer came along. Helma began walking across a mystical land on Karate Island. The land was called ÔÇ£forbiddenÔÇØ . Strange events were known to have happened there. She then said a spell ÔÇ£Qi Tiang, Qu Tou, Feliz Navido!ÔÇØ Helma said. Suddenly, a huge demon rose from the ground. The demon began roaring. ÔÇ£DonÔÇÖt worry my little demon. Me and you will take over Karate Island.ÔÇØ Helma said smiling evilly. ÔÇ£Well guys, we just have to check out the forbidden land and we are done checking the island.ÔÇØ Shin said. The team walked into the Forbidden Land, where they saw a giant demon with a old woman on the demons shoulder. ÔÇ£Who are you?ÔÇØ Shin shouted. ÔÇ£I am Helma and this demon and I will run this island.!ÔÇØ Helma replied. ÔÇ£Not without a fight, you witch!ÔÇØ Linda said. Shin shot bolts of black magic at the demon. The demon spurted out red power and cancelled out ShinÔÇÖs bolts of black magic. Shin then used white magic on the demon, pushing it away.

Helma whispered in the demonÔÇÖs ear. The demon shot red bolts at the team. Patrick flew on a rock trying to avoid the bolts. Patrick took another rock and flung it at Helma. She fell of the demon and hit the ground. Spongebob used ÔÇ£koiÔÇØ and sped up to Helma, punching her in the stomach. ÔÇ£You fools must think IÔÇÖm weak. I will show you..that is not the case.ÔÇØ Helma said shooting blue lightning at Spongebob. ÔÇ£Uh..ouch.ÔÇØ Spongebob said hurt. ÔÇ£We need to identify this demon.ÔÇØ Linda said. ÔÇ£A blood sample coming up!ÔÇØ Shin said shooting white magic through the demonÔÇÖs leg. Blood poured out. Shin scooped some out. ÔÇ£Linda! I got it!ÔÇØ Shin said. Helma used magic to get back on the demonÔÇÖs shoulder. ÔÇ£Take the squirrel girl!ÔÇØ Helma whispered in the demonÔÇÖs ear. The demon did as commanded to. He picked up Sandy and ran away with her. Helma made sure the others didnÔÇÖt follow by shooting lightning at the rest of the team. ÔÇ£SANDY!ÔÇØ Spongebob yelled. It was too late, Helma and the demon had already gotten away with Sandy.

(Time Stands Still plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw_dpsmBtBs)

Darn it.. Shin said. I know, we are so stupid, letting her get away with Sandy. Patrick said. Come on guys, we did all we could to stop Helma and the demon. Linda said. Not enough.. Spongebob said walking away. The team made a new campsite on the Forbidden Land. Spongebob was gearing up. He was ready to find Sandy. Linda walked into his tent. SpongebobI know your worried about Sandy. Linda said. Well, no one else seems to be.. Spongebob said. THAT ISNT TRUE! Linda argued. YA KNOW LINDA, you walk around, innocent as heck and preach about things, spread your goodness and optimistic thinking all over the place, but you dont see that there is real danger out there. Spongebob said.

I know Linda said quietly. Spongebob and Linda came out the tent. Spongebob, take Linda and search for Sandy, me and Patrick have some research to do. Shin said. So research is more important to you than Sandy? Spongebob asked. No. Dude.. Shin said. Whatever.. Spongebob said walking away. COME ON LINDA. he yelled. Linda and Spongebob began their search.

(Hey There Delilah Plays a little: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhfcwQw7Uao)

They started walking up a grassy hill when hundreds of demons approached them. Oh no. Linda said. Down worry, were stronger than them! Spongebob said. Spongebob used koi and quickly punched his way through many on the small demons with Linda on his back. Spongebob.. Im scared Linda said. As a demon grabbed her off Spongebobs back. Linda screamed. LINDA! Spongebob shouted. Suddenly, Spongebob was glowing red, the redness around him created a shark. Spongebos eyes were full of pain and power. He single handedly took down all the demons, shooting red sparks of power at each and every one of the monstrous little beasts. Spongebob.. Linda said softly. Spongebob had his eyes close, his fists clenched. He was struggling. Spongebobare you okay? Linda asked as Spongebob violently grabbed her arm. Please, Spongebob.le-t..m-eGO. Linda struggled. Linda.. Did I hurt you? Spongebob asked. Yes Linda said tearing. (Song Ends).

` Shin and Patrick made their way to a buried library. ÔÇ£Patrick, look at this book. Its about the history of demon tamers.ÔÇØ Shin said. ÔÇ£Demon tamers?ÔÇØ Patrick asked. ÔÇ£Demon tamers are mystical or magical people, usually women, who have a bond with a demon and can influence the demonÔÇÖs choices.ÔÇØ Shin explained.

ÔÇ£So, you think Helma is a demon tamer?ÔÇØ Patrick asked. ÔÇ£Yes. If we kill Helma, we can easily stop the demon. I took some blood samples from the demon, which reveals the demon is a Karrabul.ÔÇØ Shin explained. ÔÇ£What is a Karrabul?ÔÇØ Patrick asked. ÔÇ£A Karrabul is a Type 3 Sea Demon.ÔÇØ Shin said. Just then, small demons entered the library and began attacking Shin and Patrick. Patrick tossed large rocks at the demons. ÔÇ£These must be lower class demons.ÔÇØ Shin said shooting black bolts of power at the demons. Blood was all over the place. ÔÇ£We won?ÔÇØ Patrick asked. ÔÇ£I guess..ÔÇØ Shin said. The gang regrouped. ÔÇ£So, Helma is a demon tamer?ÔÇØ Spongebob asked. ÔÇ£Yes, I believe so.ÔÇØ Shin said. Linda was quiet. ÔÇ£Linda, whatÔÇÖs wrong?ÔÇØ Shin asked. ÔÇ£Spongebob was so scary, it was like he was a shark, out for blood.ÔÇØ Linda said quietly. ÔÇ£Spongebob, are you having anger problems?ÔÇØ Shin asked. ÔÇ£No.. I donÔÇÖt know.ÔÇØ Spongebob replied. Helma and Karrabul held Sandy captive in a cabin. ÔÇ£ My friends will find me and stop your ridiculous scheme.ÔÇØ Sandy said calmly. ÔÇ£You have so much hope in your little team. Tell me why?ÔÇØ Helma asked. ÔÇ£We have overcome many things in the past, and this situation is no different.ÔÇØ Sandy said. Helma smacked her across the face. ÔÇ£You listen to me. Your tied up, your team still doesnÔÇÖt know your whereabouts, I have a large demon. Point is, you might not want to get on my bad side.ÔÇØ Helma said. Sandy just looked at her. Shin grabbed a piece of fur out of SandyÔÇÖs tent. ÔÇ£Man, SandyÔÇÖs a wild sleeper.ÔÇØ Shin said. He used the fur to track her down. ÔÇ£Guys. I think I may have found her location.ÔÇØ Shin said. The team followed the tracker to the cabin. They busted in to find Sandy tied up to a chair. ÔÇ£Sandy!ÔÇØ They all shouted. They untied her, but Karrabul knocked down the house. Wood was all over the place. ÔÇ£Well, if it isnÔÇÖt the meddling superheroes!ÔÇØ Helma said.

Karrabul shot out red beams. Sandy and Spongebob used ÔÇ£koiÔÇØ to quickly avoid the beams. Shin protected himself with a magical barrier. Pat and Linda hid under a rock wall. ÔÇ£Useless defense mechanisms will do you no justice.ÔÇØ Helma said laughing evilly. Shin aimed a white bolt at Helma. The demon teleported behind Shin.ÔÇØHuh?ÔÇØ Shin was greatly surprised at the abilities of this demon. The demon tried to squish Shin, but Shin kept avoiding its giant feet. Sandy saw a red light shine around Spongebob in the form of a shark. SpongebobÔÇÖs hands clenched, his eyes full of rage. ÔÇ£Sp-ongÔÇØ Sandy said. Helma witnessed this transformation. ÔÇ£Hmm..ÔÇØ Helma thought to herself for a second. Spongebob used ÔÇ£koiÔÇØ and quickly took off half of KarrabulÔÇÖs leg violently. ÔÇ£NOOOOÔÇØ Helma screamed. She shot lightning bolts everywhere and she and the demon escaped, but barely. (Bad Day Starts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNTAvnSais)

At the campsite, the team talked ÔÇ£Spongebob do you have an answer for your recently violent behavior?ÔÇØ Shin asked. ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt know why I went on rage, OK? I donÔÇÖt know.ÔÇØ Spongebob was frustrated. Spongebob went into the woods. ÔÇ£Why donÔÇÖt you come back and talk to us Spongebob?ÔÇØ Linda asked. ÔÇ£They donÔÇÖt understand, neither do you..ÔÇØ Spongebob said. He reached for LindaÔÇÖs hand. He grabbed it and held it for a minute. They both looked at the Full Moon. ÔÇ£They say crazy things happen on the night of the full moon you know.ÔÇØ Linda said. (Song Ends). The next day Sandy and Spongebob went to a library. ÔÇ£I canÔÇÖt find any info on your monstrous transformation Spongebob.ÔÇØ Sandy said. ÔÇ£You wont find it here, darling.ÔÇØ a shadowed man said. ÔÇ£I am Qi Tung.ÔÇØ he said. ÔÇ£We know who you are.ÔÇØ Spongebob said. In a split second, Sandy and Spongebob was taken by Qi TungÔÇÖs men who were stronger than them.

ÔÇ£Where are we?ÔÇØ Sandy asked. ÔÇ£My laboratory dear. I donÔÇÖt want to hurt you guys, I want to explain ÔÇ£Tei QungÔÇØ Qi Tung said. ÔÇ£What is that?ÔÇØ Spongebob asked. ÔÇ£What you now have son. The spirit of the shark. Many master martial artist have acquired this. Unless controlled, it can and will try to eat you up and turn you into a lonely, violent, and monstrous person.ÔÇØ Qi Tung explained. ÔÇ£Thank you.. Qi Tung.ÔÇØ Spongebob said. Sandy and Spongebob explained to the team. ÔÇ£So Spongebob has the spirit of a shark eh?ÔÇØ Shin asked. ÔÇ£Yes and he has to control it or it will eventually hurt him in the long run.ÔÇØ Sandy explained. Linda put her hand on SpongebobÔÇÖs. ÔÇ£I know you wonÔÇÖt let this beat you..ÔÇØ Linda said. ÔÇ£Spongebob just stared at her, his eyes met with hers, but with the team watching, they laid back their urges to kiss. ÔÇ£Listen Karrabul, that Spongebob gets out of control in battle.. If we push him over his boiling point, we might just be able to put an end to those pesky fools.ÔÇØ Helma explained.

The team went to the very same spot on the Forbidden Lands that they first battled Helma and Karrabul on. ÔÇ£Its time to end this Helma.ÔÇØ Shin shouted. ÔÇ£Your so right.ÔÇØ Helma said back intending a double meaning. Shin shot black bolts at Helma. Helma used her light blue electricity and threw it to the bolts. An explosion occurred. Patrick levitated rocks and pounded the demonÔÇÖs face. Helma whispered in his ear. The demon stepped on the ground and was able to cause a small quake. Patrick fell as Linda shined her light at the demonÔÇÖs eyes. Karrabul rubbed his eyes a bit. He was stalled.

(Goodbye plays: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUR_3dHKCuM)

Linda used her illuminapathy to heal the psionic attacks on Patricks head from the quake. Helma whispered in the Karrabuls ear. Karrabul aimed his bolts of yellow power at Linda. Linda ran as the bolts impacted with the ground. Flinging her away. Karrabul than aimed at her again and again. He made a huge quake. Linda was badly hurt. Spongebob got really angry. YOULL REGRET THAT. Spongebob said launching through Karrabuls heart. The demon fell down. Shin shot a black bolt at Helma It went through her heart and killed her. Spongebob continued to attack Karrabul. In minutes, Karrabuls body parts were splattered everywhere. Spongebobs spirit was leaving him, slipping away. Spongebobyour not a demon, your not a monster! Please, dont let you get yourself! Linda said with tears. L-IN-DAI-TS.TOO LATE. Spongebob said pained. No. Its not. Linda said as she grabbed Spongebob tightly and kissed him. Sandy was in shock, while Shin and Patrick applauded. Spongebob was calm. His spirit was returned. Spongebob. Linda said softly. Linda Spongebob said softly. Well guys. We did it. After almost an entire year of fighting. We cleansed all evil from Karate Island. Shin said. Thats it huh.. Sandy said. The portal opened to Bikini Bottom. Goodbye Shin. Patrick said hugging him. Sandy hugged Shin too. Then Spongebob, then Linda. Im really gonna miss you guys. Shin said with tears pouring out his eyes. Spongebob, Sandy, Linda, and Patrick waved goodbye as they left Karate Island for good. They were now back at Bikini Bottom. Well, Spongebob. What now? Linda asked. This.. Spongebob said kissing Linda passionately.


Reviews are appreciated, I worked very hard on this and I hope you like it!

Music Selection:

Time Stands Still: All American Rejects

Hey There Delilah: Plain White TÔÇÖs

Bad Day: Daniel Powter

Goodbye: Plankeye

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Re-Edited the episode to assure a G rating.

Team Spongebob:Season 2!

Ep.12-"Cold War" Pt.2 (Festival Episode)

The team started training again. Patrick was practicing controlling rocking and them at his target simultaneously. his target was a puppet. Pat got several rocks through the puppets body and cheered at his success. Sandy nice and neatly cut through a tree. "See...that's how its done Spongebob" Sandy said in a cocky manner. "That's nothing..check this out" Spongebob said jumping into the air and neatly kick down the top of a tree. "See..that is what karate is all about!" Spongebob said.

Shin was busy meditating. "How is meditating training?" Patrick asked. "Because I'm keeping my powers in check,controlling them,and shaping them" Shin replied. "Well...have fun with that,I'm going on patrol!" Patrick said walking out of the tent Shin was meditating in. "History Of Karate Museum.." Pat said looking at the nearby museum. Patrick ran back to the team's campsite. "Guys..there's a nearby museum about karate!" Patrick announced. "Cool! We should check it out!" Sandy said.

The group walked up to the building,only to find the Snow queen trying to destroy the place. "We got to do something" Spongebob said. Patrick levitated a rock from out the snow and threw it at the Queen. She got hit in the stomach by it and fell to the ground. sandy jumped on top of her. "Your not a Queen,your a Witch!" Sandy said chocking her. "Nether-less I'm still more powerful than you" the Queen said trying to breathe. She kicked Sand off her "ratchet witch" The Queen said. Shin through lightening bolts at her,but used the snow as a shield. She then twirled the snow and it hit Shin. Squidward shot black bolts of power at the Queen through his flute. "Leave...this...museum......ALONE!!!" Spongebob shouted using his karate gloves to crack the icy snow,drowning the Queen in water. "I shall have my revenge" the Queen said sinking into the icy cold water."Good work today team!" Spongebob said honoring their victory.

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In Part 2 of The Adventures of Tom and Lou special, The Black Horror and Evelyn must perform the craziest

Denver: What in Trident’s name?!?

(Evelyn uses her martial arts knowledge to fight off the government men. The Black Horror simply rides straight through them.)

Tom: Evelyn! Get the file from Denver!

(The Black Horror cuts loose Tom and Lou.)


Evelyn: Think they’re in there?

The Black Horror: Its our best bet!

(The Black Horror shoots bombs at the facility. He Evelyn go in.)

Breakout ever, to save Tom and Lou!

The Adventures Of Tom and Lou

"Tom and Lou Go To The Desert (Part 2)!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

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1. Spam Parade

One night, WhaleBlubber called up his friends WoodHammer126, BigSteamPile and SquareBob 65. He had a plan for them.

