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Season 4 Discussion

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Fear of a Krabby Patty: 10/10

Shell of a Man: 9/10

The Lost Mattress: 9/10

Krabs vs Plankton: 9/10

Have You Seen This Snail: 10/10

Skill Crane: 10/10

Good Neighbors: 4/10

Selling Out: 9/10

Funny Pants: 7/10

Dunces and Dragons: 10/10

Enemy In-Law: 9/10

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture: 7/10

Patrick Smartpants: 5/10

SquidBob TentaclePants: 4/10

Krusty Towers: 10/10

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: 10/10

Chimps Ahoy: 7/10

Ghost Host: 8/10

Whale of a Birthday: 9/10

Karate Island: 9/10

All That Glitters: 4/10

Wishing you Well: 10/10

New Leaf: 8/10

Once Bitten: 8/10

Bummer Vacation: 8/10

Wigstruck: 3/10

Squidtastic Voyage: 8/10

That's No Lady: 9/10

The Thing: 3/10

Hocus Pocus: 5/10

Driven to Tears: 7/10

Rule of Dumb: 4/10

Born to be Wild: 5/10

Best Frenemies: 9/10

The Pink Purlonior: 10/10

Squid Wood: 3/10

Best Day Ever: 9/10

The Gift of Gum: 4/10


Top 5:

5: Have You Seen This Snail?

4: Wishing you Well

3: Skill Crane

2: Dunces and Dragons

1: Krusty Towers


Bottom 5:

5: All That Glitters

4: The Gift of Gum

3: Wigstruck  

2: The Thing

1: Squid Wood

Season Thoughts:

This is the first post-movie season, which means this is the time many people believe to be the downfall of the show. And honestly, while it’s not as great as seasons 1-3, this is still a great season, espicially the first half. This season has tons of great and even amazing epsiodes, such as Krusty Towers, Dunces and Dragons, Wishing you Well, and Skill Crane, and most of the episodes are good to some extent. Theres a few ok, meh, and bad episodes however, Squid Wood and The Thing being the worst of them. Despite this, I still really like this season. I’d say it’s great.

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Season 4 was the season that was airing when I started watching Spongebob, so I grew up with this season and it sucks that people used to look down upon it for being not as good as the preceding seasons. While this isn't the best season in my opinion, there's no denying that it's still good.

Fear of a Krabby Patty: 9/10 (great animation and superb writing make C.H. Greenblatt's final episode on the show work greatly)

Shell of a Man: 7/10 (an enjoyable story, and while this episode isn't one of the more interesting episodes, it balances that out with good writing)

The Lost Mattress: 7/10 (while not one of the more interesting episodes, it keeps itself from going stale with a good plot)

Krabs vs. Plankton: 8/10 (a well-written parody of courtroom dramas)

Have You Seen This Snail: 9/10 (an emotional episode that doesn't get too sappy most of the time and works while balancing the sad portions with great jokes)

Skill Crane: 8/10 (take The Paper and improve it. Here you go.)

Good Neighbors: 7/10 (I'm sorry, I just can't take this episode seriously)

Selling Out: 7/10 (an overall solid episode)

Funny Pants: 6/10 (the beginning and ending were pretty funny, the middle part however was pretty dull)

Dunces and Dragons: 8/10 (a good take on time-travelling, despite it being rushed animation at its finest :funny:)

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture: 8/10 (a very funny episode, and while it's not the ultimate best of the MM&BB episodes, it's in the top half of them)

Enemy In-Law: 6/10 (sort of disinteresting but not too bad)

Patrick SmartPants: 7/10 (enjoyable, if annoying at times)

SquidBob TentaclePants: 7/10 (while not one of the best of the season, I enjoy it a bit... also, sorry but the ending is and always will be funny)

Krusty Towers: 7/10 (I mean, this episode is good, don't get me wrong. However, it's not really THAT special)

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: 9/10 (a very enjoyable episode from start to finish)

Chimps Ahoy: 6/10 (pretty eh if you'd ask me; also, one of the jokes here legit made me cringe)

Ghost Host: 7/10 (another pretty enjoyable episode)

Whale of a Birthday: 6/10 (pretty overhated but at the same time not one of the better S4 episodes)

Karate Island: 6/10 (the fight scenes are pretty good for the most part and people hate this episode for a stupid reason but the first half is rather eh)

All That Glitters: 4/10 (this episode could've worked had it not fallen apart in the second half)

Wishing You Well: 7/10 (kinda overrated. I don't see what's so memorable or special about this one but it's still sorta good don't get me wrong)

