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Which letters/symbols are wearing off on your keyboard?


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You had markings on your space bar? xD

Btw, we can post in locked threads without having to unlock them.

Oh, I know. But I look so cool saying that. 239236.gif

Just kidding. 428899.gif

Wait, markings or like it being worn down?

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Unlocked, because tvguy actually gave this thread a purpose. 428899.gif

I'm talking about the letters on your keyboard wearing off.

Oh, okay good. xD

The space bar, T, N, H, I, L, S, and C. Mostly T, N, H, and I.

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I ask again: You have letters on your space bar? xD

I'd have to say N's pretty bad on mine. You can barely tell what it is anymore.

It's not nice to seclude JUST the space key from this topic! D: How come all the other keys get to participate? 305752.gif

lol 428899.gif

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