"We're going to spam up SBC!" demanded WhaleBlubber.

"You do know we will fail again, right?" said SquareBob 65.

"If done correctly, it won't," said WhaleBlubber. "Here is what I propose. We will each make accounts each day. On Monday, WoodHammer makes an account. On Tuesday, BigSteamPile makes an account. On Wednesday, SquareBob makes an account. Last but not least, I make an account on Thursday, which will end with a bang!" said WhaleBlubber.

"Hmm, interesting. You know, this could work!" said WoodHammer.

"You're always positive about things," replied BigSteamPile.

"Leave me the hell alone, you pile of -"

"STOP FIGHTING!! Come the hell down WoodHammer!" yelled WhaleBlubber.

"Okay, fine. I suppose you are right, we need to be positive to each other to do this," said BigSteamPile.

We cut to Wednesday. All of WB's henchmen have made accounts. They have been posting regularly, but also been making odd posts. Fellow member Fa grew suspicious when BigJoe123 (WoodHammer) bumped the thread regarding sharks. Then, BigSteamPile posted in the spambox poop about a thousand times.

"WhaleBlubber, is that you?" questioned Wumbology as he replied.

"Haha, I am just random," replied BigSteamPile.

" 801173.gif801173.gif801173.gif801173.gif801173.gif54207.gif54207.gif " replied Elastic in the thread.

Then, WB joined under the account BigFang. He posted in the introductions topic, and acted normal. However, that70sguy92 checked his IP to see if he was a spammer or troll. He checked WB's henchmen and got no results since they hadn't joined SBC before. 70s checked his and...

"Shit, it is Sharky," said 70s. But it was too late. Him and his men began to spam the site to oblivion.

CF and Clapmaster were the only mods online at the time, so it was difficult to clean up. But luckily, ExKizuna was also online along with 70s and tvguy. ExKizuna banned Sharky's account before he could post a link to meatspin.com.

"Take that bitches!" yelled Ex as he swung his banhammer at them.

"So..is that the last of them?" asked tvguy.

"Will sharky poo ever get a clue?" said Clappy. "Hey, that rhymed."

Then, WhaleBlubber made another account known as BigMeatyPoop and quickly made a thread that stretched the page. He was then banned after he posted it. But, he stretched it so long that it began to make a virus.

"Um guys, why is the entire page gone?" asked Boxy Robot in the OT Lounge.

Just then, the background turned blank. A black hole began to appear on the Spongebob Twitter and a freaked out tvguy looked through it.

"I see other users in there!" he exclaimed.

70s, Ex, and Clappy also looked through and saw the users. The users were...odd. They were just shadows. Everyone then logged off and went to xat.

"The fuck was that?" asked Elastic.

"The users looked familiar," said jjs.

"I noticed one of them looked like a few of our users," said steel.

"Well, I don't want to know what it was," replied 70s. "Now, let's move on and pretend it was a dream or some glitched ad."

Meanwhile, we see WB talking with his gang.

"Ah ha ha, we sure hacked them there spongeheads hard!" yelled SquareBob.

WB then went to spam a baseball site when suddenly, the same portal appeared again and his gang were sucked through it.

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eposed 2: brownies edvade

jayjayse the kid said: "you guys, today we are discussion for the stop what are you doing? things sbc likes to including i. an idea?

"clamaster sayd "i think we shold do one on my little poner, friends are cool. since it is a widesess experiance of coolness." jelly then said "well you guys dont think manny people felled descreminated? i meanted membase all good fun and summer but we need be serus her. why if peple dont like about brownies? pornografax and other inecrements! know what your EVEN DOING?" jelly shouted with an uproar on her mouth, the n staf went all crazee on ecether, declaring brownies A=BAND from sbc towne. ! "this is a outraged!!!!" said dragan123, sayign dragiin "to go to therape, please!" and they all wenned. dr katz theraputed them and happiness prefared except fur jelly who STOP

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Episode 6. Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy/ Pickles

One day, Spongebob and Patrick set out to find their longtime television idols, Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy. They are soon disappointed to find out that their idols are now senile old men. When all hope seems loss, Skodwarde arrives to stir shit up as usual. After using his god powers to destroy the meatloaf and brocoli lines, Mermaid & Barnacle Boy snaps out of their dementia and take action. They summon over sea creatures of the deep to hold Skodwarde back but he uses his god powers to cause all the elderly sea creatures to assplode. Skodwarde proceeds to fire his pew pew eye lazors at them while Mermaidman fires back some waterballs and Barnacle Bot shoots barnacles from his pants. After being fought back into a corner, Skodwarde swears vengeance profanely before using his ultimate technique, Ultima. Mermaidman manages to shield everybody in a water shield and Skodwarde teleports back to his house where he spends the rest of his day watching Hallmark movies. Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy takes Spongebob and Patrick out for some Vietnamese.

One day, a morbidly obese bass by the name of Bubblebath steps into the Krusty Krab and proceeds to order everything on the menu with extra pickles. Skodwarde sabotages the order by using his god powers to remove the pickles. When Bubblebath makes the complaint, he tosses Slodwarde off-screen and takes his dollar back from Mr. Krabs, refusing his offer for three glasses. While Mr. Krabs teaches Spongebob in the ways of the spatula, Skodwarde takes vengeance by using his god powers to place intricate items under Bubblebath's tongue. When the rematch comes to pass, Bubblebath is revealed to have the pickles under his tongue the whole time, along with car keys, sports illustrated, drugs, Osama, and somebody's virginity. Bubblebath flees the scene before stopping to catch his breath. Spongebob gets his job back and Skodwarde finishes up his shift before heading home to take a bubblebath.

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In honor of the holiday, here's the Skodwarde Halloween special. Well, here you go.

Episode 13: Scaredy Pants/I Was A Teenage Gary

One day, it was Halloween in Bikini Bottom and all the Bikini Bottomites were getting into the Halloween spirit, even Skodwarde, who decided to dress up as Adolf Hitler. Skodwarde scares Spongebob with his duck walk, causing everybodyto laugh and call Spongebob names such as pussy and chickenshit. Spongebob, humiliated once again, decides to put on his most scariest costume ever and scare all of Bikini Bottom. Meanwhile, Skodwarde bring the traditionalist that he is, uses his god powers to sneak razor blades into all the candy, lights all the Jack-o-lanterns ablaze, and raises all the corpses and ghosts from their graves, literally raising Hell over Bikini Bottom. Skodwarde also terrorizes Mr. Krabs in his home when he refuses to give out candy. Spongebob dresses up as a ghost and scares away everybody he sees, thinking Spongebob is a Klan member. When Spongebob enacts his revenge scheme with help from Patrick, he puts a rope around himself for Patrick to hoist him down but it backfires and everybody at the party thinks that Spongebob is going to lynch them, scaring everybody off. Skodwarde sends his army of the undead to rape Mr. Krabs and goes home to eat some Bon bons. Spongebob now has a conehead that causes Patrick to shit himself.

One day, Spongebob foolishly asks Skodwarde to watch over Gary while he attends a Jellyfish Convention. Skodwarde declines at first, but changes his mind once Spongebob says he'll be away for a week. Spongebob's instructions goes through one ear and out the other as Skodwarde spends the next seven days subjecting Gary to rigorous torture involving god powers, spikes, whips, blunt objects, and starvation. Spongebob returns and takes him back, oblivious to his condition until he realizes that Gary stays still in the bath, something he never did before. Sensing that something must be wrong, Spongebob calls the police to report Skodwarde for animal abuse. Skodwarde catches wind of this and uses his god powers to transform Spongebob into a snail in the most painful way possible to keep his mouth shut. Skodwarde proceeds to have good night's sleep until Spongebob starts stalking him inside his house. After an epic chase involving meowing and god powers, Skodwarde gets his just desserts and is turned into a snail himself. They spend the rest of the night meowing Ave Maria before Patrick flies a dildo at them.

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[align=center]:) :) :)Part 1, 2 and 3 :) :) :)


Squidward: (He's at the backstage of a concert as makeup artists apply makeup to him) This is the life

Stage hand: Are you almost ready Mr. Tentacles?

Squidward: Almost my good man (He picks up his clarinet) Ever since Spongebob, Patrick and Squilliam died in that horrible radiation blast, I've been able to perfect my talent (He laughs as he walks onto the stage) Hello my adoring fans, Can we all put our hands together and bow our heads in silent prayer praying that this daydream will never end (He starts to play his clarinet as everyone cheers)


Roger: ...Squidward, wake up (Squidward wakes up to discover he's been sleeping on the job)

Squidward: Uh, what? Who are you, what do you want?

Roger: Uh...Food

Squidward: Hold your seahorses, don't be too precise (He rolls his eyes) What kind of food?

Roger: Quit bugging me, just food I don't care what kind

Squidward: (He turns around and talks through the serving hatch) Spongebob, one serving of...food, please

Spongebob: (From the kitchen) What kind, buddy?

Squidward: I have no idea, this joker probably doesn't even know what year it is (He turns around as Roger puts a gun to his head) Oh...

Roger: Now hand over all the money from that register

Squidward: (He whispers to Spongebob through the serving hatch) Spongebob call the police, he's got a gun...

Spongebob: (He walks out of the kitchen) Who's got a gun Squidward? (He looks at the fish holding the gun) OH DEAR NEPTUNE! (He drops to the ground)

Squidward: Oh brother...

Mr Krabs: (Across town, he's walking towards the Krusty Krab) I hope the boys don't mind that I stayed in bed for an extra... (He looks at his watch) ...Five hours, and if they do, I'll just cut their pay (He laughs and walks to the front entrance of the Krusty Krab, but it's locked) Huh? (He watches Roger throw the key to the ground) Hey you can't do that... (He watches as Roger fills a sack with bills from the register) ...and you defiantly can't do that! (He slams on the door but Roger continues to steal the money as everyone stays on the ground)

Spongebob: (He looks at everyone looking scared) I need to be a hero (He gets up as Roger sprays pepper spay in his face) Ow! (He falls to the ground but quickly gets back up) Here I go again (He punches Roger in the face and he falls to the ground as everyone cheers) I can't believe it, I did it! (In reality, he's rolling around on the floor as everyone watches him strangely)

Squidward: What did you do to him?

Roger: I think he had a reaction to the pepper spray (Everyone watches as he continues to roll around on the ground)

Mr Krabs: (Everyone starts to gather round the Krusty Krab and watch inside) This isn't working, I need to find another way in (He walks around the back as Perch Perkins stands in front of a camera)

Perch Perkins: Hello Bikini Bottom, I'm Perch Perkins and I'm outside the Krusty Krab eating established that has been held up for over three and a half minutes and everyone is panicking...The police are nowhere to be seen...

Alkalinises: (In the Under W.A.T.E.R. Agency, Dr. Sir turns off the news report on the TV) Hey, I was watching that

Dr. Sir: You're always watching it, this is important...You three must save those people in that restaurant

Klarisse: But I can't, the owner is the guy I was supposed to marry earlier this year but ditched at the alter...

Dr. Sir: I think everyone remembers

Klarisse: Everyone?

Dr. Sir: Lemmy and Alkalinies (He points to them both)

Klarisse: Can't some other underground agency save them?

Dr. Sir: No, this is a job for the Under W.A.T.E.R. Agents - Registered trademark of the Underground agencies cooperation

Klarisse: Ok, but I'll have to wear a disguise

Dr. Sir: Fine, what do I care? But it's not coming out of the agencies budget

Klarisse: I wouldn't dream of it (She rolls her eyes)

Dr. Sir: Well stop not dreaming and go (The three of them leave the agency)

Lemmy: Do you know where we're supposed to go?

Klarisse: I think I can remember where it is (They all make for the Krusty Krab)

Roger: (In the Krusty Krab he continues to take out the money from the register) Hey you, skinny one (He signals for Squidward)

Squidward: You knew my name earlier

Roger: Help me with all this money

Squidward: Do it yourself

Roger: Oh so that's how it is, I see how it is, like this (He holds the gun to Squidward) You're going to regret saying that (He puts his finger on the trigger as the agents burst through the roof and land on top of him making the gun fly across the floor)

Klarisse: (She's wearing a mask as she stands up) You're coming with us (Everyone cheers as they take Roger out back)

Roger: (They walk outside as they cuff him) Now that I didn't run away and I let you arrest me, do you think the Police will decrease my sentence?

Alkalinises: Hell no (They walk off with him as Mr Krabs reveals himself from the dumpster)

Mr Krabs: (Shocked) K-Klarisse?!

Plankton: (At the front of the Krusty Krab, everyone starts to leave as Plankton looks around disappointingly) What a waste of time, no one even got mildly injured (He walks back to the Chum Bucket to see Karen inside) Karen, you've coming crawling... I mean, you're back?

Karen: I'm just here to pick up my spare outer casing then I'll be out of your antennas

Plankton: No please, you can stay and watch me dramatically reveal my latest invention that can't and won't fail...

Karen: ...Just like your mind switching device, Nightmare entering machine, Puffer fish Robot....

Plankton: Those were just tests, this is the real deal...

Karen: Just what you said about your web entering creation, that machine to suck the formula from the Krusty Krab, Those time stopping watches...

Plankton: Y'know Karen, you're making it really hard for me to stay polite to you (He pulls of a cloth that reveal a huge machine)

Karen: Wasn't that the machine you used to enter Spongebob's mind and destroy all his memories?

Plankton: You must be mistaken

Karen: I think you're forgetting that I'm also a surveillance system (She presses a button and starts to play a video)

Karen: (On the video, Karen sees a clone of Plankton standing behind the real Plankton) What have you done now?

Plankton: Well you gave me an idea…

Karen: Oh sure, blame me for your madness

Plankton: …And I decided to make a clone of myself and use my mind to enter the clone and retrieve the formula from my thoughts of that fateful day

Karen: You mean today?

Plankton: Yeah whatever (He turns the machine on) Now be a babe and shoot me (Karen stops the video)

Plankton: (He looks at Karen) Well maybe you're correct, but this is a new and improved design created for an entirely different purpose

Karen: What, have you made it so it won't self destruct when you start it up?

Plankton: Exactly, but I have added two self destruct buttons for style purposes

Karen: And on that note, I think I better leave

Dr. Sir: (The agents enter the agency as Dr. Sir walks up to them) I've just got a call explaining that my old enemy Clamanco has created a new hideout not too far from here, so you three must go and discover what he's up to

Lemmy: But we've just got back, can't we just have a few seconds rest?

Dr. Sir: I don't pay you to not do nothing now get going and do something (They all sigh as they leave the agency) I wonder how much it would cost to replace them? (He walks into the conference room as Mr Krabs enters the agency)

Mr Krabs: (He looks around) Wow, If only I could force myself to hand over money to the estate agent for a place like this (He walks around and starts to call) Hello, Klarisse are you here? It's me Eugeniepoo, anyone?

Dr. Sir: (He's sitting on a chair listening to music) I've never heard of any of these new bands on Alkalinises' iPod...The Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones? Who the hell?

Mr Krabs: (He walks up to a door) She must be in here (He opens the door and falls down the stairs of the basement) I guess not (He looks around to see Roberto frozen in an ice chamber) Maybe this guy can help me find Klarisse (He presses a button and Roberto is released from the ice prison)

Roberto: I'm finally FREE! and freezing (He jumps around happily)

Mr Krabs: Yeah, hi, do you know where Klarisse is?

Roberto: Sweet, sweet freedom

Mr Krabs: Uh, hello

Roberto: (Confused) You don't look like one of those three agents

Mr Krabs: Agents? I'm just looking for Klarisse

Roberto: So where are the agents?

