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Ask the gnarliest stuff in the ocean

Steel Sponge

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Should I hop on this bandwagon and also make a questions thread, but answer the questions with a story?

I'm game.

What's your favorite hobby?

What's your favourite thing to do?

Internetz and games, that's me.

Favorite animal?

Don't have one.

Where can I get me some Steel Sponge Surprise?

Outside where the light is better.

Have you ever wished there were still dinosaurs, so you could bro-fist a pterodactyl?

Lolz, but there's more I could bro-fist.

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What's your favorite video game?

Battle for Bikini Bottom

Why did you kill Chewbacca?!!?!?

Chewbacca? I thought I killed Mufasa.

Should I go watch the Green Hornet or something else at the movies tomorrow?

Something else; two tickets please.

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What should I watch?

Everybody Hates Chris.

Watcha Doing?

Building a rollercoaster.

Would I be better as a musician, artist, or writer?


Why are gumballs shaped like balls?

Very important question.

If you were allowed to not wear pants in public, would you do it? xD


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