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I once got a malware virus on my other computer two years ago. It replaced my wallpaper with a warning message saying "WARNING Your computer is infected with virus. Please download the antivirus software" and my computer kept bugging me to download something called "Antivirus XP Pro" (their webpage looked professional and everything). I was a little suspicious, so I Googled it and found out that it was rogue software. Unfortunately, I could not remove the virus on time, and it ended up slowing my computer down to the point where it was unusable and we had to take it to a computer repair shop.

Let this be a lesson for everyone: use a secure computer browser like Firefox and try to enable some form of antivirus software on your computer. Also, for the love of God, if you get a message telling you to download some antivirus software you never heard of, DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

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Another Warning: Do not get a virus on the computer which you are using when you are 6 years old. It will leave you SCARRED FOR LIFE.

As it did to me.

No really.

No joke.

No kidding.

No nothing.

I'm long past that age, but thanks for the heads-up.
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