Mr Krabs: I can honestly say I have no clue what you're talking about...

Roberto: They must be out...Which gives me the perfect opportunity to destroy the agency (He laughs as he tips over a box)

Mr Krabs: I think you're mistaken, I'm just looking for my girlfriend

Roberto: If you're talking about the same person as I'm thinking, then she's an agent

Mr Krabs: My beloved Klarisse, an agent?

Roberto: Dude, that's what I just said...

Spongebob: (He's in the Police station) ...And then he got taken outback by the three of them...

Police Officer: Thank you Mr. SquarePants, you have been very cooperative (He gets up and leaves the room to be greeted by Sandy)

Sandy: Oh thank goodness you're alright (She hugs him)

Spongebob: Just doing my duty as a Krusty Krab fry cook ma'am

Plankton: (In the Chum Bucket, Plankton glares at his invention) Well it hasn't tipped over by me staring at it, so that's a plus, I guess it is safe enough to use (He gets into the machine and sets the dial to three minutes)


Past Plankton: ...But this is a new and improved design created for an entirely different purpose

Past Karen: Have you made it so it won't self des... (The machine shakes and Plankton reveals himself from it)

Plankton: Congratulations me, my machine worked

Past Plankton: See I told you Karen, This is excellent, if we keep reusing the machine going back a few minutes each time there are no boundaries to how many us's we can create (They both laugh evilly)

Past Karen: And on that note, I think I better leave

Plankton: Oh she'll be back...(He looks at the machine)...Billions of times (He laughs as he jumps into the machine again)

Roberto: (In the agency, he tips over a chair and laughs) Oopsy daisy

Mr Krabs: So when do you think she'll be back?

Roberto: I don't know, why don't you just leave me alone and go look for her?

Mr Krabs: (He exits the agency) Klarisse, I know you're around...Somewhere

Roberto: (He pours orange soda over the control panel and it starts to spark) Silly me (A small machine lifts up out of the control panel revealing a small piece of paper inside a glass case) It can't be, no it's not... (He walks away then quickly runs back)...But it is! (He smashes the glass and pull out the piece of paper) I can't believe I have the plans for the ultimate domination of Bikini Bottom... (He starts to unravel it)

Dr. Sir: Put. Those. Down (Roberto turns around and looks at Dr. Sir)

Roberto: Hello old friend, or should I say very old not friend? Otherwise known as ENEMY! (Roberto continues to unravel the paper but Dr. Sir kicks them out of his hands) Still got the moves I see, how many leg bones did you break that time, five?

Dr. Sir: Seven, but that's not the point (He lunges for the paper and places it into a small capsule pressing a button and shooting it across the ocean) Ha, now you'll never find where the plans ar...

Control Panel: ...Capsule number 37 has landed in the Chum Bucket Restaurant situated on Conch Street

Dr. Sir: Forget what you just heard Roberto, Roberto? (He looks around to see Roberto running out of the agency) Hey wait up, I am double your age y'know

Roberto: Right, now to find the Glum Buxet or whatever it's called (He runs through the town)

Dr. Sir: (He loses sight of Roberto as he picks up his shell phone) Stop whatever you're doing you three and go the Chum Bucket immediately

Lemmy: Chum Bucket? We don't want you to die

Dr. Sir: Die? What the hell are you talking about?

Lemmy: You obviously want to die if you're going to eat at the Chum Bucket

Dr. Sir: I don't want to eat the vile food, just go there (He hangs up and continues to run)

Roberto: (He runs up to Nat on the street) Hey you, do you know where the Clump Sucket is?

Nat: I didn't understand a word you just said

Roberto: Are you some kind of idiot? Wait a minute, not Clump Sucket, it's something like Clum Buckem

Nat: Oh the Chum Bucket, it's just over there (He points to it and Roberto pushes Nat over and runs towards it) Tuh, what a rude and ignorate, insensitive pig

Spongebob: (He's on his shell phone as they walk out of the Police Station) So you've actually found her...I see...Sure I can help (He puts the phone down)

Sandy: What's going on?

Spongebob: Remember Mr Krabs' girlfriend?

Sandy: Not really

Spongebob: Well he thinks he knows where she is and he needs my help to find her

Sandy: But I thought we were going to go back to your bedroom and do something special, y'know what I'm talking about

Spongebob: Painting my bedroom will have to wait until we've found Klarisse

Roberto: (He looks around the Chum Bucket in disgust) I've seen hobo's with cleaner kitchens, now where to find that capsule (He walks into the lab as billions of Plankton's pour out) What the hell?

Plankton: (He jumps into the machine and another Plankton appears) That ought to do it

Roberto: (He looks around and notices the capsule on top of the machine) There it is (He swims through the flood of Plankton's and manages to grab onto the capsule) Yes, I've got it, Now to destroy the ci-itah! (He trips over and falls into the machine setting it for two days) Uh oh


Roberto: (He appears in the Chum Bucket holding the capsule) Wait this isn't so bad, it's great! I've got the plans and as it's two days earlier those idiot agents don't know I'm even unfrozen yet! (He laughs evilly as he slowly opens the capsule containing the papers)

Dr. Sir: Come on in here (He and the agents sneak into the Chum Bucket as Mr Krabs watches from the other side of the street)

Mr Krabs: I've gotcha now my sweet princess (Spongebob and Sandy run up to him)

Spongebob: So where should we start looking Sir?

Mr Krabs: Me thinks the Chum Bucket

Spongebob: Eww, Ok... (Mr Krabs runs to the Chum Bucket as he is followed by Spongebob and Sandy)

Dr. Sir: (He bursts into the lab) Roberto, I know you're in here (He looks around at all the Plankton's) What happened?

Plankton: Who are you people?

Mr Krabs: (He bursts into the lab with Spongebob and Sandy as everyone looks at each other) Klarisse!

Klarisse: Eugene?

Spongebob: Plankton's?

Sandy: Old man and two random guys I've never met

Lemmy: Squirrel?

Dr. Sir: Roberto!...Is not here, Where is he?

Mr Krabs: (Confused) Why are there so many one eyed failures around?

Plankton: Hey, they resent that (He points to the other Plankton's)

Sandy: Why did you duplicate yourself so many times?

Plankton: That's not what happened, these are all me at different moments in time

Sandy: But why have you brought them all to the present?

Plankton: If you look closely there are 45,400,000 hundred of me, also known as 4,540,000 thousand and 4,540 million...

Sandy: ...and 4.54 billion, but that's...

Plankton: ...When the Earth was born? Precisely

Sandy: (Scared) This is not good, really not good...

Plankton: You will all get front row seats of me and myselves entering every single day, ever!

Sandy: You can't do that, you'll destroy EVERYTHING, you just existing in different time period could destroy the Universe

Plankton: 'Could' is the word I was waiting to hear (A Plankton gets into the machine and sets it for 4,540,000,000 days to the past) Goodbye me, enjoy seeing the Big Bang - I'd wear those shades I packed for you if I were you...and I am

Patrick: (He bursts into the Chum Bucket) I'm here for some reason (He looks at everyone) Klarisse?, Plankt...

Spongebob: We've already been through this buddy

Sandy: Everyone quick, destroy the machine before it's too late (They all run to the machine)

Plankton: I don't think so (He presses a button and a huge hand hits them all into a storage room) That was probably the only thing good that came with this place

Sandy: This is very bad (She tries to kick the door down)

Mr Krabs: (To Klarisse) So...What's up?

Klarisse: Nothing much, you?

Plankton: (Another Plankton gets into the machine and sets it for 4,539,999,999 days to the past) With one of me at everyday in existence, there's no way I could not take over the whole Universe (He laughs menacingly)


Sandy: Three, two, one...(They all ram Patrick's head into the door and they all fall out of the storage room)

Patrick: At last we're out, If we stayed in there any longer I'd probably have started eating you guys

Spongebob: I'm with you there buddy (He raises his half eaten arm) Patrick...

Patrick: Hey, I've tasted better

Sandy: (She looks around to see the last Plankton entering the machine and setting it for one day to the past) So that's it, The billions of Plankton have entered every single day the Earth has lived, right back before the first living creature was even born...There's not knowing what kind of damage he could cause to the past, present and future...If we had any sense we'd all kill ourselves now! (Everyone gasps)

Squidward: (In his house, he gets up when a letter is posted) Ooh that must be my paycheck (He opens it up and watches as a note falls out) "Sorry Squidward I'm cutting your pay as this week I am low on money" (He holds up the envelope and two dollars fall out) Two dollars?! Two stinkin' dollars!

Sadie: (She walks into the room) That won't even cover the cost for you to enter the store where the new shellphone I want for my birthday is, let alone buy it

Squidward: (He throws the note to the ground and marches outside) Maybe this is some sort of very late April Fools prank...Or maybe he's just being his usual selfish shellfish self (He reaches the Krusty Krab and storms inside) Hey Eugene... (He bursts into the office but he's not inside) Huh? (He looks around at the empty Krusty Krab) Where is everyone? (He walks outside) Maybe he's...

Mr Krabs: (From the Chum Bucket) ...What are we going to do?...

Squidward: (He grinds his teeth) ...KRABS! (He marches towards the Chum Bucket)

Dr. Sir: (Inside the Chum Bucket, everyone is panicking) Are you sure this is a good idea? It's bad enough all of those cyclops' going back but now all of us using the machine as well, it can't be good for the Universe

Sandy: I know it's not the best way of doing things but we must stop them by any means

Lemmy: But how are we going to stop all of them?

Sandy: You didn't think I'd come here without weapons of mass destruction did you?

Lemmy: Well I don't know I hardly know you, in fact no one's even told me your name yet

Spongebob: But Sandy, if we're going to stop the Plankton's how are we going to keep skipping forward each day in order to do that thing I just said?

Dr. Sir: I think I have just the right thing back at the agency, you guys go ahead and I'll catch up

Patrick: Agency? Are you some sort of spy?

Dr. Sir: Who is this guy? (He walks out as Squidward barges past him)

Sandy: Squidward you're just in time to mass murder billions of Plankton's

Squidward: As great as that sounds, but not half as good as if your replace the word 'Plankton' with 'Spongebob', I'm here to talk with Stingy Mc. Moneybags over there (He points to Mr Krabs)

Mr Krabs: (To Alkalinises) I think he's talking to you

Squidward: Not that guy (He walks up to him) Now about my paycheck....

Sandy: We're kind of in the middle of something at the moment

Squidward: Well it will have to wait

Sandy: Yeah sure, Saving the Universe from certain doom can wait (She rolls her eyes)

Klarisse: So should we all get into small groups and go to different time periods to kill them all?

Sandy: Good idea (To Lemmy and Alkalinises) You two go together

Alkalinises and Lemmy: Score! (They high five each other)

Sandy: Klarisse and Mr Krabs, Me and Spongebob and Squidward and Patrick...

Squidward: (Confused) You what now?

Sandy: We must hurry (Sandy hands them both a huge blue ray gun) Now, like Klarisse said, we'll all have to enter different time periods in order to kill each and everyone of them

Lemmy: Me and Alkalinises will go back and see those giant Dino-Seals I've heard so much about

Sandy: Ok, but remember - Kill every Plankton

Alkalinises: (Not listening) Yeah, yeah save all the trankton

Sandy: No I...

Alkalinises: Lets get this show on the road (Lemmy and Alkalinises get into the machine and set it for 4,540,000,000 years) See you in four and a half billion years (They disappear from the machine)

Sandy: I don't think they understand that Dino-Seals weren't around until a billion years later (She laughs) So if they're at the dawn of time, then I guess you guys should start a billion years later (He hands Klarisse and Mr Krabs their weapons as they step into the machine and set it to 3,540,000,000) Good luck

Klarisse: See you on the other side (They disappear from the machine)


Alkalinises: (They're floating around in white nothingness) This is boring

Lemmy: The big bang will happen in a second so that will give us something to watch, and besides the first Plankton should be here any min... (The Plankton appears)...Second!

Plankton: ...And now to take control of the Universe (He looks around) Huh? Where is everything to take over?

Lemmy: There he is!

Alkalinises: I can see that

Lemmy: Quick hold up your weapon...Alkalinises that's your banana

Alkalinises: Ooh sorry (He pulls out his ray gun and they both aim it at the Plankton) Get lost loser

Plankton: Wha...? (They shoot at him and he vaporizes as a huge glow appears from him)

Lemmy: I think we've caused the Big Bang and created the Universe!

Alkalinises: ...So every religion is wrong (Dr. Sir bursts out of the light)

Dr. Sir: Good job boys

Alkalinises: So that's how he was born, I had a suspicion

Lemmy: (Confused) What are you doing here?

Dr. Sir: I'm just here to give you both these watches that can teleport you to anywhere at anytime so you can keep skipping between each day and kill the Plankton's

Alkalinises: Sweet

Dr. Sir: Now I need to go and give one of these to everyone else (He pulls out his stop watch) Oh and by the way...You didn't create the Universe...That did (He points to the huge explosion in the sky)

Alkalinises: Oh great...Creator of the Universe would have been a great thing to put on my CV

Dr. Sir: (Speaking into the watch) Bikini Bottom: One billion years time (The watch glares and flashes him away)


Mr. Krabs: (He and Klarisse are walking around the prehistoric state of Bikini Bottom) Why'd you leave me Klarisse?

Klarisse: It's long and complicated

Mr Krabs: Well you've got three and a half billion years to explain

Klarisse: That's not long enough

Mr Krabs: Come on it can't be that complicated

Klarisse: In short: I had to leave you, I had no choice

Mr Krabs: That's what they all say...

Klarisse: I loved you from the first moment I saw you and I still do now

Mr Krabs: Then why did you ditch me?

Klarisse: I just... (They hear a huge roar) ...What was that?

Mr Krabs: It's not my stomach if that's what you think (The ground starts to shake and they both start to get nervous) I think we better go (He grabs Klarisses' claw and they both run away as Klarisse looks behind)

Klarisse: I think it's getting closer (The trees are torn down and a giant creature appears) Sweet flying circus' (They continue to hurry along)

Mr Krabs: What's it doing? (She watches as it plods along after them)

Klarisse: It's on our tail...If we had one (Mr Krabs slows down) Come on

Mr Krabs: I am in my sixties y'know (Klarisse grabs him and they both continue to run) It's no use, he's got to get us some time (They're about to give up hope when they are pulled into a nearby cave)

Klarisse: I think we're safe

Mr Krabs: What happened? (A character appears from the shadows)

Klarisse: (Confused) Dr. Sir?

Dr. Sir: There's no time to waste, take these (He hands them both the watches)

Klarisse: Aren't those the teleporting devices from the agency?

Dr. Sir: No,...Oh wait, yes...You just speak into them and it can teleport you to any place at anytime, blah blah whatever (He puts the watch up to his mouth) Bikini Bottom: One billion years later (The watch glares and he disappears)

Mr Krabs: (He watches Dr. Sir disappear) ...So is that your new boyfriend?

Klarisse: What? Hell no!


Patrick: (He, Sandy, Spongebob and Squidward are standing in the Chum Bucket) So Sandy, where do I go?

Sandy: You and Squidward...

Squidward: I still don't know why you keep referring to me as if I'm going to go somewhere longer than three minutes with Patrick

Sandy: Then why are you still here?

Squidward: You locked all the exits

Sandy: Good point

Squidward: Well if I'm not going to be let out, I'll just go use that machine to go back a few minutes to when I was at home

Sandy: Great idea Squidward

Spongebob: (Confused) But Sandy... (Squidward gets into the machine and sets it for three minutes)

Sandy: ...Get in there Patrick (She pushes Patrick into the machine and resets the dial for 2,540,000,000)

Squidward: CURSE YOU SANDY! (They disappear from the machine)

Spongebob: That was a bit mean don't you think?

