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perfect story for a theatrical spongebob squarepants motion picture. worked out well. it was awesome. it was hilarious and i laughed a lot. i can rewatch it a lot. i own it on DVD. it was great for a spongebob movie. him and patrick go to shell city to get back neptune's crown and return when nobody thought he could do it because they are just kids. whoever wrote this should be proud of themselves because they made a great accomplishment out of their exhausted time and effort put into this film. it was so good, yet it's what caused the downhill of spongebob for two reasons because one if the movie wasn't made, hillenburg and the old writers probably would have stayed but they made this in honor of what was the end for them obviously because it was a big thing that they considered a finale to move on. and two it is also what caused the show to continue on with new writers instead of being cancelled after hillenburg and the old writers left because it was so successful and made so much money that they wanted to keep going on with spongebob and make it a living legend, which worked out for the worst. so despite it being the cause of spongebob's collapse, it was still an awesome good part of spongebob that made up for a big thing that fans could love for the last time after the end of the third season.

favorite quotes: squire will you hurry? AW! MY EYES! LOL HAIR GETS SPRAYED ON HIS EYES!


what about Z? Z? Z. the letter after Y.


we got a rule around here about blowing bubbles. all bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by(dennis punches thug)AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya for some reason he wanted me to step on you. that way you'll never find out that HE stole the crown(spongebob and patrick look at eachother)uhh...perhaps i've said too much.

hey mister, does that hat take ten gallons?(laugh)(dennis rips their lips off)

you two kids ain't gonna last ten seconds after the county line. out of the car fellas. LOL THE THUG STOLE THEIR CAR. THEY WERE RIGHT. THEY DIDN'T EVEN LAST TEN SECONDS. OR I MEAN THE SECOND THEY WENT THERE, SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED. how many seconds was that? twelve. IN YOUR FACE. WHO'S THE KID NOW? they're dead. LOL.

and man, what happened on david hasselhoff's back was genius. spongebob could have died right there but the writers pulled his survival off in an incredible way that put him on the edge of risk, because it's not a way that anyone wouild normally get out of a situation like that. he was this close. dennis's spikey foot, spongebob i've got bubbles aahhh my eyes, dennis crashes and falls/dies. and hasselhoff didn't even know what was going on. how sad :( but how funny :)

i loved the now that we're men song and how they showed spongebob and patrick getting past the trench in quick paced snapshots of mini scenes like them jumping across lava platforms, hopping onto hills and avoiding a krab's claws and it misses them each time. and it was all because they thought the seaweed/lettuce was a mustache and they thought they were men. i liked how patrick was in love with mindy and went she's perty, spongebob. i liked how they got the ice cream and the old lady wasn't real and a monster came out. what is this?(ice cream stand falls open apart)LOL. come on kitties, have some ice cream. NOOOO. i'll let you pet mr. whiskers. ONE OF THE BEST LINES. CLEVER. there were many other funny or good parts, but that's only to name just a few. overall, a phenomenal movie. i never thought a spongebob movie would actually come out in theaters, and what do you know? wow.

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Omg i love when Spongebob gets drunk off of ice cream! Words cannot describe how much I love this movie. And words cannot describe how much I want a sequel.

Favorite quotes: hey mister, does that hat take ten gallons? *knee slap*

What'll it be fellas? Mustard, or ketchup? *knee slap*

Someday you will wear this crown. I'm gonna be bald?!? THINNING!

*Spongebob drunk* Patrick, hey wassup body?!

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Pretty decent- i actually remember seeing this in theaters when i was young!

But it's not perfect, since SpongeBob doesen't translate perfectly from a family's TV set to the big screen.

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I remember when I saw the SpongeBob SquarePants movie. I was seven years old and I went to go see it with my dad after school. I was so excited and it was packed with people I knew from school too. I brought along the limited edition, SpongeBob cereal to snack on while I was watching. The beginning of the movie made me ponder what would be in store. The Goofy Goober parts just added to the fun and it was surprising to see SpongeBob in a different look and in a action-packed and drama film. I love the movie and it became a classic to me ever since.

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This is an amazing movie. It's actually pretty underrated. I like the jokes, too. Surprised Patrick. Nuff said. Let's move on..OK...lol I still have more. I like the mix of live action and cartoon and the songs were mostly good.

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A deleted scene found by DadMom on Sherm Colen's Deviantart.<3


These are my theories about this picture.

1. It was apart of the dream at the beginning of the movie.

2. This is what SB was dreaming when he passed out from too many Triple Goobberry Sunrises.

3. Krabs at the end of the movie didn't give him the manager spot right away. He decided to suprise it to SB when he woke up in the morning. (Gary could have let Krabs in :P).

My best guess would be theory two. And I still can't get over SpongeBob's teeth in that picture. It looks like the "overtime" face he made before.

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