New Leaf: 6/10 (not that bad but at the same time... it's not one of the more interesting episodes either)

Once Bitten: 6/10 (could've worked better if it weren't as boring)

Bummer Vacation: 9/10 (this episode is just great)

Wigstruck: 6/10 (it's seriously not that bad but it's not really all that great either; it's in between)

Squidtastic Voyage: 7/10 (Patrick is very annoying here but otherwise it's handled rather well)

That's No Lady: 7/10 (it's funnier when you're not thinking of the possible implications here... Mr. Krabs and Squidward's reactions to finding out who "Patricia" really is are gold though)

The Thing: 2/10 (an unenjoyable mess, it's very uncomfortable to watch)

Hocus Pocus: 6/10 (kinda boring but not too bad)

Driven to Tears: 4/10 (Patrick is annoyingly smug here)

Rule of Dumb: 6/10 (eh, it could be worse)

Born to Be Wild: 7/10 (not much to say here, I enjoyed it)

Best Frenemies: 7/10 (a pretty good Krabs and Plankton team-up episode)

The Pink Purloiner: 7/10 (Spongebob and Patrick's friendship is put to the test here and it really shines as a good example of that sort of episode working out well)

Squid Wood: 3/10 (from the repetitive beginning to the insulting parts at the Krusty Krab, there's not too much to like here)

Best Day Ever: 6/10 (ehh... could've been better but it's not bad)

The Gift of Gum: 6/10 (also pretty eh but with the added fact that it's pretty gross)

Overall, this season would rank out at about 6.6, rounding up to being a 7/10, or BETTER season.

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For the most part, this season is STILL more consistent in quality than some of the OTHER seasons that were made during Stephen Hillenburg's major NON-involvement with the show (I'm looking at YOU, seasons 7 & 8!) In the old days, I would have said that "All That Glitters" was the BEST episode of the season, and "Once Bitten" was the WORST episode of the season! :rolleyes: Now that MORE episodes and seasons have passed, and I can look upon it with a BETTER sense of judgment and retrospect, I would say that "All That Glitters" ranks at 9.5 out of 10, the BEST episodes are "Fear of a Krabby Patty, Shell of a Man, Born to Be Wild," and "Best Frenemies". "Once Bitten" would rank at a 6.5 out of 10, and "Good Neighbors" would be ranked as the WORST episode of the season at 1/10, IF THAT! o.o Enough said! ;)

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Time for my current Season 4 scores. Warning: Controversial opinions galore!

Fear of a Krabby Patty: 9/10

Shell of a Man: 9/10

The Lost Mattress: 5/10 (Too dull and repetitive for me to fully enjoy. Sorry everyone).

Krabs vs. Plankton: 8.5/10

Have You Seen This Snail?: 8/10 (I like it, I'm just not crazy gushing over it like many others on this site are).

Skill Crane: 9/10

Good Neighbors: 2.5/10

Selling Out: 8/10

Funny Pants: 3.5/10

Dunces and Dragons: 11/10 (One of 8 episodes this score is reserved for)

MM/BB VI: The Motion Picture: 8/10

Enemy in-Law: 8/10 (While not the best episode by any stretch, this is probably one of,if not the, most solid episodes in the series).

Patrick Smartpants: 9/10

SquidBob Tentaclepants: 5/10 (So much wasted potential. This episode could've been really great if it had been a lot more funny and also if it didn't have that ending).

Krusty Towers: 11/10 (One of 8 episodes this score is reserved for)

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: 7.5/10

Chimps Ahoy! : 5/10

Ghost Host: 3.5/10 (This episode marks the beginning of the downfall of the show IMO).

Whale of a Birthday: 3.5/10

Karate Island: 5.5/10

All That Glitters: 1.5/10 

Wishing You Well: 4/10 (I already know this post is gonna get sad faced to hell just based on this rating alone, LOL! but I'm sorry, I just don't like this episode).

New Leaf: 4.5/10

Once Bitten: 5/10

Bummer Vacation: 7.5/10

Wigstruck: 3.5/10

Squidtastic Voyage: 5/10 (Has some great elements, but some really bad ones as well).

That's No Lady: 5/10 (This episode is just too damn weird for me to like fully).

The Thing: 2.5/10

Hocus Pocus: 3.5/10 (SO utterly pointless!)

Driven to Tears: 5.5/10 (Could've been good had Patrick's jerkiness not gotten in the way)

Rule of Dumb: 3/10

Born to Be Wild: 5/10 (SO utterly boring and forgettable!)