Sandy: Hey it's the Universe at stake here, I'm allowed to be (Dr. Sir appears in the Chum Bucket) Hey did you give everyone those watches?

Dr. Sir: Yep, now it's just you two (He hands them two watches)

Sandy: We'll go back one billion years and you go back to check if anyone has missed any Plankton's

Dr. Sir: Sure

Sandy: Come on Spongebob (They get into the machine and set it for 1,540,000,000 years and they disappear from it)


Squidward: (He's walking next to Patrick looking annoyed) I guess I wouldn't have minded if I went with someone else...

Patrick: Like who?

Squidward: Not you!

Patrick: I guess it would have been nice to go with Spongebob

Squidward: On second thoughts you're not that bad...Compared with Spongebob that is

Patrick: Why do you hate us Squidward?

Squidward: You don't give me many reasons not to

Patrick: Well now that we're in a parallel Universe maybe you could...

Squidward: That's not where we are you idiot!

Patrick: That's what you think...Hey look it's that small guy

Squidward: Plankton?

Patrick: Yeah

Squidward: Where?

Patrick: Over there (He points behind a tree and they walk over to it)

Squidward: That's a Plankton shaped rock...but the thing next to it is a Plankton (Squidward shoots it and it turns to dust) Right there's not point hanging around, we need to go to the next day

Patrick and Squidward: (They both speak into their watches) Bikini Bottom: Tomorrow (The watches glow and they both disappear)

Lemmy: (He and Alkalinises are sitting on a huge rock, bored) I know waiting for the Plankton's to appear is boring but at least you know your saving the Universe

Alkalinises: It wouldn't be so bad if something actually happened around here

Lemmy: We might see the first micro-organism in a few years

Alkalinises: Micro what now? Explain it in words that someone with no High School diploma can understand

Lemmy: A micro-organism is a minute...

Alkalinises: ...Or someone who only spend four days in school

Plankton: (He appears in front of the both of them) Now to wreak my... (Lemmy shoots him)

Alkalinises: Can we go to the next day now, maybe we'll find something that actually moves

Lemmy: I doubt that (They both pull out their watches)


Klarisse: So where are we now?

Mr Krabs: I'm not really sure (He looks around)

Klarisse: Well there seems to be a lot of dead cattlefish around (The walk over a small hill as a Plankton sprints past them being chased by a tribe of red Indian fish)

Plankton: Ok so I may not be your God, but can I at least be your supreme overlord?

Red Indian: No (They aim an arrow at him shooting but missing him and hitting straight into Klarisses' watch)

Klarisse: AH! (Mr Krabs shoots the Plankton as Klarisse holds up her half broken watch) Well it could be worse (It starts to flash and beep as she disappears)

Mr Krabs: KLARISSE! NO!, She could be anywhere at anytime by now


Sandy: (She and Spongebob are looking around) I'll go look for him this way and you that way and we'll meet up when we've found and killed him

Spongebob: Sure thing Sandy (They both walk off in different directions) Now where would Plankton be?

David Klein: (In his house he's sitting down at a table) I'veth createdeth a smalleth fruit candy (He holds up the green candy) I think I'll call it a bellyjean (Sandy bursts into the house as he gets scared and throws the candy out of the window and it rolls away) My jellybean!...Wait that sounds much better

Sandy: So, have you seen a Plankton around here?

David Klein: NO! Now get outeth my houseth (The jellybean rolls down the hill and next to Spongebob's foot)

Spongebob: PLANKTON! (He shoots the jellybean completely destroying it as Sandy walks up to him)

Sandy: I've checked everyone's houses and there's no sign of him

Spongebob: That's because I just killed my first one

Sandy: Good job, lets go to the next day (They hold up their watches)

Spongebob and Sandy: Bikini Bottom: Tomorrow

Plankton: (He watches the two of them disappear from behind a bush) I can't believe it, I'm finally free to take over the Universe with no one following me...Now if only I could have one of those watches (Klarisse appears in front of the bush as Plankton watches)

Klarisse: Huh? Where am I?

Plankton: Too easy (Klarisse looks at her half broken watch) This thing is useless (She throws it down as Plankton pulls it behind the bush) Now I think I can guess how this works (He speaks into it) Bikini Bottom: uh...March 16th, 3150 B.C. (He disappears as Klarisse wonders what she can do)

Klarisse: I know, I'll just call Eugene to come and rescue me (She pulls out her Shell phone) Now don't panic, I'm fine...

Mr Krabs: (On his shell phone) Don't worry I'm coming to rescue you...Where are you?

Klarisse: (She walks up to a house to see a calendar with the date November 11th circled) I'm in November the eleventh, 1604...

Mr Krabs: (He appears in a desert wasteland as he puts the phone up to his head) I'm there, Where are you?

Klarisse: ...A.D.

Mr Krabs: Oh (He holds up the watch again and Klarisse watches as he appears in front of her) Thank goodness you're alright

Klarisse: We're running behind, come on

Mr Krabs: We'll need a montage if we're ever going to kill them all in time (He holds up his watch as the music starts playing while Mr Krabs, Klarisse, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, Spongebob, Lemmy, Alkalinises and Dr. Sir continue to kill each and every Plankton throughout each day)


Plankton: (He appears in Bikini Bottom covered with sand as many pyramids surround him) Wow it's all egypitiony

Egyptian creature: (Looking at Plankton) Who is this strange creature and why can I suddenly speak English?

Plankton: I-I'm your God (Everyone starts to gather around him)

Egyptian creature: That sounds very unbelievable...but who are we to question our God? (They all start bowing down to him)

Plankton: Idiots!

Egyptian creature: Did you just call us idiots? You must not be our real God!

Plankton: I am so shut up

Egyptian creature: Ok then

Plankton: With this time period thinking I'm God, it will be so much easier to take over every other time period (He laughs evilly as the Egyptians follow his lead) Only I may laugh

Squidward: (He and Patrick both shoot another Plankton) Wait why am I still here? I can just use this watch to send me back to my house in the present day (He holds up his watch)

Patrick: What should I do?

Squidward: Just use your brai... Forget that, just do what we were doing or don't, I don't really care to be honest (He speaks into his watch) My house: 2011 (He disappears and reappears in his house) Finally I'm back in my house in my time...I wonder what's on TV (He turns his TV on to a news report)

Perch Perkins: News just in, our leader Plankton is awesome...and one hundred percent of people agree

Squidward: (He turns the TV off) Must be a slow news day

Sandy: (She shoots a Plankton) That's possibly my best shot yet (Her watch flashes and so does Spongebob's as Dr. Sir's face appears on it) What's up Doc?

Dr. Sir: (Everyone looks at their watches with Dr. Sir's face now on it) My radar signals that all the Plankton have been killed besides one which is the original of course

Mr Krabs: Shouldn't we kill that one just in case?

Dr. Sir: But then there would be no Plankton's left

Mr Krabs: I'm aware of that

Dr. Sir: I think we've done enough killing for today so everyone just return to the portal entrance in 2001, OK?


Dr. Sir: (Everyone starts to appear in the dark space and float around as bright color beams shoot past) Right is everyone here?

Spongebob: Wow this is just like that acid trip I had

Dr. Sir: I repeat: Is everyone here?

Lemmy: Yeah

Mr Krabs: Yar

Alkalinises: Correct

Klarisse: Yes

Spongebob: Yep

Sandy: Yes sire

Patrick: Huh?

Dr. Sir: Wait, where's that guy with the big nose and sarcastic tone?

Spongebob: Yeah, where is Patrick?

Sandy: I think he means Squidward

Patrick: Oh he said he was going back home

Sandy: Trust him to do that, but he'll already be where we're going now so we don't need to worry...

Dr. Sir: Shut up friends, look the portal is closing (Everyone looks up at the huge hole slowly receding) We'll need to go through it before it completely closes and we can't return home (Everyone jumps up and floats towards the portal as Klarisse is the first one through) Come on guys (Patrick, Dr. Sir, Lemmy, Mr Krabs, Alkalinises and Sandy manage to make it through as it almost closes completely)

Sandy: Quick Spongebob, it's closing fast (Spongebob slowly floats towards it but it closes and he gets stuck in the hole)

Spongebob: I can't get through

Mr Krabs: Hold on lad (Everyone tries to pull him through but he won't move)

Spongebob: I think my time is up

Sandy: But you can't give up, we've just saved the whole Universe

Spongebob: I'll never forget any of you guys, besides that rock guy I've forgot his name

Alkalinises: It's Alkalinises

Spongebob: Sorry Alkalinises

Alkalinises: Who?

Sandy: Don't give up, we can get you out of there

Dr. Sir: I think it's too late

Sandy: Don't say that

Spongebob: I think he's right Sandy (He calls for Patrick) I'll never forget my friendship with you buddy, You've always been like a brother to me

Patrick: (He starts to cry) You were the first guy to not call me an idiot or not not call me dumb

Spongebob: That's because you're the kindest and smartest guy I know (Patrick hugs Spongebob as Sandy walks up to him) Sandy, although I've only been dating you for a few months I've known and loved you my entire life

Sandy: Oh Spongebob (She kisses him as he begins to slip)

Spongebob: I love you all (He falls into the portal) DON'T FORGET TO FEED GARY! (They watch as Spongebob continues to fall and the portal closes)

Sandy: I can't believe he's gone (She walks up to everyone)

Dr. Sir: I think we have bigger problems (They all look around at the Bikini Bottom ruled by Plankton filled with citizens chained up and statues of Plankton everywhere)

Sandy: Could I rephrase the thing I said earlier about killing ourselves now... (Everyone continues to look around at the drastically different Bikini Bottom) What happened to this place?

Patrick: It looks all Planktony

Mr Krabs: I don't like the looks of this

Dr. Sir: One of the Plankton's must have survived and proceeded to take over Bikini Bottom...

Plankton: (From behind) ...It ain't Bikini Bottom anymore (Everyone turns around to see Plankton wearing a huge robotic suit as they all gasp) That's right it's me...The last person you'd expect to see

Lemmy: ...Although it was kind of obvious with those giant statues of you everywhere...

Patrick: Wait a minute, if this isn't Bikini Bottom anymore then why does it say Bikini Bottom on that sign? (He points to a sign that reads 'Welcome to Bikini Bottom')

Plankton: Hey sign guy (He points to the sign and the sign guy cuts the sign down) This ocean belongs to Sheldon J. Plankton ruler of Trankton Boulevard! (They all stare at him strangely) Plankton Boulevard was already taken...Stop looking at me like that

Squidward: (He's in his house still unaware of what's going on as there's a knock at the door) Go away!

Mrs Puff: (From outside) We're here to collect the hourly tax

Squidward: Huh? (He gets up and opens the door to Mrs Puff and Larry wearing robes with Plankton's face on them) What do you mean hourly tax and why are you wearing those hideous outfits?

Larry: Why aren't you wearing your hideously wonderful official Plankton robe?

Squidward: That's not an answer to my question...

Mrs Puff: (Flatly) Just bring us the money

Squidward: Why would I want to give money to that one eyed freak?

Larry: You're not allowed to talk about our one eyed leader freak like that!

Squidward: Whatcha gonna do about it?

Larry: GET THE DICTATOR! (All the citizens turn around and stare at Squidward as he starts to run)

Squidward: Oh dear Lord!

Plankton: (Talking to the group) ...Then I returned to Bikini Bottom in 2009 with this watch and ruled over everyone with my army of historical villains and creatures

Mr Krabs: Yeah, yeah whatever, you don't have me secret formula do you?

Plankton: (He mumbles) No, but I am the ruler of everything that breathes underwater...

Mr Krabs: But you still can't get a recipe for an edible burger (He laughs) That sums you up perfectly

Sandy: (To Mr Krabs) This is an alternate reality where you were away killing the other Plankton's when this Plankton returned and changed the future...

Mr Krabs: So the Krusty Krab doesn't exist here?

Sandy: Precisely

Plankton: Now shut up and listen, Who wants to meet my army of evil doers?

Dr. Sir: Not really...

Plankton: Well I'm going to show you them anyway (He moves to his right and reveals a huge line of sinister looking creatures) This is Himler (A fish with a moustache steps forward)

Himler: Gehorchen meine mächtigen Schnurrbart!

Plankton: (He reveals the next guy) ...The most dangerous cowboy of them all...

Patrick: Hans Solo?

Sandy: He was from Star Fish Wars, Patrick and he's not even a cowboy

Plankton: ...William Bonney (They all look confused) More commonly known as Billy the Kid (A cowboy shoots into the air as they all scream) ...And the rest (He signals towards a huge Dino-Seal, Dr. Octoward, The Tomfooler and Freddie Kruger) Now I've bought you all these complimentary robes with my face on them so you can now begin to worship me

Mr Krabs: Over our dead bodies!

Plankton: If you insist (He signals for the huge Dino-Seal)

Klarisse: When he says 'our' he really means....

Plankton: CHARGE! (The Dino-Seal lets out a huge roar and charges towards them all)

Squidward: (He runs up to them) I've got a huge angry mob who worship Plankton following me...so, what's up with guys? (Sandy points to the huge creature behind as they all continue to run)

Plankton: (He laughs evilly) Get them my angry beast of meat (Squidward trips over as the Dino-Seal lunges towards him)

Squidward: AH! (He slowly wakes up to discover he's in a huge cage with many other people) Huh, where am I? (He looks down to see a huge pool of boiling lava as Plankton stands on a rock on the other side of the cage)

Plankton: You Squiddy boy are in a cage filled with other dictators who dictated, and now you are about to be dropped into that pool of lava down there

Squidward: On second thoughts, Those Plankton robes do look pretty classy...

Plankton: It's too late, now just go die...But first bring in the next prisoner (A guard reveals himself pulling Roberto who's in chains and holding the plans for world domination)

Dr. Sir: Oh my, I forgot all about Roberto

Sandy: Who's Roberto?

Dr. Sir: He's my nemesis who found the plans for world domination at the agency and with all the confusion over the Plankton's, I forgot all about him

Sandy: (She rolls her eyes) Well that was clever

Plankton: (The guards pull Roberto up to Plankton) My guards have told me that you have something that I may find useful

Roberto: That is true..In my hands I hold secret plans for world domination

Plankton: Very good

Roberto: With these papers we can have the whole Universe had my feet and your little green leg things

Plankton: Yes, we...On an unrelated topic - Throw him in the cage!

Roberto: Wait what? (The guards take the plans and throw Roberto into the cage) You can't do that... (He looks at Dr. Sir) ...And not one word out of you

Plankton: (The guards hand the plans to Plankton) Take and assemble this machine (He hands the plans to a scientist as they walk off)

Sandy: If you let us out of this cage Plankton, I could make a brilliant scientist, much better than those guys...

Plankton: Shut up (He presses a button and the cage swings open and starts to tilt up)

Sandy: EVERYONE HOLD ON! (Everyone grabs onto the side of the cage as they all slowly start to slide towards the lava)

Patrick: This is not good

Roberto: Well done you idiot

Squidward: You have no idea

Mr Krabs: My claws can't handle the gravity for much longer (They all try to hold on as Fred slowly starts to slip)

Sandy: Hold on Fred!

Fred: I can't, I think my life is over...Just remember me as a hero (He slips out of the cage and down towards the lava)

Patrick: Who was that guy?

Lemmy: (To Alkalinises) Goodbye buddy

Alkalinises: (To Lemmy) Ditto

Patrick: (He tries to hold on as his watch slips off and out of the cage) MY THE WATCH!

