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Clappy Was Here


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@Jelly - A bandwagon is pretty much peer pressure

@Luke - It stinks xD

@Steel - Just like Drake and Chris Brown "Forever"

@OMJ - Yes because a broken guitar means you are so badass that the guitar can't even handle you

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@Jelly - Halle Berry, I find Queen Latifah rather annoying, especially when she makes that face she always does when she says something "funny". Pay close attention next time she does it

@OMJ - Hmm well if I am blind, I could have super great hearing so blind

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The Social Network, I am such a huge fanboy now that its making me want my Facebook back D:

Btw, the dude's name is Andrew Garfield and he plays Eduardo Saverin the co-founder of Facebook 428899.gif

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Do you think I should buy a VHS player for 20 bucks?

Depends on what you are planning on watching? If its pornos, then you should just play with Pamela Handerson instead because its free

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