Best Frenemies: 9.5/10 (The only amazing episode in the second part of the season IMO).

The Pink Purloiner: 8.5/10

Squid Wood: 3.5/10 (Underrated slightly, but its still bad).

Best Day Ever: 4.5/10

The Gift of Gum: 3/10 (The first true gross out IMHO).

Honestly? By today's general consensus, this season is quite overrated IMHO. The first half was awesome, and I'd even consider it on par or at least up there with Seasons 1-3,but the second half was just bad. So many meh and bad episodes just kill the whole thing for me. While this season did have its awesome episodes and is definitely among the best seasons of the post-movie era, I cannot agree with the people who are saying that this season is a part of classic SpongeBob and that it's on par with the first 3 seasons. The lows are generally a lot lower here than those few lows of Seasons 1-3, and there's way more of them. And there's several episodes that just scream meh or just feel like totally wasted potential. Though it was better than the following 4 seasons to come, I sadly can't share the same sentiment that many others have shared about this season. I definitely do not feel that it's a part of classic SpongeBob, and with a great first half and bad second half, it truly is just middle of the road to me.



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An interesting season. It's not as good as the first three seasons, definitely not, but I love the animation, and this season has my favorite episode ever.

Favorite episode: Dunces and Dragons

Least favorite episode: All That Glitters

In-the-middle episode: Shell of a Man

Overrated episode: Have You Seen This Snail?

Underrated episode: Mrs. Puff, You're Fired

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This season is probably the most underrated season in the entire show (after S11 perhaps, that lately gets undeserved hate by some). Being first season without Hillenburg on creative team and majority of familiar writers and storyboards, many fans label this season as "the season that killed the show".

I'm not on board with this statement and I hope it will be die out forever eventually. 

I finished rewatching this season today and I can safely say, that this season is pretty much on par with pre-movie at times, at least, it isn't much worse than S3 which already was pretty flawed overall. S4 has some mediocre episodes and missteps, but overall quality is consistent and pretty high. The worst of this season is much bearable to watch than most of bad episodes that will air later on. Art-style and animation at it's peak this season (I love S11 animation, but S4 is still a bit better to me), characterization is pretty good most of the time. Hell, Mr.Krabs is written much better in S4 than in most of his S3 appearances. This season has probably the best storytelling aspect in the entire show, almost every episode has an entertaining story to tell, which usually is much more complex than anything that came before and mostly than anything that came after. This season is proof, that despite being comedy, SpongeBob CAN and SHOULD tell dramatic (Have you seen the Snail? Patrick Smartpants) and adventurous (Dunces and Dragons, Squidtastic Voyage) storylines, if they written well and being comedy isn't an excuse for lack of good writing in later more "serious" episodes.

This season has some general downgrades compared to pre-movie, though, not gonna lie. Focus on more "juvenile" and "gross-out" humor increases in this season, while it was almost nonexistent in S1-S3. It's still reasonable amount and nothing too bad, but it's still noticeable and if you take later season into account, you can tell that seeds of this evil were planted in S4. You can argue that first movie has some of that negative influence on this season and post-movie as a whole. While I love first movie with all my heart, I can safely say that it's indeed has more of gross and juvenile humor than more sophisticated and surreal comedy of pre-movie. So this shift can be attributed to this. Also, SpongeBob's character also changed slightly into being more similar to his first movie self. He less of a "man-child" and more of just a "child", he cries and laughs much more often and in general much less mature and more annoying to everybody, viewer included. Not to mention his voice is higher here, like in the first movie. 

But overall, despite everything, I consider season 4 being part of show's golden age and essential for anyone who wants to experience show for the first time, despite it's flaws. 

Now, onto episode rankings:

Fear of a Krabby Patty - 9/10

Shell of a Man - 9/10

The Lost Mattress - 8/10 

Krabs vs. Plankton - 8/10

Have You Seen This Snail? - 9/10 

Skill Crane - 9/10

Good Neighbors - 4/10 (really overhated episode, which is just mediocre)

Selling Out - 7/10 (okay episode, but Factory Fresh executed similar premise better, IMO)

Funny Pants - 7/10 (underrated episode)

Dunces and Dragons - 10/10 

MM/BB VI: The Motion Picture - 9/10

Enemy in-Law - 8/10 

Patrick Smartpants - 9/10

SquidBob Tentaclepants: 7/10 

Krusty Towers: 9/10 

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired - 8/10

Chimps Ahoy! - 7/10

Ghost Host - 8/10

Whale of a Birthday - 7/10

Karate Island - 8/10

All That Glitters - 2/10 (only episode in this season that truly deserves to be hated in my opinion)

Wishing You Well - 9/10

New Leaf - 4/10 (I like more dramatic direction, but status quo is god kills this episode before it's even starts)

Once Bitten - 7/10

 Bummer Vacation - 9/10

Wigstruck - 5/10 (another overhated episode, which is mediocre, but not awful)

Squidtastic Voyage - 8/10

That's No Lady - 5/10 (this episode... exists?)

