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What'cha Watching? (TV)


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Via Netflix: I'm currently watching an animated series that was originally made in France. There, they call it "The Mini Justiciers," but on Netflix, the English Dub version is called "The Mini Mighty Kids". It's a very interesting show, that shows a bunch of animal kid characters getting super-powers for a day, in order to teach a valuable lesson about being yourself, and sometimes, being able to change for the better. I recommend watching it just to see how good it is! :D Enough said! ;)

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Grace and Frankie - "The Sex"

I started binging this show last night and I'm liking it! Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin make a hilarious duo, and I like the kids, especially Bud and Brianna. It kinda gives me Golden Girls vibes with being a comedy about older people, which I love :Laugh:

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"The Puffy Shirt" - Seinfeld

binged Iron Fist season 2 yesterday, definitely a big improvement over the first. The action was much greater than season one's offerings, so huge plus for that. I'm kinda glad it was only 10 episodes tho, whereas most other Marvel Netflix seasons have a count of about 12 or 13. Some of the stuff with Joy and Davos did get a bit tiresome at times, so two or three less episodes of it is all right by me. Colleen (and Misty) are mvp's.

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