Squidward: Grammar Patrick

Plankton: (He watches them all hang on) Hey I'm not here to watch a circus act...That's what this guy is here for (He points to a clown then presses a button and the cage swings upside down and everyone falls out and towards the lava)

Sandy: (Everyone screams while Patrick's watch hits the lava shooting a beam into the air and causing everyone falling to disappear and then reappear at the dawn of time) I think we're safe, we just need to go forward in time and stop the Plankton

Klarisse: But how are we supposed to know what date and time he took over Bikini Bottom?

Dr. Sir: My machine suggests that the Plankton managed to gain control of the ocean on the fateful day in 1604

Sandy: You specially designed that thing to sense where Plankton's will appear at different moments in time?

Dr. Sir: Hey it's helping us isn't it?

Lemmy: Let's quickly get out of here before me and Alkalinises appear here in a few seconds (Dr. Sir holds up the watch as everyone grabs onto it)

Dr. Sir: Here we go (He speaks into the watch) Bikini Bottom: November 11th 1604 (They all disappear as the past Lemmy and Alkalinises appear)

Past Alkalinises: (He look around the white nothingness) This is boring

Past Lemmy: The big bang will happen in a second so that will give us something to watch...


Past Sandy: (The past version of Sandy walks up to the past version of Spongebob) I've checked everyone's houses and there's no sign of him

Past Spongebob: That's because I just killed my first one

Past Sandy: Good job, lets go to the next day (They hold up their watches)

Past Spongebob and Sandy: Bikini Bottom: Tomorrow (Everyone appears as the Spongebob and Sandy stare at them all strangely)

Past Sandy: What's going on?

Dr. Sir: (Looking around frantically) He should be here somewhere?

Sandy: (To the past version of herself) There's no need to worry, I'm the future version of you from when Bikini Bottom is ruled by Plankton and we must stop him before he destroys the Universe

Squidward: Not that I care, but where's Patrick? (They all look around while in the house, David Klein is sitting at his table)

David Klein: Curseth that squirrel, noweth I will nevereth knoweth the secret formula for my jellybeans...Thank goodnesseth I made three thousand other versions...eth (He pulls out a huge sack revealing many jellybeans) That'seth what I'm talking abouteth (Patrick walks up behind him)

Patrick: Hey I love jellybeans (He starts to eat them)

David Klein: What? Geteth out! (Patrick spits out a jellybean in shock as it shoots through the roof of the house)

Guy in Zeppelin Balloon: I've spend my whole life earning enough coins to afford a flight in this balloon... (The jellybean punctures the rubber balloon and he starts to fall with the Zeppelin) ...Well that's the end of me (The Zeppelin continues to fall at a tremendous speed)

Past Plankton: (He's watching from behind the bush) What's going on? Why are they all here? (The past Klarisse appears in front of the bush)

Past Klarisse: Huh? Where am I?

Sandy: (She notices the balloon falling towards them) Quick get out of the way! (They all jump out of the way as the balloon lands and crushes the past Sandy and Klarisse)

Dr. Sir: Well at least that took care of the paradoxes

Past Spongebob: SANDY! (He runs up balloon and starts to weep) I can't believe your gone...

Sandy: (She walks up to Spongebob) Don't worry, there's another one of me

Past Spongebob: ...Ok

Dr. Sir: Now the difficult challenge of finding that Plankt...

Alkalinises: ...There he is! (He points to the Plankton sneaking out from behind the bushes)

Dr. Sir: Ok, maybe not that difficult...

Past Plankton: Damn you all (He sprints away grabbing Klarisses' discarded watch as everyone chases after him)

Dr. Sir: Quick he's slowly making a run for it

Sandy: He can't have the watch again, he could go back to any date...again (Patrick tackles him to the ground and the watch rolls along the ground and shoots everyone back in time)


Past Plankton: (Everyone appears in the middle of a huge field as Plankton starts to run with the watch again) So long losers (He continues to run as everyone continues to chase after him)

Sandy: He's getting away

Squidward: Well duh (They continue to run and catch up with him)

Past Plankton: Uh, hello losers... (They grab for him as he disappears)

Lemmy: Where'd he go? (They are blasted to a different date by Plankton up in a tree)

Past Plankton: You've done it again Sheldon, and now to get back to what I was doing (He slips off the branch and out of the tree as he is also blasted back in time) STUPID KARMA!


Alkalinises: (They appear on a dusty brown sidewalk) What happened?

Sandy: That one eyed brute sent us here (A light flashes and Plankton appears on Sandy's helmet) Gotcha (She grabs him as he bites her paw) You little... (She drops him as he starts to run) ...He bit me!

Past Plankton: That's why they call me....Uh, chomper Plankton?!

Sandy: Nobody calls you that do they?

Past Plankton: I'm sure someone's called me that once (He runs away)

Dr. Sir: Quick, after him (They all continue to chase after him as they look around for him)

Spongebob: We've lost him again

Sandy: Come on, follow me (They all follow Sandy as Plankton reveals himself from a small hole in the ground)

Plankton: Finally, they're gone (He laughs evilly)

Sandy: (Everyone looks around the wild west scenery) Hey, don't you still have that Plankton sensing thing?

Dr. Sir: Of course (He hands it to her)

Sandy: I'll take this why'll we split into the pairs we were in earlier and keep an eye out for him, Ok? (She and Spongebob turn on the machine and walk off as Roberto emerges from an old fasioned bank with bags of gold coins)

Dr. Sir: We're supposed to be looking for Plankton, not stealing from old western banks

Roberto: (He picks up a coin from the bag) Hey, I've earned this

Dr. Sir: You robbed a bank!

Roberto: Yeah, but do you know how much work it takes to rob a bank, I had to get this bag for instance...

Dr. Sir: Just come on (They both walk off)

Plankton: (He pulls himself out of the hole and begins to walk with the watch) Now to use this baby (He looks around to see two gun men aiming at each other as he's in the middle of them both) Ooh, I think I'll find a safer place to stand (He runs off)

George W. Littlefield: (Aiming his gun) This town ain't big enough for the both of us

Nat Love: Not true, it's not big enough for the both of us...Meaning you not us

Sandy: (She's walking besides Spongebob looking down at the machine) He's somewhere over here (She walks into the middle of the gun fight) Sorry fellars

George W. Littlefield: You die now, Nat (He shoots as Spongebob notices the bullet heading towards Sandy)

Spongebob: SANDY! (He jumps in front of her blocking the bullet and causing it to shoot off in a different direction)

Sandy: (She looks into Spongebob's eyes) You saved me Spongebob

Spongebob: Luckily we stopped by that bullet proof vest store over there (He points to the store)

Sandy: That wasn't a bullet proof vest store, That was just a normal store that sales vests...

Spongebob: Oh... (He takes off his jacket to reveal no blood wound) I guess it was just a really thick vest

Sandy: (She's about to kiss Spongebob on the lips as they hear a scream) What was that?

Spongebob: That sounded like Plankton (They run to see him lying on the ground next to the watch with the bullet wound in his back)


Dr Sir: (He feels his pulse) Yep, he's dead (Everyone gathers around) Good job everyone, now we must return through the portal...

Narrator: ...And so they did, but this time... (Everyone returns through the portal as Sandy hugs Spongebob)

Spongebob: That's right, with me

Sandy: (Confused) What?

Spongebob: Nothing... (Everyone happily looks around the normal Bikini Bottom)

Sandy: Well it's no paradise...

Squidward: You can say that again

Sandy: ...But it's home and I don't know about anyone else, but it's good to be back (A huge bolt of lightening shoots across the sky)

Dr. Sir: What the heck was that? (Everyone looks up to see the ocean starting to bubble and boil)

Roberto: (Starting to sweat) Uh oh...

Dr. Sir: What?

Roberto: That's the product of the machine that Plankton created using those plans, it creates a huge bolt of energy that shoots into the air and returns to destroy the city...

Klarisse: But how is it here? The Plankton was defeated

Sandy: The bolt must have been shot in that reality before we defeated the Plankton and it was shot so fast it traveled so far in time and now it's returning to the regular Bikini Bottom

Squidward: That's unlikely

Sandy: Well it's happening isn't it? We've only got a few minutes until we are all turned to charbroiled ground meat

Patrick: (Licking his lips) Mmm...Charbroiled ground meat

Roberto: I'm forecasting a ninety nine percent chance of electricity with a one hundred percent chance of death...

Sandy: If we had any sense we'd all kill ourselves now...

Squidward: Will you stop saying that?

Sandy: I'm afraid this time, there's no other option (They all look up at the hurtling power surge heading towards their powerless city...)

[align=center]The End?[/align]

Stay tuned to discover what awaits the city in season 4! Amongst other things, such as, blood thirsty plants, reversed personalities, Life threatening diseases, War time at Christmas time, Deserted Islands, Deadly warehouses, Spongy assassins and even a successful Chum Bucket?!

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Sandy-1-1.jpg& Sandy-1-1-1.jpg

Season 4 episode 7 & 8 (67 & 68)- "An Assassin for Sandy" (Part 1 & 2)


Everyone: (In the center of town, everyone is gathered around counting down the new year...) ...Fifty nine, fifty eight, fifty...

Sandy: (Standing next to Spongebob, she turns to face him) ...It's been quite an eventful year...

Spongebob: Yeah, remember when my clone returned and we all had to go back to school, oh and when we went to see the Titaniumtanic...

Sandy: ...You're making this sound like some sort of clip-show (They both look up into the sky)

Everyone: ...Twenty three, twenty two...

Spongebob: Y'know Sandy, it was exactly four months ago today I asked you to be my girlfriend...

Sandy: Really? I'm so sorry I forgot Spongebob, I've had a lot on my mind recently...

Spongebob: I understand, I'm just so happy you said yes, since then I've been the happiest I've ever been thanks to you (He smiles at her)

Sandy: Oh Spongebob (She kisses him)

Everyone: ...ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR! (They all cheer as Spongebob and Sandy continue to kiss and fireworks explode in the sky)

Spongebob: (He pulls away) Wow, nothing could ruin this moment...(He looks around) Nothing at all... (He goes back in for another kiss as there's a shining bright light in front of them and a hand is revealed from inside...) AH! What is that? (It grabs Spongebob's arm and pulls him inside as Sandy watches him drift away from her)

Sandy: SPONGEBOB! (She tries to reach in for him but it closes up as Squidward walks up to her)

Squidward: (He looks around) Where'd Spongebob go?

Sandy: H-He just disappeared...

Squidward: Really?... (He starts to tear up)

Sandy: It's Ok, Squidward (She goes to put her arm around him)

Squidward: No it's not, I never got to tell him how much I hated him, now I never will be able to... (He continues cries as Sandy rolls her eyes)

Spongebob: (He gets up off of the ground and looks around a deserted wasteland then up at a hooded character standing in front of him) W-Who are you and where am I? (He frantically looks around)

Hooded character: (It signals all around) This is Bikini Bottom...

Spongebob: You lie!

Hooded character: (It looks to the ground sadly) I wish I was...

Spongebob: Bikini Bottom's a beautiful place, no offense but this isn't...

Hooded character: You're right, but this is Bikini Bottom in the year 2013

Spongebob: (Confused) Why is it such a dump? Once again, no offense?

Hooded character: One of Sandy Cheeks' inventions destroyed all life in the town...

Spongebob: You mean 'the' Sandy Cheeks, my girlfriend?

Hooded character: How am I supposed to know? Probably, How many Sandy Cheeks do you know?

Spongebob: It's probably her, why couldn't you stop her if she did do what you just said?

Hooded character: No one could stop her in time, that's why you're here

Spongebob: I was wondering that...

Hooded character: You need to stop Sandy from creating the machine and dooming the city...

Spongebob: How am I supposed to do that?

Hooded character: If you're not lying to impress me, being her girlfriend should make things a lot easier... (It steps towards Spongebob) ...I'm going to send you back to your own time and you must keep watching Sandy and stop her from creating the doomed device and destroying the town, it's up to you and you alone...

Spongebob: Me alone?

Hooded character: You alone

Spongebob: So, no one else? (The hooded character claps it's hands causing Spongebob to start to sink through the ground) So cool, and strange...See ya (He sinks completely into the ground)

Hooded character: Just remember what I told you...

Spongebob: (He reappears out of the ground in the present day Bikini Bottom) ...I need to go stop Sandy (He runs through the city and past a TV store that's showing a news report)

Perch Perkins: ...And on the first day of twenty twelve...Nothing is happening

Spongebob: It's only the first day of the new year, Sandy couldn't have invented something in that time...I better go check on her though

Patrick: Hey dude, move out of the way (Spongebob turns around to see Patrick sitting on the sidewalk watching the TV's)

Spongebob: Patrick? Why are you here?

Patrick: My TV's out...

Spongebob: Did you remember to turn it on?

Patrick: You what now? (Spongebob walks off towards the treedome as Sandy runs up to him)

Sandy: Spongebob, thank goodness you're alright...Where did you go?

Spongebob: It was horrible, it was completely empty and smelt really bad...

Sandy: The Chum Bucket?...

Spongebob: No...

Sandy: Patrick's bathroom?...

Spongebob: No, I was pulled to... (Thinking) I can't tell Sandy, it'll destroy the space-time condiments, I think...Sandy always tells me that... (Out loud) ...That is confidential information my friend...

Sandy: Ok... I'm just glad you're alright (She turns around and sips some juice)

Spongebob: So Sandy... You building anything that might cause an apocalypse?

Sandy: I haven't planned for anything yet, why?

Spongebob: Umm... I just...

Sandy: Hold that thought... (She walks into her tree as Spongebob stands nervously)

Spongebob: How am I supposed to know when Sandy's going to build the thing and destroy the town? I'd have to keep my eyes on her all day, not that I would mind... (He smiles) ...I'd have to live with her or something... (He has an idea as Sandy walks up to him) Sandy my house is ... bad, could I live with you for a couple of months... a year tops

Sandy: Bad? What do you mean?

Spongebob: (He thinks) ...Gary put up some new wallpaper I don't like, I've decided I'm not to go back until he's taken it down

Sandy: This is sort of sudden don't you think?

Spongebob: Well...he's only just put it up (He looks around shifty)

Sandy: Be my guest to be my guest!

Spongebob: So it's a yes?

Sandy: Sure (Spongebob hugs her)

Spongebob: Oh thank you Sandy, thank you so much...


Spongebob: (In the treedome, he's looking over Sandy's old inventions like the photograph transporter, shrinking device and gaming system) None of these are new, If I only knew what day she started making it... (He continues to looks around as Sandy walks up behind him)

Sandy: You OK Spongebob? What you looking for?

Spongebob: Uh...A-A pen (He pulls one out of his tie) Found it (He laughs nervously as his phone rings and he answers it) ...Mr Krabs, hey...Sure I'll cut the small talk...Right now? (He looks at Sandy) ...Fine, I'll be right over (He hangs up) I need to go to the Krusty Krab, Mr Krabs got his claw stuck in a woman's purse again... (He says goodbye then walks out) I'll only be a few minutes...Sandy couldn't create something that quickly... (He walks towards the Krusty Krab as Sandy watches from inside and pulls out a small box containing small metal components)

Sandy: Once the parts of this machine are connected, I'll surprise Spongebob tonight with it's unveiling... (She stars to weld the parts together...)


Spongebob: (He walks out as the sun is setting on the city) Wow, Mr Krabs really didn't want to let go... (He continues to walk) I better go check on Sandy (He walks towards the treedome as a shining bright light shines in his eyes) Oh no, not again! (He stands back as he is suddenly pulled into the light and appears, once again, in the deserted wasteland of the future Bikini Bottom) What happened? Why am I back here? (The hooded character reveals itself) Is something wrong?

Hooded character: What are you doing? While you had your eyes turned, Sandy managed to complete her machine...

Spongebob: Impossible!

