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The Bluesky Thread


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Okay, so! Bluesky, Twitter clone, currently in closed beta. A few of us are on there already, escaping the five-alarm fire that is The Site Formerly Known As Twitter, and I thought it'd be a great idea for us to connect it all up here. We can also share those ever-so-precious invite codes here on SBC, as I plan on doing soon in the form of a randomized giveaway.

For those of you already on Bsky, feel free to link to your accounts below! I'm right here.

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Hello everyone from Bluesky! I became a member there for nearly 3 weeks ago, so I might as well share some important details just in case you join it. So our plan here is to give invites to SBC people but the most important thing to remember is that once we do that, you are connected to our invite tree. Meaning if you don't follow the rules, we all will be restricted. So make sure to keep the invites on SBC as much as possible. That'll be all. I hope you enjoy quality time there as Twitter (refuse to call it X) continues to go downhill thanks to a crybaby billionaire. Here's my account If anyone wants to follow me.



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