The Thing - 3/10 (second worst of the season, probably. Saved a bit by Kelpy G)

Hocus Pocus - 7/10 (underrated episode)

Driven to Tears - 8/10

Rule of Dumb - 7/10

Born to Be Wild - 7/10

Best Frenemies - 9/10

The Pink Purloiner - 10/10

Squid Wood - 4/10

Best Day Ever - 6/10

The Gift of Gum - 6/10 (I never got the hate for this one)

Overall rating: Good season, close to great, but few mediocre episodes drag it down.

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Fear of a Krabby Patty 10/10

Shell of a Man 9/10

The Lost Mattress 8/10 

Krabs vs. Plankton 10/10 

Have You Seen This Snail 9/10

Skill Crane: 8/10

Good Neighbors 4/10

Selling Out 8/10 

Funny Pants 5/10

Dunces and Dragons 10/10

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture 8/10 

Enemy In-Law 8/10

Patrick SmartPants 8/10

SquidBob TentaclePants 7/10

Krusty Towers 9/10

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired 7/10

Chimps Ahoy 7/10

Ghost Host 7/10

Whale of a Birthday 7/10

Karate Island 5/10

All That Glitters 3/10

Wishing You Well 8/10

New Leaf 6/10

Once Bitten 7/10

Bummer Vacation 10/10

Wigstruck 3/10

Squidtastic Voyage 5/10

That's No Lady 7/10

The Thing 4/10

Hocus Pocus 6/10

Driven to Tears 7/10

Rule of Dumb 4/10

Born to Be Wild 6/10

Best Frenemies 8/10

The Pink Purloiner 9/10

Squid Wood 4/10

Best Day Ever 6/10

The Gift of Gum 6/10


Top 5

5. Krusty Towers

4. Bummer Vacation

3. Krabs vs Plankton

2. Dunces and Dragons

1. Fear of a Krabby Patty


Bottom 5

5. Squid Wood

4. Rule of Dumb

3. The Thing

2. Wigstruck

1. All That Glitters


This isn't where I would say the decline of the show starts. Obviously the show is less perfect now, but the season is very solid. Good episodes still outnumber meh and bad episodes easily, and the good episodes are basically a continuation of pre movie. It has more eps I don't care about than pre movie, about 15ish in total, but the season is still pretty solid. Luckily the season is getting more respect and why did May me have a hate boner for this season.

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Fear of a Krabby Patty: 9/10

Shell of a Man: 8/10

The Lost Mattress: 9/10

Krabs vs. Plankton: 8/10

Have you Seen this Snail?: 10/10

Skill Crane: 9/10

Good Neighbors: 4/10

Selling Out: 7/10

Funny Pants: 5/10

Dunces and Dragons: 9/10

MM/BB VI: The Motion Picture: 8/10 (sorry, melon)

Enemy In-Law: 7/10

Patrick SmartPants: 9/10

SquidBob TentaclePants: 6/10

Krusty Towers: 9/10

Mrs. Puff, You're Fired: 9/10

Chimps Ahoy: 7/10

Ghost Host: 5/10

Whale of a Birthday: 7/10

Karate Island: 6/10

All that Glitters: 2/10

Wishing you Well: 9/10

New Leaf: 8/10

Once Bitten: 8/10

Bummer Vacation: 8/10

Wigstruck: 4/10

Squidtastic Voyage: 6/10

That's No Lady: 7/10

The Thing: 5/10

Hocus Pocus: 5/10

Driven to Tears: 6/10

Rule of Dumb: 7/10

Born to be Wild: 7/10

Best Frenemies: 9/10

The Pink Purloiner: 8/10

Squid Wood: 6/10

Best Day Ever: 6/10

The Gift of Gum: 4/10

Top 5:

5. The Lost Mattress 

4. Fear of a Krabby Patty

3: Krusty Towers

2: Dunces and Dragons

1: Have You Seen This Snail?

Bottom 5:

5: Hocus Pocus

4: Good Neighbors

3: The Gift of Gum

2: Wigstruck

1: All that Glitters (Honestly, ATG is the only episode of this season that I truly hate.)

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