Hooded character: Not impossible - Possible! Now no one can stop her from destroying the town!

Spongebob: Can't I just go back and destroy the machine before she activates it?

Hooded character: You have no time, the only thing you can do is... Kill her! (The hooded character holds up a gun)

Spongebob: I could, and would, never kill Sandy - Ever

Hooded character: It's either her or the town (Spongebob is handed the gun)

Spongebob: Sandy or the town?

Hooded character: Yes, you must sacrifice your girlfriend to save the lives of the town!...

Spongebob: (He starts to sink through the ground as he appears from the ground in the normal Bikini Bottom holding the gun) I could never kill Sandy, she's my best friend...After Patrick and Squidward, but more importantly - She's my girlfriend (He looks around the city) Maybe I won't have to kill her if I just go find her and stop her activating the machine... (He runs through the town and towards Sandy's treedome) Sandy, you in? (He looks around the treedome but Sandy is nowhere to be seen) Sandy? (He continues to look around as he spots Sandy and the machine on top of a tall mountain) There she is... Next to the doomsday device...

Sandy: (Ontop of the mountain) ...Too bad Spongebob's not here, he'd really love to see me test out this here ice cream maker

Spongebob: (He's watching her) Why is she all the way up there?...

Sandy: ... This place is the coldest part of Bikini Bottom, the best place to chill the ice cream... (She taps the side of the machine) ...I better not hit it too hard, the carbon balance is pretty unstaible...

Spongebob: (He looks away from Sandy and then at the town) I need to do something, fast (He looks down at the gun as he holds it up to the mountain) I must... (He starts to sweat as he aims it at Sandy...)

Sandy: (She's looking down from the mountain at Spongebob) Is that Spongebob? With a gun? (She looks closer) He's aiming it at me! (She slowly back away)

Spongebob: I-I can't do this... (He drops the gun)

Sandy: (She backs into the machine causing to to fall over on it's side and then roll over the edge) NO! (She lunges towards it but it's already falling to the ground) This is not good...

Spongebob: (He looks up) What the?...Is it, falling?! (He watches then quickly turns away and starts to run off as he runs into the bright light again and appears in the future Bikini Bottom)

Hooded character: What are you doing? You've just made Sandy destroy the town by not killing her!

Spongebob: What could I have done?

Hooded character: Not what you just did!

Spongebob: (He looks at his feet) I'm sorry...

Hooded character: It's not me you should be saying sorry too, it's those corpses of your friends you should be saying it to...

Spongebob: I would but they're DEAD! (He starts to cry as the hooded character touches his shoulder)

Hooded character: Listen, there's a moment in time that you, and only you, can re-enter...

Spongebob: Really, when would I have to go back?

Hooded character: Immediatly I will send you back to the first time I brought you here...

Spongebob: You mean on New Years Eve?

Hooded character: Exactly, but when you return, you must save the town this time... (He is handed another gun) ...You know what to do...

Spongebob: Actually, I may need a remin...

Hooded character: ...Come on (The hooded character pushes Spongebob into another silver light as he opens his eyes he is kissing Sandy and everyone cheers as fireworks explode)

Sandy: (She looks down to see the gun in Spongebob's hand) When did you get that?

Spongebob: (He stands back) I'm sorry Sandy... (He holds the gun up to her)

Sandy: What are you doing, Spongebob? (Everyone turns to see what's going on)

Mr Krabs: What are you doing lad?

Patrick: (Confused) Spongebob?!

Spongebob: (He looks around at everyone's faces) I need to, a guy in a hood told me... (He looks at Sandy's pleading face) I-I can't do it

Sandy: I should think not... (The bright light shines once again)

Spongebob: Oh no... (The hooded character appears in front of them)

Sandy: (Confused) Who are you?

Hooded character: (It faces Spongebob) I've told you too many times, now I need to do it myself... (The hooded character grabs Spongebob's gun and aims it at Sandy)

Spongebob: (He jumps infront of Sandy) You can't do this! If you want to kill Sandy, you'll have to shoot me first

Squidward: (Shouting from the crowd) Do it!

Hooded character: I need to, I can't go through it all again...

Spongebob: What do you mean, again?

Hooded character: (It pulls down it's hood to reveal a slightly older looking Sandy)

Spongebob: Sandy? It was you all along

Sandy: Does anyone else not have a clue what's going on?

Future Sandy: ...My machine killed everyone in the town, I can't let it happen again (She puts her finger on the trigger as a tear drips down her cheek)

Spongebob: But how did you survive? You said Sandy's machine killed everyone in the town...

Future Sandy: The mountain was high enough to protect me from the impact of the explosion, Now enough talk... (She aims the gun) ...This is for your own good - I promise

Sandy: (Spongebob looks around at everyone then at his girlfriend and her future self as he steps out of the way of the gun) Spongebob? (She gets nervous) W-What are you doing?

Spongebob: I'm sorry, Sandy (She tears up as Spongebob closes his eyes and the gun shot sounds and he re-opens them) SANDY! (He runs up to her led on the ground) What have I done?

Squidward: (He walks over to the future Sandy) Hey, if you just shot Sandy wouldn't that mean...

Future Sandy: Dammit! (She suddenly disappears as Spongebob lifts up Sandy's head from the ground)

Spongebob: Why did I let her die like this? I could have stopped her from shooting herself...

Mr Krabs: There was nothing you could do lad, you had to kill her to save all of us...I think that's what you did, right? I couldn't really get the jist of it...

Spongebob: Oh Mr Krabs, it's all my fault (He starts to cry as he wipes his eyes and stands up) Atleast the town is safe...I just wish it wasn't so hard to say goodbye (He kisses Sandy on the cheek) I'll always remember you...All my life (He slowly walks off as the townspeople look at their feet)

Gill Gilliam: (He walks up to everyone and feels her non-existant heartbeat) Time of death - Three fourty two

Squidward: It's just past midnight...

Gill Gilliam: (Looking at his watch) I really need new batteries in this thing...

Spongebob: (He walks back to his house as he looks into the sky to see Sandy's face staring down at him) Why did I have to let you go Sandy, why? (He walks into his house and sits at his table) Why couldn't it have been me? (His tears drop on the wooden table) I can never forgive myself... (He looks down at his pocket and pulls out the gun) I'll be with you in a few minutes, Sandy (He holds the gun up then turns around hitting on the gas as he sits down and slowly starts to fall asleep...)


Spongebob: (He stares at the golden gates of Heaven as he slowly steps inside them...) Sandy, are you here?

Sandy: Over here...I don't know how I ended up here, I don't even believe in a Heaven (Spongebob smiles then runs up to Sandy and hugs her)

Spongebob: I'm so sorry Sandy, I'll never do anything like that again...

Sandy: I know you won't Spongebob, you're my hero

Spongebob: I love you, Sandy

Sandy: I always will, Spongebob (She kisses him as they dance together in the clouds as the music slowly starts to play...)


Donovan - "Atlantis"
John Lennon - "Love"
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Team Spongebob: Season 3!

Ep.31 "Shadow Of The Day"

It had been two weeks since the team had saved Karate Island from the terrible Ice Queen. They were rebuilding the island, fixing it up. Sandy noticed Shin had been acting a little strange. He wore an aching face. "Are you okay Shin?" Sandy asked. "I'm fine..." he said. "You don't look it.." Sandy said. "I SAID I'M FINE." Shin yelled. Sandy came over to Spongebob, Patrick, and Linda. "Shin just yelled at me..that's really unlike him." Sandy told them. "That is unlike Shin." Linda said. Spongebob and Patrick looked at each other, wondering if they should tell the girls about Shin's father, Conquess.

Linda, thinking she could cheer Shin up, went into his tent. "Hi there Shin! Wanna see these cool flowers I picked out? Ya know, Spongebob helped too, but he picked out ugly ones. He's still really cute though. Don't tell him I said that.." Linda said rambling on and on. "GET OUT." Shin roared with the blackest eyes Linda ever seen.

Sandy saw Linda crying in Spongebob's lap. "..What's...going on guys?" Sandy asked with a hint of jealousy. "Shin yelled at Linda. He must of really scared her..." Spongebob said. "Apparently.." Sandy said staring. "Sandy, Linda, I got to tell you guys something..". Spongebob told them of Shin's sea demon father. "Wow, I didn't know Shin was so deep.." Linda said. "Well, there's a lot you don't know, so just be quiet." Sandy said as Patrick ran to the up to them. "Shin's GONE."

Shin made his way to a mountain top. He was bleeding eternally. Tears ran down his eyes as if they were rivers of salt water. Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, and Linda arrived. White light shined out of Shin's body as he raised in the air. "SHIN!" the team called from below. The white light flashed into the sky. Shin fell to the ground. "Shin..are you all right?" Sandy asked. "Conquess..he's unleashed.." Shin said, ending the episode.

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Team Spongebob: Season 3!

Ep.32 "Return Of The Eagle"

"Well, guys, me and Spongebob couldn't find any trace of Conquess so far." Patrick said. "He's..here." Shin said in minor pain. "Well, I guess we're staying here at Karate Island a little longer.." Sandy said sighing. Later on the team heard some screaming from a nearby town. They showed up and saw The Eagle. "So he's back.." Shin said. "..And he's stealing the towns money!" Linda pointed out. Shin shot the Eagle down with black magic. He fell to the ground and saw the team. "Oh great, Team Spongebob.." he said to himself. Spongebob used the koi move, but the Eagle was faster. The Eagle spurted out yellow power from his finger tips. Spongebob avoided the yellow power, but its impact to the ground, blasted Spongebob away. Sandy came to the Eagle, "I see we haven't met, so let me INTRODUCE MYSELF." Sandy said karate kicking the Eagle. The Eagle flew away with the money. "We see him again, we kill him." Spongebob said, leaving Linda worried.

Linda snuck away from the campsite at night. Sh found the Eagle in the woods. "Eagle..." she said. "You shouldn't have found me.." the Eagle said. "I won't give up on you.." Linda said. "Why do you do bad things?" Linda asked. "First of all, my real name is Calvin. When I was little, I was kidnapped from home. These scientist merged my genetic code with an Eagle, from the upper world. I got powers....strength, flight, yellow and red bolts of power..sadly, I was an outcast, so I do these things to get back at what everyone would do to me, because I was different..." the Eagle said. "I'm so sorry.." Linda said touching the Eagle's face. The Eagle stared into her eyes, he grabbed her hand and almost kissed her, he grabbed her violently. "Your going to help me steal the rest of the towns money." he said flying away with her.

The two opened the towns safe. The Eagle began putting money in a bag. "STOP." Spongebob said with the team with him. Patrick trapped the Eagle in a rocky imprisonment. Linda grabbed the bag and put it back in the safe, closing the safe door. The next morning, Linda visited the Eagle in the town jail. "I still have faith in you..Calvin.." Linda said. "Don't.." the Eagle said. Linda left out.

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Team Spongebob :Season 2- Ice Age Saga

Ep.21 "Linda"

"Shin,you coming with us trick or treating in Bikini Bottom?" Spongebob asked. "Yea, sure" Shin said. "Excuse me...I need help" a girl called out. "Hi,whats your name" Spongebob asked. "I'm Linda and if I don't get this diamond to the ice fairy,she can't use her powers to end the ice queen's reign. "Guys,we have to.." Shin started. "..I know.." Spongebob said sadly. The girl led the team to a dark forest. "Its..u-m-m pr-pr-pretty dark-k in tat for-est" Pat shivered. "Don't worry,my powers will shed some light" Linda said. Suddenly,bright light began to shine from Linda. "Wow..you have powers!" Spongebob said amazed. "Yup.." Linda blushed.

Zombies began rising from the ground. Patrick threw rocks at some of the zombies. "I can't fight in the dark. Linda,I need your light" Spongebob shouted. Linda shined a light on the zombies attacking Spongebob. Spongebob karate chopped the zombies. One of the zombies let out a dangerous poison leaving Shin unable to use his powers. Patrick tossed a rock at the zombie. Squidward scanned the zombie's minds. "These guys were definitely sent here by the Ice Queen" Squiddy reported. Just the,the Ice Queen arrived shooting caps of ice at the team. An ice cap impact on the ground caused Pat and Squid to fling backwards. "Pat,Squid,get up and get Shin and Linda out of here" Spongebob ordered. "Risking your life for your friends. How sweet..and SAD!" the Ice Queen said attacking Spongebob. Spongebob easily chopped right through the ice caps the Ice Queen threw towards him. Jumping in the air,Spongebob tackled the queen..both falling hard into the ground. The Ice Queen was knocked out. Spongebob ran after his friends who were at strange,large ice fort.

The fairy opened the door and the team explained what has been going on. "I'll take the diamond and in 4 weeks,come back here and I'll be prepared to help you guys. The team traveled back to the campsite. I'm sorry for messing up you guy's Halloween" Linda apologized. "You kidding? Because of you,this was the best Halloween ever!" Spongebob blushed. Linda blushed back.

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Team Spongebob - Season 5: Rise of The Demons

Ep.64 “The Beasts From Below” (Part 1)

It had been two weeks since the Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, and Linda left to vacation at Karate Island. It was now time for them to head back to the lovely Bikini Bottom. “Come on Shin! Everything is peaceful here at Karate Island. Come with us to Bikini Bottom!” Sandy asked Shin. “Fine. I guess I have to branch out a bit..” Shin said.

With that, Team Spongebob arrived back at Bikini Bottom. “Wow, what a colorful place..” Shin said. “I knew you’d like it!” Spongebob said. The team showed Shin to Spongy Towers. “Wow, this headquarters is much better than a campsite!” Shin said. “Funny, I said the same!” Patrick said.

Spongebob had set voice recognize for Shin at Spongy Towers. “If anyone unknown comes here, we’ll know!” Spongebob said. Later at night, there were screams coming from the Laguna Beach’s Torch Night. Team Spongebob got down there as fast as they could. Dark green colored monsters rose out of the ground and began attacking the beach goers. Shin threw dart shaped beam of black magic at one of the creatures, causing it explode. Shin smiled.. “Ah… its good to be back!”

Sandy went invisible and jumped on one of the monster’s back. The monster stretched its arm to its back and slapped Sandy off. Sandy’s invisible mode had went off. The monster chased after her. “STOP!” she said creating a telepathically barrier. What the..” Sandy said confused. Suddenly, arrows shot down a load of the monsters. Team Spongebob was confused none of them could shoot arrows. Then, a girl appeared. She started shooting more arrows, eventually exploding all of the monsters.

She disappeared as soon as she appeared. “Who was she?” Sandy asked. “I don’t know, but she has some archery skills!” Linda said. “Yea, she was able to shoot down most of the monsters..” Shin said. “Well, we better take some blood and skin samples of these ‘monsters’ “ Spongebob said. “Yea, good idea,” Patrick agreed.

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S3E1 (44) - Heartbeats: Last season on Bikini Top... I'm still crying after that tearjerker of a season finale. No way can I recap right now. Just... read it.

("Such Small Hands" by La Dispute [

] plays throughout the scene)

Jake was at the graveyard, staring at two tombstones.

Charlea Butler


Tori Butler


He set flowers on both of their graves as he slowly walked back to his boatmobile.

"You okay, man?" Bryan asked.

"Not really..." said Jake. "Actually Bryan, not at all."

(Theme plays)

("Prettiest Thing" by Oh Darling [

] plays throughout the scene)

"Let's go!" Seth said. "We're gonna be late, Heather."

"Shut up Seth," Heather said. "I'll take as long as I damn well please. I didn't even want you to come..."

"Well it's my baby," Seth said. "Of course I'm coming! I have to see if it's a boy or a girl."

"It's a boy," Heather said. "I just know it's a boy."

"No," said Seth. "It's definitely a little baby girl. You're crazy."

"You're crazy!" she said.

"Let's not start that," said Seth. "Let's just go and get this over with so we can get away from each other."

"Fine by me," Heather said.

"Sure it is."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing..." Seth said. "Nothing at all, Heather."

"Whatever you say," Heather said. "Now let's go."

The two of them got in the boatmobile and Seth started driving.


Jackie was laying in her bed staring at the popcorn ceiling above her, counting the individual dots. 50, 51, 52... it's my fault ... 53, 54, 55... I'm the reason she's dead ... 56, 57, 58 ... I might as well have murdered her ... 59, 60 ... what's the point anyways? Living a lie ... 61, 62 ... this is ridiculous ... 63, 64 ... I hate my life ... 65 ...

"GOD DAMN IT!" she yelled. She started breathing heavily, and she grabbed her make-up off the counter and chucked it at the wall. She tore open her pillow and threw it at her door, stuffing flying everywhere.

Her phone rang and she started to cry. She picked it up.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Jackie?" said Bryan. "Are you okay?"

"Fuck no," Jackie said. "Why would I be, dipshit?"

She hung up the phone and threw it directly at her mirror, creating a hole in the mirror, glass shattering around the room.


Naomi, Veera, and Veera's boyfriend Chris were sitting at the dinner table. This was Naomi's first time meeting the man.

"So Naomi, are you ready to start college?" Chris asked.

"Definitely. Excited for it," said Naomi. She messed with the peas on her plate with a fork. "Have you and my mom fucked yet?"

Veera choked on her mashed potatoes then sipped some of her water in an attempt to wash them down.

Chris laughed heartily.

"That's not really an answer," said Naomi.

"You're a joy," said Chris.

"Haha, yeah..." said Naomi and sighed, continuing to shift her peas around on the plate.


Anna was waking up at her hotel in Coralwood. She had been there for two days, and today she was going to go and sing at a bar she had gotten a gig at. As she got up and got dressed, she thought about Molly. She hated that she was thinking about her, but she couldn't stop. She left her hotel and got into her boatmobile, driving to the bar.

Fish were there, waiting for her to perform. It was quite a feeling. They were all staring right at the stage as she walked on with her microphone. Sure, she had performed before... but this time it felt different. This time it mattered. This time she wanted to be discovered.

She put the microphone near her lips and said, "Hi. I'm Anna Barber. I'm going to sing 'Taking Chances' by Celine Dion. I adjusted the lyrics a very little bit to fit a person situation of mine a little more... I hope that's okay. This is a great song, I hope you all like it." (

) Molly was, painfully, in her thoughts the entire time.

"Don't know much about your life

Don't know much about your world but

Don't wanna be alone tonight

On this planet they call Earth

I don't know about your past and

I don't have a future figured out

And maybe this is goin' too fast

And maybe it's not meant to last

But what do you say to takin' chances?

What do you say to jumpin' off the edge?

Never knowin' if there's solid ground below

Or a hand to hold or hell to pay

What do you say? What do you say?

I just wanna start again

And maybe you could show me how to try

Maybe you could take me in

Somewhere underneath your skin

What do you say to takin' chances?

What do you say to jumpin' off the edge?

Never knowin' if there's solid ground below

Or a hand to hold or hell to pay

What do you say? What do you say?

Hey now, hey, my heart is beatin' down

But I'm always comin' back for more, yeah

There's nothin' like love to pull you up

When you're lyin' down on the floor, babe

So talk to me, talk to me like lovers do

Yeah, walk with me, walk with me like lovers do

Like lovers do

What to you say to takin' chances?

What do you say to jumpin' off the edge?

Never knowin' if there's solid ground below

Or a hand to hold or hell to pay

What do you say? What do you say?

Don't know much about your life

And I don't know much about your world."

She smiled as the audience clapped. A woman that looked vaguely familiar walked up to her as she walked off the stage.

"Hi," said the woman.

"Oh, hi," said Anna, and she smiled brightly.

"I'm Gina Morianno," said the woman. "I'm a talent agent for Dazzle Records, and well, quite frankly, you're spectacular. I think they'd love you. Would you be interested in seeing some executives?"

"Of course I would!" Anna said, practically squealing with glee. "Wait, Gina Morianno? You offered my friends -- Morgan Graham and Naomi Duncan -- jobs almost two years ago. They never contacted you again, but... I remember you! They've talked about you, and how they almost had a shot at fame, and...”

“Yes, I remember them,” said Gina with a smile. “How are they?”

Anna slightly frowned. “Well, no one’s doing great right now. Our friends, well... their baby died.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” said Gina.

“Yeah, it’s been tough,” Anna said. “Her funeral was... intense. But everyone’s starting to get over it. Everyone besides the parents, of course. And on top of that, the father -- his mom killed herself that same day.”

“You’re kidding!” Gina gasped.

“I wish,” said Anna. “Oh, I feel so bad for him. He’s usually this big, larger-than-life guy. But now he’s... vacant.”

“I could only imagine what it would feel like to go through that kind of loss,” said Gina.

“Me too,” said Anna. “So... yeah. I need to go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

“Here, have my card,” said Gina. She handed Anna a bright red business card containing her information and said, “Hope to see you soon,” before leaving the bar.


("Distant Sures" by The Cave Singers [

] plays throughout the scene)

Jackie was on her bed crying when her door opened.

"You okay?" Bryan asked immediately.

"Bryan!" she yelled. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"You... sounded really upset," said Bryan. "No, you were really upset. And you still are. Jackie, talk to me. I know you don't like talking to people about what happened, but please, you have to talk to me. I want to help you. I hate seeing you like this."

"Stop coming onto me!" Jackie shouted. "You had your chance!"

"I'm not trying to come onto you," said Bryan calmly. "Jackie, I just want to help. Seeing you like this... it kills me, okay?"

"And why does it?"

"Because I care about you, Jackie!" he said. "It doesn't have to mean anything more than that. We're friends, and I care about you, which is why I care when you start doing things like that." He points to the hole in her mirror, the glass all around her room, the cracked phone on the dresser.

"Stop caring about me..." said Jackie.


"I'm worthless," said Jackie. "Without her I'm worthless. And it's my fault."

"How is it your fault, Jackie? That doesn't even make sense."

"How in the fuck does it not make sense, Bryan? I knew she was sick, I knew she was really sick. But I was too busy being upset about it to get her the help that she needed. So guess what happened? She died! My daughter died, Bryan! And it was my fault! Don't even try and pretend that it wasn't, because we both know that it was!" She started sobbing heavily.

"Jackie, you're so wrong," said Bryan. "The doctor told you: There's nothing you could've done. It was meant to be, Jackie."

"It was my fault..."

"No, it wasn't," Bryan said. "You were a great mother. You did all that you could have been expected to. This self-loathing thing... you just can't do it. We start college in a week. It's time to start new. I'm not saying you have to get over this... you never will, and I know that. But I think you just have to carry on with your life to the best of your ability."

"And how am I supposed to do that?"

"Let your friends in," said Bryan. "Let us help you. We love you, Jackie. I love you."


Naomi was in her room after dinner, posting on Fishbook when Veera walked in.

"What the hell was that?" Veera asked.


"You asked him if we had sex yet! And you were completely inappropriate for the entire dinner."

"He's a bore, Mom," Naomi said. "And you know what that means? You're a gold-digger, as always! That's the only reason you're dating him. He's ugly, he's boring, he has no redeemable qualities besides the fact that he's rich."

"Maybe that's more of an issue with you than with him," said Veera. "Because you know what, Naomi? He is a nice man, and he cares about me. And I care about him."

"Bullshit," said Naomi. "Maybe he is a nice guy. But I know you, and you're totally shallow. You only date guys because they're hot, or because they're rich. And he's definitely not hot, Mom!"

"Get out," Veera said quietly, in almost a whisper, just loud enough for Naomi to hear.


"You heard me, Naomi. Get out. You're just causing trouble right now, and I don't want you here. Go stay with a friend. You can come back in the morning. Enjoy your sleepover."


Morgan and Richard were sitting in a booth at Red Lobster (it's different underwater), having a good time over dinner.

"It's nice, being able to laugh like this," said Morgan.

"Why haven't you been laughing?" Richard asked.

"Well... everyone's been pretty depressed ever since Charlea and Tori died," said Morgan. "And then you left for the summer. So I've been stuck with misery for a couple of months now, and it's been bringing me down."

"Don't let that happen," said Richard. "What you should do is cheer your friends up."

"I gave up on doing that a long time ago, Richard," Morgan said.

"Call me Dad."

Morgan was silent. She wasn't comfortable with that. Not yet, anyways.

"How do you think I should try to cheer them up?" she asked.

"I think that's your call," Richard told her. "They're your friends. You know them better than I do. How's Seth doing?"

"Seth's good," said Morgan. The two of them had gotten much closer over the summer, since they found out they were half-siblings. "Right now he's at the hospital with Heather, finding out the sex of the baby."

"Are they back together, then?"

"Oh, no..."


"For the love of God, is that doctor ever going to come back?" Seth asked.

"Calm down, it'll be okay," Heather said.

"But what if it's not okay?" Seth asked. He was frantic. "What if our baby dies, just like Charlea? Just like Naomi's baby? What will happen then, Heather? Huh? What the fuck is going to happen then?"

Heather put her fin on his shoulder and smiled. "Seth," she said. "It's going to be okay. Trust me. He's just making sure our baby is healthy. He'll be back in a second to tell us he is."

"It's a girl," Seth said. "It's a girl and you know it."

Heather laughed. "You wish."


Kara was sitting on the couch, watching Glee.

"I love that this show has finally made it underwater," she said. "Musicals are amazing."

"Glee is gay," said Arianna.

"Sit down, let's watch it," said Kara.


"DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'! HOLD ONTO THAT FEELIN'!" they both sang together.

"That show is amazing," said Arianna.

"I know," said Kara.

"I wish people actually broke into song in real life," said Arianna. "It was cool when that happened for a few days a while ago, but I wish it was a regular thing."

"Who says it can't be?" Kara asked deviously.

"I don't know," Arianna shrugged. "Poseidon or something? King Neptune?"

"Fuck them," said Kara. "Rainn, get over here!"

"Why?" Rainn asked.

"Don't question me!" she said. "We're gonna make everyone sing more!"

"Why?" Rainn asked again.

"Because it will be fun!" she yelled. "Now get your spineless ass over here and join fins with me! Come on, now!"

Rainn sighed and joined hands with his sister. They both began speaking Latin, and the room around them shook.

"Did it work?" Arianna asked.

"Oh, definitely," said Kara. "Now those trolls Molly hangs around with will start singing once a week or so, depending on who needs to do it most."

"Will there be solos?" Arianna asked.

"Yep," said Kara.



"Group numbers?"

"You bet your ass."

"Sweet..." Arianna said. "This is going to be a fun year, isn't it?"

"You bet your ass," Kara repeated. "Now everyone shut the hell up, I want to start Season 2."


Jake was sitting in his room, thinking. He had no one.

His mother was dead.

His father was dead.

His grandfather was dead.

His grandmother had been dead for a long time.

His father's parents had been dead for as long as he could remember.

His daughter was dead.

Everyone in his family. Dead.

As he was sitting there, his phone rang. "Hello?"

"Hello, may I speak to Jake Butler?"


"Tori Butler's last will and testament is being read today," said the fish on the other line. "It's been requested you and Bryan Errin are there, as you two are the only living heirs."

"Oh..." Jake said, letting the word hang in the air for a while before he said anything else. He breathed as steadily as he could. "Okay, we'll be there. Thank you."

The fish on the other line gave him an address and a time, for which Jake thanked him, then hung up. Jake then resumed his thinking, thinking that his father's death, his grandfather's death, his mother's death, hell, maybe even his daughter's death... they were all because of vampires.

Vampires were worthless piles of undead shit that had to die.


Brenda and Hersht were hunting when they ran into Dora and Jordin.

"Oh hey you two," said Jordin. "Haven't seen you in a while."

"Nice to see you, Jordin," said Hersht.

"Nice to see you too," Jordin said and smiled. "Hi Brenda."

"Hi Jordin," said Brenda. "Hi Dora."

"Hi Brenda," Dora said with a scowl.

"Is something wrong?" Hersht asked Dora.

"As a matter of fact, yeah," said Dora. "I don't think it's very fair that just because you and her are joined at the genitals, you get to stay in a nice cozy house while we have the privilege of sleeping in the woods, when I know for a fact she has at least two extra rooms: her dead daughter's room and the guest room."

Brenda slightly winced at the mention of her 'dead daughter' -- although since she became a vampire, things like that hurt her less.

"Maybe you guys don't have to stay here," said Hersht. "But Brenda's daughter only just found out about our world a couple of months ago. We could ask her how she feels about the possibility of you two moving in... but no promises."

"We really don't need to, Hersht," said Jordin.

"Yes we do, sis!" said Dora. "We're filthy! And I keep waking up with sticks in my hair. I may be a vampire, but that doesn't mean I enjoy the outdoors."

"Well, we need to get hunting," said Brenda. "See you two soon."

Brenda and Hersht left.


("Afraid of Everyone" by The National [

] plays throughout the scene)

Naomi knocked on Miranda's door, and her mother Sophie is at the door.

"Oh, Naomi..." she said.

"Hi Mrs. Allen," said Naomi. "Can I speak with Miranda?"

Reluctantly, Sophie said, "Sure... come on in."

Naomi walked upstairs and knocked on Miranda's bedroom door.

"Oh, Naomi..." said Miranda.

"Hey," said Naomi. "I was just wondering if I could stay here for the night."

"Ah," Miranda said. "Well, um... I don't think so... I don't think you can."

"Why not?"

"It's... getting dark."

"Yeah Miranda, that's why I asked to stay the night," said Naomi. "I kind of knew it was getting dark. I just had dinner with my mom's new boyfriend and I wanted to talk with you about it because everyone else is busy."

"My parents don't want anyone staying here tonight," said Miranda. "I'm sorry."

"That doesn't make sense," said Naomi. "Why tonight?"

"Don't ask me," said Miranda. "I... I don't make the rules, Nay. I wish you could stay and we could talk, but you've got to get out of here before the moon rises."

"Before the moon rises?" Naomi asked. "Come on Miranda, what the fuck is with that?"

"Please just go..." pleaded Miranda. "Listen, please. We can talk in the morning, but for now I don't feel like dealing with my parents, okay?"

"Your parents... I just don't understand why I have to go," Naomi said.

"They don't want anyone staying here."

"My mom kicked me out for the night though," said Naomi. "Where else am I supposed to go? All the guys are busy."

"Stay with Mikayla," said Miranda. "You guys are friends."

"We haven't talked in a while, though," said Naomi. "She's been kind of distant all summer."

"Well, time to end that, then," said Miranda. "Go see her. Talk. Be friendly. Have a sleepover with her. It'll be fun. The two of us can talk in the morning and I'll - I'll tell you all about why you couldn't stay here tonight."

"Really, you will?"

"Honestly, probably not," said Miranda. "But it's possible."


("Baby Fratelli" by The Fratellis [

] plays throughout the scene)

Anna was walking the streets of Coralwood, contemplating Gina's offer. Suddenly, she got a text message from her mother that read: "911".

She stared at the text curiously, then decided to call her house. No answer. She called Helen's cell phone. It rang for quite a while, but eventually was picked up.

"This is Helen Barber's phone, Dr. Gosselin speaking."

"Dr. Gosselin?" Anna said. "Why is a doctor answering my mother's phone? Is she alright?"

"Oh, you must be Anna," said Dr. Gosselin. "I'm from Bikini Top Hospital -- I was actually about to call you. Your mother is here, she fell down the stairs and broke her leg. Her leg is fine, but we need to talk to you about the state her mind is in."

"Her mind?" Anna asked.

"She seems to have a mental disability," said Dr. Gosselin. "We've hypothesized that it's Alzheimer's, but we won't be sure until we run some tests."

"Alzheimer's?" Anna asked. "But she's too young to have that!"

"It's uncommon," said Dr. Gosselin, "but not unheard of."

"Well I'm in Coralwood right now," Anna said. "I'll drive there in just a little bit. It should take me about an hour and a half. Can it wait until then?"

"By then we should have a proper diagnosis," said Dr. Gosselin.

"Perfect," said Anna. "See you then, doc."


("This Is Not the Answer" by Jon Black [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6h96ZfV_r8 ] plays throughout the scene)

Bryan got home and took off his shoes. Jake was waiting for him in the living room.

"We have to go and hear Mom's will tomorrow," said Jake.


"We. You were her son, too."

"You think?"

"I know," Jake said somberly.

"Does that depress you or something?" Bryan asked.

"No..." said Jake. "Everything depresses me right now, but I'm fine with you being like a son to her. It was obvious. We were both her sons."

"Yeah," said Bryan. "What time do we have to go?"

"7 AM," said Jake.

"Damn, that's early," said Bryan. "At least it's not as early as Glinda makes me get up to train sometimes. Well, guess we'll have to get to bed early tonight. We have a busy morning tomorrow. Have you eaten dinner?"




"How about breakfast?" Bryan asked.


"Jake, you have to eat. A few crackers every day isn't enough. I know you're sad, but starving yourself isn't the way to get over this," Bryan sighed. "And neither is staying in the house, not talking to anyone, only leaving to go to the cemetery."

"Let me grieve however the hell I want to grieve."

"Jake, this isn't healthy."

"Maybe I don't need to be healthy right now, Bryan," said Jake. "Last June I lost two of the most important people in my life, it's going to take more than a couple of months to get over that."

"But you're never going to get over it if you don't try to, Jake," said Bryan. "Now come on, let's go to Lexington's or something, I'm starving."

"Go by yourself," Jake said. "I don't want to go out."

"Of course you don't," Bryan shrugged. "I'm just going to make some soup. And you're eating it, got it?"

"Whatever you say, Dad."


("Tea For Two" by Yael Meyer [

] plays throughout the scene)

The doctor re-entered the room.

"So, what's up doc?" Seth said in what was supposed to be a Bugs Bunny impression, but failed because of how nervous he was.

"Is everything okay, Dr. Heisen?"

"You two have nothing to worry about," said Dr. Heisen. She smiled. "You have a healthy baby boy coming in just about four months. That's certainly nothing to worry about, is it?"

"That's amazing!" Heather said.

Seth grinned, and breathed heavily. "Oh thank god."

"I'll let you two go now," said Dr. Heisen. "See you in a month or so for your next check-up. But first..." She handed Seth a picture of the ultrasound.

"Wow..." said Seth. He handed it to Heather.

"Yeah," Heather said. "Wow."


Naomi knocked on the door of Mikayla's house. Mikayla answered.

"Oh, Naomi..." Mikayla said. "Hi."

"Hi," said Naomi. "It's been a while."

"It definitely has," said Mikayla. "Come on in."


Anna arrived at the hospital.

"Where's Helen Barber?" she asked the woman at the front of the hospital. "I'm her daughter, Anna. I need to see her now."

"Room 229," said the woman.

Anna ran to the elevator and got upstairs, making her way to room 229. She opened the door up right away, to see Helen sleeping.

"Shh," said Dr. Gosselin, who was now standing at the door.

"Dr. Gosselin," said Anna. "Do you have the results?"

"As a matter of fact, I do," he said.

"And?" Anna asked.

The doctor sighed. "Your mother has Alzheimer's disease."

"Oh..." said Anna. "Well that's not good."

"No," said the doctor. "It's not."


"Well, here we are," Richard said. "You're home."

"Thanks for dinner," said Morgan. "I think I'm going to go and see Jake. He deserves to feel better, even if we're not together right now I can't stand to see him so broken."

"That's a great idea, Morgan," said Richard. "See you soon."

"How soon?" Morgan asked.

"We'll see."


("Street Spirit" by Radiohead [

] plays throughout the scene)

"So, what do you think?" Hersht asked Brenda.

"What do I think?" Brenda asked.

"About Dora and Jordin moving into the house."

"Jordin I'm fine with," Brenda said. "She's great, and pleasant to be around. Dora, however, is... well..."

"A pain in the ass?"

"There you go."

"Well, honey, they're kind of a package deal," said Hersht. "We can't help Jordin out but not Dora. It would be wrong."

"Plenty of the things Dora did were pretty wrong," Brenda said. "Everyone conveniently forgets that she used to work for Astenias, you know -- the vampire who was trying to kill all of us, who took control of your life."

"I worked for him too," Hersht reminded her.

"Yes, but you didn't enjoy it like you said she did," Brenda countered. "I don't know if I want that kind of energy around Alex. Or Mikayla, for that matter."

"I think it will be fine," said Hersht.

"Of course you do."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," said Brenda.

"That doesn't mean nothing," said Hersht.

"Yes, it does," Brenda said defensively. "It doesn't mean anything at all, Hersht. All I'm saying is that I'd rather not have two vampires living in my home."

"Well I hate to break it to you Brenda, but you already do."


Miranda is chained down in her cellar, she starts howling and turns into a werewolf.


Seth dropped Heather off at her house.

"Heather, I'm sorry for the way I've been acting all day... and since before that," Seth said. "It's not doing either of us any good and it's childish."

"No, I'm sorry," said Heather. "I've been acting no better."

"Okay, so we're both sorry," said Seth.

"I suppose we are, aren't we?"

"Yeah..." said Seth.

There was silence for a while, until eventually Seth kissed Heather. She blushed, then ran inside.


"I can't take care of her," Anna said. "Obviously I have to stay here now... good thing BTU accepted me and I can fall back on them... but that means I'll have classes to take, and I'd still like to have something resembling a social life."

"Maybe you could hire a caretaker," said Dr. Gosselin. "Someone who can look after your mother. It's not good for her to be alone, even this early on in the disease."

"Our insurance wouldn't cover that," said Anna. "And we don't have the money."

"I'm sure you can figure something out," said Dr. Gosselin.

"I sure hope so," Anna said. "When can she get out of here?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, I'd say," said Dr. Gosselin. "Her leg should heal up fine in about a month. It's only a minor break."

"Alright then," Anna said. "I'm just going to go home and unpack my things, then I'll be right back here to spend the night."

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

"Positive," said Anna. "See you in a few hours."


The next morning, Molly was sitting at home when she got a text from Anna: "hey, we should talk"

Molly didn't know how she felt about it. She was slowly beginning to get over Anna... but if Anna wanted to talk, maybe they should.


Bryan and Jake exited the lawyer's office. Jake had acquired the house, and half of his mother's money. Bryan got the other half of the money, and her possessions.

In the boatmobile, Bryan said, "So, Morgan wants to see you."

"Does she?" Jake asked quietly.

"She does," Bryan said. "She's waiting at the house, actually."

"Great," said Jake. "And I wonder what she wants to talk about..."

"You know," said Bryan.

"Yes, I know she's going to be the hundredth friend of mine to tell me it's time to get over my mother and my daughter dying and the fact I have no family left.

"Jake," said Bryan, "we're family."


("You Are A Tourist" by Death Cab for Cutie [

] plays throughout the scene)

Naomi and Mikayla were making themselves breakfast while Hersht and Brenda were still in bed.

"So... you've been quiet all summer because you found out your mom is a vampire, and she's dating one?" Naomi reviewed the information from the previous night.

"You bet," said Mikayla. "And Bryan basically has to kill vampires, Anna is a witch, and Molly is a goddess?"

"That's the gist of it."

"That's crazy," said Mikayla.

"You don't even know the half of it," Naomi laughed. "Anyways, are you still going to Bikini Top University when it starts in a couple weeks?"

"I'm not sure," said Mikayla.

"What?" Naomi asked. "Why not?"

"I got a job offer in Rock Bottom," said Mikayla.

"What?" Naomi asked. "That's amazing!"

"Yeah," Mikayla said. "One of my old boyfriends got it for me. I'd write for Rock Bottom Magazine. But I don't know if I want to leave."

"A job at Rock Bottom Magazine is a pretty huge opportunity, Mikayla," Naomi told her. "Are you sure you'd want to pass something like that up? It could be life-changing."

"I guess so," said Mikayla.

"You guess?" Naomi said. "Mikayla, that's a big deal. You have to go."

"But wouldn't you miss me?"

"Of course I would. But we could still talk, and I'd know that you were out doing what makes you happy. I... can tell you haven't been happy here in a long time."

"You're right," Mikayla said. "Ever since Temperance died it's been pretty rough living here. Before then, even. Bikini Top just brings back memories about my dad, and when he died... and when he cheated on my mom. You know, memories I'd like to forget."

"I can see why," Naomi said. "At least you knew your dad."

"At least I did."

"So... what do you think you're going to do?"

"I think I'm leaving Bikini Top," Mikayla said. "For good."


Jake walked into the house and spotted Morgan.

"I'll leave you two alone," said Bryan, and he walked upstairs, where he saw Seth.

"Oh hey Seth," said Bryan.

"Bryan!" Seth said. "I have news."

"You told me last night that it's a boy."

"Yeah, but there's something I didn't tell you last night..." Seth said.

"What didn't you tell me?" Bryan asked.

"I kissed Heather."


Meanwhile downstairs, Morgan was about to start comforting Jake, but instead she started singing "Advice" by Christina Grimmie [


"Don't look down.

Because it's easier falling from force.

Just letting it take natures course,

and picking it up when it's over.

Don't be afraid.

'Cause the chances are there for the take.

But treasure the choices you make,

and know when you must take it slower.

You may think you've had it rough,

and try to give it up.

But when you think your stuck,

Just go another way!

Don't let go of good times,

and let the bad ones know you feel fine.

And wear your heart out on your sleeve,

'Cause love is all, love is all you need.

Don't be rushed.

'Cause hurrying causes mistakes,

and make sure to give more than take,

and sharing yourself bring you closer

You may think you've had it rough,

and try to give it up.

But when you think, your stuck.

Just go another way!

Don't let go of good times,

and let the bad ones know you feel fine,

and wear your heart out on your sleeve.

'Cause love is all you need.

Feel with all your senses.

Make sure to let down your defenses.

There just one way to make you see,

that love is all, love is all you need.

Ooh Ooh

Ooh ooh.


Ohh oh.

Take a chance now,

'Cause it's easy.

Take a chance now for you and me.

Take a chance now,

You can reach it!

Take a chance for me!


Don't let go of good times,

and let the bad ones know you feel fine,

and wear your heart out on your sleeve.

Love is all, love is all you need.

Feel with all your senses,

Make sure to let down your defenses.

There's just one way to make you see,

That love is all, love is all you need.

Oh! It's all you need!

Love is all,

Love is all,

Love is all you need..."

Jake got up and kissed Morgan.


("Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A20rx8VQnTE ] plays throughout the end montage)

Bryan and Seth talk in Seth's room.

Miranda wakes up, still chained up in the cellar, naked and dirty.

Anna knocks on Glinda's door.

Molly texts Anna: "when do we have to talk?"

Jackie talks to Sarah about how she's feeling.

Jordin and Dora move into Brenda's house.

Mikayla tells Brenda she's moving.

Naomi returns home and Veera hugs her, apologizing to her for making her leave. Chris is there as well, and welcomes Naomi back.

Heather stares at the photo of the ultrasound.

Jake and Morgan sit across from each other awkwardly.


"Such Small Hands" by La Dispute

"Prettiest Thing" by Oh Darling

"Taking Chances" by Celine Dion [sung by Anna]

"Distant Sures" by The Cave Singers

"Afraid of Everyone" by The National

"Baby Fratelli" by The Fratellis

"This Is Not the Answer" by Jon Black

"Tea For Two" by Yael Meyer

"Street Spirit" by Radiohead

"You Are A Tourist" by Death Cab For Cutie

"Advice" by Christina Grimmie [sung by Morgan]

"Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez

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The Adventures Of Tom and Lou Christmas episode, edited ending.

Ep.25 "The Black Horror In A Christmas Carol" (Part 1)

(Christmas,a wonderful time of year. Filled with love and cheer. All

except The Black Horror, who was filled with despair.)

The Black Horror: Its freezing..

Evelyn: Sorry, noT much heat, but we should be thankful my uncle Steve

let us use his cabin for Chistmas weekend!

Tom: Eggnog anyone?

Evelyn: Oooh, pass some of that over here!

The Black Horror: I'd rather pour more oil and bleach down my tank.

Scooter: Wow..that was- cold...

The Black Horror: So is this weather (TBH leaves out the cabin, into

the forest.)

Tom: (Shouting) Black Horror. Wait.

The Black Horror: (Rips the Christmas ornaments, decoratins and

clothes off himself) What?

Tom: Wow, is it that much of a pain to celebrate the holidays?

The Black Horror: Just Shu-

Tom: NO. usually I'll put up with your negative attiude, but this

weekend? NO. JUST NO.

Lou: Tom? Just come on, leave him be,

(Tom and Lou leave as The Black Horror drops an oil tear out his eye.)

(A bright white light flashes)

???: Hello, I am THE CHRISTMAS CAR!

The Black Horror: ..and what do you want?

The Christmas Car: i am going to show you your Past, Present, and..OK

you know how this goes.

TBH: Uh..okay..

(The Christmas Car and The Black Horror transport to the past)


TBH: Uh...where are we?

???: I'm done with car! It has a super speed motot, a weaponary system and its

nice and black?

TBH: That's...Max..Maxwell!

The Christmas Car: Your owner!

Dario: Ya know, your a good mob leader for being 35!


(The next night, Maxwell is driving The Black Horror with a chick named

Coco in shotgun.)

The Black Horror: I remember Coco..good times, good times.

(Quite an adventure The Black Horror is on, but there's some despair,

still waiting to come.)

Ep.26 "The Black Horror In A Christmas Carol" (Part 2)

(The Black Horror and The Christmas Car return to the present.)

The Christmas Car: Your present. All your friends are mad at you..

Tom: How ungrateful he is!

Evelyn: He always has this negative attitude, and ya know its only

gotten worser!

Lou: I agree! What a stick in the mud!

(TBH and The Christmas Car transport away.)

Lou: why do i feel like we were all cruelly mean?

Scooter: Well, not me..


The black horror: wh-we are in the-

The Christmas Car: -future ^^ .

TBH: My future...

(The Future Black Horror lies in an open tool shed. Dirty,

broken down,grouchy.)

The Future Black Horror: Heyyyy, Hey girly girl. Wanna celebrate

X-mas in my motor, huh huh,eh eh, (winks twice disturbingly)

Woman: Ooo-uggghhh. (Walks off)

The Black Horror: NO, NOOOOOO Where's Tom? Where's my owner?

The Christmas Car: He left you Horror...you broke when he did.

The Black Horror: NO, no, no (feels dizzy) n- (passes out)

(The Black Horror Wakes up in the forest. Snow all around.)

The Black Horror: Its Christmas..

(The Black Horrow goes into the cabin.)


Tom: (Opening present) What's got you in a good mood?

The Black Horror: I'm just REALLY happy..to have friends like you all.

Evelyn: Aww.

Scooter: Really dude?!

The Black Horror: Yea..

Lou: Wow..what a tansition...

(Everyone hugs The Black Horror.)

(And as the friends opened their gifts, they start to believe The Black Horror is glitched. Its a Christmas Miracle. The Black Horror NOT being a grinch.)

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